Jay the Assistant Director Chapter 2

Title: Jay the Assistant Director Chapter 2

Author: TheGreenArrowDP2001

Celebs: Olivia Holt

Codes: MF, oral, cons, anal, handjob

Disclaimer: This is fiction. It did NOT happen. This story is pure fantasy and fantasy is legal.


A week after filming had wrapped up, Jay got a text from Jessica telling him that the previous AD on the set of Cloak and Dagger was fired for making a lot of mistakes, and that he was hired. Jay was happy as hell to hear it, and Jessica told him that he would start in 2 days.

He got another text saying that she had paid for his plane ticket to the set of Cloak and Dagger, as well as a hotel room. Jessica texted him again saying that she had put in a good word to Olivia and the director as promised.

He thanked Jessica and quickly started packing his things. He was a little restless that night and the day after, but he finally fell asleep on the connecting flights.

He arrived in New Orleans and a taxi was waiting for him to take him to the set. They drove and his driver showed him the sights and explained some of New Orleans history. He got to the set a little early and he tipped the driver very generously.

He walked out and introduced himself to the director, Henry. Henry was a very relaxed director and was very pleasant. They talked for a while and Henry showed him where Jay would be working between filming and Jay sat down and got settled in.

Jay relaxed in his room until filming started and he worked with Henry, doing everything he was told until filming was finished. He had caught sight of Olivia and he caught her smiling at him as she talked to Aubrey, who played as Cloak.

Judging by her smile, Olivia knew who he was and he smiled back. He walked back to his room and he finished making the casting schedules for the rest of the week, when he got a text from an unknown number.

‘Is this Jay?’

‘Who’s asking?’ Jay texted back.

‘This is Olivia, I got your number from Jessica.’ Olivia replied.

‘Good. Did she tell you anything about me?’ Jay asked.

‘She told me a lot of good things about you. I heard that you helped her out, that you are amazing at sex, and you got big old dick.’ Olivia replied.

‘Well everything you’ve heard about me is true.’ Jay texted back, feeling rather smug.

‘I hope so. Come to my dressing room.’ Olivia texted back, minutes later.

Jay quickly walked to Olivia’s room and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Olivia said.

Jay opened the door walked in and he stood there and looked at the beautiful blonde who sat on a couch.

“You’re handsome all right. Jessica was right about that.” Olivia said as she stood up.

“Thanks. I’ll have to thank Jessica as well.” Jay said as he stood there, slightly nervous.

Olivia walked to him and quickly started kissing him with tongue, which surprised Jay.

‘She seems eager’ Jay thought to himself as he returned the kisses and his hands started traveling down her body to her ass.

His hands squeezed her ass and Olivia moaned slightly, her hands dropped to his crotch. She started gripping his growing cock. Jay grinned as Olivia paused after feeling his large dick in her hands.

“Guess Jessica was telling the truth again.” Olivia said looking down at the bulge in his pants. She quickly undid his belt and pulled down Jay’s pants, revealing Jay’s 8 inch cock pointing straight out. Olivia gave Jay a sexy smile and dropped to her knees.

“God I’ve gotta have this in me.” She said as she stroked Jay’s dick slowly and gently. Jay groaned as Olivia’s small hand massaged his dick. Olivia quickly wrapped her lips around his head and her tongue teased his tip. Jay’s eyes didn’t leave Olivia’s and he winked at her before grabbing her head and forcing his dick into her mouth.

He started pushing his dick further and further into Olivia’s mouth and Jay was amazed that she wasn’t gagging.

“Most girls that deep-throat my dick start gagging,” he said as he felt the bulbous head rub against the back of Olivia’s throat.

“I don’t have a gag reflex,” she responded after pulling his dick out of her mouth.

“Oh is that right?” Jay replied looking down at the blonde vixen.

“Yeah.” Olivia said as she took Jay’s dick into her mouth again and winked at Jay.

Olivia grasped his thighs tight, holding him close for several seconds. She proved that she was not lying about not having a gag reflex. With slobber racing out of the corners of her mouth, she held him deep in her throat for about thirty seconds before quickly pulling away, and he groaned as he felt his balls swell up. She looked up at Jay’s face and softly kissed the head of his cock.

“Did I prove it enough?” she asked as she stroked his cock slowly.

“Hell yeah.” Jay said. “I almost blew my load during that.”

“Don’t finish quite yet, I’m not ready to stop,” she said before rubbing his cock against her lips. Jay felt his knees going weak from her teasing and he moved to the couch, Olivia followed him. She stroked Jay’s saliva coated cock and started sucking on Jay’s balls. She put in both of his balls and wrapped her lips tightly around them.

Olivia suckled on his balls for several seconds, Jay felt bliss and he relaxed on the couch as the blonde pleasured him. He closed his eyes and sat there as Olivia stroked his dick. He felt Olivia’s hand leave his cock and he opened his eyes to see Olivia taking her pants and her panties off and throwing them behind her. She quickly climbed on top of Jay and.

She straddled Jay on the couch, her pretty pussy hovering inches away from Jay’s long meat stick.

As she braced herself with one hand against Jay’s shoulder while grabbing his cock with the other, Jay gripped both her firm ass cheeks tightly, partially to help her keep some balance, and partially to play with her ass while she aimed her wet pussy at his cock.

They looked into each other’s eyes and both held their breath as Olivia slowly began to lower herself, the tip of Jay’s cock spearing her pussy open, stretching her folds as inch after inch of Jay’s meat sank into her. Olivia’s head fell back and she moaned as she dropped further down onto Jay.

“Fuuuuck!” Olivia gasped, her voice vibrant with pleasure as she sank into Jay’s lap, his fingers dug into her ass cheeks, spreading it wide to allow her to sink as deep as she could go.

“Shit…” she whispered when her pussy lips were finally wrapped around the base of Jay’s cock and she stopped for a second, staring deep into his eyes as he was buried to the hilt inside of her.

Olivia took Jay by surprise by leaning forward and pressing her lips against his in a passionate kiss. Jay was shocked, but immediately responded, kissing her soft lips back, almost gently, taking the time to enjoy her perfect mouth on his.

After almost thirty seconds of slowly making out, Olivia began to roll her hips, starting to ride Jay with long, slow strokes. Each time almost allowing him to slip out of her pussy before moving back down, her hands bracing against his shoulders while his were still playing with her butt.

With a soft moan she then broke the kiss, Olivia closed her eyes and slowly began to pick up a little pace, her breath coming in short, guttural moans.

As Olivia continued to ride Jay skillfully, he carefully let go of her bouncing ass and moved his hands up her sides, grabbing the hem of her shirt and pulling it off, exposing her tight, flat tummy and her braless breasts.

Jay licked his lips as he savored every detail of the sexy blonde’s perky tits, the natural bounce, her stiff, little nipples and their sublime roundness.

“Enjoying them?” Olivia asked.

Jay looked up to find that Olivia had opened her eyes and was looking at him with an amused smirk, obviously proud of her set.

“They are amazing!” Jay complimented, unable to be anything but honest, which turned her smirk into a full-on smile.

Jay then wrapped his left arm around her naked body and pulled her close into a kiss, his left hand once again squeezed her right butt-cheek while his right hand fondled her bare tits, the manhandling caused Olivia to moan out louder and her hips started to roll faster, the sound of flesh hitting flesh filling the room. Jay started nibbling on her nipples and it seemed to have had an amazing affect on Olivia.

“I’m so close. Don’t stop please don’t stop.” Olivia moaned.

Jay did as Olivia asked and seconds later, he felt a rush of wetness coating his cock and balls. Olivia’s juices spilled out and her pussy clenched tightly around Jay’s cock.

Jay grabbed her hips and stood up and walked to Olivia’s makeup desk. He turned her around and bent her over and looked in the mirror in front of them.

She made an incredible erotic sight, her naked ass thrust out, face flushed and her previously perfectly styled hair already disheveled.

Grabbing my cock around the base Jay took position right behind her. Jay was about to push his dick when he saw Olivia’s big, hazel eyes staring back at him in the mirror, he couldn’t help but tease her a little further. Jay began to slap the underside of my dick against the soft, moist lips of Olivia’s pussy, making the blonde actress whimper in frustration.

“Stop teasing!” she whined, wiggling her butt enticingly, “Stick it in already!”

Unable to keep this up any longer, Jay complied, placing the head of his dick against her entrance and he gripped her hips with one hand before pressing forward.

“Oooh!” Olivia moaned as Jay slowly penetrated her ass. His cock was slick with her juices, allowing him to bury his whole length inside her with one long, steady thrust.

As Jay impaled her, the actress closed her eyes and smile spread across her face. She reached back with one hand and gripped her ass-cheek, prying her ass cheeks open to ease the penetration and in the process she inadvertently gave Jay a lewd sight of her butthole, putting a grin on his face.

Holding her steady with one hand on her hip, he took a grip of her short, blonde hair with the other, using it to firmly pull her head back, making her back arch.

Olivia’s loud moans told me how much she liked this, the signs of dominance exciting her even more. Picking up his pace, Jay slammed harder into her, feeling her inner walls clamping down in response.

“Yes! Fuck! Oooh!” she groaned, pushing back against him eagerly.

Jay’s balls smacked against her clit with every thrust as he sped up further, the loud slapping noises of flesh on flesh filled the room along with Olivia’s slutty moans. All of the initial holding back was gone now as Jay held the starlet tight by her hip and hair and pounded into her harder and harder

Jay pulled his cock out of her ass and aimed his cock back at her pussy. He grinned as he started slamming his cock into her soaking pussy over and over again. She let go of her ass and gripped the edge of her desk tightly with both hands to brace against the onslaught, ecstasy driving her voice higher and higher.

Jay knew whoever was left on the set could hear him fucking Olivia’s brains out, pounding her like a rag-doll. Not wanting to be caught, Jay knew Olivia was flexible so he pulled her hair towards him even more and Olivia’s head followed, causing her body to arch more. Jay straightened up and he quickly kissed Olivia, silencing her.

Olivia’s loud moans were barely contained but Jay managed to keep her quiet, and he moved his left hand down between her legs and he started to rapidly play with the blonde’s pussy.

Jay continued to pound her and several minutes later, he knew with the way her pussy clenched around his cock that Olivia had another orgasm as her juices coated his cock.

“YEAAH! OHGOOOOOOOOOD!” she squealed out as her cunt squeezed tightly around Jay, her whole body tensing in orgasmic release.

“Don’t stop fucking me. Fuck my pussy! Stretch it with your fat cock!” Olivia said between kisses. Jay grabbed Olivia by the waist and pulled her back as hard as he could while thrusting forwards, finally squeezing his entire dick into her formally vise like pussy.

That was exactly what set off Olivia. She arched he back and tilted her head letting out many moans. Her pussy clenched and she released her juices all over his cock again. Tightening his grip around her waist, Jay pulled her up to just his tip before slamming her back down.

“Oh. Yes. Oh. God. So. Good. Fuck. Me. Hard.” Olivia panted with each thrust. Jay pulled out and got down on his back, pulling her down on top of him. She straddled him and he resumed fucking her.

“AAAIIII! AAAHHH! AAAAH! AAAIIII!” Olivia squealed, she collapsed onto Jay’s chest minutes later, drained from all her strength as he held her by the hips and jack-knifed into her from below.

Olivia could do little more than moan, her breasts squashed against Jay’s chest, eyes squeezed shut as she moaned her head off.

It wasn’t long before Jay felt his balls swell up and he moved Olivia off of his body and quickly aimed his cock at her face. He jerked his cock off several times before he shot giant loads of cum all over her tongue and lips. She quickly closed her mouth and let the rest of his cum paint her cheeks in the thick, white paint.

Once he was finished, she opened her eyes and grabbed his cock. Slowly, she rubbed the slick head all over her lips before letting it slip between them. She gave it a quick suck before pulling it out and she swallowed the rest of Jay’s cum off of her face. When she finished, she moved on top of the couch, and relaxed.

“Holy shit. That was amazing.” Olivia moaned.

“Yeah it was.” Jay replied, sitting on the couch next to her. They both relaxed for a long time before Olivia’s phone beeped and she said she had to go. Jay and Olivia got their clothes back on and she fixed her hair before they both walked out and went their separate ways. Jay smiled the whole drive back to his hotel room, thinking about his very fun afternoon with the gorgeous Olivia Holt.

He relaxed on his bed and was watching some TV when he got a text from Olivia.

‘Hey Jay. I’m going to SDCC. Wanna come too. I can introduce to you to some friends of mine.’ She said.

‘Yeah. I’m down. What are the dates?’ He texted back.

Olivia texted him all the dates and Jay put them in her phone. He thanked Olivia and she responded with,

‘I’ll see you there.’

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