Girl On Girl On Girl…: Class of ’96

Title: Girl On Girl On Girl…: Class of ’96

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Zendaya, Anya Taylor-Joy, Hailee Steinfeld, Katherine Langford, Sophie Turner, Abigail Breslin, Brianna Hildebrand

Codes: F+, oral, anal, ws, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on a pool party at night, where we see the girls frolicking and laughing.  The scene then dissolves to them in and around the pool, making out and groping each other, bathing suits partially off in some cases.  We see Abby sitting on the edge of the pool, while Anya, standing in the water, kisses and fondles her big, wet tits, and flicks her tongue on Abby’s hard nipple.  Elsewhere, Z and Sophie stand in the water, making out, bikini tops off.  Breathing hard, Sophie starts kissing Z’s neck, causing her to tilt her head back and moan, as Sophie starts playing with her brown nipples, shriveled up hard from the cold water.  Elsewhere, Katherine sits on the edge like Abby, while Hailee, standing in the water, tongue-kisses her, and Brianna, kneeling behind her, kisses and bites her neck, and gropes her large breasts from behind.

We now see Abby leaning back, looking down at Anya, as she kisses her round, pudgy belly, while two-fingering her hot, wet pussy.  Anya then leans down, and starts licking between Abby’s pussy-lips, while continuing to work her fingers in and out of her drooling hole. “Ouhm…” Abby’s brow furrows, as she kneads one breast.

Meanwhile, we see Sophie kissing down Z’s stomach, while lowering to her knees.  Suddenly, Sophie takes a deep breath, and dunks herself under the water, where we see her rip off Z’s bottom, and start licking her out. “Oh!  Jesus…” Z moans, face screwing up, and resting her arms on the pool’s rim behind her.

Katherine is now laying back, neck craned back, and chewing her lower lip, as Hailee, now a bit lower in the water, licks out her oozing hole, and Brianna, partially on top of her, has her tongue in Kat’s juicy slit, licking her clit.  At one point, the two stop, and tongue-kiss, sharing Katherine’s juices with each other.

Now, Sophie’s lying near the pool, ginger hair dripping wet, as Katherine, on her hands and knees, has her tongue buried deep in her equally ginger cunt. “Ooh…Huh…” Sophie moans and sighs, writhing on the ground, until she looks up, then laughs, as she sees Brianna standing over her, just before she crouches down, and sits on Sophie’s face.

“Oh, fuck, yeah…” Bree moans, grinning, as Sophie proceeds to tongue fuck her, all the while moaning herself into Bree’s pussy, as, down the other end, Katherine rubs one of her tits on Sophie’s twat.

Anya, meanwhile, sits in a lounger, moaning and whimpering, face contorting, and rubbing and squeezing her tits, as Z’s tongue probes her sopping wet cunt. “Ohh, fuck…” Anya groans, jerking her hips, and placing her hand on the back of Z’s head.  Anya’s brow creases, and her moans get louder and more vocal, as we see Z insert her middle finger in between Anya’s cheeks.

Elsewhere, Hailee lies with her legs over Abby’s shoulders, as the latter tongue-fucks her, while vigorously rubbing her clit with her thumb. “Oh!  Ooh…” Hailee moans breathily, face screwed up like she’s about to cry from joy. “Oh, God, Abby, lick my butt…” Abby complies, bearing down on Hailee’s wet, quivering anus with her tongue.

We now see Abby on her elbows and knees, as Z sits behind her, face between her ample cheeks, tongue caressing her pale white butthole, while she rubs and fingers Abby’s dripping wet cunt.  Down below, Anya lies on her stomach, licking out Z’s sopping, pink twat, with her fingers plunged deep in Z’s asshole.

Meanwhile, Bree lies on the ground, jerking her hips, her face twitching, as Hailee gleefully licks and fingers her pussy and ass.   Near them, Kat is in a similar position to Abby, just about yowling, as, kneeling behind her, Sophie practically pegs her with her fingers.

Suddenly, Bree starts bucking her hips, almost throwing Hailee off her, before throwing her head back and crying out, voice cracking.  Z, meanwhile, starts convulsing, as Anya sucks her trembling clit, and assaults her ass with her first three fingers. “Ah!  Oh, fuck!” As Z cries out, her pussy squirts, hitting Anya’s tits.  As this is happening, Z is continuing to finger-fuck Abby, speeding up as the orgasm hits her, until, squealing, Abby cums as well.  Almost simultaneously, Katherine comes just sort of screaming, as Sophie’s finger-pegging causes her to climax.

Now, Hailee’s on her side, as Bree fingers her cunt vigorously, while flicking her tongue side to side over her clit.  Suddenly, Bree bites down on Hailee’s clitty, causing her to go wild, screaming and thrusting her hips, before cumming hard.  At the same time, Sophie’s on her back, legs in the air, as Katherine kneels before her, finger-fucking her ass. “Yesss…” Kat growls, as Sophie starts squealing and bucking, “Fucking cum…” Seconds later, Sophie cries out shrilly, and her pussy sprays a laughing Katherine.  Anya, meanwhile, is lying with Z and Abby kneeling on either side of her, leaning over her thighs, taking turns licking and fingering her practically gushing cunt, as well as finger-banging her ass.  Finally, arching her back and crying out through her clenched teeth, Anya cums.

Having all climaxed, the seven, laughing and smiling, jump back into the pool, naked, as the scene fades out.

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