Top Fuckbuddy: Rosario vs. Zoe

Title: Top Fuckbuddy: Rosario vs. Zoe

Author: ThePonderingLizard

Celebs: Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana

Codes: exhib, cumshot, anal, threesome, MFF, spank

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction about two existing and unrelated adults. Any similarity to actual events is purely coincidental. No celebrities or their careers were harmed in the making of this story. Also, it’s worth mentioning that I deliberately wrote the vast majority of this story while high, and have made only grammar/syntax adjustments since then. With that said, enjoy!


Rosario Dawson enters the ring on the left side, dressed to the max in a cowboy hat, fishnet stockings, and a jet black wraparound thong bikini one-piece with a sexy black blindfold mask on. She gives a lustful, sinful smile with her ruby-painted lips, resting her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide. Cameras flash as she bounces her ass to the music, licking her upper row of teeth as she moves her hands to her tits. She grabs both sides of the spandex V-strap at the nipples and pulls it forward, simultaneously flossing the thong deep up her ass and revealing her big, dark, full nipples to the crowd. Just as quickly, she lets the thin straps of Spandex go and the material snaps back onto her tits, making them wobble impressively. She sassily cocks one leg to her side, slaps her thigh for good measure, and stalks into the center of the ring for her fucking.

She stands with her rump facing the tunnel you’re waiting in, leans on one leg like a magazine model, and pulls her fat, chocolate cheeks apart to give you an easy target. She looks down over her left shoulder as you emerge from the tunnel– she doesn’t notice until she feels the head of your cock pressing into her bum. It fills up her naughty ass as you grab her tits and she goes down onto her knees. You fuck her well down here in this position. She falls forward onto her elbows and you pull up on her hair with your left hand. You piston directly down into her ass, like you’re trying to fuck her into the floor, and it knocks her hat off. Your balls are giving her ass gentle love-pats with each thrust, and you realize that’s far too merciful. You reach out with your right hand and smack her right buttock back and forth, turning that shiny brown skin a deep shade of red. She moans as you do this, looking back up over her shoulder with complete admiration as you wreck her ass.

You know your time with her is nearly over, so you flip her over, making her ass slap against the floor. You kneel over her tits, a knee in each of her armpits, and shove a wad of hundreds in her mouth as a bit. While her perfect teeth clamp down on that, she pretends to struggle. You lie your dick between her tits and squeeze them with both hands. You push her globes together, encompassing your dick with perfect flesh, and start to thrust up through her tightened cleavage. She licks her lips and opens wide with her big smile, shutting her eyes tight as the first shot of cum lands across her face. Multiple shots follow, layering upon her smooth, round features like drizzled icing. She grins even wider as her tongue reaches out to catch all the cum and curls back into her puffy, sacrilegious lips with her present. You sink your face into her soft, sweaty tits as she moves her hands to her cum-plastered face, lathering up her fingers, but before she can bring them to her lips you grab her hands and slap them onto her tits. Cum splatters across her bubble tits as she wrinkles her nose and gives you an open-mouthed smile. You help her rub your fluid like lotion into her breasts, repeatedly passing over her fat, hard, slutty nipples. You start to move backwards off her and she leans up, spontaneously kissing you full on the mouth. Your cum is an inch from your face but you don’t care, she’s so hot. You think you can taste it on her breath too– she’s a professional whore, so this must be a common taste in her mouth. She pulls back as you move yourself off her, and she takes her turn kneeling over you. She’s a fair bit lower than you were, but that’s because she’s getting ready to suck your cock. Her open ass and her wet, starving pussy are on full display to the reporters and the spectators as she gives you the best head of your life, sliding her big ruby lips up and down your pole and gently revolving her hand around the base. Her eyes are shining with gratitude and pleasure as she suckles every bit of cum she missed from your cock head. She gets up, smacks her lips and swallows, before you toss her back to the ground on her ass. She looks up at you, intrigued and feigning worry, and you hunch over her stomach once more. You reach behind you and dip two fingers in her pussy, diving in all the way through her flooding tunnels. Your thumb rests on her pulsing, ecstatic clit, and gives it one, two, three and a half flicks, before you retreat your hand completely and interrupt her oncoming orgasm. Instead, you give her a sharp spank on her red-raw ass cheek and stand up. She’s left moaning on the floor, shouting “Yes! Thank you! I’m not worthy of an orgasm!” and bucking her ass fruitlessly on the hard ground. She needs your touch to finish.

A booming voice resounds over the P.A. system. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, Contestant Number One has just submitted her audition for Top Fuckbuddy. Let’s see how she compares to Contestant Number Two!”

Contestant Number Two arrives on the screen, before walking through a circular door into the ring. It’s Zoe Saldana. Zoe glows with her own special magic, and she walks weightlessly towards you. She’s wearing the most beautiful white evening gown, adorned with pearls and ever so slightly transparent. Her graceful breasts need no bra, and her precious, delicate nipples make small indentations through the fabric. Her dark hair curls down her back in carefree waves, and she looks up at you with a knowing glance and softly parted lips. You rush towards her and kiss her on the mouth as she kisses you back with slow, welcoming strokes and your hands find the small of her back. You hold her close and stroke the curve of her perfect backside up and down, wondering if she really can be so beautiful, You pull back for a moment to check– yep, she most certainly is– and before another moment passes you go back in to continue the kiss. You work her gently down to the ground, and in a particularly passionate kiss, you pull her dress straps down, exposing her gorgeous little breasts. You give them both a flurry of kisses to make sure she knows how much you love them. Then you climb up onto her and gently press the tip of your cock into her pussy, before it effortlessly slides all the way inside. The shape of her pussy is a perfect fit for your cock, gently gripping it completely from all sides. It also helps that she’s moistened the runway– even though she’s a good girl, the smell of sex got her pheromones going and it’s made her pussy drool. She’s a bad girl on the inside.

All the cameras have stopped flashing– the reporters and spectators understand this is a sacred, private moment and know the wrath they would incur if they interrupted now. You fuck Zoe slowly, powerfully, filling her up while telling her you love her and nibbling gently on her ear, and as such your time seems to come to an end a lot faster. At the ten-second mark, you realize she still hasn’t come, so you pick up the pace and the intensity. By the four-second mark you’ve got her moaning and clutching your shoulders; by the two-second mark she’s giving your dick a car wash. You stand up, and as a formal thank-you she rises to her knees and envelops your cock with her lips. She performs one long plunge down your length before bobbing back up, lips leaving your dick with a pop, and she returns to the edge of the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve now seen both auditions for tonight’s Top Fuckbuddy. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Decision!” The spotlight goes to you, while two others separately illuminate both of the gorgeous women you’ve just had. Rosario stands with her ass facing you at a three quarter-angle, her hand blatantly cupping one buttock as she looks straight left, the bulbous curve of her breast in full view. On the other side of the room, Zoe stares right at you from under sultry, pleading lashes, and sways gently as she hangs her lips ever so slightly apart.

You really can’t make a decision.

After a moment, everything goes oddly silent as you realize you should be saying something. Suddenly, an idea strikes you and you walk over to Zoe, beckoning her your way.

“Folks, it’s not exactly clear what’s going on, but it seems like our Top Fuckbuddy bachelor is proposing some sort of arrangement with Contestant Number Two! Man, is this exciting! This hasn’t happened since ’06…” You pull away from Zoe’s ear and she looks up at you with big, trusting eyes. She nods happily and smiles, before you both lean in and kiss each other in beautiful synchrony. You take her hand and lead her back to the center of the ring, before beckoning Rosario over to join you.

“What’s this? He’s inviting both of them to center ring? Now folks, I’ll remind you he knows the rules– he can only fuck one piece of ass he’s already tried! No double doozies!”

Rosario joins the two of you, holding out her hand. You grab it and swing her down onto her knees– she gets in a quick suck of your cock before you push her onto her back and in the same motion, plow your dick deep up into her pussy. She’s surprised, but nothing could have made her happier, and she looks up at Zoe with a victorious grin. Her triumph is short-lived, however, as Zoe stands over her face, removes her own delicate dress, and proceeds to smother Rosario’s face with her pussy. As you thrust energetically into Rosario’s cunt, Zoe leans forward and makes out with you slowly, like before. It doesn’t last long though before she pulls away and whispers in your ear, “She’s not eating me out…” You look over her shoulder and see Rosario’s definant face pursing her lips against Zoe’s gorgeous pussy, giving Zoe absolutely as little pleasure as possible. You reach back and give Rosario’s ass a painful spank, then another, and another as you shout, “You fucking slut, you’re gonna eat out this beautiful woman like there’s no tomorrow, because I can’t fuck both of you and she deserves to cum over and over again on your fuckdoll face! Do you understand?” You give her one last stinging spank and twist her nipples for good measure. She moans through the pain and begins to suckle Zoe’s pussy, prodding up into her with her talented tongue. You continue making out with Zoe while the two of you get serviced by the hot slut underneath you. Zoe and Rosario begin to moan and they both start thrashing beautifully– Zoe on Rosario’s cum-painted face and Rosario on your punishing dick. They both cum at the same time, creating a lovely chorus of moaning in the ring. You feel the same thing building up once more for yourself, and after a few powerful thrusts you explode all into Rosario’s pussy, shooting jet after steaming jet into her womb. Zoe gives you one more kiss before moving her head back, smiling at you and cradling your face in her hand. She bends down and gently starts to lap at the cum dripping out of Rosario’s pussy. She suckles warmly, massaging Rosario’s wet folds and moaning herself, before raising her head back up and looking you dead in the eye while she swallows. “I love you, more than anything,” you say, and the two of you share a perfect kiss as you both gently ride your new shared whore.

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