Love Your Boobs: Brie Larson

Title: Love Your Boobs: Brie Larson

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Brie Larson

Codes: F, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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We fade in on Brie in the shower, pouring body wash on her large, squishy breasts, and rubbing it all over, lathering them up. “Huhm…” Brie sighs, as she squeezes and fondles her tits. “Ohm…” She starts squeezing them more vigorously, to the point of kneading them, then begins feeling them up, lifting them up to her chin, and letting them slide out of her hands.

Brie then detaches the showerhead, and sprays her tits down.  Once they’re rinsed clean, she continues fondling them, eventually holding one up to her mouth, and sucking the nipple, then doing the same with the other, before repeating, this time gently biting them. “Ouhm…” Tilting her head back and moaning, Brie now squeezes her tits hard, digging her nails in.

After turning the shower off, Brie steps out, and dries off with a big towel, which she then uses to wipe down the fogged up mirror.  Standing and admiring herself in said mirror, Brie picks up a bottle of lotion, and starts to squirt it all over her tits, then she rubs it in, again sighing as she kneads and fondles them. “Uhm…” Leaning back against the wall, Brie pulls on her slick, achingly hard nipples, before sliding her hands down her soft belly, moving one between her legs, and beginning to rub up and down her hot, oozing slit. “Oh, God…” As Brie rubs and fingers her pussy, she starts to slide down the wall, until she’s sitting on the floor, where she begins to finger her dripping cooze with one hand, and vigorously rub her clit with the other. “Huh!  Fuck…” Brie again tilts her head up, brow furrowing, as she masturbates furiously. “Oh, God!  Oh, fuck!” Brie is starting to hyperventilate, when she suddenly cries out, her cracking voice echoing in the bathroom, as she cums.

Sitting there, catching her breath, Brie idly plays with her nipples, and chews her lower lip, as the scene fades out.

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