Selena Gomez and the Hillsong Cult

Title: Selena Gomez and the Hillsong Cult

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: M+F, cons, exh, oral, voy, preg, mDom

Disclaimer: This story is a work of absolute fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway. Thanks for reading.


“Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back!” 

…that was the headline published by TMZ at the beginning of November 2017, and just like most people I could not believe it. The article was very brief and unsatisfying, all it basically said was that she and The Weeknd were officially done and that Bieber had won her over again with his new, healthier outlook on life.  It all seemed innocent enough, but still pretty interesting for anyone with even a passing knowledge of the long and troubled relationship between the two pop singers. Being a celebrity photographer and entertainment reporter it caught my attention immediately but, as I read another story about Selena’s newfound devotion to a growing L.A. church being the main reason for her recent split up, something didn’t quite fit for me.

“That’s it?” I said to myself, pushing aside my bowl of cereal to do some serious googling on the matter. The whole thing sounded to me like it was too wholesome and clean to be true. Because if there was one thing I had learned in all my years following around celebrities it was that people that rich and famous are never like that, they’re too narcissistic and too powerful to act like the rest of us. So, that very same morning I started surveying both of their homes in L.A.. I drove around and staked out their mansions by day, used a camera drone the rest of the time. There was absolutely nothing for the first week and I started wondering if my instincts could be wrong, but then on Sunday at around 3 AM I got exactly what I was looking for.

“Joe! You there, Joe?! You gotta come here right fucking now!” the voice on the phone shouted as I answered the call. Still half asleep I squinted until my eyes adapted to the bright light and saw that the man calling me was Lou, one of my most valued informants whose job as a waiter in the V.I.P. section of one of the most expensive clubs in California had been very useful to me over the years.

“What the fuck is so important for you to wake me up at this hour, Lou?!” 

“Bro! You need to come here right away!” 

“I don’t give a fuck about another Bella Thorne scandal, ok? So unless you have the Pope there making out with her I don’t want to–“ 

“It’s the Weeknd! He’s here and he’s drunk as fuck!” 


“And he’s talking all kinds of shit about Selena and Justin! Like, really fucked up stuff!” 

In a matter of seconds I was breaking all sorts of traffic laws on my way to the club, praying to a God I don’t believe in for Selena’s ex-boyfriend to still be there, preferably conscious. When I finally got there, Lou helped me out reaching the V.I.P. section and I managed to wriggle my way between the drunk crowd to get close enough to sit next to him and pretended to be drunk too. Starting a conversation with him was easy since he looked desperately in need of someone to pour out his heart to.

“Actually, it was me. I ended it. I had to!” he told me with tears in his eyes after I gained his trust with a few breakup cliches like “Plenty of fish in the sea” and “she probably wasn’t right for you”.

“You did? But why?” I asked in return, expecting some bullshit story that would make her seem like a ruthless, heartless woman that delighted in ripping him to shreds.

“When I finally found out— what goes on there… I just– I had to.” 

“What goes on? Goes on where?” I asked, trying to make sense of his drunken rambling.

“It’s that fucking church, man! I’m telling you!” 


“They brainwashed her! I tried to tell her– tried to save her but…” 

“Save her? What do you mean?” 

“She’s a good girl, man, she’s the best, but– they turned her against me! They’re gonna make her do things… things that you wouldn’t believe and… FUCK! I just couldn’t… Shit… I loved her, man, I really did!” 

“But what happened? Can you tell me what happened? What are they going to do to her?” 

“She’s… I mean I tried to tell her! I got so mad when I found out she was off the pill and then she got mad at me but– I just– I didn’t know what to do! She’s not scared, she wants them to–  NO! FUCK THAT SHIT! FUCK THAT FUCKING CHURCH AND ALL OF THOSE CREEPY MOTHERFUCKERS!” 

“Listen, Abel, you should try to come down and–“ 


“Justin is going to anoint Selena? I don’t underst–“

A glass bottle crashing against the wall startled me and the rest of the V.I.P. section, I instinctevely ducked and covered to avoid the flying shards of glass and when I looked up gain he was gone. I felt bad for him, even if I didn’t know exactly what he was talking about, but the important thing was that he’d given me exactly what I needed. As I walked to the exit Lou caught up to me and haggled with me for the amount of money I was giving him as a reward. I gave him what he asked for plus a little more, that’s how excited I was for my upcoming “exclusive” with Selena and Justin. Needless to say, I was now hooked on the story. Abel had said so much weird, cryptic shit that I could not go back to sleep. I didn’t understand what exactly, but something was for sure going to go down in Bieber’s house that sunday, and I was going to be there to witness it. There would be no more wasted days sitting outside an empty mansion or searching through hours and hours of recordings of a still window, now I knew exactly when and where I had to be to get the most important (and valuable) images of my career.

When the sun came up I parked close to Justin’s house and waited there for hours with nothing but black coffee to keep me company. I was eating a cold burger in the seat of my car and thinking seriously about quitting when a black S.U.V. suddenly pulled into the driveway at around 4:00 PM. The stunningly beautiful Selena Gomez got out of the car and casually walked to the door.

I knew she was pretty from magazines and TV but truthfully I was shocked at just how incredibly soft her features were in person, even in baggy sweats and almost no makeup she still looked like she had just come out of a movie screen.

Her ex-boyfriend Justin answered the door and she kissed him on the cheek before going inside. A simple, innocent kiss like any girl gives to a friend. Then the door closed and I stepped out of my car. I don’t need to get into the details here but let’s just say that years of covering celebrity gossip in L.A. had left me with expert knowledge on how to sneak into a lot of rich kid’s mansions; especially Bieber’s, whose long history of partying and sleeping around had left too many people in California with intimate details about his backyard and lax security measures. So anyway, I sneaked in through the kitchen and slowly made my way to a spot in a hallway just before the living room where I knew I could spy on the young stars without them noticing me. If, for some reason, they started moving towards my spot I’d have plenty of time to retreat and hide in a closet full of mops and brooms that those two rich kids would obviously never touch.

Truth be told, I felt kinda shitty standing there waiting with my camera ready for them to fuck or do drugs or something like that but, at the same time, I had to find a way to pay the bills that month and both of them were set for life, regardless of anything I could publish about them. Hell, the way the industry works, another scandal would probably make them even richer. But to my surprise, both kids were just sitting there talking about someone in Selena’s family who, of course, I didn’t know anything about. I started thinking that I was taking too big a risk for such a boring occurrence and that maybe The Weeknd was just too fucked up to make sense until I heard another voice speaking from an angle I could not see.

“You kids ready to start the ceremony?”

“Yes, Pastor, I can’t wait!” Selena replied with a big smile.

“A fucking pastor?!” I thought, angry at myself for being there for something so boring and at them for being such squares.

“I”m glad you’re excited for your anointment, Selena. Today’s ceremony is the first step to become an official member of our congregation.”

“Are you nervous?” Bieber asked her.

“A little bit, yeah…” she said with a shy smile, “I’ve never done anything like this, y’know? Honestly, the first time you told me about it I thought you were crazy.”

Justin exchanged a quick look with the pastor and chuckled, “Yeah, that’s the most common response… But once you spoke to Carl you totally got it, right?”

“Yeah, of course. It’s like, last year was so hard for me and… like, after last week’s mass I felt an inner peace like I’ve never felt before.” There was a short moment of silent contemplation before the gorgeous girl looked up at the pastor with teary eyes, “I’m truly grateful for your help. I will follow you to the end of the world.”

“I love hearing that, Selena,” the older man told her, caressing her cheek very delicately with the back of his fingers, to which Selena reacted like a grateful little puppy, relishing the touch of his master’s hand.  “Now let’s welcome the rest of our flock, shall we?”

“Yes, Pastor,” they both said in unison. Then a legion of people began walking into Bieber’s home. All of them wearing white tunics and sandals, all of them male and surrounding Selena, until the living room was as crowded as one of her concerts. I was expecting a bunch of celebrities to show up but I soon realized that the people around Selena were just average joes. Still, I found it strange that every single one of them was male, middle-aged and white. Most of them looked like ordinary, family men dressed like they were going to a spa but I couldn’t shake the creepy vibes I was getting from them. Church or no church, something about a room filled to capacity with 40 and 50-year-olds standing around a beautiful young girl like Selena just didn’t seem right.

“Umm, hello, everyone, it’s nice to meet you,” she awkwardly greeted them. Some of them nodded in return but most just stood there motionless and in silence.

The Pastor took another step forward and I finally realized who he was. A couple of months before I had seen a ton of articles about Bieber hanging out all the time with a young man who was the head of a very exclusive church dedicated to helping rich and famous people quit alcohol and drugs. It was called The Hillsong Church. People had taken notice that Bieber spent all of his time with the strange man, who liked to jog without a shirt on, showing his six pack and tattooed chest, looking more like a model or an athlete than as a religious man. The articles talked about how charismatic and persuasive that man was, how he had a bunch of A-listers eating from the palm of his hand and, from the way Selena was looking at him it was clear she was one of those people. That had to be what her ex was talking about at the club. Pastor Lentz was good friends with Bieber so he had probably turned her against The Weekend to help Justin get her back. But there was still something missing, the way he had been shouting and ranting… there had to be way more to the story than that.

Then the ceremony commenced and after a long speech by the hip and muscular Pastor, he invited Selena to join him in the center of the circle. Selena took a few steps forward and stood in middle, next to a small table that had something on it covered with a small white blanket. Pastor Lentz placed the palm of his hand on her head and prayed in silence as the girl knelt down before him.

“Are you ready to be anointed, Selena?”

“Yes, Pastor, I am.”

“Then let’s begin.”

I could not believe my eyes when the cute singer stood up and raised her arms and two middle aged men pulled up her sweatshirt over her head. Her small but perky breasts came down to her chest and bounced a little bit as another two guys pulled down her sweatpants. She had nothing else on but a couple of tiny white cotton socks. Selena Gomez was standing completely naked in Justin’s living room, surrounded by a bunch of chanting people. I was about to become rich.

Now I ain’t gonna lie, for a second there I got a little lost just staring at her beautiful anatomy. The way her short dark hair draped over her cute shoulders, the way her small nipples complimented the perkiness of her tasty breasts and, oh God… the curve of her cute little ass sticking out of her delicate frame drove me crazy, but what I could not keep my eyes away from was her completely shaved mound, so smooth and pristine that if I didn’t know her to be 25 I would’ve thought she had never grown a single pubic hair in her life. I was absolutely enthralled by her, but the fact that the gorgeous singer kept squirming and trying to cover herself with her skinny arms pulled me out of my horny trance.

“There is no need to cover yourself, Selena. You are a beautiful being of light and your wonderful body is the bridge we will use to connect with our lord.”

“Yes, Pastor, I’m sorry I– I’m just a little nervous,” Selena said, letting her arms fall down to her sides. It was obvious she was very uncomfortable exposing herself like that but still determined to continue.

“There’s no need to be,” he reassured her, teasing the inside of her breasts with the tips of his index and middle fingers. Selena closed her eyes and said “Yes, I understand.” She started breathing faster as the Pastor slowly traced a line from her heaving chest, down her flat stomach and unto her smooth pubis. He stopped just before reaching her nether lips and I heard her sigh with anticipation. “Holy shit!” I whispered to myself before adjusting the bulge growing in my pants, “What the fuck is going on here?!”

“Selena Marie Gomez,” the pastor said out loud before placing a hand on her left breast and cupping her pussy with the other, “Are you ready to connect with the Lord?”

“I am ready to connect with the Lord,” she replied, widening her stance a bit.

“And are you ready to help your brothers connect with the Lord through you?”

She looked around the room at all the men watching her and, after doubting for a few seconds she replied: “Yes, Pastor, I will help my brothers connect with the Lord through me.” 

“Mmngh… Unngh…” she moaned softly, biting her lip as the pastor’s middle finger parted her hairless folds and plunged deep inside her.

“Then come forth and help your new brothers purify you with their genital blessing!”

The cute starlet gasped when he suddenly pulled out his finger. She replied, “Yes, Pastor, I am your bridge, use me as you see fit”and with those words she knelt down and closed her eyes while the pastor pulled out his considerably large and erect penis. Again he placed the palm of his hand over her shiny, black hair; then he lightly pushed her head down and his cock slid between her trembling lips.

Selena opened her eyes and began to slowly take his length in, staring into his eyes as if he was Jesus Christ himself. Once her mouth got used to the the girth of the pastor’s cock, he held her pretty face and made her head bob up and down on it while he preached, “We praise the Lord with our bodies! When you worship my cock you praise God’s creation!” Selena popped him out of her mouth, “I worship your cock, Pastor, and those of my brothers too,” she responded, panting and flicking her dark hair out of the way before taking him in again, she swallowed him whole until she started to choke on it. I could not get over her devoted expression, the absolute seriousness and veneration drawn on her face. I could not tell is she was enjoying or hating it, it was more like she wasn’t doing it for sexual pleasure, I think she really believed she was praising God with a dick in her mouth…

“Is that good, Pastor?” she asked with teary eyes, letting the extremely athletic man’s meat slide out of her mouth. The circle of men around her had began to undress and were jerking off watching her, including Justin.

“Will this please our Lord?”

“Yes, Selena, as you please your brothers and me you also please our Lord.”

“This is so fucked up!” I whispered again, trying not to drop the camera while I stroked my manhood. Very unprofessional, I know, but you just don’t see a girl like Selena Gomez sucking an 8 inch cock every day.

“Now come forth, brothers,” the Pastor said, rubbing the tip of his dick over Selena’s wet lips, “Share with our sister Selena the genital gift of purification!”

The group of men approached Selena with their dicks in their hands and the pretty singer smiled nervously at them. To my surprise, Bieber stayed behind, frantically tugging at his prick while the other men’s impatient hands explored his famous ex-girlfriend’s irresistible young body. Selena kept diligently sucking the pastor’s manhood, I could see she was completely focused on giving him oral pleasure, even as her hands were guided to the first two cocks that were offered to her right and left. She complied and did her best to stroke them at the same time but never stopped bobbing up and down Lentz’s large member, stretching her delicious lips around his girth, trying to swallow as much as she could while all of those stranger’s hands kept groping her perfectly perky breasts and her firm little ass. Soft and short moans started to become audible through her busy lips, it was clear her body was starting to react naturally to the overwhelming stimulus of all those greedy hands massaging every inch of her delicate flesh. And then I had no doubt anymore, what was going on had become obvious. The reports of Selena having mental and physical issues had been everywhere, especially after canceling her world tour for the second time, and the rumor was that she had gotten better thanks to the Hillsong church. The difference in her behavior since she had been going out in public again were pretty clear. For the last few months she had been going to church almost every day, carrying a bible everywhere. Most of her fans kept complaining about how she seemed more interested in church than in her own career, doing almost no promotion for her new songs and indefinitely postponing the release of her new album. She had also started dressing more conservatively. No more flashy, see-through outfits or deep cleavage, no more sexy selfies on instagram, just a bible in her hand, a crucifix around her neck and a bunch of religious quotes on social media. I had asked around about the Hillsong thing and a lot of people kept calling it a cult, so I kinda expected something boring akin to Scientology, but the idea that she would offer herself to be gang-banged for God would never have crossed my mind in a hundred years.

Then, the centerpiece of the ritual was revealed. The Pastor uncovered the object on the table right next to Selena. It was a huge white vibrator with the Chi Rho monogram (the ancient symbol of Christianity used by the Romans) engraved on it. Selena’s eyes grew wide upon seeing its considerable size but quickly closed again after the Pastor, right on the cusp of his own climax, turned to violently face-fucking her with no regards for the cute latina’s well-being as she gurgled and gagged on his sacred cock, desperate for oxygen and some rest for her abused throat while long and syrupy strands of saliva and pre-cum dribbled down her chin and neck.

“UHH, I CAN FEEL THE BLESSING COMING, SELENA!” the pastor announced, grabbing two handfuls of her hair and burying his throbbing cock down her throat for one last time before withdrawing it and aiming it at the ceremonial dildo, which he held right next to her innocent-looking face. She puffed and gasped, her small hands still busy tugging and stroking the numerous cocks being offered to them, and leaned forward with her mouth wide open, flinching when the cream landed on her tongue and thick ropes of pearly white recklessly streaked her chin and cheeks. “Thank you for your blessing,” she said panting and I swear that her cute chubby face coated with cum was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. The leader took the plastic toy and rubbed it against Selena’s cheek, making sure to collect the cum off of her with it. Once it was well coated he squeezed the last drops of his cum onto it and placed it down on the carpet, right in front of Selena. Then, the group lifted her slim body from the floor and stood her up, holding her arms to the sides in the shape of a cross as dozens of hands roamed around her soft curves and intimate crevices. She kept moving and squirming as her sensitive areas responded to the curious fingers invading them, “Oh God, oh Lord…” I could hear her whispering faintly and not an single inch on her angelic body remained untouched. There were hands going up and down her thighs, playing with her breasts, spreading her ass cheeks apart. And then fingers… so many fingers clumsily poking her holes and constantly teasing her little clit until her excited grunts and squeals betrayed just how turned on she really was.

I still could not believe what I was seeing and hearing, I mean we’re talking about a former Disney child-star here! But there was no mistake, unable to disguise her own urges any longer, Selena Gomez announced she was ready for the next part of the ritual, “Pastor…”  

“Yes, sister Selena?” 

“I’m… I’m so wet…” she confessed, barely getting the words out between shallow breaths and short little gasps of pleasure.

“This will please the Lord,” Lentz responded.

The men moved Selena right over to the cum-covered dildo, placing her right above it. It was clear to me that she could no longer stand on her own as her arms and legs had become weak under the relentless molesting of the horny mob that surrounded her. As soon as they released her she dropped slowly to her knees and the gorgeous young singer drowned in a fleshy sea of twitching cocks and frantic, unrelenting hands.  The white vibrator fixed to the base of a little pedestal was waiting for her and she hesitated for a moment. The petite actress seemed genuinely scared of the size of the thing, and I could not blame her, but after the Pastor told her “Go on, Selena. You will soon feel God inside of you, and so will us, your brothers,” she dropped down and tried sitting on the plastic thing. Carefully, she used her hand to rub the slippery tip over her entrance, her bald pussy lips glistened under the ceiling lights as they wrapped around the cum-smeared vibrator, thick drops of the pastor’s gunk serving as the only lubrication for her tight little cunt. “Ow! It’s too… I don’t think I can do it!” she cried as the thick plastic tip painfully tested the limits of her strained and reddened pussy. They gave her no time or mercy to get ready, instead the pastor pressured her with a hand pushing down on her shoulder. I was scared that her little cunt was about to split open to the sound of her whimpers and cries of pain, but he didn’t seem too worried about her, and neither did the rest of the group, like she was nothing more than an instrument for their ritual, a flesh sacrifice for their communion with God. “C’mon, baby, you can do this, God will get you through it,” Bieber said to her before he started kissing her passionately, like it didn’t even matter that she had been sucking the pastor’s cock a few seconds before and her lips were still coated with his cum. And slowly but surely, the plastic cock made its way inside her, drawing short and high-pitched squeals from her tense mouth until it finally filled her completely. The cute singer moaned out loud once the toy hit her cervix and her delicate body began to shake once it started vibrating. She was drenched in sweat and doing her best to ride the gigantic thing and as I marveled at the way her bronze skin glowed, I still could not believe she had taken that many inches into that tiny cunt of hers that she was now wriggling around very carefully, gaining more ardor and speed with every second.

The pastor stood over her and smiled approvingly, stroking her shiny dark hair while she continued getting off with the toy, but what really stood out to me was the way she kept tenderly planting soft, wet kisses on his semi-flaccid penis with a type of care and devotion and I had never seen before.

She would pucker her wet lips and slide them up and down his spit-slicked shaft, first one side, then the other. She drooled and salivated over his member like a hungry bitch, slathering every inch with her warm spittle. Then, she would lick around the slit very carefully before putting it back in her mouth, tenderly stroking him with both hands at the same time, her eyes closed with a solemn expression on her face because she wasn’t just sucking his cock, she was literally worshiping it. I can not overstate how much she worked on that piece of meat, I mean, even in a porno movie I would’ve complained about the girl overselling it, but there was nothing fake about the way Selena Gomez revered his cock. She could have never imagined that I was there, watching and taking photos of her debauched ritual while hidden just a few feet away from the large group of men touching her all over, but she was so fixated on pleasuring the Pastor that I don’t think she would’ve noticed me even if I had come out of hiding.

With that kind of fervorous treatment, it did not take long for Lentz to get hard again and that made Selena’s face shine with this big, warm, child-like smile that seemed so out of place in that dimly lit room full of creeps taking advantage of a girl half their age. I felt bad for her, sick to my stomach of the way they had deceived her into giving away herself like that. But there was nothing I could do about it, as fucked up as it was, what was happening seemed to be absolutely consensual and, truthfully, even if I wanted to do something there was no way I could take my eyes off of her cute little ass cheeks bouncing up and down that gigantic toy threatening to split her cute little pussy in half.

And so I kept watching as the pastor pulled out and guided Selena’s head to one of her brother’s cocks waiting to her right. She took the flabby, balding man with glasses into her mouth and he pumped her pretty face a few times before another impatient man took his place between her lips. I tried counting the men waiting for their turn, closing in and surrounding the cute latina with their erect members but there were just too many of them packed in there. The pretty latina wrapped her eager, dedicated lips around each cock, tasting them one by one and stroking the rest of them with both of her well-manicured hands. She made sure her hands and mouth were busy every possible second and, honestly, there was so much emotion in the way Selena treated each and every cock that there could be no doubt about how much she adored them, how profoundly devoted she was to the beliefs she now held about serving God through such a debauched ritual. I can’t be sure about what her “brothers” were thinking or feeling since they didn’t talk much, or at all really, but devout men or not, there was no doubt they were thrilled with getting to put their dirty dicks between Selena’s amazing lips. She had started as a shy but obedient disciple, an innocent instrument of pleasure for a room of deceitful men and they had turned her into a cock-worshiping slut with the face of an angel.

The congregation kept her busy and gave her no time to rest as they took turns with her mouth, I could hear her gasping for air before each turn, her beautiful breasts going up and down thanks to her heaving chest now covered with the girl’s saliva. The men continued fucking her mouth, some were gentle and just enjoyed sliding between her wet lips or rubbing their wet cocks over her pretty features, but most of them seemed to like it rougher, holding her head in place as they thrusted down her throat mercilessly. “AGGH! HNGG! HNNGAGHH!” she gagged time and time again, grimacing a couple of times before returning to that intense expression of complete commitment. Selena was too irresistible and soon the men were crowding her to the point that I almost could not see what was going on, even when her arms seemed to get tired they kept grabbing her hands and jerking their cocks with them. There were cocks being rubbed all over her face and on her breasts, there were fingers playing with her exposed anus, puckering after every poke and push. The flock was too big and could not see her anymore so I risked getting caught by stepping out of my hiding spot and hid behind the cantina, where I could get a better angle of the world-famous pop-star getting drowned in man-meat. Luckily they were too focused on her to notice me spying on them because there was no way I could have run out of there with the raging hard-on I had coming out of my zipper.

“Are you ready to take the eucharist from your brothers, Selena?”

“Yffh, pfftrf, mff rfdff!” she replied with a mouthful of hairy, saliva-glazed cock.

“Then you may give her the gift of Eucharist!” 

There was a genuine expression of religious bliss in Selena’s face as the sausage buried in her throat throbbed and convulsed before delivering the warm gift of its load right on her busy tongue. “God bless you, sister,” the lucky man said as he pulled out. She smiled and said, “Amen,” her lips opened slightly, spilling fresh cum from the corner’s of her mouth onto her neck and chest. She seemed mortified by her mistake and quickly closed her mouth again, sealing her lips shut with the palm of her hand before gulping down the rest of it. “Oops, sorry…” she sheepishly apologized, looking up at the pastor who was standing to her right. He stroked her hair gently and she reacted to his touch like the obedient sex-doll she’d become. Not two seconds passed before another cock was shoved into her warm, eager mouth, which she welcomed with the same devotion with which she had been servicing her brothers of the Hillsong church for the last 15 minutes. The old man now occupying Selena’s coveted mouth started shaking almost instantly, with his wrinkled balls pressing against her chin and I noticed her eyes glinting with delight as he emptied his spunk between her glossy lips. After pulling it out, I saw the old bastard squeeze his wrinkly, softening dick to get the last drops of semen out and then wipe them off on Selena’s pretty hair. “God bless you, sister” he also said, and again the compliant latina smiled and nodded with her cute little cheeks filled with jizz. “Amen,” she said after she swallowed that one too and then welcomed another flabby man’s meat on her tongue. While this was happening the rest of the men continued jerking themselves and rubbing their cocks on whatever part of Selena’s body they could get access to and one by one they unloaded themselves into the cute latina’s submissive mouth. I was amazed at her ability to endure the constant groping, poking, pulling and pinching they were subjecting her too, but even more than that I could not believe much semen she had already ingested. And sure enough, after the eight or ninth load she started having trouble keeping it all down, I could see the cum seeping around her lips as she forced herself to swallow yet another mouthful of hot warm gunk. But still she did not complain or ask them for anything. Another man shoved his meat down her throat and she started to cough up his seed, apologizing to him while the hot cream dribbled onto her beautiful breasts and down her cute belly button. She squealed when another guy surprised her by pulling on her hair, he slapped her pretty face with his meat a couple of times and she started smiling at him, her small hand reached for him and with just a few strokes she had him finishing right on her plump, glossy lips.

“Can you feel your body being purified from sin, Selena?!” the Pastor asked while his flock continued using the latina’s cute mouth as a cum receptacle.

“Yes, Pastor, it feels so good, I… I feel so free!” she responded without neglecting the uncircumcised cock in her hand, which she then promptly put in her mouth to accept another big load. It was a beautiful thing to see. I’m not kidding, she was absolutely incredible at draining every hard cock in the room with her luscious, tireless lips. She somehow managed to make drinking cum seem graceful and I was so in amazed by her at that point that I forgot to keep taking pictures.

“Amen, brother” she said after each one, playing with the viscous gift bestowed upon her, but when more than half of the room had taken a turn finishing in the former Disney princess’ willing mouth I started to hear her moans becoming louder, then her hips started swaying violently around the ceremonial dildo buried deep inside her. I watched her eyes flutter and she gasped out in pleasure, “OH GOD OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD OHMYGDDD!” Her hands let go of the men surrounding her and focused on her own jubilation, rubbing the frothy mix of cum and saliva all over her perfect tits that bounced to the rhythm of her hips, frantically riding the ceremonial dildo with everything she had. Even the horny men of the congregation took a step back, admiring her petite form as it thrusted itself against the ribbed plastic staff. We were all in awe of her as her eyes shot open and her mouth dropped open in shock, the fresh seed of the devout spilling out and drawing bright trails of clear cum down her neck. Suddenly she screamed like a cat in heat and her back arched with such force that if I was a superstitious man I would’ve thought her possessed by a sex demon. Then, with diamond-hard nipples pointed straight at the ceiling, she cried, “OH FUCK! OOOOH! OOOOHH MY SWEET GOOOOOOOAAAAHHDDDD!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Her naked form became a unholy, glistening picture of young, supple flesh, spasming and pulsating with the force of unbound, unparalleled religious ecstasy. There was a high-pitched squeal that followed and then nothing but heavy panting and the sound of impatient meat still waiting for her.

The pastor smiled and grabbed Selena from behind and lifted her just enough so that the ceremonial dildo could slide out of her and then he left her there on the floor, where I marveled at the sight of her perfect pussy, lips red from the strain, decorated with thick drops of her cream and her expanded little hole gaping and allowing a breathtaking view of her pulsating inner walls. She was still playing with her clit and feeling the aftershocks of her huge orgasm when another man knelt down next to her and rested his fat cock on her face, stroking it desperately against her chubby cheeks. Exhausted but still fully committed to the cause, Selena turned her head and wrapped her thick, juicy lips around the swollen head, causing the overweight man to lose control and spurt into her mouth. I could only imagine how good that must feel, shoving my cock between her incredible lips and finishing in her mouth while she shook and came multiple times herself. I had never wanted to be in a cult so much in my life.

Selena looked like she was completely spent at that point and no one could blame her after spending the last half hour servicing men and grinding on a toy much bigger than any penis I’ve ever seen. She didn’t even bother to swallow the last load deposited into her mouth, instead she seemed happy to just let the little pool of cum resting on her tongue spill out slowly while she swirled it around. There was no way she could do anything else, I thought, but more than half of the men there were still waiting for their turn…

“And now, Selena Marie Gomez, we will baptize you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit!”

The brothers who had not finished yet (and a lot of the ones who had but seemed ready to do it again), stood above the tired beauty, forming a tight circle around her as they jerked off. She struggled to get on her knees in the middle of a small puddle of saliva and cum and waited for the rest of the flock’s gift with a big, warm smile and her elbows close to the sides of her body, hands outstretched sideways, palms up, like a desert-dweller begging the heavens for rain. And the rain did come. A lavish storm of cum descended gloriously upon her as the multitude began to shoot her cum on her with impressive order and composure, just as one man was done ejaculating he’d take a step back and another one, ready to do the same, would immediately take his place. An undeniable expression of pure exuberance appeared on Selena’s cum-plastered beautiful face. She giggled like a little girl while the hot and thick ropes of cum landed her hair, face and breasts, still playing with her flushed and swollen pussy and making a game of trying to catch as man drops as possible with her outstretched tongue. When the last man was finished cumming on her she was completely drenched with semen and smiling like she had just won the lottery. “Thank you so much, brothers!” She said, pulling her sticky, wet hair behind her ears and wiping a thick layer of cum off of her eyes so she could open them again. Her slim but curvy form glistened as she made a point of taking care of the last softening cock that was offered to her. It was Bieber, standing in front of her dick in hand and looking like he was about to burst. Selena smiled before opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, it only took a couple of seconds for Justin to start cumming, she tenderly jerked him off until her mouth was full with warm jizz once more. She swallowed his cum and even took the time to carefully scoop the last drops of cum still clinging to the slit of his member with her expert tongue, all of that while staring into his eyes with an expression of profound gratitude that pretty much confirmed for me that he was the one who had gotten her to join the Hillsong cult.

Then she said, “thank you,” very softly and with a raspy, hurtful voice, I imagined her throat must have been pretty sore by then, “Thank you for all of this, my brothers, and God be praised.” She lied down on the floor again, swimming in the viscous aftermath of her brother’s ejaculation, completely worn-out but proud of herself for the sacred service she had just provided.

“You have praised your brothers well, sister Selena, and in doing so you have also praised our Lord.”

“Mmmm, that fills me with joy,” she said, staring at the ceiling, her small hands still rubbing cum in circles around her perfect tits. She barely reacted when the pastor got down in front of her and spread apart her thighs that were still twitching from the amazing orgasm she had just experienced.

“Are you ready for the last part of mass?” he asked, rubbing the tip of his 8-inch cock on her puffy little nub.

“I’m ready to be blessed by you, Pastor, I am so ready!” 

And with that, Lentz began fucking her in front of his flock, including her ex-boyfriend. He slid inside her with ease thanks to the brutal way with which the ceremonial dildo had been stretching her pussy just a few minutes before and grabbed her by the hips, her petite anatomy rattling violently after very brutish thrust. The cum-drenched brunette looked to me like she didn’t even have enough energy to moan anymore, sighing loudly instead as the muscular pastor pumped her mercilessly. “Thank you, pastor! Thank you! thank you! thank you!” she kept repeating softly while the little pool of cum that had formed on her belly button rippled and spilled around her small waist.

“Bless me with your seed, Pastor!” she cried, burying her nails in his ass cheeks and pulling him closer, begging him with her body to bury his cock deeper inside. I saw the well-defined muscles in the Pastor’s back tighten suddenly and with a short grunt he started injecting cum into the deepest part of Selena’s tired pussy. With her back arched and her ass clenched while Lentz held it in his hands above the floor, still dripping with the gooey liquid she had been laying in before, I heard Selena say, “Bless me! Bless me, please! Please, fill me with your blessing! Please, bless me, bless me, bless me!” over and over again. She kept repeating that with a hoarse and weak voice that left me no doubt about just how much abuse her throat had actually taken, until the Pastor finished cumming inside her. He had used no protection and I didn’t know exactly why but, of all the things I had seen that strange day, I found that one the most troubling. Several people I had interviewed had mentioned how strongly the Hillsong church was opposed to any kind of contraceptives so why was he finishing inside right in front of me? “Oh shit!” I said to myself once I put it together with what the Weekend had told me at the club, “Off the pill…” Lentz was actually trying to get Selena Gomez pregnant and she was begging him for it! I actually have no idea if that was the first time he’d cum inside her but, judging from the way she acted around him from the very beginning, I would bet that it wasn’t.

When he was done he carefully dropped Selena back down in the small pool of dirty cum and pussy juice where she finally was able to relax. Her eyes were gleaming with delight and there was stupid grin of joy on her cute, ravished face as she stretched and wallowed in the disgusting puddle like a pig does in the mud. The pastor made the sign of the cross across her cum-smeared chest, said a few words in latin and walked away, his flock following behind in complete silence. Justin was the only one left standing there to take care of the exhausted singer. He picked her up very carefully and placed her on the couch, “Did I do good, Justin?” the brainwashed singer asked him as she sank between the big cushions and into a profound slumber.

“Yes, Sel, you did great.”

After covering her with a blue blanket, Bieber walked away and joined the Pastor in the backyard. For the first time that day I started hearing noise from the Hillsong people, it was as if now that the ritual was over they could act normally again. I didn’t stick around enough to find out but maybe they were going to have a barbecue to celebrate what they had just done to Selena Gomez? I mean, who the fuck knows with these creeps? Nothing would surprise me at this point.

But that’s not the whole story, I was about to get out of there but as I made my way out of my hiding spot with a big hard-on still raging in my pants I heard something coming from Selena. I froze in my spot, thinking she had seen me coming out from behind the cantina but no, her eyes were still closed. Then I heard something again, like a kitten purring very faintly. I took a closer look and saw that her arm was moving just a little bit under the blanket. I looked at the back entrance to make sure I wasn’t going to get caught, but they backyard was pretty fucking big and no one seemed to be near the house at that moment so I went back to the purring girl, her eyes were still closed but now she was biting her lower lip and breathing faster. She was touching herself still. After all that she had just been put through that little slut was still horny!

Now, I had been stroking myself for the last 30 minutes and was about to die from the worst case of blue-balls in human history, so I just could not resist. I mean Selena Gomez was right there, even with cum all over her face and hair she looked so cute and innocent and amazing… and she was flicking her bean right in front of me for fucks sake! That was the kind of opportunity you only get once in a lifetime.

Walking over to her, I took my dick out and said, “Sister… Sister Selena,” hoping she would fall for it. I held it a couple of inches from her fantastic mouth and she opened her eyes and looked at me. I’m a black man and I look nothing like those dudes she had just been blowing for the last hour so I’ll be honest, for a second there I panicked and thought about running out of there, but I was so fucking horny that instead I just pressed my cock against her lips. I was so relieved when she didn’t scream or seemed alarm at all. If she actually thought I was just another member of Hillsong or if she had just done so much dirty shit that day that it didn’t even matter to her anymore, I’ll never know, but she allowed me to rub the the head of my cock on her lips and I loved her for it. I could have cum right then and there but I knew I had to hold on a little bit more so I could get the full experience. Still a bit nervous about getting caught but I pushed through her lips and into her mouth and kept pushing further down. She looked up at me, eyes wide open with tiny drops of cum still clinging to her eyelashes, and tried to push me away, I can’t say I’m proud of what I did next but something just came over me after everything I had watched her do and how blissfully warm her mouth felt around my cock…  I fucking snapped. I slapped her hands off of me and pinned her head to the back of the couch, then I used one hand to lean against the wall to get a better angle and with the other I grabbed a handful of her crusty but slippery dark hair to hold her in place while I fucked her mouth mercilessly. She stopped fighting me and I gave her everything I had, focusing all of the pent-up sexual frustration I had accumulated spying on her for the last hour right into her whorish throat. She gagged and choked for me just like she had done for all of her white brothers and it made me want to fuck her face harder than I had ever done to anything before. I shoved my cock down her windpipe as far as I could and held her there until she started shaking and desperately hitting my thighs with her tiny cock-stroking hands, there were tears coming out of her eyes and her face turned bright red but still I did not let her go; I was so fucking close!

And then something I still find incredible happened. She stopped fighting me, leaving tiny red imprints of her fingers on my thighs, and started stroking my balls. I say it was incredible ’cause I truly believe she was about to pass out, I mean I was just straight-up abusing her cute little face and throat with no mercy and that was after she had just drained a whole platoon’s worth of cock. That’s a lot of cum for anyone, let alone a petite girl like her. So I was moved and impressed, to say the least, and finally pulled out of her mouth. She gasped loudly and looked up at me with a thick strand of saliva bridging her lower lip to the tip of my dick. We both stared at each other for what seemed like a long time but was probably just a few seconds. I was expecting her to say something, to yell at me or maybe even cry for help but no, she just stared at me, gazing deep into my eyes as she slowly moved forward and kissed the swollen head of my twitching cock.

“I am yours, brother,” she said suddenly, “Use me as you see fit.” She sat up straight and started bobbing her head like an obedient slut, taking more of my meat into her dirty little mouth every time she pushed down. I was in heaven. I was in love. She looked so unbelievably beautiful stroking my head with her wet warm lips, for a brief moment I completely forgot about the dozens of men I had just seen her blow and swallow. She was mine I was hers and she was perfect, immaculate, solemn and holy. It was the greatest moment of my life.

Sadly, it could not last forever and as soon as I felt her naughty tongue swirling around my crown I was unable to refrain my explosion any longer. “I love you, sister…” I said with a shaky voice as I stroked her hair and spasmed between inside her tight, warm mouth with an intensity I’ve never felt before (or since). My cock just kept pumping out more and more cum until even my knees became weak and I had to grab onto the arm of the couch to not fall over. She smiled at me with her chubby cheeks filled with my cum, easily the biggest load I’ve ever shot, and then she swallowed it all in one big gulp. “I love you too, brother,” she said before cuddling under the blanket again with her stomach and cunt full of cum.

I stood there watching her like a creep until she fell asleep, which did not take long, mesmerized by her radiant beauty and still struggling to process the brutal contrast between the purity of her puerile features and the shockingly depraved acts I had seen her perform.

Soon after that I heard someone opening the kitchen door and I stormed out of there, so smitten by Selena and stunned by what had just happened that I didn’t even realize I had dropped my fucking camera until I got back home. It was an expensive camera too. I know, I know, that was the whole point of me going there and I’m the worst photographer ever but you know what? I’m not complaining.

So yeah, Selena Gomez is in a sex cult that uses her as a fuck toy and she’s probably pregnant with the cult leader’s child but I have no fucking way to prove any of it. Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t believe me, why would anyone? Hell, I’m still not sure I believe it myself, and I was fucking there!

I been hearing some things, though. Supposedly there’s some big event taking place a few weeks from now at the main church. I don’t know any of the details but some big shit is about to go down and you can bet your ass I’ll be there. And who knows… next time you see me I might have a crucifix around my neck and a bible in my hand.

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