Sapphic Erotica: Scene 130

Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 130

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Jessica Chastain, Naomie Harris

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Jessica at a party, drink in hand, looking bored, while we hear her internal monologue. “Why does my husband keep dragging me to these things?  He knows I hate it.  There’s nothing to do here but drink and talk to boring-” She then sees Naomie standing across the room, looking equally bored. “Hello…You look like you need some excitement as badly as I do…” Smirking, Jess grabs a pen and notepad from the table next to her, and scribbles something down, then tears off the piece of paper, and folds it in half.  We then focus on Naomie, as we see Jess sneak up behind her, drop the note down the back of her dress, then quickly disappear into the crowd, as Naomie reaches in, pulls the note out, and reads it, then looks around the room, slightly confused, before looking back at it.

“Meet me in the guest bedroom?”

We then see a completely dark room, momentarily illuminated as Naomie opens the door, and enters, closing it behind her. “Hello?”

“Come closer…” we hear somebody whisper, and then see Naomie’s silhouette step forward, then another grab her and pull her close, followed by heavy breathing, as the two silhouettes begin making out.

“Oh, God…” Naomie whimpers softly, “Touch me…” Offscreen, Jess reaches under Naomie’s skirt, and into her panties. “Huh!” Naomie gasps vocally.  A moment later, she starts reaching around in the darkness. “Let me see you…” Eventually, Naomie comes across a lamp, and flicks it on.  On seeing Jess, Naomie immediately gasps, then smiles. “Luke’s wife, right?  I had a feeling about you…” She then shoves her tongue in Jess’ mouth, and the two continue kissing.  Naomie then pulls down Jess’ shoulder straps, and starts kissing her shoulders, while beginning to take her own dress off.

The two are now on the bed, naked, Jess squeezing and sucking Naomie’s big tits, before sliding one hand down her stomach, and her fingers into her oozing slit. “Uhm…” Naomie moans, biting her lip.  Jess scoots down, until she’s face to face with Naomie’s pussy, then leans down, and works her tongue between her lips, and licks out the pink, dripping wet inside. “Oh, fuck…Eat me…” As she probes it deeper, Jess spreads Naomie’s pussy, and stuffs her fingers in her pink hole, while licking her throbbing clit. “Oh, God!” Naomie squeals, bucking her hips. “God, I’m gonna…” Naomie then arches her back, and lets out a rough, shrill cry.

Now, Jess is sat up against the headboard, Naomie kneeling next to her, groping her big, white tits, and sucking her light pink nipples.  Naomie then leans over Jess’ thigh, and slides her long tongue into her drooling, ginger pussy from above, while she two-fingers her hole. “Ohh…fuck…” Jess moans, and tilts her head back, brow furrowing. “Oh, God…”  Jess’ moan turns to a whimper, as she rubs her thighs.  Naomie, meanwhile, sucks on Jess’s clit, then grips it between her teeth, and tugs, causing Jess to convulse and squeal.  As she continues to vigorously lick her pink clitty, Naomie’s fingers fly in and out of Jess’ audibly wet hole, until finally, Jess tosses her head back, and lets out a barely audible wail.

Jess and Naomie are now in a sixty-nine, Naomie on top.  As the two lick out each other’s pussies, they also rub and knead each other’s pillowy cheeks. “Oh, fuck…” Naomie gasps vocally, lifting her head up, as, behind her, Jess tongue fucks her pink cunt.  After this, Naomie lowers her head again, and does the same to Jess.

We now see the two sitting back, face to face, legs entwined, as they rub and grind their sopping wet pussies together. “Oh, God!” Jess cries out, on the verge of screaming, “Fuck!”

“Oh, fuck!” Naomie adds, also close to screaming her head off, “Uhh!” Finally, both bite their lips, and scream through their teeth, as they cum at the same time.

Moments later, Jess lies partially on top of Naomie, as the two continue kissing and groping each other. “You think we should get back to the party?” Naomie asks.

“Fuck, no…” Jess gasps, smiling, and the two laugh, as the scene fades out.

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