Mr. Alba – The Luckiest Man In The World

Credit: Josh J

(Jessica Alba, Beverley Mitchell, Kaley Cuoco)

Mr. Alba walked in from work… tired. He noticed Jessica and two of her

famous friends Beverley Mitchell and Kaley Cuoco playing music and

playing on the computer. He wondered what they were giggling about.

Jessica jumps up into his arms and begs him to let them stay the night.

“Please Daddy!” Jessica says, giving Mr. Alba an instant erection. He

said sure as long as they kept the racket down…because he had a long

day. As he walks by the computer the girls giggle again and try to block

the screen view
from him, but he can just catch a glimpse of porn

pics…of one woman sitting on another woman’s face while a man’s prick

is deep in her cunt. He grins inside…wondering if the two friends are

virgins. ‘Daddy’ says he’s going to lie down for a nap…and for Jessica

to wake him up in an hour.

The girls keep looking at some hot pics they found in Daddy’s files.

Jessica asked the girls if they ever had sex before. Beverley said she

has never even kissed a boy…Kaley said she only did some heavy petting

with a boy. She said he came in his pants too quick. They all laughed.

Jessica told them she was having wonderful sex with a wonderful man.

They said she was soooo lucky. Jessica told Beverley she could show her

how to kiss properly. Beverley got all nervous…but, Jessica told her

to close her eyes and pretend she was her fantasy boy. Jessica pulled

Beverley onto her lap…grabbed her face…and started kissing her all

over…then to her lips….pushing her tongue into her mouth…Jessica

told Beverley to do it back to her…..and she did. She has such sweet

small lips. Jessica peeked over at Kaley and she was kind of squirming

in her seat, watching them so intently, like she wished she was in there

kissing too.

Beverley and Jessica kept kissing…and it is getting deeper by the

minute. Jessica starts to move her hands into Beverley’s shirt and play

with her hard brown nipples, getting puckered from excitement. Beverley

doesn’t know what to think, but her body is burning for sex for the

first time in her life. Jessica breaks from kissing just long enough to

tell Beverley that she can play with her tits too, which Beverley does

happily. During this break,Jessica notices that Kaley has one hand in

her shirt, squeezing her huge tits, and the other down her pants,

massaging her moistening pussy. After kissing Beverley for a couple more

minutes, Jessica motions for Kaley to come over. She hesitates, but soon

gets up and moves over to Jessica and Beverley. Given that both

Beverley’s and Jessica’s shirts are open and their tits fully exposed,

Beverley takes the lead and starts to unbutton Kaley’s shirt. Jessica

pulls down her bra straps, exposing her big nipples and massive tits.

Daddy wakes up and realizes that Jessica forgot to wake him up as he

asked. He starts to walk down the hall when he hears heavy breathing and

light moans. He moves slowly to the door and peeks around. There he sees

Beverley and his baby Jessica each sucking one of Kaley’s tits. Kaley’s

head is back and she is breathing in long heavy breaths, obviously

incredibly turned on by the attention she is getting. The show he wakes

up to does as expected, his long 8″ cock gets incredibly hard at this

hot sight. Daddy knows his baby slut well enough to know that she had a

little plan in her mind. He takes his hard cock out and slowly starts to

stroke it. He moves more in the doorway, so that all the girls can see

him if they turn their heads. Jessica notices her Daddy immediately. She

looks out of the corner of her eyes and watchs him play with her

favorite toy, while not stopping the hard sucking action she is giving

Kaley’s tit.

Suddenly, Beverley Mitchell notices that Jessica is looking over at the

doorway, and she the Daddy with his hard cock. She gasps and pulls away

from Kaley. This makes Kaley look around, and she gazes at his cock too.

Beverley seems almost scared of what she sees, but Kaley is amazed at

the huge cock Daddy has in his hand. Jessica Alba stops sucking Kaley to

smile at her father, and with her eyes he sees that he was right…she

does have a plan for the evening.

Jessica tells Beverley not to be afraid, that she has a “cool” daddy.

Then Jessica tells her daddy that her friends are virgins and want to

learn all about sex. She asks him if he would help her show them that

sex is a beautiful thing.

Daddy tells the girls to follow him up to his king size bed, so that

they can have enough room. He tells Beverley to lie down and relax and

let them please her. He can tell she is nervous by the shaking and the

innocent look in her eyes. Daddy tells Kaley Cuoco and his baby Jessica

to spread her legs open….and for them to keep kissing her and playing

with her little tits. He starts kissing and licking up her little

thighs, and he notices the moist area between her legs. “What is this?”

he says. “Beverley is already excited.” He uses his fingers to open her

bald pussy lips…and begin to lick her tiny bud. Beverley moans and

wiggles saying it makes her feel funny. He continues to lick and tongue

fuck her little pussy. Jessica tells Kaley to sit on Beverley’s

mouth…so, she can tell what it feels like too. “Jessica, tell Beverley

how to use her tongue on Kaley.” Jessica answers back “Sure daddy.”

Kaley straddles her little mouth….and Jessica tells Beverley to lick

the clit…back and forth.

“OOOOOOOOOH” cries Kaley, “that feels sooooooo good” Beverley is bucking

her hips now….close to cumming all over daddys face and mouth. Jessica

Alba is beginning to feel left out…so, she crawls underneath her

Daddy’s legs and start sucking his already rock hard cock (Her favorite

toy). He starts slamming his cock deep into her throat….”yeah Jessica,

get my cock ready. I’m going to fuck this little tight pussy of

Beverley’s.” With that, Beverley lets out a yell against Kaley Cuoco’s

cunt letting us all know she has reached her first orgasm of the

night…the first ever…for that matter.

Daddy tells Beverley to keep sucking on Kaley’s pussy, that she needs to

let Kaley feel the way she feels right now. He also tells her that he is

going to fuck her now, saying “that I’m going to break your cherry.”

With that, Jessica starts sucking harder on her Daddy’s cock…getting

it good and wet for it’s task. Daddy takes his cock from his baby’s

hungry mouth and tells her to help him put it into her friends cunt.

Jessica grabs his cock and puts the head at Beverley’s hot pussy lips,

then he slowly pushs it in that incredibly tight pussy.

Just then, Kaley screams loudly as she floods Beverley’s face with her

virgin pussy juice. Jessica moves around quickly to join Beverley in

sucking down her sweet cum. All that action from Kaley allow’s Beverley

not to notice as easily the breaking of her hymen by Daddy’s strong

cock. She moans and tears up a little bit, but they hear her whisper how

good it feels to be filled by a man. Daddy moves his cock slowly in her,

til he’s in all the way. He looks at Jessica Alba, and tells her “to get

out her new toy, and let Kaley pump your cunt with it, since you aren’t

going to have my hard cock for a while.”

Jessica jumps out of the bed and runs to her bedroom, bringing back the

big vibrator with the clit stimulator. She jumps back on the bed and

hands it to Kaley Cuoco, who is amazed by the plastic cock. Jessica

tells her to put it in her pussy and fuck the hell out of her pussy.

Kaley asks if she can suck Jessica’s clit while she fucks her with the

vibe, and Jessica begs her to do so. Kaley starts her task with vigor,

shoving the dildo deep in Jessica’s cunt and giving it a good ramming.

She then lowers her face to Jessica’s wet pussy and laps at it, getting

her first taste of young cunt. Jessica starts to moan quickly, seeing

that her friend has learned well from Lili how to eat pussy.

All this time, Daddy is doing Beverley nice and slow, getting her little

tight pussy used to a big hard cock. He tells her how good she looks and

how great she is doing becoming a woman. She moans over and over how

good it feels and that she’d wanted to feel a cock in her for so long.

Daddy asks her if she is ready to be truly fucked and she nods her head

yes…and he can tell she can’t wait to take it right. He grabs her

shoulders, and forces her onto his cock as he starts to fuck her hard.

Daddy tells her to rub her clit while they fuck, so that she can get all

the pleasure available to her. He moves a hand down, and twists her

nipples, one at a time.

She starts to hum, and she tells him she’s feeling so naughty now. Daddy

tells her she is naughty, in fact, she is a little slut now, and that

she should fuck as often as possible. He starts to pound her

harder….harder…harder still. He grunts with each thrust, and listens

to his baby girl starting to cum with big-titted Kaley. Daddy pumps

Beverley harder, and starts to feel his cum rising. He tells Beverley

he’s about to cum…but not in her (as he is sure she isn’t using the

pill). He pulls out his cock, and starts to spray her body with hot

cream. His white cum starts to cover her dark asain body. Daddy sees

Jessica watching her daddy, and Kaley looks at him longingly.

“Ooooh Kaley, you should help me clean up daddy’s cum off of Beverley.

It taste so good.” She straddles Beverley’s face and leans over her to

start licking while she grinds her pussy on Beverley’s tongue. Kaley

gets on her knees and starts licking with her ass up in the air..just

begging Daddy to comply. Watching all this hot steamy celebrity sex

going on….Daddy has no trouble getting hard all over again. He kneels

between Kaley’s legs…sliding his cock back and forth across her juicy

cunt lips, lingering it on her clit.

She begs “Mr. Alba. Please please, fuck me. I want to become a real

woman tonight too.” Jessica tells Kaley to french kiss her while Daddy

prepares to take her cherry to help ease the pain. (Beverley still

devouring Jessicas pussy, almost bringing her to an orgasm) He guides

the head of his cock to her puffy cunt lips…ease in slightly…she

moans against Jessica’s lips. Then with one quick thrust…he breaks

in….she tries to yell, but, Jessica’s mouth is clamped on

hers…rubbing her face, soothing her. Daddy can’t help himself and

starts pumping madly…seeing all these pretty girls that are his for

the taking. He keeps gazing at Kaley’s plump little cheeks…spreading

them apart with his hands…he spits on her ass hole and moistens his

thumb…and jams it into her ass. She does yell this time. “That hurts

Mr. ALBA. please stop!”

He tells her to just shut up and enjoy it, that it will feel better

soon. Daddy feels her pussy contracting around his cock…..knowing she

has reached her point of pleasure, he slides his cock out and plows into

her ass. (For some reason this fine ass has brought the beastiality in

him.) Jessica sees this and starts to unload her cum all over Beverley’s

face, grinding and grinding into her…almost suffocating her. Tears are

rolling off both the young girls. Jessica starts yelling at her Daddy,

“fuck her daddy…fuck her ass good. I love watching you daddy. You are

soooo hot.” Jessica leans down to Beverley’s cunt and starts licking

from her little petite ass to her pussy lips. She starts bucking her

hips, so, Jessica grabs her toy and start fucking that little cunt.

“Daddy, look at that little brown hole,(her ass) do you think my toy

will fit in there?” “There is only one way to find out baby” Daddy says.

Jessica grabs her toy and while she licks and sucks Beverley’s pussy,

she slides it in her ass. Beverley squirms and bucks but doesn’t

protest, in fact, she seems to love it. “Baby, she likes it…fuck her

ass hard with that dildo baby, help her see how good it feels to have

her ass fucked.”

Daddy then returns his attention to Kaley’s tight asshole. She is

looking over at Jessica and Beverley, and suddenly she gets it…that

her ass was meant to be fucked as much as her pussy. He starts to fuck

her wildly, and now she moves her body to meet his cock. She is very

vocal…”oh Mr. ALBA, fuck my ass please…fuck me hard…i want to

become slut too”. He replies “You are a slut, Kaley Cuoco.” He reaches

under her and squeeze her huge tits hard, pulling down on them, then

slapping at them. She seems to like it rough, so he spanks her ass hard

while he pummels her. This makes her start cumming all over the place.

Daddy is getting close to cumming again, and he gets out of her. He

orders her to move her face around to his cock. He then grabs her face

and shoves his cock all the way down her virgin throat. He starts to

fuck her face…not giving her a chance to get used to it. Daddy hears

Jessica and Beverley both cumming again, and that sends him over the

top. He starts shooting his hot load down Kaley’s throat, and he orders

her to drink it all, not let one drop out from her mouth. Kaley does as

Daddy says, and swallows it right.

Daddy then pulls out of Kaley’s mouth, and moves over to his Jessica.

“Baby, daddy needs his baby to keep him hard…because it’s your turn.”

Jessica grabs her father’s cock and starts sucking on it hard, knowing

that she gets to be fucked by daddy’s dick if she does. She plays with

his balls and suck him good and deep, keeping her prize hard and ready

for his slutty baby. Kaley has moved over and starts sucking hard on

Beverley’s pussy, while Beverley ravages her tits, pulling on them and

telling her how much she loves to see how red they are from Daddy’s

abuse of them.

With his cock staying good and hard, Daddy pulls out of his slutty

baby’s mouth. He sits on the edge of the bed and tells her to move over

to him. Jessica does as he says and she positions her ass against his

cock. She then sits on him, shoving his cock deep in his baby’s hot ass.

He tells the other girls to come over to Jessica and thank her for

tonight the right way. He tells Beverley to suck her clit and tells

Kaley to work over her tits. They do as he says while Jessica rides the

pole in her ass the way his slut does best.

“Ooooh you are the best daddy in the world, I love you so much!” She

reaches her arms and hands behind her, turning her face so as to kiss

her daddy full on the mouth. Their tongues darting into each other.

Feeling the girls working her over and the steamy sex of the night has

brought Jessica to the ultimate climax of the night. She’s rocking her

ass on his hard cock…..deep up into her belly. “I’m going to cummm

daddy.” Beverley is slurping and licking all over her cunt and

ass(licking Daddy’s cock somtimes too). Jessica can feel her Daddy

squeezing her tighter knowing he is going to cum too…..She holds back,

wanting to cum with her daddy.

He yells “yesssss, Jessica cum with daddy. Beverley get ready, I’m going

to cum in Jessica’s ass….then suck it out of her. Then share it all

with us.” All within seconds of each other they cum together….Jessica

riding her wonderful man and lover. Daddy lets his cock fall out…so

Beverley and Kaley both start licking and sucking the cum out of and off

of Jessica and her Daddy, Mr. Alba… the best Daddy in the world… and

the luckiest.

“Daddy,” Jessica says, “can I have another sleep-over tomorrow night?


“Sure honey. Beverly and Kaley can stay over any time they want.”

“No Daddy. Bev and Kaley have to go home tomorrow… I have two more

celebrity friends that are just DYING to meet you.”

Mr. Alba’s erection slowly returns.

“Who is it Jessica? WHO?!?”

“You’ll see. And you’ll thank me later. I promise.”


Readers bonus! You made it this far. Thanks for reading. WHO would you

like me to add in part two? Name any celebrity suggestions. Britney?

Mandy? A Jennifer? Another Jessica? Anna? Who should join Jessica and

her Daddy in the next slumber party?

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