Hot For Teacher: Part 13

Title: Hot For Teacher: Part 13

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Katheryn Winnick, Sophia Lillis

Codes: Ff, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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We fade in on a high school running track, where we see several girls doing laps, as Katheryn stands on the sideline, providing support. “C’mon, my grandmother can run faster than that!”

Later, in the locker room, we see Katheryn watching the girls undress, then file into the shower.  Sophia’s last in line, and  half her body is bright red. “Whoa.” Katheryn stops Sophia from entering. “That looks bad.  Does it hurt?”

“Uh, yeah, it stings a little.”

“Yeah, I’d better see to you in my office.”

Moments later, Sophia is sitting in Katheryn’s office, as Katheryn takes out a bottle of lotion. “This’ll feel a bit cold.” She squirts some on Sophia’s back, causing her to wince, then Katheryn proceeds to rub it into her back and shoulders. “God, your skin feels hot to the touch.  Someone as pale as you shouldn’t be out so long without sunblock.” As she rubs the lotion in, Sophia starts to look intoxicated. “Especially you, Sophie, you have beautiful skin…” Katheryn squirts some more lotion into her hand, and starts rubbing it into Sophia’s neck, who starts to tremble.

“Ms. Winnick?”

“Yes, Sophie?”

“I feel…funny.”

“Funny how?”

“Like…I don’t know, my heart is going really fast.  You think it’s the sunburn?”

Katheryn looks puzzled for second, then smiles. “Well…What if I do this?” Katheryn leans down, and starts kissing Sophia’s neck and shoulders, causing her to breathe hard.

“Ms. Winnick…what are you doing?”

“Oh, Sophie…Turn your head…” Sophia does so, and Katheryn gives her a long, sultry tongue kiss. “I have wanted to do that for so long…” Katheryn kisses Sophia again, and her hands migrate down, where she starts feeling up Sophia’s young breasts.

“Ms. Winnick…Can you touch my pussy?” Katheryn immediately moves one hand down, lightly touching Sophia’s stomach, then between her legs, and Sophia breathes in, body tensing up.

As Katheryn fingers Sophia, she asks, “Do you ever touch yourself, Sophie?”


“Has anyone…ever licked you down there?”


“Do you want me to?” Sophia subtly nods, so Katheryn turns her chair around.  After looking her up and down for a second, Katheryn leans in, and starts kissing and licking Sophia’s pink nipples, before kissing down her stomach.  Katheryn then starts kissing Sophia’s thighs, as she parts them, before moving in on her moist, young ginger twat, kissing it for a second, then sliding her tongue in her juicy, light pink slit.

“Huh!” Sophia gasps vocally, brow furrowing, as Katheryn licks her out.

“Does this feel better than touching?” Katheryn whispers between licks.

“Yeah…it does.”

“Sophie?  Can you do something for me?”


“Tell me when you cum…” Katheryn continues licking Sophie’s pussy, working her tongue deeper inside.

“Huh!  Uhm…” Gripping the arms of the chair, Sophia gasps and squeaks, as Katheryn starts to lick her little clitty. “Ohg…Huhm…” As she gets closer, Sophia starts to shake, and her knuckles turn white.  Suddenly, she takes a deep breath, and squeals, “I’m cumming, Ms. Winnick!  I’m cumming!”

As Sophia recovers from her orgasm, Katheryn comes up, and gives her another tongue kiss, allowing her to taste her own juices.

“Ms. Winnick?”

“Yes, Sophie?”

“Can I…do you?”

Katheryn grins, then stands up, and begins taking her clothes off.  Once she’s naked, Katheryn sits on the edge of her desk, and beckons Sophia closer.  Hesitantly, Sophia gets down off the chair, and on her knees, then tilts her head up, and starts licking the outside of Katheryn’s pussy, then works her tongue inside.

“Oh, Sophie…” Katheryn moans, tilting her head up, and pulling on her hard nipples. “You’re doing that so good…” She then bites her lip, and furrows her brow, as Sophia buries her tongue deep in her drooling cunt. “Oh!” Katheryn suddenly jerks her hips slightly. “Oh, right there, Sophie…Yes…” Katheryn again jerks, grunting this time.  This continues, until Katheryn is bucking her hips, until finally, grimacing, she groans throatily, “Oh, fuck.  Sophie, I’m cumming.”

As Katheryn catches her breath, Sophia comes up, and the two again kiss. “You’d better get to your next class…” Katheryn whispers, and Sophia nods, smiling, before walking out of the office, as the scene fades out.

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