Random Sex IX – Moner Boner Edition

Title: Random Sex IX – Moner Boner Edition

Author: voodoojoe

Celebs: Isabela Moner

Codes: Mf, Ff, cons, oral, anal

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Random Sex IX – Moner Boner Edition

By voodoojoe


Birthday Girl

“Someone has a birthday coming up,” Oscar Morgan said, taking a sip from his water glass.

“No, your birthday was months ago,” Isabela Moner said, shaking her head as she picked a pepperoni off her pizza.

“You never did get me a present either,” Oscar said with a scowl.

“I did so, I bought you lunch,” Isabela insisted.

“You bought me a hamburger at Burger Barn, that hardly qualifies as a legitimate birthday present for someone who puts up with you as much as I do,” Oscar argued, taking a bite of his slice of pizza.

“You got fries as well,” Isabela said, waving him off.

“Psshh, fries, that changes everything,” Oscar grunted, rolling his eyes. “Now, tell me what you want for your birthday? Maybe some Dora, the Explorer underwear?”

“How about some new shorts for you to stare at when we go jogging?” Isabela shot back.

“That’s an idea, I’m getting bored with that pair of plain black shorts you always wear,” Oscar said, nodding his head. “It makes it hard to pretend I’m doing anything back there other than staring at your ass as you run.”

“Hmm, and all this time I just thought you were slow,” Isabela said, grinning.

Even though Oscar was a year older, the two of them had been friends pretty much since the day Isabela moved in next door to him. When Oscar had gone out for cross country, he’d wanted a running buddy, so Isabela got dragged along with him. At first she’d hated it, but it was good exercise that allowed her to eat things like pizza and hamburgers while still looking good in a bikini. Plus, it was kinda fun to see how she progressed, from being out of breath and barely able to walk the next day after a short run, to being able to do several miles without much problem.

“I’m not sure if I can find shorts with blinking lights on the butt, so give me some other ideas,” Oscar said, stealing a mushroom from her piece of pizza.

“You could give me your dick,” Isabela muttered under her breath before realizing it. “Shit, did I say that out loud?”

“Oh, yeah,” Oscar said, laughing as she turned bright red. “So, do you want me tie a bow around myself, of just him?”

“I’m never going to hear the end of this, am I?” Isabela groaned, burying her head in her hands.

“Not any time soon, no,” Oscar said, finishing off his pizza. “Come on, if we hurry, you can help me pick out some ribbon for the bow for your present before I take you home.”

“Careful I might choke you with it,” Isabela sighed.

“Ooh, kinky,” Oscar said, before cackling.

*  *  *  *  *

“Oscar? Where are you?” Isabela called out, walking through the front door. “I thought we were going for a run.”

“I’m up here, Birthday Girl,” Oscar said, making Isabela stop in her tracks at the bottom of the stairs.

“You are wearing clothes, aren’t you?” Isabela asked, remembering all the jokes he’d made about the special present he was getting her.

“For the moment,” Oscar said. “Just get up here.”

“Okay, but if you’re naked when I get up there, I’m kicking your nuts and leaving,” Isabela warned, warily climbing the staircase.

“Hold up, let me put on a cup first,” Oscar joked as Isabela neared the top of the stairs.

“Okay, I’m coming in,” Isabela said, covering her eyes with one hand and using the other to push his bedroom door open.

“I can see your eyes are open through your fingers,” Oscar said, grinning. “So, clearly you’re not as averse to seeing me naked as you want to pretend.”

“I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to trip on anything,” Isabela said, uncovering her eyes.

“Uh huh, sure,” Oscar said, rolling his eyes. “Now for your present. I decided I would let you pick your present this year.”

“Pick?” Isabela asked, ears perking up as he moved to show two nearly identical boxes sitting on his bed.

“One box has movie tickets, and I figured we could get something to eat after,” Oscar said, pointing at the box without ribbon around it.

“And the other?” Isabela asked, butterflies starting to rumble in her stomach as she braced herself for what she had a feeling was to come.

“Me,” Oscar said, shrugging his shoulders. “Well, technically it’s a box of condoms, and the option to use them however you want.”

“Can I fill them with water and throw them at you?” Isabela asked, grinning.

“No, you’re not using them as water balloons,” Oscar said, shaking his head. “When I said you could use them however you like, maybe I should have said you could use them with whoever you like.”

“I figured,” Isabela said, biting her lower lip as she was faced with a huge decision.

She’d had a crush on Oscar for so long that she wasn’t even sure when exactly it started. And she knew there was a mutual attraction with him, but for whatever reason they’d never really gone beyond the teasing and flirting that they always did. But her little slip had led her directly to this point, where she was literally being asked to choose between being just friends, or finally taking things to that next level.

“Can I have both?” Isabela finally asked.

“There’s the greedy ‘Bela I know,” Oscar said, laughing. “But you do know that you were always getting the tickets, right? This was more about seeing whether you actually wanted me or not.”

“In that case,” Isabela said, grabbing hold of him and pulling him against her.

“You don’t waste time, do you?” Oscar growled, lifting her off the ground.

Instinctively hooking her legs around his waist, Isabela wrapped her arms around his neck. Pressing her lips against his, she delighted in the groan that came from his throat. It wasn’t the first time they’d kissed, a game of spin the bottle when they were in middle school made sure of that, but that kiss had none of the hunger or desire of the current one.

With one hand wrapped around her midsection to hold her up, Oscar let his other hand slide down her back. Grabbing hold of her ass, he gave it a squeeze and moaned at how it felt in his hand. He’d imagined it dozens of times, but had never seriously thought he’d actually have her ass in the palm of his hand, at least not without being slapped silly for it.

Not satisfied with only one handful of booty, he turned and pressed her up against the wall. With her legs around his waist and the wall helping keep her up, her slid his other hand down her back as well. This time though, he pressed his hand flat against her back, slipping his fingers underneath the waistband of her shorts as he went.

“I’m going to have to get down, won’t I?” Isabela sighed, breaking the kiss as she felt his hand starting to push down her shorts.

“Depends,” Oscar said, pressing his rock hard cock against her. “If you want to put any of those condoms to good use, then yes. If you just want to make out and let me grope you, then maybe not.”

“Still won’t let me use them as water balloons?” Isabela asked, tilting her head as he went for the side of her neck.

“Not as long as you’re in my room,” Oscar said, kissing and nibbling on her neck.

“Then I guess we should find a different way to use them,” Isabela groaned, grabbing at his t-shirt.

“Would hate for them to go to waste,” Oscar agreed, adjusting his stance so he could lift his arms over his head and let her remove his shirt.

The moment his arms were out of the shirt, he brought them back to Isabela. This time, rather than go for her ass, he went for her chest. Cupping a breast in each hand, they somehow managed to feel even better than her ass, which was saying something.

“Do you want down now, or can I keep groping you?” Oscar asked, squeezing her breasts through her shirt and the bra underneath.

“There will be plenty of time for groping later,” Isabela said, loosening her grip on his waist as he slowly lowered her to the ground.

“Like tomorrow?” Oscar asked, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and whipping it off over her head.

“Depends on how good you are today,” Isabela said, leaving her hands in the air as he immediately started pulling off the sports bra she’d put on for the run she’d expected them to be taking.

“Oh, so that’s how it is, huh?” Oscar asked, groaning as he tossed her bra to the ground and let his eyes drop to her chest.

He’d seen her tits last summer when they fell out of her bikini, but being a gentleman, he’d averted his gaze as soon as he realized it. And while that moment had seared itself on his memory, it didn’t even begin to compare to the sight of them in their glory just waiting for him mere inches from his eyes.

Unable to stop himself, Oscar hooked one arm around her waist and pulled her to him. At the same he lowered his head to her chest and wrapped his lips around the nearest nipple. He definitely noted the way her giggle turned to a moan as his tongue swirled around the sensitive nub.

“It’s good, so far,” Isabela grunted, cradling his head against her chest.

Taking that as a sign, Oscar let his hands slide down her back. Reaching the waist of her shorts, he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed both of them down over her ass. When they reached her knees, he let gravity take over and dropped them to the ground.

“Something doesn’t seem fair,” Isabela said, stepping out of her shorts and underwear.

“And what would that be?” Oscar asked, pulling back so he could let his eyes wander over her nearly naked body. “The fact that you’re somehow still wearing running shoes? Because if you were to go running now, you’d sure draw a crowd.”

“You’d really run behind me then,” Isabela said, grinning as she kicked off her shoes. “But I was talking about you still having your pants on.”

“Hmm, that does seem unfair,” Oscar said, smirking as he grabbed his shorts and boxers and unceremoniously pushed them down.

“Whoa,” Isabela said when it cock sprang free.

While she certainly wasn’t a slut, she’d seen a couple dicks. And though Oscar’s wasn’t overly large in comparison, it did look thicker than what she’d seen. In terms of length, it was probably about seven inches, roughly the same as her last boyfriend, but where her ex had been on the slim side, Oscar was fat and Isabela wanted nothing more at the moment than to feel it inside of her.

“Like what you see?” Oscar asked, grinning as Isabela hungrily eyed his cock.

“Mmhmm,” Isabela moaned, reaching out and wrapping her around it. It was big enough around that her fingers didn’t even meet, though she figured they might have if she were to squeeze hard enough, but that wasn’t what she was there for at the moment.

“I think he likes you as well,” Oscar groaned, eyes fluttering shut momentarily as she stroked him.

“Was there any doubt?” Isabela asked, reluctantly letting go of him and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Well, I wouldn’t declare it official quite yet,” Oscar said, leaning in to kiss her.

“Mmm,” Isabela moaned into his mouth.

As the kiss went on, Isabela started to lean back on the back, expecting him to follow her. Instead, he broke the kiss and started trailing kisses down her neck and chest. And while she loved the idea that he was clearly willing to go down on her without even needing to be asked or prompted, she needed something else first.

“Are you sure?” Oscar asked when she grabbed his arms and started pulling him up.

“Later, but right now I need something else,” Isabela said, reaching for the box with the condoms in it.

“Well, if you insist,” Oscar said, grinning as she handed him a condom.

With all the motivation in the world laying naked on his bed, Oscar was able to get the condom from package and on to his cock in record time. In a matter of seconds he had it rolled onto his cock and was steering it towards the gates of Isabela’s heaven a moment after that.

“Do it,” Isabela said, sensing the question was coming when he paused at her entrance.

Laughing at how well she knew him, he slowly eased forward, groaning as he felt the heat and tightness start to wrap around the head of his cock. Sinking even deeper into her, he said a silent thank you to the condom because he was pretty sure he wouldn’t have lasted long without it.

Finally reaching the end of his cock, he paused and let himself soak in the sight of his friend’s nude body. Her pussy gripped him tightly and even through the latex barrier he could feel the intense heat and only guess what it would feel like without it.

For Isabela, his cock felt even bigger inside her than it had in her hand. It wasn’t quite as long as her ex had been, but the extra thickness more than made up for less than an inch of length. He stretched her out in just the right way, without being too much.

Hooking Isabela’s legs around his waist, Oscar put his hands on her thighs as he slowly slid a few inches of his cock from her sheath. Staring at where they were joined, he watched her labia try to cling to his shaft and keep it from escaping. Pausing momentarily, he let his eyes wander up over the firm skin of her stomach until he reached her chest. There, he watched in delight as he thrust back into her with enough power to make her tits jiggle and shake deliciously.

Watching her tits bounce made him want to see more, so he pulled out again, even further this time. Reversing course, he plunged deep into her pussy, her boobs quaking with the force of their bodies coming together. With their pelvises pressed together, he swirled his hips, grinding them together before pulling back again.

“Ohhh,” Isabela moaned, lifting her hips to meet him as he drove forward into her.

Isabela could barely believe what she was doing. Sure, she’d thought about what it would be like to let Oscar fuck her dozens, maybe even hundreds, of times, but never seriously thought it would happen. Part of her had always been afraid that if things didn’t work out, then she’d lose one of her best friends, but that had never stopped her from the occasional stray thought about whether their chemistry could carry over.

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this,” Oscar said, as if reading her mind.

“I, ohhh, know,” Isabela moaned as he slammed into her.

With each thrust he made, her tight pussy opened up just a little bit more. Whether from relaxing, or her juices flowing freer and lubing the way better, or whatever else, he was able to move within her better than the initial penetration. She was still like a vise around him, but as he picked up speed she responded very favorably.

“Uhh, fuck,” Isabela grunted as Oscar changed the angle on his thrusts to hit a new spot inside her.

“Such a dirty mouth,” Oscar said, grinning as he slid his hands down her thighs. Reachingher hips, he slid his hands underneath her to grab her ass and lift it off the bed. “You kiss your best friend with that mouth?”

“I do now,” Isabela said, reaching up and grabbing the back of his neck. Pulling him down, she pressed her lips against his, moaning as his tongue darted into her mouth.

Bent down like that, Oscar couldn’t make his strokes as long as might have wanted, so he compensated by making them quicker. Lifting his leg, he put his knee on the bed next to her hip and started making short, fast thrusts into her.

“Ohh, fuck, just like that,” Isabela gasped, meeting his thrusts with her own.

“I love it when you talk dirty,” Oscar hissed into his ear as he continued rutting into her.

“Then fuck me,” Isabela commanded. “Fuck my tight pussy until I come all over that fat cock.”

“As if I was planning on stopping,” Oscar said, sliding his hands up her body until they reached her chest.

Pushing himself up, he lengthened his strokes, utilizing almost the full length of his cock as he sought to give her what she wanted. His new grip on Isabela’s tits helped hold him steady as he shoved his cock in and out of her.

“Uhh, harder,” Isabela grunted, her face scrunching up in concentration as she felt her orgasm approach.

“Being demanding again, are we?” Oscar asked, his upper lip curling even as the corners of his mouth tugged upwards into a grin.

“Always,” Isabela said, nodding her head as he drove into her hard enough to make the room echo with the sounds of their flesh slapping together. Each thrust was accompanied by a small swivel of his hips, grinding himself against her before pulling back to repeat the process.

“Are you close?” Oscar asked, gritting his teeth as his stamina started to wear down. She sounded like she was getting close, but he’d never heard her sex noises, so he couldn’t be entirely sure.

“Almost,” Isabela hissed, slipping a hand between their crashing bodies.

Trying to block out his body telling him he should be running out of energy, or that his balls were getting very close to the boiling point, Oscar massaged her tits while stuffing his cock into her welcoming hole. As Isabela’s fingers found her clit, she rubbed it in time with his thrusts into her, desperately wanting to get there before he did.

“Ohh, fuck me,” Isabela whined, her orgasm ramping up inside her.

“Hurry up,” Oscar growled, reaching the end of his endurance.

Practically mashing her clit with her fingers as he drilled into her, Isabela felt herself hit the brink. Then she felt Oscar freeze up, his hands tightening their grip on her tits, her nipples digging into his palms. Feeling his cock start to pulse, she arched her back, howling as she was hurled into the abyss.

With the cum already racing up from his balls, feeling Isabela’s pussy clamp down even tighter on his cock lent him a little relief more than anything else. He was already a fraction of a second from filling the condom when she finally reached her peak, so it really didn’t make that much difference in his pleasure, physically at least. But mentally, it definitely took away the guilt he would have felt if he’d left her hanging.

“AHHHH,” Isabela squealed, her body quaking in ecstasy as she felt him throb inside her. Thanks to the condom she couldn’t feel his hot seed splattering her insides, but that was a minor thing in comparison to the bliss coursing through her from her center.

With his energy depleted, Oscar’s arms gave out on him the moment the adrenaline from his orgasm subsided. Collapsing on top of Isabela, Oscar used the last of his energy to slip a hand between them to take hold of the condom while slipping out of her and rolling onto the bed next to her.

“I don’t know about you, but I thought that was pretty good,” Oscar said, removing the spent condom.

“It was okay,” Isabela said, giggling. “Certainly okay enough to do it again someday.”

“If that was only okay, it’s going to kill me if we ever manage good,” Oscar groaned, rolling over and reaching to toss the condom into the garbage can next to his bed.

“I think you’ll survive,” Isabela assured him.

“I’d ask if you wanted to go to a movie and dinner, but I barely have the energy to sit up,” Oscar said, turning his head to look at her.

“When are your parents supposed to be home?” Isabela asked, looking at the box of condoms.

“A couple hours,” Oscar said, raising an eyebrow. “Why, did you have something else in mind?”

“Maybe, but you don’t have the energy,” Isabela said, grinning.

“I’ll show you energy,” Oscar said, laughing as he rolled on top of her. As she reached for the condoms, he grabbed her arm. “There’s something else I need to do first.”

“If you insist,” Isabela said, groaning as he started kissing down her body.


The Tongue Lashing

Feeling lips kissing her shoulder blade, Isabela Moner sighed and turned her head to press her cheek against the bed. As the lips started kissing their way down her back she bit her lower lip and squirmed slightly under the attention. When they neared her waist, reaching the small of her back, she instinctively lifted her hips, sticking her ass up in the air.

Hands grabbed her butt cheeks, squeezing and fondling them as the lips reached the top of her ass crack. The hands pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her most intimate parts to view. Isabela moaned when a thumb lightly ran along the length of her slit, feeling the wetness that was already accumulating.

“Ohhh,” Isabela moaned as a tongue darted out and collected some of her juices.

Thumbs parted her labia as the tongue dipped into Isabela’s hole. Spreading her knees further apart, Isabela brought her knees under her and pushed back against the invading tongue, moaning as it got more insistent in its probing.

“Uhhh,” Isabela groaned, suddenly feeling the tongue pull away.

A moment later, she felt a finger press against her hole. Already primed with spit and her own juices, the finger pushed into her with ease. When it was into her pussy to the second knuckle, it paused and wiggled inside her, making her moan.

Just as she was starting to get used to the feeling of the finger inside her, the tongue returned, this time on her clit. Her body seized up momentarily at the sudden contact to her sensitive nub. Then, as the finger started to slide out of her, the tongue flicked her clit again.

“Ahhh,” Isabela moaned, biting her lower lip as the finger and tongue worked in concert.

Then almost as suddenly as it started, it stopped. The tongue disappeared from her clit and the finger slipped completely from her snatch. With a low whine, Isabela lifted her ass higher in the air, trying to coax them back.

And then the finger was back, and it brought a friend, as two fingers were pushed into her tight teen pussy. She moaned as the fingers pushed into her, not stopping until they were as far into her as they were  going to get. Isabela’s whine turned to a loud moan as the fingers started to slowly move in and out of her.

While the fingers were fucking her, the thumb from the other hand extended and pressed against her clit, sending a jolt of pleasure shooting through her. The thumb also provided some nice cover as the tongue came back into play, but in a different area.

“Fuckkkk,” Isabela groaned, feeling the tongue unexpectedly flick against the wrinkled surface of her asshole.

Her first instinct was to reach back and push it away, get it back to much more familiar territory, but the shock had paralyzed her for a moment. That was all it took as the tongue pressed its advantage, licking around the rim of her anus, introducing Isabela to the sensations of having her back door licked.

Reaching back, rather than push the head away, Isabela instead found herself grabbing it and pulling it even tighter against her ass. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but it felt so good that she found herself overriding her own common sense. Of course, the hands working on her pussy weren’t helping her keep her thoughts in order either.

Being pulled in between her firm butt cheeks, the tongue responded by pressing against the center of her starfish. Isabela groaned as her asshole resisted before slowly opening up to let the tip of the tongue enter. Isabela’s eyes fluttered shut as the fingers in her pussy moved with more purpose.

“Oh, god, fuck me,” Isabela hissed, alternating between shoving her pussy back onto the fingers fucking her, and hitching her ass up against the tongue poking at her butthole.

“Which hole?” a throaty voice, dripping with desire and lust, asked from behind her.

“Fuck my pussy, eat my ass,” Isabela growled, feeling the pleasure building inside her. The dual plundering of her holes had her on the verge of bursting in a way she’d never thought possible.

And then, again, everything vanished. The fingers were yanked from her pussy and a moment later, the tongue gave her asshole a long, lingering lick before it, too, was pulled away. She was left mewling as she hung on the precipice of orgasm, her asshole still tingling from the tongue that had just been there, bringing her such intense please.

She was only left alone for a moment though, and the tongue returned, this time shifting back to her clit. It attacked her bud in a way that had her right back on the fast track to orgasm. Lips clamped over her nub, sucking on it and making her eyes open wide as the intensity hit her.

Then the finger came back as well, but just as with the tongue, it didn’t return to the same spot. Instead, it slipped up over her perineum and pressed against the spit-slick center of her anus. Before she fully realized what was happening and her body could resist, the tip of the finger pushed through her sphincter, lodging itself in her ass, where it stayed put for a moment as her asshole clenched and clutched at it.

When she started to relax, the finger moved again, working its way deeper into her ass. There was enough saliva that it went in nice and easy, not stopping until it was as far into Isabela’s tight asshole as it was going to get.

After giving her a moment to adjust, the finger started to pull out, then stopped when it reached the first knuckle, for fear of pulling out all the way. Pushing back in, it stopped at the second knuckle and the hand it was attached to twisted, turning the finger and creating friction through the muscle of Isabela’s anus.

“Ohhhh, fuck, ahhhh,” Isabela gasped as she felt the finger moving in her ass. It wasn’t quite as good as the tongue, but it still kept her rolling right on towards her climax, which was all that really mattered.

As the finger started moving faster in her asshole, Isabela felt the first quivers of orgasm start to wash over her. She couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying having her ass played with, though she couldn’t decide whether the tongue or finger was actually naughtier.

“Ohh, gonna, gonna come,” Isabela managed to gasp out as the tongue flicked at her clit over and over, sending her careening over the edge.

Her asshole clamping down on the finger in her ass, Isabela felt her appreciation for the act grow even more. An already intense experience only ratcheted up as her anus squeezed and pulsated around the invader, sending tendrils of pleasure shooting through her midsection.

Feeling her body start to come down from her peak, Isabela sighed and collapsed to the bed. She groaned as the finger was extracted from her ass, suddenly feeling empty back there without the digit. A moment later she felt a hand patting the soft cheeks of her ass and a body snuggling in behind her.

“Mmm,” Isabela moaned as a blanket was pulled over her and she felt her eyelids start to droop.



Looking out the window, Isabela felt her heart start to thunder in her chest as the car pulled into the house across the street. As the car door opened, Isabela managed to tear herself away from the window. She needed to be cool, and at the moment she was anything but.

Taking deep breaths to calm herself, Isabela moved towards the door. Stopping in front of the mirror just inside the door, she took a moment to check her hair and makeup to make sure they were good. That done, she glanced down at her skirt, running her hands along the smooth material to steady her nerves as much as to make sure it was straight.

Counting in her head, she wanted to wait long enough to make it seem like she wasn’t desperately waiting. When she couldn’t wait any longer, she forced herself to wait a couple more minutes before opening the front door. Closing it behind her, she somehow managed to walk across the street rather than running as fast as she could.

*  *  *  *  *

“My, don’t you look sexy today,” Pearl Sanders said, looking up from where she’d been doing some prep work for her dinner to see Isabela coming through the door in a short skirt and tank top.

Six months ago, Pearl had moved in and quickly noticed the teen temptress across the street. She wasn’t a lesbian, but she’d been known to enjoy the company of a woman every now and then, at least before she got married. But now that she was divorced, a little fantasy about a cute teen neighbor was just what she needed.

Pearl had totally intended for it to stay purely fantasy, and if a couple things had gone differently, maybe it might have stayed that way. They didn’t though, so it wound up becoming very much reality, with all the pros and cons that come with such a thing.

During a game of Marco Polo with some of neighborhood kids, Pearl had blindly lunged in the direction of a shouted “Polo” and wound up getting a bit more than she’d bargained for. Feeling the soft, squishy flesh against the palm, her eyes had shot open, horrified to find Isabela’s breast in her hand. She’d pulled back before anyone noticed, except Isabela of course, and gotten the hell out of the pool muttering some excuse about being tired.

The second event that took things in a different direction was the next day when Isabela had shown up at her door. Pearl had tried to apologize and assure her it had been an accident, but Isabela had stopped her and babbled her way through a bunch of questions about sex in a thirty second span. It was all so adorable that Pearl hadn’t been able to help herself from taking Isabela upstairs and introducing her to a woman’s touch.

After that, Isabela had shown up every so often for more. Sometimes she showed up two, even three days in a row, sometimes it was a week or more between visits. Just whenever she could get away, since her parents weren’t likely to approve of her hooking up with an older neighbor, especially a female one.

“What are you doing?” Isabela asked, watching as Pearl cut up some lettuce.

“Just cutting up some veggies for a salad,” Pearl said, reminding herself that she needed to pay attention to the sharp knife rather than the cute visitor.

“Want some help?” Isabela nervously asked.

“Of course,” Pearl said, turning the knife around to hand it to Isabela handle first.

Rather than grab another knife though, Pearl instead pressed herself against Isabela’s back. She grinned when she heard Isabela suck in an expectant breath at the contact. Resting a hand on Isabela’s hip, Pearl looked over her shoulder.

“That’s good, but maybe make the pieces a little smaller,” Pearl whispered into Isabela’s ear as the younger woman cut up a carrot.

“Like this?” Isabela asked, cutting smaller chunks off the carrot.

“Perfect,” Pearl said, sliding her hand down Isabela’s skirt until it landed on her bare thigh.

Slipping her hand underneath Isabela’s skirt, Pearl reversed course and started sliding it up Isabela’s thigh. Fingers gliding along the smooth skin, Pearl expected to find some lacy, or maybe silky, material, but instead she found more soft skin.

“Mmm, you didn’t come to chop vegetables, did you?” Pearl hissed, loving the idea that Isabela had gone commando in a short skirt for her.

“Not really,” Isabela admitted, spreading her legs as Pearl’s hand found its way between them.

“No, you came here to get fucked, didn’t you?” Pearl asked, running a finger between Isabela’s labia, finding her already nice and moist.

“Uhh, yeah,” Isabela grunted, nodding as the tip of Pearl’s finger traced the length of her slit.

“Careful with that knife,” Pearl said as Isabela tried to focus on cutting the carrot.

Discarding the remaining carrot stub, Isabela started reaching for a cucumber, but never quite made it. When Pearl’s finger grazed her clit, Isabela moaned and the knife dropped from her hand, clattering against the countertop.

“You liked that?” Pearl asked, dragging her finger back down Isabela’s crevice.

“Yeah,” Isabela gasped as Pearl eased a finger into her waiting hole.

Grinning at the tightness that wrapped itself around her digit, Pearl pushed the finger deeper into Isabela’s moist pussy. When she reached the second knuckle, she paused before slowly sliding back out and dragging it up to Isabela’s clit.

“Ohhh,” Isabela moaned, pushing back against Pearl’s hand as she moved back to Isabela’s opening.

“I wish I had my strap on right now,” Pearl said, plunging her finger back into Isabela’s snatch. “Mmm, bend you over the counter, flip that little skirt up, and then stuff this tight little twat like it deserves.”

“Me too,” Isabela groaned as Pearl added a second finger.

“When is your mom supposed to be home?” Pearl asked, her hand positioned so that it rubbed against Isabela’s clit as she worked the two fingers in and out of her.

“Half hour,” Isabela grunted, leaning back against Peal as she thrust her hips at Pearl’s hand.

“Not nearly long enough for what I want to do,” Pearl sighed, letting her free hand wander up Isabela’s torso until it cupped one of her tits through her tank top.

Squeezing Isabela’s breast, Pearl nibbled on her ear as she plunged two fingers into her. As Isabela moaned and grunted against her, Pearl really wished she could give the teen more than just her fingers. That was when she remembered the cucumber on the counter and the wheels in her head started turning.

Leaning Isabela over the edge of the counter, Pearl reluctantly let go of the firm breast in her hand. Reaching out, she grabbed hold of the cucumber and pulled it back to her body. Pinning Isabela against the counter, Pearl gave the teen a playful bite on her shoulder as she lifted the cucumber to hold in front of them.

“Since I don’t have my strap on, I guess this will have to do,” Pearl said, grinning. “Say hi to your dick for the night.”

“Hi,” Isabela gasped as Pearl wiggled her fingers inside her.

“Now be a good girl and suck it for me,” Pearl said, pressing the cucumber to Isabela’s lips.

Long past questioning, Isabela opened her mouth and let the vegetable slide between her lips. It had nice size and firmness, but it really wasn’t huge. It wasn’t even as big as the strap on Pearl had used several times on her, so Isabela wasn’t worried about the cucumber, even if it was a new experience.

“Damn, you’d look sexy getting spitroasted,” Pearl groaned, watching Isabela suck on the cucumber while getting her pussy fingered and picturing Isabela with cocks, both real and fake, replacing them. “But we’ve got more pressing things to deal with at the moment.”

“Uhhh,” Isabela groaned when Pearl pulled her fingers out of her pussy.

Taking a step back, Pearl lifted Isabela’s skirt and tucked it into the waistband to expose her ass to view. Bringing the cucumber down, Pearl ran it along the length of Isabela’s slit to tease her a bit before easing forward, pushing the vegetable into her.

“Ohhh,” Isabela moaned as she was penetrated. Thanks to Pearl’s fingering, she was soaked and the cucumber slid in with minimal effort, despite the tightness of her pussy.

“Ohh, you love this, don’t you?” Pearl asked, noting how Isabela was taking it into her like a champ.

“I love it,” Isabela agreed, nodding as she pushed back against the hard vegetable in her pussy.

Smirking at Isabela’s eagerness, Pearl twisted her hand, turning the cucumber within Isabela’s tight snatch. Even though the cucumber was circular, it wasn’t perfectly round and as it rotated inside her, Isabela could feel the little bumps and irregularities on the surface as it moved.

“Uhh, fuck me,” Isabela hissed, loving the feeling, but also getting impatient.

“Such a demanding little slut,” Pearl growled, nevertheless sliding the cucumber out of Isabela.

“Very demanding,” Isabela agreed, groaning as Pearl drove the vegetable back into her.

“I love it when you know what you want, but right now you’re my little plaything,” Pearl said, using her free hand to deliver a sharp smack to Isabela’s butt cheek. “You can be demanding next time.”

“Ow-ohhhh,” Isabela grunted, then moaned as Pearl immediately followed the spanking by thrusting the cucumber into the teen’s greedy pussy.

“You like that?” Pearl asked, slapping Isabela’s other butt cheek as she worked the impromptu cock substitute in and out of Isabela.

“Uhh, it hurts, but in a good way,” Isabela responded, the burning on the surface of her ass a nice complement to the pleasure coursing through the rest of her.

“Show me how much you like it,” Pearl said, continuing to fuck Isabela with the cucumber in between spankings. To keep the youngster guessing, she randomly switched not only which cheek she slapped, but also where, plus changed up how hard a blow she delivered, from barely a light pat to hard enough to leave an angry red outline of her hand on Isabela’s ass. “Play with yourself for me.”

“Is this what you want?” Isabela asked, sliding a hand down over her stomach until it found her pussy.

“That’s it, frig your hot little cunt while I fuck you,” Pearl said, watching Isabela’s fingers strum at her clit in time with the cucumber’s thrusts into her.

“Ohhh, fuck me,” Isabela hissed, eyes narrowing to slits as she was overwhelmed by the pleasure.

“Just for that, we’re breaking out the handcuffs tomorrow,” Pearl growled, giving Isabela a spanking that left her butt cheek jiggling from the force.

“Owww,” Isabela whined, the pain managing to cut through the pleasure, but not enough to derail her orgasm as it built inside her.

“Then behave,” Pearl said, giving Isabela another spanking, though not nearly as hard.

“Uhhh, please fuck me,” Isabela begged, groaning as Pearl twisted the cucumber a half turn on the in stroke.

“That’s a good little slut,” Pearl said, switching to rubbing Isabela’s butt cheeks as she plunged the vegetable in and out of Isabela. “Make my cucumber all creamy with your juices.”

“Ohhh, gonna, uhhh, gonna come,” Isabela gasped, her body starting to shake as her orgasm overtook her.

Watching Isabela get lost in ecstasy, Pearl groaned at how sexy she looked, and sounded, while coming. Her head hung down, forehead pressed against the countertop as the pleasure wracked her, Isabela somehow managed to look even hotter than she normally did. The only way things could have gotten better as far as Pearl was concerned was if she was on her knees behind Isabela, tonguing that tight teen twat from behind, a hand on each cheek, pulling them apart to give her better access as she lapped up all that creamy goodness.

“Ohhhh, god,” Isabela groaned, her body going slack as she laid across the counter.

“Did I go a little overboard?” Pearl asked, grinning as she eased the cucumber from Isabela’s pussy. “Do you have any energy left to get home before your mom?”

“Give me a minute,” Isabela sighed, her knees feeling like they were made out of pasta that had been boiled for several hours.

“Take all the time you need,” Pearl said, running a finger from Isabela’s upper thigh along the curve of her ass up to the waistband of her skirt, pulling it out and letting it drop down to cover the teen’s private parts.

Feeling her muscles start to recover, Isabela sighed and flattened her palms against the counter. Pushing herself up, she braced herself as her legs wobbled a bit. Taking a deep breath, Isabela steadied herself and took a step back from the counter.

“I’m off tomorrow if you want to drop by,” Pearl suggested, watching as Isabela made sure to straighten out her clothes. “We can break out the strap on and have some real fun.”

“I’ll definitely try,” Isabela said, feeling her pussy somehow get even wetter after her orgasm.

“If you’re a good girl, I might even let you use it on me,” Pearl said, grinning as Isabela’s eyes lit up. “That got your attention. Text me when your mom leaves and I’ll get everything ready for when you get here. And leave the panties at home again, that was hot.”


Playing the Back Nine

“Care to make it more interesting?” Darren McGee asked, tilting his head to watch as she bent down to place her golf ball.

“What did you have in mind?” Isabela Moner asked, grabbing her putter and lining it up with the ball.

“I can think of a few things,” Darren said, grinning as he gave her a lascivious look as she stood there in a pair of shorts and tight tank top.

“You’re going to have to come up with something really good to get that,” Isabela said, laughing as she hit the ball. She leaned one way, then the other, as the ball bounced off the walls and headed towards the hole.

“If I lose, I’ll eat that sweet pussy of yours,” Darren suggested, watching her instead of the ball.

“You would do that anyway,” Isabela said, scowling as the ball missed the hole by a couple inches.

“Penalized for being a caring lover again, I see,” Darren sighed, stepping up to take his turn to putt. “How about loser gives the winner head?”

“Can I make you pay up in the parking lot?” Isabela asked, laughing as her question made him hit the ball a little too hard and it bounced off the wall right back at him instead of banking around the corner.

“Just for that, the bet is only for the front nine, and you’re going to suck me off behind the windmill,” Darren growled at her.

“You might as well give up, because I’ve been told I can be pretty distracting,” Isabela said, tapping her ball into the hole.

“Tell me about it,” Darren grunted, watching her bend over to retrieve her ball from the hole, her shorts hugging her ass divinely.

As they went through the course, Isabela did her best to distract him from his game, and Darren did his best to tune her out. When she stood on the other side of the third hole and leaned forward to give him a healthy glimpse of cleavage, he was lucky to only score a three. And when she stretched her arms over her head, her tank top riding up to give him a nice glimpse of her stomach, he somehow managed to take a deep breath to center himself before sinking a hole in one.

“Looks like you have to make this shot to tie,” Darren announced as Isabela lined up her putt on the ninth hole. “If you miss, hello, windmill!”

Ignoring him, Isabela pulled back her putter. Bringing it forward, she hit the ball, watching it roll along the fake grass towards the hole. Twisting her body, as if to influence the course of the ball through the force of will, she started lifting her arms as it made a beeline for the hole. Then suddenly she groaned and hung her head as the ball caught the lip of the cup and rimmed out.

“You cheated,” Isabela said, pointing at Darren. “You put a lid or something on the hole so I couldn’t possibly make it.”

“You got me, I rigged this one hole so you would miss and I’d win,” Darren said, grinning.

“At least you admit it,” Isabela said, folding her arms in front of her. “So, you want it behind the windmill, huh?”

“Unless you want to go double or nothing,” Darren said, giving her just enough of a smirk to make her suspicious.

“You want two blowjobs now?” Isabela asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, you know I’ll take as many as you want to give me, but I was thinking I could combine them into something even better,” Darren said, shrugging his shoulders.

“You want me to wear the Dora costume, don’t you?” Isabela asked, warily.

“No, well, yes, but I can talk you into that another time,” Darren said, laughing. “Right now I’m thinking even bigger.”

“You seem confident,” Isabela mused.

“Okay, here’s the bet,” Darren said, pausing for effect. “If you have the better score by the end of the game, I’ll eat your pussy whenever you want, at any time of day, for a week.”

“Ooh, that’s tempting,” Isabela said, licking her lips at the thought.

“But if I win, then I get to fuck that hot ass of yours,” Darren finished, giving her butt a light pat to emphasize his point as Isabela just stared at him.

“No way, not gonna happen,” Isabela said, shaking her head.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t bet if I knew I was going to lose either,” Darren said, smirking.

“Fine, but your tongue is going to be really busy for the next week,” Isabela said, poking him in the chest.

“I win either way,” Darren said, laughing as they moved on to the next hole.

*  *  *  *  *

“God, that’s an amazing ass,” Darren groaned as Isabela let her shorts drop to the ground, exposing her red thong to his gaze.

“I still say you cheated,” Isabela said, reaching behind her to unhook her bra and drop it to floor.

“You can back out if you want,” Darren offered, practically drooling as she hooked her fingers in the waist of her thong and pushed it down her legs, bending over to step out of it.

“No, a bet’s a bet,” Isabela sighed, her heart beating like a hummingbird in her chest. He was one of the first friends she made when she moved out west, so she trusted him as much as she would anyone with such a task, but that didn’t make her any less nervous about it.

“Are you sure? Because I really would settle for two blowjobs,” Darren assured her, grabbing the lube he kept next to his bed. Normally it got used in conjunction with dirty movies, or maybe a Victoria’s Secret catalog if the internet was down.

“Knowing you, it would be me and another woman giving you blowjobs at the same time,” Isabela said, shaking her head.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Darren said, laughing as she took a deep breath and crawled onto the bed.

Taking a moment to preserve the memory of her on all fours, Darren pushed his own shorts and boxers down his legs. Pulling his shirt off over his head, he stepped out of his shorts and moved closer to the bed. Moving in behind her, he let his eyes roam over the curve of her ass.

As she looked back at him, he popped the cap on the lube. Turning it upside down, he squirted a dab of it on the tip of his finger. Reaching out, he ran his finger through the crack of her ass. When he reached the crinkled pucker of her asshole, he gently rubbed it, getting a gasp for his trouble.

“That sounded like a good gasp,” Darren said, pressing gently against the center of her rosebud.

“It feels weird,” Isabela said, grimacing slightly as her anus yielded just enough to allow the tip of his finger to penetrate her.

“Does it hurt?” Darren asked, pushing his finger deeper into her ass.

“A little, but not too bad,” Isabela admitted, not quite sure whether she liked it. In some ways it felt sorta good, in some it didn’t, and the two sides seemed to alternate in her brain every few seconds.

“It feels pretty good from back here,” Darren said, slowly pulling his finger out.

When the finger slipped from her asshole, he added some more lube to his finger and brought his hand back to her ass. This time, he pressed two fingers against her hole, feeling her suck in a lungful of air more than hearing it, as her anus opened up enough to let his fingers into her tight ass.

“Hurting yet?” Darren asked, ready to stop the moment she told him to stop.

“Not really,” Isabela said, kinda surprised that it wasn’t hurting as much as she’d feared.

“Ready to go for it?” Darren asked, his cock surging at the idea of getting inside her ass.

“Might as well,” Isabela said, groaning lightly when his fingers slipped from her asshole, leaving her with an oddly empty feeling.

Taking a breath to calm himself, lest he get too excited, Darren smeared some lube along the length of his cock. Grabbing hold of the base, he steered it towards the intended target. Putting his free hand on her ass, he pulled her cheeks apart as he aimed his cock at the center of her tight asshole.

Feeling the butterflies buzzing around in her stomach, Isabela looked over her shoulder at him. As the head made contact with her backdoor, she instinctively tightened up. When he felt it as well and paused, she inhaled deeply, then slowly let it out, relaxing as the air left her.

Nudging his cock against her anus, he pushed gently. At first she resisted, but as she relaxed, her sphincter started to give way. Pushing a little harder, he watched it gradually open up, then suddenly it caved in and the head of his cock lurched forward into the tight confines of her asshole.

“Fuuuuuuckkkk,” Isabela gasped, feeling a searing pain as she was suddenly stretched farther than she thought possible. His fingers hadn’t been bad, but his cock was so much thicker.

Stopping in his tracks, Darren didn’t dare move, even his hands stayed exactly where they were. He’d heard her curse, in anger and in pleasure, even both at the same time, but that was neither. That was extreme discomfort, and he didn’t like hearing it come out of Isabela’s mouth.

“Want me to stop?” Darren asked, staying as still as possible to let her adjust to the intrusion.

“No, I can take it,” Isabela said, feeling a twinge of pleasure as her asshole clamped down on his cock. It wasn’t much, but enough to encourage her to continue. “Just give me a moment.”

“Take as long as you want,” Darren said, reveling in the way her ass was gripping the head of his cock.

Willing herself to something resembling calmness, Isabela pushed back against him and felt him slide a little further into her ass. Feeling a little bolt of pleasure cut through the pain, she pulled herself forward as far as she dared for fear that he’d slide out completely and she’d have to go through the initial penetration again.

“Feeling better?” Darren asked, finally moving his hands to her hips with her making small movements of her own.

“A little,” Isabela said, nodding her head as he started to take over.

As Darren pushed a little deeper into her, Isabela groaned as the nerve endings in her asshole sent even stronger jolts of pleasure shooting through her. It was almost starting to overtake the pain and making her curious what more would feel like.

Feeling his pelvis bump into the cheeks of her ass, Darren looked down to see every inch of his cock stuffed into her tight asshole. Giving her a moment to adjust to having him so deep in her ass, he let his eyes drift from the sight of her anus wrapped around his tool and along the curve of her back until he got her tits hanging from her chest.

Taking a deep breath, Isabela slowly eased herself forward, letting an inch or two of his cock slide out of her ass. Stopping, she bit her lower lip before pushing back, forcing his cock back into her. When her butt cheeks bumped against his pelvis, a wave of pleasure radiated out from ass.

“You like that?” Darren asked, grinning at the low moan that escaped Isabela’s mouth.

“It’s not bad,” Isabela said, pulling forward a couple more inches.

“Better than not good,” Darren said, gripping her hips and pulling her back to him and driving his cock into her ass.

“Uhhh,” Isabela groaned as a twinge of pain shot through her from the quick penetration, and then was immediately overshadowed by a wave of pleasure.

“That sounded like a good one,” Darren said, laughing as he pulled about half of his cock out of her ass.

“Better,” Isabela agreed, pushing back to meet his thrust into her butt.

“So I’m guessing you don’t want me to stop?” Darren asked, hopeful as he slid out until just the head was still seated in her asshole.

“No, keep going,” Isabela said, groaning as he took the opportunity to shove his entire cock back into her tight ass.

“Maybe I should stop,” Darren said, grinning as she turned her head to look back at a him, more than a little panic on her face. “What do you want me to do?”

“Uhh, fuck me,” Isabela hissed, moaning as his pelvis made contact with the cheeks of her ass.

“What was that? I don’t think I heard what you wanted me to do,” Darren said, watching her tits sway underneath her each time their bodies came crashing together.

“You’re really, uhh, gonna make me say it?” Isabela grunted, looking back at the lascivious smirk on his face.

“I think I am,” Darren said, nodding as he pulled her back against him as hard as he dared.

“Ahh, please fuck my ass,” Isabela growled, feeling incredibly naughty begging for such a thing.

It was one thing to let him fuck her ass, but it really wasn’t her fault. She was just settling a bet, no different than if she’d lost fifty bucks betting on the Cavaliers, except this one involved a dick in her asshole. But it was a completely different thing to beg for it. Begging meant she liked it and wanted it, wanted him to fuck her tight ass until he came, depositing his seed as deep in her bowels as possible.

Worst of all, she really did like it. It had hurt at first, but as she got used to feeling his fat cock stretching her virgin asshole it got really good. His cock set fire to the nerve endings in her ass every time he drove into her, creating sensations she wouldn’t have thought possible even a few minutes ago.

“Uhh, do it, fuck my ass, baby,” Isabela demanded, giving in to naughtiness.

“You like my cock in your tight ass?” Darren asked, groaning as her anus squeezed his cock even tighter.

“I have no, uhh, idea how, but I, ohh, do,” Isabela gasped, feeling him slam into her ass almost as hard as if he’d been in her pussy instead. She was sure she was going to sore as hell later, when all the endorphins wore off, but at the moment she didn’t care. She was lost in her newfound lust for butt sex, and wasn’t about to let something like future discomfort get in the way of it. “I love your cock in my ass.”

“I take it that means you’re going to let me do this again?” Darren asked, hearing her talk about how much she loved getting ass fucked taking its toll on him.

“Oh, yeah, you can fuck my ass any time,” Isabela hissed, driving back to meet his thrusts.

“Fuck, I’m not gonna last long,” Darren groaned, fighting the urge as much as possible.

“Ohh, do it,” Isabela hissed, feeling his cock starting to pulse inside her ass. “Mmm, come in my ass for me.”

“Uhh, I always knew you were a hot little slut,” Darren growled, giving it to her as hard as he dared. “Wanting me to come in your ass.”

“I need you to come in my ass,” Isabela pleaded, his cock slamming deep into her. A moment later she felt the first spurt erupt from the end of his cock and splash against the inner walls of her anal canal. “Ohhh, fuck, yes.”

Eyes rolling up in his head, Darren emptied himself into her bowels. His hands tightened their grip on her hips so much that he worried about whether he’d leave permanent indentations where his fingers had been. Well, he would have worried if not for the fact that he was preoccupied with filling her ass with what felt like gallons of his jizz.

Finally spent, he paused with his cock still buried to the hilt in her ass to catch his breath. Slowly sliding out of her ass, he groaned as his cock popped out of her anus, leaving her asshole gaped for a moment before it slowly started to close.

“I’ll be back,” Isabela grunted, reaching back to hold her hand over her ass as she ran to the bathroom when she felt his cum starting to seep out.

“I’ll be right here thinking about how we should definitely play mini golf again soon,” Darren said, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

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