Extreme Takes Over

The title of this story is Extreme takes Over. And this story involves Sarah
MichelleGellar and Lita from the WWF.

It all started at a party that Britney Spears washaving. There where no men
there,nothing but women from TV, radio, and the wwf divas. They were all
told to go there by their agents because they saidit would be good for their
career. Sarah Michelle Gellar was watching Lita all night. Finally she went
up to Lita but didn’t sayanything. She just grabbed Lita’s tightass and
said, “Lets go upstairs and have lesbian sex.”

Lita looked shocked and then said ok, let’s go. And they went into Britney
room andstarted to kiss each other. Then theystriped each other’s
clothes down to their bra and thong. Sarah had a red thong and Lita had a
purpleone. They took their thongs off andshowed off each other’s pussies.
Sarah’s was shaven in the playboy sign and lita’s was of a dollarsign. They
were both shocked at whatwas going on but very happy.

Lita told Sarah that she wanted to lose her lesbianvirginity for a long time
and was happy it was with her. Lita told Sarah that she wanted to lick
herpussy and finger that tight ass.

“yeah bitch, you better eat my pussy!!” Yelled out Sarah. Lita threw
Sarah down and started to eatSarah out. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sarah
moaned and moaned. Lita was able to get her tongue all the wayin with ease.
Then Lita got anidea. She got up and gotsomething. It was a teddy bear.
She took the teddy bear and shoved it intoSarah’s pussy. OOOOOOOO MY GOD,
THATFEELS SO GOOD!!!!!! Lita took the teddybear and shoved it half way in.
TheLita took her fist and pushed the teddy bear in. Now it was all the way
in. O FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Sarah stood up and did the same with Lita but insteadshe took a stuffed
pokemon and shoved it in Lita’s pussy. OH YEAH, I ALWAYS WANTED TO FUCK
APOKEMON!!! MORE!!!!!!! MORE!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!! RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!

And Lita’s juices went all over the pokemon while Sarah’s juiceswent all
over the teddy bear. They bothgot up and took the animals out of their
pussies. The animals were a mess and Britney would have a fit. So they took
the animals and shoved themback into their pussies. They gotchanged and went
back down stairs.

At the end of the night, they helped Britney clean up. When Britney went
into her room to getsomething, she noticed that the two stuffed animals where
missing and she askedeveryone. Lita and Sarah looked at eachother and then
told Britney they had to go and they ran off.

The End

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