Helena And Keira Become Slaves

Helena & Keira Become Slaves Chapter 1

By Operandi

Helena Bonham Carter, Keira Knightley

(Fff, Hypno, Bondage)

On the set of their new movie, Helena Bonham Carter and Keira Knightley had become close, often spending time chatting to each other in the long waits between takes. The two English Roses combined beauty wasthe stuff of men’s horniest fantasies, as they, dressed in corsets, prettified by the make-up crews, their long dark hair tumbling down from their crowns…the slende, beautiful, Keira, with long legs and a lovely clavage, and the petite, dark Helena, whose large brown eyes one
could drown in, and whose luscious breasts and enticing bottom had lost noneo their power to delight.

The two actresses had been filming a scene with very strong lesbian undertones, indeed their two chracters were lovers…they had an excellent chemistry, but

the Director, a woman and a lesbian herself, felt that Keira and Helena were not quite convincing enough…nevertheless the Director adored her 2 stars, and had always envisioned them in these great roles, as Sarah and Emma, the Lady and the Maid.

The Director could never quite get the intensity of passion she needed, and they were, annoyinly, reluctant to go as far as she wanted them t o…but they were perfect for these roles, and hy themselves knew that there were few female roles of this calibre in t

he film business.

The Director decided she would “persuade” Helena and Keira to do her bidding, and sought the advice of an old hypnotist, Lady Mazra, who in a matter of hours taught the Director how to mesmerise her prey. Mazra gave her a pendant, which the old witch claimed would enchant any girl who looked into it.

The Director formulated a plan in her mind which would enable her to get the desired performance from Helena and Keira, and, she decided, thy would provide her with some personal services too. She pondered making them her slaves…she smiled wickedly at the thought of commanding two such beautiful females.

Helena and Keira were eating lunch in their trailr when in walked the Director, all smiles and friendly as ever (she was very much trusted by the two actres

ses), offering them a dinner at her home, where she would be staying for the weekend, as there would be no filming for the next few days. It was such a nice offer that Miss Knightley and Miss Bonham Carter could not refuse, and so they agreed to attend.

Filming continued at a relaxed pace for 3 more days,until Thursday. The Director went shoppingon the Friday, and then the fateful weekend had arrived.

On the Saturday afternoon, the Director made her preparations, arranging the dinner table, candles, plates, etc…the Director had made other preparations,

ones that her two guests were unaware of…In the bedroom, was a set of beautiful lingerie, andalso a pair of “school uniforms”…the Director hadlearned of the actresses sizes from the costume designer, and thus picked the perfect outfits…she putalot of thought into it, and wa pleased with her choices. On the way home frm her shopping, she stoppe

d at a pet shop and bought a pair of dog collars and leashes…her imagination and intent grew bolder, for what she planned for Keira and Helena far exceeded what she had originally planned…she projected her darkest fantasies onto them.

Saturday, 7pm, and the doorbell rang, and the Director answered…there, standing before her were these two darling women, beautiful, cute, and smiling at the Director…

“Hi!” said the Director,

“Hello Jen!”, Replied the two actresses, speaking the Director’s name.

“Let me remove your coats…”

“Oooh…undressing me…” Helena joked, making herself and Keira giggle.

Their coats hanging in the lobby, they made their way to the dinner table.

Helena was wearing a white blouse with frills, with a black pleated skirt, while Keira, dressed in red camisole and navy blue, rather tight leggings, which showed off her figure fabulously…Keira had apparently improved Helena’s dress sense considerably.

Jen arranged the seating so that both Keira and Helena were facing their Director, and thus thy sat at the table and ate dinner, chatting merily, Helena talking about her baby, Keira talking about men, and Jen adding comments to their cnversation…

Just as they finished eating, Jen, sitting before the two ladies, declared she had something to show them

…”Oh, do not keep us in suspense!”, cuckled Helena, “Yes, let’s see!”, added Keira.

“Well, you asked for it…here it is…”

Jen raised the pendant and held it in front of Keira

and Helena…

Helena stared, her eyes going blank, as the pendant’s reflection could be seen in her eyes…

“It’s so…beautiful…so….”

Keira said she felt strange, then went silent…

And there they sat, like two pretty dolls, helpless…

Jen then declared her commands as she swung the pendant before her captives, their eyes following it religiously…

“I am your Mistress,

You will obey me, and me alone,

You are under my control until I say otherwise,

You adore and worship me,

And you lust for each other”

“Yes, Mistress” came the simultaneous reply fromt the two captives.

“Now, I want you to both undress down to your panties, and hand me your clothes.”

Without hesitation, the two women unbuttoned and removed their clothing, and stood before theDirector topless, tits out, with only their panties protecting their most intimate parts.

“Stand still, hands above your heads!”

The Director gloated as she circled the actresses, enjoying the sight of their delicious bodies on display…she groped Keira’s boobs, spanked and squeezed Helena’s bum, and thoughly examined them…

The Director slowly pulled down Helena’s white cotton panties, sniffing them, then stuffing them into Helena’s mouth, gagging her.

Next came Keira’s black thong panties…”Right up your ass!”, the Director giggled, as she peeled the panties off, instructed Keira to open her mouth, then stuffed it with her panties.

The Director noted that Keira’s pussy was shaved, Helena’s was not…”Well, Helena, we’ll have t tidy you up later, hmmm?”

The Director touched both women’s crotches…no wet yet.

“You two, on your hands and knees, and follow me!”

Jen led Keira and Helena to the bedroom, wherenew clothing awaited…upon entering the bedroom, each was fitted with a dog collar and leash, they were then told to get on the bed, once again on their hands and knees, where Jen then pushed their heads down, and

raised their bottoms.

Keira Knightley and Helena Bonham Carter on their hands and knees, asses in the air, with panties stuffed into their mouths and collars around their pretty little necks, their eyes blank and obedient…the Director could barely contain her delight, beholding such a wondrous sight.

She got out her camcorder, and began filming the two actresses state of humiliaton, filiming their asses up posture from all angles.

Jen then stood behind her two pets and carressed their succulent, raised for examination, bottoms.

She began with Helena, pulling the English Rose’s pussy open, and inserting her long fingers insie the warm interior…stretching and pushing, making Helena

‘s hips grind involuntarily, whimpering into her panty-gag.

“Helena, do you like being fingered? Nod for yes”,

asked the Director as her fingers pumped in and out

of Helena’s pussy.

Helena nodded.

“Helena, have men fingered you?”

Helena nodded.

“Helena, is this the first time a woman has fingered


Helena nodded.

“Helena, have you ever fantasised about being fucked

and sucked by a woman?”

Helena nodded…Jen liked what she was seeing…

“Helena, have you ever been treated like a slut by a

man and loved it?”

Helena nodded.

“Helena, has your pussy been eaten?”

Helena nodded.

“Helena, has your ass been fucked?”

Helena nodded.

“Well, well, well…we have ourselves a slut in the

making!” Jen laughed, as she continued to finger-pump Helena’s honeypot, which was now dripping wet.

With her free hand, the Director opened the drawer by the bed and picked up a large, phallic object…

“This is the right size…you certainly have a big cunt, Helena.”

Jen positioned the dildo behind Helena’s pussy, and slowly pushed it inside, stretching Helly to the limit, making her groan into her panty-gag, and stuffing her completely…Helena felt every inch of the metal cock, all 13 Inches of it. It protruded rudely from Helena’s upturned cunt, it’s shiny metallic surface contrasting with Helena’s pale skin…as the Director stroked Helena’ hair, petting her newly stuffed prize.

“Now, Keira, don’t think I’ve forgotten you!” Jen spanked Keira hard on the bottom. Licking he lips coated in Helena’s juices, the Director wasted little time ramming her fingers into Keira, whose pussy was smaller and tighter than Helena’s, but no less inviting…

“Keira, nod if you mean yes…nothing if you mean no

…are you a virgin?”

Keira did not nod, as Jen began violating Keira’s pussy with her fingers, stretching, probing, and pumping.

“Keira, have you been fingered before?”

Keira did not nod…

“Poor Girl! Keira, is this the first time a woman has probed you?”

Keira nodded…

“Keira, is this your favourite position?”

Keira nodded…

“It suits you…Keira, do you fantasise about being dominated?”

Keira nodded…

“Keira, have you ever fantasised about lesbianism?”

Keira nodded…

“Keira, have you ever been ass-fucked?”

Keira nodded…

“Such sluttiness from one so young!” Keira groaned into her panty gag as Jen finger-fucked hrinto submission, her pussy now glistening with her feminine juices…she felt a desire to be fucked, but above all a desire to obey the Director.

The Director did not forget to stuff Keira with a metallic dildo, this one a little smaller than the one which occupied Helena’s cunt, but it was nevertheless bigger than any of the male cocks which had filled Keira’s fuck-hole.

Having stuffed her two sluts, the Director removed their panties from their mouths, and holding a remote control in her hand, she activated the didlo’s.

“Oooooh…unnnh…oooh!” Whimpered Helena…

“Aah! Oooh god…mmmm…uuuuuh!” Groaned Keira, as the dildo’s buzzed and vibrated, making Helena and Keira squirm helplessly, their pussies being expertly conquered by the Director, who skillfully teased the hot cunts, but prevented the sluts from cumming.

Helena Bonham Carter and Keira Knightley were nude, with their heads down and asses up in the air, dildo’s protruding and vibrating, as the room was filled with their lust-filled cries and moans.

After 90 minutes of cunt-teasing, the Director allowed her slaves to cum, and they certainly came, both “ladies” squealed and screamed, moaned and whimpered, as their juicy cunts became soaked in their feminine juices.

Moments later, Keira and Helena felt the phaluses being removed from their violated, soaked honeypot’s.

Helena immediately obeyed when instructed by the Director to lie back on the bed with her legs spread wide, and Keira obeyed instructions to sit on Helena’s face…Keira lowered her soaking wet pussy over Helena’s beautiful face, and Helena was then ordered to “clean up Keira’s pussy”, which Helena of course did. The sound of slurping and licking could be heard, as Keira gasped and groaned, humping Helena’s face, now covered in Keira’s cunt juice.

While this went on, the Director tied Helena’s ankles to the bed posts, spreading her wide, and making her intimate parts permanently accessible…the Director prepared the equipment as she sat between Helena’s outstretched thighs.

What a sight, thought the Director, as she observed Helena’s pussy, Helena’s tits, and Keira’s bum in front of her…she began to apply the cream to Helena’s crotch, making the elder actress writhe seductively, as Jen switched the shaver on, and began to smooth Helena’s crotch, making it look much more girlish, and much more slutty. The shaving was a very thorough process, and the Director made sure to probe Helena even more during this erotic grooming.

Keira was in heaven, as Helena’s tongue pleasured her pussy relentlessly…Keira came several times, each time more overwhelming than the last.

Abrubtly, Jen led the two beauties (on all fours, and by their leashes) into the bathroom, telling them to climb into the bath together, with Keira sitting in Helena’s lap, the two leading ladies facing each other.

The Director switched the taps on, and thus began Keira and Helena’s “intimate bath”…

To Be Continued…

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