Tits, Tugs & Tongues: Jessica Chastain

Title: Tits, Tugs & Tongues: Jessica Chastain

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Jessica Chastain

Codes: FM, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Jessica coming out of a hotel bathroom, wrapped in a towel, having just been in the shower. “Babe?” She sees her man still asleep in bed. “C’mon, get up.” Jess is answered with a loud snore, so, smiling, she slips the towel off, and crawls onto the bed, toward him. “Ba-abe…” She pulls the covers off, and then rolls him onto his back. “Hm…Don’t wanna wake up, huh?” Jess then pulls down the young man’s boxers, and his rigid member pops out. “Yeah, I figured as much…” Jess gives the dick a couple of strokes, before leaning down, and, in our first close-up, wrapping her lips around the thick shaft, and sucking the guy off.

Before long, the guy wakes up, snorting and mumbling. “Huh?”

“Morning, babe…” Jess says, between sucks.

“Oh, fuck…”  Back in the close-up, we see Jess lick and suck the guy’s head, while gripping the base tightly. “Hm…Can I fuck your tits?”

“Will you get up after?”

“Of course…”

“Alright…” Jess leans forward, and wraps her big, white tits around the guy’s throbbing dick.

“Ah, fuck…” the guy moans, starting to thrust up into Jess’s cleavage, the tip peaking out between her titties.

“Ouhm…” Jess sighs, smiling, as the guy speeds up.  Soon, he starts groaning, then, seconds later, his cock spurts several times, and Jess smiles, as the hot, white cum coats her neck and chest.

“Jeez…that was fucking great…”

“Okay, now get up…” As Jess says this, she wipes up some of his cum, and licks it off her fingers.

“Alright…Where’re my pants?” Jess smirks at this, as the scene fades out.

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