Emma’s Needs

Title: Emma’s Needs

Author: Crait Trooper

Celebs: Emma Stone

Codes: MF, cons, mDom, spank

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal
Emma Stone stood staring at her pale body in the bedroom mirror. Her red hair fell to her shoulders and she had dyed the small well kept tuft of pubic hair to match.

Nothing in Emma’s love life had been going her way but tonight she was going to make sure something did, she was going to get fucked.

Emma sat on the edge of her bed, she could feel herself getting wet at the prospect of taking a random man home. She reached over to her clothes all laid out and grabbed her black thong. She slid it up her pale legs and over her hips as the fabric found its way between her firm butt cheeks. Next she grabbed her garter and her stockings and she slipped them on.

Emma stood again looking at herself in the mirror, clad now in her expensive lingerie she eyed herself up. She was going to go braless she knew that the hint of her nipples especially her pierced left one was enough to drive men crazy.

After throwing on her tight black dress she headed to the awards ceremony. Hours of tedious award giving past but then she got the chance to go to the bar. There she met him.

‘Steve’ he said introducing himself.

‘Emma’ she replied, ‘but I guess you knew that’

He did but they talked and kept on talking even as the place emptied. Steve reached over and placed his hand on Emma’s knee. She knew this was the guy she would fuck tonight, her cunt was wet. She bit her lower lip and staring deep into his eyes she grabbed his tie and said

‘Let’s go to mine.’

As soon as Emma’s door was shut Steve pressed her against the wall. She could feel his hard dick against her ass and his hand reached round and squeezed her tits.

‘I’m gonna fuck you so hard!’ he breathed into her ear.

He spun her around and ripped her dress from the thread holding it around her neck. It fell to her feet exposing her small white tits and her perfectly shaped pink nipples. Steve grabbed her around the throat and bit down on her pierced nipple. Emma moaned, this was going to be rougher than she thought but she wasn’t complaining. He pulled from his bite and slapped her tits. She yelped, it hurt but it turned her on more.

Steve shoved her over onto the sofa. She landed with her legs spread wide, her black thong clearly damp from her pussy. In a swift follow up motion Steve slapped Emma’s cunt hard! Emma buckled closing her legs and fell off the sofa to her knees. She exhaled sharply.

After taking a second to get her breath back she looked up and was greeted by his hard throbbing cock.

‘Suck it! You filthy whore!’

Emma’s ears burned, no one had ever called her a whore but she loved it, she was so turned on. She opened her mouth and accepted his dick. It was large, filling her mouth and hitting the back of her throat as he thrust in and out. Her eyes began to water and she could feel the make up running down her face. Steve pulled out and slapped his dick onto her face and began rubbing his precum and her saliva over Emma’s pretty face.

‘You’ve never been more beautiful than right now slut.’

‘Thank you, sir.’

Emma didn’t know where that came from but it felt right and it worked, Steve grinned. He pulled her to her feet and slipped his hand down the front of her thong. His fingers began to play with her clit. Emma’s knees were like jelly and she began to moan loudly.

Again she was pushed onto the sofa but this time Steve grabbed her thong and pulled right of her legs, she lay there with her tits outs, and with her bare pussy spread in front of a stranger. Steve slapped his dick on her clit.

‘Beg me to put it in,’

‘Please sir put it in,’ Emma moaned back.

‘Not good enough!’ Steve slapped her across the face.

‘Please sir, fill my tight wet cunt with your huge hard cock!’

Steve relented and roughly shoved his dick in. He did more than fill her she could feel herself stretching to accommodate him. He began pounding away. Emma moaned more and more. This was amazing this was exactly what she wanted! Steve choked her intermittently and she could feel herself closer and closer to orgasm. She began playing with clit and Steve pounded her. Then finally she came! Her eyes rolled back and her entire body shuddered, she couldn’t even moan her mouth hung open in a silent scream of pleasure.

Steve pulled out and that brought her back to reality. She felt a hand on either hip and then in one swift movement he flipped her. Emma knew where this was going, she felt him pull apart her beautiful butt cheeks to expose her asshole! Only a few toys and one dick had ever been in there and nothing as big as Steve’s cock. Emma felt his spit land on her tight asshole then she felt the top of his dick. Emma relaxed as best she could but as he slowly eased himself into her she felt like he was ripping her in two. Then she felt it, his balls slapped against her pussy and she had taken all of him, knowing that she relaxed. Steve began to pump her asshole stretching it more and more. Finally he grabbed and fist full of her hair and pulled it back hard as he fired his cum deep into her. When he pulled out Emma could feel her asshole gaping and cum dribbling out of it. She had been used and she loved it, this had been exactly what she wanted. Emma began to drift off as she lay there, her face a mess of saliva and make up and with a stranger’s cum dribbling from her asshole.

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