The Art Of Fighting: Chapter Two “Of All The Gyms In The World…”

Title: The Art Of Fighting: Chapter Two “Of All The Gyms In The World…”

Author: LionClub

Celebs: Taylor Swift. Appearances from: Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, Kate Upton

Codes: MF, oral, cons, DS, spank, anal teasing

Disclaimer: This is not real, this was never real, this will never be real. It’s all stupid fantasy and no one referenced in this story actually acts how they are described. This is just a silly story written by a silly author and should not be taken as a statement of fact or realism. This story is also not intended for anyone under the age of 18.


“Can I ask you girls a question?” an exhausted Selena Gomez sighed as she peered out through her sunglasses.

It was a bright and early Sunday and part of the Squad had gotten together for brunch and mimosas. The four beauties sat there, absorbing the rays of the sun as they drank and ate, quite content with the world as the hustle and bustle of New York went by below them. At the private table on some random New York City building sat Taylor Swift, Kate Upton, Cara Delevigne, and Selena Gomez. As the mimosas piled on the conversation seemed to drift to what it always drifted to when the squad got tipsy… sex.

“I hooked up with this guy a few days ago…” Selena said with an exasperated tone, seeming almost tired at the thought as she continued.

It had been three days since Selena and Dom had been together and as hard as she tried she couldn’t let a single moment go by without thinking about their night together. It was the most single incredible pleasure filled night of her life and as hard she tried to put it out of her mind, every single waking moment of her life was simply yearning to hear from him again. It seemed like every moment she was looking at her phone to see if he had texted or called her and every time he hadn’t, the hunger for him grew and grew. In her mind at the moment was a specific moment. The moment where he had her call him ‘daddy’. It still hung in her mind. She didn’t feel weird about it, in fact there was something kind of passionate and intoxicating about it. Still though, she felt weird for thinking it wasn’t weird and what better place to air out her thoughts and feeling than in this rooftop setting with three of her closest friends. Taylor, Kate, and Cara leaned in with eager eyes as she spoke.

“… and it was absolutely phenomenal. I mean, best night ever… but at one point he had me call him ‘daddy’…” Selena slowly uttered, rubbing her forehead as if she was already hungover.

A loud raucous cry went up from the girls as they expressed their delight, confusion, and disgust with the entire thing.

“And did you say it?” Kate questioned, a tight grin on her face as she leaned in closer to the group.

“…yes!” Selena finally relented, a bit embarrassed by the entire thing as another loud roar went up from the girls.

“No. Absolutely not. Never in a million years would I have done that!” Cara said as she shook her head and faded back into the seat. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Says the girl who wants to fuck my ass with a strap-on” Selena retorted, almost shocked that Cara would find something taboo.

“That’s different, that’s completely normal” Cara fired back, much to the eye rolling of the girls around her. “Having a girl call you ‘daddy’? That’s something messed up in the head.

“You think?” Selena said, suddenly very conflicted and confused.

“No it’s not” Kate quickly interjected, shutting up Cara with a open palm to her direction. “That’s nothing. He just likes to be a bit dominant. Ask yourself these questions, Sel… did you feel safe while you were with him?”

“Yes” Selena confidently answered.

“Did everything feel good?” Kate asked

“God yes” Selena giggled.

“Did he make you cum?” Another question from the blonde model.

“Three times, the last one was so hard I passed out” Selena confessed, much to the delight of the group whose jaws dropped and giggled.

“Wow… so you enjoyed the entire thing?” Kate finished her line of questioning.

“Absolutely.” Selena shook her head.

“Then what are you doubting?” Kate asked in an exasperated tone. “You felt safe, everything felt good, you came so hard that you passed out… I think we all need that kind of guy in our lives.”

Selena seemed to be able to manage her conflictions on that thought, but Taylor had been strangely silent the entire time. Considering Taylor was her best friend, she needed to have the okay from her. Shifting her body and attention to Taylor, she looked at her.

“Tay… what do you think?” Selena asked…

“Me? I don’t know why my opinion is important… I just… I mean Kate and Cara both made good points and… and…” Taylor quickly tried to deflect.

“It means a lot to me… what do you think…”

“Uh… well…” Taylor said, trying to hide her shame as she pushed back against her seat. “I think……”


Before the brunch, before the mimosas, before the awkward question… Taylor had started her day at the gym with her personal trainer. Domenic Harper had been training Taylor ever since she had been spending time in New York after her last tour. It was a private location where she didn’t have to be bothered by other people or paparazzi, the workout actually made her feel better after, and it didn’t hurt that her trainer was easy on the eyes. So hours before she was supposed to meet Selena, Kate, and Cara for brunch and mimosas, she first had to get through a cool down workout after a week of strenuous activity.

“Morning, Dom!” Taylor said brightly as she hoisted her bag onto the desk in front of her after punching in the keypad to the entrance of the building.

Inside sat an empty gym with a beard Dom sitting behind his desk. They had worked out an agreement to have Taylor come in before the gym opened and use the facility, Dom labeled her a ‘high profile’ client.

“Morning Ms. Swift” Dom said cheerily.

“I’ve told you every single morning, you can call me Taylor!” She said with a hint of a giggle.

“I’m just trying to be professional m’am” Dom said with a smile, handing her a mixed smoothie that he had created.

“What in this morning’s concoction?” Taylor asked, sniffing the smoothing before taking a sip.

“That would be a mixture of protein powder, black raspberries, ginseng, and some cloves to give it a bite.” Dom exclaimed, taking Taylor bag for her and placing it on a bench before leading into the gym.

“Tastes delicious, what does it do?” Taylor asked, smiling as she followed the her handsome trainer into the room.

“Mostly just wakes up the metabolism and gets things moving. Also it’s a huge jump start to the libido so watch out” he said with a chuckle, swiping his card to let him into the personal training room.

“Oh gosh!” Taylor said, blushing as she downed the last little bit and stood there in the center.

“Okay… let’s get started…” ==============================================================

On her back and sweaty, gasping for air… exactly how Taylor loved to be in bed, but by now she’d become accustomed to accepting this feeling at the end of a work out with Dom. What was supposed to be a ‘cool down’ day didn’t seem like a cool down at all. Whatever Dom had given her in that smoothie pushed her body and lit it on fire because now her breath couldn’t keep up with her desire to keep going. Even worse was the burning desire between her legs that she couldn’t work out. So as she heaved her breath in and out of her lungs and felt beads of sweat drop down her head and cheeks, she couldn’t help but wish something was driving a fat cock between her legs in this moment.

“I thought today was a cool down day?” Taylor gasped, looking up at Dom who laughed as he wiped down the equipment they had been on.

“It was, you just pushed yourself too hard” Dom chuckled.

“Whatever that smoothie was… gave me an extra umph… I feel great. But I just can’t catch my breath…” Taylor admitted. Sitting up with a groan and grabbing a bottle of water.

“Well, hit the showers in the back and cool your body down. You’ll feel great after that.” Dom suggested as he walked away. “And if you need anything, just tap the intercom. I’m gonna get some things ready for opening.”

Taylor let out a long winded sigh and nodded, flashing him a soft smile as she caught her breath. She sat there for a few moments, almost gritting her teeth as how horny she was. Even worse, she’d have to wait until after her brunch with the girls to work it out. Or maybe not… catching a clear glimpse of Dom through a mirror, she let a hand slip between her legs and over the tight cloth of her shortened tights. Almost instantly at the feeling of her finger slipping over her clothed clit, Taylor gasped and bit her lip. She thought about Dom and how strong he was, the way he felt next to her as he helped her stretch. Earlier, she was stretching her gluts and back by bending down forward to touch her toes. She couldn’t make it all the way, so Dom saddled up behind her and gently pushed her back to stretch. She imagined him in that moment ripping down her tights and jamming his cock into her, fucking her right then and there. Gentle touches between her long, model shaped, sweaty legs turned into harder circles of pleasure as she envisioned it. Dom taking her roughly, using a nearby jump rope to wrap her hands behind her, him taking a thick handful of her blonde hair as he fucked the shit out of her.

She had to stop.

She took a deep breath and quickly pulled her hand from her legs and tried to shake the daze from her mind. Had she kept going she probably would have lost control very quickly. In a haste, she dashed into the private locker room area reserved for her, ditched her sweaty clothes, and hopped into the shower.

Sitting down on the bench and letting the warm water splash across her body, she closed her eyes and took another deep breath. Almost instinctively her hand returned to its location around her wet pussy and began to tease at it’s entrance. Taylor seemed almost surprised as a gasp let out through the private shower. She felt a little bit better about playing with herself now that she was entrapped by a more private location and not out in the open for anyone to see. Getting more adventurous now, Taylor dipped a finger ever so gently between her lips and melted at the thought of Dom taking her her. Pressing her perky tits up against the glass of the shower, wrapping his long arms around her gentle and petite waist, the feeling of her ass bouncing against his waist as his cock shoved its way deeper and deeper into her.

“Fuck me….” Taylor let out, the lust of her eyes hidden behind her closed lids as she finger fucked herself.

She had to have him. Nothing was going to satisfy her until he could actually feel Dom’s cock stretching her pussy as if pressed firmly into her. How the actual fuck was she going to pull this off though without looking like a complete wreck. She had to at least try though. Reaching out of the shower, she pressed the buzzer alert button on the panel that told Dom she needed something.

“Taylor?” Dom quickly answered.

“Dom… I need your help…” Taylor called out, sounding in pain but really aching for him to touch her.

“Is everything okay?” Dom asked, sounding a bit concerned.

“Yeah I just… I… uh… I fell…” Taylor said in an exasperated gasp while fucking her wet pussy with her fingers.

“You fell? Are you hurt?” he quickly responded.

“No… I mean, I don’t know. I got a cramp in my leg and I just kinda… went down to the floor…” Taylor said, throwing her head back in pleasure as she started to buck her hips to the fucking.

“Okay…” Dom said with a hint of caution.

“Can you just come here?” Taylor pleaded, sounding like she was begging. Begging to be fucked, that it.

“I’ll be right there” Dom said.

Within a minute, Dom found himself entering into the private and locked shower stall where Taylor was supposedly lying after a cramp had taken her down. He gave a knock on the door and then slowly entered, seeing the blurred figure of Taylor’s naked body sitting on the floor against the shower wall as he approached the scene.

“Taylor?” Dom asked again.

“Yesssss” Taylor groaned, leading Dom to believe she was in some kind of pain instead of pleasure. “Oh thank god. I know this is weird but can you just help me untighten this muscle? I think it’s the adductor one.”

“Sure but… I hate to sound weird about this… you’re naked…” Dom said, unsure of how to approach the situation.

“Dom…” Taylor said with a hint of a giggle, “If I’m the first girl you’ve seen naked, I’m flattered.”

“Oh trust me, you’re not…” Dom said, returning the laugh as she watched him approach closer. “I just didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“You never do, Dom. You never do…” Taylor said, knowing this was her last chance to turn back, but that thought was nowhere in her mind.

Dom opened the stall to see Taylor sitting against the wall, if her pointed nipple weren’t a dead give away that she was looking to get fucked, the way she held open her legs certainly was. Dom tried not to stare, but a smirk rose to his face as she looked up at him and beckoned him closer.

“I’d hate for you to get your clothes wet… and you’ve got to be in them all day… take them off Dom…” Taylor said, becoming more bold with everything.

“Sure thing Ms. Swift…” Dom replied, whipping his shirt off as he watched Taylor’s hand fuck herself.

She let out a frustrated tone of being called “Ms. Swift” but let it go. Admiring the body that Dom had, it was even better than she imagined. Hungrily she swallowed his dick without any slow start, inhaling it between her lips as she groaned finally having caught her prize. Taylor continued to fuck herself though, now kneeling between his legs as the warm water occasional splashed against her. Fucking her own pussy as she sucked his dick, she rarely was put in this kind of mood. But something about her body craved to be let loose and she had to think it was because of Dom. Just the sheer size of him, the way he forcefully grabbed her hair and pushed deeper and deeper into her throat until he had sunk every inch into her. She wasn’t in control, he was.

“GAH!” Taylor exhaled, almost crying as Dom ripped his dick out of her mouth and gave a slap to her cheek. “Yes Dom, fucking hell I want this…” Taylor pleaded, almost pushing his hand away to get her lips back on his dick.

With even more gusto and enthusiasm she returned her pink lips back around his dick, taking it halfway into her mouth this time as she swirled her tongue around him. Bobbing her head back and forth to let him face fuck her as he took two hard handfuls of her hair and began to use her. All the pent up tension and desire she had felt today was being released and whatever part of her held her shame, it had dissolved to allow her to be almost primal with her desires. Dom now pressed her head and back against the wall, allowing her to use both hands between her legs as his cock invaded her mouth and used it for pleasure. With both of her hands between her legs while Dom used her mouth as a fuck hole, she was able to rub her clit with even more pressure and speed while her other hand held her lips open. She closed her eyes, the steam of the how shower filled her lungs while his cock stretched her throat, the warm water splashing against her legs while Dom slid his fat cock into the very thing that built her career, her hands between her legs like some common whore while Dom gripped tightly at her hair. Never before had she let another person get to her like this. The feeling of being used, dominated… even passing more sent a new chilling spark up her spine making her want to go farther and farther with him. Finally, he ripped his cock out of her mouth leaving her to exhale an almost crying moan.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Ms. Swift…” he said, sternly and orderly as if she had no say in the situation.

“Call me Taylor, Dom…” she said again, wanting to hear him call her by name as he helped her up to her feet.

Dom pressed Taylor against the glass now, he naked tits against the cool glass as he placed a strong hand against her waist. She grinned and closed her eyes, it was exactly how she wanted it.

“I’ll call you that if you call me one what I want to be called…” Dom said, pushing his dick into her pussy to a loud gasp from her as he pressed his head closer to the side of her head.

“Anything, Dom… anything… I’ll call you anything, just keep fucking” Taylor gushed through gritted teeth and wide eyes as she felt his thick cock take its place inside of her.

“Call me ‘daddy’…” ==============================================================

“I wasn’t even paying attention…I don’t know what you’re talking about” Taylor quickly blurted out, hiding behind her mimosa and sunglasses on this bright day.

“Taylor!” Selena said, frustrated at her dodging the question.

“Ugh fine… “ Taylor finally relented. Thank goodness she was wearing something the block her eyes.

She couldn’t believe it, she and Selena had fucked the same guy. It had to be, there was no way that they hadn’t. How many people could Selena be describing? Still though, there was a bit in the back of Taylor mind that said maybe it wasn’t the same guy… that maybe in fact it was a different one and that it was just a fairly common fetish. Still though, the thought returned to her mind of what Dom had done to her only a few hours earlier. The way he had walked in, the way he told her what he was going to do… she felt a spark between her legs that she instantly tried to shut down.

“Sorry…” Taylor said, getting lost in her thoughts. “What were you asking?”

“Is it weird that the guy I hooked up with wanted me to call him ‘daddy’?”


“Fuuuucccckkk meeeeeeee, daaaaddddyyy!” Taylor howled from the shower, bouncing her ass off his waist as Logan delivered hard thrusts.

A hard slap rang out in the room as Dom’s hand met Taylor’s wet ass with a loud SMACK! Taylor roared with desire and pleasure and pain, all wrapped up into one. She had never admitted it to herself but she enjoyed a bit of pain mixed in with her pleasure.

“Fuck me, fuck me daddy! FUCK MEEEEE!” Taylor cried out not, her hands clenching the top of the glass stall as Dom’s cock bottomed out and all of his length settled inside her for a quick second.

Fuck, how she loved that feeling. For one quick moment while she had every single inch of him inside of her, she felt full. Even complete, almost.

“daddy YES!” She yelped, feeling him reached around from behind and play with her tits as they took a small portion of his giant hand.

Another slap to her wet ass as he took a handful of her hair and ripped her up to his lips. Taylor felt his tongue forcefully slip past her as he sucked on his. Her moans rang out like a muffled cry through his mouth as she gasped every time a thrust reached that deep spot in her. The way his tongue dashed against her made her melt, the way his hand had a firm and dominating grip on her waist made her gush, every smack to her ass made her want to be broken even more. Dom released the kiss, an almost angry grunt escaping his lips as she settled back into her place.

“Spank my ass, daddy. I’ve been bad! So bad!” Taylor cried, her hands returning to the top of the glass stall as she took her position.


“FUCK!” Taylor yelled, an almost relief in it as she felt the warm tinge of pain.


“DADDY HARDER!” Taylor cried, almost feeling actual tears well up behind her lids as she cried out for him.

“Tell me you’ve been bad” Dom roared, egging her on as he moved his hand to take a hold of her hair.

“Sooooo bad daddy! Punish me! Punish your little slut!” The word slut came off with gritted teeth an angry burst as now Taylor pushed herself back onto his cock, almost as if she was angry with him.


Three hards shots against her ass turned the skin from white to a pale pink and caused Taylor to grit her teeth with a grin that said she had gotten exactly what she wanted.

“I’m gonna stick a finger in your ass now…” Dom commanded, a nervous flustering energy dancing up Taylor spine as she heard him speak the words.

“Yes… yes…” Taylor said, feeling him not lose any pace or intensity in his fucking.

“Beg for it” Dom commanded her. “Beg me to stick a finger in your ass”

“PLEASE DADDY PLEEEASSSEE!” Taylor begged, her face now being smashed against the glass as her cheeks pressed against the door. “Please stick a finger in my ass daddy, I’ll cum so fucking hard for you like the dirty little whore I am. Please? Please do it! Oooooh DADDY! Your cock is too big for my ass but your finger is just peeeerrrrrrfeccctttt!”

As soon as she finished her tirade she felt the warm thumb of Dom’s finger protrude into her ass causing her to shiver with delight as she let out a delighted but exasperated gasp. Taylor felt like the grip Dom had on her ass would allow him to lift her up at any moment if her pleased, he was strong like that. And with every powerful thrust she felt like she was going to be pounded through the wall at any moment. Already her hips and thighs were sore as her ass rang with a firey pain from his thumbs insertion. It wasn’t long until she felt him getting hard and whispering in her ear about cumming. She was there too and with one loud climax they came together, him inside her and her around him.

It seemed violent almost, the two of their bodies crashing and quivering as they both came. But Taylor loved it. Her smushed face grinned against the glass as he pulled out and she felt his cum dripping out of her.

“Fucking hell!” Taylor let out after a loud gasp. “That was what I needed.”

“Give me a night, a bottle of wine, and a proper bed and I’d show you a good time.” Dom quickly said, sinking against the shower bench with a satisfied smirk.

“Throw in some handcuffs and its a date” Taylor said, leaning down to kiss him with a grin and not wasting a moment to slip her tongue against his.

“Is that the only toy allowed?”


“No… it’s not weird.” Taylor finally said, realizing that she had to actually give Selena an answer.

“Thank you” Selena responded, feeling better about everything.

“Besides…” Taylor needed to know if her suspicion that she and Selena had been with the same guy. “… if you and this guy had a great night, then it’s whatever. What did you say his name was?”

“His name is Dom” Selena proudly said, the relief of not feeling judged by her friends washing over her body as she lifted her sunglasses. “He’s a personal trainer and does some other stuff on the side.”

“Oh” Taylor said, hiding the fact that her entire stomach just knotted itself.

“And girls… I know I’ve only been with him once…” Selena confidently said, “… but I think I love him.”

That was that. Taylor entire body knotted, she felt the lung run out of her lungs causing her head to go dizzy, and she felt like she was going to throw up. She and Selena were head over heels for the same guy, but only Taylor knew about it….



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