Interviewing…Shania and Sheryl

Title: Interviewing… Shania and Sheryl

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, FF, mast, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


The first episode of the third season of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls was one that Kate and I were both looking forward to. It was our first show where we would have two of the hottest county singers on the show, and having heard rumours about these musicians, we were both very excited.

Shania Twain had been one of the most successful singers in the early 2000s but had almost been forgotten about since. Her hits such as Man, I Feel Like a Woman and That Don’t Impress Me Much were songs I had always liked. Sheryl Crow on the other hand was less known to me but her particularly successful single All I Wanna Do was another favourite of mine.

When the two women came out to join Kate and I on the set, I was very surprised about how well they scrubbed up. Shania had opted for an all-in-one leather dress that suited her perfectly, while Sheryl had gone for a more country look wearing casual clothes, denim jeans and a normal shirt.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, beginning the show and smiling at them. “You’re both country music sensations but what made you want to go down that path?”

“I guess it was the fact that I’d always loved country music,” Sheryl replied. “I’ve always, always enjoyed listening to it and I think of myself as a country girl anyway so it was a natural choice when I started singing.”

“I’m of a similar story,” Shania added. “I think anyone who makes it has to decide their style early on and country was open at the time and I enjoyed the music style. Obviously you can change and we sort of created country pop but even then, it was more towards country.”

“What’s your favourite song to perform?” Kate asked.

“Mine’s always been All I Wanna Do because it was my most successful hit and all the fans love it,” Sheryl replied. “It does get a little annoying when people only talk to me about that song but it was such a hit that I can’t complain.”

“I don’t know if I have a favourite as such,” Shania said. “I love performing all my songs but if I had to pick one, absolutely had to, I think I’d go for Black Eyes, Blue Tears. I don’t know why, I just really enjoyed writing it and now performing it.”

“Do you enjoy all the male attention you used to get?” I asked, steering the show towards sex.

“It always flattered me,” Shania answered. “I never saw myself as a sex symbol but then after my first real success suddenly I was getting a lot of attention. It’s always nice but sometimes you just want a bit of peace.”

“I never really experienced it, as much,” Sheryl answered sadly. “I think because I had one hugely successful hit and all the rest were just normal, people forgot about me quicker. I still get recognised every now and then but not as much.”

“And what about the sex lives, both now and then?” Kate asked.

“Well, obviously people know about my main relationships,” Sheryl answered, “the ones with Owen (Wilson, the actor) and Lance (Armstrong, the cyclist). So at my peak, I was very happy sexually, but it’s slowed since then and my adoption of my two boys has meant its probably at an all-time low.”

“Well, as you know, I don’t engage in pre-marital sex but when I did get married, I used to be a bit of a sex freak,” Shania confessed. “I enjoyed sex a lot and well, let’s face it, anyone does. My second marriage is a bit less sexually active but we’re still fucking frequently which is good.”

“And did you ever experiment in your younger years?” I requested.

“Once or twice,” Sheryl responded honestly. “But truthfully, I’ve been with more women in my later life than I was in my early life and I don’t know why. All I can say is it was worth the wait, it’s definitely something you should try.”

“I never wanted to try it so I’ve never experimented in my whole life,” Shania answered to Kate’s obvious disappointment. “But having said that, as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more accustomed to the idea of trying it for some reason.”

My cock was beginning to get hard and Kate tried to help it on its way, stretching out a hand to rub it as she asked the next question. “What’s your kinkiest fantasies?”

“I’ve always wanted to perform completely naked for some reason,” Sheryl Crow confessed, clearly noticing Kate’s hand movement. “I dunno why but it’s something I’ve always fantasised about. I think it’s just the taboo nature of it but that’s pretty kinky.”

“That’d certainly be something I’d never do but I’d definitely think about it,” Shania added. “I don’t really have too many kinks in my relationship, I’m more of a normal girl. I suppose, having a threesome is something I’ve always wanted.”

“I’m sure that could be something you achieve,” I reply, as Kate exposes my cock and bends down to suck it. “One final question, who would be your preferred duet?”

“I think we should do one together,” Shania answered, trying her best not to look at the blowjob. “I think our voices would blend quite well. If not Sheryl, then maybe someone like Michael Buble or Blake Shelton.”

“I’d definitely be up for that,” Sheryl replied, “maybe you’ll see it soon. Other than Shania, I guess Taylor Swift would be good if she went back to her country roots and I’ve always wanted to do a rap record so that’d be fun.”

“Excellent,” I said, closing the show whilst enjoying Kate’s blowjob. “Thanks for watching. Join us next time when we’ll be joined by all the original members of Fifth Harmony. See you then.”

The show had ended just as Kate and I had hoped it would, with both Sheryl Crow and Shania Twain focused on the way Kate was sucking my cock. It hadn’t been the hottest show we’d ever recorded but it had been enough to get us both horny, not that that was very difficult

I looked across at our two guests as I relaxed into the blowjob and realised that they were both staring intently at us. Sheryl’s hand was subconsciously drifting towards her pussy while Shania seemed unsure whether she wanted to masturbate, leave or just sit there.

I placed my hands on the back of Kate’s head and guided her movements, trying to keep eye contact with our two guests, willing them to join us. Shania looked like she would be difficult to persuade but Sheryl couldn’t stop herself and was beginning to touch herself.

“You two can join us, you know,” I said, deciding to hedge my bets.

Shania and Sheryl exchanged a look as Kate continued to suck my cock and seemingly reached a mutual agreement that neither would tell. Sheryl got up off the sofa and made her way over towards us while Shania stood up, a little reluctantly.

“I can’t cheat on my husband,” Shania protested, “I just can’t do it.”

“Well then, just pleasure yourself and if you feel the urge to join in, it’s up to you,” I said, watching as Sheryl began stripping out her casual clothes down to her underwear.

Kate was sucking my cock masterfully as always, but I knew if Shania was going to join us, we needed to show her what she was missing. I pulled Kate off my cock, kissed her passionately and stripped her out of clothes so that she was soon naked, her pussy glistening with excitement.

I lay down on the couch and Kate immediately got the idea, clambering on top of me and sitting on my face, letting out a moan as I began feasting on her clit. Sheryl Crow realised she was invited to this sexual fun now as well, and removed her underwear before taking control of my cock, slowly jerking it up and down as she sucked it.

I was oblivious to whether my new tactics would entice Shania Twain in but I could only hope as I concentrated on licking Kate’s pussy. I knew I could rely on my co-host to exaggerate how good a time she was having to help us get Shania involved while Sheryl seemed to be growing into the blowjob she was giving me.

I could hear Kate’s moans loud and clear and felt her pussy getting increasingly wetter as I tongue and fingered her and hoped that it was making Shania horny enough to feel the need to join in. Sheryl had certainly let go of her inhibitions, sucking my cock like a pro and bringing me closer to orgasm.

I’d never imagined the blonde could be so skilled at sucking cock but she began to deepthroat me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. With no way of warning her of my impending orgasm, I tried to fight it but eventually conceded and squirted my load down her throat.

Having reached my own orgasm, and with Sheryl draining every last drop of cum from my cock, I concentrated on bringing Kate to hers, confident she was close already. I grabbed her hips and forced her pussy further onto my face, running my tongue up and down on her clit as I sucked it too.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before Kate was moaning out in ecstasy as she hit her own climax and covered my face in her pussy juice. She recovered for a moment, before clambering off and allowing me to see the sight that was now greeting our eyes.

To my extreme delight, our sexual display had been enough to encourage Shania to strip out of her sexy dress and get her down to her underwear. Furthermore, she’d coupled this with moving her panties to the side so she had easier access to her pussy and was slowly fingering herself.

“Still not wanting to cheat on your husband?” Kate asked her as she moved over to Sheryl and stripped the singer out of her own underwear before kissing her passionately.

“I mean, I can’t …” Shania stuttered, though she said it with hardly any certainty in her voice which I realised meant it wouldn’t be long until she joined us.

“Fair enough,” Kate replied, “that’s your call. Guess that means we have to share Sheryl then, Tommy boy.”

Sheryl smiled widely at that suggestion and lay on the couch as if she knew what we were planning before we’d decided. Taking her lead, Kate clambered onto the couch and perched herself on Sheryl’s face for yet another pussy licking and I lined my cock up with the country singer’s pussy.

Looking determinedly at Shania Twain as I did so, I pushed my cock inside Sheryl Crow and began to fuck her, looking up to see Kate massaging her breasts as Sheryl started to eat her pussy. Shania couldn’t help herself and resumed touching herself, determined not to cheat but seemingly unable to fight the urge to cum.

It was an incredibly hot situation, one which Sheryl Crow seemed to thoroughly enjoy. The fact that she hadn’t cum yet that evening meant it didn’t take long before she was struggling to eat Kate’s pussy through moaning and I could feel the juices building around my cock.

I glanced up at Shania and was delighted to see the musician had disposed of her lingerie and was now fully nude, her eyes shut, massaging her tits with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. It seemed she was very nearly at her orgasm and maybe, she’d get involved then.

I pounded into Sheryl Crow exceptionally hard and was met with a muffled moan as she reached her climax, flooding her juices all over my cock. Her moans caused an exciting sensation on Kate’s pussy who moaned loudly again and pressed her pussy further down on Sheryl’s face.

Suddenly there was a scream, and I looked up to find Shania Twain covering our set with her own pussy juices as she massively squirted over my floor. I looked at Kate and smiled, knowing we’d managed to convince Shania to join us; all I needed to do was give her some attention.

I pulled my cock out of Sheryl Crow’s pussy allowing her to focus on pleasuring Kate and made my way over to where Shania was sat, recovering from her own orgasm. She looked at me hesitantly, unsure of what I was about to do and I realised I needed to be careful here or risk losing the opportunity.

I glanced at Kate and she nodded her head as I lifted Shania to her feet and moved in to kiss her passionately. After a while, she grew into the kiss and reciprocated it back to me and I allowed my hands to drift down her back and squeeze her naked ass cheeks.

She’d been so against the thought of joining Kate and I at the start of our sexual adventure that I was surprised it had been easy to get Shania involved as we kissed, but as we broke apart, I could see she was still hesitant.

“I don’t want to cheat on my husband,” she told me, allowing me to caress her tits, “but I need something. So I’ll suck you off and we’ll go from there, OK?”

“Fine by me,” I said, standing up and offering Shania Twain my cock which she took in her hands with careful precision and seeming longing. She slowly manoeuvred herself and before I knew it, my cock was in her mouth and I was receiving a blowjob from one of the hottest country singers in the world.

Over on the other sofa and, having already orgasmed at the hands of my cock, Sheryl Crow was doing everything in her power to make sure Kate achieved the same fate and her second climax of the evening. She was holding my co-host’s hips so tightly to her face I was surprised she wasn’t suffocating but it seemed to be working if Kate’s moans and facial expressions were anything to go by.

I placed my hands on the back of Shania’s head and guided her movements as she sucked my cock, determined to get as much pleasure as possible out of this if it was going to be my only interaction with the singer. She was a talented cock sucker though and she hardly needed any encouragement to attempt to deepthroat my cock.

I glanced over at the sofa and was overjoyed that I did as I was just in time for Kate’s orgasm. She couldn’t control herself any longer and, holding Sheryl Crow’s face firmly in place, she let out a loud moan and gasp of breath in pleasure as she hit her climax and came.

Shania Twain was evidently trying to make me cum too and I had to admit she was close, but my determination to prolong my fun with her was overtaking her ability to make me orgasm. I knew I’d need some help if I was to convince her to have more fun though and thankfully, that’s when Kate and Sheryl decided to help.

They’d clambered off the couch after exchanging passionate kisses and made their way over to where I was receiving my blowjob. Wondering what was going to happen, I watched as Kate made her way behind Shania, forced her up onto her knees and attacked her pussy with her hand from behind.

Shania’s eyes widened as she felt the hand on her pussy but, credit to her, she did not withdraw her mouth from around my cock and I relaxed, knowing that I didn’t have to fight off my orgasm anymore. Sheryl had decided to help her fellow country star and was sucking on my balls as the pair of them worked my cock closer to climax.

To their delight, I was exceptionally close anyway and, within seconds, I’d pulled my cock out of Shania’s mouth and was jerking it ferociously, eventually exploding my cum all over both of their faces. Kate didn’t stop pleasuring Shania throughout this and as I recovered, I had a feeling we weren’t done there.

Shania was moaning loudly and Sheryl pulled her in for a kiss, giving the reluctant country star her first taste of another woman. I watched for a while as the three women exchanged kisses, Kate having joined in and continued playing with Shania but from the front.

It was at that moment Kate pushed Shania down onto the floor and buried her head in the singer’s pussy. I’d been expecting this as Kate hadn’t eaten pussy yet on the show but what I hadn’t anticipated was Sheryl Crow following my co-presenter’s lead and sitting on Shania’s face.

Shania was helpless, pinned down by the two girls, but she didn’t seem to mind as Kate lapped away at her pussy and she did the same to Sheryl Crow. I sat there watching for a moment, allowing my cock to grow to full size once more, before deciding that I had two options; fuck Kate or let Sheryl blow me.

I’d already received a blowjob from Sheryl Crow so I decided to fuck my co-host and I lined my cock up with the entrance to her pussy and thrust inside to a muffled moan. I began to pick up a rhythm, spanking her ass and squeezing her tits as I did so, fucking Kate for the umpteenth time.

I’d never get tired of putting my cock in Kate as she was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever met and already I knew it wouldn’t be long before I reached my climax. Thankfully though, it seemed having a woman lick her pussy for the first time was turning Shania on and Kate seemed to sense an orgasm was near.

She was right too as moments later, Shania squirted all over my co-host’s tongue which Kate lapped up with ease. She then allowed herself to moan with pleasure as my cock thrust in and out of her, playing with Shania’s recovering pussy with her free hands.

It seemed for a first time pussy licker Shania Twain was actually quite good as I managed to make eye contact with Sheryl Crow and she widened her eyes in pleasure, winked and then moaned extremely loudly as Shania lapped away at her pussy.

I slapped Kate’s ass as I rammed into her from behind, watching on as my co-host arched her back to moan in pleasure. We always enjoyed fucking and, even though we’d both fucked several celebrities on this show, there was nothing quite like the two of us.

It was obvious for our country guests to see how much the two of us enjoyed fucking each other, but it was also obvious how much Sheryl was enjoying Shania licking her pussy. in fact, to my great surprise, before either of us had had the time to climax, Sheryl was moaning in pleasure and covering Shania’s face in sticky cum.

I think this was what brought Kate’s and my orgasms closer and with one final thrust, we released our climaxes at the same time, our juices mixing deep in Kate’s pussy. I pulled my cock out and collapsed on the sofa, spent and satisfied as I watched the three ladies make out once more.

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