Vitamin C Story

Jake Barmen kicked the loose pebbles as he made his way to his cramped apartment. Nothing could lift his dank mood. He’d lost his job and girlfriend in less than a half-hour. Not that he particularly loved his job as a copier repairman, but it had paid the bills. As for his girlfriend, the bitch had cheated on him four times, at least that’s all he knew of, she could have slept with everybody in the whole damn state, and he wasn’t sure she hadn’t. Wouldn’t surprise if she had, the stupid slut. But she had been his, and it had felt good.

“At least I still have my concert tickets.” He thought. The concert was Vitamin
C. He was crazy about her music, and he was obsessed about her curves. In his mind, her breasts and ass were just perfect, and she had an incredible voice. He was glad he was only 22, so he wouldn’t be considered out of place. He unlocked the door to his apartment and stepped inside. “Better start looking at the classifieds” Jake thought bitterly. He lay down for a nap before the concert.

At 7:00, Jake grabbed his autograph book, a pen, and his car keys and hurried out the door. He popped a Dead Milkmen cassette into the tapedeck as he made his way to the concert hall. The concert hall appeared just as “Punk Rock Girl” began. He pulled into the first available parking space, which was pretty close since he was about an hour-half early, and most of her fans can’t drive yet.

He flashed his backstage pass to the security (which reminded him of his currently unemployed state) and searched around for Colleen. He was about to leave and wait in the arena (a half-hour searching had left him a bit depressed) when he bumped into her. Literally. They sat on the floor for a few seconds in a daze. He opened his mouth to apologize but Colleen told him calmly that it was OK. He got to his feet and asked her for her autograph. She, again in a calm voice, said, “Come to my dressing room, honey. Follow me.” She then walked off and Jake followed. When they got to the dressing room, Colleen pulled out two bottles of Rolling Rock and sat down next to Jake on the overstuffed leather couch. She talked to him about her life with music and how it affected her sex life. “I am a nymphomaniac. I can NEVER get enough sex!” It was about then Jake was thankful for how he looked. He stood about 5’6, with brown hair and eyes. His skin was slightly tanned, and his cock was about 9″ when fully erect and rather thick. But from hearing about Colleen’s attitude toward sex, along with looking at her, his cream-shooter felt about 11″. Colleen snapped him out of his thoughts. “Wanna see a neat trick?” Jake nodded “Sure. What is it?” Colleen reached into her suitcase and pulled out an 8″ dildo and stated slowly licking the head. She stopped long enough to say, “Watch” and then caused his eyes to pop. She took the whole thing down her throat and out. She tossed the dildo to the floor and reached toward the enormous bulge in Jake’s pants and unzipped his fly. She pulled off his shoes and then his pants and pulled his throbbing pleasure rod to freedom. “Mmmmm… Honey, you’re so wet. Just like me!” She then popped about 5″ into her mouth and showed Jake what an expert cocksucker she was. She played her tongue around his head and massaged his scrotum with her hands. After about 15 minutes of ecstasy, Jake felt that familiar tingle in his cock. He moaned “I’m cumming!” Colleen pulled away as 6 blasts of his hot jizz blasted her in the face. She stood up and collected all of the cum with her finger, stuck in her mouth and slurped it off. She looked at the clock and trotted over to the door. “Stay here, baby, you’re gonna be feeling up my pink love canal after the concert!” She blew him a kiss and walked out the door. Jake looked up at the ceiling and grinned. Suddenly, he didn’t care who his ex slept with or whether or not he had a job.

Part 2

The concert ended around 6:00. It was only 2 hours, but to Jake it was an eternity. He couldn’t believe his good fortune. He’d gone from a suicide low to a euphoric high in less than 24 hours. “Less than 12 hours actually.” Jake thought to himself. He had just gotten a blowjob from one the sexiest celebrities on the earth, and as soon as she walked through that door he was gonna shove all 8″ of his pussy splitter into her pink pleasure canal. Maybe he’d fuck her ass as well. Just then Colleen walked in, snapping Jake out of his thoughts. “Hope you’re ready for some, cause those 2 hours onstage made me even hornier than before!” You don’t have anything to worry about, Jake thought.

Jake was naked in a flash, exposing his erect dong to the attractive, horny singer. He sprang up and passionately kissed the
beautiful singer in front of him. She wrapped her right hand around his throbbing cock and began finger-fucking her self with her left hand. But Jake’s hands weren’t stationary. He used his right hand to help Colleen finger herself while rubbing her ass with his left hand. Suddenly she pulled away, to the disappointment of Jake, but he got over that disappointment when she sat down on the couch and parted her legs. That was all he needed. He got down onto his knees, resting his hands on her knees, and began licking her pussy, paying special attention to her love button. He slid his tongue in and out of her slick love channel. Colleen began to buck and spasm wildly, and Jake tasted her sweet cunt juices. She screamed at the top of her lungs, and Jake was afraid someone would hear, but another taste of her liquid and he stopped caring about anything else.

Colleen then grabbed Jake’s arms and pulled him to his feet. She got down to her knees and began to lightly tease Jake’s cock with her tongue while massaging his balls. She then did a deep throat. Jake was in heaven. He then began to play with Colleen’s nipples, gently pinching them between his thumb and index finger. Colleen then got up and got onto the couch on her hands and knees. Jake knew what this meant, and didn’t waste any time. He got on his knees behind her and began to rub the head of his dick up and down Colleen’s pussy crack, which caused her to moan for him to shove it in her hard and deep. Jake was more than willing to comply. He slammed his dick in, then extracted it, and then slammed it in again. He gripped her buttocks to keep his balance, and then used his thumb to play with her pink asshole. “God her asshole is cute! Holy Shit!! I must be horny! I’ve never thought that about any girl!” Jake’s thoughts were spinning a mile a minute, but Colleen’s moaning snapped him back to reality. He hopped to God no one heard her. He felt that familiar tingle in his balls and came so hard he thought his testicles were coming through his dick. Colleen moaned as she orgasmed herself. “Hey Jake, that was incredible. You’re coming with me to the MTV Video Music awards! I wanna introduce you to a few friends!” Jake just lay back and hoped if this was a dream, he went into a coma.

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