Fantasy Radio Hotel Ch. 1

Title: Fantasy Radio Hotel Ch. 1

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Codes: MF, cons, inter, oral, anal, titty fuck, facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission or plagirize my work. I do not make money from these stories. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com



Los Angeles, California

An audible sigh was heard from a man taking in a deep breath outside among the blazing heat of the afternoon sunlight. Summer time was in full swing, making for a perfect afternoon for a bit of jogging exercise. With a large pair of black headphones over his head and wearing a white T-shirt to go with a pair of black jean shorts, a dark skinned man made his way jogging through the park. His feet moved over the ground in an expensive pair of black sneakers. The trees along the way offered shade from the sunlight while various people were out enjoying their day walking or sitting at the benches. A quick jog through the park was something Trey always enjoyed to do on Monday. The start of the week was usually long and stressful for anyone who had to go back to work after Sunday. There was no better way to get into the vibe of the week than beginning with a bit of exercising.

The son of fame, living it large in the city of stars. Trey had been born as an only child into a situation that many people could’ve only dream of. His father, Marvin Banks was a famed record producer who had a risen into a status of prominence following multiple hits in the late eighties and earlier nineties. Marvin had worked as a drummer, pianist and guitar player in his youth before advancing into a producer where he worked alongside R&B acts at a local record label in Chicago. As a producer, he specialized in song writing, working heavily with the instrumentation that involved him playing the various instruments he was skilled with. His big moment of fame had come with producing hit songs by Jade, Mary J Blige and Aaron Hall. In 1994, he won a Grammy award for best R&B producer. Through out the later years of the nineties, Marvin slowed down as his services for production had become costly only for top stars of the genre and pop acts wanting to cross genres.

On the other side of Trey’s upbringing was his mother, Trina. Trey’s parents had married in the year of 1990, just one year after his birth. Trina had met Marvin at a party involving one of the artists he had been working with at the time. She worked for a film studio based out of Hollywood that specialized in commercials and music videos. Trina’s job involved editing and cinematography, something that she gained much respect for over the years. With both parents in high places, Trey had lived his childhood like a young prince. Money was never a concern for him, as he had been gifted with fine luxuries going back to his teen years when his first car had been a brand new Lexus. Spoiled was just a word to Trey’s mind, but anyone who had viewed his private life knew that he fit the definition accurately. He had lived his adulthood so carefree that after his twenty-ninth birthday, his mother and father had given him something of a reality check. The days of his easy living were coming to an end now that he was approaching his thirties.

‘Get up off your fucking ass and get a job! You gotta do something with your life with someday.’ Such a stern wake up call had been told to Trey by not only his father, but his mother as well. It didn’t matter to his parents that they were a family of wealth and fame. Trey would be thirty years old next February and he had been subjected to many lectures from both of his parents about how they had been working most of their lives and had carried many responsibilities at his age. ‘Before I was thirty, I’d already made over six-figures and had a wife, raising a kid. I didn’t have the privilege of sitting on my ass all the time living it up like you do all day.’ His father had a point about his laziness, though it was a matter of different circumstances of living. Trey could never relate to the struggle of tight financial situations that both of his parents had endured, rising up from the poor conditions of their childhoods. He had it made compared to how their lives were. It was the best they could offer him as parents and now it was his turn to get out and make his own living without riding their coat tails forever.

Trey had spent over a month considering ideas for making a name for himself like his parents had done before him. If there was any type of dream job he wanted, it was something of a radio host or a television presenter. He felt that he had the charm and loved to talk. Much to his father’s disappointment, Trey didn’t take to playing a musical instrument growing up though he had passion for R&B and Hip Hop music. After a conversation with his friend Marcus about the old days of MTV, a curious idea had formed in Trey’s mind. He considered some how starting a television program centered around airing old music videos and reliving the memories of the past. After weeks of considering the idea, Trey had thought up something of a show revolving around the set of a hotel lobby where he and another actor could present and talk about music. The title ‘Fantasy X Hotel’ had come into his mind. The hotel would serve as a fictional set-piece where the host played by him talked about old fantasies with hits of the past.

After revealing the idea to his father, Trey was immediately met with laughter in disbelief. His father did not believe the idea would work at all, mostly because anyone could watch music videos all day on the internet if they desired to. Despite not liking the idea, Marvin still supported his son and promised to put out a small bit of money to fund the show. He encouraged Trey to try doing the show himself and hosting it on the internet. Trey’s mother had a different idea, as she went against Marvin’s advice and told Trey to try pitching his idea to a network and creating a television show out of it. She had connections from her time in Hollywood and working cinematography. All it would take is a few whispers into certain individual’s ears to open doors for her son to have an opportunity with his idea of a TV show. Trina went ahead and assigned her son an agent for negotiating a deal before a network opened interviews. In May, a cable network accepted a request to pick up the idea for an hour long program for the music videos, but Trey was forced to change the name. ‘Fantasy X’ sounded too inappropriate for a network to market. The name was eventually changed to ‘Fantasy Radio Hotel’.

Several ideas were floated for the television program, but Trey had been given complete control as the lead producer. He listened to the suggestions offered, but it was made clear that he would be deciding on what he wanted. Thanks to his father, he had a budget to work with for designing the show. The network involved had set the show for a late hour slot, taking up what was previously re-runs of old films before the graveyard shift began airing infomercials. With the budget in hand, Trey wanted a studio set piece for the hotel. His mother called on the old production company that she had retired from and quickly managed a set for him. It made her proud that her son would be working under the same studio that she had spent over two decades in. The set piece was Trey’s first focus, as he spent a couple thousand dollars with an interior decorator who helped design what would come off as a luxurious hotel lobby. If the show was to be a success, he planned to have a second set created that was to be the basic hotel room, but that was optimistically thinking ahead into the future.

Following advice suggested by his agent, Trey considered having a co-host to help him on the show. Since he had no experience whatsoever as an actor, it would serve as an aid to have someone there that he could learn from. He considered having a male co-host but soon figured that a woman would work easier. The studio set out a memo for agents representing actresses and models who were looking for work. The show itself was nothing more than an easy paycheck, as they would just have to host the program alongside him while music videos played. Trey suggested that the woman should be older than him and someone who carried fame from the nineties era. It was his plan to run the program playing old R&B hits of the nineties to rise up nostalgia to his intended audience. The memo was sent out and now after a few weeks, Trey was simply waiting to hear from back his agent who was in negotiations with other agents representing any interested actresses.

While out jogging by himself, Trey listened to a random playlist of music through his headphones. He stood tall at 5″9 with an athletic build. He may have enjoyed a good party, but working out was how he burned off energy and stayed in good shape. A small diamond encrusted piece of gold was fitted into his left ear while his face was clean shaved. His head was shaved except for light hair that was growing at the top. A gold Rolex watch was visible over his left wrist, as Trey was the kind of man who always liked to show off style. He usually wore pinstriped suits when he was out and about, a sign of his status and wealth. A black Bentley or a white Mercedes Benz where his cars of choice, refusing to be seen in public out in a cheaper car. By the time he was finished jogging, Trey made the trip back to his car with sweat drenched over his dark forehead. Upon opening the front driver side door, he slipped into the seat and immediately turned the air conditioner on after igniting the car’s engine. His cellphone began to ring, forcing his right side shorts pocket to vibrate. He retrieved his phone from the pocket, looking on the screen as it was his agent Tim calling.

“Hey Tim.”

“Trey, I need to talk to you about some things.”

“Are they important?”

“Yes. I’ve just heard back from an agent representing someone who appears to be very interested in your show. I thought I should call and inform you. She’s going to be on her way soon for negotiations and you should be present so you can meet her.”

Sitting down in the driver’s seat, Trey raised his eyebrow while still holding the phone up to his ear. Going by the sound of Tim’s words, whoever this mystery actress was, she must have been confident about the role and truly desired it for herself.

“Oh yeah? Who’s this actress I’m gonna be meeting with?”

“Jennifer Love Hewitt. She’ll be at the studio within the next hour, so get ready and come over to meet her.”

“Wow, really? Alright, I’ll be on my way!”

Trey gasped upon hanging the phone up. ‘Holy shit, is this for real? Jennifer fucking Love Hewitt? I don’t believe it.’, he spoke to himself briefly in a state of shock. Never did he dream that a star like Jennifer Love Hewitt would be interested in his show. He remembered her from back in the day, as he used to have quite the crush on her when she starred on another TV show known as ‘The Client List’. Closing the driver’s door to the Bentley, he sped off from where he had previously parked and made the trip back home to his condo. With only an hour’s time, Trey wanted to find the best suit in his closet and dress appropriately for this meeting. Perhaps he had found his co-star for Fantasy Radio Hotel. Only time would tell, but he already was feeling confident about this meeting. Trey couldn’t afford to be late for an event like this.



Following a quick shower and changing clothes, Trey pulled up the Bentley into the parking lot of the studio and then dashed for the doors. He was running only two minutes late according to the gold Rolex watch fastened over his left wrist. It was only a short walk through the lobby back to where he always met with Tim near one of the studio buildings. Studio C was assigned to Trey and the Fantasy Radio Hotel project. Despite running in such a hurry, Trey didn’t feel nervous about this meeting. Over his life he had met and greeted a number of famous people, coming with the lucky price of being born to a famous music producer of a father. His father had allowed him to meet various famous people when he was younger. Through partying, Trey had the privilege of sharing time with local celebrities based around Hollywood among dance floors and alcohol. The only difference today was that he was meeting a woman he had a crush on and hoped would become his co-star. Once he had made his way to the Studio C building, Tim was standing outside waiting on him.

“Ah, there you are. Come along, Miss. Hewitt has been waiting to meet you.”

Tim stood taller than Trey by a few inches. He was an older white man with graying hair that matched his once black but now faded mustache. Tim always wore grey colored suits with a white shirt beneath the jacket. Trey followed his agent’s lead as they stepped through the doors back into the studio. Beyond the first door led a white hallway. After a left turn, Trey was led into one of the executive rooms that was marked for staff only. Inside, he witnessed the woman before his own eyes. Jennifer Love Hewitt stood in a pair of black heels elevating her height. Her signature brunette hair was split down the middle, curling over her shoulders. Trey’s eyes looked over her legs pushed into a pair of blue jean pants before trailing up to see the white blouse revealing her heavy cleavage. The last look he gave was at her gorgeous face smiling back at him with pink soft lipstick. Jennifer stepped forward to greet him.

“Hi, you must be Trey Banks! It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Her voice came off in a sultry southern accent, something that made Trey smile as they shook hands. He replied back while trying his absolute best not to gaze down into the view of her cleavage below.

“Yes, that’s me. I’m honored to meet you today, Miss. Hewitt.”

“Please, call me Jennifer. Leave the Miss. out of it, since we might be working together often.”

“Alright then, if that makes you feel more comfortable. So you’re interested in my show, Jennifer?”

She nodded to him before continuing.

“Yeah, I heard about it the other day and wanted to see what it’s all about. My agent said you were specifically looking for someone who was famous back in the nineties.”

Trey nodded.

“Yeah, that’s right. You see, my show is gonna focus around music videos of that decade. I figured I could build something of an audience by playing classic jams and getting them interested through nostalgia of back in the day.”

Jennifer smiled back at him before tapping his shoulder.

“Come on, let’s talk about this away from our agents. If they hear us, they’ll want to try and change our minds about stuff.”

Taking his hand, she led him out of the door and back into the hallway. Both of their agents watched them with odd faces before Jennifer shut the door behind her. There was a reason she wanted to be alone with him. Her big brown eyes shifted back to him as she smiled and spoke again.

“I’m interested in working for your show but I’d like to get know you better, Trey.”

“Oh, really?”

She nodded, giving him a smirk before stepping away from the door. Jennifer began to walk forward, her heels clicking loudly over the hallway floor. Turning back around, she replied to Trey while folding her hands together.

“Yes. You seem to have a good idea but are lacking experience. I take it that this is your first time doing something serious on TV, is that right?”

Trey nodded to her.

“Yeah, I really don’t have any experience at all. To be honest with you Jennifer, I thought this show up just trying to do something. Anything to get work, since I’ll be thirty years old next year and haven’t done anything with my life.”

Jennifer sighed before replying to her.

“You’re gonna be thirty next year? I’ve got the big four-oh number knocking on my door come next February. I’m so not looking forward to my forties, let me tell you that.”

He gasped back to her.

“Your birthday’s in February? So is mine! That’s pretty funny, I guess we’ve got a little something in common together.”

“I think we’ll have more than just a few things in common, Trey. We both seem to like the same music. I love your idea of having a show like this, kinda reminds me of Soul Train and back when MTV and VH1 used to play music videos often.”

“That’s kinda the idea I have. I don’t know if it’ll work, but I guess it’s worth a shot.”

She nodded to him. There was a reason Jennifer wanted this role so dearly. It seemed to be a stretch for her talent, as her agent argued against the idea unless she could be paid a heavy percentage of the budget. Money was the least of her concern, as she had been out of the spotlight now for a few years taking on the job as a mother in a marriage. Her imminent return to television had been made with a deal for a major role in a TV show, but she wasn’t done yet. She loved music, evident from the time where she had something of a small career with singing. Jennifer wanted a new side role, something that could make her truly feel sexy again. Hosting a small show centered around sensual R&B songs seemed to be just the trick she needed.

“Well, let me tell you how bad I want this role. I’ve been outta the picture for a while, you know?”

“Yeah, that’s true. I haven’t seen you in anything over the past few years.”

“I’m going to be on a new show that is premiering during the fall of this year. In the mean time, I need a little somethin’ extra to get back into the swing of things. The money isn’t my motivation. I love music and R&B stuff is something I’ve always enjoyed listening to. I’ll take a pay cut to do this show with you, but I want to have some control over it.”

“What do you mean, Jennifer? What kind of control do you want?”

“Don’t worry, it’s your show. I ain’t gonna steal it from you. I wanna be an executive producer and bring in some people I know for doing makeup and wardrobes. I’ve got connections and know good people. Since you don’t have any experience with this kinda thing, I can help you out. What do you think, Trey?”

For a moment, Trey stood there pondering her words. After considering it, he nodded to her. He figured that giving her control of the show couldn’t hurt. Perhaps she could bring in an audience from her star level alone.

“Alright, we can do that. I’ll add you on as executive producer and then it’s officially our show instead of mine.”

Jennifer smiled back at him. Her face lit up as she approached him and kissed his cheek. She watched Trey blush before replying back.

“Thank you, hun! You just made my day!”

He stood there, blushing for a moment while Jennifer turned to open the door. The tone of her southern accent came off so so seductive to Trey’s ears. Their agents stepped out to rejoin them as Jennifer began talking to her agent. Tim walked over to Trey, giving him something of a suspicious look that prompted the man to say something rude back to him.


“What’s the matter? You’re looking at me like I just robbed your house or something.”


Tim sighed and shook his head.


“I hope you didn’t just let that woman talk you into something you’re gonna regret.”

Trey crossed his arms over his chest and gave his agent a smirk.

“Regret what? I think I’ve found the right actress for my show. She wants to do it and I like her.”

“You’re young, dumb and naive. If she wanted to take advantage of you, I’m sure she wouldn’t have to try very hard. You should never walk out the door without me in a negotiation like this. I need to-”

“Shut the fuck up already! You’re my agent, not my old man. Just do your job, I don’t wanna hear you preaching all this bullshit like you gotta hold my hand and do everything for me.”

Swiftly cutting him off, Trey wasn’t hearing any of this nonsense. His mind was made up without listening to his agent’s worrying speech. He felt Jennifer was true with her words of wanting this small show and he wasn’t hesitant by any means of sharing with her. If the title of executive producer was what she wanted, she was going to get it. Trey was already thinking of what else she could bring to the show having some control. His idea alone had been to just play music videos, but now he wondered if she had her own plans ready. A good feeling had already washed through his mind upon this meeting. Not only did Trey feel lucky to be working alongside a beautiful woman of fame he had lusted for back in the day, but he had a strong feeling that something good was about to happen. Perhaps this little show could become something of a success with the right person involved.



After signing the contracts to take over as an executive producer, Jennifer wasted no time making her presence felt with this show. She and Trey began meeting together and talking over ideas. Staying true to her word, she called in some fashion designers she knew who were looking to make an easy pay check doing routine makeup work and costume designing. It was nothing too fancy to put together outfits that were a bit revealing and playing up to her old status as a sex symbol. With advice for Trey, she pushed the man into developing his own sense of style and sex appeal for the show. Trey learned quickly of what Jennifer had in store for this show. As she planned to create viewership alone from her seductive presence on screen before an audience. This was going to be their show, but it was clear that she was the main star who was acting as a presenter.

Before they had even met, Trey already had something of a set list for the premier episode. Focusing on nineties R&B hits, he had went through and picked seven songs. Jennifer helped fill in the missing gaps. It wasn’t a proper video play list without something from Mary J. Blige, as well as Jade and Boyz II Men. Trey was impressed with how much knowledge Jennifer knew with the genre’s big hits of the nineties. What he didn’t know was how much she enjoyed dancing to a number of these tracks. Jennifer passed an idea over to him, one that would involve an additional set in the studio where she could dance along to one of the songs of her choice. It would be something of a new music video with Jennifer teasing the camera with a pole dance routine. It was something that she missed doing, as Jennifer previously had a television show that specialized in her sex appeal alone to build an audience.

When Trey had told her that her idea reminded him of her time on ‘The Client List’, Jennifer couldn’t help but smirk and come up with new ideas for teasing him. She requested that all of her outfits for this show had ample view of her cleavage. Trey went with a more simple approach, planning to wear suits on the set. Jennifer had joked to him that it would like as if he were some wealthy business man stepping into the hotel lobby set while she was simply a beautiful guest. Their conversations led to a small script being written for the show, involving a basic plot that had both of them as guests at Fantasy Radio Hotel. Their characters would go by their first names to make things easier. They had their moments trading jokes and flirts on the set, anything she could do to make the man more comfortable in her presence. Jennifer hoped this was more than just an hour program of music videos. She believed that her chemistry with Trey on the show could carry it. With her doing dance segments, perhaps it would entice upcoming directors to want to try and step in and make a quick pay check doing an easy video.

A practice routine for lines and speech in front of camera was one thing Trey was forced to focus on. The studio had agreed for the show to be shot in advanced and aired a week later. This gave time for advertising, as Jennifer put up a small bit of money herself to fund two commercials to promote the show. There was no way she believed the show could be done live, as Trey had enough trouble on his own without flubbing his speech. An acting coach was brought in to help him, working alongside the man for five days a week. Trey had a problem looking into the camera and then slowly uttering his words. Eventually after two weeks practice, he had fixed his speech pattern and no longer appeared nervous when glancing back into the lens of the main camera station. He was more comfortable when Jennifer was on the set, so she agreed to do most of the talking for the premier episode Now that he was ready for showtime, a date was set for filming on June the fifteenth. The first episode of Fantasy Radio Hotel was to premier on a Monday morning, the second day of July.

“Is everyone ready? We’re going to pick back up real soon!”

“Just another minute, please! He said he’d be right back!”

Jennifer’s sultry southern accent called out in protest to the director sitting behind the main camera work station. Trey had stepped off from the set for a bathroom break. The set piece was all done and she was standing in front of the camera waiting on Trey to rejoin her. The walls of the set were done in a dark purple with gold lining. From the far north side was a desk assembled to appear as a reception desk. In the middle of the room was two purple chairs set up with gold frames, the seats for Trey and Jennifer to sit together. She stood tall in a black pair of high heel pumps. A one piece short dress covered her body, hugging those perfect curves and allowing Jennifer’s plump ass to be seen. Up at the top, Jennifer’s heavy cleavage was revealed with a low cut part. It was a dress almost identical to one worn from her time on ‘The Client List’, much to Trey’s enjoyment. Her hair was fixed up, parted down the middle as Jennifer had put on a little bit of eyeliner and pink lipstick. So far, she certainly looked the part of the sex appeal to attract viewers to the show.

“Someone tell Trey to hurry his fucking ass up. We need to go ahead and re-shoot this soon now. I don’t wanna spend all day waiting around just to do a quick one minute take.”

“Hey, I’m right here!”

Stepping back through the doorway to the set, Trey waved to the director who was calling for him. Jennifer offered him a smile while waving as she returned to sitting down in the right side chair. Trey wore a black pinstriped suit, going the fancy route with his wardrobe. Once he had walked back over and sat next to Jennifer in the left side chair, it was time to re-shoot the scene.

“Alright, we’re ready now. Take three! And…ACTION!”

After the director spoke, the cameras began to roll and Jennifer smiled while crossing her legs and speaking as she gazed back at the camera. This scene was to take place after a commercial break, as Jennifer was ready to welcome the viewer back to the program.

“Welcome back to Fantasy Radio Hotel, did you miss me?”

When she spoke her question, Trey glanced over to her lovely face with a grin. He looked back at the camera and then said his line.

“We hope you did, cause we’ve got more jams coming up for your listening pleasure.”

“Trey’s right! You just watched a classic by H-Town called Knockin’ The Boots.”

“I think that song made it a little sweaty in here…”

Jennifer glared back at Trey after he spoke his line. She bit down on her bottom lip before replying.

“Did you mention something about being sweaty? Well, that’s something in common with this next song. A masterpiece song produced by the one and only Kieth Sweat. I loved this song so much, I’ve got a little video for all of y’all to see.”

Her eyes shifted back to the camera and then Jennifer smirked. Her thick southern accent came off strong as she spoke in a seductive tone.

“This next one is called Freak Me by Silk. Remember this? I hope you enjoy this little somethin’ from me.”

She winked into the camera and then the short filming ended.

“CUT! Well done, that was good.”

Trey let out a sigh as the director spoke in satisfaction. They weren’t quite done yet, as they had to film a few other segments to go along with this. Each small scene introduced the next music video that was to play, offering Trey and Jennifer dialogue to speak back to the viewer. A commercial break would be ordered between two music videos. So far they had filmed four segments, but still had more to go through. Once they were done, Jennifer was ready to get filming all done with during the day as she was prepared for her dancing segment to Silk’s Freak Me song. A different director had been brought in for that scene, scheduled to shoot later in the day. It was her song of choice, as she couldn’t think of a better tune in the play list that she wanted to dance to. Such a scene was bound to spark a bit of controversy and speculation from Hollywood gossip about her return to stardom.



The filming process was wrapped up after several cuts of small scenes. Once the director was satisfied, it would be time for the clips to be edited back in the studio. Trey and Jennifer remained on the set after everything was complete, for she still had a job at hand with additional filming. The time had come for to enter the second studio set piece for their show, one that was arranged exclusively for her dancing scene. Trey couldn’t keep his eyes away from her beautiful body, even after they had stepped away from the purple decorated set piece for their show. It was almost as if she had been teasing him the whole time with the flirtatious dialogue back and forth between the two of them. Now he was by himself in the back rooms as Jennifer had wandered off to change her outfit. Trey was busy thinking of the fact that she was going to be dancing to Silk’s Freak Me song. It was one of his favorite sensual numbers of that era and for her to pick that song was truly something special. After taking off the jacket of his suit, a knock was heard outside the door. He opened the door to the smiling face of a male assistant.

“Mr. Banks, pardon me for bothering you. Miss. Hewitt asked that you come see her on the second set.”

“You ain’t  bothering me, thanks for letting me know.”

Without uttering a word in response, the assistant stepped away from the door and continued down the hall. Trey moved into the hall, unbuttoning the top of his white shirt. He thought to himself for a moment, considering the thought that Jennifer wanted to see him. She had to be preparing for her dance scene at the moment. Once he began walking down the hall, loud bass booms were audible to his ears. Trey had not realized just how much time had slipped by, as the filming had already begun on the second set. He raced down the hallways, arriving just as the music came to a halt. After pulling open the door for Set 2, he was greeted to a dark room with three cameras set up. In the center of the room was a silver stripper pole raised on a circular platform. Trey was standing right behind one of the camera stations set for filming, while two large lights from above illuminated the room with a hue of purple to the left and blue to the right. Jennifer walked back to the middle of the room, grabbing the pole and then speaking out in her strong southern voice.

“I’m ready. Let’s try it again, go ahead!”

She stood in the same pair of black high heels she had been wearing earlier only this time Jennifer was wearing a one piece black bustier outfit that exposed her heavy cleavage. Her legs were covered in black fishnet stockings while her hair had been fixed up beyond her shoulders to reveal her beautiful face. Hanging from her ears was a pair of large but thin golden hoop ear rings. Her eyes glanced over, catching the sight of Trey standing behind one of the camera men. She looked his way and winked before stepping up and wrapping her left hand around the stripper pole.

“And…Roll camera!”

After the director spoke from across the room, the lights faded into darkness and the music began to play once more. ‘Freak me, baby! Ohhhh, yeah! Freak me, baby! Mmmm, just like that!’. As the opening lyrics were heard, the two lights shifted, shining their rays of purple and blue over the center of the room as Jennifer began to step around the metal stripper pole. She circled it slowly, preparing for her break dance once the chorus of the song kicked in.

“Let me lick you up and down, until you say stop. Let me play with your body baby, make you real hot!”

The key to the song shifted and then Jennifer began her pole dance right on tempo with the chorus. The lights shined over her, offering a ray of colors as she twirled around the stripper pole and slid down to her knees before coming back up. She tucked the stripper pole between the crack of her plump ass, trailing back up as the final line of the chorus played: ‘Cause tonight baby, I wanna get freaky with you!’. All Trey could do was stand there and watch her dance. Jennifer slid back down to her knees as the song followed the next verse.

“Baby, don’t you understand, I wanna be your nasty man. I wanna make your body scream then you will know just what I mean.”

The backing vocals came in soon after with a short lyric: ‘You know what I mean’. Trey watched over one of the screens that played back the camera angle focused at Jennifer’s adorable face. She bit her bottom lip, gazing into the camera like a true seductress before she climbed back up from her knees. In her position, she began to rock her hips, shaking them and working her ass from behind before grabbing the stripper pole behind her with both hands. When the chorus began to play once more, Jennifer took off twirling again in a counter-clockwise rotation. The lights above changed and moved in perfect sync with the rhythm of the song. As Jennifer continued to dance, Trey stood there glancing over the monitors that revealed what the various camera angles captured from her body movements. For a song that was just a little over four minutes, it felt as if time were slowing down as she danced along to it. Jennifer demonstrated that she had practiced a routine for this specific song, all visible with how she moved in perfect sync with the tempo and beat of the rhythm.

By the end of the song, the chorus played three final times. Jennifer slowed down by this time and seemed to have her own tricks in play for the finale of the song. One camera focused in on her face as she brought her right hand thumb up to her lips and playfully bit down on her nail before winking. She then grabbed the stripper pole to work herself in front of it again. Like before, she pushed her ass back until the pole was bulging between her thick cheeks. By the time the chorus replayed the second time, Jennifer began to push her hips back and forth, forcing the pole to move down and up between the crack of her ass. Trey dropped his lower lip while watching one of the back camera angles over a monitor. Jennifer finished up her dance by the third and final chorus, stepping away from the pole and coming down the small steps that led to the round platform. One of the cameras zoomed out as she placed her hands on her hips and smiled back to the camera’s view. The song faded and then the filming was over.

“Well done, Jennifer. Excellent work!”

The director spoke across the room and then the lights in the room turned on. Now that the set wasn’t dark, Trey could clearly see that there wasn’t much to the room they had built. It had the same purple colors as the main studio set, only with a bed to the far left of the room made up with purple sheets. Jennifer’s eyes shifted over to Trey as she grinned at him. He blushed, gazing back at her while feeling the erection that had risen in his pants. Jennifer smiled at him, flashing her teeth before the director spoke again.

“I’m gonna edit all of this together tomorrow. We’ll splice together a bunch of the different shots from the camera angles. I like how you worked here, dancing with the pole. This is gonna be great when I’m done with it.”

“Thanks, Dave! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!”

It suddenly occurred to Trey that he didn’t even know the director’s name involved with this small piece of filming. Jennifer had brought someone in and hd her fair share of control over the show, but it didn’t bother him. This was all her doing and he had a positive feeling that she would make his show into a success with this little dance video that they had just filmed. She walked over to where Trey was standing, gazing over at him before speaking in a low voice.

“Hey Trey, did you enjoy what you just watched?”

Her voice caught him off guard. He turned to look over at her and then smiled after lightly blushing.

“Oh, hey there Jennifer! Yeah, that was a hell of a dance you just did. I can’t wait to see what they edit it into for the music video.”

She glanced down and replied with a smirk on her face.

“Yeah, it looks like you really did enjoy yourself while watching me.”

Trey looked downward and instantly seen that her gaze was fixated on his erection sticking directly up through his black pinstriped pants.

“Oh shit! Sorry about that!”

Jennifer giggled seeing that she could still turn a man on with her sexiness.

“Honey, don’t be embarrassed. We’ll be by ourselves real soon.”

There was something to her words that caught Trey off guard. Did Jennifer really say that back to him? He couldn’t believe himself at first. She turned away from him as the crew members in the room were already shuffling out the door. The director called back to her after another few seconds.

“I’m closing set now that we’re finished. We’ll be back tomorrow to work on the editing stuff.”

“Alright, see you Dave! Take care of yourself!”

“Later Jennifer!”

Letting out a sigh, Trey realized that she was correct in her reply back to him. They were about to be alone in the entire building together, as he didn’t see the point in leaving like this. Jennifer licked her lips and turned back to him, giving a smirk as she glanced back down at the erection poking up in his pants once more.

“Well Trey, I’m sure you ain’t planning on leaving with that in your pants. I’ll lock the door and then we can have some fun. You can get freaky with me and I’ll do all the things you want me to do.”

He looked back at her with a shocked expression painted over his face. Jennifer’s words were clearly a play onto the lyrics of the song she had just danced to.

“Are you serious about this?”

All she did was grin back at him, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Sure, why not? I mean, come on! You want me, don’t you? We’ve been having all this fun the past few weeks flirting back and forth and now we’re finally gonna be by ourselves on the set of OUR show. Let’s just pretend that our characters went and got a room together.”

The tone of her voice was so seductive with her cute southern accent but Trey couldn’t deny anything she was telling him. She knew it as well as he did that there was a lustful desire between the two of them. He walked away from the camera set while Jennifer stepped out of the door. She checked the halls, making sure that they were indeed the last two people remaining in the studio. After a minute, she returned to the set room, locking the door behind her as she promised. Trey turned around and looked at her as he tried to gather his mind together. Swallowing his breath, he spoke to Jennifer.

“Are you sure you wanna do this with me, Jennifer? I mean, I can’t lie that I’ve always had a thing for you. I used to watch you on TV years ago. You’re one of the most beautiful women in the world, but you’re a married woman and I’m just another guy in this world.”

She bit down on her lower lip to stop herself from sighing. Jennifer stood before him, still wearing her one piece bustier outfit from the dancing scene. As she began to walk back towards him, Jennifer spoke with her heels clicking loudly over the floor.

“Honey, you’re more than just another guy. You’re a man who is gonna have a successful show in his hands.”

Stepping forward once more, Jennifer allowed her busty chest to push up against his chest while gazing into his brown eyes and speaking again.

“Our show. The sky’s the limit, Trey. Imagine one day this little set becomes an actual hotel room. Imagine a real place called Fantasy Radio Hotel. It’s all thanks to your idea and both of us working together.”

Jennifer didn’t want him to say anything stupid in response, so she pushed her pink lips to his for a soft kiss. Trey wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in as he returned the kiss with the beautiful white woman. Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned into his mouth before their kiss was broken apart. Taking in a deep breath, Jennifer gazed back at his eyes before Trey spoke back to her.

“Maybe you’re right, babe.”

She stepped back, smirking at him before pointing over at the bed.

“Sit down, Trey. Sit down and tell me what you think of me. What you really think about my body.”

“What I think of you, huh?”

He spoke before stepping backwards and sitting over the bed. The dark purple sheets were silky and soft under the palms of his hands. Jennifer turned her back to him and began to slowly sway her hips to the left and right. Though Trey didn’t know from her movements, she was moving them on beat with the song that she had previously danced to only minutes ago. Backing up, she began to work her hips backwards, forcing her booty to twerk in front of him. Trey took a deep breath as he tried to think of a subtle way to tell her something dirty.

“You’re a MILF, Jennifer. A sexy MILF who knows how to work her ass, I can tell you that.”


A subtle reply in her sexy voice had caught Trey’s attention. It was almost as if Jennifer was surprised before she lowered her thick ass down over his lap and began to grind her hips back. He moved one hand over her hip and wrapped his other arm around her stomach as the sultry actress began to give him something of a slow lap dance. He moaned as she spoke back to him in a low, seductive tone.

“Mmmmmm, I like that. If I’m your MILF, then you’re my sexy man.”

Trey found her voice to be so sexy to his ears, mostly due to that cute accent she had. Each time Jennifer worked her hips, she could feel his growing cock bulging up between the crack of her plump ass. There was so much she had planned for them together, all beginning when their clothes came out. The lyrics to the song ran through her mind as Jennifer had a new idea for his nickname.

“Better yet, how about you be my nasty man? You can freak me, baby. I know that’s what you really wanna do, isn’t it Trey?”


“Ohhhh, yeah! Cause tonight baby, I wanna get freaky with you.”


As he spoke back to her playing up to the lyrics of that wonderful song, Jennifer couldn’t have been happier. Trey didn’t care about her being married or a MILF as he called her. An opportunity like this didn’t come every day for him to take a chance having some lustful fun with a woman he had desired for so long. Jennifer soon got up from his lap and turned around to grin at him. Trey then watched her unbutton the bustier outfit from the top and slide it off her curvy body. She stood before him wearing a white push up bra and matching thong. He leaned back over the bed, grinning to her.

“Damn, you look fine baby. You’ve certainly got a dancer’s body, weather you’re a mom or not.”

Jennifer leaned down, knowing that his eyes would gaze downward into the heavy cleavage contained in her tight bra. Once she witnessed Trey’s eyes shifting, she then moved both of her hands behind her back to undo her bra. Her breasts fell free as she pulled it away and tossed it to the floor. Trey smiled up at her, flashing his teeth.

“Let me see those big titties, baby. Come here, Jennifer.”

With a smirk on her face, Jennifer stepped forward and watched as Trey brought his black hands over her light skin. He wasted no time gripping her breasts with his finger tips, squeezing them as he brought them towards his face. Parting his lips, he used his tongue to lick over her left nipple, feeling it harden up between his lips.

“Mmmmmmm, you like these big boobs, my nasty man?”

He kissed over her left nipple and then moved to the right one, giving it a soft kiss before answering her back.

“Ohhhh, yeah. Nothing better than big titties to play with, damn these are nice.”

After replying, Trey squeezed her breasts again as he listened to Jennifer moan. It was time to get dirty now without wasting anymore time. As he was too busy playing with her breasts in his hands, Jennifer used her hands to slide her thong down and then step out of it as her heels stomped loudly over the floor. Each time Trey’s fingertips squeezed over her firm tits, Jennifer let out a soft moan with her lips closed. Her muffled voice almost sounded like a cat purring before him. She had his exposed her body before him and now it was his turn to do the same.

“Take off your clothes, Trey. I wanna see what you’ve got for me down below.”

Her sassy voice had caught his attention with that lovely southern accent. Trey took a deep breath before he began to unbutton his white shirt, still looking forward at her big breasts that were still in his view. Jennifer raised an eyebrow when she noticed the muscles over his black body, as it was the first time she had witnessed the athletic build of his body. Trey tossed the shirt to the floor where her clothes remained now. She softly smiled at him and stepped back once he moved his hands to the belt holding his pants together. When he glanced back to her body, he finally noticed that she had taken off her thong and revealed her sweet, wet pussy to him. He bit down on his bottom lip, noticing that she kept it shaved down below. The pink folds of her moist heat dripped a few drops of lustful dew as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Jennifer took a step back as she watched him lean down and untie his shoes, kicking them off and pulling his socks away from his feet. She moved forward, offering to aid him after falling down to her knees.

“Let me help you, honey.”

She smirked to him before pulling his pants below his ankles so Trey could easily step out of them. The last piece of his clothing to come off was the white pair of underwear. Jennifer gazed into his big brown eyes, slowly gritting her teeth from under pink lips as she slid his underwear down to allow his large black cock to spring free. Trey broke eye contact to glance down at his dark thick shaft, watching as Jennifer wrapped her little white hands around it. She dropped her lower lip, moaning as Trey could feel her breath over his cock after she properly leaned down in position. Jennifer licked her lips before leaning down and planting a soft kiss over the head. His cock twitched from within the grasp of her fingers, jumping to the as she kissed over the bulging crown once again.

“Oh god, baby…”

Trey’s voice called out in low words. Jennifer could hear the excitement and anticipation clearly in his voice. This was something he dreamed of for so many years. Luck was truly on his side when it came to meeting this buxom lady, but now he was in the beginning of her whirlwind of lust. Slowly, she pumped his cock back and forth with her right hand. Jennifer softly gazed into his eyes, offering a little smirk up at him. After a minute of slowly wanking him to prepare his cock at full size, she moved both her hands down to the base and parted her lips once again. Trey watched as she slid his long black cock between her lips and began to slowly suck him. He gasped his breath, feeling her tongue push to the underside of his shaft as her lips slowly sucked him lovingly.

“Damn, baby…Ohhhhhhh, yeah…”

It didn’t take long for Jennifer to make this man cry out to her. It was her desire to get freaky with him and soon, she would have them talking dirty words back and forth. Pushing her lips further down his shaft, she took more of it between her lips as she began to bob her head up and down. Trey moaned again, just as Jennifer pulled her lips back to the head and released it with an audible popping sound. The brunette actress took a deep breath, squeezing his cock with her little white hand before pumping it up and down.

“Such a beautiful black cock, mmmmmmmmm.”

After her small compliment, she spit on the head and began to rub her saliva into his dark shaft as lube.

“So fuckin’ big…”

Jennifer spoke again with her southern accent slurring her words. His long black pole was now shiny with the coat of saliva she had applied to it. Trey watched her go back down, enveloping those pretty little lips back around his giant pole as she began to suck it once more. ‘Mmm, mmmmmmm’ She moaned while pumping her lips up and down, forcing her mouth to create various slobbering and sucking noises. Trey took a deep breath, letting out a soft moan to the feeling of this wonderful woman sucking his big black cock.

“Don’t stop baby, god that feels so fucking good. Keep going, suck it.”

‘Oh, he thinks this feels good? He ain’t felt nothin’ yet’, Jennifer spoke in her head considering what she had planned for Trey. She continued to bob her head up and down, sucking his long black dick and savoring every inch of it. She moved her hands down to her breasts, squeezing her nipples between her finger tips while bobbing her head up and down. She expected him to maybe rest his hand over the back of her head, but Trey made no such move. He just sat there, embracing the pleasure she gave to him and allowing her all the freedom to work her mouth up and down his hard cock. Pushing her lips all the way down, Jennifer showed off her deepthroating oral skills. Trey groaned, calling out to her.

“Ohhhh, fuck! Jennifer baby, oh yes!”

When he moaned out her name, she knew that he was all hers now. Jennifer gazed her big brown eyes up at him before pulling her lips up to release his hard cock with another popping sound. A few strings of drool hung from her gaping mouth before Jennifer spit down on his cock and then leaned up with her two great big breasts. Trey watched as she used her right hand to push his long black cock between those impressive huge tits. Within seconds, his shaft was squeezed between her boobs and then his eyes wandered up to see the cute smirk across her face.

“This is where you want that big fuckin’ black cock, right Trey? You want it right between my big white tits, don’t you?”

Before he could reply to her, she winked at him and began to pump her breasts up and down. Jennifer continued to smile at him, flashing the edge of her teeth before curling those lips into one of the most adorable grins Trey had ever witnessed. He dropped his lower lip, moaning as she worked her breasts up and down over his big black cock. Jennifer remembered each and every time she had caught his wandering eyes glancing into her cleavage. Now he had the moment he had lusted for all those times, experiencing her working those tits up and down his long pole. Jennifer moaned, speaking in a low voice back to him again.

“That big black dick feels so fuckin’ good between my tits.”

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah.”

He could hardly utter a few words but that didn’t matter to Jennifer. She maintained eye contact with him, still moving her tits up and down over his cock while she replied almost in a whisper of a voice.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah. I know you’re just lovin’ this right now.”

“Yes, I am baby.”

Her lips were still curved into a grin as Jennifer didn’t stop moving her breasts up and down. She refused to break her eye contact from him, allowing Trey to watch the head of his dark meaty shaft poke up between her tits and then gaze back up into her face. Jennifer went slow when it came to fucking him with her tits, all because she wanted him to enjoy each passing moment of this sensational feeling. She was a little disappointed he wasn’t talking dirty back to her, but perhaps that would change when she got on top. After another minute of listening to him breath heavily and moan, Jennifer came to a stop and let go of her breasts. She wrapped her right hand back around his black dick and then leaned down to the kiss the head as she had done before. Trey knew she was about to do something since she had come to an abrupt stop. When Jennifer raised herself up from her knees, he knew exactly what she was about to do now.

“Come on, baby! I want you to get on top and ride it!”

Trey spoke up as he offered both of his hands to pull her up. Jennifer took his hands, climbing up atop him as she straddled his body and he fell back over the silky purple sheets of the bed. Jennifer leaned down and placed a soft kiss over his lips, resting her hands over his muscular toned chest.

“You want me to ride that big fuckin’ black cock, Trey?”


When he answered her back, he raised his left hand from behind to place a playful spank over her thick ass. Jennifer moaned, biting her lower lip as she felt his palm across her ass. She leaned back up and then used both of her hands to grab his meaty black cock, pushing the head over her clit. She moaned again before pushing it through her vulva lips. Trey suddenly gasped as Jennifer slammed herself down on his cock, taking several inches inside of her.


For the first time Trey had witnessed Jennifer scream aloud in her beautiful voice. She whimpered before grinding her hips to thrust his cock into her pussy. With her hands pushed down over his chest, Jennifer began to work herself into a rhythm of riding his long black cock.

“There you go, Jennifer! That’s it, ride it! Keep going, baby!”

His words of encouragement were soon met with Trey pushing his hands to grip over her legs just above her knees. Jennifer had bent her legs as she had straddled him earlier and now he was thrusting forward to help her. She threw her head back, moaning while her big breasts began to bounce up and down.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! Take me, Trey! Mmmmmmm, fuck me!”

He could hear her breathing heavily while thrusting upward to pound his hard cock into that tight pussy. Her brunette locks of hair waved around, moving wildly as Jennifer was still moaning.

“Yes, yes, yesssss!!”

Biting down on her lower lip again, Jennifer moved her left hand up his chest as Trey was still thrusting forward. Each time she felt his hard cock pump inside of her, her breasts continued to shake around wildly. It was tempting for him to reach up his hands and play with them, but Trey was content with enjoying the sight of her bouncing boobs. He gripped her legs tighter as Jennifer turned to glance over her right shoulder. She raised her right hand, pushing it down over one of her ass cheeks from behind as she watched them bounce with each hard thrust he sent forward into her pussy.

“That’s it, that’s it, THAT’S IT!! OHHHHHHHHH, YEAH!!”

As Jennifer screamed, Trey gritted his teeth and began to pound his cock forward into her juicy cunt as hard as he possibly could. The large hoop rings hanging from her ears were moving back and forth with the left one getting caught up in her hair for a short moment. Her body shook as she gasped and screamed again.


That cute southern accent of hers had caused her screaming words to slur about. Still gripping her legs, Trey continued to thrust his cock forward. His balls slapped against the undersides of her thick buttocks with each full thrust he sent into that wonderful pussy. Jennifer could no longer control herself. She returned her right hand down to his chest, raking her nails over his black skin while screaming.


Each time she yelled, her voice echoed through out the studio set room. All thoughts of reality with their location were lost to Trey, as he no longer cared that they were fucking right on the set of their show. Trey was unaware of just how close she was to reaching her orgasm. He began to slow down, fearing that he would end up cumming inside of her. Jennifer ranked her nails over his skin again, scratching him hard as she raised her head and had finally reached her breaking point.


Trey soon figured out just why Jennifer was screaming as loudly as possible. It was almost as if she strained her voice upon reaching her orgasm. As she panted and took deep breaths, Trey cried out to the feeling.

“Oh god, yes! Cum for me, Jennifer! Yes!!”

It was tough for him not to blow his load within her pussy, but Trey managed to hold himself at least for now. He didn’t know how long he’d last with her still atop him, so he desperately called out to her.

“Jennifer, I think I’m gonna end up cumming inside of you if you don’t get off me.”

She quickly recovered from her climax, licking her lips after hearing Trey’s words.

“Leave that to me, honey! I wanna make your big chocolate dick explode, don’t cum yet.”

Jennifer had her own ideas for pushing him into his orgasm, for she wanted to be the one to force him into that sweet release herself. Leaning down again, she kissed his lips before she began to finally move off him. Trey could feel every inch of his swollen black rod slipping free from that busted pussy before it flopped down over his stomach. She had a devious idea in mind, something Trey could easily guess with the cute expression across her face. He didn’t realize what Jennifer had in mind until she got up from him over the bed. His eyes wandered around the set room, glancing over at the camera work stations that were secured in three places. Jennifer’s heels loudly boomed over the floor as she moved to the rounded center piece with the stripper pole. Trey got up, following her as he watched the woman bend over and spread her legs out.

“What do you think of this ass, Trey? You like it, huh?”

Jennifer glanced over at him from beyond her right shoulder as she began to shake her hips. As she was bent over, her hands pushed down over the round stage piece and now she was working her impressive ass into a ‘twerk’ style booty shake. His eyes marveled over her thick rump cheeks clapping together.

“I like that, baby. You’ve got a great big white ass and you certainly know how to shake it.”

He couldn’t have spoken truer words to this woman. Jennifer knew she had the curves and thickness built to rock her ass and mesmerize a man like him. Licking her lips, she continued to twerk it. Her ass cheeks flopped and clapped together back and forth as she shook it up and down. If Trey didn’t get her hint, Jennifer was ready to scream it at him in her signature sultry southern accent.

“Come on, you wanna fuck this ass, Trey? Don’t deny it! I can tell by that look on your face. I know you wanna slide that big fuckin’ black dick right in there and pound me in the ass.”

All he could do was smile back at her as Trey watched her bite down on her lower lip. Jennifer had already given him something of a little lap dance with this wonderful booty, but now it was time to truly experience her thick buttocks. He stepped forward, watching her ass cheeks twerk and clap together back and forth. If it weren’t for her being a true genuiine MILF; he could’ve called her a phat ass white girl, his white girl with a lovely thick booty. She quit grinding her hips and shaking her ass once the presence of his hand over her left cheek was felt. Jennifer soon felt Trey pulling her thick ass cheeks apart and sliding his long black cock up the crack of her ass.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s it! I want your big black dick up my ass.”

She couldn’t help herself, calling out to him impatiently. This was a pleasure that Jennifer loved to indulge in, one that brought her great satisfaction when she was with a loving man. Once Trey had caught view of her dark little hole between those lovely cheeks, he used his right hand to guide his long black dick into her ass. Jennifer turned her head forward and closed her eyes. He could hear her gasping voice as he made the first initial thrust into her thick booty. Licking her lips, Jennifer moaned out to him.

“Yes, just like that. I wanna feel that big fuckin’ black cock inside my ass. I want you to fuck this big ass as hard as you fuckin’ can.”

“That’s just what I’m about to do. An ass like this deserves a good fucking.”

“Mmmmmm, ain’t that the truth. When you’re about to cum, just let me know by pulling that big dick out.”

Trey licked his lips upon hearing Jennifer’s words. He could listen to her voice talk for hours, loving every sound of her speech. She used her left hand to reach back, gripping one of her ass cheeks to pull it back. She gasped again, feeling inch after inch of his hard black meat pole pounding into her. Trey went slow at first, as he had to adjust himself appriopately to the tightness of her back door little hole. Once he made the first full thrust into her ass, Jennifer felt his thick black balls slapping over the undersides of her ass. Below her rump he could see the pink folds of her pussy with Jennifer’s juices leaking out and trickling down her thighs. Now she knew that he was ready to give her the pounding that she craved from Trey.

“That’s it, just like that! Pound my ass with your big black cock! POUND ME IN THE ASS, TREY!! OHHHHH, YEAH!!”

From within the back of his mind, Trey had to remind himself repeatedly not to go too fast to cum inside of her ass. He grunted, slamming his cock into her ass with each thrust he made. Jennifer’s breasts began to bounce and shake while the golden hoop rings hanging from her ears were moving back and forth.


She screamed to him, her words slurring in her sexy accent as Trey was now pounding her ass just the way Jennifer wanted it. Over and over, he rocked her body slamming his big black cock into her phat thick ass.


With her voice slurring her speech again, it took everything in Trey to hold himself back and not blow his load into her ass right then and there. He grunted, still thrusting his cock into her ass. He listened to Jennifer moan before he finally came to a stop realizing that he didn’t have much time left. She gasped while feeling him pull his cock from her dark little hole. Jennifer knew exactly why he pulled his cock free, anticipating that he was close to his climax. Trey took a few steps back, breathing heavily while Jennifer turned around and moved from her knees.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna-”

“You’re about to cum! I know!”

Jennifer was right on the ball, ready to take control again as she wanted his orgasm to be delivered at the touch of her hand. Dropping down to her knees, she looked up at him before Trey spoke.

“Wrap those big titties around my dick again! I wanna feel ’em one last time!”

Licking her lips, she replied to him while pushing her hands over those big tits to hold them up.

“I want you to fuck ’em this time, Trey! Fuck these titties with your big black dick!”

After hearing her words, Trey stepped forward gripping his long pole with his left hand. Jennifer watched him slide his fat black snake between her large white tits. She squeezed them as Trey began to buck his hips forward, wasting no time as he fucked her tits. Jennifer glanced down, watching the head of his big black dick poke up between her tits.

“Look at me, baby! Look at me!”

Trey couldn’t resist the eye contact she had given him earlier. He wanted her to look back into his face with all the lust she had given him with those big brown eyes earlier. As he continued to buck his hips forward to drive his meaty black shaft between her white tits, he moved his hands over her head. His right hand gripped the back of her hair while his left hand palm rested over her forehead.

Jennifer witnessed the image of hunger across his face while he continued to pump his cock through the fold of her big tits pushed together over it. She knew just what to say to him within the heat of this moment.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Fuck my titties, Trey! MMMMM!! FUCK MY TITS WITH THAT BIG FUCKIN’ BLACK COCK!!”

As she screamed to him, he began to whimper knowing that time was short. Trey didn’t want this pleasure to end. He wished he could hold back, just to experience her lucious body again. Weather it was her breasts, pussy or even her thick ass, Trey felt he could fuck her all day long. Jennifer was more than a friend to him now, she was truly a nasty freak with a body built for fucking. Moving his hands away from her head, Trey cried out as he came to a complete stop.


Acting quickly, Jennifer let go of her breasts and wrapped her left arm under them. She held her breasts up while her right hand moved to his thick black cock, twisting her fingers around it. Trey panted, breathing heavily as he watched the lustful woman begin to wank his cock back and forth with her hand while holding her breasts up. He knew within seconds Jennifer would have a hot sticky mess all over her beautiful body with his cock aimed upward over her breasts. She opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out as her hand was working his cock faster with each passing second. Trey couldn’t hold back any longer as he cried out to her.


As his voice roared loudly, Trey’s long black cock exploded within the grip of Jennifer’s hand. The first burst of his cum splattered across her forehead, streaking droplets into her hair. She closed her eyes after feeling the warm sticky substance splash over her skin, followed by a second thick wave of cum that sent a line up her left cheek and just under her eye. Jennifer moaned, still jacking him off to force the rest of his spunk out over her body. Another spurt shot forward landing on her face, just under her right eye and over her nose. Jennifer gasped, calling out to him.

“Oh mah gawd, you got me good!”

Trey was whimpering in his moans as he heard Jennifer’s thick southern accent slurring her speech. She expected him to cum on her tits, not anticipating the burst of his cum would be powerful enough to reach her face. As she opened her eyes, Jennifer licked her lips while aiming his big black dick down at her breasts. She continued stroking it, forcing more wads of his creamy spunk to seep out and splatter across her firm tits. A few lines shot over her right breast, dripping down over her hardened nipple. She licked her lips, feeling more of his creamy white seed as a few thick droplets landed over her left boob. Trey could do nothing but stand there and watch her finish up milking every last drop of his cum out over her breasts. Out of breath, he moaned while gazing down at her gorgeous face covered in his cum. Jennifer was still gripping his shaft, moving it towards her left breast as she smeared the cum over her skin.

“Mmmmmmm, my nasty man sure made a mess over me.”

She then took his cock and began to beat the head it over her nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack. Jennifer gritted her teeth, looking up into his eyes while the streaks of his cum dripped from her face. This was something he had dreamed of experiencing for so many years when he was lusting over her. All those times he had watched her on TV and looked at photos of this gorgeous woman, he never dreamed that she would be on her knees with her famous face and tits covered in his seed. Trey was attempting to catch his breath as he watched her let go of his cock and scoop up a bit of his cum with her right hand index finger. When Jennifer fed her finger to her mouth to suck it clean, he spoke.

“You’re something else, baby. I can’t believe we just did this.”

Sucking her finger clean, Jennfer replied to him with a smirk.

“You better believe it, Trey. I could get used to having fun with you like this. You were my nasty man and you really freaked me today. Come on, I gotta cleaned up and we both need to get our clothes back on. I’ve got stuff to do when I get back home. I trust that you aren’t gonna tell anyone about this.”

“Nope! My lips are sealed baby, this is our little secret.”

From her words, reality had come back into his mind to hit him. Trey had almost completely forgotten time, not even realizing that they were all alone at the studio together. Time had passed through their fun time. Without replying to her, he walked back over to the bed where his clothes were a pile laying next to hers. It had not even crossed his mind over all this time alone with Jennifer that they had previously been filming together just hours ago. Beyond the joy of sharing a camera with her, Trey could now go to sleep at night knowing that one of his fantasies had come true after all these years. He and Jennifer had shared a moment of lust and passion together. He hoped that this was the beginning of something, as well as their show becoming a success.



The phone became busy, ringing with various activity of text messages and calls back and forth to Trey. After the editing work was complete with the filmed segments, Fantasy Radio Hotel was ready to premier within days. A logo for the show had been made with a fancy Broadway style font in a color of white with a dark purple glowing outline. Trey thought the logo could work as a sign for the hotel, if only it were a real place in the future. The short music video segment of Jennifer dancing to Silk’s ‘Freak Me’ had been published online following her decision to release it as a teaser to hype the show up. Trey soon learned just the power Jennifer held when it came to marketability with her name alone. Her dancing video had generated over two million views in less than a day. The headlines in celebrity gossip talked up a storm of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s return as hype began to buzz around the show. The old song itself was enjoying a newfound success as Freak Me entered the R&B charts despite being over twenty-five years old as a single.

Among the various phone calls Trey had been receiving, a few of them were from his father. Though the show had yet to premier, his father had told him that he was proud to see his son get up and do something with his life. Another person who had been ringing his phone along with sending text messages was a close friend of Trey’s who wanted to join the show. In the end, all the spotlight was centered on Jennifer herself as she now had the limelight positioned back on her. She felt accomplished in her goal to feel desired again, to have people witness that she could still be sexy she could still be at this point in her life. Her status as a sex symbol had been re-ignited almost overnight with the release of the music video. Whatever happened from here with the show, Jennifer had a strong feeling that her hard work with Trey was going to work out fine. Beyond the show itself, she had found a new friend along the way. Someone that she felt a bond could grow with.


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