Trish Stratus : A Dream Cum True

Trish Stratus : a dream cum true (sub, anal, beast, oral, slut)

By TheWholeDamShow1

Please, do not read this if ya aren`t 18. This story isn`t true and it`s about sex, so if you don`t like sex (;)) don`t read it. I`m happy about every e-Mail with feedback, so please send some to me. Here we go :

It was after RAW where Trish lost to Molly in a match for Molly`s WWE Women`s Championship and Trish was pissed how she lost. “Damn, I`m the hottest female in WWE, why do they not give me my belt back”, she said to herself as she entered her hotel an hour before the other superstars would leave the arena.
She was wearing tight pink pants, a black top, a black bra, 3 inch heels and a black thong. Trish went straight to her room, but before she could open the door somebody knocked her down from behind and everything went black.

When she woke up she realised that she was naked and tied up on a big cross in a very dark room with no windows. “Oh, look my lil` sweetie just woke up” a voice that came from the dark said. “What the fuck is this” Trish asked a little scared : “whoe are you ?” Finally a big guy came towards her and answered :”This ? This is going to be your punishment for showing round your tits and ass on national TV. I`ve been hired by your parents to teach you some respect about your body. You should`ve been ashamed of yourself.” “What…what do you mean…with that ?” Trish stutterd scared. “I mean it like I said it, I`m goin to punish your sweet little ass, Miss Stratus !” as he said this he began to rub his hands all over her red hot body. “Please…stop it…I`m not into such stuff…this is sick” “Shut up bitch, you only talk when I allow you to talk” he said, slapping her ass hard. “OUCH…OUCH…OUCH…OUCH…OOUUCCHH !” Trish screamed as he began to whip her ass with his bare hands. “I hope for you that from now on you only talk when asked, Miss Stratus” he said in a harsh tone. Trish nodded.

He left the room and came back after 3 minutes with two big dildos, one must`ve been 6 inch long and the other one about 9 inches. “I hope you`re ready for step one, slave” he said to her. No response. “I said : I hope you`re ready for step one, slave” he shouted at her, smacking her butt one more time. Trish, shocked, moaned “Yes, Master”. Trish was shocked, did she call this man “master” ? That must`ve been an accident, she hated such stuff, she liked normal, nice sex. She wasn`t into this. Or was she ? “Good, cauz this one`s goin to be fun for you. Have you ever been fucked up your pretty, little ass before Trish ?” he asked, seemingly enjoying this now. “No…no, never…Sir” she said, again using such a word…”Sir”…what was happening with her ?! “Good, than this one will be more funny” he said, pushing the 6 inch tool into her mouth “Suck it Trish, it will make it easier for you.” Trish began to suck the plastic cock and made it fitting with her mouth. Her master pulled it outta her mouth. “Hm…I think I will still use the bigger one ” he grinned, pushing the 9 inch one into her asshole with one quick and brutal motion. Trish` eyes widend as a scream came out of her mouth and tears were rolling down her cheeks. The dildo hurt her so fuckin much. It was like she was going to be ripped apart. “Didn`t I say you to shut up if not asked, bitch ?” he said, again slapping her butt, making it more hurt. Her master then pulled the huge tool out. Trish tried to come back to earth when her master again pushed the dildo back in her now no more virgin ass. After some minute of these total nonstop action Trish began to get more relaxed by the feeling of having a big fat dildo up her ass and finally she started to enjoy it. She began to rock back on the dildo, pushing it even deeper into her tight ass. “Well, you`re seemingly beginning to enjoy our trip, don`t you Trish ?” he asked her while pushing the smaller dildo into her now wet `n` hot cunt. “Ohhh Yesss Master, please don`t stop fucking my slutty ass and my bitchy cunt” she moaned, now giving a fuck bout what she had always said to herself. This was maybe sick, humiliating, gross, but the most important, it turned her on. “Well, well, well I think you `re learning very, very quickly, Miss Stratus” he told her, fucking her now in two holes at the same time. He loved the image : Thrish Stratus, the hottest babe in pro wrestling, naked, tied up, wet and beggin him to fuck her not only into her cunt with a big dildo, no, she also begged him to fuck her tight pretty ass with an even bigger dildo. “I thought it would be harder to make you a slut Trish, I`m a lil dissapointed.” He whisperd into her ear as she screamed in climax. “You`re nothin more than a filthy, dirty, lil slut that begs for cock.” Trish, seemingly turned on by his dirty words felt another, an even bigger orgasm hit her. “She moaned and groaned in pure ecstasy. She collapsed and the next thing she rememberd was kneeing on all 4s, the dick of her master infront of her face, at least he was as tall as the 9 ” dildo, and something behind her. As she turned around she saw what it was and was feared and hot all at the same time. A big german sheeperdog, his big 7 inch dick sticking out. “Well lil Trish, we`re going to combine step 2 and 3. You will suck my cock and make me cum at least two times while my Max here is fuckin your red hot cunt. I hope you`re ready” her master said, jamming his cock into her waiting mouth and shouting “Now Max, go” The dog jumped Trish and easily found her wet hole, fuckin her furiosly. For Trish, now all walls were down and she just enjoyed the run. She slurped up and down the cock as the dog fucked her from behind. Soon she felt her orgasm cumming. She shudderd as she orgasmend for the first time on a dogs cock. Soon after her, her master started to cum in her mouth. Trish tried to swallow all of it but some of his cum dropped to the floor. Trish quickly licked it up, gettin back to her masters cock, making it clean and hard again in within seconds. After 3 more minutes she realized that Max was bout to cum in her. She began rocking back on him, helping him to shot his load up her lil cat. And Trish did a pretty good job, beacause the dog soon shot it all into her pussy, it was so much that half of it dropped down her long shaply legs. Her master, watching all this couldn`t hold it anymore, shooting his cum all over her face after pulling out of her mouth. “Yes Master, give your slut what she want, Cum on her face. Please give me more of it., oh thank you so much, it`s so yummy.” Trish moaned while trying to catch as much of his cum as possible. Then she was knocked out by the hurting of Max, pulling his big one outta her cunt. The next thing she remember was lying in her hotel room with her closes back on. “Was that all a dream ?” she said to herself. But as she watched into the mirror, her face still covered in her new masters semen she knew that this dream came true.

If you liked this one, email me and I will write another part.

Thanx, Kryzz

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