Party Favors

Title: Party Favors

Author: Tori

Celebs: Devore Ledridge, Olivia Rodrigo

Codes: Mf, Mff, Mfff, gangbang, lesbian, oral, anal, rough, mast

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


It had been a couple of weeks since Olivia Rodrigo had watched her friend and costar Devore Ledridge get sodomized in the break room by one of the stagehands.  She often lay in bed at night thinking about it while she fingered her pussy until she came over and over again.

One day at lunch, she and Devore were sitting outside eating lunch when Marcos, the stagehand, came over and sat down.  He looked at Devore and said, “Listen.  Me and some of the crew are having a little party at my place tonight.  Why don’t you come over and we’ll show you a really good time.”  Devore was thinking about it when he looked at Olivia and said, “You can come too sweetie.  I’m sure the others wouldn’t mine one bit.”  Devore looked at Olivia and said, “Sure, OK.  What time?”  He stood up and said, “9.  You remember where I live, right?”  Devore nodded and said, “We’ll be there.”  After he left, she looked over at Olivia and said, “You up for this Liv?”  Olivia squirmed a bit in her seat and said, “Sure, why not?  I mean, I think it’s about time I had some fun, don’t you?”  Devore smiled and said, “Oh, you’ll have fun alright.”

The girls used the oldest lie in the book and told their parents that they were spending the night at each other’s house.  On the way, they stopped at a gas station and changed their clothes in the restroom.  Olivia put on a very short denim skirt and red sequined tube top that barely covered her 15 year old breasts while Devore had on a pair of tight, cutoff Daisy Dukes and a t-shirt tied below her tits.  After fixing their makeup, they walked out to the car and continued over to Marcos’s place.  When Marcus opened the door, he couldn’t help but notice how hot the two teens looked.  He invited them in and handed each of them a beer and closed the door behind them.  Olivia and Devore stood there looking at the other men in room staring at them.  Marcos got in front and said, “Open up.”  The girls opened their mouths and Marcos put a pill on each of their tongues.  He watched as they each took a swig of beer to wash the pills down and said, “Just a little Ecstasy to take the edge off.  Come on in.”

The teens walked over and were introduced to the other guys in the room, most of whom they knew from the studio.  Olivia sat down on the couch and was immediately joined by two huge black guys on either side of her while Marcos took Devore’s hand and led her into his bedroom and closed the door.  Olivia sat nervously sipping at her beer when she felt one of the men put his hand on her leg.  The other guy lit up a joint and handed it to her while one of the other men started cutting lines of coke on a mirror.  She’d never done drugs before in her life but was soon snorting coke and taking hit after hit off the joint.  It didn’t take long before the effects of the drugs made her feel totally relaxed.  So relaxed, she didn’t mind when one of the man slid his hand up under her skirt and started rubbing her pussy.

Back in the bedroom, Devore was naked on her hands and knees taking Marcos’ hard cock in her ass.  She buried her face in a pillow to muffle her screams as he shoved his ten inches balls deep into her.  After several minutes, he pulled out and made her suck his filthy cock.  He took hold of her long blonde hair and face fucked her before filling her mouth with his load.  Devore swallowed what she could and let the rest flow down her chin and onto her tits.  Marcos stood up and took the 17 year old starlet by the hand and said, “Come on baby, time to see how good an actress you really are.”

When they walked back into the living, Devore was shocked to see Olivia on the couch naked with her legs spread wide open getting fucked hard while she sucked on a huge cock.  There were two guys standing on either side of her and she was alternating between the two as her tight young pussy got fucked hard.  After several minutes, another guy took his turn in her.  As she got fucked, two of the men went into the bedroom and brought out the mattress and laid it on the floor.  Marcos tapped the guy fucking Olivia and said, “Get her on the mattress.”  He pulled out and lifted the 15 year old up and set her down on the mattress and put his cock into her mouth.  She was sucking him hard and fast when Marcos looked at Devore and said, “Go on baby.  Get down next to your little friend there.”  Devore got down next to Olivia and soon had a cock in her mouth.  The other guys stood around the two teen beauties and took their turn getting sucked off.  The girls were jerking off cocks with their hands as they got their mouths fucked.  After each of them came, Marcos pulled out a long, two headed dildo and tossed it on the mattress.  He looked at Devore and said, “I want to see you both fuck each other with this.”

Devore took the dildo and spread her legs while Olivia sat facing her with her legs spread wide open.  She scrunched up as close as she could to Devore and let her friend push the toy into her sopping wet pussy.  As soon as Devore had her end inside her hole, the girls were grinding their hips together, getting into it.  Olivia pulled Devore’s face to hers and started making out, shoving her tongue into the pretty blonde’s mouth.  The men were all stroking their cocks as the hot, sexy scene played out in front of them.  Devore was the first to cum but it didn’t take long before Olivia squirted her pussy juices all over the toy and sheets.  One of the men stepped over to Olivia and shot his load on the top of her head.  Another pulled Devore’s hair back and shot his into her mouth.  When he finished, her pushed Devore over to Olivia and made the two girls kiss each other, making them share his load.

Several other guys came on the girls as they fucked each other before one of them said, “How about some ass to ass.”  The men started chanting, “ASS TO ASS!  ASS TO ASS!  ASS TO ASS!  ASS TO ASS!”  Devore looked at Olivia, who nervously nodded and got on her hands and knees.  Devore took to dildo and slowly pushed it into Olivia.  She’d never had anything in her tight little ass before so it took some effort and a lot of spit before her asshole finally opened up, allowing the toy inside.  Once that was accomplished, Devore turned around and got close to Olivia and put her end into her recently fucked hole.  Soon the two girls were grunting and moaning while they fucked each other in the ass with the dildo.

One of the men brought the mirror over in front of Olivia and helped her snort down two fat lines of coke.  He did the same to Devore and as he did, another guy got down in front of Olivia and fed her his hard cock.  He was fucking her pretty, cum covered face when Marcos got in front of Devore and did the same.  The girls fucked each other’s ass and got face fucked while several others shot their loads on the girl’s asses.  The cum helped lube the toy, making it easier on the girls gaping holes.

Olivia was the first to collapse on the mattress.  She’d cum so many times, she passed out.  Two the men picked her up and put her on the couch while two others got on the mattress with Devore.  She climbed on top on one of them and put his cock into her pussy.  She was riding him like a stallion when another got behind her and pushed his cock into her ass.  They DP’d the hot blonde teen as she sucked off several more.  Over on the couch, Olivia had came too and was pulled on top of a big black cock, As she was riding him, Marcos got behind her and said, “Time for your first DP baby.”  He pushed his cock into her ass and started to fuck her hard and deep causing her to scream out, “FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!  FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!  FUCK MY DIRTY HOLE MOTHER FUCKERRRR!!!!!!!!”  After several men had a turn in Olivia’s ass, she was carried back over to the mattress and the two girls got on their hands and knees next to each other and were gangfucked by the men.

It was a little past 3am by the time the last man left leaving the girls passed out on the mattress.  Marcos sat on couch and rolled a joint.  He lit up and stared at the two ruined teens.  Cum was still oozing from their holes and the entire apartment smelled like sex.  After he finished the joint, he crawled on the mattress between the two girls and fell asleep.  When he woke up, the sun was hitting his eyes and he heard someone puking in the bathroom.  Since Devore was still sleeping next to him, he assumed it was Olivia.  He slowly made his way into the bathroom and held her hair back as she retched the mixture of beer and cum from her stomach.  After she finished, she slowly stood up and looked in the mirror.  Her long brown hair was matted with dried sweat and cum and her makeup was a mess.  Marcos stood next to her and took a piss and said, “So, did you have fun baby?”  Olivia turned on the water and said, smiling, “So much fun.  My ass hurts like hell but I had a great time.  Thanks.”  After she washed her face, she and Marcos went out and woke up Devore.  They helped her into the bathroom and the three took a shower together.  They dried off and got dressed but before they left, Olivia gave Marcos one last blowjob.

On the ride home, Devore was smiling and Olivia said, “That was fantastic, right?”  Devore nodded and said, “I didn’t think you had it in you.  I always thought you were kind of stuck up.”  Olivia smiled and said, “I guess I was but all I know is I think I want to do that again.”  Devore looked at her and said, “Me too.”  The girls stopped at the gas station down the street from Olivia’s house and changed back into their original clothes.  When the car stopped in front of her house, Olivia opened the door and said, “You should ask Marcos when his next party is.”  Devore said, “I will and maybe next time, we’ll invite Madison along.”  Olivia smiled and said, “Good idea.”  As the car drove away, Olivia felt her pussy getting wet and quickly ran up to her bedroom and got herself off.  After she came, she called her friend Madison Hu and said, “Hi Mads.  How would you like to go to a party with me and Dev?”


The End

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