The Family That Lays Together: Scene 285

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 285

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Carrie Coon

Codes: Fm, oral, mas, anal, ws, preg, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Carrie waking up in bed, and throwing the covers off her, revealing she’s naked. “Hmm…” Smiling, she stretches, then starts feeling up her body, one hand migrating down her stomach, and between her legs. “Uhm…” As Carrie masturbates, we hear her narrate. “When I was fifteen, me and my brother started having sex.  He initiated it, but…I didn’t object, and Mom and Dad never found out.  Well, as was bound to happen eventually, I ended up pregnant.  I told our parents the father was a one-night stand at school, and they gave what help they could, once my son, David, was born.”

“Oh, fuck…” Carrie gasps, her fingers frantically working her clit. “David is seventeen now, and…”

“Hey, Mom!  You started without me!” Carrie looks up, to see David standing in the room.

“Sorry, baby, I couldn’t wait,” she sighs, with a little moan, then beckons him closer, turning on her side as he comes up next to her.  Once her son’s in front of her, Carrie grabs and strokes the obvious tent in his boxers, before pulling them down, then leaning over, and beginning to suck him off.

“Fuck, Mom…” David moans, the two maintaining eye contact, as his mother’s lips slide up and down his rigid member.

Carrie then starts jerking her son off again, and asks, smiling seductively, “Think you’ve got more than one in ya, honey?”

“For you, Mom?” David smirks.

“Good…” Carrie places her lips around David’s cock again, and continues sucking him, while gripping the base tightly in her hand.  Before long, David starts groaning, so Carrie tightens the seal around his dick with her lips, as she starts stroking him vigorously.  Moments later, we hear Carrie swallow, then she takes her son’s dick out of her mouth, and smiles up at him.

A bit later, we see Carrie again on her back, looking down, as her son eats her out, fingering her dripping wet hole, while his tongue wriggles around inside her juicy slit. “Oh, God, David…” Carrie moans, tilting her head back, and rubbing and squeezing her breasts. “Fuck…I should’ve just waited…Your tongue is way better than my fingers…” Carrie’s stomach rises and sinks, as her breathing speeds up and deepens.  Finally, face contorting, Carrie cries out, voice cracking.

David is now kneeling between Carrie’s legs, holding his cock, which he inserts in his mother, eliciting a deep groan from her. “Oh, fuck…” Carrie then gasps, as her son begins thrusting into her, causing her tits to sway and bounce gently.  After several thrusts, David leans down, and him and Carrie share a passionate, open-mouthed kiss, as he starts fucking her harder.

Now, David is lying in Carrie’s place, as she straddles him, and starts riding his cock. “Ooh!” Carrie moans out loud. “Oh, David…Oh, you’re so deep, baby…” As Carrie rides her son harder, her tits start to bounce and jiggle, her nipples hard and pointy.  Suddenly, Carrie arches her back, and again cries out, more hoarsely this time.

We now see Carrie on her side, hungrily kissing her son, who lies behind her, again slowly thrusting into her, and we see, down below, that his cock is in his mother’s ass. “Mm!” Carrie shrieks into her son’s mouth.  As David thrusts harder, Carrie starts to shake and convulse, until, suddenly, her pussy sprays all over the bed. “Fuck…” Carrie gasps, breathing rapidly, as her son kisses her neck.

David gives his mother’s ass a few more pumps, then, suddenly, starts groaning, and pulls out, spurting once on her thigh, before shoving his cock deep in her pussy. “When I felt David’s hot seed inside me, I don’t know how, but I knew my son had just impregnated me.  And I…didn’t mind.”

Carrie now lies cozied up to her son, running her fingers up and down the middle of his chest, while the two smile and whisper to each other.  The scene then fades out on this.

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