The Dominatrix Club Part V

The Dominatrix Club Part V

By Robbins

Warning:This features Celebs as Domms


fans,and other Celebs. It Is a fantasy not

reality. If you can’t tell the difference

don’t read it.

Head Mistress:Sofia Coppola

Her Personal Slave:Kirsten Dunst

Dominatrixs:Eliza Dushku,Dina Meyer,Anna

Kournikova,Michelle Trachtenberg,Natalie

Portman,Jaime Pressly,Heather Stephens,Dana


Trainees:Jennifer Garner,Rachael Leigh Cook

Slave:Hilary Duff

Coppola was laying nude on the bed.

Natalie Portman was sucking Sofia’s pussy out.

Sofia was enjoying It.

Ben saw Heather Stephens In a bar. He loved

her In Tomcats. He went up to her.

“Miss Stephens,I loved you In Tomcats?” he

told her. “Thanks” she replied.

Michelle Trachtenberg was tying Hilary Duff

to the bed.

“Please Michelle don’t” Hilary begged.

“You thought you could just screw me didn’t

you?” Michelle said. “Yes” Hilary replied.

“What would the world say If they knew the

real you?” Michelle said.

Hilary said nothing.

“Your my bitch now,or they will find out”

Michelle told her.

Ben was at a table with Heather.

“Have you ever really dominated a man like you

did as Jill” Ben asked. “No” Heather


Ben was disappointed.

“How about tomorrow night we go somewhere,

and I try It on you” she says.

He was stunned. He liked what she said.

“Ok” he relied.

Kirsten Dunst goes up to the bed,and wakes

up Sofia,and Natalie.

“It’s Morning Mistress” Kirsten tells Sofia.

Sofia signals Kirsten to leave.

“You are so good” Sofia tells Natalie. She

kisses her.

Michelle Is whipping Hilary. Hilary screams.

“Be quiet bitch!” Michelle commanded.

Michelle hits Hilary even hardier.

Sofia sits on her throne. She Is dressed In

a Dominatrix outfit. She has a riding crop.

Chris Is sitting by her side. Kirsten brings

Jennifer Garner,and Rachael Leigh Cook Into

the room. Kirsten goes,and sits by Sofia.

“If you two want In my club the rules are

what I say goes. Can you handle that?”

Sofia asks. Rachael,and Jennifer nood.

Sofia smacks the riding crop on the floor.

Jaime Pressly,and Natalie walk In. They

are both dressed in Dominatrix outfits.

“They will trian you. You better do what

they say,or I will show you what pain

really Is” Sofia tells them. Natalie goes

up to Rachael.

“Your mine for now bitch” Natalie tells


Natalie takes Rachael with her. Jaime

goes up to Jennifer.

“Your my student now Jen” Jaime tells

her. She then kisses her.

Sofia smiles.

Michelle continues to punish Hilary with

the whip.

Anna Kournikova walks Into a room with

Dan,twentyish,she picked him up after

her latest loss. She kisses him.

Dina Meyer walks In with Tim. He Is In

his teens. He had a major crush on her.

Dina liked youngier guys. Espically

those who would let her do whatever

she wanted to.

“Lay on the bed.” Dina told him.

He sat on the bed. Dina brought out a

pair of handcuffs.

Natalie Is removing Rachael’s clothing.

Anna,and Dan were making out on the


“Would you mind If I tied you to the

bed so I can get to work?” she asked.

“No” he said.

He loved this Idea. Anna tied his arms

to the bed.

Natalie tied Rachael’s arms to the


Dina tied Tim to the bed. Dina started

to undress.

Jaime tied Jennifer to the bed. She

brought out a large riding crop,and

started to hit Jennifer with It.

Anna brought out a whip.

“What’s going on Anna?” Dan wondered.

“That’s Mistress Anna. And you are my

bitch now” Anna told him.

Anna cracks the whip at him.

Heather was tying Ben to the Bed.

Ben was excitied.

Dina brought out a whip. She hit It

at him. Tim was excitied being

punished by Dina. Dina enjoyed

cracking the whip.

Natalie was behind Rachael with a


“Your ass Is now mine” Natalie says.

Natalie smacks Rachael’s behind with

the paddle. Rachael screams. Natalie

enjoys smacking Rachael’s butt. She

continues to do It.

Anna Is hitting Dan with the whip.

She enjoys It.

Jaime continues to hit Jennifer with

the whip. Jaime was turned on.

Heather brought out a whip.

“Your my bitch tonight slave” she

tells him. “I thought you hadn’t

punished a man before” Ben says.

“I lied.” she says as hits him hard

the whip.

Kirsten walks In to see Sofia,and

Eliza Dushku,dressed In a Dominatrix


“Your ELiza’s slave tonight” Sofia

told her.

Eliza drags her out.

Heather Is hitting Ben hard with

the whip. She enjoys It.

Michelle Is continuing to hit


“Do you want more bitch!” Michelle

says. “Yes!” Hilary says.

Michelle smiles.

Eliza ties Kirsten to the


Sofia watches Chris undress.

Dina Is rewarding Tim be riding

him hard. He Is in heaven having

Dina ride him.

Anna Is continuing hitting Dan

the whip.

Jaime Is cupping Jennifer’s


Natalie Is continuing to smack

Rachael’s butt with the paddle.

Heather stops hitting Ben with

the whip. Dana Deleny,dressed In

a Dominatrix outfit,with a riding

crop walks In.

“What’s going on?” he asks. “She

Is taking over. She taught me

everything I know.” Heather


Heather goes up to Dana,and

kisses her. Ben Is shocked.

Heather leaves. Dana smiles.

Sofia Is tying Chris,nude,to the


Eliza Is hitting Kirsten hard

with a riding crop. She screams.

“Be silent Bitch!” Eliza


Eliza hits Kirsten even


Dina is still riding Tim hard.

“I’m Cuming! I’m Cuming!” Tim


Michelle cupps Hilary’s


Jaime Is squeezing Jennifer’s

tits hard. Jennifer screams.

Dana Is hitting Ben hard with

the riding crop. She enjoys


Sofia Is riding Chris hard.

“I’m cuming Mistress! I am

cuming! You are the best

Mistress!” Chris moarns.

To Be Continued

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