The Debt

Title: The Debt

Author: Kicks

Celebs: Blake Lively

Codes: NC, oral, anal, DP, rape

Disclaimer: This is in no way real, it is purely fiction. This did not happen.


“Look, you owe us too much, Reynolds,” the boss said.

Ryan Reynolds sat at the table of the illegal gambling center, weighing his options. He had been cut off after losing himself and the center a ton of money on his last bet. He could pay it, but they had said he wouldn’t be allowed back even if he did.

“Come on, there’s got to be some way I could.”

“Alright fine, there’s one way. Only one,” the boss replied.

“What? I’ll do it,” Ryan replied quickly.

“You send that pretty wife of yours over here, I have my fun with her, we call it even.”

“Alright, fine,” Ryan said with a sigh.


Blake Lively walked through the dark corridors of the building until she got to the correct door. These arrangements were not entirely new to her, as Ryan had used her as a bargaining chip to get parts occasionally, including as Deadpool. She breathed deeply, trying to calm her nerves, as she knocked on the door. The door opened, revealing a dark room, and in the center, a few lights and a mattress resting on the floor.

“Hello, Ms. Lively,” the man who had opened the door said.

The actress smiled in return, before reciting the line she had been told. “Hello. I’m here for my dick appointment.”

The man smiled as Lively said this, before she stepped through the door. As she moved toward the center, he closed the door, and then to Blake’s surprise, locked it.

“Men, come meet our special guest,” he said.

At his word, five men stepped out from the dark.

Blake started in surprise before saying with a hint of fear in her voice, “I never agreed to a gangbang. Ryan said that you said “I’ll have my fun with her.”

“I did. My fun is watching you get gangbanged,” the man replied with a devious smile. At that, two men stepped forward and each grabbed one of Blake’s arms, as she fought to free herself of their grip. The lead man stepped forward and caressed her cheek, saying, “Oh yes, we’ll definitely have fun with you.” Blake spit at him, hitting his shoulder. The man nodded and one of the men behind her grabbed her hair and yanked her head so she was looking at the ceiling. The leader now ran his fingers over her throat as he spoke. “Now, this can go two ways for you. Either you cooperate, or we can make you cooperate.”

The grip on her hair released and she glared at him in his cold eyes. She stayed silent. “Your choice, Ms. Lively. By the way, you look beautiful. This is such a nice dress,” he said as he fingered the fabric. One of the men holding her arms unzipped the dress, and the man slid it down her shoulders. The men holding her switched their grip to allow the dress to drop, and the leader finished pushing it to the floor, leaving the actress standing naked in only her heels. “No underwear, you came prepared.” He walked to the mattress as the men carried Lively by her arms to follow. She struggled but couldn’t break their grip. They pushed her to her knees as the men around her undressed, switching briefly with two others to undress as well, before returning to hold her. The leader stepped forward, slowly jerking himself, and quietly ordered, “Suck my cock, slut.”

Blake shook her head, keeping her lips shut. He gestured to the men holding her and one reached forward and pinched Blake’s nose shut. The actress held her breath as long as possible, but as she gasped for air, the leader of the group slid his cock into her warm mouth. Immediately, he grabbed her long blonde hair and brutally face-fucked her for around forty-five seconds. Blake, powerless to stop him, gagged over and over as his cock brushed against the back of her throat with each thrust. Saliva covered her face and tears came to her eyes. Finally, the man moved back and left Blake gasping for breath, but he was quickly replaced by another man who mirrored what the leader had done. Each of the men used her mouth twice, leaving her jaw sore. They quickly wiped the spit off her face with a dirty towel


When each man had used her mouth, the leader pointed at the mattress and Blake was pushed onto her stomach. The men holding her grabbed her legs and pulled them to her chest, leaving her with her ass in the air. The remaining men gathered around and watched as the leader stepped forward. The men holding her legs moved them apart, and the boss quickly embedded himself in Lively.

“Oh yeah, what a nice pussy! Nice and tight right now, but I’m sure that will change by the end of this,” he said as he gave her ass a light spank. The skin rippled slightly from the contact the men watched, and the man inside her sped up until the sound of skin smacking together filled the room. Blake tried to stay as silent as possible to keep the satisfaction from them, but she couldn’t stifle all her groans as each man had a turn with her. As the fifth man finished his time in her, she felt the grips holding her loosen, so she wriggled away quickly. She pushed each man that had been holding her arms, but they recovered quickly. As she tried to stand one grabbed her ankle and pulled her back onto the mattress in a heap. The men immediately grabbed her arms again as the leader stepped forward. “That was very stupid, Blake. Get her on her knees.” Lively was forced to kneel as the man lined his tool up with her mouth. Realizing what was about to happen, Blake shut her mouth, but the men holding her again pinched her nose shut, until she had to gasp for air. The leader entered her mouth, grabbed her hair, and pressed her head down to his hips.

“Now,” he said quietly, “if you thought earlier was hard, that was nothing. Each man will have two minutes of your mouth. And get them nice and wet, because we’re moving to your ass next.” Blake’s eyes bulged as she tried to say something around the thick cock in her mouth, but was cut off as the leader began to skull-fuck her again. She gagged loudly on the first, and that only continued as he went. This time, he was going even harder into her mouth, even farther into her throat. Saliva began to drip from the corners of her mouth onto the floor as she tried to press her hands against the man’s thighs to stop the onslaught. The men holding her just moved her arms farther back as Blake finally gave in and allowed her mouth to be abused. After his two minutes, the leader stepped back as Blake tried to catch her breath, but had only seconds before another man was back in her mouth. As the boss watched the actress gargle the men’s cocks, he smiled. Blake was certainly on her way to paying off her husband’s debt.


Blake was left gasping for breath as the last man finished his turn. She had been given a total of about fifteen seconds of the ten minutes where she had not had a dick in her mouth, and her jaw was now even more sore than before. Her makeup, or what was left from earlier, was a complete mess.  Saliva had pooled on the mattress below her, and her face was covered in spittle. The boss stepped forward and rubbed his cock on the actress’s face, collecting some of the spit that had gathered. As he did, he asked, “On your back or doggy, whore?” Blake stayed silent, her eyes pointed at the floor. He roughly grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him, asking again, “Which should we do while we fuck your ass, whore? On your back or doggy?” Blake shook her head, refusing to answer. “We’ll fuck her like a true slut. On your hands and knees, now,” he ordered. When Blake didn’t move, the men holding her again moved her into the position. Once her butt was pointed into the air, the boss spread her ass cheeks to show off her orifice.

“Mm, such a pretty ass, boys. Remember what it looks like now, before it’s gaping open!” He pressed his cock into the actress’s butt, ignoring the resistance her muscles gave, and embedded himself to the hilt. Blake screamed, crying from pain, as she begged, “Please, not my ass. It hurts.”

The leader simply shrugged and pointed to one of the men. “Shut her up.” The man moved around Blake and shoved his thick cock into her mouth, muffling any protest she ma have had. The boss immediately began drilling her ass with all the power he could, leaving Blake moaning around the dick in her mouth. He spanked her over and over, leaving her ass a bright red, as he switched with one of the other men. That man continued just as before, as the leader switched with the man in her mouth. Once he had stuffed Blake’s mouth once again, he said, “Two.” Blake’s eyes bulged as she attempted to say something, but the boss pressed her nose to his pelvis and muffled her. A second man moved forward as the man inside her ass stopped and waited. The second guy slowly pressed his cock into Blake’s asshole as well, stretching it painfully wide. Blake screamed around the dick in her mouth, ” GWAK-GWAH-GWAK-KWAH-KWAH-GWAK-KAH!” as the men thrust into her doubly-filled butthole. They switched out with the remaining two men and continued the same way. When they pulled out as well, the men stepped back to admire their work. Blake’s asshole was now gaping open and twitching non-stop, expecting another cock to enter. Blake had collapsed onto the mattress, exhausted from nearly three hours of being fucked. The boss grabbed her roughly by the hair, keeping a grip near her skull as he dragged her to her knees. The remaining five men circled around the actress, jerking themselves, as she struggled to avoid what she knew was coming, but the grip on her hair was too tight.

“Smile pretty, whore,” the boss whispered into her ear.

With a groan, the first man came and shot his hot load across her forehead. Blake flinched as the stream landed, but couldn’t pull away as the boss held her tightly. The second man now pointed his tool at her as he blasted away, coating her nose and eyelids. Within seconds, the third and fourth man came, covering each cheek, and then the last man came forward and covered her chin. The boss roughly turned her head, jerked himself a few times, and came directly over her mouth. A few lines got inside her mouth, but most landed on her lips, giving her a nearly complete covering of cum. The boss shoved the actress away.

“You have five minutes to leave. Tell your husband his debt is gone.”

Blake grabbed her things and hurried out.

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