Title: Interviewing…Julianne

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Julianne Moore

Codes: oral, MF, anal, rimjob, mast, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


I was extremely excited for the return of Female Film Stars Secrets if only for the appearance of my first guest of the new series. My guest for the first episode of season three was by far the most sexually open woman I’d experienced before I’d interviewed them, given the amount of sex scenes she’d performed in on stage.

Julianne Moore was the redhead who was going to be greeting me with her presence and I couldn’t wait. Ever since I’d first watched her perform sex on film, she’d become the older woman who I wanted to fuck and now that I had the chance to meet her, I couldn’t wait.

Julianne had first come to my attention in the film Don Jon, the first time I’d seen her in a sex scene. I’d thought she was attractive then but the more sex scenes I’d realised she’d done, such as Boogie Nights, the more attractive she became.

As she entered the set to film the interview, I had a feeling I was going to be in for one hell of a night as she looked stunning, absolutely stunning. Dressed in a low-cut black dress that showed plenty of cleavage and showed the fact she was wearing no bra, I had a slight feeling she knew what my end target was tonight.

“Welcome to the show, Julianne,” I said, trying to hide my excitement for what could happen after the show. “It’s a pleasure to have you here. You’ve appeared in several brilliant films, including winning an Oscar for Still Alice, but what’s been your favourite movie to make?”

“It’s hard to choose one if I’m honest,” Julianne replied, leaning forward to grab a drink and showing me more cleavage. “When you’ve done as many films and TV shows as I have, it becomes harder to pick favourites. But I’ll always love Still Alice as it won me an Oscar, Boogie Nights was fun because it was something different and obviously, the Hunger Games films were incredible, too.”

Deciding to get straight to the point, I asked the next question, “You’ve filmed a lot of sex scenes throughout your career, more so than any other actress. Why do you do so many of them?”

“I don’t see why there’s so much debate surrounding sex scenes in movies,” Julianne answered. “It’s a natural thing in life for people to do, and so I think the only difference is doing it in front of a camera. I’m comfortable with my body and so I don’t see why I shouldn’t do them.”

“So which sex scene has been your favourite to film?” I asked, probing Julianne further.

“I don’t think I have an out and out favourite,” Julianne replied. “The amount I filmed in Boogie Nights were all fun, the Chloe scenes with Amanda Seyfried were fun, but I think if I had to choose one film, it would be The Kids Are Alright because there’s a bit of everything in that one.”

“Do you prefer shooting sex scenes with men or with women?” I asked, beginning to get a little horny.

“I don’t have a preference,” Julianne responded. “As long as they’re right for the role, and there’s no drama, I don’t mind whether I have to perform a straight or a lesbian scene. I think my husband prefers the lesbian scenes but he’s pretty relaxed about the whole thing.”

“And what about the sex life off camera?” I asked. “How’s things at home?”

“Well, it’s always difficult when you have two grown up kids to find time to yourselves,” Julianne replied, “as I’m sure any mother will tell you. But they’re older now so they’re not around the house as much which means when we can find the time, we have good sex. Usually around four to seven times a month.”

“And do you masturbate to keep your sex drive ticking over?” I asked her, beginning to get hard now.

“I’ve toned down on the masturbation in recent years,” Julianne said, smiling at me, “but yeah, I do still enjoy myself every now and then. I’m 56 now, which means my libido is a lot lower than it was a few years ago, but yeah, every now and then, I’ll have a play.”

“Why do you think you’ve been such a mainstay in Hollywood?” I asked, visibly surprising Julianne with the change of topic.

“Erm, I don’t know,” she answered, composing herself, “I guess because I’m not afraid of any roles. When I go to auditions or go to casting meetings, I always feel passionate about the role. The same goes with sex scenes and nudity; as long as it’s good for the role I’m OK with it which I guess makes me different.”

“For your next sex scene, you have to do a threesome scene,” I continued, my cock anticipating the answer. “Who would your preferred co-stars be?”

“Ooh, that’s a difficult question,” Julianne answered. “I think I’d like it to be two younger stars, maybe Amanda Seyfried again and someone like Dominic Cooper. Although I have always been curious about an all ginger scene, maybe with Emma Stone and Rupert Grint or Eddie Redmayne.”

“I’m sure we’d all like to see any of those,” I said, my cock rising once more. “Have you ever experimented in your personal life?”

“It’s obvious that I did when I was younger, isn’t it?” Julianne replied, seemingly noticing my rising cock. “When I was first making it in Hollywood, I used to have some fun on sets with a few people, girls included. And when you make a film with a pornstar, like I did with Nina Hartley, you’d be an idiot if you didn’t have fun with her.”

“What kind of fun did you get up to?” I asked eagerly, never having interviewed anyone who had fucked a pornstar.

“Well, she taught me a few things actually,” Julianne replied. “She showed me everything I know now. I don’t want to disclose too many details but let’s just say, we had fun with each other, toys and maybe a certain gentleman.”

“Wow, that’s certainly something to think about,” I said, making no effort to hide my boner. “One final question. Were you ever tempted to go into pornography before your big break?”

“That’s one of the reasons I’ve done so many sex scenes,” Julianne replied, and her hand drifted down towards her pussy, “because I did want to be a pornstar when I was younger. I look at all these women now and sometimes I wish I had gone into it, but it’s a lot of work and it was probably for the best.”

“What a show that was, Julianne, thanks very much,” I said, ending the show and releasing my cock. “Join me next time when I’ll be joined by Linda Cardellini and Annie Clark. See you then.”

The show finished as I had expected it too, with my cock as hard as a rock in my trousers and Julianne clearly noticing it. Knowing she was married, I didn’t know whether she would be up for some fun, but she’d already stated that she had a high libido.

I decided to chance my arm, and pulled my cock out, beginning to stroke it as I sat on the sofa looking at her. Julianne leaned forward and showed me cleavage and it was at this point I realised she was going to be just as much fun as I hoped she was going to be.

It wasn’t long until Julianne had stripped out of her dress and revealed her gorgeous tits and the wet patch on her panties. She delved her hand inside and began massaging her pussy as she watched me stroke my cock, both of us keeping eye contact.

Eventually, I could take no more and stood up, dispatched of my clothes and made my way over to the older redhead on the guest sofa. Once there, I crouched at her pussy, pulled down her panties and revealed her shaven pussy, dripping wet with anticipation.

I didn’t even bother with any finger play, delving my head straight into her snatch and beginning to lick her pussy. She clearly appreciated it, holding my head in place as she moaned in pleasure, encouraging me to lick faster and harder.

My cock was still rock hard beneath me as I licked her pussy and I wanted to make Julianne cum as quickly as possible so that I could get some pleasure in return. I brought my fingers up and began to finger her as I licked her clit, trying to maximise the effect of my oral assault.

It didn’t take long to get Julianne moaning extremely loudly, reminiscent from one of her sex scenes in movies, and informing me she was close to cumming. To my delight, a couple of minutes later, my face and fingers were covered in her pussy juices as she squirted hard and smiling down at me.

“Fuck, Tom,” she moaned once I’d clambered onto the sofa to give her a passionate kiss. “You’re nearly as good as Nina Hartley.”

I couldn’t believe I was getting a compliment that good and I was even more delighted when Julianne broke off her kiss to lean over and begin sucking my hard cock. I was pleased to see she could suck cock like a pro and was even happier when she began to deepthroat my cock, maximising my pleasure.

I was struggling to hold off my orgasm within minutes but I decided to get revenge on the quality of the blowjob by bringing my hand down to her pussy and beginning to finger her. The nearer I got to orgasm the more I decided to tease her, and when I realised I couldn’t hold it off any longer, I snuck a finger inside her ass.

Julianne let out a muffled moan, muffled as she did not stop her blowjob, as she felt a finger probe her asshole but I didn’t allow her to make noises for long as next moment, I was squirting my load into her throat.

Julianne swallowed down my cum and then looked up at me, smiling. I didn’t even wait for her to say anything before I stood up, picked her up and instructed her to wrap her legs around me. She did so as we exchanged a passionate kiss, and I lined my cock up with her wet pussy.

The moment I pushed it up inside her, I could tell this was going to be a good fuck because we both let out a moan of relief. Julianne continued to kiss me as I began to bounce her on my cock, trying to give her as much pleasure as possible.

I began to slap Julianne’s ass and she let out a moan of approval so I continued to do so, spanking her like the naughty woman she was. She was the oldest woman I’d ever fucked on any of my shows but she was showing that what she lacked in youth, she more than made up for in experience.

Realising I was making the cougar do all the work I carried her over to the sofa, my cock still buried in her pussy albeit not fucking her, and sat down with her on top of me. This permitted me to thrust up into her pussy a lot easier and she clearly appreciated it, letting out significantly loud moans.

I don’t know why but it seemed to be an exceptionally hot situation for both of us and we were both edging closer to climaxing. I pummelled my cock into Julianne’s pussy and was met with louder moans every time until I decided to go for the quickest pace I’d ever done.

I was ramming my cock into her pussy faster and harder than ever now and I knew we were both going to cum immediately. I felt my cock harden and before I knew it, my load was squirting deep inside Julianne’s pussy, where she met it with some juices of her own.

We caught our breath and I pulled my cock out of her pussy, pulling her in for a passionate kiss before she bent down and began to suck on my cock once more, seemingly determined for round three. It didn’t take long, she was a skilled blowjob giver, and soon my cock was standing to attention.

“Wanna fuck my ass?” Julianna asked me, smiling seductively as she stroked my cock.

“More than anything,” I replied and I stood up off the sofa as she got into a position where she could present me with her ass. As it stuck out at me, I wanted nothing more than to fuck it but I knew it needed lubing up first and so I lowered my head, spread her asshole and placed my tongue inside.

Giving rimjobs had grown on me since I’d started the show, having never given one before the first time I encountered a celebrity who enjoyed it, and Julianne was no different. Thankfully, Julianne’s ass was nice and clean and she was soon moaning once more as she felt her asshole being probed my tongue.

It wasn’t long until I was satisfied her asshole was sufficiently lubed up enough to take my cock, and I stood up, moving into position behind her, ready to anally fuck her. I slapped her ass once and then grabbed her waist and guided my cock inside her rear passage, moaning as I did so.

I slapped Julianne’s ass as I fucked her anally and we both just enjoyed the sensation. I’d always wondered what anal sex felt like before I’d tried it and now I knew, I was always eager to repeat it if any celebrity asked me.

Julianne lowered her hands to her pussy and began to massage her clit as I fucked her up the ass and I knew she was nearing her orgasm very quickly, given the speed she was working herself. Her moans were becoming louder and more separate and I rammed my cock harder in her ass to try and help get her there.

It didn’t take long until Julianne was letting out a huge orgasmic moan and climaxing hard over her fingers as I continued to fuck her ass. Listening and witnessing her finish brought me towards my own end and I continued to fuck her, filling her ass with my cum.

Once we’d both recovered we sat on the couch, kissing and relaxing, my floor now soaked with a mixture of my cum and Julianne’s juices. Thinking we were finished for the session, I made to go and clean up but the redheaded cougar pulled me back down before I could get anywhere.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she said, reaching out and taking hold of my cock again. “I haven’t had my facial yet…”

“I’m not sure how much cum I’ve got left,” I replied, but I could feel my cock growing in her hand as she guided my own hand down to her wet pussy.

“I’m sure we can find one more load,” she replied and pushed me down so I was lying on the couch, before clambering on top of me in the 69 position. “This should help you.”

She lowered her pussy down onto my face so I had no choice but to start licking and she moaned loudly as she continued to stroke my cock. Her moaning didn’t last long though as I soon felt her lips wrap themselves around my cock once more and begin to give me a passionate blowjob.

With both of our sex drives heightened, it didn’t take long until we were both nearly ready to cum again and I was actually surprised at how easily Julianne had both made me hard and bring me close to orgasm.

It was obvious, though, that she was exceptionally horny and she removed her lips from my cock as I licked her pussy to orgasm, her juices flooding my face as she moaned loudly. Once she’d recovered, she resumed her sucking of my dick but I wanted to be able to see my facial cumshot and so I instructed her to stop.

She clambered off me and allowed me to stand before kneeling down at my feet and taking my cock back in her mouth. A couple of sucks later and I was ready to blow, squirting my much less load over her face as it ran down her chin. Another show successfully finished.

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