Marie Osmond

This story is complete fiction; and unauthorized by the singer. It is
purely a product of my imagination; and in no way reflect on the actual
conduct, morals, activities, thoughts, or deeds of that person. This is


Marie Osmond was born, Olive Marie Osmond in Ogden, Ut Oct 13, 1959.
Marie was married twice, her first husband Steve Graig 1982-85. Brian
Blosil 1986-currently seperated.

Marie has 7 kids her oldest name is Stephen 1983.

It’s been five or six months now since Marie her son Stephen had their
incest experience, which they did it few times!
Marie know’s her incest affair with her son didn’t cause her seperation
from her husband Brian.

Their seperation was of personal nature?

Stephen is still having his thing with his 12 year old sister Jessica,
which his mother doesn’t know about.

Stephen sneaks in Jessica’s room all the time after the other kids are
gone to sleep and his parents. Stephen and Jessica enjoys having incest
because it’s fun and exciting!
Jessica just likes feeling her brother’s big cock inside her pussy and
feeling his cum.

Jessica is developing tits and has pubic hairs now just like her mother
Marie! Stephen know’s how big his mother’s tits are and how hairy she

Now since his parents are seperated, Stephen hope’s to sleep with his
mother again to comfort her, just hoping? Although Brian isn’t his real
father he was raised by him, Stephen’s father is Steve Graig.

Marie was in her bedroom getting ready for bed when her son Stephen came
in to talk.
Marie was still hurt of her seperation!

Stephen sit’s with his mother on her bed talking and laughing alittle.

Now Marie know’s what Stephen’s answer is but she’s asking any way?
Marie asks”Stephen sweetheart, I know what your answer will be but I’m
gonna ask it any way, you want to sleep with me for a while I really
don’t want to be alone”? Stephen had a big smile, answers”Anything for
you mom, is that included you know what”? Marie kissed her son on the
mouth and says”Stephen, that’s the idea isn’t it you sleeping with me
and so forth”!

Marie was wearing her gown, it was a shear white gown which is see

Stephen can see his mother’s big tits and her dark pubes as she laid
down in bed.

Stephen pulls his pants off and lays with his mother!

Marie says”Stephen, I want to be a couple ok act like we just got
married and we’re on our honeymoon, and what does married couple’s do”?
Stephen smiles as he lays on top of his mother kissing her.

Marie’s legs was wide open for entrance!

Stephen’s cock was hard as it was rubbing on his mother’s furry mound.
Stephen loves the feeling of his mother’s big tits against his chest.

Marie guides her son’s cock inside her horny pussy slit! Stephen was
sliding in and out slowly and kissing his mother.

Then Marie whispers”Oh god honey your cock is so big inside me feels so

Stephen wants to make his mother happy and feel good inside and out!
Stephen’s cock grew about another 1/4 of an inch inside his mother’s
Marie was feeling his cock grow and she loves big cocks!

Matter of minutes, Stephen came hard inside his mother’s pussy. Marie
had to contain herself and not moan too loud as she feels her son’s hot
sperm shooting inside her pussy!
Marie have such good orgasms feeling sperm inside her, it’s a rush.

Then Stehen slides off his mother.

Marie lays there with a big smile on her cute face, then leans on
Stephen and says”You made me so good honey thank you”.

After a while, they both fell asleep!

Just before sunrise, Marie was on top of her son sucking his cock and
Stephen was tasting his mother’s sweet pussy juice, and he was enjoying

Marie was obviously enjoying tasting her son’s cock again after a few
Marie couldn’t get enough of her son’s cock, it tastes just like his
father’s Steve Graig.

Stephen was licking his mother’s juices. Stephen loves how his mother
tastes and smells, her pussy scent drive him crazy!

Marie didn’t want to make Stephen come yet, she wants to feel him come
inside her instead.

Marie then slides herself on Stephen’s wet cock, and boy did she feel
the sensation.
Stephen was feeling his mother’s wet pussy sliding down his shaft, oh
what a feeling!

Marie was sliding up and down slowly and slightly moans. Then
whispers”Oh god feels so good”.

After few minutes, Stephen couldn’t hold it back so he shoots his hot
load up his mother’s womb.

Marie moans and groans as she feels the wonderful pleasure of her son’s
hot cum shooting up her pussy.

Marie then slides off. Stephen gets on top of his mother and screws her
Marie says”Oh darling good screw my pussy again”.

Within minutes, Stephen comes again and again, he came 3 or 4 times and
Marie loved it!

In the morning, Marie was making her kids breakfast.
Stephen was already gone to school!

A month later, Stephen was still sleeping with his mother and enjoying
incest. Marie isn’t spoiling something good with her son, she’s enjoying
it too much!

Having incest sex with her son is the greatest exercize there is.

Few months ago, Marie and her husband Brian got back together after
having sex a few times, which by Marie’s words was fantastic!

Well a month later, Brian had to go out of town on business. Marie and
her son Stephen incest relationship was dead in the water. Ever since
Marie and Brian got back together, her incest with Stephen stopped cold!
Not that Brian didn’t mind, but Marie thought it would be better.

After her show was cancelled a few months ago, Marie decide to sell more
of her dolls.
Marie’s dolls sells by themselves without her presence.

Marie got a surprise visit by one of her nephews, Donny’s second son
Jeremy who’s 19 and handsome. Jeremy wanted to see his Aunt Marie, he
hadn’t seen her in a year since her baby was born!

Jeremy has such a crush on his Aunt Marie, he think she’s hot with hot
legs. Jeremy always had fantasies, sexual fantasy about his Aunt for

Before Jeremy came over, Marie was sitting on her couch in her gown,
which is see through, talking on the phone to her friend and asst Lisa,
they were talking girl talk! When Jeremy came over, Marie told Lisa
they’ll talk later.

Marie showed Jeremy her baby, his new cousin! Jeremy was behind his
Aunt, starring at her gown, he can see her cute tight ass.

Jeremy never thought his Aunt wore a see through gowns, but she
definitely has the body to show off!

They were in the nursery, Marie was holding her baby, said”This is your
cousin Jeremy”!

Jeremy was smiling, said”Hello, I’m Jeremy nice to meet you”!

As Jeremy was holding her baby, Marie looked down and noticed Jeremy’s
pants, he had a hardon. Marie thought Jeremy was excited, cause she’s
wearing a see through gown.

As Marie puts her baby back down in it’s crib, Jeremy noticed his Aunt’s
furry bush, he can easily smell her perfume.

Then they went in the livingroom, they set down on the couch talking
about his dad Donny.

Marie was sitting with her legs crossed, Jeremy couldn’t help starring
at his Aunt’s dark furry snatch and her huge ripe tits.

Marie knows Jeremy is starring at her tits and snatch, that’s what her
son Stephen likes starring at! Marie think it’s cute her nephew sees her
as hot and sexy, she’s getting horny of thinking about it!

Then Marie uncrossed her legs, Jeremy saw the wetness between legs.

Marie whispers”I know exactly what you’re starring at”. Jeremy was
nervous now, he looked away. Marie laughs, then whispers again”Hey it’s
alright I don’t mind you starring at my snatch and tits, if you like
them then stare at them”!

After a while, Marie took her nephew into her bedroom. Marie told Jeremy
not to be nervous about this, it’s just having fun.

Marie pulls her gown off, she stood in front of her nephew nude. Jeremy
was starring hard at his Aunt’s gorgeous body. Marie then lays down on
her bed with her legs open, said”Come on Jeremy, you’ve been waiting for
this moment for years, so lets do it”!

Jeremy nervously pulls his clothes off, and lays down with his Aunt.
Jeremy a 19 year old boy now a man, nervous of laying with a hot looking
woman like his Aunt!

Marie then leans on Jeremy kissess him on his lips, said”Just pretend
I’m your girlfriend about to have sex, do you have a girlfriend Jeremy”?

Jeremy nods, says”Yea she’s 18, we’ve had sex few times”!

Marie reached down strokes Jeremy’s hard 8 inch cock in her hand. Jeremy
can’t believe this, feels like his dream, his Aunt is stroking his cock,
he loves it!

Then surprise, Marie was slowly sliding her mouth on his cock tasting
it. Jeremy was watching his Aunt sucking him, feels like his girlfriend
is sucking his cock.

Marie was sucking her nephew’s cock slowly and watching his reaction,
just like her son Stephen, has a surprise and pleasurable look!

Then Marie turns around, says”Ok Jeremy, you wanted to taste me, heres
your chance”!
Jeremy never thought this would actually happen, his Aunt’s hairy musky
pussy is in front of his face, he was tasting and inhailing her musky

Jeremy was licking Marie’s pussy and the taste is unbelievably sweet,
the smell was incredible, he loved it, it taste and smells like his

Jeremy was eating his Aunt’s pussy like crazy, Marie was feeling her
nephew’s tongue, she was having orgasms. Marie didn’t think her nephew
liked older pussy, but she’s glad he does!

Marie was sucking his cock harder, then Jeremy just lets go, he comes
inside his Aunt’s mouth. Marie was swallowing his cum.
Marie was sucking more, Jeremy was coming more, and Marie was swallowing
every drop.

Jeremy can’t believe his Aunt swallowed all of his cum, no wonder he’s
fond of her!

Then Jeremy was on top of his Aunt, Marie said”Ok Jeremy,, slide your
cock in me and lets f–k”! Jeremy was sliding his cock in and out his
Aunt’s wet pussy and kissing her.

Marie was feeling it and whispers”Good Jeremy feels so good, come inside
of me”!
Jeremy was f–king his Aunt Marie’s hot pussy, she was wet and tight.

Then Jeremy was pumping his Aunt’s pussy harder, he was about to come.
Marie was moaning, and says”Oh god I’m coming”!

Then Jeremy just comes, flooding her pussy with his hot sperm. Marie
tighten her pussy muscles as she’s feeling her nephew’s hot sperm
flooding inside her.

After coming several times, Jeremy was so exhausted, he just barely slid
off his Aunt.

Marie smiles as she was leaning on him, says”Well that was good f–king
Jeremy, now you fulfilled your fantasy with me, I sure enjoyed it”!

Jeremy smiles, yea he did fulfill his dream fantasy with his Aunt!

Marie got up went in the restroom to pee.

As Marie was sitting on the toilet, she was thinking, incest isn’t a bad
word, just depends how it’s used? Marie had incest with her son Stephen
for an entire year, now her nephew Jeremy, Donny’s son and Donny himself
couple years ago.

Marie’s pussy was filled with incestues sperm, even during her pregnancy
and after!

Then Marie went in her room and puts on her skirt and blouse. Jeremy
woke up after a few minute nap, he got up kissed his Aunt said”Thanks
Aunt Marie, I enjoyed it too”!

Marie smiles, says”My pleasure”!

Jeremy puts his clothes back on and went downstairs with Marie to eat

After lunch, Jeremy had to get home, so Marie kissed her nephew on the
mouth, said”If you want to experiment again, don’t be afraid come on
over and we’ll have more fun like today, one thing, don’t tell your dad
what we did ok”!

Jeremy smiles and nods, then left. Jeremy isn’t stupid telling his dad
he just f–ked his hot Aunt?

Half hour after Jeremy left, Marie was talking to her friend Lisa
again. Marie said her nephew Jeremy, Donny’s second son came over they
had fun.

While talkting to Marie, Lisa was home in bed with her boyfriend, he was
down tasting her luscious pussy. Lisa was moaning as she was talking to
Marie. Marie always knows what Lisa is doing as they’re talking on the
phone, having oral sex!

Lisa was telling Marie her boyfriend is tasting heaven, it feels so
good. Marie was sitting on the couch with her skirt off, her hand inside
her panties rubbing her clit!

They were talking sex, that’s a favourite of Marie, Talking phone sex
with her friend Lisa is a big turn on!

Marie was moaning, and having orgasms, so was Lisa.

Then couple hours later, Marie was in the kitchen fixing dinner.

Around 4, her son Stephen comes home and goes upstairs to his room.

Marie’s other kids are already home in their rooms playing, so is

Jessica hadn’t had incest with her brother Stephen in a long time, she
forgot what his dick feels like inside her. Jessica has a boyfriend not
even her mother knows?

Couple days later, Jeremy came over again to his Aunt Marie. Marie is
always happy to see her nephews and nieces when they come and visit.

Marie and Jeremy was on the couch talking, Marie was wearing a skirt
this time, a short skirt what she likes.

When Jeremy came over Marie was again talking to her friend Lisa, this
time she was talking sex with Jeremy there.

Jeremy couldn’t believe his Aunt was talking sex on the phone, and using
for letter words, including the F word.

Marie was saying to Lisa”I love how a guy f–ks my pussy and cums inside
me”. Marie was looking at her nephew and told Lisa, she’ll tallk later,
her nephew is there.

Marie puts her hand on Jeremy’s leg and rubs it towards his hardon,
said”I guess listening to me talking on the phone like that, really got
you hard”. Jeremy nods!

So Marie led her nephew upstairs to her bedroom again! Didn’t take long,
they were in bed kissing, Jeremy was horny for his Aunt.

Jeremy was on top of Marie rubbing his dick on her thick snatch and
kissing her soft lips.

Then Jeremy slides his dick in and out his Aunt’s pussy. Marie
whispers”Come inside of me”.

Jeremy was feeling the wetness inside her pussy, felt so good!

Marie isn’t the only woman Jeremy been having sex with, he’s been having
sex with this other older woman since he was 12, his own mother Debbie,

No, Donny doesn’t know, Debbie never told so it’s no big deal?

When Jeremy was 12, Debbie had to get some more pleasure back in her
life, Donny was too busy with his career. So Debbie thought of an incest
relationship with her son Jeremy, her other sons were too young and the
oldest was gone in the service.

Of course Jeremy thought his mother was a hot looker, and he did sleep
with her to be comfortable. But didn’t think of incest, but it was fine
with him long as he can feel her inside again!

Even though Donny never knew it, but person did, his sister Marie.
Debbie and Marie were always like sisters talking about everything, like
she is with Lisa. Debbie talks to Marie about alot of sex, boys, girls,
and how many times a guy comes inside?

Before meeting Donny, Debbie had dozens of boyfriends in school she had
sex, and she means lots of sex.

Debbie has talked to Marie about certain private and taboo matters, like
Marie said there’s nothing wrong with incest long as the brother/sister,
mother/son loves each other!

So when Jeremy was 12, Debbie seduced her son into incest, and they both
enjoyed it!
Feeling her son inside of her is a joyful feeling!

The last time Debbie had incest with her son Jeremy was a month ago.
Debbie isn’t getting any sex from Donny, so she has to turn to Jeremy
for sexual pleasure.

Now Jeremy is with his Aunt Marie again, screwing her wet pussy and
kissing her!

Jeremy hadn’t thought his Aunt would have a tight pussy, and very wet,
she feels so good inside.

Marie was moaning loud, but not too loud to wake her baby. Jeremy was
pumping her harder and faster, Marie loves it! Marie always loves
f—king harder, she has better orgasms!

Half hour later, Jeremy comes deep inside his Aunt’s pussy. They were
both kissing hard!

Jeremy was still laying on top of his Aunt talking to her after coming
inside her. Then after a while, Jeremy slides off her, Marie then goes
in the restroom to pee.

As Marie was sitting on the toilet, she was looking at her snatch,
wonders if she should trim it alittle so it won’t be so thick?

After she was finished, she went in her room and asks”Jeremy, what would
you say if I trimmed my snatch or pussy hairs would you like it”? Jeremy
looked at his Aunt’s very hairy and thick pussy, answers”I like it the
way it is Aunt Marie, guys like women with hairy pussy”!

Marie nods said”Ok then, thank you.”!

Then Jeremy looked at the clock, it was 3, so he had to get dressed.
Jeremy kissed his Aunt and left.

When Jeremy left, Marie said that boy loves f–king pussy.

Around 3:30, Jeremy was home, his mother was fixing dinner.

Debbie asks”Jeremy, where were you, should’ve been home an hour ago”?

Jeremy shrugs as he was washing his hands and face.

During dinner, Debbie, Jeremy and her other sons was eating dinner.
Donny wasn’t home, he was on his latest tour!

Debbie hadn’t had sex in weeks, and she’s desperate, she’s been horny
since Donny left few weeks ago.

After dinner, Debbie was talking to her son Jeremy in his bedroom, yes
Jeremy is still living at home, he’s taking care of his mother while his
father is gone!

Debbie made sure her other sons was in bed asleep. Jeremy knows what his
mother wants, she doesn’t have to ask, he went with her in her bedroom.

Debbie was in bed in minutes, she likes sleeping nude, like her sister
in-law Marie always does.

When Donny is home, he has easy access, he gets on top of Debbie and
puts his dick inside her. Debbie loves Donny’s cock like Marie did that

Jeremy was in bed with his mother, he was laying on top of her. Debbie
said”Ok honey, you know what I want”!

Jeremy was sliding his 8 inch cock in and out his mother’s horny pussy,
feels like his Aunt Marie’s pussy, tight.

Debbie whispers”Honey feels so good”!

Then minutes later, Jeremy comes with a flood of his hot sperm inside
his mother’s pussy.

Debbie almost couldn’t control her emotions, she was feeling the hot
flows of her son’s sperm inside her.

Afterwards, Jeremy went to his bedroom.

Debbie fell asleep when her son went to his room. Debbie was sleeping
soundly, sex always does that!

Then couple days later, Jeremy went to see his Aunt Marie again. Marie
always loves seeing her nephew and neices when they come over to visit,
but sometimes it’s the right time?

Marie was busy on the phone making deals to sell more of her dolls to
the infomericals.

So Jeremy went back home, he’ll come back when his Aunt isn’t busy!

Marie was talking on the phone, she was so mad she was cursing four
letter words.

Well they gave Marie deals and they went back on their word, that’s why
she’s pissed at them?

Marie was cursing, saying words the devil himself would blush!

Well the next day, Jeremy came back over to his Aunt Marie, this time
she was free for his visit.

They went upstairs to her bedroom. But Marie had to see about her baby,
made sure it was sleeping, it was sleeping soundly!

They were in her room kissing. Marie pulls her clothes off and laid on
her bed with her legs spread like she’s taking a picture.

Matter of fact, Jeremy brought a camcorder with him to take video
pictures of his Aunt in the most provocative way with her legs open.

Jeremy was taking pictures of Marie with her legs open, rubbing her
clit, tasting her juice.

Marie said”How about a picture sucking your cock”. Well that’s what they
did, Jeremy took a picture of Marie sucking his cock.

Jeremy like to sell the pictures, but he doesn’t want to hurt his Aunt?
Marie was sucking his cock slowly. Jeremy puts the camcorder on the
stand to enjoy his Aunt sucking him.

The camcorder is on auto recording, so they’re actually having sex on

Jeremy was tasting and licking his Aunt’s sweetest tasting pussy, well
besides his mother’s, have to say his mother has the sweetest, if not he
can’t f–k his mother any more!

Marie was sucking Jeremy’s cock like she used to suck her son Stephen’s
cock with passion.

Marie loves the saltyness of a guys cock, she can suck all day if wants!

Jeremy was enjoying the tangy taste and the heavy scented of his Aunt’s
pussy, taste and smells like his mother.

Half hour later, Jeremy explodes inside Marie’s mouth, and she swallows
the whole glob.

Then Jeremy was behind Marie slowly pumping his cock hard inside her
pussy. Marie whispers”Jeremy honey, f–k me harder”!

Jeremy was pumping harder and harder inside her pussy! Jeremy was
pumping so hard, the bed was shaking, so was Marie’s huge tits, they
were bouncing and wiggling!

Marie was moaning and groaning, she was enjoying and loving the pounding
of her nephew’s cock inside her pussy, she was having orgasms left and

Then half hour later, Jeremy just explodes his hot load of incestues
sperm deep inside his Aun’t pussy. Marie moans and screams out”Oh god
yes yes, feels so f–king good”!

Afterwards, they were laying there just relaxing in each others arms.

An hour later, they got up and dressed!

Jeremy checked his camcorder to see what was recorded, Marie was
watching too?

They were watching themselves sucking cock, licking pussy, and f–king
doggy style, Marie loved it.

Marie kissed her nephew said”That was wonderful Jeremy, your mother has
the sweetest son, and I have the sweetest nephew to f–k me thank you”!

Jeremy smiles no problem!

So Jeremy kissed his Aunt and had to get home, he’ll hide the camcorder
in his closet.

After Jeremy left, Marie called her sister in-law Debbie, said Jeremy
just recorded them having sex, it was good!

Debbie said she like to have sex on video too, she’ll have to talk
Jeremy into it?

Both sister in-laws knows!

Debbie knew Donny first had incest with his sister couple years ago,
just to help her with her sexual urges. Debbie doesn’t see anything
wrong with incest long as the sister and brother love each other.

So Debbie loves incest with her son Jeremy, and with her other sons,
including her oldest son before he went in the service!

The sister in-laws loves the idea of incest, long as it doesn’t hurt
their family!

For the last 3 or 4 months, Marie been having a sexual affair with her
son’s best friend. Marie says the sex was fantastic, she loved f–king

Marie hasn’t had incest with her son Stephen in several weeks, and she
does miss feeling his dick inside her pussy and mouth.

Just a few weeks ago, Stephen met a girl who’s older then he, she’s 25,
Stephen is 17.
Stephen been having sex with his new girlfriend for several weeks.

Now Stephen hasn’t had incest with his 14 year old sister Jessica in
quite awhile, but Jessica isn’t hurt by it. Jessica has a boyfriend
she’s been having sex!

Just couple months later, Marie met with her husband Brian at the same
motel where they last had sex. They were there back there again to
reconsile their relationship, well guess it worked cause they’re back
together! Marie and Brian had sex all night long, and Marie loved every
second of it.

Marie loved Brian’s enlarged dick, she loved feeling it deep inside her
pussy and especially in her mouth. Marie wouldn’t mind if she became
pregnant again!

Brian came inside her several dozen times!

After they reconsiled, they celebrated with champayne.

Marie didn’t want to tell Brian of her incestues affair with their son,
it might spoil things!

As they were drinking champayne, Brian asks”Marie, how’s your
relationship with Stephen been”? Marie sips her drink, then replies”Our
relationship is fine, he’s been copping with the seperation, and he has
a girlfiend now”!

Brian sort of laughs, says”Marie, I mean the relationship you and
Stephen been having for over a year that relationship”? Marie was
puzzled, she asks”What relationship, we have a mother and son
relationship, what other relationship you talking about”!

Brian was almost started to yell, as he says”The relationship you and
Stephen been f–king each other”? Marie was stunned, Marie was blank
fance, she didn’t know what to say or how to explain! But she explained
alittle, says”Well, honey, I was desperate when we seperated, and it
just happened, the sex just simply happened, I’m sorry it did”!

Well Brian knew for a long time Marie was having incest with their
son,.Stephen talked to his father every other week let him know what’s
going on!

Brian told his son not to tell his mother about their conversations!
Brian wants to know certain thing about Marie’s sex life with their son.
Now for Brian to know his wife Marie is having incest with their son
doesn’t bother him, no, long as it’s not with a total stranger?

Marie was surprised Brian knew about it!

So Brian said”Marie honey, if you’re having incest with our son just
keep yourself pleasured, then it’s fine”!

Marie smiles then relaxes.

Marie then lays down after drinking couple of glasses of champayne, she
was laying there nude with her legs spread open.

Marie said”Hey baby, you want some more goodies, come and snack on some
of the best juice in the world”. Brian was on top of Marie kissing her,
he was sliding his prick in and out her horny wet pussy!

Brian was pumping her hard as he was holding her legs up. Marie was
moaning and screaming”Oh god yes, feels so f–king good, oh baby f–k
that pussy”! Brian was f–king Marie’s pussy hard she was loving it!
Marie loves hard f–king, she has more and fantastic orgasms!

Marie was enjoying the feeling every thrust of Brian’s cock inside her,
she was moaning groaning!

Half hour later, Marie was on her hands and knees, Brian was in back of
her pumping his cock hard inside her. Marie was enjoying every thrust of
Brian’s cock inside of her, that’s what Marie lives for!

Then another half hour later, Brian was on top of Marie kissing and
screwing her pussy!
Then minutes later, Brian just comes and comes deep inside Marie’s hot

Marie was feeling Brian’s hot sperm flooding inside her, sher thought it
was wonderful!

Afterwards, they were laying there talking about their kids.

Then Marie asks”Honey, since you know Stephen and I been doing this,
will it be wrong if we continue doing it if you go out of town and I
need pleasure”? Brian leans on Marie kissing her on mouth, whispers”I
love you Marie, you’re the most sweetest woman I know, what ever makes
you happy is fine by me”!

So Marie can continue having incest with her son!

An hour later, Marie and Brian got up and dressed. Marie had to take a
long pee!

Brian was in the restroom with Marie as she’s sitting on the toilet.
Brian was washing his face.

Marie noticed Brian’s bulging pants, she was rubbing his crotch and
said”I love this hardon of your’s honey, love how it feels”. Brian
laughs says”Well honey, it’s all your’s everynight”!

Marie was rubbing Brian’s hardon through his pants, then pulls it out
and sucking it again.

Brian was feeling Marie’s mouth on his cock, he knows his wife is a
cocksucker, that’s why he loves her.

Marie was sucking him so hard he just comes in her mouth by the globs.
Marie has no hesitation swallowing his cum, she lives for it!

Brian just enjoys watching Marie swallowing his hot cum down her throat,
it turns him on!

Couple hours later, they were on their way home together!

As they were in their car,,which is a mini van, Marie was getting so wet
and horny, she was fingering herself.

Brian noticed it, and said”Marie, you want to stop somewhere and take
care of that, or you want to do it yourself”?

Marie nods, said”Yea I think we should stop, cause I’m so f–king wet my
pussy is dripping”!

Brian stopped at a private area off the road.

Then they were in back of the van, Marie pulls her panties off and Brian
was sliding his cock in and out her dripping pussy.

Marie moans and moans, she whispers”Oh yea, love your big cock, f–k
this hot horny wet pussy”!

Brian was holding Marie’s legs up he was pumping the shit out of her
pussy, Marie loved it!

Brian was pounding her pussy so hard the van was rockin back and forth.

Then half hour later, they were back on the road heading home!

Marie was certainly satisfied, she was singing her favourite songs,
which are Brian’s favourites! Marie loved every drop of Brian’s sperm
inside of her!

Now Marie and her husband Brian are back together, things around their
house might be different or the same?

Stephen was certainly glad his parents are together again, not his
incest affair with his mother was bad, he thought be better if they were
back together again as a married couple, just for the kids sake!

Well Marie and Brian spent most the night in their bedroom having sex,
and Marie wouldn’t have it any other way!

When they were back home, Brian talked to his son Stephen, and told him
he appriciate what he’s done for his mother to keep her satisfied.

Stephen just shrugs and hugs his dad, said it was his pleasure!

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