Hot For Teacher: Part 14

Title: Hot For Teacher: Part 14

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Pom Klementieff, Mckenna Grace

Codes: Ff, oral, mas, ws, rom, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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We fade in on a middle school art class, where we see the students filing out, the bell having just rang.  The teacher, Pom, stops Mckenna. “Mckenna, can I talk to you?”

“Okay, Ms. Klementieff.”

“I was thinking over what you said about wanting to sketch live models?  And I had an idea: Would you like to sketch me?”

“Um…” Mckenna starts giggling, big smirk on her face. “Okay…”

“Do you know where my house is?”

“Oh, yeah, I think you told us.”

“That’s right…Well, how about you come over Friday night, and you can practice on me?”

“Why not here?”

“Oh, uh, I have a whole space cleared out there, you know…It’s better for that kind of thing than here.”


That night, Pom answers her door, to find Mckenna on the other side. “Mckenna!  Come in!” Mckenna enters. “So, did you want to start now, or we could have dinner first, if you like?”

“Oh, I already had dinner, ma’am.”

“Okay, well, let me show you the space we’ll be working in…”

Pom leads Mckenna to a space in the basement, where she has some boxes, covered with grey sheets. “Wow!  Do you do all your modeling here?”

“Well, for friends, yes.”

As Mckenna is looking at the set, she suddenly notices Pom start to undress. “Uhm…Ma’am, what are you doing?”

“You wanted a live model to practice with?  You’re going to need to learn to work with curves and contours…” Once she’s naked, Pom gets into a reclining position on the boxes, propped up on her elbows, with one knee up.

“Uhm…okay…” Nervously, Mckenna sits down, and begins sketching.

Some minutes later, a more relaxed Mckenna announces. “I’m done.”

“Oh, lemme see…” Mckenna holds her sketch up. “Oh, that’s beautiful, Mckenna!” Pom points to certain parts of the picture. “Very nice job on my, um, anatomy…”

“Yeah.  Felt kind of funny working on those parts…” Pom giggles at this.

“Well, now it’s your turn.”

“Um, what?”

Pom smiles. “Take your clothes off.”

“Um, okay…” Again nervous, Mckenna starts to disrobe.

More minutes later, we see Mckenna once again looking more relaxed, as Pom finishes up her sketch. “Okay, what do you think of this?” Pom holds the pad up.

“Very nice, Ms. Klementieff.”

“Well…” Pom gets up, and sits next to Mckenna, who herself sits up. “I have wanted to draw you ever since you first came into my class.” As she says this, Pom places her hand under Mckenna’s chin. “Such a beautiful child…” Mckenna smiles at this. “Such a shame a love like mine for you is considered ‘immoral’ in your country…”


“Mckenna…” Pom whispers, leaning in slowly. “Can you feel my love?” Pom then kisses Mckenna, who, while momentarily confused, begins to kiss back.  After the kiss, Pom whispers again, “Would you like to go to my bedroom?”

Moments later, the two are on Pom’s bed, kissing, Pom caressing Mckenna’s young body, before pushing her onto her back.  Kissing down her chest and stomach, Pom sucks Mckenna’s little nipples, and licks around her navel.  Finally, Pom begins licking Mckenna’s twelve year old twat. “Ooh!  Huh…” Mckenna starts to moan and breathe hard, watching Pom lick her out. “Ms. Klementieff…I feel funny…”

“Have you ever played with yourself?” Mckenna shakes her head, and Pom smiles. “Well…you’re in for a nice surprise…” Pom continues to eat Mckenna’s pussy, fingering her cunt while licking her little clitty

“Oh, God!  Oh!” Before long, Mckenna lets out a shrill squeal, as her pussy suddenly squirts in Pom’s face. “Oh, Ma’am, I’m…”

“No…” Pom giggles, licking her lips, “That was nice…Did that feel good?” Mckenna nods quickly. “Would you like to do me, now?”

“Can I touch your boobies?”

“Yes…Yes, you can…”

Now Pom is propped up on her elbows, as Mckenna, straddling her lap, squeezes her big tits, and sucks her puffy nipples. “Oh, Mckenna…” Pom moans, “I hope you grow up to have large breasts, so you know how good this feels…”

Eventually, Mckenna makes her way between Pom’s legs, where she starts licking the outside of her pussy. “Ohh…” Pom moans, tilting her head back. “That feels so lovely…” Her moans deepen, and her face contorts, as Mckenna works her tongue inside Pom’s juicy slit. “Oh!  God…” Pom starts to shake, before, finally, the orgasm hits her. “Ooh!”

As Pom catches her breath, Mckenna crawls up her, until they’re face to face. “I love you, Mckenna…” Pom sighs, then the two kiss, as the scene fades out.

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