Irina Veselkina and Peyton Elizabeth Lee Forever

Title: Irina Veselkina and Peyton Elizabeth Lee Forever

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Irina Veselkina, Peyton Elizabeth Lee

Codes: ff, anal, hermaphrodite, facial, first, squirt

Disclaimer: This is a story of fiction and never happened except in fantasy only


Irina is a hot young model at a tender age of 13 years old with long wavy blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Shes is in Los Angeles doing a photo shoot with renowned child photographer, Vika Pobeda, who does stylish and classy photos for popular magazines using child models.

Vika had set everything up for the young girl, including transportation and a place to stay with supervision. Vika knew Irina loved Peyton Elizabeth Lee from the TV show ‘Andi Mack’, so she got in contact with Peyton and had it so that Irina could stay with her during her week in Los Angeles for the photo shoot. Peyton was all to happy and the girls were sure to get along nicely and were actually the same age.

Upon arrival at Peyton’s house, Peyton was stunned at how pretty Irina was and took sharp notice at her stunning figure and glowing tan. Peyton took Irina’s things and took them up to her room.

“This is where you’ll be staying, we’ll be like roommates. Is that OK?” Peyton asked of Irina.

“Sure. You have a very nice home and room.” Irina told the young asian beauty.

“Oh thanks. I have some cool things you can do with me and even some clothes if you want to try them on. Hey, what’s this?” Peyton stated and asked.

“That’s my scrap book from the modeling I did.” Irina told her.

Peyton opened it and looked through the pages and stumble across one photo of Irina in what appeared to be a 1 piece that was white and white cotton stockings with one pushed down to her ankle on one leg. Irina’s body glowed with her tan and her face was stunning with her long blond hair down to her mid back and incredibly gorgeous legs that gave off a slight hint of blond hair when the light shined on them at just the right angle.

“Wow! You look so amazing in this photo.” Peyton told Irina.

“Yeh, that’s my favorite, too. I happen to have that outfit, you wanna see it on me in person?” Irina asked of Peyton.

Peyton was all for it and waited with excitement for Irina to come back into the room. When Irina stepped into the room she was exactly as she was in the photo only more beautiful since she was right there in person. Peyton’s jaw dropped as she sat on her bed up against the head board with her legs bent up against her chest.

Irina went to the bed and sat at Peyton’s side and slid her leg over Peyton’s…

“Your legs are darker tanned then mine, mine’s like a golden tan. But yours are so smooth and they could probably get you a modeling job.” Irina told Peyton.

Peyton smiled and had a glow about her as Irina looked into her eyes and brushed Peyton’s short pixie style haircut along the side of her head, leaning in until their lips met and both their eyes opened wide with anxiety of the moment.

Peyton was surprised at the young girls affection for her and how bold she was about it…

“Irina…I…I didn’t know you were…Uhhhh…Like—Gay…” Peyton said.

“Well, I’m not sure if I am or not but I definitely think you’re pretty and do find you attractive in that kind of way. I mean, you have a great body, a pretty face, great legs, and a rack I’d kill for.” Irina confessed as she twirled her fingertips down Peyton’s smooth leg and back up it until her hand was in Peyton’s crotch; pulling her hand back quickly…

“What the heck is that?” Irina blurted out with surprise from the sudden lump under Peyton’s white shorts.

“You may not think I’m so pretty if I tell you.” Peyton told Irina.

“C’mon…I won’t tell anyone and I’m not that shallow.” Irina reassured Peyton.

“Well, I’m both a girl and a boy. I look like a girl and have everything a girl does but I also have a…A…Penis. I’m a hermaphrodite, Irina.” Peyton confessed.

Now Irina’s jaw dropped and she smiled…

“Really? How big is it? Can I see?” Irina begged like a kid in a candy store.

“What? Are you serious? God…I mean, no one has ever seen it before except my parents and doctor.” Peyton blushed.

“Yeah…Show me.” Irina again requested.

Peyton stood and removed her shoes and socks and then slid her shorts and panties down her hot legs and stepped out of them. Peyton’s dick was a solid 7” and stuck straight out with bobbing excitement, fully erect from Irina’s seduction.

“Wow! That’s amazing!” Irina shouted as she reached out and took it in hand and played with it.

Peyton jolted with pleasure and cooed a soft ‘I can’t believe this’. Irina looked up at the hot girl before her and gently placed her dick against  her own face and rubbed it over her lips.

“What are you doing?” Peyton asked of Irina.

“Shhhhhh…I wanna try something I seen my manager do to her boyfriend in the dressing room. He seemed to like it and I think you will, too.” Irina told Peyton.

Peyton watched as Irina opened her mouth and gently nibbled at her cock head before running her tongue up along its sensitive underside. Irina put the hard shaft into her mouth and sucked it gently and slowly, looking up and watching Peyton’s squirming and her squinting from the new feeling given to her. Irina broke her lip lock long enough to tell Peyton: “Take off your top, lets see that hot rack of yours.”

Peyton lifted her top up off of her body and stood completely naked over Irina who gazed up and marveled over Peyton’s frim teen breasts, not too big and not to small—But just right with hardened nipples.

Irina went back to sucking Peyton’s cock as Petyon cupped her tits and her hips jolted forward as she squealed: “Something’s happening! GOD! I’M GETTING DIZZY, IRINA!”

Irina felt Peyton’s cock start to throb and her mouth filled with sperm. Irina pulled Peyton out and smiled and giggled as load after load of cum splashed onto her face that she turned side to side and then finally dropped her head when she couldn’t take no more. Peyton’s cock slid up through Irina’s hair and coated it with cum.

When Peyton finished, Irina looked up with an innocent face covered in cum and a strand dangling 6” from her chin. Peyton dropped to her knees: “What’s it taste like?”

“Try it and see.” Irina told Peyton.

Peyton leaned in and took a slow swip of her tongue along Irina’s cheek, pulling her own cum back into her mouth and savoring the flavor; trying to identify what it resembled and could only come up with a sort of a milk flavor. Peyton leaned in again and this time made sure to get it all, lapping up the cum until she had a mouthful. Irina quickly pressed her lips against Peyston’s and pushed her tongue into Peyton’s mouth, sharing the cum that Peyton had blasted her with.

Irina pulled away and stood up, slowly removing her white one piece and socks, exposing her fully nude and perfect model body to Peyton. Peyton was awe struck over Irina’s beauty and what seemed to be an all over tan. Irina had small breasts but perky light brown nipples and long legs that led up to her perfectly smooth snatch.

Peyton stood and the two went to the bed where Irina got on it on her back and Peyton between her legs, laying across the hot model and making out with her in heated lesbian fashion as their smooth legs entwined and Peyton dry humped Irina’s pussy. Irina reached  and took hold of Peyton’s cock as they continued to make out…

“Push…Push, Peyton.” Irina begged of her.

Peyton looked down and pushed her dick into Irina’s pussy. Irina let go of it as soon as she felt it enter her and Peyton watched it disappear. Irina winced from her first penetration and balled the sheets up into her fists as Peyton began to fuck her virginity away. Peyton took Irina slowly and in a loving way as Irina wrapped her hot legs around Peyton’s waist and they tongue kissed…

“Oh man, I think I’m gonna cum…” Peyton stated.

Irina unhooked her legs and pushed Peyton off of her…

“Not in me! Not there!” Irina screamed out.

“What? Why? I want to so bad.” Peyton said.

“Hey, I’m a model and need to keep this figure. I can’t end up pregnant.” Irina said.

“Yeah, that’s right. Shoot…And neither one of us has any sort of protection. But, what if I was to do you back here?’ Peyton told Irina as she brushed her wet cock head up against Irina’s puckered asshole.

Irina had a worried look on her face but gave an approved ‘Yes’ nod and waited for Peyton to enter her anally. Peyton firmly pushed her cock head into Irina’s ass and waited nearly a minute before sinking it fully into Irina. Peyton laid back down on Irina and began to make out again as Peyton gave Irina anal.

Irina actually enjoyed anal better and giggled and smiled and moaned softly as Peyton grunted and groaned from feeling Irina’s tight ass clamping tightly around her shaft as Irina screamed: “MY BUTT! IT’S GETTIN SO TIGHT! OH MY GOSH!”

Peyton began to orgasm, filling Irina’s ass with hot cum and hard throbs of her cock; giving Irina a dual anal-vaginal orgasm. Irina’s ass pulsed and her pussy squirted from uncontrollable spasms from within her lower body. Peyton and Irina’s tongues furiously lashed about in each others mouths as their orgasms subsided and Irina slid her leg up and down Peyton’s in an affectionate and playful way.

This was Irina’s first ever sexual encounter as it was Peyton’s, but it would certainly not be their last. Next time around they planned on doing thei own photo shoot and amateur video for themselves.


By: Dr. Demented 666

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