Girl On Girl On Girl…: Dark Meat is Still Tastier

Title: Girl On Girl On Girl…: Dark Meat is Still Tastier

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Jada Pinkett-Smith, Thandie Newton, Kerry Washington, Rosario Dawson, Candice Patton, Zazie Beetz, Letitia Wright

Codes: F+, oral, anal, ws, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on a closed off back porch, on a sweltering summer day, where we see Letitia sitting, naked, and already visibly sweating, while Zazie, also naked and similarly disheveled, kissing and feeling up her chest, and sucking her hard black nipples.  On a couch against the outer windows, we see Jada, with Kerry squeezing and sucking her tits, and, on the other end, Rosario leaning back, with Thandie kneeling behind her, rubbing and kneading her large breasts, while Candice kisses around her stomach.

In our first close-up, Candice begins to lick out Rosario’s bald pussy. “Oh…fuck…” Rosario moans, squirming on the couch, smirk on her face.  Thandie, meanwhile, crawls over her, and, back in the close-up, she and Candice both lick Rosario at the same time, occasionally pausing to kiss each other, and suck Rosario’s juices off each other’s lips and tongues.  Rosario takes this opportunity, and guides Thandie’s snatch to her mouth, then sticks her tongue in the middle, while kneading her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Kerry starts rubbing her breast up and down Jada’s drooling cunt, making her tit wet.  Kerry then buries her tongue in, scooping Jada’s juices out from the pink inside. “Oh…” Jada moans vocally, grinding her hips, biting her lip, and roughly squeezing her tits.

Sitting at the edge of the chair, eyes closed and face stoic, Letitia clutches at herself, and moans faintly, as, in another close-up, Zazie has her tongue deep in the bright pinkness of her drooling pussy. “Oh, God…” Letitia whispers, brow furrowing slightly, squeezing one of her tits, and starting to subtly jerk her hips.

Now, Kerry and Jada are in a sixty-nine, and we get alternating close-ups of the two tongue-fucking each other’s juicy pink cunts, while we hear the two moan and whimper, Kerry almost crying out when Jada suddenly inserts her middle finger in her ass.

Candice is now sitting on the couch, face like she’s about to sneeze, as Thandie squeezes and sucks her tits, and, down below, in yet another close-up, Rosario slides her tongue up and down inside her oozing slit, and has her fingers buried deep in her drooling hole. “Ooh!” Candice moans loudly, grinding her hips.

Letitia is now laying back in the chair, while Zazie straddles her, hands on the back, and, in another close-up, Letitia licks out her sopping wet cunt. “Ohg…Huh…” Zazie gyrates her hips, and draws her teeth backward over her lower lip.

It’s dark outside, as we see everyone is now covered in a layer of sweat, hair matted to their foreheads, or, in some cases, looking like they just got out of the shower.  Letitia is bent over one arm of the couch, squinting and chewing her lower lip, as, behind her, Jada kneels, and in another close-up, licks out her juicy pink twat, while kneading her ebony cheeks. “Huhm…” Letitia gasps suddenly, face contorting, as, back in the close-up, we see Jada licking her sweaty, quivering butthole. “Ohg…God…”

Meanwhile, we see Zazie on the floor, rubbing and squeezing her tits, as, in another close-up, Candice tongue-fucks her drooling pussy, and finger-fucks her asshole. “Ooh!” Zazie writhes on the floor, digging her nails into her tits, sweaty brow twitching.  Behind Candice, in another close-up, we see Thandie licking her asshole, and two-fingering her cunt.

Back on the couch, Kerry is writhing and clutching at herself, as, in another close-up, Rosario licks around her clit vigorously, while fingering her, two in her pussy, one in her ass. “Oh, God!” Kerry whines, starting to buck her hips.  Finally, shaking, Kerry arches her back, and lets out a barely audible cry.

Now, we see Thandie in the chair, feeling herself up, as, in another close-up, Candice licks and fingers her sweaty asshole, and Zazie, leaning over her leg, licks her clit vigorously from above. “Oh, God!” Thandie’s face screws up, as she cries out shrilly. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!”

Meanwhile, Letitia is facing Jada, looking down, and trembling slightly, as, in another close-up, the latter flicks her tongue on her clit, and aggressively finger-fucks her cunt.  Suddenly, Letitia tosses her head back, mouth gaping and brow screwed up. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna…” She then lets out a deep, raspy groan, as, back in the close-up, her pussy erupts, soaking her thighs, and even spraying on a laughing Jada’s tits.

Rosario is now bent over the couch, as, behind her, Kerry kneels, leaning over her and whispering dirty nothings to her, while, in another close-up, her fingers are knuckle deep in her ass, dripping wet as they pump in and out.  Suddenly, Rosario buries her face in the couch cushions, and screams.  Gasping for air, she then pulls her face out, and breathes, “Fuck, I just came…”

Now, Jada’s sitting on the couch, roughly squeezing her sweat and pussy-juice soaked tits, as, in another close-up, Letitia licks her out, breathing hard as her tongue plunges in and out of her drooling, pink cunt. “Oh, baby!” Jada moans, smiling and writhing under her.

Candice is now in the chair, her and Zazie digging their nails into each other’s arms, as, in another close-up, the two grind their pussies together.  Thandie, meanwhile, rubs and squeezes Zazie’s tits from behind, while kissing her sweaty back and shoulders.  Candice and Zazie’s moans get louder and raspier, as they grind into each other harder.  Finally, Zazie hunches over slightly, and Candice arches her back, as both cum simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Letitia has her fingers between Jada’s cheeks, as she tongue-fucks her, causing Jada to shake and spasm all over the couch.  Jada starts to buck her hips, almost hard enough to knock Letitia off her, then lifts her ass up off the couch, as she lets out a shrill scream, and, in a case of turnabout, her pussy gushes all over Letitia’s chest.  Letitia just laughs, then smiles, moaning a little, as she rubs Jada’s juices into her tits.

We then see a wide shot of all the women on the couch, kissing each other and groping each other’s dripping wet bodies, as the scene fades out.

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