Tamed In The Wilderness: Part 1 – Nicole Kidman

Tamed in the Wilderness:

This is a work of PURE FANTASY intended for ADULT reading.
Ross a young billionaire owns, among many assets hundreds of acres of
land in rural Lousiana. He and his friends have set up a campground there.
They abduct female celebrities and take them to their campground .
In the wilderness they tame celebrities turning them into obedient slaves.

Part 1 – Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman was in New Orleans for a shoot.
Exhausted after her workout in the hotel gym, Nicole was rushing back
to her room. In her hurry, Nicole never saw the wire stretched across
the floor in the hallway that caught her legs and propelled her
forward, sliding across the floor.

Before she could recover, she felt the weight of
two men on her back muscling her arms behind her back
and securing them with tape. As Nicole Kidman opened her mouth
to protest, a ball was shoved into it and tape wrapped
around her head. Next her assailants bound her feet.
Once bound, Nicole Kidman was carried by two men to a van.
They dumped her onto the backseat and sped away.

After driving for 3-4 hours into the darkness the van came to a
halt. It seemed like some old camp site. Nicole was dragged by her hair
and into a tent. Still shocked by the assault and her abduction,
Nicole squinted to see her captors, as the room was flooded with light.
Standing around her were at least 10 men and 5 women.
Nicole saw the look of lust in their eyes, and started squirming in her bonds.

She was greeted by a hard slap on her cheek.
The man who slapped her, spoke, “It’s such a pleasure to have you here , Nicole Kidman.
My name is Ross, and we are all for your fans.
For years, all of us have just been jerking off watching you.
So today we decided to fulfill our fantasy.
You are our toy for the next few days.”

Nicole shuddered at hearing this,she twisted herself around just in time
to see one of the men grab her by her beautiful red hair and pull her to
a standing position. Edqard,another man told Nicole it was “pay back” time.
And she would drink as much cum in the next few days as they had wasted jerking off
on her all these years.
As Nicole was held in a standing position by two of the men.
A third man, called Don stood in front of Nicole Kidman with a switchblade opened.
He expertly sliced through Nicole’s blouse and skirt until she
was left in nothing but her bra, panties, socks, and boots.

Nicole’s face was flushed as she saw the lust in the
faces of the men and the hatred in the eyes of the
women. Someone commented on seeing her tits, and
Nicole’s bra was quickly cut in key places and stripped
from her.

Stacy, one of the women cupped both her breasts and told Nicole Kidman
that her friends liked extra large tits and they would not be happy with hers.
Stacy then pulled her top up to reveal her 40 D tits, nipples hard.
She pulled Nicole’s head between them and slapped her face as she
shook her tits back and forth. Nicole tried to jerk away
but was held in place by the two men until her face was
stinging from the abuse.

Stacy pulled away with a laugh and replaced her top
while shouting orders at some of the other men. Nicole Kidman
watched as a square wooden frame was rolled into the
tent. Nicole’s eyes widened in fear as she saw the
leather straps at each corner of the frame and knew that
this would not be good for her. The frame was laid on
the floor and Nicole was dragged to the base.

Edward cut her panties off and then held the switchblade
under her chin and threatened Nicole with slicing her
face if she struggled. Edward then cut through the tape
around Nicole’s ankles and her socks and boots were
removed. Next, he freed her arms. One man was holding each of her limbs
tightly. Nicole did not care about Edward’s threats and began to
struggle as the four men laid her inside the frame.
Nicole Kidman protested through her gag as her arms were
stretched to the top corners and secured and her ankles
were secured in the bottom corners.

Satisfied that she could not escape, the four men
raised the frame with Nicole Kidman suspended inside. Nicole
felt her own weight stretch her arms in the restraints.
As she was raised, Nicole Kidman heard the crowd around her
applaud. Nicole Kidman was stripped naked, her breast rose and
fell with her labored breathing as the pain in her
armpits increased. Nicole Kidman tried to protest through her
gag as Ross stood in front of her.

“Well Nicole,” Ross began, “we are going to teach you a
lesson for being a cock-teasing slut”

With those words, Nicole Kidman heard the rolling of a cart and
looked at the entrance as Edward entered with a serving
cart. As the cart came closer, Nicole could see that on
the three shelves were a variety of dildos, clamps,
needles, and wooden paddles. What concerned Nicole the
most were the assortment of whips, riding crops, belts on the cart.
The other men and women formed a circle around Nicole Kidman to watch.

Edward came forward with two clamps in his hands.
Nicole was terrorized at seeing them and tried to move,
at the same time begging through her gag not to hurt her.
Nicole could not escape and her arms were almost numb from hanging
in the frame. She screamed again into the gag as Edward tightened the
clamp on her right nipple and did the same to Nicole’s
left nipple. To each clamp, Edward attached a chain that
he pulled sending stars of pain through Nicole’s head.
She looked at her enlarged nipples, caught in the clamps and saw
they were already turning purple.
Edward yanked the chain hard and Nicole screamed even through her gag.
This brought a round of applause from her sadistic captors.

Then they removed the gag from her mouth and Ross explained to
Nicole that there was no one in vicinity of 10 miles,so no one could hear her screams.
He further added, “We in fact like to hear your voice, being your fans..”

“Your cunt and ass will be abused until you begged to be
fucked ” Ross said lusting at the naked celebrity.

Nicole Kidman begged to be released as she saw Edward again at
the cart. Ross just laughed and Edward produced the
largest penis-shaped dildo Nicole had ever seen.
It was at least 14 inches long and five inches thick.

“Please don’t… I can pay you millions if you let me go”
Nicole Kidman begged.
This was responded by a huge laughter, especially by Ross.
Stacy explained Nicole that Ross was a billionaire, and they
didn’t care about money. Their sole objective was to debase Nicole.
Edward ignored her pleas and shoved two fingers into her dry cunt hole.

“This bitch is too dry, anyone want to get this pussy
wet,” Edward asked.

Nicole continued to bargain and plea even screaming as
Dave, one of the other men knelt between her
spread legs and pulled her cunt lips apart exposing her
clit. She screamed again when she felt his tongue
massaging her clit and begged him to stop. The crowd
laughed at Nicole’s begging and the assault on her clit

Nicole closed her eyes and tried to think of something
else and prayed her body would not betray her. It was no
use and Dave announced to everyone without moving
his head that Nicole’s juices were flowing. He licked
her clit then shoved his tongue into Nicole’s pussy
ensuring it was wet. Then he moved out of the way and
Edward placed the tip of the enormous dildo at the
entrance to Nicole’s cunt.

Nicole Kidman began sobbing as she felt her cunt lips stretched
wide to accommodate the size of the toy being shoved
inside her. Edward showed no mercy as he pushed and
shoved the dildo passed Nicole’s cervix and lodged it
deep into her cunt. Nicole Kidman tried to contract her
vagina and force the intrusion out, but it was no use.
Nicole felt the small trickle of blood drip from the end
of the dildo .

As she saw Edward return to the cart leaving the dildo
lodged in her cunt, Nicole Kidman began to beg again.
Ross came in front of her and told Nicole Kidman to beg to be
fucked and and she would be released.
Nicole Kidman shook her head “No,” and Edward returned with another dildo just
a bit smaller. As he walked behind Nicole she looked at the 10
men leching her, and was determined no matter what, that she would not beg to be fucked
by any man of these perverts.
Nicole felt Edward pull her asscheeks apart and Nicole Kidman
heard another roar of applause as her asshole came into

“No, not there, please not there, not in my ass,” Nicole said over and over.

Edward laughed and pushed the dry tip into Nicole’s
asshole. At first he met strong resistance and had to
push harder but was encouraged by the shouts of the
crowd to “fuck the bitch in the ass.” Nicole barely could
hear the shouting over her own screams of
pain as she felt her asshole stretched into a thin
rubber band to receive the second dildo. There was very little room in
Nicole’s ass for the second dildo, but Edward finally
got almost 10 inches inside her ass. Nicole passed out
again as Edward pulled the dildo from her ass about four
inches and shoved in back in another six.

Ross quickly splashed more water in Nicole’s face and
she saw the flashes as pictures were taken of her from
all angles. Nicole Kidman hung in the wooden frame with a
bloodied dildo sticking from her cunt, another from her
ass, her breasts swollen and her nipples nearly black
from the lack of blood. Nicole’s eyes were
swollen from crying and her voice hoarse from screaming.
Nicole Kidman saw the Ross & Edward pick up a wooden paddle and walk behind her.

“Now,” Ross started, “you’ll begged to be fucked or we will beat your ass blue.”

With those words Dave & Edward started alternating slamming
the paddles into Nicole’s ass and driving the dildo
deeper. Whack, whack, whack, whack, each one in turn
struck Nicole’s ass with a paddle, the sound
producing an echo in the empty campground. Nicole snapped back to
life, screaming hoarsely and begging them to stop as she
felt the dildo go deeper into her ass with each blow.
They were driving the length of the dildo into
Nicole’s ass like a nail using the paddles as hammers.

Ross approached Nicole Kidman and she started begging him to
make them stop. She watched as Ross released both
clamps on her nipples simultaneously. Nicole’s screams
reached their highest pitch as the blood rushed into her
swollen nipples and a pain like electrical shocks shot
through her breasts. Nicole Kidman shook her head as her ass
burned from the paddles, now striking her buttocks full
force as the dildo had disappeared inside her asshole.
She could not take the abuse any longer and succumbed.

“God, yes, please fuck me, all of you bastards,
fuck me, just stop the hitting me, stop the pain,”
Nicole Kidman screamed.

Ross held up his hand the spankings stopped and he
asked Nicole Kidman what she wanted.

In a whisper Nicole Kidman repeated her plead, “Please, all of
you, fuck me, please fuck me,” Ross announced to his friends,
“you heard the bitch, let’s take her.”

Nicole Kidman felt the dildos removed from her ass and cunt and
the restraints taken from her arms and legs. She was in
a daze as she was positioned over Ross laying on his back
on the floor, his dick standing straight up ready for her cunt.
Nicole winched as she felt his hard rod slide into her sore
cunt and his hands on her swollen breasts as he pulled her down on him.
Nicole heard Stacy cheering him to fuck her and he began rocking Nicole’s
hips up and down sliding his dick in and out of her cunt.

Nicole felt hands on her hips and another dick at her
asshole. Nicole moaned as the second man easily slid
his cock into her well-stretched asshole. His weight
burned her asscheeks from the spankings she received.
Without being told, Nicole rocked up and down, back and
forth feeling the two dicks moving in and out of her.
Within moments Nicole felt the cock in her cunt swell
and the warmth of sperm bathing the walls of her vagina.

As Ross’s orgasm finished, the dick in her ass abruptly was
removed and Nicole Kidman felt the warmth of that attackers
seed splashing across her back. She vaguely remembers
hearing the words “next,” and another two men taking
her. Nicole was barely conscious and unaware of the
video camera filming her degradation.

When the fifth pair mounted Nicole, her cunt and ass were sloppy
from the previous loads of sperm.
These two had waited to be last because the sizes
of their cocks rival the dildos. Nicole Kidman grunted as she
was lifted once more and felt the size of the cock as
she slid down on it. She automatically leaned forward to
take the cock of equal size in her ass.

As the two fucked her with a fury, the size of the one
in her cunt rubbed across her clit with each stroke.
Nicole was lost in a haze and did not realize she was
becoming sexually aroused by the stimulation of her
clit. As the two men quicken their pace, Nicole began to
moan and push down and back taking the cocks and driving
them deeper. As the cock in her ass exploded, Nicole
screamed not in pain, but in pleasure as the wave of a
massive orgasm swept over her body.

“This bitch is wild,” Edward commented as Nicole slammed
herself up and down on the cock in her cunt pulling
every moment of the orgasm to it fullest potential.
Finally the last brother exploded inside of Nicole and
she was fell off his cock onto the floor unconscious.

Ross shut off the video camera. They had enough
pictures and film for now, and wanted to save some for later plans.
Edward then dragged Nicole by her hair and took her outside the tent.
He dragged across the hard ground to a couple of posts.
Again he yanked her hair and made her stand up. Nicole was now in no
position to put up a fight. Within a few minutes Edward had her
tied between the two posts, with her wrists and ankles secured to the posts.
They kept her bound between the posts till morning.
Nicole’s breasts, ass, cunt were all hurting from the abuse they had
taken in the last few hours. She stood there moaning in pain.
Her weak cries of pain only gave more satisfaction to Ross and his buddies.

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