Sex With Sandra Bullock


This story is about some wild sexual adventures with my dream fuck,
Sandra Bullock.


My story starts as I approach my house and see a strange car sitting in
it. As it is pouring down rain I can’t tell who’s car it is. As I
get closer I see a figure standing by the rear of the car looking down
at what looks like flat tire. As I get closer I realize the figure is
shapely female, with a flat tire on the rear. As I pull into the
driveway I can’t believe my eyes, can it be true
that this female stuck
in my driveway is none other than Sandra Bullock. Yes it was, could
this be my lucky fucking day?

After pulling into the garage and inviting her in from the rain, I found
out that Sandra took off for a drive too get away from Hollywood and
ended up in Lakeland, Florida. Having got lost and turned around she
realized she had a flat, no phone and didn’t know how to change the
flat. Lucky me. Since my wife and kids were out of town for a few
days I invited her in to dry off and to change clothes. As she went to
dry off and change I went outside to change the flat tire. After
getting the flat off I realized that the spare was also flat. As I
went inside to tell Sandra she had another problem, I noticed her
standing in the bathroom still in her clothes dripping wet.

She looked so erotic just standing there in her wet clinging clothes.
She hadn’t noticed me standing their watching her, good thing ’cause I
was getting a hard-on looking at her with her firm ripe breasts and
nipples stretching the wet shirt along with the outline of firm as and
pussy lips. All of a sudden she looked up and caught me starring at
her. Thought I was busted. She looked at me and said she couldn’t
find a towel. In the mean time my hard-on was getting bigger, watching
this erotic scene in front of me. I hadn’t even noticed that I too was
standing dripping wet. We looked at each other and started laughing.
It was than that I caught her watching me watching her. The next that
happened was a shocker.

Sandra walked over to me and ran her hands up and down my wet body, when
I started to speak she just put her hand over my mouth and told me just
relax and enjoy. Leave it to me not to argue with a beautiful woman
with her hands on my raging hard-on. We started kissing soft wet
kisses at first, they quickly turned into wet sloppy tongue fucking
kisses. She ripped my wet shirt with one quick jerk, and left a wet
trail as she kissed her way down to my hard nipples. I reached out to
feel her firm tits, but she stop me and said "Don’t touch ’till I’m
done with you" I was about ready to explode right their, sensing this
Sandra slowed down so we could both enjoy the moment. The whole time
my raging 10" dick was straining to get out of it’s dungeon. As Sandra
continued to suck on my nipples her hands trying to free my hard-on.
She looks up at me with a little girl face and says "Can he come out
and play with me". I think if your real nice to him he’ll come out and
play, if your really nice he might even have a surprise for you later.
I like surprises. She slowly undoes my belt then the zipper and pulls
down my wet jeans, leaving me with just my wet bikini briefs on. I
love a man in wet, black underwear she says. But its so lumpy in
their. I see something trying to get out the top. She slowly took off
my under wear, kissing my dick all the way until they fall on the floor
next to the rest of my clothes. It was then that I realized that I was
the only one naked, she was still fully dressed.

As she looks up at me with lust hungry eyes and a smile on her face the
says I’m going to suck you dry, she open her mouth wide and starts to
put as much of my 10" in her as she can. My god she got half of it in
one move. Sandra slowly moved her head up and down on my dick, while
stroking it with her nimble little hand. As I looked down at her I
noticed her other hand was rubbing her pussy through her shorts. I
told her to take off her clothes, but she told me that would come after
I cum. Sandra continued to give one of the best blowjobs of my life,
right in my own bathroom. My wife of 15 years is a great cocksucker,
but sorry dear this is too much. Slowly she sucked and moved her head
up and down my shaft, stopping at the tip to taste the pre-cum. I
started thrusting my cock in her mouth, literally fucking her face. She
reached up with her hand and started playing with my nipples, I almost
came right there. Then to my suprise she started playing with my
asshole, between her blowjob and playing with my ass I told her I
wouldn’t last much longer. She started sucking harder and faster,
taking my whole dick in her throut. I started to moan and scream at
her faster, harder I going to cum. Open wide so you can get the
suprise I promised you. With that she gave one last little grin and
swollowed my entire cock as I erupted into one of the biggest cums I’ve
had in years. Sandra swollowed every drop of cum she could, smiling
with every gulp. As she continued to lick me clean all I could do was
to smile and fall back on the bathroom sink, and think I had died and
gone to heaven. Sandra looked at me with a shit eating grin and licked
her lips and said that was the best cum she has ever tasted. Could I
have some more? Later if you show me how bad you want it.

Now it was my turn to please her. After regaining some strength I gave
her a great big kiss and tasted some of my own cum on her lips. I
started to squeeze her tits gently at first, her nipples were already
as hard as my dick was. The more I rubbed the more Sandra moaned in
pleasure. I ripped her shirt off so I could touch her bare flesh, it
felt so smooth. Then I bent down to take one of her nipples in my
mouth and suck on it, that’s all it took for her first orgasm. "OH MY
GOD I’M CUMMING" Sandra screamed out, while shacking with ecstasy. I
continued to play with her tits with one hand while I reached down to
her pussy to play with it. Her jeans were soaked, not only from the
rain but also soaked with pussy juice. As I undid her jeans and slid
them down here legs I noticed she was not wearing any underwear. Her
pussy was nicely shaven with only a small patch of hair above her cunt

As I moved my hand closer I could feel the heat coming from her pussy,
and the sweet aroma also, she was starting to squirm around. I stuck
one finger in her and started to finger fuck this beauty on my bathroom
countertop. After a few minutes of this I had three finger in her
pussy while continuing to suck on her sweet tits. While continuing to
rub her pussy she let out another scream "I AM CUMMING AGAIN". I took
my mouth off her tits so I could taste her sweet juice. How sweet it
was, I just kept lapping all I could get up with my tongue. I worked
my tongue and fingers in her cunt through two more orgasms and drank
every drop of her sweet juice. After Sandra’s last orgasm she
collapsed on the countertop.

After regaining are strength and catching our breaths, we both noticed I
was getting another hardon. Sandra looked at me and started rubbing
her pussy, that’s all it took. I grabbed her and sat her down on the
same countertop we had just made each other cum on just moments ago,
spread her legs and lifted them over my head. As I started to guide my
dick into her wet pussy I looked up at her and she had this little girl
look on her face that just about made me cum right there. I slowly
started to slide into her, without any warning Sandra shoved herself
forward ramming my dick into her with one swift stroke. We both let
out a moan of sheer ecstasy. My god I couldn’t believe how tight and
wet she was, I slowly stared to move in and out of her real slow to
make this feeling and dream come true last as long as I could. I’m
thinking to myself "I can’t believe I’m her in my bathroom fucking
Sandra Bullock", thank god my dick believes it. I quickened the pace
as I heard Sandra moan "Please fuck me with that big cock of yours,
make me cum. Who am I not too please a lady. I quickened the pace a
little and started sucking on her nipples, that sent her over the top.
She started screaming" MY GOD I’M CUMMING, GOD DON’T STOP, I’M STIL
CUMMING" She started shacking and moving all over the place, I had a
hard time staying inside her.

Her next words blew my mind. She looked at me with a big grin and ask
if I would please fuck her in the ass with my cock. She got off the
countertop and turned around then bent over so I had a great view of
her ass. What an ass. I stuck two fingers in her pussy to get them
wet and than I slowly worked them into her ass. I stroked my fingers
into her as she wiggled around on my fingers, she started to shake
again as she started to scream "MY GOD SHOVE IY IN ME. So I replaced
my fingers with my cock and she immediately began to cum. As I
quickened the pace she stared to scream again "FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT
BIG COCK YOU STUD" So I started to fuck even faster , my ball slapping
up against her pussy. As I was doing that she reached into a bag that
she had brought in with her and got a 12" dildo out and started to ram
into her pussy. The feeling of that dildo stared to send me over the
top. I started ramming her ass like there was no tomorrow. The faster
I fucked her ass, the faster she fucked her pussy with that dildo. I
started to feel my balls ache for some relief, SANDRA IM GOING TO CUM
IN YOUR ASS" I yelled. She told me to shoot my cum all the way up ass.
With that said, I started to shoot the biggest load of cum that I’ve
shoot in quite awhile. I kept pumping her ass till I was dry, and she
kept squeezing my cock with her ass. I thought it could get any better,
Than I looked over at Sandra as she regained her strength, and she was
strapping on the dildo. With a shit eating grin she started to stroke
that cock of hers. She grabbed a tube out of her purse and rubbed all
over the dildo, looked at me and said fair is fair, turn around so I
can fuck your ass now. In shock and ecstasy I turned around and gave
my virgin ass. I said "Be gentle, I’ve never been fucked before." She
grinned even more with my comment. She lubbed up her fingers with more
lube and started to stick them up my ass, one at first than two. Even
though I’d cum not only 15 minutes ago, the thought of get fucked up
the ass by Sandra Bullock was to much, I was getting another hardon.
Than she stared to shove the dildo up my virgin ass, I tried to pull
away but she grabbed my hips and pulled my back onto her dick. As she
slowly pushed that dildo into ass the burning pain turned into lust. I
looked back at her and told her to fuck my ass hard. Sandra replied
for my to just enjoy the ride. As she fucked my harder and faster, she
reached down and began to jack me off to match the speed she was
fucking me with. I could feel my balls swelling up with another load
of cum. I told her that I wouldn’t last much longer, so she slowed
just a bit, to make this moment last. All of sudden she started
fucking me faster telling to please cum with her. We both started
yelling at each other "I’M CUMMING, PLEASE DON’T STOP" With that we
both came and came.

After a few moments it hit me, I had just been given a blowjob, fuck and
been fucked up the ass my dream fuck Sandra Bullock. I looked over at
her just too make sure I wasn’t dreaming. A she panted along side me,
all she could do was smile. She asked me if we could go take a nap and
rest for another round. So we both climbed into bed. The rest will

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