Up & Cummers: Amiah, Lulu & Mckenna

Title: Up & Cummers: Amiah, Lulu & Mckenna

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Amiah Miller, Lulu Wilson, Mckenna Grace

Codes: fff, oral, mas, anal, ws, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on our three in a school gym shower, talking and giggling as they wash their young bodies. “Ah, man,” Lulu says, “you know what I heard about Ms. McKinnon?”

“What?” Amiah asks, and Lulu answers with the universal gesture for licking pussy.

“Oh, my God!” Mckenna laughs. “Really?”

“I know!” Lulu says, “That’s gross, huh?”

“What,” Amiah says. “there are no girls you’d like to, you know, kiss?”

“Yeah,” Lulu responds, “but that’s different from licking them…down there.”

“What, you’ve never played with yourself?”

“Yeah,” both answer in semi-unison.

“That’s still different from licking,” Lulu adds, “I mean, have you ever done it?”

“I…might have…”

Mckenna immediately squees. “Oh, my God!  Who was it?”

“I’m not telling!”

“Well…what’s it like?”

“Mckenna!” Lulu blurts out, “Oh, my God!”

“Well…” Amiah responds flirtily, “How about I show you?”

“Amiah!” Lulu looks on in disbelief, as Amiah gently pushes Mckenna against the wall, then kneels down, and begins licking out her twelve year old pussy.

“Huh!” Mckenna squeaks, face screwing up. “Lulu, this feels really good…” As Lulu watches, she begins to show arousal, biting her lip, and breathing hard. “Oh, God…” Mckenna starts shaking, and her voice goes so high, it’s almost inaudible.  Finally, Lulu walks up, and gives Mckenna a long, open-mouthed kiss, as, down below, Amiah caresses Mckenna’s little clitty with her tongue, causing Mckenna to whimper into Lulu’s mouth.

Now, we see Amiah sat up against the wall, looking down at Lulu, who has her tongue buried deep in Amiah’s cunt.  Behind her, meanwhile, Mckenna kneels, hands squeezing Lulu’s cheeks, and tongue buried in her pussy. “Oh…Uhm…” Amiah moans, tilting her head back, and playing with her little, fourteen year old boobies.  In back, a curious Mckenna begins licking Lulu’s pink, quivering butthole.

Lulu is now on the floor, with Amiah leaning over her, sucking her nipples, and McKenna kneeling between her legs, tongue buried deep in her twat, and middle finger between her cheeks. “Oh…Oh, God…” Lulu moans and whimpers, face contorting, even grinding her hips a little.  Amiah shoves her tongue in Lulu’s mouth, muffling her moans, then crawls over, and slides her tongue in Lulu’s oozing slit, soon encountering Mckenna’s tongue, the meeting resulting in the two sharing their own tongue kiss.  Lulu, starting to shake, gets up on her elbows, and shoves her tongue in Amiah’s pussy.

We now see Amiah on her elbows and knees, as the other two kneel behind her, Mckenna licking and fingering her butthole, while Lulu two fingers her cunt. “Oh, God…” Amiah whimpers, moving one hand under her, and diddling her clit. “Ohf…fuck…”

Mckenna’s on her back now, legs in the air, shaking and whimpering as the other two both lick her pussy at the same time, Amiah licking her clit, while Lulu tongue-fucks her, as well as rubbing and fingering her little butthole. “Oh, God…” Mckenna squeals, only just audible, “Ohg…I’m gonna…” Suddenly, Mckenna gasps silently, and her pussy squirts, hitting Lulu in the chin.

Now, Mckenna sits on the floor, idly playing with her pussy, as Amiah kneels between Lulu’s thighs, rubbing their pussies together. “Oh, fuck…Huh…” Lulu’s moans get louder, and she starts shaking, while Amiah’s shoulders start to hunch, as both get closer to a simultaneous orgasm.  Finally, the two cry out at the same time, Amiah almost doubling over, as they both cum.

Later, we see the three in the locker area, smiling and giggling, while putting their clothes on, as the scene fades out.

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