Showtime [Parts 7-8]

Part 7
(ff, mff, mff, oral, anal, dildo, light bond)
By Anonymous

Jennifer sat back letting her headrest on the back of the couch, staring
up at the ceiling. Sarah stroked her friend’s hair, "Sorry to dump all this on
you Love, but I thought it would be best to bring you in, rather than hide it
from you. It would have made things complicated for all of us, and after what
happened to us today." Heather leaned forward, "Don’t worry, we’ll take care of
you from now on." Jennifer put her hands to her face, "Oh, now I feel really
She wined the girls were slightly puzzled, except for Sarah who had a
big, I know secret grin on her face. "Shall you tell them Jennifer, or can I?"
Sarah asked excitedly. Without looking at her, Jennifer responded half hearted,
"I’m so embarrassed." Sarah stood up and walked behind the back of the sofa.
"Well it seems that our Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt, played the role of the
naughty stewardess, last night with ours truly." Steve sensed, their reaction
wouldn’t be as understanding as Sarah’s. He knew that if they turned on him now,
he’d never even get to the door. So he just sat there, praying they’d make it
quick and painless. Jennifer hid her face in her hands, while Sarah gloated
patting her on the top of her head. For a second no one spoke, they all turned
to look at Steve, like lions, tigers, and bears, Oh My.

Winona stood up placing her hands on her hips, "Steve, how could you take
advantage of an innocent young girl?" Steve looked at her blankly, opening his
mouth to speak, but could only shake his head. Winona advanced like a stalking
lioness, on a wounded gazelle. Sarah was also surprised, since she and Love had
fended off all the guys on the movie set. Preferring each others company
instead. They had learned a lot together that summer, both on and off the set.
Winona stared Steve into the chair, "How could you let her do that Steve, she’s
only 17!" He gulped, and looked over at little Jennifer Love, who nodded
apologetically. Steve opened his eyes so wide they almost fell out of their
sockets, his mouth hit the floor like a baby grand. "Oh please don’t blame
Steve. It was my fault, I seduced him he didn’t have a chance." Steve nodded
emphatically in agreement.

Winona turned around, "Oh really?" Jennifer nodded in shame. The other
girls looked at each other in amazement. Sweet clean girl next door, Jennifer
love Hewitt was actually a randy, teasing, sex trollop. Bridget looked at Steve
with her ice blue cold eyes, "You dirty old man, you should be ashamed of
yourself." As she crossed the floor and sat in front of him, her eyes glossed
over with hurt, "I thought we had something special, why?" She placed her head
in his lap, crying softly. Winona spoke quietly to her friend "That’s enough
Bridget." Heather looked between the two girls, "You mean he had sex with you
guys too." Both girls nodded. She glared at Steve like a mad cow, "How could you
betray us like that, we trusted you." A stifled cry came from Jennie across the
room, "Steve, please tell me it’s not true. I-I made myself into a whore for
you. How could you?" Alyssa hugged Jennie, "Why Steve? WHY? Weren’t we good
enough for you?" Alyssa sobbed. Winona turned around and slapped him across the
face, "Smack!" His cheek smarted, he looked up at her begging forgiveness. She
put her hands to her mouth, and began to cry. By this time all the girls were
crying or mad, Steve felt like, well like any guy would having upset seven of
the prettiest women in the world. How did he get himself into these situations?

Suddenly Sarah’s face cracked a smile, and she began to laugh, "I’m sorry
guy’s I can’t do this anymore." The others looked over, drying their tears, then
Jennie burst out laughing. Followed by Alyssa, Heather and then finally Winona
and Bridget. Steve looked down into Bridget’s bright smile that a moment before
was a picture of sorrow. Then he surveyed the rest of the girls, "You knew, you
all knew before now didn’t you." He said accusingly. Jennie stuck out her tongue
childishly, "Of course we did, not all blondes are dumb, Duh!" He looked up a
Winona, "That hurt." He said rubbing his cheek. She just laughed at him, "Let
that be a lesson to you."

Heather shook her blond locks, letting her hair stream though her fingers,
Jennie and I went to see Winona a couple of days after the accident, and she
told us all about it, except your name. But guess what I found on her kitchen
counter. Heather produced one of Steve’s business cards with a flourish. Winona
retrieved an identical one from her purse. Steve reminded himself to stop
handing those things out. I called Sarah and Alyssa, while Winona phoned
Bridget. They came over we made popcorn, pizza, opened some wine and everything
came out. Winona tussled Steve hair, "And by the way, Jennifer’s not 17."
Steve’s looked worried again, "Oh Shit, don’t tell me she’s 16!" Jennifer Love
smiled innocently, "Nope 19, last month, sorry lied when I said 21." Steve
rolled his eyes.

Jennifer piped on "Boy I though we’d had it when that stewardess walked
into the galley on us." Heather’s brow went up, "Oh, what stewardess?" She
inquired with venom in her voice. Steve grimaced inwardly. Jennifer continued,
"Well we were just, like done and the Head Stewardess came into the galley, it
was real late at night. I guess the sight of us just laying there turned her on
cause she came on to me. We made out, and then she got so hot she begged Steve
to fuck her. It was weird she looked just like Vanna White." Jennie interjected,
"So she started it and not Steve." Jennifer responded, "Ya like that was strange
he just like stood there, and didn’t do anything, she said she’d just past a
physical." Heather walked over to where Steve was sitting, she shook her head,
bent over and kissed the top of his head, "Good Boy." Steve smiled up at her
like a puppy that had just learned to go outside.

Heather circled round the back of the chair, pawing at Steve chest with
her right hands, "You see Jennifer." Her hand moved down over Steve torso, until
it had firm hold him by his accessories. He jumped at the sudden grasp of
reality, he looked up at Heather anxiously wondering what her next move would
be. She smiled down at him with her Hollywood chagrin. The other girls giggled
at Steve’s reaction, and made numerous demeaning lewd comments at Steve’s
expense. "You see Jennifer, this is our property, he knows that it is not to be
used, outside of this group. Without our expressed permission, or unless it’s
life and death. If he does, then it’s straight to the vet." Steve visibly shook.

She gave his goodies a playful squeeze to emphasis the point. Jennifer
nodded and smiled in understanding. Heather rubbed his member teasingly, then
kissed him on the cheek, and let him go. He shifted in his chair, to hide his
semi-erection. Steve feigned a tear in his eye, "I feel like a cheap tramp." he
sniffed. Sarah yelled out, "Well then take Jennie." Her friend made a face, "I
believe he said cheap, that’s you." Sarah fired back, "Ohh hurt me." Jennie
flirted, "Bet you’d like that wouldn’t you." Everyone laughed and the group
broke into small discussions. He marveled how they were serious women one
moment, and giggly little girls the next.

By now it was almost 10PM. Alyssa and Jennie showed Steve the rest of the
house with its four bedrooms, two baths, sunroom and pool out back. While alone
they took the opportunity to give him a proper welcome back kiss, Alyssa just
about sucked out, his tonsils, and Jennie tried to chew his lips off. Steve
wrapped his arms around their nubile little bodies, and copped a couple of cheap
feels. It felt nice holding them again. Some how they restrained themselves from
ripping their clothes off and doing it right then and there. They asked about
his trip and without going into specifics, he gave them a brief overview. Steve
picked a room and the two girls along with Bridget, helped get the rest of his
things from the truck, and some of Jennifer’s bags which were put in the room
next door. Then they excused themselves while he went to take a quick shower.

Steve undressed and hopped, in the shower, the warm water felt great on
his hot sweaty body. He could hear someone in the shower next door. Sounded like
Jennifer, then he heard Sarah’s voice too. He heard them whispering in quite
tones, "Miss me Sarah?" Love cooed. "You betcha, I got so wet for you at night."
Jennifer said between kisses. "Let me show you what I learned while you were
gone." He heard Jennifer moan softly "Ooooooooh, Aaaaaaaaah yeeessss, ssssuck
mmeeee!" He could only imagine what was happening on the other side of the wall.
Sarah lifted the shower hand unit from the wall, and applied it to Jennifer’s
ass and cunt. The pulsating water jets made her giddy with joy, "That tickles
Sarah." Her moans became louder, more forceful. "Yaa more tongue baby, start
breathing though your ears tramp. Fuck that f-feels sooo ggoood on my c-clit!"
He could hear the sound of Sarah’s muffled sucking over the water. "Oh yeess,
woork that finger up my ass, you fucking Bit… Uuuuuuugh!" He could believe
that sweet young Jennifer, had just said that. "Say when my little slut." Sarah
laughed. Jennifer was now using Sarah’s face like a pillow, looking down into
her partners green eye’s as she masturbated on her face. She could feel the
tension building within her like a wave of heat about to strike a pool of water.
Jennifer Love screamed an orgasm that echoed off the bathroom walls,
"Aaaaaaahhhhh!" He heard more kissing, "Mmmmmggh, I love you Sarah." Sarah
continued licking her costars cunt, drinking her syrup and warm water, then she
got up, "Love you to Jennifer" pecking her on the cheek. "Sarah" "Yes Love?"
"Could you take your finger out of my ass now?" The girls laughed. He heard
Jennifer," Wait here I have something for you."

Steve was reaching for his lethal weapon, when the shower door was opened.
He turned around to see Heather and Jennie standing there in a pair of white
fluffy towels. "Gee Jennie look who’s having a shower and didn’t invite us, how
rude." Jennie grinned, "Don’t you dare touch that Mr. Colt." Heather was
slightly surprised and most pleased at the size, of Steve’s manhood. Even though
she’d sucked it before, she didn’t get a good look at it. Jennie was less
surprised, having gotten a great view of it before, yet it still fascinated her.
While Heather was gawking, Jennie reached up and yanked the beauty’s towel off,
Heather quickly tried to cover herself. Steve’s eye’s burned the view into his
memory banks. Heather smiled embarrassingly then, struck a playboy like pose,
putting her hands behind her head, and jutting her fabulous breasts out at
Steve. They were unblemished perfection, alabaster white skin, firm with just
the slightest sway, as they moved and not an ounce of excess fat. The nipples
were flamingo pink, surrounded by darker small areolas slightly rounded like
domes. Gazing downwards he saw what could only be described as paradise, finely
curled soft wisps of pubic hair, cropped and trimmed neater than the 18th hole
at Augusta. Heather’s lips were full and prominent with a deep narrow slit,
(Blame it on those designer jeans) which Steve could see was already wet. Steve
couldn’t she her ass but he knew it had to be tight, her legs were lean and
muscular, even her feet were sexy.

So enthralled with the scenery, Steve didn’t even notice Jennies towel
hitting the floor. Jennie had to clear her throat to get his attention. Steve
looked at her with a half startled and guilty expression. Jennie put her hands
on her hips, and looked at Steve as if to say, what am I yesterdays special.
Steve had seen her bush before, and a brief glimpse of her breasts. Looking
Jennie over he could now appreciate her full beauty, she still had the body of a
16 year old, and the face of a woman. She was not as curvaceous as Heather. But
enough lines, and rounded corners to make any man look twice. Looking at the two
goddesses there brought a tremendously warm feeling over him. Oh Lord Steve
thought. Don’t make me have to choose one. Heather was a sensual succubus of
perfection and femininity. Jennie was an angelic portrait of elegance, grace,
and purity. "My he’s actually speechless." Heather quipped. "He should be we’ve
caught him with his pants down." Jennie giggled. Steve prayed to God, for one
more hour then he could take him. Heather got in the shower/jacuzzi first,
pushing Steve back to the wall. Jennie got in and closed the doors. The
combination shower was big enough to seat four so the three of them had ample
space. They could still hear moaning from Sarah and Jennifer’s private session,
in the shower next door.

"Shit Jennifer where did you get that thing?" They heard Sarah exclaim.

"Very becoming don’t ya think?"

Jennifer stepped back into the shower. "Sarah, I’ve always wanted to fuck
you." Sarah sank to her knees, "And I’ve wished you had a cock so I could give
you a blow job." The strap on dildo around Love’s trim waist was actually,
double ended. A thick 8" white penis like cock stuck out the front of the pelvis
harness and a smaller 3" one was mounted at the crotch, which was already
inserted into Jennifer’s vagina.

Sarah brought her lips to the rubber phallic symbol and kissed the end.
Jennifer held her head, and began feeding her friend. She began to moan as Sarah
sucked and pushed at the dildo with her mouth, holding her friend by the hips,
she was able to work 6" of rubber into her mouth. Jennifer looked down at
Sarah’s lips stretched around the dildo as she fucked Buffys face. Jennifer was
almost ready to cum herself, as the shorter end wiggled around in her Love hole.
When Sarah had thoroughly soaked the appliance with her saliva she stood up, and
spread her legs. Jennifer gave her a long hard kiss as a reward well done. Then
she turned Sarah around, to face the wall. "Please be gentle with me Mistress"
Sarah begged. "That depends, were you good while I was gone?" Jennifer asked
coyly, fingering the Slayers velvet snatch. Sarah glance over her shoulder, "No
ma’am, I was a very bad girl." Jennifer worked her hand around Sarah cunt,
massaging around her vulva. "I knew it, why you weren’t wearing panties today?"
Jennifer was now on her knees behind Sarah tonguing her wet envelope of sex.
"I-I was g-going to take Ste-eve, to a mot-tel, a-and l-let h-h-im u-use mmy
b-body, aa-nyw-way he-he w-wannted!" Jennifer’s tongue worked deep into Sarah’s
folds, "Where you with anyone else?" Love mumbled, as she increased pressure.
"Yessss, I was with Heather, Jennie, a-and A-Alyssa."

Jennifer continued, working a finger into the blondes rotating slit, as
Sarah’s body responded, to her touches. She stood up leaning close to Sarah’s
ear, "Here comes your punishment, you slutty whore." Jennifer positioned the
dildo at the entrance, to Sarah’s vagina, she reached around to fondle her full
wet breasts, as she pressed the slick penis against her lips. A soft murmur
escaped Sarah Michelle’s throat as she felt the gradual penetration between her
inner labia lips. Carefully and smoothly Jennifer fucked in and out her lover.
Buffy braced herself against the shower wall, pushing back as Jennifer slid the
thick member inside her. She felt Jennifer’s hands caressing the tender melons
of her chest, the fingers playing with her stout hard nipples, tracing the
outlines of her areolas. The warm water cascaded over the girls, plastering
Sarah’s hair to her head, sluicing down the middle of her strong back, streaming
between the cheeks of her ass. Jennifer watched the water, flow round the
phallus as she used her friends slave hole. As the dildo slid into Sarah’s wet
sex, she felt Jennifer’s breasts pressing against her back. Sarah pushed back
impaling her cunt on the plastic cock. "Uuuuuggh!" Jennifer moaned as the force
moved the smaller end within her own erogenous zone.

By now Jennie and Heather had Steve exactly where and how they wanted him.
Steve was responding to the super vixens on their command. Steve sat on the
corner edge of the jacuzzi/shower as they knelt down and double licked his cone.
Every fiber of Steve’s being, screamed not to explode like a shaken champagne
magnum. Their tongues licked either side of his, steel shaft kissing as they met
at the top, they kissed and tongue wrestled. Then with calculated slowness
teased their way back down, taking turns circling his nuggets with their
fingertips. Steve steadied his will by putting a hand on the back of each of
their heads, holding on to their golden manes, caressing them like kittens. The
warm water bounded off the girl’s backs, to trickle down their porcelain torsos,
dripping from the undersides of their swelling breasts, and streaming off their
perfectly rounded derriŠres. Meeting at the head of Steve cock, they gave it and
each other one last kiss. How he managed to hold on to his baby makers, he never
knew. For he was long past any semblance of physical control. The girls look up
at Steve happy go lucky face, "Okay stud time to decide, who gets the first
load." Jennie asked. Steve looked down at them with fear, why could she have
asked an easier question like, how many quarks were in an atom. Heather sensed
his quandary and got up off her knees. Turning to Jennifer she said, "Watch and
learn Kiddo." Jennie moved back a bit, "Heather, don’t wear him out!"

Heather moved closer to Steve and gently moved his face to her breast, his
mouth found a nipple and he pursed his lips around the gift from the golden
goddess. He began to suck the nipple just enough to turn Heather on, it began to
swell and harden. She stroked the back of his head, kissing his dark wavy hair.
Reaching over his fingers played on the other breast, it was so soft, firm and
pliable, they had to be real. Jennie retreated into a corner of the shower, and
sat watching the two engage in foreplay. His left hand slid from her shoulder
tracing the complex curves of her back, to the graceful dip of Heather s waist,
and over the expanse of her hips, coming to rest on taunt bum. His palm gripped
her cheek firmly releasing and clutching her ass, as his fingers searched for
her vulva, pulling the hand across her buttocks. He slipped his first two
fingers between the juncture of Heather’s thighs, her lips cool to the touch.
Her kitten like pubic hair, parted before his digits as they probed her fur
lined ridges. Heather gasped as he touched her intimately, delivering her pelvis
into his hand.

His lips closed full around her nipple, increasing in suction and
pressure. Heather moved her chest from side to side, caressing his face with her
breast. He widened his mouth in response taking in half of her fullness. She
used the fingertips of her right hand, to brush along the rough outer skin which
held his penis, just enough to feel the blood pumping through it’s coarse veins.
Steve’s maundering fingertips found her clitoris, and teasingly fondled it to
life. Heather murmured and moaned as her sexuality grew building slowly like a
midsummer nights dream. Her wetness betrayed her desire to be in control, as
Steve worked his fingers into her women hood. Her nipples became full and
hardened with excitement. Heather pulled away her turned around with her back
towards him, flicking her hair over her shoulder with her trademark smile she
whispered, "I want to feel you inside of me."

Jennie passed something to Heather. Steve couldn’t quite make out what it
was, then he heard the rasping of a pair of handcuffs being slapped on his
wrists. "Hey!" Heather grinned. "When your debt is paid then you can go." His
arms were now cuffed around Heather’s waist.

Jennie watched as Heather was about to be pleasured by Steve. She sat in
the corner with knees drawn up by her chest. Her hands lazily massaging her
vulva, thinking of how she would react when he took her for the first time.
Wondering if she would scream, as the biggest penis she’d ever had, burrowed
into her small vaginal tunnel.

Heather squatted down, as she held his cock wiggling the head into her
labia folds. They both groaned as initial penetration was achieved. Jennie
watched as his massive prick head opened up Heather’s sex. The Melrose Place
star blinked rapidly as she felt the walls of her narrow, vagina widen to accept
the thickness of Steve’s mastiff. Together they moved in a slow tandem to unify
their bodies. Steve couldn’t believe Heather had retained the tightness of a
schoolgirl all these years. It was difficult as he watched her buttocks moving
up and down the first half of his organ. Heather motioned for Jennie to come
over and kneel between their legs. She reluctantly stopped fingering herself,
and slid over between Heather’s slim thighs. Heather pulled her young friend up
and tasted her lips then pushed the lithe blonde down pressing her face to her
clit. Jennies tongue snaked out licking Steve’s shaft where it entered,
Heather’s sex, poking her clit and flicking through her thin curly hairlets.
This drove Heather up the wall her and got her juices flowing like Niagara

As Heather’s love pocket grew hotter and slicker, her tightness eased up.
Steve was now holding on for dear life as the platinum blonde rode her way to
Xanadu. He watched Heather reaming her hole with his dick in a frenzy of lust
Her vagina was just beginning to loosen up comfortably, when it then became
almost painfully tight again. He could feel her chamber contracting around his
manhood, in pulses. Heather hadn’t felt this full since losing her virginity to
the producer of "Dallas." She could feel his girth as he pushed his length
completely inside her, she was nearly there a few more thrusts and "Oh Ohh
Ohhhhhh, Aaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!" Heather shook like a blender on puree as
all her pelvic muscles contracted in a powerful climax. This just about
strangled poor woody as, her vice like cunt clamped down on him with surprising
force, sucking Steve inside her even more. Holding her by the hips with his
forearms, he released the hounds as she came. "Uuuuuuuugh!!!!" They swam along
excitedly and launched into a Holy yet lost cause. A soothing, warmth spread
through her loins, as Steve exploded within her hot wet cunt. Heather took deep
breathes, slowly rotating herself on Steve prick swirling his cum around her
uterus, riding the wave of pleasure that radiated though out her body. On the
other hand Steve just sat there with a stupid grin on his face, happy and

As he softened inside her, she relaxed her muscles and slipped off his
cock, which promptly flopped over like a drunken sailor, as it exited her
swollen pussy lips. Heather sat on the shower floor, leaning against Jennie. Her
eyes clouded with satisfaction a wiry grin crossed her face. She hadn’t cum like
that since she couldn’t remember. Jennie, who had gone back to frigging herself
as they went at it like jackrabbits, cradled Heather’s head on her shoulder
stroking her cheek. "That good huh?" Jen inquired. The tired blonde could only
nod in response. As Heather came back to her senses, she looked at Steve and
Jennie. She knew that Steve had just spoiled her for her husband, the poor sap,
but could never make her cum anyway. She frowned at Jennie, "Sorry Jen I think I
exhausted him." Jennie just leered at Steve, "That’s okay I enjoy a challenge."

Steve blinked, and stared back at the blonde pixie. He searched her pale
azure eyes, for a hint of mercy compassion, or tenderness. But he saw only
unsatisfied desire, a hunger that demanded to be fed. Jennie was going to use
him until all her needs were fulfilled. In his heart Steve knew, that he was a
dead man. Jennie shuffled closer to Steve, she pulled him up and sat him down on
the outside of the edge of the Jacuzzi, facing in. Then carefully, sat sideways
on his lap, with his arms cuffed around her. "Don’t worry I’ll be gentle." She
whispered. They both laughed, Jennie sat in Steve’s lap giving him little love
kisses from his forehead to his neck and back again. They watched together as
Heather got up and cleaned herself off. It was the most erotic thing either of
them had ever seen, as she soaped her breasts and thighs with the puffer. Gently
rubbing her arms, the water running off her shoulders down the valley of her
cleavage, to flow over her flat toned stomach, and dribble down between her
legs. As Heather started to wash her hair, they could still hear Jennifer and
Sarah going at it next door until Sarah screamed in orgasm next door as Jennifer
Love drove the strap on in to the hilt whilst teasing her clit and breasts.
Sarah panted for breath, as Jennifer withdrew the monster cock. Sarah turned
around and kissed her lover with deep intentions. "Thank you Mistress." Jennifer
smiled at her friend, "Next time it’s your ass." she giggled. Sarah winced,
"Next time I get to play the Bitch." The trio burst out laughing and banged on
the wall, "Bravo!" The girls knocked back.

By this time Jennie noticed that Steve was well recovered, very well
recovered. She could feel the tip of his cock poking at her slit. "Well look
who’s back to play." Steve looked down and saw woody was back, he was proud. She
got off his lap and took a submissive position before him. Without a word and
just the suggestion of a smile she opened her mouth and enclosed her lips around
the end of his knob. Her tongue licked at his pee hole, and the dome of his rock
hard cock. She looked up at him, as she slid her stretched mouth further along
his prick. There was a naughty girl spark in Jennies eye’s, as she gripped his
dick with her mouth tightly. Steve reached for the back of her head, running his
fingers, through her light blonde follicles.

By this time Heather had finished cleaning her private area, and she
turned the shower off. Wringing out her hair, she then bent down and grabbed
Jennie by the hips pulling her up to a standing position, while she still had
her mouth around Steve’s penis. With Jennie bent over at the waist Heather moved
legs apart and got down on knees, she gently separated Jens buttocks and proceed
to lick from her butt to her pussy and back again. Needles to say this got Jen
going like a tramp, which was great for Steve as she really went to town sucking
his dick with long wet licks. Taking his head to the back of her mouth and then
swallowing to get it past her gag reflex so it could fuck her throat, as her
lips kissed around the base of his cock.

Heather really got into Jens snatch as her tongue licked inside her labia
lips, and swirled around her button like anus. Heather started to finger her
young rival, sinking her index finger completely into Jennie on the first
attempt. Jennie moan around Steve cock as she felt the finger wiggle inside her
cunt. Jen moved her pelvis around Heather’s probing digit. Steve was in heaven
as Jens tight wet throat encompassed his meat, sliding his head back and forth
over her soft flexible tongue, damn where did she learn to do that. Jennie felt
Steve was well on his way to shooting his wad, so she pulled back letting her
lips gracefully slip over the tip of his engorged cock. She rested her hands on
his strong shoulders as Heather, stroked the fires within her womb. Heather’s
tongue was now deep in Jen’s soaking wet hole, licking at her clit like it was
cat nip, bringing her prodigy the edge, but no further. Jennie cried in anguish,
"Oooh, ooooh, oooooohhh!" Heather worked another finger into Jennie’s eager
twat, her thumb began to work at Jens shapely butt hole.

When satisfied that Jennie was ready Heather stood up and guided Jennie on
to Steve’s lap. Jennie gingerly straddles his thighs, and sat facing her lover.
Heather knelt down grasping his cock quickly taking the head in her mouth, and
salivating on it, being careful not to bring him off. Then held the tip up below
Jens pussy, so she could lower herself onto the massive pile. She looked at
Steve a bit nervously, "Be gentle?" He smiled, "Like a lamb."

Jen placed her hands around his neck, bringing his face to hers as she
locked her lips to his in a kiss that rivaled Bogart and Bachall. Her tongue
slipped between his lips as he penis slipped between hers. Steve moved his hands
to her small but shapely breasts, his fingers rubbing her nipples around in
circles, testing their hardness, and texture. Her nipples grew sticking out like
thumbtacks, she pushed her chest out, into his groping hands as she moved up and
down his sturdy pole.

Their tongues sparred as Jennie pushed herself down on his cock, just the
crown seemed to fill her up, little by little she bobbed up and down inching her
way to orgasm. Steve felt the narrow confines of Jennies cunt resist his
intrusion valiantly. But her will and the slickness of her tube won the day as
he tunneled deeper into her passion pit. Resistance was futile, as she felt the
tip of his dick bottom out and bump the opening of her cervix. Jen broke the
long emotional kiss and whispered "Thank God!" Steve grinned tiredly, "Angel,
God has nothing to do with it." He gave her a quick thrust as if to emphasis the
point. "Ooooooooh!" She squealed delightfully.

Then she started to seriously ride him, "Mmmh, now Fuck me, Fuck me like
the whore, I am." Steve heart began to pound its way through his sternum. Steve
stood up cradling Jennie, her legs spread wide apart her on either side of him,
as he held her by her butt. The couple moved in perfect sync as Steve plunged
within Jennie slender woman hood. Her vagina began to suck at his prick as it
scythed through its entire length pressing harder against her cervix. Jennie let
out a soft moan, "Oooooooh, faster, faster!" Steve picked up the slack and
banged her for all he was worth. Jennie was rocking up and down his prick like a
Yo-Yo. Her private chamber tightened as she saw her orgasm round the corner.
Jennie locked her lips to Steve’s and screamed into his mouth as she came,
spewing her girl cum all over his cock and legs. Steve came a half second later
his sperm thundered through his penis and exploded into Jennies womb as her
rammed her cunt to the hilt and then some. Jennie was already lost in her own
emotions as he unleashed his flood of seed into her. He slowed his thrusts into
Jennie’s now loose vagina. She released her lip lock, letting her head rest on
her shoulders. He let her down easy, his cock pulled out of her snatch with a

Heather helped Jennie down to her knees. Jennie knelt on all fours for a
moment while Heather worked on her ass with her tongue and fingers, gradually
widening the impossibly tight oriface. Jennie looked over her shoulder at a
disbelieving Steve. She gave a slutty grin, "Don’t worry I’ve been practicing."
She said spanking her ass. Heather worked more fingers into Jens dark deep hole
before declaring her ready for action. Steve was still hard as a frozen
cucumber, as he knelt unsurely behind the 90210 Miss goodie two shoes. Heather
generously licked the end of his knob leaving a trail of saliva. Steve though he
was going to cum right then and there, all over Heather Locklears absolutely
gorgeous face. But he didn’t. She placed the head of his steel shaft to Jennies
pink puckered ass, gently rubbing the tip around the opening. Jennie looked back
again giving Steve a bright 90210 smile, "Come tiger, light my fire." Wiggling
her butt just a little Steve forged ahead, gripping her by the back as he forced
his prick past her anal spincter, into her hot damp tight rectum. Jennie pushed
back, "Ohhhhh Yaa that’s it suugar, give baby that nice bbbig fuck stick." Steve
eased himself inside Jens rectal cavity, it was fabulous, in there, almost as
good as her cunt.

He experimentally thrust in to her soft humid ass a few times before
really reaming her butt. "Ohhh mmoore cock yyyoou Wild Stallion!" Jennie begged.
He braced her hips and royally screwed the foxy bitch. Jens ass shook wildly as
Steve drove his dick down her rectal oratory. Their sweat and fluids slickened
the stretched anus like a greased cylinder. He rammed his piston deeply into her
behind, enjoying the constrictive snug atmosphere. Unable to resist the
deliciously unfolding scene before her Heather got on her back and wiggled
herself between Jennies legs, watching as Steve plowed her ass form above.
Jennie was in absolute mental anguish. One side of her brain was screaming in
agony, at the anal intrusion, while the other side was being stimulated beyond
her emotions. As she felt his huge monster prick throbbing strongly, through he
anal cavern. Heather’s tongue stroked her clit Jennie, bucked as if touched by a
cattle prod. The spark ignited Jennies second orgasm as she came all over
Heather, her white sticky liquid spat out her pussy spraying her freshly washed
hair and face. Heather pulled Jens cunt down to her lips and sucked the rest of
her girl jizz from her soaking twat. This move drew her ass away from Steve’s
prick, which exited with a loud "PLOP!"

Jennie glanced at Steve over her shoulder, "My face, please cum on my
face!" She asked tiredly. Jen sat down on gingerly on her aching ass, and
Heather got up and pulled her friend onto her lap. Jen looked at Heather’s
painted face and laughed, "My goodness, is that your new foundation?" Heather
squinted, "How would you like a taste of your own medicine?" Steve moved in
front of the two girls, "Okay here cums!" The girls looked up at him closing
their eyes just as his first blast hit them. The stream of cum splashed across
Jennie’s forehead, nose and eyes. As Steve stroked again, the spurts continued
and spattered on to Heather’s perfect nose dripping onto her lips, she opened
her mouth to receive another jet of seed, which hit squarely on her tongue.
Heather savored the salty glob before flicking to the back of her mouth and
letting it slid down the back of her throat. The last jet sprayed along Jennie’s
cheek and into her open mouth, the droplets hitting her tongue and collecting in
its soft middle saucer. Jennie rubbed her tongue around the insides of her mouth
before swallowing the nutritious mixture. The girls opened their sticky eyes
carefully and laughed at each other when they saw their cum covered faces,
Jennie closed her eyes again as Heather licked the sperm from her eyes,
forehead, cheeks, and lips. The she returned the favor, eating the spunk off of
Heather’s, loving features, letting her tongue trace the lines of Heather’s
eyes, nose, and chin. Steve was sitting back down on the floor of the Jacuzzi, a
bit worse for wear but happy as a lark.

Resting a few minutes the three then showered off, The girls let Steve
wash their tired sweaty, cum drenched bodies, and then cleaned him in turn.
Jennie soaped up his crotch washing his penis quickly so as not to arouse him
again. Jen and Heather got out and toweled off, Steve sat in the jacuzzi and
watched, even the simple act of drying their wet naked bodies was erotically
exciting. Jen bent over at the waist to dry her long slim legs, presenting him
with an unforgettable view of her slit and butt. She was so close he could
almost taste her. Steve was about to stick out his tongue, and then as if on cue
Heather assumed the exact same position, rubbing the towel along the back of her
strong shapely legs, wiping her wet pubic hairs. "Damn which one." He thought.
Heather looked back from between her legs and caught his leer. She elbowed
Jennie who looked back at him upside down. They winked and then dropped their
towels with a mischievous grin. Then they reached up caressing their buttocks
and teasing their pussies like cheap strippers. Steve moved to get up. Heather
stopped grabbing towel and snapped it at him. " Come on Jen let’s get out of
here before he gets it up again, I’m sore as it is." Heather leaned over
planting a quick peck on his cheek, "Thanks for the orgasm, you Stud." and left
the bathroom. Jennie grabbed her towel covering herself she gave him a quick wet
kiss, "Thanks you were great!" Then hurried wobbly out the door. "Hey let me out
of the handcuffs!" He called out after them.

Steve climbed sorely out the jacuzzi, and began to dry off. (Whistle here)
He looked up to see Bridget standing in the doorway of the bathroom. "My my,
that water must have been awfully cold." He glanced down at his now shrunken,
deflated organ. "You should have seen it a minute ago, it was quite a sight."
Bridget laughed "I know we heard Jennie screaming from the kitchen." She
approached him slowly, looping her arms round his neck, and pulled him down to
kiss him hungrily. "You don’t know how much I’ve missed you so much." She
released him. Then producing a set of keys she unlocked the cuffs. They held
each other for the longest time, she smelled and felt so wonderful. Suddenly
realized she was shaking and crying. "What’s wrong?" He asked cautiously.
"Nothing." She whispered, Bridget broke away without looking at him. "The foods
ready. " She stopped at the door, wiping her face and left. Steve was worried.
He changed into a pair of tan safari shorts, and a teal green golf shirt. He
made a quick call on his cell phone and then went downstairs.

The backyard was partly covered by a deck, which surrounded the pool,
bordered by a high wooden fence on all sides and thick conifers. It was a
delightful array of pastas, salads, and fresh fruits. Jennifer came out a last,
her wet hair flapping in the breeze. She was wearing, a thin orange tank top,
and a white cotton skirt, which was barely a respectable length. Winona and
Bridget were wearing, sundress similar Sarah except white and blue. Alyssa was
dressed in a pink leotard with a floral wrap around skirt. He could see her
large nipples clearly protruding through the thin stretched material. While
Jennie and Heather, wore red shorts and black t-shirts, neither were wearing
bras. The night air was warm and muggy, a cooling breeze blew in from the ocean.
The sky was filled with stars lit by the half-moon.

Steve went downstairs finding the kitchen empty, seeing the girls out by
the pool he went outside. The deck was light by soft lights around the railing.
The girls were gathered around the long picnic table, Jennie, Sarah, and
Jennifer on the far side. Alyssa and Bridget sat together on the near side with
Heather and Winona on the ends. Steve sat in the last spot near on end in the
space between Bridget and Winona. Alyssa took a sip from her glass. Steve sat
down she looked over, "All relaxed after your shower Steve?" Titters and
laughter surrounded the table. Steve turned three shades of red, "Not as
relaxing as Sarah’s." He responded. "Your ass is mine Mister.’" She said
ominously. "Gee Sarah dearest, where have I heard that before." Steve gawuffed.
She smiled back in a hostile manner. The food was very good the girls had
prepared it themselves at home and brought it to the house except for the
barbecued fish, which Alyssa did and the chicken of Bridget’s. The rest
consisted of salads, pastas, and potatoes all done in various recipes. (Like you
even care right?) The girls were drinking white wine, except for Jennifer and
Heather they were drinking red, Steve drank his usual scotch. Steve told them in
limited detail about his trip to Japan, and how he was surprised how popular
Alyssa was over there. Especially since it was as a singer with five platinum
albums to her name. Jennifer’s career was just taking off with two albums. Japan
was well known for not being as tough as the U.S. market to get an album

Steve asked Winona and Bridget how things went after the accident. Winona
said the hospital was a circus, one photographer tried to bribe an orderly to
get in so he could get a picture. Turned out one of the tow truck drivers tipped
off the papers about the accident. "Ya there must have been a hundred reporters
cameras at the hospital when we got there." Winona said. "Boy was my dad ever
pissed when some women tried to stop him for an interview going into the
hospital." Bridget piped up. Steve nodded, "How was your car?" Winona shook her
head, "Totaled, I bought a Audi 750 with the insurance money."

"How did you manage to keep my name out of the paper?" He inquired,
curiously. Bridget swallowed her food, "We’ll the only guy who knew who you
where was that first cop, who came in the helicopter. He claimed he never asked
your name since you weren’t part of the accident. Dad gave him tickets to a
movie premier. It was when we got to the hospital they found out that we had
some help getting out of the car. Sorry my faux pas." Winona shrugged. "We said
we never did get your name. You know shock, amnesia, orgasm, whatever." Bridget
laughed. The others joined in except Steve. "Oh before I forget, you’re invited
to a small get together tomorrow night at my Dads place.

The laughter died down Heather looked down from her end of the table.
"Steve, we have a question for you. " Steve " The others quieted down. "We were
wondering, if you could tell us.." she paused to find the right words. Sarah
picked up. "Steve we think the world of you, and well it’s just that you know so
much about us and we know very little about you." Jennie interjected, " Steve,
we feel that, like there’s another side to you, someone different." Alyssa,
picked up her glass swirling the amber wine around, "I saw him Steve, that night
it was like you were someone else, even though I didn’t know you." Winona toned
in "She right I saw it too, the man I saw outside the window of my car, it was
like you where in some kind of automatic mode." Jennifer spoke up "Ya that’s it,
you were like a robot or something, no feelings no emotions." Sarah put her fork
down, "Steve I don’t know what you said to that guy in the garage. But I could
see the look on his face, he almost shit his pants, and those mob guys don’t
scare easily."

Steve considered the situation, he was afraid this would happen, no the
less they were right. How could he have expected to keep a secret from a group
of actresses, after all they made a living out of pretending to be other people.
Steve pushed his chair back stood up, and without saying a word he walked into
the house. "Steve, don’t be mad at us. " Alyssa moaned. The girls began to argue
the merits of what they had just done. They hadn’t gotten far when he came back
sitting down they all looked at him expectantly. Steve stared back at the seven
sirens, hoping he had made the right decision.

"I don’t know why God or fate, has put us together, but here we are, and
if we’re going to have a relationship well I guess it’s not right that I hold
all the secrets. I have come to think much of you girls, your warm tender
compassion for each other dedication to friendship, your care and kindness to
others. It’s just that, I have a grey area in my life and I was hoping to keep
you out of it. I guess it’s best you hear this from me now, rather than read it
in the newspaper one day. In retrospect, I guess it’s not fair that I hold all
the secrets. The girls leaned forward in their seats in anticipation. "Do
remember that I told you about my career in the Marines, and how I spent 3 years
in U.S. Embassies in Europe?" Heads nodded around the table. Well at that time I
was actually working for the C.I.A. Steve tossed a tan colored billfold on to
the table. Bridget reached over and opened it, a tiny gasp escaped her lips. She
read the big thick black letters at the top of the I.D. slowly Central
Intelligence Agency. "You’re a spy?" Jennifer asked. "Well not really a spy,
just an intelligence specialist, examining radio intercepts, maps, satellite
photos, etc." Steve watched a moment as the girls pasted the I.D. around. "The
fact is, I still work for the agency, part-time any ways." Steve looked a bit
nervous, like he was committing a treasonous crime. I’m sorry I allowed my self
to be come involved with you. Bridget smiled reassuringly, "I am not." She
hugged him like a small child. Alyssa frowned at the multi-colored crest of
power emblazoned on the laminated card," Steve does anyone know about you, and
us." He looked over at her sincerely, "No, since I’m not a full field agent they
don’t keep close tabs on my movements. I have no real agenda, no pre-assigned
schedule, I report only when needed."

Winona reached out taking hold of his hand. "The job I have with the
magazine is real, but since I get to meet with people, and see things that the
C.I.A. would be interested in getting to know more about, they keep me employed.
" Jennie spoke from across the table, "So you know stuff that people might want
to kill you for?" Steve smiled a bit, "Well I doubt it’s that important, but
there’s always a chance. I don’t want to get into a situation where someone
might try to get to me, through one of you." Jennifer shuddered at the thought,
"Wow, a real life James Bond." Sarah leaned forward, her elbows on the table
pushing her breasts up, and making the neckline of her dress billow out. This
gave Steve a generous look down her plunging top, at her very ample succulent
breasts. "Can’t you just quit?" She inquired, with a sad puppy dog look. Steve
looked at her with a grave expression, "Nobody just quits the Company, not
without a good reason, besides they got me the job at the magazine." Bridget
shook her head, "I don’t believe this, we make movies about this stuff, and
you’re actually living it."

"I’m relieved I’ve told you, the guilt was beginning to get to me. He
grabbed his drink and downed the rest of the scotch in on gulp. I’m glad you
didn’t find out from two guys in trench coats showing up on your front door step
one morning. " Bridget reached over and held his other hand, around the table
the rest of the girls joined hands to complete the circle. Steve expected them
to start singing any moment. Instead Heather spoke for the group, we appreciate
you telling us the truth. I think it’s better, now that we know whom the real
you is. Also we have a little confession to make of our own. Steve was surprised
for a change, "Great he thought, here it comes, bet they all use to be boys or
something." She broke the circle of hands to reach under her seat and retrieve
an envelope. The brown manila package was passed along the table to Steve. No he
definitely didn’t like the looks of this.

The envelope was unmarked, but it had a government look about it. He tore
open one end. Inside he found several sheets of official U.S.M.C. documents,
they were his service records. He waved them at Heather, "How did you get
these?" Heather leaned back in her chair, My Father is a retired Marine Colonel.
I told him it was a background check on a consultant for a possible new movie."
The records were almost complete, from basic training with all his postings to
discharge. The records for his time in Europe had a few gaps in them. He noted
they coincided with his trips to Asia. There was also one more sheet of paper
included. It was plain white stationary, no title headers, or logo. It didn’t
have his name, just a list of places and dates, these were his C.I.A. postings,
it was really just a brief of where he was, on what date, nothing else. But it
was enough to stun him, Heather’s Father must have friend’s in high places to
get this. "Congratulations, Heather, your Father did good." He said holding the
last sheet up for her to see. She smiled back, "Well actually that was me."
Steve was even more surprised, "Oh really?" He said disbelieving. After my Dad
got you Marine records, he got a visit from an old buddy in the C.I.A. He wanted
to know why Dad was asking about you. Well after a few drinks, old stories, they
decided I was no threat to national security." Steve lowered the paper, "Would I
happen to know this friend of your Dad’s?" She shrugged, her blonde curls
bounced around her shoulders. "Sorry I can’t tell you." Steve nodded in
acceptance, maybe he could check it out himself later.

"Oh that reminds me, Alyssa could you sign a couple of photographs
tomorrow? Alyssa let out a groan, "More photos!" Heather smiled, "Sorry it was
part of the deal." Alyssa pouted, looking ever so cute as she did so, "Well I
guess it’s okay since its a friend of your Dad’s." Bridget stood up and proposed
a toast, "To Steve, our most heartfelt gratitude for being in the right place,
at the right time." Girls stood up and clinked glasses. Steve rose and held his
own glass aloft, "To you seven lovely ladies, for sharing your lives with me, it
is I who am honored this night." They blushed and drank again.

Bridget and Alyssa got up from the table and went into the house the
others moved some of the dishes clearing a spot in front of Steve. He was
wondering what was going on when Alyssa appeared behind him with a small cake.
He laughed when he saw the top. It was covered in white frosting with a single
large pink candle, with a couple of big cherries at the base. They all laughed
at his reaction. Amazingly they had all managed to sign their names in blue
icing. Sarah put down the plates and handed Steve the knife. He bent down to
blow out the candle then paused, "Go on." Jennie urged "It’ll be nice to see you
give a blow job for once." The girls made slutty noises and comments. Steve
huffed and extinguished the flame before they got too raunchy. He was about to
cut the cake when Jennifer stopped his arm. He looked up at her girlish charming
face. "The cherries, you have to eat the cherries." This set the girls off in
another round of whooping and hollering, they were enjoying this. He bent over
and took one of the cherries between his teeth, picking it up for all to see, he
was about to swallow the fruit when Alyssa came up to him, "I’ll take that." She
in a low sultry voice, stepping into his arms, she pushed herself up on her
tiptoes and took the cherry between her lips. It disappeared into her mouth, the
cherry bulged out the side of her cheek, as Alyssa’s lips met his, with a
sweeter taste then the deep red fruit.

When they separated, she moved the cherry back to her lips and passed it
on to Winona, giving her an equally erotic kiss. Winona then gave it to Sarah,
from her it when on to Heather, Jennifer, Jennie and finally to Bridget. She
then grabbed Steve by the head, sucked on his lips whilst pushing the cherry
into his mouth. Graciously he accepted the soggy lump, letting his tongue
explore her adventurous cavity. Their kiss lingered to the point where the
others began to cough, and clear their throats. Taking the hint they reluctantly
separated, Steve smiled down at the pixie face, which glowed softly like a
comforting nightlight. "Oh Steveee.." He looked up as he disentangled himself
from Bridget.

While everyone was watching them, Sarah had plucked the remaining cherry
from the cake, and placed it precariously in cleavage of her bosom. Steve shook
his head, was there no end to the humiliation. "Come on let’s see how good that
tongue of yours really is." Winona pushed him towards where Sarah Michelle was
leaning back against the table. Moving to take the heavenly creature in his
arms, she waggled a finger at him. "Hands behind your back, tongue only, and no
biting!" Steve obeyed, and peeked down the neckline of her summer dress. Damn,
he thought that’s going to take some digging, nice view though. "Oh and if you
push it down my top, you can’t go after it." He could hear the others smirking
and tittering behind his back. He looked into Sarah’s bright green loving eye’s
that was a mistake. He found himself wanting to eat all of her. Getting down to
the task at hand, he carefully lowered his face to her bosom. Fragrance of her
body was heady. By puckering his lips he was able to just kiss the beckoning

Finding the more he pressed forward the more Sarah’s cleavage parted in
the bra, and the cherry slipped a bit beyond his reach. Sarah began to giggle,
which only made it more difficult. Then he discovered that by pushing the neck
of her dress down with his chin he could gain better access to the valley of
orchards, and harvest the fruit of his labor. Steve quickly ate the damn thing
just to get it out of his mouth. Then started to lick Sarah’s cleavage, with
long deliberate strokes. Her giggles ceased turning into low throaty moans. He’d
show her how to tease. Steve planted soft tiny kisses, on the inner sides of
Sarah’s fully ripened breasts, gently sucking a bit of her tender flesh with
each small kiss. He continued giving lip service to Buffy’s magnificent treasure
chest, until her moans changed to cries of passion.

Then he stepped back to admire his handy work. She had a soft pleading "I
need you." look on her face, her breasts heaving with expectancy. Sarah’s eyes
were closed slightly in a dreamy manner. Realizing he had stopped, her eyes
snapped back to focus, looking at her smirking friends, "Well that was
interesting." She said assertively, as she fixed her dress. The group laughed at
her, Sarah picked up the knife the laughter quickly subsided. ‘Who want’s cake?"
She grinned. "Hey don’t cut it!" Steve cried out in panic. They all looked at
him looked he was goofy. He smiled sheepishly, "It has all your names on it, you
know how much it’s worth." They all let out a groan, and Sarah sliced the cake.

Jennie reached over and removed the candle from the middle of the dessert.
Steve frowned at her, "No way I’m not doing anything with that." Jennie smiled
sweeter than an ice cream sundae, "I’m just moving it out of the way." Alyssa
grinned, "Just leave it on the table, Jen." Jennie scowled at her, and stuck out
her tongue like a little kid. "Hey be careful doing that around here." Heather
warned. The group had a laugh at her expense.

"Oh shoot I almost forgot." Steve said as he ran into the house, he
returned a couple of minutes later with a large shopping bag. Setting the bag on
the table, "I hope I’m not being too forward, I brought a little something back
for each of you." The girls looked at each other in astonishment. Steve looked
up from the bag, pulling out the first gift. It was wrapped in bright red tissue
paper with a white ribbon. Sarah I think this is what you wanted. Sarah took the
flat heavy package and set it in front of her. The other girls were handed
smaller boxes of various sizes, except Jennifer Love who’s present was in a bag
marked Duty Free. "Sorry Love didn’t have time to wrap it." She was bowled over,
"When did you? " Steve grinned I had a little help from Anna. Jennifer smiled
I’ll have to call her and thank her sometime. "And how did you know you’d get to
give it to me?" She asked. "I didn’t, but I took a chance."

Hey aren’t you guys going to open them." The girls ripped through the
paper like the tissue it was. Sarah was first, "Oh thanks it’s great." She said
turning the book around for all to see. It was a big hard cover edition of "The
Erotic Secrets of Kama Sutra" She opened the book looking through the large
color prints. "Wow Jennifer exclaimed, "How can they do that?" Jennie looked
over Sarah’s shoulder, "I’d like to see if Steve do that." Sarah giggled, "I’ll
find out." Steve found himself having second thoughts about buying her that
book. "Thanks Steve, I’ll try and go easy on you." Sarah smiled coming around
the table and kissing his cheek. The others opened their packages. Alyssa got
perfume, she loved the subtle scent, after squirting some down her top she went
over to Steve and gave him a whiff, peek, and a kiss. Winona and Bridget got
silk blouses, canary yellow, and ocean blue. The fit was perfect on both of
them, this earned him a second set of kisses. Heather got a pair of gold plated
designer sunglasses, she tried them on, "How do I look." She asked the group.
"Like one of them movie stars." Alyssa quipped. "Thanks Steve." She said kissing
him too quickly for his liking.

Jennie got a pair of cherry red thong panties, the others squealed when
she pulled them out of the box. "They’re just like the ones I…. Steve how on
earth did you know?" Steve threw back his head and laughed, "I thought I heard
something rip." Winona, Bridget and Jennifer looked at them puzzled faces."
Sounds interesting. Bridget said casually. Alyssa answered the unspoken
question. "Jennie called Steve while he was in Japan, and well you know." Winona
fanned herself, "Must have been one hot call." A non- complementary blush came
over Jennies face. "Well you guys did it too." She blurted out to cover herself.
Bridget whispered to Jennifer and Winona, "We’ll have to try that one day."
Steve looked over, "Er, what was that Bridget?" She flicked her hair around her
face, "Never mind." She smiled cutely. Last but not least Jennifer open up her
bag, the box within contained a ladies quartz sports watch whit a multi colored
cloth strap. "Thanks, how thoughtful." She smiled. "I noticed you weren’t
wearing one on the plane." He shrugged. "It stopped working in Japan, didn’t get
a chance to have it fixed." She leaned over and pecked him on the cheek.

As dinner ended the girls began to clear the table. They suddenly halted,
when Steve got up grabbed several dishes and walked into the house. He didn’t
hear the girls let out a group sigh behind him. Alyssa nudged Heather who was
standing beside her, "Did you happen to notice, if he left his dirty underwear
on the floor when he took a shower?" Heather grinned, "Nope all his clothes were
folded on a chair." Another collective moan filled the air, Bridget whispered to
her friends, "We have to find out if he puts the toilet seat down. If so then
I’m going to seduce him, into asking me marrying him." Winona and Alyssa glared
daggers at her, "Get in line." They both said and then laughed, they gathered
the rest of the dishes and headed into the house. Steve was at the sink washing
the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. The girl’s exchange smiles once
again. With a respectable amount of protest on his part, the girls pushed Steve
out of the kitchen and finished cleaning up.

He went into the living room and turned on the late news. The only thing
he found of interest was the reports of food shortages in North Korea. He hoped
that wouldn’t cause them to do anything desperate. There were already
significant increases in infiltration missions this year. They had already had
ten defectors come across so far, that was up from four the previous year. So
far two attempts this year to land parties by small submarines had ended in
dramatic failure for the North Koreans. Two out of how many Steve wondered, they
were up to something. Kim Sung 2 was every bit a lunatic as was his old man.

The news had just ended when Alyssa, Winona and Jennie came in, "Anything
interesting?" Winona asked. Steve looked up, "Well the world is still there, if
that’s what you mean." Winona and Alyssa sat on the couch with Steve between
them, Jennie plunked down on the opposite sofa. "So what are your plans tomorrow
Steve?" He rubbed his eyes and blinked at Jennie, "Well I have a 10:00AM meeting
downtown that should last a couple of hours. Then a 3:00PM appointment, that
should last an hour, after that I’m done." They all looked over as the rest of
the pack drifted in and settled down. "Okay who can drop him off?" Jennie asked.
"I just need a lift to a rental agency, that’ll do." Alyssa piped up "I’ll drive
him." "Oh don’t forget." Bridget smacked her head. "Steve dinner at my dad’s
tomorrow night at 7PM. It’ll be my parents, Winona and her parents. Then a small
reception starting at 9PM, you guys all know where my dad lives. Jennifer and
Sarah shook their heads, "Okay I’ll give you the address and directions in the
morning." Steve frowned, "Er, Bridget how small a reception?" She thought a
second, "Only a hundred people, but don’t worry they’re all really close
friends." Shook his head and smiled, "Wow, you Hollywood types."

Jennifer yawned and stretching her arms out, in a manner that brought out
the best in her. The arching of her back pushed her breasts up high on her chest
jutting them out as if in offering. "Hey I have tomorrow off, anyone want to go
shopping? " Sarah turned her head, "Sounds great!" Bridget nodded, "Count me
in." Heather got up and gave Steve a quick kiss resisting his lame attempt to
stick his tongue in her mouth. "Welcome back. Goodnight all." Sarah and Jennifer
bent over and gave him a peck on each cheek. He thought he’d never get use to
looking down their tops, and hoped God would smite him if he ever did.
"Goodnight, and Thanks Again!" They both said as they trotted off to bed.
Bridget gave him a lingering open mouth kiss, flirting briefly with his tongue.
Her baby blue eyes flickered with a look of hesitancy, running her finger along
the lower line of his jaw, "See you in my dreams." She winked. Jennie ruffled
his hair as she gave him a quick yet unmistakably firm kiss, "Glad you ‘re
back!" Then she followed Bridget up the stairs. Steve looked at the two
remaining babes. "So I guess it’s just us tonight ladies?" The girls smiled
tight lipped at him, "In your dreams." Winona jeered. Alyssa grabbed his hand,
"Come on let’s put him to bed." Winona helped pull him up, and the three
staggered up stairs.

Passing the main bathroom, adjacent to Jennifer’s room, Steve glanced in
and saw Jennifer and Sarah brushing their teeth. Heather was behind them combing
her hair. Sarah was wearing a black lace body stocking, cut high around her hips
the bra cups pushed her breasts together. The outfit barely covered her trim
butt. Jennifer was dressed in a short cropped, t-shirt and a pair of thin purple
cotton panties. He could just see the bottoms of her large firm breasts, the
panties were a bit small and looked as if they were painted on her cute ass.
Heather wore a pale green satin slip with lace cups showing of her full tanned
chest, it was slit up the side firm her feet to her hip, showing off her
fabulous legs, he couldn’t see any panties. Steve tried to pause at the doorway
but, Alyssa and Winona dragging him down the hall. All the girls in the bathroom
could hear was, "Awww, come on give a guy a break!" The other bathroom the one
next door, attached to his room was occupied by Bridget and Jennie. As the girls
pushed him past he saw a brief glimpse of Jennie brushing her hair, dressed in a
pale pink satin slip with decorative lacy push up cups, the slip only came down
to her waist, where a small pair of bikini panties barely covered her bum.
Bridget was wearing a deep red satin PJ top, and white cotton panties. The top
had a single button fastened, just above her navel, Steve could see her right
breast as it pushed out that side of her top, the dark nipple shaking nicely as
she brushed her teeth.

Alyssa and Winona pushed Steve into the bedroom and throwing him down on
the bed he bounced a bit on the Queen size mattress. He looked up at the two
brunettes, Alyssa giggled as she pointed to the tent in his pants. He looked
down somewhat flushed at being aroused so easily. "Well I guess we can’t let you
go to bed like that!" Alyssa and Winona stripped out of their clothes. For
Winona it was simply a matter of reaching down, and pulling the dress over the
top of her head, she shook out her hair as the dress cleared her head, flinging
the dress onto a chair. Steve had forgotten how beautiful she was that night,
lying on the hood of his car. Her white skin shining in the moonlight, her small
pert breasts up turned pointed nipples. Alyssa untied the wrap around skirt she
was wearing and tossed it into a chair, then unzipped the back of the leotard
and peeled it down her torso little by little. Down over her rounded large
areolas, washboard stomach, pierced belly button, and nicely shaped hips. As she
walked towards the bed, "Oh Steve." She purred. "Have you seen my pussy?"

Alyssa pulled the thin stretchy material past her hips down her legs
revealing a completely shaven vagina. Steve stared until he though he’d go
blind. (Yea you got it, just like that) "I did it just for you, like it?" Steve
nodded and got naked real fast. The two girls looked at one another for a
moment, obviously it was the first time they had been naked together. Winona’s
breasts were a bit smaller her nipples were darker and in better shape, while
Alyssa’s bum was fuller more shapely. The girls stepped to each other, and
embraced like female vampires, kissing lightly at first the delving deeper to
explore their inhibitions. Their hands roving over each other’s hips, frolicking
along their buttocks and breasts. Alyssa pulled the older girl in closer to her,
wanting to taste her more, she began rubbing her bare mons against Winona’s fur
patch. Winona responded with slow erotic movements of her fingertips between
Alyssa’s buttocks, sweeping down to her slit. Steve sat on the bed like an eager
puppy begging for a biscuit. Alyssa moaned softly, "Mmmmh that’s iiit Winnie
right thheeere." Winona broke the kiss which seemed to last for ages at least to
Steve. "What about him." She whispered. Alyssa looked over with a smile, "Fuck
him." She spat. Winona grinned wildly "I was hoping you’d say that."

As Winona got on the bed between his legs, Alyssa walked over and
straddled his face. Jennie and Bridget poked their heads in to the room to say
goodnight, "Don’t keep him up all night." They laughed and then went across the
hall. Now what was best Steve couldn’t say, the taste of Alyssa’s bare smooth
musky slit as she lowered herself onto his face, or Winona’s expert mouth as her
lips enveloped the tip of his achingly stiff cock. He felt Winona’s tongue as it
lightly swept the crown of his prick, her lips sent pleasant ripples along his
length as they closed around the head of his penis. Alyssa shivered slightly as
she felt Steve’s lips kiss hers, just the feel of his warm breath electrified
her vulva. Steve placed his hands on Lyssa’s hips helping her to settle over
him, as his mouth opened wide to receive her vagina. She moaned through her
closed lips, as he flicked his tongue down her narrow passage. "Mmmmhhhh." Steve
sucked in her moistness, as she arched her back pushing herself onto him. Winona
now had half of his prick in her wet talented mouth. Steve’s hips rose up to
meet her descending mouth. She stretched her tongue out to lick him with her
saliva. The penis head bumped the roof of her mouth, she swallowed it down her
throat licking around the base of his cock. Steve ‘s hands move to the juncture
of Lyssa’s white clean thighs his fingers combing her shaven mons, seeking her
clitoris. He spread her lips, giving his oral probe access to her inner labia.
The taste was subtle tangy, he breathed in her virgin scent, it smelled pure
like fresh snow. Alyssa’s body swayed like a branch in the breeze, as she felt
her clit being massaged by his fingers. Becoming engorged with blood as his
tongue caressed its pink budding tip. Although Steve couldn’t see her eyes where
closed as she felt the stirrings of an orgasm form within her sexual emotions.

Winona was now working the full length of his prick, like a well versed
porno queen. He could feel his loins heating up as his cock pushed out the walls
of her throat. He groaned into Alyssa’s dripping wet snatch, which was wiggling
on his nose and face. Alyssa came with a vengence, her cum flooding onto Steve’s
face like a burst water balloon, "Uuuuuuughhhhhhh Yeesssss!" She cried quietly.
Lyssa fell forward, almost bumping heads with Winona, who sensed the first pulse
of seed coming down the pipe. She pulled back a bit so that only the head was
between her lips as the creamy load of spunk entered her mouth. Savoring the
taste on her tongue she pulled he’s dick from her lips squeezing it hard. "Oh
Lyssa?" Alyssa opened her eyes slightly still basking in the aftershock of her
orgasm as the waves ebbed in her pelvis. The second load of seed hit her right
between the eyes, Alyssa moved her head back and opened her mouth as the jet on
sticky semen splashed on her face, forming a line of goo from her forehead to
her lips, the last bit dropping onto her tongue. She bent over and took his cock
in the mouth, sucking out the last of his seed, and cleaning it with her tongue.
Steve thrust up his pelvis to her, Lyssa deep throated him with less difficulty,
than she had done when they first met. Then he came down her tight throat. She
swallowed rapidly. Alyssa backed off, and sat up with a proud grin. She smiled
at Winona, they leaned forward kissing lustfully, moving to fondle each other’s
breasts. In this fight for dominance Winona won hands down, Alyssa was in no
condition to assert her will over film star. Steve was in even worst shape,
Alyssa’s thighs were crushing his ears, and her pussy was slowly suffocating
him, he was drowning. (Well there are less pleasant ways to die.) Only the soft
twitching of a tongue still deep within her made realize that poor Steve was
beginning to pass out. Alyssa slowly dismounted her aching pelvis, and sank onto
the bed next to Steve. Winona crawled up the other side and kissed his slickened
cum coated tired lips. His eyes cranked open as oxygen returned to his starved
brain. They lay there letting the silence envelope them, in its warm cocoon of
comfort. After ten minutes the Winona pulled Alyssa into the bathroom where they
took a quick shower, Steve lay on the bed listening to them giggle. The girls
came back in Alyssa wrapped in a purple fluffy towel and collected her clothes.
She gave his messy face a quick kiss and went off to bed. "Leaving so soon
Lyssa?" Steve inquired. "I got what I wanted." She slyly grinned." As Winona
came in Alyssa looked over her bare wet shoulder, the tattoo spotted with
droplets of water. "Don’t make him too tired, I want him well rested in the
morning." Winona was still naked as a Jay bird as she came in, "I just want the
same thing he gave you." Steve’s eyebrow went up as Lyssa scooted out of the
room. Winona flopped onto the bed pulling the sheet over her, Steve got up and
went to clean up.

When he came back Winona was lying on the bed with her back to him, the
sheet only partially covered her nude form. The crisp white sheet draped over
her legs and buttocks, leaving her smooth white, bare back exposed. Steve turned
off the lamp, moonlight bathed the room in shadowy reflection. He slipped in to
bed behind her, hugging her small voluptuous figure. Feeling his strong arms
encircling waist, Winona pressed her buttocks into his pelvis. Steve reacted by
pushing his stiffening cock between her thighs. He kissed the nape of her neck,
and shoulder, inhaling her fragrant aroma. His hand followed her sexy curves
from her hip to her breasts, his fingers barely brushing her hardening nipples
as he licked lobes of her ears. Moving his other hand to Winona’s mons he teased
her clitoris, rubbing circles around the outer edge, bringing on her arousal.
"Ohhhhh!" Steve smiled slyly, "Tell me Winona, tell me what you want." Winona
was now gyrating her entire body against her temptress lover. "She turned her
head slightly towards his, "Don’t tease me." She moaned searching for her
elusive orgasm. He continued taunting her, "Come on, say it or I’ll stop."
Knowing he couldn’t even if the bed was on fire. "You Son of a Bitch, you know
what I need." She cried out wantonly. Her crotch was now thoroughly wet, soaking
both them and the sheets.

Steve felt so stiff it almost hurt. "Say it Winona, I need to her you say
it." He continued as his hand and cock probed her wet loins. He entered her cunt
from behind urging her on, "Oooooohh, mmoooore!" She whimpered as his erect
thick penis sank into her warm soaking vagina. His other hand cupped her
delightfully perky breast, rotating it in his palm. Her breathing picked up as
she was penetrated. "Fuck me Steve, make me cum I need it so bad Pleeaassse!"
Steve heard her whimper as he withdrew, from her snatch. Gently he rolled her
over onto her back, Winona’s legs spread open before him displaying her pink
love box. Steve quickly remounted the screen goddess. She took him between her
legs and locked her ankles behind his back. Fucking her with long hard strokes,
he nailed her lithe body to the mattress. Winona pushed Steve into her with the
heels of her feet, bucking up as he thrust into her. Steve’s dick slammed into
her depths, and spewed his sperm warming her abdomen. Winona screamed quietly as
her body trembled with the force of her orgasm. "Ahhhhh!" Her teeth biting into
Steve’s shoulder. He grimaced in pain as blood trickled from the tiny cut from
her two front teeth. They clutched hanging on to each other as the feelings of
satisfaction washed over them. After the emotional roller coaster had subsided,
and Steve had long gone limp within Winona, he eased out of her and laid back on
the bed. Winona rolled over resting her head on his chest for a while listening
to the rhythm of his beating heart. Steve let his fingers play among her dark
curly locks.

Neither spoke a word for a while, then Steve broke the silence, "Winona?"
Lying with her head on his rising chest, she answered tiredly, "Yes?" Steve
pondered a bit wondering if this was a good time to ask. When he didn’t reply
she propped herself up on one elbow. "What is it something wrong." He looked at
her timidly, "Well I don’t know, it’s about Bridget. Is she alright." Winona
eyes looked down at his chest, she glanced back up. "Why do you ask?" Steve told
her what had happened earlier in the bathroom. Winona rubbed her eyes, "She must
still be having trouble sleeping." She sat upright on the bed crossing her legs
under the sheet wrapping it about her chest. "Bridget had these nightmares, for
a couple of days after the crash. She’d wake up shivering, sweating, she’s
having a tough it me putting it behind her." Steve became concerned, "What about
a doctor or psychiatrist?" Winona shook her head. "I’ve heard her, calling for
you at night in her sleep. I think it was the way suddenly left the morning, she
was still in shock. Maybe if you could spend a couple of day’s with her, it
might help get her settled." Steve nodded, "I’ll see what I can do." Winona
smiled at him stoking his arm, "Thanks, and if we could keep this between us?"
He nodded.

Gazing into her eyes, "Anything I can do for you?" He asked hopefully. She
grinned slyly, "No, I’m kind of a one orgasm girl, thank you very much." He
tugged at the sheet covering her breasts, "Gawd, haven’t you had enough for one
night?" Steve lunged at her, "Not from you baby!" She jumped off the bed, "If
you want to have a heart attack then fine, but not while your in me!" She went
to get a quick shower, taking the precaution of locking the doors. Then came
back to get her dress, she smiled at his sleeping form as she turned off the
lamp, and left the room.

Part 8
By Anonymous

The crack of dawn began to creep into the room as Alyssa woke sleepily.
Stiffling a yawn, so as not to wake Winona, she carefully got out of bed, and
stripped off her PJ’s. She gathered the outfit that was carefully laid out the
night before and went to the bathroom. Filling a sink of warm water she washed
up, and patted herself dry, standing before the large mirror Alyssa looked at
her reflection. At 25 years old she was stunningly gorgeous by any standards,
but in another few years or so who knew. It had taken her all week to decide
about what she going to do this morning. She had come to the conclusion that it
was not only the right time, the right man. Letting her hands explore her mature
body, rubbing lightly on her rounded full breasts, moving over her smooth flat
belly, she felt some stubble beginning to grow back where her pussy had been
shaven yesterday. It was beginning to itch. She’d have to shave again, as she
picked up the razor and shaving gel.

Bridget walked lazily into the bathroom rubbing her eyes. Upon seeing Lyssa
she stopped, "Oh sorry I’ll go next door." She turned to go. Alyssa called to
her quietly, "Bridget wait, could you give me a hand for a minute" She turned
around, and saw the razor, "Sure, I just have to pee first." Unabashedly Bridget
pulled down her white cotton panties, and sat down on the toilet to pee. Alyssa
shook the shaving can a few times to get a good lather. Bridget removed the
undies from around her ankles and got up, to clean her pussy with the bidet.
Then shucked off her satin PJ top and placed the garment on the counter top,
next to Alyssa’s white shear gown, "That’s beautiful." She remarked. Lyssa
smiled shyly "Think he’ll like it?" Bridget broke into a wide grin, "He’d have
to be an insensitive jerk not to."

She took the shaving implements from Alyssa, "Have a seat." She said
motioning to the bidet. Alyssa couldn’t help noticing how fine and wispy Bridget
Fonda’s pussy was in comparison to what used to be her own more thick coarse
hairs. Alyssa sat down and opened her legs wide to give her plenty of room.
Bridget tuned the water, Alyssa flinched as the cold liquid splashed onto her
privates, when she was soaked. Bridget turned off the water, and put some
shaving gel in her hand, then rubbed her hands together working up a thick soapy
lather. Carefully she liberally applied the mix to Alyssa’s snatch and Venus
mound. Lyssa gripped the back of the porcelain fixture to keep in place, trying
not to rub herself against Bridget’s palm. Working the warm soapy mixture in
circles intentionally creating an excitement in Alyssa. "You’re turning me on."
Alyssa moaned. "Good." Bridget whispered. "It’ll make this feel so much better."
Picking up the razor she carefully stroked a swath of gel from Alyssa’s mound.
Lyssa almost rocketed off the seat. "Okay?" Bridget inquired. "Yessss!" Alyssa

Each stroke of the blade felt like a wave of sharp heat across her pubic
mound. By the time Bridget was shaving her vulva Alyssa was tensed as a piano.
She quickly finished up and turned on the water, it felt ice cold. Alyssa was
shocked back to reality, she looked down at herself. Bridget handed her a
mirror. "Wow great job!" She exclaimed running her hand over the bare mons, her
fingers feeling her smooth slippery lips. She eyed Bridget suspiciously, "You
done this before haven’t you?" Bridget grinned innocently, "Me? I’m a good
girl." She got a towel and motioned for Alyssa to stand up. She pushed her self
up off the bidet, and stood before her, pubic hair stylist. Bridget sat in front
of Alyssa and patted her freshly shaven twat with the towel. "After shave?"
Bridget winked. "Not on your fucking life!" Alyssa spat. She could smell the
pungent aroma of her sex glands pumping out mating signals.

Bridget pulled Alyssa down to the floor," You are so strung girl, let me
relax you and it’ll go much better." Alyssa lay down on the towel as the older
girl commanded. Bridget leaned over her, their lips meeting in a timid kiss.
Putting their arms around each other the kiss grew passionately into a full
fledged, lip locking tongue twister. Bridget encased the little vamps lips in
her mouth, playing her tongue over the seam. Alyssa lips parted to admit the
blonde’s soft licks, and taste her with her own tongue. Bridget stoked Alyssa’s
straight brown hair as she held her by the back of her head. Alyssa’s hand’s
trace a path from Bridget’s shoulders down to her petite barely B size tits.
Bridget licked around the inside of Alyssa’s mouth and exited wetly out of the
left corner. Her breasts grew hard under Alyssa’s massaging. Kissing her way
down the virgin’s cheek, lingering briefly at her neck and nipples. Bridget
deposited a trail of sweet tender pecks leading the way to Alyssa’s freshly
shaven Venus mound, ending at her now erect clitoris. Alyssa started to squirm
under Bridget’s oral attention. Her fingers had left Bridget’s nipples in an
excited state of affairs. She lifted Bridget’s face from her moist muff, and
motioned for her to turn around. Bridget crawled up and straddled Alyssa’s head
as the girls shifted into a 69 position.

Bridget returned to lapping Alyssa’s clit. While Alyssa began to lick
Bridget’s finely furred sex. Using her fingertips, Bridget pried Alyssa’s wet
labia lips slightly apart, just enough to work the tip of her tongue between
them. Both girls moaned in harmony, as they tasted each other’s sex for the
first time. Bridget caressed the backs of Alyssa’s thighs and buttocks while her
mouth sucked at her clit and cunt, drinking her juices. Alyssa worked her tongue
deep into Bridget’s walls, mixing her saliva with the 32-year-olds musky fluids,
while pressing her love button. She felt the pace of her heart increase as
Bridget suckled her clit, Alyssa began to work her finger into her partners
slick fluid love nest, as her own tongue lapped at the clitoris peeking out of
its hood. Bridget pushed her ass back, driving Alyssa’s tongue and nose deeper
inside her opening snatch. Alyssa responded with passion licking quicker, and
rubbing Bridget’s cunt with her small nose. She tilted her pelvis up as Bridget
broughton a small but welcome orgasm, built up tension drained out of Alyssa as
she trembled at her climax. Bridget came as Alyssa shook around her, girl cum
flooded out her pussy soaking Alyssa’s face. The younger brunette eagerly drank
it up, licking it from Bridget’s pumping vulva and thighs. Bridget moved around
and kissed Alyssa with unbridled lust, sucking her own cum from Lyssa’s lips.
"Thanks I guess I needed that." Alyssa whispered. Bridget smiled slightly, "Not
as much as I did." After a small respite, the girls got up off the floor. Alyssa
picked up the towel and put it on the counter.

Alyssa washed her face, and Bridget helped her get dressed. First the
snow-white lace push up front closure bra want on. This firmed up Alyssa’s tits
and brought them snuggly together, now she looked like a 36-C, as she adjusted
the straps, Bridget knelt down and held the matching French cut panties for
Alyssa to step into. Then pulled the garment up Lyssa’s shapely trimmed calves,
thighs, until they where just above her hips. The thin material seemed custom
fitted for Alyssa’s tiny crotch, and accentuated bum. The panties formed a wide
v shape, which ended just above her mons, at the back the fabric joined over her
pelvic bone, and narrowed into a thong like strip that disappeared between her
cheeks. "I was going to get crotch less panties, but I didn’t want him to think
I was a whore." Alyssa grinned. "Nice choice, now he’ll think you’re just a
slut." Bridget responded. "Oh thanks." She said as Alyssa raised her arms as
Bridget brought the gown over her head. It too was white almost shear with thin
shoulder straps. The lack of sleeves enhanced the wide V shaped neck that
stopped just below the level of her nipples. As the hem of the robe drifted to
the floor, Bridget picked up the bottle of perfume, which Steve had bought
Alyssa and applied it sparingly to Alyssa’s cleavage, neck, stomach, and thighs.
Replacing the cap back on the expensive bottle of hormones, she put the bottle
back on the counter. Alyssa leaned forward and kissed Bridget softly on the
lips, "Thanks for your help, I feel so much better." Bridget grinned like a
partner in crime, "Just relax and enjoy it."

Jennie walked into the bathroom yawing, "Hey you look great Lyssa, got a
hot date?" Lyssa smiled shyly. "Oh my goodness your going to do it, aren’t you?"
She nodded. "I’m sure he’ll be gentle, and it doesn’t really hurt that much,
relax and have fun." Jen gave her a quick peck on the cheek, and patted her bum
as Alyssa walked out the door. "Oh and, if he happens to scream out my name in
the throes of passion, forgive him he’s only a man." Jen smirked and batted her
eyelashes. Alyssa frowned, "When he’s inside of me, you’ll be nothing more than
a vague memory." Alyssa closed the door behind her. "She’s going to scream her
fucking head off." Bridget said in a low tone as Alyssa left. "She won’t be able
to walk straight for at least a week." Jen added. The two conspirators giggled
quietly. Jennie sniffed the air, "You’ve been exercising this morning?" Bridget
grabbed Jennie around the waist and pulled her in. "Thought it might help Alyssa
to relax." The two blue eyed blonde nymphs kissed a few times their lips
smacking as they touched. "Let’s go back to bed, you can help me relax." Jen
suggested. Bridget grabbed her clothes and they walked out of the bathroom arm
in arm.

Alyssa paused outside the door, reaching for the handle she could feel her
palm perspiring. Slowly turning the knob she opened the door just a crack. The
early light of dawn cast a shadowy glow into the room, Steve was lying in bed on
his back. She watched as his chest rose and fell with each breath. Alyssa
stepped into the lifting the hem of her gown so she wouldn’t trip. Quietly the
door closed behind her. She tiptoed over to the far side of the room opening the
blinds just a tad more. Then she sat on the bed next to his sleeping form.
Leaning over the slumbering body she gently kissed him on the forehead, nose,
and lips.

Steve awakened slowly to the scent of light perfume and the feel of soft
lips on his face. Recognizing the aroma he breathed in deeply, without opening
his heavy eyes, he reached up to caress the face in front of him stroking the
cheek with the back of his fingers. His lips parted as he croaked out a few
words, "We’d better make this one a quickie Sarah, Alyssa’s going to be here
soon." Her hands moved to close around his throat, when he opened his eyes and
burst out laughing. Alyssa grabbed his neck and wrung it like a dead duck. "Do
that again and you’ll be very sorry!" Steve was now fully awake, as his head
bouncing on the pillow.

"Sorry Alyssa, I couldn’t resist!" He said laughingly. He sat up on the
bed, his eyes adjusting to the light. "Wow, you look incredible, Lyssa." She
stood up and twirled around like Kate Moss, "Ya think so?" The sunrise shone
through the window, backlighting her diminutive figure. She radiated beauty,
sensuality and innocence all at once. Alyssa could see lust in Steve eye’s, he
leaned forward on the bed beckoning her to come closer. She smiled
innocently,"Maybe I should just go back to bed now." Steve groaned, "Oh please,
I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again, have mercy." She stepped forward, just out of
arm’s length, her feet apart placing her hands on her hips. "Convince me of your
worthiness you lowly dog." Steve admired her full figure and soft skin tones. He
kneeled on the bed placing his hands together. "My Goddess, have mercy on this
poor wretch, who fate has seen to bless with the presence of your unearthly
beauty. I beg of thee, to let thy worship at thou sacred alter, so that thy
might provide some useful function in an otherwise useless existence." Alyssa
laughed at him. "And people say that I can’t act. But, I’ll take pity on you,
but if you fail to satisfy me, I’ll have you thrown to the lions." Steve bowed
like a Roman slave.

Alyssa let the robe slip from her shoulders, the upper half slid down
showing her lace covered breasts, as the material gathered in her forearms that
were crossed at her stomach. Steve leaned back, casting his eyes over her naked
shoulders trying to penetrate the lacy cups of her bra. She opened her arms the
robe continued on gliding over her hips, and down her legs, to reveal the
matching French panties. It gathered in a pile at her feet like a wisp of smoke.
Steve gazed at the sumptuous form before him, the tattoo of the fairy just above
her shaven mons caught his attention. "Well are you going to say something or
just sit there with your mouth open." Steve closed his jaws, "I think I just
found out the meaning of true beauty." She jumped on to the bed kissing him as
they fell back onto the sheets. After a lengthy kiss they stopped to breathe,
she lay on top of him her head resting on his chest. "You sure you want to do
this Lyssa, I mean what about your wedding night?" She stared longingly into his
dark eyes, "Yes I’m sure, I want you to know how special you are to me. I
haven’t dated in over a year now, and though I will marry one day. There is a
small piece of my love, and my heart, will always belong to you." She lifted her
head to look into the depths of his soul, "Many men will buy me whatever I
desire, write songs, poems about me attesting their love and dedication. But
there will always be a price, whether it be love, money, pride. But I don’t
think any would ever have protected me the way you have. (Gag, who writes this

He kissed her again, rolling over so that Alyssa was beneath him. Pulling
his arms from under her back Steve began kissing his way down her neck, between
her breasts, licking her flat tummy, navel, and around her pubic mound. He
carefully skirted her vulva, continuing on down the inside of her right thigh,
smelling the mixture of perfume and pheromones. Upon reaching her ankle, he
started back up her other leg, which Lyssa had spread across the sheets. A moan
came from her lips as he licked the back of her curved calf, kissing the back of
her knee, and puckering little spots along the inside of her left thigh. By now
Alyssa was completely relaxed. As Steve returned to her pelvis he tentatively
tugged at her panties with his teeth. She pulled the flimsy material aside,
revealing her virginity to his lips, while caressing her own breasts under the
cups of her bra. He smelled her sexuality as it oozed from her recently eaten
snatch. Alyssa’s cuntal lips were full and puffy, her clitoris already showing
its prominence. Kissing her vulva was sweet, as she pushed froward slightly to
engage his tongue as it emerged to greet her clit. Alyssa’s hand pressed the
back of his head more firmly between her extended thighs. Holding Alyssa’s hips,
Steve’s mouth opened wide to engulf her bare vulva in a feast of emotional
delight. His tongue lapping at her little girl slit preparing her for women
hood. Wetness seeped from her vagina as Alyssa’s arousal grew, her labia lips
softened and parted slightly.

Looking up at her face he saw she was blissfully at peace, her hands raised
over her head as if in surrender. Steve eased her panties over her hips. She
rolled her hips and lifted up just enough to slide them over her bum. He pulled
them off her legs and dropped them on the floor. Steve had already discarded his
own underwear. Then he reached up and unclasped the front of her bra revealing
her firm full breasts with their puffy pink aureoles and button hard nipples, a
plastic wrapped condom lay on her exposed right breast. "I hope you don’t mind.
" She purred. "I’m not on any birth control." Steve leaned up and kissed her
nipples before picking up condom with his lips. She took the condom from his
mouth and opened the package. Figuring which way it was going to unravel she
popped it between her lips. Steve moved up to her face. Pushing her torso
upright Alyssa moved her mouth to the tip of his penis. Her lips formed a
perfectly O shape as Steve’s cock head passed through them, entering the rubber
ring of the condom, pushing on into her mouth. After the head had been covered
in protection. She held his shaft in one hand, and carefully rolled the rest of
the condom down his thick organ. Alyssa’s tongue damped the tip of the condom.
He managed to slide the straps of her delicate lace bra down one arm and then
the other without to much fuss.

She lay back on the pillow folding her arms behind her head. He descended
on her chest kissing her sternum, his tongue worked its way up her left breast,
she moaned as it swept the edge of her areola. She pulled his lips to her
nipple, working the stiff protrusion between his teeth. Sucking like a newborn
he took the nipple into his mouth licking the her breast with his tongue. Then
switching to Alyssa’s other nipple, Steve caressed that one to until it was
swollen with emotion. The little vamp arched her back, as he lifted her torso
slightly off the bed, the nipple grazing the roof of his mouth. Her nipples now
engorged with blood and moist with lust stood firm in the cool morning air.

Alyssa felt his member poking the gates of her virgin fortress. He took her
hand and carefully guided it down between them, she grasped his cherry buster by
the tip holding it steady at her slit. It seemed a lot bigger thanefore, a lump
of panic rose in her throat. He moved his lips to hers, and with a kiss lighter
than the wings of a butterfly. He scooped her up in his arms. He eased forward
slowly, using her fingers Alyssa parted her outer lips as his tip pressed
between them, "Uuuuugh." She groaned as the bulbous head settled just within the
lips of her inner labia, her breath became ragged and shallow, Alyssa’s eyes
grew larger and wider. "You okay Lyssa?" He whispered in her ear as his tongue
traced its outside edge. She gave a small nod almost imperceptibly, "Take me…
AAAAAAARRGHH!!" Alyssa let out a sharp gasp as the head of his cock pierced her
maidenhead, her nails dug into his back as the hymen gave way and was torn a
sunder. Steve stopped an inch or so beyond her ripped barrier that had guarded
her sacred inner sanctum for 25 years. "OOOOOOHH GOD IT HURTS!!" Alyssa screamed
in agony,"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" she clung to Steve, as if he could absorb her
hurt and make it go away. Nothing could have prepared her for the intense pain
of being ripped apart from within. For a brief moment she felt nothing but hate
for the man who had plunged his burning tool into her fragile biological system.

He held her tensed body, frozen for a moment in time, her chin pressed into
his shoulder as her mind dealt with the searing sharp agonizing feeling in her
loins. Her eyes watered over with tears of pain, joy, and a little sadness. He
felt small droplets of moisture wetting his shoulder. Alyssa kissed the side of
his neck, to let Steve know that she was okay slowly she began to move against
him. Steve lowered her back onto the bed, as she opened her legs as wide as the
pain allowed. Alyssa smiled she gazed up at him, feeling his manhood partially
buried in it’s new nest. Holding him by the hips she pulled as he slowly sank
further into her. Previous shock of penetration had subsided, replaced by a hot
scolding steady heat as Steve’s cock explored uncharted territory in her
bloodied vagina. Her breathing settled down a bit.

Gyrating sensually inside her Steve felt like he was trying to fuck a crack
in a rubber wall. Alyssa strained under the pressure but it was no use, she was
just to tight for a slow penetration. Steve stopped pushing for a bit, they both
took the time to relax. Alyssa smiled at him through her discomfort, "How much
have I taken?" Steve glanced down between them, "Oh bout three inches." He said
nonchalantly. Alyssa did the math, "Wow, still a ways to go, huh?" He look down
on her serene beautiful features, "I don’t want to hurt you Lyssa." Her pale
white hands caressed his face, "You could never hurt me, Steve." She pulled him
down by the back of the neck and kissed his lips, cheek, and ear. Then whispered
softly, "I love you, now open my flower."

He felt Alyssa bracing her pussy against his thick prick, as she tucked her
head into the nape of his neck and shoulder. "I love you too." Steve steadied
himself, pulling back slightly he thrust forward with all his strength. Alyssa
screamed, "AAAAAAAARRGGGH!!" as the massive cock forced the walls of her cunt
apart like hot knife, her small red fingernails ripped deep furrows into his

bsp; Steve grunted as he suppressed the pain, seems she wants to make
this a fully interactive experience he pondered. He rammed his steel hard cock
deep inside Alyssa’s vagina, stopping only when he felt it smash against the
opening of her cervix. Her small form squirmed in vain to escape the impalement,
but succeeding only in wrapping itself more completely around the shaft of his
rod. Steve pulled back half way, and lanced Alyssa again, her body shot off the
bed, "UUUGH…..ARRRRGGGHHH!"lifting Steve up as if a massive electrical
discharge had hit them. Luckily the flow of blood from her torn hymen, and sweat
which pored from both of them was just enough lubrication to make the passage
bearable. His thrusts built up in speed and ferocity as Steve’s cock burrowed
deep within Alyssa the tip kissing her cervix with each thrust. She moaned
loudly as agony past into bliss, "OOOOOOHHHHH…………yeeeeeessss!!!"

Her coated walls swallowed his cock as Steve plunged into her over and over
again. Alyssa’s legs wrapped around his lower back almost crushingly, her
tightness gave way he pumped mightily into her hallowed hall securing her place
in the ranks of women hood. Alyssa bucked as a faint orgasm was created within
her, "Yessss…, fuck me, fuck me… , fuck me… , fuck me… , FUCK
MEEEEEEE!!!" The heat within in her love tunnel burned with passion ecstasy and
desire all at once as her cunt clamped down, strangling woody. Alyssa came with
a vengeance, screaming like the wind, UUUUUGGGGGH AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" Steve cock
pulsated inside her cunt as sperm shot out his penis blasting the thin rubber
wall of the condom.

They collapsed in utter exhaustion, cradling one another lovingly, covered
in a sheen of perspiration, and blood. "You were incredible Lyssa." Steve said
panting for breath. Alyssa curled up next to him, "Thanks you were pretty
amazing yourself." She smiled wearily. "I’m going to kill those two." She
thought to herself.

The sun was now up uncovering the two lovers in its morning brightness,
they smile kissing softly as they stroked each other’s damp hair. Steve gently
withdrew from Alyssa, holding the base of the condom carefully. She whimpered as
he left her feeling empty and hollow. Looking down he was shocked to see how
much blood had been released. Alyssa’s vulva, lower pelvis, and thighs were
stained red with blood, including his penis and much of his pelvis. A large red
patch had formed on the bed sheet between her legs, Steve reached over and got
the towel, Alyssa had thoughtfully brought with her and dabbed her privates
soaking up as much as he could. She lay and watched as the man who had just
taken her virginity wiped away the evidence. Alyssa knew she had chosen the
right man to give it to. When he had done as much as he could with the towel,
Steve got up and went to the bathroom. Peeling the condom off his deflated organ
he disposed of it, and the bloody towel. Then he quickly showered off his lower
body, shutting off the shower he turned on the faucet and ran a hot bath. After
drying himself he wetted a wash cloth and wrung it out. Then taking it and a
fresh towel went back to the bedroom.

Alyssa lay on the bed her eyes closed, but her hands stoking her breasts
and nipples, still enjoying the last vestiges of her first true orgasm. Steve
sat on the bed next to her and lovingly washed more of the blood off her legs
and thighs being careful to avoid her sex. "How do you feel Lyssa?" She grinned
like a cat, "Absolutely wonderful!….and sore as hell." He cuddled up next to
the Melrose Place actress, and held her awhile. Steve heard the bath running and
got up pick her up off the bed. Alyssa wrapped her arms around his neck as he
carried her to the bathroom. "Ohhh, a bubble bath how sweet." She cooed and
pulled herself up planting a kiss on his cheek. He placed her in the bath and
shut off the water. "Aaah that feels great!" She said sinking into the bubbles.
Steve sat on the outside watching her play with the water like a 6 year old.
"Come on in the waters fine." He slipped into the giant tub beside her, putting
an arm around her shoulders. They sat a spell relaxing in the warm soothing
water. Steve tensed a bit when she grabbed hold of woody, and began stroking him
into stiffness again. "Haven’t you had enough Lyssa?" She looked at him
seriously, "We’re not finished, until I have your sperm in me." Steve was a bit
taken back. Alyssa bent forward and took the knob of his prick in her mouth as
it jutted out of the water. Steve placed a supportive hand on the back of her
head. As her tongue circled around the corona, she leaned forward and presenting
him with a perfect view of her ass. "No Alyssa, I could really hurt you." She
looked over her shoulder at him, "It’s okay I’ve done it before, it was the only
way I could keep my virginity." There was a slight look of regret about her. "No
Lyssa, I won’t I’m too big." She began to massage her anus slowly working two
soapy fingers into her tight bum hole, easing her rectal ring. "Steve I’ve taken
many men like this, some them I didn’t even like. I’m never going to let any man
do that to me again. But I want you to be the last one, so I can remember it as
a act of love." He gazed at her luscious from his eyes wandering down her back
taking in the beauty of the rosary and sacred heart tattoos on her shoulder and
bum. Steve watched as she took two fingers in her lubricated ass.

Somewhat reluctantly (Honestly), Steve placed the tip of his rock hard dick
at the rosebud of Alyssa’s anus. Feeling his tip tickle her bum Alyssa eased
herself back onto him. "AAARGH!" they both gasped as the tip opened her anus and
slipped in. Her bum was still quite tight, once he was in the pressure lightened
up. "Mmmmmmmh, ya that feels goood baby, fuck my slut assss!" She hissed. Steve
held her by the hips as he rocked her rectum, his right hand over her sacred
heart. He looked down as he rammed his prick into her ass. It stretched round
his huge organ, the rectal muscles tight like rubber seals, he was amazed she
wasn’t screaming in pain or being ripped open. He slammed her again and again,
watching Alyssa’s head bob up and down. "Ohhh Steve I want your sperm so bad,
cum in my ass, harder, Harder Cum in your whore’s ASS!" Alyssa had never had
such a big cock up her ass before. She felt her bum hole stretched to a new
limit, she wanted to scream in agony. Biting her lip to subdue the pain, she was
glad Steve couldn’t see her face, as the teardrops fell into the soapy water.
Thrusting deep inside her he sprayed her rectum with cum as Alyssa trembled with
her own orgasm. "AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGH!" Let his cock soften inside her, Steve
eased his way out with a plop. Alyssa lay back down in the tub, "Ohh man that
was incredible!" She hugged and kissed him gratefully. "Thanks, lover." Steve
hated to admit it but it did feel good, to bad he’d never get to do it again. He
lay down with her, closing his eyes. It was a great way to start the day. The
water soon cooled down then they got out and toweled off, Steve wrapped Alyssa
in a big fluffy robe and carried her back to bed. Glancing at the clock he saw
it was 7AM, what had seemed like an eternity was in fact only a couple of hours.

They slept until 7:30 AM when a soft knock at the door awaken them. Steve
sat up, Alyssa rolled over sleepily moving into a sitting position, "Come in."
She said groggily, pulling the bed sheet up over her breasts. The door opened
and two girls came in with two covered trays.

"We thought you guy’s might want breakfast in bed this morning."

Sarah said walking over to Steve’s side of the bed. Heather came in behind
her. "Where did you get the maids uniforms." Steve asked. "They came with the
guest house." Heather replied. The uniforms were cute to say the least, black
skirts with matching blouses and stockings. The white frilly aprons, and little
hair combs gave them a posh look, except for the black 3-inch stilettos the
girls wore they looked completely convincing. Sarah walked around to Steve side
of the bed with her tray, bending over to put in down Steve casually leaned to
the side and got a nice glimpse of her derrière. The dresses were quite short
and any bending over the girls did exposed their crotches to the world.

Alyssa caught him peeking, (Shit, you give a guy the most precious gift you
have, let him ream your butt and less than an hour later he’s drooling over some
other skirt.) She wanted to be mad but, well as long as he didn’t touch her at
this time. Steve wanted to reach out a run his hand up the back of Sarah’s
shapely leg, and slip his hand under material of her black panties to caress her
young pink slit. But the thought of Alyssa gouging his eyes out, restrained any
suspicious movement on his part. Especially since any female judge and jury,
would probably rule it as justifiable homicide. Alyssa decided a little verbal
chastising was in order, "Steve darling, keep you hand’s off the hired help. You
don’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve picked up." Sarah snickered and
played along, "Sorry ma’am I’ll try not to entice his lordship in the future."
Steve ripped his eyes from Sarah’s ass, and looked at Alyssa with guilt, "Sorry
dearest, but the young girl just brings out the animal me." Sarah frowned. "And
what about me?" Lyssa demanded. "You my dear bring out the Beast." The girls
cracked up with laughter, Steve’s face reddened slightly. It has feelings you
know. "Ya and also a name." Heather smiled.

They put the bed trays down and lifted off the lids. Steve and Alyssa burst
out laughing. Alyssa’s breakfast consisted of a short glass of milk, a cream
cheese bagel, which had an enlarged hole in the center, through which half a
peeled banana was sticking up right. Steve looked at the powdered cherry filled
donut sitting on the plate in front of him, the glass of tomato juice had a
suspicious white cotton string dangling out over the edge. Steve looked up at
Sarah Michelle, "What’s with the string?" She smiled sweetly, "That’s something
special just for you." Steve tugged at the string tentatively it was heavy. "Go
on." Heather urged. she leaned over and whispered into Alyssa’s ear. She giggled
and whispered back.

Steve picked up the string by it’s end an slowly extracted it from the
glass, one at a time the cherries attached to along string came into view.
Heather laughed, " It’s symbolic we wanted you to have our cherries too." Steve
shook his head, "There’s only five?" Sarah counted, then smacked her forehead,
"Oh shit!" She turned her back to Steve and hiked up the front of her short
skirt. Although he couldn’t see what she was doing, he had a good idea since
both her hands where at her groin, "Ugh." Alyssa and Heather smirked and
exchanged perverse looks. She removed one hand from her crotch and smoothed down
the front of her dress. Turning around to face Steve she was holding up the
missing cherry, between her thumb and fingers. "Sorry I forgot one, though I
felt a bit weird walking up the stairs." She grinned. Before he could object
Sarah stuck the cherry into his mouth, wiping her fingers on his tongue. The
Heather and Alyssa giggled like schoolgirls. Steve chewed the cherry and
swallowed, "Thanks Sarah that was unforgettable." Then they made him eat the
others in their presence, he noted how each one did have a distinctly different
flavor. "Come on Sarah let’s leave these two lovebirds alone." Heather called
out as she made for the door. Sarah followed and waved bye as she closed the
door, "Oh there’s pancakes, scrambled eggs, cereal and bacon downstairs if
you’re interested." Steve smiled "Thanks." The pair looked at one another, as
their eyes met Steve reached out and held Alyssa by the hand, "I’ll treasure
this morning the rest of my days. She leaned up cupping his cheek in one hand,
"So will I." kissing the other cheek. They made a half hearted attempt to eat
the food the girls had brought them, but ended up cuddling for a while longer.

Steve finally pried himself from Alyssa’s grip at just passed 8AM, barely
resisting her pleas to stay and most tempting offer of other pleasures. Alyssa
lay on the bed watching Steve get dressed. She eased out of bed as he was ready
to leave. She pulled him down and gave him a deep kiss.

"I’ll be down in fifteen minutes." He tussled her hair, and straightened
his tie. Alyssa walked gingerly to the bathroom, "Ow, ow Ouch!"

Steve pick-up his briefcase, laptop and walked out the door whistling.
Downstairs he found Sarah, Jennifer and Bridget sitting out by the pool. He
filled a plate with eggs, bacon and toast, grabbing a cup of coffee he went out
to join them. "Morning girls." He sat down next to Bridget, who was wearing a
white and blue dress. "Well don’t we have an appetite this morning." Bridget
quipped. Steve grinned, "Well Alyssa can be quite energetic in the morning."
Jennifer put her tea down, "So we heard." She was dressed in a pair of long
white shorts and a bright yellow baggy t-shirt. Steve stabbed at a piece of
bacon, "So what are you ladies up to today?" He asked eager to change the topic.
Sarah put down the paper she was reading, "Well were going to have our hair done
this morning, and in the afternoon we though we’d go shopping for clothes and
stuff." Sarah was wearing a plain white short sleeved blouse, and a pair of
black casual shorts. Her feet were propped up on the chair next to her. He’s
gaze traveled down from her bent knees to the wide opening of the leggings, just
able to get a nice view of most of her ass and the crotch of her light blue
cotton panties.

Steve was almost sure she was did this, just to tease him, and it worked.

"Give the local economy a boost huh?" Jennifer wrinkled her nose, "You try
wearing the same thing twice to an event and see what they write in the morning
paper." Steve feigned "Oh that would never do dear." He made quick work
breakfast, as the girls discussed what stores they would go to. Alyssa came out
holding a glass of OJ and a plate of toast. Sitting down on the other side of
Steve, and gave him a friendly peck on the cheek. "Morning everyone." She was
wearing a white blouse and pale green skirt of a respectable length I might add.
The girls looked over suppressing their knowing smiles, she had that "just got
lucky" look written all over her.

"Sleep well Lyssa?" Bridget asked slyly. Alyssa smiled beamingly,"Yes, but
the mattress was a bit lumpy and I’m a bit sore this morning." Sarah snickered,
"Must have been a big lump." Jennifer joined in, "And quite hard too." Steve was
getting unsettled, "Must you girls discuss everything?" Alyssa put her hand over
his to calm him, "It’s okay, just a girl thing." She winked at Sarah and the
others. Steve sipped his coffee as Alyssa ate breakfast, then they got up to go.
Bridget looked over at him," What time will you be done?" Steve thought for a
moment,"4PM." She nodded, "Okay I’ll meet you here at 6PM." Kisses were
exchanged, as Steve and Alyssa walked back to the house. The others tittered
when they saw how stiff and slow Alyssa was. "I heard that!" She called back as
they went into the kitchen.

The drive through town was uneventful, Steve insisted on driving. She
wasn’t sure if he was being considerate, or if he wanted to get his hands on her
Mustang. There was only so far she was willing to let him go. Upon arriving at
the rental agency, they kissed again, before he got out of the car. "I can’t
wait till we make love again." Alyssa whispered. Steve smiled. "Me neither, but
next time. Can you wear the condom?" Alyssa’s eyes flared, "Ooh get out right
now!" Steve laughed and beat a hasty retreat. Alyssa slid over into the driver’s
seat. Steve walked to the front door of the office and looked back. She blew him
a kiss through the closed window. He smiled and went inside.

The rest of the day was difficult for Alyssa, Heather was already at the
studio on the Melrose Place set. She had finagled the director to shoot most of
scenes that didn’t include Alyssa in the morning. This gave her a couple of
hours to rest and go over her lines. She and Heather had a private lunch where
Heather got her to spill her guts about the mornings events. The afternoon
during her shoot, Alyssa kept getting laughing attacks. But in all she managed
to make it through the day without causing too much trouble. Steve had a less
difficult day but he did find his concentration slipping during his morning
meeting. He dumped hid date into their mainframe and then wiped the hard drive,
laptops were considered to vulnerable to hold classified information for any
length of time. The photos he had sent back from Japan confirmed that the North
Koreans were the new owners of a Soviet Alfa class hunter/killer submarine.
Steve spotted the shadow of the sub in an aerial reconnaissance photo of
Pongyang harbor. Though it took 4 hrs of computer resolution enhancement before
anyone else could see it. This would definitely alter the balance of power in
the region, the Russians must have been desperate for cash to sell on of these
baby’s. No wonder the North Koreans didn’t have money for food. The Alfa class
submarine was the last class hunter/killer subs to be developed before the end
of the cold war. Nuclear powered with a hull of pure titanium, it was faster
then anything in the West, unconfirmed reports said it could even out run the
torpedoes the U.S. Navy had at that time. It was the sole reason the U.S. had
developed it’s own Seawolf submarine program. Although it probably did not have
any nuclear weapons,the threat to regions shipping lanes was very serious. The
North Koreans could declare any of it’s adjacent seas as territorial waters, and
no one could do a thing about it. Even the U.S. Seawolf subs, of which only a
handful existed, had only a marginal edge over its counterpart. The only real
advantage they had was there long history in submarine warfare, with infinitely
better crews. The North Koreans would have the advantage of being in or close to
home waters.

Whatever happened next was out of Steve’s hands, and he was glad. They
could run war games, situation profiles, till the cows came home trying to
figure out where, how and when, the North would use it’s new toy. Steve went to
lunch with a couple of C.I.A. analysts. Who wanted to dig up more tidbits on his
trip to Japan, especially on his assessment of the Japanese Defense Forces, it
looked like their navy might get a workout after all. Later he stopped by the
Lockheed plant and had a brief meeting with the people there. It looked like
their new unmanned drone was going to be on time and under budget. Ever since
the deep cuts in defense spending, companies were much more careful with the
taxpayers money. At about 4:00 he shook hands with the one of the engineers, and
departed to go back to the house.

Driving up to the house he recognized Sarah’s blood red Porsche 911 in the
driveway, Steve parked next to it and got out. Walking through the front door,
he was Jennifer Love and Sarah Michelle sitting on the floor, surrounded by
bags, boxes, and piles of clothes. "Wow did you two buy the whole store?" The
girls looked up from where they were sitting. "Hi Steve." They called in tandem.
"No we did not buy the whole store." Sarah said mimicking him. "We hardly
scratched our credit cards." Jennifer replied. Steve smiled, "I don’t even want
to imagine the limits you two have, if there is one." Sarah held up a shear
maroon blouse for his inspection, "Like it?" He smiled, "Depends on what you
plan to wear under it." Sarah scoffed, "Men!" Jennifer was holding a short grey
plated skirt against her waist. (Sister Act 2) "That’s nice." Steve commented.
She looked up and smiled slightly, "I’ll go try it on." Steve’s eye’s glanced
over the clothes, most of it was outside regular summer stuff, all brightly
colored, he did spy a few pieces of mouth watering lingerie. Sarah held up a
sharp white silk number, which had a small v-neck and buttoned down the front.
"Want me to model it for you?" She asked coyly? Steve smiled and nodded
silently. She hopped up and went up stairs. Steve put his brief case and laptop
away, and took off his jacket.

The girls came back down shortly, Jennifer wore a white blouse which was
tied off just below her breasts, exposing her trim little tummy, along with the
plaid skirt, her hair was pulled back in long pony tail, the white knee high
socks were a nice touch. Steve would have thought was only sixteen, if he hadn’t
known better. Sarah followed behind in the short white dress, and matching
pumps, the skirt was awfully short and ended just below her crotch by a couple
of inches. The girls pranced down the stairs and modeled their outfits in front
of Steve, Jennifer did a twirl that made the skirt whirl out like a fan, showing
off her great legs and ass. She was wearing a pair of plain white cotton panties
underneath. He could smell their fresh scents, sweet as a field of summer
flowers. Sarah produced a slip of paper and handed it to Steve who was sitting
on the couch. He unfolded it and watched the girls trade a mysterious glance. At
the top in big letters it read


Student Transcript

Advanced Biology 204

Sophomore Class


Jennifer Love Hewitt F

Sarah Michelle Geller F

Steve looked up at them questioningly. Jennifer stood there with her hands
holding hem of her skirt, "We never did thank you properly for yesterday. And
we’ve always had this fantasy about seducing our teacher." Sarah nodded in

Steve smiled broadly, then tried to put on a more serious face. "I’m sorry
girls there’s nothing I can do about your grades, you should have studied more."
Jennifer feigned a tear in her eye, "But sir I can’t take this home to my
parents, my dad will beat me, and I’ll have to go to summer school." Sarah
stepped towards him, "Please Mr. Colt I don’t want to be kicked off the swim
team, can’t we work something out?" While he was slobbering over Sarah’s
gorgeous form, Jennifer slipped on to this lap. He looked down at her dark oval
face, "Are you should there isn’t anything we can do to change your mind." He
felt her soft buttock pressing into his groin, looking down at her large firm
tits in the tied off shirt, what could he say. Sarah sat down beside him resting
her head on his shoulders, her big green eyes stared up at him. "Anything?"

Steve coughed, "Er, I don’t think you young ladies should be doing this,
it’s not right." Sarah began unbuttoning her dress, "What’s the matter don’t you
like us Mr. Colt?" A shudder went through him as a sexy lace brassiere came into
view. Not to be out done Jennifer untied her shirt, Steve was like a kid in a
candy store. He was looking back and forth between them as if he were at a
tennis match. Staring at the four peaks before him a single word came to mind,
spectacular. Jennifer put an arm round his shoulder, "Maybe we can take a little
anatomy test right now, and if we pass. You’ll give us a better grade?" Each
girl took one of his hands and placed it on her shapely breast. Jennifer slipped
off his lap, her skirt riding up high on her tanned smooth thighs.

Sarah unzipped his pants, while Jennifer reached in and pulled his woody
out. The girls looked down in shock as the monolith rose to its fullest height.
"Gee Mr. Colt." Sarah said in a small voice. "We didn’t know you where so well,
er big." Steve was beginning to like this role playing stuff.

"I’ve heard that you two are the biggest sluts in the school, so don’t
pretend like you’re all sweet and pure on me." The girls looked upset,"Mr. Colt
we never…" They began to protest. He cut them off in mid sentence, "Is it true
Miss Hewitt that you sucked off all the boys on the volleyball team?" She looked
down in shame, "I had to, it was the only way they’d let met join the
cheerleading squad." Steve turned to look at Sarah, she was scared of what dirt
he might have dug up on her. "And you Miss Geller weren’t you the star of a gang
bang with the boys swim team?" Sarah blushed, "It was an initiation." She
stammered nervously, like it was an excuse.

Jennifer was now stroking Steve bringing him to his full potential. Sarah
wiggled out of the rest of her dress and knelt before him. Jennifer had her
tongue in his ear, which made him want to shoot off right then. He worked his
left hand further up under skirt, fingering her crotch, through Jennifer’s

Staring at Sarah’s smiling face, "Ready to earn your grade little one?" He
said with an evil grin. Sarah nodded. "Then take off your bra but don’t show
your breasts just yet. She reached behind unclasping her bra, slowly letting the
straps slip from her curvy muscular shoulders. As the cups left her breast she
covered them with her hands, then skillfully removed her arms out of the loops,
without showing so much as a nipple. Sarah had managed the feat with the grace
of a first class exotic dancer. "Nicely done girl, now show me." She smiled
demurely and let her hands drift down to her stomach, revealing her Buffy
breast’s. She looked so cute in her white lace satin panties, with a timid shy
look on her face. "Why don’t you come up here and give me a little kiss." Sarah
got off her knees and straddled his lap, opening her lips as their mouths met,
her tongue wandered inside.

Jennifer’s panties were becoming wet as she rubbed her cunnie on Mr. Colts
hand, which was now index finger deep in her hot little snatch. With Jennifer’s
tongue in his ear, whispering how she wanted to get him off, and Sarah’s tongue
was licking the enamel of his teeth. Steve knew he was going to blow in the next
couple of minutes. Thankfully Jennifer was now stroking his cock at a much
slower pace, just enough to keep it vertical. He moved his hand down Sarah’s
shoulder over her left breast, feeling her rock hard abs as he slipped his
fingers into her panties. She was moist and soft, her lips parted as the tip of
his finger probed her crevice of lust. The Sarah began rocking on his finger as
Jennifer was already doing. Their fluids dripped from within as their cunnies
became aroused.

Steve broke away from their kisses, their eye’s opened dreamily, "I’m going
show you how a real man fucks. Jennifer take me in your mouth." With his finger
still deep within her she bent over between her two friends and took his
erection, into her warm moist mouth. The touch of her spongy tongue made his
cock flinch. He knew she could swallow him whole but at this point he just
wanted her to wet his appetite. Steve let long haired brunette treat him to an
oral cleaning for almost a minute before wiggling his finger in her slit and
asking her to let go. Jennifer squealed as she did so. By now Sarah was begging
to get fucked, as she squirmed around on his other hand. "Oh God Steve can you
make me Scream 2?" She whined. Steve looked over at Jennifer, she nodded her
consent for Sarah to go first. He removed his fingers from their twats, and had
each girl suck off her friend’s juices. Sarah mounted her lover with Jennifer’s
help. As her friend held the blunt stake at the opening of her soul. She eased
her body on to the spear of ecstasy. Steve held her buttocks squeezing them thru
his fingers, as the Slayer’s cunt received his woody, pulling her closer to him.
Sarah moaned as she took his cock within her. He thrust forward into her slick
warm hole as it welcomed him in its firm grip. When his length filled her snatch
he rested. Sarah’s mouth hung open like a gold fish gasping for breath. She
could hardly believe the fullness her belly felt. Jennifer leaned over and
whispered in her ear, "Feels good huh?" Sarah glanced over at her confidant, and
nodded slowly. Steve moved his pelvis and began the long draining process of
bringing her to orgasm. They kissed lightly and increased their passion to match
the rhythm of their bodies. He held her close as she wrapped her legs around his
hips. Steve got up off the couch and laid her on the floor, without missing a
single thrust. Sarah released her legs from his waist and bent her knees
bringing her feet up resting them close to her bum. She pushed Steve back by his
shoulders, and reached out for Jennifer to join them. Jennifer slipped off the
couch where she had been indulging herself, and crawled over to Sarah. They
shared a kiss then, she straddled Sarah’s face and lowered her sex onto the
blondes waiting lips, shuddering with delight as they met. Steve was now fucking
Sarah like each moment would be his last, she squirmed and gyrated under his
constant pounding. An incredible heat forged them into a single entity, fluid in
motion, thought and feelings. He felt her vagina slacken and tighten again as he
drove this sex machine to her limits. Sarah felt she was going to be ripped open
any second now, praying she’d have an orgasm before it happened. She was sure
her thighs would never touch again. It was no wonder the other girls screamed as
loudly as they did, when they took him.

Jennifer was pulling Buffy’s face into her soaking snatch, the slayer’s
tongue was magically dancing with her clit as it became engorged with emotion.
Steve leaned forward a bit as he took Sarah by the feet and extended her legs so
that her ankles rested on his shoulders. Tucking her pussy under his pelvis, he
reached out his hands and fondled her breasts. Sarah reached up and massaged
Jennifer’s swaying tits at the same time. Sarah came first screaming into
Jennifer’s cunt as Steve hardened tool rammed against her cervix, tripping her
orgasm, which exploded through her pelvis in a crescendo of pleasure. Her girl
cum seeped from between her legs soaking them with it’s sticky coating. As
Sarah’s cunt contracted around his cock, it reacted by blasting a stream of hot
sperm which soaked her insides, with its fertility. Steve pulled out almost all
the way and pushed back in, with the same result as another jet of sperm sprayed
her vagina filling her with its seed. Jennifer not wanting to be left out pulled
Steve’s face to hers and wormed her tongue into his mouth just as she came all
over Sarah’s face. Sarah gasped as the watery fluid flooded her mouth, she drank
deeply from its source. Jennifer cried out as her lover sucked at her vulva
licking up the precious juices. As the warmness spread throughout her sex Sarah
slowly extended her legs around Steve’s waist and held him inside her, feeling
his penis pulsing as sperm flowed into her reservoir of creation. He slowed his
thrusts to half impulse, and steadily rocked Sarah through her orgasm. He
couldn’t see her face, but she must have been smiling like Jennifer, in a
private dream like state of ultimate satisfaction. Sarah licked the last patches
of cum from Love’s inner lips, kissing her vulva softly. Jennifer moved off of
her friend’s face and collapsed on the floor beside her, breathing heavily.
Sarah got her first look at the man who had just enlarged her cuntal capacity
two fold. "Well Mr. Colt do I get my A?" She said slyly. Steve gazed down at the
young beauty before him, "No, that was not worth an A. " Did she ever look
pissed. "I’m giving you an A+." He said quickly. Sarah smiled gratefully, "Thank
you sir." Steve bent over and kissed her on the lips, he could taste Jennifer.
Steve lay on his back resting for a spell, the girls cuddled up together next to
him. After a while he saw Jennifer whisper in Sarah’s ear, she nodded and moved
closer to Steve. "So ready for another exam?" Steve looked at Jennifer’s
voluptuous figure and nodded. Sarah smiled, "I’m just going to prep you, so
don’t cum in my mouth." Steve smiled and nodded, "Try not to." To begin with she
held it in her hand and licked it up and down like an icicle the result was a
predictable freezing of his tired soft organ. Sarah licked up along the length
of his shaft, and took his head in her mouth. She sucked on the end and pushed
it into her cheek. Holding it there with her tongue, Sarah salivated on it and
used the inside of her cheek to wipe it clean. Then moving the penis to the
other side of her mouth repeated the procedure. Her head bobbed up and down she
wetted the first three inches of his cock, then pronounced Steve ready for
action. He stared at her wondering where she had learned that little trick with
her cheeks. Sarah just shrugged and gave an impish grin, "It’s how I eat my
popsicles!" Jennifer moved over and pushed Steve back down onto the floor, she
straddled him still wearing her plaid skirt and unbuttoned blouse. Without a
word she mounted his thick pole and pushed its rounded tip inside her vaginal
opening, gently shifting till it was in just the right place and slid her thighs
apart letting him penetrate her loving hole. Steve slipped his hands up under
her skirt feeling her satin thighs, grasping her hips and buttocks. Sarah got up
and went up stairs. The two fornicators moved in small circles, as Jennifer’s
hips wiggled around the meaty joystick. Steve swayed and bucked within the tight
confines of her womb pushing her cervix to make more room. Jennifer partially
opened her eyes, her face a concentration of pleasure and strain as she took all
of him. "God damn, I swear you’ve grow an inch since yesterday. " She gasped
between strokes. Steve grinned, "You seem tighter, than before my Love." He felt
her heated wet cunt slide up and down his cock like a tongueless mouth. He
sawSarah coming down the stairs, still naked and cute, but she was wearing a
menacing looking strap on dildo.

She looked at Steve and put a finger to her lips. Coming up behind her
friend she kneeled behind her. Jennifer felt another pair of hand on her hips as
she was being fucked into next week. She opened her eyes, and turned her head to
give Sarah a kiss. "There you are, wanna play with my pussy while Mr. Colt fucks
me?" Sarah shook her head, moving her hands to the crack of Jennifer’s butt.
"Remember what you said yesterday in the shower Love?" Jennifer shook her long
black silky hair. Sarah leaned forward and slipped a jelly coated finger into
her lovers rectum, "It’s your ass today, slut!" She whispered viciously
Jennifer’s eyes flew open with surprise as she was double teamed. As she
squealed in discomfort and protest Sarah grabbed her around the waist to steady
her while she pushed a second finger in beside the first one. Steve slowed his
thrusts for a bit, as Jennifer wriggled around on his cock. She soon gave in and
began pushing herself back against Sarah’s three lady fingers, moaning softly.
"Fuckme, shove it up my ass Sarah, please." Withdrawing her fingers Sarah
positioned her cock at Jennifer’s asshole, she looked over at Steve who was,
kinda just lying there and enjoying the show. They pulled Jennifer up so that
only the head of Steve pole was still embedded in her snatch, Sarah worked the
head of her own greased penis into Jennifer’s ass. After working a couple of
inches in, Sarah nodded at Steve, the both grabbed Jennifer by the waist. Sarah
whispered into Jennifer’s ear, "Hang on it’s going to be a bumpy ride." Jennifer
grinned, "I’ve never cum twice at the same time." Steve peeked at Sarah’s
smiling face over Jennifer’s shoulder. "On three okay." Together the wiggled the
young star around on their "cocks" an made little tiny thrusts, on the third one
Sarah and Steve bucked and pulled Jennifer down as they rammed into her holes at
the same time. "Shit !!" Jennifer cried out. Steve pulled back a bit. "You
okay?" She grinned and began to laugh, her body shook all three of them. "I
don’t think I even have room for Jello anymore." Sarah and Steve laughed too.
Sarah moved her hands to Love’s massive tits, her fingers plucking at the hard
pink nipples, rubbing the darker skin of her areolas. Jennifer leaned over Steve
to give Sarah better access to her ass. Steve placed his own hands on top of
Sarah’s their fingers entwined as the squeezed Jennifer’s white soft full
breasts, pulling and pinching her nipples. Steve opened his mouth Jennifer’s
lips descended to meet his it was a light breathless kiss, the tips of their
tongues touched, and licked one another. The sensation of the young post jail
bait’s vagina, pressing the head of his penis was gloriously exciting, her soft
heated inner walls were grasping his shaft like an endearing lover. He wanted to
make love to her till the cows came home, or until he came. His hand slipped
from her milky white breasts, moving around her back to engage Sarah’s nipples
in a game of tickle me Sarah. Jennifer groaned as Sarah’s hands continued to
work on her warming breasts. By now his tongue had relinquished control to
Jennifer’s as hers wandered in his mouth at will while his own merely let itself
be caressed and poked at her will. Steve could feel the long narrow dildo,
though the thin tissue wall separating Jennifer’s rectum and vagina as Sarah
repeatedly drove it up her ass. The tip of his cock bumped against it as his own
natural organ slid in and out of the girl, who was so appropriately named for
her best talent in life. Jennifer began to respond and fuck her partners back
with a vengeance, her hair flying around her shoulders as she picked up the
pace."Uh..uuuh…uuuhhhh…UUGHH!!" Sarah let out a soft low moan as the small
two inch dildo attached to the crotch strap of the device rubbed more vigorously
along the underside of her clitoris, bringing her own sensuality back to life.
Steve sensed the tunnel of Love’s cunt narrowing around his bulging organ,
literally wanting to squeeze the life out of him. He joined in with the girls
fucking Jennifer faster and faster, she screamed as her orgasm slammed through
her body. "AAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!!" Just as her partners speared into her like a
cheap whore, arching her back she ground her cunt against Steve’s pelvis until
he exploded within her womb, sending jets of seed into her cervical cavity.
Sarah tensed then bucked as the vibrations from Jennifer’s body passed down the
dildo and set off a smaller but very satisfying tremor within her own pleasure
center. "Uuuugh!!" Jennifer collapsed on to Steve, he held her in his arms
stroking her long black hair. Sarah wrapped her arms around Love’s waist and
rested on her back, waiting for her orgasm to recede. Exhausted the girls
flopped off on either side on Steve, Jennifer was most careful as both phalluses
where removed from her privates. Steve couldn’t help laughing a little as Sarah
lay beside him sporting an erection that was almost as big as the one he had.
She glanced sideways at him, "Keep laughing buster and you’ll be on the
receiving end of this thing." Steve stopped immediately. He looked down at
himself Jennifer was licking his cock, lovingly cleaning off the mixture which
they had produced. It was enough to make him slightly firm again, but they had
fucked him dry. Sarah rolled over and tussled Jennifer for space, Jennifer
concentrated on the head, while Sarah got the shaft, what a team. They felt him
become hard again and worked feverishly to make him cum. Their reward was a last
burst of cum shot out catching Jennifer square in the face, splashing a white
gooey line of sperm from her forehead to her chin. She smiled and tried to reach
it with her tongue, but could only get at the stuff around her lips. Sarah had
to lick most of it. After a couple of wonderful minutes his cock was clean as a
whistle. The girls stopped and smiled at him, "Well do we pass?" They asked in
chime. He laughed and threw his head back, "With flying colors." They screamed
and kissed each other, then him. "You know Sarah, I’ve got this fantasy about
me, the Slayer, and a certain, little dark haired vampire I’d like her to
embrace. You know good versus evil, Buffy to the rescue." Sarah groaned, "Oh you
men, you’re so pathetic. Besides I’d kick her little butt in no time." Steve
swooned,"Oh I love when you talk like that." The girls laughed and staggered
upstairs. Steve gathered his clothes and followed them. Checking his watch he
saw it was 5:30 PM, Bridget would be here for him in half an hour. He grabbed a
quick shower in the other bathroom. He could her the girls through the wall in
the other shower. It sounded like Sarah was getting ass fucked again. Ah to be
young, he thought if he wasn’t careful, those two young nymphs would be the
death of him one day. (If he was lucky.) Showering quickly, then shaving. Steve
got dressed, in a casual tan slacks white shirt and blue blazer. Coming down the
stairs he heard the doorbell ring, stepping through the pile of consumer goods
the girls had left on the floor he got to the door, before it rang again.
Opening it he saw Bridget, she looked radiant in a black-purple dress, and
matching shoes. He stepped aside to let her in, she kissed him on the cheek as
she went by. Closing the door behind her he paused to get a good look at her
behind. Her dress was sleeveless, with a short v-neck in front and a low cut
back ending a few inches above her waist. It was held up by a pair of one inch
wide straps and came down to mid-thigh with a short four inch slit up the back,
he wasn’t sure if she was wearing stockings or pantyhose. The shoes were
matching two-inch pumps.

"You look sensational, Bridget." He gleamed. "Why thank you, Steve." She
beamed. "But I bet you say that to all the girls." Steve smiled, "You’re running
with a high class crowd, but you are unique."

He lifted her chin and kissed her tenderly, her response was warm and firm.
"Boy does that ever sound familiar." They both looked up to see Jennifer and
Sarah leaning over the railing at the top of the stairs, dressed in a pair of
smaller then would be wise towels, from down here he could see both of their
muffs quite clearly. Their wet hair wrapped up in set of seemly bigger towels.
Sarah turned to Jennifer in a mocking tone,"You’re so special my dear." Jennifer
replied in like, "You’re my only love." They gestured and laughed. Steve and
Bridget smiled at them,"I’m almost old enough to be your Father, and I can come
up there and paddle both of your butts." The girls descended the stairs, "You
wish." Sarah challenged. "You had your chance." Jennifer followed. Steve stared
at them, trying not to think how seductive they looked in those towels, while he
was in Bridget’s arms. "You young kids today." He said shaking his head. They
ignored him and each gave Bridget a kiss hello. She released Steve and looked
around the room. "Looks like you girls did okay today." Jennifer smiled, "Ya we
got some really cool stuff." She held up a cute little red dress, for Bridget to
see. "Very nice taste." Steve’s tongue almost touched the floor when he
envisioned how she would look in the outfit. "We’ll see you guys at 9PM sharp,
here’s the directions to my Dad’s place, and the phone number." Sarah took the
paper and nodded. "See you there." She replied. "Well you all ready Steve?" He
grabbed his jacket and offered his arm. Bridget slipped her arm through his.
"Mind your manners now. " Sarah smiled as she kissed him like a mother. "And eat
all your veggies." Jennifer said condescendingly. Steve smirked and turned to
make a quick grab for their towels. But the girls being younger and faster they
saw it coming, and put their arms around their waists,quickly stepping back out
of reach. "Pervert!" They shouted at him.

Bridget pulled Steve towards the door, muttering something about child
molester. The pair got in her sky blue Cadillac. Steve asked her like a teenage
kid if he could drive. She gave him the keys, "Be gentle." She smiled. "Aren’t I
always?" Steve replied. Bridget rolled her blue eyes and shook her head.

The car was a dream to drive, but then again weren’t they all. As they
drove through L.A. and followed the highway through the San Fernando Valley,
Bridget chatted about her famous family. Telling Steve about their past and
present relations. Aunt Jane was coming to dinner and Winona’s parents too. She
told him who was coming to the reception later. It sounded like Oscar alumni
reunion, except it was Uncle Jack and Uncle Dennis, instead of Mr. Nicholson and
Mr. Hopper. Steve smiled, "And me without my autograph book." Bridget looked at
him daringly, "Don’t be so tacky." She gazed fondly at the man she was to
introduce to her family, and friends, a man she barely knew but had come to love
and trust so quickly.

What was it about this virtual stranger that so captured her admiration,
and a desire to be close to. Could it be his confidence, charm, sensitivity, or
maybe it was his sexual prowess. " Wait a minute, what if he’s bisexual?" She
thought to herself. "No he couldn’t be, Oh God that’s why he seems so perfect."
Then again she and the other girls were bisexual, but that was different she

Steve caught her staring at him, "Penny for your thoughts?" She smiled
generously, "Oh nothing." He glanced over at her, "You’re a good actress
Bridget, but not that good." She looked out the window trying to seem
nonchalant, "Mind if I ask you a personal question?" He looked over and grinned,
"Sure go ahead." She looked back at him her piercing blue eyes full of worry,
Now please don’t be mad at me for asking but, are you…." Steve glanced over at
her "Great he thought one of those questions." He listened for the safe to drop.
"Bisexual?" It took a second for the question to actually make it to his brain.

He glanced at her a couple of times, realizing that either answer might be
appropriate. He decided on the truth in a diplomatic manner. "Well I’ve never
done it with a man before, if that’s what you’re asking." Bridget took that as a
no, and breathed a huge sigh of relief. "What made you ask that?" He smiled.
"Just curious, I mean you are quite sexually active, yet you’re also quite
reserved and very sensitive towards others." Steve grinned, "Let’s just say
before I met you ladies I was almost a priest, and as for being sensitive, it
only applies to those I care about." She smiled warmly, since I’m taking you to
meet my family, "Is there, anything about you I should know?" She queried. "You
mean do I have any strange habits, history of mental illness, weird beliefs?"
She nodded, "Don’t make it sound so bad." A sly look came over his face, "Well I
believe in U.F.O.s, I like to clip my toe nails at the dinner table, oh and I
think Elvis is still alive." Bridget frowned, "Cute, really cute."

Steve shook his head "Bisexual, really. Wait until I get you alone, or
maybe I’ll just take you on the table during the appetizer, that should make the
dinner conversation more interesting huh?" She made a face at him, "Now you’re
just being crude." Steve glanced over "Sorry, I guess you can’t just pick up a
tabloid, and read about my life history, or surf the net, and find a fan page on
me huh. I promise I’ll tell you more about me when I get a chance." He looked
over at her soft from as the sun light bounced off her golden hair, her sea blue
eyes stared at the rows of orange trees as they went by. "Bridget?" She turned
her face slightly as if caught in the middle of a daydream. "Huh?" Steve
continued, "Will you be going back to your house in New York any time soon?" She
shook her head. "Not till maybe next March."

"I’ve been thinking, I really don’t need to be back in New York until
Monday, maybe I could take the next two days off and take kind of a long
weekend." Bridget shrugged her shoulders not wanting to appear to eager. "Do you
have any idea as to what your plans are?" She said casually. He shrugged, "I
don’t know, I thought maybe we could…" Bridget wondered "Well I don’t know, I
have an interview and photo shoot tomorrow with a magazine. I was going to spend
the weekend with my Dad in Cancun. Ever gone horseback riding?" Steve shook his
head. " My Dad has a 300 acre ranch in Colorado. It’s wonderful up there this
time of the year, and I have a mare named Carmel, interested?" Steve thought for
a second,"Well if your dad doesn’t mind it sound great." Bridget let out
something between a squeal and a purr as she undid her seat belt and slid across
the seat to give him a big hug. "Now Bridget mind the State Transport safety
regulations. " He lectured. "I’m sure my Dad will let me take you to the ranch."
She said, like a sixteen-year-old, who was hoping to get her Fathers permission
to borrow the car. Were almost there, turn up this next right, Steve pulled off
onto what looked like a dirt road that went on for a mile. "How big is this
place?" He asked. "Only two hundred acres or so, we grow oranges here, and keep
a small stable of horses. I usually bring Carmel down here for the winter.
There’s the driveway." She pointed out. Steve pulled up to a stone gateway with
an old style wrought iron gate. There was a camera a top one of the posts, and a
small control box with a key card slot and speaker. Bridget leaned across Steve
as she inserted the card and entered the code. Steve wanted to slide his hand up
her dress, but was mindful of the camera pointing down at them. Wouldn’t want to
make a bad first impression on the hosts. Instead he used his left hand which
was under her body to cop a cheap feel of her breast as she moved in front of
him. She finished entering the code and pulled back from him. "Charming, I’m
bringing home exactly the kind of guy my Dad always warned me about." Steve
smiled as the gate opened and he drove through. The driveway itself was long
over a hundred yards ending in a parking circle big enough for twenty cars, the
house was a popular Spanish style three story structure with the usual red tiled
roof, and white adobe finish. Bridget pointed him to a parking spot. Turning off
the engine he handed her then keys, she kissed him on the cheek. "What was that
for?" Steve queried. "Luck, just relax and don’t let anyone intimidate you."
Steve began to worry.

They got out of the car and walked up the wide front steps, about half way
up the door opened and the family came out to meet them. Bridget ran forward and
gave her Dad and Mom a big hug, then her Stepmother, Aunt Jane and Uncle Ted.
Then she turned around as Steve reached the top of the stairs. "Every body I’d
like you to meet Mr. Steve Colt." She then introduced Steve to her family most
of whom he knew by reputation except for her mother Susan, and stepmother Becky.
Steve was really shocked to meet Ted Turner. Owner of the biggest media
corporations in the world, his companies included Fox, Time/Warner, and CNN. He
had just donated one billion dollars to the United Nations. Peter Fonda shook
Steve hand and then gave him a big hug, like one of the non-pretentious down to
earth characters, he always played. "I can only offer my family’s thanks for
saving our Bridget’s life and that of her friend, we’re gratefully indebted to
you Mr. Colt." All Steve could think of saying was, "You’re welcome, and call me
Steve." Bridget’s mother Susan gave him a bone crushing hug that only a mother
give, her stepmother and aunt were a bit more gentle. Steve could see that Jane
Fonda still managed to retain a hint of her younger glamour. Ted gave him a firm
strong manly handshake. Peter ushered them all into the house, "You’re the first
ones here Winona’s family should be here soon." The inside of the house was
decorated in a western country motif it was large and open inside, one wall was
dominated by the large stone fireplace. The living room had the typical high
ceiling and heavy wooden beams. A set of stairs went up on wall to an open
second floor. Opposite that at the back of the house were a set of large sliding
doors which lead out on to a huge wooden deck. The group settled into the living
room, Peter ushering Steve over to the bar, "Care for an apéritif?" Steve gave a
slight nod "Scotch on the rocks, please." Peter held up a bottle of 50-year-old
whisky. Steve nodded. "Ted?" Mr. Turner looked up from his conversation with
Bridget and Susan, "Ya thanks." Mrs. Fonda and Jane went into the kitchen, Steve
could hear them rattling pots and pans. Peter poured the drinks handing one to
Steve and one to Ted who came over and got it. Steve noted that Peter had a club
soda. Just then the phone rang. Peter excused himself. "That reminds me I do
have an important call to make before dinner, if you’ll pardon me Steve." Steve
smiled, "Of course." Bridget popped up off the couch, "Would you like a tour of
the house?" He nodded "Sure this is a great place." She looked over her shoulder
at her mom, "Wanna come with us?" Susan shook her head, "I’ll wait here for our
other guests, but you two go ahead." She took Steve by the arm and dragged him
down the hall. The place was huge it had seven bedrooms, four baths, a large
rec. room, two kitchens, a screening room and a den. The last room Bridget took
him to, looked like that of a teenage girl, it had a white four poster bed
complete with canopy and matching dresser drawers. It was painted pink with
pictures of horses on the wall. "This was my room when I came to visit Dad,
after they got divorced. You know you’re the only guy I’ve ever been able to get
up here." Bridget giggled. Steve smiled and pushed her towards the bed, she
pressed her hands against his chest. "NO, Don’t even think about it. My parents
are right downstairs, Steve!" His arms enfolded her buttocks, picking her up off
the floor. Bridget moved her hands up his chest and around his neck. Her dress
road up high on her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist. They closed
their eyes and moved their lips closer, "Oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing
this…" She whispered. He walked over to the bed, pulling down the short zipper
at the back of her dress. Bridget got down from him and slipped the straps from
her shoulders in a provocative manner. The dress slid down her pale form and
gathered in a bunch around her ankles. She stepped out of the material and
turned her back to him. Stretching her hands up she grabbed the top of the
bedpost where it joined the canopy. Steve kneeled behind her pulling aside the
crotch of her purple satin bikini panties. He tongue made her shudder with
expectancy, it only took a few laps to ease her passion. He got up and unbuckled
his pants, woody ready as always was raring to go. Reaching around the front he
rubbed her stomach with one hand and opened her panties with the other. Leaning
forward her pressed the dome of his cock against her vulva. Still clutching the
bedpost, she arched her back and impaled herself on the tip of his dick. "Ohh
yaaa!" Bridget quitely moaned. Steve pleasured her with the rest of his prick as
it slipped into her warm inviting vagina, like a shell into a breech. Knowing
they had but a few minutes, they rutted silently like a pair of dogs. His
fingers playing her clit and nipples like piano keys. Steve stoked Bridget long,
hard, and fast. Their hearts beating faster, Bridget cunt snapped down on his
cock with a vice like grip. "Ohhhhhh …fuck Steve II’mmm….cuummmiing." He
shot his load into her womb, which took it like a warm drink. "BRIDGET!!!!" Her
mother’s voice stopped them cold, like a Lada hitting a cement wall at 100 mph.
She called from downstairs. "CUUUUMMMING MOTHEEEER!" Bridget screamed back over
his shoulder, out of breath. They quickly cleaned up with some kleenex and got
dressed. She gave him a quick kiss and smoothed her dress. The two tromped
downstairs to see Winona and her parents standing in the front hall. The two
families had met before on several occasions, mostly at the Oscars or other
awards ceremonies, this was their first private get together. Bridget could feel
a bit of his semen trickle down her left thigh as she walked over to meet them.
Winona was dressed in a stunning form hugging black dress that ended just above
the knees. The outfit was sleeveless, with straps that tied around the back of
the neck leaving it backless. The front was modest with a high neckline. Bridget
greeted her lover, and her parents with a polite kiss. Steve followed her like a
shy child. Winona stepped up to him giving him a social peck on the cheek. "Very
nice to meet you again Mr.Colt, I’d like to meet my parents Cindy and Michael
Horowitz. Mom and dad Mr. Steven Colt." Steve almost collapsed under the force
of Winona’s mother’s hug, her father must have shaken his hand for a full thirty
seconds. They were even more down to earth than Peter Fonda, they looked like
aged hippies. The Susan came out of the kitchen and announced that dinner was
ready, so Peter and Becky ushered everyone into the dining room. The girls
followed behind everyone else, "You’d better get that just fucked look off you
face before you mom sees it." Winona whispered. Bridget struggled to hide the
smile. "And while you’re at it you might want to do something about the snail
trail down your leg." Bridget stopped and looked down at her legs.

"Gotcha." Her friend smirked.

The room was large and well lit by the natural light coming through the
large tinted windows along one wall. Steve was seated at the head of the table
with the girls on either side, next to Winona sat her mother, father, and Becky.
Next to Bridget sat her mother Susan, Uncle Ted, and Aunt Jane. Peter took his
seat at the other end of the table. As the group sat Peter asked Winona’s father
to give the blessing. Saying a short Jewish prayer he thank God for the food as
well as the timely intervention of Steve into their daughter’s lives. Dinner was
already on the table and everyone was told to dig in, the menu had been
carefully prepared not to offend the Horowitz’s sensitivity. But since they
weren’t orthodox Jews it wasn’t a real problem. The dinner conversation began
with Steve telling them about himself and his family. Mr. Turner was really
interested in Steve’s career with Jane’s Magazine.

"That magazine is the "Vogue" of the military community, tried to buy it
once, couldn’t get enough shares for a hostile takeover." Everybody laughed like
to boss had just told a joke. Before the discussion got too deep into his
military career, Steve managed to direct the conversation to safer ground. By
engaging the families in questions about themselves, being careful to avoid
interview type questions like "How did she get started in acting?" Steve was
right about Winona’s parents they were into the Hippie scene long before it was
a scene. Her father strangely enough was a librarian her mother some kind of a
scholar of Buddhism, Hinduism anything that was spiritual and exotic. (I said
exotic not erotic. Get your mind’s out of the gutter.)

Eventually the table talk came around to the "accident." They had heard the
girl’s version of what happen that fateful day. But they eagerly wanted to know
Steve’s side of the story. By this time they had just finished dessert of Baked
Alaska, which Bridget had made herself. "All that talent and she can cook to."
Steve grinned innocently. Bridget blushed under the double-edged compliment. It
took most of Winona’s acting ability not to start giggling, "And how about you
Winona, are you any good in the kitchen?" Steve turned to ask smiling. "Oh I can
manage pretty well thank you." She smiled back casually as her shoe connected
with his shin. Steve didn’t even flinch.

"Winona is a great cook Steve," her mother interjected,"She does a
wonderful thing with zucchini."

"I’d like to try that sometime." He said with interest.

"Mother!" Winona whined. Steve smiled politely,"I’d like to try it
sometime." Winona smiled back at him and gave him another kick under the table.

Steve sipped at his coffee, while giving his account of the tale easily
down playing any heroics, simply because there were none. Also he didn’t want to
upset the girls by dredging up bad memories, especially Bridget. The only
amazing part of the story to him is that he was there at all. "Never the less
we’re all thankful you chose the road less taken." Peter Fonda raised his cup
and made a toast to Steve. "Listen after dinner we have a small reception
planned, nothing big only about seventy people, all very dear friends we like
you to meet. Hope you don’t mind." Peter asked. "Not at all Bridget already told
me about it. I’m flattered." Steve countered. "If were done here let’s all
adjourn to the veranda." Becky suggested. Out of habit Steve got up and carried
his plate into the kitchen before anyone could say anything. Bridget and Winona
smiled and followed suite. They could hear their parents behind them gossiping.
Steve looked around the immense main kitchen, for the dishwasher. Hearing the
fall of approaching footsteps, he turned to see the girls. "Okay I give up, were
to these go?" Bridget nodded, "Sinks over there." It took ten steps to get to
the sink. "Your families seem to be a nice bunch." Steve said rinsing off the
dishes in the sink. "We’re glad you approve Mr. Colt." Winona said quietly,
mindful of the echo that kitchens carried. "They like you too, should have seen
the looks on their faces when you left the room." Bridget whispered.

Just then the ladies headed by Susan came into the kitchen,"Oh Bridget you
shouldn’t let Steve be doing that!" Steve could remember hearing other mothers
say that before, but not quite in the same context. Bridget looked over at her
mom, "He insisted." She replied weakly, taking a glass and putting it in the
machine. Steve turned around, "It’s all right, Ma’am something about doing
dishes helps me relax." Becky smiled, none the less, you’re the guest, why don’t
you girls take Steve outside and we’ll be along in a few minutes. The girls lead
Steve out to the back of the house where they found Ted and Michael discussing
Asian economics out on the deck. The two men looked over and waved. "Where’s my
Dad?" Bridget asked curiously. "Upstairs." Uncle Ted motioned. She turned to her
friends, to excuse herself and returned inside.

The deck which was on the lower level was about thirty yards long, the same
length of the house, and ten yards wide, with as short set of wide steps in the
middle leading to the garden. The garden had a winding stone path which looped
around the two large stone fountains and numerous plants trees and flowerbeds.
It went back fifty yards from the edge of the deck, ending where the orange
orchard began, with its rows of orange trees as far as could be seen. The sun
was just about to set over the mountains in the distance.

Winona and Steve sat down at a nearby table, "I never did ask how you two
became friends." He pondered. She smiled, "Well typical story, we met at an
audition, I had just arrived in L.A. a month before, didn’t really know anyone.
She invited me over to her mom’s place and that was it." Steve scratched his
chin, "Who got the role?" Winona grinned, "Drew Barrymore. But Bridget’s got her
Dad to get me into a couple of more auditions and after four months I got my
first paying job. She’s a really strong person, it’s not easy when people expect
you to be part of a legacy. In a way she had a tougher start than I did, always
being compared to her father or grandfather. It took her awhile to get over
that, she just needed time. Her family gets like that, did you know that her
grandmother committed suicide, and also the women she’s named after, her Dad’s
stepsister." Steve shook his head, "Your not saying that Bridget is…." Winona
waved her hand, "No, but some times she does let her feelings get the better of
her." He smiled grimly, "This should be an interesting weekend." Winona blinked,
"You’re not going back to New York?"

"Colorado, if her Dad approves." He shrugged. She smiled secretively,
"Thanks, it’ll do her a world of good." Steve looked at her, "I don’t know how
I’m going to explain this the others." Winona put up her hand, "I’ll tell them,
I’m sure they’ll understand." Steve grinned, "Even Conan?" She laughed, "I’m
sure Alyssa will be okay with it, but if not you’ll have face her on your own."
He frowned, "Ouch, I rather be thrown to the lions." Bridget appeared in the
doorway, her Father was right behind her. She came out, he motioned for Steve to
come in. She gave him a little smile as they passed. Peter took Steve into his
den, like the rest of the house it was decorated with old west artifacts. Steve
closed the door as he entered. Peter sat on the oak desk and gestured for Steve
to sit in one of the padded red leather chairs. He could help but notice the
large oak gun cabinet in the corner. It had glass doors, he could see at least
two hunting rifles with high powered scopes, several shotguns, a couple of old
Remington repeaters. "After the accident, the girls stayed with us at the ranch
for a week. Bridget would wake up in the middle of the night, upset, scared."
Steve looked surprised, "Is she okay now?" Peter nodded, "She’s improved, but…
well Becky and I, think it might be a good idea for you two to spend the weekend
at our ranch in Colorado. My daughter seems to feel comfortable with you, more
settled. Miss Ryder also thought it might be good for her to spend some time
with her, if you could take the time. "Steve stood up, "I understand, near death
experiences can be quite traumatic. I’d be delighted to spend the weekend with
her." Steve could hardly believe he had said that in front of her Father. Peter
stood up and they shook hands, "We’ll make travel arrangements tomorrow." Steve
turned to head for the door, "One last thing Steve. " Peter placed a hand on his
shoulder, "Oh,oh." Steve thought. "Here’s the if you touch my little girl I’ll
have your legs broken speech." Instead Mr. Fonda said, "Bridget thinks this is
her idea, we’d like to keep it that way." Steve smiled out of relief, "Very
good." By the time they rejoined the group, the deck was setup with food and
drinks. A few of the guests and already arrived, it was 8:45PM. The patio lights
clicked on. Becky handed Steve a drink, "Is it all settled?" Steve looked at her
and nodded, "Listen we’re planning to make a small presentation to you, but
prior to that we’ll introduce to people simply as Steve a friend of the
Horowitz’s okay?" He smiled "I’m not much good at this pretend stuff but I’ll
try." As the guests drifted in Steve talked with Winona parents, this kept him
out of the way, since most people would be engaged by one of the Fonda’s, or
Miss Ryder. Steve was careful to watch when one of the girls arrived. Heather
came first, with Alyssa in tow. Heather was dressed in white and Alyssa in
black, very nice dresses with matching patterned jackets. They showed little
cleavage, and not too much leg. Jennie arrived next with Tiffany Amber Theissen,
Shannon Dorhety, and Tori Spelling. They looked to die for, well Jennie did. She
was wearing a demure red skirt with a white blouse and matching waistcoat. Tori
was wearing a loud yellow one piece dress that was cut quite low in the front,
Steve couldn’t believe the size of her tits, they had to be 38DD at least.
Tiffany was a bit more daring in a black skirt and black shear blouse with a
nice lacy bra slip underneath. Her breasts were almost as big as Tori’s. Shannon
on the other hand was very conservative in her ocean blue pantsuit. The last of
thegirls to arrive where Sarah and Jennifer. Sarah looked dashing in a light
cream colored dress with small white birds, the dress was sleeveless but a large
blue patterned scarf covering her shoulders was tied in a knot at the front.
Jennifer wore a deep green skirt with a dark blue blouse and jacket looking
almost grown up. Steve was a tad dissappointed she wasn’t wearing that little
red number, but glad she had the sense not to. That would have caused a lot of
whiplash, not to mention marital disruptions tonight. Not one of the girls
looked his way, but he knew they had seen him. Steve saw few famous faces in the
crowd, Jack Nicholson who made an entrance. Glenn Close was elegantly attired as
always, wasn’t that Robert Redford she was talking to? He looked so plain and
short. He could see Al Pacino trading jokes with Gary Oldman. Sigourney Weaver
was taller than he expected, she was one of the few stars to come straight over
to Winona’s parent’s, Steve was surprised at the firmness of her handshake. Mary
Stuart Masterson was just adorable, he hoped he could work her into his private
club. Charlie Sheen arrived with Ginger Lynne, they must be back together. Man
did she ever look good in real life. (Not that he ever watched those kinds of
movies) Steve hated to admit it but the former porn star could even make Heather
look plain. Steve tried not to stare at her too much, if the girls caught him it
would be, "Asta la vista baby." They’d cook his bacon real good. The Leighs
arrived together, Jennifer Jason, Janet, and Jamie Lee Curtis. They each looked
stunning. Among the others he could recognize where Steve Spielberg, Eric Stolz,
John Hurt, Drew Barrymore, Dennis Quaid his wife Meg Ryan, Joanne Whaley and Val
Kilmer. The rest of the faces seemed only slightly familiar to him, Winona’s
folks introduced him to, Johnny Depp, Kurt Russell, and his wife Goldie Hawn.
Other people he couldn’t recognize were spouses or business acquaintances. To
Steve’s surprise Francis Ford Coppla came over and said hello to the Horowitz’s
as well. Steve watched as the girls worked the room like pros, Jennifer Love and
Sarah Michelle were garnering, a lot of attention from the single, and not so
single men in the room. (Like they had a chance huh.) Troi Spelling was also
quite popular, up until the time her Mom and Dad, producer Aaron Spelling came
in. Ted Turner had a crowd of men around him, Sidney Portier, Tom Hanks, and
Robin Williams. Peter was talking to Dennis Hopper, and Clint Eastwood. Jennie
was off in one corner talking to a young girl with sandy blonde hair a Jessica
Biel someone, and Helen Hunt. Heather was listening to some big older guy named
Paul, talk about his current work, while Bridget seemed to discussing fashion
the man’s daughter, (ya right) Mira Sorvino. Winona was talking with Ron Howard,
it looked like he was after her for his next movie. Steve looked around for
Alyssa, she was sitting on a couch with an dark haired woman, Patricia
Richardson and Jamie Lee. Jane Fonda was sitting opposite them with Janet Leigh.
The house filled up quickly, a low murmur hovered over the crowd. Jane, Becky
and Peter checked that all the guests had arrived. Then gathered everyone
together and settled the crowd down, only about thirty or so people could sit in
the living room the rest had to stand. Peter, Ted, and Winona’s father Michael
walked to the massive fireplace and faced the crowd. Peter Fonda waved for the
wives, and girls to come forward. They stood just in front of their families,
looking like a pair of awkward teenage girls instead of the seasoned film stars
they really were. Peter Fonda started,"Let me say I’m very glad you could all
join us in this private gathering tonight, Becky and I have known many of you
for a long time and consider all of you family." People looked around and for
the first time realized just how selective the guest list was, this wasn’t just
another Hollywood bash. There were some big names missing, who normally would
have been present without question.

"As you all already know, we’re here tonight to celebrate the gift of life,
that of my daughter Bridget, and Cindy and Micheal’s Winona. As you may recall
they were involved in a near fatal car accident a couple of weeks ago. Saved
only by the grace of God and what some people call fate. Not to put to fine a
point on it, as you have learned through the news media, and from the girls, we
did in fact lose Bridget for a few minutes. But thankfully, the person who
rescued both of them knew C.P.R. Peter put his arm around Bridget as she shook
slightly. Winona began to look a bit uncomfortable a sliver of guilt still
remained with her, she reached over and held her companion’s hand. Peter
continued, "There was much speculation in the papers about who this mysterious
Good Samaritan was, and how he vanished the next day. The only thing even more
heart wrenching than the losing children, is not being able to give thanks to
someone who risked his own life to save them. Well tonight were doubly blessed
not only by the presence of our daughters, but that of their Guardian Angel. The
group looked around to see who didn’t belong.

"Steve come on up here."

Steve made his way from the back like a waiter at a convention. The crowd
was surprised to say the least. He settled in between and just behind the girls
who gave him an affectionate hug and kiss as he greeted them. It did not go
unnoticed by their mothers. He stood between Peter and Michael each shaking his
hand again. The girls had good places as tears began to well up in their eyes.
Winona’s father began to speak as Steve turned to face the group. "We have
already spoke with Steve been told his story, in his own modest way. I think he
will be surprised to know that Peter and I went down to the accident site, we
were present when my daughters vehicle was pulled out of the river. It was under
ten feet of water sitting in three feet of mud, the current was quite cold, and
swift, not to be taken lightly. I’m pretty sure that a man of your wisdom knew
that when stood there on the bank of that river." Steve looked around, "I guess
the question everyone’s wondering is why I did what I did. Mostly it was out of,
instinct, reaction and fear." Everyone was puzzled at Steve’s last remark. He
continued, "I guess the instinct came from my years in the Marines, the need to
do something anything, but just stand there and watch. The reaction, well I knew
that if it was one of my loved ones in that predicament, I would have wanted
someone to at least try, if nothing else, just make the attempt. And as for the
fear, I didn’t want to wake up everyday for the rest of my life wondering could
I have made a difference, did I do the right thing. I guess that’s why I jumped
in when I did. I don’t know who was more scared, me or the girls. The look on
Miss Ryder’s face when she saw me outside the car, was as shocked as the look I
must have give her when they introduced themselves." The crowd let out a small
up lifting laugh. Ted stepped forward, "As a small token of our appreciation. On
behalf of the both families, It is my privilege to present you with heartfelt
gratitude, this check for one million dollars." Ted Turner handed Steve the
check and shook his hand. He looked down at the slip of paper in his unsteady
hand, the memo line simply read, "For services rendered." He looked at the
Winona and Bridget. They smiled and put their arms around him. Peter hushed the
crowd down to a quite murmur as they waited for Steve to speak. Steve took a
deep breath, he had just won the lottery. He looked out at the group of people
gathered before him, and had a strange sensation of them watching him rather
than the other way around. Steve waved the paper around over his head, "Any one
want to make a movie?" George Lucas yelled from the back, "Sure can you come up
with another 99 millon?" The crowd broke into applause and laughter, it took
another couple of minutes to get their attention. Peter put his hand on Steve’s
shoulder, "That’s a lot of dreams there, have any idea how your going to spend
it?" A hush came over the crowd, "I know exactly how." He knew he couldn’t
accept the money, nor could he refuse it, so he decided to spend it as fast as

He took a step forward bringing Winona and Bridget with him, he was going
to need their support for a change. "Ladies and gentlemen, I graciously accept
this money, and in the spirit in which it was given." He looked at it once more,
one-million-dollars made payable to Mr. S. Colt. He knew he’d never see those
words again in his whole damn life, he lifted his head to look at the girls. "I
would like to donate this money in equal portions to four separate charities, in
the names of Winona Ryder and Bridget Fonda. "The girls looked stunned, the
group let out a collective gasp. "Steve you don’t have to do that." They both
whispered. He looked them softly, "It’s okay." Bridget looked at him sternly,
"This is your chance to be set for the rest of your life." He smiled, "The price
is too high." Both of the girls realized what he was getting at, though they
found it hard to believe there was no solution. Peter stepped up behind Steve,
"I admire your generosity, but please don’t do this on our behalf. Not one
person here can begrudge you for accepting the money you earned it, and if you
ask me we got the better part of the deal." Steve turned his head slightly and
smiled, "It’s okay Mr. Fonda, I have my reasons, please understand." Peter
nodded and patted him on the back,"Okay it’s your call."

As the crowd stood silent, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Steve
recomposed himself and continued. He checked the girls they looked either
bewildered, or sad. "As I was saying in the names of Bridget and Winona." The
girls looped their arms through his and put on a smile. I would like to donate
this check in $250,000 increments to four separate charities. He looked at
Winona, "Miss Ryder, would you please accept my donation of $250,000 to the
Polly Class Foundation for Missing Children." For possibly the first time in her
life Winona was speechless. Accepting the check She nodded joyfully and hugged
him big time, then in front of everyone kissed him gratuitously on the lips. The
crowd loved it. Steve tried to respond without too much passion. "Thank you,
Thank you Steve." Winona cried like she had just won an Oscar. She wiped her
face while Steve went on,"Miss Fonda would you accept my next donation to the
Research Center for Mental Health, Bridget threw her arms around his neck,"You
are going to get so fucked this weekend." She whispered. Steve smiled, returning
her hug. The third donation I would like to make is the P.E.T.A. I believe its
People for Ethical Treatment of Animals." Jennie got up and came forward. "Mr.
Colt." She smiled "If I may, my name is Jennie Garth, I happen to be a spokes
person for PETA." She walked up and offered her hand, Steve shook it, "On behalf
of PETA, I would like to thank you for your most generous gift." In front of
everyone she kissed him firmly on the cheek. Steve grinned, a slight blush
filled his cheeks,"Your most welcome Miss Garth." Last but not least a donation
of $250,000 to Amnesty International." He looked at the group expectantly,"No
takers?" He said jokingly. He was really surprised when Alyssa stood up, so was
everyone else. She sauntered forward slowly, every guy in the room looking at
her luscious form. It was like Marilyn Monroe herself had just walked in.
Stopping in front him she held out her hand, he took it gently, "Mr. Colt, my
name is Alyssa Milano." Steve tried to keep himself from being drawn into her
deep hazel eyes. "I’m not an official spokes person, or anything for Amnesty
International. But on behalf of all those in need of sanctuary and protection, I
would like to thank you for your wonderful compassion." It was a touching
speech, she leaned forward and kissed him softly on both cheeks. Some of the
women began to cry. "Your most welcome Alyssa." He whispered. Many in the
audience thought it was just a quick stunt by Alyssa to get attention, even so a
some like Mr. Spelling gave her credit for fast thinking and guts. Mr. Horowitz
produced a small camera and asked it was okay to take a picture for the family
album. Steve was a bit uncomfortable but since the Fonda’s went along he didn’t
object. Steven Spielberg volunteered to take the picture, the women sat in the
front with the men standing behind them. The crowd broke into one last round of
applause, and Mr. & Mrs. Fonda announced that there was a buffet on the deck.
Many people came forward at once to shake Steve’s and hug the girls. Jack
Nicholson and Dennis Hopper where first in line, it took twenty minutes for
Steve to work his way out of the melee. The girls all managed to get Steve alone
to talk shortly after, their responses were, "Are you nuts?" from Jennifer and
Sarah, to "That must have hurt." from Heather and Alyssa. Jennie walked Steve
out of the room under the pretense of telling him all about PETA. She took him
to an empty bedroom. Steve closed the door behind them and locked it. "That was
with out a doubt the most noble, and foolish gesture, I have ever seen in my
life. One million dollars is a lot of money, even to me." She said wrapping her
arms around his neck. "You know I can’t keep the money. Someone finds out I have
a bank account in the Cayman Islands, there would have been a lot of questions
to answer, and maybe if they got lucky or were thorough. They would have found
out about all of you, and I’m not going to risk that." He leaned down and tasted
her full lips. "Never the less my furry friends and I are indebted to you,
$250,000 is more money than PETA has had in the last two years put together. You
knew I was involved with them didn’t you." She said inquisitively. He smiled,
"It’s my job remember." She broke the bond and stepped back from him, "Well my
furry little friends want to thank you personally." Jennie cooed as she lifted
her red skirt to reveal the black stockings, garter belt, and red thong panties
she was wearing. "Well, like what you see?" She purred. "Woof?" He replied.
Dropping the hem of her skirt, she walked out onto the balcony, it was at the
side of the house. The darkness of the night enveloped them. Jennie stood
looking out, her soft white hands gripping the wooden railing. Steve stood
behind her as she widened her stance, he lifted up the back of her skirt. She
reached back and unzipped his pants extracting his meat, stroking it gently.
Steve knelt down behind her and licked Jennie from her waist to her snatch and
back again. His tongue making her shiver as it glided down the crack of her ass,
kissing her vulva at each contact. A wetness seeped from between her legs, as a
moan escaped her lips. She pushed his head into her sex as he ate her hors
d’oeuvre. When she was wetter than a fish, Jennie turned around and sank to her
knees. Steve stood up, placing his hands on the rail behind her. She looked up
and gave him a glamorous smiled of white perfect teeth as his cock entered her
mouth. He rocked back and forth on his heels as Jennie wrapped her tongue around
his dick in her usual proficient manner. After a few gentle sucks and quiet
licks, Jennie stopped short before she got a mouthful. Not that she would have
minded, but this time she wanted him to cum in her cunt. Steve helped her to her
feet and turned her around Jennie raised the back of her skirt for him exposing
her white tight ass for his viewing and entertainment pleasure. She spread her
feet wider as he penetrated her cunt with his manly rod. "Ohhh brrring
out the tramp in meeee. Treat me like your private whore, and take me like a
bitch.." Steve stepped in closer as Jennie took his length, he put one hand
around her waist and other on the railing beside hers. Jennie wiggled around on
his cock like a hooked fish as Steve thrust her slow and hard. Their lips kissed
in a search for lust. She let out little gasps each time her pussy settled at
the base of his cock, flexing her trimmed long legs as she was fucked from
behind like a whore in an ally. Her vaginal cavity rippling with pulses of
sensation. As she felt her lover drive her cunt walls apart again, and again.
Only to have her tightly wound pussy press the foreign object back. Steve
grunted as his thrusts became faster and higher. Poor Jennie was being lifted to
her toes, even in the two-inch heels that wore. Fortunately the fear of being
discovered at any moment heightened her emotional erotic sensitivity, her pelvis
heaved violently as her orgasm erupted, when Steve set off her G-spot, almost
bucking her off the balcony. Good thing they had a tight grip on that railing.
"Here’s another donation for you to take to the bank Miss Garth." Steve’s cock
emptied the last of its reserves into Jennies open womb, spreading warmth
throughout her entire body. She collapsed into his arms, pivoting on his still
ridged penis, while he nipped at her neck. Feeling himself soften within her,
Steve with drew his spent prick and let her skirt drop back into place. Jennie
turned around and kissed him deeply with a passion of a thousand angels. "I’ll
keep that one for myself." She mused. He held her hands as she bent down on her
knees and took his limp cock into her warm mouth once again. Jennies talented
tongue licked their juices from his dick as she deep throated him several times.
If he had anymore to give he would have cum down her throat in a second. Steve
helped her up and put his arm around her waist as the walked back into the room.
"Thanks Jen that was unforgettable." She smiled slyly, "For quarter of a million
bucks it had better be." She shook her blonde locks, "The things I do for
charity." They both laughed and headed back downstairs. Jennie squeezed her
thighs together as she felt his cum leaking from her pussy. Heather met them in
the hall. "And where have you two been, or should I ask?" Jennie smiled "I was
just telling Mr. Colt, more about how PETA works, and thanking him again for his
financial assistance." Heather looked down the long hall and gently backed
Jennie against the wall. Smiling at her she placed a hand on her leg and moved
it up under the smaller blondes skirt. Jennie’s eyes went wide as she watched
for somone coming. "Heather." She whispered. Steve froze not sure of Heathers
intent. Jennie let out a small yelp as older women inserted a finger into her
still wet cum soaked pussy, and twirled it around. Heather pulled it out quickly
and brought the slimey mixture to her lips, "Mmmmmmmmhh not a bad year." She
grinned evilly. Jennies sighed well if that’s what you wanted why didn’t you
just ask?" She said raising her skirt."Shit!" Steve whispered what are you two
doing!" The girls looked at him and grinned, "You just keep watch tiger, you had
your fun." Heather told him. She then sank to her knees and proceeded to lick
his cum from her friends dripping snatch. Jennie widened her stance and leaned
back against the wall. Using her and fingers to open up Jennie wide, Heather
probed deep with her tongue licking the sperm from Jennie’s walls. "Mmmmh..yaa
get it all Heather." She said bucking on her freinds face. Jen had another
smaller orgasm. Heather was careful not to smear her makeup, after she was done,
she gave Jennie wet tongue wrenching kiss that made Steve green with envy.
"Thanks Heather." Jennie said dreamily. "What are friends for." She
responded,"By the way Patricia Richardson is outside asking for you." Jennie
nodded. "Come on Steve, I’ll introduce you to around some more." Heather
offered. "Oh one more thing" Heather cautioned as she pulled her hand out of her
pocket. "Breath mint?" She said offering them to Jennie. They both giggled.
Jennie replied taking two, Heather took one herself, as did Steve shaking his
head. "Thanks again Steve really your that greatest." Jen said giving him a
parting kiss. He grinned widely,"Worth every penny Miss Garth." Her hand swung
out at empty air as Heather yanked him away. Heather escorted Steve down the
hall, "Well you’re quite a hit tonight. The women think you’re adorable, the men
are respectful but they have their suspicions." Steve flinched. "About the
money." She continued. "Some suspect you’re secretly wealthy, others think
you’re trying to con your way into the Fonda /Turner fortune." Steve laughed,
"Anymore interesting gossip?" Heather grinned, "They’re trying to figure out
which one of the two you’re sleeping with. Many think it’s Bridget, others
suspect Winona, the rest are convinced you’re too nice of a guy, so you must be
gay." Steve looked at her sternly. "Hey don’t look at me like that. I didn’t
start it." She giggled. "Maybe you could flirt with me a bit and I could…."
She looked at him sideways, "You’d love that wouldn’t you." He grinned
sheepishly, "Just a thought." Entering the main parlor they discovered most
people had gone outside, Tori Spelling, Meg Ryan, and Mira Sorvino were sitting
on a couch talking. Glenn Close was nearby with Danny Glubber, and Jack Lemmon.
Steve made a beeline for the trio on the couch, "Behave yourself. "Heather
whispered." Steve answered out of the corner of his mouth, "Yes mother." Meg
Ryan looked up, as they approached "Hi Heather." In a voice that belied her cute
button nose and ice blue eyes. Heather made the introductions, Steve almost
looked at Tori’s tits while shaking her hand they looked a lot bigger up close.
Mira Sorovino was a slim elegant figure, extremely attractive in her short white
front buttoned dress. Although her boobs were much smaller than Miss Spellings,
her long sexy legs more than made up for it. He was surprised how intelligent
she was, Tori was a little lacking in that department, course she didn’t need
brains. As Steve was talking to the girls, Bridget came over with Eric Stoltz
and introduced them. Heather and Meg excused themselves going outside to get
some air. After a while Bridget noticed that Tori was flirting with Steve,
casually adjusting the straps of her top, spilling wine on her breasts, giving
him little "Fuck me!" looks when she thought Bridget wasn’t looking. Bridget
made the excuse of wanting to Steve to meet someone else and pried him away from
the group. "Nice girl that Miss Spelling." He mused as the walked out of
earshot. Bridget groaned and mumbled something about,"Silicone brain implants."
Out on the deck people were eating, some dancing to the low blues music piped
outside. A cool breeze swept through the night, as the garden glowed under the
soft exterior lights hung in the trees. Looking for the others, he saw Sarah
talking with Jennifer Jason-Leigh, and Helen Hunt. Winona was eating at a table
with Val and Joanne Kilmer, while Jennifer was dancing with Johnny Depp and
Alyssa was dancing with Brad Pitt. Bridget pulled Steve out onto the dance
floor, it was "Strangers in the night." She felt soft and light in his arms,
"Hey you’re a pretty good dancer." She exclaimed. He smiled, "Officer training
school, and you’re very good yourself." She blushed, "Finishing school." People
remarked how well they moved together. "Enjoying yourself?" She asked timidly.
"Your family has some very nice friends. I can’t believe who I met tonight, I
shook hands with Clint Eastwood, Sigourney Weaver kissed me!" He smiled like a
schoolboy. Bridget smiled, "Uncle Clint, gave me my first pony on my 10th
birthday." Steve looked at her, "Uncle Clint!" They moved closer together almost
touching, he could see the pale moonlight reflecting from her eyes. She couldn’t
see a damn thing in his. The song ended and the two walked over to the railing.
They gazed out at the garden, fountains trickled water, into the small ponds,
which glimmered in the soft light. "Whose that down there with Heather and
Jennie?" Steve asked. Bridget peered at the three standing at the bottom of the
lawn. "I don’t know." Steve saw something that didn’t quite look right. "Do
Jennie and Heather smoke?" He asked casually. She shook her head. He held
Bridget by the upper arm, and whispered into her ear as he turned her around
towards the house. "Go find your Father, get him out here now." A look of
bewilderment dropped over her face. Before she could ask why he was gone.
Bridget went back into the house. Steve turned and left, walking quickly down
the steps to the lawn. Taking the snaking pathway around the flowerbeds and
fountains. He was ten yards away from the trio, the man had his back to him.
Bridget found her dad in the kitchen with Steven Spielberg and Uncle Ted. Peter
smiled at her when he saw her come in, then frowned as he saw the look on her
face. All three men stopped talking, "What’s wrong honey?" He inquired. "There’s
this guy outside, at the bottom of the garden with Jen and Heather. I don’t know
who he is." "Steve thinks there’s something wrong, he’s gone down there
to……" BANG!! BANG!! They all turned to look in the direction of the sounds,
Bridget ran for the door before anyone could garb her. BRIDGET!" Peter yelled
after her, then he and Ted ran too. The sound of gunfire rang out the people on
the deck froze, and looked around, Robert Redford spotted the gunman first.
People rushed to the rail like witnessing a car accident, some ran back into the
house. Becky went inside and called 911. Bridget came out rushing across the
deck running towards the steps to the garden. Sidney Portier swept her up in his
arms as she tried to rush by. "LET ME GO, LET ME GO!!!" She screamed. The large
man wrapped her in his strong arms. "No it’s to dangerous, you can’t help them!"
He yelled in his thick accent, stroking her hair as she cried sobbingly into his
chest. The other’s Alyssa, Sarah, Jennifer and Winona, stood clutching the rail
like statues disbelieving the event unfolding before them. One at a time they
began to quietly weep. Heather spotted Steve coming down the trail, "STEVE!" She
screamed. The man turned as Steve broke into a charge. The first two shots were
fired in rapid succession, the first one winging his right arm, the second
penetrating near the shoulder. Steve staggered sideways under the impact of the
bullets. Jennie screamed, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" The gunman fired again, the third
bullet torn into the left side of Steve’s chest. He went down on his knees, then
flopped over onto his side. Steve recognized the pistol, it was a nickel plated
snub nose .38 caliber revolver. He had fallen ten feet away from the assailant,
the girls were another ten feet beyond him. The man walked over to Steve to see
whom he had shot. He bent over for a close look, "Nobody." Then he turned back
towards the girls, terrified their eyes soaked in tears they pleaded, for
Steve’s life. The man a tall thin goofy, looking fellow, with mousy blonde hair.
As the man turned away Steve kicked out with his legs, striking him behind the
knees. The man went down like a puppet, sprawled on his back. Steve tried to get
up, raising himself on his good left arm. Jennie and Heather rushed forward, but
not fast enough. The man sat up and pointed the gun at them, they backed off a
few feet away from Steve. The man stood up, watching the girls he moved back a
bit so he could see Steve, "Asshole! Mind your own fucking business!" He yelled.
Then he shot Steve in the leg, the first one missed so he fired again. The
bullet ripped into Steve’s upper thigh. Steve screamed some expletive, which the
author feels is too foul to repeat here. The girls screamed something even
worst. Steve thought how many shots did he fire? Was it five or six? In all the
excitement, he kind of forgot. (Apologies to Dirty Harry) The man turned quickly
pointing the gun at Jennie and Heather. Steve slumped back down to the ground,
the loss of blood sapping his strength. The girls were screaming at the lone
gunman hysterically now, their makeup running black lines down their faces. The
crowd on the balcony watched in horror, as man aimed the pistol at their two
helpless colleagues. The girls clung to each other like frightened orphans. "I
just wanted you to like me!" the distraught man yelled as them. "Now look what
you’ve made me do! We could have been friends, instead you betrayed me. You’re
whores nothing but high priced whores. Slutting yourselves on TV night after
night, teasing me with secret messages, taunting me! You don’t deserve my
worship, now you’ll pay both of you!" Steve closed his eyes and began to pray,
if he was going to die what was about to happen was not the last thing he wanted
to see. Steve heard the clicking of a hammer being cocked back. In the darkness
of that cool fall evening, one last gun shot crack open the stillness of the
night air. A body slumped to the ground nearby. The sounds of Heather and Jennie
screams rang in his ears. One of them screamed, "Oh God, Oh God, No…!!" over
and over again. The other was crying, "Hang on, hang on…!!" Steve tried to
open his eyes but lacked the strength. He could hear running footsteps, not sure
if they were coming or going. A comforting blanket of darkness descended.
(Violins play softly in the background)

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