Lucky Bastard 19: Casting from the Couch

Title: Lucky Bastard 19: Casting from the Couch

Author: MiamiLyfe

Celebs: Becky G with an appearance by Nina Dobrev

Codes: MF, oral, anal

Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy


I was sitting in the back of another limo on the way to another premier, and once again my date for the night was Anna Kendrick.  This time though we were on our way to the premier event for my own movie.  Netflix was hosting a event, with a full red carpet, for the movie I produced with Ryan starring Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone.  With Ryan becoming a hot director and 2 big name actresses, this had a chance to be one of Netflix’s biggest films so they wanted to do a big event counting down to when the movie went live at midnight eastern. Thankfully the party was in LA so we were just counting down to 9pm to see the film. As the limo came to a stop at the red carpet, Anna reminded me that this event was going to be different the last time I was her date at Pitch Perfect 3.

“Remember, this time you’re coming home with me,” The pint sized actress said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek and my crotch a squeeze just before the limo door opened.  We both got out of the car, and although I have no interest in doing press or the red carpet thing, I still got roped into doing photos.  I had some photos taken with me and Anna, then Emma and Ryan came over and some pictures taken with the four of us.  Then we had some larger group shots taken as well.  Figuring it couldn’t hurt it get some publicity for my next project I had Jane Levy and Victoria Justice come over, they were at the premier as my guests, and we had some photos taken of us.  I asked them if they knew where Rebecca Gomez, AKA Becky G, was and they said she hadn’t arrived yet.

When we were done with the photos, I walked right pass the press and hung out by the end of the carpet near the entrance to the theater to wait in Anna to do the rounds.  After a couple of minutes I was joined by Victoria and Jane.  I asked Jane about her boyfriend, Tom, and she said he’d already gone inside to get out of the summer heat.  It was then that I noticed Becky G and her boyfriend getting out of their limo.

“Ladies, I think we need to remind Becky that if it’s not your movie, you’re supposed to get here earlier than the stars that are actually in the film.”

“Ehhh, I think maybe she got a little occupied and couldn’t leave the limo earlier than she did,” Jane said.  Jane then whispered something into Tori’s ear and Victoria immediately began to crack up.

“I noticed that too” Victoria said as she continued to laugh.

“What’s so funny” I asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but I’m almost positive she got here late because she was busy having anal sex with her boyfriend” said Jane.

“How do you know?”

“Her walk,” Victoria said.

“Really, her walk?” I watched Becky and noticed she did seem to walk a little more stiff legged, but to me it was not that noticeable.

“We all spend a month a half together in Scottsdale, and you spent it hopping between each one of our beds” Jane explained “So different tendencies were noticed and were picked up on. Like how some of times she would come back after a quick shag with you and she walked differently.”

“So how’d you figure out what was causing it.”

“I kinda sorta walked in on you guys once in the makeup room” Victoria confessed.  “You had her bent over the makeup chair with her dress up around her waist and I had a clear view of what was going on.  Then 20 minutes later when she was walking to meet us for lunch I noticed the limp.”

“So did Jane have a different walk after we did it?”

“Wait what? You had him fuck your butt too?” Tori asked Jane, and Jane meekly nodded her head.  “Am I the only one who doesn’t like anal?” Victoria asked to no one in particular.

“No not the only one in the world.  But the only star in that movie? Yes,” I joked.

“Tom kind of got me got me into it” Jane tried to explain to Victoria.  “He begged me to try it and then one night I was super drunk I let him do it.  After that he wanted to do it pretty regularly and I started to really like it.  Tom really has a thing for my butt.”

“I could tell from those leaked pics” I teased.

“You saw those huh?” questioned Jane.

“Of course he did. Ed’s a total perv” mocked Tori.

“Says the girl who had me take pics of my dick in her mouth to get back at her cheating boyfriend.”  Victoria elbowed me in the gut after I said that.

“Hey, not so loud” Victoria scrolled me.

“Fine, but just making the point that you shouldn’t criticize people for looking at leaked pics.  After all your tits were the surprise break out stars of the 2014 Fappening.”

“Yeah, they are pretty fantastic” Victoria said as she instinctively looked down at her cleavage and gave her braless breasts a little shake.

“Hey guys” Emma Stone said with a big smile on her face as she walked over.  “What are you talking about?”

“Victoria’s breasts and the fact that based on her walk these two think Beccy got here late because she was having anal with her boyfriend” I said bluntly and honestly.  Emma and Jane immediately began laughing while Victoria dropped her head in embarrassment.

“Wow, sooooo… ummm…” Emma started, “So Anna sent me a text with a message for you two” referring to Victoria and Jane.  Emma held up her phone and read the message “Tell those two slutty bitches hands off, Eddie is my man tonight.”  We all then looked over at Anna Kendrick as she walked from one interview to the next.  She saw us looking at her and gave us all her big signature smile and a wave.  We all waved back.

“She’s kind of crazy, isn’t she?” Jane asked, half joking.

“Maybe a little, but it’s the good kind of crazy” I answered.

About 15 minutes later the others had gone inside and I waited as Becky G finished with her final interview.    Her boyfriend had already gone inside, so it was just the two of us.  She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek to greet me, and after we said our hellos we walked inside together, side by side.

“You know Tori and Jane think that you got here late because you and your man were busy having sex in the limo.”  This bade her giggle

“Oh Eddie, you know how I am.  Once I’m in the mood and I get going, it’s hard for me to stop until I’m fully satisfied.”

“So he fully satisfied you?”

“Maybe, or maybe we’re planning on meeting in the bathroom once the movie starts to finish things.” She gave me a wink and my ass a squeeze before heading off to her boyfriend at a bar.  Watching her sashay to the bar I thought about the first time I met her and the whole interview process that happened that day.




I walked up the stairs to my office in Glendale, California.  It was already 10am and I was expecting to have a bunch of actresses come to the office in an hour to begin auditioning for the final main role in my new project.  The movie was going to be a dramatic comedy starring Jane Levy as the main actress and Victoria Justice as one of her friends, and the movie was going to be shot in Scottsdale, AZ.  More importantly this was going to be my first project without my friend Ryan directing, so this project was really all on me.

Getting into my office I pulled up my laptop, scanned over my emails, and then thought it would be a good idea to pull open the IMDb pages for each of the actresses so I could just look over them again.  I was scheduled to have Ariel Winter (who I knew had no shot but I promised to let her audition after we had sex), Camila Mendes, Lili Reinheart, Dove Cameron, Nina Dobrev, Becky G, China Anne McClain, Lyrica Okano, Vanessa Morgan, and Virginia Gardner all come in today an audition.  I was looking for actresses who could realistically play 20-25 and also because this was not a leading role in a small budget independent I was also looking for actresses who had some success on TV but had yet to have a major breakout movie role.  I had only been on my computer for 10 minutes when I heard the main office door open.

“Hello?”  I asked, not sure who was there. I really was not expecting any of the actresses to show up an hour early.  I could hear the sound of footsteps getting closer, but the individual did not say anything until they stood in my doorway.

“Hi, you’re Ed right?” Asked Nina Dobrev, as she entered my individual office wearing a breezy summer dress that went down to mid-thigh and black boots.

“Oh, eh, Nina. Hi” as I stood up from my desk to greet the actress.  “You do know that auditions were not supposed to start until 11, right?” I asked as I shook her hand.

“Yeah, I know.  I hope you don’t mind me coming in early.  I have something else this afternoon that I couldn’t get out of, and also I thought this could give us a chance to know each other better” She explained.

“Okay, not a problem. Let me go over the character and any questions you might have before we do the read.  All the big info about the project I’ll go over once everyone else gets here.”

“Sounds good” she started to walk over to the desk but I stopped her.  I had tweaked my back so I didn’t want to spend all day sitting at my desk.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, let’s go over here.  Have a seat on the loveseat, I’m gonna take the couch.

“Oh, ummm, okay” she said with a suspicious tone that I did not pick up as I closed the door so we wouldn’t be interrupted as the other actresses arrived.

Nina knew pretty well what was wanted and what I was looking for in her character.  We read lines for three scenes since we had the time.  She even read one of the scenes again, trying a different spin on it.  She was fine, but nothing special.  If she was setting the bar for the other actresses, it wouldn’t take a whole lot for one of the others to rise above it.  We were now just making small talk as I looked at my watch and saw we still had 10 minutes until the others were expected to show up.

“Look can we cut the bull shit?”

“Yeah sure.”

“I’m not giving you what you want, am I?”

“No, not really, sorry,” I said, feeling kind of bad as I did.

“Can I just try one more thing?” Nina asked as she put down her copy of the script.

“Go ahead, got nothing to lose and time to kill” I told her as I leaned back on the sofa trying to get comfortable.

“Good” she said as she slid off the chair and down onto her knees on the rug.

“Uhhh, Nina, what are doing?”  I asked as she made her way over to me.  She just gave me a knowing look as she sat back between my legs, and rested her hands on the thighs.  “I’m serious Nina.  I’m not trying to be the next Harvey Weinstein.”

“Oh really, you don’t do a casting couch. As soon as I come in you close the door, and you’re literally casting your part from a couch.”  As she said that I suddenly realized exactly how it all looked from her perspective and she was right.

“Holy shit” I said totally stunned.

“You serious right now? This is just a coincidence? You didn’t mean for this to happen, did you?”  I just shook my head.  “That’s refreshing. But, you know…” she said as she rubbed her hands on my inner thighs “Maybe I should just do it anyways since I’m already down here and as you said we do have time to kill.  Plus it can’t hurt my chance of getting the part, right?”

“No. I mean… Look, I’m not going to make you, but if you are offering I’m also not going to say no.”

“Good happy we could clear that up,” she said as her hands started undoing my belt and jeans.  “I’ve also heard a rumor about you, too, that I can’t wait to find out if it true or no.”  With my pants undone I raised up a bit and Nina took hold of my pants and boxers, yanking them down my legs. Free from the confinements of my pants, my cock sprang up and stood proudly.  Nina smiled brightly at the site of it.  “I guess the rumor was true” Nina said. She reached out to take hold of my rod with one hand.  She pulled it towards her mouth and kissed her way down my rod from tip to base.  “And such big balls too” the Vampire Diaries star said before she started licking my sack.

I leaned back, closed my eyes and let out a groan as Nina moved from my balls back up to my shaft, closing her lips around the head of dick.  She started bobbing her head quickly, knowing it was just a matter of time before the others arrived.  Looking back down at her Nina was looking up at me the whole time as she sucked my cock.  Taking fully me out of her mouth Nina gave a little show as she flicked and circled her tongue around the head of my cock.

“You know I’d be able to do this a whole lot more, if you cast me” Nina said as she stroked my dick with one hand, and moved from sitting on her legs to a crouched position. She ran her tongue along the length of my dick.  “Plus if you select me you’ll not only get my mouth” Nina spread her legs and bunched up her dress exposing her brazilian waxed pussy “I’d also happily let you fuck me with your big dick.”

“That does sound tempting” I said.

“Yeah it does, but my pussy only comes with the part” Nina told me before going back to sucking my cock.  I put my hand on the back of her head and Nina Dobrev continued sucking my cock for another minute of two, when we heard the outer office door open.  Nina froze with ¾ of my cock down her throat when we heard someone call out from the lobby area.  I yelled out for them to just take a seat while I finish up my current interview.  Knowing we didn’t have much time I took grip of Nina’s shoulder length black hair and began skull fucking her face as fast as I could.  Nina’s eyes began to water a bit as I fucked her face.  I never even slowed down as I started cumming down the former Degrassi stars mouth.  Caught by surprise, I had to pull out as she began to gag and cough. As a result my last two bursts hit her on the cheek.

“Next time give a girl a little warning” she complained, in a quiet voice.

“Sorry, I biting my lip so no one would know what we were doing.  There is a bathroom right over there.” Nina quickly jumped to her feet and went to go wash her face. I pulled up my pants and made sure I looked alright. When Nina finished up in the bathroom she joined me by the door. Standing close to Nina I told her one last thing before we headed to the lobby.

“By the way, just be clear,” I said as I snuck my hand under her dress rubbed wet pussy with my fingers, “If I wanted to,” Nina bit her lip and let out a moan as I slipped two fingers inside her, “we’d be fucking right now.”  I pulled my fingers from her pussy, and gave my fingers a sniff and a lick before opening the door to the lobby.

Out in the lobby all the other actress who were auditioning were there.  Virginia Gardner, Ariel Winter and China Anne McClain were were on their phones, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinheart, and Vanessa Morgan were talking with one another, Dove Cameron was checking her makeup, Becky G was checking out one of the photos in the office, and Lyrica Okano was looking over the script. I got everyone’s attention and introduced myself as Nina found a seat.  As I told the group about myself I noticed Dove’s eyes suddenly go wide.  I had not seen her since Olivia’s birthday party, and I think she to realized where she knew me from.  That made me smirk, but I continued with what I was saying.  I told them about how we were planning to shoot and Scottsdale, and the planned shooting scheduled. I then brought up the fact that this role was going to be one of the two supporting roles, with Victoria Justice playing the other supporting role and Jane Levy playing lead.

“Wait, so you’re reuniting the two co-stars from Fun Size? Seriously?” Nina said.  While I had not made the connection that Jane & VJ had been in a movie before, it was the attitude that Nina gave me that really surprised me.  I didn’t know if she was trying to hide what we just did, or she didn’t like the fact that she already knew she probably wasn’t getting the part, but the attitude she gave me, I couldn’t help myself from firing back.

“Well I was going to reunite the cast of Flatliners for this movie, but since no one saw Flatliners no one could tell me who was in it”. That made several of the other actresses in the room laugh a bit.  “Look I wanted you all here together so I could go over all this info at one.  Nina had a thing this afternoon so she already finished her audition.  China you’ll be up first, Lyrica will be next, the rest of you can hang out here or go to the mall or downstairs for lunch. I’ll text you when you’re on deck.”  I then started to head back to my office, but quickly stopped.  “One last thing.  While I am going to be on the couch, it’s because my back is bothering me and the couch in comfy.  There is no casting couch situation.  If you think trying to seduce me will help you get the part, you can ask Ariel how that plan went.”  I noticed the Modern Family star go beet red as I walked into the office.

As the interviews progressed China Anne McClain, Lyrica Okano and Ariel Winter were all just totally wrong for the part.  The character “Claire” or “Clara” if I went hispanic, was supposed to be the hotter, bubbly, fun loving girl of the group who also had a fairly sizable sexual appetite. Think kind of like Alexis Knapp’s character from Pitch Perfect, only not dumb and better rounded out.  Virginia Gardner felt like she could do the part, but like Nina Dobrev, something was missing or off or just not fully right.  It was my next audition that took me by surprise.

Becky G I had seen in the latest Power Rangers movie, and I thought she’d done a decent job.  I was really surprised to find out that she had not all that much acting at all.  Just speaking with her, she definitely had the personality I was looking for, and dressed in a black low cut t-shirt, short plaid skirt, and heeled converse sneakers there was no question she had the body and sex appeal I wanted.  Reading through the scenes she did a good enough job that made me think she was the clear leader for the role.  The one downside was while she was fine doing the sex scenes, she was hesitant about being nude on camera.  She said she’d be fine being in a small bra and thong, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to fully nude on camera.

“Look, cards on the table, you’re my favorite so far.  So, if the nude scene is the one issue you have we can talk about it later and maybe work something out.”

“Really? Oh my god you’re amazing!” Becky said, giving me a big hug.

“No problem.  If you don’t have any other plans, would you mind staying local? If the rest of these auditions go the way I think they will, I’ll want to maybe do one more read or talk with you afterwards.”

“Yeah, no problemo”

“Cool, can you just tell Dove to come in as you leave?”  Becky agreed and I watched her swing her hips as she walked out the door.  I picked up my phone and texted Lili as Dove came into my office.  Dove sat down in the same loveseat Nina had sat in earlier, before even looking up I could feel Dove’s eyes running up and down my body.

“So, you’re Eddie” Dove said when I put down my phone and looks at her.  “I never did get your name last time we saw each other.”

“Yeah, things got a little of out of control that day.”

“Oh really?” Dove laughed, “Olivia was riding your huge cock in front of her boyfriend and her birthday guests, and you think things got just a little out of control.”

“And just think that was just her 20th, so just imagine what 21st will be like.”

“Oh wow, I don’t even want to start to think about it.”

After that we settled back in and we began to do the audition.  She read the part just fine.  While she had the hotness factor I was looking for, I thought she might look a little young compared to the co-stars she was supposed to be playing the same age as.  She also had real concerns about the sex scenes and potential nudity.  While she wanted to start doing more adult roles, she wasn’t sure she was ready for this.  She also made the point, sticking out her chest that she was hoping for a big payday bonus in the first movie she goes nude in.

“Well, it seems like we are both on the same page here, and maybe this just isn’t going to work out.”

“Yeah, that suck,” Dove said a little disappointed.  “By the way, we had Ariel tell us the story, but are you serious about the no casting couch thing too?”

“100 percent” I answered.

“That’s too bad too.” Dove stood up and bent down in front of me, giving me a clear view down her shirt.  “After the show you put on with Liv, I wouldn’t have minded you taking advantage of me.” She then moved closer and whispered into my ear, “Me and my boyfriend have had sex so many time watching the cell phone video of you and Liv, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve cum to it.”  Dove then stood up and walked out of my office, giving me a sly wave and wink as she left.  I gave myself five minutes before calling Lili into my office, making sure I didn’t have a large tent in my pants before she entered.

Lili, just was not right for the part, Vanessa Morgan was great, and the final interview, Camila, had a good audition as well.  When it was over I texted everyone for coming in.  I texted Vanessa that I really liked her, and if something goes wrong with my top choice I will be contacting her in the next week or two.  I texted Becky and her agent to let them know that she was my top pick for the part.  It was now 3pm and I asked Becky if she was still in the area and when she said yes I asked her to meet me by Blaze Pizza so I could get something to eat as we talked.

It was about 10 minutes later when I met Becky. She was dressed the same as earlier, though now she had a bag from Victoria Secret in her hand.  Becky wasn’t hungry, so she went to get us a table as I went to order.  After I got my pizza and drink, I sat down and enjoyed talking withnher.  We talked for a while as I ate. She was extremely happy that she was the front runner for the part. We eventually got to talking about the nude scene in the movie, that she was so unsure about before.

“I actually think I came up with a compromise” Becky said, pulling her phone out of her clutch.  “I’m not quite sure I really wanna got topless, but I thought if I looked sexy enough it might still work anyways.”  She began scrolling through her phone.

“I mean I guess mayyy…oh wow.” I said as Becky showed me a photo on her phone. In the photo she was obviously in a dressing room and she was wearing her shoes from earlier along with a black incredibly small panties and a strapless black lace bra that was mostly see thru except for just over the nipples.  She looked amazing.

“And then, also check out back.” She then swiped to the next photo which had her looking over her shoulder and showing off that the panties were a v-string, and made her ass look incredible.  “So, do you think if I wore something like this during the sex scenes, it might work?”

“Yeahhh, that might work. You should send me those, I’ll need them as a reference for wardrobe.”

“You sure that the only reason you want them?” Becky asked with her eyebrow raised.  I didn’t answer, I just took a sip of my drink instead.  There was suddenly some real tension in the air, as neither of us spoke.  Becky finally spoke and broke the silence.

“So, you and Ariel? You didn’t have to embarrass her like that you know.”

“I know, I did feel bad about that.  But there was a little confusion with Nina, and me doing the casting while on the couch.  So, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew I’m not that guy and I don’t give out those kinds of favors.”

“But you did have sex with her?”

“Little bit, but I was clear up front that it would in no way improve her odds of getting the part” I said defensively.

“Oh I know.  After you closed the door with China, we had tell Airel tell us the story.  We made her spill all the big juicy details” I could feel the Latin rapper rub her leg up against mine as she spoke the last line.

“What exactly did she say” I leaned forward and asked.  She matched my movement, leaning forward giving me a nice view down her shirt.

“She said that you have a really big dick.  And even though you told her you were not going to trade sex for a roll, once she saw your dick she couldn’t help herself.  She also said that given the opportunity she jump at the chance to ride your cock again.”

“And what did you think of her story?”

“It was hot but,” Becky sat back in her chair “A story is just a story, and what might look huge to one person might look average or small to another.”

“That feels vaguely insulting. Would you like me to get you some references who might defend my honor?”

“You could but then we run into the same issue, where it’s just people telling stories. We live in the age of fake news and I only believe what I can see.”  Becky was now leaning back in her chair with her foot firmly pressing into my crotch.

“Should we head back to my office to finish this conversation?”

“No. There are bathrooms right over there, and this is just going to be quick peak for confirmation.  That all.” She said with a very big smile on her face.

“Uh-huh, sure. Just a quick look.  Let’s go.”  I cleared my tray and Becky picked up her clutch and Victoria Secret bag.  She then took my hand we speed walked down the rather empty wing of the mall.  She never broke stride as she pushed open the door to the unisex/family bathroom, locking the door behind us.  I stood with my lower back pressing up against sink, as Becky squatted down in front me with her legs spread wide.  With her legs spread I got a quick glimpse of her panties before her hands reaching for my pants blocked my view.  The looked to be bright red with white script lettering saying “Eat Me” on the crotch.

“Well it feels promising”  she said as he hands rubbed my inner thigh through my pants.  She undid my fly,reached into my pants and through the fly of my boxers to pull out my dick.  Her eyes lit up as it came into the light.  “Oh okay, alright, wow!” She said as she held me in her hand.

“So, what do you think of Ariel’s story now?”

“The girl was not lying.  I didn’t think they made white boys this big outside of porn.”  She then slowly began stroke my shaft.  “How big does it get?”

“Should we go back to my office?”

“No, this works” she said.  Becky spat in her hand and continued to stroke me until I was near full size.  She gave my head a long slow lick before taking the head into her mouth.  Her technique was fast, intense, and loud.  She went at it hard for two minutes before taking a break and pulling me out of her mouth.  Strings of spit went down her chin as she pulled away and gasped for air.

“So are you going to be around set regularly during filming?” she asked as she wiped her mouth. I simply nodded.  “Good.  Now hurry up and cum so we can get out of here and go fuck”  Becky went right back to deep throating me.  Literally, the 5’1” singer, was going right dowm to the root. After going all the way down and holding it in her mouth, with her snaked around the sides several times, Becky changed up her tactic.  Pumping my cock with both hands she lifted my cock and began tickling my sack with her tongue.   She took each ball into her mouth and swirled it around before moving back up and placing a third of my dick back into her mouth as her hands pumped the remaining two thirds.  She had also moved from a squatting to a kneeling position on the public bathroom floor.  I had made her work for it, but eventually I did tell her I was ready to blow.

“Thank god” she said as she continued to pump my shaft “my jaw was starting to get sore”  she then took my head back into her mouth and used her tongue to play with my sensitive head until I finally popped.  She captured as much spunk as she could into her mouth, though some did trickle out of the corner of her lips.  When I was finally finished I leaned back against the counter.  Rebecca opened her mouth proudly showing off my load, before swallowing it all.

“Ariel also wasn’t lying about the fact that you do cum a lot, and you have some decent tasting jizz too. I can’t wait to see how right she was about how you fuck.”

“Just to be clear, she told the stories in front of everyone else who was waiting to audition?”

“Nina had left, but yeah,”  she said as she check herself out in the mirror, “Why?”

“I kinda don’t want rumors to start about me, but I guess that’s gone.”

“I don’t know about that, but I do know that if you ever visit the Riverdale set all three of those girls will probably jump you.”

“Good to know” I said as I took her hand and opened the bathroom door, making sure the coast we clear, we left and headed out towards the exit of the mall and to my office just across the street and pass the courtyard.  As we went up to the floor of my office, Becky G asked the question that I probably should have known would been coming at some point.

“Have you slept with both Victoria and Jane too?”

“Honestly, yeah.  VJ and I have kind of been fuck buddies for a while, and Jane kind pounced on me after she had already signed on for the part.  Does it matter?”

“No.  I just wanted to know we were going to have to keep this quiet during filming, or if I can be as loud as I want when were in my hotel room.”  As she said that the elevator doors opened and we headed into the office.   She asked to use the bathroom and I let her.  Knowing what was going to happen I stripped out of my clothes and sat down in the chair behind my desk and waited.  When the door opened, Becky had also stripped off her clothes too.  Unlike me, she was not nude.  She was now in the Victoria Secret bra and panty set from the photos.

“I thought you should see what it looked like in person.  This still look alright for the movie?” She asked as she gave a slow 360 degree spin.

“Fuck yeah, though we may have to worry about the actor jizzing himself during the scene.”

“Is that a problem? I was thinking it more of as a challenge to see if I could get him to do it.” She then turned around and bent her knees, giving me a totally unobstructed view of her ass.  “You know maybe sit on him and do a little this” she said as she began twerking.  I had seen her dance video of Becky G on stage twerking and although it was hot, watching her doing with nothing but a thin piece of lace between her cheeks was otherworldly. She smiled as she looked over her shoulder and watched me watch her ass bounce.

“You really like that don’t you” she asked as she looked at my dick which was once again at full size.  “Here let me get closer”  She stopped twerking and walked toward me.  Unhooking her bra and freeing her B-cups, which looked much larger on her small frame.  When she was right in front of me, she once again turned around and bent over.  She once again resumed twerking, but this time with my hard cock nestled between the crack of her ass.  I could feel those tight cheeks rubbing up and down my pole, and she cooed when I gave into temptation and spanked her ass.

“Hold up one second” I said when I had enough teasing.  Quickly grabbing my dick and the lace between her ass, pulling it aside I freed her totally smooth, very wet pussy.  I the pushed my dick down between and passed her ass before pressing forward my head between her lips.

“Aaayyyy papi, be careful.  I’m so small and your dick’s so thick” the former Yellow Ranger said, but I knew she was just putting on a performance.  “I’m worried you might split me in two.”

“We both know you aren’t that innocent, and this isn’t the first big cock you’ve taken” I said as I continued to slide into her.

Once again, she her head and gave me a large smile.  “You’re right!”  With that she went back to twerking only now with my dick inside her, and fucking her as she did it.  She was doing some serious booty shaking while her pussy milked my dick. I spanked her ass again, and this time she let out a pleasurable cry.  I then shoved her forward.  Becky fell forward with her arms forward across the desk, and her body fully bent over.  I stood up and slammed my cock inside her.

“You like that? You like how my dick feels?”

“Si, Fuck! Dios Mio, fuck! You’re dick feels amazing.”  She wasn’t wrong, it did feel amazing.  She was a total knockout, but she was also small and tight.  Only issue was our height difference made standing doggie a tough angle.

“Gab onto the desk” I told her


“Grab the desk!” When she did I grabbed her thighs and picked her up.

“What the.. OH!  Oh Yes! This is even better!” She said as I was now fucking her in the Superman position.  She was holding onto the desk, with he tits pressed down on it, and eventually she hooked her legs around my back as I held her up and continued to fuck her from behind.

“Ummm god yes! Yes papi! I’m close!”  Becky said as I continued to hammer her from behind.  “Quick, Flip me over.”  Pulling my cock out from her tight Mexican twat I helped the singer flip over and moved her so her back was on the desk.  She put her legs straight in the air and rested them against me as I stepped forward. I quickly pulled off her panties leaving her fully nude. I watched as she put two fingers into her mouth, getting them wet before moving her hand down, under her thigh and began playing with her asshole.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked.

“Getting my ass ready, because as soon as you make me cum I want you on the desk so I can ride you until you finally blow your load in my ass. So good?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Bueno, now make me cum on that big dick.”

I took hold of her curvy hips as I pushed my dick back into her while she slid a digit into her own butt.

“Damelo! Si Damelo” She commanded as I pounded her pussy until it finally gushed as she came.  “Awwww that was good,” she moaned as I withdrew my cock from her, meanwhile Becky still had two fingers in her ass. While she had said she had wanted me on the desk, I instead pulled the sexy little latina off the desk and dragged her over to the couch I had interviewed her from earlier in the day.  I laid down on it, and Becky quickly straddled me reverse cowgirl style.  She spat in her hand and made sure her but hole was nice and wet before taking hold of my cock and pointing it straight up at her backside.  We both watched as she slowly lowered herself down.

“Gaawww your thick.  Just stretching my ass out” Becky grimaced as my dick entered her.  Despite some obvious affinity for anal, and probably every man like me who has seen her dance wanted to bang her ass, she was still very tight.

“Do you want to stop?”

“Hell no, do I look like a quitter?”  She said as she dropped down even further, now nearly half my dick was inside her.  She then raised up an inch before dropping down further.  “Were just going have to do this a lot more often.”

“Well you know” I started as I groped her ass cheeks “Me and Anna Kendrick would regularly get together in her trailer to quote practice her sex scene in my last movie.”

“OH fuck, yeah, yeah we should definitely do that. THERE! YES!” She yelled when she had finally gotten all of me in her ass.  “OH, just let me sit her for a minute” she said, getting her ass used to my dick before she slowly began sliding up and down my rod.  As she slowly rose and fell on my dick, I moved a bit to position myself were I was sitting up a bit against the armrest.  I reached around and finally played with her breast for the first time as she road me.  In a matter of minutes though I just sat back and let her do her work.  Rebecca’s ass had loosened up and she was now bent forward was just working her hips like no other women I had been with.  Up and down, side to side, circular motions, it was like her ass was attached to the rest of her body by a gyroscope.

“Oh my God, you are incredible” I told her, and that was the truth. I have has anal before, and Becky could have taught a doctorate level course on butt sex.

“Yeah, you like that?”

“I love it!”

“Then cum, cum in my ass! Fill my culo con tu lefa!”  Grabbing her hips I slammed up into her as she dropped her ass down on me.  We went at it for another two minutes before I finally grunted and unloaded my full loaded.  Becky G shuddered in orgasim as she felt me shoot my load into her ass. As I pulled my dick back out I watched as some cum leaked out of her ass.




“Hey! Eddie Hey” Anna called out, snapping me back to reality.  “If you’re done leering at her ass, we need to go take our seats.”  She took my hand and pulled me to follow her.

“I wasn’t leering” I said defensively.

“Yeah sure, that hard on starting to grow in your pants says otherwise.” I looked down and while my pants were not tenting, you could start to see the outline in it if you were close enough.  “Just keep it in your pants for another few hours and I promise I’ll make it worth your while” she said as we entered the theater.

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