Young Boys Are My Weakness

Title: Young Boys Are My Weakness

Author: Demi Guynes

Celebs: Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtenauy Cox, Rachel Hunter

Codes: Femdom, MILF, strapon

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Like, duh, I am not Demi Moore


Another girl’s night – me, Susie, Gwyneth and Courtenay.   I still feel very lethargic. After Ashton ran off with that dumb Russian whore I had lost it. Lots of self-doubt. Lots of dope, lots of “self-help” by shrinks, and lots of South American moonshine. But still empty.

Gwyneth had tried to cheer me up- as had my other friends. But dinner parties alone in Hollywood at 53 can be very lonely affairs. Guys my age lust after bimbos, like DDDD Kunt is. I hate that bitch. Even Weinstein never bothered to try and cop a feel at a recent party. He would hump a cat if it purred. Hedge fund billionaires just want to make you a trophy wife – and it’s not as I need the money. I had a few flings but nothing serious, D grade actors in their 30s. But for someone who had always had absolutely no trouble attracting hot guys I was becoming a sad post-menopausal woman.  Courtenay had a younger guy, Gwyneth had found a new man out of a clothes catalogue with designer stubble, Susie was still robbing cradles but had dumped her last 28-year-old, and me, well yet I had nothing. And then….

After a great dinner at Rosaline’s, we headed to a bodega up on Melrose.  After a few glasses Susie started the usual complaints about the lack of opportunities for experienced actresses. Most of us had blown our way into roles at some point (Harvey wasn’t that bad and told me I swallowed much better than Nicole) but it nonetheless was a very heated conversation, especially after the 3rd bottle of Grey Goose. “Look, I like cock just like the next girl” Susie said, “and I’m not apologising for that”. Our waiter, a blonde 19-year-old surfer looked embarrassed.” Sorry honey” she said, “just girls talk”. “No problem Miss” he replied. “I am not Miss,” she turned, as she does with her anger, “but you do know who am I am right, cutie“ ? “Sure “he replied calmly “you’re the best friend of Demi Moore, the most famous women from Roswell who, like, never stepped off a space ship”, as he smiled and looked at me. I laughed, and he started small talk. David came from the same town as me, his two lesbian moms had posters of me in his house- a fan base I didn’t even know I had. David, like me, had left small town New Mexico, keen to make the big time. “Modelling?” said Gwyneth “it’s a hard gig, know anyone?”. And he reeled off a list of commercials, mostly small stuff, one a fragrance shoot with Rachel Hunter but otherwise hovering. When he left the 4 mojitos we all burst into laughter. “Cute ass” , observed Courtenay.  “And his hard on – that’s what you were interested in Gwyneth” said Susie. “Yummy, @ 19, I could do with some of that goop” she said “but Demi, it’s your turn -go ride that bull home tonight “. “Dykes with a picture of Ms Guynes on their wall- at least he probably eats well” sniggered Courtenay. “Guynes a logical “quipped Susie. “And hes 18, not 19 yet” said Susie . “Yummy for mommy”.


Gwyneth excused herself, giggling, and went to pay the bill.  “I have to go Demi, but he is just what you need to relax babe, and shit, I mean so much better than a rabbit and batteries”. “He is barely legal “I replied. “Well yes but a chest, a man’s chest, and imagine what you can teach him” she grinned. “Demi you need this babe, he’s hot, he is star fucked already, and he is a model. Don’t kick him out until after the 7th orgasm”, instructed Gwyn. “Sit on his face straight away, young guys do that now. And enjoy the view. He works out”. “Hey, Susie I also have to go, but be her wing women” say CC. “You’re single, so like maybe he has a cute friend, but how do you like your men these days” Courtenay asked.  “I like my men like I like my coffee- black and down my throat” added Susie but said that she and I should “keep the party going”.

So, I decided to wait until David came back, and the place was closing. He was cleaning up with another barman, a buddy called Jake. “Want to get some work as an extra on Monday “asked Susie. “Sure”, David replied. “Great, well bring your friend Jake boy. I have an apartment across the road, so come for a drink after work and we can talk about roles as extras”.

As he turned to face me I could see he was rock hard. I still had it!! But fucking civilians – still, he was a model, and he was from Roswell. I cupped his ass as we got up – “don’t be late”. As we walked to Susie’s across the road she handed me some extra HRT pills and we planned how we would seduce them on arrival.

Some 17 minutes later David was buzzed in with his friend. Jake, 20, also a model. Also 6 feet 2, also blonde. Susie liked what she saw. “I vet got the mature one” she sniggered as she loosened her blouse, “so you take the 18-year-old brain surgeon”. We cracked a cold Verve, and Susie started talking with the boys about her lead role, and the fact they were looking for extras. “What does it involve” Jake asked, his eyes fixated on her cleavage. “Well its Netflix, but aimed at an older audience, so you have to appeal to, like, me as I am the director” she said. And she opened Jakes shirt to have a feel of his chest, and then his dick.  “David be a dear and get Demi another glass of pinot. And Jake climb under my skirt and show me how much you want this role, boyfriend. Just be quick now”.

I grabbed David by the ass and lead him towards the window. He was flushed, eager to go, and rock solid. I opened the slider as he walked outside, he grabbed my ass, and we made out. Wow. It was like being 18 again. All tongue. All lust.  I opened his Levi’s and grabbed his cock, hairless the way most young models are now. Taking off his blue jeans and ripping the white shirt, I began to bite his chest and clench that beautiful bum. “I need a really good fucking, hard as you can, for as long as you can babe”. Young guys spend so much more time working out and looking good for women than the slobs of my era. “Ever done it with an older woman”? I asked. Sure, he said” I did a shoot with Rachel Hunter a few months back, and spent the weekend. Stacey’s Mom has most definitely still got it going on.  And all the agencies are female managed so to get ahead ……well you have to give a head”. And with that my young Bull knelt before me and stuck his head up my skirt. He was brilliant- tongue into my satin panties. Licking, blowing, chewing, nice and gentle, no fingers, just devotion, as I lay back on the outside sofa, pushing the back of his head into me, squirting and squirting all over his face. This was much better than re runs of Sex and the City with my Chris North vibrator.

After an hour or so and 4 climaxes I let my bull back into the lounge room to see how Ms Sarandon was making out. She was making out just fine. She had her new boyfriend spread over the back of the sofa, ass up, as she ploughed him good and hard with her strapon, his crying an absolute joy to behold. In any relationship with a young bull it’s important to establish early dominance. Susie had the money and the power. He had the young body. Its so important to make men understand that modern relationships rely on power. As an older woman she had a lot of anger and she had to release it. It was fun to watch his eyeballs popping.  “Fuck him. Fuck him until he bleeds. Break his virgin ass” I encouraged Susie. We had discussed this so many times. Break a man’s phallocentric view of sex and relationships and put the men firmly in their place. “Me Too- Hashtag “I laughed, as Susie motioned at the toy cupboard. David was startled, as all young ones are, but I promised I would pop his boy pussy with sensitivity. So he too bent over like a good docile boyfriend, I lubed him for a few minutes, and strapped up real tight as he watched in the mirror. “Hold hands with your friend baby “I instructed as I removed my bra. I am much smaller than Susie, but that $ 112,000 plastic surgery always impresses the boys. “Look it’s a little scary at first, minor pain, but Ashton loved this every night, its loosened him up really good, and it made him a better model.”  David nodded, sort of, the way they all do. So, I gave him a glass of Ayahuasca to calm his nerves. Susie got out the white party powder and sprinkled it all over her chest, so he duly began licking it off like a good boyfriend should. “Thank you, Susie, is polite boys” I told them as they nuzzled a breast each and David started servicing her the way he serviced me. “Bum up now sweetie” I told him as I slowly started grinding into his tight tanned ass.

And then it began. All the wriggling and the crying, and the release of that toxic masculinity they all have. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, nigh, nigh, please Demi, please” he moaned. I spanked that tanned ass, hard, as his buddy shot his first load of the night right across Susie’s chest. “Clean it up, boy, now” I told him.  It looked yummy. That nice thick white stuff that young guys make. He began licking it off Susie’s chest and David joined in. That’s so hot- guys eating each other’s cum. We flicked on Susie’s B& O TV and got some gay porn going.  I love seeing guys sucking each other off- I guess it’s why guys like dyke movies.

I rubbed more oil on both us. His little tight ass was beautiful. I spread his cheeks, telling him to lay there, to relax and take it, and beg for me. He couldn’t take it, so I swapped dildos. “Kneel and spit, babe” I instructed. “Take it, let me tickle your tonsils”. Just like all man whores need. “And leave your cock alone. Don touch it”. The sight of a beautiful young blonde boy paying homage to a pink strapon is delightful. “Fit it all in your mouth” I instructed, and I cupped the back of his head and lunged forward. Susie’s boyfriend was still resisting, so she lit up a joint and passed it around. That relaxed the boys and enabled me to thrust harder as the base of my strapon began fully engorging my clit. David’s tongue was working overtime – on the toy, up and into my quim. Mouth right around that shaft. Such a good boy, he had the whole fucking thing down his throat. What a good boyfriend, getting it nice and wet. “All the way down the throat. You can do it. Suck as hard as you can, Flick it with your tongue.  Attaboy” Everything was hairless, what a back. Fuck he is hot. I deserve total obedience from an 18-year-old after the year I’ve just had.

So, I switched and began to pound the little boy hole, thrust, thrust, thrust, all the way, deeper and deeper. “Ugh, ugh, ugh”. David was fully hard as I entered. The squealing as I pounded, the moaning., “Demi please “he moaned. David was still squirming, so I pulled out as he began to cry. Susie grabbed his chin as he disengaged from her groin. “We can stop if no really means no, “she said. “ . “David, how much do you want to be a good boyfriend? How much do you want that part? Without Demi, Ashton would have just been a pretty piece of cock, a one-night stand with a faggot studio exec or Bryan Singer. She got him all the modelling contracts. She got him the acting parts. It’s a new world. Women control the industry. So, if you want out and you want to say no just say it baby and this party will stop now. We don’t want to coerce anyone. But if you want in, then we want in, so open your ass up and shut up. It’s your choice, it’s your consent”.

“Thank you, Demi,” he replied. “ I want if, so if you want in, okay”. “Great baby start twerking for us” said Susie locking a dog collar around his neck and guiding him back into position. I can barely resist a new age male who wants to obey.  You just must break a boyfriend just like you break a wild stallion. So, consent being clear now I rammed him good and hard, him squealing and yet his tongue engorged right inside Susie’s hood.   Jake knelt behind me and began rimming my ass. Tongue darting in and out, licking my hole, telling me how thankful he was to be near a successful and powerful woman like me. As David began to squirt uncontrollably all over Susie’s Persian rug, I unclipped the strapon and motioned Jake to loosen me up more with some good anal lube. He squeezed his dick up my tight ass- telling me how tight I still was- as he rammed and rammed and rammed my tight ass, relaxing me more and more. After 14  minutes I orgasmed. It was time, and I returned to David.

I could see his tight sphincter and I was just so keen, so menopausal to crush the boy juice out of him. Nice hard cock. So, I strapped back up and rammed him good again.

“Stretch me Demi, fuck, me, argh, argh”. There he was, on his knees worshipping me, “Who is the boss here David”? “You are Demi” he said as his legs went up over his head and I grunted and fucked him hard for 40 minutes. Black silicon, blood of the virgin ass, the oil, the dildo pushing back on my clit and the complete subjugation of a man. Fuck it doesn’t get hotter than this. Ripping his tight blond ass apart. “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” crushing any sign of rebellion or lack of devotion. Rip that butt hole. It feels so good. I spanked his ass, and began choking him and slapping his head, until there was a total explosion.  Kabbalah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All over my enhancement surgery.

“Thank you, Demi that was beautiful. Thank you. “As I orgasmed Susie was blowing Jake in the spa, deep nail marks all over his tanned butt cheeks.

I grabbed David’s hand and took him into the spare bedroom. An hour later I had orgasmed 4 times and he had come 6. These young guys are just what you need. So much better than Pilates or Bikram yoga.

As he fell asleep exhausted I got up to get a Moet only to find Susie being taken by Jake in a firefighter’s uniform. “Well, Tolkien” I said to her, which is our code for cock rings. She told me where the safe was. I returned to the bedroom and rolled David over. He is a keeper. He is dumb, he is tall, his chest is hairless, his cock is shaved and lightly blond. What’s not to like? Well, like all men he will wander. Its biological. So, as he slept I handcuffed him to the bedhead and slipped the cock cage on. I’m not losing this one to a tight Russian whore. If David wants a woman, he will have to unload at home, like a good puppy dog. I have a plan for his career and sent friends dick picks that night. He has a gig with Christie Brinkley next week (“love the cock  cage babe”) and she asked to black ball Mellencamp. Fuck yeah!!!! I will kick him in the nuts for her just like I kicked Peter Cook for her years before. Misogynist sleaze bag. Even Madge texted me back fast – “yummy I may move to white , but Venezuelan is still my preference. Number ?“ “When I texted back “18, by 7 inches” she sent me 25 emojis !

And I slipped another ribbed one on and sucked him again. It’s a fountain of white goo. The benefit of a young boy is that they match your drive, your friends keep their husbands in line, and the publicity for your career is great. Plus, the balls are blue and loaded with sperm. My hair hasn’t looked so vital in ages.

Within a week my doctor had cleared David and Jake, so no need for rubbers. Susie and I had caged them, and they lived in one of her apartments. Good for booty calls when you need a sugar boy. When we have friends over for drinks they serve drinks, walking round in tight white cottons. Everyone can grab ass. Its freaking great. Locklear came over last week for dinner and the boys cooked and then played with each other in the pool as we all got totally into the Ayahuasca watching them suck each other off. Heather was totally smashed and ended up with him in the jacuzzi.

Every night I come home now its tight whiteys, glass of pinot, head up the skirt, 40 minutes of daily stress reduction and off comes the cock cage. After dinner he ejaculates 4 times inside me. Young sperm is great for your skin, and frankly, it stops you going mad like most women do over 50. And because I can’t get knocked up, I am happy.  David humps me to sleep each night. He needs to unload his lust. And I’m hot. Most nights I sleep on his chest. And if he misbehaves he gets the riding crop. Every week I piss in his mouth just to reiterate who is top dog in this relationship. And when I’m bored we watch some gay porn and invite one of his buddies over.  They both jack off right in front of me.

He does anything and everything for me. Anything to make a woman happy. Such a good boyfriend. He rubs oil all over himself at home. He shows my friends how well he works out. Either a butt plug under his speedos or just jerking one out if a friend is over. They love it. And my little ass slave is now willing to try whatever is asked. Licking a friend, wearing a superman costume, reading to me, keeping me warm, twerking while Courtenay strapped him in anger when Johnny wouldn’t commit.  I’m very happy. Younger guys and their alpha women. It’s the way of the future. Now we are treating men they way that makes sense- good for limited purposes. As Susie says a good man is hard to find, but a hard man is great to find.


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