Reba McEntire And The Low-Cut Dress


By John Smith

For years, I’ve been horny for Reba McEntire. She seems to get hotter and hotter as the years go by. When I saw her on the awards show a few years back in that sexy low-cut red dress, I sat there drooling at the TV screen, with a giant hard-on bulging in my pants. Ever since then, whenever I would see her on TV, in a magazine, or where ever, she always makes me hard instantly. Somehow, even though I’m in my twenties, I’ve always been attracted to older women, and she is one of the hottest 40-somethings around.

Through a set of incredible circumstances,
made possible by a friend of a friend, a dream-come-true job of being one of her assistants for an award show appearance in LA fell into my lap. I could hardly control myself when I received the news- I almost came in my pants right then & there! But at the same time,I was a bit afraid . After all, if just seeing her on TV could give me a boner, what would seeing her in person do to me? I tried to convince myself I’d be able to control my wanton lust for this woman, but little did I know…..

Finally, the day of the dress rehearsal for the awards show. This would be my first meeting with Reba, and I was more than just a little nervous. I wanted to look my best, so I went out and bought a new Armani grey suit just for the occasion. All the while I was driving to the auditorium, my heart was racing… I’m going to meet the woman of my dreams!! Will she be everything I hope she will? Though I didn’t realize it at the time, being too occupied with the list of all I had to accomplish, I was becoming increasingly horny.

My first stop at the auditorium was to Reba’s dressing room. I had some important papers to give to her- the revised script for her appearance. As I walked the hall towards the door with the giant gold star and “REBA MCENTIRE” on it in big, bold letters, I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. Behind that door would be the sexiest woman I ever laid eyes on. And now I would see her in the flesh! I straightened my tie and knocked on the door, calling out “Ms. McEntire, it’s John Smith with your script”. A voice I didn’t recognize called out, “Come in”. I opened the door and found a blonde middle aged woman inside the room! I said “where’s Reba??”, and the woman said, “she’s already dressed and onstage rehearsing her song. I’m Reba’s dressmaker Sandy. I’ve got to help the Dixie Chicks with there costumes now- and they need all the help they can get! But you’re welcome to stay here and wait for Reba to come offstage. It shouldn’t be long now.” I thanked her and said that would be fine. She left, gently closing the door behind her. What I didn’t realize until later, was that the door wasn’t latched.

I set the script pages down on her make-up table. In doing so, I noticed her purfume bottle sitting on the table, Chanel #5. I couldn’t resist unscrewing the top and taking a quick whiff. Smelling her sexy scent sent shudders through my body. I felt my cock starting to stiffen, so I quickly put the cap back on the bottle and tried to direct my attentions to the list of things I had yet to accomplish. Anything to get my mind off of how bad I wanted that woman- and my growing horniness. I pulled the papers out of my suitcoat, and then took the jacket off, as I was starting to get a little hot. I looked around for a place to set the jacket, when I spotted a chair.

As I walked over to the chair, I saw Reba had put her street clothes in the chair, a black turtleneck top and black jeans. Oh my god, the clothes that covered that sexy body! I felt my cock start to swell again, but I had to regain my composure and get down to business, as Reba would be coming in any minute. Quickly, I pushed her clothes aside to make room for my jacket. As I did, I found her undergarments. Uh-oh. A satin and lace black bra and black thong panties. This was too much. I couldn’t resist touching the fabric, rubbing the panties over my cheek. By now, my cock was fully erect, and I felt my nuts tightening. I had better get to the bathroom quick before I cum all over these expensive pants. I can’t let Reba see me like this.

I raced to the bathroom, whipped the door shut and dropped my pants and shorts to my ankles. As I sat on the toilet, my cock still fully hard, I began to perspire, thinking to myself “Be calm- you’re supposed to be a professional”. I undid my tie and took it off, opening a few buttons on my shirt. Just as I was going to start jerking off to get these ideas out of my head, the door flies open- OH MY GOD, REBA!! She stood there looking like a vision in full make up and jewlery, but more importantly, a shockingly low cut tight-fitting black dress with a deep V cut in the front. It was just as sexy (if not more sexy!) than the red dress that so turned me on when I saw it on TV a few years before.

Quickly, I cupped my hands over my now pulsating hard-on, stammering “R-r-reba, I-I’m sorry, Sandy told me to wait in here for you and I…”. Reba stopped me short, her eyes looking downward to my cupped hands. “What have you got under there?” she said coyly? I could tell my face was turning beet red- she knew she had me aroused. She reached forward and with both of her hands, grabbed my two hands and uncovered my thick and long boner. “My, my”, she said, “Did I do this to you?” I managed to blurt out “I’m afraid so”. She said, “Well I guess I’m gonna have to do something about that now” as she closed and locked the bathroom door behind her.

I couldn’t believe it, Reba McEntire was getting as turned on by the sight of my cock as I was by the sight of her in that sexy dress. She dropped both of my hands and grabbed ahold of my cock, saying with a wry, naughty grin, “So hard you are, my goodness, you could pound nails with that thing”. With that, she began to lean forward, gently stroking my cock. Her chest was right in my face, and I couldn’t help but stare at that plunging neckline. She noticed this, and stopped stroking me. She grabbed my hands and said “do you like what you see there?”. I groaned “oh god yes”!. She placed both my hands on her breasts, and I could feel through the soft thin fabric that she didn’t wear a bra or support of any kind. Her 40-some year old tits were as firm as a 20 year old. I could feel her nipples hardening in my palms, when she suddenly threw my hands away. “We mustn’t crush this dress, I have to wear it on the show!”. I managed to blurt out between lusty ghasps, “then why don’t you just take it off”? She gave me a funny look, then suddenly that naughty little cocked grin returned and she said “you would like that, wouldn’t you?”. I smiled and nodded yes.

She reached behind her and unzipped the dress. She slowly pushed the fabric off of her freckled shoulders and pulled it down off her arms, further and further until she stood in front of me stark naked from the waist up. Her full round breasts hung lewdly apart, and her bright red nipples stood erect like none I had ever seen before. My jaw dropped, as I stared at these luscious full bosoms. She smiled again as she noticed this, again grabbing my hands and placing them on her now exposed breasts. She began to push my hands up and down over her her boobs, letting me watch then move up almost to her chin and back down to their normal position. She removed her hands from mine, letting me continue the pushing & squeezing solo, and took a gander at my now throbbing, glistening cock. “Oh” she said, “I almost forgot about this problem of yours”. As I’m massaging her tits, she once again begins to stroke my shaft. First very slowly, then faster and faster. I’m keeping rhythm at the same time, squeezing and pushing at her tits. At one point, I bury my face in them, licking between them. I then flick my tongue across each of those big, beautiful pointed nipples.

In no time, I feel my nuts overflowing with cum. “Oh, GOD”, I said. “I’m gonna cum”. She said, “well I can’t have you cumming all over my gown. Now what are we going to do about THIS problem?” she said with a wink. “I think you know what to do”, I said with a smile. I dropped my hands from her breasts.

She took her finger and swiped a gob of the pre-cum that was oozing out of my prick hole and licked it from her finger. “Mmmm, you taste good!” she said, as she lifts up her long skirt over her knees and kneels down in front of me, where I’m still sitting on the toilet. She grabs my cock and lowers it towards her mouth. First, she licked around my piss hole with the top of her tongue, lapping up the still-flowing pre-cum. From there, she moved the tip of her tongue up and down the bottom of my shaft, from the tip, down to the nut sack. I’m moaning out in ecstasy, “PLEEASE, put it in your mouth, I can’t hold it in much longer”.

I’d often wondered, with those thin lips of hers, if she was any good at sucking cock. I guess I was about to find out! She formed those sexy lips into the shape of an O, and began to slowly take my cock into her mouth. First just the head, then down, down, down until the whole thing was buried in her mouth. Her lips pressed against my balls, and the tip of my dick practically touching those golden vocal chords of hers.

She slowly began to move my dick back out of her mouth, all the while sucking so hard her cheeks were sunken in. My heart was racing and I began to tremble as I felt the greatest orgasm of my life fast approaching. Reba could sense this by my trembling body, and it seemed to turn her on all the more. She wanted to taste my sweet cum in her mouth. She began to ram my cock in and out of her with a fast pace, all the while fondling my balls with one hand and stroking my thigh with the other. She was sucking and slurping like nobody ever had before, rolling her tongue around my shaft in her mouth as she pumped. I began to thrust my hips up to meet her; as she pulled out, I rammed myself right back in. Finally, I could take no more. I moaned “Oh YESS, yes, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMMMMING!!!!!!”, as I shot a giant load of thick creamy goo into her mouth. I couldn’t believe it, as fast as I shot it out, she was swallowing it just as fast!!!!

When she sensed I had no more to give, she gently released my cock from her mouth. With that, she smiled and winked as she wiped her chin, “MMM-Mmm, you’re good to the last drop”! She lowered her skirt, raised up the top portion of her dress and zipped herself back up. She said “I’ve got to go touch up my make up, it’s almost time for my dialogue reading”, and abruptly left the bathroom. Sitting alone on the toilet, in a daze at what just happened, I slowly came to my senses, and dried myself off. I got dressed again, and went back into her dressing room, where Reba was sitting at her make-up table. She had already finished with her make up (mostly lipstick), and looked the same beautiful creature that had entered the bathroom just 20 minutes earlier. No one could tell she’d just given me the greatest blow job I ever had! As I approached her, she said to me “Let this be our little secret. From now on, you’re gonna be my personal assistant for ALL of my appearances!”. “Now then”, she continued, “what about these script changes?”, as nonchalantly as could be.

I was amazed at how fast she learned her lines. She knew them by heart after only a few readings. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “Reba”, a male voice shouted, “we need you onstage”. With that, she got up from the make up table, leaned over and planted a big kiss on my cheek and said, “thanks for a great time, sweetie”, as she left the room. I stood there, looking in the mirror at the lipstick outline of her lips on my cheek and shaking my head in disbelief at what just occured. I thought to myself, she’s not only the greatest entertainer, but she’s got other hidden talents as well that only a few privileged people (like me) have ever experienced. I wiped the lipstick from my cheek with my handkerchief and left the dressing room to go watch the rest of the rehearsal.

The End.

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