The Harem: Episode 8 – Secrets And Lies

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So before we get to the good stuff, here’s what you missed if you’re just tuning in. Through a series of seductions and many, many orgasms Hollywood stars Sarah Michelle Gellar,
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan and Jennifer Aniston went off and bought themselves a big mansion in Malibu where they could stay together and indulge in their secret lesbian passions for one another away from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. This situation proved to be an enormous success and Alaskan princess Jewel Kilcher was only too happy to join up. Of course it wasn’t all peaches and cream for the girls and they all had problems they brought along with them. Sarah had picked up an unwanted admirer on the set of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and he had responded to her rejection by suing her for sexual harassment. Love had struggled to come to terms with her stagnating career by considering an offer to pose for Playboy. Rose kept her housemates in the dark about her nighttime encounters with a mysterious and cruel woman who held a hold over her desires and free will. And Jennifer struggled with issues of fidelity as she tried to come to terms with her attraction to women and deal with guilt she felt about cheating on her husband Brad Pitt. Jennifer also displayed a bad tendency of acting silly while stoned on pot and she had invited over their three next door neighbors to the house where they accidentally witnessed the girls about to engage in a poolside fuck with houseguests Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Pamela Anderson. Naturally the girls, Sarah and Rose in particular, did not appreciate being interrupted like this by their stoner neighbors and as we open this chapter, Jennifer is about to face her punishment.

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Oh and in case you hadn’t realized…this story is entirely the creation of my perverted imagination and of the people who send me the great ideas you see on display. In other words, this isn’t real. It’s fiction and to my mind the girls in the story do not do this in reality. But if they did, ohhhhhhhhh baby that would be nice.

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The Harem

Episode 8

“Secrets and Lies”


Jennifer was having trouble sleeping. Her body was tired, but her mind was alive with the energy of a swarm of hummingbirds. She tossed and turned and every time she did so she was reminded of the reason she was having trouble sleeping.

Her body was sore like it never had been before. The only thing she could even remotely relate it to was the time she foolishly accepted a challenge to run a marathon. She had finished it, but her body had suffered for days. However, that feeling was nothing compared to what she was going through now.

She had sinned in the eyes of her housemates and her punishment had been to go through the gauntlet with no mercy being offered to her. Jennifer had been high on pot when she had taken leave of her senses and brought Waldo, Franklin and Delbert to the mansion, an action that had led to their discovery of the illicit lesbian activities that went on there. The anger of her housemates had sobered her up quickly and her senses were all too alive when Rose began to devise a proper punishment for her.

“Don’t worry,” Rose had said, with a full Cheshire Cat grin on. “I have a few ideas.”

Did she ever.

The next thing Jennifer knew her housemates were dragging her out of her seat and toward her fate. Rose had only one place in mind where Jennifer should be taken to receive her punishment and it was, of course, the dungeon. Not that Jennifer put up much of a fight. Part of her was really enjoying this. She had screwed up big time and now she was about to me mauled by seven horny girls. Was that supposed to be a punishment? Besides Jennifer had long ago fantasized about being used like this…it just hadn’t been women she had been dreaming about. The only thing she hoped here was that the girls wouldn’t be too rough on her.

Those hopes disappeared the second they reached their destination when Sarah pushed Jennifer against down onto the ground on her hands and knees and allowed Rose to slap the manacles on her. They closed and locked with a fearsome metal click and at that point knew she was totally helpless against the revenge-fueled desires of her housemates and assembled guests. Jennifer was actually starting to get nervous. She had wondered how far they were willing to go with this. Now she knew and the prospect was getting her heart racing with a teetering balance of fear and arousal.

“C’mon guys, quit fooling around,” Jennifer lightly protested.

“Who’s fooling?” Sarah demanded. “You are in for it Jennifer Aniston. We find you guilty of blabbing to stoners and for the duration of your sentence you belong to us.”

Jennifer struggled against her binds as Rose locked her in so her wrists were together in the air and she was practically dangling in the air from them. She looked at Rose and Sarah with the dark resolve in their eyes. Love and Jewel seemed like they’d be softer to her, but there was a growing fire of desire in their faces. Pamela, Alyssa and Holly certainly weren’t used to the way things went down around here, but they certainly looked willing to take a crash course and joined in. What they all had in common was that they were all eyeing Jennifer like she was a piece of meat. A firm, raw piece of slut meat to be exact.

Jennifer tossed and turned in bed as she moaned and remembered every detail of what had happened to her. Her hand crept between her legs and she began to gently touch herself. Her pussy was still sore from all that had happened but that barely registered in Jennifer’s mind as her fingers began teasing her slit. She had never experienced anything like that and she wanted to savor the memories.

She could still feel the cold metal that had kept her wrists and ankles in place as she was trapped on the floor of the dungeon in the perfect doggie style position. She had been like a virgin sacrificed to ease the angry gods and not a second had been wasted before Jennifer found herself liberated from her clothing.

Jennifer vividly remembered how Love and Jewel had been quite eager to follow Sarah’s command that they get her naked. She had never seen Sarah like she was now, barking out orders and looking at her with hungry, evil eyes. Jennifer had seen Rose get like that before, but never Sarah. She’d always been loving, but that was far from the case here. All of the fury Sarah felt over her mistake was being transformed into a desire to punish her for her transgression.

Love and Jewel had been enthralled by the newly dominant Sarah and as Rose watched in admiration and Pamela, Alyssa and Holly stared in stunned arousal, Jennifer had felt them get to work on her body. Love had pulled her t-shirt up but had quickly found that the manacles wouldn’t allow her to pull it all the way off her head. Sarah had been quick to suggest a solution.

“Rip it open,” Sarah ordered. “She doesn’t deserve clothes. You’re going to be our naked little pet Jennifer.”

Jennifer vividly remembered the sound of her t-shirt ripping after an excited tug by Love. She just shredded her shirt, leaving shards of red cotton all over the floor of the dungeon where they were quickly joined by other pieces of Jennifer’s attire. Love hadn’t even asked permission to rip off her bra, she had just done it by instinct and Sarah had rewarded her with a deep tongue kiss for her efforts.

That had spurred Jewel on. Ripping blue jeans was a heckuva lot harder to do than annihilating a t-shirt, so she couldn’t match Love there. Still Jennifer definitely felt it when Jewel yanked down her jeans, ripping her belt and popping open the button. Jennifer had felt such a sexual shudder when she had realized that they intended to destroy all the clothing she was wearing and when Jewel had ripped off her panties, she had found one wet pussy waiting for her.

“Oh look Jenny’s wet,” Sarah had taunted. “Well you’d better realize that’s the last attention you’re getting. Your pleasure is the least of our concerns.”

Jennifer pushed her fingers into her pussy as she remembered how humiliated and turned on she’d felt chained down on her hands and knees like that. Her jeans were bunched up just past her ass and that, save for her socks and sneakers, was all she had been left wearing. She had felt so vulnerable, virtually naked for all those hungry eyes to stare at. Her position was emphasized when she felt a hand slap her ass hard. Jennifer had yelped in pain but she had found herself unable to see who delivered that offending slap because Sarah grabbed her face and kissed her passionately.

Sarah’s tongue had forced itself down her mouth and Jennifer found herself with the choice of kissing back or choking on the wet invader. Naturally she had chosen to surrender to Sarah’s hard, probing kiss and surrender to the desires of her housemates. She had suddenly felt as if there were a hundred hands on her, but she made the choice to not see who it was.

Jennifer had closed her eyes and kept kissing Sarah, the mystery of not knowing who was touching her had made things even hotter and all she could feel was her body being stroked and all she could hear were soft moans of lesbian passion and the sound of clothing hitting the floor.

Jennifer remembered how she had left her eyes closed until she found her lips unoccupied. She opened her eyes long enough to see Sarah gone and Love standing before her. Love’s pants and panties were gone and she was presenting herself to Jennifer bottomless and only in her t-shirt. Love had quickly sunk to her knees to kiss Jennifer’s lips again, but she only did this for a moment before she lay down on her back and spread her legs.

“Get to it Jennifer,” Sarah had commanded and Jennifer looked up to see Jewel helping Sarah out of her clothes. Jewel’s hands had been all over Sarah’s body, pulling up her shirt and pinching her bare nipples to the slayer’s obvious delight. “Eat her out!”

Love had begun fingering herself and she had taken her sex-covered fingers out and brushed them over Jennifer’s lips. Jennifer shuddered on the bed when she remembered how nasty and sexy it had felt to have Love paint her lips like that. She could taste Love’s sex without even licking her lips and Jennifer hadn’t even needed any more coaxing to plunge her face into Love’s wet pussy.

As her lips had begun sucking on Love’s swollen clit, Jennifer had felt hands on her ass again, spanking and massaging her tight cheeks in equal proportions. She hadn’t been able to resist peeking at who it was and was surprised to see it had been Holly going to work on her. Holly hadn’t seemed the type to just go out and grab a girl, but since Pamela was behind her pulling her shirt off and playing with her bare tits and speaking lewd encouragements in her ear, Jennifer could easily see what was spurring her on.

With so much sex all around her Jennifer had found it hard to concentrate on Love’s wet pussy, but a quick tug on her hair by Love had reminded Jennifer that she was there for their pleasure. Jennifer had returned to Love’s wetness, but not before sneaking a look at the other women around her. Alyssa had snuggled up to Sarah and Jewel and soon all three girls were lost in a naked kiss and grope session. Behind her Jennifer had been able to hear Pamela and Holly moaning and gasping. Jennifer by then had felt more than one pair of hands on her body so she surmised that Pamela had begun touching her as well.

The only question that remained was where was Rose and the answer was not long in presenting itself. Jennifer recalled how she had nearly come right there and then when Rose had strode back in carrying a little bag of her favorite toys. During her trip back to her room Rose had taken the opportunity to shed her clothing so she had walked back in stark naked except for the strap on dangling from her legs. Jennifer had immediately recognized that she was wearing Mr. Snappy and that Rose had nothing but fucking on her mind.

“Out of my way,” Rose had commanded Holly and Pamela and the newly formed couple had made no attempt to fight her off. Instead they slinked away, leaving Jennifer’s backside unprotected to Rose’s lewd intentions.

Jennifer’s hands were working furiously between her own legs as she thought back to her chained down position and the feeling of Rose’s hot breath on her back as she leaned in against her.

“Ohhhh you look so pretty now don’t you Ms. Million Bucks An Episode,” Rose had teased, making sure that Jennifer was properly humiliated. “Your face all buried in Love’s wet pussy and your sexy ass up in the air. She’s not the slut here anymore, you are! You’re our slutty little toy and everyone’s gonna get a chance to play with you.”

Jennifer had already been gasping for breath as she licked Love up and made the girl cry out and fuck her face in order to feel more, much more of her tongue. But hearing Rose talk to her like that and knowing what was coming next really had gotten Jennifer’s adrenaline pumping.

“How should I fuck you Jennifer?” Rose had asked. “How do you deserve to be taken? Mmmm should I just push this into your pussy? Is that what you think you deserve Jennifer? Is having Mr. Snappy inside your tight pussy punishment enough? Or should I take your ass instead?”

Jennifer had immediately protested it, even though her pussy juices had begun running down her legs when Rose had started slapping her ass with Mr. Snappy. The contact of the toy against her skin got her more aroused with every smack. Her protests had fallen on deaf ears though and Sarah delivered the final verdict after pulling her head up from Jewel’s breasts.

“Take her ass Rose!” Sarah said evilly. “Fuck her slutty ass and make her howl like a bitch in heat!”

Whatever had come over Sarah had only served to juice up the rest of the women around her. Jennifer could see all over her housemates face that she was loving playing the girl in charge and putting her through the paces of her “punishment.” While Jennifer had also been getting more turned on with every passing second, she also had her concerns about the direction this was going in.

“No please!” Jennifer had begged. “Not there! It’s too big Rose! It’ll hurt!”

“Don’t you worry about that,” Rose had replied. “You’ll be too busy coming to notice it!”

Rose’s comments had been followed up by her slapping Jennifer’s ass and then pushing the cheeks open. Jennifer had gasped and squirmed when she felt Rose’s spit drip down from her mouth to her asshole. She was having so much trouble keeping her mouth focused on Love’s pussy that the girl had contented herself by fingering herself and watching the show.

All that Jennifer was left to do at that point was hope that Rose had enough mercy to use some lube on Mr. Snappy. Fortunately she had, but still Jennifer found herself feeling the most intense sensations of her sex life as the raven-haired vixen behind her pushed Mr. Snappy into her ass. Jennifer could still vividly recall every push of that toy into her ass and she knew she’d never forget them…ever.

“Fuck her Rose!” Sarah moaned while Jewel lapped away at her pussy. Jennifer’s senses were all razor sharp from what she was going through and she looked around gathering scattershot images of what everyone else was doing. Jewel had Sarah flat on her back and had pressed her face to Sarah’s dripping pussy. Jewel lay on her stomach while she ate Sarah out and Love had scooted over to her so she could kiss the Alaskan princess’ exposed back and ass.

Love also was being introduced to Alyssa at this time, or more specifically her lips and tongue as she played between Love’s spread legs. Jennifer also could clearly see Pamela’s blonde head buried in Holly’s pussy as she ate her out and made her cry out for more.

Soon after Holly hadn’t been the only one screaming for more as Jennifer had found herself getting into Rose’s fucking. Even now as she lay on the bed, she craved Rose fucking her in her ass again and she knew that any time she asked for that service, Rose would be happy to provide it to her. For now she filled that craving by remembering how it had felt to have Rose fuck her ass while she was chained to the floor, Mr. Snappy pressing into her tight butt and making her feel so, so filled up.

Sarah’s wish that Jennifer scream like a bitch in heat was fulfilled soon after that as she began thrashing, or thrashing about as much as her restraints would let her, and shouting out her pleasure. It did hurt, Jennifer couldn’t deny that, but it also felt sooooo good. Jennifer had never been taken like this before but she loved the intensity of it.

“Yessssss scream out how much you love this in your ass,” Rose said. “Scream it out like the slut you are!”

Jennifer’s shrieks for more couldn’t escape Sarah’s attention and she pulled herself away from Jewel’s cum covered face to get herself in front of her restrained housemate. Love eagerly scampered up to offer her pussy to Jewel’s hungry mouth and Sarah crawled over to Jennifer.

“Oh no, you’re having way too much fun,” Sarah had said, spreading her legs open and thrusting her pussy to Jennifer’s face. “Time for you to get back to work!”

Sarah had already come once from Jewel’s tongue and she had been eager to have Jennifer repeat the process. Jennifer had been able to taste the cream that was already over Sarah’s pussy and the new one her hot pussy was generating onto her tongue. Jennifer remembered how happy she’d been to push her lips to Sarah’s cummy slit as an outlet for the fucking she was getting.

“Lick her pussy!” Rose had shouted, spanking Jennifer’s ass with every thrust. Jennifer couldn’t see but she knew her ass must have been so pink by then. Things were getting blurry and she was having trouble focusing on anything but the pleasure she was feeling from the toy penetrating her over and over again. Sarah’s hot wetness was the only thing keeping Jennifer from drifting into a haze of ecstasy.

Now that she was alone in her room, there was nothing to keep Jennifer from drifting into that haze as she fingered herself and remembered everything and everyone. Sarah’s wasn’t the last pussy she had tasted that night and it was the beginning of a blurry chain of sex that Jennifer was short on details on. She did remember making Sarah come right against her face and for her work she was rewarded with not a second’s relief before another girl spread herself in front of her.

This time Jewel was the one begging for a tongue and Jennifer had quickly gotten to work on the singer’s soaked sex. While she began licking Jewel’s pussy, Jennifer had been able to hear Rose’s groans behind her. She guessed now that not only was Rose getting off from the nub of the toy stimulating her pussy but judging from the fact that Rose was moaning her name, from Sarah licking her from behind. Rose had continued to beg Sarah for more of her tongue while she fucked Jennifer and moved them both closer to orgasm.

Jennifer’s ears had been filled not only with Rose’s cries of pleasure, but of all the other girls around them who had paired off into couples, threesomes, foursomes or whatever combination had best suited them. Jennifer had been unable to see them, just hear them, because her line of vision was blocked by the blonde girl fucking her face. Jennifer had worked her tongue into Jewel’s aroused pussy, licking the girl onward to her ultimate pleasure as she felt Rose cry out and lighten up on her thrusts.

Judging from the volume of her cries and how they devolved into moans, Jennifer knew Rose had come. Unfortunately this had also meant that she was quite satisfied for the moment and she pulled out of Jennifer, still not having brought the chained girl to her orgasm yet.

“Did you think we were going to let you come that easily?” Rose asked, her breaths short and ragged as she recovered from her own pleasure. “Not when there’s so many of us left that need servicing.”

Jennifer’s pussy burned at the remembrance of her sweet sexual torture, just as it had when her unrelenting housemates had chained her down. At least now she was able to touch herself and find relief, when before she was entirely at their mercy. Jennifer thrust her fingers in and out, collecting her juices all over them and spreading them over her naked body as she thought back to the seemingly unending line of girls she had to tongue to satisfaction.

After Jewel had come all over her lips, it had been Love’s turn. The girl had been eager to have Jennifer finish the job she had been unable to complete earlier. Love was so keyed up that it only took a few well-placed tongue strokes to get her off and add to a growing collection of flavors that coated Jennifer’s taste buds.

Jennifer would have loved to have added her fingers to the mix to help bring her lovers off, but she couldn’t move her hands up high enough thanks to the manacles around her wrists. It had been all dependent on her tongue and by the time Pamela introduced herself to Jennifer by pushing her wet pussy to her lips; Jennifer was starting to get tired. She knew it would have been useless to complain though, for it would no doubt have earned her another spanking and Rose had left Jennifer’s ass very pink and very tender.

As tired as her tongue had gotten, Jennifer pressed forward. The fact that the scent of all the female arousal around her had been quite intoxicating was just one of the reasons for the endurance Jennifer had shown. Part of her had gotten so excited thinking of being used by all these girls and it fueled Jennifer’s masturbation when she recollected back to how delicious Pamela’s pussy had been. The sex goddess had been happy to become another notch in Jennifer’s been there, done that book and Jennifer didn’t have to wait long before her tongue swam in Pamela’s orgasm.

While she tongue fucked, Jennifer could see the other girls rustling through Rose’s bag of toys. Sarah had grabbed Rose’s other strap on and pulled it onto her body. She had quickly found a willing victim in Alyssa and the “Charmed” star had gotten on her back and slung her legs over Sarah’s shoulders. Jennifer found herself unable to look away from Sarah thrusting into Alyssa’s pussy, her housemate clearly loving the feel of wearing a toy. Alyssa’s beautiful chest had heaved with every thrust and she was quickly surrounded her co-stars, Rose and Holly. They had attacked her tits while Sarah fucked her. Rose and Holly worked over Alyssa’s nipples, sucking and bighting them.

Jewel and Love had also found a toy to their liking and Jennifer looked up from between Pamela’s legs to see Love on all fours as Jewel pushed a string of anal beads into her quivering ass. Jennifer had continued to stab at Pamela’s pussy with hard tongue thrusts that drove the blonde wild until she was thrashing on the floor and coming again, one right after the other. Watching Jewel pull those beads out slowly one by one and setting Love off on another orgasm was almost as satisfying to Jennifer as tasting the cream dripping onto her tongue from Pamela’s spasming pussy.

When Pamela had been satisfied she rolled away from Jennifer’s tongue and tugged her new friend Holly over.

“You have to try her,” Pamela had cooed. “Her tongue is fucking amazing.”

Jennifer would normally have appreciated the compliment much more and would no doubt have offered a hearty “thanks” but by that point she was quickly approaching the level of “cum drunk.” Her head was swimming in sensations and the buzz was still alive within her as she lay on her bed and fingered herself to multiple orgasms. Her sheets were tossed all asunder and Jennifer had lost track of how many times she’d come since she’d begun masturbating. It was just too hot for her to stop. The more she thought about what had happened the more she wanted.

She closed her eyes and touched herself again while she remembered cute little Holly spreading her legs and allowing herself to be eaten by a girl she had never even been formally introduced to. Their paths had crossed over the years but there was quite an impressive leap to be made from casual acquaintance to oral sex recipient. That hadn’t given either of them pause though and soon enough Holly was grinding her wet pussy against Jennifer’s face, her cream dripping down Jennifer’s chin.

Sarah had been eager to taunt Jennifer about how slutty she looked as she and Rose shared satisfied grins. Jennifer could hear Sarah’s laughter about how glassy her eyes were and how shiny with cum her face looked. The words had drifted in one ear and out the other though. Jennifer didn’t care how she looked, she was so filled with an overwhelming desire to serve that she knew she would give any hot girl who dared cross her path the thorough tongue lashing she deserved.

After Holly could take no more, it had been Rose’s turn for some tongue-loving. Rose had made quite a show about peeling off Mr. Snappy in front of Jennifer, reminding her of how she had just taken her. Rose had definitely come from fucking her and her pussy was covered in the cream of that previous orgasm. Tasting her cum only made Jennifer lick Rose harder and it was unnecessary for Rose to grab her hair and tell her what a slut she was. However that didn’t stop Rose from doing just that and the prone Jennifer had found herself being grabbed and face fucked, much to her delight.

Only Alyssa had seemed content to stay back and let it all play out without getting involved. Perhaps she didn’t like a used girl or perhaps she was just having too much fun as Sarah drove into her with the strap on and Love ground her pussy to her face. Her housemates had settled into a nice naked orgy as Jennifer licked Rose clean. While she was riding Alyssa’s face, Love had begun licking out Holly who had her face pressed between Pamela’s gorgeous tits, tasting every bit of breast flesh she could handle, while Jewel hungrily made out with the former “Baywatch” star.

It was so hard for Jennifer to remember what happened after that because everything was becoming a blur. It was a wonderful blur though and Jennifer could remember little bits and pieces like Sarah slapping her face with the strap on. Doing so had caused Alyssa’s cum to be painted all over her face, but Sarah had quickly licked that off, treating Jennifer’s face to long tongue lashes that left her skin sticky both from the cum and the saliva.

Jennifer could also remember two girls taking her both at the same time, while Sarah had made her lick that strap on clean. Jennifer had no idea who the girls were, but she had the impression it was Pamela and Love who had pressed two vibrators into her. One had taken her pussy and the other had worked over her already tender ass. Their tongues and toys had teased her mercilessly, always stopping before she had a chance to come. Tears had begun streaming down Jennifer’s face from the sexual frustration, but she had barely noticed them. Her body seemed to react involuntarily because her mind was floating above the room, making a left turn at points unknown on a journey to God knows where.

Jennifer couldn’t even recall if they had ever let her come, though she had the sinking feeling they had let her suffer the whole way through without finding any relief. That would explain why she was fingering herself so hard and so often. So much sexual energy had built up inside her that it burned her veins as if her blood itself was on fire. Jennifer felt like she was going to boil herself from the inside out if she didn’t quench the fire with multiple orgasms.

She knew that there was a camera in her room and that her housemates were probably watching her right now. If they weren’t then they would be kicking themselves for missing this show, Jennifer grinned to herself. She was on her side now as both of her hands worked over her own body. She was wetting her fingers in her pussy only to then work them in her ass while the other hand alternated between fingering her pussy and playing with her breasts and diamond hard nipples. If they weren’t going to take care of her needs, then Jennifer was damn willing to take matters into her own hands.

She had tasted them all, save for Alyssa, and the flavors of their pussy had combined to form the wonderful concoction that still lingered on Jennifer’s face, lips and tongue. She hadn’t yet showered since they had taken her like that hours ago and she just felt so delightfully trashy to be there fingering herself over and over again while she lay covered in the sex cream of her housemates and their assembled guests. If this was her punishment then she should screw up more often.

Her body had been totally fucked, sucked, licked, spanked and totally used and now she was lost in masturbating to the memories. Jennifer didn’t know if this was a new side of her emerging or if she was just throwing herself indulgence of whatever submissive fantasies she’d had over the years. She didn’t care either. She just wanted to come over and over again, just like everyone else did.

Jennifer had serviced so many women that she barely knew what was up and what was down by the time they had unlocked her manacles. Jennifer was even sketchy on how she had gotten back up to her bed. She thought Sarah and Rose had supported her up the stairs and lay her down after saying something about a valuable lesson learned.

How she had gotten here didn’t matter though. What mattered to Jennifer was that she was on her bed, naked and that it felt sooooooooo fucking good to touch herself like this. She pushed her fingers into her pussy and ass with ferocity, trying to push one last orgasm out of her exhausted body before she finally allowed herself to rest.

Jennifer cried out in exhilarated sexual exclamations, seizing on the best moments of her sexual gauntlet and playing them in her heads on a perpetual loop. She reveled in the taste that lingered on her tongue and shivered in delight as the soft silk of her sheets touched the super sensitive skin of her ass.

Her hands worked in conjunction with one another until she could finally take no more and her body tensed up for one last sexual release. Jennifer felt it build up in her brain and rush through her body like a flood ripping open a steel door. Jennifer’s body shook and lurched so hard that she almost fell off the bed. She did manage to brace herself enough so that she stayed where she was while her orgasm brought ecstatic release to every cell in her body.

When she was finally done, Jennifer could do nothing more than weakly pull her hands away from her body and collapse flat on her back onto her sheets. Jennifer sighed in contentment, her punishment served and her work complete. Only then did Jennifer allow herself to close her eyes and slip off into sleep.

* * * * *

Jennifer’s sleep lasted well into the morning and past the time when the rest of the house was stirring and starting their days. In fact, as an exhausted Jennifer still slept, Love was yawning away the rest of her sleep as she toweled off her wet hair from the shower. She was dressed in a simple red t-shirt and jeans shorts as she walked into the kitchen seeking some early morning nourishment of the non-fattening variety.

She had to set up another meeting at Playboy for today so they could set up the final details of her photo shoot. In all the excitement of their little girlbang of Jennifer, Love had completely forgotten to call them up and tell them the answer was “yes.” However, she expected that they would forgive her tardiness when they began counting the issues they’d sell with her naked body on the inside. Deep down she knew it was what she wanted to do and all that she’d experienced the day before with Pamela had just been the icing on her cake of decision.

“Morning Jewel,” Love said cheerfully as she entered the kitchen and found Jewel sitting down, eating a bowl of cereal and watching the morning news. The perky, blonde news reporter was just beginning her story when Love walked in.

“Billionaire media tycoon J. Paddington Behr announced yesterday his plans for his “One World-One Love Concert” which he promised will feature the biggest acts in music from all over the world,” the reporter stated. “Behr said his concert would be a global promotion of peace which is being used to launch his new satellite network. Behr did not announce any of the acts that will appear at his concert, but promised you will hear about some big names very soon.”

“Morning yourself,” Jewel replied with a smile, while she couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to get a call to participate in the concert. “I was wondering if I was going to be the only one here who decided to get up this morning.”

“Well we expended a lot of energy last night,” Love giggled, shuddering at the memory at all she’d done and had done to her by Jennifer.

“Poor Jennifer,” Jewel said. “Think she’ll ever speak to us again? Or will she just run off and never speak to us again?”

“Oh she was enjoying it, don’t fool yourself,” Love stated. “That girl just loves to be taken.”

“Well you know she’s not the only one,” Jewel replied with an unmistakable look of lust aimed right at Love and her tight shorts. “Some of us are always looking for the right girl to do the taking.”

“Oh is that right,” Love smiled seeing a new alternative for her breakfast menu. Her sex drive, which she thought had been exhausted last night, was beginning to rev up again. “Well I wonder what we can do about filling that need…”

Love made her way right over to Jewel and found a very happy pair of lips waiting for her. Several good-morning kisses later, Love’s hands were creeping into Jewel’s pajama top to get a good feel of her breasts. Unfortunately, before things could get any more naked, the phone rang.

“Hold that thought,” Love said, disappointed at being interrupted. “Let me just get rid of this.”

Love had been tempted to just ignore the call and continue her happy little kiss and grope session with Jewel, but she couldn’t risk the call being too important to miss. The number for the house had been given out on a need to know basis, so Love figured it wasn’t going to be someone looking to sell her Time-Life videos or have her change her long distance provider.

“Hello,” Love said, picking up the phone, while all the while making playfully obscene tongue gestures at Jewel.

“Ms. Gellar?” a male voice on the other end asked.

“No, is there something I can help you with?” Love asked, wondering whom exactly this was. This wasn’t a listed phone number and as far as Love knew no one was going out there and writing it on any men’s room walls. So she was wondering how a complete stranger was able to call and ask for Sarah.

“I need to talk to Sarah Michelle Gellar please, is she available?” the guy asked.

“I don’t know if she’s up yet,” Love answered. “What’s this regarding?”

“This is Detective Chris Foster of the New York Police Department and it is very important that I speak to her,” was the man’s explanation.

“Police? What’s wrong?” Love asked, wondering immediately what a New York cop would want with Sarah.

“I’m afraid I need to discuss that with Ms. Gellar,” Detective Foster said.

“Sure, I’ll see if I can find her,” Love said, putting down the phone and going to look for Sarah.

“What is it?” Jewel asked, noting the concerned look on Love’s face.

“It’s the police…for Sarah,” Love answered, before exiting the kitchen.

It didn’t take Love long to locate Sarah and in fact she snagged her right on her way to the shower. Sarah’s face brightened when she saw her housemate approach.

“Morning Love, what’s up?” Sarah inquired.

“There’s someone on the phone for you, Sarah,” Love replied. “He says he’s a detective from New York.”

“New York?” Sarah said frowning. Why would someone call her from New York? She had friends there and the like, but she didn’t know of any reason why the police would be calling her. She didn’t think they were getting that aggressive in going after outstanding parking fines. “Did he say what it was about?”

“No, he just said he needed to talk to you,” Love explained as she and Sarah walked toward the kitchen. They quickly reached their destination and Sarah picked up the phone.

“Hello, this is Sarah,” she stated.

“Sarah Michelle Gellar?” Detective Foster asked.

“Yes, what is this all about?” Sarah asked impatiently. She hated it when people wouldn’t cut to the chase when they had something important to tell you.

“Ms. Gellar is your father Arthur Gellar of Manhattan?” Detective Foster.

“I don’t know where he’s living, that’s him though,” Sarah sighed. “What did he do now?”

“Ms. Gellar, this is Detective Chris Foster of the New York Police Department and I’m afraid I have some bad news,” Detective Foster said slowly. “We found your father this morning in his apartment and I’m afraid he’s dead. Emergency services tried to revive him, but there was nothing that could be done.”

“Was it the cancer?” Sarah asked, her face not betraying any emotion.

“An autopsy is being done,” Detective Foster. “We’re not sure of the cause of death.”

“So do you need me to do a body identification or anything?” Sarah inquired. “Is there something I need to do?”

“This is just a notification call, Ms. Gellar,” Detective Foster said. “We’re also attempting to contact your mother, but we haven’t been able to get a hold of her yet. We’ll ask her to handle those details.”

“I’ll contact her,” Sarah declared evenly.

“We’d prefer to do it,” Detective Foster informed Sarah. “You know for procedural purposes.”

“Whatever,” Sarah sighed. “Is there anything else Detective?”

“I’d like to leave my number with you if you have any questions,” Detective Foster said.

“I won’t,” Sarah predicted, but she jotted the number anyway on the message pad by the phone.

“We’ll be in touch if we need anything from you,” Detective Foster informed Sarah. “The autopsy results will take a few days if you want to-”

“I don’t want to know,” Sarah said, interrupting him. “Thanks for calling.”

Sarah then hung up the phone and turned around to see two nervous faces attached to the bodies of Love and Jewel.

“Is everything ok?” Love asked. “What happened?”

“Oh it’s nothing,” Sarah sighed. “Just my father. He’s dead.”

Love and Jewel were taken aback by the news, but Sarah seemed to shrug it right off.

“Sarah, oh my God, are you ok?” Jewel asked.

“Sure, I’m fine,” Sarah, said. “Do we have any more of those energy bars around here? I’m hungry.”

“Sure they’re in the closet,” Love said, perplexed by Sarah’s reaction. “Sarah, are you sure you’re-”

“I’m fine Love,” Sarah insisted, a little annoyance creeping into her voice. “It’s not a big deal. I hadn’t spoken to him in years.”

“But Sarah,” Jewel pressed. “It’s your father.”

“Jewel really it’s ok,” Sarah said. “He’s barely been in my life since I was a kid. He’s my father only by the grace of biology. It’s like a complete stranger died to me.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Love asked. Sarah wasn’t the only one here who didn’t have a close relationship with her father, but Love knew she’d at least feel something if her father died. Love had seen more emotional responses to a broken nail.

“No I don’t,” Sarah said. “It’s no big deal. Frankly he would have saved my mother and I a lot of aggravation if he’d died years ago and not waited until now. He’s not someone I spent a whole lot of time thinking about lately. It’s just something that happened. No big deal.”

“But he was your father,” Jewel repeated, not getting how Sarah could feel this way about someone.

“No he wasn’t Jewel,” Sarah explained firmly. “He wasn’t my father growing up and he’s not my father now that he’s dead. He’s just some guy.”

Sarah then proceeded to walk over to the closet, grab the energy bar she’d sought and then continue her way down to the shower.

“I’ll catch you guys later,” Sarah said, leaving Jewel and Love behind in their states of disbelief.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, completely unaware of what was transpiring downstairs, Jennifer was finally waking up. She yawned and stretched inside her bed and doing so reminded her again of the painful events that had closed out yesterday. Her body was still sore both from being chained down and made the center of everyone’s attention and from her long and exhausting fingering session. Jennifer grimaced slightly and wondered if it was ok to call in sick to work because she was too fucked out.

She supposed that excuse wasn’t going to fly with the powers that be on the show, so Jennifer decided she had just better suck it up and play through the pain. It was going to be a hard day for sure, and she was going to be moving a little less quickly than she usually did, but it wasn’t like the previous nights activities hadn’t been worth it.

With a groan, Jennifer got out of bed and wondered how she was going to find the strength to slip clothing over her sore body. She just wanted to lay down in her bed all nice and naked. Of course that might have been a self-defeating activity because Jennifer had learned that any girl lying around naked here wasn’t alone for very along. Not that Jennifer would have minded that actually. As sore as she was, she had no doubt she would have an easy target for seduction by her housemates or any of their new friends.

Jennifer supposed her housemates were still more than a little sore at her for what she had done, but she was confident it wouldn’t take too long for them to get over it. If she needed to, Jennifer was more than willing to work off her penance a little more if that was what was required.

With that in mind, Jennifer decided that what she needed was a chance to at least give her body a partial recharge. She knew one way she could do that with ease so Jennifer went over to draw herself a bubble bath. She had the necessary time to pamper herself a tad that morning so she was going to take full advantage of it and allow her body to relax a little. Jennifer gathered all the necessary items and filled up her room’s bathtub. When the temperature was perfect and there was just the right amount of bubbles to water percentage, Jennifer slipped inside the bathtub and let out a contented sigh.

* * * * *

By now Jennifer wasn’t the only late sleeper getting up. Alyssa too was just beginning to stir. When she began to regain consciousness she was hit with the sudden feeling of not knowing where she was, but that quickly passed. It always happened when she was in a new place for the first time, but Alyssa wasn’t planning on being a stranger here much longer. She had designs on making herself a permanent resident of the mansion, but she wasn’t sure how exactly to do it.

Did one just arrive with their stuff or was she supposed to wait for an invitation? Alyssa didn’t know what was the right protocol here but she was very anxious to find out. While Pamela and Holly had left before the night had really gotten late, Alyssa had stayed and, if she had her way, it wouldn’t just be a one-night stay.

Alyssa supposed she could ask her bedmate for an invitation to stay, but she knew from previous experience that Rose wasn’t always the best morning person. So Alyssa decided to let her sleep and see what other pots she could stir in this house before she made her way to the set.

Alyssa took the moment to admire Rose’s naked body as she slept. She listened to her soft breathing and stared at Rose’s bare breasts as they rose and fell in a gentle repetitive motion. It would have been so easy for Alyssa to reach over and stoke the large mounds of flesh and she didn’t figure Rose would have been one to mind a sexy wake up call. But Alyssa decided against that course of action and instead chose to go off in search of a new flavor to sample.

Carefully removing herself from the bed so as not to wake her co-star and lover, Alyssa didn’t bother throwing anything on as she walked out of Rose’s room. All she had to wear were the clothes she had come in with yesterday and she wasn’t ready to slip her body back into them quite yet. Besides, what did she have to hide? Everyone in the house had already seen her naked and then some.

Now the decision that was left was whose room to explore? Alyssa thought about seeing if Sarah was interested in another workout. Mmm that would have been fun. But she also thought about seeing if Love was up for some play. Alyssa’s sex drive pulsated when she thought about hungrily kissing that little nympho while their bare tits slapped against one another. Then there was Jewel and Alyssa could see them making some very beautiful music together, especially if Rose’s claim that she liked to perform nude was the truth.

But there was one person that Alyssa was dying to spend some quality time with here it for no other reason than the fact that she was the only girl here Alyssa hadn’t been with yet. That girl was Jennifer and Alyssa was fixated on the image of her yesterday, chained up, helpless and loving it. Her beautiful face that had adorned many a magazine cover had been covered in girl cum, her famous hair had been wild, unkempt and covered in the sweat of her exertion and her entire body had been there for everyone and anyone to use.

However, Alyssa had been the only one not to partake of the Jennifer buffet. She wondered if Jennifer had even noticed that or if she had been too cum-drunk to even know what was going on or whom she was licking at any given moment. Alyssa had been too turned on just watching Jennifer submit to her lovers like that. For her it was almost better than feeling that pink tongue of hers deep within her own pussy. Another reason was that Alyssa had been thinking ahead, like she always tried to do. She knew that holding herself back and not taking part in Jennifer’s punishment might earn her some serious points with the girl, including…perhaps…an invitation to stay.

Now that Jennifer’s test of sexual endurance was over, Alyssa didn’t feel like denying herself the mouth and tongue everyone had been raving about yesterday. It was her time to play now and she decided to check on Jennifer and see if she wasn’t too sore to experience a little lesbian loving.

In between tongue-lashings last night, Alyssa had made it a point to see where everyone had settled in and she confidently strode toward Jennifer’s room. She wasn’t going to be stopped, but she did hold the right to detour herself slightly if anyone else caught her roaming naked through the hallway and decided to drag her into their room. There were to be no such detours though and Alyssa finished her journey to Jennifer’s room. The door was closed and Alyssa out her ear to it to see if she could detect movement, snoring or whatever.

What she did hear was the splashing sounds of Jennifer in the bathtub and Alyssa considered her options. She could knock and see if Jennifer was up for some fun. However that led to the possibility of rejection. There always was option B, which was just walking in and making herself at home. There choice was obvious.

“Hi Jen!” Alyssa cheerfully announced herself as she strode into Jennifer’s room and poked her head into the adjoining bathroom.

Jennifer gasped in response and reflexively covered her exposed chest. However she quickly relaxed and allowed her body to be viewed when she saw it was Alyssa.

“Ever hear of knocking?” Jennifer grumbled playfully. She didn’t mind this interruption much and the more she eyed Alyssa’s nude body the more she liked that it was happening.

“I’m familiar with the concept,” Alyssa grinned while she walked in and sat herself down on the floor next to the bathtub, sticking her hand inside the water to check the temperature. “But I thought it would just waste valuable time. Besides, this is much more fun.”

“I see why you and Rose get along so well,” Jennifer smiled. “You two have so much in common.”

“Think I’m a little direct, do you?” Alyssa inquired. “Well you haven’t seen anything yet lately. You just don’t know the real me. I’m the one on that set with the dirty mind. Rose is way behind me on the lust evolutionary scale.”

“Oh really?” Jennifer challenged. “Is that why you were the off playing in the corner while everyone else took advantage of me?”

“So you did notice that,” Alyssa smiled. “I was wondering.”

“Of course I noticed it,” Jennifer replied. “I wasn’t THAT out of it. So tell me Alyssa, how come everyone took a turn except you. Didn’t want to play?”

“Oh I always want to play,” Alyssa informed her bathing friend. “Maybe I just wanted to wait until I had you all to myself. You just looked so yummy all nice and chained up that I didn’t want to share.”

“So you decided to wait until I was in my bath and too weak to fight you off,” Jennifer surmised with a smile. “Good plan.”

“Thanks,” Alyssa said. “But the question is, is it working?”

“Well maybe you should get your ass in here with me and see for yourself,” Jennifer answered. “I’m in desperate need of a good back scrubber.”

“It just so happens I’m extremely qualified,” Alyssa grinned as she got up from the cold tile and slipped into the bath with Jennifer. She got in right behind her so she was facing Jennifer’s soap covered and sexy back. “Just let me know if there are any other places you need help reaching.”

“Mmmm I’m sure we’ll be able to think of a couple,” Jennifer moaned as she leaned back and into Alyssa’s strong embrace from behind. She felt the girl’s bare tits press into her wet back and it sent a delicious shiver up her spine. She hadn’t been sure if she was ready for more fun so soon after running the gauntlet, but Alyssa’s beautiful body and her irresistible confidence made this an offer impossible to refuse.

Alyssa made sure that her hard nipples made plenty of contact with Jennifer’s smooth skin when she reached over and grasped the washcloth Jennifer had just been using on herself. Alyssa took the washcloth and began gently pressing it to Jennifer’s back, letting the warm water cover her skin and wash away the soap of the bubbles. Alyssa washed away at Jennifer’s skin and every time the soap was washed away she would lean in and kiss the wet flesh.

Jennifer sighed and moaned happily throughout all of this. After yesterday she was really in need of a soft touch and Alyssa seemed more than happy to give that to her. Jennifer was really enjoying the feeling of Alyssa’s gently kisses on her back and when she moved up to her neck and began kissing her there Jennifer was in heaven. Her pussy was starting to get so wet and she hoped it wouldn’t be long before Alyssa was kissing her there.

But Alyssa was in no hurry to get herself a taste of Jennifer. Sure she wanted to help herself to a little snack, but she was more concerned with working Jennifer into a frenzy first. Alyssa didn’t just want Jennifer to want her; she wanted her writhing and begging for it. She wanted Jennifer to be so turned on she’d think she would die if she didn’t feel her tongue on her pussy. Since Jennifer wasn’t quite at that state yet, Alyssa was content to wait and tease.

“Oh Alyssa that feels go good,” Jennifer moaned, reveling in the feel of the girl’s kisses on her neck. “That’s just what I need honey.”

“I figured you weren’t looking to get pounded this morning,” Alyssa smiled, before she reached around front with the washcloth and helped herself to her first feel of Jennifer’s breasts. Alyssa soaped them up with the washcloth before deciding to drop her charade and just go for the mounds of flesh that lay so invitingly near her exploring hands.

The washcloth hit the water with a splash, but Jennifer didn’t even hear it because she was too busy floating with happiness from the pleasure Alyssa was generating. She barely knew this girl behind her, but that wasn’t stopping her from letting her cop a feel anywhere and everywhere. Bubbles dripped down from Jennifer’s firm breasts as Alyssa’s soapy hands massaged them and captured her nipples between her fingers. Alyssa rubbed Jennifer’s nipples with her fingers from behind, making them swell and making Jennifer want her that much more.

“Oooooooh yes…you’re making me so wet Alyssa,” Jennifer cooed. “Don’t stop! I love what you’re doing.”

Do you love it enough to invite me to stay? Alyssa entertained that thought to herself, but she didn’t say it out loud. Instead she kept her lips occupied by kissing all over Jennifer’s upper body. She kissed her neck and all around her shoulders and down her back. Jennifer moaned aloud and let Alyssa hold her and kiss her, totally letting her run the show. It was a position Alyssa was very familiar with. She had done this many times with Holly and now it was Jennifer who was totally putty in her hands.

Hearing Jennifer’s moans was making Alyssa’s brain swim in her own sea of arousal. This had worked out perfectly so far. She had easily found Jennifer and the girl had been more than willing to submit to her advances. She loved having this aroused woman in her arms and Alyssa couldn’t deny her a touch of Jennifer’s honeypot any more. She moved her hands away from Jennifer’s tits and went toward her pussy. One arm wrapped itself around Jennifer’s stomach to hold her close while the other rubbed down from her belly and over the soft brown fur of her bush toward her pussy.

Alyssa heard a sharp intake of breath from Jennifer and then a long, happy moan as she rubbed her fingers over the lips of her labia. Those moans got louder when Alyssa began using those fingers to tease Jennifer’s sore pussy. She played with her lips and stroked them gently, never entering her but leaving her with the impression that penetration was imminent.

“Mmmm after all that yesterday you’re still getting wet Jennifer,” Alyssa marveled. “All you girls here are just little sex crazed bunnies. I love it! Always wet. Always looking for another girl to fuck.”

“Must be heaven for someone like….ohhhhhhh yessss….someone like you…” Jennifer groaned when Alyssa hit a sensitive spot with her finger strokes.

“You know it sweetie,” Alyssa said before placing her lips back on Jennifer’s neck. Alyssa’s soft, sexy kisses were getting the little hairs on the back of Jennifer’s neck standing straight up. Alyssa’s lips and fingers had Jennifer’s whole body tingling. Her body was still tired, but Jennifer knew if she dug down deep she could muster up the energy necessary to let Alyssa totally have her way with her.

But just as it was starting to get really good, the door suddenly opened and Alyssa and Jennifer both looked up in surprise.

“Well it looks as if some people are having a good morning,” Michelle smiled. “I just came in to bring you the clean towels, but I see you are busy with some play.”

“Who is she?” Alyssa asked, slightly nervous because she didn’t know who she was but also turned on at the site of this sexy girl with an irresistible accent walking in. Jennifer didn’t seem too concerned so Alyssa relaxed and let her eyes creep up Michelle’s body, mentally undressing her as she did so.

“Doesn’t anyone knock around here?” Jennifer asked. She was slightly uncomfortable at this intrusion. At least she knew Alyssa had seen her last night so she was more than ready to be intimate with her, but Michelle was another story. Jennifer still didn’t entirely trust her, even if the rest of her housemates seemed to have no trouble spreading their legs for her. Jennifer also felt the first twinges of self-consciousness, noticing immediately that Michelle was hungrily staring at her and Alyssa as they sat naked in the tub.

“I guess I will go then,” Michelle said sadly, sighing and looking like a heartbroken girl who was denied the thing she wants most.

“No! Don’t go!” Alyssa suddenly insisted. The fact that this woman seemed to be at ease with two naked celebrities being caught in a lesbian embrace was a sure sign that she was cool with what was going on here and Alyssa didn’t want to miss a chance to spice up her morning just that much more.

“Your friend seems to like me, Jennifer,” Michelle pointed out. “So why do you still resist having fun with me? You’re the last one you know.”

“I’m not resisting,” Jennifer declared. “But I don’t know if I can…”

“Still sore from your little fun last night?” Michelle asked.

“How do you know about that?” Jennifer asked.

“Your friend Rose told me just now in the hallway,” Michelle replied. “She said she was going to go get the videotape of it so I could watch it later and see what it was that I missed out on yesterday.”

“A videotape?” Alyssa perked up at the thought of it. “Mmm save me a copy.”

“You’re all ganging up on me,” Jennifer pouted, but not angrily. “Just like always.”

“Don’t worry Jennifer, I know just the way to make you feel all better,” Michelle said. “I know how to make all that nasty soreness go away. But first you need to get out of that tub before you get your pretty skin all wrinkled.”

Alyssa was totally in lust with this girl and if Jennifer was going to resist her, she would be eager to volunteer herself for whatever services she could provide. She loved this girl’s accent. Was she the maid here? It sure seemed that way. Now Alyssa wanted to move in more than anything. An honest to God French maid who provided all those extra little services. It was like a porno and Alyssa knew there was no way she was going to be able to content herself with going back to her old house after this. She was spoiled for good.

Jennifer was finding whatever resistance she usually had to Michelle quickly fraying. Thanks to Alyssa’s arousing touch Jennifer was already in a very sexually permissive mood and Michelle did look so hot with her large breasts barely contained in her work dress and her long blonde hair and blue eyes looking so striking. Why was she fighting her off anyway?

Putting an end to her resistance, Jennifer decided to take Michelle up on her offer. She stood up in the tub giving an appreciative Michelle a long lingering look at some serious full frontal nudity. Water and bubbles dripped off Jennifer’s body as she stepped out of the tub and allowed Michelle to wrap a towel around her, drying her off.

“Albright, but you better be damn worth the buildup,” Jennifer grinned.

“Oh I will be, I assure you Madame,” Michelle replied before accenting her promise with a soft kiss to Jennifer’s lips. Their first kiss lasted seconds that felt like hours and left Jennifer very impressed with her first taste of the French girls tongue abilities.

Not wanting to be left out, Alyssa got out of the bath too and presented herself to Michelle in a similar fashion.

“I am Michelle,” the French girl said, formally introducing herself to her new friend.

“I’m Alyssa,” the actress replied, feeling a surge of energy right to her pussy as Michelle toweled off her wet body.

“I know,” Michelle grinned, taking both Jennifer and Alyssa by the hand and leading them into Jennifer’s bedroom. Alyssa then stood and watched as Michelle removed Jennifer’s towel and pushed her onto the bed, flat on her belly. Both Alyssa and Michelle helped themselves to a longing gaze at Jennifer’s beautiful ass and Jennifer visibly enjoyed the heat of their stares. It was always a thrill to feel how much someone wanted you and, initial reservations aside, Jennifer was eager to see how this was going to play out.

“So what is it you’ve got for me Michelle?” Jennifer inquired as she felt the soft silk of the sheets press to her wet pussy.

“I see you have too much of the tension all in your body,” Michelle told Jennifer. “That is why you were fighting me off. You were not willing to let go. Now I will make you relax and it will take away all your soreness. Close your eyes and very soon you will only be feeling good.”

Michelle then gave a little hint of what that would entail when she picked up a bottle of massage oil she had brought in with her. Jennifer once again found herself marveling at Michelle. That girl didn’t miss a trick. Since most women didn’t normally carry a bottle of massage oil around with them, it was obvious she had come in here looking to score.

All of Jennifer’s thoughts evaporated though the second she began to feel the oil drip on her back. Michelle’s hands touching her smooth skin quickly followed that and Jennifer immediately began to feel her soreness disappear. Michelle rubbed the warm oil onto her bare back, covering her skin in sheen of relaxation. It did feel mighty good and Jennifer let out a soft moan.

“Do you like that Jennifer?” Michelle inquired and Jennifer nodded her head in assent. “We are just getting started though. There are so much of you to cover.”

Jennifer quickly discovered that Michelle wasn’t kidding around when her hands left her back and began to touch her anywhere and everywhere. Jennifer felt Michelle rub her ass and continued to moan as her maid gripped each tight cheek and ran her oil covered hands over them. Michelle then moved down toward her legs, covering them with her touch down to her ankles. Michelle’s hands hadn’t even strayed toward her pussy yet, but Jennifer felt like she was close to coming.

For her part Alyssa was transfixed by the show. It had been so hot to witness Jennifer’s little girlbang the other night, but to see Michelle turn Jennifer into a moaning ball of arousal with just a light touch really had Alyssa’s desire burning in her veins. While Michelle was squeezing and massaging the cheeks of Jennifer’s exquisite ass, Alyssa dropped her towel and began to take matters into her own hands. She stroked her bare breasts and tugged and pinched her nipples to their currently aroused state.

When she tired of breast play, Alyssa used one hand to spread the lips of her pussy and the other hand to slip two fingers inside to provide the desperately needed attention to her clit. Alyssa was taking herself with both hands and her needy moans couldn’t help but attract Michelle’s attention.

“You will help,” Michelle said smiling directly at Alyssa. Alyssa nodded her head, in no position to argue whatsoever with the French beauty before her.

Jennifer obeyed Michelle’s instruction to keep her eyes shut and it did help her enjoy the experience even more. She was focused entirely on her sense of touch and nothing could distract her from the wonderful feeling of Michelle’s hands touching her body. The girl seemed committed to giving Jennifer a full body massage and Jennifer didn’t have any inclination to fight her off. Michelle was easing the soreness of each and every one of her exhausted muscles. All Jennifer needed was some scented candles and she would have been gone.

Silence filled the air except for the sound of Jennifer’s moans that were growing longer and more passionate with every touch on her body. Jennifer felt Michelle move down to her feet, massaging them and then touching each and every one of her toes. This pleasantly surprised Jennifer and it did feel awfully good. Suddenly it felt as if a second pair of hands was on her, touching her arms, rubbing and massaging them before moving all the way down to her fingers. It felt so good that Jennifer didn’t want to ruin the moment by opening her eyes. She just assumed it was Alyssa who was touching her.

Jennifer was right in her assumption and the naked Alyssa was very happy to be of assistance here. She found herself getting off just watching Jennifer’s face contort in pleasure. Besides, maybe serving as Michelle’s assistant would earn her a reward. Alyssa wouldn’t have minded getting a sampling of Michelle’s services one bit.

The touch of the two pairs of eager, sexy hands on her body was driving Jennifer wild. Even when she had been in the bathtub with Alyssa, Jennifer couldn’t help but feel her soreness but now that was only a distant memory. Michelle and Alyssa worked over her entire body and things only got better when Alyssa ceased massaging Jennifer’s fingers and began sucking on them while she rubbed her palms.

Alyssa’s mouth on her fingers was unbelievable. Jennifer couldn’t believe any boyfriend would ever think about leaving her because if that’s what she could do with fingers, imagine what she could with other parts of the human anatomy. Michelle continued to rub and kiss Jennifer’s feet and the actress wondered how this could get any better.

She was about to find out though.

Her eyes closed the entire time, Jennifer could only feel the touches of her new lovers as they abandoned their sucking to touch all the other areas of her body that needed loving. Jennifer completely lost track of who was where but it scarcely mattered because it all felt good. She felt hands touching her neck, her shoulders, her back, her ass and worming her way underneath her to rub her bare breasts and her pointed nipples. Jennifer could scarcely figure out in what order this was all going down. To her it felt like it was all happening at once and, even though she knew it was impossible, it was like there were a hundred pairs of hands on her instead of the two she knew were there.

Jennifer felt the hot breath of one of them on her neck, sending those little hairs straight up again and that woman was soon blowing cool air into her ears and kissing her lips. Jennifer raised her head so she could better meet the probing pair of lips and she passionately kissed them while the other woman kept working her over. Jennifer felt a tongue slide into her mouth where it was immediately welcomed. Soon enough her mouth wasn’t the only place Jennifer felt a warm female tongue when whoever it was that was behind her, spread the cheeks of her ass and began to lick away at her dripping pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh yessssssssss…” was all Jennifer could moan out when she felt that tongue work it’s way into her pussy. It wasn’t hard tongue thrusts she was getting, it was long, loving licks and it was just what she needed. Whoever was back there working her magic knew exactly what Jennifer needed.

For the record it was Michelle back there tending to Jennifer’s needs and Alyssa thought she looked so sexy with her face buried between Jennifer’s ass cheeks. Alyssa continued to make out with Jennifer while she played with her hair with one hand and touched the tops of her breasts with the other. While she kissed the moaning Jennifer, Alyssa couldn’t stop staring at Michelle and thinking about how much she wanted to help her out of that dress she was wearing.

“Is Michelle licking your pussy good Jennifer?” Alyssa asked. “It sure looks like you’re loving this.”

“Mmmhmmm,” Jennifer moaned in satisfaction, grateful to at least know who was where. “She’s so fucking good. Ughhhhh I can’t believe I waited this long to have her.”

Michelle didn’t stop licking, but she did pause long enough for a satisfied smile to cover her face when she heard that. She knew she’d win Jennifer over eventually and it looked like their little houseguest Alyssa was going to become a notch in her bedpost right after that. She would have been with everyone in the house soon and that was a feeling Michelle was not entirely unfamiliar with to be sure.

“You look so sexy Michelle,” Alyssa groaned, her pussy juices running down her legs. She hadn’t been this turned on since the first time she and Holly had gotten together with Rose. This was threatening to outdo her experience in the gym with Sarah from yesterday and she hadn’t even been touched yet. “Eat her pussy Michelle. Make her come.”

Alyssa then got down onto her belly on the bed and began working her tongue over what she could access of Jennifer’s breasts. She so badly wanted to suck on her nipples and feel those hard pink points between her lips but she couldn’t quite reach them. Jennifer helpfully arched her back to give Alyssa more to work with, but still she couldn’t quite get at them and had to content herself with licking and leaving a healthy trail of saliva over Jennifer’s firm mounds.

Even though her eyes were still shut, Jennifer managed to begin to work on Alyssa a little bit too. She maneuvered, a little bit clumsily at first, over to Alyssa’s head and began stroking her hair and moving down to play with her breasts too. It would have been much easier, admittedly, if Jennifer would have opened her eyes, but she could feel her own orgasm nearing and didn’t want to take away one little bit of energy from it by losing her focus on how good this felt.

“Poor Jennifer, all pounded and tortured yesterday,” Michelle teased from behind, her accent driving both Jennifer and Alyssa crazy. “I’ll bet all you wanted was to feel this nice, soft tongue inside your pussy. Now I want you to come for me. Come from me licking your beautiful, wet pussy.”

Michelle then returned to working Jennifer’s pussy over. She teased the lips of her labia, making them flare out in arousal and eliciting just that much more wetness from Jennifer. Michelle then spread her lips again and went back to her clit, stroking it with her tongue with the long slow lashes she knew were driving the actress wild with desire. Jennifer’s juices were coating her tongue and Michelle knew when she got this girl coming these sheets would be absolutely ruined, not that that was anything new in this house. Michelle had cleaned so many bedsheets here soaked with pussy cream that she had so desperately wanted to ruin a set herself. Now she had her chance and she wanted an explosion of cum from Jennifer.

“Ohhhhh ohhhhh oooooooooh Michellllllllllle that’s it…ohhhhhhhh that’s it!” Jennifer cried out as the French girl’s tongue danced it’s way into her heart thanks to its superb job on her pussy. Jennifer needed this, a long, messy orgasm, and she knew Michelle was going to do whatever it took to get that out of her.

“Yes don’t stop!” Alyssa urged, pulling away from her tongue bath of Jennifer’s tits long enough to act as a cheerleader for the encounter. “Lick that pussy just like that Michelle! Make her come all over your face so I can lick you clean!”

That was a very appealing idea to Michelle and she wanted to make sure Alyssa held good to that promise. She ran her tongue over Jennifer’s clit again and again allowing the juices that ran from her creamy pussy to cover her face and soak her skin like a sexy moisturizer. Her hands were getting wet from Jennifer’s juices too as she held the lips of her pussy open. Michelle solved that problem by wiping her fingers onto her dress, staining it in the best possible way. Michelle smiled to herself as she realized she’d have to throw this in with the sheets in the laundry too and she had nothing else to wear, but she didn’t suppose the girls would mind much if she did the housework nude today. In fact she was confident they would enjoy it very much.

“Mmmmm lick my pussy Michelle! Tongue my clit! Ohhhhhhh yessss!” Jennifer cried out as she began to thrash about the bed, her orgasm on the verge of arrival. Alyssa gave Jennifer plenty of room to work with as she lay back and touched her own soaked pussy while watching Jennifer’s last moments before coming.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!” Jennifer exclaimed with a high pitched squeal as she came with a shot, exploding onto Michelle’s tongue and soaking her face, just as the French girl had desired. Words escaped Jennifer and only orgasmic gurgles and happy cries could escape her lips as she pressed her pussy hard to Michelle’s face and let her orgasm soothe her no longer sore body. If all the massaging and stroking had been a build up, the orgasm itself was the ultimate sweet release to Jennifer and she came until she had nothing left of her sexuality to give.

Michelle lapped away at all that Jennifer had to offer, letting what she couldn’t catch with her tongue give her even more of a cum coated face. It also dripped down to her breasts still covered by the oppressive dress she had worn. When Jennifer finally pulled away, exhausted once again, Michelle found herself staring at Alyssa directly in the face.

Alyssa had fingered herself the whole time Jennifer had come, pausing only to lick her fingers clean and enjoy the taste of her own pussy. When she saw that Jennifer had given all she could, Alyssa quickly scooted toward Michelle at the end of the bed to make good on her promise. Before Michelle had a chance to catch her breach, much less say hello, Alyssa had locked the mansion’s maid in a passionate kiss. Michelle returned the passion equally and soon their tongues were swimming in the other’s mouth as Alyssa savored the taste of Jennifer’s orgasm.

Looking at Michelle with her pretty face all covered in pussy cream was too sexy a sight for Alyssa to ignore for long. She pulled away from her lips for the express purpose of dragging her tongue all over the beautiful features of Michelle’s face. The taste of Jennifer Alyssa had sampled from her kiss with Michelle was nothing compared to the full on feast of pussy cream she encountered when she began cleaning off her face. Alyssa reveled in the sticky leftovers that covered Michelle’s skin and while she tongued the gorgeous French maid, Alyssa did something she had wanted to do since Michelle had first walked in on her and Jennifer in the tub…she set to work getting that damn dress off.

The cream colored dress Michelle wore was loose enough for her to actually do work around the house and had been specifically chosen so it would be easy to get off her body in case of a pressing bout of horniness. Alyssa undid the top of the zipper around at the back and the rest of the task was easy after that. Alyssa pushed the zipper down and soon enough Michelle’s naked tits were exposed. Alyssa didn’t waste anytime in getting those large tits in her mouth as she buried her face in Michelle’s impressive cleavage.

Jennifer lay across the bed still in the afterglow of her orgasm. She didn’t have much energy to move, but that didn’t stop her from staring at Alyssa relieving Michelle of her clothes while a satisfied grin covered her face. Jennifer began to lightly stroke her tender breasts while she watched the show.

Michelle shrugged the rest of the dress off and stood up so it could fall to the floor. Alyssa joined her and they kissed passionately while they stood together, their bare breasts rubbing together and arousing both women. Alyssa then pressed her wet pussy to Michelle’s panties, making sure their wetness mixed together. The two women pressed into each other and the more they touched the more Michelle’s heat increased. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and the only thing she knew could relieve it was a wet girl tongue burying itself inside her snatch. Alyssa did her part to help her out then by pushing down the lacy white thong cut panties Michelle had nearly soaked through.

This left both girls stark naked and while they continued their kissing, Alyssa reached down to touch Michelle’s pussy, feeling the heat of it covering her hand. Alyssa then reached around back for a healthy squeeze of Michelle’s ass. Smiling. the maid did the same to the actress and they entertained Jennifer to no end by kissing while they squeezed each other’s firm asses.

Breaking the kiss, Michelle pushed Alyssa down on the bed and the actress happily lay back and spread her legs. Michelle licked her lips over the sight of the droplets of cream that already had collected on Alyssa’s labia and soon Michelle was on her belly as her tongue dragged its way over Alyssa’s cuntlips. Alyssa shivered in ecstasy as she finally felt a woman’s tongue on her pussy. She had been craving this since she got up this morning and she celebrated it finally happening by joining Jennifer in a hot, tongue filled kiss.

Feeling Alyssa’s tongue in her mouth was more than enough to start to get Jennifer going again. She began to stir and reached over to play with Alyssa’s breasts as they quivered with every tongue lash Michelle gave to Alyssa’s labia. Jennifer loved how Alyssa’s firm tits felt under her palms and she began to squeeze the mounds while summoning up the energy to do what she really wanted to do. Michelle had been even better than promised and Jennifer decided it was time for her to show her maid some appreciation.

Just as she had done to Jennifer, Michelle made sure that Alyssa’s pussy was well licked before she began to focus on her throbbing clit. Michelle ran her hand through the dark hair of Alyssa’s neatly trimmed bush and decided that’s soon after this she would have to offer her grooming services to her. So far only Love was coming to her for regular shavings, but Sarah, Rose and Jewel had expressed interest and Michelle suspected Jennifer would do the same soon.

Michelle pushed Alyssa’s legs open further and the flexible actress was happy to assist her in doing so. Alyssa’s sodden pussy was open to Michelle’s eyes and, more importantly, her tongue. The actress’ aroused clit displayed itself proudly and Michelle quickly helped herself to a long suck of the swollen pleasure bud.

While she was doing this, Jennifer bid farewell to Alyssa’s chest and moved herself off the bed. Her soreness from the night before was but a distant memory and Jennifer wanted to lavish some sexy thank yous on the woman responsible. Michelle was stationed at the end of the bed with her sexy ass rising and falling in a most enticing manner. Jennifer crept up behind her and announced her presence by running her tongue over each of her buttcheeks and then onto her labia.

“What took you so long?” Michelle inquired with a smile.

Jennifer didn’t answer and instead used her tongue to better effect by beginning to lap away at Michelle’s tight, shaved pussy. Everyone had been raving about the taste of this fine French dessert for weeks now and Jennifer found out that the results did truly match the hype. Michelle was yummy and Jennifer knew this might be the first, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last time she sampled this treat.

Michelle groaned into Alyssa’s wetness when Jennifer’s tongue plunged into her tight pink folds. Jennifer responded by slapping Michelle’s ass, making sure her maid adhered to her employer’s wishes and kept licking the houseguest. Feeling the hard slap to her ass was just what Michelle wanted. She loved how the job as a maid allowed her to indulge in her sub side. She wanted to be spanked by her boss. She needed it and she wiggled her ass sexily to make sure Jennifer knew that.

The message was not lost on Jennifer and she slapped Michelle’s ass again and again, spanking her and living out every red-blooded male’s naughty French maid fantasies. Michelle’s ass was getting nice and pink and that wasn’t the only pink part of her that had Jennifer’s attention as she plunged her tongue into the maid’s wet recesses and licked away at the sex cream she was rapidly generating.

Seeing Michelle get spanked was enough of an arousal booster to Alyssa, but to see this while the girl was eating her out was sending her face first into the ocean of ecstasy. It seemed like a fantasy was lurking behind every door here and Alyssa worried she would no longer be able to function on the outside world if she didn’t have this place to run to every night to indulge her most wicked of thoughts. Michelle’s tongue felt so good inside her pussy and Alyssa begun bucking her hips up every time the French girl licked her, to get more of that wonderful tongue inside her.

As Alyssa began a serious face fuck of Michelle, Jennifer was really getting into her bitchy boss role. This was a game she really liked. Michelle had always been so secure and confident in her sex appeal every time Jennifer had seen her and now she was getting off on being spanked by her boss.

“Yes you like this don’t you,” Jennifer moaned. “You like me spanking your hot ass. Lick Alyssa up you nasty slut! Lick that pussy cream all up like a good little maid! Do it or I’ll have to get really hard on you!”

In actuality that was an empty threat because Jennifer wouldn’t have known how to really give Michelle a hard fuck. That was more Rose’s department and, judging from the side of her that had been on display last night, it was Sarah’s too. The threat itself though was enough to get Michelle really inspired and her tongue play picked up inside Alyssa’s pussy.

“FUCK YEAH!!!” Alyssa hollered as she pounded her fists into the ruined sheets. “THAT’S THE SPOT! LICK IT!! LICK IT RIGHT THERE!! EAT MY PUSSY!!!”

In between tongue lashes of Alyssa’s pussy, Michelle was sucking her hard clit and alternating back and forth was having the desired effect on Alyssa and then some. Alyssa’s breasts jiggled up and down as she attempted to snare them so she could tongue her own nipples. Alyssa’s skin was covered in a sheen of sweat to match the oil-induced glow that Jennifer displayed. Alyssa kept on fucking Michelle’s face. Her orgasm was in sight and Alyssa didn’t want to waste any time in getting there.

Seeing how good a job Michelle was doing on Alyssa, Jennifer decided that maybe she deserved a little bonus. Jennifer pulled away from a disappointed Michelle, leaving her pussy weeping with a desire to be brought off and rustled through her dresser. Jennifer quickly found what she was looking for and withdrew the vibrator she had used on many a lonely night.

There hadn’t been many lonely nights here and Jennifer had been using her fingers more often when she masturbated lately, but that didn’t mean this toy wasn’t on a very intimate level with her body. Jennifer had wanted to try this thing out on some of her new friends and this was as good a time as any.

Michelle was already plenty keyed up from the licking, the sucking and the spanking so Jennifer didn’t want to reduce her to a quivering orgasmic mess that wouldn’t have been able to get Alyssa off. Jennifer decided against using the vibrator’s high setting and instead got a nice steady hum going on the medium level.

As soon as she heard that familiar buzzing noise, Michelle knew what was coming. But even though she knew that it still felt so fucking good when Jennifer pressed the vibrator to her pussy. It took all of Michelle’s strength to not just jump off the bed when she felt that coursing of pleasure the vibrator created. It did cause her to momentarily stop licking Alyssa, but the actress quickly moved to rectify that situation.

“NO!” Alyssa insisted with a hard yell as she instinctively grabbed Michelle’s blonde hair and pushed her face back between her legs. “DON’T STOP LICKING MY PUSSY!!!”

Hearing Alyssa’s frenzied shouts for more not only got Michelle working her over faster, it got Jennifer picking up the pace as well. She pushed the vibrator into Michelle’s pussy and the more she fucked her with it the harder the girl licked Alyssa. There was only one possible ending to this story and it came about a few moments later.

“OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Alyssa hollered. “I’M COMINGGGGG!!!” Alyssa began to cry out in a manner that seemed only a few clicks of the volume away from a howl. Jennifer and Michelle both wondered what would happen if they ever really got her going. Of course Michelle also was distracted by the flood of pussy cream that her tongue was now swimming in. Alyssa’s essence filled Michelle’s mouth and it made a lovely cum cocktail with what was left over from Jennifer’s orgasm.

As the vibrator hummed inside Michelle’s pussy and Jennifer’s tongue danced around her labia, the actress added one last hard slap to the maid’s ass to push her over the edge. The plan worked to perfection and immediately after Alyssa wasn’t the only girl in the room going through a big, screaming orgasm.

Jennifer and Alyssa loved hearing Michelle’s orgasmic cries even though they couldn’t understand a word of them. Michelle began screaming in her native tongue and since neither actress was fluent in French, they missed the actual words but not the meaning. No matter what she was saying it sounded positively filthy and they did hear one word they definitely understood: “oui.”

Michelle screamed out that one word over and over again while her Jennifer pulled out her faithful toy and plunged her tongue back into Michelle’s spasming pussy. She licked the girl clean, just as she was doing in kind to Alyssa. Finally the sexy threesome drew to a close with exhausted sighs from both Alyssa and Michelle.

The three girls were soon back together on the bed holding each other and lingering in the afterglow. Right now it didn’t matter who was an employer, who was an employee and who was a guest. They were just three happily fucked girls and Alyssa only had one question to ask.

“If this is how you spend your mornings, what do you do the rest of the day?” Alyssa asked.

* * * * *

While it was a very happy morning for Jennifer, Alyssa and Michelle the same certainly could not be said for Gwen Stefani. At that very moment she was sitting in the office of a private investigator named Armand Delvecchio fighting back tears.

Armand had built an impressive list of celebrity clientele over the years because he was discrete, he was quick and he got results. Unfortunately the results that Gwen had in front of her in a file of photos was not the results she had been hoping for.

“I’m terribly sorry Ms. Stefani,” Armand said. “This is never easy to tell anyone.”

“It’s ok,” Gwen said, trying with all her strength to hold back on the waterworks. If she was going to cry about this it sure as hell wasn’t going to be in some private investigator’s office. “I suppose it’s nothing I didn’t know before. I was just, you know, hoping for the best.”

“That’s completely understandable,” Armand said. “No one wants to get news like this.”

You can say that again, Gwen thought to herself as she looked over the photos one last time before snapping the file shut and pushing it away on the long oak desk where she and Armand sat. They were in the conference room of his office and he had just given Gwen the proof she had been hoping didn’t exist. Her fiancé, Gavin Rosedale, was cheating on her.

He was the lead singer of the band Bush and Gwen had always known about his wild days on tour. He had played around with his fair share of groupies and there had been so many times when his roving eye had caused Gwen to end it. She had always come back to him though and when he had put that ring on her finger he had sworn his days of extracurricular play were over. Now she had the photographic evidence to prove otherwise.

Armand had used the old trick of the hidden camera, which was a true classic because more often than not it worked. He had been able to sneak it backstage as Bush toured through the U.S. and it had captured the various intimate activities that always seem to go on backstage in the wild world of rock and roll parties. Most of the pictures proved most damning to the other members of the band, but the one that caught Gwen’s eye and broke her heart was the one of Gavin sitting on a backstage couch with his head thrown back in ecstasy while some big titted redhead had her face buried in his lap.

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” Gwen sighed. “I just really thought he’d changed.”

She supposed it had been a sneaky thing to do to go out and hire Armand, but Gwen had been hearing rumors that Gavin was fooling around on her again. If she was going to marry him she wanted to make sure, so she had hired Armand to hopefully clear his name and prove to her that Gavin had been true. At least she knew the truth now and it was all there in clear photography.

“I’m sorry it’s not what you were hoping for,” Gavin said sympathetically. He meant well, but this was just a job for him and Gwen suddenly felt sick to her stomach. The room started spinning and she knew she had to get out of there. She just wanted to be anywhere but here and she suddenly stood up from her seat.

“Thank you Mr. Delvecchio,” Gwen declared. “Just send me your bill.”

Gwen then rushed out of the office, leaving the pictures behind.

* * * * *

“Sarah, are you listening to me?” Ted asked, snapping Sarah out of the trance she had put herself in.

“Sure Ted, every word,” Sarah sighed, continuing to stare out the window.

“Sarah I need you to pay attention,” Ted stated. “This is crunch time. We’re going before the judge tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” Sarah snapped. “I’m the one who’s ass is on the line here, remember that?”

“And do I need to remind you that this production company also has its ass on the line too, as you say,” Ted pointed out.

“I’m sorry,” Sarah replied, regretting her little flare of temper. “I don’t mean to yell…it’s just a lot going on right now, you know.”

“I’m sure there is, but we need to focus on tomorrow and your testimony,” Ted said. “I can’t stress how important this is.”

In her head Sarah had already composed a list of places she’d rather be than doing this. That list happened to include root canal work and serving a six-year stretch in a Mexican jail. That was how much she didn’t want to be here, but Ted was right it was necessary. Tomorrow was the hearing in the sexual harassment suit Rick had brought against her.

Sarah couldn’t believe it had come to this. That little creep had been the one hitting on her. He was groping her every chance he got and always asking her out on a date. Even if she didn’t have a fiancé and be doing all that she was doing with the girls, she still wouldn’t have even considered going out with a guy like Rick on a dare. So she had gotten him fired and then he had hit her with this bullshit suit claiming she fired him because he wouldn’t submit to her sexual advances. Somehow the thing had gotten this far and tomorrow they would appear at a hearing where it would be decided whether or not the case went forward. Ted was confident the judge would kick out the case, but Sarah did not share his optimism.

In fact the closer that they got to this court date the more Sarah was convinced that not only was the judge going to push the case forward, but it was going to explode all over the media too. Up until now everyone had done a good job keeping a lid on the story and avoiding press attention, but Sarah knew it was only a matter of time before some paper or TV station out there found out about it and then she’d be a late night joke staple for months.

Sarah was going to be called to testify at the hearing to give her side of the story. She had the truth on her side at least, but that wasn’t always enough. She had to hope that the judge would see through Rick’s lies and dismiss the case, but if he didn’t then she was in big trouble. It was her word against his since none of their exchanges had taken place where there were any witnesses. Sarah thought it was risky to be in that situation so she could only see the worst-case scenario in this. She had tried to distract herself with her housemates and all the fun they offered her, but the back of her mind was always focused on this. She just wanted it to go away.

Ted continued droning on but Sarah could barely focus on what he was saying. She didn’t want to do this. She didn’t want to go to this damn hearing. Why couldn’t Rick have taken rejection like a man? Why was all of this shit happening to her? She hadn’t done anything to deserve it. Ted was the one who should be punished not her and he was in a position to wreck her career.

Sarah’s head began to ache. It felt like the whole room was spinning and even though she was sitting down in a chair, it was like she was about to topple over. It was as if the room was suddenly airless. Sarah needed oxygen. She had to get out of here. This was too much.

“I’ve got to go,” Sarah declared, suddenly standing up and having to grab the arm of the chair for balance.

“But we’re not done,” a confused Ted protested.

“We’ll finish later…” Sarah said, walking toward the door as her face showed how much she wanted to be somewhere, anywhere but here. “I…I…just can’t do this now.”

Before Ted could say anything more Sarah bolted out the door and wandered her way back to the set. She nearly ran into four people on the way but it was like they weren’t even there. She just couldn’t focus. Her temples were pounding and Sarah felt like she could barely breathe.

“Sarah? Are you ok?” a familiar voice that Sarah barely registered asked. She did stop long enough to see that it was Alyson looking at her with a face of barely restrained concern.

“What?” Sarah said, her voice filled with the distraction she felt.

“You just walked right by me and didn’t even say ‘good morning,'” Alyson pointed out, a flicker on her face showing that Sarah’s inadvertent snub had hurt her. “Is everything ok?”

“No…nothing’s ok Alyson,” Sarah said, her statement close to a snap at her friend.

“Is it Rick?” Alyson asked. She had never seen Sarah this flustered before. She couldn’t remember the last time Sarah hadn’t called her “Aly.”

“Of course it’s Rick! Don’t ask stupid questions!” Sarah said sharply, as she struggled to keep it all together. She was feeling so stressed out and she didn’t want to lose it here on the set in front of everyone. Alyson frowned and took a step back, before regaining her composure.

Sarah immediately felt a flood of guilt for having done that. Alyson had been her best friend since the show started and now she was lashing out at her for no other reason than she was in her line of sight. She was trying to be supportive and Sarah knew she was acting like a bitch.

“Oh Aly, I’m so sorry,” Sarah quickly declared. “I didn’t mean that. It’s just that this…”

“Shhh you don’t have to explain,” Alyson said, flashing Sarah a warm smile. “I know you’re going through a lot. Ummm I heard about your father. I’m sorry.”

“Who told you?” Sarah asked, not wanting word to get out much about this. The last thing she wanted was people coming up to her all day and tell her they were sorry that bastard was dead.

“Love,” Alyson sheepishly answered. “She called me and told me. She wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Love’s got a big mouth,” Sarah grumbled.

“She’s just worried about you,” Alyson stated. “I know how you felt about him, but still, he’s your father.”

“It’s really nothing,” Sarah sighed. “I’m fine.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Alyson asked.

“Aly, I just need to lie down in my trailer and take a few Advil,” Sarah said. “I just need all this to be over. I’m so scared about this hearing Aly.”

“Don’t be Sarah,” Alyson told her calmly. “It’s going to be alright. I’m going to make sure it is.”

That last remark puzzled Sarah, but she didn’t pay it much mind. Her head hurt too much for her to really care what Alyson meant.

“I wish I had your optimism Aly,” Sarah said sadly. “I just can’t see how this isn’t going to blow up in my face.”

“Just relax Sarah,” Alyson urged her, drawing her co-star and lover in for a supportive hug. “He’s not going to be able to hurt you. Now go get your rest before I drag you to your trailer and tuck you in.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?” Sarah said, smiling for the first time in hours. She kept her voice down to avoid attracting the attention of anyone with suspicious ears. She and Alyson hadn’t been together in weeks and when this was all over Sarah was definitely looking forward to some on set shenanigans.

“Mmm both,” Alyson grinned, trying so hard to suppress her desire. If there weren’t going to be consequences, Alyson would have jumped Sarah right there and then, stripped her down and then done everything she knew to make her friend forget about her sadness and anxiety. “Now scoot and leave the grumpy Sarah behind next time I see you.”

“Don’t worry I will,” Sarah promised before heading off to her trailer and her little plastic container of Advil. She wished she shared Alyson’s positivity about this, but she just had no faith that things were going to break her way. In Sarah’s mind it was going to take a miracle and the way things had gone for her, starting with the geek intrusion, it didn’t appear she was on a winning streak.

* * * * *

Meanwhile on a far happier set, Alyssa was practically walking on air. She’d always been a bit of a sex freak, if wanting it pretty much 24/7 made you a freak. These days it seemed to be normal, but Alyssa had always kept that facet of her personality in check for the most part. She knew her parents were always keeping a watchful eye on her and she didn’t want to do anything to embarrass them or her little brother. She considered herself lucky that she had such a close, supportive family. Most others didn’t have that same luxury, but it also meant that a lot of times Alyssa had to keep her id from running wild.

She felt no shame in her bisexuality, but she kept it very close to the vest. She didn’t think her family would have minded much, even though her sometimes surrogate father Tony Danza would surely have raised an eyebrow, but she didn’t want to have them face the publicity that went along with being an open participator in alternative lifestyles. So that meant she had to keep her lustful feelings toward other women in check and hold herself back when she desperately wanted to hit on cute California surfer girls and fresh faced Kansas girls right off the bus looking for a Hollywood career.

Alyssa had always let the public only see the heterosexual side of herself and saved her desires for female flesh for the times she was alone with Holly and Rose. But those nights didn’t come nearly often enough to suit Alyssa and that was why she was so ecstatic about finding out what went on in that wonderful mansion in Malibu. She wasn’t alone! There were others like her and they had a place to indulge their every perverted fantasy. Knowing there were others like her was such a liberating feeling for Alyssa. She felt like her whole life had been leading up to this wonderful discovery.

She was looking around the set for Rose, hoping to find her and hopefully elicit another sleepover invitation from her beautiful co-star. As she and Jennifer had cleaned themselves up after their encounter with Michelle, her new friend had filled her ears with all the wonderful, sexy things that had already happened under that roof and it had taken all of her strength for Alyssa to leave there and drag herself to work. Fortunately, with Rose and Holly on set with her, Alyssa was confident she could score herself some hot pussy if her cravings got too bad and they were already close to a fever pitch before the clock struck noon.

Since Alyssa’s quest for Rose appeared to be failure and Holly was off rehearsing her scenes with Brian Krause, who played her husband on the show, she decided to return to her trailer. Alyssa could already picture herself wiggling out of her tight blue jeans and panties, lying back on her bed and using her trusty pocket rocket on herself to get nice and juicy for what she hoped would be another sexy night in Malibu. Alyssa could already feel the vibrator working her pussy over so she had a dreamy smile on her face as she opened the door and quickly found she was not alone.

“Boo!” Rose giggled popping out of the shadows and sending Alyssa’s pulse racing. Alyssa gasped and turned around to see her grinning co-star looking very pleased with herself.

“Jesus Rose, what are you trying to go, kill me?” Alyssa gasped, a little taken aback but definitely not unhappy about this invasion of personal space. She thought about asking Rose how she got into her locked trailer, but she decided not to bother. It was her experience that if Rose wanted something, she got it.

“Who me?” Rose asked sweetly. “No way. I just like messing with you. Besides girls like us always die the same way. Naked with our legs spread.”

“Mmmm that’s how I plan on going out,” Alyssa replied with an impish grin as she stared Rose over in her shorts and curve hugging tanktop and mentally calculated how many seconds it would take for them to strip each other naked.

“Speaking of which, I heard you had a little fun this morning,” Rose stated nonchalantly.

“Who me?” Alyssa smiled, stealing Rose’s non-denial from earlier. “Maybe I did. What’s it to you?”

“Well I like to know everything that’s going on in my house,” Rose replied. “Plus when I fall asleep next to a hot chick I always wonder where she is when I wake up in the morning and she’s gone. Fortunately a quick check of the videotapes of Jennifer’s room gave me all the answers. You three put on quite a hot show and I had to watch that tape several times to get a full appreciation of it.”

Rose accented that statement by running her tongue over her fingers, sending Alyssa an unmistakable signal that send shivers straight to her pussy. God Alyssa wished she had seen that. Rose all nice and naked playing with her pussy to a videotape of her getting it on with Jennifer and Michelle. Alyssa could so easily visualized walking into that room too and dropping her clothing on the way. Then she would have given Rose a hot kiss and shown her that her tongue was better than any finger could ever be.

“You have to show me where that room is,” Alyssa demanded, her voice filled with the sexual heat that was threatening to burn through her panties at the moment.

“I don’t know,” Rose said with an evil grin. “What makes you think you’ll be in a position to see it? Entry into the house is by invitation only and do you really think you deserve to be invited back?”

“Yes!” Alyssa declared, a little too excitedly, but it was an accurate measure of how she felt about things.

“Hmmm I’m not so sure,” Rose continued with the grin of a sexual cat finding her mouse. “I think you might need to earn your way back in.”

“Well I think I already earned my way back in,” Alyssa replied, shooting Rose an identical grin. “I don’t think it was someone else’s tape you were jacking off to this morning.”

“Maybe I just wanted to see Jennifer and Michelle finally get it on,” Rose suggested. “You were incidental to the whole process.”

“Sure I was,” Alyssa said, not believing Rose’s lines for a second. “Was I also incidental all those times I’d get you in my bed and make you so hot you’d start wailing for me to eat your pussy?”

“Mmm no, you were pretty indispensable those times,” Rose admitted, her mind fixing on one particularly hot time where she and Alyssa took turns fucking each other with strap ons while Holly watched, played with herself and took advantage of whatever hot tongue she could.

“I knew it,” Alyssa grinned in victory. “So I guess if anyone should have herself a little yellow brick road right into your version of oz up there, it’s me.”

“I still think you might have to earn it,” Rose replied, not giving up an inch to her co-star.

“Earn it, huh?” Alyssa inquired, advancing on Rose’s body and beginning to tickle her smooth slim tummy with her hand. “And how would I go about earning it?”

“If you have to ask then you’re losing points already,” Rose teased right before Alyssa smothered her lips with her own. The two girls were just about to go wild on each other when all of a sudden reality reared it’s ugly head. The mood was knocked off it’s axis when Alyssa heard a familiar sound emanating from Rose’s shorts.

“You’re beeping,” Alyssa sighed.

“What?” Rose asked dreamily, not wanting that kiss to end.

“Your pager,” Alyssa said. “Someone wants you.”

“Oh,” Rose sighed, very disappointed on the outside. On the inside though she had a very different train of thought going on. The only thing she could think of was “Please God, not now. Not her. Please not this again.”

Rose pulled her pager out of her pocket and when she saw the number her worst fears were confirmed. Seeing the number on the pager sent shivers of fear down her spine. Why? Why did this have to happen now?

“I have to take this,” Rose declared.

“You do?” Alyssa asked, slightly shocked that Rose would turn down sex to take a call. That wasn’t like her at all.

“Yes, it’s very important,” Rose said in an oddly flat tone.

“Ok,” Alyssa said, not hiding her disappointment. It looked like she was going to have to content herself with her vibrator after all.

“I’ll make it up to you,” Rose promised with the familiar twinkle in her eyes that calmed Alyssa’s curiosity over what was going on. “I have a few scenes I’d like to rehearse with you and Holly later.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Alyssa smiled. “That and other things…”

Rose smiled and then left the trailer to return to her own home away from home on the set. Her last blast of confidence was all a show though. Inside she had turned into an instant mess the second she had seen that number. All the anxiety and inadequacy she tried so hard to repress flooded back. She wanted to take her pager and chuck it in the first trashcan she saw, but she couldn’t. She had to make this call.

Rose got to her trailer and quickly locked the door behind herself. She dialed the number by heart. She had dialed it so many times that she knew it almost as well as she knew her own. The phone rang twice before Rose heard someone pick up.

“It’s me,” Rose announced nervously.

“What the fuck took you so long?” the female voice on the other end demanded. “You know I don’t like to be kept waiting!”

“I’m sorry Master,” Rose answered sheepishly, forgetting her promise of the last night to never let this happen again. “I was with someone.”

“One of your dyke friends?” the woman haughtily demanded. “Was that who it was Rose? Was it one of your hot celebrity cunts?”

“Don’t say that,” Rose softly begged, the woman’s voice already bringing her to the verge of tears.

“Tonight. 11:00,” The woman commanded. “You know the place.”

“Yes Master,” Rose agreed.

“That’s what I want to hear,” the woman replied smugly. “You be there Rose. You be there or else.”

“I’ll be there,” Rose said emotionlessly.

“And Rose…dress pretty for me,” the woman commanded before killing the connection.

Rose dropped her cell phone from her hand and let it hit the carpeted floor of her trailer with a soft thud. She felt as if all the energy he had had been drained from her body. She felt so alone and empty. Rose curled up on her bed and closed her eyes. Why wouldn’t she leave her alone? Why wouldn’t she stop?

* * * * *

Alyssa wasn’t the only one who was still reveling in the aftereffects of their morning encounter. Despite everything that had taxed her energy over the past day, Jennifer was riding a wave of horniness that seemed on the verge of tipping her face first into the ocean. Not that Jennifer would have minded drowning like that. If she had to go then that was how she wanted to do it.

Jennifer had always loved her dirty thoughts. Even after she’d gotten together with Brad she’s always indulged herself in fantasies about cute members of the crew and how she’d drag them off to her trailer for them to please her. She had never actually done it, nor had she intended to, but she still enjoyed her fantasy. She had always gotten a wicked thrill looking at the cute guys working over the set and dreaming over what she’d do to them after she got them out of their clothes. It was fun to fantasize and it always got her extra revved for making love to her husband. It wasn’t like she wasn’t happy with the man she already had and it wasn’t like he had any trouble satisfying her, but Jennifer hadn’t wanted to stop her dirty thoughts.

None of the girls in the mansion had really seen how naughty she could get, but Jennifer had always been very sexually open with the men in her life. Of course that had changed so dramatically in the past few months and the more Jennifer indulged herself in lesbianism the more she wanted to do more. Jennifer couldn’t believe she was still so horny after the pounding she’d taken last night and the further fun she’d thrown herself into this morning, but her pussy seemed to be set a permanent level of simmer.

So now it wasn’t just the hunky guys on the set that Jennifer stole peeks at and dreamed about dragging into the closet for a quickie. It was also the production assistants serving internships from UCLA with their tight shirts and barely restrained curves. It was also the messenger girls that brought their mail every say. Jennifer also found herself staring and entertaining notions about her co-stars, Courtney Cox Arquette and Lisa Kudrow. Jennifer had felt such a naughty rush when she finally allowed herself to wonder what it would be like to fuck her co-stars. She hadn’t allowed herself to think those thoughts in the past, out of fear that she wouldn’t be able to face them after her fantasy. But now that she was more comfortable in her skin, Jennifer allowed herself to wonder what if and it was mighty satisfying indeed.

It was also getting Jennifer even more worked up and there was no relief in sight for her. Damn where was a Winona Ryder guest spot when you needed one, Jennifer smiled to herself when she recalled the actress’ guest spot last year where Rachel recalled a stolen girl-girl kiss. It had been very hard for Jennifer to not push her tongue into Winona’s cute little mouth that day and if the opportunity rose again Jennifer didn’t know if she’d be able to deny herself.

Jennifer had been eyeing Courtney and Lisa all day. She had seen them naked before, so there was no difficulty for her to imagine what they looked like without their clothing. Still she had no intention of giving into these desires. She didn’t have the sense of courage that Rose, Alyssa and Holly or Sarah, Alyson and Eliza seemed to have and she felt that throwing sex into the mix might hurt their friendship. Besides Courtney and Lisa had husbands and Jennifer didn’t want to mess that up. Of course she had a husband too.

It always seemed to come back to that though. As much as she tried to come to terms with all that she’d done and how much she knew Brad would love to see her be with one of her gorgeous housemates, she couldn’t help but feel guilt. She loved Brad very much and she’d never cheat on him with another man, but she felt like she needed this more and more. On those nights she and Brad were together in their house, part of Jennifer always longed to be in her other house with her other life. She didn’t know if she could live like this forever. There had been so many times when she had prepared herself to tell the girls that she was leaving, but she hadn’t been able to do it. She hadn’t been able to refuse the desires they created in her and she didn’t want to deny the pleasure she knew they gave her.

Of course she also didn’t want to deny herself the love and pleasure she got from Brad. She loved how he touched her and how safe and loved he made her feel. If she had to choose, she’d choose him. She thought. It was so damn confusing and it wasn’t a thought Jennifer wanted to deal with now. She wanted to think some more about the hot little interns who were working on set and how she could promise them they could use her as a reference if they first showed off their special skills.

But before Jennifer could get those juicy thoughts running around in her head again, she was interrupted by her ringing cell phone. Annoyed to be broken out of her thoughts just when it was about to get good, Jennifer sounded distracted as she began the call.

“Hello?” Jennifer said, a bit testily.

“Bad time?” a familiar male voice asked from the other end.

“Brad!” Jennifer smiled so brightly she was sure he could see it all the way up in Toronto where he was shooting scenes for “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.”

“I was when I woke up this morning,” he replied. “Good to hear you’re not mad for me teasing you yesterday about being dead and all that.”

“Oh I am mad…verrrrrrrrrry mad,” Jennifer said, trying to pull off an aggressive tone and failing completely at it. “You are so going to have to make it up to me. I mean it. Warm baths. Foot massages. Rose petals wherever I walk. The whole deal.”

“Ok…ok…ok,” Brad said. “Let me write this stuff down. Baths. Foot massages. Rose petals. Check. Will you at least wear that outfit I like? You know the white one?”

“I think you’re going to have to do a lot of begging before you see me in any of my lingerie collection again,” Jennifer replied, lowering her voice so as not to broadcast her conversation with her husband.

“Suits me just fine,” Brad declared. “I like you better out of your lingerie anyway.”

“I walked into that one,” Jennifer affectionately sighed.

“You always do,” Brad reminded her. “So what are you up to?”

“Just hanging around the set,” Jennifer answered. “What about you?”

“Sneaking out of some girl’s house before her husband gets home,” Brad stated.

“Let me know how that goes,” Jennifer dryly replied. “I want to know if I have to identify you at the morgue.”

“So now I’m the one who’s dying?” Brad questioned. “How do these crazy stories get started anyway?”

“Probably intercepted cell phone conversations taken out of context,” Jennifer suggested.

“Oooh good point,” Brad replied. “I’d better end this conversation and get a more direct connection.”

He suddenly ended the call without so much as saying goodbye, leaving Jennifer quite surprised.

“Hello? Brad? Hello?” Jennifer said, not believing he’d just end the call like that.

“Hello,” Jennifer heard a voice behind her say and she immediately whirled around to see Brad standing there, holding his cell phone and looking mighty happy with how clever he was.

“You jerk!” Jennifer exclaimed in delight before literally leaping up into her husband’s arms and kissing him passionately. “You weren’t supposed to be back until Wednesday.”

“I wanted to see you a few days early,” Brad explained.

“Well in that case you’re forgiven,” Jennifer smiled before kissing him again. She didn’t care who saw her kissing her husband. All the conflict and guilt that she had just been feeling had disappeared along with the girl-girl desires she’d just been feeling. Nothing else mattered for the moment. She was with her man.

* * * * *

“Is everything packed up?” Kirsten Dunst asked.

“I just forgot my bag, I’ll run in and get it,” Eliza Dushku replied, running inside and leaving Kirsten alone with her thoughts. Of course those thoughts were entirely focused on the girl who was running up the steps toward the house they had been sharing.

Eliza was wearing overalls that day and Kirsten had thought she had looked so sexy with that blue jeans material covering her body. She just wanted to pop the buttons of the straps and push it down so she could get under her shirt and play with Eliza’s beautiful body. Kirsten just stared at Eliza’s ass while she walked away and felt such wonderful sensations in her body.

Kirsten had never thought she could feel this way about another girl. Sure she had always been curious about being with a woman, but she never thought she’d actually do it. But then she and Eliza had taken had taken a trip to Bermuda on the studio’s dime as a reward for the box office receipts for “Bring It On.” Kirsten had had no idea that Eliza was bisexual when she made the trip, but she soon found out dramatically when they had gone to the beach and Eliza had seduced her.

Kirsten had been taken aback at first, but she hadn’t been able to deny how much she had loved Eliza’s hand slipping inside the bottoms of her bikini and finger fucking her to orgasm. When they finally got back inside and naked in bed, Kirsten had showed Eliza how much she had loved it and from that moment on Kirsten was done with men. Was she a lesbian now? She didn’t know. All she knew was that she liked being with Eliza both as someone to hang out with and someone to spend intimate naked time with.

She had always had such bad luck with relationships. It sounded like the old sob story. Beautiful actress who can have anything she wants…except love. But that was how it had always been for her. She never had had a long-term relationship that had lasted and Kirsten could picture her rogues gallery of ex-boyfriends who had all gone after greener pastures.

In her most insecure moments, Kirsten found herself wondering if Eliza was cheating on her too. Eliza was much more experienced with being with other women and sometimes Kirsten worried that she was going to leave her for someone who was just better at this then she was. Eliza never gave her any reason to think she wasn’t happy, but Kirsten worried that she wasn’t sexy or bold enough for her. Kirsten had never been in a relationship like this before and she just wondered if she was doing the right thing.

Things had been a little strained lately between her and Eliza. Eliza had seemed so distant at times, like her thoughts were elsewhere. She wouldn’t tell Kirsten what was bothering her and that hurt her. Kirsten didn’t want there to be secrets between them. They had been making love less and Kirsten felt like Eliza was slipping away from her. She had seen that look with her ex-boyfriends before. Would Eliza cheat on her? It was possible, but Kirsten told herself it couldn’t of happened. Eliza wouldn’t do that to her.

That was why Kirsten was so happy they were going away for this little trip up to the wine country. She had been doing so many interviews for “Spiderman” that she was close to burning out. She just needed to relax and she wanted Eliza there to relax her in those special ways only she knew how to do. Eliza had happily accepted the invitation and Kirsten had been looking forward to this for so long. Perhaps this was just what they needed to get themselves back on track. This could fix whatever problems they were having.

Eliza was just as excited about the trip as Kirsten was. She wanted to get to the hotel, push Kirsten down and totally ravish her. Getting away from here was a good idea and already Eliza could feel the moisture building in her pussy over what she could do to Kirsten when they got to their destination.

Eliza knew they were having trouble in their relationship and she also knew that she was the cause. Things had been perfect and she had gone and messed it all up. Of course Kirsten didn’t know about all that. She had no idea of all that had happened when Eliza had gone to Sarah’s new house and ended up in a poolside orgy of pussy that had been the most erotic thing she had ever been involved with in her life.

But now Eliza had to live with the guilt of having done that while she was in this thing with Kirsten. She had never been one for long-term relationships. Eliza usually had her fun and moved on, but she had been with Kirsten for a while now and her usual wanderlust hadn’t surfaced, except for that one day.

She kicked herself every time she thought about how easy it would have been to bring Kirsten along with her that day. No one would have minded one extra hot chick by the pool and she knew Kirsten would have had fun with all those hot tongues dying to get a taste of her pussy. But she hadn’t done it. Eliza had let her lust to make a fantasy come true of fucking Sarah control her and she had hadn’t told Kirsten about where she was going or what she was doing.

Until she had hooked up with Kirsten, Eliza never would have let something like this bother her. She had been a total hedonist, living for the moment and always seeking the maximum pleasure out of life. But Kirsten had gotten into her head and heart like no man or woman ever had. She was just totally into everything about her. Her touch, her taste, her whole essence…Eliza loved it all. But with that came the guilt over how she had betrayed her. Eliza had had so much fun at the mansion and was dying to go back, but every time she wanted to indulge herself that she thought of Kirsten and how she had no idea what had happened. The guilt chewed Eliza up inside and that was the cause of the distance Kirsten had been feeling lately between them.

If people who had problems called them monkeys on their backs, this was King Freakin’ Kong. She wanted to confess everything to Kirsten and totally come clean with her, but she didn’t know how she’d take it. She wanted to make everything ok with them again and maybe they’d be able to do this on their trip. Maybe they’d be able to get back to where they were before.

Eliza grabbed her bag and ran back out to the car where Kirsten was waiting for her. Kirsten smiled her beautiful smile when she saw her lover and Eliza couldn’t help but lean over and kiss her sexy lips.

“You ready to go?” Kirsten asked.

“You know it,” Eliza answered. “I’m always ready.”

* * * * *

“Stop! Stop! Stop the music!” Gwen suddenly commanded. She and her fellow No Doubters were practicing for a performance they were going to give that night and Gwen’s heart was far from being into it. She was supposed to be singing the band’s new hit “Hella Good,” but that certainly was not an accurate description of her mood and she just couldn’t fake the energy and happiness the song needed.

“Is everything ok?” Tony Kanal, the band’s bassist asked.

“I just need a break, ok?” Gwen replied, with a slightly snappish tone. “Give me five minutes.”

Gwen didn’t even wait for anyone to respond to it. She just put down her microphone and walked off the stage. She didn’t acknowledge anyone on her way, she just walked straight to the dressing room and shut the door behind her. There all the bitter tears she had been saving up began to run down her cheeks. Gwen gritted her teeth and refrained from sobbing up a storm, but that didn’t stop the tears from coming.

In Gwen’s mind all she could think of was Gavin finishing up a concert and then returning backstage to find a bevy of beautiful women willing to give it all up to be with him. She could see him removing his clothing and whichever slut he picked first servicing his every desire. That bastard. Why did he need them? Wasn’t she good enough? Wasn’t she pretty enough? Didn’t she give into whatever he needed sexually? There hadn’t been anything she wouldn’t do for him and he still went off and did this to her.

There wasn’t a drip of self-pity in Gwen’s tears. She didn’t blame herself for what had happened. She blamed Gavin. He was the one who couldn’t keep his dick soft whenever he was around a woman with a hot body. He was the cause of her anguish and she didn’t deserve this. She was pretty and sexy and fun. She deserved to be treated well.

However, that realization didn’t help ease her pain though. Having seen the undeniable truth of Gavin’s infidelities left Gwen feeling ripped apart on the inside. She felt like the whole relationship was a lie. Part of her wanted to call him right now in London and tell him to take his engagement ring and stuff it right up his ass for some groupie to fish out with her tongue. But she just couldn’t deal with that right now. Getting proof of what he was doing was enough for one day without having to end her engagement as well.

Besides Gwen’s thoughts weren’t on ending her relationship. They were on revenge. She wanted to find some way to get even with Gavin, even if it was just something she knew about. Just knowing she had evened the score was enough satisfaction for now. But how could she do it?

She could go off and have a revenge fuck with one of her bandmates but that probably wasn’t the best of ideas. She could go off with Tom Dumont, the guitarist, but what would that solve? Adrian Young, the drummer, was married and as for Tony, well she’d been there and done that as everyone who’d listened to “Don’t Speak” knew. No, that would definitely have been a bad idea. She supposed she could have herself a little fun with some of the male groupies who came to the concerts. She bet a lot of them would have loved a chance to get with her. But Gwen didn’t feel much like doing that either. There had to be something she could do.

Before Gwen could put any further thought into that, though, she heard a soft knock on the door and sighed. Someone must be checking on her.

“Come in,” Gwen said, wiping away the tears from her eyes with her hands.

“Are you ok?” Adrian asked as he shyly stuck his head into the room after opening the door.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Gwen said, putting on a brave face. She hadn’t told anyone else about what she had seen that morning. She didn’t need anyone’s pity. Plus she wanted to come to terms with it herself first.

“Have you been crying?” Adrian asked, sitting down next to her on the couch and assuming a position of sympathy.

“No,” Gwen lied.

“C’mon don’t pretend you’re not upset about something,” Adrian requested. “You don’t usually have the runny mascara look going for you like you do now.”

Damn it, the makeup had sold her out, Gwen sniffed. That stuff was evil. Oh well, there was no use pretending now.

“Is it Gavin?” Adrian asked, guessing on what could be making the normally peppy Gwen so blue.

“Would you believe me if I told you no?” Gwen asked.

“No I wouldn’t,” Adrian informed her.

“Well in that case yes it is,” Gwen stated. “And no I don’t want to talk about it.”

“It’s not like you to keep everything bottled up inside,” Adrian said, putting his arm around Gwen in a friendly gesture. “What’d he do now?”

“Adrian really, I don’t want to talk about it,” Gwen insisted. “I mean I appreciate what you’re trying to do here, but I just can’t deal with it all right now. Don’t worry I’ll be writing songs about it for the next album but right now I just don’t want to talk, ok?”

“Fair enough,” Adrian replied. “But you’re not going to do yourself any good running away and crying, no matter what it is that happened. Whatever’s bothering you, just pull yourself away from it. Get yourself far from what it is and then it won’t seem so bad.”

“You mean like a vacation from myself?” Gwen suggesting, a bell ringing in her head.

“Well yeah I guess,” Adrian said. “You’re whole personality isn’t what’s bothering you, is it?”

“Not really,” Gwen answered. “That just reminded me of some advice I’d gotten the other day.”

“Well whatever it is, just find something that makes you happy and do it,” Adrian continued. “If it’s a vacation from yourself, that’s fine. Whatever’s bothering you about Gavin won’t seem so bad after that.”

“Thanks Adrian,” Gwen replied, smiling for the first time all day. “You might make a pretty good counselor someday. You’d specialize in therapy through nudity.”

Gwen then looked down, indicating Adrian’s completely naked state. It wasn’t a sexual thing that caused him to be dangling right in front of Gwen, he just always preferred playing naked. It was kind of a joke now, but he felt it always allowed him to play better. It freed him from his inhibitions and that let him play a better show. The freer he felt, the more creative he could be on the drums.

“Oh that,” Adrian blushed. “I guess I just forgot to throw some pants on.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Gwen said. “I’m used to it. Frankly I would have been a bit flustered if you actually had clothes on. Thanks for trying to cheer me up.”

Adrian and Gwen then hugged warmly. She couldn’t stop thinking about what Jewel had told her the other night at the party about taking a vacation from herself. She wasn’t quite sure what that entailed but that sounded like something she could use right now. Jewel and she weren’t that close, but they were friendly and if they did something together she knew she wouldn’t be pestered with a million questions about Gavin. Perhaps she should give Jewel a call and see what she had in mind in terms of vacations from oneself.

* * * * *

Of course Gwen had no idea what Jewel’s true intentions had been, but someone who did know exactly what went on behind the doors of that mansion was Jessica Alba. She had been a guest at the pool party and she had gone in slightly reserved and more than a little uneasy about being there. When she had left though, she had become a total slut for pussy. She hadn’t entertained a sapphic thought in years before she’d gotten there, but the girls had broken down each and every one of her inhibitions by the end of the day.

If you had ever told her she’d end up in a poolside orgy with some of the most beautiful women in the world and not a guy in sight, Jessica would have looked at you like you were from Mars. But that’s exactly what she’d done and she’d loved every second of it. She’d done things and had things done to her that she never considered partaking in and it was like she had seen the light. There was a whole world of erotic pleasure out there that she ignored and she wanted more…much more.

Therein lay the problem though. Even though they had all exchanged phone numbers the day of the party and even though Jessica had made a few casual plans to get back with the girls, nothing had materialized. Jessica hadn’t been with a girl since that day by the pool and her pussy ached for more female attention. It was like a craving that was going unattended and, as a result, it was growing more and more powerful each day.

Jessica was in her trailer on the “Dark Angel” set as she struggled to suppress her hunger for pussy. She was making sure she had everything in her bag before she went straight from the set to the airport to catch a plane to New York. She was scheduled to be on Conan O’Brien’s show tomorrow to promote her series as the time neared for a decision on cancellation or renewal. Normally that would have been at the front of Jessica’s thoughts, but all she could focus on these days was how good all the girls she saw looked and how much she would love to take them to her bed for some serious naked snuggling.

Usually her co-star, and fiancé, Michael Weatherly, was more than enough to satisfy her, but she had to have what she had experienced in the mansion again. Part of her felt guilty about this, but it wasn’t like she was cheating on him with another guy. She wouldn’t do that to him. But she needed this. She needed the soft touch and passionate kiss of her own sex and if Michael wanted to even things out by having an affair with another guy he was more than welcome to.

Thinking of Michael getting it on with another hot guy made Jessica giggle. Like that was ever going to happen. Michael was a lot of things, but bisexual was definitely not one of them. But Jessica knew she was addicted to the taste of another woman and she was so horny for a woman’s touch to her young body. But how could she get one?

She wanted to go back to the mansion so badly, but how did she do that? She didn’t want to call up Love or Sarah or anyone else she’d played with that day and beg them to invite her over. They would have thought she was such a dork. And she couldn’t just go to the mansion knock on the door and jump on the first woman that let her in. She’d seem like a crazy stalker chick.

And it wasn’t as if she could go out and cruise the bars for a suitable female bedmate. What had made what went on in the mansion so much fun and so freeing was the total secrecy that went with it. Everyone had someone to lose, so Jessica didn’t have to worry about anyone there going to the tabloids and spilling all the sweaty, naked details. That wouldn’t be true if she went off and picked up the first girl she found. She could already see the Star’s headline about “Dark Angel’s Secret Gay Life.” To say that was something she wished to avoid would have been putting it mildly.

She had to get herself back to the mansion somehow, but not in a way that made her seem like she was too needy or too dorky to get herself hooked up again. Jessica wrapped her brain around this dilemma and tried to think of a way to do it. Maybe she could seduce another hot celebrity and then use that as a bargaining chip to get inside again. She could tell them, “Let me inside and eat my pussy and I’ll spill the details.”

That idea elicited another laugh from Jessica, but it certainly wasn’t something she dismissed out of hand. The more she thought about it, the more she liked that idea. It would satisfy her burning need for pussy and it would show the girls at the mansion that she was no lightweight, orgy hanger-on. Jessica prided herself on never doing anything half-assed and that certainly included her newly embraced bisexuality. But who could she seduce and did she have the guts to pull it off?

Jessica moaned at the memories of her initial seduction at Love’s hands and lips. She remembered how confident she had been in her sexuality and how she hadn’t hesitated a second before making her move. Jessica had found it impossible to say no to that bouncy sex goddess and it had opened the door to her to immense pleasure. Could she be as sexy and sure of herself as Love had been that day when they had gone up to her room to change into their bikinis and ended up rolling on top of Love’s sheets.

She had never had a problem seducing guys before and she had never had a problem being sexually aggressive when the situation warranted it. Sure any seduction attempt could backfire, but that was risk Love and everyone had certainly taken at the party and look how that turned out. So Jessica felt confident she would have no problem dealing with the problem of if she could do it. The only thing left to wonder about was whom she could do it to.

Fortunately fate, as it often did, had a way of making things easy when a decision was being debated. Before Jessica had a chance to begin evaluating targets for seduction in her horny brain, she heard a knocking on the door of her trailer.

“Who is it?” Jessica asked.

“It’s Amy,” the voice said on the other side and Jessica’s eyes lit up. Maybe she was going to have her decision made for her. Amy Dumas wasn’t a household name, but she was quite well known under the alias of “Lita.” She was a WWF wrestler and she was guesting on the show’s season finale.

As the show tried for a third season, they were pulling out the stops. Not only was Amy guest starring, the show was being directed by the second most famous man to ever have the initials “J.C.” Series creator James Cameron had decided to take the directorial reigns for the first time since he finished that little independent movie “Titanic.” But he wasn’t whom Jessica was thinking about right now. Her thoughts were on the redheaded beauty that was standing right outside her trailer door. She had been admiring Amy’s beauty from afar all week and now Jessica had to wonder if she was interested in a little playtime.

“Hold on a second,” Jessica said before taking that brief moment to compose herself. It wouldn’t have been that smart to tackle Amy as she walked through the door and start humping her leg. It might have been fun, Jessica giggled, but not that smart. She had to test the waters a little.

Jessica then walked over and opened the door to her trailer, letting Amy in. Amy smiled when she saw Jessica and it only served to make Jessica want her more. Could it be possible that the answer to her needs was going to walk right up to her like this. Oh well, no way to find out but to look and see.

“I won’t keep you long, I just wanted to stop by and than you,” Amy said as she stepped inside and sat down on Jessica’s couch. “Everyone’s just been so awesome this week and you’ve really been so nice to me Jessica. I really appreciated that. If you couldn’t tell this was my first time, you know, doing real acting and stuff like that.”

“No need to thank me. You did great,” Jessica assured her, sitting down next to Amy on the couch and eyeing her over subtly. Amy was wearing a loose t-shirt that had been cropped at the bottom to expose her belly and pants that hung low on her. They weren’t quite as low as they were when she was Lita, but they were low enough to show that her ring-wear wasn’t all the idea of some WWF costumer. Her fashion sense came from herself more often than not. “I was kind of concerned what you were going to think of me.”

“What do you mean?” Amy inquired.

“I mean I thought you were going to come in as this tough chick who was gonna to think I was some kind of wuss for having a stunt double and all that stuff,” Jessica explained.

Amy laughed affectionately in response.

“Please, that was never going to happen,” Amy replied. “I think what you do is great. It’s really awesome. I love this show. I was so happy when I got a chance to be on it.”

“Thanks,” Jessica said. “I love your show too.”

“Really?” Amy asked, slightly suspicious and raising her eyebrow. Jessica didn’t seem the type who spent a whole lot of time watching WWF.

“Well not really,” Jessica admitted with an embarrassed blush. “I did see some of it though.”

Before the producer’s had officially signed Amy to guest star, they had given Jessica a chance to familiarize herself with her. To that end they had sent a tape of some of her matches over to her and Jessica had been impressed with what she had seen. Amy seemed willing to put her body in harm’s way to make it look real and it was entertaining. It wasn’t something Jessica was going to become a big fan of, but it wasn’t something she was going to make fun of either.

“What’d you think?” Amy asked, happy to have a chance to sit down and just talk with Jessica. She seemed really nice and if she was going to pursue acting seriously ever, Amy wanted to build relationships within the industry. Besides Amy never minded hearing a compliment.

“It was cool, I liked it a lot,” Jessica declared. “They sent me a tape of a bunch of your matches. I don’t know how you do all this stuff. They showed me this one where this big guy was attacking you with a sledgehammer. I couldn’t believe that they did that.”

“Yeah that was HHH. That was really cool,” Amy smiled, remembering the stunned crowd reaction when HHH and Stone Cold had attacked her. She loved it when the crowd got into it like that. It was like a pure adrenaline shot and they had had the crowd in the palm of their hand that night.

“Cool? Weren’t you nervous that they were going to, you know, really hit you?” Jessica asked. “I mean that was a real sledgehammer.”

“It’s really no different than doing any kind of stunt,” Amy explained. “You just have to not worry about the risks and go out there and do it. If you trust the guys you’re working with to hit their spots and do it right then there won’t be any problems. I trusted those guys and it turned out fine.”

“Wow, that’s really something,” Jessica said. “I could never do that. I’m a tough chick, but if one of those guys came at me I’d just curl up into the fetal position and hope they’d go away.”

“No you’re in great shape,” Amy told Jessica. “You’d do fine in the WWF. You just need to train a lot and make sure you stay in good shape. You already have the second part covered. Now we just have to send you to wrestling school.”

“No thanks, I saw an episode of ‘Tough Enough,’ I think I’ll stay in my nice safe job beating up soldiers and mutants,” Jessica laughed. “That’s one career I don’t think I’m going to jump into.”

“Well if you ever want to return the favor and guest on our show then we can steal you some ring time,” Amy suggested. “You’ll have fun with it.”

“I don’t know,” Jessica replied. “I don’t like getting hurt.”

“You can get hurt on this show too,” Amy said pointing to her neck and grimacing.

“Yeah I’m really sorry about that,” Jessica said sympathetically, as Amy brought up the slight on-set accident that had occurred during one of her stunts for a fight scene.

“Don’t be sorry, you’re not the one that dropped me,” Amy stated. A stuntperson had literally dropped Amy on her head during filming, but it hadn’t caused any serious damage. It had just left her with a sore neck.

“How are you feeling anyway?” Jessica asked.

“Just a little sore, it’s no problem,” Amy assured her. “Believe me, I’m used to being sore.”

Jessica took a second to ponder things. She really liked Amy. She was sorry they hadn’t spent more time together when she was on the set. She was smart and funny and, most of all, very sexy. Jessica took a deep breath and decided that she had better make her move soon before it was too late and Amy was wiggling her sexy ass out the door.

“Maybe you need a soft touch for once,” Jessica suggested a little too quietly.

“I didn’t hear that,” Amy said. “What did you say?”

“I mean do you think you need a neck massage or something?” Jessica rephrased her words. “I’m actually pretty good at that. There are a lot of sore people on this set.”

“Yeah that would be great,” Amy smiled. “I’m going to have to get myself one of those full body jobs soon. All of this can take it out of you for sure.”

I know a full body treatment I can give you, Jessica said to herself with a smile. She held her tongue though and simply got up behind the couch and began rubbing Amy’s neck. She certainly wasn’t an expert at neck muscles, but she knew she gave good massages so she was fairly confident she wasn’t going to screw up Amy’s neck any worse than it already was. Jessica began to gently massage Amy’s neck and soon the redhead began to vocalize her approval.

“Mmmmm that’s the spot,” Amy moaned gratefully. “Rub it right there Jessica. Wow, you’re boyfriend must love you. If you can do that to me, imagine what you can do to him.”

“I haven’t heard any complaints yet,” Jessica smiled. She had actually caught Amy giving Michael the eye at one point, but far from being jealous, one word had popped into Jessica’s mind…”threesome.” But since Michael wasn’t here, Jessica was thinking solely about twosomes. Hearing Amy moan from her rubbing her neck had her desire kicking in again and she wanted to start pushing things.

“So what about you, Amy?” Jessica asked. “Do you have a boyfriend? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“No, it’s fine,” Amy replied. “But no, I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s just really hard to have one when you’re on the road so much.”

That was no exaggeration on Amy’s part. She barely remembered what home looked like sometimes and it had been forever since she’d had a steady boyfriend. She had no idea how any of these guys stayed married when they were in this business. No wonder so many of them had wives and girlfriends in the company, they were the only members of the opposite sex they saw on a regular basis. Amy and her friend Matt Hardy had even once taken their on-screen romance off-screen, but she and him had decided that they were better off as friends than as lovers. She loved him and his brother Jeff and didn’t want to mess things up by getting into a heavy relationship.

“I know how you feel,” Jessica admitted. “It’s very hard to keep a relationship going when you have to be so many places at once. I guess you just have to try and have as much fun as you can.”

“I think I need a little bit more fun,” Amy sighed. She was feeling pretty comfortable with Jessica so she didn’t mind admitting that. She didn’t have a stuck up Hollywood attitude or anything. She seemed really down to Earth and Amy liked that.

“I know a way you can have some fun,” Jessica said, gathering all her courage and going for it. She then leaned down and began to kiss Amy’s neck.

“What are you doing?” Amy gasped. She didn’t pull away though. She stayed frozen where she was on the couch.

“I’m going to make you feel good,” Jessica informed her. Amy didn’t seem to mind the lips on her neck, but Jessica was steeling herself up to be prepared for that hurric-whatever move Amy did in that tape to beat her opponents.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Amy declared, trying not to moan even though this felt really good. She had always loved having her neck kissed. “You think I’m a lesbian?”

“I just think you’re really beautiful and I want to make you feel good,” Jessica insisted. “I’m really attracted to you Amy.”

“Oh my God,” Amy gasped softly. She couldn’t believe this was happening and she gasped again when Jessica’s hands reached over for her chest and began to gently stroke her breasts through her t-shirt. “I can’t…I just can’t do this…”

“Why not?” Jessica asked as Amy finally moved. She got up off the couch and looked Jessica right in the eyes. Amy didn’t seem angry. She just seemed confused. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Well…yeah…” Amy admitted. “But I’m straight.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re straight,” Jessica explained. “It only matters that this feels good. You said it feels good and I know I can make it even better. I’m not a lesbian either. I like guys. In fact, I love guys, but I also know how great it is to be with other women. Just let me touch you. I know we can have fun.”

Jessica loved how the tables had turned since her first encounter with Love up in that bedroom. Now she was the aggressor, trying to convince a hesitant girl to strip away her clothes…and her inhibitions.

“Haven’t you ever wondered what it was like to be with another girl?” Jessica asked. Amy blushed in response and cast a glance down toward her shoes. Jessica smiled with glee when she saw that. Clearly the answer was “yes.” “Don’t be nervous, Amy.”

“I’m not nervous,” Amy declared, feeling as if she were being challenged. “It’s just that I’ve never done this before.”

“Don’t worry I’m kind of new at this too,” Jessica informed her. “I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I am attracted to you Amy and I want to make love to you.”

“Is that what you want to do? Make love to me?” Amy asked, gathering up her own courage and deciding to take the plunge. “Wouldn’t you rather fuck me?”

Jessica was a bit taken aback by Amy’s bluntness, but then she broke into a wide grin. She liked that about Amy and her pussy began to throb with anticipation underneath her shorts. This didn’t look like it was going to take much coaxing after all.

“Now that’s a nasty word,” Jessica teased, playing innocent. “Is that what you want Amy? You want to fuck your first girl? You want to get naked so I can fuck you hard and make you come?”

“Yeah that’s what I want,” Amy insisted, not believing she was doing and saying this. “Are you going to talk or are you going to do it to me?”

“Let me show you what I’m going to do,” Jessica grinned before she came out from behind the couch and wrapped her arms around Amy’s waist. She pressed her lips to the redheads and kissed her passionately. Amy was a bit hesitant at first, but she quickly got comfortable with the feel of Jessica’s lips against hers. She opened her mouth and allowed Jessica’s tongue to enter. The invading tongue slid over her own and explored the new territory of her mouth. Amy loved how Jessica kissed. It was sweet and tender but probing and insistent and the same time.

Amy’s pulse was racing and her heart was pounding in her chest while she and Jessica swapped spit. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Her most forbidden of fantasies was coming true and it was happening in the most unexpected of places.

Sure Amy had fantasized before about what it would be like to make it with another girl. The road got long and boring quite often and after awhile your mind became open to the most alternative of possibilities. She just didn’t think anything was ever going to happen. Amy remembered all those diva photo shoots she had been on with her and her fellow WWF females in nothing but the skimpiest of swimsuits. Those trips had always gotten her imagination cooking and she had even indulged herself in a few masturbatory explorations dreaming about her fellow divas. But that was as far as she had taken it and that was as far as she had intended to take it.

She had never thought she’d actually have the opportunity or the courage to have sex with another woman but here she was, kissing Jessica Alba and getting mighty wet in the process. Amy knew she’d never have a better shot to make her fantasy come true. She didn’t really know Jessica. She didn’t have to work with her everyday. If it didn’t work out, she’d never have to see her again. And if it did work out then Amy knew she’d feel such sweet pleasure.

This felt so good. It felt really good to have another woman kiss and her and touch her breasts, like Jessica’s grabby hands were doing right then. She was going to do this! Amy couldn’t believe it, but she was going to get her first taste of pussy! She just hoped it was going to be as hot as she wanted it to be.

“You like that don’t you?” Jessica inquired after she pulled her lips away. Amy nodded her head and Jessica responded with another kiss.

“You wait right there,” Jessica instructed. “I’m going to lock the door and then we’re going to get you out of each and every piece of clothing you have on this hot body of yours.”

Jessica scurried over to lock the door of her trailer. No sense tempting fate with an open door, especially with what was going to be going on in here in just a few moments. Jessica turned back toward Amy and her eyes widened when she saw the eager newbie hadn’t waited for her to strip. Amy had kicked off her sneakers and socks and removed her shirt and bra and was in the process of dropping her loose pants to the floor. She hadn’t wasted a second.

“Wow,” Jessica marveled as she got her first up close and personal look at Amy’s flat stomach and beautiful breasts. Her tits looked so beautiful that Jessica thought she might start drooling.

“I can get naked pretty damn quick when I’m inspired,” Amy declared.

“Mmmm so I inspire you?” Jessica teased. “What is it that inspires you Amy? Is it my face? My legs? Or these?”

Jessica then lifted her white tank top up and revealed her bare breasts to Amy’s appreciative eyes. She hadn’t bothered with a bra underneath her tank because she had just been hanging out in here tossing her suitcase together. If she’d gone out to the set she would have harnessed up her chest, but Jessica didn’t think she was going to be needing a bra for quite awhile now.

“Oh my God,” Amy said before blushing. This was going to happen. It was really going to happen. They were getting naked and then they were going to do it. Amy just hoped she didn’t hyperventilate first. “Your breasts are beautiful.”

“So are yours,” Jessica replied. “I love your tits. But you should have waited to get naked for me. I wanted to strip you down.”

“Well…I still have my thong on,” Amy pointed out with a wicked smile as she lay herself down on the couch. “Why don’t you help me get out of it?”

“Gladly,” Jessica returned the smile with one of her own. She cast aside her tank top and sauntered over to Amy, topless and proud of it. She admired the pink thong that kept her from accessing Amy’s pussy and noted with great interest the wetness that was turning the pink material a darker shade.

Jessica lightly dragged her hand over Amy’s bare breasts, loving how she tensed up and gasped at her touch. She leaned in for another passionate kiss and while she pressed her lips to Amy’s her hand touched her thong and felt the heat and the moisture that was forming on her pussy. With one of her hands stroking Amy’s breasts and her hard nipples and the other zeroing in on her pussy, Amy was literally turning into putty in her hands.

“Oh yeah, you want this,” Jessica grinned. “You want this bad.”

“So give it to me then,” Amy replied, her face flush with desire. Jessica had barely touched her and she was so ready to come. “Do your nasty lil thing on me.”

“You don’t even have to ask,” Jessica said, before kissing Amy’s lips again. Jessica was feeling so hot right now, with Amy Dumas, every WWF fan’s fantasy, naked on her couch except for her panties. She had taken a girl who’d never had a lesbian encounter in her life and turned her into someone quivering for her touch. It was such a trip and Jessica imagined this was how Love had felt seducing her and how all the others at the mansion had felt when they had seen what a lesbian slut they had turned her into by the pool.

Jessica began to pet Amy’s pussy even harder now. Her light touch turned into more prolonged strokes of Amy’s labia lips. The pink material of her thong was now soaked and the soft moans that escaped Amy’s lips while she and Jessica kissed showed how great her need was. Their bare breasts rubbed together and the more aroused they got, the harder Jessica and Amy began to grind against one another.

Jessica didn’t want to torture her too much this time, after all she did have a flight to catch. She’d have to wait until the next time to test out how much of a sexy she-devil she could be.

“Oh Jessica…please…” Amy moaned to Jessica’s delight.

“Please what…” Jessica teased, rubbing Amy’s pussy just a little bit more. “You have to say it honey.”

“Please Jessica…touch me…” Amy begged in delightfully sexy whines that drove Jessica up the wall of desire. “Touch my pussy. Touch it with your fingers…with your tongue…with anything. Just please don’t make me wait.”

Jessica grinned again and pulled her hand away from Amy’s thong just long enough to hook her fingers into the waistband. She tugged it down in a tantalizing manner, slowly pulling it away from the sticky mess of sex cream that had already formed at Amy’s pussy. Jessica and Amy both moaned at once. Jessica moaned from the heat and aroused scent that flooded her senses as she stared at Amy’s wet pussy and neatly trimmed red bush and Amy moaned from the delicious sensation of the open air on her wet pussy.

Amy didn’t have an opportunity to savor that sensation though because as soon as she really started to get good, she found it replaced by something even better. Amy could only gasp in amazement when she felt Jessica’s wet tongue begin to flick itself against the lips of her pussy. That just drove on Jessica and soon enough her tongue was licking up the cream that had collected at Amy’s labia.

“Ohhhhhhh my God,” Amy moaned. It had only been seconds since Jessica’s tongue had begun to play between her legs, but she knew this was going to be better than she had ever dreamed it would be. Fantasies often didn’t live up to expectations when they finally happened, but this was one fantasy that was going to surpass those expectations. “Oh Jessica…it’s soooo good.”

Jessica was feeling pretty good herself as she licked Amy out, her tongue lapping away at her lips before pushing past toward her clit. Jessica wondered if Love had felt this good when she had first taken her. Jessica had thought it was awesome to be seduced. Now she knew it was even better to be the seductress. Jessica spread Amy’s lips with her fingers to get better access to her throbbing clit and enjoyed the intoxicating taste of the girl virgin who was naked and spread open before her.

For years Amy had entertained her sexily forbidden dreams of what a female tongue would feel like on her pussy. She loved how Jessica’s tongue felt soft and warm even though it was taking her with forceful insistence. Jessica seemed so totally focused on her pleasure and it was never like that with the men Amy had been with. Eating her pussy had always been something they had grudgingly done to pay her back for a blowjob or to make sure she was wet enough for fucking. Now Amy could feel that Jessica wasn’t going to stop until she came and came hard. In response, Amy could only think of one thing to say.

“Fuhh…oh fuck me Jess!” Amy exclaimed. “You’re making me so fucking wet! Eat my pussy! Ohhhh I’m going to come soooo hard!”

Was it possible to come just from eating someone out? That was the question dancing around Jessica’s mind right now. She was so wet and she was sure if she looked down she’d see she’d soaked right through her jean shorts with her arousal. She was dying to touch herself. Jessica just wanted to pop open the button of her shorts and slide her hand inside her panties so she could bring some relief to her needy pussy. But she couldn’t do that. Jessica found herself unable to stop touching Amy.

As bad as she needed to touch herself, Jessica couldn’t stop feeling every bit of Amy she could. This was her first seduction and Jessica couldn’t get enough of Amy’s beautiful naked body. While her tongue was buried deep in Amy’s pussy, Jessica’s hands were stroking her thighs and her stomach. She also moved her hands upward for the occasional nipple pinch of Amy’s gorgeous breasts. Each touch of Amy’s body only made Jessica wetter and it felt so good to touch her that she just couldn’t pull away to pay attention to her own needs.

By now Jessica had settled into a steady rhythm on Amy’s pussy. She would flutter her tongue over her pussy and then onto her clit, a move that drove Amy wild judging from the moans Jessica heard and the increased wetness she tasted. Then after she teased her with that she would suck hard on Amy’s clit, pushing her close enough to orgasm before pulling away, only to repeat the process all over again.

It all felt so good to Amy that she was having trouble deciding what she liked best. Jessica’s soft tongue teases felt just as awesome as her long sucks on her clitoris. It was all driving Amy wild and she could feel a tremendous orgasm building up inside her. Part of her didn’t want it because she knew when she came Jessica was going to have to stop, but she also knew that this was an orgasm guaranteed to make it’s way high onto her chart. Amy was feeling such immense pleasure, she wanted to make sure Jessica knew it.

“Jess…ohhhhhhh Jess…your tongue feels so damn good,” Amy moaned, her words becoming more frenzied with every passing lick or suck from Jessica’s magic mouth. “Make me come! Oh please make me come! I love how good you’re making my pussy feel! Don’t stop! Fuck my pussy with your tongue!”

“Is that what you want?” Jessica teased as she pulled away from Amy’s sex. The redhead practically found herself swooning when she saw Jessica’s face and how shiny it was from her pussy licking. Amy couldn’t believe it. That was her girl juice all over Jessica’s face. She was soaking another girl’s face and this realization only made Amy wetter.

“Do you want me to tongue fuck you Amy?” Jessica inquired as she began rubbing Amy’s pussy with her palm, keeping her in a high state of perpetual orgasm. “Or would you rather I did this?”

Before Amy had a chance to inquire what the second option was, Jessica took two of her fingers and slid them into Amy’s pussy. Amy gasped and gripped the material of the couch so hard she thought her nails might rip through it. She loved being finger fucked! Sometimes it even got her off harder than a cock inside her pussy. She just loved how hard people could take her that way and it looked like Jessica was planning on not being gentle with her fingers.

“Ohhhhhh YESSSSSSSS!!!” Amy screamed in ecstasy. “Do it Jessica! Finger fuck my pussy! Push those fingers inside me! Jam them up my cunt!”

Ooooh I’m really getting her going now, Jessica smiled to herself as she pushed her fingers in and pulled them out of Amy in a pistoning motion that had the wrestler writhing on her couch. Jessica’s pussy was aching for loving, but the actress continued to focus on the needs of the sexy redhead she was playing with.

“Mmmm my fingers feel so good in your wet, tight pussy,” Jessica moaned, loving how this was getting nastier by the second. Part of her was sorry she’d locked the door. If a curious male onlooker had stopped by, he would have found himself seriously jumped by two horny women looking for action. “Come for me Amy! I wanna feel your pussy come all over my fingers!”

“Just keep doing that!” Amy insisted through gritted teeth. She was beginning to toss her head back and forth, throwing her hair all over her face. Jessica thought she looked so sexy like that that she couldn’t help but kiss her on the lips and run her hands through her red hair. She was seeing why men had things for redheads now. If there was going to be a new season of the show Jessica was going to make sure the producers cast more redheads in guest roles.

Amy greedily tasted herself on Jessica’s lips as they kissed. Any of the tentativeness she had displayed before was long gone as Amy sucked on Jessica’s tongue and threw her own into Jessica’s mouth. The girls passionately frenched each other and it was hard to tell what was making more noise, the wet smacking of their kissing lips or the wet smacking of Jessica’s fingers plunging again and again into Amy’s pussy. Of course those noises could easily be missed from all the happy moans that were escaping the lips of Amy and Jessica.

“Just tell me when you’re going to come,” Jessica demanded. “I want to taste you! I want you to get my face all wet with your cum!”

Amy almost came just from that request and she could only nod her head in agreement. She couldn’t believe how hot this was. She loved the wild look on Jessica’s face as she finger fucked her and how her tits shook with every thrust of her hand. Amy could see the sweat forming on Jessica’s swaying minds and she couldn’t wait until she got her turn to taste another woman. Jessica looked so sexy leaning over her, topless, and Amy felt like when her orgasm finally did arrive one of the best parts was that she would be able to get Jessica out of the rest of her clothes.

Cries of pleasure filled the room as Amy began to coo happily from Jessica’s efforts. While she finger fucked Amy, Jessica had begun sucking on her breasts. Jessica tugged on Amy’s hard nipples with her lips and ran her tongue over all of her breast flesh. She even nipped on Amy’s nipples with her tongue a few times and far from being painful, it only made Amy more aroused.

“Ohhhh you’re so wet Amy,” Jessica moaned. “You’re so fucking wet. Come for me Amy. Come hard for me!”

“Yessssssss…ohhhhh yesss I will…I promise…” Amy wailed in pleasure. She was close. Her whole body felt like she was on edge and every inch of her skin was tingling in anticipation. She loved how Jessica’s fingers felt as they pushed in over and over again through her soft, pink folds. She had imagined her friends and fellow WWF divas, doing this to her and it was finally happening. It all felt so good to Amy. Whether it was Jessica’s tongue or fingers that were touching her, this girl knew just how to work her right. She wanted to feel it all at once. She wanted Jessica to push her over and make her come.

“Jessica…ohhhhh baby I’m gonna…gonna come,” Amy moaned. “Lick me! Lick me Jess! Make me come with your tongue!”

That was what Jessica wanted to hear, but she didn’t intend to get Amy off with just her tongue. Her first encounter with Love was still a vivid memory, even after all the time that had passed, and she still remembered how she had been able to get that adorably sexy nympho off. Now she was going to do the same to Amy.

Jessica quickly scooted herself down Amy’s body and got her face right in front of the girl’s dripping pussy. She pulled her fingers out just enough for her to work her tongue in as well. Jessica then began attacking Amy’s pussy from two fronts, with her tongue and fingers working her over. Just as it had driven Love wild, it had the same effect here.

“YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Amy screamed, her hands instinctively going to the back of Jessica’s head and holding her down. Not that it was necessary. James Cameron himself pushing the door down and ordering everyone back to the set wouldn’t have gotten Jessica out of the position she was in now.

“FUCK ME JESSICA!!!” Amy shouted in rapture. “DO IT HARD BABY!!! I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!”

Jessica was getting evidence of that all over her tongue as Amy’s honey dripped into her mouth. She pulled her fingers out so she could rub her sticky palm all over Amy’s even stickier pussy while she sucked and licked her clit. She loved how Amy’s clit throbbed between her lips as she pinched down on it. Amy was so keyed up that Jessica, even in her relative inexperience, knew it would only take one good lick to send her flying. So one good lick was exactly what Jessica gave to Amy’s clit.


Amy’s hips began to buck up and down, smacking Jessica’s face with her pussy. But Jessica loved that. She let Amy fuck her face as she continued to lap away at the creamy goodness her orgasm was feeding her. Oh if only Amy had been there at the pool party with them, they all could have enjoyed her. Oh well, at least Jessica knew she had a guest of her own to bring if the girls ever held another one.

Amy had never felt a rush like she felt right now, fucking Jessica’s face as she came. It was better than any sex she had ever had. It was better than wrestling at fucking Wrestlemania before a packed house of screaming fans. It was better than any title belt. Jessica’s tongue felt so good in her pussy and the way she was stroking her labia had Amy shooting up like a rocket on an endless trajectory upward. Her whole body was shaking and concentrating on that beautiful dark haired beauty buried between her legs was all Amy could do from blacking out.

When she felt as if Amy could take no more of her tongue, Jessica finally pulled away from her pussy. She looked up and saw a gasping wrestler trying to catch her breath. Looks like I’ve got my first notch for my bedpost, Jessica grinned, thinking that it sure as hell wasn’t going to be her last.

“That…was…” Amy gasped, struggling to find the right words and finding only one that could properly sum up the experience. “That…was…awesome…”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Jessica smiled sexily.

“Kiss me,” Amy said and it was not a request. It was a demand and it was one Jessica was happy to comply with as she sat down next to Amy on the couch. They kissed passionately with Amy taking the time to taste her own cum and revel in the taste of her orgasm.

“Oh Jess,” Amy sighed. “I can’t…I mean I just can’t thank you enough. What you did was just…wow!”

“Well I can think of something you can do,” Jessica said as she cuddled with the naked and slowly cycling down Amy.

“Oh? And what might that be?” Amy inquired with a grin.

“Well how about you help me get these shorts off and then you can use your imagination,” Jessica replied.

“Mmmm I like the sound of that,” Amy stated. “But wouldn’t you rather I use my tongue on you?”

“Baby you can use whatever you want on me,” Jessica assured Amy before they fell into another hot kiss. Amy felt the exhaustion Jessica had given her begin to dissipate and for the first time began to touch the beauty that had given her so much pleasure.

Amy began to lightly touch Jessica’s bare breasts, feeling the soft mounds under her hands and her hard, swollen nipples brought a smile to her face. Amy was still a little shy about being with another woman, but Jessica was so beautiful she knew she’d have no trouble getting over it.

“Yes that’s it,” Jessica moaned as she closed her eyes and began to run her fingers through Amy’s hair again. “Play with them. Play with my tits.”

Having never touched another woman like this before, Amy took Jessica’s moans as the ultimate praise. As long as she heard those sexy moans, Amy knew she was doing right. She continued to massage Jessica’s breasts and then lowered her head so she could take them in her mouth. She began sucking on Jessica’s nipples, the girl’s coos of pleasure and the gentle touch of her hand in her hair telling Amy that her new friend liked it.

While Amy was sucking and nibbling on her soft, young breasts Jessica was shivering from the intense sexual sensations her lover was creating. Jessica’s pussy was throbbing with desire and she looked down and saw what she had suspected all along, she had soaked her shorts with her wetness. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this turned on. Actually she could. It had been at the pool party and it had been the last time, up until now, that Jessica had experienced the touch of another woman.

“Touch me,” Jessica requested. “Feel how wet I am Amy.”

Jessica then took Amy’s hand and guided it to the crotch of her shorts. Amy gasped when she felt the soaked material and began sucking on Jessica’s tits even more passionately. Jessica used her hand to make Amy rub her through her shorts and after a few moments of that Jessica pulled her hand away. Like a good student, Amy had paid attention to her lesson and continued to rub Jessica with her hand.

“Yesss ohhhh Amy,” Jessica moaned. “Feel it. Feel how wet I am. My pussy is so fucking wet under my shorts and it’s all for you Amy. You’ve been turning me on ever since you got to the set and now you’re all mine.”

Knowing that Jessica had been looking at her since she arrived and wanting to do this with her got Amy going even more. She had caught Jessica staring at her a couple of times and she had wondered why. She had been worried that Jessica had hated her for some reason? But now she knew it was quite the opposite and it made Amy desperate to get at that wet pussy of Jessica’s.

Amy pulled away from Jessica’s breasts, leaving a lot of saliva covered flesh in her wake and moved down. She began kissing all the way down Jessica’s chest, even tickling Jessica’s bellybutton with her tongue, eliciting an aroused giggle from the actress that drove Amy wild. When she finally got to Jessica’s shorts, Amy was so excited she fumbled with the task for a few moments before successfully unsnapping the button to them. As Jessica looked down at her with aroused expectation, Amy hooked her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and yanked them down.

This action also brought Jessica’s panties down and Amy was very happy to see that. Getting Jessica’s navy blue panties out of the way just brought her one step closer to what she now wanted more than anything…Jessica’s wet pussy. For so long Amy had imagined what something like this would be like and now she was at the final step. She couldn’t help but admire her prize and the sparse dusting of black hair that grew above it.

“Oh my God Jessica,” Amy gasped. “Your pussy is so beautiful.”

“Mmmm you like my pussy baby?” Jessica moaned. “Why don’t you show me how much?”

“Oh I will, don’t worry,” Amy grinned before taking the last step in embracing bisexuality. She slowly stroked Jessica’s pussy lips with her fingers, getting a tentative first feel of another woman’s pussy. She then brought her fingers up to her lips and seductively sucked them clean, tasting another woman for the first time. She liked the taste and decided she needed more and soon. And since there was only one place to get this particular flavor, she’d best not delay.

Her heart began to pound in her chest again as she leaned down, her lips quickly approaching Jessica’s pussy. In a way she was even more excited now to do this than to have Jessica go down on her. Jessica had been so good in what she had done that Amy wanted to show her she could be that good too. She wanted Jessica to see she was worth all the work she had put in.

Jessica thought Amy looked so sexy as she tentatively approached her pussy. Had that been how she’d looked when she’d first gone down on Love on that soft bed at the mansion? She wanted back there so bad. Perhaps she could bring Amy as a gift for everyone.

But any thoughts of sharing Amy disappeared the second her lips met Jessica’s pussy in a sexy little kiss. Jessica began to moan and immediately only wanted Amy all for herself. The fiery redhead began to kiss her pussy over and over again with soft girly kisses that only got more passionate with each touch of her lips. Soon those kisses had developed into tongue lashes and Jessica knew she had found herself a natural born pussy licker.

“Yesssss ohhhh yessss…” Jessica moaned. “Ohhh Amy that’s just how you do it. Lick it like that. Get all that cream on my pussy.”

That was exactly what Amy was planning on doing. The more she sampled, the more she was loving the taste of Jessica’s sex. It was similar to hers, but different. It was like two vintages of wine and Amy was confident this wasn’t going to be her last trip to this type of vineyard. All the cream that had collected from Jessica’s arousal was quickly licked up by Amy’s hungry tongue and all that did was create new cream for Amy to collect with her tongue.

“Do you like it Jessica?” Amy inquired. “Does it feel good?” Amy had always been a voracious collector of feedback on her matches and since this was the best damn match she’d ever been in, she was going to make sure she got feedback.

“Oh yes I love it,” Jessica assured her. “It feels soooo good. Don’t stop! Eat my pussy!”

Amy was about to comply when she was struck by a sudden impulse. It had felt so good to have Jessica’s fingers playing within the tight walls of her pussy, why shouldn’t she do the same to her? But before she slid her fingers in, she suddenly changed tactics and did something else.

“OOOOH!!!” Jessica cried out when Amy suddenly delivered a sizzling slap to her pussy. Taking that as a good response, Amy did it again and then again. By the time she spanked Jessica’s pussy for a fourth time, Amy had turned the actress into a babbling mass of sexual desire.

“Ohhhhhhh FUCK!!!” Jessica cried with sudden emphasis. “SPANK IT!!! SLAP THAT WET PUSSY HARD!!!”

“Mmmm yes you bad girl!” Amy grinned, spanking Jessica’s pussy again, her hand making a wet slapping noise that was arousing to both of them. “You like getting your pussy slapped, don’t you?”

“Ohhh yessss…I LOVE IT!!!” Jessica cried. She had rarely even been spanked on her ass, much less her pussy. In fact it was her first time experiencing this delight, but there was no need to let Amy know that, especially when it felt so fucking good.

“Yes! Feel me slapping your pussy!” Amy moaned. “Spanking your pussy because you’re a naughty little girl for getting me so wet and horny!”

Jessica quivered with each word and Amy knew from her experience doing this to herself, that she’d had enough. As with any spanking, there was a point where it did start to hurt and she didn’t want to do that to Jessica. She just wanted her to feel as good as she had felt when she had been the one coming. Amy pulled her sex covered hand away and buried her face back in Jessica’s pussy.

This time Amy didn’t just concentrate on Jessica’s lips, she went in after her clit too and her pleasure bud was already swollen and desperate for a sexy touch from the spanking. Amy began sucking on Jessica’s clit while taking the hand that had just been used as a paddle to address the growing wetness between her own legs. Amy sighed into Jessica’s pussy as her fingers sank into her own pussy and began working herself over.

“Oooooooh Amy!” Jessica begged for more. “Make me come! Eat me up! Eat my wet little pussy up!”

Amy slid off the couch to get herself better positioning on Jessica. She fell to her knees in front of the couch and let Jessica get her legs over her shoulder. They must have made a wonderful sight. Two beautiful women who were virtually strangers naked and doing such wicked things to one another. While one of her hands was playing with her own pussy, the other was stroking Jessica’s thighs and touching her in all the right places. Amy had quickly gotten into licking another woman and was committed to getting Jessica off.

“Yessss Amy yessss…” Jessica continued to moan her encouragement. “You’re doing so well! Don’t stop! Please! I’m getting so close!”

Yes come for me, Amy silently begged Jessica with her eyes as she looked straight up at her from between her legs. Come all over my face. Amy was fingering herself hard by now, her fingers now soaked with Jessica’s juices and her own. She was close to coming herself and wanted to finger herself to orgasm when the same thing was happening to Jessica from her tongue.

Jessica could feel her climax drawing near as Amy sucked away at her clit in between lashes at her pussy with that hot tongue of hers. Amy was right. There was no word to describe this other than awesome. She had been so nervous her first time with Love and then by the pool everything had been so frenzied. This time Jessica could sit back and enjoy the feel of a woman’s tongue in her pussy and she was more than enjoying it. Jessica began stroking her bouncing breasts. She squeezed her generous mounds, wetting her fingers and toying with her nipples. Everything Jessica did was designed to increase the pleasure she was getting from Amy’s tongue.

When Amy’s tongue hit a very sensitive part on her clit, Jessica’s hips unconsciously bucked up and pressed her pussy closer to the wrestler’s lips. She took this as a sign to lick harder and faster and Jessica was quickly reaping the benefits.

“OHHHH FUCK YOU’RE GOOD AT THIS!!!” Jessica exclaimed when Amy hit another sensitive spot. She was going to be watching a lot more wrestling from now on that was for sure. If the rest of those girls were this hot then maybe Jessica could find herself a few more guest stars. Of course they would all have to submit to private auditions first.

Come for me Jessica, Amy again silently commanded. She began alternating back and forth from those two sensitive spots she’d hit before. She went after one and then right after the other. She did this again and again and again while Jessica cried out for more. The wetness overwhelming her senses told Amy that Jessica was close and she didn’t want to waste another second before bringing this beauty off. She hit those two spots one last time.


She certainly was and soon her cum was coating Amy’s happy face. Amy was like a woman possessed between Jessica’s spasming legs. The more pussy cream she had on her tongue, the more she wanted. Just as she had fucked Jessica’s face, the actress returned the favor and then some here. Jessica thrust onto Amy’s tongue until her girlcum was dripping down the redhead’s chin.

As she licked up Jessica’s orgasm, Amy felt her own deliverance arrive. She came all over her fingers and Jessica’s pussy muffled her cries of pleasure. Amy moaned into Jessica as she soaked her hand most happily.

Jessica cried out her total and complete satisfaction. There could have been a huge audience of people gathered around her trailer right then and she wouldn’t have cared. In fact she would have expected a standing ovation from them for her and Amy after what they had done to each other. Jessica continued to cry out with every lick from Amy’s seemingly tireless tongue.

Unfortunately Jessica had to stop this before she lost her voice. She couldn’t go on Conan tomorrow all hoarse. How would she be able to explain it? So Jessica pulled herself away from Amy’s shiny and cum covered face and let herself fall to the floor so she could be down on the soft rug with her new lover. The two kissed, sharing their flavors with one another before they combined their tongues to clean Amy’s hand off. They both did an excellent job in their mutual tongue bath and soon their tongues were flicking together in the dying embers of their encounter.

Amy wrapped her arms around Jessica and held her tight. Jessica did the same and they indulged in their afterglow, holding each other with an occasional kiss or caress thrown in when the mood struck them.

“Mmmm thank you Jessica,” Amy said, punctuating it with a soft kiss to Jessica’s cheek. “You were an awesome first time.”

“No, thank you,” Jessica smiled. “I’m just glad you had fun.”

“Oh I did, believe me I did,” Amy declared. “Ummm I was just wondering if we might be able to do it again sometime.”

“Just tell me where and when,” Jessica replied. “I loved fucking you.”

Jessica was so tempted to tell her about the mansion and all about her first lesbian experiences, but she didn’t. She didn’t want to be a blabbermouth. Besides if all went well after she got back from New York, she’d be able to get another invite, tell the girls about Amy and then be able to spill all the details. That just left Jessica with one question left to ask.

“So Amy, when can I guest star on your show?” Jessica asked before they both started to laugh.

* * * * *

“So after you’re a big sexy Playmate are we going to still be good enough for you or are you going to be too high and mighty for us?” Jewel teased Love. “Are you going to abandon us and go live in the mansion?”

“Oh Jewel I’d never abandon you guys,” Love grinned. “I’d simply work out a schedule so on odd days I’d live here and on even days I’d be in the grotto being sexually serviced by Playmates.”

“You should make sure that’s in your contract,” Jewel joked.

“I already have,” Love laughed as Jewel’s hands tickled her tummy. “It says plainly that I am entitled to five Playmates a month and every year I get to pick the Playmate of the Year by how many times she can make me come. You know like a contest.”

“You probably would do that,” Jewel replied. “Can’t say I blame you though. God, I’ll bet you’re going to look so beautiful in there. I can’t wait to see what they do with you.”

“Me too,” Love sighed. “I’m really excited about this.”

Love and Jewel were holding each other as they lay on Jewel’s bed. They were still fully dressed and their embrace was more affectionate than sexual, but Jewel knew that could change in a heartbeat. Her head was resting on Love’s shoulder and her hand was stationed on Love’s smooth stomach right over her belly. Jewel loved these quiet moments. They were some of her favorite times here at the mansion. It was the times when she was just with one, or more of the girls, and they could just be together. They didn’t have to be having sex or doing something naughty. They could just be together and it always felt really good to just do that.

It was more than just sex here. Jewel really felt a strong connection with her housemates and she was confident that they felt the same way with her. She loved living here. It was always something to return home and find a girl like Love waiting and more than willing to crawl into bed with you, even if it was just to cuddle.

“You know you could always pose with me,” Love suggested. “We could do a Girls of Malibu layout.”

“Mmm tempting but my family would freak,” Jewel replied. “I had enough trouble when I did that little snippet of nudity in the movie. And that was nothing. Besides I don’t like the whole world seeing my goodies. I prefer to share them with a select few.”

“Well speaking on behalf of the other’s, we’re honored,” Love smiled. She kissed Jewel on the lips and the singer was quick to respond by sliding her tongue into Love’s always willing mouth. But before things got any further down the line, Jewel’s cell phone sprang to noisy life.

“Goddamned phones nothing but trouble!” Love snapped in annoyance. “They won’t let me have any fun today!”

“Oh hush,” Jewel chided with a soft peck to Love’s pouting lips before she reached for her phone. “Hello?”

“Hi, Jewel?” a voice asked from the other end. It took Jewel a second to recognize it and when she did a broad smile crossed her face.

“Gwen! Hi!” Jewel replied. “How are you?”

“I’m ok,” Gwen lied. “You know I’ve been staring at your number here for the past few days and thinking about calling but every time I try it seems like there’s some kind of obstacle thrown in my way.”

“I know,” Jewel said in response. “It’s been the same way with me. I’ve been meaning to call.”

“Well I’ve been thinking about what you said the other day, you know about breaking out of monotony and stuff like that,” Gwen said, not quite sure how to say this without making an ass out of herself. She needed to go out and have some fun with someone though and Jewel’s had been the best offer she’d gotten recently.

“Yeah?” Jewel replied, not quite sure where this was going but knowing if it got her and Gwen together it could only be a good thing.

“Well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out or something tomorrow,” Gwen said, immediately kicking herself for putting it like that. She sounded like some high school kid trying to see if her friend wanted to go to the mall. “We’ve been doing a lot of gigs lately and I could sure use a break. So I was thinking of taking that little vacation from myself you suggested. I was hoping you might want to be a travel guide.”

“I’d love to,” Jewel said. “I know exactly what we can do. Why don’t you get up here to Malibu tomorrow and we can break you out of your rut.”

“Sounds good,” Gwen said. She had no idea what Gwen had in mind but she knew she couldn’t do another gig or sit around mooning over Gavin. She needed to do something outside of her routine. She wrote down Jewel’s address and how to get there. It seemed easy enough. Now she would just have to see if Jewel had the cure to the blues she desperately needed.

“Ok, see you tomorrow, Gwen,” Jewel said.

“You got it,” Gwen promised. “Tomorrow it is.”

Jewel then hung up her phone and saw Love’s curious eyes.

“Gwyneth Paltrow?” Love inquired.

“You wish,” Jewel replied, sticking her tongue out at Love. “Gwen Stefani.”

“Ooooh she’s just as good,” Love grinned. “I’ll bet you know exactly what you can do with her.”

“Oh stop, I don’t even know if she’d be into that,” Jewel blushed.

“Oh yeah like you’re not going to be spending the whole night trying to get her right here where I am now,” Love said with an eyeroll.

“Well I didn’t say that,” Jewel admitted.

“Ooooh Jewel’s first seduction,” Love teased. “Just make sure you share. No hogging the guests.”

“Oh I’m a good girl,” Jewel assured Love. “I always share my toys.”

“Very good, now where were we,” Love asked, not wanting to be denied a third time. The phone had interrupted her before she could turn Jewel into her breakfast that morning and it had just done the same again. However, Love was not so easily dissuaded, especially when girl sex with a hot chick was at stake.

“Well just now you were right here,” Jewel informed Love before kissing her on the lips. “But this morning you were right…here.” Jewel then pulled her t-shirt off and placed Love’s hands one her bare breasts. The two girls giggled and as they kissed again they reached a silent agreement: If the phone rang, let the damn machine get it.

* * * * *

As Jewel and Love were proving the third time was the charm when it came to delayed lovemaking attempts, they weren’t the only ones whose thoughts were on intimacy. Kirsten and Eliza were settling into their room in the wine country but their thoughts weren’t on the beautiful Mediterranean like setting. Instead they were thinking about matters of the sexual variety.

Kirsten was standing on the terrace of their room looking at the scenery, but her mind was on the scenery behind her and she kept stealing glances at Eliza as she pulled things from their suitcases. Kirsten giggled as she admired Eliza’s ass every time she moved about the room. She never thought she’d feel this way about another woman, but Eliza tapped into a need she hadn’t known she had. All the way up there she’d just wanted to pull over and jump on top of Eliza, but she’d managed to control her desire. Now that they were here Kirsten didn’t want to appreciate the romantic setting, she just wanted Eliza to grab her and test out the room’s bed.

She just wanted things to be as good as they’d been when she and Eliza had first been together. Eliza was able to do things to her body that none of her boyfriends had ever been able to do and she had felt so close to her. But now there was the distance and Kirsten wanted nothing more than for this weekend to bring them back together.

Eliza felt the same way. All the way up she’d wanted to get there as fast as possible so she could make love to Kirsten. She wasn’t used to feeling this way. She wasn’t used to having to shoulder the guilt that she carried with her everywhere. The old Eliza would have shrugged her shoulders about it and moved on to the next thrill, but now Eliza just wanted to unburden herself to Kirsten and get back to how they used to be. That was so unlike her. Did it mean she was in love with Kirsten or something? No. No fucking way. Totally impossible. Well maybe.

But right now Eliza didn’t want to focus on any emotion but lust…her absolutely favorite emotion. She didn’t want to think about unburdening herself of any guilt. That could wait until later. She wanted to think about Kirsten standing on the terrace of their room and how sexy she looked in her sundress. She was adorable and it just made Eliza want to ravish her.

The sun was setting and it looked so beautiful that Kirsten couldn’t help but stare at it. This really was beautiful country, Kirsten thought to herself. This was her first time up here and her first impression was that it was worth all the raves she had heard.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Kirsten heard a voice behind her say. The blonde smiled when she felt Eliza’s hot breath in her ear and the soft touch of her hands.

“The sunset or me?” Kirsten joked.

“You in the sunset,” Eliza answered. The response had Kirsten’s romantic heart beating faster, but that was nothing to what she felt when Eliza slid her hand up her light red sundress.

“Oooooh,” Kirsten moaned when she felt Eliza’s touch on her skin. It was just what she had wanted, but then a troubling thought entered her head. “Stop.”

“Why?” Eliza asked, not showing that she had any intention of stopping as she continued to make her way up Kirsten’s leg.

“Someone might see,” Kirsten protested rather feebly. On the one hand she was worried about some prying eye catching them, but on the other hand Eliza’s touch was starting to get her so wet.

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Eliza assured her. “We’ve got nothing but privacy here and besides you look so hot right now in the sunset that there is no way you’re not getting taken right here and now.”

Kirsten’s knees almost buckled but she managed to steady herself. Eliza always knew the way to get her hot. She hadn’t been aggressive like this in so long and Kirsten loved it. She also knew that Eliza was going to love what she would discover in a few seconds.

“Oh my,” Eliza said in a surprised tone when she discovered what Kirsten had done. “Looks like Kiki forgot her panties today. Naughty girl.”

“Mmmm yes I did,” Kirsten moaned. “I’ve been walking around all day with my pussy bare just for you. So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to spank me?”

“Oh my God, who took my Kiki away and replaced her with this horny monster?” Eliza teased using the nickname Kirsten had acquired. Only the people closest to her got to call her that.

“Your Kiki just wants you bad,” Kirsten admitted with a desire filled smile. “Your Kiki is so wet for you right now Eliza.”

“I can feel that,” Eliza said as her hand explorations brought her to Kirsten’s bare ass and her wet pussy. “Oh Kiki I want you too. I want you so much.”

Kirsten then turned her head but not to speak. She allowed Eliza to capture her lips and kiss her deeply while her hands continued to touch her underneath her dress. She loved how Eliza’s hands were stimulating her ass and her pussy and she was so ready to totally surrender to every desire in Eliza’s mind.

“Turn around,” Eliza told Kirsten. “Watch the sunset.”

Kirsten did as she was told and the second she turned away she felt Eliza lifting up her dress, exposing her bare ass to the outside world. Kirsten’s earlier nerves about being caught were replaced by her growing desire to make love right here in the open. It reminded her of the first time Eliza had made her come. How they had been down at the beach and how Eliza had taken the job of putting lotion on her back as an excuse to slide her hand into her bottoms and finger fuck her.

Kirsten suddenly found herself lurching forward and gripping onto the railing of the terrace as Eliza sunk to her knees and slowly dragged her tongue over the lips of her wet pussy up toward her ass. Eliza began licking Kirsten from behind and her blonde lover was enjoying every second of it.

“Oh yesssss Eliza that’s it,” Kirsten purred. “You know how I like it. Lick me just like that.”

Eliza did indeed know just how Kirsten liked it. She also knew Kirsten had an untapped propensity for some kink thrown in with her usual vanilla and she had long intended to see how deep that vein ran. She hadn’t gone for anything like that yet, but maybe this weekend she’d finally have the chance. And there was no time like now to test things out a little.

“So sexy,” Eliza moaned after running her tongue one more time over Kirsten’s labia. “You’re so fucking sexy Kiki. I know just what a naughty girl like you needs.”

Eliza then took one of her fingers and wet it by stroking Kirsten’s pussy. When the finger was coated with juice to Eliza’s satisfaction she removed it and slowly slid it into Kirsten’s ass.

Kirsten gasped when she felt her ass be taken for the first time. Boyfriends had always begged her to give her ass up to them, but she had always shot them down with firm “no’s.” Eliza had often teased her about taking her there, but they had never done anything about it. Now Eliza was taking her one way or the other and once Kirsten got over the surprise, she quickly got into it.

“Ooooh Eliza,” Kirsten moaned. “That feels sooo good.”

“Didn’t I always tell you it would,” Eliza grinned. “Your tight little ass feels so good. Mmmm I wish I’d brought one of my toys to fuck you there. Loosen you up a little. But I suppose my finger will have to do for now.”

Eliza then returned her mouth to Kirsten’s pussy, licking her from behind while she took her lover’s ass with her finger. Kirsten’s sundress was bunched up around her waist and the cool breeze totally tickled her bare skin in a very good way. Kirsten felt so free at that moment. She was staring at a sunset in one of the most beautiful places she’d ever been and her lover was doing the most wicked things to her. If this was what heaven was like Kirsten was ready for the next express bus to St. Peter’s.

Kirsten’s hands were still locked onto the railing. Part of her was scared she was going to topple off from Eliza’s amazing job on her, but she realized she was being silly. Of course if that was what happened what a way would it have been to die. Slowly Kirsten removed her hands from the railing and reached around back to undo the top of her dress. Her nipples had gotten so hard from the first moment Eliza had touched her and they had begun to chafe under the material. Kirsten let the top of her dress fall off her shoulders and fall to her waist where it was bunched up with the rest of it.

While Eliza was taking care of her pussy and her ass Kirsten took care of her breasts. She played with her firm young tits, rubbing her palms against her nipples while Eliza made her feel so so good. This was what Kirsten had missed most of all. She loved it when Eliza took her like this and made her feel so sexy and naughty. They had barely unpacked and already Kirsten was getting what she had wanted most out of this trip.

“Do you like this Kirsten?” Eliza asked. “Do you like my finger in your tight, virgin ass? I’ve wanted to take you there for so long and I knew you’d get off on it.”

Kirsten could only groan in desire and wiggle her ass, begging Eliza for more. Eliza grinned and grabbed both of Kirsten’s firm cheeks, smacking each one with her palm and leaving a pink handprint on them that faded away. Kirsten jumped from the spank and began to moan as Eliza tenderly kissed each cheek where she had just slapped. The dress finally fell away from her waist and fell in a puddle on the terrace. Kirsten stepped away from it naked as the day she was born and Eliza admired the view for a moment before getting back to her work.

“Well if you liked my finger baby, you’re going to love this even more,” Eliza promised before sliding her tongue into Kirsten’s ass.

“Oooooh,” Kirsten cooed, pinching her nipples and feeling such wonderful pleasure. Her hand traveled down from her right breast and went right between her legs. Her clit was crying out for stimulation and Kirsten decided to help herself out. However, right after she began to stroke herself, Eliza reached over and slapped Kirsten’s hand away.

Her mouth was occupied, but Eliza’s passionate grunt told Kirsten that there was a strict rule in effect. If there was going to be any touching of her pussy, she was going to be the one doing it. Eliza pushed this point when, after slapping Kirsten’s hand away, she slid her own hand onto Kirsten’s wet, tender pussy. She teased her labia and then slid two fingers inside to pinch and rub Kirsten’s clit.

“Yes Eliza…fuck me!” Kirsten cried out. “Fuck me just like that! I love it when you do me like this! Please don’t stop! I’ll do anything if you just don’t stop!”

“Anything?” Eliza teased with an arched eyebrow. “I’ll have to remember that promise!”

Eliza then pushed her tongue back into Kirsten’s ass, licking her while her fingers got wetter and wetter from Kirsten’s soaking wet snatch. Her free hand gripped Kirsten’s ass, holding onto her flesh tightly and making her moan like crazy. Eliza’s own pussy was dripping sweet sex cream into her panties and she couldn’t wait to have Kirsten return the favor of sexual pleasure.

Because of her pent up desire from the ride up, Kirsten knew she wasn’t far off from coming. Eliza was so skillful at this. She always knew when she wanted the pleasure to last and when she just wanted to come. This was one of the times when Kirsten wanted…no, needed…to come and Eliza sensed that. She fucked Kirsten’s ass with her tongue while she finger fucked her just right.

Kirsten loved it when Eliza did new things with her. She remembered the first time Eliza had used a strap-on on her. Kirsten’s eyes had bugged out the first time she’d seen that toy dangling from Eliza’s legs but that fear had disappeared when Eliza had put her down on all fours and began licking her pussy, getting her all nice and lubed up. When she had finally slid that toy inside her and began taking her doggie style, Kirsten had been screaming in pleasure within seconds.

It had felt so good that Kirsten had even shyly asked to return the favor. Eliza had been more than happy to see Kirsten strap on one and take her from behind and Kirsten had to admit she had loved the rush of power she had gotten from wearing that toy and fucking another woman. Kirsten wondered if Eliza would let her return the favor this time as well and let her take her in the ass when it was her turn. She might like to try it and she had a hunch that Eliza would be more than willing to let her.

“Eliza! I’m so close!” Kirsten exclaimed. “Don’t stop! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come so hard!”

“Yes Kiki come for me,” Eliza commanded, giving her tongue a break and sliding her fingers back into Kirsten’s ass. “I want you to come for me. Come for me when I’m fingering both of your tight holes. Come for Eliza. Come for me Kiki!”

The setting sun had set everything going on the terrace in a golden glow and Eliza thought Kirsten looked even more beautiful in this light. It was like she was being bathed in the wonderful, waning sunlight as she tossed her head back in ecstasy and sent her medium length blonde hair flying. It just made Eliza want this girl even more and she plunged her fingers in both holes just that much harder while leaning down to give Kirsten’s ass a little nip with her teeth. She just couldn’t help herself. Kirsten had looked good enough to eat so Eliza had taken it to the literal extreme.

Kirsten yelped a bit when she felt Eliza nip her but it did the trick and soon Kirsten was moaning like a wild woman. She slammed her hands against the railing of the terrace over and over again, not caring if she was alerting all of wine country that she was getting off from being finger fucked in two holes. It felt good and Kirsten wasn’t going to hold herself back.

“YESSSSS!!!” Kirsten cried out in rapture. “OH YESSSS!!! FUCK ME!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH ELIZA!!! THAT’S IT BABY!!!”

Kirsten’s orgasm was prolonged by the fact that her body was backing up and lurching forward in a back and forth motion and every direction she went got her more of Eliza’s fingers. When she lurched back it was more in her ass and when she lurched forward it went straight to her pussy. Kirsten felt so wonderfully filled. None of the men she had been with could make her feel this way. Only Eliza could.

Eliza moaned as well when she felt the hot cream coming from Kirsten’s pussy as it dripped down her fingers. She could never deny herself a taste of Kirsten so she ducked her head in to lick the pussy juice that had covered her hand and to catch more of it as it came from the source. Eliza pulled her hand out so she could lap away at Kirsten’s orgasming pussy. Soon Eliza’s tongue was coated in the taste she craved and when Kirsten had spilled her last drop she dropped to the terrace ground with Eliza.

Her orgasm had left her momentarily short of energy, so Kirsten leaned back against the railing for support as she and Eliza traded wet smooches and licked her cum covered hand clean. Kirsten had always gotten a thrill out of tasting herself on Eliza’s skin and this was no exception.

The sun continued to set in the background, but even in the dimming light, Kirsten couldn’t help but notice the major difference between her and Eliza.

“Hey no fair,” Kirsten playfully pouted. “I’m all naked and you’re still dressed. That’s not fair.”

“Well I think there’s something you can do about that, isn’t there?” Eliza grinned.

“Mmm hmmm,” Kirsten agreed before kissing Eliza. She loved how sexy Eliza looked in her jean overalls. It wasn’t a very sexual outfit, but then again that’s why it worked. Eliza could have made a burlap sack look sexy and that’s exactly what she did with her overalls.

However, the fact that she looked sexy in them didn’t change the fact that Kirsten was much more interested in what was underneath them. She undid the top of Eliza’s overalls and let the flap fall down, exposing Eliza’s t-shirt clad breasts. Her nipples were already hard and poking against the material.

Normally Kirsten would have given into a lot of foreplay with Eliza with tons of kissing and stroking through clothes. But today she was more keyed up than usual. Despite her orgasm, she still had a raging case of horniness and she didn’t want to wait to get at Eliza’s tits. That t-shirt had to go so it was quickly cast aside revealing the two gorgeous breasts that Kirsten constantly found herself drooling over.

It took a mere second of those tits being exposed to her hungry eyes for Kirsten to bury herself between them, licking at Eliza’s cleavage and sucking on her firm breasts. Eliza moaned in appreciation and gently caressed Kirsten’s blonde head while she sucked and licked all over her breasts,

“Ooooh someone’s horny,” Eliza accurately noticed. “Ohhhh Kiki, that’s it! Suck on my titties! Get em all nice and wet!”

Kirsten was definitely feeling frisky that day. As the burning embers of the setting sun lit their encounter, Kirsten slid her hand down Eliza’s overalls. Her hand easily maneuvered underneath her clothing and Kirsten soon found what she was looking for…a soaked pair of panties.

“Heyyyy how come you’ve got panties on,” Kirsten chided with a smile. “Not getting all conservative on me, are you Eliza?”

“Never baby,” Eliza assured her. “Believe me, if I’d known you were making it a pantyless day, then I would have been nice and bare underneath. Besides I thought you’d like how I soaked my panties over you.”

“Well that’s nice, I guess,” Kirsten blushed. She knew Eliza knew she loved it when she saw how aroused she got over her.

“Just nice?” Eliza challenged. “How about fuck all nasty?”

“That too,” Kirsten replied before kissing Eliza passionately. Her tongue burrowed deep in Eliza’s mouth and it was accepted with much glee. Eliza’s tongue rubbed itself over Kirsten’s, massaging it as the two dueled for supremacy in each other’s mouth.

While the kissing commenced, Kirsten continued to slide her hand into Eliza’s overalls, stroking her pussy through her panties and pushing the tight material past Eliza’s labia to get it even wetter. Eliza assisted Kirsten in her efforts by pushing her overalls down, relieving herself of the outfit and leaving herself only in her wet panties.

“Now it’s your turn to turn around,” Kirsten giggled. Her attempts at control usually did end in her blushing and giggling, but that didn’t stop her from trying each time to do it right. Eliza always played along and she did so this time, turning around so Kirsten could see her black g-string panties that barely covered her ass. In fact, if not for the thin black string at her ass, Eliza would have had a completely exposed backside.

“Oh Eliza,” Kirsten moaned. “You’re so beautiful. Your body is amazing.”

“So is yours Kirsten,” Eliza informed her. “You’re so fucking sexy. I love doing this with you. You turn me on so much.”

“So I could feel,” Kirsten grinned, before bringing her hand to her lips and licking off her fingertips. She had the taste of Eliza all over her fingertips and she gingerly sucked each one clean. Of course that only made her hungry for more.

Kirsten began rubbing Eliza’s barely covered ass with her hands. She rubbed the firm cheeks of her girlfriend’s ass, wondering if she had enough courage to treat her like she had just been treated. She had never spanked Eliza before. She had always wanted to, but she had never gone through with it. She had contented herself with being the spankee, not the spanker.

She tried to change that this time, but her first lap couldn’t have hurt a fly and was more of a hard stoke than a proper smack for a naughty girl like Eliza. Eliza quickly caught onto what Kirsten was trying to do and encouraged her.

“Don’t be shy baby,” Eliza advised Kirsten. “You can spank me harder. I’m not going to break.”

Kirsten took that advice and tried again. It was still a bit of a girly slap, but at least this time it gave Eliza a delicious sting that made her pussy juice up just a little bit more. Encouraged, Kirsten tried again, slapping Eliza’s ass again with a nice thwacking sound.

“Mmmm that’s it Kiki,” Eliza moaned. “Spank me! I deserve it! Punish me for punishing you!”

“Ooooh big bad Eliza begging for a spanking,” Kirsten said, barely suppressing a giggle. “I love it. I want my sexy slayer dying for me to touch her.”

“Ohhhh please Kiki, touch me,” Eliza begged, playing along for all she was worth. It certainly wasn’t a lie. She needed Kirsten’s touch and her pussy was like a dam about to burst from a flood of lesbian desire. Kirsten was like a good girl trying to bring out her inner slut. She wondered if she would benefit from some serious slut lessons. Rose would no doubt be happy to teach and she wondered what Kirsten would be like if she had a few nights studying under Christina’s sexy wing. God, she had to get Kirsten over to that mansion. Perhaps that was what she needed to do to alleviate the guilt she felt.

Kirsten smacked Eliza a few more times on each cheek, before deciding her efforts to give Eliza a proper spanking were futile. Oh well she’d have to try another night and there were a few things she did know how to do quite well to another woman. It was time for her to show those off,

Eliza lay flat on her belly as Kirsten pulled the g-string off her body. Eliza’s aroused scent was all over her panties and Kirsten couldn’t help but lick at the crotch, tasting her lover’s juices and giving her further impetus to get her tongue inside Eliza’s sexy pink folds of pleasure.

Kirsten liked staring at Eliza as she lay flat on the ground. It meant she couldn’t get at those tits she loved so much, but at least she had easy access both to Eliza’s sexy ass and her warm, welcoming pussy. Kirsten got on her belly too, right in back of Eliza, her feet dangling over the edge of the terrace and her toes wiggling in the open air. She placed her hands back on Eliza’s butt cheeks and massaged them lovingly while Eliza helpfully spread her legs and allowed Kirsten to slide her cum-hungry tongue inside her pussy.

The familiar scent and taste of Eliza’s pussy had Kirsten going the second she worked her tongue inside her. She was far from the fresh faced rookie Eliza had seduced on the beach and though she wasn’t a hardened veteran of pussy eating yet, she had certainly picked up the skills to pay the proverbial bills. She knew what Eliza liked and how to make her crazy with passion.

The crazy with passion part had been taken care of the second she had seen Kirsten leaning over the railing in her sexy sundress. Eliza was someone who could go from 0 to 60 on the arousal meter in the blink of an eye. It didn’t take much to get her pussy into a wet frenzy and Kirsten was someone who could do that just by standing around and looking like she did.

“Ooooooh baby,” Eliza moaned. “Tongue my pussy! C’mon Kiki! That’s it baby, make my pussy come like a gusher!”

Pulling that task off was something Kirsten certainly knew how to do. She loved making Eliza come and she began to tongue fuck her hard. Eliza expressed her delight as Kirsten’s tongue did her pussy hard, pushing inside and lapping away at her clit before pulling away and repeating the motion over and over again. Kirsten continued her firm grip on Eliza’s butt, holding her tight so she could push her tongue in and out and Eliza’s cries for more was a sure sign that Kirsten’s tactics were as effective as always.

Eliza’s taste was all over her tongue and normally that was enough for Kirsten, but tonight she wanted more. She couldn’t help but stare at Eliza’s puckered asshole and want to do to her what she had just had done. She had never played with anyone’s ass before, but there was no time like the present to start. Right?

Kirsten pulled away from Eliza’s pussy, leaving the girl moaning in frustration. When she felt where Kirsten’s hands were moving toward though, that disappointment ceased to be. In fact she began to encourage her.

“Are you gonna do it baby?” Eliza sexily inquired, her voice husky with desire. “Are you gonna take my ass? Are you gonna fuck my tight hole? Is my little Kiki all grown up?”

“Mmmmm yes, yes, yes and yes,” Kirsten grinned before being hit with an impulse. One night she and Eliza had watched some all girl porno movie together. It had led to some spirited love making that night and something she had seen had left a lasting impression with Kirsten, so she decided to try it out now.

Kirsten positioned herself right on top of Eliza’s ass and gathered up all her saliva in her mouth. She let it drip out of her mouth and then and watched in delight as the wet strands of saliva fell from her and dripped right into Eliza’s tight ring.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Eliza moaned. She almost had to roll her eyes back in her head from how nice it felt to have Kirsten’s warm saliva dripping into her asshole. Her little Kiki definitely was growing up on her. The little sex monster inside her seemed to appear more and more often now and Eliza loved it more each time. “C’mon Kiki! Get those fucking fingers inside my tight asshole! Do me baby!”

Kirsten was not one to ignore a cry of “Do me baby” so she was happy to comply. She slid her finger slowly into Eliza’s ass, hoping she wasn’t hurting her. But the response she got showed she was doing quite the opposite. It was hard to hear what Eliza was saying under her moans, but one word was clear. That word was “more.”

Eager to comply with the request, Kirsten wet a second finger with her own saliva and pussy cream and slid it into Eliza’s ass. Her tongue was getting plenty hungry again by now so Kirsten pressed those fingers in while she went back to snacking on the yummy pussy treat spread out for her. Eliza was plenty wet and her swollen clit seemed ready to go any second now. Kirsten batted it with her tongue while her fingers pressed in and out of Eliza’s tight backside.

“Yesssssss ohhhhhhhh yessssss!!!” Eliza shouted. “Sooo fucking close! C’mon Kiki! Just like that!”

“Come for me Eliza,” Kirsten moaned. “I want you to feel good. I want to make you come. I love making you come hard. Please come for me Eliza. Come for your little Kiki!”

The orgasm itself was inevitable, but Kirsten’s adorably sexy pleas certainly didn’t slow down the process any. She loved it when Kirsten switched into her “little Kiki” mode during sex. It always gave Eliza an extra rush and made her feel like she was doing something a little bad, even though she was just fucking her girlfriend. Was that what Kirsten was? A girlfriend? Shit, Eliza had barely ever had a steady boyfriend, much less a girlfriend.

But that scarcely mattered right now. Kirsten could be whatever she wanted to be as long as she made Eliza feel as good as she felt right now. Her orgasm was fast approaching as she felt those fingers push into her ass. Mmmm Kirsten would be so good taking her there with a strap on. She could practically see her with that toy on her waist as she really gave her a proper ass fucking. That was something for the shopping list when they got home.

The stimulation of her ass was not the only thing about to get Eliza off. Kirsten was turning into a mean little pussy licker and her tongue was doing so well as it lapped away at her swollen clit. It was like her tongue was slapping her clit around and that got Eliza going so hard. Not only that, but Kirsten had begun timing her finger thrusts and tongue licks to occur at once, so that it was a double barrage of stimulation at once.

Eliza felt her body tense up suddenly. It was time and when Kirsten’s fingers and tongue plunged into her body one last time, it was all over but the celebration.


Eliza’s body began lurching up and down on the terrace as the tremors or orgasm hit her hard. Kirsten loved this part and kept her eyes locked on Eliza’s beautiful quaking body even as she licked and fucked her into that state of ecstasy.

“OOOOOOHHHH COMING SOOOOOOO SWEET!!!” Eliza groaned loudly while Kirsten drank down every drop of the hot sexual honey this orgasmic process produced. She let it cover her lips and chin and that she didn’t get covered the sides of her mouth.

Fortunately Eliza was there to offer her clean up services and when she had finally finished her orgasm she was more than happy to kiss Kirsten and lick away at what was left of her sexual explosion. Kirsten did the same to what was left of her juices on Eliza’s face and as darkness began to fall on the valley the two satisfied girls held each other tightly in a warm embrace.

“Gonna get cold soon,” Eliza pointed out.

“Don’t care, just hold me,” Kirsten sighed.

“Ummm but we paid for the room, we might as well use it,” Eliza joked.

“Noooo I just want you to hold me out here,” Kirsten pouted.

“Ok, but don’t forget about that big king sized bed in there,” Eliza stated. That did the trick and Kirsten sat up with a start.

“You just said the magic words,” Kirsten grinned as she gathered up their clothes. The trip had already met both of their expectations and they hadn’t even messed up the sheets yet. If that wasn’t a good start, they didn’t know what was.

* * * * *

Sarah was exhausted by the time she got home and it was the worst kind…mental exhaustion. She had been so busy worrying that she hadn’t been able to focus on anything else all day. She was completely drained of energy and all she wanted to do was crawl into a bubble bath with a bottle of wine by her side and try to forget about reality for awhile.

It was like there was a dark cloud over Sarah’s head the whole day and anything resembling a smile had barely crossed her lips all day. Not even the fantasy world she indulged in daily here at the mansion could lift Sarah’s spirits. At least she took comfort in the fact that she was amongst friends. This was what Sarah needed now. She needed to be with people who’d hold her and hug her and tell her it was going to be alright.

Sarah walked inside the mansion and was surprised at the lack of activity there. Usually something was going on. Someone was always doing someone else. However tonight it looked just like a quiet evening. It wasn’t a feeling Sarah was used to. It wasn’t normal for a hive not to be buzzing and it actually kind of unsettled her. Perhaps it was for the best though. She’d been a bundle of emotions lately and she just needed to relax.

The search for signs of life in the mansion turned up nothing until Sarah wandered into the kitchen and found Love munching on a salad, her face buried in a magazine.

“Hey Love,” Sarah said, causing her housemate to perk up.

“Sarah! Hi,” Love said, slightly startled. “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” Sarah sighed. It was, of course, a lie, but Love let it stand. It didn’t seem to her that Sarah was any more willing to talk than she had been this morning. Love didn’t want to press.

“Where is everybody?” Sarah asked, slinging her bag off of her shoulder and sinking down in one of the wooden chairs.

“Jen’s off with Brad tonight, I guess we won’t be seeing her for a few days,” Love said, with a slight frown. It wasn’t like she didn’t understand how Jennifer was living two lives here, but she missed her when she wasn’t there with them. She didn’t like sharing Jennifer, even if it was with Brad Pitt. “Jewel’s off with her manager scouting locations for a new video and God knows where Rose is.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah inquired. “Where did Rose go?”

“She wouldn’t tell me,” Love explained. “It was just like the other night. She was all tarted up and she wouldn’t say where she was going. She just said she was going ‘out.’ It was weird.”

“I know,” Sarah replied. “I’ve seen her like that too. Sometimes I catch her sneaking out at night and she’s always dressed so trashy. I don’t think she knows I’ve seen her.”

“Where do you think she goes?” Love asked.

“Looking like that, I’d guess she’s out walking the streets,” Sarah remarked. “Whoever knows what’s going on with Rose? No doubt wherever she is, she’s having fun.”

“Probably,” Love said. “I just wish she’d tell us where she’s going. She acts so mysterious and stuff sometimes.”

“You know Love, sometimes I wonder if she’s acting with us,” Sarah said. It had been something that had been playing in the back of her mind for a long time and her current mood gave her the freedom to say it.

“What do you mean?” Love asked.

“I mean you know how she acts, what if she’s just pretending and stuff?” Sarah replied, getting her doubts off her chest. “I mean do we really know anything about her?”

“Sure, we know lots,” Love replied, defending Rose.

“Yeah but we only knows what she tells us,” Sarah pointed out thoughtfully. “I mean what if that’s not the real Rose? Can you really say you know her? I don’t think I do. I just can’t ever figure her out. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will.”

“I guess,” Love frowned. “I guess I hadn’t given it much thought. She’s just…you know…Rose. How come you’re talking like this?”

“I don’t know,” Sarah admitted. “I guess I’m just feeling crappy and I won’t feel better until I make everyone else feel crappy too.”

“I know what that’s like,” Love said. “I hate those moods. They-”

Before Love could say anything more the phone began to ring. She supposed she was due for another phone interruption. She and Jewel had successfully managed to couple without interruption, so she was at least thankful for that.

“Hello?” Love said, picking up the phone. She frowned again when she heard the voice on the other end. It was a familiar voice from her past and Sarah’s present.

“Hold on, let me see if she’s here,” Love sighed, before cradling the receiver and mouthing two words to Sarah. “It’s Freddie.”

Sarah shook her head “no.” She didn’t want to talk to him now. No doubt he had heard the news, but she just couldn’t deal with Freddie tonight.

“She’s not back from the set yet Freddie,” Love lied. “No I don’t know when she’s coming back. Yes, yes I’ll tell her you called. I promise I will. No, I’m not going to forget Freddie. I told you I promised I would tell her. Thank you. Bye.”

Love’s voice had grown in annoyance the more the conversation had gone on and she sighed when she hung up the phone. Sarah had no reaction to the call other than to sit there on the chair and look glum. Love was about to speak to her when all of a sudden the phone rang again.

“Oh Jesus Christ tell him to leave me alone!” Sarah snapped, angrily tossing her bag down onto the floor, her stuff scattering all over the kitchen floor. “I don’t want to talk to him!”

“Hello?” Love said after picking up the phone. It definitely wasn’t Freddie on the other end. “Yeah sure, she’s right here. Hold on a second.”

“Who is it?” Sarah asked. “It’s not the cops again, is it?”

“It’s your mom,” Love answered and Sarah immediately got up from her chair. This was the only call she would have taken. It was a voice she needed to hear right now. Her mom knew she had moved into the mansion, but Sarah had neglected to inform her what was really going on there. There were some things you didn’t want your mother to know.

“Hi mommy,” Sarah said sadly as she picked up the phone. Her mother had raised her all alone and Sarah was very close to her. Talking to her sometimes reverted her back to a needy child, and this was one of those times.

Sensing that this was a conversation she really shouldn’t be listening to, Love ducked out of the kitchen. She didn’t go too far though. She saw how sad Sarah looked and she didn’t want to leave her alone with her gloom. Love could still here snippets of the conversation from her little hiding place and soon after she ducked away she heard something she thought she’d never hear Sarah do. She heard Sarah begin to cry and these weren’t just stifled tears. They were long, angry sobs. Hearing Sarah so sad made Love feel the same way and she just wanted to go back in there and try to make it all better for her.

“No! I don’t care!” Sarah insisted to her mother. “No! I’m glad he’s dead! I don’t care! I wish he’d died a long time ago!”

Love immediately knew she was talking about her father. She knew what Sarah was going through. But she couldn’t imagine feeling this way when her father died. Even if he hadn’t been there for her growing up, she would have been heartbroken.

“No mom!” Sarah continued to insist as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I don’t want what he left me! You tell the lawyer he should just throw it out, whatever it is! I don’t want anything that bastard left me!”

Sarah seemed to calm herself a little bit, catching her breath and sitting back down in the chair. Love peeked around the corner and saw Sarah listening to whatever her mother was telling her and nodding her head.

“I know…I know…” Sarah said in a soft, little voice. “It’s just that I can’t deal with this now…I know what you’re trying to do and I love you for it mommy. It’s just that with the hearing and everything-”

Sarah paused again, listening to what her mother said.

“I know, but it’s tomorrow and I think he’s going to take everything away from me,” Sarah said. “No one understands why I feel this way! No you don’t need to come with me tomorrow. Aly’s going to be there. No mommy, please! You don’t need to come. I’ll be ok. I’m just so scared. If I can get through tomorrow then I’ll be ok.”

Love couldn’t help herself from listening in. She wasn’t trying to be a snoop. She was just worried about her friend. Sarah had always been so strong and now she was just a mess. Love had never seen her scared and she had barely said anything to them about the hearing. She had just known it was tomorrow and that was it. She didn’t know it was scaring Sarah so much.

“Ok…ok…ok,” Sarah said, nodding her head. “I know. I’ll think about it, ok? I love you too mommy. Ok, I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye.”

Sarah then ended the call and began to cry again. Love found herself almost crying along with her but she steadied herself and went back into the kitchen.

“Sarah?” Love inquired, causing her housemate to look up at her with her makeup ruined and face wet with tears.

“Oh Love,” Sarah gurgled in between her tears. Love went over and hugged Sarah, an action that was much appreciated and immediately returned. “I hate him! That fucking bastard didn’t want me! He didn’t want me!”

“I know,” Love said, hugging Sarah tightly and literally giving her a shoulder to cry on.

“Why did he do this to me now when I have the hearing?” Sarah asked, not expecting an answer. “I can’t deal with him. He didn’t want me and I can’t care about him now that he’s dead! I can’t! I just can’t do it!”

“You don’t have to,” Love assured Sarah. “It’s going to be alright. Everything’s going to be fine.”

Sarah’s tears were stopping and she was beginning to calm down again. She just felt so miserable inside. She hated feeling this way. She wanted to make herself happy again.

“Love I want to go out,” Sarah suddenly declared, taking Love a bit by surprise. “Please let’s go somewhere. Just you and me.”

“Ok Sarah,” Love agreed. “Where do you want to go?”

“Anywhere,” Sarah replied. “Take me anywhere. I want to do something fun. I want to be fun. Let’s do anything that’s been in your mind. Whatever dirty fantasy you have. Let’s do it!”

“Oh Sarah I don’t know,” Love said. “I mean are you sure that’s best for you now. I mean with all that-”

“I don’t care,” Sarah insisted, interrupting Love. “I want to have fun. I want to fucking smile. Please Love! Please!”

“Well there’s one thing,” Love admitted. She had been thinking about doing something like this for awhile now, but she hadn’t really thought about going through with it. It was just a fun fantasy to play around with in her head. But Sarah was so insistent that Love couldn’t help but share it.

“What is it?” Sarah asked. “Tell me please!”

Love then whispered it into Sarah’s ear and it actually made Sarah smile.

“Oh yes Love!” Sarah said. “We have to! I need to do that!”

“Well, I guess we’d better get dressed then,” Love said, not believing she was actually going to go through with this and with Sarah at her side. The thought was already getting her pussy wet and they hadn’t even gotten dressed up yet, much less made it out the door.

* * * * *

Rose slammed the door shut and shivered in the night air as she got out of her car. It was a cool night and since she wasn’t wearing that much to begin with, it was hard for her to stay warm. Her black top barely contained her breasts and she hadn’t dared to show up with a bra and her red vinyl skirt didn’t cover much up beyond her crotch. She didn’t know why she was here again. She had been powerless to stop herself from digging deep in her closet to find the outfits her master loved.

This time they weren’t meeting in the motel room. There was a car waiting outside the room and Rose got into it.

“I thought you said you weren’t coming anymore,” the woman sneered as Rose entered. “I thought you were done with this. What’s the matter Rose, did it finally occur to you that you don’t have a say in this? You should know by now bitch that you’re mine. I control what you do you stupid little cunt.”

The words hurt even more than usual tonight. Rose had had every intention of making good on her vow that the last time be the last time. But when her beeper had gone off, it had been like she had been compelled to come. It had been like she hadn’t had a choice to dress up like this and obey her master.

Her master already seemed ready to go. She was dressed, as always, in leather. If it weren’t for the soft, feminine features of her face, she would have easily been able to pass herself off as a guy. Her breasts were taped down tonight, giving her a flat-chested look and her pants were already opened to reveal the strap on she’d worn.

“Mmm you do look real pretty tonight,” the woman lewdly moaned, roughly grabbing at Rose’s chest and popping her breasts right out of her top. Rose groaned in pain when the woman reached for her nipples and twisted them hard. “Yesssss I love these pretty titties of yours. Like a real fucking whore! My hot little twat! That’s all you are Rose! You’re my fucking sex toy!”

“Nooo,” Rose wailed. She wasn’t. She goddamned wasn’t! Unfortunately her protest earned her a hard slap across the face. Rose reached up and touched her cheek and that earned her another hard slap, leaving a mark on her cheek and causing a single tear to drop.

“Gonna cry now whore?” the woman demanded. “You don’t open your fucking whore mouth unless it’s to slide my big hard cock inside it! Do you understand, you stupid bitch?”

“Just leave me alone,” Rose softly wailed. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“YOU DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CHOICE!” the woman screamed at her, top volume being pumped into Rose’s ear. “YOU’RE MINE! I OWN YOU! YOUR ASS IS MINE!!!”

“Stop,” Rose gasped. She couldn’t take it anymore. Chloe had told her to fight back time and time again and now she was starting to listen.

“You fucking disrespectful piece of shit!” the woman swore before taking her fist and punching Rose in the stomach. Rose doubled over in pain and the woman reared back to do it again, but this time Rose blocked the punch.

“No!” Rose insisted. “I won’t let you hurt me!”

“Whatcha gonna do Rose?” the woman demanded. “Are you going to hurt me? Are you going to fucking knock my head in? Are you going to cut my dick off?”

“STOP IT!!!” Rose screamed. “STOP IT!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”

“No fucking way you whore!” the woman replied before grabbing Rose by her hair. She pushed Rose forward smacking the front of her head against the car window. Rose groaned as her head ached from the contact with the window. She reached up and didn’t detect any blood. She was going to have a bruise for sure though.

“I’m never going to stop!” the woman vowed. “I’m never going to leave you alone! You need me Rose! You belong to me!”

The woman then grabbed Rose’s hair again rearing her back. She ran her tongue over the mark she’d just made on Rose’s forehead, leaving it wet with her saliva. She then pushed her hand up under Rose’s skirt and found her nice and bare, just how she liked it.

“Who am I Rose?” the woman demanded.

“My master…” a defeated Rose admitted.

“And what are you Rose?”

“I’m a useless whore who only deserves to be fucked and tossed away,” Rose said softly.

“Louder,” the woman commanded.

“I’m a whore!” Rose repeated. “A stupid fucking whore! I only deserve pain and abuse!”

“Oh yesss Rose…that’s right you fucking cunt…you’re my whore,” the woman moaned. “Never fucking forget it. You belong to me and if they’re lucky some day all your little dyke friends will too.”

“Noooo…please…don’t…” Rose meekly begged, her head continuing to throb.

“Where’s all your big talk now Rose?” the woman mocked. “I thought you were going to kill me if I went near them. I see them all the time Rose and I dream about taking them like I took you. You wouldn’t be able to stop me if I did Rose. You’re nothing. Just a scared little bitch like the rest of them.”

The woman then yanked Rose’s skirt down her body just enough to expose the area she wanted. She pressed her strap-on covered crotch to Rose’s backside and began biting on her ear while she remained facing the window.

“Your ass is mine and tonight I’m going to prove it Rose!” the woman swore and without another word thrust inside Rose’s non-lubricated ass.

If anyone near or in the motel heard Rose’s cries, they did nothing.

* * * * *

Eliza and Kirsten lay snuggling in their room’s soft bed. Despite their seemingly exhausting activities on the terrace, the girls had barely gotten the bed unmade before they had to indulge in each other’s bodies again. They couldn’t get enough of each other and it showed in their inability to go even one minute without a kiss or caress of each other. Now they had finally emptied the last of their tanks and they held each other happily.

“Mmmm I’m sooo glad we did this,” Kirsten sighed contentedly.

“What? Fuck?” Eliza grinned.

“No silly…well yeah of course I’m glad we did that…but I’m just glad we’re together like this,” Kirsten explained. “I’m glad we took this trip. I’m glad we’re here and I’m glad you’re with me.”

“I’m glad too baby,” Eliza replied, playing with Kirsten’s hair. “I guess we hadn’t been spending that much time together lately.”

“I know…” Kirsten sighed. “Ummm it had felt like there was…you know distance.”

“What do you mean?” Eliza asked. Oh God, did Kirsten know what she’d done? No, that was impossible. She couldn’t possibly have known.

“I don’t know,” Kirsten said, sitting up. She hadn’t intended to have this conversation now, especially when things were going so well, but she guessed they had to have it eventually. “It’s just like, you know…like you were getting bored with me.”

“No!” Eliza assured her. “Never! I’d never get bored of you Kiki. I’m so totally into you it’s sickening.”

“Really?” Kirsten smiled. It was always nice to hear something like that. “I’m really into you too Eliza. It just felt like you were less interested in touching me and being with me. We hadn’t made love in so long and I thought you might have, you know, found someone with more experience and all that.”

Hearing Kirsten saying that sent Eliza on a flashback to the pool party and how Rose had come up behind her and fingered her through her bikini bottoms. She remembered how she had told her how Sarah had seduced her and how she had worked her desire up to such a fever pitch. It had been so hot and Eliza felt herself getting wet just from the memories. There had been nothing but lust that day, but she saw Kirsten’s beautiful, trusting face looking at her and she immediately felt the guilt again.

“What?” Kirsten asked. “Eliza what is it? You looked like you disappeared again?”

“It’s nothing,” Eliza lied. “Don’t worry about it.” She wanted so badly to confess her indiscretion, but she was worried how Kirsten would take it. Things had started out so well. Eliza didn’t want to ruin them.

“No, tell me,” Kirsten insisted. “Please tell me. It’s important.”

“No really,” Eliza repeated. “It’s nothing.”

“I don’t believe you,” Kirsten said. “Baby, if something’s bothering you, you can tell me. I don’t want there to be secrets between us.”

“I can’t tell you,” Eliza said, almost in a whisper. “You’ll hate me.”

“No! I never could!” Kirsten declared. “Please tell me. Now I’m starting to worry.”

“I can’t!” Eliza insisted, turning her head toward the wall and regretting they had ever gotten into this line of talk.

“Please!” Kirsten pled. “Whatever it is you can tell me.”

Eliza then turned back toward Kirsten and saw her beautiful eyes, like adorable puddles of acceptance. It was impossible to resist her, even when what she was about to say could hurt her heart.

“You aren’t going to want to hear it,” Eliza warned her.

“I have to now,” Kirsten insisted. “Please!”

Eliza then took a deep breath and spilled her guts. She told Kirsten about everything. The invitation. The call to Sarah. How she had gone there and seen the sexiest things she had ever laid eyes upon. How Rose had touched her and worked her up so much she had to go out there and virtually attack Sarah. She told her how she had been able to finally touch and kiss and be with Sarah in every way she had ever dreamed of. She told her about Alyson and Christina and everyone. Through it all Kirsten looked at her blankly, offering no reaction except to blink her eyes a few times.

When Eliza was finished the room stood in silence as Kirsten took it all in.

“How?” Kirsten asked softly. “How could you do this to me?”

“Oh Kirsten,” Eliza replied, her eyes welling up with tears. “I don’t know why I did it. I didn’t know what was going to happen when I got the invitation.”

“But you stayed when you found out,” Kirsten said, her voice oddly dull as she tried to come to terms with everything she had just heard. It was like her worst nightmare come to life, except the truth was more horrible. Instead of one girl with more experience, she had found a whole house of them

“I…I…just couldn’t help myself…” Eliza said feebly. “I’m so sorry I did that. I just couldn’t stop. It was like my fantasies all coming to life and I just couldn’t help myself. I never wanted to hurt you Kiki.”

“But you did,” Kirsten stated sadly. “You hurt me Eliza. Why?”

“Kiki, I’m sorry,” Eliza repeated.

“Don’t call me that,” Kirsten snapped, as she wrapped her naked body in one of the bedsheets. “You don’t get to call me that anymore! I can’t believe you did this to me. And this is why you’d been so distant? Why did you do it? Wasn’t I good enough for you? Wasn’t I sexy enough?”

“No you didn’t do anything wrong,” Eliza sputtered out as tears began to drop down her cheeks. She had unburdened herself of her guilt, but at what cost? “You are so beautiful and so sexy. I love being with you.”

“Then why did you go there?” Kirsten asked.

“It was a fantasy…” Eliza admitted. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“I…I…just can’t be here right now,” Kirsten declared. The whole room felt like it was spinning and she suddenly felt sick to her stomach. “I have to go!”

“No! Don’t leave me Kiki!” Eliza begged, grabbing onto her arm. “Please stay! I’ve never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. I can’t lose you! You’re the best thing in my life!”

“Then you shouldn’t have fucked Sarah!” Kirsten angrily shouted, her own tears falling down her cheeks as she tugged herself away from Eliza. “How could you do something like that? How could you cheat on me? I hate cheaters!”

“Please Kiki, don’t leave me!” Eliza begged.

“I said don’t call me that!” Kirsten spat out. “I’ve got to get out of here! I can’t even look at you now! I don’t want to be around you Eliza!”

Kirsten couldn’t focus on anything. She just wanted to get out of the room. She grabbed a robe and threw it around her naked body before she picked up her clothes and ran out the door. Eliza was left stunned at what had happened, tears streaming down her cheeks and only one thought in her mind: She had to get Kirsten back.

* * * * *

Love couldn’t help but laugh as she saw herself in the mirror. There was a word for girls who never got over their love of playing dress up…actresses. Love had always gotten such a kick out of pretending to be other people and this time she wasn’t just a different person…she was a completely different sex.

She hadn’t had any drastic surgeries, so Love was still the same underneath her clothes. But like the saying went, clothes made the man, and Love was working hard to prove that. She was now dressed in a suit, complete with a white dress shirt and a red necktie. She pinned up her long hair and stuck it underneath a hat, completing the ensemble most men would wear to their daily work at the brokerage house. Of course anyone who saw her face would see she was clearly a woman. Nothing could change her soft features, but Love wasn’t trying to win an award with this performance. She was just trying to have fun.

Ever since Aerosmith had released the video for that song “Crazy” lo those many years ago, this had been a recurring fantasy in Love’s mind. If ever a video had been made to inflame the libido, it had been that one. Two girls escaped their restrictive girls school and set off on a road trip that included nude pictures, messing around with farm boys and, of course, implied lesbianism. The part Love had always enjoyed the most was when the two girls had gone to a strip club and Alicia Silverstone convinced Liv Tyler to dance. What had caught Love’s attention the most was how Alicia was dressed up in men’s clothes and how sexy she’d looked.

Love had always wanted to try it, but she’d never had the opportunity or the courage to pull it off. Now she had both and she finally had use for the men’s clothing she had kept around with her for so long. It was mostly a collection of junk her ex-boyfriend’s had left behind but some of it was pretty sharp. Luckily one of the suits fit Love just fine and she found herself in danger of falling into heavy lust with her reflection in the full-length mirror on her wall.

Fortunately Love found her attention drawn away from her own reflection when a pair of soft hands came up from behind her and cupped her bound breasts. Love’s large breasts would have been a distraction, so she did what she had done when she had played Audrey Hepburn. She taped them down. But even that couldn’t totally cover her generous mounds.

“Mmmm you’re not all man, now are you?” Sarah teased from behind. Sarah’s hands then moved lower, unzipping Love’s fly and slipping inside. “Oh yeah…you’re still a girl in all the right places.”

“Ohhhh Sarah yessss…” Love moaned. She had completed the costume right down to the boxer shorts she wore underneath the suit and that gave Sarah much easier access to the soft folds of her pussy. Sarah teased Love’s pussy with her hand before pulling it out and helping herself to a few licks of the light coating of juice on her fingertips.

“So how do I look?” Sarah asked as she finished her snack and modeled her outfit. She was dressed similarly to Love except she was in a pinstriped suit and a blue and silver checkered tie. Her hair was also tucked under a hat and part of Love thought Sarah had never looked sexier.

“If I was gay, I’d so do you,” Love grinned.

“Ewww perv,” Sarah grinned right back. She needed this. She needed to feel good so badly and it was already working. She wasn’t worrying for the first time all day. “Real men don’t do that. They get drunk and stuff dollar bills in strippers’ panties.”

“So what are we waiting for,” Love said as she pulled a big roll of bills from her pocket. “I feel like shooting my wad.”

Sarah laughed at Love’s bad joke and smothered her lips in a kiss. She pulled away before they messed up their outfits too much. After all they didn’t get all dressed up just to fool around in Love’s bedroom. They could do that afterwards.

After a quick trip through the night, Love and Sarah had arrived at their destination. Liquid Dreams was one of the more upscale gentlemen’s clubs in the area even though two of their patrons were definitely not gentlemen. Having females come in as customers was not new for the club and neither was having celebrities either. Beautiful female celebrities dressed in drag walking in might have been another matter, but Love and Sarah were confident they weren’t going to be recognized. Everyone would be too busy drooling as the strippers bumped and grinded onstage to wonder who it was underneath the suits. Sarah and Love also protected their anonymity by slipping on sunglasses and as a result they looked like a very weird version of Girls In Black.

Of course being recognized was of minor concern. Something like this, at worst, would end up as a blind item in The Enquirer, so they didn’t sweat the small stuff. For Sarah and Love tonight was all about fun. And fun was definitely on Love’s mind when she and Sarah paid the cover charge and walked inside.

Underneath her sunglasses, Love’s eyes lit up as she saw all those sexy female bodies doing their thing on the main stage and on assorted stages throughout the club. She cast her eyes longingly toward the champagne room and what no doubt was going on in there. She had heard the warning a thousand times, but she knew it never held. No matter what Chris Rock said, there was sex in the champagne room and Love felt a rush of desire when she imagined dragging one of those sexy strippers in their with her.

“Stop drooling Love,” Sarah teased. She had to speak in Love’s ear because the loud music of the club made it very hard to carry on normal conversation.

“You should talk,” Love replied. “Tell me you’re not getting wet right now under your clothes.”

“Maybe,” Sarah grinned before flicking her tongue briefly and seductively at Love. She was so ready to just go wild tonight and she was just glad Love was here to do it with her. This was a great fantasy and Sarah wanted to play it to the limit, and maybe even a little bit beyond.

Sarah grabbed Love’s hand and dragged her to one of the nearby tables where she immediately ordered a bottle of Cristal. She was going to put Puff Daddy and company to shame tonight.

The girls ditched their dark glasses and for the next little while Sarah and Love got very acquainted with various girls with names like Nadia, Crystal, Lacey, Spice and Victoria. The word quickly got out about the two high tippers at the table, so Sarah and Love got a lot of female attention throughout the night. If anyone recognized them, they didn’t say anything and both girls were having a ball acting like horny boys and throwing money around all over the place. And when no one noticed, Sarah and Love also managed to work their hands into each other’s pants where they teased each other with sexy strokes underneath the table.

Of course this was all warm up for the main event and suddenly the DJ broke through the music to make an announcement.

“All right everybody the time is here for our feature dancer to make her appearance on the main stage,” he announced in a loud and clear voice that covered every inch of the club. “You’ve been waiting for her all night and here she is. She’s the star of over 350 adult movies and she’s here to dance for you tonight. That’s right you know her and love her…it’s Felecia.”

Love’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that announcement. The name probably didn’t have any affect on Sarah, but a porn fan like Love certainly knew where Felecia. She was one of the busiest stars in the industry and what made her distinctive was that she exclusively worked with women. She was Love’s type of porn star and knowing that she was going to see her dance had her pussy heating up very nicely.

“Hmmm friend of yours?” Sarah inquired with a smile when she felt Love squeeze her hand tightly.

“Not yet,” Love said in an almost-whisper that Sarah had to strain to pick up. Love’s eyes were transfixed on the main stage as the curtains flew open and Felecia zip out like a bat out of Hades. Her music had been cued up and on her entrance the sounds of Van Halen filled the club. It was the real Van Halen. The only version that mattered. The David Lee Roth version. However the chords of “Dance the Night Away” went virtually unnoticed as everyone’s attention was locked on the girl dancing on the stage.

The sparkles all over her outfit glittered under the club’s lights. Felecia wore an open jacket with a bikini top underneath. Her micro shorts matched her top. It was navy blue with white fringe and silver sparkle patterns, but all everyone wanted was to see her out of it. Felecia’s long brunette hair was wild and free as it stretched straight down, stopping just before it reached her ass.

Sarah couldn’t help but notice Love’s breathing getting more labored as she watched Felicia tease and dance all over the stage, peeling off her shorts in the process and revealing a g-string that was barely there. Sarah reached back into Love’s pants and a touch told her what she had gleefully suspected. Love’s pussy was soaked. She was going to ruin those boxers and Sarah could easily see why as she saw Felecia’s sexy ass in those panties.

Dollar bills were cast onto the stage in all directions as Felecia relieved herself of her jacket. Sarah was starting to feel herself get all nice and worked up too. So this was why guys liked strippers so much. They were so open with their sexuality, displaying themselves for you but still keeping themselves away from your touch. Felecia worked every person there into a frenzy knowing that this was as close as they’d ever get to her. It was the ultimate tease and it had Sarah squirming in her seat.

Sarah found herself getting wetter with every teasing step Felecia danced on the stage. She had never heard of her, much less seen her until now but she was totally prepared to give herself to her as an obedient love bunny. Sarah was dying to touch herself and judging from the soft, barely stifled moans coming from right next to her, Sarah knew Love felt the same way.

Love and Sarah cast a look toward each other. They each knew what the other was thinking. They both wanted Felecia. They wanted her to dance for them and only them and touch them…touch them all over until they were as naked as she would be soon. Love and Sarah locked hands again, squeezing each other tight. It was the only way they could touch each other now without getting tossed out on their pretty little rears.

They lusted after Felecia’s attention and there was one way they knew how to get it. Sarah reached for their collection of bills and pulled out their secret weapons. The 20’s. Sarah unfolded the bill in a manner that could not be missed and tossed it onto the stage. Felecia noticed it, smiled and headed on their way.

Felecia danced her way over until she was right in front of Sarah and Love. She smiled seductively at the transfixed duo and lay herself flat on her back with her legs spread wide. She arched her back and ran her hand over her covered pussy, winking at Sarah and Love in the process. Dollar bills rained from all directions at her, but she continued to keep her flirtatious looks in their direction. Sarah unfolded another $20 and Felecia helpfully grabbed it with her mouth before slowly running her hand over Sarah’s cheek.

Sarah gasped at the sudden contact. She hadn’t been expecting it and it was like an electric spark in her chin. She squeezed Love’s hand again and she was half expecting to come right there and then, from a mere caress of her face.

It took all of Sarah and Love’s energy to remember to breathe by now and blinking was even difficult. They didn’t want to take their eyes off of Felecia for a second. It was like the rest of the club had suddenly disappeared and there she was dancing for them in slow motion.

Their aroused conditions only got worse when Felecia got on her knees and pushed the straps of her bikini top off her shoulders. She grinned so sexily as she reached around back and undid the clasp of her top. Felecia did a quick little bump and grind on her knees before rising up and letting her top fall down, revealing her beautiful, perky little breasts.

Having lavished plenty of attention on this end of the stage, Felecia darted away from near Sarah and Love as quickly as she’d arrived. She left her top behind as the only reminder she’d been there as she danced her way to the other end of the stage to give them ample opportunity to lust for her.

Felecia had the whole club in the palm of her hand and Sarah and Love couldn’t remember the last time they’d been this horny. It was like they shared the same thoughts because all they could think about was the overpowering lust in their bodies. They suddenly wished they were home, or at least back in the car, so they could rip off each other’s clothes and do the most wicked things they could think of to their aroused bodies. Of course, it wouldn’t have been the same without the girl who was making them feel this way. If they were going anywhere, they wanted Felecia to come with them.

But at that moment, she was the one girl they couldn’t have and it drove them crazy. They had fucked some of the hottest women in the world, but right now they had to share Felecia with a club full of lusting yahoos. Naturally this only made Sarah and Love want her more as they jealously watched her taunt and tease everyone near the stage with a few well placed touches, kisses on the cheek and the always popular move of squeezing her tits together for bills to be pressed in her cleavage. Felecia ran her hands all over her body, making sure the audience stayed entirely focused on her and nothing else. They cheered her every move and she knew if she snapped her fingers they would all likely roll over onto their backs for her like obedient pets.

Her long hair flew everywhere as Felecia twisted and turned on the pole in the middle of the stage. She moved her body like a cat everywhere, moving and turning with only one goal in mind…simultaneous arousal of everyone in the club.

Whatever she was doing was certainly working as Sarah and Love tried their best to resist their urges to crawl up on the stage with Felecia and assist her as she peeled off her panties and twirled them around in her hand, before tossing them away. Sarah and Love shared a sigh as they stared at the nude goddess before them. Felecia grinned at her audience, soaking up their attention and, more importantly, their lust.

Felecia, now free of her clothes, continued to dance about the stage, letting everyone drink in her nudity. She allowed them lingering gazes at her bare body, her skin glistening under the hot lights of the club. She prowled around for the last gasps of money they threw at her until, having finally given and got as much as she could, she pulled herself off the stage and away from her cheering audience.

Just when Sarah and Love began to feel the disappointment of being taken from their lust object, they heard the words they had longed to hear.

“Ok folks,” the DJ declared. “Just give Felecia a few minutes to catch her breath and then she’ll be posing for pictures, signing autographs and giving private dances.”

Sarah and Love just about bolted from their chairs at the sound of that. There was no way they weren’t getting a part of this. They joined the quickly forming line and were lucky enough to be right near the front. Every breath they took, every movement of their bodies and every thought in their heads conveyed lust. They didn’t a mere picture here. And when it came to autographs, they didn’t get them…they gave them. What Sarah and Love wanted was something much more lasting…they wanted Felecia alone in a room with them.

The possibility of discovery here only made Sarah and Love want this more. Their pulses raced and their pussies wept with desire as they waited impatiently for Felecia to return. When she did, she was toweling off her naked body, smiling her deceptively innocent smile.

As they got hornier by the second, Sarah and Love waited for their turn. They watched as the people in front of them smiled for pictures, got autographs and flirted fruitlessly with Felecia. Love actually began to hop a little up and down as she resisted her urges to violently push everyone else aside to move up to the front of the line. Finally it was there turn and Felecia looked up, eying the incognito celebrities up and down.

“So what are you two looking for?” Felecia asked with a wicked smile.

Her sudden question gave Sarah and Love simultaneous cases of dry mouth. They stared at her like so many people had stared at them over the years…completely speechless and flustered.

“Private dance…please…” Sarah finally croaked. She didn’t care how much it cost for the both of them. They could certainly afford it.

“Mmmmm my pleasure,” Felecia replied. “Why don’t you two wait over there and I’ll be right with you.”

Felecia pointed and Sarah and Love cast their gazes toward the fabled champagne room. They obediently obeyed and situated themselves right next to a large bouncer who barely cast a glance their way. They once again found themselves impatiently waiting, consoling themselves only with the idea that this would be well worth the wait.

When Felecia finally pulled herself away from her fans and made her way over to the champagne room. The bouncer finally spoke up.

“Ok…really simple…two rules…” he said slowly. “She can touch you. You can’t touch her. If you get out of line, you will see me again. You don’t want that.”

As Sarah and Love gazed up at the burly bouncer, they knew he had that statement right. He didn’t seem to recognize who they were, which was good. Either that or he chose not to make a big thing out of it.

“Shall we?” Felecia said seductively as she pressed her hands to Sarah and Love’s back. The touch of her hands to their backs had about the same effect as pressing vibrators to their pussies would have. It made them weak in the knees and they let Felecia usher them behind the curtains to the room where they found themselves alone with her.

“Who goes first?” Felecia asked.

“Me!” Sarah suddenly shot out. She detected a jealous glare from Love, but that quickly softened as Love realized at least she’d have a great seat for the show.

“Mmm eager, I like that,” Felecia said, pushing Sarah down onto the soft plush couch and standing before her naked. “Did they tell you the rules?”

Sarah nodded her head “yes” but Felecia repeated them anyway.

“Did they tell you how I can touch you and how you can’t touch me?” Felecia asked. Sarah again nodded her head, but she picked up on the tone of Felecia’s question. Perhaps she was looking too much into it, but she had the sense that in Felecia’s mind the rules didn’t have to apply.

Felecia didn’t say another word, she just began to dance to the music that was coming from the club. Sarah had never experienced anything like this before and she had to constantly remind herself to look, but not touch as Felecia pushed her naked body against her and did everything she possibly could to make her desire her. Sarah found herself short of breath as she studied the veteran porn star. Her tan lines were obvious all over her body and Sarah couldn’t help but wonder why she didn’t tan nude? But Sarah actually liked it this way…it made her distinctive and Sarah definitely found herself appreciating Felecia’s lithe body.

Sarah so badly wanted to reach up and take one of Felecia’s small tits in her mouth. She just wanted to touch her and do so many things to her as payback for teasing her and Love into the frenzy they were currently in. Sarah wanted to suck and lick every inch of this chick, but she had to content herself with her fantasies as Felecia danced in front of her, rubbing her body against hers, touching and teasing her in all the right places.

By now Sarah had no illusions that Felecia didn’t know she was a woman under her clothes. But that didn’t seem to matter. In fact it felt like Felecia was touching her even more because of it. Sarah stole a glance over at Love as she sat opposite her, watching Felecia dance for her. Even in the lighting of the club, Sarah could see how flushed Love was and how badly she wanted to jam her hands into her pants and touch herself.

Sarah gasped as she felt Felecia’s lips tease hers. It wasn’t a kiss, it was more of a mouth-to-mouth caress and Sarah loved it. She couldn’t stop thinking that Felecia wanted her to break the rules and touch her. Maybe she did this with all the girls? Maybe she recognized who she and Love were and wanted to see how far they were willing to go? Either possibility excited Sarah and her willpower was weakening by the second.

Felecia reached over and pulled Sarah’s hat off, letting her blonde hair fall about and putting to rest the illusion. She then let her experienced hands slip inside Sarah’s jacket and tease her breasts through her dress shirt. Sarah began to moan as she closed her eyes and let the sensations overcome her. They were into some serious naughty touching and Felecia didn’t seem willing to stop any time soon. Then she whispered in Sarah’s ears the magic words.

“I know who you are…” Felecia whispered and Sarah’s ear, causing the actress’ eyes to fly open. Felecia smiled at her and Sarah decided right there and then. Fuck the rules.

Sarah grasped Felecia’s face in her hands and kissed her passionately. Her hunger was obvious as Sarah’s tongue shot right into Felecia’s mouth. There was no rejection coming and Felecia quickly did the same, letting her tongue slide into Sarah’s mouth and explore.

“Sarah! No!” Love gasped, not wanting the bouncer to come rushing back in and spoil their fun.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s ok,” Felecia said to Love. “In fact why don’t you come a little closer?”

Love’s face was stunned at this turn of events. She never thought this could possibly happen when she had started her little strip club fantasies. But it was unfolding beyond her dreams and Love wasn’t going to blow this opportunity by showing any reluctance.

As Love walked over, Felecia was busily unbuttoning Sarah’s shirt. Sarah made things easier for her by sliding her jacket off and pulling at her tie. Sarah felt like an excited kid who had been given an unexpected gift and couldn’t wait to play with it. Her heart pounded as she exposed herself to Felecia. Since she wasn’t as endowed as Love, Sarah didn’t have to worry about taping down her breasts. She had just worn a snug sports bra underneath her shirt. As soon as the navy blue bra was revealed, Felecia’s hands slid under it to capture Sarah’s rock hard nipples between her fingers.

“But…what about…” Love asked nervously, wondering about that bouncer.

“Don’t you worry,” Felecia assured the suddenly skittish actress. “He knows not to interrupt me when I’m having fun.”

Love visibly relaxed and Felecia continued.

“You know I saw you two staring at me from the audience and you turned me on so much,” Felecia cooed, pulling away from Sarah’s tits and pushing up her sports bra in the process. “I love it when women come to see me. It makes me so wet to know they want me. Then I saw who you two were and mmmmm I just had to do this. I’m so glad you asked for a private dance because seeing you two and seeing how hot you were getting for me made my pussy so wet. Here…touch it.”

Felecia suddenly felt two eager hands reaching for her pussy. She saw the wide smiles that crossed Sarah and Love’s faces as they felt her wetness. They began playing with the soft folds of Felecia’s pussy, slowly…as if they still couldn’t believe that this was happening. Felecia decided the best way to show them that this was very much real was to get them both very naked and very soon.

Pulling away from their touches, Felecia sunk to her knees right in front of Sarah. She reached up and undid Sarah’s belt, before opening up her pants and sliding her hand inside.

“Mmmm I see I’m not the only one who’s wet,” Felecia grinned, before taking her fingers out and licking off the sexual glaze. “What about you, Ms. Jennifer Love Hewitt? Are you wet for me too?”

“Please…call me Love,” Love insisted breathlessly. “And yes. I’m soaked for you.”

“Let me see,” Felecia requested, repeating her action’s on Sarah onto Love. After a few snaps and untucks, Love’s pants fell to around her knees revealing her boxer shorts with their noticeable dark stain.

“Mmmm I have to see this pussy,” Felecia declared before tugging Love’s boxers down and exposing her smooth, wet flesh. Felecia reached up to touch Love’s sex and, as she did, she felt Sarah nuzzling her neck and kissing her shoulders and back. Felecia began to moan and her own wetness increased. If Sarah and Love were indulging in a fantasy, Felecia was in the same boat. She had always dreamed about someone famous coming to her shows and giving themselves to her. Now she had two beauties all wet and horny for her. It was a wet dream come true for everyone concerned.

While Felecia touched her pussy with achingly light strokes, Love tossed her hat off, relieved herself of her jacket and struggled to undo the damn knot in her tie. She had no idea how guys wore these fucking things every day, Love grumbled as she fought to free herself of it and get back to the good stuff.

Now it was Sarah’s turn to feel a little twinge of jealousy as she saw Felecia touch Love. That should be her pussy she was stroking, Sarah told herself. It was her turn! She needed this so much so she indulged herself and pulled Felecia away from Love and back toward her.

Love glared at Sarah for a second, but let it pass. She didn’t want to fight. Especially since sharing was fun in this case. Besides Love could wait for her turn. She stared at Felecia’s naked body and knew there was a way she could occupy herself.

Sarah slid her boxers down her legs, exposing her wetness. As soon as she did, she felt Felecia’s fingers teasing her slit. She rubbed Sarah’s labia with her fingers, making the actress dangerously close to orgasm already.

“Please…” Sarah growled. “Eat my pussy! I’m so wet! I want you now!”

Since Felecia always prided herself on giving her audience the best show possible, she was inclined to grant Sarah her request. She flicked her tongue over Sarah’s labia a few times before pushing it inside her and teasing her clit. She dragged her tongue over Sarah’s clit, forcefully enough to make Sarah feel it, but lightly enough to make Sarah crave even more. Sarah was in no mood to be teased however.

“Do it!” Sarah commanded. “Lick me you porn star whore!”

That statement took Felecia slightly aback, but then again it wasn’t anything she hadn’t heard before in the heat of passion. She loved how she had been able to reduce Sarah to a horny mess like this and hearing Love’s labored breathing behind her told Felecia that she wasn’t far off either. It was going to be so easy to get these two little sluts off and then she’d get what she wanted…those two hot celebrity tongues inside her.

Responding to Sarah’s need, Felecia pushed her face into Sarah’s wet pussy. Sarah’s light bush tickled her as she began sucking on her sopping sex. She at first sucked on her labia lips, teasing them with her tongue and lips and then she went right for Sarah’s clit. She licked Sarah’s hard clit up and down over and over again while Sarah muffled her cries by pressing her hand over her mouth.

When she wasn’t licking Sarah’s clit, she rubbed it with her thumb, making sure the actress was always feeling some stimulation. Felecia then pulled her thumb away and sucked it, licking it clean of Sarah’s juices before pressing her mouth right back onto her, clamping down over her pussy. While she ate Sarah out, Felecia reached around back and began to squeeze Sarah’s tight ass, with a hand on each cheek. She held tight to Sarah’s cheeks and looked up at her with a sexy brown eyed stare that told Sarah how much she loved doing this to her.

That was something Felecia always did in her videos because she knew a sexy stare could do wonders toward getting guys off, but in this case she meant it. Her mouth was filled with Sarah’s sexy juices and she loved her kicky little flavor. The only thing Felecia wished was that she had one of her toys with her to push right into Sarah’s pussy so she could lick her and fuck her hard at the same time.

She did have her fingers though, so they would have to suffice. Felecia felt the need for a kiss, so she pulled away from Sarah’s pussy, sliding three of her fingers inside to make up for the absence of her tongue. Felecia’s fingers were as delicate as the rest of her slim body so Sarah could easily accommodate three fingers in her snug pussy. Felecia stood up and pressed her lips to Sarah’s, where some serious slayer tongue immediately greeted her in her mouth. Sarah wrapped her arms around Felecia’s neck and kissed her passionately while the porn star vigorously finger fucked her.

Through all of this, Love had become the forgotten woman, but she didn’t let things stay like that for long. She walked up right behind Felecia and copped herself a healthy feel of her sexy ass while she was making out with Sarah. Felecia moaned right into Sarah’s mouth and her moans only became louder when Love slid a finger into her pussy, teasing her and making juices begin to run down her legs.

“Mmmm you two know what you’re doing, don’t you?” Felecia grinned as Love added a second finger and began to slide them over her clit.

“You bet we do,” Love assured her. “You make Sarah come and I’ll do the same to you. I want to eat your hot little pussy and make you come all over my face.”

“What do I have to do to make you do that, Love?” Felecia asked, adding just a little bit more sexiness to her voice when she said her name. “Do you want to see me lick your friend? Do you want to see me eat Buffy out?”

“Yesssss I need to see that,” Love moaned. “I want to see you fuck her like you fuck all those girls in your movies. Fuck her like you fuck Jenna! Fuck her like she’s one of your porno friends! Do it and I’ll lick you so good!”

Sarah couldn’t believe they were having this conversation without her involvement, but she was too busy moaning from Felecia’s fingers inside her to be of much use from a dialogue point of view. She’d clamped her hand back to her mouth to avoid making too much noise. Felecia seemed so at ease with what was happening that she suspected this wasn’t the first time she’d done this and, in fact, it might be par for the course at clubs like this. Still no sense alerting any suspicious ears that two celebrities were getting it on with a porn star in the champagne room.

Felecia was growing hungry again so she fed herself by getting her mouth back to Sarah’s pussy. She lapped away at her wetness before getting back to her sucking. She even added her teeth a little, nipping at Sarah’s clit and giving just enough pain to make the pleasure even sweeter. Sarah’s moans were threatening to become screams so she clamped down on her mouth even harder, expressing her pleasure right into her palm until her skin was damp from her hot breath.

Having been so worked up before they even crossed into the champagne room, Sarah was close to coming. She wanted to hold out. She wanted this to last, but she knew her body was going to betray her. Felecia hungrily snacked on her girlish treat and Sarah began to lewdly grind her pussy right into her cute little face. Felecia was like a sexy pixie with a tongue that was made for licking pussy and Sarah was enjoying every second of it. She fucked Felecia’s face and brought herself even closer to orgasm.

Seeing that Sarah was enjoying this treatment, Love decided it was time for her to make good on her promise. She was so turned on standing there in the private room of a strip club bottomless with only her dress shirt keeping her from being as naked as the dancers who showed it all off for tip money. Love rubbed her hand over her pussy, reveling in her own wetness as she stared at Sarah’s look at rapture and Felecia’s naked, hardworking body. Love sunk to her knees and helped herself to a first taste of one of her favorite porn stars.

Love’s hands gently applied themselves to Felecia’s butt and she pushed her tongue into Felecia’s pussy. She was as delicious as Love had hoped and she pushed her tongue in further through the wet pink folds she had seen spread open on video so many times. Felecia was so wet and Love had to wonder if she’d gotten that worked up dancing on stage for her horny audience or from the fact that she and Sarah were showing her such a good time. Love licked and sucked away on this beauty as she sat on her knees, her bare ass sticking out from the tails of her dress shirt

Felecia expressed her satisfaction with a wide smile and passionate mumble that would have been one of her trademark high-pitched cries if she didn’t have Sarah’s pussy muffling her. Mmmmm Love was good with her tongue, Felecia moaned, loving the feel of the eager lashing her clit was getting. Felecia’s head was also swimming with the heat and rich taste she was getting from Sarah’s pussy. She loved how woman tasted right before they came and Sarah was so close.

Sarah’s perky breasts shook as she began to feel the ripples of pleasure start up in her body. In all the crazy possibilities that had popped into her head since Sarah had introduced herself to the wonders of girl sex, she never thought anything like this could ever happen. But here she was…being eaten out by a damn porn star and loving it. Felecia was licking and sucking at her sex for all she was worth and those ripples of pleasure became tremors and soon the volcanic explosion of girlcum arrived.

“YESSSSSS!!! OHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!!” Sarah cried out, her two hands now clamped over her mouth not enough to keep the meaning of her words from escaping. “OOOOOOOOOH!!!”

Felecia took in as much of Sarah’s pussy cream as she could. What she couldn’t she just let dribble out of her mouth and onto her neck and tits. She didn’t bother trying to catch it all. She knew she’d have two eager tongues begging to lick her body clean. Felecia just kept on working Sarah over with her tongue, making sure she’d always remember this moment. She wanted Sarah to remember when she went to all her big parties and hung out with her exclusive friends that she had been the one to lick her to such a big orgasm in such a place as this.

As Sarah gasped for breath as her nostrils flared and her body shook with pleasure, Felecia could definitely chalk this one up as “mission accomplished.” Sarah was definitely not going to forget this and her tongue was already craving the taste Love seemed to be enjoying so much. Sarah knew she’d be joining her friend on her knees soon enough and she welcomed that. She just had to let the wonderful fog of the aftermath of orgasm lift first.

Now that Sarah had released all that tension in her body in a creamy orgasm, Felecia was happy to pull her shiny face away and enjoy Love’s talented tongue. Felecia didn’t have Sarah’s concerns about being heard or not, so she made no effort to stifle herself as she moaned and cried out from the tonguing she was getting. She backed herself up to press her pussy more into Love’s face and get that tongue even deeper inside her.

Love was happy to do so. Her tongue was enjoying its explorations of Felecia’s pleasure zone and her mind was totally focusing on making this porn goddess come. Of course while Love was focused, she couldn’t completely ignore her own pleasure so her hand left Felecia’s right butt cheek and moved between her own legs. She was so wet from this and Love found her fingers just sliding right into her own pussy like a flame through ice.

As her pleasure began to register more audibly with each passing second Love’s tongue was inside her, Felecia began to toss her head back and let her long hair brush over her back, tickling herself and grazing Love’s forehead. The pleasure for the porn star got even better when, just as she’d hoped, Sarah got herself involved with the action again.

Felecia’s nipples stood straight out like bullets capping off her perky tits and Sarah was quickly on top of them with her mouth. She sucked and licked Felecia’s long nipples, to her complete delight. Felecia loved having her nipples played with and Sarah knew just how to do it right. She didn’t even have to hold Sarah’s head down, but she did it anyway in order to play with the blonde strands of her hair. Just then Love hit a sensitive spot with her tongue and Felecia gasped and cried out.

“Oooooh yes…ohhh you do know how to eat pussy Love,” Felecia moaned. “Ohhhhh yeahhhh gonna have to put you in my movies…mmmmm…”

That earned Felecia both a hard slap to her ass and an appreciative lick from Love. She giggled to herself while she licked. Her life had been a porno recently, why not take her up on it? It would never happen, but it was fun to think about nonetheless. Love began licking Felecia with even more energy, dreaming of becoming an all-girl porno queen along with the other one name girls whose claim to fame was working a strictly veggie diet. Felecia…Janine…Charlie…Love…all girl…all the time. It was almost enough to make Love come all over the fingers she still was working herself over with.

Sarah looked down to see the happy smile on Love’s face while she took care of Felecia. She found herself smiling again at the sight of her housemates total rapture at utter sluttitude. Well they’d just have to invite Felecia over to the house one day, make sure the camera’s were trained at them and then see what happened.

The loud music of the club wasn’t enough to cover the happy sex noises that were coming from Felecia and Love. Love was moaning into Felecia’s pussy, both from the work of her fingers and from how much she enjoyed giving her new friend head. Sarah decided that if Love liked it that much, it was definitely worth getting a taste.

Leaving Felecia’s saliva covered tits behind, Sarah pushed herself downward. She pulled her butt off the soft couch and landed on the floor with a smile and a thud. She then immediately went right after the wet pussy that was staring her right in the face. As Sarah got closer she could see Love’s tongue working it’s magic from behind. Sarah stuck out her tongue and flicked it against Love’s so she wouldn’t be surprised by her added presence.

There was more than enough wetness to go around, so Love had no problem at all sharing Felecia’s pussy with Sarah. Their tongues flicked back and forth against each other sexily before they both got back to focusing on Felecia and making sure she got a very big tip for the private dance they had gotten.

“Ooooh yesssss mmmm I love it…work those tongues in my pussy!” Felecia cooed. It was just what she wanted. She had felt lust burning inside her the first time she’d noticed the two girls at their table and when she’d recognized them all Felecia had wanted was Sarah and Love to tongue her into ecstasy. Now she had just that and it was good as she had hoped.

“Ohhhh lick it girls…lick it,” Felecia implored. “Mmmm my two celebrity sluts. Lick my pussy! Lick my porn star pussy!”

Felecia had had so many girls both in her movies and in real life, but never anyone as famous as Sarah and Love. It got her off so hard to know who it was giving her this double tongue action. It didn’t matter how high you were up on the Hollywood food chain. Lust was the great equalizer and right now Sarah and Love were at the same level as the countless girls who had eaten her out on film.

While those two tongues worked her over, Felecia stood up and began playing with her own tits. She pinched and tugged on her long, hard nipples, making them even more erect than they’d been in Sarah’s mouth. Her nipples had always been so sensitive and playing rough with them always made Felecia’s orgasms better. The hot little celebrity tongues inside her pussy were setting her up for quite an orgasm and she wanted to make sure it was as good as it could possibly be.

“YESSSS!!!” Felecia burst out when the dueling tongues hit her in a good spot. “Fucking eat me out! Right here in the club! Eat that pussy with your famous little tongues! You’re getting me so wet!”

Not minding at all being referred to as “celebrity sluts,” Sarah and Love continued doing all they could to make Felecia feel good. Licks and sucks were combined with pinches and finger fucks. Love even used her position behind Felecia to give her asshole a few licks, making Felecia shiver in the process. Mostly though the two kept at her pussy with their tongues. The two of them combined to do quite a job on her experienced sex and Felecia kept on crying out while she rubbed the back of their heads.

While Love was just enjoying the fact that she had a hot pussy she could lick, Sarah was getting off so hard on the taboo of all of this. Before now all her encounters with her own sex had been in trailers, limos, abandoned rooms or the privacy of the mansion. But here anyone could walk in and find her and Love tongue deep in porn star pussy. If she hadn’t just come, Sarah knew she’d probably be fingering herself to orgasm right now. This was just so fucking hot.

“Oooooh you two are soooooooooo good,” Felecia cried out. “I’m gonna come! Are you ready? I’m gonna cover your famous faces in pussy! Don’t stop tongue fucking me!”

Sarah and Love answered the question of their readiness with hard licks and anticipatory moans into Felecia’s pussy. Both of them were more than ready to taste the cream of Felecia’s orgasm and when they felt her tighten her grip on their heads they knew it was time.

“YESSSSSS OHHHH YESSSS!!!” Felecia moaned as she began to cry out in sharp, orgasmic shrieks that were music to Love’s ears. She’d heard Felecia come on film so many times and now she was not only able to hear it in person, she was able to taste it with her tongue. And taste it she did as Felecia’s pussy spasmed and creamed all over the two tongues inside her. The porn star seemed like she was about to start bouncing up and down from the pure pleasure being shot through her small frame.

Felecia’s fantasy was literally coming through and she completely let herself go, surrendering to the rapture of those hot tongues inside her. Sarah and Love licked her until her legs got weak, but she was able to steady herself and allow them to continue. Felecia’s high, happy moans didn’t stop filling the room until there was finally no pleasure left to be drained from this. When this happened, Felecia fell back to the carpeted floor and rewarded Sarah and Love both with soft tongue kisses.

Sarah and Felecia now both had the same satisfied, well-fucked look on their faces, but the same couldn’t be said about Love. She had a look that Sarah had seen so many times. It was the look that Love got when she felt like if she didn’t come and didn’t come both soon and hard she would simply cease to be. Her need for sex was all over her face and her puppy dog eyes implored Sarah and Felecia to pay attention to her needs.

“Oh she needs it bad,” Felecia grinned.

“She needs it very bad,” Sarah agreed, a grin of her own crossing her face. “Shall we give it to her or make her suffer?”

“Oh I don’t feel like being mean,” Felecia replied. “Besides she’s good girl isn’t she?”

“Yesss I’m a good girl,” Love declared. “I am soooooo good! Please just fuck me! I need to come!”

“Oh yes Love is a very good girl,” Sarah answered, ignoring Love’s cries for the moment. “She’s a naughty little slut who can never get enough, but she’s definitely a good girl. She’s the one who brought me here tonight.”

“Well then, I think I we should make sure she gets what she needs, don’t you?” Felecia asked.

“I think so,” Sarah said. “She deserves to have herself a nice big orgasm for what she’s done.”

A relieved smile crossed Love’s face when she heard that. Part of her was afraid they were going to let her suffer and she was feeling so horny that she wouldn’t have been able to handle something like that. She’d gotten so wet during Sarah and Felecia’s orgasms that she needed this as sure as she needed her next breath.

Sarah and Felecia pushed Love down flat on her back on the floor. Felecia kissed Love on the lips before pulling off and heading straight to her pussy. Love drew in her breath sharply and exhaled with a long gasp as she felt the veteran porn star’s drag itself right over the lips of her labia, collecting droplets of cream in the process.

As Felecia’s tongue introduced itself to Love’s pussy, Sarah busied herself getting Love naked. She kissed Love tenderly as she undid the buttons to the dress shirt. When it was undone she pushed it open and Love helpfully lifted her back so she could push it off her shoulders. Even though her breasts were bound down, Sarah could see that Love’s nipples were hard and in need of some attention so Sarah began clawing her way through the covering to get at the tits she had enjoyed sucking so many times. When she got close to the flesh, Sarah’s sharp nails nipped at Love’s breast flesh, but Love found herself enjoying it, despite the scratches.

When Sarah had exposed Love’s breasts as best she could, she didn’t hesitate before covering them with kisses and other forms of oral attention. Love sighed in happiness as Sarah got her tits wet with saliva and Felecia’s tongue dealt with wetness of another kind. So many times Love had watched Felecia in her movies and wondered how good that tongue would feel inside her. Now she knew and it was certainly more than worth all the fantasizing.

“Ohhhhh Felecia,” Love moaned. “It’s so goooooood. Sooooo goddamned good! Fuck me! Fuck my wet pussy!”

An evil thought popped into Sarah’s head and she pulled away from Love’s chest just long enough to dump one hell of a question in Love’s lap.

“Is she better than me?” Sarah giggled, getting a kick out of the shocked look on Love’s face.

“Ummm she…uhhhh…” Love stammered adorably, not sure how to answer that question.

Sarah then grinned and kissed Love on her lips, showing her that she was just teasing. Love gratefully returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around her housemate’s back and squeezing her tightly throughout the kiss.

For her part, Felecia was alternating between using her fingers and her tongue on Love. She would rub her hard while kissing her thighs and over her legs before plunging that tongue right back into Love’s wetness, savoring her flavor. If there were more girls out there like Sarah and Love coming to her shows, Felecia decided she would have to dance exclusively here.

Felecia’s tongue was working wonders between Love’s legs and she arched her back, moaning in response. Sarah knew what Love was experiencing and loved seeing her friend feel the pleasure she just had.

“Isn’t her tongue so good?” Sarah asked. “Mmmm she eats pussy so well, doesn’t she?”

“Uh huh,” Love blissfully agreed as Sarah reached down to cup her soft, swaying tits and suck on her hard nipples. “Mmmm she’s gonna make me come soon…”

“Yesss I want you to come Love,” Sarah said in between mouthfuls of tit. “Come just like I did! Come all over that porn star tongue!”

Felecia was hoping for just that. She was totally falling into lust with the naked actress she was in the middle of licking. She loved how smooth Love’s pussy was and how wet she got from her dancing and from eating her out. Being who she was, Felecia wasn’t shy in expressing her lust while she pushed her fingers into Love’s wetness.

“Please Love come for me!” Felecia urged. “I want to see how beautiful you look when you come! I love this sexy, wet cunt of yours and I want to see it come and drip hot pussy cream all over my face and tongue!”

Hearing those nasty words coming from the sexy porno pixie, Love almost slipped into a pleasure coma. She felt like her eyes were going to roll back in her head from pure joy. Sarah gave Love’s tits a healthy squeeze to snap her back and kissed her again, letting her suck on her tongue while she moaned.

And they think we’re sluts, Felecia grinned as stared at Sarah and Love passionately frenching and pondered how people regarded the women in her industry and the women in their industry. For once a rumor about celebrities acting like wild people were true and Felecia found herself reaping the benefits. She couldn’t get enough of Love’s sexy pussy and found herself licking it, sucking it, slapping it and stroking it all in an effort to get her to come. Sometimes she seemed to be able to do all of those things at once to Love and it was driving the actress bananas.

“Ooooooh more…please more!!!” Love cried out, her lips muffled by Sarah’s kisses. Felecia got the message more and gave the horny actress exactly what she wanted. She began to push her fingers in harder, penetrating Love’s pussy as hard as she would if she were wearing her favorite strap on around her waist. Her tongue focused on Love’s clit, feeling it swell and throb. The girl was so close to coming so Felecia decided to literally suck the orgasm right out of her. She spread Love’s labia with her fingers and buried her face in her pussy sucking on her clit as if she could draw life’s energy from it.

“FUCK YES!” Love jolted up, nearly knocking Sarah over in the process, when she felt Felecia suck on her clit. Her body was covered in the same type of perspiration Felecia had had when she danced. “CLOSE!!! OHHHHHHHHH SOOOO CLOSE!!!”

Felecia took that as a challenge and sucked even harder, fueling her own growing horniness right back to Love. Love showed how much she appreciated these efforts by shaking in response and crying out her pleasure in long grunts that stretched on into cries. Felecia could have sworn at one point Love was growling in pleasure and she took it as a sincere compliment as to her abilities.

Sarah had seen this before and she always loved watching her friends come. She kissed Love’s neck, face and chest all over while she shook in pleasure. She was so close and like the prince waking up Sleeping Beauty, Sarah delivered a magic kiss to Love’s lips.

“OOOOOOOOOH!!!” Love shouted into Sarah’s kiss. “YESSSS OHHHH YESSSSS!!! UGHHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!”

Love rode the waves of her own orgasm like an experienced surfer. Her tits shook up and down, only to be recaptured by Sarah’s gentle but insistent touch. Through it all, Felecia kept her lips locked to Love’s clit, sucking down her cream and letting what she couldn’t catch cover her as a souvenir of the encounter. There were no doubt people waiting outside for her, but fuck them, this was too much fun for Felecia even to think about cutting it short.

When the last orgasmic wave rose and crashed over her body, Love could manage only a weak smile. Sarah kissed her once again and soon Felecia joined them with her flicking tongue and sexy kiss too. All three girls had girl cum glazes on their lips and they could all taste one another as they kissed.

“Mmmm if I knew strip clubs were this fun I would have come here a long time ago,” Sarah sighed happily.

“You definitely should have,” Felecia agreed. “After being drooled over by guys for hours on end, I’ve never met a single dancer who didn’t love pussy.”

The three girls then began gathering their clothes, knowing that they couldn’t stay like this forever. However, Love couldn’t leave without asking one question of her new friend.

“So Felecia,” she asked while licking her lips. “Do you ever do private parties?”

* * * * *

Rose let out a little yelp as the ice was applied to the bruise on her forehead.

“Oh don’t be a baby,” Chloe chided her. She looked at Rose as they sat around her kitchen table. She was barely dressed in an outfit that Chloe thought would be provocative on many of the porno movies she’d shot over the years. But Chloe couldn’t take her eyes off how ashamed Rose looked at that moment as she stared straight down at the table. Chloe wondered how many people ever saw this side of her friend. The side that could be sad or scared instead of the side that seemed determined to shock everyone into compliance.

“Why do you let her do this to you?” Chloe asked softly. She’d asked Rose that question each and every time she ended up here looking for support. Chloe didn’t know much about Rose’s encounters. She didn’t even know the name of the girl she was meeting up with. But she did know that each and every time Rose was a mess after seeing her.

“I don’t know,” Rose replied after a moment’s thought. “I was better at fighting her off tonight, but she’s just you know…stronger.”

“Oh fuck that, Rose,” Chloe said. “You’re stronger than her. I know that for a fact. I’ve seen everything you’ve gone through. You let her bully you and hurt you and that’s what worries me so much.”

“I…I just can’t refuse her,” Rose protested. “I don’t know why I let her do this. She just snaps her fingers and I have to answer.”

“You hate it, you know you hate it,” Chloe pointed out. “You have to be able to fight her off. Part of me understands why you started this with her, Rose, but whatever benefit she had for you is long gone. You have to stop! I can’t help you unless you open up to me why she has this power over you.”

“You know,” Rose sighed. “You know the reason.”

“No, it’s more complex than that!” Chloe insisted. “Don’t run away from this by hiding behind what happened! If you don’t want to get strong and stop this shit then stop coming to me when you need a fucking band-aid.”

“If you don’t want to help me, then don’t help me,” Rose snapped. “I just don’t need the fucking lecture right now, ok?”

“Rose, of course I want to help you,” Chloe declared. “You know I want to help you. You’re my friend and I love you. But you can’t keep doing this. You can’t be a strong woman one minute and then a weak little girl the next. It’s not healthy and I’m worried about you.”

“I know,” Rose said, putting her hand on top of Chloe’s. “But I can do this! I can stop it myself and no one ever needs to know about it.”

“Maybe you should tell those girls you live with,” Chloe suggested. “It sounds like they’re all crazy about you. They can help you.”

“No!” Rose said firmly. “I don’t want them to know! Ever!”

“You shouldn’t keep secrets from them Rose,” Chloe said. “I know they’ll help you if you ask. I mean you tell me all about what you do there and it sounds so wild-”

“You know you don’t just have to hear about it,” Rose interrupted with a grin, moving her hand to Chloe’s cheek and caressing it. “You can experience it for yourself…”

“I’m not into girls,” Chloe replied, not pushing Rose’s hand away.

“Liar,” Rose shot back, continuing her caresses. “Besides we’ll know how to do it you just the way you like it.”

“Oh stop Rose,” Chloe said, surprised that she was actually blushing. “You can’t flirt your way out of this conversation. I’m not going to sleep with you.”

“Why not?” Rose teased. “Aren’t I fuckable enough for you? Or would you rather take your porno studs up the ass night in and night out?”

“God, you’re incorrigible,” Chloe declared, shaking her head. “You’re still not going to get me to fuck you Rose. Sex would just screw our friendship up.”

“I don’t know about that,” Rose smiled. “I’m getting along great with everyone at the house and I think we all know what goes on there…”

Chloe just shook her head and sighed. She remembered when it was guys Rose used to lust after non-stop and the tales she used to regale her with about that. Now it was all girls and Chloe noticed Rose did seem happier now, except for times like tonight when she went off to meet that girl. Chloe wished she knew who the girl was. Then she’d go out there and set her straight.

Sometimes Chloe wondered how it was that a WB chick ended up being friends with someone who’d made hundreds of porno movies. Of course some friendships just never made sense no matter how you broke them down and she had known Rose even before she’d been spotted outside that gym and plunked into “The Doom Generation.”

She knew Rose was strong and that she could handle herself, but Chloe worried more each time Rose saw this girl. She didn’t like where it was headed and she couldn’t help think it wasn’t going to end well.

* * * * *

Jennifer dropped the towel she had wrapped around her body and crawled into bed naked. Brad was already underneath the sheets and, suffering from the jet lag his flight from Toronto had left him with, he was sound asleep. Jennifer studied her husband in the moonlight then filtered into their bedroom as his bare chest rose up and down. Despite everything else in her life, Jennifer knew this one fact for certain: she was still totally in love with Brad Pitt.

She knew what a lot of women would say in response to that statement. “Oh yeah? Like THAT’S so hard.” But that was because in their minds they only had the fantasy idea of what marriage to Brad Pitt was like. She had to deal with reality, even when that reality involved the scruffy beards he insisted on growing for the parts he took. However, reality with Brad was pretty damn nice, if Jennifer didn’t say so herself.

They had celebrated his return home with a quiet evening at home, which of course was followed by rather animalistic lovemaking. Brad loved sex in the shower with her and Jennifer never minded obliging him. She loved how he touched her and how good he made her feel. She knew she never wanted to feel another man inside her besides him, but of course that was where things got complicated for her.

Was there a difference between another man’s cock inside her and Love’s happy tongue lapping away at her pussy? Or for that matter was there a difference between another man bending her over and taking her from behind and Rose strapping on Mr. Snappy and pushing her onto all fours. Brad had no idea of everything that she’d done and all she’d experienced. Her love for him was not in doubt, but Jennifer was also trying to come to terms with her burning need for female flesh.

Even as Brad lay sleeping before her, Jennifer’s thoughts ended up drifting toward Malibu. She wondered what her housemates were doing? She had no doubt it was sexy and fun and part of her longed to be with them. Even though she knew she should be feeling very much at peace right now with her husband sleeping beside her, she still wanted to escape and run off to engage in the debauchery that had become commonplace in the mansion.

A sudden thought popped into Jennifer’s head: Am I turning gay? But she shrugged that off as quickly as it had arrived. She wasn’t gay. Wasn’t she just on her knees in the shower sucking Brad’s cock as water cascaded all over their bodies? And hadn’t she just been screaming for him to fuck her harder? If she was gay, then that was the behavior of the worst lesbian since Anne Heche had wandered in from the meadow.

She just missed her friends and all the fun that went along with being with them. Each night she had been without them since she had moved part of her life to Malibu had seemed lonelier. She had a bond with them, and it was becoming just as strong as the one she had with Brad. Just as she missed him when he wasn’t with her, she missed her beautiful group of lovers as well.

It was so tempting to come clean to Brad. I mean what man didn’t want to see his wife with another woman? What would happen if the bedroom door had swung open and Jennifer had whispered to Brad, “Honey, you know Jewel, right? Well, she’s going to join us tonight.” She wasn’t positive what his reaction would have been, but it likely would have involved a lot of blood leaving his brain and rushing to his cock.

But what if she was wrong? What if that wasn’t his reaction? What if he was hurt and called her a cheater? What if, God forbid, he wanted a divorce? Jennifer couldn’t live without him. She planned the whole rest of her life around Brad and starting a family with him. She wanted to have his children and grow old and forgetful with him.

It wasn’t fair that she had to choose. Why couldn’t she have both her husband and her housemates. What was wrong with having her cake and eating it too? But despite her unwillingness to have to make a choice, Jennifer knew the crossroads she had been dreading for so long was coming up on her fast.

* * * * *

Eliza resisted the temptation to call out Kirsten’s name like she was looking for a lost puppy. Besides the fact that she would have looked silly, she was afraid it was going to make Kirsten run away again. After Kirsten had run out of the room, Eliza had sat around feeling very sorry for herself. She had wanted to run right after her, but she had decided that Kirsten needed some space and some time to herself for a little while. So she held back and let Kirsten go. Besides it wasn’t like she could get very far. Eliza still had the car keys in her possession.

So Eliza had stayed in the room and tried to come to terms with what had just happened. Her attempt to alleviate her guilt and come clean to Kirsten had blown up right in her face. If she had to pick a worse way for things to unfold, Eliza wouldn’t have been able to. Having Kirsten flee the room in tears just about broke her heart. Plus there was the fact that Eliza knew she had no one to blame but herself.

If she had felt guilty before for having gone to the mansion and done what she did, that was nothing compared to how bad she felt for making Kirsten cry. Kirsten had trusted her and she’d repaid that trust by sneaking around on her and participating in that orgy. It had been fun at the time, but now she was paying for it.

Eliza wasn’t used to feeling like this. She had never really given a damn about other people’s feelings before, but seeing Kirsten run off like that really showed Eliza how much the young blonde meant to her. She didn’t want to lose her and she was willing to do anything to get her back.

After getting dressed and pacing around the room for God knows how long, Eliza decided to go after Kirsten and try and find her. She didn’t know how long she’d waited. It felt like hours, but it could just as easily have been minutes. Eliza didn’t know this area at all, but she figured there was only so many places for Kirsten to hide around here.

Eliza had quickly located the robe Kirsten had worn when she had run out. She assumed Kirsten had redressed because she wasn’t the type to be wandering around outside naked. She continued looking around, not caring how late it was, trying to find any sign of where Kirsten could be.

She looked high and low around the hotel. She declined to ask anyone for help because it wasn’t how she liked to do things and, besides, there was the off chance she might get recognized and the last thing she needed was for a tabloid to pick up on this story. Eliza searched all over the grounds and ended up doubling back. She was about to restart her search when she heard something near the pool.

Eliza moved closer and when she got there she found what she had suspected. Someone was by the pool and Eliza knew what she was hearing were soft sobs. When she heard them Eliza nearly started crying herself, but she tried to regain focus. This was no time for her to turn into some simpering wimp. She had to be strong and try to repair the damage she had done.

She didn’t want to spook Kirsten, so Eliza crept up behind her quietly.

“Kirsten?” Eliza said quietly.

“Go away,” Kirsten sniffed. “I hate you!”

Even though that was what she had been expecting to hear, the words still hurt Eliza. But that didn’t stop her from getting closer. Kirsten was sitting by the edge of the pool, the lights of the night and of the hotel shining in the water and creating a beautiful reflection.

“Kirsten please, listen to me,” Eliza insisted. “I am so sorry.”

“I don’t care,” Kirsten declared.

“Please Kirsten, let’s just talk…” Eliza requested.

“Why don’t you go talk to Sarah or one of your other orgy friends,” Kirsten snapped. “They seem to know how to get you excited. I sure can’t.”

“Of course you can,” Eliza replied. “You always excite me. You’re being silly.”

“Shut up!” Kirsten shouted, a little bit louder than she had intended as she angrily splashed the water. “I can be whatever I want to be now! You don’t get to tell me how to feel right now Eliza!”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Eliza said. “Please Kirsten, you don’t know how bad I feel. I never wanted to hurt you.”

“But you did!” Kirsten shot back. “You hurt me by cheating on me and then you hurt me by confessing it just so you could ease your guilty conscious. You’re not who I thought you were. I thought I could trust you.”

“You can,” Eliza insisted. “You can trust me Kirsten! It was just this one time.”

“It’s always just one time,” Kirsten replied. “Then it’s always another time and then another time after that. I’ve been with cheaters before Eliza and they never change. They just cheat on you time and time again.”

“But I won’t!” Eliza declared. “I swear Kirsten I would never do this to you again. I don’t want to be with anyone but you!”

Kirsten looked at Eliza like she was thinking it over. Then she frowned and went back to staring at the concrete ground.

“Liar,” Kirsten said angrily. “You’re lying to me Eliza. Don’t even bother, because I know I can never trust you again.”

“You can,” Eliza insisted, once again feeling the urge to cry. “Please Kirsten. Don’t give up on us. I can’t lose you. You can trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you. You’re the most important thing in my life.”

“If I’m so important then why’d you do it?” Kirsten asked. “Why’d you cheat?”

“I don’t know why I did it,” Eliza admitted. “I guess it was just too good a fantasy to pass up. I wasn’t used to passing up things like that. I mean I’ve only thought of myself for so long I wasn’t used to thinking of other people’s feelings. But I do care Kirsten. I care about you so much. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t see your beautiful face and that smile of yours. I’ve never felt about anyone like I do about you Kiki.”

Eliza then emphasized her point by placing her hand on top of Kirsten’s. Kirsten let it rest there for a few seconds before suddenly pulling her hand away.

“No!” she declared. “I don’t want you to touch me! I hate you Eliza!”

“Please don’t say that Kiki,” Eliza said, taking it as a positive sign that Kirsten at least wasn’t telling her not to call her “Kiki anymore.”

“Why don’t you just go off with Sarah, you wanted her so much,” Kirsten said bitterly. “You obviously liked her better than me.”

“That’s not true,” Eliza protested. “I don’t want to be with Sarah. I want to be with you.”

The pair sat in silence for a few moments before Kirsten spoke up again with something that had been bothering her.

“Are you embarrassed by me or something?” Kirsten asked.

“What do you mean?” Eliza asked, not following her at all.

“Why didn’t you bring me with you?” Kirsten asked. “Did you think I was like some kid or something? Were you thinking I was some lightweight who couldn’t handle it? I would have loved to go with you.”

“I just wasn’t thinking Kiki…” Eliza said sadly. “I didn’t take your feelings into account. I wish I taken you. I wish I had done so many things differently. Of course I’m not embarrassed with you. You’re no lightweight to me and you’re definitely no kid. I love doing what we do to each other.”

“Did you mean what you said before?” Kirsten asked. “You know about me being the best thing in your life?”

“Totally,” Eliza immediately stated. “I’m so totally crazy for you Kiki. I’ve never felt that way before. You do crazy things to me.”

“You do crazy things to me too…” Kirsten admitted softly. “I really hate you though Eliza. I just wish I didn’t love you so damn much too.”

Eliza nearly swallowed her tongue when Kirsten said that. Was she serious? Kirsten was staring at the ground again so Eliza couldn’t tell. She so wasn’t ready to respond to this. What should she say? Eliza decided to just clear her head and do the first thing that popped in there.

She then closed her eyes, opened them, took Kirsten’s chin with her hand, raised her head up and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Kirsten didn’t kiss back, but she didn’t pull away either.

“I love you too Kiki,” Eliza admitted, not sure where she was saying this from, but knowing it was true. Sometimes it took something like this for her to admit what she’d known since they had filmed “Bring It On.”

“I’m totally in love with you Kiki,” Eliza continued. “You’re the person that makes me most happy in the world. I’ll do anything to make this up to you.”

Kirsten impetuously kissed Eliza this time, pushing her tongue into her mouth and showing that while she might not be forgiven, at least she could stand to touch her again. Kirsten then pulled away and looked at Eliza like she was studying her, like she was on the verge of making some big decision. Eliza didn’t like the look, but she let Kirsten do it anyway. Kirsten then leaned forward, outstretched her hands and pushed Eliza into the pool.

Eliza gasped in surprise before hitting the water fully dressed. She splashed around for a bit before gathering her bearings back and grabbing onto the edge of the pool. She looked up and Kirsten and found the blonde with a smile on her face.

“You, Ms. Dushku, have a lot of making up with me to do…” Kirsten then reached her hand out and pulled her girlfriend out of the pool kissing her lips as she did so. “Now lets get you a towel and discuss your punishment.”

* * * * *

When they finally arrived back at the mansion, Sarah and Love were still a happy, giggly mess reveling in the afterglow of their first strip club visit. The napkin with Felecia’s number was still in Love’s possession and she was going to make damn sure she didn’t lose it. She knew the rest of their housemates would love seeing her dance, especially if it came with the special extras she and Sarah had received. Love’s pussy was still wet just from the memories of what it had been like to touch and lick Felecia and then have her return the favor so well. Felecia’s tongue had felt so good in her snatch and Love knew that she was going to need at least one session of finger play tonight before she was finally able to sleep.

Sarah so did not want this night to end. She had been too busy having fun to think about any of the problems in her life. What had happened to her and Love had been so erotic and so draped in fantasy. She had been tipsy from the champagne and Felecia had stripped away any inhibition she had brought into the club with her.

The reality of her life hadn’t mattered, but now she knew she was going to have to face it all again. Her father. Freddie. Rick. She just didn’t want to deal with it. She wanted to be back in that chair in the champagne room, letting Felecia undress her before spreading her legs for her warm, wet tongue. There had been no consequences in that room, just sweet pleasure and now Sarah was back facing a world where every action had a reaction.

“So what’d you think?” Love asked, kissing Sarah on the lips and asking a question she knew didn’t need to be asked.

“Oh my God, Love, what other fantasies do you have in that perverted little mind of yours?” Sarah marveled, returning the kiss. They hadn’t bothered to completely redress, but they had certainly put their pants and dress shirts back on. Their jackets, ties and, most importantly, their sex soaked boxers were in a bundle of clothing they carried with them.

“Mmm don’t tempt me or else I’ll be rummaging through my stuff looking for my schoolgirl outfit,” Love giggled. “I’m just glad you had fun.”

“Love you have no idea,” Sarah sighed, slumping her head on Love’s shoulder as they walked inside the mansion. “I needed that sooooo bad.”

“The others will be plenty jealous about this,” Love pointed out.

“Well that will just give us a reason to go back, won’t it?” Sarah replied with a wicked grin.

Sexual tension still filled the air between them, but Sarah and Love had to sadly concede to the lateness of the hour. As much as they would have liked to, they couldn’t stay up all night screwing each other silly. It just wasn’t practical, especially with Sarah’s hearing in the morning.

Before they could share a good night tongue kiss though, the door flew open again and Rose burst in. Sarah and Love were startled slightly by her sudden appearance, but not as much as Rose was by running into them. It was almost two in the morning and she hadn’t expected anyone to be up this late.

“Hey guys,” Rose offered feebly. She could feel Sarah and Love’s eyes on her as she stood there in her outfit. Normally that would have been an impetus for her to just rip it off and really give them something to stare at, but in this case it filled her with anxiety.

“Hey Rose,” Sarah replied. “What’s up?”

“Oh you know, nothing much,” Rose explained nervously. “Just getting in. I guess I was out partying a little too late.”

“Oh my God!” Love gasped. “What happened to your head?”

“Oh this, it’s nothing, I was such a spaz tonight, I tripped and fell,” Rose lied. “Good thing no one saw me. It’s kind of hard to be sexy and mysterious when you’re always tripping over yourself.”

“Tell me about it,” Love smiled, knowing full well of her own bouts with spazzdom. “But are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just a bruise,” Rose informed them. “It’ll probably be gone by the morning and if it’s not they can slap some makeup on it tomorrow and no one will even know it was there.”

“Do you want to talk about anything?” Sarah inquired. She could definitely feel as though Rose was holding something back. She acted the very same way when she was holding onto something she didn’t want anyone to know.

“No really it’s cool,” Rose said flippantly before making her way upstairs. “I’m not the first girl to trip. What are you two doing up so late?”

Sarah and Love shared a sly grin in response before answering.

“We’ll tell you in the morning,” Sarah answered.

“Ooooh mysterious,” Rose replied with an arched eyebrow. “Now I’m going to have to know. Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to find ways of getting this information out of you?”

“Yes!” Love suddenly and happily answered, making all three women laugh. “Please torture us!”

“You can torture us in the morning, Rose,” Sarah grinned. “Right now I need sleep.”

Sarah was about to walk past Rose, but then she paused and looked at her purple bruise on her forehead. Sarah impulsively leaned forward and placed a light and tender kiss on it. She then wished Love and Rose good night and disappeared upstairs.

“Are you sure you’re ok Rose?” Love asked.

“Oh yeah,” Rose smiled, staring at Sarah’s ass as she walked up the stairs. “I’m just fine.”

* * * * *

When the morning arrived a state full of sleepers found themselves awakening with various grumbles and mumbles. That wasn’t a problem for Gwen. She’d had no problem getting up, because she’d barely been able to sleep all night.

She’d tried to sleep, but she’d just ended up tossing and turning. She didn’t think she’d ever been this unhappy before. Even her breakup with Tony had gone smoother than this, but this was one thing she didn’t think she was going to end up immortalizing in a No Doubt song. All night she couldn’t get the pictures of Gavin out of her head. She’d heard so many rumors about him over the years, even the ones that he was gay and she was merely his cover, but until the truth hits her right in the face, she’d been able to shrug it off. Not so now.

Now Gwen had to reconsider everything that had happened with them over the years. What else had been a lie between them? Had he ever told her the truth about anything? Gwen remembered that song by Travis, The Humpty Dumpty Love Song or whatever it was called. She remembered what the lead singer had said. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put her heart back together again either.

The message light by her answering machine had been blinking all night. She knew it was Gavin checking in to see why she hadn’t called him last night like she had promised to. She just couldn’t deal with this now. She knew if she heard his voice again she’d just start crying again and she was going to do whatever she could to avoid that from happening.

Gwen just didn’t want to think about what he had done and what tortured excuses he’d come up with to try and explain away his cheating. Gwen wanted to redirect her energy in the worst way. She was going to find something positive about today if it killed her. Hey, she was going to hang out with Jewel. That would be fun at least.

Hey maybe this whole vacation from herself thing would open up new door in her life. They always said when one door closes, another one opens. Even though Gavin didn’t even know that she knew, Gwen was ready for another door to open.

* * * * *

“Don’t worry it’s going to be ok,” Alyson said confidently as she hugged Sarah. “You’re going to get through this with no problems.”

“Thanks Aly,” Sarah sighed. She wished this was over. It was taking all her willpower to not bite her nails off right now. Instead she paced around the courtroom. She was there so early that neither the judge nor the lawyers had even arrived yet. It was just her and Aly.

They weren’t even using the main courthouse for the district this morning. The Judge had thought there would be too much of a potential for problems if they held it at the main building with the press all around. She had just thought it had the potential to be a circus if word got out, so she had moved to one of the courthouse annexes.

“I’m here for you Sarah,” Alyson assured her. “Just don’t be nervous. When this is all over you’ll never have to worry about Rick again.”

“But what if he wins Aly?” Sarah asked quietly, as if the thought of it was too horrible to contemplate any further.

“He won’t,” Alyson insisted. “After today he won’t be a problem again. I promise.”

“Thanks Aly,” Sarah smiled. “You’re so good to me. I’ve been a real bitch lately and I’m glad you’re here for me. I’m sorry I haven’t been a good friend lately.”

“It’s totally understandable, you’ve been going through a lot,” Alyson said. “Ummm but I know how you can make it up to me.”

“Do you now?” Sarah said, allowing herself a sly grin. “And how can I do that?”

“Well maybe you could invite me back to your place for a little celebration when this is all over,” Alyson answered, blushing just a bit. “And you can tell me more of what you did last night.”

Now it was Sarah’s turn to have a little shade of blush cross her face. She couldn’t believe she and Love had gotten so wild in public. It almost felt like it didn’t really happen, but Sarah knew she couldn’t have dreamed something so vivid. She had been retelling the story all morning to Jewel, Rose and then Alyson and it had gotten better each time she had said it. Sarah’s pussy began to stir underneath her dress as she remembered each and every detail of her strip club trip, but she stopped herself before it got too far. She couldn’t be thinking about that stuff now. This was too important for her to flake out.

“I just hope we’ll have something to celebrate,” Sarah replied.

“We will,” Alyson predicted. “I’m sure of it. I just wish it would get started already.”

“Ughhh tell me about it,” Sarah sighed. “I just want it over with. The waiting is the worst part. It’s like telling someone they’re going to be executed and then making them wait on line for it.”

“Oh stop being so dramatic,” Alyson smiled. “No one’s going to be executed. Except for Rick if I get my hands on him.”

“No way,” Sarah insisted. “That pleasure is going to be all mine. You can watch Aly.”

Sarah and Alyson smiled and sat in silence for the next few moments. Then Alyson asked a question that had been bugging her since yesterday.

“Sarah, are you sure you’re ok?” Alyson asked. “I mean with everything else and-”

“You mean with my father?” Sarah interrupted and Alyson nodded her head “yes.”

“It’s just something that happened Aly,” Sarah sighed. “He’d been sick. Nothing I can do about that. I mean if he’d been in my life even a little I might feel something, but he wasn’t so you know…”

“I know…” Alyson said. “I just want to make sure you’re ok.”

“I’m fine,” Sarah assured her friend. “I’m also thirsty though. Do they have a soda machine or something here?”

“I don’t know,” Alyson shrugged. “I don’t think they let you bring soda inside the court.”

“Damn, I mean if my ass is gonna be dragged over coals in here I should at least be able to drink something,” Sarah grumbled. “I suppose they’re not gonna let me order out for pizza either.”

“I don’t think so,” Alyson laughed, wishing she could give her beautiful best friend a good luck kiss. But she knew with their luck someone would walk through the door when they were in mid lip lock.

“Is there at least a water fountain?” Sarah asked.

“Maybe you’d better do some exploring,” Alyson suggested.

“Good idea,” Sarah said, getting up. “And if they want to start this whole hearing thing without me then tell them to feel free.”

“I’ll do that,” Alyson promised.

Sarah then walked out the door and went off in search of liquid refreshment. Her search didn’t take her far and she quickly spied a water fountain. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too toxic, though part of Sarah hoped that maybe she’d get a little sick. Just sick enough so she would be able to go home and not sit through this.

However the water fountain appeared to be very sterile and pristine so Sarah helped herself to some cool water, hold the germs. She drank from the fountain, pausing only when a shadow moved into her line of view. She didn’t even have to look up to know who it was.

“Hello Sarah,” Rick said grinning snidely.

“Leave me alone,” Sarah said sharply. “Get the fuck away from me!”

“You know we don’t have to do this,” Rick said. “You can make this go away so easily.”

Sarah stared right at him hotly. She wondered what would be the most appropriate way to rub this roach right off the face of the earth.

“All you have to do is go off into one of the conference rooms with me,” Rick smirked. “I’m sure we can work something out between the two of us. All I wanted was a date with you.”

“Listen to me you fucking prick,” Sarah said softly but firmly, so as not to attract a crowd. “The only way you will ever touch me is if I am dead. That is the closest you will ever get to fucking me you stupid asshole.”

“You’re the one who brought this on yourself bitch,” Rick replied, tightening his gaze and his lip trembling. “I loved you Sarah and it was a good, pure love. You rejected me and when you reject pure love you pay for it. So unless you get in there and give me what I want I will totally destroy you!”

That did it as far as Sarah was concerned. She reared back and delivered a hard slap to Rick’s face. All those years of Buffy training paid off and she hit him hard enough to knock him to the ground. Rick quickly picked himself up. It looked like he was about to hit Sarah back, but he saw people staring at them so he held himself back.

“You’re going to pay for that,” Rick vowed. “I’m going to take everything you have!”

“You’re the one that’s going to lose,” Sarah declared, showing a confidence she did not have. “I’m going to show everyone what a sick, lying piece of shit you are.”

Rick didn’t say anything more. He calmly turned away and walked back toward the courtroom. Sarah exhaled sharply when he was gone and grabbed the side of the water fountain for balance. She had to get through this. She couldn’t let him beat her.

* * * * *

The fact that the afternoon was approaching was of no real concern to the late risers that lived next door to the mansion. Getting up in the morning was the exception rather than the rule for Waldo, Franklin and Delbert and today they held fast to those rules. Waldo was the last one to wake up and he did it, as he often did, by falling out of the hammock he slept in. With a thud he hit the floor and quickly shook off his grogginess.

His housemates had already joined the society of the living that morning and Waldo found Franklin surrounded by a bunch of receipts and Delbert quickly doing pushups. Franklin was never more at home than he was when he was working with facts and figures, so seeing him there was nothing new. However, Delbert doing morning exercises was not quite the norm.

“Ummm what’cha doin’ there Del?” Waldo asked.

“Go on tell him,” Franklin sighed. “Tell him your new life’s mission.”

“We are in a unique position here,” Delbert said. “We have an awesome chance to become protectors.”

“Protectors?” Waldo repeated. It wasn’t the first time he had trouble understanding where Delbert was going and it wouldn’t be the last.

“Yes protectors,” Delbert said. “After what we saw yesterday, I can conceive of no other option.”

Waldo didn’t quite know how to react to that. None of them had spoken about what they had seen yesterday when Jennifer had brought them over to her house. It had been something so amazing that if someone had told them it was only a mirage, then all three of them would have accepted that without a second’s thought. It hadn’t seemed possible that the beautiful women who lived could be doing those things to each other. It was too fantastic and Waldo, Franklin and Delbert had seen first hand how a person’s eyes could lie to them.

But it was real…very real. Still they hadn’t talked about something that would have set anybody else’s tongue wagging. Sarah and Rose had pretty much put the fear of hellfire into them as well, so they were still coming to terms with what it was they saw. Now it seemed that Delbert had a very clear idea of how to react to this.

“Tell him why we should be protectors now, Delbert,” Franklin said, having heard all of this before while Waldo slept.

“It was by divine destiny that we saw what we saw,” Delbert explained in between pushups. “For too long I have wondered why we were on this Earth and now I know. We are to be their protectors. We were meant to find out what we found out and to use that knowledge to protect them from the outside world. I think we should swear a sacred oath to protect the girls from harm.”

“Interesting theory,” Waldo replied. “Been putting much thought into that?”

“I was up all night,” Delbert answered. “It came to me at exactly 3:25 a.m. But don’t worry, I don’t need sleep. I can-”

Delbert then immediately fell asleep in the middle of a push up, snoring away as Waldo turned his attention back to Franklin.

“How’s it looking?” Waldo asked his mathematically inclined friend.

“Not good,” Franklin replied. “No matter which way I look at it, we’re in serious financial trouble. We’re just spending more than we’re earning.”

“Maybe we could expand our distributorship?” Waldo suggested.

“But where, none of the heavy hitters are going to buy from us without recommendations,” Franklin explained. “We just can’t set up a stand with this stuff and hope that people will start buying. Right now we’re popular with surfers and stragglers, but that’s it.”

“There’s got to be something we can do,” Waldo said, running his hand over his chin while he thought over the problem. “Things are going pretty well, considering all we’ve been through since we got here. I don’t want to turn back now.”

“We could cut back on the experiments,” Franklin suggested, which was immediately met with a strong negative response.

“And put the future of humanity in jeopardy?” Waldo asked. “No way.”

“Well if we need quick cash we should just sell the story about the girls to the tabloids,” Franklin said flippantly. Both he and Waldo laughed off the idea, especially since it came on the heels of Delbert’s declaration, but they couldn’t help but lock eyes and ponder it.

* * * * *

Despite the fact that it happened a day ago and a whole coast away, Jessica’s thoughts were still focused on her trailer fun with Amy. God it had been so good to be with another girl again and Jessica’s pussy moistened at the thought of it. She couldn’t believe she’d gone that long without pussy and now that she’d had it again, she just wanted it more.

She’d been worked up as soon as she and Amy had said their good byes with tender kisses and promises to see each other again. Jessica’s pussy had been on fire all day and that night she had worked Michael to the point of his exhaustion. She had taken him every which way and even after he had collapsed on the bed with a drained cock, she had wanted more. She couldn’t remember when she had been so sex crazy and she had ended up making very good friends with the shower massager before she had been able to get some sleep that night.

A good night’s sleep hadn’t made her raging horniness any less. Jessica hadn’t been able to get out the door for her flight to New York without first giving Michael a blowjob and swallowing his cum. Of course then she made sure he returned the favor with a hard tongue lashing of her soaked pussy, but even that hadn’t satisfied her needs.

All through the flight to New York, Jessica had been trying to control her libido. She didn’t look at any of the male passengers, she couldn’t cheat on Michael like that, but she did give the attractive women on board the eye. In fact Jessica had found it hard to resist the temptation to see if the hot stewardess in first class was willing to grant her membership in the mile high club. She didn’t want to risk rejection and gossip starting, so Jessica contented herself with running hot scenarios in her head. There was a movie on the cross-country flight, but Jessica didn’t look at it. Whatever it was, it couldn’t possibly have been as entertaining as the XXX features playing in her mind.

Jessica was only supposed to be in New York for a day to do the Conan O’Brien show and she was already thinking that when she got back to California, she might pay a visit to Sarah and Love and everyone at the mansion. She was confident they’d be able to help her quench her desires.

But first Jessica had to do the show and it wasn’t like this was a burden or anything. She liked this show and, more importantly, she liked Conan. She liked how she came off on when she did it. She was sexy, funny and just flirty enough to get a rise out of the audience. It was exactly how she wanted to come off when she did shows like these and she always had a good chemistry with Conan. As Jessica walked into the studios, she told herself to just relax, stop thinking about sex all the time and do the show so she could go home and have some fun.

However, all thoughts of ceasing sexual fantasy came to a halt when Jessica heard who was going to be on the show with her.

“Britney Spears?” Jessica gasped.

“That’s right,” Bernard, the show’s talent coordinator said. “It’s her first time doing the show. She’s going to be on right after you and do one of her songs and then sit down with Conan for a few minutes. It’s sweeps month, what can I say?”

Bernard prattled on for a little bit, but even though she nodded her head and made it seem like she was listening, Jessica was far from paying attention to him. If Amy had been a score, what would Britney have been? The thought of seducing Britney Spears was beyond anything Jessica ever thought she could do, but as soon as she heard she was going to be on the show she wanted to do it. Could she possibly pull it off? Could she do to her what had been done to her and what she had done to Amy? Could she take someone, who by all accounts was totally straight, and turn her into a slut for pussy?

It seemed impossible, but Jessica knew that somehow, some way she had to try to do this. Jessica loved a challenge and this was one hell of a challenge. However before Jessica could give her challenge any more thought, Conan walked into the room to say hi to Jessica.

“Hey Jess, thanks for coming down for the show,” Conan said, greeting her. “We’re glad you could be on again.”

“Well I just hope you cleared out your dirty magazines this time,” Jessica grinned, referring to one of her previous experiences on the show where she found a copy of Playboy behind his desk.

“Hey I told you there was a fascinating piece by Norman Mailer in that issue,” Conan joked. “The fact that there were naked women just happened to be incidental.”

“Uh huh yeah sure,” Jessica replied, knowing that these days the sight of naked women might even excite her more than it would Conan. “That’s what the boys always say.”

“Hey, I’m a happily married man now,” Conan said.

“Oh yeah…Conan why did you go off and do that?” Jessica playfully pouted. “You did know I was waiting for you, didn’t you?”

“Did I say I was married?” Conan quickly remarked. “I meant I wasn’t married. No I’m totally single! Totally free and happy!”

Conan then mocked chewing off his ring finger to dispose of the evidence of his marriage.

“So you wanna go out tonight or just stay in?” Conan asked in a super suave voice. “Cause I am all about the ladies.”

“You’re silly,” Jessica smiled. “Besides wouldn’t you rather have Britney than me?”

“Yeah…her first time here,” Conan said. “Frankly we were a little surprised when her agent called us and wanted us to book her.”

“Yeah it doesn’t seem like you share the same target audiences,” Jessica observed.

“Tell me about it,” Conan said. “I think anyone who’s bought her cd’s are in bed by the time Leno comes on. But hey what are going to say? ‘No! No! Please don’t make us put Britney Spears on our show!'”

“They didn’t have to twist your arm much, did they?” Jessica asked.

“Nahhh we gave in pretty quickly,” Conan admitted.

“So ummm where is she?” Jessica asked, plotting her next move. “Umm I’d like to meet her?”

“Oh she’s in one of the dressing rooms,” Conan said. “I’ve barely seen her. She pretty much went right in and hasn’t come out yet. I dunno maybe it’s diva stuff or maybe she’s afraid Justin Timberlake is wandering around.”

The mention of Britney’s recent ex-boyfriend, got Jessica’s mind working. The girl was probably still broken up over what had happened. Jessica knew when a relationship ended the last thing she really wanted to do was socialize. Maybe that’s why she was hiding out in her dressing room. Perhaps there was something Jessica could do to ease Britney’s heartbreak. But what? How could she get an in?

As Conan talked on about this and that, Jessica ran through what she knew about Britney. She didn’t know much except for her seeming affinity for schoolgirl outfits and for dancing with snakes. She searched her brain trying to remember anything she could to start up a conversation with Britney. Suddenly Jessica remembered a sure way to get into Britney’s good graces.

“Hey Conan, is there a Starbucks around here?” Jessica asked.

“Are you kidding?” Conan replied. “This is New York City. I think there’s a dozen of them in the lobby.”

Taking a stab in the dark, Jessica decided that the way into Britney’s dressing room was one that was a road coated in caffeine. That’s why Jessica was making her way toward Britney with two big, steaming cups of Starbucks frappuccino in her hands. As far as long shot attempts went, this one wasn’t too out there. When she got to the dressing room, she saw that there was no sign of burly bodyguards or pushy managers, so Jessica decided to go for it and knocked on the door.

“Yes, who is it?” a voice called out from the other end with just the slightest touch of a Southern accent to it.

“Britney? It’s Jessica…Jessica Alba,” Jessica said. “Since we’re doing the show tonight, I was hoping we could…you know…talk and stuff…”

Ok, that didn’t sound too dorky, Jessica told herself. She was always afraid of spazz moments and that she was really just a dork pretending to be hot, but that insecurity tended to vanish when she saw the way people like Michael and people like Love looked at her. She hoped Britney would soon be looking at her that way too.

Britney apparently didn’t think it was too dorky either because Jessica then heard someone walking toward the door and unlocking it. The door then opened and Jessica was greeted by Britney, looking mighty cute with her blonde hair down to her shoulders in jeans and an “I LOVE NY” t-shirt.

“Hi!” Britney said cheerfully, drawing out the end of the word in a very friendly manner that Jessica instantly found appealing. “Ooooh is that for me?”

“Yep,” Jessica said, handing one of the cups to Britney. “It’s frappuccino.”

“Mmm my favorite,” Britney said, ushering Jessica into her dressing room. “Please come in. I was kind of hoping you’d stop by. You can give me the lowdown on this show.”

“Conan’s great, you don’t have to be nervous at all,” Jessica replied, sitting down in a soft leather chair in the dressing room. This place was sure nicer than her dressing room, but she supposed when she earned the companies that had a piece of her as much money as Britney had earned hers, then she would get the big dressing room too. “Just go out there, relax and have fun.”

“I just…you know…I know I’m not as cool with the audience as the guys they usually have here,” Britney said. “I know they’ve usually got like all these weird alternative bands I don’t know on. This is kind of new to me too.”

“You’ll be fine,” Jessica assured her, trying unsuccessfully from staring at the way Britney’s shirt hug snugly to her chest. “You were great on Saturday Night Live. You’ll be great here.”

“You’re so sweet,” Britney smiled before taking a sip of her coffee. She got touch of foam on her lip and, giggling all the way, she shot her tongue up to clean it off. “Thanks for the coffee. People always say I’m over caffineated, but this stuff relaxes me. I don’t know how I’d ever get through the day without it.”

“Three cheers for legal stimulants,” Jessica said, raising her cup.

“Here here,” Britney replied, in a mock toast with Jessica. “You know I don’t get to watch it all the time, but I really like your show. I wish I could kick butt like that.”

“Thanks,” Jessica smiled. “I just hope we get picked up for a third season. I mean if we don’t then I might be giving butt kicking lessons on whichever street corner I’m living on.”

“Of course you’ll be picked up,” Britney assured her. “They’d be crazy not to. And if you do I’m sure you’ll get another job in no time fast.”

“Thanks again,” Jessica said. “I sure wish you had a job in FOX’s programming department. My life would be less stressful if I knew someone up there felt the same way you do.”

Jessica was really struck by how friendly Britney was. She’d heard so many stories about diva behavior and tantrums from her and Christina Aguilera. But Britney seemed totally down to earth and sweet and, well, Jessica had seen up front how sweet Christina could be.

Jessica suddenly found herself remembering pulling that strap on onto herself near the pool and fucking Christina hard. That little sex kitten couldn’t get enough and Jessica finally made her come by fucking her hard in the ass. Thinking of that had Jessica’s pussy dampening again and she wondered if Britney was anything like Christina.

“Ooooh can I see your ring?” Britney asked, her attention captivated by the bright, shiny object on Jessica’s finger.

“Sure it was my fiancé’s grandmother’s,” Jessica said, as she held out her hand to show off the engagement ring Michael had given her when he proposed. Jessica loved it. It was going to be hard for her to take it off when they did finally get married.

“So have you set a date yet?” Britney inquired, a frown crossing over her lips, only to be quickly replaced by a smile.

“Not yet,” Jessica answered. “We want to see what happens with the show first and once we know we’re really going to plan it out. Part of me wants it to be small and intimate and part of me just wants to go crazy and have a big blowout. You know something like Liza Minelli had, except much less tacky and with a husband who isn’t gay.”

Both girls laughed at the joke and Britney let Jessica’s hand go after sufficiently studying the ring.

“Yeah I know, that’s pretty important when you’re planning a wedding,” Britney joked. “Gotta get the flowers, the caterer and the husband who’s straight. I’m really happy for you Jessica. I see pictures of you and Michael in the magazines all the time you know you two just really look so happy and…”

Britney’s lip then began to quiver a little and before she could stop herself she suddenly began crying. Jessica was surprised to say the least. Of all the things she expected to happen, Britney breaking down crying in the middle of a sentence was not one of them. She put her coffee down and went over to comfort the crying singer.

“Britney, are you ok?” Jessica asked, concerned about what could have brought about this reaction.

“I’m fine,” Britney said, gathering up her strength and exhaling. “It’s just that you seem so happy with Michael and it just makes me…”

Britney couldn’t finish her sentence because she started crying again, with the tears threatening to turn into full fledged sobs this time. She buried her face in her hands so Jessica couldn’t quite make out what she was saying, but she did make out one word: “Justin.”

“It’s ok, Britney,” Jessica said, placing her hand on the crying singer’s back and rubbing it. She had no idea what to do now, but it did feel good to be touching Britney, especially since it seemed she wasn’t wearing anything under that t-shirt. “You can’t let a breakup get you down.”

“I can’t help it,” Britney cried. “Justin and I used to be happy and now I don’t have anyone. All the press does is pick on me day in and day out and he used to be there to help me and tell me everything was going to be ok. Now he’s gone and I just miss him soooo much.”

“Ummm sometimes it’s just not meant to be,” Jessica offered lamely. She had never been a particularly good relationship counselor and it was even harder now when all she wanted to do was get inside the pants of the girl she was supposed to be comforting. “You know you can want something as bad as possible, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen like you want it to.”

“But we’d known each other for so long and then he dumped me by the phone,” Britney sniffled while she wiped away her tears with her hands. “I’m sorry for acting like this. I mean I don’t always get this emotional and I barely know you. It just…it just hurts so much!”

Britney then began crying again and Jessica began to think about leaving the room. But then she realized that this in fact could be the opportunity she was looking for.

“It’s ok Britney,” Jessica told her, putting her arm over her shoulder and hugging her. “Just let it out.”

“No one’s ever going to love me,” Britney said sadly.

“Don’t be silly,” Jessica said, shaking her head. She and Britney were both not so far removed from their teens, so she guessed it was natural to have overly emotional reactions to things. She remembered she’d had some doozy fights with Michael and her exes over the years where she reacted pretty much the same way as Britney was now. “Of course someone’s going to love you Britney. You’re so beautiful and so funny and nice. You just have to find the right person.”

“I just feel so empty,” Britney sighed, sucking up her tears and blowing her nose in a tissue. It felt good to get this all off her chest even if she didn’t know Jessica that much. Sometimes you just needed to unburden and since her mom wasn’t available, Jessica seemed like a friendly substitute. “I feel so lonely. Like part of me is gone. I’ve been miserable for weeks now and everywhere I look Justin’s out with that skank dancer of his.”

This was it, Jessica told herself. It was her chance. She either went for it or she gave up this whole seduction idea.

“Want to feel better?” Jessica asked. She was like a snake, ready to pounce on dinner, but at least she had pleasure in mind, not poisonous pain.

“Oh yeah,” Britney sighed. “I don’t think that’s ever going to happen though. My life is over.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Jessica smiled before leaning in and kissing Britney right on the lips. Britney’s eyes flew open in surprise and out of sheer shock she allowed Jessica to continue. When Jessica finally pushed her tongue inside her, Britney got her bearings and pushed the actress away.

“What the hell are you doing?” Britney demanded.

“I’m just trying to make you feel better,” Jessica answered simply. She’d been expecting Britney to react like this. This was the crossroads. It either happened or it didn’t. It all depended on how good a selling job Jessica could do here.

“Ewwww but that’s gross,” Britney declared. “Girls shouldn’t kiss!”

Jessica fought the temptation to roll her eyes back in her head. Britney sounded like a kid, but it actually made Jessica want her more. She was going to have this girl and she was going to not let her get away.

“I want to do more than kiss…” Jessica declared with a wicked grin. “I can make you forget all about that silly boy.”

“Are…are you gay?” Britney asked, totally confused by what was going on. “What about Michael?”

“What about him?” Jessica said, oozing confidence. She was convinced she was going to have Britney naked and wet for her within minutes. She just had to push her a little. “I love Michael but I also love women. They make me feel so good. And I can make you feel good Britney. I can make your pussy so, so wet.”

Britney blushed at the sound of the “p” word and she stepped back a bit. Her head was spinning. She’d never been with another girl. Hell, she’d never even thought about it and here was Jessica, whom she’d just met like five seconds ago, telling her all about lesbian sex. Still Britney had to admit that she had liked the kiss. It had been soft, so wonderfully soft and Britney loved soft things.

“Does that embarrass you Britney?” Jessica asked, totally in control and loving every second of it. “Does it embarrass you when I say the word ‘pussy?’ Because my pussy is so wet right now Britney and it got wet because I was thinking of fucking you.”

“Oh my gawd,” Britney gasped. What was going on here? It was like some crazy dream. She half expected to wake up gasping in her bed any second now. “I’m not gay! I’m not a lesbian!”

“Neither am I Britney,” Jessica said patiently as she walked toward Britney. The singer backed up until she was virtually trapped in a corner. “Didn’t you listen? I love my fiancé and I love men. But being with a girl is so awesome. You will feel so good and you will only want more. Haven’t you ever thought about it Britney? Haven’t you ever thought about getting naked with another girl and kissing her and touching her?”

“No,” Britney answered defiantly, but now that Jessica mentioned it, it did sound like fun. Wait a second, was she actually considering this? She couldn’t. She wasn’t a lesbian. She didn’t like girls. But Jessica was beautiful. If she were a lesbian, she’d definitely go for her. But she wasn’t! Damn this was confusing!

“It’s soooo good Britney,” Jessica promised. “You will love it so much. Women can do things to each other that men can only dream of. You will feel so good and you won’t have to worry about your broken heart anymore.”

Jessica then pressed her lips to Britney again, pushing her back into the corner while she kissed her. Jessica’s kiss was so confident and sexy that Britney couldn’t help but enjoy it. When Jessica’s tongue moved back into her mouth, Britney felt surprised again, but also pleasure. It felt good to have Jessica kiss her. It was so confusing to Britney, but she couldn’t stop herself from moaning from it.

“That’s it Britney,” Jessica smiled. “I knew you’d get into it. I knew you’d like this.”

“We can’t…” Britney insisted, but without a lot of conviction in her voice. Jessica loved the way she said it with her little Louisiana accent. It was like she was saying “cain’t” and Jessica thought that was so sexy.

“Yes we can,” Jessica replied. “You need to feel good and I’m going to show you that another woman licking your pussy is one of the best feelings in the world. You need this Britney. You need a big, sweaty orgasm. I can see it in your eyes how bad you need this.”

Britney knew that Jessica had her there. She did need an orgasm. There wasn’t enough chocolate in the world to make up for that lack of pleasure. She was just nervous about this. She couldn’t really get a grip on what was happening except for the fact that it felt good. Could she really do this? Could she just surrender to the touch of another woman?

Surrendering became an even more attractive option when Jessica pulled up her t-shirt. Just as the actress had suspected, Britney hadn’t worn a bra under there. Her beautiful, firm breasts were on display and Jessica couldn’t restrain herself from leaning down for a taste.

“Ohhhhhh,” Britney softly sighed. Ever since her surgery her breasts had been so sensitive. She loved having them sucked and played with and sometimes, when she was really worked up, she could make herself come just from playing with them.

Through her kisses and sucks of Britney’s tits, Jessica found one debate settled. Were they real or fake? The answer was two fold. Yes they were fake, but in the end who the fuck cared? They were gorgeous and they were Jessica’s to play with. It didn’t matter at all whether they were real because they sure felt real enough as Jessica hefted Britney’s tits up with her hands and fed them to her mouth.

“Noooo…” Britney moaned, displaying her inner turmoil over this turn of events. “Please…oh yesss….please stop…Ohhh it feels so gooooooood…”

“Just let go Britney,” Jessica advised, reveling in her full conversion to bold lesbian seductress. “Enjoy the ride and let yourself have the fun you need.”

It did feel so good and as much as Britney wanted Jessica to stop touching her and stop confusing her already overworked brain an equal part not only wanted Jessica not to stop, but to go on and on until she was naked and coming. Her pussy was starting to get so wet…wetter than it had ever got. This was so scary and new but she couldn’t deny that it was making her feel better than she had in a long time.

While Jessica nibbled on Britney’s rapidly hardening nipples, her other hand crept down to between Britney’s legs. She rubbed the crotch of Britney’s jeans, eliciting more moans and further weakening the singer’s resolve. Jessica popped open the button of Britney’s jeans and yanked them down her legs, delighting in what she then saw. Christ, this girl hadn’t worn panties under her clothes either. Either she was going to change before she got out there or got some kind of thrill from performing commando. No matter what the reason was this girl had more in common with Christina then she first suspected. However, there was still one matter Jessica wanted to clear up.

“Britney?” Jessica asked the moaning girl. “Are you really still a virgin or did you and Justin get it on?”

“Mmmm no…not a virgin…” Britney moaned. “We did it right before we broke up. I thought it would make him stay with me.”

Hearing that actually made Jessica sad. Justin really had left Britney in the lurch. Oh well, she wasn’t going to be thinking about him for long. Jessica was going to make this extra sweet now. She kissed Britney’s lips tenderly and this time Britney returned the kiss. It was a shy kiss from the singer at first, but finally Britney’s tongue came out of hiding and let itself do a tentative exploration of Jessica’s mouth.

Holy shit, Britney excitedly thought to herself. I’m doing it! I’m kissing another girl! She had given up questioning the why of all this. It didn’t matter anymore. She was scared about doing something as bold as this, but Jessica’s kisses and caresses was turning her on like nothing else. Britney had always loved the idea of sex and had gotten as close to having it as she possibly could before she finally gave herself up to Justin right before the break up. Her provocative dances had always gotten her so worked up that Britney had found herself constantly masturbating. Justin had always loved watching her play with herself, but she had done it just as often with no audience.

She had always teased and touched her own pussy thinking what it would be like to be with a man…and sometimes when she got into it enough what it would be like to be with two or three men…but she had never dreamed about other girls. It had always seemed like something she just wasn’t interested in. Now it was another girl who was turning her on so much and Britney found she was plenty interested.

Jessica finished tugging Britney’s jeans down and allowed her to step out of them. She then cast off Britney’s shirt over her head, leaving her very nude and still backed into the corner. If she had been drool worthy dancing around in her little outfits, Britney was even better when she was naked. Her belly piercing shone in the light and there was a sheen of perspiration over her bare breasts. Britney’s pussy was almost bare save for a small patch of dark hair right above her labia.

“Isn’t my kitty pretty?” Britney asked coyly. “I love playing with it and you’re starting to make it all nice and tingly.”

Britney looked so sexy talking like that and looking so insecure at the same time. Jessica just had to kiss her again and Britney was even more excited this time. With each passing second she was getting more and more into this and, as Jessica began to touch her pussy, she could feel her wetness forming.

“Not so embarrassed now are you?” Jessica grinned.

“Will you make me feel good?” Britney asked, her embarrassment definitely fading. “Say you’re gonna make me feel good.”

“You bet I am,” Jessica promised. “Britney I’m going to make your pussy so hot and wet and then I’m going to lick you until you come all hot and creamy for me.”

Britney bit her lip in excitement and gave in completely. She threw her arms around Jessica’s neck and kissed her passionately, pushing the stronger girl backward with her energy. Britney had been so eager for sex for so long and when she and Justin had finally done it, it hadn’t been so great. Now Jessica was promising her total bliss and rapture. Even if it was with another girl, there was no way Britney was going to pass that up.

Jessica allowed Britney to come out of her corner now that she was confident she had her. Unfortunately for the pair, there wasn’t a bed handy and the chairs in the room didn’t look particularly accommodating to girl on girl loving. Oh well, at least there was a soft carpet underneath them and, as Jessica and Britney made out, they fell onto it.

“What about you?” Britney asked. “I want to see you naked too.”

“Oh you’ll see me naked,” Jessica promised and she made good on that by pulling her shirt over her head. Her breasts were encased in a violet Victoria’s Secret bra and her nipples were straining against the fabric. Jessica grinned as she fondled her tits through her bra right in front of Britney’s enthralled face. It looked like she was about to have one eager student on her hands. Jessica’s nipples were getting so hard under the fabric and she needed to release them into the open. She then reached around back to unsnap her bra and when she leaned forward her bosom spilled out.

“Wow,” Britney smiled as she looked at Jessica’s impressive and all natural rack. She’d seen other girls naked before for sure, but this was certainly the first time she’d seen one in a sexual situation.

“Just wait till you see my pussy,” Jessica winked at Britney, before kicking off her shoes and socks. She then undid her own jeans and slid them off her legs. While she was doing this, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her violet panties and took them with her. Now they were both naked and facing each other on the floor. They were both breathing hard and studying each other’s nude body. In the middle of doing this Britney began giggling uncontrollably.

“What? What is it?” Jessica asked.

“I’m sorry,” Britney replied. “I just can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Just relax and let me touch you,” Jessica instructed as she kissed Britney again and lay her down on her back. Britney’s tits jiggled as she settled in and Jessica began toying with her hard nipples, pinching and rubbing them causing Britney to moan wildly.

“Yesssss ohhhhh yesssss…” Britney moaned. “Play with those big titties of mine. Everyone talks about them. Mmmm but you get to play with them. Do it Jessie! Do it to my body just like you promised!”

That was exactly what Jessica was planning to do and Britney looked so sexy lying there that she even forgave her for calling her “Jessie.” Jessica kissed and licked on Britney’s tits, working her nipples between her lips and tugging on them to Britney’s utter delight. Store bought or not, these were great tits and Jessica was definitely enjoying having them in her mouth.

While she was doing this Jessica’s hand tickled it’s way down Britney’s belly, making the apparently very ticklish Britney laugh. She tugged and fondled her belly piercing and rubbed over her smooth, tanned thighs before getting right to her pussy again. She didn’t penetrate Britney’s not-quite virgin pussy, but she teased her labia and let her wetness coat her fingers. Judging from Britney’s reaction, this was something she liked quite a bit.

“Ohhhh yeahhh,” Britney moaned. “Just like that! That’s how I like to play with my pussy! Rub it harder Jessie! Rub my wet pussy hard and you’ll have me coming in no time!”

“Not gonna cry anymore are you?” Jessica teased.

“Oh no,” Britney vowed. “Hell no! Just please don’t stop touching me!”

“You mean touch you like this?” Jessica asked as she rubbed Britney’s pussy softly. “Or touch you like this?” She then spanked Britney’s wet pussy hard, making a lovely slapping noise on her flesh.

“OOOOOOOH!” Britney cried out. “YES JESSIE!! YESSSS!!!”

Jessica remembered how much she’d loved it when Amy did that to her and Britney seemed to enjoy it just as much. She spanked Britney’s pussy as hard as she’d felt Amy do it and she loved how it felt to have Britney’s hot juice covering her smooth palm. She could feel the lips of Britney’s labia spread wide as the singer opened her legs and begged for more with her cries. Jessica could feel Britney’s swelling clit against her palm next and she marveled at how a girl who had been a crying mess so little time ago could now be writhing on the floor in sexual ecstasy, her big tits bouncing with every smack to her wet cunt.

When Jessica felt that Britney had had enough slaps, she repositioned her hand so she could slide her fingers inside. Britney’s tightness highlighted her sexual inexperience and Jessica could only fit two fingers inside her snug, pink walls. She was able to quickly get a steady motion and Britney began to flail on the soft carpet, her eyes being opened to a world of sexual pleasure she had previously denied herself.

“You like this Britney?” Jessica demanded, her own juices starting to run down her leg. She hadn’t even touched herself yet. The rush from turning Britney into a slut for pussy was too much for her. “You like me finger fucking you? You like feeling my fingers in your tight, wet pussy?”

“Oooooh yesssss I love it! I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!” Britney cried out. She could get quite profane when inspired and Jessica was giving her a hell of a lot of inspiration right now. Besides it seemed like her talking nasty made Jessica want her more, so Britney was planning on using talk that could make a sailor blush.

She loved feeling those fingers in her pussy. It felt so much better than either her own fingers or Justin’s cock. She just hoped she’d also feel Jessica’s tongue too. She couldn’t believe she’d ever resisted these advances. All she wanted now was more.

“Mmmm your tight pussy feels so good on my fingers,” Jessica said through her gritted teeth. Her own arousal was so high right now that she thought she might come just from getting Britney off and not giving herself any attention. “You’re so fucking wet and hot Britney! I love your hot, tight pussy Britney and I’m going to fuck you until you come and cream for me!”

“Yesssss!” Britney urged in between thrashes on the rug. “Fuck me! Please fuck me! Please please please please please please please…”

Britney continued to beg as Jessica finger fucked her hard and leaned down to take her first licks at the singer’s pulsating pussy. She loved hearing Britney beg and seeing her naked body writing for more of her attention was a turn on Jessica had to wondered whether it would ever be equaled. When Jessica finally did pull her fingers out of Britney’s pussy, it was only so she could better get her tongue inside her.

“Oh holy shit!” Britney gasped, when she felt Jessica’s mouth go after her pussy. “Yesss fucking yessssssss!!!” She had never felt anything as good as the feeling of that warm tongue lapping away at her pussy and Britney knew right then that this was certainly not going to be the last time she felt a woman’s tongue inside her.

Part of Britney still couldn’t believe this was happening. She had felt so despondent since the breakup and now a woman was giving her the best experience of her limited sex life. She craned her head up so she could have a better view and she loved what she saw. It was just so unbelievably hot to look down and see Jessica Alba, with her long straight hair covering her thighs, feasting on her wet pussy. Britney just stared and cried out, not caring who heard her. She didn’t care if they all knew. She loved this and she wouldn’t have wanted Jessica to stop for the world. Britney began squeezing her own tits, rubbing them hard and working over her super sensitive nipples.

“Oh don’t stop eating me!” Britney begged even though she didn’t have to. “Please keep eating my pussy! Make me like you! Make me into a lesbian! I wanna be a lesbian!”

Britney still didn’t seem to grasp the whole concept of bisexuality, Jessica grinned to herself, but that was ok. She’d just explain it to her later. Right now she just wanted Britney to come and to come huge. She wanted to feel her cream drip from her hungry lips. Jessica was living out all her fantasies right now and she loved it. She was totally in control, twisting someone to her desires. This was the second girl in 24 hours she’d converted to bisexuality and it made Jessica feel so good. Now she knew why everyone at the mansion loved this stuff so much. It was so fucking cool to seduce straight chicks.

Jessica continued to eat Britney out, using every trick she knew. Jessica’s experience was still limited but she hoped to soon be the visiting the mansion again for some hands on tutoring in eating pussy. If Amy hadn’t been a big enough prize to get her back inside, Britney sure would be and the idea of experiencing all those hot tongues again had Jessica giving it to Britney even faster.

“Mmmmm ooooh Jessie you’re going to make me come!” Britney wailed in ecstasy. She’d come from her own hands a lot and Justin had sort of brought her off, but nothing could prepare her for this. It had barely started and Britney already knew that this was going to be the biggest orgasm of her young life.

“Please fuck me Jessie!” Britney continued. “Tongue fuck me Jessie! Make my pussy come! Make me your slut!!! Yessss it feels so fucking hot!!! Ohhhh I’m getting close!”

Jessica could tell from the growing heat of Britney’s pussy that this was indeed the truth. Britney was getting close to orgasm and Jessica wasn’t planning on missing a drop of this girl’s sweet sex cream. She wanted to feel this hot pussy explode against her face and then she’d see if Britney could lick worth a damn. Jessica’s own pussy was burning with need and she couldn’t wait to press it to Britney’s face and rub her wetness all over her beautiful features.

“Ohhhhh is this what you want?” Britney asked in a moan while she pinched and tugged at her nipples. “This is what you came in here after isn’t it? Mmmmmm you wanted my hot little pop tart pussy, didn’t you? Well know you’re going to get it! You’re gonna get all my sweet sugar over your face! Ohhhhhhh yesss you’re turning me into such a fucking slut and I love it!!! I LOVE IT!!!”

Every single word out of Britney’s mouth was a compliment to Jessica. She loved how lust crazy she’d gotten this formerly reluctant girl. The power of pussy was intoxicating and Jessica knew as soon as Britney got a taste of her pussy, the singer would be just as eager as she was to lick every hot girl in sight.

Jessica sucked on Britney’s clit hard making the singer shudder. Britney found her whole body quivering and she rubbed her pussy all over Jessica’s face. Jessica couldn’t believe how hot she was getting. She felt like she was turning into someone like Christina or Rose. Someone who could get any woman they desired. She slid her fingers back into Britney’s juicy pussy and nibbled on the lips of her labia. Jessica attached her lips to Britney’s and tugged on them gently but passionately with her mouth while her fingers slid so easily into Britney. Britney was still as tight as she had been when they had started but her wetness just made things so much easier.

“Come for me Britney!” Jessica commanded right before she got her tongue back inside the singer’s pussy. “Come for me like the naughty fucking slut you know you want to be!”

“Ohhhh fuck yeah! Do it Jessie! I am a slut! A nasty fucking princess slut!” Britney babbled in between her moans. Jessica had read her so well. She did want this. She wanted to be a slut. She was tired of having everyone criticize her and not letting her do what she wanted to do. She wanted to be free and indulge her desires. She wanted to be as big a slut as she’d always heard Christina Aguilera was. She just wanted to have fun and this was soooo much fun.

Britney’s moans got longer and deeper and she felt a burning in her pussy like she’d never felt before. She felt so sticky and creamy inside and she could tell she was on the verge of one heck of an orgasm. It was so close she could almost touch it and she wanted to touch it. She wanted to swim in her pleasure and let it cover every inch of her skin. This felt so fucking good that Britney wanted to experience it each day…every day.

“Ohhhh Jessie say you’ll go on tour with me and eat me out every night!” Britney yelped happily as Jessica’s tongue lashes got her even closer. She had meant to think that and not say it, but the brain to mouth connection was a little frenzied right about now. Jessica looked at her kind of puzzled on why she’d say that, but she quickly shrugged it off and got back to licking. It wasn’t the weirdest thing she’d ever heard a guy say on the verge of orgasm but she didn’t want to go there with them and their various “mommy” issues. She only wanted to think about getting Britney off and with one last hard flicker against her clit, she got the job done.

Her fond wish for Jessica’s presence as an on tour pussy licker was the last coherent thing Britney was able to say before her orgasm arrived with wet, sticky spasms. Britney alternated between cries and gurgles as she tried to come to terms with all the amazing sensations going off in her brain like firecrackers. A thousand hot pops seemed to happen at once and she could react with only the most primal of groans while soaking Jessica’s face in girl cum.

While Jessica lapped away at Britney’s creamy sexy goodness, she got even hotter knowing Britney would always remember this moment. Just as she remembered how good it had been when Love had taken her on that soft bed, Britney would remember what it was like when she got eaten out in her dressing room.

Britney finally began to cycle down until she was ultimately doing nothing more than humping Jessica’s face. Jessica helped herself to one more long lick of Britney’s cummy pussy before pulling away and getting faced to face with the flushed and sweaty singer’s face.

“Holy moly,” Britney moaned.

“Still feeling bad about Justin?” Jessica inquired with a smile.

“Justin who?” Britney grinned right back.

“That’s right,” Jessica said. “‘Justin who?’ Now kiss me Britney!”

Britney eagerly allowed Jessica to get on top of her, their naked bodies rubbing together, and kissed her passionately. There was no longer any hesitation on the singer’s part and she was now a happy convert to the ways of girl on girl. She loved how another woman’s lips felt on her and her kiss with Jessica was free of any inhibition. Britney had often tasted herself after masturbating and now that her flavor was all over Jessica’s face, Britney decided she tasted even better.

The kiss stayed deep and wet and Britney loved how their bare tits touched and bumped against each other. Britney began running her hands over Jessica’s smooth, sexy back and smiled when she felt Jessica’s wet pussy press against her body. She’d already experienced so many new things since Jessica walked through the door. Did she have it in her to try one more thing?

“Ummm do you want me to…you know…lick you Jessie?” Britney asked tentatively. She wasn’t sure of this, but she knew if Jessica asked her she’d do it.

“What do you think baby?” Jessica asked, rubbing her wetness against Britney’s body just a little bit more.

“I think you’re going to want me to lick you until you come, right?” Britney grinned.

“Very perceptive,” Jessica said while running her thumb under Britney’s adorable chin and raising her head up to give her another proper kiss. After the kiss, Jessica kept Britney flat on her back and scooted up until her pussy was right above the singer’s face.

Britney felt her fears about going down on another woman dissipate when she got a whiff of Jessica’s aroused scent. She felt a hunger in her begin and the more she stared at Jessica’s wetness, the more she wanted to go down on her and make her feel good. She was just afraid she wouldn’t be good at it. She didn’t want to disappoint Jessica. Britney wanted Jessica to come and want to stay and be her special friend again and again.

“Just dive in Britney,” Jessica advised her after seeing the nervous look on Britney’s face. “Just do it like you like it done to you and you’ll make me come. Don’t worry baby, there’s no way you won’t make me come.”

The encouragement worked and Britney went for it. She slowly extended her tongue and took a quick taste of the wet treat pressed close to her face. For the first time Britney found herself tasting another woman and she quickly discovered that she loved it. Jessica’s pussy was warm and wet and Britney was surprised to find out how much she enjoyed her sexual honey.

Jessica began to moan from the slow tongue strokes Britney was giving her and that gave the singer all the more reason to do even better. She kept licking at Jessica’s wet labia before slowly pushing her tongue inside and getting the full experience of Jessica’s pussy.

“Ohhhh good girl,” Jessica moaned. “Good little slut. Lick my pussy like that. Mmmm that’s so nice Britney!”

Britney almost started giggling in Jessica’s pussy in response. This was making her feel so giddy. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but here she was naked and flat on her back in her dressing room eating the pussy of one of the most beautiful women in the world. If Justin could see her now he’d just die. He’d know what he’d given up then. But he’d blown his chance and Britney was now learning about all the other possibilities that were out waiting for her and her sexy bod.

Jessica’s satisfied moans were a total turn on to Britney and she felt her own pussy get wet again. God, this was just getting her so hot and she was already thinking about who else she could practice her new pussy eating skills on. She thought about her backup dancers. She thought about the hot interns at her record label or maybe even other singers she ran into what. Did she even dare think about seeing if someone like Christina was interested in this? She’d heard the rumors, but that’s probably all they were…rumors.

But right now Britney reminded herself she shouldn’t be thinking about the future. She should be keeping her mind, and tongue, right here in the present because Jessica was hot and wet and in desperate need of someone to get her off. Britney was more than happy to do so and when her tongue hit Jessica’s clit for the first time she heard the ecstatic cry it produced, she did it again and again and again.

Soon Britney was sucking on Jessica’s clit, letting her flavor touch all of her tastebuds. Britney loves this. It was like a piece of sugary bubble gum in her mouth when she got through the hard exterior at first and the sugar coating would just coat her tongue. This was better than any damn sugar and Britney knew it was going to get even hotter when she got Jessica to come.

Jessica pushed her pussy back and forth over Britney’s face, coaxing her to do more sucking and licking. Britney was definitely an eager student so it wasn’t hard for her to grasp the basic concepts of eating a girl out. Jessica was definitely enjoying having Britney’s mouth and tongue working her over and she congratulated herself for another successful seduction. Jessica moaned out her enjoyment and grasped her bouncing breasts in her hands, lifting the left one up so she could flick her tongue at it. She then did the same to her right breast, letting the extra stimulation juice up her pussy just that much more.

Britney was having trouble keeping her hands in place. She’d always been kind of hyperactive anyway and this was a special case. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, except that she had to do something with them. Britney thought about fingering herself, but she didn’t want to distract herself from licking Jessica. So then she impulsively reached up and grabbed Jessica’s ass, letting her hands grip onto each cheek and squeeze. It was not an action that Jessica minded a bit.

“Oh yeah Britney that feels goood,” Jessica said. “Squeeze it! Squeeze my tight ass while you eat me out you slut!”

Britney did as requested though she considered not doing it because part of her really liked it when Jessica called her a slut and took control of her. She was feeling mighty naughty right now and having someone tell her how bad she was was a huge turn on for her.

“Do it again!” Britney moaned. The more turned on she got, the more she licked Jessica.

“Do what?” Jessica teased in between her sexy reactions to Britney’s inexperienced, but eager tongue. She caught onto immediately to what Britney wanted, but she didn’t want to give into her demand right away. It was more fun to push her a little farther.

“Tell me what I am…” Britney begged, her face shiny with Jessica’s juices and looking so needy and beautiful. “Tell me I’m a slut. Tell me I’m the biggest slut in the whole wide world.”

“Is that what you want to hear…slut?” Jessica said, slapping her hand down onto Britney’s pussy when she hit the magic world. She made Britney coo with the slap and the singer got back to making music on Jessica’s clit. “You wanna be a lesbian so fucking bad Britney? Then keep eating my pussy! Lick it up you naughty little slut! Ohhhhhh make me come and you’ll be a lesbian slut just like me!”

Britney’s satisfaction was expressed through the tongue lashing she was giving Jessica’s pussy. Britney was reminded of the fresh pieces of fruit that was often left for her in her dressing room, but this tasted even better and she longed to have Jessica’s flavor dripping down her chin soon. She loved this. She loved doing this. She loved being a slut.

Jessica kept using the “s” word on Britney and she enjoyed the results when that tongue continued working her pink parts over so nicely. Britney had so much energetic abandon in her pussy, but she hadn’t quite reached the level of “slut” yet. Mmmm maybe she’d have Christina give her some slut lessons soon. Oh that would be so hot to watch. Jessica considered spilling Chrissy’s secret right there to Britney, but she decided not to. If Christina wanted Britney to know, she was sure she’d tell her. Christina didn’t seem to be the most subtle of sex kittens.

However, even though Jessica kept that little secret to herself, it didn’t stop her from wondering what it would be like to feel two pop tart tongues inside her. It was most definitely an appealing thought and Jessica quickly found herself on the verge of giving Britney a helping of her very own recipe of orgasmic sex cream. She wasn’t sure how Britney would react to something like that, but there was no way Jessica was getting off this tongue. She did figure it was only fair to give Britney fair warning though.

“Ooooooh Britney,” Jessica declared. “Oh baby you’re making me come! Oh shit! Yessssss ohhhhhh fuck yessssssssss! I’m almost there!”

“Do it Jessie!” Britney demanded in between licks of Jessica’s clit. “Come all over your slut’s famous face!”

That was a request no sane person could refuse and Jessica’s mental health was quite fine, thank you. Jessica’s hips began to move of their own volition, rubbing her pussy all over Britney’s girl cum hungry mouth. Jessica could feel herself creaming over Britney’s smooth, tanned face and it was such a rush. Jessica had been so horny for so long and, now she was finally finding true release.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jessica screamed out while riding Britney’s face and fucking her tongue. “OOOOOOH BRITNEYYYYYYY!!! I’M COMING YOU FUCKING SLUT!!!!”

The orgasm she had experienced while spending naked time with Amy was nothing compared to this. Jessica didn’t know what it was that was making this feel so particularly good, but it might have had something to do with the fact that one of the most recognizable faces in the world was eating her pussy right below her. So many people had their own hot fantasies about Britney, but Jessica was the one who got to unlock her full slut potential and that was such a rush to the ego and the sex drive.

For her part Britney was in ecstasy and she wasn’t even touching herself. Nothing she had ever done had felt as good as Jessica’s hot girl juice soaking her tongue and face. She had done it! She was making another girl come. Britney felt so free and uninhibited then. It felt like nothing was holding her back and she could do whatever, and whomever, she wanted.

Jessica’s cream tasted so good and Britney’s own pussy was getting so wet. She knew she must have tasted this good too when she came and she hoped Jessica would be willing to get in a few more licks before show time. It just felt sooo good and Britney reveled in the fact that she was a lesbian now. Did it mean she had to listen to Indigo Girls cd’s and become a vegetarian? If it meant she’d get more of hot pussy like Jessica’s Britney was ready to do whatever it took to be part of this sisterhood.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Jessica said in one last gasp of pleasure before rolling off of Britney’s face and moving over to her side. “Oh baby you were awesome…”

“Thanks,” Britney smiled with a slight blush. She still couldn’t quite get a handle on all that had happened, but she was certainly glad it did. “Ummm…Jessie…can…can we do this again sometime?”

“Of course we can,” Jessica said, kissing Britney while rolling her nipples in between her fingers. “In fact I have some friends who would love to meet you…”

Britney almost came again right there from the idea of not only doing this again…but with other girls as well. Before she could get too juicy from the idea though, a knock came on the door.

“Ummm Britney, we heard some shouting,” her manager said. “Is everything all right in there?”

“Definitely,” Britney declared, kissing Jessica right back and loving that her manager had no idea what was going on in here. “Everything’s great now.”

* * * * *

Once the hearing had begun Sarah found herself getting more impatient by the second. It seemed like this was taking forever and she felt so powerless as she sat their silently behind the table and listened to Rick get on the stand and tell lie after lie about her.

Rick had testified how Sarah had forced him to be her lover and come into her trailer and go down on her every afternoon. He had lied in the most graphic of ways all the things she had supposedly made him do and how much she had loved it. He told the Judge that when he had begun to refuse her, she had had him fired. Hearing it all made Sarah’s skin crawl and she wondered how deep his sickness ran. He was telling nothing but bull and it came out of him so calmly, like it was nothing for him to just get up there and spill whatever deluded fantasies that were in his head.

Sarah wanted to get up and scream at the Judge that it wasn’t true. She was so afraid that the Judge was buying Rick’s lies and that she was going to believe him and not her. Sarah tried to get a read on Judge Wright’s face, but she couldn’t. The Judge didn’t betray anything about which way she might be leaning and Sarah just wanted her to see the truth. She wanted the Judge to know that there was no way she’d do any of the things he was saying about her.

At times Sarah felt Alyson’s reassuring hand on her shoulder and that made her feel good, at least until the next lie. She had just sat their nervously and fidgety behind the table, waiting for her turn and hoping she could set it all straight.

Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t know if she did much good when she testified after Rick. She refuted all his lies and only told the truth, but it was just her word against his and Sarah wondered if Rick had been a good enough actor to fool the Judge. She told the Judge how Rick had made it all up and she said how he had been the one hitting on her and she’d only had him fired after he wouldn’t stop groping her and trying to force himself on her. She even tried to tell about what had happened by the water fountain, but Rick’s lawyer had objected and been able to stop Sarah from talking about anything but the specific instances mentioned in Rick’s suit.

She had tried her best when she was questioned to get the Judge to agree with her, but by the time she was finished Sarah felt even lower than she had before. She felt like she had failed and that in the end she was going to be to blame for everything that had happened to her. She felt like it was over and just wanted to cry. She refrained from openly sobbing when started walking back to behind the table, but she was convinced it was over. His lies had been so dramatic and bold, that Sarah felt the Judge would instinctively want to hear more with a full civil trial. What more could they do?

Sarah’s lawyer, Ted, immediately answered her internal question with a surprise announcement.

“We call Alyson Hannigan,” Ted announced and Sarah nearly did a double take. Alyson crossed past her as they headed in opposite directions and she got a look at her friend’s shocked expression.

“It’s ok, Sarah,” Alyson whispered to her. “I’m going to make everything alright.”

Sarah didn’t know what that meant, but she knew she couldn’t just stand there gawking. So she quickly got behind the table and watched Alyson take the stand.

“Now Ms. Hannigan, did you on any occasion witness a conversation between Mr. Burke and Ms. Gellar?” Ted asked.

“Yes I did,” Alyson answered. “I saw them outside her trailer one day arguing. He was yelling at her that he was going to bring her to court unless she slept with him. He said he would make up lies about her unless she did what he wanted.”

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Nothing like that had ever happened. Alyson was lying on the stand. Sarah kept her mouth shut, but Rick couldn’t keep silent.

“LIAR!!!” He shouted as he shot up from behind his desk. His lawyer tried to calm Rick down, but he wasn’t having any of it. “SHUT UP YOU LYING BITCH!!!”

“Mr. Russell, please control your client immediately or else he will be held in contempt of court!” Judge Wright declared with an angry bang of her gavel.

“Did you hear anything more of that conversation?” Ted asked.

“Yes I did,” Alyson said. “Rick said that no one would believe Sarah and that the Judge would go on his side because she was just a stuck up celebrity bitch and that the Judge would want to punish her.”


“Marshalls, remove him!” Judge Wright commanded and two burly court marshals quickly restrained Rick. However he was able to slip away from them and lunge toward Alyson on the stand before they tackled him and handcuffed his hands behind his back. Rick was then dragged away from the courtroom, kicking and screaming. Sarah couldn’t believe that Aly had lied and the dramatics that had followed. The Judge was definitely not happy.

“I want to see counsel in my chambers now!” Judge Wright demanded as she called a recess. The two lawyers followed her back to her chambers and Sarah stared at Alyson in shock from behind the table. Alyson smiled warmly back at her as she excused herself from the stand and calmly walked back to her seat.

* * * * *

“Wow this place is amazing!” Gwen marveled as she took in the mansion she was now standing in. “Where’d you find a place like this?”

“It’s just something that worked out,” Jewel replied coyly. “I didn’t do much of the finding. It was kind of found for me and I hopped along for the ride.”

“Hmmm mysterious…you don’t hear that every day,” Gwen replied. “Sounds to me like there’s one of those E! True Hollywood Stories behind this place.”

“Oh there is,” Jewel said, while trying to refrain from laughing. If Gwen only knew the story behind this place. Oh well, hopefully she would soon by becoming an active participant. “I’ll tell you when the time is right.”

Jewel did have seduction on the mind when she and Gwen had ended up here, but that wasn’t the only thing she was thinking of. They had spent most of the day together, starting with lunch and Jewel had been taken by how much she really did like Gwen. It wasn’t just a sex thing with her. Sure Jewel did want to get her naked very badly and perform a variety of tongue tricks on her body, but she also liked her companionship too. If Jewel chickened out here and didn’t try to jump Gwen’s bones, then at least she’d have the beginning of a good friendship to fall back on.

“So when will be the right time?” Gwen inquired. “Now you’ve got my curiosity piqued.” Gwen had also been struck by how well she was getting along with Jewel. She had always thought she was nice, but now that she was getting to know her, she saw the potential for a real friendship to develop. She didn’t have a lot of good female friends within the industry. T here were a lot of women she was friendly with, but none she considered a good friend. Perhaps Jewel could be a friend like that. Jewel sure seemed nice and after all she had listened to her prattle on throughout the day.

Gwen had ended up confessing to Jewel about Gavin. She didn’t go into specifics, but she did give a rough outline of what had happened. She needed to tell someone what had gone on and she knew her bandmates would be understanding, but there was something another woman would get more about her situation. She’d get more of what she needed by opening up to someone who could better understand what was going on inside her.

“Just be patient,” Jewel advised Gwen. “I’ll explain all in due time. Let me show you my room now.”

Gwen continued to take it all in as she was given the quick tour by Jewel on the way to the Alaskan Lights room. Jewel had mentioned something about roommates, but she didn’t see any of them around. It was obvious to Gwen that something a little out of the ordinary was going on here. Everything just seemed like it was a tenth of a degree away from normal. She didn’t want to pry though. If Jewel wanted to tell her, she’d tell her. Besides if it wasn’t hurting anyone, then Gwen thought people should just do what made them happy.

Jewel was practically giddy as she dragged Gwen to her room. She didn’t really have a specific plan of action here, she was just planning on following her impulses and seeing where they led her. She hoped her instincts led her between the sheets with Gwen and they weren’t going to be able to do that until they actually got to her room.

“Wow!” Gwen declared when she saw Jewel’s room. The Arctic theme. The whirlpool. The mirrors all over the walls. It was so wonderfully tacky that Gwen couldn’t help but love it immediately. It was wild and weird in a fun way. Now Gwen was convinced there was something weird about this place. But weird in a good way.

“I’m glad you like it,” Jewel smiled. “It’s taken a little getting used to but I feel at home now. I’ve lived in weirder places, believe me.”

* * * * *

While Jewel was busy showing Gwen around, Love was lying down on her bed flat on her stomach with her feet kicked up as she listened to some of her cd’s and munched on some red Twizzlers. It probably wasn’t the healthiest of snacks, but what the hell. Love was still floating on the pleasure she had experienced last night. Remembering it was getting Love’s juices stirring and she knew it wasn’t going to be long before she was pushing down her pants and panties and touching herself.

Love suddenly heard a soft knocking on her door and she looked up.

“Come in,” she said and the door opened to reveal one of her housemates.

“Rose,” Love smiled when she came in. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” Rose replied. “It was nothing a few aspirin couldn’t make go away.”

“The bruise is almost gone,” Love observed.

“Well I’ve got some makeup on it, but yeah you could barely notice it was there,” Rose said. “That’ll teach me to be clumsy I guess.”

“Maybe you should just bring me everywhere you go so I can catch you,” Love smiled. She remembered the talk she had had with Sarah yesterday. She began to really study Rose and try to see if what she was doing was an act or not. Love quickly found out she wasn’t much good at doing that, but she still saw a beautiful woman standing in her room who had brought her so much pleasure in the past. For Love that was good enough.

“Good idea,” Rose smiled right back. “So how come you’re not in your little suit and tie again? I never knew you liked to play dress up Love.”

“You never asked,” Love stated, playfully sticking out her tongue as she did so. “But if you’re nice to me then maybe I’ll let you play dress up with me next time.”

“You’d better,” Rose winked. “But how about you just go out with me tonight and we’ll call it even.”

“I don’t know,” Love said, feigning reluctance. “I really shouldn’t go out two nights in a row.”

“Don’t be a wuss,” Rose teased. “You’re a big girl. Besides if you don’t then I’ll start to think you like Sarah more than me.”

“So where would we be going?” Love asked.

“Just a club,” Rose answered. “Not a strip club though. Just a nice normal place where we can cruise for chicks. Now c’mon Love! Go out with me!”

Love had never heard Rose’s playful pouts before and she liked it. She wasn’t as tough as she usually was tonight. It was more like she was looking for a friend to go have fun with. It did seem like a good idea. Who knew how long Sarah was going to take and Jennifer wasn’t going to be there tonight.

“What about Jewel?” Love asked.

“Oh she’s busy with Gwen,” Rose answered. “I saw them come in earlier. C’mon…what about it? Just you and me?”

“I’d like that,” Love said getting up off the bed and wrapping her arms around Rose’s waist. “I’d like that a lot.”

“Then get dressed,” Rose said, playfully spanking Love’s ass. “No guys clothes either.”

“Ok,” Love replied. “Just let me tell Jewel we’re going.”

“Uh uh.,” Rose said, holding Love back. “You have to get dressed first.”

“What are you going to do?” Love asked, grinning all the way. “Watch me?”

“Mmmm you bet I am,” Rose answered before sliding her hands over Love’s breasts. “Now are you going to get undressed or do I have to undress you?”

Love didn’t answer. Instead she pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her bare, bouncing breasts. Rose couldn’t help but lean down for a soft lick of each nipple, making them harden almost instantly. She then backed up and allowed Love to push down her pants and panties and stand before her stark naked.

“So do you have an outfit for me or should I just guess on which one you might like?” Love asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got something in mind for you,” Rose replied.

A little while later Love and Rose were strolling down the hallway toward Jewel’s room, looking dressed to thrill. Love was in an electric blue colored dress. It wasn’t too heavy, but rather light and was perfect for her to dance in. There was nothing about the dress that would restrict movement. Rose was in something a little more conservative. It was a crimson red dress, more muted though than Love’s shiny blue. It also had a more velvety feel to it and Love couldn’t keep her hands off it. Of course it wasn’t like her grabby hands were meeting a lot of resistance.

The club-bound duo explained their situation to Jewel out in the hallway and the singer seemed eager to get back inside her room with Gwen. She wasn’t sure how to make her first move on her, but she knew she couldn’t do it unless she was in the same room as her.

While Jewel talked with Love and Rose, Gwen couldn’t help but get curious. The three of them were talking a few feet away from her room, so Gwen just peered out the door and caught a glimpse at them. Was that Jennifer Love Hewitt? And Rose McGowan? It sure looked like it was them. Were they Jewel’s roommates? But before Gwen could think about that anymore she saw something that literally took her breath away. She watched in shock as Jewel kissed both Love and Rose. This wasn’t any chaste, friendly kiss…it was the type of kiss that you gave to a lover and Gwen couldn’t believe what she saw.

She ducked back into the room, not wanting to be caught snooping. Was Jewel a lesbian? Was that the big secret here?

Then another question popped into Gwen’s head…had Jewel brought her here to seduce her?

* * * * *

It had taken a few hours for everything to be straightened out at the courthouse, but the end result was that the judge had decided to take everything into consideration and issue her decision at a later date. On it’s surface it didn’t seem that great, but Ted assured Sarah that things had worked out very well for them. Not only had Alyson’s testimony punched huge holes in Rick’s credibility, his in court freak out had to show Judge Wright that he wasn’t entirely stable either.

Sarah was assured by one and all that her head was no longer stuck on the chopping block, but that didn’t improve her mood all that much. Sure she felt good about the end result, but she just felt so uncomfortable with the methods that were used to get to that result.

“Tell me you don’t just feel amazingly at ease now,” Alyson said, coming up from behind of Sarah while they walked out of the courthouse. Alyson was feeling pretty good about things, but when she saw the disapproving look on Sarah’s face, she frowned. “What? What’s up?”

“Oh Aly…why?” Sarah sighed.

“What? What are you talking about?” Alyson asked.

“I can’t talk about it here,” Sarah said. “I don’t want anyone to hear.”

Sarah then scurried outside of the courthouse with Alyson following right behind her. When they were finally outside, Sarah turned around to face her friend.

“How could you do that Aly?” Sarah asked. “How could you lie?”

“B…b…but I was trying to help you?” Alyson defended herself. She was quite surprised by Sarah’s reaction to what had happened. She would have thought she would have been thrilled.

“I know you were Aly,” Sarah said. “And I appreciate it. I know you were trying to help me. But what if they found out you made all that stuff up in there. What if they put you on trial for perjury? They do that, you know. They can put you in jail for it. I didn’t want you to break the law for me Aly.”

“I just wanted to help you Sarah,” Alyson declared. “He was lying and I didn’t want him to hurt you with his lies. My lies were good lies.”

“I just don’t want you to pay the price for this Aly,” Sarah sighed. “I know you wanted to help me and you did. You got him off my back. I just don’t want this to come back and bite you in the ass.”

“It won’t,” Alyson confidently predicted. “No one’s ever going to find out about this. Ted doesn’t know. You and I are the only ones who know what I said wasn’t true and it’s not like Rick can do anything about it. He can’t prove I didn’t hear what I said just like he can’t prove anything he said either. Just be happy he’s out of your life now.”

“I am,” Sarah said. “I am happy. I don’t mean to be a snot about this Aly, it’s just that I don’t want any more trouble.”

“You’re not being a snot,” Alyson assured her friend. “And there won’t be any more trouble. Even if Rick doesn’t get thrown in jail for contempt it’s not like his suit is going to go anywhere. You heard Ted.”

Alyson paused for a second before getting to what she really wanted.

“Now how about that celebration tonight?” Alyson asked. “Let’s get crazy!”

“Not tonight Aly,” Sarah sighed. “I…I…just need to sort some things out in my head. But I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?”

“Ok,” Alyson reluctantly agreed. Her disappointment was obvious, but that was lessened when Sarah kissed her cheek and lightly brushed over her lips in the process. Alyson could tell Sarah wanted to do more and she definitely wanted to have more done to her, but they had to concede to the fact that they were standing in the middle of the sidewalk and a few people might have noticed if they had started making out.

So Alyson had to content herself with the touch of Sarah’s lips to hers and a look at her ass while she walked away to her car. While she walked away Alyson could tell that Sarah was clearly not over her bout of the blues, despite all she’d done the night before and the fact that Rick wasn’t a problem anymore. Alyson was glad she’d been able to get rid of Rick, but she hadn’t gotten what she had really wanted.

She wanted Sarah to be happy again, like she was that day when they had that pool party. Alyson set herself to thinking about what would cheer her friend up. Suddenly the answer dawned on her and she immediately began thinking of a way to make a certain fantasy into a reality.

* * * * *

Love had to admit that she was slightly disappointed in the club that Rose had brought her to. Knowing Rose, she had expected it to be some kind of wild sex club orgy thing, but it was just a normal little club. Love couldn’t help but show her disappointment and Rose immediately picked up on it.

“Awwww poor Love, expecting something a little bit different?” Rose said, wrapping her arms around Love from behind and giving her a loving squeeze. To anyone who saw them it would appear to be a gesture between friends, but of course it meant much more than that.

“Well…no….” Love began before dropping the charade. “Yeah…kinda…”

“Don’t sell these places short Love,” Rose replied. “Besides I think you’re a little too delicate for those other kinds of clubs.”

“Who’s delicate?” Love challenged with an arched eyebrow as she slyly pushed her hand up Rose’s dress. Since they had dressed together, Love knew perfectly well that Rose had no panties on underneath Before pulling away, Love’s hand passed over Rose’s damp slit, eliciting a moan.

“Well maybe delicate was the wrong word,” Rose grinned. “But cheer up Love, this was the same place I met Christina at.”

Love perked up considerably at the sound of that.

“Oh yeah,” Rose continued. “It was right here. Saw her dancing and shaking that tight little ass of hers. We locked eyes and before I knew it I had that little slut on her knees in the ladies room with her dress bunched up around her waist while she licked my pussy. Mmmm she was such an eager slut.”

“What about me?” Love playfully pouted. She knew no one else could hear their conversation over the loud music. “She can’t be as big a slut as me?”

“No way,” Rose replied, sneaking a caress of Love’s face. “And remember, Christina may be a slut, but you’re my slut Love.”

Love practically started purring in response. Rose always knew which buttons to push with her. She always knew just how to get her all wet and juicy and that was exactly the effect she was having now. Love hoped that Rose’s little Christina story was a precursor of things to come and that she’d find herself a slut of her own for the night. But if she couldn’t she definitely wouldn’t have minded hiking up her own skirt for a sweet Rose tongue-lashing.

“Now c’mon Love, let’s find ourselves some company for the night,” Rose said, pushing Love forward into the crowds. The music was loud and bouncy and both Love and Rose had the urge to do some dancing. In fact as soon as they got out there, finding playthings became a secondary concern.

Even if they weren’t looking at the moment, it didn’t mean the duo didn’t get their fair share of stares. Even if they weren’t famous, which they clearly were, Love and Rose were two beautiful women moving to the beats of the music free of any inhibitions. Plus there was the added attraction of the fact that they were dancing awfully close to one another, their bodies touching and rubbing in some very naughty places. It was an incredible tease to everyone and Rose had to smile when she thought if they only knew what really went on when she and Love weren’t in the public eye.

Rose had always loved to dance and it often hadn’t mattered if there was music or not going. She had songs going on in her head and that was more than enough for her. But she really came to shine when she was out there under the hot lights and sweaty bodies on the dance floor. Even Love had to stop and stare as Rose moved so smoothly and flawlessly to the music, like she was in her own universe. She just looked so beautiful and inviting that Love knew she wasn’t the only person who wanted to jump her right there and then.

Stare all you want boys, Love thought to herself with a satisfied grin, she’s going home with me. Knowing that made Love feel all tingly inside. If all of them knew what Rose and she did to each other and to their housemates, everyone in the club would go into simultaneous cardiac arrest. Love tried to keep up with Rose on the dance floor, but she soon gave up and went back to staring at her lover.

“And I’ll bet you thought I only knew one way to work up a sweat,” Rose laughed as she and Love went to grab a drink.

“Speaking of getting worked up when are you gonna drag me to the ladies room,” Love teased, pressing her hand to Rose’s ass when she was sure no one was watching.

“Impatient aren’t we?” Rose smiled in response. “Well we’ll just have to-”

But that was all Rose could get out before she saw something that stole her attention.

“What? What is it?” Love asked, curious about what could distract Rose from a round of flirting. She looked around and when she saw the cause of Rose’s distraction she immediately understood. Both Rose and Love stared at a table near the bar where Denise Richards sat with a group of three of her friends. They were busy chattering away with one another and Denise seemed to be excitedly showing off the engagement ring on her finger.

“Oh no way Rose,” Love stated, shaking her head. “She’ll never go for it.”

“And what makes you say that?” Rose inquired.

“Just look at her,” Love replied. “She’s totally crazy in love. Look how she’s showing off that ring. She’d never want to mess around with another girl. She’s all about guys.”

“Are you doubting my powers of seduction Love?” Rose said, smelling a challenge. “Don’t you think I can get her all hot and wet for pussy?”

“Maybe I am,” Love shot back, trying not to laugh as she attempted to stand toe-to-toe with Rose in the sexual intimidation game.

“Well watch and learn then Love, watch and learn,” Rose said before walking away from her housemate and toward Denise’s table.

“Rose! How are you?” Denise excitedly declared when she saw the actress walk up to her table. She and Rose had known each other since they had done a Details photo shoot together, but it had always been a typical Hollywood, kiss on the cheek type of relationship.

“I’m doing just fine,” Rose replied. “You look like you’re doing pretty well yourself.”

“You have no idea,” Denise sighed. Rose spied a nearly empty bottle of champagne at Denise’s table and it wasn’t hard to assume she’d helped herself to more than a glass of it. “Rose I want you to meet my girls from San Diego. They went to high school with me and they’re like my bestest friends in the whole wide world. This is Mary, Sherry and Terry.”

Rose exchanged polite hellos with Denise’s old high school chums, but they seemed about as interested in her as she was with them. Rose only had eyes for Denise and was already wondering what would be the best way to take advantage of her slightly inebriated state.

“Have you seen my ring?” Denise said, suddenly thrusting her hand in Rose’s direction so she could get a good look at it’s bejeweled state.

“It’s very impressive,” Rose teased, knowing that Denise had no idea she was looking straight down her pushed forward cleavage. Rose’s little remark did catch the attention of Sherry and the actress heard a distinct “Ohmygawd,” under her breath. Rose responded with a wink at Sherry that got the girl even more unsettled.

“See they never thought Charlie was going to settle down but I always knew he’d make me happy,” Denise happily declared. “I knew I’d get this ring on my finger. And I am going to have the best wedding. Mary, Sherry and Terry are going to be my maids of honor Rose and I want you to come too. I want all of my friends there.”

“I’m sure I’ll have a presence there,” Rose replied. She’d never really considered Denise a friend really, but since she felt they were it would make it all the more easier to get into her panties. But Rose wasn’t holding her breath about being a guest at the wedding. Charlie Sheen never had struck her as the most faithful of men, but perhaps Rose could take a first strike against a potentially broken heart by getting her hooked on women.

“I’m glad you’re happy Denise,” Rose said. “But you don’t want to celebrate with champagne do you?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Denise asked.

“Because champagne is for wusses and Puff Daddy,” Rose grinned. “If you really want to celebrate there’s only one way to do it.”

“Which way is that?” Mary suddenly asked.

“Why with tequila of course,” Rose grinned.

* * * * *

Even as she drove home to Malibu, Sarah couldn’t ditch the cloud that was hanging over her head. It felt like everywhere else it was sunny and on her it was pouring rain. She would have done anything to chase away the blues, but it was getting better not worse. Her blues were getting so bad as she drove back that she had a Radiohead CD on full blast. Sarah supposed that when you were depressed it was always good to be around people more depressed than you.

She hoped she hadn’t been too hard on Alyson. She didn’t want her to think that she didn’t appreciate what she had done for her. It was just that Sarah had to wonder was it ok to lie to combat another lie? It was a moral question for sure and Sarah had to worry that Alyson would be lead away in handcuffs serving whatever sentence they had for perjury. Was it even a major crime? Did anyone really care about something like that? Sarah wasn’t sure and she was in no hurry to find out.

Not even going home to her friends was cheering Sarah up. She just felt so weird all of a sudden. Usually knowing she was going to come home to 4 pairs of loving hands to touch her everywhere she liked to be touched would have had a wide smile on Sarah’s face. But now she felt like events were conspiring to make her unhappy. Not even the memories of what she and Love had done last night could perk her up.

For once Sarah actually didn’t want to see her housemates. Right now she just needed to be left alone and they would have all wanted to know how the hearing went and how she was feeling. She just couldn’t answer that question one more time without screaming and she didn’t want them to see that side of her.

Sarah briefly considered staying with Freddie tonight. She hadn’t spent a night with him in about a week and no doubt he was getting antsy. He always seemed to at least look like he was listening to her and it wasn’t like he was going to ask too many probing questions. However, she just couldn’t do it. She knew what he’d want to do and she just didn’t want to feel his touch tonight. She just couldn’t lie back and spread her legs for him. It didn’t feel right tonight.

Of course it hadn’t felt right for a long time and Sarah sometimes wondered if she was being truly awful by doing what she was doing with the girls. She felt like she was stomping on the love he offered her every time she gave herself up for her housemates. But that guilt would always pass quickly when she felt the soft, loving touch of her housemates and their friends. It was too good to stop and the ramifications of what she was doing to Freddie was something she didn’t want to linger when she was being given such pleasure.

Sarah felt like she needed something that night, but she didn’t know what. It was at times like this she wished she smoked. A nice soothing dose of nicotine might be just what the doctor ordered but Sarah knew herself and she knew if she started she wouldn’t stop. Besides if she started smoking it would be kind of hypocritical for her to bug Jen about quitting all the time. So smoking a cigarette was out and Sarah didn’t feel like dealing with the inevitable headache in the morning if she went out and got drunk tonight.

Thinking of Jen reminded Sarah of that blissfully happy look on her face the time she had wandered into their kitchen high on pot. It was a much more pleasant memory than the second time she had gotten high and led their neighbors into the middle of their little poolside encounter. That was not cool, but Sarah had to smile when she remembered how happy Jen had looked. She wished she felt that way.

Like a lightbulb going off over Sarah’s she suddenly saw an idea. She couldn’t. She shouldn’t. But she just had to escape. She was tired of everything bothering her and this was like an escape hatch outside. She wasn’t going to pretend she was a pot virgin. She’d done it a few times and had thought it was ok. It just wasn’t something she wanted to spend her days and nights doing. She hadn’t done it in so long and to Sarah it seemed like a harmless way to get her mind back in order. Perhaps fogging her brain up before reaching clarity was exactly the right tactic to take. Besides, could it make things any worse? Sarah didn’t think so.

So Sarah found herself turning in early before the driveway to the mansion. She drove up to the house that had once served as servant’s quarters and took a deep breath before exiting. The guys seemed ok. They weren’t any threat or anything. They just seemed a bit weird. But weird could be good sometimes.

Sarah walked up the path to their front door and found that the door was open and they boys were in heated discussion.

“Look all I’m saying is that Bobba Fett’s got a jet pack so he should be able to just fly his way out of the Pit of Sarlac!” Waldo insisted as Sarah caught them mid-conversation.

“Well yeah he’s got the jet pack, but it’s damaged when Han hits him with the pole,” Franklin pointed out. “If he’s got a damaged pack then he can’t fly out when he gets hit! Once those tentacles grab him, he’s done for!”

“Oh come on Franklin,” Waldo shot back. “He’s got all those weapons and cutting tools on his armor! What kind of bounty hunter would he be if he wasn’t prepared for any type of emergency. I say he finds his way out of there and survives.”

“And I say you can clearly here Sarlac belch when he swallows Bobba,” Franklin stated. “The Fett is lunchmeat.”

“Never say that!” Waldo declared. “The Fett is never lunchmeat! Delbert agrees with me!”

“Bobba Fett was pretty cool,” Delbert said admiringly.

“I’m sorry Del, but your opinion on this matter is slightly off the beaten path,” Franklin said.

“How so?” Delbert demanded.

“Delbert, who’s your favorite character from the original trilogy?” Franklin patiently asked.

“The Ewoks,” Delbert smiled. “They’re furry.”

“I rest my case,” Franklin said confidently.

“Well that still doesn’t change my point,” Waldo said.

“Look Waldo, even if Lucas decided to do a special edition of the special editions, he wouldn’t hand the task over to you,” Franklin pointed out.

“I suppose you’re right,” Waldo sighed. “But if he did then I’d definitely use Wedge less. He’s always in the background when they’re attacking the Death Stars and he never does anything.”

“Yeah Wedge sucked,” Franklin agreed as Delbert nodded his head emphatically.

Sarah then cleared her throat to announce her presence and all three guys looked up and took a step back.

“Ummm…hi there Sarah…I mean Ms. Gellar…I mean…you know…” Waldo stammered.

“How ya doing?” Sarah said a little shyly as she waved hello. God, what was she doing here? Maybe this was a mistake.

“We’re fine…” Franklin replied hesitantly. All three of them seemed to be eying her like they expected her to do something. “How are you?”

“Is something wrong?” Sarah inquired.

“Well no…” Waldo answered. “It’s just that we’re kind of…well…kind of afraid that you’re going to hit us.”

“Me? Hit you?” Sarah said stepping forward and causing all three guys to move backwards again like they expected her to strike out at them. Jeez, she must have really scared them when she tore into Jennifer in front of them. They really thought she was going to hit them. Sarah had to wonder if other people thought of her the same way.

“I’m not going to hit you,” Sarah declared, getting all three guys to relax immediately with sharp, relieved exhales. “It wasn’t your fault what happened. You were just…you know…there. I’m not mad at you guys. I just came over to you know…say hi.”

“Hi,” Waldo, Franklin and Delbert all said simultaneously.

“I ummm…also wondered if you might have something for me…” Sarah said, looking down at her feet and shifting nervously. She was bad at this. It was a good thing she wasn’t addicted to anything. She’d be the lamest junkie in the world if she blushed this much buying pot. “You know…a little pick me up.”

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert then all exchanged looks and broke into wide smiles.

“I think we might have just what you need Sarah,” Waldo declared.

* * * * *

Love should have known never to doubt Rose’s powers of seduction. Sure Denise looked like someone who was “strictly dicky,” to use a term she’d heard once, but hadn’t she seen enough by now to know that whatever Rose wanted, she got. Love could only stand by the bar and marvel as she sipped away at a Diet Pepsi and watched as Rose continued to worm her way into Denise’s night.

Denise and Rose weren’t exactly going at it yet and Love had a sneaking suspicion she didn’t have a clue as to what Rose’s intentions were, but she figured she’d know soon enough. And once again Rose would have another notch on her bedpost. Love just hoped Rose would let her join in the fun because she was getting plenty wet under her dress thinking about having a crack at Denise.

Denise slammed her glass to the table after taking another shot of tequila. She shook her body a little and let the hot liquid burn her insides. She had a nice buzz going right about now and she was definitely feeling all warm and happy on the inside. She didn’t drink tequila all that often, but she hadn’t been about to refuse Rose’s offer. She had liked Rose the few times they had met and she had a feeling if they got to know each other then they’d end up being really good friends.

Denise had always loved being around her bestest girlfriends. She needed them more than ever now that she was settling down and committing to marriage. She was kind of nervous, but she had no doubt that Charlie was the right guy for her. She knew all about his wild past, but she was confident he would want to be with her for the rest of their lives. She had saved her wild behavior for on-screen and considered herself a pretty down to Earth girl, so sometimes she worried about they might be a little mismatched, but she knew she satisfied him and she believe she had enough tricks up her sleeve to keep her man in line with a little wildness of her own.

She needed her friends for the times when she got nervous like that and needed her support. She didn’t have many close friends in Hollywood. I mean she had people she was nice too and who were nice to her. But not friends like she was with Mary, Terry and Sherry. Maybe Rose could be friends with her like that? It might have been a longshot, but hey it could happen. Rose sure seemed nice and it was great of her to buy the bottle for the table. They all seemed to be enjoying it. In fact Terry was slumped down on the table and Sherry looked like she was about to join her in that state.

Before Denise could take another shot though, she suddenly felt something she wasn’t expecting. It was a hand on her leg and it was slowly brushing up to her thigh. She had no idea who was doing it and Denise suddenly gasped and jumped up, nearly pushing the table away in the process.

Love watched as Denise bolted from the table and ran toward the ladies room. The three girls at the table seemed a little too buzzed to take notice of this, but Rose waited a few second and walked right after her, winking at Love as she did so. Rose had her wicked little grin on her face as she sauntered after Denise, pushing open the doors of the ladies room and saw her pacing around the empty bathroom.

“Was that you?” Denise gasped. “Did you touch my leg like that?”

“Well it sure wasn’t one of your little posse,” Rose grinned, locking the door behind her. “Yeah it was me. Didn’t you like it?”

“Why? Why did you do that?” Denise demanded. She didn’t seem angry or anything. She was just a little freaked out and that was exactly how Rose wanted her to be. It just made her a little bit more vulnerable.

“I thought you’d like it,” Rose said, moving in closer on Denise until she had her pretty much backed into a corner. “C’mon I’ve seen you kiss girls in movies and on TV. You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about what it would be like to be with another woman.”

“Ohmygawd, you’re hitting on me!” Denise declared, her alcohol addled brain. “I’m not like that! That was only pretend!”

“Well of course it was, but you can’t stand here and tell me that you never wanted to see what it was like to fuck another woman,” Rose continued. She saw Denise gasp a little when she said “fuck,” so she continued. “You can’t tell me you haven’t kissed those hot girls and not thought about fucking them and having them fuck you. Having them pull off your clothes and kiss and lick all over your tits and then down to your wet pussy. Haven’t you ever thought about that Denise? Haven’t you ever thought about having another woman eating your hot pussy until you came? And then you sinking to your knees and doing the same to her?”

“No…” Denise whispered, her brain having a little bit of trouble processing all of this. It was only partly a lie. I mean sure, she couldn’t have helped but wonder what it would be like to be with another girl. She’d kissed Neve Campbell and Heather Locklear and no doubt caused many an erection in the process with her male fans so yeah she’d thought about it. But it wasn’t like she’d ever really given it serious thought or done anything to satisfy whatever curiosity she might have.

She couldn’t believe what was happening. Rose was hitting on her! She’d just wanted Rose to maybe be her friend and this was way, way beyond that. There was no way she could do this. Of course that was before Rose pressed her up against the wall and smashed her lips to hers.

Denise’s eyes shot wide open and she shouted muffled protests into Rose’s insistent mouth. God, kissing other girls always made her so nervous and this was one time where it wasn’t for some scene. Rose wanted to fuck her! Denise was trying to get a feel on what was happening and she suddenly felt Rose’s hands going under her short skirt.

Denise squirmed and tried to get away, but Rose wasn’t having any of it. She pinned Denise back and continued to reach up under her skirt until she hit what she was looking for. She felt Denise’s pussy and how it was starting to get damp under her panties. With glee, Rose began to rub Denise’s growing wetness.

“Ooooooh,” Denise cooed. What was she doing? She was letting another woman touch her! She couldn’t do this! She was getting married! But it felt so good. Denise continued to squirm but that only made Rose rub her harder. Her expert touch was winning Denise over with every touch to her rapidly juicing pussy and Rose knew it.

“Oh no, you’re not getting away,” Rose vowed. “You’re gonna be all mine Denise. I’m going to take you home and strip you naked and just fuck you everywhere. I’m going to make you into a total slut for pussy. How does that sound?”

Denise couldn’t answer. She was too busy moaning. She had never had anyone touch her like this before. None of her lovers had ever been able to make her pussy so wet so fast and thoughts of fidelity to Charlie were flying out of her brain at record speed. All she could do was think about how good it felt to have Rose touch her pussy like this and wonder what else Rose could do to her when she actually got inside her panties.

“You want it don’t you, you little slut?” Rose pushed, loving the feel of Denise quivering against her hand. “This is the least I can do to you. I can work my tongue into your tight little snatch and make you cream. Mmmm and I’ll bet a girl like you just loves a big hard cock inside her. Would you like me to strap on a hard cock and push it into your pussy Denise? It would make you crazy wouldn’t it? I can do all that and more Denise all you have to say is ‘yes.'”

Her brain was so so foggy. Denise had always had problems when she had too much to drink. She tended to get real slutty when that happened and that was the case here. She didn’t want to be bad and let Rose do this to her, but she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to get naked and nasty with her. It didn’t matter that this was another woman. It just mattered that it felt good. Denise already felt close to coming and when Rose suddenly pulled her hand out from under her skirt, she gasped in frustration.

“So Denise, what do you say?” Rose asked.

Denise knew only one answer she could give.

“Yessssssssss….” Denise groaned.

* * * * *

Gwen tried to stop herself, but she couldn’t help but stare at Jewel. Ever since she had seen Jewel kiss Love and Rose she couldn’t help but see her in a new way. Gwen studied Jewel like she was the subject of a nature show…the lesbianus celebritius. She couldn’t get over the fact that Jewel was into women. Perhaps there was some other explanation for the kiss, but Gwen couldn’t think of one. The only answer that made sense was that Jewel was living in some kind of haven for lesbian celebrities and that made Gwen wonder why she had been invited here.

It wasn’t like Gwen had anything against lesbians. Being an artist brought her into contact with homosexuals of all shapes and sizes and she had always endorsed the idea that if it felt good and you weren’t hurting anyone, then you should do something. But the idea that Jewel might want to seduce her had her stomach doing backflips.

Gwen had had plenty of chances to play with other girls in her lifetime. The female groupies that came backstage weren’t always looking to hook up with the boys. Some of them were there for her too and she had always politely demurred. It wasn’t as if she didn’t realize women were attractive, but it just wasn’t her thing. Now, though, she wasn’t so sure.

Gwen tried to steady her thoughts, but she had been on such an emotional rollercoaster the past day and a half. Suddenly the idea of making love to another woman didn’t seem so weird. When it came to getting love it didn’t matter where you got it from as long as it made you happy and Gwen needed to be happy right now. She needed it so bad. She had been faking smiles all day, not wanting anyone to see how broken up she really was over what she had found out about Gavin.

Whoa…just hold on, she told herself. She was rushing into things. First of all she didn’t even know if Jewel felt about her that way and second of all when she was at an emotional point like this, it wasn’t the right time to reconsider her sexuality. She wasn’t thinking clearly and she didn’t want to rush into anything.

But still the more Gwen sat in Jewel’s company the more she noticed the swell of her large breasts against her shirt and the way her pants hugged her ass. Gwen couldn’t help but wonder how she’d look under those clothes. They’d look so different if they got naked, with Jewel’s large chest compared to her small one. Gwen had never really been insecure about her breast size. It was what it was and she wasn’t going to go under any knife to change that. But now that she was close to a girl with such impressive knockers she suddenly found herself crossing her arms over her own chest.

What was she doing, Gwen asked herself. This was crazy. She wasn’t a lesbian. She wasn’t bisexual. All she had seen was a kiss and now she was reconsidering everything about her sexuality. That wasn’t right. But what if she was meant to be here and see what she saw. What if, as one door seemed to be closing, another one was opening up. What if this was going to end up being something special.

“Still with me Gwen?” Jewel suddenly asked, bringing Gwen’s attention back to her.

“Sorry, must have zoned out,” Gwen apologized, embarrassed to have turned into a space cadet on Jewel.

“Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us,” Jewel smiled. “I’ve been known to space out myself. Thankfully it’s never happened during the operation of heavy machinery.”

Gwen laughed at Jewel’s joke and found herself eyeing the hot tub in the middle of the room. She asked herself again what she was doing and could only answer that she was testing out the waters a little bit. She didn’t know how far she wanted to go with this or what “this” even was, but there was only one way to find out.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bedroom with a hot tub in it,” Gwen said. “I think your architect must have gone to the Hugh Hefner School of Design.”

“Better him than the Bob Guccione School,” Jewel replied.

“Yechhh,” Gwen agreed. “You ever use that thing?”

“Yeah a few times,” Jewel said, remembering fondly that she hadn’t been the only one in there those few times. “Why? You want to go in?”

“Well if you don’t mind,” Gwen answered shyly. She was feeling the thrill of trying something new with every word she spoke and she was going on pure impulse at this point.

“Of course I don’t mind,” Jewel said, not believing her luck that Gwen was interested in doing this. It would make things so much easier if she did. Of course there was one small matter to take care of first. “You didn’t bring a suit though and I really don’t think I’d have anything that would fit you.”

“Oh don’t worry about suits,” Gwen smiled. “After all it’s just us girls here.”

Jewel thought she must have been dreaming. Gwen was offering to get naked with her and she hadn’t even made a move yet. It was beyond what she had hoped and Jewel was doing cartwheels in her head. She told herself to calm down and not to come off too eager, but it was so exciting. She was going to see Gwen’s body and that was just going to make it so easy to get at her naughty parts.

“I guess you’re right,” Jewel said, trying not to betray how giddy she was. “After all what’s the harm in a little nudity?”

Gwen didn’t reply. She merely pulled her shirt off her head and revealed her bare breasts. She didn’t often wear bras, because what was the point? She was pretty giddy herself at this point. This was a test on two fronts. One she would be able to see how interested Jewel was in her and two, she’d be able to test how interested she was in Jewel.

Jewel went to get the hot tub going and as she looked backwards she treated herself a long stare as Gwen dispensed of her jeans and stood in her room topless and clad in only a pare of light blue panties. She loved Gwen’s perky little breasts and she could already imagine how good they would feel in her mouth while she sucked away at that beautiful titflesh.

Gwen could feel Jewel’s stare on her back. She didn’t want to freak her out by looking back at her, so she continued to act oblivious to it. To Gwen it was just as easy that this thing might not happen as it could happen. She had to take it carefully. So instead of calling Jewel out on her leer, Gwen wiggled out of her blue panties, pushing them off her body in a slow, sexy manner and treating Jewel to the site of her full frontal nudity.

Seeing Gwen’s beautiful, firm body revealed to her had Jewel’s pussy really juicing up. She couldn’t stop thinking of all the things she wanted to do to Gwen and when the singer turned around to reveal her trimmed dark bush that lay stationed so sexily above her pussy, Jewel couldn’t get out of her own clothes fast enough. She was feeling overdressed with Gwen totally bare in front of her so Jewel hopped around and tugged her clothes off.

Gwen covered her mouth to keep from giggling as she saw the excited look on Jewel’s face and her little hopping as she hurriedly stripped. Now there was no doubt in Gwen’s mind that Jewel had targeted her for seduction and she was growing more and more convinced that this was what she wanted too. Gwen felt her heart began to beat faster the more Jewel got naked and she couldn’t help but react with a surge of excitement when Jewel pushed off her jeans and panties and exposed her totally shaved pussy.

“Nice,” Gwen said immediately, before blushing. God, she sounded so stupid saying that. She usually said the first thing that came into her head and sometimes it was a good thing. This time Gwen knew it made her sound dorky. Fortunately, Jewel didn’t seem to mind.

“Thanks,” Jewel smiled. She was still getting used to being all bare. She had loved playing with Love and Christina’s hairless snatches so much that she had agreed when Michelle had offered her services in shaving off her bush. It had felt so weird when it had happened and Jewel had found herself unable to stop touching herself. Not that she minded that development though, especially when her housemates were always eager to lend her their fingers or their tongues. Now hopefully her sexy shaved pussy would be feeling Gwen’s tongue before too long.

Since they were both naked, Jewel and Gwen slipped into the bubbling water of the tub and sat in a sort of nervous silence. Neither of them knew quite what to say or how to proceed. The silence dragged on for excruciating ticks of the clock until Gwen finally gave in and asked the question she’d been dying to know. She had to get to the bottom of what was going on here.

“Are you a lesbian?” Gwen blurted out, immediately regretting it the second it passed her lips. Jewel looked a little taken aback and Gwen wondered if she’d torpedoed the friendship before it had even really gotten started.

“Well yes…and no…” Jewel said, relaxing quickly and smiling. She wasn’t upset with the question. She just hadn’t been expecting it, but from the way Gwen had been looking at her she told herself she should have seen it coming. “I mean I still love guys…but wow…women are just so wonderful.”

Seeing the rapturous look on Jewel’s face as she declared her bisexuality had Gwen squirming in the water. She looked so happy and at peace. She wanted to feel that way too and if being with girls brought that on, then Gwen was definitely willing to try it.

“What gave me away?” Jewel asked coyly, enjoying the feel of Gwen looking at her heavy tits as they lay half covered by the bubbles in the water.

“Ummm I kind of saw you kiss your roommates,” Gwen admitted. “It looked like Rose McGowan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. So since it looked like you really enjoyed it, I just sort of put it all together.”

“So you saw huh?” Jewel said, shaking her head. “I’m not embarrassed. I’m glad you saw. They always make me feel so good.”

“So what is this, some kind of lesbian celebrity playground?” Gwen inquired, feeling a tingling between her legs that was not caused by any mere water jet.

“Something like that,” Jewel answered. “It’s a place where we can be with who we want and do what we wish. No consequences. No complications.”

“I like the sound of that,” Gwen replied. “So did you invite me here as part of your whole vacation from myself idea? Or were you thinking you’d get me like this? All naked in your hottub?”

“Kind of,” Jewel blushed. “Most of that was an excuse to get you here and then I just thought I’d be able to convince you to go the rest of the way.”

“So what are you waiting for then?” Gwen asked, a hint of nerves evident in her voice. “Convince me.”

Jewel didn’t know what to say so she instead put her lips to use by kissing Gwen. It was obvious that this was Gwen’s first time, so Jewel didn’t push too hard too fast. Instead she pressed her lips to Gwen’s and kissed her warmly, trying to give her a little hint of the pleasure she could feel if only she let her go on.

Gwen was stunned the first time she felt Jewel’s lips pressing against hers, even though she knew it was coming. She had never even kissed another woman in a sexual way and now that’s exactly was what she was doing, with more to come. Talk about taking a vacation from yourself, Gwen thought as Jewel finished the kiss and pulled away. Gwen found herself trying to catch her breath and suddenly moved over and kissed Jewel right back.

Jewel happily accepted Gwen’s eager kiss. She was a little surprised at how quickly the singer was getting into this. She must be more broken up about Gavin than she let on, Jewel surmised. Oh well, Jewel thought, this just made her want to make Gwen feel good even more.

“Gwen, can I touch you?” Jewel asked sweetly and Gwen shyly nodded her head in acceptance. Jewel kissed her again and this time she pushed her tongue out and into Gwen’s mouth. It took Gwen a few seconds to get over the idea that it was another woman’s tongue in her mouth but when she did, she began to happily suck on it and slide her own tongue into Jewel’s warm, wet mouth.

While they kissed, Jewel settled herself up against Gwen and reached up for her first touch of Gwen’s tits. Gwen tensed up a little when Jewel began massaging her left breast, but she quickly got into it. Soon enough Jewel could detect little moans coming from Gwen as she continued to massage her firm breasts and make her nipples swell with arousal.

“Do you like this Gwen?” Jewel asked, keeping her hands on each of Gwen’s perky tits.

“Oh yes,” Gwen answered. “It feels so good.”

“And I’ve barely started,” Jewel grinned. “This is going to be the best feeling you’ve ever had Gwen.”

Gwen thought that was a pretty cocky promise, but she do desperately wanted to see if Jewel could deliver. Her pussy was so wet then from the idea that she was about to take the plunge. She was trying something new and fun and it was making her whole body feel so aroused. Every touch of Jewel’s hands and every kiss of her lips was making Gwen’s pussy get wetter and her aroused condition became even more pronounced when Jewel began to kiss her neck and down to her chest.

“Ohhhh yesss…” Gwen mewed as Jewel began to suck and nibble on her tits. None of the men she had been with had ever paid that much attention to her breasts, but Jewel certainly seemed willing to make sure they got plenty of the tender touch they deserved. Despite the warm water all around her, Gwen found herself shivering as Jewel began running her tongue over her nipples, alternating long licks with little tongue flickers on her hard nips.

Gwen began to gently stroke Jewel’s head and toy with her blonde hair while she sucked and nibbled on her breasts. Her head was filled with such wonderful stimulations and Jewel’s attention hadn’t even gotten to her pussy yet. Gwen just couldn’t stop getting aroused from the newness of this encounter. It just felt so fun and forbidden…two famous singers sneaking off to a private place to get naked and play with each other. No one had any clue. None of their fans could see this side to them and they never would. Everyone thought they knew Gwen, but she was throwing them all a real curve and loving it.

There wasn’t anything about this that Gwen wasn’t loving. Her body was tensing up like a rubber band stretched to it’s maximum and when Jewel bit down on one of her nipples Gwen felt tremors of pleasure ripple through her body, making her shake a little and grab onto Jewel’s hair as she moaned happily.

“Did you just come?” Jewel marveled, not letting up on her efforts on Gwen’s flesh.

“Just a little one,” Gwen giggled. “I sooo needed this. You’re not going to stop now are you?”

“No way sweetie,” Jewel assured her. “I’m not even close to being done with your body.”

Jewel then leaned down and took a grateful Gwen’s right breast in her mouth. While she did this, her hand moved into the water so it could travel down Gwen’s belly and onto her legs. She tickled her fingers up Gwen’s thighs, but paused before she got to between her legs.

“I’m going to touch your pussy Gwen,” Jewel informed her. “Last chance to back out because once I start on you there’s no way I’m going to stop until I make you come hard.”

“Oh please touch it…” Gwen moaned. “Touch my pussy. Make me come.”

Jewel then smiled and did as promised. She slid her hand over Gwen’s wetness and fondled her slit gently before beginning to toy with her pussy lips. Gwen moaned some more and began to rock her body against Jewel’s hand. She flashed back to one time when she had heard her bandmates expounding on the virtues of girl on girl and how she had playfully called them all pervs. Now she knew what they were talking about and doing it was far better than they had made it sound from their experiences at watching it. This was soooo good and Gwen just felt so sexy in the water with Jewel while she let the singer touch her everywhere.

Even in the water, Jewel could feel how wet Gwen had gotten from her little orgasm of a few moments prior. This girl was plenty worked up and seemed to be getting hotter by the second. She was getting plenty wet herself from looking at Gwen’s adorably sexy naked body and she just hoped Gwen’s enthusiasm extended to her wanting to return all these favors.

Jewel was holding back still from really giving it to Gwen. She just couldn’t stop herself from working her up into a real frenzy and Gwen moaned for more each time Jewel slid a finger or two up and down her slit. It was driving her crazy every time Jewel played with her pussy and finally her moans resulted in Jewel sliding one of her fingers into Gwen’s pussy.

“Mmmm you’re nice and tight baby,” Jewel grinned before sliding a second finger inside Gwen. “Let’s see if we can’t loosen this pussy up a bit.”

“Ohhhhh fuck!” Gwen cried out, her hand splashing hard into the water and getting Jewel’s face all wet. “Oh Jewel that feels wonderful! Put your fingers in me!”

Jewel began to build up a steady rhythm with her fingers, pushing the two of them in and out and making Gwen wetter with every thrust. She didn’t go too hard. She preferred to make it softer and more insistent, letting Gwen’s arousal continue to build. Jewel wanted her panting and begging for it when she finally got her tongue in there. While her fingers touched Jewel’s pussy and began rubbing on her clit, Jewel’s other hand stroked Gwen’s face and teased her breasts. Jewel was giving Gwen the full body treatment and her new lover was very appreciative of it.

“Yesss fuck me!” Gwen mewed her sexy voice getting high and ragged. “You know just what I need Jewel! Fuck me like that! Don’t stop finger fucking me!”

While the water of the hot tub was definitely adding to the experience, it also kind of hamstrung Jewel. Thanks to the laws of physics, she couldn’t do as many of the things as she wanted to do to Gwen and the water was also washing away all those creamy juices that Jewel so badly wanted to cover her fingers and then her tongue. So she decided it was time at least for Gwen to exit the water.

“Scooch up baby,” Jewel requested. “Get up on the edge.”

Gwen was happy to comply with just about any wish that Jewel had for her at that point. This woman was giving her such wonderful pleasure and that was an easy way to win sexual devotion. Gwen stood up and planted herself on the edge of the hot tub, first giving Jewel a chance to gaze at her naked body as water dripped off her. When she got onto the edge, Gwen lay back and helpfully spread her legs without even having to be asked.

When she saw Gwen’s beautiful, pink pussy all nice and on display Jewel just wanted to push her face down into it and lap up all her sweet flavor. But she managed to restrain herself and went back to touching Gwen’s puffy pink lips with her fingers and sliding them back in to rub on her clit some more. Jewel was now lying almost on her belly, with her body curved up so she could get at Gwen. This allowed Gwen to stare at the wet cheeks of Jewel’s sexy ass as it stuck up out of the water.

It was about then that it began to occur to Gwen that she would be touching all over that body because Jewel would want her to do all these things right back to her. Gwen suddenly felt a surge of nerves that she wouldn’t be able to do it right, but that was alleviated by the pleasure Jewel’s fingers inside her pussy, fingering her so well. She’d figure out what to do when the time came, she was certain of that.

Jewel was kissing and licking all over Gwen’s thighs as her fingers worked her over. She smiled right up into Gwen’s face, showing her how much she loved her body and how much fun she was having touching her like this. Being in this position also allowed Gwen to get a look at Jewel’s swaying breasts and how they jiggled every time she pushed her fingers into her. Gwen was loving having her pussy fingered, but she suddenly got an even better idea.

“Oh Jewel…please do something for me?” Gwen requested.

“What is it sweetie?” Jewel asked her. “I’ll do anything.”

“Umm please rub your breasts…oh God…rub them on my pussy!” Gwen moaned. Her brain was filling up with nasty thoughts, each one sexier than the last. She was getting more and more comfortable with this and it just made her want Jewel to fulfill every wet dream in her brain.

“Is that what you want?” Jewel teased, hefting up her breasts just enough so her own tongue could graze over them. “Do you want my big tits rubbing against your tight pussy? Do you want a tit fuck from me Gwen?”

“Oh yesss that’s what I want,” Gwen answered. “Please don’t deny me! Rub your big soft titties on my pussy!”

As soon as the words were out of Gwen’s mouth, Jewel’s fingers were out of her pussy and instead she felt a hard nipple rubbing against her wetness. Gwen gasped and began to grind her pussy against Jewel’s big tits. Gwen hadn’t been shy about sex in a long, long time, but this was definitely the nastiest thing she had ever done. A few hours ago she had been doing nothing but feeling sorry for herself and now she had a beautiful woman rubbing her tits against her pussy. It was quite a change and it was one that had Gwen close to orgasm.

“Do you like it Gwen?” Jewel asked. “You like my soft sexy tits rubbing you like this?”

“Ohhh yersss I love it!” Gwen immediately and passionately answered. “Please don’t stop! It feels great!”

“I love it too,” Jewel declared. “Mmmm it feels so fucking hot to get your juices all over my tits. I just want to lick them clean or maybe have you do it and make you lick off all the nasty girl cum you got all over my skin.”

The thought of doing that sent a shudder through Gwen’s body and she thrust her pussy once again onto Jewel’s breasts. Jewel was alternating between which breast she was using on Gwen’s sex and which one she was teasing with her own hand to make sure her nipples were as hard as possible. There were so many things she wanted to do to Gwen and she was having trouble deciding which one she wanted to do first. She had to decide quickly because she could feel that Gwen was getting close to an orgasm that would be far beyond that little one she had just had.

“How do you want to come Gwen?” Jewel asked. “Do you want to come all over my face with me eating you out or do you want to soak my big tits in your hot pussy cream?”

Each possibility sounded so fucking fun and nasty to Gwen that the only thing she knew was that she wanted both. She couldn’t have both though, at least not yet anyway.

“Ummm ohhh fuck…damn…I uhhhh…no wait…I…fuck…you decide!” Gwen stammered, unable to make an executive decision. All she cared about was coming and coming hard. It really didn’t matter how she did it. “Ohhhh just hurry Jewel! Hurry! I’m so fucking close!”

Even though it was plenty tempting to have Gwen cover her tits with her hot girl cum, they could do that later. There was no way Jewel was going to deny herself a chance to lick up the creamy girl/girl orgasm Gwen was about to have. She couldn’t wait another moment to have her first taste of Gwen Stefani’s wet pussy.

Jewel pulled her tits away from Gwen and pause just long enough to lick some of the cream she had collected off her chest. She lapped away at the tips with quick tongue lashes and it made her want to have more and lots of it. Jewel also helped herself to a quick lick of her fingers before raising her body out of the water some more and plunging her face between Gwen’s legs.

“YESSSSSSS!!!” Gwen cried out in rapture the second she felt that hungry mouth attach itself to her pussy. None of the guys who had ever eaten her out before could match Jewel’s tonguing and there was nothing gentle about her actions. Jewel’s tongue went right after her clit, licking at it with hard strokes that had Gwen bouncing a little as her orgasm drew ever so closer. Jewel wasn’t playing around. She wanted Gwen’s orgasm and she wanted it now! Gwen was only too happy to make sure she got what she wanted.

Jewel kept at Gwen’s clit with her tongue, lapping away at the cream that her pussy was generating as a precursor to a huge orgasm. Jewel had the taste of Gwen filling her mouth and more was to come. She grabbed onto Gwen’s thighs and pushed her face in further, pulling her tongue away so she could suck on Jewel’s clit and get the flavor burst that she craved.

“Come for me Gwen! Come all over my face! Coat me in your cream!” Jewel thought all of that to herself. She would have said it out loud, but her mouth was otherwise occupied. She sucked on Gwen’s clit and, with one last hard rub of her lips against her pleasure center, Gwen was on her way.

“YESSS OHHH YESSSS!!!” Gwen roared in ecstasy. It was just starting and she knew this one was going to be off the charts. “YESSSS OOOOOOHHH IM COMMINGGGG!!! OH JEWELLLL!!! I’M COMMMMMINNNGGGG!!!!”

Gwen really began to push her pussy up to Jewel’s face and each thrust was met with a passionate tongue lash. The more Gwen’s body shook, the more Jewel stimulated her and it resulted in the hot, creamy experience they both had been seeking. Jewel tongue fucked the orgasming Gwen and let her juices soak the skin of her face like it was a sexy moisturizer. Gwen’s legs kicked up water from the hot tub all over Jewel and the tiled floor that surrounded the tub. They were making quite a mess, but they didn’t care.

Sweat was running down between Gwen’s breasts and down to her belly button. She felt so sexy and alive and she owed it all to Jewel’s wonderful touch and tongue. As her head began to clear from the orgasmic fog that had been filling it, all Gwen wanted was to show Jewel that she could be this sexy too and she could make her feel just as good as she felt now.

“Ohhh Jewel thank you so much,” Gwen said holding out her hands. Jewel got the idea and grasped them, pulling Gwen’s naked and satisfied body back into the hot tub with her. “It was just as good as you said it was going to be. Thank you so much.”

“You don’t have to thank me silly,” Jewel said before kissing Gwen’s lips. “I loved doing that to you. You’re so sexy and mmm your pussy was so hot. I was happy just being able to go down on you.”

“Well let’s see what I can do about making you more happy,” Gwen smiled wickedly before plunging her hand into the water and touching Jewel’s pussy. It was her first time touching another woman’s sex and it was warm, wet and so nice to touch.

“Ohhhh Gwen,” Jewel moaned. “No, you don’t have to. I mean I want you to and everything but…oooooh…I know you’re new at this and I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Shut up and kiss me,” Gwen grinned. “I want you to feel everything I just felt. I want to make you hot and wet and make you come all over me.”

“Mmmm you’ve got me hot and wet already,” Jewel informed her lover as they kissed passionately amongst the bubbles in the water.

“Good then all that’s left for you is a big screaming orgasm,” Gwen replied, continuing to touch Gwen’s pussy. She was a little shy at first about doing this to another woman but she got used to it quickly. She’d touched her own pussy plenty of times and Gwen quickly saw there was no big difference here. Everything seemed to be in perfect working order. Gwen’s stokes on Jewel’s labia began to pick up speed and when her curiosity became too much, Gwen pulled her hand out and licked off her fingers, wanting to taste Jewel for the first time.

“Kind of watered down huh?” Jewel inquired when she saw the little frown on Gwen’s face when she took her first lick of her fingers.

“A little,” Gwen admitted. She’d been able to taste herself all over Jewel’s face when they kissed and now she wanted the Alaskan’s flavor to join in the party in her mouth. So she had been a little disappointed when the water of the hot tub diluted the kick of Jewel’s juice.

“Maybe we should get out of this tub before we get all pruny,” Jewel suggested. “Besides I’m thinking it’s time we stretched out on that bed of mine.”

“I like how you think,” Gwen said as she and Jewel stepped out of the hot tub together hand in hand. Jewel grabbed some of the fluffy pink towels she had set aside and she and Gwen had themselves a fun little time drying each other off. They got as much of the water off with their lips and tongues as they did with the towels as they kissed and licked each other to dryness. The towels were very useful when they got to dry off each other’s tits and asses. Jewel and Gwen rubbed and touched each other in all the right places and they were more than ready for bed.

Jewel yelped in happiness as she threw herself down on the bed and rolled onto her back, her large breasts bouncing with every movement. She looked up and saw her object of desire standing naked before the bed. Jewel smiled and wiggled her finger in a come-hither gesture.

“Get your ass over here Gwen,” Jewel demanded playfully. “Get over here and get your pretty little fingers right where they belong…in my pussy!”

“Your wish is my command,” Gwen replied, crawling onto the bed and lining up face to face with Jewel. She kissed her passionately and allowed their bare breasts to press together, Jewel’s chest totally overwhelming Gwen’s. Gwen reached down while this was happening and began to stroke Jewel’s pussy again. This time she got a better feel of those juices and let them coat she smooth, freshly washed skin of her hand.

“Yes Gwen yes…” Jewel urged. “Touch me baby.”

“Just tell me if I’m doing it wrong, ok?” Gwen asked.

“Don’t worry Gwen, you’ll be fine,” Jewel assured her.

Gwen reacted to this faith in her abilities by wrapping her arms around Jewel’s waist and squeezing her tightly while they kissed. Everything here was new and everything here felt great. Gwen loved how their naked bodies pressed up against each other and she was getting more aggressive. This time she was the one to push her tongue into Jewel’s mouth and she found herself letting her hands drop down to get a squeeze of Jewel’s sexy ass.

Jewel let out a happy moan so Gwen did it again, squeezing the firm cheeks of the singer’s ass while they’re tongues massaged each other in a deep kiss. Gwen and Jewel moved their bodies over a bit so Gwen was now lying right on top of Jewel in the bed. This change in position didn’t lessen the kiss any and it gave Gwen better access to Jewel’s tits and, more importantly, her wet pussy.

When the kiss ended, Gwen busied her lips by kissing all over Jewel’s face, tasting her own orgasm as she did so. She placed wet, happy kisses all over Gwen’s face and then went down to her neck, kissing and licking the beautiful flesh she saw out before her. All the while she was doing this she was psyching herself up for the inevitable touch of her lips to Jewel’s pussy. She wanted to make sure she was good so she had to be ready before she did it and there was no better way to be ready than to practice on other parts of Gwen’s body.

The feel of Gwen’s soft, tender kisses to her skin was not something Jewel was going to complain about, so she certainly didn’t mind the delay in the singer getting to her pussy. It just made her juice up a little bit more and when Gwen’s fingers got back to her pussy it made her jump a little on the bed. Gwen noticed this with glee and continued to massage Jewel’s pussy, slowly worming her fingers past her labia and into her most private of areas.

“Oh Gwen that’s it, that’s how you get me all wet and juicy,” Jewel praised. “You’re doing great baby. Just don’t stop! Keep those fingers in my pussy.”

“Don’t worry I won’t stop…” Gwen said. “At least I won’t stop until my tongue is playing in your pussy instead of my fingers.”

“Yesss that sounds sooo hot,” Jewel moaned. “Keep going Gwen. Oh I want you so bad baby! I wanted you from the second I saw you at that party the other night! I saw your beautiful face and I wanted to have it between my legs eating my pussy.”

Gwen grinned, loving the fact that she had had such an effect on Jewel. God, if she’d known how good this was back then, then she would have had to drag Jewel off to a coat room or something. Knowing how Jewel had been lusting after her was a real turn on to Gwen and she used that extra surge of arousal to finger fuck her new lover a little bit harder and faster.

As the tempo of her finger thrusts picked up, Gwen took her lips away from Jewel’s neck and kissed a wet trail down her body. She paused only to lick around Jewel’s large mounds of flesh and the nipples that capped them. She wanted to spend some serious time playing with those gorgeous tits, especially since she saw how they were still a little sticky and shiny from her own juices. But she would have time to play with them later. Right now Gwen had a serious craving for pussy and decided it was time to treat her tongue to a real first taste of Jewel.

So Gwen left behind Jewel’s jiggling tits and kissed her way down her tummy and right over the bare flesh where her bush once was. Gwen couldn’t get enough of Jewel’s baby bare pussy and she had been fascinated by it since she had dropped her panties before getting in the hot tub with her. Now that she had a good chance to touch it without obstacle and to run her tongue over it, Gwen was able to play with it to her heart’s content.

“Your pussy is so sexy,” Gwen cooed. “I love how smooth it is. I always thought about doing it to myself, but I just never could get the nerve.”

“You should,” Jewel said in between the moans from Gwen’s touch. “It’s so sexy to walk around all bare.”

“Well maybe you could do it for me,” Gwen grinned, licking her lips over the naughty suggestion. Jewel felt a rumble of pleasure through her body over the idea of Gwen all naked and spread open while Jewel shaved her like Michelle had done to her. Of course she was sure it would end just the way her session with their maid had, with the razor being discarded and a hungry tongue making sure the cut was nice and smooth.

Before Jewel could linger on that sexy possibility anymore, Gwen placed a kiss right on her pussy. Jewel moaned in response so Gwen did it again and again and again until those kisses had turned into sucks on her labia. Gwen began to suck on the lips of her pussy and Jewel’s happiness was obvious.

As for herself, Gwen was immediately in love with the taste of pussy. Her samplings of her own juices and the taste she’d gotten off her fingers of Jewel was nothing compared to how it felt to be licking out someone’s pussy. Now she could definitely see why Gwen and her friends were so into this whole lesbian thing. Gwen loved the heat coming from Jewel’s pussy and the flavor of her juices made her taste buds dance. Gwen knew right then she was going to be bi forever now because eating hot pussy like this was going to be something she would never pass up doing.

“Do you want me to do this?” Gwen asked, pulling away from Jewel’s pussy.

“Huh?” Jewel asked, surprised that Gwen stopped. What kind of question was this?

“Do you want me to do this?” Gwen smiled, showing Jewel that she was playing a little game with her. “You have to tell me or I’m never going to know.”

“Oh yes I want you to do this,” Jewel replied. “You know I do. I want you so bad Gwen.”

“What do you want me to do?” Gwen asked. “Please tell me what you want me to do. I need to hear it.”

“I want you to eat me out, Gwen,” Jewel moaned. “Please eat my pussy. Make me come like I made you come. You’ve gotten me so wet and now I need you to make my pussy cream.”

Now that she had received her marching orders, Gwen got herself to work. She helped herself to one last long lick of Jewel’s labia to enjoy the juices that had collected on her lips and then she plunged her tongue inside Jewel’s pussy. Jewel’s pussy opened up to her and Gwen quickly found more of the flavor she had grown to love when her tongue explored the wet, pink passages of her friend.

“Ahhhh yeah,” Jewel groaned. “Yeah Gwen that’s right! Lick my pussy Gwen! Get that tongue inside me and lick me up!”

Feeling that hot, wet pussy up against her tongue had Gwen’s own pussy practically running juice down her legs and she moved her hand between her legs to assist herself. She began to finger her pussy while her tongue lapped away at Jewel. They said it was better to give then receive, but Gwen was finding out it was really best to do them both at the same time.

Gwen wasn’t the only one touching herself by now. Jewel was definitely enjoying the oral attention she was getting and she was squeezing and pawing at her own breasts to increase her overall stimulation level. Jewel’s hands were all over her own large breasts, slapping them and tugging on her nipples. Gwen was clearly a fast learner and Jewel knew it would not take much time for this newbie’s tongue to get her off.

“Ohhhh you’re so fucking good at this,” Jewel cried out. “Yes Gwen yesss…eat my pussy like that! Get your tongue inside me and make me come! God you’re getting me so close already!”

Hearing that Jewel was so close, Gwen picked up her pace. Every compliment she got made her hotter and her fingers were coated with her own juices. She was going to be coming too soon. Gwen couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so good. Doubts and concerns were not things she was thinking about anymore. Only the pleasure of this encounter mattered and the better Gwen knew she was the more she wanted to do this again and again and again.

As if sensing that Gwen was feeding off her praise, Jewel continued to let her have it.

“Oh baby you’re fucking me so nice!” Jewel continued. “Your tongue feels so hot in my tight pussy! Mmmm just wait till my housemates come home Gwen. They’re all gonna want to feel your tongue in their pussies. Can you picture it Gwen all that hot pussy spread open for you. All of them begging for your tongue and screaming for you to make them come!”

Gwen could picture that and the image was so hot that Gwen came all over her fingers. She soaked her skin with her own cum and her rapturous moans disappeared right into Jewel’s pussy. Gwen took her cum covered hand and began to rub it all over her flat tummy and her firm breasts, getting her skin all nice and wet with it. She wanted Jewel to come all over her and after they rested up a little, she wanted her Alaskan tongue right back in her pussy making her come again. Gwen hadn’t been worked up like this in a long time and the one thing she knew for sure was that there was no way she was sleeping in her own bed tonight. She wasn’t leaving here until she had enough and she had no idea when, or if, that would ever happen.

Gwen’s tongue really began to fly inside Jewel’s pussy. She supposed this was just like giving a blowjob. It was the same principle. All you had to do was hit the right spots with your tongue and voila you had an instant orgasm. Getting to the center of Jewel’s pleasure generator wasn’t hard and now it was all a matter of making sure the right spots were it. If Jewel was to be believed, Gwen was doing that and then some.


Jewel’s breathing was stuck in an irregular pattern and her voice was hitting a lot of high notes about then so Gwen knew it was almost time for sure. She wanted to taste all of Jewel’s juices. She’d sucked and swallowed enough guys over the years to want to experience the other side of things. She wasn’t feeling shy about expressing this desire to drink down Jewel’s girl cum and she demonstrated this with another furious round of tongue lashing that got Gwen exactly what she wanted.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!” Jewel moaned loudly. Her cries became constant filled the top floor of the house. Jewel knew how to come and when she did, people knew about it. She bounced on the bed as she came here, taking Gwen along for the ride happily. As each quake of pleasure caused another bounce on the soft mattress, Gwen stayed right between Jewel’s legs, taking her pussy for as much as she was able to give. If Gwen thought she had loved the taste of pussy before, the taste of hot girl cum from an orgasm was even better. Gwen knew she was hooked on this.

Jewel continued her “Ohhhs” and “Oooohs” until her voice could exclaim no more. When she had finally had her last moan, she pulled Gwen up to her and they kissed. Now Gwen was no longer a nervous girl virgin. Now she was a willing disciple of this growing little group and Jewel celebrated by helping herself to a long feel of her tight little ass.

“So…” Gwen giggled. “When did you say your friends were coming home?”

* * * * *

Sarah was closer than any of her housemates realized, but right now her thoughts weren’t on returning home. Her time with Waldo, Franklin and Delbert had forced her to own up to a truth she’d been hesitant to face for some time. Now she couldn’t pretend anymore.

“Oh my God, I have made the worst movie in the history of creation,” Sarah wailed. “I’m never going to get hired for any other movies again.”

“Oh come on, ‘Scooby Doo’ can’t be that bad, can it?” Franklin inquired.

“Oh yes it can,” Sarah assured him, calming down when she took another toke. “I saw the final cut last week. I’ve been trying to tell myself it was good ever since, but I can’t lie anymore. It’s the worst movie ever made! People will run screaming from the theaters! What was I thinking? That was Freddie’s movie! How did I let him talk me into being in it? I should be doing movies with great directors and provocative writers not some movie about a talking dog!”

All four of them had spent their time enjoying some product and laying in hammocks while discussing life and other developments. Sarah was nestled in the guest hammock and not thinking about leaving any time soon.

“Well it can’t be as bad as ‘Battlefield Earth,'” Waldo helpfully pointed out. “So you’ve got that going for you.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Sarah sighed. Maybe it was the pot or maybe it was just that she needed to open up to someone, but she felt comfortable with these guys. She was starting to feel a little bit better, but there were still a few things bothering her. “Umm do you guys have families anywhere?”

“What do you mean?” Waldo asked.

“I mean you are out here all alone and all,” Sarah explained, her thoughts coming out a little bit scrambled. “Don’t you have moms and dads or something?”

“They’re around somewhere,” Delbert frowned. “We don’t see them much.”

“Are you guys like brothers?” Sarah asked.

“It’s possible,” Delbert replied, scratching his head.

“We’re more like brothers in arms,” Franklin elaborated.

“Do you think even if they don’t see you they still love you?” Sarah asked, tears beginning to form in her eyes again, but she quickly swallowed them down.

“I guess so,” Waldo surmised. “But it’s not like we think about it much. I mean you can’t force people to be in your life. Sometimes family loves from a distance. Sometimes they just don’t give a damn. It is what it is.”

“I guess you’re right,” Sarah said. “If they don’t want to be there for you, fuck them. I was so damn easy to reach. If he wanted to talk to me he should have tried and not started whining to reporters.”

“What are you talking about?” Franklin asked, kind of confused.

“Never mind,” Sarah said, waving her hand as if to dismiss the entire line of conversation. “It’s just that sometimes I feel like fate is always gonna make me it’s bitch.”

“That’s probably because you’re fighting it too much,” Waldo said.

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked. Now it was her turn to be confused.

“Life’s a journey and you don’t always end up where you think you’re headed, but that’s usually a good thing,” Waldo explained. “If you spend all your time fighting things and trying to change the direction of things, then you’re just going to end up miserable and exhausted. I mean look at fish. Most fish go with the current and end up living happy fishy lives trying to keep away from worms on hooks. But the salmon are always cursing their fate and swimming upstream when they should be following life downstream. So what happens to them? They end up becoming salted treats to be placed on bagels.”

“Mmmmm bagels,” Delbert chimed in from his hammock.

“Well that sort of makes sense,” Sarah replied, trying to wrap her mind about what salmon had to do with her problems.

“No matter what happens, it was meant to happen,” Waldo declared. “Simple as that. We can either go with the flow and let life unfold for us or we can be like the salmon and ignore the path laid out.”

“I think this stuff is wearing off,” Sarah said, sitting up a little in her hammock. She guessed what Waldo was saying did kind of make at least a modicum of sense, but Sarah wasn’t much for philosophies or whatever. Still there was a good point there for sure…sometimes things just happened. However Sarah was concerned that the buzz she was seeking had not quite reached it’s maximum level of buzziness. She needed something more.

“You guys got anything more potent?” Sarah asked. “I’ve had a weird stretch of days and I want to forget large chunks of them.”

“Well we do have something,” Franklin said with a furrowed brow. “The thing is…it’s kind of experimental. We really haven’t tested it yet.”

“Don’t care,” Sarah declared. “Just gimmie.”

* * * * *

The night continued and Jennifer continued to toss and turn in her sleep. Maybe it was a little bit early for her to sleep, but Jennifer knew there was another reason for her inability to get any rest. She needed something and it wasn’t lying in bed with her.

When she and Brad had made love that night she had certainly come and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t satisfied her. But still something was missing and Jennifer knew it. She needed more. She needed more than her husband’s touch and the only thing that could bring her the peace she needed was in the house in Malibu.

Jennifer needed her housemates. Usually when she wasn’t staying with them, she pined for their company, but tonight for some reason it was close to unbearable. She missed them and she missed their touch and their soft bodies. Jennifer was feeling horny, but if that was all it was she could have awoken Brad. She needed more than sex from her friends. She just needed to see them and if that happened to lead to naked activities then so much the better.

She tried to resist this, but no matter what she did to try and relax, she couldn’t stop the nervous anticipation that was in her body. She had to see them. It was as simple as that. Still it wasn’t like she could just sneak out of the house. Brad was the type to notice little things like his wife not being there when he woke up. Of course, that wouldn’t be a problem if she could come up with some kind of excuse.

Then it dawned on her. Of course. Her co-star, Courtney Cox Arquette, and her husband, David, had bad arguments sometimes and a couple of times when that had happened, Courtney had called her to come over and comfort her. It wasn’t unusual for this to happen late at night so Jennifer decided that if she just left Brad a note telling him Courtney and David had had another fight and that she was going over there, it would be the perfect excuse. She’d come back in the morning and Brad would never be the wiser.

Giddy at the chance to have everything she wanted, Jennifer got out of bed, dressed and wrote the note. She felt a twinge of guilt about lying to Brad like this, but she felt it was necessary. She had to see her housemates. So, after placing the note on Brad’s nightstand, Jennifer hurried out the door to get to Malibu.

* * * * *

As Jennifer was preparing to race down to the mansion, Rose and Love were already well on their way there. Of course it wasn’t just Rose and Love returning home because Rose had brought her new friend with them. In fact as Love drove and tried not to get them all killed, Rose and Denise were stretched out in the backseat of the car.

Love knew she had to keep her eyes on the road, but she could not help herself from looking back as Rose turned Denise from a happily engaged woman to a fawning lesbian wanna be. The alcohol burning in Denise’s blood stream no doubt played a part in this, but one had to chalk it up as another example of the overpowering lust Rose created in people of both sexes. What other way was there to explain the fact that the formerly very straight Denise was now stretched out in the back seat as Rose reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down.

“Here Love, have a present,” Rose laughed as she tossed Denise’s panties up to Love in the front seat. The fact that she was trying desperately not to crash didn’t stop Love from picking up the panties, smelling Denise’s aroused scent and letting her tongue drag over the wetness Rose had caused. Love smiled at the taste of Denise’s pussy and knew as soon as they got back to the mansion she’d have a chance to taste plenty more.

“Where’d my panties go?” Denise asked, slightly confused still. She might have been a little fuzzy on details, but she did know where she was and who she was with. She also knew she wanted this very badly. Even if it was going to be a mistake she regretted in the morning, Denise was committed to acting as slutty as possible tonight.

“Don’t worry about those things,” Rose teased. “Where you’re going, you won’t need those things.”

“Ohhhhh…” Denise said with a happy smile of realization before letting Rose kiss her again. Rose pulled down the top of Denise’s dress to expose her braless tits and she began to suck and kiss them to Denise’s delight.

Love gasped in amazement over the change in Denise and she was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on the road. She couldn’t stop sneaking peeks in the backseat and her pussy was getting so wet under her dress. A little bit more of this and she was just going to have to pull over and hop in the back with Rose and Denise.

Fortunately they were almost there and before Rose had a chance to get Denise’s dress all the way off her body, Love was pulling into the driveway. Denise sat up when the car stopped and pushed her dress up over her breasts again. She was about to zip up again, when Rose slapped her hand away.

“No!” Rose ordered. “You stay unzipped!”

“But what if someone sees?” Denise pouted.

“Then we just ask them to join in,” Rose replied. “We get a lot of that around in this house.”

Rose then took Denise’s hand and led her into the house. Love obediently followed, drooling over her chance to get in on this. They all walked up to Rose’s room but after Rose pushed Denise inside, Love found the door slammed in her face.

“Rose? What are you doing?” Love demanded when she heard the lock on the door clicking from the inside.

“Sorry Love,” Rose’s voice said from the other side. “You didn’t think I could do it, so you don’t get a piece of this.”

“Hey!” Love protested loudly. “No fair!”

“Sorry Love,” Rose said and Love could practically feel the heat of her smirk from the other side of the door. “But you should have had more faith in me.”

“I do!” Love insisted. “I do have faith in you! Please Rose! Please let me in! Don’t leave me out of this! I’ll do anything you want! Anything! Please oh please Rose! Please let me in!”

But Love’s cries fell on deaf ears as Rose was now ignoring her housemate and focusing on the piece of new meat she had brought into the house. Denise was standing nervously by Rose’s bed and seemed to be having second thoughts about all of this.

“I dunno abut this Rose,” Denise shifted nervously on the carpet. “I mean I’ve never…you know…been with a girl before.”

“First of all I am not a girl, I am a woman,” Rose stated. “And second of all you want this and you know you want it so I’m not even going to waste a lot of time telling you that you don’t have a choice. I’m just going to get this damn dress off you.”

Rose then reached around to Denise’s back and undid the top of her dress. She pulled it down again and this time she didn’t stop for a little tit play. She wanted the whole thing off and in a matter of moments it was in a puddle around Denise’s feet. Now she was only dressed in her heels and the white stockings and garter belt she had worn underneath. She had worn them because they had been Charlie’s favorites and she had been planning to see him later tonight. Now it sure looked like plans had changed.

Denise attempted to cover her breasts, but Rose slapped away her hands.

“Uh uh, Denise,” Rose said, shaking her head. “No covering up. A body like this needs to be displayed. Mmmm you look so sexy in your white garters and stockings. You’re such a hot little slut Denise and now you’re all mine.”

Before Denise had a chance to object or anything, Rose took her face in her hands and kissed her passionately. When Rose’s tongue began massaging hers, Denise just melted into Rose’s kiss. The lust began to cloud her brain and Denise once again found herself back in the desperately horny state she’d been in both in the ladies room and in the car. Rose wanted her to be a slut for her and Denise wanted to be slutty for her. It was a perfect mix.

“Ohhhh Denise your pussy is getting so wet right now,” Rose said as she pushed her hand up against Denise’s mound. “You’re getting so fucking wet kissing another woman. If only your friends could see you now.”

Denise was too busy moaning to respond. Now that there was no dress and no panties to get in the way and Rose’s hand on her pussy felt even better than it had in the ladies room. Denise could feel the juice from her pussy dripping onto Rose’s hand and what didn’t hit her hand was running down her leg and tickling her skin in a most nasty manner. Denise was dying to have her pussy touched and licked and fucked. She had to have it and Rose knew it too.

Rose stepped back from Denise and tantalizingly licked off the sex glaze that was on her fingers. She then reached around back and undid the top of her own dress. Rose shook if off her shoulders and since Rose hadn’t bothered with any underwear she was left stark naked when the dress hit the floor. Denise’s eyes widened when she saw Rose’s naked body and her pussy experienced a surge of pleasure.

“You like, Denise?” Rose asked as she modeled her bare body off for Denise. “I’ll bet you never thought you’d be with a chick as hot as me? You like my big tits Denise? I’ll bet you’d just love to suck on them, wouldn’t you? Or maybe you’d rather have me rub my tits against yours and have our nipples scrape together and get all hard? And what about my sexy wet pussy? How about I just grab you by your hair and force you to lick my pussy? I’ll bet you wouldn’t stop me.”

“You’re so sexy,” Denise whispered. She was entranced not only by Rose’s beauty, but by her confidence. It looked like nothing could faze her, ever. “I want you Rose.”

“You want me to what?” Rose demanded. “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to fuck me,” Denise blushed. “I want you to fuck me hard and make me come.”

“Then get on the fucking bed,” Rose grinned, pushing Denise onto the bed. She fell onto the soft mattress with a soft thud and Rose licked her lips as she saw her bare breasts bounce and her legs open almost involuntarily. Rose felt such a surge of power seeing how she had turned Denise into such a lust crazed slut. Once again the fear of the previous night was a distant memory as she eyed a new conquest.

“What are you going to dooooooooooooooooooo?” Denise asked as a moan interrupted her question. Rose getting on the bed with her and not wasting a second before pushing her face into Denise’s wet pussy caused the moan. Everything else about her body could wait until later. Rose was after pussy right now and needed to get this chick nice and lubed up.

“Oh yes Rose! Eat it! Eat my pussy!” Denise moaned. She might have been a virgin when it came to women, but she was no virgin when it came to pleasure. Rose was licking her so well that Denise took to it like she had been fucking women for years. Denise’s hand went back to Rose’s head and held her fast to her pussy. Rose didn’t appreciate the insinuation that Denise thought she needed to be held down, but she let it pass. She’d be showing Denise who was boss in a matter of moments.

Rose let Denise rub her wetness all over her face. She was getting off on how quickly it took to turn Denise from devoted fiancé to depraved harlot. Her own pussy was burning with need, but Rose knew she’d be giving herself what she wanted soon enough. She just had to get Denise ready first and the best way to do that was what she was doing right now…lapping away at Denise’s pussy and making sure she was plenty wet.

“Don’t stop Rose you’re making my pussy so fucking wet!” Denise swore. “I never knew it could feel so good with another woman! Don’t stop licking me Rose! I want to fuck your hot face until I come!”

Mmmm she’s full of spirit, Rose said wickedly to herself, that’ll make it more fun to break her. She licked away at Denise’s pussy, cleaning off her labia of any excess juice before pushing her tongue in and out of Denise’s passage. She tongue fucked the actress until she was writhing on the bed, moaning for it to be faster and harder. In the rare moments when Denise wasn’t crying out for more, Rose could hear Love pounding on the door, begging to get in.

“ROSE!!!” Love screamed out from the hallway. “Let me in you fucking bitch!”

Normally Love would have been the last one in the house to refer to any of her friends as a “bitch” much less a “fucking bitch,” but these were special circumstances. Love was furious about having been left out of the fun and she just thought it was mean of Rose to lock her out. Her pussy was dripping under her dress and the more she heard Denise moan from inside the room, the more Love wanted to break the door down and get herself in on this. She imagined Rose had Denise all spread out on her bed and was eating her out. Love had been on the receiving end of Rose’s tongue many times and she knew how good Denise must be feeling right then. She so badly wanted to get in there and rip her dress off so she could place her pussy right on Denise’s face and see how good she was at eating pussy.

Thanks to Rose though, Love was stuck outside and having to listen to the cries of pleasure coming from the bedroom. Her pussy desperately needed attention so Love decided the only thing she could do was hike up her dress and make the most of the situation. So that’s exactly what she did. She pulled up her dress and slid her fingers right into her pussy. Soon enough her cries were joining Denise’s from the inside.

“Ohhhh Rose you’re going to make me come!” Denise cried out. “Your tongue is fucking incredible.”

“Mmmm are you all nice and creamy for me Denise?” Rose asked, pulling her now shiny face away from Denise’s pussy. “Are you gonna come hard all over my face?”

“Yesssss!” Denise exclaimed. “Ohhhhh yesss…allllll over your face!”

“Well too bad, cause I’m not done with you yet!” Rose grinned, pulling away completely from Denise’s pussy and hopping off the bed.

“Nooooo…” Denise wailed. “Why are you stopping? Make me come! Please make me come!”

“No way!” Rose said evilly. “I’m not even close to done having fun with you yet and I can’t have you coming too early now can I?”

“You’re such a bitch,” Denise gasped and Rose responded by blowing her a kiss from across the room.

“Oh yeah I am a bitch Denise and now I’m going to show you how big a bitch I can be,” Rose promised. “So you just lie back there and stay naked. You’ll get your orgasm soon enough.”

Rose then disappeared into her closet for a moment and when she returned Denise nearly choked when she saw what she was wearing. Rose was still naked but now she had on a long black strap-on dildo. Denise quickly guessed it was about 8 inches thick and it looked like it was well over an inch thick. The hard toy dangled from Rose’s legs and Denise had a sinking suspicion where it was headed.

“Denise I want you to meet Mr. Snappy,” Rose grinned. “You and him are going to be very good friends soon. Very good friends.”

Denise couldn’t believe this was happening as Rose walked toward her on the bed, the toy poised and ready for action. A few hours ago she had been sitting, drinking and having fun with her friends. Now she was naked on some woman’s bed and about to be fucked. This was crazy. But the fact that this was crazy didn’t stop Denise from rubbing her pussy as Rose got closer, a fact that did not go unnoticed.

“Mmmm yeah rub that pussy Denise,” Rose urged. “Rub your slutty wet pussy. You like my big hard cock Denise? You’d better cause I’m going to fuck your tight cunt with it! How does that sound?”

Denise was definitely intimidated by the size of Mr. Snappy, but a smile still crossed her face at the idea of that happening. The alcohol buzz was fading off, but the lust remained in Denise. She had no doubt that Rose knew how to handle that toy and get her screaming with pleasure.

“Sounds sooooooo good,” Denise moaned, not expecting the words to come out of her mouth, but not regretting when they did.

“It’s gonna be better than good,” Rose promised. “Now get on all fours slut. Lemme see that slutty pussy of yours from behind.”

Denise hesitated but when she did Rose slapped her hard on her pussy. The hard slap was arousing, but Denise still got the message. She obediently got on all fours, her pussy and ass exposed to Rose’s wanton desires. Rose responded by running her hand over the firm cheeks of Denise’s ass, caressing the flesh before moving down over her pussy and copping a feel of her slit. Denise’s juices were collected by Rose’s hand and she rubbed them right off on Denise’s ass.

“Feel how wet you are Denise,” Rose commanded the actress as she shuddered in pleasure. “Your pussy is so hot and juicy, but I think you still need a little lube for Mr. Snappy.”

Rose then walked around to the other side of the bed so Mr. Snappy was lined up right with Denise’s face. She took the toy in her hand and slapped Denise’s face with it, not too hard, but enough for her to get the message. And the message of course was “You’re mine.”

“I’ll bet a girl like you just loves cock don’t you?” Rose speculated. “I’ll bet you love it in your mouth and your pussy and even in your ass. I’ll bet you’d do anything for a hard piece of meat inside you, wouldn’t you?”

“Yessss…” Denise moaned, shifting her gaze downward and assuming a position of submission on Rose’s bed. “I love it! I love cock!”

“So do what any good cock slut would do,” Rose ordered. “Suck my hard cock you little whore!”

Rose didn’t have to tell Denise twice. She’d sucked enough real cocks in her day to be scared off by sucking a fake one. She immediately got to work on Mr. Snappy, taking the head past her lips and working it in and out of her mouth.

“Yeah that’s it! Suck it good!” Rose urged. “Suck it like it’s a real fucking cock that you want coming all over your face!”

Denise did as ordered, treating it like she had treated her boyfriends when they had been horny for some bj action. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and pumped it up and down while she sucked, as if she could really stimulate the piece of hard plastic. Denise continued to jack off Mr. Snappy and, to Rose’s utter delight, she let a stream of saliva drip out of her mouth and onto the hard shaft.

“Ohhhh you are a fucking cock slut,” Rose cooed, as she reached up and began playing with her bare breasts. “You know just how to work it, don’t you? Get your spit all over that thing cause it’s going straight into your pussy next!”

Her spit now all over the shaft, Denise got Mr. Snappy back in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down on it. When she pulled off it, it was only to run her tongue on the underside of the toy. Even Rose was surprised by how much Denise was getting into sucking off her toy. She had never even seen Love get that much into it and she was the biggest slut in the house when it came to Mr. Snappy. But it wasn’t like Rose was complaining. Seeing Denise act like this had Rose’s pussy dripping hot juice out from under the toy and onto the sheets of the bed.

Denise herself didn’t know why she was getting so aroused. But she hadn’t been this turned on since she could remember. She felt such a total wanton lust burning in her veins and she was totally ready to give it all up to Rose and her toy.

“Alright, you’re ready now,” Rose declared as she pulled Mr. Snappy away from Denise just when she was about to attempt a deep throat of the toy. “Get ready for some real fun now slut!”

Rose walked back to where she was before, lined up perfectly with Denise’s exposed pussy. Her lips were soaked with juice and Rose couldn’t help herself from leaning down for one last lick before the fucking began. She expressed her appreciation for Denise’s taste with a happy moan before getting up behind her and wrapping her arms around Denise’s waist. By now Denise was quivering with anticipation and when Rose pushed Mr. Snappy deep into her on the first thrust, Denise let her know how much she enjoyed it.

“YESSSSS!!!” Denise cried out with a horny, guttural scream. “FUCK ME ROSE!!! GET THAT BIG FUCKING COCK INSIDE ME!!!”

Oh fuck, she’s using Mr. Snappy on her, Love groaned in frustration when she heard Denise’s frenzied cries. Her hand was still buried in between her legs and she’d already fingered herself to one mini orgasm. But the orgasms she could give herself with her fingers were nothing compared to what she knew Rose and Denise could do to her. Love was so fucking horny by then and she couldn’t have what she wanted most in the world. Sufficed to say, she was not a happy camper.

“ROSE!!!” Love screamed. “LET ME INNNNNNN!!!” She pounded on the door with one hand while the other alternated between fingering her snatch and pulling on the hard nipples of her now exposed breasts. She was quite a site sitting there pounding on the door and screaming in frustration with her dress bunched up around her waist and her arousal evident.

That was the site Jewel and Gwen were treated to when they poked their heads out of Jewel’s room to see what all the screaming was about. They saw Love in her position and the two singers exchanged horny smiles. They hadn’t bothered to dress when they left the room, but Love was too worked up to even take notice of the two naked beauties that were sauntering toward her until they were practically in her face.

“What’s up Love?” Jewel inquired as Gwen stared at Love’s exposed body, her new found lust for females getting stronger by the second.

“Rose won’t let me in,” Love whined in frustration. “I want to play with her and she won’t fucking let me in!”

“Awe poor Love, maybe we can make you feel better,” Jewel cooed and it was then that Love really took notice of the fact that not only was Gwen Stefani in the house but she and Jewel had apparently become very good friends while she was out.

“Hi,” Love said to Gwen, a little embarrassed about being caught like this, but getting over it when she saw how very naked Gwen was.

“Hi there,” Gwen smiled. “I hear I’m supposed to call you ‘Love.'”

“Oh I don’t give a fuck what you call me as long as you get down here and fuck me!” Love moaned, her total horniness overwhelming her usually polite demeanor.

“Mmmm well it just so happens I was hoping you’d say that,” Gwen smiled. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Love.” Gwen then decided that since Jewel had explained to her the way things worked around here, it was time to keep indulging her new-found fantasies. So before she could think twice about it she sunk to her knees and buried her face in Love’s pussy.

“Oooooooooooooooh…” Love moaned, getting the attention she so desperately needed. “Yessss Gwen! Yesssssssssssss!!!”

Rose did take notice when the pounding on the door stopped, but she didn’t pay it much mind because she was quite occupied with having Mr. Snappy pressing deep into Denise. She began thrusting her toy hard into the dripping actress and her reaction was very vocal and very enthusiastic.


“Ohhhh you fucking nasty girl,” Rose groaned as the part of Mr. Snappy that pressed into her pussy did wonders for her own arousal. “You’re so damn hot and wet in there! You’re such a hot little fuck Denise! Mmmm I want you to scream out how much you love me in your dripping wet cunt!”


Rose moved her arms from around Denise’s waist and steadied herself for her thrusts by grabbing onto Denise’s firm ass. She first delivered a hard spank to those tight cheeks, making the flesh giggle and making Denise coo in pleasure. She did it again and again until Denise’s cheeks were bright red. Still Denise cried out for more.

“You want more huh? You must love being spanked!” Rose said through gritted teeth as the nub inside her pussy had her close to coming. “I’ll bet Charlie gets you on all fours every night and spanks you for being a naughty girl!”

“Yesssss he does…” Denise groaned, her large tits bouncing with every thrust given to her from behind. “Cause I am! I’m a naughty fucking girl! I love being spanked! I love being fucked doggie style! Give it to me Rose! Make me fucking come!”

“Is that what you want?” Rose demanded, grabbing Denise’s long hair and tugging it back as she fucked her. “You wanna come? Is that what you want you wet little slut? Do you want your hot pussy creaming all over my big cock? You wanna soak my favorite toy with your cunt cream?”


“Mmmm you’re not gonna want Charlie when I’m done with you,” Rose taunted, keeping it up with her thrusts. “You’re only gonna want me! You’re gonna want my hard toy in your pussy every night! Ohhhh you’re so fucking hot Denise! Oooooh I’m gonna come inside you! I wish this was a real cock so I could load your pussy up with my hot cum!”


“Mmmmm I love this pussy of yours,” Rose groaned. “Fucking like tight wet velvet!!! It’s so hot!!! SOOO FUCKING HOT!!!”

The extra emphasis in Rose’s statement came after Mr. Snappy’s nub hit her clit in just the right spot. She was so close and she wanted to see Denise’s sexy body go wild when she came too. She kept tugging on her hair and used her other hand to slip a finger into Denise’s pussy from the front while she kept fucking her from behind. If Denise was like a balloon, Rose’s finger was like a pin.

“YESSSSS FUCKING YESSSS!!!” Denise screamed out as she began to come. She began thrusting herself back and forth, rocking on her hands and knees to meet Rose’s hard thrusts with ones of her own to get more of that toy inside her pussy. “OOOOOOOOH COMING SOOOO FUCKING HARD!!!”

Denise wasn’t kidding about that. When she creamed, she creamed and Rose could feel Mr. Snappy getting nice and slick from Denise’s intense orgasm. Rose herself was pushed over the edge and she began to cry out. She knew Love could hear every word outside the door and she wanted to make sure she got nice and worked up from hearing this.

“OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSS LOADING UP YOUR PUSSY!!!” Rose gasped loudly as her body spasmed from the sensations of her orgasm. She came against the nub in her pussy and she found herself having to grab onto Denise for support as her whole body exploded in the orgasm she had been saving up since her encounter the other night. Rose finally slipped out of Denise’s pussy and when she did she was out of breath, but by no means done.

Denise was also gasping for breath and quickly trying to rank this amongst her best orgasms ever. It was an easy #2 and might even ring up as #1 when all was said and done. She had to close her eyes to get a control of her raging senses. She felt like she was close to pleasure overload and when she opened her eyes she saw Rose right in front of her and her slick cum covered toy still dangling from her legs.

“Lick it clean slut!” Rose commanded. “Get all your slut cream off my favorite toy!”

Denise opened her mouth wide to do just that, but Rose decided to have some more fun first. She took Mr. Snappy in her hand and guided it away from Denise’s mouth every time she tried to take it in. She let Denise lunge for it like a cum hungry slut and then move it away every time. When she’d had enough of that, Rose then began to slap Denise’s face with it, flinging the girlcum that was all over it onto Denise’s pretty, flushed cheeks. Denise was loving this and was practically panting for the toy to be in her mouth as her tongue futilely tried to lick up the cream that was coming from the toy and was now covering her face. Rose took advantage of this by taking the toy and slapping it gently on Denise’s tongue, which was an action both women really got off on.

When Rose finally did have mercy on Denise and let her clean off Mr. Snappy, Denise was all over it in a second. This time she was able to impress Rose with her deep throating skills and she took Mr. Snappy in like a pro, taking the toy inside her mouth with only slight gagging and cleaning it off thoroughly with her cum hungry tongue. Soon the girl cream that had once coated the toy was either now all over Denise’s face or over her tongue.

When Denise finally finished with Mr. Snappy, Rose realized she didn’t hear the angry cries of Love’s frustration anymore. She now was certain she heard the sounds of two…no three girls in heat. Leaving a well satisfied Denise behind on her bed, Rose got up and unlocked her door to investigate.

“Well well well, what the fuck do we have here?” Rose said happily as she opened her door to reveal Love flat on her back in the hallway while Gwen ate her out to orgasm. Love’s mouth was also well occupied considering she had Jewel’s naked pussy right above her face and the shiny mess on her chin showed she’d been doing quite a good job on the Alaskan’s pussy.

“I’m not speaking to you you fucking bitch,” Love said angrily. “I’m glad I know who my real friends are.”

“Ohhh maybe I can make it up to you Love,” Rose said. “How about I offer you Denise’s tongue for that wet pussy of yours.”

Love’s reaction was quick and decisive. She bounded up from the floor and kissed Rose on the cheek.

“You’re forgiven,” Love said sweetly before running into Rose’s room, throwing herself on the bed and getting herself properly introduced to Denise.

“What about me?” Gwen pouted.

“Oh I’d say you’ve had plenty of Love’s pussy already newbie,” Rose replied, leaning down to collect some of Love’s juices from Gwen’s lips and face with her finger and then sucking it clean. “But I think I can help you out with a new flavor. Maybe you and Denise should make friends with each other.”

Just as quickly as Love had run inside Rose’s room, Gwen did the same. She was acting like a total slut and she didn’t care. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had so much fun.

“And what should we do with you Ms. Kilcher?” Rose wondered aloud. Jewel definitely had an idea and she stood up so she was face to face with Rose..

“Well it depends,” Jewel replied.

“Depends on what?” Rose inquired.

“Is this for me?” Jewel asked sexily, wrapping her hands around Mr. Snappy and stroking the hard plastic.

“It just so happens it is,” Rose answered, running her tongue over Jewel’s neck and up her cheek. “I’ve got a real craving for some serious ass fucking and you’ve got one damn fine sexy ass for me to fuck!”

* * * * *

While everyone else was drawing off into couples in Rose’s room, Jennifer was drawing near. She had gone as fast as she could without causing any accidents or threatening the speed of light. Fortunately her speedy driving had not attracted anyone’s attention because she so did not want to deal with the California Highway Patrol tonight. She didn’t think the “I was horny” excuse was going to get her out of a ticket, so it was for the best that she was not spotted by anyone with a radar gun.

She drove through Malibu until she reached the beach front property she was so familiar with. She just had a sense that something very sexy and very fun was going on right now and she didn’t want to miss out on being part of it, so as soon as she reached the mansion she hopped out of her car and ran for the door. Part of her was really feeling guilty about not only lying to Brad but about dragging her innocent friends into the whole mess as well. Jennifer, as she fumbled with her keys, began to wonder if she was changing into some kind of selfish, terrible person. What if there were consequences for her actions?

Jennifer entered and ran up the stairs. It would probably serve her right if they were all sleeping or all out tonight, but as soon as she got upstairs she knew she had lucked out big time. She heard the moans coming from Rose’s room and she ran as fast as she could to see what was going on. When she got there, even she was surprised by what she saw.

Could that be Gwen Stefani? And Denise Richards? Holy shit! It was them! They were part of this now too! And they looked like they were having one hell of a time.

Denise was flat on her back on Rose’s bed while she had her face pressed right to Love’s wet pussy. She looked like she was loving her opportunity to be with Love and no wonder because right behind her Gwen was lying on her belly eating Denise out with a frenzy. That was certainly a site to behold and then so was the site next to the bed where Jewel was on all fours, with Rose behind her fucking her with Mr. Snappy.

Jennifer suddenly didn’t know what to do. Should she stand there and enjoy the show? Or should she join in as quickly as possible? Suddenly she heard something that convinced her the way she should go.

“Fuck me Rose!” Jewel moaned. “Pound my ass! Yesss that’s it! Fuck my tight little asshole hard!”

Since she hadn’t bothered with putting much on in the first place when she left her house, it was extremely easy for Jennifer to wiggle out of her clothes with lightning fast speed. She stripped off her t-shirt and jeans and since she hadn’t bothered with underwear she was naked except for her sneakers and socks. However, she didn’t want to bother with small details like that, she just wanted to get in on this pile of pussy. So Jennifer ran over in her sneakers and grabbed Love, kissing her surprised housemate.

“JEN!” Love happily squealed, wrapping her arms around her neck and welcoming her housemate into the fold.

Before she descended into the pile, Jennifer also heard Rose with a question for her.

“So what the fuck took you so long?” Rose asked before getting back to Jewel’s sexy ass.

Jennifer’s presence quickly caused a shifting in the pairing on the bed. Gwen, who was beyond thinking about anything right now except how she wanted to sample every girl here, quickly introduced herself to Jennifer with a kiss and then went straight for her pussy. Denise and Love repositioned themselves so this time it was Denise who was being eaten and she was quickly moaning from Love’s tongue on her pussy. Gwen’s tongue was incredible and the fact that she was almost a stranger made it even better for Jennifer. She was so glad she had decided to come over here tonight. Now she only had one question left: where the heck was Sarah?

* * * * *

Where the heck Sarah was ended up being a question that was answered the next morning and many miles away.

When she felt the hot sun creeping up on her, Sarah finally awoke to total darkness. Her head was splitting and she was immediately confused. It was so bright out! How could it be dark? Sarah gasped and sat up. When she did she realized the reason it has been so dark was that a hat had covered her face.

And this was no mere hat. It was a sombrero. Sarah immediately looked around and saw that not only had she slept outside she was nowhere near Malibu. And to top it all off she looked down and saw that she was in a mariachi outfit. It was bright red and with silver sparkling patterns all over her jacket, pants and even her sombrero.

“Holy fucking shit!” Sarah cried out. “What the fuck happened?”

Sarah looked around and saw that she wasn’t alone in this predicament. Waldo, Franklin and Delbert were also passed out and were also in mariachi outfits. Sarah shook them awake and Waldo was the first to respond.

“Waldo! What happened?” Sarah demanded.

Waldo shook his head to get rid of the cobwebs and immediately got to the bottom of things.

“Oh man,” he sighed. “We ended up in Mexico again.”

“What?” Sarah said in disbelief. “What do you mean ‘again?’ And how did we end up in Mexico?”

“It happens sometimes when we get into the experimental stuff,” Franklin explained. “We tend to end up here. Sometimes we end up in Canada and then one time we ended up in Uganda. We still have no idea what happened there.”

“I like it down here,” Delbert declared. “I’m a champion cockfighter here.”

“But Delbert, humans don’t fight in cockfights, roosters do,” Sarah said.

“What’s your point?” Delbert asked, not following her.

“Well I suppose we should be getting home,” Waldo declared.

“How? How are we going to get home?” Sarah demanded. “My purse is either in Malibu still or some pickpocket’s got it. Either way we’re screwed!”

“Not necessarily,” Waldo said as he opened up the guitar case lying near them and pulled out a wad of American currency and pesos. “Apparently we played really well last night. It’s a start and we’ll find our way to the rest.”

Sarah was panicked about this but the boys seemed to calm about it that she couldn’t help but feel a little better about it too. They were always so calm. Sarah wondered if maybe she shouldn’t act a little bit more like that. It wasn’t a short trip back to Malibu from Mexico, but at least it would give her time to think. She had to find her way back, both literally and figuratively. There were a lot of miles to cover from here to Malibu and Sarah, for the first time in a long time, felt like by the time she got home she’d have it all figured out. It seemed the path of life or whatever had sent her in a new direction, but she felt like she was finally getting back on the right path even if it took her on a side trip south of the border in the process.

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