The Family That Lays Together: Scene 283

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 283

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Kate Upton, Alice Eve

Codes: FF, FM, oral, mas, anal, ws, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.



We fade in on Kate walking through an airport, looking for someone, as she pulls her luggage behind her.  Suddenly, her phone rings, and she picks up. “Hello?  You’re outside?  Okay, on my way.”

Minutes later, Kate comes out the front doors of the airport, and is greeted by Alice, and a young man. “Hey!” Alice squees, and her and Kate hug, laughing.  Alice then leans back, and looks Kate up and down. “Yeah, you’re my cousin, alright.” Kate laughs at this. “And this is Jimmy.”

“Heya, cuz.” Jimmy smiles, and gives Kate a hug.

“So, you must be starving after that flight!”

“Oh, you have no idea,” Kate says. “Twelve hours, and nothing to eat but fucking cookies.” Alice and Jimmy now laugh.

“Alright, well, let’s talk about lunch, then.” Alice says this, as the three get into her car.

We then see Kate lying asleep in bed, as we hear her in voiceover. “I came to England to meet my cousins for the first time.  After only a day, I was already glad I met them.” We suddenly hear groaning and squeaking from another room, loud enough to wake Kate up. “What the hell?” she mumbles, getting up, and walking out of the room. “There was this…sound…coming from Alice’s room.  It was too loud to ignore, so I decided to investigate…”

In the hallway, Kate approaches a cracked open doorway, where the sound is coming from.  Kate peers inside, and gasps, as she sees a naked and sweaty Alice being fucked doggy-style by Jimmy.

“Oh, fuck…” Alice exhales vocally, bowing her head, after loudly climaxing.

“My cousins…Alice was being fucked by her own brother.  As shocking as this was, I recognized the feeling growing inside me, like my insides were on fire.  I was…aroused.” Kate’s expression changes, from shock to intrigue. “I…was actually getting turned on, watching my cousins have sex.”

“Um…Jimmy?” Alice moans, breathing hard.


“Could you…put your cock in my arse?”

“Alright…” Jimmy pulls out, and Alice winces and groans, even shaking a little, as he pushes his cock in her asshole, then continues thrusting into her.

“Even crazier…I was actually getting more turned on by Alice’s body, then Jimmy’s.  I mean, I’m not gay, but…Alice’s voluptuous form…not unlike mine, like I was watching myself getting fucked.  But…As I watched them, heart pounding and pussy getting wet, I wasn’t thinking about being in her place, I was thinking about being in that bed with her.”

We now see Kate in the shower, still looking a little deer-in-headlights as she washes herself. “The next morning…Alice must have had the same idea as me, because…”

The shower door opens, and a naked Alice steps in. “Hey, hope you don’t mind if I join you…”

“Um, no that’s alright…”

“You know, I wanted to come and see you last night, but…” Alice drapes her arms over Kate’s shoulders, and starts kissing her, while continuing to talk. “Jimmy wanted to fuck…but I told him I wanted you first…So, I had him fuck me instead…” Alice then gives Kate a long, open-mouthed kiss.

“Oh, God…” Kate says, again in voiceover, “Alice was making me so hot…I felt like I was going to…” Suddenly, Kate groans, doubling over slightly.

“Oh, fuck!” Alice grins, “Did you just cum?”


“Bloody hell!  And I haven’t even started yet…” Alice arches one eyebrow as she says this.

Now, the two are on Kate’s bed, still dripping wet from the shower, continuing to kiss, as Alice, who’s on top, gropes Kate’s large breasts. “Bloody hell…I’ve been dying to touch these since that first picture you sent…” Alice then starts licking and sucking Kate’s nipples, while kneading her big tits.

“Oh, fuck…” Kate gasps, starting to writhe, and grind her hips, as one of Alice’s hands moves down, to between her legs. “Yes!  Huhm…” Alice starts kissing down Kate’s soft belly, as the latter parts her legs.  Soon, Alice’s head is bobbing between Kate’s thighs, as she licks out her pussy. “Huh!  Hm!” Kate twitches and jerks, as she feels Alice’s tongue on her clit. “Ouhm…” Kate starts grinding harder, face contorting, as Alice’s tongue and fingers probe her cunt deeper. “Oh, fuck!” she suddenly gasps, then groans, as her pussy squirts, causing Alice to giggle.

Now, Alice is sitting up against the headboard, moaning and sighing, as Kate squeezes and kisses her big tits, sucking her nipples into her mouth.  As Kate kisses down Alice’s stomach, we hear her breathing audibly, then moaning softly, as she starts to hungrily lick Alice’s pussy. “Oh, God, Katie…” Alice whimpers, face contorting, lower lip trembling, chest rising and sinking, as Kate’s tongue explores her oozing cunt. “Uhm…Put your finger in my arse…” Not missing a beat, Kate slides her middle finger between Alice’s cheeks.  Soon after, with a deep, throaty groan, Alice cums.

Later, the two lay face to face, tongue-kissing. “So…” Kate asks breathily, “Jimmy wants to fuck me?”

“Oh, trust me, cuz, my little brother is very good.”

“I know…” Kate grins, snickering, “I saw…” Her and Alice both start laughing, as the scene fades out.

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