On The Set Of Sabrina 1

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are underage or easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

Paula Hart had decided to take more control of her daughters
television show, it was not enough to be executive producer,
she wanted to direct too.

Melissa didn’t care who directed her show, as long as things went
smoothly. Paula was ready to shoot the next thing.

Melissa was nowhere to be found. Paula called out for her daughter
but she got no answer, she asked around
the crew to see
if anybody knew where she was. A gaffer thought he saw her go
to her trailer. Paula sent him to find her.

The gaffer Paul knocked on the trailer, Melissa told him to come
in. He knew what that meant, she was at it again.

Paul walked into the trailer, Melissa was sitting on the desk wearing
nothing but a tank top shirt and socks, she was working a water bottle in
and out of her cunt.

Pail told Melissa that her mother was waiting foe her, Melissa told him
they could wait, what were they going to do, film without her?

Melissa grabbed the bottle with both hands and rammed it in and out
of her cunt. Paul stood there watching her scratching his head.

He finally told her he had to get back to the set, Melissa told
him if he left he would be fired. Paul had heard that before, he pulled
up a chair to watch the show.

Melissa rolled over so she was on her hand and knees, she asked Paul
if he liked her ass, she told him her fans thought she had the best ass
in Hollywood. Paul told her it was very nice.

Melissa took the bottle with both hands and shoved it into her cunt, she
told Paul to come over and kiss her ass. He quickly did as he was told.

Melissa told him to drop his pants, Melissa dropped to
he knees and grabbed his cock. She stroked it until it got
hard than she shoved it down her throat.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and asked him if he liked
the way she sucked, he told her she was a real pro. Melissa just
looked at him.

She shoved his cock all the way down her throat, she then used
her tongue to lick up and down the shaft. Paul was going to cum.

He started gasping, then he cried out, Melissa pulled the cock
out of her mouth and told him she was done. She then shoved the
bottle all the way inside her cunt, got dressed and went back
to the set. She looked back and told him that was for saying I’m
a pro, everybody knows I’m a good girl.

Melissa finished filming for the day, it was still early for
her and she wanted to party. Every time she went out though, the
evil men from A B C always stopped her, she had to party on the

Melissa grabbed one of her costars Jenna and told her to
meet her in her dressing room. Jenna knew what that meant.

Jenna walked int Melissa’s dressing room and she was met
by a naked starlet. Melissa was once again on the desk with
her legs spread. The cap of the water bottle was sticking
out of her cunt.

Melissa told Jenna to pull the bottle out with her mouth
if she wanted to keep her job, Jenna wanted to call her "freak"
but thought better of it.

Jenna dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over
to Melissa just the way she liked it, she stuck her tongue
into her pussy and started licking the bottle.

Melissa grabbed her by the hair and shoved her tongue deeper
into her cunt. She then began humping her hips against Jenna’s
mouth, this served two purposes, it was pushing the bottle in
and out of her cunt, and it was forcing Jenna’s tongue deeper
into her pussy.

Jenna was able to get her teeth around the cap of the bottle and pull
it out, Melissa used both her hands to shove Jenna’s face even deeper.

Melissa told Jenna to finger her. Jenna stuck two fingers into Melissa’s
mouth, then she shoved them into her cunt.

Melissa immediately grabbed Jenna by the wrist and started fucking herself
with her fingers, Jenna shoved her fingers as hard as she could into the young
slut, Melissa just lick her lips and groaned "more."

Jenna took two more fingers and shoved them into Melissa’s cunt. Melissa
shoved them all the way into the wrist, she then lifted her ass off the ground
and began slamming her ass up and down on Jenna’s fingers. She yelled "harder"
Jenna shoved her fingers as hard as she could into her.

Melissa humped her fingers harder, then she just growled "more" Jenna added
her thumb into Melissa’s cunt, Melissa raised her ass two feet into the air and
slammed it down on Jenna’s hand.

She used enough force so that her cunt swallowed up Jenna’s fist all the way
the wrist. Melissa grabbed her arm and shoved it in and out of her self as she
up and down.

She shoved Jenna’s arm into her watch disappeared, and she screamed for more.
Jenna took her free hand and slid three more fingers into that gaping cunt.
Melissa grabbed that arm and started working it in. She got those fingers into
herself all the way
to the wrist before she cried out for more.

Jenna shoved a second fist into Melissa’s cunt. Melissa stood up on the desk
and looked down at Jenna. Jenna shoved her fist up into her. Melissa bounced up
and down.

Melissa quickly fell over backwards, Jenna’s arms were so deep inside of her
that she fell on top of her.

Melissa brought her knees up into her chest so Jenna could get her arms in
she had them both in half way to her elbows, Melissa was screaming, she had
had enough, she collapsed on the floor.

Melissa arrived early for the next day of shooting, the rest of the cast hadn’t
arrived yet, she went to her mom and told her she wanted to turn Libby into an
animal this episode, Paula agreed to have it written into the script.

Melissa told Paula she wanted to have a meeting with the cameramen. Paula
told her she would send them to her trailer.

Melissa had come to work wearing black spandex pants and a see through silk
shirt with no bra. That was what she was wearing when the five men came to her

She told the to have a seat and watch if the wanted to keep their
jobs. They all set on the couch.

Melissa turned her back to the men and bent over, she wiggled her
ass in their faces before pulling her pants down just below the waist.
She walked over to each man and gave them the honor of kissing her ass.

After they each had their turn Melissa turned around again and cupped her
breast through her shirt, she wished they were bigger and she was going to get
implants as soon as she was through with Sabrina. They were a mouthful though.

She pulled her shirt up over her head and grabbed two of the men by the head.
She shoved a breast in each of their mouths, she then reached down to make sure
they were hard.

Melissa reached between her legs and stared rubbing her pussy, she then pushed
the two camera men off her tits and grabbed a different pair.

She sat on the desk and spread her legs, she held both of the men by the hair
and forced them both to eat her out.

Melissa was screaming as the two men shoved their tongues into her pussy, she
called over the one guy she had felt up and told him to drop his pants.

She grabbed him by the cock and swallowed it whole. She slammed her face
up and down on his member. He grabbed her by the hair and started fucking her

It didn’t take him long to shot his load down her throat, she didn’t miss a
she then told him he was fired, if that was as long as he could last she didn’t
want him around.

She planted the first man on the desk. she stroked his cock until
it was hard. She then jumped into the air and came down on his cock, it impaled
itself into her pussy.

Melissa Joan Hart slammed her ass up and down on the cock, her ass was a
blur. The cameraman was screaming for his life. Melissa called for the
next man to climb on top and enter her.

He shoved his cock into her ass as hard as he could, he knew they had to wear
her out if they wanted to keep their jobs, the show had gone through 4 different
set of crews.

Melissa stopped jumping up and down only long enough for him to enter her ass,
then slammed up and down just as hard as before.

All three of them were screaming now, the next man stood in front of her
and shoved his cock down her throat. That quieted her down, she slobbered
over his cock like it was a pacifier.

The last man walked over to her and shoved his cock down her throat, Melissa had
no choice but to deep throat both cocks.

Both the men she was sucking off grabbed a handful of her hair, they were both
her face. It didn’t take long for them to both cum.

They pulled their cocks out of he mouth and sprayed her face and hair with cum,
she was a white, sticky mess. Melissa told them they were both fired for messing
up her
hair and cumming to soon.

The two guys fucking her both emptied their loads inside of her, she screamed at
them, what are you trying to do get me pregnant, she fired them both.

Melissa took a shower, got dressed and told her mother the camera men were
incompetent and that she had to fire them, she told Paula that they needed to
get some
more over quickly so they could start shooting or whatever. She then gave her a
of things she want to be in the next episode.


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