The Stories Behind the Blind Item Reveals: A Noisy French Kiss

Title: The Stories Behind the Blind Item Reveals: A Noisy French Kiss

Author: MiamiLyfe

Celebs: Hailee Steinfeld

Codes: MF, oral

Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

These are the (fictional) stories about real Hollywood gossip blind items that have since been updated to reveal the celebrities that they are about.


Today’s Blind Item:  It is always the quiet ones who make the most noise. Despite her very young age this actress is actually an Academy Award winner/nominee. She is in Paris this week and was at a dinner after a show and was having fun and she and a guy she met literally at the beginning of the dinner had sex in a tiny office. They thought they were being quiet but the office was between the restrooms and everyone in the hall outside and in either restroom could hear them having sex.  Hailee Steinfeld  2015


I was waiting outside my parent restaurant with my best mate Jules.  We’d been friends since we were kids, and were now in our early twenties.  Currently we were waiting for Jules sister and her friend to meet us following a fashion show they were attending.  It is Paris Fashion Week and they both work for a local designer, so they had tickets to a number of different shows.

We were waiting around outside the restaurant for roughly ten minutes when we saw Jules’ sister Bridgette and her friend Jaquelyn come around the corner.  However, they were not alone.  They were with two other women who look a little familiar.  One was dressed in all black with black hair, and the other was a brunette with a knee length orange dress and knee high black boots.  They were all being chatty as the approached.

“I call the girl in orange” I murmured to my friend.

“Enculeur de mouches” he replied (which translate to fly fucker) in anger as he failed to speak up faster.  I waved at the girls as they approached and Jacquelyn waved back.  When they were close we said hi and Bridgette introduced us to the singer Lorde and the actress Hailee Steinfeld.  Turns out that they were all sitting next to each other at the fashion show and really hit it off once they started talking, so they invited the two celebs to come with them to dinner.  I introduced myself to both of them as Jean.  The restaurant was fairly busy, and the girls were worried we wouldn’t be able to get a table for six, but I let them know it wouldn’t be an issue since it was my parent’s restaurant.

The table was a little cramped, but as I had told them, getting a table set for six was not an issue.  I was sitting at the end of the table with Hailee to my right and Jules to my left.  Lorde was next to Jules, Bridgette was at the other end of the table and Jaquelyn was between her and Hailee.  I ordered us a bottle of wine, but Hailee stopped the waitress and said that she better make it two bottles.  Haiz went on to explain that this was her last night in Paris and she wanted to live it up before heading back to America where she’d once again be too young to drink legally.  Hearing this I stealthy texted my friend that I am going to need him to be my wingman and do his best to keep the other women entertained.

He did his best but with a group of 6 it was hard to break Hailee off from the larger conversations going on at the table.  Still though I was able to get a little one on one time with Hailee.  She asked me about my english and I told her how I spent a semester at college studying abroad Fordham University in New York.  She also asked which people at the restaurant were my parents, and I told her that they had taken the week off, to vacation along the Mediterranean.  I then asked her about getting into acting and what’s it like on a movie set.  The whole time Hailee was downing red wine like it was water and she had just run a marathon.

We were on our fourth bottle of wine when our entrees arrived.  Hailee and my chairs had been inching closer together.  I knew I had a shot with her, I just needed something to give me an opening.  Then like a miracle from the heavens, Bridgette and Jacquelyn got an emergency text from work.  Something happened that could threaten their boss’ runway show she was putting on tomorrow, and they had to leave immediately to go help out.  Suddenly it was just Jules, Lorde, Hailee and I left, and if Jules could do his proper job as a wingman, I knew I’d soon be finding out if Hailee had anything on under that dress, or not.

As dinner went on the four of us had split up into two pairs.  Jules kept Lorde’s attention, and I flirted with Hailee.  At this point she was beyond tipsy on wine, and the more she drank the more and more she became flirty.  Our chairs were now fairly close together.  Hailee would laugh at all my jokes and found occasions for some innocent touching.  Things got kicked up a notch when the waitress came by to clear our plates.  Hailee accidentally knocked her fork to the the floor.  As she bent down to pick it up, she placed a hand down on my inner thigh and lightly rubbed it until she sat back up.  Had she been sitting on the other side of the table and rubbing my other thigh she’d also had been rubbing my cock with was hardening down my pant leg.

After we ordered dessert, Hailee excused herself to go to the restroom.  I decided it was time to make my move.  I waited a minute and then excused myself.  Walking down the hallway to the restrooms I came to the intersection of three doors.  To the right was the Men’s Room, to the left was the Ladies’ Room, and straight ahead was my parents office.  I pulled out my key,  quickly unlocked the office, and went inside.  From inside the office I kept the door open a crack and watched the hallway.  Nothing was happening for a good minute plus, then the door to the ladies room opened and Hailee stepped out.

Before she even knew what happened I opened the office door, took hold of her arm, and yanked her into the office.  The look of fear in her eyes dissipated when she finally saw it was I who had grabbed her. I pushed her up against the door and gave the young actress a kiss. She was hesitant at first, but soon Hailee was wrapping her arms around me and kissing me back.  As we made out and as the American’s say “French kissed”, I snuck my hand out and locked the office before returning it a surprisingly plump ass that I had not noticed before.

I brought my other hand down to her other cheek and kneaded her ass like bread dough in my hands as we made out.  I then picked her up by the ass and wrapped her legs around my waist.  I then spun us around, knocked some stuff off the desk before setting her down on it.  We kissed just a bit longer before I broke it of.

“Since coming to Paris, have you been given a proper French kiss?” I asked the American.

“Isn’t that what we were just doing?” Hailee asked.

“You American, may call that French kissing, but I am talking about a real TRUE french kiss” I said as I sunk to my knees in front of her.  I then took hold of the hemline of her knee length dress anr slowly raised it up to her waist. As I raised it to Hailee lifter herself off the desk a bit so I could bunch the dress at her waist and take hold of the waistline of her thong which I then slipped down her shapely legs.  Once they were off, I tucked her black thong into my pocket and Hailee spread her legs exposing her 18 year of pussy to me.  She was mostly shaved, save for a 3cm landing strip.  “Now this is a real French Kiss” I said before kissing her inner thighs and moving my way towards her already moisoning twat.

“Oh, yes please’” Hailee said softly as she felt my tongue wipe along the length of her outer lips.  Using my fingers to open her lips wide open, I gave her another long lick before I began sucking on and flicking her clit.  Hailee moaned loudly and laid down on the desk as I went down on her.  “Oh wow, you’re really good at this.  It’s so hot in her” She said as her breathing increased.  She pulling off her orange dress and unclipping her lace bra, throwing both down to the tiled floor.  The teenage singer/actress was now laying back on the desk tugging on her nipples as I munched on her pussy, dressed in just a pair of leather knee high black boots.

“None of my boyfriends have ever been this good at eating pussy,” Hailee said.  I pulled my tongue from her pussy.

“That’s because American men are selfish.” I slid two fingers into her and began finger blasting her as hard and fast as I could.

“Mmm…mmm…eh…eh…eh…oh god” she moaned

“Come on beautiful.  Cum for me.  Just let go, Hailee” I coaxed her.  She now had a firm grip on the edges of the desk and had her eyes rolled into the back of head as she pushed her pelvis into my hand.

“Fuucuckkk!!” Hailee screamed as she kicked her legs up and came all over my fingers.  “Oh wow…wow” Hailee panted as she caught her breath while laying on the desk.  Meanwhile I was not going to wait for her.  Standing up I began undoing my belt. Hailee sat up a bit to watch as I pulled my dick and balls out of my pants.

“Oh wow, ehh okay” as she looked wide eyed at my thick 20 centimeter long schlong.  “Want me to suck on it?” she asked.

“Not now.  We need to hurry up before someone needs to get into the office.  However, later tonight, I do want to feel your beautiful lips wrapped around me and I want to finish all over that pretty face of yours.  But until then” I said as I slapped my dick against her wet pussy.  I rubbed the length of my cock up along her pussy lips, getting my dick wet before pushing the head of my pole between her folds.  “Oh my god you feel amazing” I tell her as her pussy firmly gripped my dick while I pushed more and more of my length into her.

“Jesus, you’re so thick” Hailee grunted “but it feels so amazing.”  Once I was fully inside her, I let the feeling sink in and her pussy adjust to my thickness.  I pulled Hailee up and kissed her.  She opened her mouth and we began “frenching”.  As I pulled my cock back and then slipped it back Hailee moaned into my mouth.  We made out and I slowly worked her pussy with my cock.  My hands slipped down her body from the back of her head.  I felt up her smaller b-cups and tweaked her very biteable thick nipples before moving down further to take hold of her hips.  Hailee had wrapped her legs around my waist, and once I had my hands on her hips it was go time.  I stopped with the long slow strokes, and began slamming my dick into the Pitch Perfect 2 actress as hard and fast as I physically could.

“Shit shit shit. Yes, fuck me. Fuck me HARD.” Hailee said loudly.

“Yes, tell me how you like it.  I tell me what you want.  I want to make you cum like you’ve never cummed before”


“Of course, we French are all about out partner’s pleasure.”  Hailee then grabbed me by the chin and forced me to look her in the eye.

“Pick me up and fuck me against the door” she said 100% seriousness as she looked at me right at me with her big brown eyes.  I didn’t even question her.  I slipped my hands from her hips to under her toned and firm ass cheeks.  Scooping her up in my arms, Hailee tightened her legs around my waist and put her arms around my neck as I spun us around and pushed her up against the wooden office door.

The wood door rattled with each thrust I made into the starlett.  If Hailee wasn’t making enough noise on her own, the sound of the banging on the door from inside of the office would be sure to grab anyone’s attention who happened to be going in or out of the bathrooms.  However, I couldn’t care less about that at this point.  Haiz was cumming for the second time since entering the office, this time she came all over just cock while I was lightly nibbling on her nipple.  Haiz’s nipples reminded me of Michelle Monaghan’s from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, both in color and thickness.  They were irresistible, and just begging to be sucked and bitten.

“Gawd, do all French guys fuck this good?” Hailee asked as I continued to slam my dick into her frothing wet pussy.  Reluctantly I released her breast from my mouth and responded.

“I don’t know.  I’ve never fucked a French man before, but just to be safe I’d happily be you designated lover whenever you are in France.”

“Deal.  You got a fucking deal” she said as I continued to bounce her on my cock and rattle the office door.  Eventually my arms began to tire and I had to put Hailee down.  However I still had a bit more fuck left in me.  I had her, in her knee high boots, stand and bend over the desk.  I admired her ass as I stepped up behind her.

“Just a quick fashion tip, next time wear something a bit tighter.  Your butt is too nice to be hidden in such a loose dress” I told her as I gave her ass a hard slap with my right hand and watched her shapely cheek jiggle.  Hailee let out a long loud groan as I pushed my hard rod back into her.

“My god…umm..ughh…fuck it I don’t remember your name but your cock is fantastic” Hailee moaned.

“Jean, my…name…is…Jean” I said as I gave her ass a spank with each word.

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter. Just keep fucking me, and make me cum again.”  I did just that. I fucked her the best that I could, and Hailee jutted her ass backwards to meet my every thrust.  The sounds of her loud moans our skin slapping echoed throughout the office.  “YES! YES! YES! KEEP GOING! YES! I’M CUUUUMMMIINNNGGG!!!!” Hailee yelled loudly as she had her most intense orgaim yet and her pussy tighten on my cock.  I was able to last for another minute before my cock was ready to erupt.  I didn’t even ask where she wanted me to shoot my load.  I took a firm hold of her hips and slammed every millimeter of my dick that I could fit inside of her before shooting my load.  “Fuck! I can feel it! I can feel you cumming in me!” Hailee said as I shot off again and again and again into her.  The feeling of my cock firing into her teenage pussy actually caused Hailee to have another mini orgasm.

When it was over Hailee dropped down onto of the desk and I fell backwards into a nearby office chair.  We both struggled to catch our breaths and regain our composure for several minutes.  We both quickly got redressed, though Hailee didn’t even bother asking what happened to her thong before we left the office.  After Hailee and I opened the office door  we were greeted by sarcastic applause by two men who were out in the hall.  Hailee blushed, lowered her head, and walked quickly passed them.  I meanwhile walked much more slowly and gave those two strangers a high five before walking back.

Back at the table Jules and Lorde didn’t say anything but it was obvious by some of the looks they each gave us that they knew what Hailee and I had done.  We were also getting some looks from other people from other tables as well.  I suggested that we get out desserts wrapped up to go, and told the ladies to meet us outside as I paid our bill.  Hailee gave me a quick kiss on the check as her and her friend walked out the door. After Hailee and Lorde walked away from the table, Jules leaned over.

“You know everyone in the hallway and in either bathroom could hear you two niquer in the office?” He asked with a smile. I just simply gave a smirk  “Lorde went back there to see what was talking Hailee so long, and told me what was happening.  She didn’t seem as entertained by the fact as I was.”

“Well, too bad for her.”

“Was it as good as it sounded?”

“No, it was WAY better.  Also we’re heading back to their hotel bar and I’m guessing after another drink or two at the bar I’ll be up in her room going back at it again.  So you just need to hang on a little longer.”

“And what do I get for keeping the friend entertained? She’s kind of a buzzkill.”

“Usual deal,” I replied.  “You entertained her and get her into bed and we’ll swap places at some point in the night.”

Jules smiled broadly, “Sounds good to me.”  And with that we left the restaurant to go join the ladies outside and headed to their hotel.



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