Sophie’s Unlucky Days – Raped in the Forest

Title: Sophie’s Unlucky Days – Raped in the Forest

Author: KarenPond911

Celebs: Sophie Turner

Codes: Mf, nc, rape, anal, oral, first, preg, mDom, viol, fist, tort

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


I have been obsessed with Sophie Turner for at least five years now. She is 16 and I am 19. She is one of my ‘classmates’ from my theater group and she is the most perfect girl I know. She has the kindest, cutest and the most innocent looking face anyone has ever seen. Her eyes are of the brightest shade of blue and her hair is somewhere between ginger and brown. And her figure. She does not have big boobs but they are still very cute and make her even sexier and her ass, though. She has the most killer ass ever and the best thing about that is that she loves to wear leggings almost all the time.

As I have already said I am kind of obsessed with her and so I have been watching and following her for the last couple of months which means I know exactly what her day schedule is and for that I chose the right day for my move. Sophie lives most fortunately on the complete edge of the town and just a few yards from her house stands a forest.

The day is nice even though chilly. I am standing in the shadow of the forest and am watching Sophiewalking down the deserted road that after a mile ends at her house. She is probably going to the centre to meet her friends. She is wearing red dress over which she has a yellow coat and striped scarf. Her long legs are covered with black knee-high socks and on her feet, she has high heeled shoes. She has ear phones on and is singing along with her songs. She looks so beautiful, so peaceful, so innocent.

From my bag I pull out an airsoft gun and a ski mask which I put on and set towards Sophie from my hiding. By her – unspotted. I scan the surroundings once more for walkers by and carefully jog to a position behind Sophie. I cannot help it but to watch her beautiful ass sway as she walks. I take a couple of deep breaths, tighten my grip on the gun and approach her from behind.

The barrel of the gun is pressing against the back of her neck and my free hand is now covering her mouth. She is completely petrified as I feel the warmth of her body. I yank the ear phones from her ears and in a low unrecognisable voice I say: “Be a good girl and I will not kill you.” She is already shaking. “Do not move.” I add as I reach into her pocket for her phone caressing her body as I do so.

I let the phone drop to the ground and order:” Destroy it!” I have to press my gun harder against her skin to make her crush the phone with the heel of her shoe. “Pick it up and throw it away!” She obeys very slowly as she realises she has just lost a way to get help.

After that I nudge her in the direction of the forest where we find a good and always deserted place. First thing I do is to yank her long scarf from around her thin neck and tie it around her head in order to make her blindfolded. I tie it very tightly so much she winces with pain when I tie the knot.

Tears are running down her face as I order: “Strip!” “Please, no, please.” She whimpers. “Strip naked, you little bitch, unless you wanna die here.” She finally starts unbuttoning her coat as her whole body shakes with silent sobs. Her dress is on the ground around her feet and she is standing before me just in her panties and bra.

“Stop! I will do this myself.” I approach her for a moment just touching her soft skin. I take off her bra and she immediately covers her young perky tits. “Are we shy?” I ask mockingly. I reach for the duct tape into my bag and Sophie senses an opportunity and tries to flee but as she is blindfolded she stands no chance. I catch her in no time and wrestle her to the ground slapping her face hard for being a bad girl.

When I’m done punishing her I turn her over so she is lying face down and tape her hands around a slim tree in order for her to be trapped and completely unable to defy me. She starts screaming but I swiftly pull down her soft silky panties and stuck them deep into her mouth.

For a while I enjoy the view of her delicious ass with the cute little asshole and the pussy that is just begging to be raped. For the time being she keeps struggling but she gets weaker and weaker every second as her resistance slowly dies out and she probably accepts all those terrible things that are going to happen.

Watching her my 9-inch dick is already hard as a rock. But before I start fucking her I want to humiliate her a little bit more. “Are you a virgin, girl?” I ask in a casual tone. Nothing. And so, I slap her ass so hard she screams through the panties in her mouth. “Well, are you, bitch?” I ask again but she is so petrified she cannot answer.

Ready to get into it I strip naked and lower my face between her legs to give her beautiful slit a few licks. She squirms around not liking the attention I’m giving to her little tight asshole. “Do you like it into the ass?” I taunt her. Even through her gag I can understand a simple and terrified.

“No!!” This was the answer I hoped for as I wouldn’t enjoy it so much if she were to like it.

I spit a little on my throbbing dick and on her tightly clenched asshole. “Then you’re probably gonna love this” I utter as I grab her by her bubble butt, aim and with all my might thrust forward, stretching painfully her lovely hole.

She makes a sound like someone’s hurting her. Hehe. She even starts crying again and her body shudders in strong sobs. Once she calms down a little I pull out the most of my length and thrust again and again, my every movement in her accompanied by shriek of pain.

After a while of a vicious pounding I start to feel like cumming and so I pull out with a small pop, her fucked asshole gaping and to my delight I find out there’s even blood slowly flowing from her dirty butt.

“You little whore!” I yell at her and she winces in expectation of pain. And righteously so as I grab her by her hair and slap her face hard a couple of times.

I move myself to her head and in one swift motion I tear off the piece of duct tape over her mouth. Immediately she spits out her panties and drools all over herself. “Please. Please stop. I will do anything just please stop it hurts so much.”

Without any response to that I take my dick and push it deep into her mouth making her gag. “Clean that shit up!” Her spit is pouring from her mouth as I fuck her throat. She squirms around as I repeatedly cut off her air supply. “Okay that’s enough of spoiling you, now to the bad stuff.” I grin as I move back to her pussy.

I leave her mouth ungagged so I can head her beg and trust me beg she will. I lick her sweet looking pussy and she shudders. “So, are you a virgin, bitch?” No response and so I put her clit between my teeth and start squeezing.

She nods immediately, new tears pouring from her eyes. I place my dick at her opening and in one swift thrust I bury myself in her virgin pussy as she screams at the top of her lungs. And I fuck her relentlessly and she cries and bargains.

As I fuck her I can hear from time to time she moans quietly but stops immediately when she catches herself. Her pussy is also a proof of her liking it as she is now dripping wet and I’m pumping in and out of her without any friction

I make sure she orgasms to degrade her even more. And when her pussy tightens around me she screams of pleasure in spite of herself. When I get too close to cumming I pull out of her used hole. She turns her head at me in expectation, maybe I’m done with her.

Nothing like that. I lick two of my fingers and shove them back into her as she gasps. She seems to calm down again as the two fingers in her snatch don’t seem that bad. Then I add two more fingers and in no time, she finds herself being fisted. And she likes it. She squirms and screams and cries but between her apparently fake sobs I can hear little moans – the little whore is getting off on this.

I move my hand faster and soon I am buried in her to the middle of my forearm. “Do you like this, you piece of shit?” She shakes her head and moans as she isn’t even able to talk. “Would this be better?” I ask as I start pushing three fingers in her asshole.

She screams: “No, oh god please not there again!”

“Too bad.” And I shove my whole fist into her hurting tushy.

She is now talking to herself. “Please. Please.”

“Ok bitch will you do ANYTHING for this to stop as you been muttering here?” She hastily nods. “It’s simple just say that you’re a worthless cumbucket…” It took her a while to repeat. “…that you’re my slut that deserves to be fucked…” she repeats mechanically. “…that you live to please me…” she still repeats. “…And that you want and need to feel my cum deep inside of your worthless slut pussy.” I add meaning to my words by thrusting both my arms elbow deep into her abused holes.

She starts repeating but can’t get through the words and then she starts uncontrollably sobbing and even begging after all I’ve put her through. “Please anything else I’m – oh my god – Please I’m not on the pill.”

“Well, I can continue with this.” I remind her of what is waiting for her if she chooses not to accept my demands.

Suddenly se completely changes tone. “What if – What if you c-came in my mouth and I – I could swallow it like a – slut I am.” I must say I really enjoy the way she called herself but I have better things for her. But she wasn’t done bargaining. “Or – Or you could my – my butt – my tight ass that just begs to – to…” she has to calm herself “…that begs to be r-r-raped some more… Please? ” Is she begging me to rape her ass some more even though she then begged me to stop.

Well cumming into her sweet pussy must be really something. I enjoy a few last thrusts of my fists into her insides and then I swiftly take them out as she yelps in pain. “Shut up, bitch.” Is the only thing I have to say to her propositions.

I continue pumping inside of her and even though she doesn’t like having my big fist in her now not so tight asshole the pleasure from her pussy seems to be overwhelming for her and as she starts humping a little to get herself off I pull out to her disappointment. And a little sigh?

“Now, before we finish here I want to sew you cum once, slut.” She moans in expectation. “But I’m not helping you. You have to manage on your own.”

“How I don’t have – my hands are tied.” She protests.

“Figure it out. And start quickly because you have ten minutes to squirt all over yourself or I’m gonna fuck you with my gun” of course she starts sniffling again and I have to nudge her with the barrel of my gun.

I must say she’s quite inventive because she immediately starts trying ways to cum without hands. Firstly, she tries crossing her legs very tightly and humping but that doesn’t seem to be doing it for her. The sight is godly and my cock instantly twitches.

Her hands are tied behind the tree and that limits her pretty much. Finally, she gets the jackpot idea. She sorts of sits on one of her legs and starts humping her heel.

It works, eventually she starts panting and moaning. “Five minutes.” I exclaim and hit her across her perfect ass which she is sliding along her calf. She sobs a little when she hears the time left. But she is relentless. She is set on cumming. The leg she’s using is already glistening with her juices.

She slides and moans, moans and slides. Sometimes changing the sliding for rotating movements of her pelvis.

And with about a minute to go she really cums.

First, she tenses and starts grunting and then humping at top speed. Then she finally cums, she starts jerking her body in the spasms of her own orgasm, sobbing from the shame. When her orgasm starts getting weaker she once again humps her heel a couple of times and then sticks her round ass up in the air and I can see she’s really squirting.

When it stops I grab her by her waist and shove my hand back into her now incredibly wet pussy. I make her cum three more times in about five minutes and she’s completely spent after that. Her pussy is gapping and she’s panting on the ground with a smile on her face. I bet she hasn’t had that many good orgasms ever before and she probably convinced herself for the while it was someone else doing it to her.

That’s when I put my rock-hard cock in her mouth and order: “Suck!” She wakes up from her daydream and starts sucking hungrily, like her life depended on it. She’s doing her best to make me cum. She even pushed herself balls-deep onto my dick where she holds almost a minute.

When I feel like cumming I pull out of her and she shrieks as she realises what I about do. “No, no, no please. Come back here you can cum in my mouth and – and I’ll swallow it all as the good cumslut I am.” But I’ve made my decision to cum deep inside of her and hope she’ll get pregnant.

“Shut up bitch!” I flick her hard across her still sensitive clit and a little of fluid squirts from her pussy. She really shuts up and only starts crying again. I put my dick inside of her as she gasps. “Now I want you to fuck yourself with my hard cock and say out loud who you are.”

She complies pretty quickly, she’s probably already tired of all this and wants it be over as soon as possible. She starts riding my cock in doggy style. “I’m your cumslut!” She exclaims, hiding moan with scream of pain.

“Yeah you are. And where do you want my cum, slut?”

She takes a long deep breath, suppressing another pleasurable sound. “I want it in my pussy. Please cum in me, please.” I like it when she’s begging. “Faster, bitch.” I’m getting close. She complies. “I need your cum.” With that she thrusts her pelvis one more time and I start cumming inside of her, holding myself in her by her perfect ass.

I squeez her clit and she starts once again cumming around my cock squeezing it and making me cum even more. She cries and screams in pleasure all at once.

“Milk my cock. Get it all out.” I cum for almost a minute and then I stay in her to keep as much of my cum in her as possible. She lays under me probably wanting to die. When I finally pull out she sighs a little. I put my dick into her mouth and let her clean me, tears rolling down her face.

When I’m satisfied a tape her mouth again and slap her for a good measure. Then I go through her handbag and I find the right thing – a deodorant bottle, it is almost eight inches long. I shove it deep inside of her ass and she winces but lets out a horny moan when one of my fingers trails down to her cum-dripping pussy. I tape her asshole and pussy with some more tape.

Then I collect all her belongings into her bag, except for her panties and stockings which go into my backpack, leaving her with absolutely no clothes. I have to take a couple of pictures.

I look one last time at my work, pick up her bag and leave.

“See you soon, my cumslut!”

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