Harvey’s Diary , Forever Tuesday Morning

Title: Harvey’s Diary , Forever Tuesday Morning

Author: Demi Guynes

Celebs: Harvey Weinstein, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Rose McGowan

Codes: Consent, escorts, casting couch

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Like, duh, I am not Harvey Weinstein.


Harvey’s Diary, Tuesday

Casting is fun. This morning I looked down to see some dumb as fuck blonde doing oral in my suite at the Double Tree hotel. Couldn’t even remember the bitches name. She put up one hell of a fight though. Haven’t had that much resistance since Ashley Judd. I love those red neck women –  Ashley had kicked me while fleeing. I’m not kidding – a knee in the groin – it’s the best form of release. When in Moscow a few years ago I had a Russian team of 5 recreate it for me.

Yes, yes, blondie, you will get a part I told whoever it was draining me that morning. Time to get the Harvey money-making machine back on the road. We had block busters to launch and I had a plane to catch. Cannes, maybe Paltrow would be there again. She was one of my best. Skinny as, but desperate when she didn’t have a boyfriend or a career. She’s a weird woman, menstrual and kooky long before most others, but what she lacks in IQ she makes up for in tightness.

We had a mid-morning meeting with 3 guys spruiking shit scripts to us. What do I pay the assistants for – why can they screen this stuff? Michael Bey was on the phone, Pearl Harbour was over budgeted, and the cutting room floor was a mess.  He has all sorts of problems and no I wasn’t going to change Bens part as he wanted after shooting. Ben was my buddy. Yeah, yeah, Cuba Gooding was a better actor. But I’m not white anting my frat boy Ben. He gave me Garners phone number before he took up with her and I had the best weekend casting in Cancun that I ever had. It’s the tall skinny ones I like.

Time for lunch. Some Italian model was in the room. These end of carer models are always looking for a big break into acting. Naomi Campbell was brilliant- 3 days of head jobs just for a 3-line part. I liked what I saw in the office that day- 30 years old, long legs and tight jeans. I went into the conference room and told my junior to bring her to lunch. The agency one is just one big happy family. Cate Blanchett was in town, joined us with Woody. I smiled. I still had the pics of her going down on me years ago on my iPhone, and it made my dick hard. Blanchett had threatened me once, but once I showed my lawyer he laughed and told me to keep doing it. You tube is still the best way to scare these crazy bitches from changing their story.

The lunch was great. Bagels. I love bagels. You can fuck a bagel if there nothing else around. The Italian wasn’t dumb. She worked out in 30 seconds who the emperor was. As I finished and walked out she asked if I would be her agent. “No, no, Sally does agency, but look I have a small part. Come to my hotel in 15 minutes”. I went upstairs for a shower and got into my robe. When the bimbo arrived, I asked her for a massage. She hesitated, which is consent, so I pulled her skirt up and went down on her. “Oh, baby oh”, all the usual fake acting that I get. I went straight for the moist clit and pushed my tongue in as hard as I could. She came immediately, such are my skills and for once didn’t play the bullshit thing pretending to fight you off because women hate sex. They  fucking love it. The rest of the afternoon we went at it. These Bumfuck, Nebraska types – they have absolutely no Hollywood connections. You know fresh off the bus.

Now, the ugly feminists have one thing right- it’s all about power and not about enthusiasm. Women want power. Ever seen a divorce court? Men see tits and ass, women see career advancement. I don’t care. Ms Italy asked to stop but as I explained to her I can ruin her career if she didn’t comply. So, once she agreed I rammed her up the back door a few times. Finally, she gave up, and enjoyed 8 inches of pure man meat. I pushed her head down and told her how I like my oral. Doe eyed, but like a vacuum cleaner, and look enthusiastic. This is casting. The problem with all these first timers is that don’t know what to do. I’m a big guy, so I like overpowering them. It’s the firemen’s fantasy – they all love to be dominated and impregnated by an alpha male, not some faggot, like Bradley Pitt the pretty boy.

I had dinner that night with a few folks. Rosanna Arquette, who Quentin said was a great lay, looked very interesting, so I invited her for a drink. When she arrived at my suite I grabbed her hand and held it on my erection. Its faster than seduction. But she refused. Stupid bitch, that’s her career over and done with. Some of these aspiring actresses just love to whinge. Oh, Demi Moore got the part. Well Demi has an outstanding mouth. Oh, Nicole earns, blah, bah, blah, – well, yes but do you turn up with your best friend Naomi for a threesome?  This is a relationship business after all.

Of course, there are always problems. Of course. That deluded lesbian McGowan had to be paid off. It’s just a cost of doing business. But this time she alleged she had consent, then withdrew, then not, then, who knows. I like having sex with her, I am helping her to become sane. Still my lawyer was furious “I can’t do another one like this”. So, I rang the old Master my buddy Billy Clinton for advice. Some 4 hours later he rang back. “Dropped faster than Monica’s panties” he told me. Fuck, you got to love being a Democrat donor. I sent 3 outstanding Belo Russians to Billy’s hotel room as a thank you present.

That night I took my jet to Cannes. I have meetings with 2 actresses   and some model who looks hot. Lets she how happy that can make old Harv.

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