The Family That Lays Together: Scene 282

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 282

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Katherine Langford, Isla Fisher

Codes: FM, FF, oral, mas, anal, ws, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.



We fade in on Katherine sitting in front of her bedroom mirror, combing her wet hair, with a towel around her, having slipped down, exposing her breasts. “It was the most surreal moment of my life.  My dad’s always been…a bit of a creeper, but I never expected what happened to happen.”

We see an older man look in on her, smirking. “Wow, looking hot, sweetie…” Katherine immediately gasps, looking at her father as she covers her tits.

“Dad!  Get the fuck out!”

“Oh, come on, love…” Katherine looks nervous, as her father approaches. “There’s no need to be like that…”

“Dad…” Katherine turns away from him, crossing her arms over her chest. “Whatever you’re thinking…”

“And what do you think I’m thinking, Kat?” Katherine starts shaking, as her father starts kissing her shoulders. “As beautiful as your mother, you know that?” He then takes his daughter’s wrists, and she shows no resistance as he pulls her arms away, allowing the towel to fall again.  Katherine closes her eyes when he starts feeling her breasts from behind. “Wanted to get my hands on these for so long…” Katherine suddenly breaks out of her father’s grip, and glares up at him, silently. “Oh, I know that look…” He then starts undoing his belt. “Your mother gives it to me when she wants to fuck.” He then pulls out his rock-hard cock, and Katherine stares at it, wide-eyed for a moment, then closes her eyes, and begins sucking her father off.

“What…What was I doing?” Katherine continues in voiceover. “This was beyond wrong.  And…I couldn’t stop myself.  I felt hot inside, as I felt my dad’s throbbing meat in my mouth.  I also…I could feel my pussy getting wet…” Katherine gives her father a sultry look, as she licks and sucks his swollen head, and strokes his rigid shaft. “I think he could smell it, because…”

“Ooh…Get on the bed…” Katherine stands up, letting the towel drop off her, and her father shoves his tongue in her mouth, which she accepts easily, then he slaps her shapely ass as she walks over to her bed, and sits down.

Her father then kneels in front of her, and grabs her big tits, squeezing and sucking them. “I didn’t want to fuck my father.  That I knew for certain.  But…I wanted right at this moment to be fucked.” Katherine leans back, and her father lowers his head, between her legs, and begins licking his daughter’s moist pussy.

“Oh, sweetie…Your twat tastes so good…” Katherine looks down at her father, as he eats her out, once again shaking, and her face contorting.

“Why was I so turned on?” Katherine continues, as her face gets more twisted, and her breathing speeds up. “By now, my insides felt like they were on fire.  I knew…I knew I was going to cum soon, the way my Dad was eating me.” Soon after, she bares her teeth, cranes her neck back, and cries out shrilly.

Now, we see Katherine grimacing, and her big tits bouncing and jiggling, as her father fucks her, his big, hard cock pumping out of her pink, sopping wet cunt. “Daddy!” Katherine screams, arching her back, as she cums again.

Shortly after, the father starts grunting, and so pulls out. “Sit up, sweetie…” Katherine sits up, and her father grabs her tits, and fucks them for a moment, before nutting all over them. “Oh, sweetie…” The father leans down, and gives her another kiss. “Thanks.”

Later, we see Isla laying on her bed, reading a book, in a pink shirt and red panties, as we again hear Katherine narrate. “I…can’t believe I’m saying this, but I enjoyed being fucked by my Dad.  I don’t think I have to tell you, though, I felt really messed up about it later.  Finally, I decided the only thing I could do was tell Mum about it.” Katherine appears in the doorway, and, after being silent for what seems like an eternity, she speaks. “Mum?”

“Hey, sweetie.  What’s up?”

“I…Listen, there’s something I really need to tell you.”

“Well, come sit next to me…” Isla pats the bed next to her, smiling.

“Mum…” Katherine says hesitantly, sitting next to her. “I…” We now once again hear Katherine in voiceover. “I don’t know…why this happened.  I couldn’t get the words out, and my Mum was just smiling at me.  Impulse took over, and…” Katherine leans over, and gives Isla a long, open-mouthed kiss. “I don’t know why I did that, but I wish I could say Mum’s reaction surprised me…”

After the kiss ends, Isla smiles at her daughter, and whispers, “What’s brought this on?  Hm?” Isla returns the kiss, and Katherine takes it willingly.

“I…As much as I enjoyed being fucked by my Dad, I didn’t quite feel right as it was happening.  This, though…I knew I wanted this.  Dad fucked me, but me and Mum were about to make love.” Katherine grabs the bottom of her shirt, and whips it off, and Isla immediately places her hands on her daughter’s breasts, and squeezes them through her black cotton bra.

“You have my breasts, love…” Isla says, again smiling, before beginning to her kiss her daughter’s tits. “God…I’d be lying if I said I’ve never fantasized about this, sweetie…” She then pulls down one cup, and licks and sucks Katherine’s pink nipple.

“Uhm…” Katherine moans, breathing hard, as she reaches in back and unhooks her bra, her mother immediately pulling it off.  As Isla squeezes and kisses her tits, Katherine looks down at her mother’s panties, then reaches over, and pushes them aside.

“Ouhm…” Isla moans, and starts kissing under her daughter’s chin, as she starts diddling her ginger twat.

It cuts, and now the two are naked, and sixty-nining, Katherine on top. “Ohm…Hm…God..” Isla moans into her daughter’s pussy, while Katherine licks her out, holding her cunt open.

“Oh, God, Mum…” Katherine whimpers, as her mother jams her tongue deep in her snatch.

Later, the two are kissing and embracing.  Suddenly, Katherine speaks up. “Mum?”


“I…I had sex…with Dad.”

Isla smirks. “Oh, really?”

“I know…I feel so guilty.”

“There’s no need, darling.  I had sex with your brother.”

“What?  When?”

We get a flashback of Isla sucking off a young man on his bed. “I caught him wanking, and…something just took over.  He…didn’t object, or anything.” We then see a naked, sweaty and screaming Isla being fucked on her back, her big tits bouncing in slow-motion. “I tell you, Tommy may only be eighteen, but he sure made me break a sweat.”

Now, Katherine’s on her elbows and knees, as her mother kneels behind her, licking and fingering her asshole. “Tell me, Kat…” Isla asks, cupping and kissing her daughter’s cheeks, “Did your father do your arse?”

“Um, no.  Did Tommy, uh…”

“Where do you think he popped off?” Isla giggles, and we see another flashback of Tommy fucking Isla in the ass, doggy-style, then we see a close-up of her ass, as her son’s load oozes out. “Where did your father nut?” Isla asks, when it cuts back again.

“On my tits.”

Isla again smirks. “Can’t blame him.  I wish I could pop off on those.” She continues licking her daughter’s butthole, while Katherine looks like she’s thinking about something.

“Hey, Mum?”

“What is it, sweetie?”

“Do you squirt?”

Isla giggles again. “Sometimes.”

We now see Isla on her back, rubbing and squeezing her tits, face twitching and contorting, as, down below, her daughter vigorously licks her dripping wet cunt, and fingers her moist, sweaty asshole. “Oh, darling…Oh, God, that feels so good…” Katherine licks and fingers her mother, until she starts bucking her hips, then leans forward, just in time for a screaming Isla’s pussy to squirt and spray all over her tits.

Katherine then crawls up, holding one of her dripping wet titties. “Oh, sweetie…” Isla gasps, smiling, as Katherine holds the tits up to her mouth, and licks her mother’s juices off it, then lowers the other one into her mother’s lips, allowing her to suck it.

We then see the two embracing, tongues highly visible as they kiss passionately. “I love you, Mum…” Katherine whispers between kisses, causing Isla to smile, as the scene fades out.

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