Sapphic Erotica: Scene 124

Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 124

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Halle Berry, Winona Ryder

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on a supermarket, where we see Winona pushing a carriage through the produce department, in late 70s style clothes.  As she reaches for an orange, we notice a pale ring on her finger. “Just get divorced, did we?”

Winona looks up, to see Halle standing there, in a similarly dated outfit. “Excuse me?”

Halle giggles. “Sorry.  I was just noticing the tan line on your finger.  I, uh…” She holds up her hand, back of it to Winona, revealing a similar mark. “just split up, too.”

“Oh, uh, yeah.  We, uh, wanted to wait until our son was in college to end it, and…”

“Yup, me too.  And, I’ll bet you haven’t gone out since the divorce,  right?”

“I’m sorry, who are you?”

“Oh, uh, Halle Berry.” Halle offers her hand to Winona, who shakes it.

“Winona Ryder.  Or, uh, Horowitz.  That’s my maiden name.” Halle laughs.

“Yeah, I believe our sons graduated together.  So, anyway, to my reason for bringing it up.  I really want to have a girl’s night out, but…I have no one to go out with.”

“So, you’re inviting me?”

“If you’ll have me.” Halle smirks as she says this.

Later, we see the two pull up in front of Winona’s house in the middle of the night, talking and laughing, as Halle’s car comes to a stop. “God!” Winona gushes, “I haven’t had this much fun since college!”

“And it’s…” Halle looks at her watch, “two in the morning, and you’re still awake.”

“That I haven’t done since Jimmy was a baby.”

“Oh, yeah.  I know all about that.” Both laugh, then there’s a silence, as Halle’s face becomes more anxious.

“Okay, well…”

Winona starts to get out, before Halle blurts out, “Wait.”

“Hm?” Winona responds, looking back at her.

“I, uh…” After stammering for a moment, Halle leans over, places her hand on Winona’s cheek, and gives her a long, passionate kiss.

After, Winona now stammers, breathing hard, her eyes flitting downward. “Um, that was, uh, unexpected.”

“Yeah, uh…I’ve actually been thinking about doing that all night.”

“That why you invited me out?”

“Um…a little bit.”

There’s a pause, then Winona breaks the silence. “So, you wanna come in?”

We now see the two kneeling on Winona’s bed, lips locked, only separating long enough to whip their shirts off, then removing their bras, and tossing them aside.  Halle then lifts Winona’s breasts up to her face, and, in our first close-up, licks and sucks on her pink nipples. “Uhm…” As Halle kisses her tits, Winona leans backward, while running her fingers through Halle’s hair.  Once she’s on her back, Halle begins to kiss down Winona’s stomach, while unbuttoning her jeans, then pulling them down, panties with them.

Winona’s fingers still in her hair, in another close-up, Halle extends her tongue, and buries it in the middle of Winona’s moist, hairy pussy. “Ohg…” Winona immediately starts to grind her hips, face twisting. “Oh, God…Don’t stop…” Back in the close-up, Halle begins two-fingering Winona’s cunt, while concentrating her tongue on her clit, which causes Winona’s writhing to get more exaggerated, and her moans to become shriller. “Oh, my God…” Winona gasps, voice shaking. “I’m gonna cum…” Finally, she grabs her tits hard, bites down on her lower lip, and screams through her teeth. “Oh, fuck…” she then sighs, breathing hard, as Halle kisses her wet thighs.

Now, Halle’s on her back, while Winona lies on top of her, kissing and kneading her tits, and sucking her dark brown nipples.  Halle feels herself up, as Winona then proceeds to trace a line down her stomach with her lips.  Eventually, Winona arrives between Halle’s legs, and, in another close-up slides her tongue inside her juicy slit, and licks out the pink, dripping wet inside.  As Winona eats her, Halle breathes in deeply, then moans raspily, and repeats.  Back in the close-up, Winona holds Halle’s pussy open, and licks around her clitoris, which causes Halle to twitch, and her moans to get longer and louder. “Oh, shit!  Fuck!” Halle starts to cry out, and buck her hips, until, finally, she arches her back, and screams.

Later, as the sun is coming up, we see Halle and Winona lying face to face, sharing a joint, and talking and laughing.  During a lull in their conversation, the two lean toward each other, and share a long, open-mouthed kiss, as the scene fades out.

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