Summer Glau – Getting Summer Off

Title: Summer Glau – Getting Summer Off

Author: Tricky Dick

Celebs: Summer Glau

Codes: MF, con, oral, mast

Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it.  No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you.  All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.  I don’t know Summer Glau or have anything to do with her.  Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.


Getting Summer Off


I was working on a project with Summer Glau  On location.  Living room set with a Working TV etc.

I was watching porn with a look a like of Summer Glau because I think she’s sexy and it’s shot by women so it actually has a story and decent acting and the girl really looks like Summer.

Summer caught me jerking off to one of her scenes.

“Oh my God!”….. she exclaimed.    “Holy SHIT”….   I yelled in shock and surprise…..  I fell on the floor desperately trying to pull up my jeans and underwear in one motion.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” I said, still focusing on my pants….  “Are you watching PORN on the set?” she asked.  Now I was embarrassed for another reason…..  I looked towards the couch to grab the remote but she was too fast and got it first.

“Wait…. Summer…. turn it off.”  She looked at the screen as an actress who looked remarkably like her began to undress…..  “Is she supposed to be ME?”  With her attention on the screen I was able to snatch the remote from her hand and stop the DVD.  She glared at me…. “Give me that.”, gesturing for the remote.  “What are you doing here?” I asked again….    “I left my script notes in my dressing room……   What are you ‘working on’ here?” she said with a smirk and a glance at the bulge in my pants.  “It’s not what you think” I said feebly trying to keep her from discovering my actions.

Summer Glau stepped over to the TV with the DVD stopped but frozen on the title page and she picked up the porn DVD from table.  I moved towards her but she immediately put up her hand to keep me from stopping her inquisition.  “She looks like me.” she quipped looking over the DVD case and reading the credits.  “Okay, okay, okay…. It’s not what you think.”  I heard myself saying it and felt like an idiot.  She looked up at me…. and gave me that (‘seriously?’ expression she’s so good at)  “It’s made by women.  It has a real story.  It’s not just people having sex…. it’s actually funny and sexy.” I offered.  “But she’s supposed to be me.” she pressed.  I hung my head….. genuinely ashamed of being caught lusting after her.   “Yes…  she looks like you.”  “Is she good?” Summer asked.  I looked up at her, still red in the face, with surprise.  “Well…. she’s not as good as ….  it’s porn……  but…. she’s funny.” I offered.  “Give me that” (motioning to the remote in my hand)…. “Seriously?…. You want to watch it?” I said…. shaking my head in disbelief.  “I want to see if she’s really funny.” she replied still holding out her hand.  “Okay….. but just…. let me…. okay.  It’s my DVD…. I know the story.  I’ve seen this before…. I’ll cue up the funny parts.”

Summer tossed the DVD onto the couch, walked towards me and made a thrust at my junk, when I reacted she snatched the remote from my hand.  “HA!…..  I think I know how to press play.”  She hit play and the sex scene continued.  “Okay but this isn’t the funny scene.” I countered.  “I think I can handle it….. better than you.” she chirped with another gesture my crotch.

Summer sat down on the couch and began watching the scene….  “She really does look like me” Summer offered….. “Yeah….” I replied quietly.

After some kissing the man proceeded to go down on the look a like.  Summer became engrossed watching the man lick the woman’s pussy.  The close up shots showing his tongue flicking her clit and shots of the woman’s face as she moaned and sighed.  The man was very good.  “She even sounds like me” Summer said…..  “What?” I replied.  Realizing she’d just blurted something embarrassing Summer tried to change the subject.  “You know this is all fake right?”  “Hang on I said grabbing the remote back and pausing the DVD right on the other Summer’s face.  “You said she even sounds like you?…. Is that what you sound like?” I questioned.  Now it was her turn to be red in the face.  “That’s not what I meant….. She’s totally faking it so it doesn’t matter anyway.”  I quickly countered her assertion…..  “Yeah….. no.  You see the REASON I like these particular films is they’re made by women.  Written by women, directed by women with stories and acting.  They may not be the greatest actors in the verse (I said pointedly)  Summer smirked at my use of words.  “but considering it’s porn…. they’re very talented.”  I pressed play and we continued to listen to the Summer character as she was being eaten out.  “So that’s what you sound like.” I said…. now feeling less embarrassed and more in control.  Summer squirmed around nervously and said nothing.

Now the man began to finger the Summer character….. reaching inside and rubbing her G Spot.  Immediately she began to thrash around and soon she came.  “You see….. that’s totally fake!” Summer exclaimed.  “He’s just using his fingers and she’s going crazy.” she argued.  “He’s rubbing her G Spot” I countered.  Summer looked at me.  “That’s not real…. that’s just some porn thing.” she said.  I paused the video again looking at her incredulously.  “Are you kidding me?  The G spot or Grafenberg Spot is VERY REAL.  I know exactly where it is and I’ve had some pretty great success with it.”  I pressed rewind to the beginning of this part of the scene.  “If there’s one thing I know about women is they ALL like this part.  You want your lady to be happy….. you need to get her excited and revved up before the main event.  Some of these Big Dick guys think all they have to do is stick it in them and they’re good.  That may be true but I dated a girl who was married to a big dick guy.  You know what she told me?”  Summer was listening intently.  “She told me that the sex was explosive, BUT they couldn’t do it as much because she would be sore and chaffed and it was literally hard to walk because her puss…. girl parts, (I corrected myself) were too sore.”

Summer nodded lightly and looked back at the paused video and pressed play.  We watched again as the man teased the Summer character’s labia…. making her really wet.  “You take your time…. don’t go right after the clit….. build up to it.”  The man began to flick her clit….. “See…. now you take it up a notch….. Girls love that.”  Finally he began to insert his fingers and rub her.  “He’s just using his fingers.” Summer offered.  “Yes but he’s not really fingering her.”  I gestured with my hands the fast finger fucking motion.  “He’s rubbing her G spot.”  “You’re telling me that’s a real thing?” Summer asked.  “Give me your hands.” I instructed.  She tilted her head as if to say (REALLY?).  “Relax…. I’m not going to do anything to you.  Just give me one hand.”  Summer offered me a hand and I held it out palm down.  I curled her fingers over so it was cupped.  “So…  (ran my fingertips over her ring finger and middle finger) This is opening.  I used the notch between her knuckles…. “Here’s the tilt button” she smirked at me. “And if you slide your fingers inside. ( slipped my fingers between her ring and middle finger like I was sliding them into her pussy.) and curl your fingers up to right about here.” I pressed two fingers lightly against her palm…. “This is where the G spot is.  You can rub it in circles (I demonstrated on her palm), or forward and back.” I was looking into her eyes watching her reaction as I fingered her hand.  “And when your ready for the fireworks you can combine everything.  Licking and sucking on her clit, moving your fingers in and out and rubbing her G spot all at the same time….. and POW!”  I then kissed the back of her hand like a gentleman would.  “Thank you for your cooperation My Lady.”  “You’re quite welcome good sir.” she replied with a smile instantly popping into character.

I pressed play and we watched the Summer character cum again and I glanced over at her.  Summer was touching her palm where I touched it and watching the screen.  As the actor began to fuck the Summer character it became impossible not to get hard.  There I was sitting on a couch WITH SUMMER GLAU just inches from me, watching a Summer Glau look a like getting fucked.  She had one arm resting on a pillow separating us but the other arm was inching towards her own honeypot.  I wasn’t really looking…. because she would notice if I was really watching her…. plus I really wanted to stroke my cock….. so badly.  I adjusted myself and then kinda pressed the heal of my hand against it which felt really great.  I guess she noticed what I was doing when I wasn’t looking at her.  The sex on the screen got louder…. I think Summer turned the volume up a little.  She was still watching intently as the man was holding the Summer character firmly and fucking her forcefully….. she clawed at him and moaned as he pistoned her pussy.  I could hear Summer breathing next to me but I was careful not to turn my head completely.  I just used my peripheral vision to check that other hand of hers.  She’d pulled the pillow onto her just a bit to block my view but she was clearly rubbing her pussy.  GOD it was SO HOT!

I thought about it…. possibly with my other head and finally decided what the fuck…. what do I have to lose.  I unbuckled my pants and pulled out my cock and began to stroke it.  I don’t have the biggest dick in the world but its a nice cock.  Summer saw what I did and at first she pretended not to notice, but then she looked…. and she kept looking.  I didn’t look at her…. I didn’t want to wreck the moment.

I stroked my cock…. and Summer watched the other Summer riding the man and cumming.  I saw how distracted she was and gently pushed the pillow from between us letting it fall on the floor.  Summer again pretended not to notice what I had done and alternated between watching the movie and watching me.  She had shorts on and I didn’t realize but she had managed to slip her hand past the leg right onto her pussy and was rubbing her clit though her panties.  I pressed on knowing that we had more time in this scene.  I let my left hand graze her bare thigh.  I then stroked it from just behind her knee to right at the edge of her shorts.  Finally I had my whole hand on her thigh rubbing and massaging the top of her thigh and the inside all the up to the edge of those sexy shorts.  I pulled at her thigh to open her legs more and she let me….. still not taking her eyes off the screen but also occasionally looking over at my cock.

I teased the inside of her thigh and she opened her legs wider….. I could see her hand working up and down over her clit but there really wasn’t room for her to do it properly.  I waited for my chance and when she closed her eyes for a moment I click the remote and restarted the scene to where it began.  Summer licked her lips and looked at my cock again….. our eyes almost met and then she stared at the screen.  I ran my hand all the way up the inside of her thigh caressing it until I could feel the heat from her pussy.  I gently traced my fingers up and down over the front over her shorts and finally unsnapped the button and tugged at the zipper.  I leaned over to her and whispered….. “I wanna watch you too.”  Her shorts were undone…. she had no excuse…. she could refuse but she was obviously very turned on.  I could see her considering it….. and then she lifted up and pushed her shorts and panties down to about mid thigh.  When she used her hand to sort of cover herself…. I tugged them over her knees and pushed them to the floor with my foot.  I breathed into her ear, “You’re SO BEAUTIFUL….. Show me how you like it.”  Summer licked her lips again and began to rub her clit.  I eased her thigh towards me again until she was wide…. She relaxed back into the couch and began to finger her clit in earnest.  I was mesmerized by her beautiful pussy.  She was neatly trimmed and her clit was swollen and glistening with her juices…. I could smell her scent too.  God I wanted to eat her pussy so bad.

I took her free hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock.  She sighed and began to stroke it.  I thought I was gonna die.  Summer stroked me for a while but then as she got more turned on she took her free hand back and slid her fingers inside…. Instead of being quiet she let herself moan and groan as she pumped her hips up in the air.  I had to stroke my cock and I moaned too……. that made her look at me.  She rubbed her clit harder and thrust her fingers inside her pussy.  “Shoot your cum” she commanded.  She was watching me and I just couldn’t hold on any longer…….. I erupted…. goo squirting from my cock out onto the rug.  Like a mini fireworks show I exploded.  Now I watched her as she neared her climax.  I muted the TV so the only sounds were her fingers and her moans as she brought herself to the top.  “MMMM  MMMMMHHHHMMMM….  UGH….. UH HUH….. UH HUH….. AHH  …… OH….. YEAH…… UH…. HUH…. HUH…… HUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH…… She came hard, her body twitching, hips thrusting her pussy up into the air.  I couldn’t take it anymore….. I HAD TO HAVE HER.

I slipped off the couch and moved quickly between her outstretched thighs.  Before she could react, my mouth was on her pussy.  She caught her breath and then moaned loudly….  “HUH?…. OHHHHH…. GAWD”  I stroked inside her thighs at the cleft of her legs with my thumbs and gave her long licks over her slit and across her sensitive clit.  Not too hard but just enough to keep her from changing her mind.  She covered her face with her hands for a while realizing what she was letting me do…. but Summer was too turned on to stop me.  Reveling in my success, I drank in her juices and moaned is blissful satisfaction.  She tasted like HEAVEN.  “MMMMmmmm.  Oh baby you taste so good.”  She sank in further and looked down at me with lust in her eyes.

I began to swirl my tongue around her clit and tease at her pussy lips with my fingers.  I felt her hands run through my hair….. it was a delightful feeling to know she was LOVING MY TOUCH.  Now I teased my fingers inside her pussy….. worming them around just inches inside….. her juices were flowing.  “Mmmmmmmm… Oooooooh….. yes……  so good.” she purred.  I worked my fingers in deeper and she tensed and squeezed my fingers with her pussy.  “Oh Summer….. I’m gonna make you cum so hard.” and with that I curled my fingers up and began to rub her G spot.  “UGH….. OH….. OHHHHH…. she moaned as her hips shot up in the air.  Summer’s eyes locked in on mine as I sucked her clit into my mouth and rubbed my tongue back and forth over it, while massaging her G SPOT.  “OH OHHH….. OH GAWD….  She gripped my head…. closed her eyes and threw her head back.  I hadn’t even noticed but she had pulled off her t-shirt and bra and she thrust her beautiful bare chest into the air and began to buck her hips.


MMMMMMMMMMAHHHHHHHHHHH and she came shaking…..  her juices flowed into my mouth….. and she shook more….. her hands gripped my head and her body trembled.  Finally she slumped back onto the couch and I continued to drink in her juices and caress her naked body.  Then….. I began again…..  This time I finger fucked her AND rubbed her G spot.

“OH GAWD…..”….. now she watched me intently and I grinned at her…… purposefully not licking her clit….. just finger fucking her pussy and G spot.  She humped back against my fingers hard and played with her nipples.  Panting….. “OH YEAH….. OH YES….. CHRIST…… FUCK…… OH FUCK ME….. FUCK ME…… JESUS…..” and about then I sucked her clit back into my mouth and she cried out.  “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK…… OH GOD!  OH GOD!  OH GOD!  OH GOOOOOOOOODDDDD!   Her body was this bundle of electrified nerves but she was ALL MINE.  Any idea of stopping me from fucking her was LONG GONE from her mind.

I pulled off my shirt and stepped out of my jeans and underwear…… I positioned my now throbbing cock against her trembling cunt and lifted her legs.  She stared at me, her eyes burning with desire.  She wanted me BAD!  And nothing short of a nuclear explosion was going to stop me now.

“AHHHHHHH….. I moaned as I plunged my raging boner inside her.  Her pussy was tight…. but so hot and wet…. I could feel her squeezing me and she grunted as I pressed in deeper until our bodies touched.  Finally….. Finally I was going to kiss her.  Her tongue was so soft….. Her kiss was deep and she was really hot.  I pulled my cock to the edge and plunged in.  “OOOOOHHHHHHH…… OH GOD…… she moaned.  I immediately began to fuck her deeply.  No screwing around….. I wanted that pussy.

I pumped her hard into the couch holding her legs up……  She yelped approvingly.  “UH….. HUH…. UH…. HUH….. OH…… FUCK….. YEAH…. FUCK ME…… HMMMPH…… YES BABY…..”   I continued to pound away until I felt her start to buck….. She clawed at me and humped my cock as her orgasm approached.  I went even harder.  “OH GOD…. OH GOD….. HARDER ….. FUCK….. JE….. SUS….. FUCK….ING…. .CHRIST…… UH…. HUH…… UH HUH…… YES…. YES….. YEEEEESSSSSSSS…..” she hissed squeezing my cock with all her might….. I could literally feel her cunt fluttering in orgasm.  (I just made Summer Glau cum HARD on my cock).

But I couldn’t cum yet.  I wanted more.

I pulled her to me and lifted her and spun so I was sitting.  “Come on and ride me gorgeous!” I ordered.  Didn’t have to ask her twice.  She immediately began to grind and bounce.  Oh how she loved it.  She rocked and rode and came FAST!  Again I felt her pussy flutter against my shaft…… and then again.  I guess this was her “go to” position when she wanted to cum because she was ferociously riding me.  After a couple more of these she seemed to lose some steam so I pushed her over to one of the couch arms and fucked her from behind.

I grabbed her shoulders and banged away at her willing body.  Summer rested her head on the arm and gripped it with her hands….. She tried to thrust back against me but found it was easier just to let me fuck her.  She loved this position too……  “So deep” she kept saying into the arm….. and I’m not that big so I guessed that I was bigger than her husband.  Finally she arched up again so I took full advantage….. Pulled her sweaty body up against mine….. thrusting up into her….. I reached down and fingered her clit and and she howled in approval!  “AHHHHHH HHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWDDDD!

Summer Glau, sweaty and satisfied must have thought we were done because she rolled over and slumped into the corner of the couch.  I just looked at her like….. Nuh Uh……   I pulled her up and kissed her deeply….. our tongues swirled together and I moved her tiny body back to the middle of the couch.  I placed her ankles on my shoulders and her eyes widened….. I smiled at her and drove my cock back inside her honey pot.

“UGHHHHH…. FUCK”….. I pressed my pelvis against hers, grinding against her clit and kissing her.  “Mmmmm hmmmm” she cooed…..  And I began to fuck.  Now I was going to own that pussy.  I pounded her and she just let me…. she gave herself over as my hands gripped her beautiful tits and my cock pistoned her trembling cunt….. she was all mine.  I thrust into her….. “Whose pussy is this?” I asked…. knowing the answer.  We both knew she belonged to another, but right now she was mine….. she couldn’t deny it.  “It’s your pussy baby.”….. I went faster and harder……”UGH UGH UGH GUHHAAAHHH….. ” and without being challenged again she cried out…. “IT’S YOUR PUSSY SIR!”  I went fast and hard with my sexy Summer Glau love puppet until I couldn’t hold back anymore…. but then she begged me….. “Please don’t cum inside me.”  She meant that.  “Will you finish me off my love?” I replied….. She nodded approvingly.

After more strokes I released her…… wobbly, she flopped onto the floor and engulfed my cock.  Summer hadn’t sucked my cock at all so this was glorious.  She cradled my balls and caressed them as her mouth vacuumed my shaft.  She mewed and purred urging my juices to flow.  I began to thrust and she moaned her encouragement around my shaft.  Then at the last second she took it out of her mouth and jerked me all over her sexy, sweaty face.  Thick ropes of cum splattered all over her checks, nose, forehead….. and as I stood there dumbfounded and twitching….. she grabbed my phone and turned on the camera.  “Here’s you ‘Money shot’.  Get a picture of this!” She ordered.  I didn’t overthink it….. I just took the camera and framed her cum covered face….. she grabbed my cock and milked it until some jizz seeped out of the tip and then she rested it on her tongue.  I snapped a couple and she slid it deeper into her mouth and gave me that unbelievable sexy girl look.  Then she wiped the cum off her face with my shaft and licked it clean.

She sat back on the couch naked and glistening with lust. “Take all the pictures you want….. but I better not see a single one on the internet or I’ll hunt you down and kill you”  I snapped so many pictures…. she spread her legs…. and even let me shoot her pussy up close ….. and I got to slide my cock back in for another shot…. but she was too worn out to fuck again.

Summer got dressed and got her notes and then came back and she was all business.  “This DIDN’T HAPPEN!….. You can’t act all different with me on the set now okay?!  I’m married…. I have children…. I love my husband.  If ANYONE finds out that we hooked up, I’ll lose my family….. so PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT THIS WITH ANYONE….. EVER.”  There was something about how serious she was and the almost pleading nature of her request.  I would never betray her trust.  Then she put her arms around me and kissed me like a lover would…. “You were spectacular….. I’ll never forget this.  Thank you.”  And with that, she was gone.


Throughout the remainder of the production, she stayed away from me.  I almost felt bad but every once and a while when nobody was around she would wave and me and blow me a kiss.

Just before the production was ending her last night, she found me on the set again and gave me the most delicious blow job ever…. with full camera video.

Then she stripped and we went at it all over again….. and this time she even let me cum insider her.  The next day she went home and I’ve never seen her since….. but I’ll never forget the time I got “Summer off”.

When we struck the set…. the crew kept saying…. “Smells like somebody was having sex on the couch.”  That made me smile.

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