Hot For Teacher: Part 12

Title: Hot For Teacher: Part 12

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Amber Heard, Lulu Wilson

Codes: Ff, oral, anal, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Amber teaching a class of middle schoolers.  As she paces, giving her lesson, Lulu watches her, mouth gaping a little, before she bites her lip.

“So, who can tell me what other states were admitted after 1900?” Several students raise their hands. “Uh, Ryan.” As the student gives the answer, Amber suddenly finds herself distracted, as she notices Lulu has her hands under her desk. “Uhm, correct, Ryan…”

Later, the bell rings, and the class gets up to leave. “Ms. Wilson, would you mind staying behind a minute?” Lulu starts to sit down again. “Uh, please, sit up here.” Lulu gets back up, and sits up front, across from Amber, who leans on her desk. “Lulu, I hope you don’t mind me asking this.  I noticed you had your hands under the desk for most of today’s class, and you were also chewing your lip a lot.  I…again, I don’t want to embarrass you, but, were you…masturbating?”

“Um…no…” Amber nods her head, looking incredulous at Lulu’s answer.

“Lulu, could you lift your skirt for me?”


“Just…lift it up for me…” Sheepishly, Lulu lifts her skirt, to reveal she has no panties on. “Lulu, I ask you again.  Were you masturbating in my class?”



“I…don’t wanna say.”

Amber sighs. “Okay, you don’t have to tell me…” Amber then lifts her own skirt, revealing, to Lulu’s surprise, she’s also going commando. “I think I know why, anyway…” She then starts rubbing and fingering her pussy. “Uhm…” Amber sighs, and bites her lip.  Lulu, now even more surprised, but also visibly turned on, starts playing with her own thirteen year old twat.  Seeing Lulu touch herself, Amber licks her lips, and breathes hard. “Lulu…do you know what cunnilingus is?”

“Um, yes, ma’am.” Amber responds to this answer by beckoning Lulu to her with her finger.

Hesitantly, Lulu gets down in front of Amber, then sticks her tongue out, and starts to lick the outside of her pussy, before working it inside her folds. “Mmm…” Amber moans, rubbing her thighs, before starting to unbutton her blouse, eventually revealing a black bra underneath, which she then takes off, as Lulu gets more into eating her out. “Oh, fuck…” Amber gasps, feeling her breasts up, then moving her hands down, and again rubbing her thighs. “Oh, God, you’re so good at that…” Amber whimpers, voice shaking, as Lulu starts to finger her, while licking her clit. “Ohf…Oh, God, Lulu, right there…” Amber tilts her head back, and again bites her lip, face contorting.  Suddenly, she digs her nails into her thighs, and lets out a deep, throaty groan.

Now, Lulu is lying on Amber’s desk, naked, legs spread, as Amber sits in her chair in front of her, fingering her tight little pussy, and rubbing her little clitty with her thumb.  Eventually, Amber leans in, and starts licking Lulu’s pussy, sliding her tongue inside her oozing slit. “Oh, God…” Lulu whines, feeling up her little boobies, and rubbing her hard little nipples.  As Amber probes her cunt deeper, she pulls her fingers out of Lulu’s drooling cooze, and inserts them in her tight, young butthole. “Oh!  Hoh!” Lulu starts to grind and buck her hips, before finally arching her back, and squealing shrilly.

As Lulu gasps for air, a smiling Amber stands up, and leans over her. “So, do you want me to stop masturbating in your class?”

“Well, yes, I mean, it’s a distraction.  But, uh, maybe start coming after school for a little extra-curricular work, and…”

“Gotcha,” Lulu says, smiling, and Amber leans down, and gives her a lustful tongue-kiss, as the scene fades out.

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