Interviewing…Nafissatou and Jenny

Title: Interviewing…Nafissatou and Jenny

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Nafissatou Thiam, Jenny Meadows, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, FF, mast

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


The first episode of the new season of Sportswomen Uncovered was going to be something of an interesting show. Neither of mine and Kate’s guests were what you would call sporting superstars so we knew we’d have to do everything in our power to make the show a good one. Luckily, Kate had a superb idea before the show.

As I was preparing for the show, I heard a knock on my door and opening it, I saw the sight I’d only seen a few times over our period off air, a beautiful Kate Abdo. Allowing her presence, I took in her tits, her ass and her figure and regretted that I’d not made more effort to fuck her during our hiatus.

“So Tom, this could be a difficult show today,” Kate said, sitting down on my sofa, clearly not noticing that I was admiring her body, “so I had an idea to spice things up. Why don’t we fuck during the show?”

I looked at her questioningly, trying to determine if she was serious. There was no hint of a joke but we had to think this through. After all, it was a TV show, not a porno, although I couldn’t deny the idea of fucking Kate in front of the celebrities while we interviewed them turned me on no end.

“I mean,” I said, looking at her and finding it incredibly difficult to be reasonable, “I’d absolutely love to. But how could we possibly do it without it being obvious that we’re fucking to the viewers at home?”

“Well,” Kate said, clearly having given this some thought, “I was thinking that maybe we start the show already jacking each other off and then when we need to ask questions we can style it out.”

“Fuck it, I’m in,” I said, deciding that we might as well try it, and kissing her passionately before she left my dressing room.

The two guests we would be giving a show both came from the world of athletics and were two contrasting women. Nafissatou Thiam was a Belgian, Olympic gold medallist, having taken the crown in the heptathlon in Rio in 2016, while her fellow guest Jenny Meadows was a World Championship bronze medallist from Great Britain over 800m.

Both Jenny and Nafissatou looked completely different out of their usual athletics wear however, and I was pleasantly surprised to see them looking very glamorous. Jenny had chosen a yellow dress, although to my disappointment not with her trademark glasses, while the Belgian had gone for a more traditional black number.

Kate had already informed me she was wearing no panties in order to make our challenge a little easier and I carefully unzipped my trousers so that Kate had easy access. The problem was going to be getting horny enough to masturbate each other in the early stages of the interview when suddenly along came Kate’s second brainwave.

With one quick flick of our remote control, we were suddenly watching a particularly hot episode of Sportswomen Uncovered, with Maria Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard, behind the two guests, who were none the wiser. I immediately began to feel my cock rise as I watched and remembered the scene and happily started our next show.

“Welcome to the first show of our third series, ladies,” I said. “2016 was a big year for both of you. How do you reflect on it?”

“The best year of my life,” Nafissatou answered immediately, not noticing Kate’s hand drift towards my cock as mine did the same with her pussy. “To win an Olympic gold in such a lovely country against amazing athletes was something you can only dream about. I just hope my success can continue.”

“It was a difficult year for me but also an exciting one,” Jenny answered. “Obviously retiring from athletics was such a huge decision but injuries play a part as you get older and I decided it was time. But broadcasting the athletics was fun and I can’t wait to do it again at the World Champs in London.”

“Nafissatou, you’re going to London as the reigning Olympic champion. Does that bring added pressure?” Kate asked, stroking my cock as I rubbed her pussy.

“Of course it does,” the Belgian answered. “I’ve set such a high standard for myself now that I have to try and keep getting better. I always love competing in England because the fans are so passionate there but it will be different this time around, without Jess (Ennis-Hill) competing.”

“Does it make you wanna come out of retirement, knowing the World Champs are in your home country, Jenny?” I said, and I was positive our guests knew what was going on now.

“Erm,” Jenny stuttered, with a very obvious look at mine and Kate’s hands, “yeah, I did think about it for a while. It would have been great to retire in London but my body’s just not physically up to the challenge anymore and I’ve got more time now to explore different things.”

My cock was fully hard and visible to both of our sporting guests and I could feel Kate’s pussy getting wetter by the second, so we steered the conversation in the direction of sex.

“Many athletes say they put bans on sex before major events, are you two ladies the same?” Kate asked, still stroking my cock.

Nafissatou’s eyes were on the action in front of her as she answered, “Yeah, I put a ban on sex for at least three weeks before the big events,” she replied. “Olympics, World and European Champs, big Diamond League meets, that kind of thing. The last thing you want is a big injury through sex just before those.”

“I used to do it at the start of my career, but as I got older, I lapsed a little bit,” Jenny answered, and I could tell she was staring at my cock. “Maybe that’s why I never got the gold medal but I just love sex and everything that goes with it. It’s nice to not have to worry about getting injured now, though, when I’m fucking.”

Kate and I exchanged a look that said it was time to put our plan into action as I asked the next question. “Did you masturbate before the big events though?”

“In my younger years when I had the sex ban, I had to,” Jenny responded first this time and I could have sworn her hand started to drift towards her pussy. “It’s always a great relief when you play with yourself and it’s good preparation and a good way to relax after the race as well.”

“It was something that I discovered in Rio,” Nafissatou answered and there was no doubt her hand was making its way to her pussy. “I masturbated every day in the week leading up to the heptathlon event and it worked wonders. I went on a bit of a sex rampage after because I was celebrating so much but that masturbation definitely helped.”

With both girls clearly turned on, Kate and I decided to take things further, stealthily getting into position, making sure the cameras were fixed on our top halves. “And what are the sex lives like currently? I expect it’s increased since retirement, Jenny?” I asked.

“Yeah, but it could hardly get any less,” Jenny answered. “Since I retired, I’ve found time to do all the things I’ve been wanting to do before I became an athlete but unfortunately, there’s still quite a few on my sexual to-do list. But my husband and I are definitely having more sex since we both retired. (He was a former footballer)

“My sex life is currently on hold,” Nafissatou replied, looking a little bit disheartened, “because of the World Champs. I was not having a lot of sex anyway, taking a break since after the Olympics but now it’s all training again so the sex is on the back burner.”

Incredibly, Kate and I had managed to position ourselves in a way that looked like we were giving any old interview, but my cock was now inches from her vagina as she asked the next question. “Any secret kinky fantasies you two have?”

“I wanted to have sex on the podium when I won my gold medal,” Nafissatou answered, her hand rubbing her pussy through her dress. “That was a big fantasy. Other than that, I guess having sex in public would be a close second but how hot would that have been?”

“Definitely very hot,” Jenny answered, having gone one step further and put her hand up her dress to rub her pussy. “I’ve always dreamt about having sex in public too, or doing anything sexual in public to be honest. I think also having an orgy would be pretty hot, that’s something I’ve always thought about.

“If you could choose any athletes to have a threesome with, one male and one female, who would it be?” I asked, before pushing my cock inside Kate’s pussy.

Jenny was finding it hard to concentrate as she gave her answer. “Erm, what?” she answered. “Oh right, male and female. Erm, I guess Usain Bolt would be pretty cool and maybe if it was with Kelly Holmes or Jess Ennis, that would be a fun three-way.”

“I’ve always liked married couples,” Nafissatou answered more calmly, but still distracted, “so I guess the Eatons would be great fun. Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theison-Eaton, that would be a lot of fun, I think.”

“Finally, have you ever experimented with other girls?” Kate asked, trying not to moan as she felt my cock inside her.

“I had an experimentation in my younger years, but as I’ve grown older, no,” Jenny answered quickly, seemingly eager to finish the interview. “I’ve always been curious but now I’m married, not so much. I’d never say never though.”

“I’ve never experienced anything further than a kiss with a woman,” the Belgian guest answered, her hands now copying Jenny’s and inside her dress, “but I’ve had thoughts about it. Maybe I’ll be lucky to try it out one day, I hope sooner rather than later.”

“What an excellent show,” I said, trying to control my voice as I thrust into my co-host. “Join us next time on the sporting version of our show with our diving guests, Melissa Wu and Tonia Couch. See you then.”

As soon as the interview was over, and Kate and I no longer had to hide our sexual intercourse, we allowed our satisfaction to overcome us and moaned loud and proud for everyone to hear. Of course, Jenny and Nafissatou were both aware of what we were doing but this new release of emotion seemed to encourage them and they delved their hands inside their panties, masturbating more furiously.

It wasn’t long until Kate and I were completely naked, ripping off the top halves of our clothes as I pounded my cock into her pussy with all the lust you could expect after our long break. I glanced over at our guests and was delighted to see Jenny stripping out of her dress to show off her toned body in some sexy lingerie.

Nafissatou was slower to strip out of her own clothes, but I wasn’t sure whether this was due to her upcoming World Championships or her relative inexperience. However, I began to suck on Kate’s tits as Jenny wandered over to the two of us, her hand still in her sexy panties, rubbing her pussy, licking her lips eagerly.

I was quietly surprised that the married woman had been so easy to seduce but I was even more surprised when she began to suck on Kate’s other tit as she fingered herself. I smiled at her and drilled my cock inside my co-host harder, willing Nafissatou to come over and join the party.

Thankfully, the next time I looked up I saw that the Belgian Olympic champion had indeed decided, despite her upcoming huge event, she couldn’t turn down this opportunity of such a hot sexual adventure. She’d undressed and was now fully naked, making her way over to where I was fucking Kate on the couch.

Jenny seemed to notice this, too, and invited her to take over my pleasure of Kate’s other boob, allowing me to concentrate on fucking my co-host to orgasm. I began to kiss Kate while our two guests played with her tits and knew that our first trial of sex during the show had ended up as a success.

I could feel my own cum building and I knew that Kate wasn’t far away judging from her moans, and to my delight it seemed we were on course to cum at exactly the same time. I loved cumming simultaneously and this was no different, both of us letting out moans of pleasure as we felt our cum mix inside Kate’s pussy, while Jenny and Nafissatou continued to suck Kate’s tits.

When we recovered, our two guests surprisingly wasted no time in relieving us of each other. Jenny immediately made a beeline for Kate’s pussy, wanting her first taste of pussy in years, while Nafissatou grabbed a hold of my cock and took it in her mouth, tasting my own cum and Kate’s pussy juices.

Kate and I interlocked hands as we sat on the sofa, both of us being pleasured orally by our sporting guests, moments after making each other cum. Nafissatou was surprisingly good at giving blowjobs, given her younger age, while Jenny seemed to have remembered everything from her earlier years, the way she was licking Kate’s pussy.

However, both Kate and I realised that it would be incredibly unfair if we were to cum twice before the two girls had even got to cum once. So, with a quick look at each other, we took control of the situation, lifting the girls up into our place and getting down on our own knees, ready to feast on their pussies.

I prised apart Nafissatou’s legs and was surprised to see the Belgian had not shaved, a nice hairy pussy lay in wait for me. I was surprised because I thought most sports stars shaved their pubes to help aid them in their sports, but it wasn’t going to stop me feasting on the pussy underneath.

The moment I began to rub her pussy with my fingers, I realised how horny she was and when I brought my tongue down to assist my hands, the moans Nafissatou was emitting appeared to mean that this was going to be a very quick cunnilingus session.

Next to me, Kate had begun her very own oral session on Jenny Meadows’ pussy and the former British athlete seemed to be in just as much pleasure as the Belgian heptathlete was with me. To my delight, the two girls began to kiss as I looked up from Nafissatou’s pussy and I smiled across at Kate.

She seemed to be determined to make it into a race, giving me a wink, before delving a finger inside Jenny’s pussy, trying to maximise her pleasure. The competitive side to me coming out, I did exactly the same, pushing a finger inside Nafissatou’s tight pussy and letting my other hand roam up her body to caress her tits.

Both athletes were moaning loudly as they felt mine and Kate’s tongues and fingers roaming inside their pussy and our competitive streak was increased further when they announced that they were close to their own climaxes.

My cock was rock hard again, but I wasn’t concentrating on my own pleasure, determined to make Nafissatou cum before Kate could extract Jenny’s orgasm. I pushed another finger inside and began to finger the Belgian hard while my tongue lapped away at her clit, as Kate did the same to Jenny Meadows, the British athlete arching her back in pleasure.

It transpired that Kate and I were equally good at licking pussy as, before we knew it, both Jenny Meadows and Nafissatou Thiam were climaxing hard over our tongues and fingers. We lapped it all up, smiling up at the athletes, as they struggled to recover from their passionate orgasms, before standing up and making out.

“Fuck!” Jenny moaned, as she rubbed her pussy gently so she could get a taste of her own juices. “That was fucking amazing!”

“We’re only just getting started,” Kate replied, breaking apart our kiss to go and make out with the former athlete.

I kissed Nafissatou passionately before making my way over to Kate and tapping her on the back, instructing her that it was my turn for fun with Jenny. Kate seemed a little disappointed but agreed straight away and swapped positions with me, kissing the Belgian as I introduced the British athlete to the wonders of my tongue.

I thought I was going to need to persuade Jenny a lot before she’d let me fuck her; after all, she was happily married, but to my great surprise, the moment we began to kiss, she stretched out a hand and began to stroke my cock.

Upon feeling how hard it was, I think she made up her mind and she stood up, bending over forwards and presenting her pussy to me. I was never going to decline that and so I stood behind her, lining my cock up with the entrance to her pussy, before pushing it in slowly.

Jenny moaned as she felt my cock inside her pussy and I grabbed hold of her ass before beginning to fuck her harder and more passionately. I decided to vary the pace today though and fucked her in bursts of hot and hard before slowing it down and doing so much more passionately.

Kate and Nafissatou watched us fuck for a short period of time, both of them rubbing their pussies in anticipation, before deciding they could take no more. Nafissatou made to eat out Kate but my co-host stopped her, reaching behind the sofa and producing her double-ended dildo she’d used so infrequently on the shows.

Nafissatou’s eyes lit up as she saw the dildo and they clambered onto the sofa, while Kate lubed both ends up, ready to insert it into their pussies. It was an incredibly hot sight to watch as I fucked Jenny, Kate pushing the dildo into Nafissatou’s pussy and hearing her moan, before inserting the other end into her own pussy.

If anybody had walked in on the set at that moment, they would have seen one of the hottest freeze frames I think we ever could have produced on this show. Kate and Nafissatou were moaning hard, caressing their tits as the dildo worked on their pussies, while Jenny was moaning as I rammed into her from behind, caressing her ass.

I couldn’t believe how easy, and how successful our sex during the interview, it had been to seduce our two athletics guests to have some fun with us. But as I pounded into Jenny Meadows’ pussy from behind while I watched Kate and Nafissatou Thiam fuck a double-ended dildo, I wished that our show would never go on breaks.

I could already feel my cum starting to build but I was determined to make Jenny orgasm before that and, deciding to chance my hand, I lubed up my fingers and parted her asshole, before forcing them inside. Jenny squealed in shock as she felt my fingers go up her ass, our rhythm slowing right down as she backed her pussy onto my cock.

Her ass was incredibly tight as I drove my two fingers in but I could tell she was beginning to enjoy it as she moaned louder still and began to thrust back into my cock much quicker. I glanced over at the other two and saw that they were still fucking the dildo hard, both of them playing with their nipples and moaning loudly.

I had no idea who was going to be the first to hit their climax but I just hoped it wasn’t going to be me, and to my delight, as I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to hold on for much longer, Jenny announced that her orgasm was close.

It was closer than I expected though as, literally seconds after she’d announced it, she hit her orgasm hard and I felt her juices flood over my cock. This sensation coupled with the increased volume of Jenny’s moans pushed me to my own climax and I squirted my load deep inside her shaven pussy to mix with her own.

The two women on the sofa seemed to enjoy our orgasms too, as moments later, Kate and Nafissatou were screaming in pleasure as they squirted their juices over my sofa, the dildo having been forced from their pussies, such was the ferocity of their climaxes.

As the four of us recovered from our passionate orgasms, Kate and I exchanged a look and a kiss that said everything we wanted to say. God, we loved this show.

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