Private Dick And Beth’s Tits

Title: Private Dick And Beth’s Tits


Celebs: Beth Chapman  Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King

Codes: MF, MFF, oral, anal, big tits

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy. It is not real. It is not political in any way at all. It is a fictional sex fantasy about two private investigators.


This is the first installment in my new series Private Dick…And Beth’s Tits it stars myself (The Dick) and Beth Chapman (Beth’s Tits) We are private investigators solving celebrity sex cases…….Enjoy


I was kicked back on the patio relaxing, outside of my office in west LA, waiting for my new partner Beth to show up. I was stretched out in a very comfy lounge chair, with a rum and coke in one hand and my phone in the other. My sunglasses worked overtime, as it was a very sunny, warm LA afternoon. I was flashing through my texts on my phone and sipping my drink waiting for my big breasted goddess of a partner to get there. We had our first client, and she was an important one, so I didn’t wanna get off on a bad foot being late when we met a little later in the evening. Beth and I needed to go over a few things before we left to meet with our client.

About 10 minutes later the one and only Beth Chapman finally strolled out onto my patio and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a boner inducing wiggle of her full hips and booty. She looked as awesomely gorgeous as ever. Her long blonde, wavy hair looked beautiful. She was wearing a low cut, skin tight blue blouse and a equally as skin tight, blue mini skirt. Her white stripper pumps rounded out her very, boner inducing outfit. She took her sunglasses off as she sat on the lounge chair beside mine. “Howdy partner.” She said in a very John Wayne meets Stripperella type of way.

“Howdy hot tits, nice to finally see you.” She laughed sarcastically at my flirtatious greeting. Beth and I had been friends for about 10 years and we enjoyed some flirtatious ball busting back and forth. She is a big boob television personality that wanted to try something different, so when I asked her to be my partner in my private investigation business she thankfully agreed. I had been in the “private dick” business for awhile. I’m an LA guy, originally from porn valley, Van Nuys. I had a lot of connections in the club scene and entertainment biz too, so I had a lot of advantages when I got into the private dick biz.

“What time do we meet with Oprah?” She asked. “In about 3 hours, but we gotta drive, out to Santa Barbara, so we gotta leave shortly.” I replied. Yes, the Oprah Winfrey was our first client. I had met her years ago, but I hadn’t spoken to her in a few years. She knew I was a private investigator and she knew I was the best, so she called me, asking for my help. She wanted to find a woman that she knew in the 80’s. The woman, now in her 60’s, knew about Oprah’s early career secrets and Oprah wanted to find out if she knew “ALL” of them. The “All” intrigued me. I’ve always had a thing for Oprah. I love BBWs and huge tits, so she really gets me rock hard.

I was explaining to Beth the details of the case so far, while she shook her massive tits, just to tease me. She smiled and winked, knowing how she turns me on. She loves to try and distract me with her sex appeal, but she never goes beyond the flirting and teasing.

After we talked the details over we headed out to Oprah’s place in Santa Barbara. It’s only about an hour and a half away but with the ridiculous LA traffic it could end up taking twice that. We got in my Escalade and made our way north.

We were just outside Oxnard when Beth decided to do her boob shake again, claiming she was just straightening her top. I laughed and reached over and grabbed her left boob, claiming I was just trying to prevent an earthquake in my car. She smacked my hand away saying “watch it buddy, eyes on the road.” I explained to her I was using my hand not my eyes and she said “OK smartass, hands on the wheel.” I told her “yes ma’am” and kept driving. I couldn’t get the feeling of her gigantic tit out of my mind, nor did I want to. My cock was now tenting my thin shorts, I always go commando so it was even easier for it too.

Beth noticed obviously, “damn bruh, you better start thinking about baseball or something or all the blood is gonna rush outta your head with that huge boner.” We laughed and I said “it’s your damn fault, with those giant tits of yours around, my cock is in mortal danger at all times.” We laughed again. She shook her tits again, looking at them. “What, these little things?” She said innocently. I assured her there wasn’t a damn thing little about them at all. She reached over and patted my huge erection saying, “there there dear, everything’s gonna be just fine.” She winked at me with a devilish smirk on her sexy face.

We arrived at Oprah’s house and looked it over from the car. As expected, it was huge. I scanned it from left to right. When I got to the far right my eyes caught a better sight, Beth’s cleavage. Her tits have been stars of so many of my masturbatory fantasies. She knows it too, because I’ve told her so. “Dick, you need to do something about that.” She said pointing at the cock tent in my shorts. I looked down at it and once again blamed Beth.

“It’s your damn fault babe, I was scoping the grounds and your gigantic melons popped into my scoping point of view. Its like staring at the sun, u can’t handle more than a second or two without going all hard and stuff. They are supremely, boner inducing, lethal weapons for damn sure.”

“Well sorry, but the girls come with the package and we both know you love them, and they are pretty fond of you too.” She said with a flirtatious wink.

She then learned over, her face almost touching the side of mine and whispered in my ear, in her sexiest voice, “work that cock for mama, Dick. Work it real good.”

I thought I would bust a nut in my shorts just from that, but she took it one step further when she slowly and softly rubbed my steel hard cock through my shorts. She moved her well manicured, hot pink nails, slowly on my cock up and down. She only used her nails, no hands. It felt so fucking good. She made it even better by whispering “I bet you would love for me to wrap my big tits around that big cock now wouldn’t you?”

I nodded the obvious answer………hellz to tha yeah!!!

“Well…….” She stopped and moved back over to her seat. “You’re just gonna have to handle that yourself.” She said smiling.

“Damn cock tease.” I thought to myself.

I rubbed my cock myself as she smirked. I stared right at her tits as I began to jerk my cock through my thin shorts. She felt sorry for me I guess, after all of her teasing, and gave me a minute long, big titty shake to aid me in my “hard” time.

I pulled my cock thru the fly in my shorts and let it breathe, so to speak. I jerked it slowly, looking at Beth’s awesome tits. “Mmmmm Dick, you have such a pretty…….dick.” She laughed after she said it. “Thanks sweet tits, you have some mighty fine…….TITS!!!” I smiled as I said it. She laughed and started running her hot pink nails all over those amazing jugs, softly, once again teasing me and of course pleasing me. I jerked my cock fast, because i needed to finish up and get inside to talk with Oprah.

I rubbed my large balls as I jerked my raging cock faster. Beth squeezed her magnificent juggs and stuck out her tongue at me, smiling a seductive smile. I licked my lips looking at her tits, and stroked my cock faster, my pace so rapid my hand bumped the steering wheel as I jerked off.

Beth blew me a kiss, as she surprised me by pulling her top up and her tits out of her bra and licking her nipples for me. FUCKKKKK that was hot, so I jerked my huge bone faster and faster. She sucked her large pink nipples while she smiled at me. I jerked my cock faster, staring, with my tongue out, lusting for her. I reached over and rubbed her leg. She looked at me, so I paused, but she didn’t tell me to stop so I rubbed up her leg, under her blue mini skirt and towards her pussy.

I once again paused as I was inches from her pussy. She grabbed my wrist and I froze, worrying that I went too far and pissed her off.

We both looked at each other, with her squeezing my wrist pretty hard, increasing my concern that I went too far, then she broke the silence. “Why would you want to chance that, when you could have this?” She said, as she shocked me big time by leaning over into my lap and stuffing my leaking, insanely, hard cock into her mouth. Hot damn, this day just got a whole lot better. She sucked my cock hard and fast. My cock was pouring precum and she gulped it all down as she blew me so fucking well. Those long pink fingernails were were rubbing against my balls as she cupped them and sucked me off. She rubbed and softly squeezed my lean shaven balls. I shave down there sometimes, for the hell of it. She sucked just the head and jacked me off, licking all around it as she jerked my hard cock.

I stuck my hand up her mini skirt and pulled her white thing aside. I fingered her wet pussy with two fingers and slid my thumb up her ass. She moaned around my cock, so I kept going, fingering her holes in tandem. I pulled them out and brought them to my mouth, licking them tasting her holes, as well as lubricating my fingers. I stuck them back in her holes and went back to work on them, fingering her holes deep and fast.

Beth moaned as she deep throated my big cock all the way, licking it as she moved up and down in it. My left hand grabbed her thick, blonde wavy hair and pushed her all the way down on my cock. She licked my balls, lathering them up, as she kept my rock hard manhood deep in her throat. I felt like I was gonna cum so I pulled her off of my cock, kissing her deeply and passionately, so I could fuck her.

I quickly took off her mini skirt and thong, sniffing it, ROARING like a lion wanting his woman, stuffed the thong in my mouth and slammed her pussy down on my super hard cock. I bounced her on my cock  hard and fast, lusting for her gorgeous ass so bad. I sucked on her thong, tasting and smiling her scent, as she rode my big cock like a champ.

I slapped her huge tits as they pointed at me, pulling her large nipples hard, twisting them like a pretzel. I leaned over and bit them, licking them as I did, pulling them and sucking hard. I sucked her engorged nipples so fucking hard I got some milk. I swallowed the sweet liquid fast reaching down bad rubbing her big, pulsing clit fast as I did.

I kissed her deep and kept rubbing her clit faster and faster while she rode my raging cock, her well trimmed, large pussy engulfing every inch of my cock in a warm, wet oven of pleasure. Her wet pussy, so warm and slick, welcomed my thick cock in on every stroke. She had her pussy well trimmed and neat, such a beautiful pussy with large, light brown labia. She rode me hard her left hand around my neck, waving her right hand like a good cowgirl. I sucked and groped those magnificent, creamy white tits, with their quarter sized, bumpy, light brown areola and large puffy nipples. I kept sucking hard and drinking any milk that flowed from her giant mammary mountains.

She moaned, looking right at me and came all over my invading cock. I rubbed her clit as fast as I could as she released her nectar, coating my hard cock and leaking out the sides of her out stretched pussy.

My cock twitched and the cum moved up it. I pushed all the way up her pussy and CAME HARD up that warm, wet box. My raging cock unleashing massive jolts of thick cum into Beth’s sweet pussy. I kissed her hard, fucking her tongue with mine and kept rubbing her clit fast as I filled her wet pussy full.

“Thanks a lot babe, you made my day.” I told her. “Your welcome honey, I felt so sorry for you, after all the cock teasing I was doing and you just looked so darn cute, I just couldn’t help myself.” We Smedley as she grabbed my chin and rubbed it, smiling at me, “just make sure you keep this to yourself…and you keep this great cock” …she grabbed my cock with her other hand as it slipped out of her full pussy… ”ready for me, I think I’m gone a wear it out from now on.” Smiling big I said yes ma’am and assured her I would definitely keep it ready for her.

We fixed our clothes, but I kept her thong. Beth sat in my lap and slid her finger under her mini skirt and up her, crammed full of thick cum, pussy. She scooped some of my cream on her finger and put it in her mouth. She sucked it clean, taking her time, as I watched closely. She remarked on how good it tasted, that brought a smile to my face once again. She is the sexiest woman on earth. She had a huge argument with her husband so she moved into the Four Seasons hotel. After just now and what she said, I saw myself spending quite a bit of time there from now on.

We made our way to Oprah’s door with a few minutes to spare. We rang the doorbell and waited. All of a sudden the door opened and there she was. Oprah Winfrey in the flesh. I’ve had a crush on her since the 80’s. She was the first BBW crush of mine. She was wearing a tight baby blue sweater, tight jeans and white tennis shoes. She looked amazing, those full lips with ruby red lipstick on them, those absolutely spectacular, hug natural black breasts of hers, just amazing.

Her tits are the black version of Beth’s, massive, natural wonders that are so stare inducing, it boggles the mind. She has that super thick booty that gets me going too. She’s gorgeous, just like Beth.

She took us to the living room. Beth walked in front of me so I squeezed her booty as we walked. She looked back with a sexy smirk on her face and winked at me. I winked back. This woman turns me on so ridiculously much. We sat in Oprah’s living room as she explained everything in detail. I curiously asked her what was so important that her ex fried Marion knew. She didn’t give me a straight answer and as I could gather it was kind of embarrassing to her, so I dropped it for now. She told me she didn’t know where Marion lived exactly, but she heard it was in LA county. That didn’t narrow it down too much as LA county is huge, but I had a lot of connections around LA so I knew I could find her.

Just as we were getting ready to leave Oprah offered to take us on a tour of her beautiful home. She showed us around downstairs and then we moved upstairs. Her best friend Gayle King was visiting and she met us upstairs as she was going to her bedroom. She asked if I could help her with something. I wanted to get going, but I said yes, so Oprah and Beth continued the tour while I went to help Gayle.

As soon as we got I  her bedroom and closed the door Gayle pushed me against the door and kissed me. I was kinda shocked, but she was a good kisser and I was still horny so I grabbed her and kissed her back. She pulled my shirt and shorts off as I pulled her yellow tank top, her lacy white bra, and her white pants off. I was rock hard again and I flipped her on her hands and knees. “Yeah baby, fuck me doggy style, woof woof.”

I did just that as I grabbed her soft, brown hips and slid all the way in her aging, but still rather snug, already wet wet, hairy pussy. Her C cup brown, slightly saggy tits hung down from her chest and flopped around as I fucked her pussy. I reached under her and squeezed them, rolling her huge, erect nipples between my fingers. Her tits felt really nice, very soft. I shook them and squeezed them as I plowed her snug pussy harder, my cock pistoning in and out of her hair pussy. She moaned loudly and begged me to keep going and I did. I smacked her ass and plowed that hairy pussy good smacking her ass again and squeezing those nice slightly saggy tits hard, fucking her harder. She said she was cumming so I fucked her faster, plunging my rock hard large cock all the way into her wet pussy as she released her cream all over my cock, moaning as she did.

I pounded the shit outta her brown pussy and I unleashed my tidal wave of thick cum up her pussy. I pulled out and stood on the bed, pulling her head back to my cock and turning her head to face it. I shoved my cock into her soft mouth and finished cumming in there, filling her mouth with my thick seed. Her beautiful full cherry lips sucked me dry, swallowing every bit of cum I dumped into her mouth. She kept sucking making sure to get every drop I had in my cock. She liked her lips and thanked me as she smiled “that was delicious Dick, I love tour tasty cum. Thank you for helping me. Now if you will excuse me, I have a 20 man gangbang I’m late for” She smiled and kissed my cheek as she got dressed and left. “OK,” I said to myself, “this day is going pretty well.”

I caught back up with Beth and Oprah. I hugged Oprah goodbye, getting to feel those perfect tits smashed into my chest, and Beth and I got in my Escalade and went back to LA. On the way back home I called an old friend from my clubbing days. Dave and I have been friend since the 80’s and he has helped me with some cases as well. He knows all the right people you need to know to find people in a city as big as LA. We used to hang around the clubs together back in the day, I knew all the club managers and owners so I got into them easily. I also knew a lot of people from the porn biz as well. Growing up in the valley you’re around them and you’re around the whole porn scene, so I’ve made some really good connections there as well.

I told Dave to meet me at an out of the way restaurant and gave him the woman’s name and details, as many as I had, and told him to find out what he could.

I dropped Beth off at the Four Seasons and told her I would pick her sexy ass up in the morning. She said OK and gave me something much better than a goodnight kiss…..a goodnight tit fuck in my car.

She wrapped those mountainous breasts around my cock and spit on it, rubbing it into her breasts and my cock, and worked my thick cock being her huge, ivory jugs. I just sat back and enjoyed it, closing my eyes and loving the feeling of her giant tits wrapped around my throbbing cock. She worked her tits up and down slowly, spitting on my cock for extra lubrication. She sucked my cock head when she saw it and jerked my cock with her tits faster. I was in heaven, I watched her pleasure my cock with her tit pussy, my hand on her ass, squeezing it. After a few minutes of tit fucking I felt the urge to cum. She worked my cock faster in her tit valley. She moved her giant, very soft tits faster up and down on my cock, faster and faster. She liked my cock head and I lost it. My cum exploded out of my cock right into her mouth. Thick jets of jism coated her mouth and tits. She swallowed the cum in her mouth and then, looking at me smiling, she let it dribble out onto her huge tits. She then slowly licked it up,letting it hang off of her tongue, then sucking it into her mouth to swallow.

Beth liked her tits cleaned my well pleased cock as well. “Baby, you and I are gonna have one helluva good time from now.” She said, as I gleefully agreed.

After I dropped Beth off, I went to see Dave. We ate dinner and he gave me the info I needed. He found Marion in Culver City. We finished dinner and shot the breeze, before I thanked him and headed home. In he morning, I headed east to Culver City to talk to Marion.

I knocked on Marion’s, door and she answered. I told her who I was and why I was there and looked her over. She looked like someone’s black grandma for sure but she looked good. Short gray hair, full figured, very nice mocha skinned body. She had a pretty face, older but still pretty and she had quite a nice pair of natural jugs on her as well, large and nicely shaped.

She let me in and we talked for a few minutes about Oprah. I was curios why Oprah was so worried about what Marion knew and she explained why. She went to a cabinet, unlocked it and pulled out a diary. She handed it to me and explained that Ms Winfrey was very much a slut. The diary she kept for leverage in case of a falling out, detailed how Oprah sucked and fucked her way to the top. She would let men…and women….who could help her career, fuck her for that help. She enjoyed it too. Marion told me “Oprah would suck and fuck anybody and everybody that could help her. She would brag to me how much she loved it and how many or gas she she had. That girl is definitely a freak.” She said, giving me a stern, no nonsense  smirk when she said it. She told me I could have it because she was too old to worry with it anymore, she didn’t give a rats ass how freaky Oprah was anyway.

I thanked her for her help and got up to leave when she grabbed me and asked me for some help. I told her sure and she examined to me that she needed help with her pussy. It had been awhile since she last fucked so she wanted me to knock the dust off of it so to speak.

I was horny again, as usual, and she looked good in her low cut black flowery top and tight black pants so I tore off her top and turned her around. I stood behind her and played with her big, full, black tits through her white bra. I kissed and slowly licked her neck, grinding my hard cock on her ass through her pants. Softly biting her neck I squeezed her big tits through her bra then pulled them out of her bra cups, letting them hang out over the cups. I rubbed her nipples and nibbled her ear. She moaned and squirmed in my arms. I pulled her nipples twisted them. I leaned my head around to her tits and sucked on each tit, licking her nipples as I did. I pulled her white cotton panties off and stuck three fingers up her pussy. I fingered her feverishly. I slid my thumb gently up her tight ass, dual fingering her holes.

My left hand played with her big, smooth, extra soft tit while my right hand fingered her hairy pussy and thick ass. I worked my fingers in her holes faster as I softly bit all over her tits and sucked them hard.. Arion was moaning like crazy and shivering. It had been awhile since she had cum with a man’s help and I wanted to make it special for her. I sucked her nipple so hard and fingered her holes with blazing speed. She came all over my fingers. I kept fingering her as she came. I pulled out of her holes and placed my fingers in her mouth so she could taste herself. She enjoyed it and I kissed her to taste her as well.

I bent her over and rubbed my cock head slowly on her labia. Over and over slowly all over it. She moaned softly, her pussy very wet in anticipation of my soon to be invading cock. I SHOVED all the way up her soft, still snug, hairy pussy. I held it there. She Gasped and shook her head, getting used to the size of my white cock and intensity of my entry. I smacked her ass and grabbed her full ebony hips, fucking her slowly. My throbbing cock smoothly, yet forcefully drilling up her well aged pussy. I began to fuck her faster, smacking her ass again. I reached under her and smacked her clit soft, then hard as I fucked her harder, deeper.i kept smacking her engorged, very large clit. My cock throbbing as I forced it in and out over and over harder, deeper, up her well aged pussy.

I  began pounding her pussy as fast and hard as possible. Her legs began to shake, but her guttural groans of pleasure spurred me onward. “Yes baby YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME DEEPER, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” Sbe screamed at the top of her lungs.

I reached up, as I destroyed her sexy ebony, granny puss, and slapped her big, hanging tits and large, erect nipples hard, squeezing them, pinching those big, stiff nipples hard.

She squirter her cum all over my cock in her pussy and out of any open inch of space. It leaked onto my throbbing balls, and I smacked her thick, soft ass hard I ponder that granny pussy so fucking deep and hard..

I exploded inside her pussy. I shot a gallon of cream deep inside her, costing her pussy walls I pulled out and turned her around, still bent over, and I slid my dripping cock I to her anxiously awaiting mouth. Her jet black lipstick was smeared all over my white cock as she sucked me dry. She played with my balls also,. She really knew how to please a man.

She kissed me on the cheek as I got ready to leave. I thanked her and smiled. She thanked me for the fun time. “You are definitely women sexy lady, you’re a fun chick to have fun with.” I laughed and winked at her. She gave me her number and said we should hang out when I have time. I smiled and assured her we would.

After I left Marion, I called Oprah and told her I found her and we needed to talk. She told me to come back to her home so I agreed. I picked up Beth and headed back to Santa Barbara. After another tease filled ride north, Beth and I arrived back at Oprah’s mansion and made our way inside, after the maid let us in.

Oprah was coming in from outside. She had been sunbathing by the pool and was wearing a black one piece swimsuit with her chocolate mountains pouring out of the top. I immediately got a raging hardon at the sight and both Oprah and Beth noticed it. Oprah smiled and came over to me. She softly grabbed my hardon thru my pants and squeezed it.

Beth, not to be left out got, behind me and licked my neck while she reached around and squeezed my insanely erect big cock also. Oprah kissed me on the lips, her full cherry lips tasted so good. “We should take this upstairs, I want this big white cock in every hole in my body right fucking now.” Oprah commanded, so we followed her quickly upstairs to her master bedroom.

Oprah took my clothes off and pushed me on the bed. I layed there watching her take Beth’s clothes off, as well as her own, slowly. They both played with each other’s massive breasts and kissed. My cock was harder than any cock could ever be, as I took in the show. They made out, groping each others huge tits, putting on an ebony and ivory make out show that was an award winning boner inducing spectacle like no other.

Oprah sucked on Beth’s huge, soft ivory melons, kissing her erect nipples softly. She then sucked them in, forcing as much of her giant tits in her mouth as she could. I had to fuck them, and they sensed my urgency so they pushed me to the head of the bed and got on either side of me on the bed and started taking turns sucking my cock.

MY cock was so very happy, being handed off from one gorgeous mouth to the other. Oprah was deep throat in my cock as Beth sucked my balls. Beth rubbed them with her long, hot pink fingernails and sucked them all the way in her amazing mouth.

The precum was pouring out of my cock as Oprah sucked it all the way down her gulping throat. I took it all I  and closed my eyes, savoring every damn second.

They then pressed their giant melons together on my pulsing erection and double tit fucked it from both sides. The sigh was mind blowingly incredible. The two pairs of huge tits I have lusted over more than any others were now both wrapped around my super hard cock and they were both tit fucking it. I smiled the biggest smile ever as I watched it all.

They rubbed their tits on my cock for several minutes, I never wanted it to stop. Their erect, thick nipples rubbing against each other and my cock. They both sucked the head of my cock as it popped through their gigantic tit cave they created around it.

They broke their tit embrace of my cock as Oprah said “I need this big white piece of man meat in my hot, black pussy right now.” I pulled Beth up to my face and let her ride it as Oprah sat on my raging cock and put it in her wet pussy. She rode it hard as I ate out Beth’s pussy, jamming my twisting tongue as far up her pussy as it would possibly go. “Damn baby eat that fucking pussy, make me feed you my cum Dick, eat it baby, eat it up.” Beth said moaning loud as she rode my face.

Oprah was bouncing on my thick cock, riding it hard, pinching my nipples as she did. Her huge black melons were bouncing like crazy as she rode me. She was moaning and screaming “YEE HAW, MOTHER FUCKER, GIVE OPRAH THAT BIG WHITE DICK BABY, GIVE IT TO MAMMA, FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!”

I obeyed and started ramming my insanely hard cock up her sweet, wet pussy hard, every stroke forcing my white dick deeper in her black pussy to her delight.

Beth moaned loudly, held my hair and came in my mouth. She deposited her sweet nectar in my mouth, riding it as she did. I sucked it all out of her and swallowed it all.

Oprah decided she wanted my big white dick up her ass now, as she pulled it out of her pussy and jammed it up her thick, tight ass and rode me hard than before. She yelled “FUCK MY ASS DICK, FUCK IT HARDER HARDER HARDERRRRRRRRRR!!!”

I rammer my cock all the way up her ass as Beth turned around, still on my face and faced Oprah. She squeezed her huge, black tits as Oprah rode my cock. Beth leaned over and sucked Oprah’s tits as Oprah demanded I fuck her harder in the ass. I did, and fucked her ass faster as well, pistoning in and out of her thick ass at a blazing speed. The bed was shaking as I pounder her ass harder and harder, faster, deeper, in and out, fasterrrrrrrrrr.

I ate Beth’s pussy as she sat on my face, playing with Oprah’s tits as I tore up her ass, pounding it harder, deeper, faster, drilling it all the way in and out. Oprah and Beth kissed as they both rode me hard.

I reached up and played with Beth’s melons as I felt my cum explosion approaching quickly. I pulled them both off of me and pushed them to my cock. They both jerked and sucked my cock. “HERE IT FUCKING CUMSSSSSSS!!!” I yelled as I splattered both of their faces and mouth with my thick cum. I cum blasted them over and over, covering their faces. I filled both of their mouths. I came more than I ever have. I kept shooting cum, my cock was a cum volcano splattering their faces, mouths and tits. When I finally was drained they kicked each other clean and my cock also. They kissed each other, cum swapping my thick cream as they swallowed it all. They sucked me dry as I watched and smiled bigger than ever. I was in cum heaven, I adored them both so much.

As we layed together, I told Oprah what I found about her being such a slut. I assured her Marion wouldn’t expose her to the world. She smiled and said, “good work Dick, really good work baby…and good investjgation work as well.” We laughed, Oprah told me if I could keep her sluttiness a secret, she would make sure I was very happy… she softly squeezed my cock as she said it. “I don’t think that will be a problem ma’am.” We all laughed again and rested before round two.

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