When Hot Lesbian Action Attacks

WARNING!!! The author is not responsible for the twisted and depraved

material coming from his conscience or sub-conscience. If this text is read

or saved by a person underage and is found by their parents, the author or

any telecommunication service is not to blame. Their parents are for not

monitoring their child’s actions.

The actions depicted by the celebrities in this story are a work of fiction.

If said star has done any of these acts, please send me some pictures or a

video tape. ^_^

[Author’s Note: For those that don’t remember the two other women involved

in this story,
they appeared during the premiere of the WWE using HLA. They

are apart of UPW (Ultimate Professional Wrestling) and their names are Jenny

“Looney” Lane, who suffered two broken ribs when one of the wrestlers of the

tag team Two Minute Warning stiff kicked her in the chest, and Sacha “Savvy”

Bryant, who goes by her character’s name of Tanya here.]

When Hot Lesbian Action Attacks!!!

by Dr. Blasphemy (drblasphemy@wowefa.com)

Molly was furious as she made her way through the labyrinth of the arena.

She couldn’t believe her virtueous ears when she heard what Eric Bischoff

had planned for tonight’s Raw while seeing it hyped on a moniter. Hot

Lesbian Action! She knew there was no way she could get through to the

General Manager, so she could only do the next best thing… give these

lesbians a piece of her mind in hopes of stopping this sick, degrading

act from happening.

At last reaching their den of perversion, Molly first took a long deep

breath to center herself before she pounded hard a few times on the

lesbian’s dressing room door to get their attention. Immediately the door

opened with a two skimpy dressed, sexy women standing intimately close to

together. One was a tall curvacious brunette while the other was a short,

petite blonde.

“Hello cutie. What can I do for you?” the brunette said seducively as she

eyed Molly like a sweet piece of candy.

“I’ll tell you what you can do for me,” Molly replied poking the brunette in

the chest forcing herself inside. “You and your friend better get out of here

or else. I’m sick of seeing all this obscene behavior by us women. Don’t you

have any respect for yourselves? Don’t you feel it’s degrading to display

your sexuality in front of thousands of perverted strangers?”

“No, not really,” the brunette countered. “What about you, Tanya?”

“I don’t have a problem with it. In fact the idea of all those people out

there looking at us is actually beginning to turn me on to the point that

I don’t think I could out until then, Jenny,” Tanya punctuated by squeezing

her friend’s ass.

Hearing this revealation, Molly became even more upset if that was possible

and really began to rant her fustration. Jenny tired of hearing her preach

interupted with, “Oh, yeah. Well, you know what the problem is with you? You

need to get laid! Then you wouldn’t be so uptight and cranky.”

Molly stood there is shock with her mouth agape. She just didn’t know how

to respond to this appauling statement. The idea of this woman telling her

that the act of depurifying herself would make her a better person. How

could she dare state such a thing?

Jenny, seeing Molly frozen there with her teasing tongue in view, knew what

she had to do. Taking advantage of her open mouth Jenny moved in and french

kissed her burying her own tongue deep down Molly’s throat. Molly reacted

instantly trying to protest the foreign object invading her mouth. The

feeling of this lesbian exploring her mouth and intertwining her tongue with

hers was making her ill, though in the back of her mind the sensation was

quite tantilizing.

The more Jenny probed the more Molly’s resolve slowly began to wither until

finally she let out a soft moan. Molly became bold and snaked her tongue into

her kisser’s mouth to return the favor. The virginal pink muscle entered

unknown territory stating the warmth on another woman’s mouth hoping to

please her as much as she was.

As the pair tongue wrestled, Tanya moved up behind Molly, sandwiching her,

and began to paw her new friend’s breasts and kissing the back of her neck.

Her skilled hands massaged the virgin’s mounds causing her nimples to become

rock hard and erect with excitement. Molly let out a squeak as a bolt of

electricity shot to her brain when Tanya pinch and rolled each one between

thumb and index finger. From this double assault all Molly’s body could do

was give in to the enevitible and quiver in orgasm.

Jenny broke their kiss and then said, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” with

a smile.

All Molly could do was nod, blown away by the experience.

“Would you like some more?”

“Yes…” Molly managed to weakly croak.

“I knew you would.”

Tanya and Jenny then began to strip Molly of her clothing starting with her

championship belt, which hit the floor was a dull “clang.” Jenny proceeded

by pulling off Molly’s white blouse releasing her full, natural breasts as

Tanya pulled down the tight fitting pants to show off the “granny panties”

underneath. Molly was a somewhat embaressed, but Tanya reassured her by

kissing her ample backside with tiny little pecks as those too dropped to

her ankles to reveal her dark, bushy fleece.

Molly stepped out of the clothing pile as both women pulled her down to the

ground with them. Jenny her attention down to Molly’s breasts sucking on her

lucious, ripe, pink nipples while the other attacked her hairy mound as they

too disrobed their matching outfits of baby-tees and faded denim mini-skirts.

Tanya then spread Molly’s pluffy folds openning up the tender, juicey insides

and tasted it’s sweet nectar. Molly let out a soft moan as she felt her kitty

getting lapped by Tanya equally experienced tongue. Tanya continued her

administrations by sucking on Molly’s protruding pea-sizing nubbin as she

inserted a finger deep inside it’s hole. The tight, velvet interior gripped

her digit more than any pussy had before it.

After a few strokes she included another burying them deeper and was

surprised when she hit a barrier. Tanya couldn’t believe it, Molly was

still a virgin. No wonder she was so repressed sexually. She knew she had

to rectify this problem and buried her fingers in as far as they could go

pushing through the tender membrane causing Molly’s body tensed in pain.

Tanya continued thrusting her now bloody fingers in and out of the now

real woman transforming her brief discomfort back into pleasure.

Jenny, finished toying with inexperienced lover’s breasts, kissed her back

up to her face leaving a wet trail up Molly’s neck up to her ear. “Roll

over, baby. It’s time to give that sweet tongue of your’s a workout,” Jenny

whispered into her ear between nibbles of her ear lobe.

She did as the brunette commanded getting on all fours, giving Tanya access

to her tiny, pink pucker. Tanya immediately smothered her face in between

Molly’s plump, alabaster ass cheeks, rimming her out with her tongue. Molly

cooed as Tanya’s wormed it into her extermely tight rectum loving the taste

of her stink.

Jenny, now in position on her back spread-eagle, grabbed Molly’s hair and

guided her head to her salivating, bald beaver. Molly could smell Jenny’s

over powering musky aroma to the point that it almost burned her nostrils.

She then timidly poked out her tongue and took a test lap at Jenny’s dark

puffy nether lips tasting her tangy-sweet goodness. Liking it, Molly pressed

forward full bore burying her tongue inside Jenny’s hole lapping up her

juices hoping she was able to at least please her with her novice skills.

“Ohhh, yeah, that’s a good girl! Fuck me with your tongue!” Jenny

complimented as she played with her own tits. Molly did more than that. She

inserted her finger into Jenny’s twat and tongued her clit just like Tanya

did to her earlier. “More!” Jenny cried out, “Fill up my pussy!”

Molly added a second digit and then a third, but Jenny still begged for

more until resorting to all four fingers being hidden deep inside her hole

pistoning in and out. Jenny was in shear heaven, but it still wasn’t enough

for her. She reached down and grabbed Molly’s wrist and pushed the rest of

her hand deep inside herself. Molly was amazed by the way her fist was

devouered by Jenny’s wet, warm cunt as she pumped away rubbing against the

brunette’s g-spot.

“Ahhh, that’s it! Ahhh, yesss!! Aieeee!!!” Jenny screamed as she came bucking

wildly. Her juices erupted escaping from around Molly’s wrist pouring down to

her arm to the former virgin’s elbow. Molly contined the thrust her fist into

Jenny’s clamping pussy causing her liquid to squirt out with each entering

stroke. As Jenny hit the apex of her orgasm her body tensed causing her arc

her back and almost crush Molly’s paw in her velvetly grip.

After what seemed like a minute, Jenny came down from her euphoric high only

to rest her body in a puddle of her own love. Molly feeling the vice-like

grip lessen removed her fist from Jenny’s leaking twat with a loud, almost

disgusting “slur-pop!”, sat up on her knees and began marvel as her drenced

upper arm. Tanya, now blocked from her new lover’s sweet nether region, came

up from behind Molly and began to clean the soaked limb with her never tiring

mouth muscle. Her tongue took long laps up Molly’s wrist to her hand, eyeing

her like she knew she got caught doing something nasty and didn’t care. Next

Tanya started to suck one her fingers one by one like the way you do after

eating a piece of greasy chicken pretending each digit was like they thin

cocks. Molly finally couldn’t take it anymore and joined her tasting Jenny’s

love. Tanya then moved over and started to work on Molly’s messy face licking

and kissing in a lustful rage. They then ended it with them dueling tougues

in a frenetic french kiss.

“Now it’s your turn,” Molly warned with a grin as guided Tanya down to the

floor as she return to her previous position.

Now braver, Molly attacked the smaller blonde lesbian’s bald beaver, clamping

her mouth onto Tanya’s moist hole like a lamprey. She tongue darted a few

times into the love channel before consentrating on the pink meaty lips. She

nibbled and sucked of Tanya’s tender flesh as she inserted a finger inside

the over flowing dyke. Thinking Tanya was as flexible as Jenny, Molly quickly

added two more making a tight seal causing a lot of friction. “Ohhh, yesss!!!

Ohhh, Goddd!!!” Tanya huskily wailed as she felt her walls being stretched by

her three pronged intruder.

Working over Tanya’s clit with her mouth, Molly became surprised as she

suddenly felt something large rubbing against her vaginal fissure. She

glanced down under her body and could see a second pair of legs behind

her’s and a what she could only conclude was a big black dildo. Molly

lifed up her head to get a better view and sure enough it was Jenny on

her knees wearing a starp-on. Jenny gave her a wink and a smile before

sawing the lenght of the tool between her lover’s ass crack to show

it’ll lenght. Molly’s eyes went wide as Tanya guided her head back to

her pussy.

Jenny then began to tease her, pressing the cockhead into Molly’s just enough

where it almost prenetrated before withdrawing. She did it a few more times

to the point of driving Molly crazy. “Do you want it?” Jenny asked.

“Yesss!” Molly hissed still chowing down on Tanya’s mound.

“What do you want?”

“Your cock!” Molly groaned.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“I WANT YOUR COCK!!!” Molly screamed.

Jenny finally obliged pushing the tool’s head into Molly’s aching cunt. Molly

sighed in relief as she felt her first taste of cock even if it was made out

of rubber. Good, hard rubber. Jenny pressed forward grabbing Molly around the

hips and rocked back and forth guiding more of the faux-prick inside with

each motion. Soon she had a few good inches buried into her accustomed sex

canal and began fucking Molly. Not nice and sensual, but hard like a man

pounding her for all it was worth.

Molly began to costantly grunt and moan as she felt like she would be split

in two. -Ugh… Oh, my Goooddd!! This feels sooo goood! Why, oh why, was I

so afraid of this moment? If I only would have known it would have been this

enjoyible earlier,- Molly thought and she moved her free hand down between

she pendulously swinging, natural breasts to rub her clit.

“Oh please, eat out my ass!” Tanya pleaded.

Molly was a little thrown back by this statement. She never in her wildest

dreams considered sticking her tongue where the sun didn’t shine. The idea

was just straight out nasty. She didn’t care if she already had it done to

herself, so she compromized and sucked her thumb priming it before pushing

it into Tanya’s asshole putting her essentually in a coochie claw. -Who

knew submission holds served so many practical purposes,- Molly thought to


When Molly’s thumb punctured her rectal ring and began to massage it set

Tanya off like a rocket. The feeling of three fingers in her pussy and one

up her ass was just too much for her. “Ahhhh! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!!

I’m gonna cum!!” Tanya warned by her hips on Molly’s hand.

Molly was ready this time and opened her mouth wide for the joy to arrive.

And then just like that Tanya’s cunt began to squirt. It wasn’t quite the

torrent Molly expected. Instead of like Jenny’s escaped like a geyser it came

out in small concentrated jets. Molly adjusted her attack moving closer and

started to lap up the spirting girl-goo the way a cat does from a cow’s teet.

As the dancing fountain began to subside, Molly released her hold on Tanya’s

pussy and returned her mouth completely over her leaking hole glupping down

her sex sauce before the blonde finally rolled away to recover from her

energy draining bliss.

By this time Jenny was pounding the full lenght of her dong deep into the

other’s cunt banging her pelvis against Molly’s bubble butt. A devious idea

popped into the fucker’s mind and she began slap Molly’s big, white ass after

each thrust. “You like getting spanked, don’t you?” Jenny asked punctuated

with a loud ‘SMACK!’

“Ohhh, yessSSS!” Molly moaned.

“And that’s becuase you’re secretly a nasty slut, right?”



“Who are you?”


“I’m a dirty little slut!”

“And who’s slut are you?”


“I’m your dirty little slut!”

“That’s right and you better not forget it!” Jenny ended it by spanking

Molly’s ass with a barrage of slaps leaving her cheeks beet red.

Then with her rubber cock deep inside, Jenny repositioned themselves into a

reverse cowgirl, so that Molly could take over as she rested. Molly bounced

her jiggling ass up and down using long powerful strokes as Jenny stared at

the sight of her dildo disappear and re-emerge from her rider’s pussy. “Turn

around, baby. I want see you beautiful face as a fuck you,” Jenny requested

as she gained her second wind.

Molly spun around facing her brunette lover and leaned her body over Jenny’s

resting her hands beside the lesbian’s head letting her breasts hang only

inches from the prone woman’s lips. They stared at each other seeing the

smolding lust that burned in their eyes as Jenny returned to pumping the toy

into the one above her. The temptation of Molly’s swaying tits where too much

for her, so She raised her head a bit grabbing a nipple in her mouth and

sucked and tugged on it like a calf works an utter causing Molly to cry out

in pleasure.

Tanya, now ready for more, crawled up behind Molly and Jenny licking her

lips. She just had to get more of Molly’s sweet tasting ass. Getting her face

close to their crotches, Tanya stuck out her tongue and took a long lap from

the pumping dildo, licking up the white creme off it, to Molly’s bunghole.

She then gave the opening a tongue massage swirling it across it’s surface.

After a few probings Tanya put her index finger into her mouth getting it

nice and lubed before inserting it slowly into Molly’s tight ass. Molly

yelped in pain as she felt her butt deeply violated for the first time.

The blonde continued by letting Molly’s anal ring relax from her intrusion

before proceeding to fingerbang the hole to her get use to the feeling for

what she had planned to come. Tanya then pried in a second causing Molly to

grunt again from the pressure of her anus being stretched even more. After

a few pumps she then remove them leaving it gapping open. As it slowly began

to iris shut to it’s original form, Tanya quickly got to her knees and

pressed the tip of her own matching strap-on dildo into Molly’s asshole as

a barrier.

“Ahhh!!! No, not that, please!” Molly cried out feeling the familiar shaped

rubber intruder enter her backdoor.

“Don’t worry, baby. In a little while you’ll be loving it,” Tanya reassured.

She then spit on the black dong priming it for a easier insertion. Grabbing

the toy, Tanya pushed it forward into Molly’s soon de-virginized ass. The

dildo slowly pried it’s way deep inside the helpless woman until it became

secure from extacting itself. Molly holes felt completely stuffed by her

double penetration when she heard Tanya warn, “Ok, here we go!”

Slowly Tanya began to thrust her hips causing Molly to howl in pain from the

friction. It felt like her ass was on fire as the dildo rubbed against her

tender flesh. Below her, Jenny started to alternate her stokes in tempo with

Tanya’s movements. The twin piston action was driving Molly insane where one

second it was pleasure then the next pain, which luckily for her began to

subside. Soon the ache coming from her pooper was all but forgotten and the

enjoyment of having her holes plundered was all that was on her mind and

moaning like a siren.

By now, Tanya was inserting the full lenght of her dildo into Molly’s

rectum using long strokes that ended with flesh on flesh smack as their

pelvis’ touched. As Molly raised her head from it’s limp to cry out,

Tanya took the opportunity to fishhook her mouth inserting two fingers

of hand inside forcing it open wide stretching out her lips. In turn

Jenny reached up, grabbed a handful of Molly’s breasts squeezing them.

This full on assault from all directions finally brought the sandwiched

wrestler over the edge.

“OOOoooOOOoooOOOoooHHH!!!” Molly yelled from her finger filled mouth. Her

watery joy leaked from her damp furry pussy soaking her and Jenny’s thighs

from her intense orgasm. Molly’s body trembled throughout the whole ordeal

until finally collapsing into unconsciousness on top of the woman’s body

below her from the drain.

“That’s right, you rest for now, so we can have more fun later,” Jenny said

to the slumbering Molly before kissing her once more. The two women then

rolled Molly over making the two dildoes still inside she slip out. Jenny

and Tanya quickly kissed passionately before getting into a 69 position to

lick and suck clean each other’s dongs of Molly’s sex. Deep in one another’s

lust they suddenly hear a knocking on the door.

“You’re up next! Are you both ready?!?” a stagehand outside asked.

“We’re always ready for some Hot Lesbian Action!” they both said in unison


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