Tough As Lara

CSSA Contest – 3rd Place – Tough As Lara – By Lost Soul

Tough as Lara

The day had been long and exhausting. And, although she was as tough as she

could be, Angelina felt tired to no end. If only the making of ‘Lara Croft –

Tomb Raider’ was over. But there were several days of film making left. She

liked it though…

Angelina was grateful for the lunch break. She needed a quiet moment, and so

the young woman found herself sneaking out of the film-lot. She knew nobody

was supposed to see her in the Lara Croft outfit before the press-photo

session, but … hey,
rules were meant for breaking them. And she left the

paramount lot to get to her favourite restaurant.

It took Angelina ten minutes to get there, but when her eyes met the

neon-letters “Eric’s” she smiled.


She crossed the main-street and imagined herself biding into the fattest

burger ever. Not really healthy food, but from time to time it certainly was

o.k. to eat greasy stuff.

Angelina did not see the light blue van that turned left, that came rolling

towards her.

She did not see the tall man, dressed in black. She did not see his eyes.

They were empty, dark and bad.

She just saw the fat man, the man who owned the restaurant, through the

front window. She smiled. Eric was just the kind of man you would talk to

after a long day. He was understanding, he was nice and…gay. So, it was a

relieve that at least one man would not try to fuck her.

When she entered Eric’s restaurant, the light blue van passed it. The

vehicle turned left again and pulled into a very narrow alley, towards the

back door of Eric’s restaurant.

“Hi Eric!”

The man smiled.

“Hi! My favourite action hero…God, if I were a hetero….”

Angelina took a place at the bar and leaned over.

“Come here…”

Eric bent over, his fat stomach pressing on the bar, smiled and got a kiss

from Angelina.

“I am the luckiest man alive.”

She smiled…

“Gosh, you really look like Lara Croft. Those pants must hurt…”

Angelina laughed…

“Yes, they do. God, they are so tight around my pussy…and my ass…!”

“And the top….I thought Lara wears a green one.”

“Yeah, I know…but black is nice, isn’t it?”

“It sure is…!”

Angelina ordered a cheeseburger and Eric left her to prepare her meal.

The other guests in the restaurant were constantly looking at the young

woman with the ponytail hairstyle.

“Isn’t it…”


“Lara Croft”

“Angelina Jolie … ”

She heard the voices and didn’t mind when she took the first bite into the

burger. She smiled from one ear to the other.

“Eric…this is heaven!”

The fat man scratched his belly and smiled even broader.

“Glad you like it.”

She got thirsty and Eric brought her a large coke. Angelina drank it and

felt like she was ten years old again.

After a while she felt the pressure and lifted herself off the stool. She

found her way to the bathroom and spent some time there.

She was done and washed her hands, opened the door to the restaurant again

and … she noticed the backdoor of the building was open. Some hot air

rushed in and she grimaced.

“Sometimes I wish I was living in Main.”

She turned, saw the light from the front windows and…was grabbed from


Everything happened so fast. Too fast…

The huge, black haired man grabbed the young woman’s shoulders and pulled

her backwards.

Angelina was totally surprised. She screamed, but did not try to fight the

attacker. He was strong, the man wrapped one arm around her waist and lifted

Angelina from the ground. The other hand was placed on her mouth. Three

steps backwards and the man left the restaurant with his victim.

Angelina tried to see what was going on. She almost did not comprehend the

situation…but then…then she saw the light blue van, saw the open

back-doors…and was thrown inside the van.

She hit the ground and expected the impact to break her shoulder. She winced

in advance, hit the ground…and it was soft. She turned…turned and then

lay still in the back of an old, light blue van.

The doors where shut and it was pitch black.

Angelina’s heart was racing like a tornado. She sat there, on something

soft…-maybe a mattress-… and was shocked. Only slowly did she realise

that she had been kidnapped. She heard footsteps, felt the old van shaking

and knew her captor lifted himself onto the drivers seat. The engine was

started and the car drove off.

“No…,” she whispered, “…no…no…!”

The van did not mind. The driver did not mind. But she did…

She was still in shock. The young woman sat in total darkness and could not

understand what had happened. It was only a moment ago when she felt on top

of the world, when she had her burger and had a nice chat with Eric. And now

she was in this van, felt it rocking and shaking, felt it racing

towards…she did not know.

“What does he want?”

She shook herself.

“Help!” she screamed, “help…help me!”

Angelina tried to stand up, tried to escape … tried to…but she was

blasted from her feet when the van again turned and then accelerated And so

the only thing she could do was waiting.

Fear…sheer fear…

Angelina laid back on the mattress and covered her face with her hands.

Tears were rolling down her face and she kept on whispering her total not

understanding what had happened.

-Oh God…why…what does he want?-



Instinctively the actress pressed her thighs together.


“Yes…yes…that’s it…he only wants to have money. Only money…please!”

But there was no answer to her pleading. The van drove on and on. For over

an hour the vehicle made its way through Los Angeles. The destination was

Angelina’s hell.

The van stopped and Angelina was pulled out of her frozen reality. Her eyes

went wide and her heard was beating even faster than before. She pulled her

knees toward her upper body and wrapped them with her arms. She was like a

kid, she was ten years old…

“Daddy, make him go away.”

She heard footsteps on pebble-stones. She heard more than one man. She


The backdoors of the old, light blue van were opened.

Light flooded into the darkness. She was blinded…held her out stretched

arm in front of her eyes.


She could only make out shades…dark silhouettes. Voices, dark and loud.

“Hey…what do we have here?”

“Is that really the bitch?”

“Hey guys I want to have her first.”

Laughter, loud and primitive.

“Let’s get her in the house.”

A silhouette, massive and frightening came towards her and Angelina pulled

back. She tried to escape till her back hit a wall.

Strong hands grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards the open doors.

“No! Oh God…no….!”

She screamed as loud as she could but only a weak whisper escaped her mouth.


She was pulled into bright white daylight. Angelina had no chance to get

balanced, to grab something or to get onto her feet by herself. She felt

strong hands all over her slim body. Hands on her thighs, her arms, her


The light was so bright that she could not make out anything. She knew there

were men around her, she knew they were carrying her towards a house of some

kind, but that was just it.

“Gosh she feels great.”

“I can taste her pussy-juice!”

The van had brought the young actress into South Central LA. There was a

neighbourhood were people would not want to go. There was a house…framed

by a wooden fence. Motorcycles were parked in front of the house; shiny and

muscular. A few men and a woman, mostly dressed in denim and leather lived

in this house. And if, from time to time, the neighbours heard loud

screaming and the sound of rape, they just wouldn’t listen.

The front door was shut and again it was dark around Angelina. Not as dark

as it was inside the van, but dark. And it smelled like sweat and dirt. She

stopped screaming, she knew nobody was here to help her.

Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and slowly she could make out the forms of

men and one woman. Brutal, primitive.

They brought her in some kind of living-room. There were armchairs and sofas

all over the place and lined up in a circle around a mattress. Some light

came in through broken windows.

Angelina could not breathe, her muscles were stiff…she knew what was about

to happen. And so she wanted to scream, even if it was to no avail. She knew

she had to, she knew she was about to get raped.

The men brought her to the mattress and laid her down. She wanted to jump

up, wanted to get away, put instantly she felt the cold blade of a hunting

knife on her throat.

“Oh Baby, you don’t want to ruin the moment, do you?!”

Angelina looked up, into the face of a woman, a girl…about twenty

something. A woman! How could that woman accept that men would rape another


She held still; only her chest was heaving up and down. Sweat covered her

body, the tank-top was sticking to her breasts.

“So, little Angelina, would you mind holding still while we explore the

depths of your body.

She didn’t respond. She just starred into the girls eyes.

“Good girl. Come on boys let’s have a party!”

And then something happened that even Angelina had not anticipated. The

instant the blonde girl took the blade away, Angelina rolled to the side and

jumped to her feet. The men were stunned and frozen. And so the actress

managed to break through the circle. She reached the door and saw herself

running toward daylight when the frame filled with a tall man. All leather,

all black, all mean. It was the man who had brought her here. He blocked the

door and Angelina bumped into him. He grabbed her arms and moved forward,

pulling her with him till a wall hit her back. Angelina screamed in

frustration when she saw the gang coming closer. Again a semicircle was

formed. The tall man smiled an almost toothless smile down on her.

“This is not very polite, Miss Jolie. We invited you to a party and you

leave without any word. We are so sorry…”

His right hand grabbed Angelina’s left breast. His fingers pressed into the

firm flesh. Instantly he started massaging…

“No … oh God…!”

Angelina wanted to get away, wanted him to leave her alone. But she was

surrounded and had no chance to escape. Tears were rolling down her face.

“Please leave me alone. I don’t want to have this. Please…I will give you

money … please..”

His other hand grabbed her right breast and his strong hands pressed and

massaged Angelina Jolie’s breasts.

She couldn’t breathe…she couldn’t move, was barely able to stand on her

feet. Angelina’s eyes were wide open and she heard a rushing sound in her

ears when the man pressed her breasts against her chest, when his fingers

would leave dark spots on them. It hurt…

And the other men, and the other woman were cheering. They were laughing

when they saw her struggling against fainting out.

“I knew it all along. You have really nice tits, little Angelina.”


“Why don’t you let me pull down her pants?”

The Blonde starred at the tall man, who was obviously the leader.

“Please…I want to pull down her pants.”

He looked at the girl and let go of Angelina’s breasts.

“Be my guest.”

Angelina gulped her saliva and looked into glazing eyes. She knew this girl

was under the influence of some kind of drug.

“Please don’t do that. I…you are a woman too. You can’t let these men rape

me. You are a woman…!”

The Blonde stepped closer; so close till the tip of her nose almost touched

Angelina’s nose.

“You know what…?”

Angelina shook her head slightly.

“I…like you Angelina. I like Lara Croft…and I always have dreamed of


She laid he right hand between Angelina’s thighs, onto the vagina.

“No…,” the actress screamed. This couldn’t be true…

“Gosh, boys, she is dripping wet underneath these tight pants.”

“Then pull them down. We want to fuck Angelina Jolie through the ground.”


She just stood there, her back against the wall. Angelina would have

imagined herself to be as tough as Lara Croft. But…she was

wondering…would Lara feel the same way? Would she let it happen?

Angelina did. She let it happen. She almost did not feel her own body. She

looked down on the girl who was now kneeing in front of her. She saw the

pale arms and the long fingers opening the belt around Angelina’s waist; the

one who normally would support the weapons in the movie. She heard the

metal-buckle hit the dirty carpet. And then the hand was on her flat

stomach, caressing, stroking.

Goose bumps were all over Angelina’s body. She did have sex with women

before, but this was different. This girl…

…stroking between Angelina’s thighs…the middle-finger on the vagina…on

the clitoris…

The hands moved upwards till they held the pelvic bones; the thumps still

stroking the stomach.

“Gosh…I always wanted to fuck her…!”

The Blonde buried her face in Angelina’s lap. She stuck out her tongue and

let it glide over the thin fabric, over the vagina.

“Nooo…oh God…!”

Angelina’s chin went up and her mouth dropped open.


While the Blonde was licking the spot, she pulled down Angelina’s tight

shorts. She pulled them over the pelvis, withdrew her face from the lap and

pulled them down, all the way till she had to lift Angelina’s boots to get

the shorts over the feet.

The men and the girl in the room saw that the young woman did not wear any

panties. They saw Angelina’s pubic hair, saw the lips, imagined the vagina

and the wetness in this opening. They saw a tall, beautiful woman, standing

there, with a naked lower body. They saw the very well shaped breasts

underneath the very tight tank-top…

“Get rid of this tank-top!” the man, the tall man, barked.

The Blonde stood up and laid her hands on Angelina’s shoulder bones.

“I hear you fuck women…don’t you?!”

Angelina did not respond. It was like she was frozen. Everything happened to

her in slow motion. Some fine line of saliva was running down her chin and

hit the floor.

The Girl smiled and stuck her fingers underneath the dark-grey material of

Angelina’s top. She pulled it upwards…it revealed the breasts, darkened

the actresses vision for a moment and then was pulled along the muscular

arms before it flew into the darkness of the room

A sound of awe filled the room

“Gosh…look at those tits!”

The Blonde laid her fingers around Angelina’s breasts and started massaging



Angelina stood in the room, dressed only with the boots. A naked body,

covered in sweat and fear.

And then the girl kissed Angelina. A tongue was forced into her mouth while

the hands kept on massaging the firm breasts.

The right hand let go of Angelina’s breast and made it’s way down the slim

body till it found the destination. The middle-finger was forced into the


The young woman, the blonde girl shifted her right leg between Angelina’s

legs and pressed it against the vulva, took away the hand, and rubbed it

over the sensitive lips. Angelina was raped by a girl.

Again and again the thigh was rubbed over the clitoris and Angelina’s vision

was flooded with light and forced lust. She gasped for air and felt sweat

running all over her body while her breasts were pressed against her chest.

The girl kept on fucking her and the actress was lost in lust till…

The Blonde screamed in satisfaction. Angelina’s thigh had been rubbed over

the girls own vagina and now…now she came. She screamed into Angelina’s

right ear and then kissed her again before she withdrew herself from her


Hard breathing, a heaving chest…tears running down a pretty face. Angelina

looked at the men around her, she saw the blonde girl smiling while she

stepped back and sat herself on one of the sofas…relaxed and satisfied.

Was it over now?

The tall, black haired man came closer and one strong hand grabbed

Angelina’s right arm. He pulled her through the living room again and then

she stumbled and landed on the mattress again.

“I want you on your knees and hands. Now!”

All of a sudden he seemed to be very angry. Angelina looked up and saw the

bulge between his legs. She knew he would rape her now. She knew she was way

to weak to escape this. She was afraid they would torture her, that they

would kill her if she did not comply. She hated herself, she wasn’t

tough…she was so weak.

And so she rolled over and found herself on her knees and hands.

She looked up again and saw the man opening his leather pants. She saw them

rushing down, and she saw the huge cock, pointing at her. He got rid of his

cloth and then stepped closer.

“Turn around bitch or I will cut off your breasts.”

Her vision dimmed again and she followed the man’s instructions. This was

all a nightmare, a dream…nothing more. She would awake in her bed, would

shake her head in fear of this dream. Nothing real.

Then she felt cold fingers around her pelvic bones and a sound of pain

escaped her mouth.

The man got on his knees and a moment later the tip of his cock touched

Angelina Jolie’s ass.

“No, oh God…please don’t…no…!”

He forced his right hand between her thighs and pressed them apart.

“Hold still or I will cut you in pieces, you Hollywood bitch.”

Saliva was dripping from her chin, her long ponytail rolled over her back

till it hung from one side. Angelina’s buttocks pointed upwards, her head

almost touched the mattress and she knew it would happen.

The man pulled her pelvis closer and moved his own hip forward. The penis

entered Angelina Jolie’s vagina.

It was like hell turning loose. The man, the monster started fucking her.

His cock entered the vagina again and again. He took her from behind like an

animal. Hard and fast was his fucking. The cock was huge and her lips were

almost sucking it in her body. Angelina’s eyes were nearly white and her

mouth stood open. She was breathing too fast while she was raped.

The slim body shook and more than once she almost lost balance. The ride was

applauded by the other monsters. Hard…again and again. Fast, faster.

Shaking and pain.

Droplets of sweat were rolling down her spine, down the back. And then it

came. A flood of white sperm was rushing into Angelina’s vagina. She felt it

inside her and the scream was louder and filled with more pain than ever

before. Part of the white liquid was dripping out of her, running down her

muscular legs.

Angelina was breaking down. She fell on her face and the sounds of pain and

disgust were muffled. But the young woman did not have time for recovery.

Strong hands grabbed her legs and arms. They carried her over to one wall.

For a crazy moment she thought it was like in an old Hollywood movie about

an expedition in Africa. The wild people would carry the pray over to the


They turned her around, still cheering and shouting. Angelina smelled beer.

“Fuck the face, fuck the face….!

It was a chorus and the voices were deep as thunder. Angelina cried

helplessly. She had no power what so ever. They broke her soul, she knew

that. Life would never be the same……

The room spun around her till she felt the ground underneath her knees. She

lifted her head and her chest was heaving up and down, hard and painful.

There he was…the next rapist.

A fat guy, maybe in his late thirties, wild hair, a beard. The man unbuckled

his jeans and let them fall down.

“Fuck the face, fuck the face!”

Then Angelina saw the young girl again who had raped her before. She herself

was naked now when she bend over and looked Angelina in the eyes.

“My friend here will now stick his penis in your beautiful mouth with those

artificial lips. You will suck his cock! You will use your mouth as a pussy,

your lips tight around the cock. Suck him and you might live on.

Resist…and the cops will find another body somewhere. Is that


The girl lifted Angelina’s chin and starred into those mirrors of a broken




She let go of the actress and stepped backwards to enjoy the show.

“Good God, you will open your mouth now…come on!”

Angelina lifted her head again and opened up her mouth. She closed her eyes.

She knew not seeing it would not make him go away. But she was not able to

see it either.

The penis of the man was hovering in front of the young woman’s face. The

tip pointing at the now opened mouth.

He stepped closer…

And the cock entered Angelina Jolie’s mouth. She closed her lips around it.

She had to vomit. She knew she had to vomit. The taste, the texture and

smell was just too much for her. Her throat tightened but Angelina kept her

mouth shut. She had the swollen penis of a disgusting man in her mouth.

“Suck it, bitch. Suck it!”

“Fuck the face, fuck the face!”

Angelina inhaled and exhaled deeply. She tried to thing about

nothing…maybe a black hole. Or an image from her childhood. Something


Then her face was fucked.

The man moved his pelvis back and forth. Every time his cock entered the

mouth, every time it partly entered her throat, every time Angelina thought

about fainting out, her head banged against the wall in her back. She had

problems with breathing. She saw dark spots and the feeling of vomiting, the

urge, the need, never subsided. The penis entered her throat again and

again. Angelina did not hear the cheering anymore. She was like in a vacuum.

There was only the banging on the back of her head, there was only the penis

in her mouth. Again and again in was gliding down her throat. Again and

again her lips hurt. Again…again…again.

And then she felt it coming. The fat man in front of her laid his hands on

Angelina’s head and pulled her close; only to push her away…to pull her

close. And then…the sperm was shooting into her mouth.

It filled the mouth, rushed over the tongue, ran out of the mouth. But the

majority of it ran down Angelina’s throat.

He did not stop fucking her face. Again and again and again till his penis

grew weak.

Only then did he step back. Only then did he leave the broken young woman


Angelina had no chance to hold it back. Her stomach, her throat were

convulsing and everything she had eaten in a while left her body with a

stream of white sperm.

The men and the girl where laughing and applauding. They were talking and

shouting and someone spilled the content of a bottle of beer onto her.

“Yes, that bitch does it right.”

“I bet the whore does it all the time.”

“But it was cool to fuck her from behind. The is so fit…not fat at all.”

Angelina sat back, leaning against the wall she pulled up her knees and

hugged them. She closed her eyes and was shivering. She did not want to open

them again, because that meant that she would have to return into the real

world. She hated the real world.

But the men did not care about Angelina’s wishes. Again she felt strong

hands on her arms pulling her onto her feet. She opened her eyes…

“Come over here, Angelina bitch. I wanna fuck you the old fashioned way.”

She didn’t respond. She just let it happen, was like a puppet when the

gang-member pulled her over to the mattress again.

There she sat and then laid back.

A strange look. A naked woman with boots on. A shivering woman with sweat

all over a muscular body. A woman with a long ponytail.

She just starred at the ceiling. She made out dark spots, little ones and

larger ones. She tried to count them when she felt the hands of a man on the

inside of her thighs. She felt those hands spreading her thighs apart and

she felt her knees coming up. She felt the pressure and complied. She closed

her eyes when she felt a massive body coming over her…one arm to her left,

one to her right, supporting the man. She bit her lower lip when the tip of

the man’s cock touched her vagina.

“No…,” she whispered, “no…”

The penis entered Angelina Jolie’s vagina.

They had her in every possible way. They fucked her on her back and they

fucked her from behind. She did not count, she did not feel anything

anymore. The only sex that made her coming out of the stasis she was in, was

the last sex she had in this house.

The man, the large man, the man who had taken her here, sat next to her,

looking down on the woman. He let is eyes wander over her body. He saw the

wounds on the inside of her thighs. He saw her swollen, red eyes and he laid

a hand between her legs, inserting the middle-finger into her vagina.

Angelina was jerking. It hurt. They had fucked her so often that the lips of

her vagina were red and they hurt like the fires of hell.

“You bitch served us well. I am thinking about keeping you all the time. But

maybe that is not the wisest decision. Maybe we should kill you.”

If he had expected fear, if he wanted Angelina to be scared to death, she

disappointed him. Angelina just looked into his face and showed no reaction.

“But, that will be decided later. Now you turn on your front…will you?!”

Angelina did what he said. She buried her face into the old mattress. What

would he do now? She did not know. But Angelina did not care anymore. They

had raped her so often, they had inserted what ever possible into her

body…it did not matter anymore. It…

The huge man crawled over her, she could make out his forearms…

-Please…Daddy, make them go away…”

A finger…

A finger was inserted into her anus. Angelina’s body was jerking again. Deep

into her anus. A second finger.

He was opening the ass. She knew what he would do.

“Oh God, please…no…not this … no…”

Angelina’s anus was wide. It hurt a lot.

But that was nothing compared to what he did next.

“Ass-fuck, ass-fuck, ass-fuck!”

They were cheering again.

“Fuck her ass!”

And he did.

The huge cock of the leader entered Angelina Jolie’s anus.

Angelina’s scream seemed to shock the foundation of this house. The pain was

unbearable, her face a grimace of pain, her eyes filled with tears. The huge

man on her back started riding her. He pushed his penis into the red

opening, into the tight ass-hole. He fucked the girl into her ass.

Angelina buried her face into the stinking and dirty mattress. She felled

the hard cock in her rectum, felled it going in and out, again and again.

The man was grunting, he was sweating. Some saliva left his mouth and hit

her back. She wanted to die. This pain was too much for her. It lasted only

minutes, but for Angelina it felt like a glowing iron was in her ass for


Then it came. Again a flood of white sperm entered her body. This time it

was running over open wounds and the girl screamed again in pain. The pain

never subsided…never.

The huge laid himself on the young actress. His penis grew weaker. Finally

he got on his knees, pulled the cock out of Angelina’s anus. He looked down

on her and smiled.

“What you thing, Susie? Should we kill her, or what?!”

The Blonde laid next to Angelina and started stroking Angelina’s face.

“Nooooo…let’s just show her what we got.”

The man got on his feet.

“Get up, bitch.”

When Angelina did not respond, he took her ponytail in his right hand and

pulled her up.

Another scream filled the house.

With empty eyes she saw herself on an old tv-screen. She saw the men fucking

her. She saw the girl fucking her.

“You know, Jolie, you can go now.”

She was not able to comprehend what she had just heard.


“You heard right. Get on your feet and leave our home.”

“Yes, he is right. But, if you start thinking about going to the police…,”

the blonde shook a finger in front of Angelina’s face, “…these little

home-videos can be found on the Internet.”

Angelina said nothing. She did not care what would happen if something else

happened. She only wanted to leave this place. And so she kept on saying

nothing when the Blonde gave her the cloth. Angelina hurried. She dressed as

fast as she could. Then the man took her right arm and pulled her out of the

house. It was night by now and she had no idea where she was.

“Get lost, bitch before I decide to keep your pussy with us.”

Angelina just nodded. She stumbled into the night.

Her body hurt. She could not think anymore, she could just walk on and on.

From time to time a car rushed by and Angelina feared gang members who might

pull her inside to rape her again. But noting of that sort happened. she was

lucky. A police-car stopped. The officers did not recognised her and so they

were a little rough on her. But when they brought her to an E.R., to a

hospital that changed. People were running all over the hospital when word

got out that Angelina Jolie was there. That Angelina Jolie was the victim.

That Angelina Jolie had been raped.

She had been raped. Raped.

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