The Harem: Episode 12 – Closing Walls And Ticking Clocks

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Before we get to the assorted smutty goodness that’s in this chapter, let’s recap where we left things off. Sarah, after promising to marry her Freddie when she got back (booooooy) left for New York to film a movie and have some horny adventures with Jennifer at her side (yayyyyyyy). Jennifer, still feeling the pain of separating from Brad,
was looking for any form of escapism and was happy to be Sarah’s travel partner. Rose, seeing that the evil psycho bitch Jaime was getting a little too close to Love, took her slutty housemate on a road trip, driving cross country to join Sarah, Jennifer and, ultimately, Jewel, who began a small tour. This left Alyssa all alone with her new roommates, Britney and Christina, who were only too happy to act as housesitters. The only problem being that Alyssa and Britney can’t be within 10 feet of each other without baring their claws. While all this was going on, next door Waldo, Franklin and Delbert found themselves under pressure to rejoin the CIA for one last mission while they kept a wary eye out for the revenge minded Brandon. There was a lot of girl on girl sex thrown in their too, but if you want to find out about all that then you need to go back and read it yourself, preferably at

As you can see this chapter is extremely long, don’t get used to that. There won’t be 300 pages of porn in every chapter. I’d die before I got to the end. But I hope you enjoy the backbreaking, exhausting hours of thinking up nasty words for you to read and if you do for the love of God send me feedback at It takes a lot of work to put this in and you guys are all great about letting me know how much you appreciate it, so keep it up please. It does an author good to know how much people like their work.

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Ok…now it’s story time…Oh and for your information the girls will no longer be French kissing…they will be Freedom kissing and Michelle the maid is now going to be a steadfast and loyal British citizen and not a traitorous, Saddam loving French girl. It’s just better that way.

Wait never mind…that’s stupid…Enjoy the story…

The Harem

Episode 12

“Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks”


It was with a start that Sarah awoke. Usually she was the type to gently stir into consciousness, but this morning she shot right up out of sleep. She was filled with the panic of not knowing where she was, but that passed quickly. Her breathing relaxed and she remembered she was in her hotel in New York City.

As her eyes cleared up from a night of sleep, Sarah looked over to the clock on the side of the bed. It blinked the oppressive early time of 6:30 and Sarah sighed. She hated getting up this early, but it wasn’t like she had a choice. It wouldn’t do for the star of the movie to not be at the set by 8:00 a.m. as had been specifically requested by the director in his own peculiar way. However, Sarah couldn’t resist the temptation to squeeze an extra 15 minutes of rest and she fell back to her pillow, rolling over to place an arm over her companion. When she did that though, Sarah found nothing and she sat up again to confirm that she was in an empty bed.

Where was Jen? Had she gone back to her room? Why hadn’t she woken her up in the night and said she was going? Was something wrong?

The answer to all of Sarah’s questions was easily answered by the sudden gust of cool air that floated into the room. Sarah wrapped the blankets around her naked body and shivered, but at least she had her answer. Sarah hopped out of bed, pushed her feet into her slippers, wrapped a quilt around her body and walked out to the room’s balcony. Jennifer was out there enjoying the early morning view of New York, but that wasn’t the only thing she was doing and Sarah shook her head in frustration.

“I thought you said you were going to quit,” Sarah gently chastised as Jennifer took a puff on her cigarette and blushed.

“Sorry…I’m trying…I’m trying really hard…” Jennifer explained. “But I got up this morning and I just…you know…needed one.”

“Excuses…excuses…excuses…” Sarah said, reaching over for the cancer stick and pulling it from Jennifer’s mouth. Sarah loved Jennifer, but this was the one thing about her that drove her crazy. Sarah was a vehement anti-smoker and she was dedicated to getting Jennifer to kick the habit once and for all. Crushing the cigarette into the balcony ledge, Sarah extinguished its toxic fumes.

“You’re mean,” Jennifer pouted with a smile. She knew Sarah was just looking out for her. She was hardly the first person to tell her to quit and it wasn’t like Jennifer didn’t already know the risks. It was just that cigarettes were soooooooooooo good. They never failed to soothe nerves and enhance moments.

“Just saving you from having to be the recipient of an unproven lung transplant procedure,” Sarah said hugging her housemate and kissing her lips briefly before pulling away. “Now you need to have a breath mint or brush your teeth or something before you get anything more from me.”

Not wanting to get into this argument so early in the morning, Jennifer did as she was told. She zipped into the bathroom to brush away her nicotine breath. She and Sarah usually shared a house, but now that were pretty much sharing a room, they had all sorts of opportunities to annoy each other with their little quirks and habits. Jennifer knew Sarah hated her smoking so she tried to do it when she wasn’t around. She had hoped to sneak a quick one in this morning, but she had been caught.

It wasn’t like she had been dying for a cigarette. She had been doing a pretty good job cutting back, but this morning she had woken up and started feeling wistful. Jennifer had begun thinking about how the last time she had been in New York she had been there with Brad. Now she was here and he was still God knows where. It made her miss him even worse than normal and a cigarette had seemed like a good way to feel better. Fortunately, there were other ways to feel better and Jennifer saw that in the flesh when Sarah greeted her back on the balcony with a proper good morning kiss.

“Much better,” Sarah smiled after tasting nothing but minty freshness on Jennifer’s breath.

“Happy you approve,” Jennifer replied. “But if I’m going to stop smoking then you have to stop hogging all the blankets every night.”

“I so do not do that!” Sarah playfully protested.

“Whatever,” Jennifer smiled back. “Next time you do that, you’re gonna get the icy feet of death on you.”

“Ooooh I’m scared,” Sarah mocked.

“You should be,” Jennifer said before she and Sarah got back to some serious kissing. They made quite a sight. Two famous women were making out on a hotel balcony. but at this hour only the birds were watching.

Since they had arrived in New York, Sarah and Jennifer had unofficially been sharing a bed. Sure they had two rooms, but that was just to allay suspicious minds. They were there as a couple and were doing all the fun naked things couples in lust do. They were finding new places to touch each other and loving every second of it. Cigarettes and hogging blankets weren’t important…this was. But Jennifer had one concern she felt she needed to talk to Sarah about.

“Sarah…you had another nightmare last night, didn’t you?” Jennifer asked, hugging the slayer tightly in her arms. Sarah faced out toward the view of the city and Jennifer settled in behind her, playing with her blonde hair.

Sarah didn’t say anything. She just nodded. In the aftermath of Rick’s attack, Sarah had been having trouble sleeping and nightmares that haunted her dreams. It wasn’t like this was an every day thing, but it wasn’t fun when it happened. Some times Sarah slept like a baby and other times she was afraid to close her eyes for fear of what her subconscious would conjure for her.

Last night Sarah had awoken with a gasp. Her body had been covered in sweat and the healed wounds on her body ached as if Rick’s knife was still cutting her. The scars had begun to fade, but at times like that, the wounds felt as fresh as ever. Sarah had wondered if Jennifer had heard her. Now she knew.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jennifer asked.

“No,” Sarah said softly. The hospital had asked her to see a psychiatrist for possible post-traumatic stress and Sarah had reluctantly gone a few times. She hadn’t liked it though, and she was happy to leave the shrink behind in L.A. Sarah didn’t want to shut Jennifer out, but she also didn’t want to burden her. She felt as if she could fight her way through these things. They were just nightmares. Nothing more.

“You can if you want to, you know,” Jennifer replied gently. She didn’t want to push too much. “I’m here for you.”

“I know you are Jen,” Sarah sighed. “And I appreciate that so much. But really, it’s ok. I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

Of course, Jennifer did worry. It was in her nature to do that, especially when one of her friends was in trouble. With Brad off trying to get his head straightened out, the girls were all Jennifer had.

Sarah was now definitely in the mood to change the subject. This was the last thing she wanted to focus on.

“So Jen, I’ve got to be on the set soon,” Sarah began. “And I was thinking you might be able to help me out.”

“Oh? And how can I do that?” Jennifer inquired.

“By getting in the shower with me and washing my back…you know to save time…” Sarah suggested with a bright smile on her face as she turned to face her lover.

“Just to save time, huh?” Jennifer teased. “Not for anything else, right?”

“Well maybe for something else…” Sarah grinned, taking Jennifer’s hand and leading her back inside the suite and toward the shower. “You’ll just have to come and see what that is…”

* * * * *

A coast away it was still the middle of the night and while many people were getting their needed rest, there were others who weren’t about to sleep their night away. Christina had always thought that she could catch up on her sleep during the day. Nothing ever went on then. The nights were for fun and the nights belonged to her. Normally when she felt restless like this she’d be burning off her energy at some club or spending some naked time with a well hung stud or a big titted slut. Tonight she wasn’t doing that. She was standing by her window and looking out at the ocean as it crashed against the sand of the beach.

It was so relaxing and peaceful to watch the ocean hit the shore over and over again, leaving behind only white, foamy residue behind as a reminder. The moon was full so the beach was lit up with a beautiful lunar glow that Christina found to be endlessly fascinating. She just stared out the window at the ocean and let the waves relax her.

Christina took on a lot of stress each day and there were only so many champagne glasses she could shatter to make herself feel better. It was hard work being Xtina and with everyone near a microphone calling her a whore and a skank she needed ways to chill and there wasn’t a better place than here. Christina was here for the seemingly endless bouts of lesbian sex that went on in the walls of this Malibu mansion but what she was looking at was an added bonus.

Watching those waves made Christina wish she was lying naked on the sand as the water covered and caressed her nude body. That would have felt so awesome but Christina supposed she should do it in the morning when the water and sand would be warmer. The waves were so peaceful and Christina was content to watch as she listened to the soft breathing that filled the room.

Knowing that breathing came from a sleeping Britney Spears and knowing that she had been the one that had fucked her into dreamland filled Christina with a very tingly form of satisfaction. She had never thought Britney would be someone she could share all this with, but there she was, naked under the covers of the bed they had shared for the last few days.

When Rose had offered Christina the chance to help watch over the house while she and Love had taken off on a road trip, Christina thought she had died and gone to heaven. Having Britney there made it even better. Not only was the pop princess insatiable when it came to sex, but Christina found her bubbly, willing nature a perfect compliment to her own carnality. Whenever Christina felt herself get horny she knew Britney would be there with an eager tongue and that was such a rush.

This place was everything Christina wanted. It was a place where she could go off and be herself and not have to worry about what the public thought about Xtina. She could go here and indulge in all the little impulses that made her pussy tingle 24/7. It had only been a few days since she had begun crashing here with Britney and Christina hadn’t even started on the list of things she wanted to do.

But for once Christina’s thoughts weren’t just on the sex she wanted. They were on the bigger picture and they were focused on something Britney had said the other day. Christina had been complaining about the hoops her label was making her jump through. She hated being something she wasn’t and she felt as if her label wanted her to be someone else and not Xtina. She was who she was and she wasn’t going to change for a bunch of suits at her label. So Britney had said that they might as well go off and form their own label.

Christina had shrugged it off at the time, but the more she thought about it, the more the idea started to sound good to her. She’d have all the freedom she’d ever dreamed about artistically…and more. No longer would she be busting her ass to see money flow into someone else’s pocket. She’d be able to say what she wanted and do what she wanted without any little PR jerk clicking her tongue and holding her back. She’d be running everything.

It was a risk, but what was life without risk? Christina didn’t mind admitting the fact that she liked the idea of all the power that would come with running a label. Her mind buzzed with the possibility of hiring a staff and the special interviews she would be able to conduct. Christina even began wondering if it would be possible to run a clothing optional office.

Every time she told herself that she wouldn’t be able to pull it off, Christina came up with three reasons why she wanted to try. She knew there’d be a lot of people rooting for her to fail, but that was always the case and being able to rub her success in their faces would make it even sweeter. Christina knew Britney would go along with her if she suggested it. That girl was so easy to convince, but that was part of what Christina liked so much about Britney.

Christina pulled herself away from the window and walked over to the bed. She smiled as she looked at Britney’s angelic face, her eyes closed as her chest rose and fell under the sheets. Christina totally wanted to ravish Britney right there and then. She wanted to tug down the sheets and feast on her friend’s sweet pussy, but Christina decided to let Britney sleep. Unlike Christina, Britney didn’t have the stamina to go all night. The girl needed her energy so Christina decided to wait until morning to help herself to some pop star poontang.

Reaching down to play with Britney’s hair while she slept, Christina tried to decide what to do with herself. She wasn’t tired in the least so the thought of joining Britney in slumber was rejected. She thought about waking Alyssa, but that girl could be so grumpy when she was in a bad mood.

Christina wished the other girls were here. If Rose had been around, Christina knew she could have gotten herself some sex. But the girls were scattered around the country and right now it was just her, Britney and Alyssa there. Casting an eye out the window again, Christina decided to take a little walk on the beach and get some air.

She thought about throwing some clothes on or at least grabbing a robe, but Christina decided not to bother. She loved being naked and didn’t mind showing her body off to the night sky. Maybe she’d run into some hunky night surfer or something and give him a thrill.

Leaving her clothes behind, Christina walked out of the quiet mansion and into the night air. As soon as she walked out she shivered in delight at the contact of the cool night against her bare skin. It was cold, but wonderful. Every inch of her flesh felt tingly and alive. Christina loved it and promised herself more late night walks like this in the future as she wandered down toward the beach. She walked down the pathway and actually slipped and took a tumble on the sand. She landed with a soft thwump on the sand and laughed at herself for losing her balance. Good thing no one had seen that.

Christina got herself closer and closer to the water as it crashed against the shore. She knew it was going to be cold and began giggling to herself as she dipped her toes in the water and felt the shivers it created. She dipped her toes in again and again, trying to see if she could pull back before the waves hit her and basically playing on the beach like she was a kid again. She burrowed her toes in the sand and let the water wash them clean, laughing the whole time. She felt totally free and inhibitionless then…like a water nymph and she wandered into the ocean, gasping at the temperature but loving the goosebumps it created on her bare skin.

Not giving a damn how the salt water was going to fuck up her hair, Christina began swimming in the ocean, letting the water envelop her before popping out with a happy smile. She frolicked in the ocean for minutes that felt like wonderful hours. When she finally tired of it she just set herself down on the sand and stared out into the deep, dark sea. She wondered if there was someone at the other end doing the same thing. She wondered if that person had heard of her. She wondered if they would have liked knowing there was a skinny dipping superstar at the other end of the world.

Before Christina could develop any more deep thoughts she began to notice something in the air. Before all she could smell was the salt of the ocean, but now her nostrils picked up something else. The sweet smell was familiar to her and her nose was well trained to pick it up. Christina got up off the sand and began following it. She didn’t know where it was coming from, but she knew she wanted some.

* * * * *

Inside their humble little abode, Waldo, Delbert and Franklin were passing around some of their product and debating the important issues of life.

“So what would you rather have?” Waldo asked as he took a toke. “The dark side of the Force or the ring of power?”

“The ring of power does give you control over all the lands of Middle Earth,” Franklin pointed out as he took his turn. “I mean if you’re looking for power, a ring that allows you to lay waste to an entire planet is something you’d want to have.”

“Ahhh but yet, the Force allows a person to control the minds of the weak,” Waldo contended.

“Yeah, plus there’s that cool choking thing,” Delbert added. “I mean if you really want to get someone…that choking thing can’t be beat. Plus the Force has a universal application. I mean we don’t even know if the ring would even work outside of Middle Earth. The Force is tried and tested on all planets.”

The other boys stroked their chins and murmured in agreement. Suddenly there was a knocking at the door.

“It’s the DEA!” Franklin gasped.

“PANIC!!!” Delbert cried out.

“No! No! The DEA doesn’t knock!” Waldo pointed out. “They just bash the door in. It’s got to be someone else.”

“Brandon…” Franklin surmised, the name of their nemesis sending a chill through the room.

“We’d better check it out,” Waldo stated. “One of us needs to answer the door and find out what’s going on. Who should it be?”

“Delbert,” Franklin decided.

“Delbert,” Waldo agreed.

“Wal-DAMN!!!” Delbert muttered as he realized he had been outvoted again. He picked himself up from the floor and slowly and slyly made his way toward the door as Waldo and Franklin got their guards up. They had no idea what was on the other end of the door. It could have been hostile. It could have been mostly harmless. It could have been anything. Delbert found his hand trembling as he undid the locks and reached for the door, but he managed to steady himself as he grasped the knob. He opened the door and suddenly found himself face to face with their visitor.

“Hi!” Christina said cheerfully. “You guys got some smoke for me too?”

Staring at the undressed vision before him Delbert could respond only one way.

“Guys! There’s a naked girl here to see us!” Delbert declared as he opened the door for Christina to walk inside.

“Interesting place you got here,” Christina said, throwing herself down in one of their hammocks and totally making herself at home. “So who does a girl have to suck off around here to get a burn going?”

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert were too frozen to where they stood to do anything but stare at Christina. Her piercings glistened from the water that still covered her skin and the light of the room. She just lay back in the hammock, making no attempt to cover herself or even close her legs a little. In a word the boys were terrified.

“Excuse me?” Waldo asked.

“I smelled your smoke,” Christina grinned, loving the power she held over them. “I wanted to get me some of that. So what do I gotta do?”

Franklin was the last one holding so he reached over and handed it to Christina. The singer gratefully accepted and took a deep toke. She didn’t do this too often because of her voice, but when she did it was goooooooooood.

“Mmmmm tasty,” Christina giggled as she inhaled the drug. “Your own private stash? Or are you guys dealing?”

“Dealing,” Waldo, Franklin and Delbert all answered simultaneously, causing Christina to giggle again. Man this shit was potent. Whatever was in it was good. She would have to remind herself to buy a little bit of this herb for her friends too. Too bad she hadn’t found these guys before Christmas. This shit would have made for an excellent stocking stuffer.

Christina took another toke and regarded the three boys who stared at her so deeply. She knew they couldn’t take her eyes off her body and she loved it. What was the point of being naked if you didn’t have people staring at you? Love and Rose had mentioned something or other about having neighbors, but Christina hadn’t really been listening. She supposed these guys were them.

“Ummm who are you exactly?” Waldo asked.

“You’re kidding, right?” Christina challenged. Maybe they just didn’t believe it was her. “I’m crashing at the mansion. I’m Christina. You know…Christina Aguilera.”

“Cool,” Franklin nodded; starting to feel his senses begin to respond again. “So are you famous too or just a friend of Sarah’s?”

“Whoa…excuse me…” Christina said in disbelief. “Are you guys for real? You’ve never fucking heard of me?”

“Should we have?” Delbert asked. “Are you on PBS or something? That’s the only channel we don’t watch. That and the Lifetime Channel.”

“Plus the Oprah Channel,” Waldo added.

“And the Oxygen Channel,” Franklin stated.

“But we do watch the WE Channel,” Waldo clarified. “They show Felicity reruns.”

“I still can’t believe she chose Ben over Noel…” Delbert said, shaking his head sadly. “Noel was clearly better for her.”

“Hey…get back to me…” Christina ordered, sitting up in the hammock. Did these guys live on Mars or something? Was this place in a cave? How could they not have fucking heard of her? “You guys have really never heard of me? Christina Aguilera? I’ve sold like a zillion albums! I won a fucking Grammy!”

“You’re a singer?” Waldo asked.

“What does this tell you?” Christina asked before signing a few bars of “Genie In A Bottle” figuring they’d at least have heard of that.

“Sorry, we never heard of that song before,” Franklin admitted.

“Yeah the only music we listen to is Jethro Tull,” Delbert declared as the boys simultaneously began playing air guitar and doing the opening notes to what Christina thought sounded like “Aqualung”.

“Holy shit,” Christina couldn’t help but laugh over this. “You guys really haven’t heard of me.”

This was totally unreal. Christina had been around people who loved her and people who hated her these past couple of years, but she had never been around someone who was indifferent to her. Now she was in a little shack, smoking weed with three people like that as they continued to play the notes of Tull with their air guitars for her.

Christina actually found all of this to be endearing. This was totally new to her. It did dawn on her that she was alone here with three strange guys and they seemed kinda cute, if weird. Perhaps she could give them something that would insure they always remembered who Xtina was, but Christina decided against going that route. There wasn’t even a trace of flava in them and Christina couldn’t remember the last white guy she had fucked. These guys here were more Britney’s speed.

These boys were funny at least. Plus whatever they did to this shit she was smoking, it was giving her one hell of a buzz. Christina took another toke and smiled, letting some smoke escape the corner of her lips as she held the rest of it in. She could go for some more of this. Christina decided to hang out for a little while and give these guys a verbal lesson in Xtina 101.

* * * * *

As the sun began to rise, Britney stirred with it. She frowned and tried to pull the covers over her head, but it was no use. She was waking up. Britney sat herself up and yawned. She hated waking up this early but her body was telling her it was time to get moving. Britney kept trying to ignore it and force herself back to sleep, but she changed that when she found that she was alone in bed.

That wasn’t a feeling Britney was used to. Ever since she and Christina had hooked up at the “One World One Love” concert, they had been sharing a bed. From the moment she had broken up with longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Britney had felt like she was searching. Now she believed she had found her place in the world again and it was right by Christina’s side. Britney didn’t want to say anything, for fear it would freak her out, but she was totally crazy about her fellow singer. Britney loved how Christina made her feel and how being with her always made her heart race.

Britney felt like Christina was the only one who understood the pressures she was under and what it was like to live in a fishbowl. She knew what it was like to feel as if everyone was judging you and making fun of you. When she was around Christina, Britney knew she didn’t have to pretend to be someone she wasn’t. She could say what she wanted, do what she wanted and act as slutty as she wanted to be. It was amazingly liberating and Christina always made her feel sooooo good.

Of course Christina wasn’t the only one who could make Britney feel good. On her first trip to this mansion Britney had found herself taken and totally ravished by the sex goddess that was Rose McGowan. It hadn’t started out that way. Britney had been mad and had shot her mouth off about Rose and ended up dealing with the full force of the actress’ rage. By the time Britney knew what had happened, she was flat on her back and taking an amazing toy in her pussy called Mr. Snappy or something like that. Britney hadn’t thought Rose was creepy or pale after that. Now she had Britney’s utter devotion and Britney couldn’t wait for her to get back here so she could feel that toy in her tight pussy again.

Britney had felt so wild and free, like she was a sexual beast when Rose had fucked her like that. When Rose ended up flipping her over and taking her virgin ass, Britney knew she was hooked. Being licked by another girl was incredible. Being fucked by someone like Rose was off the charts. Britney had felt the aftereffects for days. She and Justin had fucked once, but it had been nothing like that. Rose had known just how to take her and knowing Christina had been watching and fingering herself had made it even hotter. It had all happened here in this mansion and, as far as Britney was concerned, she was never leaving.

Wondering where Christina was, Britney finally kicked off the sheets and got up to look for her. Britney had gotten used to waking next to her rival and it was weird for her not to be there. She was probably around the house somewhere. Britney knew she didn’t have to bother dressing if she was just wandering around the house, but she did anyway, throwing on some jeans shorts and a t-shirt.

It wasn’t as if Britney had any objection to walking around naked. She used to do it all the time in her house before she even knew a place like this existed. She thought the body was beautiful and not something to be hidden. Plus Britney knew she looked good, so why not show off? The real reason that Britney threw her clothes on was that the mansion contained one of the few girls she didn’t want to show off for.

Deep in her heart, Britney knew there was no reason for her to be mad at Alyssa. She had only gone out with Justin for a few weeks. But Britney couldn’t help herself. Seeing Alyssa only reminded her of all the bad things that had piled up on her until she hadn’t thought she’d be able to breathe. Britney remembered how insane with jealousy she’d been seeing Justin out with Alyssa. She’d hated her then and even with the situation having changed, Britney wasn’t ready to embrace Alyssa.

It wasn’t as if Britney didn’t think Alyssa was attractive. Anyone could see how hot she was and now that Britney felt all this desire for girls, it should have been natural for her to put aside her difference with Alyssa and show her how good her tongue could feel deep in her pussy. Britney couldn’t do that. Not yet.

Britney had cooled the rage she had felt toward Alyssa during their first encounter here, but things were now at the polar opposite. She and Alyssa had barely exchanged 10 words since Britney had begun crashing here and the ones she and Alyssa did say might as well have had icicles attached to them. It didn’t make for the best living conditions and Britney just hoped she would be able to avoid Alyssa.

Unfortunately that wasn’t possible. When Britney walked into the kitchen looking for Christina she instead found Alyssa standing there stark naked eating some fruit. Alyssa looked up from her breakfast and cast Britney an annoyed look as a form of acknowledgement.

Despite telling herself she was supposed to hate Alyssa, Britney couldn’t help but admire her body. God she was sooooo hot. Staring at her tanned, flawless body Britney had to remind herself she was supposed to hate Alyssa.

“Something you want?” Alyssa demanded. She could feel the heat of Britney’s stare, but she tried to push away the effect it was having on her. Alyssa hated people who gave her attitude and she considered Britney to be nothing more than a spoiled, snobby princess. Who the fuck was she to come into her home and give her shit?

“You don’t have to be so snotty about it,” Britney huffed. “I just wanted to know if you’d seen Christina.”

“What’s the matter Britney, lost track of your little girlfriend?” Alyssa smirked. “God, you can’t hold onto anyone, can you? Doesn’t matter if they’re a boy or a girl.”

Britney glowered at Alyssa and firmly extended her middle finger.

“Ooooh good comeback,” Alyssa replied. “Better keep the razor sharp wit of yours away from Britney. You might cut someone.”

“Fuck you Alyssa, you’re the one acting like the bitch now,” Britney shot back as she turned and began walking away.

“If she’s not here, try the guys next door,” Alyssa said, deciding to offer a little help if only so Britney would go away. “People here have a habit of ending up there.”

“What guys?” Britney asked.

“Do you even remember when Rose and Love explained all this to you or did it just go out your ear?” Alyssa sighed. “The guys live next door. They know about what goes on here and they’re cool about it. Maybe Christina ended up there.”

“Why would Christina go there?” Britney wondered.

“I’m sure a genius like you can figure that out,” Alyssa said as she rolled her eyes.

“Cunt,” Britney muttered as she walked away. Alyssa couldn’t help but smile as Britney left. What a fucking airhead. Alyssa couldn’t figure what Christina saw in her. Oh wait, she could see two things that everyone definitely saw in her. Ordinarily Alyssa would have been all over those tits too, but Britney’s attitude was such a turn off. She acted like she was better than everyone around here and she clung to Christina like a leech.

Alyssa didn’t like fighting with other people. After her blowups with the Shannon Dohertys of the world, she was tired of conflict. But if Britney was going to give her attitude, then she was gonna get a faceful of it right back at her. Alyssa didn’t take shit from anyone, especially not someone like Britney Spears.

We need some new flesh around here, Alyssa sighed to herself. With the girls scattered throughout the country, the revolving door of pussy had ground to a standstill. Alyssa once again kicked herself for not tagging along with Rose and Love. She could only imagine what those two were doing out there and who they were doing it to.

Oh well, she wasn’t going to get things done by sitting there on her ass. Alyssa was a very proactive person and if she wanted to get some new chicks in here, she was going to have to do it herself. Her tongue longed for a new flavor. Now it was time to actually get up and do something to quench that thirst.

* * * * *

Finding her way next door wasn’t hard for Britney. There was a lot of empty beach around the place, so seeing the old servant’s quarters was easily accomplished. Once again wondering what Christina would be doing in a place like this, Britney walked over, still muttering a little under her breath about Alyssa.

Britney felt a little weird about just knocking on these guys’ door and seeing if Christina was there, but she supposed that was the only way to do this. She’d looked everywhere else for her. Britney went right up to the door and gave it soft, but firm series of knocks.

“State your business…” Franklin said from the other side of the door.

“Umm…I’m looking for Christina…” Britney replied, not quite sure what she should say. Part of her wondered if these were psychos or cannibals or both.

“Are you DEA?” Franklin asked suspiciously. “What we’ve got in here is being used strictly for medicinal purposes. You’d better have a warrant or something.”

“Look, I’m not DEA,” Britney insisted, rapidly losing her patience. “Is Christina there or not?”

Britney could hear the muttering of low voices from the other side of the door. It sounded like there were two or three of them. What could they be talking about? It was a simple yes or no question. Britney was about give up and head back to the mansion when she heard the voice again.

“She’s here,” Franklin said and Britney heard the sound of four or five locks being opened. The door then swung open and Britney found herself face to face with Waldo, Franklin and Delbert.

“Sorry about the additional security,” Franklin stated. “These are paranoid times we live in. We can’t just let anyone in off the streets.”

“You let me in,” Christina pointed out from her hammock. “I guess I’m instantly trustworthy. Either that or you guys really are just suckers for a hot naked chick.”

“Chrissy…what are you doing here?” Britney asked, zipping over to where her lover lay.

“Just kicking back Britney,” Christina giggled, her eyes more than a little glazed. “You should stay too. You know…chill a little. You’re always so amped up. You need to stop and smell the bud.”

“What are you talking about?” Britney asked. “And why are you naked?”

“What’s the matter, Britney?” Christina asked with a silly smile. “I know you like what you see.”

Britney blushed at the comment, but she couldn’t help but smile back at Christina. Suddenly the guys piped up again.

“Hey! We know you!” Waldo said.

“Yeah! You’re the girl from ‘Crossroads!'” Delbert added.

“You saw it!” Britney declared happily. “What did you think? Did you love it?”

The uncomfortable looks on the boys faces told all and Britney immediately became crestfallen.

“You tried really hard,” Franklin said, trying to comfort Britney. “You’ll do better next time.”

“She won’t need to go back to movies,” Christina announced. “My Britney’s too good for them anyway. She’ll be too busy working at our new record label.”

“Our what?” Britney asked, not believing what she’d just heard from Christina.

“Wow, are you a singer too?” Delbert asked Britney.

“Are you guys for real?” Britney asked incredulously.

“Don’t even bother Britney,” Christina advised. “Believe me, it’s hopeless. Let’s you and I celebrate. Here have some.”

Christina then took a long toke on the joint she’d set down and offered it up to Britney as she kept all the smoke inside her.

“Chrissy? You’re doing drugs? What the hell is wrong with you?” Britney demanded. Christina responded by exhaling the smoke she’d saved up in her mouth in a sweet smelling cloud around her head.

“Relax Britney,” Christina giggled. “It’s just pot. No biggie. Believe me, I’ve done harder drugs. This is nothing. C’mon…be a big girl and take a toke. Celebrate our new label.”

“I wasn’t being serious about that,” Britney claimed, remembering their conversation from the other day. The truth was she had been serious and she had been thinking about it a lot. Britney was so happy to see Christina on board with the idea. She could have done without the drugs though.

Britney wasn’t a prude. She smoked, even though she was trying to quit. She drank when she was in the mood. But she had never done drugs. Now Christina was offering her and giving her the hard sell. It was like a twisted after school special on peer pressure.

“Don’t be a wuss Britney,” Christina egged on. “You can handle it. It’s just a little pot. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Britney saw that the three guys were staring at them now. She just wanted to get this over with and if smoking a little pot was going to get Christina back to the mansion with her, then that was what she was going to have to do.

“Ok…but just one drag,” Britney agreed, taking the joint from Christina’s hand.

* * * * *

Alyssa had finally resigned herself to the fact that she was going to have to get dressed that day. She wouldn’t have minded just lying back nude all day and letting Michelle the maid take care of her like a good servant should, but she had things to do today. She would just have to catch up on her orgasms later. Maybe she’d stumble onto some willing slut while she was out and about today. It was getting kind of boring here with just Britney and Christina to keep her company.

Having slipped into some jeans and a loose white top, Alyssa was about to get going. She was really starting to feel horny and the jiggle of her bra less breasts as she ran down the stairs excited her. She could feel her nipples tingle and tighten and Alyssa was just glad she had slipped a pair of panties on under her jeans. If she’d gone out commando, then she’d have probably soaked her jeans by noon. This was her arousal would only be as evident as she wanted it to be.

Grabbing her keys, Alyssa was about to head out the door when she heard some noise from the back. Remembering what had happened here with Sarah and Rick, Alyssa tensed up, but she quickly deduced what was out there was no threat.

“I need a hand here!” Christina called out as she struggled to open the door near the pool. Alyssa sighed and walked to the back of the mansion, where Christina was trying to open the doors from the outside while holding onto Britney at the same time. With a bemused grin, Alyssa noticed there had been a few changes in Britney since she had last seen her. First Britney’s pop princess body was totally nude and second she was high as a kite.

Britney alternated childish giggling with deep, throaty laughter as she marveled at the sights around her.

“Has the sun always been this bright? WHOA!!! That’s sunny!” Britney said before laughing uproariously at her own observation.

Alyssa helpfully opened the door for the two of them and Christina walked in with Britney leaning against her shoulder for support.

“What the hell happened to her?” Alyssa asked.

“Don’t ask,” Christina replied before proceeding to offer an explanation anyway. “Britney had her first taste of pot. Then she had another and then she had another and…well you get the idea.”

“I certainly do,” Alyssa laughed, enjoying their predicament and treating her eyes to the lovely sight she was witnessing. She had seen Christina naked countless times. She was the only one here who wore less clothing than she did, but Alyssa had actually never seen Britney nude before. She may have been a snobby airhead, but she did look good.

“I love you Christina,” Britney giggled, wrapping her arms around Christina and hugging her happily. “You’re like my bestest friend in the world. No one understands me but you! I love you! I love you! I love you!”

“I love you too Britney,” Christina said, hoping Britney would be able to handle her drugs better with experience. “Let’s get you upstairs and get you cleaned up, ok?”

“Can we fuck too?” Britney brightly asked.

“Mmmm you bet we can…” Christina promised wickedly. “Want to join us Alyssa? I think you and Britney will be able to get along realllll well now.”

“No thanks, I’ll pass,” Alyssa replied, even though she did consider it for a moment. “What happened to her clothes anyway?”

“I had to burn them!” Britney explained, her eyes growing wide with terror. “They were eating my skin! Those clothes were evil! Evil…evil clothes! I’m glad they’re dead. Only when we’re naked can we truly be safe!”

“Ok…that’s enough…come with me,” Christina insisted, tugging Britney away and toward the stairs.

“I am the lizard queen!!!” Britney cried out as she was being dragged away. Alyssa just shook her head and once again wished she was on Love and Rose’s road trip.

* * * * *

Just as Alyssa was thinking that, the red, 1968 Corvette Roadster carrying Love and Rose zipped through America. They were traveling down the fabled Route 66 and, with Rose at the wheel, there was no concern paid to the speed limit.

The top was down and the girls were loving every second of it. The morning sun that beat down over the desert land they drove through was not only giving them opportunities to bronze their skin a little, it gave them plenty of chances to make sure they were well covered in sunscreen. Driving this long and fast with the top down was probably akin to committing genocide on their hair, but they didn’t care. They were hot chicks burning down the highway without a care in the world.

Love couldn’t have been happier then she was at that moment. Rose had felt so distant lately and Love still felt twinges of guilt about what had happened at the concert. Even though Rose had told her it wasn’t her fault, Love still blamed herself, knowing that if she hadn’t flirted with that girl, Rose wouldn’t have all the problems she faced now. But Love didn’t want to think about that now. She only wanted to concentrate on all the fun she and Rose had had and all the fun they were going to have.

This was the beginning of their third day on the road and they were just going through New Mexico now. They could have made much better time if they had really wanted to, but it had been much more fun to stop and see the country. Not to mention that stopping often had given them plenty of chances to play with each other right out there in the open.

Love still tingled at the memory of how they had stopped in Nevada to stretch their legs for a bit and how Rose had just pushed her up against the car and yanked down her shorts. Love hadn’t bothered with any panties and Rose had just began eating her out right there, her body pressed against the hood of the car. They had been right out on the side of the highway and so many people drove by while they were doing it. They had been driving by so fast that by the time they figured out what she and Rose had been doing, the drivers had shot long past them. It had felt so wild and kinky to do that right there on the side of the road and Love hadn’t even considered fighting Rose off. Rose had just eaten her out until her juices were spilling down the hood of the car.

She had come so hard and Love had immediately shown her gratitude by returning the favor to Rose. It had been so amazing. Out here on the road, away from Hollywood, Love felt like she could do anything she wanted. She felt as if she could indulge in every fantasy, no matter how wild. She was away from all responsibilities and all career concerns. Here on the road she could be as slutty as she wanted to be and there was no better companion for that then Rose.

For the past weeks, Love and everyone in the house had been wondering when the “real Rose” would return. She had seemed so withdrawn and out of herself that everyone had been worried. Now the real Rose was back and Love was reaping all the rewards from it. Rose had her in a perpetual state of heat on this trip and Love welcomed every second of it. Love couldn’t wait for them to get to New York so Rose could show Sarah and Jennifer and hopefully Jewel too, that she was back.

They were traveling close to 90 miles per hour and Love wasn’t the only happy one. The speed they were traveling at and the feel of this fine, classic vehicle was such a rush to Rose that she half expected to come just from driving it. It was such a surge of power between her legs to be driving a car like this at a speed like this and having Love right beside her. The farther and faster she drove, the better Rose felt because the farther she knew she was getting from the police, her lawyer and from Jaime.

What had happened with Britney and Christina in the mansion had been more than the explosive orgasm she had been seeking for so long. It had been a true reawakening for Rose. She had found herself slipping back to the part of her she had worked so hard to destroy…the dark, depressive goth princess who had hit the streets seeking freedom from the life her parents had forced upon her. She was becoming what everyone assumed she was…a freak. Rose wasn’t that anymore. She wouldn’t let herself be that way again. Now those troubles and concerns felt so far away. She felt the sun on her skin and the wind in her hair. She felt freer than she’d ever been in her life. It was pure, natural elation that was pumping through her veins.

Rose was glad it was Love she was with. Her biggest fear after the concert wasn’t that she’d go to jail. It was that she would lose that look of adoring lust she always saw in Love’s eyes. Now she could look right over and see it again and it made Rose’s spirits soar even higher. She loved how Love would look at her like that…so totally willing to be ravished that it was hard for Rose to resist reaching over and fingering her. She knew Love would have been totally into it, but Rose also knew it wasn’t the smartest thing to do when zipping along a major highway at a rate of speed that threatened to break the sound barrier.

Love just looked so amazing in the light blue sundress she had thrown on that morning that Rose would have let her get away with anything, even singing along to the radio for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

“All the things she said…all the things she said…running through my head…running through my head…” Love sang along to on the radio.

“God! How can this song be on again?” Rose laughed in frustration.

“Hey! It’s not my fault they’re playing it again!” Love smiled. “Besides, it’s like our theme song. You know…hot young girls getting it on. It was like they wrote it for us. C’mon Rose…sing along with me! You’ve gotta know the words by now!”

“No thanks,” Rose sighed. “Besides, if I had a theme song it so wouldn’t be pop music…”

Rose was about to say something more, but she noticed what was ahead.

“Truck!” Rose shouted out.

“Ooooh your turn or mine?” Love inquired.

“Yours…I went when we passed that RV an hour back,” Rose said.

“Goody…” Love said, licking her lips as they got closer and closer to the truck up ahead. It was for some shipping company, but that didn’t really matter to the girls. As Rose got closer, Love got herself ready to spring into action.

Rose slowed down the car to make sure they didn’t just buzz by the truck. She brought the car right up so they were right up against the truck and Rose then proceeded to honk loudly on the horn. The driver looked over to see what was going on and, when he did, Love leapt up in her seat and pulled down the top of her dress, flashing her naked tits to the very appreciative driver.

“Drive! Drive!” Love giddily commanded as the driver honked his horn as a sign of thanks. The loud sound got Love and Rose laughing as Rose stepped on the gas again and sent them flying past the heavy truck.

“Mmmmm I love doing that!” Love squealed happily. “I love it! I love it! I love it!”

“I just hope when it’s my turn we pass by some minister with his wife in a motor home or something so I can just totally blow their minds,” Rose smirked wickedly. Meanwhile Rose’s favorite song continued playing on the radio and she soon lost patience.

“Ok…enough,” Rose declared. “We’re finding another station!”

Rose then reached down and adjusted the radio until she found something to her liking as they zoomed down Route 66. She smiled happily when she found what she was looking for. She remembered seeing this band live and they had been so awesome.

“Now THIS is a theme song,” Rose laughed as the sounds of Poe filled the car and disappeared into the open air.

“Hey pretty…don’t you want to take a ride with me…through my world,” Poe sang. “Hey pretty…don’t you want to take a slide…through my world…Hey pretty…my pretty baby…rocking through my world…”

* * * * *

Back in California, Reese was having one of those mornings. Ryan had left early and pretty much left her the responsibility of doing everything. As she attempted to feed the dog, get her daughter up and start her own day without going completely insane, Reese felt her agitation level threaten to go through the roof. She hadn’t been feeling well again that morning and it had reached the point where she had scheduled a doctor’s appointment for herself later that day. She didn’t know what was wrong because the feelings would disappear and then she’d feel fine the rest of the day. Hopefully her doctor could diagnose and give her whatever it took to fix the problem.

This morning had completely hectic, and Reese could feel her rope fraying. It seemed like every little thing that happened this morning was designed to get her screaming and Reese struggled to keep herself under control.

Of course that was very difficult with a screaming three-year-old in her arms. Reese’s daughter, Ava, was also in a bad mood this morning and she let her mommy know about it by screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. As Ava wailed in her arms, the phone began ringing and Reese grabbed it.

“Hello?” Reese said. It was her agent, Brian, but Reese wasn’t in the mood to talk about her career right now. “Brian, I can’t talk right now. Call me back please. No…nothing’s wrong. It’s just a bad time right now…”

It was then that Reese saw that the toast she was trying to make for Ava was burning inside the toaster.

“Shit!” Reese shouted. “Brian…Call me later…”

Reese then hung up the phone and, as her daughter still continued to scream in her ear, she lunged for the toaster to get the burned bread out of there before something more serious started to burn. The whole kitchen was in chaos. There was mess everywhere from Reese’s thus far unsuccessful attempts to get Ava to eat. Milk was spilled, cereal was scattered, there was a half full cup of coffee she hadn’t had time to drink and now the burned toast put a capper on the disastrous start to the day. As the dog began licking up the spilled milk on the floor, Reese felt herself about to join her daughter in screaming herself raw. She was pulling down $15,000,000 a movie now. Life wasn’t supposed to be this crazy anymore.

Just as Reese was about to completely lose it, a savior walked into the kitchen.

“Whoa…what happened here…” a young woman said as she overlooked the mess.

“Julie, thank God you’re here,” Reese gasped as she rushed over to her daughter’s nanny. “Take Ava. I’m about to totally lose it! I need some me time!”

“Sure thing Ms. Witherspoon,” Julie said, taking Ava into her arms. The child stopped crying when she departed her mother’s arms and immediately greeted Julie with a kiss on her cheek.

“Reese…call me Reese,” Reese smiled, relieved to have a chance to get a moment of piece. She and Ryan had only hired Julie last month, but already Ava had bonded with her. She’d been a real help, especially with how stressful things had been lately. Getting a girl as young and capable as Julie had been a real find for them and of course Reese couldn’t help but notice how pretty the girl was with her long brown hair, fresh, beautiful face and large breasts. Julie also seemed to be the only girl in town who hadn’t gotten the memo about corrective eye surgery and she still wore a thin pair of glasses. But Reese didn’t want to think about the girl like that, it wasn’t right.

“Sorry…Reese…” Julie smiled. She was never quite sure how to address her boss. She was Reese Witherspoon! Julie didn’t want to seem like the Iowa farm girl that she actually was, but she was working for a real life movie star and it sometimes left her flustered. She was working her way through school at UCLA and becoming a nanny hadn’t been the job she had been actively looking for, but she loved kids and had a friend who knew a guy and so on….

“I’ll be back down in a little bit,” Reese said. “Just try and keep her calm and try and get her to eat something.”

“No problem Ms. With-I mean Reese,” Julie said cheerfully.

With a tired sigh, Reese left the kitchen and headed to her bedroom. She was wiped already and it wasn’t even 10:30 yet. She needed a break. She needed to relax. With a wicked smile crossing her lips, Reese knew what she needed. She knew she couldn’t get it right now, but she could sure think about it.

Throwing herself down on her bed, Reese undid the sash of her bathrobe and pushed it off her body, exposing the red bra and panties she was wearing underneath. She wished she wasn’t alone right now. She wished she had a pair of soft girl lips and silky smooth girl skin against her. Until recently, Reese had had no idea how good another woman could be. Now it seemed like it was all she could think about.

Lying here on her bed, Reese felt like the other world was far away and she could indulge in the naughty thoughts playing in her head. More and more Reese felt like this new, slutty side of herself, the side that craved pussy, was growing and growing. She loved her double life. She loved being a movie star and loyal wife and mother by day and a naughty girl at night. Thinking back to all the wicked things she’d done since that day Sarah seduced her in the shower was getting Reese’s pussy wet and, as her daughter sat downstairs with her nanny, she pushed her hand down her firm, toned stomach toward her panties.

Reese could feel the wetness growing against the silk of her panties and she pushed them down her body, leaving a wisp of a trail of desire down her leg. She gasped as the open air of the room tickled her wet pussy and Reese didn’t hesitate to begin teasing her slit with her fingers. Reese felt an overwhelming need to be bad right now. She didn’t want to be a wife. She didn’t want to be a mommy. She didn’t want to be a movie star. She just wanted to be nasty and slutty like she was the other day when she had let a porno star fuck her.

What Keri Windsor had done to her had just been amazing and Reese’s pussy had wept with desire for her since. Reese had had no idea who she was before she had met her. She had been looking for someone else and Keri and her amazing tongue had quickly made Reese forget all her. Reese hadn’t been able to walk straight by the time she got out of there and she loved it. The first thing she had wanted to do was rent some of Keri’s movies. She told herself that Ryan would like them too and it would juice up their lovemaking, but she ended up keeping them all to herself. She hadn’t even told Ryan she had gotten them. She had just watched them herself and masturbated to multiple orgasms.

Right now that was exactly what Reese wanted to do to herself and she got up off the bed, leaving her robe and panties behind, to run over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. She rooted through it impatiently until she found what she had been looking for. Reese excitedly grasped and withdrew her pale pink vibrator. She had been using this on herself so often lately and her body ached to feel it’s stimulating shake again.

Falling back onto the bed, Reese immediately set to work on herself. The stress she had felt that morning was disappearing into nothingness as Reese reached around back and unclasped her bra, leaving herself completely nude on the bed. She turned the vibrator on low to start off and the gentle hum made her tingle with anticipation as she began running the toy over her bare breasts.

Reese teased herself with the toy, not pressing it too hard against her tits, but firmly enough so that the tremors of pleasure would caress her naked body. Her nipples quickly hardened and Reese pulled the toy away from her breasts and down her stomach. She ran it gently over her tummy and teased the tip of it against her thighs. Her pussy was close to soaked by the time she got there and Reese resisted the temptation to go in for the quick orgasm by jamming it into herself. That was the way Ryan would have taken her and it was why she had gone so long without an orgasm before Sarah had opened her eyes.

As the sound of the vibrator’s sexy hum filled her now content ears, Reese used the toy on her slit. She rubbed it against her wet pussy lips, not penetrating herself yet, but teasing her body with that imminent possibility. As she rubbed her dripping slit, Reese’s mind wrapped itself around the delicious memories of her past experiences. She thought about all the naughty things she’d done. She thought about Sarah in the shower. She thought about Keri using her porno star tongue on her. She thought about Alyssia taking her ass with those beads of hers. She thought about Rose fucking her with Mr. Snappy. She thought about her and Jennifer pretending they really were the sisters they played on “Friends.” It was all so hot and Reese was quickly whimpering in pleasure as she touched herself with her toy.

Reese was so lost in the pleasure haze she was putting herself in that she hadn’t even noticed that she had left the door to her bedroom wide open. This fact was brought to her attention quite dramatically.

“Reese…I put Ava down for a nap and I cleaned up the kitchen is there any-OH MY GOD!!!” Julie exclaimed as she walked into Reese’s bedroom chattering away and saw one of the most stunning things her eyes had ever witnessed.

“Julie!” Reese gasped in shock. “Shit!”

“It’s ok…Miss With…I mean Reese…I…I…I…I didn’t see anything…nothing at all…” Julie stammered as she began to back away. She was totally convinced she was going to be fired and end up on whatever blacklist these famous people had. How was she going to pay her tuition?

“I’m sooooo sorry I walked in like this,” Julie said nervously. “Please don’t fire me!”

“Oh no! No! I’m not going to fire you Julie!” Reese insisted as she frantically grabbed her robe and covered her body with it. She was blushing from head to toe and Julie wasn’t any less flustered. Reese was kicking herself on the inside. How could she have been so stupid as to leave the door wide open like that.

“Julie, I’m sorry!” Reese continued, seeking to assure the girl her job wasn’t in jeopardy. She didn’t want to lose her as a nanny. “I’m so embarrassed. I shouldn’t have left the door open like that. I just wasn’t thinking!”

“Oh God no…don’t be embarrassed…I mean you shouldn’t be…I mean you’re so beautiful…” Julie sputtered, believing she was digging herself in deeper with every word. She did mean what she said though. Reese had nothing to be embarrassed about. She looked gorgeous.

As Julie said that Reese perked up. She looked right at Julie and swore she saw a flicker of lust in her eyes. Suddenly Reese felt her brain form a very naughty thought. What if she were to…wait…she couldn’t do this. Not to Julie. It was wrong. But that was what made it so right, Reese told herself. Julie was so young and beautiful…a real farmer’s daughter…Reese felt her pussy stirring again and the more she told herself she shouldn’t do this, the more she felt like she had to.

“Maybe I should just go,” Julie offered, hoping if she got out now she could still escape with shreds of her employment intact. Maybe Reese would let her off with a warning or something.

“No! Don’t go!” Reese said suddenly. Julie froze and the debate in Reese’s brain continued to rage. This was absolutely crazy. She would be making herself vulnerable to one honey of a sexual harassment suit. But if it worked then…wow! Reese would have what she was looking for and more. She tried to stop herself, but it was as if her libido had seized control and her rational thought process was circumvented by her lust.

“Did you like what you saw?” Reese asked suddenly. The words rushed out of her mouth and she wasn’t even sure if Julie could understand her. It was as if Reese had to say them before she came to her senses and stopped this dead in its tracks.

“Ummm…well…you’re extremely beautiful…Miss…Reese…” Julie continued to stammer. She wasn’t sure where Reese was going with this. Was she hitting on her? No…she couldn’t be. She’d heard a lot of celebrities were into swinging and all sorts of sex stuff, but Reese seemed so normal. What was going on here?

Reese’s heart pounded in her chest. Her brain was screaming at her not to do this, but her body wasn’t listening. She was now a slave to the lust that flowed through her veins. Julie looked so innocent standing there and all Reese wanted to do was corrupt her young body.

“You know Julie…not many people ever get to see what you just saw,” Reese pointed out, her lust feeding her confidence. “You’re actually pretty lucky.”

“Ummm yeah, I guess I am…” a confused Julie replied. She didn’t know what to do or what to say. She did feel a dormant curiosity beginning to stir again though. She looked down at her feet and wished whatever this was would stop.

“Do you want to see more?” Reese asked.

“No…I uhhh…I mean I shouldn’t…it wouldn’t be right…” Julie answered.

“Hey Julie, how about you let your boss decide what’s right and what’s not,” Reese shot back, feeling an evil rush through her body. This wasn’t like her at all. She wasn’t mean and she didn’t snap at people, but this was so much fun. Her nipples were swelling up tight and she pushed off the robe, exposing her naked body once again to Julie.

“Look at me Julie,” Reese ordered and the nanny complied. She’d averted her gaze when Reese revealed herself, but now she focused right on her body. “You think I’m beautiful, don’t you?”

“Oh yes Reese,” Julie answered. “You’re very beautiful.”

“And you want to make your boss happy, don’t you?” Reese demanded, not knowing where exactly these words were coming from. She felt twinges of guilt for doing this to Julie, but she also felt such wonderful sensations of wicked pleasure that overwhelmed any reservations she had.

“Ummm yes?” Julie replied, hoping that was the right answer.

“Then come here,” Reese said. “Come here on the bed.”

Julie hesitated for a moment, but eventually complied. She wasn’t so naive that she couldn’t see exactly where this was headed, especially with the wide smile that crossed Reese’s face when she began walking to her. What was most disconcerting to Julie at this moment was that she found herself getting excited by this. She felt a pulse of energy starting to flow through her body. Her head was spinning and she wasn’t sure whether she wanted this to stop because she hated it or because she liked it.

When Julie sat herself down on the bed, Reese took a moment to admire her. She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt that couldn’t help but hug her generous breasts. It was an outfit that was perfect for playing with Ava, but Reese had an entirely different game in mind. She began running her hands though Julie’s long brown hair. It was in a ponytail that went down just past her shoulders. The glasses that only accented Julie’s down to earth sexiness augmented her brown eyes. They were ultra thin frames and they made her look like an honest to God, girl next door. Reese could only imagine the long line of neighborhood kids who wanted to peep through her windows at night, hoping to catch a glimpse of her changing.

Julie flinched a little when Reese touched her hair and the actress detected another flicker of lust behind those glasses. She didn’t want to force Julie into this. She wasn’t that far gone. But Reese could sense that she did want this. Reese wanted to convince Julie how good this was, just like Sarah had convinced her. Reese wasn’t going to rape Julie. If she thought she was really forcing Julie, Reese would have stopped, but Reese was starting to feel that Julie did want this to happen.

“You’re pretty beautiful yourself,” Reese said, admiring Julie’s soft, milky white skin. “How old are you Julie?”

“20,” Julie shyly answered. Her body continued to tingle and she felt the beginnings of a moan form when Reese caressed her face with her palm. She stifled it though. She had to try and get a grip on herself.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” Reese asked, putting all her cards on the table.

“N-no…” Julie replied. God, she was hitting on her! Reese wanted to fuck her! This wasn’t happening. She wasn’t into girls. But Julie kept feeling those pleasurable sensations and she knew her pussy was starting to get wet.

“Ever thought about it?” Reese asked, continuing to caress Julie’s soft skin. Julie didn’t say anything. She just blushed and looked down. Reese knew that meant “yes” and she moved herself closer to Julie on the bed.

Julie flinched again when Reese crept toward her. She kept telling herself to get up and run away, but her legs wouldn’t work. She was feeling that curiosity again. Julie had tried to stifle it, but there it was. When she had been in high school, Julie had been a cheerleader and spending all that time around such beautiful girls had gotten her so curious about what it would be like to make love to a woman.

Julie knew she wasn’t a lesbian or anything. She knew she liked guys. But she had been so curious about it. Her lustful thoughts, more often than not, had centered around her best friend, the captain of the squad. She had seen the way her friend had looked at her and she had wondered if the curiosity had been mutual. Julie had never said anything or had the guts to act on it, so nothing had ever happened. But she had always wondered…what if? Now Reese was coming onto her and Julie once again found herself asking that question.

Her parents had been so religious and brought her up in such a conservative environment. She had been taught that this was wrong, but it was making her feel so good.

“I…I…can’t do this…” Julie insisted, trying to find the will to get up. “It’s…it’s not right.”

“Shhhh…” Reese said before silencing Julie with a kiss on her lips. It was soft and inviting. Reese wanted to entice Julie with how good it could feel to do this. She wanted to make her so wet and excited that she’d totally lose control. Reese was lost in her own lust and she wanted Julie to feel the same way.

“Oh God,” Julie gasped after the kiss had ended. That had felt so good. Julie had broken up with her boyfriend a month ago and hadn’t felt the touch of a lover since. All the guys here in L.A. seemed like such self-absorbed losers. What Reese was offering her was making her heart pound. Julie almost felt woozy. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted Reese to stop and she wanted Reese to push her and pull her until she’d quenched the desire she was feeling. She wanted nothing and she wanted everything at the same time.

“Let me touch you Julie,” Reese said her voice huskier than usual. “Let me pleasure you. You interrupted me before I had a chance to come. Now you owe me. Let me play with your body.”

Julie was so torn that she could say nothing in response. She just sat there and let Reese kiss her lips and move her hands down to her breasts. Reese touched her breasts through her t-shirt. Reese’s touch was so light that it was like it wasn’t even there. But Julie could feel what she was doing and she could feel her nipples getting hard and straining against her bra.

“You don’t have to be afraid to admit you want this,” Reese said. She felt so powerful being in control here. This must have been how Sarah felt and Keri felt and how all of them felt when they took her. “I’m not going to hurt you Julie. I just want to make you feel good. I can touch you in all the right places. Just say you want me to. Say you want me to touch you.”

Julie didn’t know what to say. Her body was waging war against itself. Suddenly her lips began to move and she heard her own voice. It was like she couldn’t control her own body and she loved the sensation is caused.

“Yessss…” Julie moaned, feeling Reese’s hands on her breasts. “Touch me Reese. Touch me everywhere.”

Reese responded by pushing her body on top of Julie’s and kissing her passionately. This time Julie couldn’t help but respond. She’d never kissed a girl before, but it was just as soft and sexy as she’d always thought it would be. Reese wasn’t too aggressive in the kiss, but she was insistent and Julie began kissing back. She opened her mouth and allowed Reese to push her tongue in. Julie found her lustful instincts pushing her onward and she began sucking on Reese’s tongue, causing the actress to moan into her mouth.

“Mmmmm Julie I want you,” Reese declared when she broke for oxygen. “I want to fuck you, you sweet little thing.”

“Yesss please…fuck me…” Julie sighed. She didn’t want to question this. It had been the last thing in the world she had expected to happen. She just wanted to do it. She wanted to make love with her boss. She wanted to fuck Reese Witherspoon.

The two began kissing again and, as they did, Reese reached down for the end of Julie’s shirt. She hooked her fingers into it and began pulling it over her head. They separated just long enough for Reese to peel it over Julie’s head and it exposed the white bra Julie had underneath. Her nipples poked against the cotton material and Reese hungered for them. Pulling away from Julie’s lips, Reese pushed her face down into the girl’s generous cleavage. Julie had amazing tits. They had to be a C cup at least and she couldn’t wait to get at them.

“Ohhhhh…” Julie groaned as she felt Reese’s tongue begin to tease her nipples through her cotton bra. Julie had sexier underwear she wore when she went out and she wished she had slipped it on this morning. She felt so plain next to Reese, but how was she supposed to know something like this could happen?

After high school, Julie had tried not to acknowledge the curiosity she had felt for other women. She pretended it had never happened, but all those good, confusing feelings were back now and they brought friends with them. She had fantasized about this. She had dreamed of another woman seducing her and controlling her and that was just what Reese was doing to her. Embracing the fantasies she had once had nightly was like welcoming back an old friend and Julie kept moaning while Reese licked at her nipples through her bra.

Hearing Julie’s angelic moans added fuel to Reese’s fire. This was so risky. She was fucking the woman she trusted to care for her daughter. There were so many ways this could go bad, but all Reese wanted to do was think about the ways it could go right. Her tongue teased Julie’s nipples, getting the cotton wet and giving her a great view of the pink, erect nubs under the bra. Reese wanted more and she didn’t hesitate in going for it.

“Let’s get this off you,” Reese suggested, reaching back around Julie to unsnap her bra. Julie didn’t put up any fight and Reese was easily able to expose the girl’s beautiful breasts. They were so soft and sexy and Reese immediately got her mouth all over them. She kissed all over Julie’s tits, lavishing attention on them and even biting gently on her nipples. Reese wasn’t sure how Julie was going to react to that, but she quickly got a response.

“Yesss…bite them…” Julie moaned. “Make me feel it!”

Reese was a little surprised to hear Julie say that, but she was happy to comply. The actress was getting such a rush out of being in charge here and taking Julie. S he sucked hard on her nipples and nipped at them with her teeth, getting more happy cries from the young girl. Reese could feel the girl’s arousal from under her jeans, but she wasn’t ready to get to her pussy yet. Reese had a few places she wanted to explore first and Julie seemed to be enjoying having her nipples played with so much.

What Reese was finding out was what the lucky few guys who’d been Julie’s lovers knew…she was a serious sub in bed. She just wanted her lovers to work her over and push her around a little. Julie supposed that was one reason she had been so open to Reese’s seduction. She loved being controlled and dominated and Reese was making her so wet right now by pining her topless body down on the bed and biting at her nipples.

“Harder…” Julie groaned. Reese couldn’t believe sweet little Julie was in to having her nipples bit and twisted. Maybe she wasn’t as innocent as she seemed, Reese grinned to herself. If this was really what Julie wanted, Reese was ready to give it to her. She didn’t go at it too hard. Reese didn’t actually want to hurt Julie. She just wanted to bring her pleasure and being a dominating boss was making Reese even wetter than she had been when she was lying back and pleasuring herself.

Reese continued nipping at Julie’s hard, pink points, grazing them with her teeth and then leaning up to kiss her again. Julie was even more enthusiastic now and she wrapped her arms around Reese’s body while sucking on her employer’s tongue. Julie pressed Reese close to her, pressing their bare breasts together. Their hard nipples rubbed back and forth. To Julie it didn’t matter now what the sex was of the person kissing her. It just mattered that they were making her feel good and filling the need she had since her last boyfriend had left.

“Do you like this Julie?” Reese asked. “Do you like me playing with your big, sexy tits? Do you like me pinching your nipples and biting them?”

“Yessss I doooo…” Julie sighed in pleasure. “More…please…more…I love it! Make me feel it! Use me like I’m your little toy!”

“Naughty girl…” Reese grinning when she heard that last part. She’d always been the one seduced. Every girl she had ever been with had been the aggressor. Now she was the one in charge and she wanted to play that role to the hilt. “Is that what you want? To be played with? To be my slutty little employee? Will you be a naughty girl for your boss?”

“Yessssss I will…” Julie promised. “I’ll be sooooo naughty! Control me Reese!”

“Call me Ms. Witherspoon,” Reese replied with a firm tone that nearly had Julie coming. She eagerly nodded her head and obeyed.

“Yesssss Ms. Witherspoon,” Julie moaned. “I’ll do anything you say! Boss around your little slut!”

Julie wasn’t ordinarily that sexual a person, but when she got going her lovers had to stand back. She had a lot of pent up arousal and Reese was hitting all the right buttons on her body. Her sexy boss was making her feel exactly like she loved to feel in bed and Julie longed for Reese to boss her around some more and really take her.

Reese pulled away from Julie’s tits and began moving down her body. She asked herself again what the hell she was doing, but her answer was provided by the arousal dripping down her legs from her pussy. This was new to her, but it felt so hot to take a woman like this. Especially someone like Julie who, by any rational view, should have been off limits to her.

Ordinarily Reese would have been shy to do this to someone, especially when she wasn’t sure whether or not they liked it, but she wasn’t go take no for an answer. Reese bypassed Julie’s jeans and went right for her sneakers. She quickly untied them and threw them off her feet. Her socks followed and Reese hungrily stared at Julie’s wiggling toes.

“What are you doing Miss Witherspoon?” Julie asked. She had an inkling of an idea what was coming, but she wasn’t sure.

“Just lie back and find out…” Reese replied with a wicked twinkle in her eyes. She leaned down on her knees at the end of the bed and lifted Julie’s left foot up to her mouth. She didn’t hesitate for a second before sucking lovingly on Julie’s big toe.

“Oooooh…” Julie moaned when she felt the first sensation of this. She had never considered her toes an erogenous zone, but whatever Reese was doing to her was working. Julie hadn’t expected Reese to be the type of person who had a foot fetish, but she was learning a lot of things about her boss this morning.

Reese was all over Julie’s sexy, painted pink toes. She sucked on each and every one of them, licking the nails with her tongue and then proceeded to move her tongue up and down the arches of her feet. There wasn’t an inch of her feet that Reese didn’t attack with her tongue and it had Julie moaning and Reese dripping.

“Yes Miss Witherspoon…ohhh yess…that feels sooo good,” Julie declared as she felt the saliva from Reese’s mouth dribble down her feet. She was about to soak through her panties and jeans.

“Are you my little slut Julie?” Reese asked, her eyes alight with desire. “Say it! Say you’re my slutty little employee!”

“You know I am!” Julie cried. “I’m your slutty employee Reese!”

“That’s Miss Witherspoon!” Reese corrected, adding a hard slap to Julie’s crotch with her hand. Doing that was a pure impulse but it had Julie rolling her head back and moaning.

“Again!” Julie begged. “Do it again! Smack me! Spank my pussy!”

“Say please…” Reese teased as she reached up for Julie’s jeans. Spanking through denim was no fun. If this was going to work, it was going to have to be flesh on flesh.

“Please ohhhhhh pleaseeeee…”Julie whimpered. “Spank me for being bad! Spank my pussy! Make me sorry! Pleeeeeeeeeease!”

Reese undid the button and yanked the jeans down Julie’s body, exposing the soaked panties she wore. Reese could see the lips of her pussy straining against the now clear panties and she couldn’t stand to have anything keeping her from it. Reaching up, Reese ripped the panties right off Julie, tearing the garment in two. Reese immediately felt a twinge of guilt about ruining one of Julie’s things, but the girl didn’t seem to mind a bit.

“Yessss…rip all my fucking clothes off!” Julie cursed. The sentiment was nice to hear, but scarcely necessary because Julie was now completely nude. Reese admired Julie’s wet pussy as the girl moaned uncontrollably. Julie had a soft, furry bush of brown hair. It wasn’t too wild or anything. It framed her pussy perfectly and Reese was about to introduce her lips to it when she saw Julie taking off her glasses.

“No!” Reese insisted, loving how Julie looked naked except for the thin frames of her glasses. “Keep them on!”

“Sorry Miss. Witherspoon,” Julie replied meekly as she set them back on her face.

“Sorry won’t do,” Reese declared, feeling her arousal build with every passing second. “I was going to give you pleasure Julie, but you lost that chance.”

“Please Ms. Witherspoon…I-OHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Julie screamed out when Reese suddenly slapped her wet pussy. It felt even harder because this time she didn’t have any clothing shielding the blow. Reese did it again and again and each time Julie’s sexy cries got louder and her pussy got wetter. “SPANK ME MISS WITHERSPOON!!! SPANK MY WET PUSSY!!! I’M SOOOOOO SORRY I TOOK OFF MY GLASSES! PUNISH YOUR BAD GIRL!”

“Shut up Julie,” Reese growled. Her face was hard on the outside, but inside Reese was giddy. This was so fucking hot. Julie was so into this and Reese was riding a wave of horniness she had never felt before.

“I’ve got a better use for that mouth of yours!” Reese declared as she moved herself up to the front of the bed and swung herself around so her pussy was right above Julie’s mouth. If Reese had bent down she would have been in the perfect position to do a 69 with Julie, but Reese wasn’t thinking about her pleasure right now. She was thinking about herself. After all, as boss her needs should come first.

“Lick me Julie!” Reese ordered. “Get that tongue of yours in my pussy! Do it now! Please your boss!”

Julie had no idea what to do here. She had never gone down on another woman before. All she knew was that she wanted to please her beautiful boss. She wanted to show Reese what a good, obedient employee she could be and if that meant eating the wet, sexy pussy hovering above her lips then Julie could definitely get into that.

Starting off with a few soft licks, Julie allowed herself to get used to the taste of another woman before she really got going with her tongue. She loved how sweet Reese tasted and she was just about to really begin licking her when she felt another hard slap to her pussy.

“Not fast enough!” Reese growled. “Eat that pussy you little slut! Make your boss come! Fuck me now!”

Reese continued the hard slaps against Julie’s pussy and the girl got the message. She picked up her pace and began lapping at Reese’s dripping pussy. She knew what worked on her own body so she just transferred that knowledge to Reese. Finding her clit wasn’t too hard and Julie pushed her tongue into Reese’s pussy to get at it. When she hit it with her tongue she began licking it hard and Reese immediately showed her approval.

“That’s it!!! Ohhhh Julie…that’s a good slut!” Reese groaned. “Fuck me! Lick that clit! If only I knew what a fucking slut you were when I hired you! Mmmmm you’re supposed to be taking care of my baby and you’re taking care of me instead! You naughty fucking girl! Eat my pussy! Show me what a good girl you can be!”

That was just what Julie wanted to do. She desperately wanted to be the good girl Reese desired. She wanted to be everything her lovers desired and for them to use her like a fuck toy. She loved how Reese was riding her face and slapping her pussy for encouragement. It made Julie feel so nasty and dirty and she wanted more. Her glasses were now all fogged up and sticky from the heat and wetness of Reese’s pussy, but she didn’t dare take them off. If her boss wanted them on her face, then there they would stay.

Reese ground her pussy against Julie’s mouth. She was impressed by how quickly Julie took to eating pussy. It made her want to give her employee a little bonus, but she didn’t think Julie was ready for the privilege of having her tongue inside her pussy. Instead, Reese reached down and brought Julie’s foot back to her mouth. She licked her feel and down all over the flesh, tickling and teasing Julie before taking her toes past her lips again. The young girl squealed her pleasure into Reese’s pussy but she knew well enough not to stop unless specifically ordered to.

“Mmmmm you nasty slut…you love this, don’t you?” Reese demanded. “You love your sexy boss sucking on your toes. Show me how much you love it! Eat my pussy and make me come! Make me come over your hot farm girl face!”

Julie licked even harder at the prospect of that. She longed to feel Reese’s girl cream all over her face. It would show that Reese was the one in charge and that she was just a lowly employee, good for nothing but having cum on her face. Julie let her instincts guide her, especially because she could barely see a thing now. She could just taste the wet pussy over her lips and feel the pink folds her tongue was playing in. It was enough for Julie to do what was needed though and she alternated sucks on Reese’s throbbing clit with hard tongue thrusts into her folds.

“Mmmmm more!” Reese ordered. “Tongue fuck my pussy! You interrupted my fun you nasty girl and now you’re gonna get me off! Eat my wet, tight pussy! Lick my famous cunt you little nobody! You’re nothing Julie! Just my little pussy licking whore!”

Reese’s words, of course, didn’t illustrate her true feelings about Julie, but she guessed it was just what the girl wanted to hear. Reese was right on the money and Julie indicated that with a hard flurry of tongue strokes against her clit. With the kinkiness of what she was doing added to the arousal she had built up from her toy play, Reese was close to coming. Julie was doing an uneven, but passionate job on her pussy and that was good enough to get her off.

“C’mon Julie fuck me!” Reese urged. “I’m so fucking close! Make me come! Do what I say! I’m America’s fucking sweetheart and you’re my nasty slut! Lick my pretty pussy you nasty whore! Fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeee!!!”

The closer she got to coming the harder Reese ground her pussy against Julie’s face. The girl was now totally hooked on the taste of women and Reese’s taste in particular. She longed for Reese’s cum. She wanted it dripping from her lips and down her chin. She wanted Reese to ride her face every morning and make licking her pussy part of her job description. Julie was Reese’s little whore and it was all she ever wanted to be.

Julie’s hands gripped Reese’s thighs and she impaled Reese with her tongue. She pushed it in and out of her tight pinkess, tasting her heavenly juices and feeling the heat build until Reese could take no more.

“OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS!!!” Reese yelled, her tits bouncing up and down so hard that she had to reach up and grip them. “YESSS JULIE YESSSSSS!!! I’M COMINGGGGG!!! TAKE IT!!! TAKE MY MOVIE STAR CUM ALLLLL OVER YOUR SLUTTY FACE!!!”

Julie did that and then some. She lapped up Reese’s girl juice like it was manna from heaven. She let Reese ride her face until she had no girl cum left to give. Feeling Reese’s cream on her face was the best thing she had ever experienced sexually and she let it soak into her skin as Reese cried out in orgasm. The actress’ voice grew hoarse, but she kept screaming her pleasure. When she finally stopped, she rolled off the bed and gave Julie a hard kiss on her lips. Reese was eager to taste her cream all over the nanny’s beautiful, young face and she licked off whatever Julie couldn’t get with her tongue.

“Mmmm very good Julie,” Reese smiled contently. “I may not have to fire you after all. Now it’s your turn!”

“Oh no Miss Witherspoon…I don’t want a turn,” Julie insisted, her lips and nose shiny with girl cum and her glasses desperately in need of a cleaning. “Your pleasure is all I wanted! Feeling you come is enough for me!”

“I decide what goes on in this bedroom,” Reese reminded Julie. “I say who gets a turn and who doesn’t. In my house you always get what you earn and I say you earned a turn. Do you have a problem with that Julie?”

“No Miss Witherspoon,” Julie grinned, very happy to have her own chance to come. She couldn’t remember if her pussy had ever been this wet before.

“Get on your hands and knees Julie,” Reese instructed. “I have a little something I want to use on you!”

Julie obediently assumed the position. She didn’t know what was coming, but she knew she was going to like it. She deserved whatever Reese was going to do to her and she welcomed it. Whatever it was, it was going to make her come. Julie knew that for sure.

Reese ducked into her closet and began looking for what she had hidden in there a few days ago. She had put it away from Ryan’s prying eyes and hadn’t had a chance to really play with it. Reese’s eyes lit up when she found what she was looking for and she quickly pulled the strap on onto her body. She had gotten this from Carnal Knowledge the other day, with Keri’s welcome help. Keri had even guided her through the dos and don’ts by fucking her with it and then letting Reese return the favor. Now Reese was going use it on Julie and couldn’t wait.

“You’re such a nasty girl Julie,” Reese declared, emerging from the closet and smacking each firm cheek of her ass. She left a pink handprint on the flesh that quickly disappeared. Then she did it again, smacking Julie’s ass while grinding herself against the girl. “You know what happens to naughty girls, don’t you?”

By now Julie could feel the toy pressing into her flesh and she knew what answer to give her boss.

“Yes I do,” Julie grinned. “They get fucked!”

“Good girl!” Reese said, helping herself to one more smack of Julie’s ass. “That’s just what you’re going to get, nasty girl. I’m going to fuck you Julie! You want it, don’t you? You want your boss to fuck you!”

“Fuck me Miss Witherspoon,” Julie panted with desire. “Give it to me hard! I want to feel you fuck my bad girl pussy! Please fuck me Miss Witherspoon!”

The next sounds that came from Julie were her cries from being penetrated by Reese’s toy. Reese’s strap on wasn’t too big. She wasn’t looking for her own version of Mr. Snappy and the six inches suited her fine. Reese just wanted to feel the sensation of fucking another girl and Julie was so willing to be taken like this. The fact that they were doing this in the bed she shared with Ryan only made it better. Reese had wanted to do this with Jessica a few weeks back when she’d spent the afternoon, but Julie got to be the lucky first.

Julie was so tight that Reese really had to push into her. Fortunately, Julie was so wet that she had plenty of all natural lube at her disposal. Reese was able to get the toy inside her and began to steadily fuck her with it. Julie responded with a series of high cries and squeals of pleasure. She screwed her eyes closed as Reese gripped her hips and fucked her. Julie was in heaven. She hadn’t been fucked like this in so long. Her heavy tits swung back and forth and her body filled with elation. Reese was taking her just like she needed to be taken.

“Take it slut!” Reese ordered, smacking Julie’s ass again. “Take this cock deep in your slutty pussy!”

Reese felt like she was someone completely different right now. This wasn’t her and that’s what made it so hot. She felt like Rose. It had been so hot when Rose had fucked her with Mr. Snappy and now Reese was giving those sensations right back to Julie’s young body. Reese knew she could never be someone like Rose. She could never be that fearless or sexual, but she could sure as hell pretend to be and that’s exactly what she was doing as she fucked Julie’s tight pussy hard.

“Tell me how much you love it Julie!” Reese demanded. “Tell your boss how much you love being fucked!”

“Fuck yes I love it Miss Witherspoon!” Julie cried, her glasses bouncing up and down on her nose with each hard thrust inside her pussy. “Fuck me! Fuck your nasty little worker! This is what I want! Make me your fuck toy! Fuck me and spank me and do whatever you fucking want to me!”

“Yessss that’s what I want to hear!” Reese groaned, her thrusts increasing. “That’s what your boss wants to hear! You’re my fucking slut now Julie! My fucking little whore nanny! I’m gonna tell all my friends about you and they’re all gonna wanna fuck this hot, tight pussy! Mmmm you’d fucking love it! You’d be our little pussyslut! Lining yourself up for each and every one of my lesbian friends to fuck you!”

Julie had no idea if Reese was just talking dirty or actually had friends like that. If it was make believe then it would be a plenty hot fantasy and if it was real…that would be the ultimate! Julie felt her body getting closer to orgasm. She didn’t want her boss to stop fucking her, but she also knew her body wouldn’t be able to take much more of this. Reese was fucking her so well and Julie just wanted to come all over that hard strap on buried deep in her pussy.

“Ohhhh Miss Witherspoon…please give your slut more!” Julie begged, her breaths growing short and uneven. “I’m sooooo close! Make me come! Please make your nasty little slut come!”

“Beg for it Julie!” Reese ordered, adding more pleasure to Julie’s fucking by reaching for her ponytail. Reese grabbed her long, brown hair and tugged on it hard, eliciting a scream of pleasure from Julie. She did it again while keeping up the pace of her fucking. “Beg me to make you come!”

“Please oohhhhhhhh pleeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee!!!” Julie wailed. “Fuck your slut! I need you to make me come Miss Witherspoon! I’m so unworthy of being fucked by you but please please please make me come!!! Make your little whore come like the nasty fuck she is!!!”

Julie’s words swam in Reese’s head. Adrenalin pumped in Reese’s veins and she began to think that her heart was gonna burst from the rush she was getting by doing this to Julie. Reese knew there was only so much of this she could take too so she decided to take mercy on the girl and stopped teasing her. She concentrated on getting Julie off. Reese pushed the strap on hard into Julie’s pussy and yanked on her hair, sending the girl flying.


More was exactly what Julie got. Since the strap on wasn’t too big, Reese was able to push it all the way inside her without causing any damage to Julie. Reese had it almost there and, with one final push, she was able to bury it totally inside Julie’s cunt. Reese let the tight walls of Julie’s pussy hold it there and she used her free hand to smack Julie’s ass again, making it pink and pushing Julie over the edge.

“MMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMM!!!” Julie roared in ecstasy as she came. She rocked back and forth as much as she could with the strap on inside her. Her pink pussy walls clamped tight around the toy and pushed it out a little. Julie grunted and sweated as pussy juice dripped down her leg and stained the sheets where Reese and Ryan had slept the night before. Julie cried out every wave of pleasure her body felt and when she sense the girl could take no more, Reese pulled herself out of her and lay beside her on the bed.

They began making out in a frenzy of girl kisses and tongue sucks, but their bliss was interrupted by a sound from down the hall.

“Oh my God! Ava!” Reese gasped as she heard her crying child. This brought her right out of the clouds and back to reality. She wasn’t the girl she was when she’d taken Julie. Now she was a concerned mother again and she quickly grabbed a robe and ran to check on her daughter. Fortunately nothing was wrong. Ava had just woken up from her nap and decided to alert the house to that development. Reese set her down again, lovingly kissed her and went back to see Julie.

“Is she ok?” Julie asked as she got dressed.

“She’s fine,” Reese answered. Now that the spell of lust that had taken them over had been broken there was noticeable awkwardness between her and Julie. They couldn’t quite look at each other in the eyes and neither of them knew what to say. Finally Reese broke the silence.

“God…Julie…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean for this to happen…” Reese said, blushing at the memories of what she had done to this girl just a few minutes earlier. She still had the fucking strap on under her robe for God’s sake. “I didn’t mean to force you or anything! I just lost control and…”

“It’s ok,” Julie assured her employer, pulling on her jeans but not even bothering with her ruined panties. “I wanted it to happen. I just wasn’t expecting it. It’s totally cool though. I loved it.”

“You did?” Reese smiled.

“Uh huh,” Julie replied, nodding her head. “It felt soooo hot! I didn’t know you were into this stuff.”

“It’s a long story,” Reese said mysteriously. “I just didn’t want to make you want to quit or anything. I think you’re a great nanny and I’d hate to lose you because I couldn’t control myself.”

“Really, it’s ok,” Julie insisted.

“So…you think you might want to…you know…do this again sometime?” Reese asked hopefully. She couldn’t forget how much fun it had been to be the bossy bitch and control Julie.

“Anytime you want…Miss Witherspoon…” Julie smiled before kissing her boss on the lips.

* * * * *

Sarah sighed reflectively as she sat back and waited. That was what you did on a movie set most of the time…you waited. Filming a TV series was often an exhausting grind, but Sarah had gotten so used to the pace of doing Buffy that when she made movies she often didn’t know what to do with herself.

The crew was busy setting up the next shot, so Sarah busied herself by twirling the gun she had around her finger. Sarah wasn’t someone who got her jollies from playing with guns, but since it was loaded with blanks and the safety was firmly in place, she was bored enough to do it. All around her crew members hustled back and forth making sure everything was in place and Sarah just kind of faded into the background. That temporary anonymity was refreshing.

Sarah had thought that filming “Scooby Doo” and doing scenes with a talking dog that wasn’t even there was difficult, but she hadn’t been prepared for this. The special effects shots they were putting together for “Parasite Eve” were about a hundred times more complex and it seemed like everything was CGI. Sarah never wanted to see another blue screen again and they had just started filming. She didn’t want to think about how bored she’d be by the end of filming.

Playing a New York City cop battling mutating people and animals wasn’t an opportunity rife with dramatic possibilities, but it was a nice paycheck and a chance to spend some serious time in the city of her birth. Sarah supposed that was worth a little boredom.

If she pulled this off Sarah would be able to prove that she could carry a movie without the talking dog and if she proved she had drawing power, she’d start getting better scripts to choose from. Sarah wanted to prove to Hollywood that she was more than Buffy Summers. She admired the Jodie Fosters, the Meryl Streeps and the Nicole Kidmans so much and she dreamed of some day getting the material they were offered.

So if running around in a leather jacket and tight white top with a fake gun while saving the world was what it took to get there, Sarah was prepared to do it. She just wished she had a brought a good, long book to fill the seemingly endless periods of down time she had.

In lieu of a book, Sarah used her time to do some serious fantasizing and she quickly found that nothing made the time go quicker than filling her head with naughty, X-rated thoughts. With all the interns, personal assistants and production people running around, Sarah found she had a big menu of yummy girls to dream about. She had already spent her morning thinking about spending some time with two of the girls on the sound crew, but most of Sarah’s thoughts were focused on someone else.

A lot of names had been thrown around for who would play Eve. When they had finally settled on Jamie Lynn-Sigler, the Internet fans had gone into an uproar, but Sarah had highly approved of the choice. The message boards and chat rooms of video game fans thought Jamie was way too young and not talented enough to play an opera singer who transforms into the villainous Eve. However, Sarah was looking at things from an entirely different viewpoint.

It was Sarah’s experience that on-set romances were the great constant of Hollywood and she found herself hoping that sparks would fly between her and Jamie. She knew Jamie had a fiancé and Sarah had no reason to believe she was into girls, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t hope. After all, Jamie wasn’t the only one with a fiancé and that wasn’t stopping Sarah from fantasizing about playing in the Meadow a little bit.

Having her thoughts turn to Freddie reminded Sarah that soon she wouldn’t be his fiancé anymore. She had agreed to get married to him as soon as she wrapped the film and that time was rapidly approaching. Marrying and having a family was something Sarah had always dreamed about. But she hated to think about what she was giving up in the process. She didn’t want to end up like Jennifer and Brad who had split over this. Sarah hadn’t told any of the others, but she knew that when she did marry Freddie she was going to have to commit herself to it and give up the fun she was having in the mansion. It was going to be the hardest thing she ever had to do, but Sarah couldn’t see any way around it.

Sarah didn’t want to think about having to give it all up though. She wanted to focus on having as much fun as possible while she still could. She and Jennifer had had themselves a nice, hot shower together that morning, but Sarah was anxious for more. She wished the rest of her housemates were here too. Sarah not only longed for what they could do to her, but she wanted to show them all her favorite places in the city. Sarah loved New York and she wanted to share that with all of them.

Sarah also would have loved to share Jamie with them too. She giggled at the thought of seducing the young girl and then bringing her back to Los Angeles as a gift for her horny housemates. Now that would have been a memorable souvenir to bring home. Sarah’s idea had her shivering, but before she could focus any more on that pleasant scenario, the very girl she was fantasizing about interrupted her.

“Boo!” Jamie playfully said as she seemingly popped out of nowhere on the set.

“Careful, I’m armed,” Sarah laughed as she tried to catch her breath. When she was daydreaming, Sarah tended to zone out which made her very susceptible to being surprised. Jaime got her good and Sarah was left gasping.

“Hey you’re not supposed to start shooting at me until next week, so keep that thing holstered,” Jamie pointed out. The two girls then shared a laugh. Jamie had been cast so late in pre-production that she and Sarah really hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know each other. So they were kind of learning about one another on the fly. They were getting along well, fortunately, and both seemed to like the other.

“So when are your scenes?” Sarah asked, noticing Jamie wasn’t in costume yet. It was hard for Sarah not to blush a little as she talked to the girl she had been dreaming about fucking just a few short moments ago.

“Not till later on,” Jamie replied. “They’re supposed to do some stuff with me like around noon, but you know how it gets around here. They probably won’t get around to using me till three or something.”

“Yeah, I’m supposed to start my scene any second now,” Sarah said. “But they told me that like forty five minutes ago.”

“I guess this is my big welcome to Hollywood,” Jamie laughed. Even though her face was instantly recognizable thanks to her work on “The Sopranos”, this was her first movie and it definitely was a big adjustment for her too. She wanted to be able to make that jump from television to movies and that was one of the reasons she was so glad to be working with someone like Sarah. She had made that jump and done it so smoothly. She really admired Sarah and hoped to be following in her footsteps.

“Yeah, there’s nothing they can shoot in five minutes that they don’t end up doing in five hours,” Sarah said.

Sarah was about to say more when all of a sudden one of the production assistants rushed up to her.

“Sarah…they’re ready for you now,” he said.

“Finally,” Sarah sighed. “See you later Jamie.”

“Ok,” Jamie smiled. “Hey if you want to, why don’t you come on over to my trailer later? We can hang out and stuff. You know kill some time.”

“I’d love that,” Sarah immediately answered in a tone she hoped wasn’t too eager. She had a lot of ways she and Jamie could kill time and she began wondering again just how receptive Jamie would be to them.

* * * * *

Back in Los Angeles, Michelle Branch was concentrating entirely on psyching herself up. She could do this. She knew she could do this. It was in her hands to make her fantasy come true. All she had to do was take action. Michelle had told Jewel and Alyssa about her lust for Avril Lavigne a few days ago and since then finding her and making love to her had been almost all Michelle could think about.

Unfortunately this was something that was easier said than done. Michelle wasn’t an overly sexual person. She loved sex with women and wasn’t shy about that when she was with people she was comfortable with, but she wasn’t someone who was in your face about her sexuality. She wasn’t one to go around displaying her body like Christina or Britney.

Michelle had no problem lusting after girls like them. In fact now that Britney and Christina were at the mansion, Michelle was dreaming about dropping by and properly introducing herself to them. She just knew she wasn’t like them. She couldn’t just go out and grab something she wanted. Michelle longed to be fearless, but she couldn’t stop worrying that a bold move would blow up in her face and jeopardize everything she’d accomplish. Michelle couldn’t bear the thought of having to return to Phoenix and face her friends and family after a sex scandal.

The things Michelle had done, like play with Jewel and Gwen in their dressing room and visit the mansion, had all been done in safe environments. If Michelle approached someone like Avril, it wouldn’t be safe. She had no idea what Avril was into. What if she rejected her and then told everyone that she had tried to seduce her. Michelle would have died.

Michelle looked at girls like Alyssa with such envy. Nothing scared her. She wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted, like when she had walked in on her and Jewel the other day. There had been no knocking or anything. Alyssa had just walked in stark naked and she exuded such confidence that it had turned her on something fierce. Michelle wanted to be that bold. She could be sexy like that. She could go after what she wanted and take it.

Telling herself that over and over again, Michelle knew it was time to move. She was sitting in the lobby of the hotel she knew Avril was staying in. There were little clusters of fans that knew Avril was there too and they were sitting around hoping for a glimpse of her. With her long hair tucked under a baseball cap and her face hidden behind sunglasses, Michelle was able to stay incognito. No one had recognized her yet and she wanted it that way. There was only one person she wanted to recognize her and that was Avril Lavigne.

Summoning up all her courage, Michelle told herself she could do this. She wasn’t going to get bold by sitting on her butt and waiting for this to fall in her lap. She needed to take her own destiny in her hands and take a risk. She hadn’t played it safe when she had decided to pursue a career in music and it had paid off. Now she was going to take the same risk with her social life. Michelle just hoped the end result was the same.

Michelle didn’t really have a plan of seduction in mind, just a loose collection of ideas she hoped would result in naked girl flesh against naked girl flesh. She and Avril had a lot in common. They were both teenagers and they had both burst on the scene at around the same time. Michelle had met her a few times, but they had never really spoken. That was the first thing Michelle wanted to change.

She was counting on the fact that if she went up and started talking to Avril, they would hit it off because of what they had in common. Michelle pictured in her mind going up to Avril, talking to her and somehow getting back up to her room with her where they could let things get a little more intimate. Michelle knew it was a long shot, but it was all she had. She didn’t know if it was going to work, but Michelle felt like she couldn’t go on not knowing.

Avril was someone who was very “in your face” with attitudes and opinions. Michelle admired it and it was part of the reason she wanted Avril so bad. She reminded her of girls she had gone to school with and that always made Michelle so wet. There had been so many girls back home in Phoenix she had wanted, but had been afraid to approach. Avril had such spirit in her and Michelle started blushing in the lobby as she stood there and fantasized about what they could do to each other’s firm teen bodies. Avril was bold where she was quiet and Michelle wanted her wildness to rub off on her. All she needed was a chance.

Suddenly that chance appeared when Avril began walking through the lobby toward the door. She was in town to start laying some tracks down for her new album and Michelle guessed she was on her way to the studio. She had her band following obediently behind her and big, hulking bodyguard to her side. Avril strode through the lobby with a confidence well beyond her years and Michelle found herself about to swallow her tongue.

This was it. This was her chance. She could prove to herself that she wasn’t some shrinking wallflower. All she had to do was reach out and say “Hi Avril.” Avril would recognize her and they’d start to talk. Then they’d get to the fun stuff. She could do this. She knew she could. Avril was going to walk right bye her. She just had to reach out and tap her on the shoulder or something while she was signing autographs.

Suddenly Avril stopped right in front of her and started signing autographs for the small group of fans that were standing in front of Michelle. Knowing it was now or never, Michelle took a deep breath, began to reach out and totally froze.

It was like her mouth wouldn’t work. All she wanted to do was say “hi,” but she couldn’t. She couldn’t say or do anything. She just stood there, paralyzed, as Avril finished signing autographs and walked out of the hotel.

The group of fans dispersed, but Michelle just stood there. It was like her whole body ceased working at the key moment. She had choked. Michelle slunk back to the chair she’d been sitting in and fell back onto it. She pulled the cap down over her face and bunched her jacket tightly around her chest. She’d had her chance and she’d blown it. Michelle felt like the biggest loser in the world.

* * * * *

Rachael Leigh Cook’s skin tingled as she exited the shower and wrapped a big, fluffy towel around her naked body. She always loved how she felt after a hot shower or a long leisurely bath. She loved how sensitive her skin was and how she could just lightly brush against any place of her body and feel shivers of sensation. Of course these days, Rachael was tingling for an entirely different reason.

Her days of waiting around the phone for some guy to call her were over. Rachael had discovered something about herself and it was scary and exciting all at once. She had never expected to be into girls. Sure she’d thought about it some times, but it wasn’t like she’d been looking for it to happen. But then she’d been so deliciously seduced and Rachael felt a wicked smile tugging at her lips as she thought back to all the sexy memories she’d been left with. Rachael didn’t know what to make of all these new feelings she had, but she didn’t want them to stop, that was for sure.

Snapping herself out of the trance she was putting herself in, Rachael wiped away the foggy mirror and stared at her face through the moisture. She smiled at herself. She wasn’t the type to go and flaunt her body. Rachael preferred holding back until the time was right to let go. She knew she was pretty though and she knew she had a sexy body. Now all these new possibilities had been opened up to her and Rachael barely knew where to start. That was the best part though.

Rachael began playing with her wet hair as she continued to look at herself in the mirror. As an actress, her hair color changed about as often as the regimes in third world countries did. These days it was a reddish brown…closer to burgundy than the bright red she’d had when she filmed “Josie and the Pussycats”. She’d changed her hair around so much that Rachael was sometimes afraid it was just going to fall out from overuse. Fortunately, that had yet to happen and Rachael still had a full head of hair.

Even after turning on her hair dryer, the loud sounds were not enough to distract Rachael from all she’d been thinking about for the last few days. Her eyes had been opened and she wanted more. She wanted a lot more. But how did she go about getting it? She wasn’t aggressive with guys, except on special occasions. How could she be expected to be aggressive with girls?

Through the noise of the machine, Rachael thought she detected a ringing sound. She quickly flipped it off and confirmed that her phone was ringing. Rachael quickly ran out of her bathroom and into the bedroom where the phone was beeping away.

“I’m coming…hold on!” Rachael called out, as if the person on the other end could actually hear her. She managed to grab it in mid-ring.

“Hello?” Rachael said, hoping she hadn’t missed whoever was calling.

“Hey sexy…” Tara said on the other end and Rachael’s smile immediately returned.

“Hey…” Rachael replied as she felt her face blush from the memories of what she and Tara had done to each other. Sometimes it seemed to her like it hadn’t even happened. It had been so new and alien. But it had been real and it had been soooooo good.

“What’cha up to today?” Tara inquired.

“I just got out of the shower,” Rachael replied.

“Ooooh are you naked?” Tara giggled on the other end. “Cause I am…”

“Really?” Rachael asked, feeling her body tingle underneath the towel. She had to admit it was a little weird to talk to Tara now considering the taboos they had broken, but Tara didn’t seem to have any reservations and she was totally putting Rachael at ease, just like she had when she had seduced her.

“Mmmhmm,” Tara answered in the affirmative. “I’m lying here on my bed all nice and naked…wishing you were here with me and doing all those things we did the other night.”

“Stop,” Rachael blushed again, even though she didn’t mean it. She didn’t want Tara to stop. She wanted Tara to do more and more to her.

“Nope,” Tara shot back. “I know how much you like it, so don’t pretend.”

“I won’t,” Rachael smiled. “Gawd…I still can’t believe we did all that. I had never…and it was so amazing…”

“You made me feel good too,” Tara replied. “I’m getting wet again just thinking about it. You got my pussy soaked the other night and mmmm I can’t wait to do it again.”

“Really? You want to do it again?” Rachael asked hopefully. Her pulse was starting to race and she pushed the towel off her body before almost unconsciously beginning to play with her nipples. Ever since she and Tara had shared their last good night kiss, Rachael had touched herself over and over again thinking about what they had done. Now the prospect of more was making her heart race and her pussy glisten.

“Of course I do, don’t you want to?” Tara asked.

“Oh God yes,” Rachael moaned as she hit a sensitive spot on her nipples. “It’s all I’ve been thinking about.”

“Have you been thinking about me?” Tara inquired. “Or have you been thinking about other girls too?”

“Both,” Rachael answered honestly. She had tried to keep her thoughts on Tara, but she hadn’t been able to stop herself from thinking about other girls she knew. It had been a veritable all-girl porno inside her head the past few days and Rachael couldn’t wait to thank Tara over and over again for making her see how good it could be.

“Good,” Tara grinned. “Why don’t you come over tonight? I’ve got a surprise for you. She’s coming over around 7, so you better be here. If you’re not then we’re just going to have fun without you.”

She? Oh gawwwwwwwwd. Rachael gasped and her mind spun at the thought. Tara had invited another girl over. This was too much! She couldn’t do this. Being sexual with Tara was one thing, she was a friend, but with another girl? Rachael didn’t want to advertise her sex life. But she couldn’t stop herself from wanting it. Rachael trusted Tara and she could feel how wet this idea was making her pussy. Besides the thought of Tara playing with this mystery girl without her was something she couldn’t let happen. Rachael just couldn’t make the word “no” form on her lips.

“I’ll be there,” Rachael said, her voice almost a whisper.

“Goody,” Tara replied. “Get here early. There’s something I want to show you. You’re going to love it.”

“Ok Tara,” Rachael agreed. “I’ll see you tonight.”

“Can’t wait,” Tara said, her voice almost a moan. “It’s going to be even better than last time.”

The call then ended and Tara moved her attention right back to the television screen. She hadn’t been lying to Rachael. She was in her bed and she was stark naked. Tara’s hands were very busy too as she watched the tape she had made of her and Rachael for what felt like the zillionth time. What was on it demanded repeat viewings and Tara had enjoyed it every time she had seen it.

This time was no exception and Tara moved her left hand back to her bare tits as her right hand pawed at her wet pussy. She slid two, then three fingers into her tight cunt and pumped them into body. Tara’s eyes were frozen to the screen as she watched Rachael pull off her panties with her teeth and then kiss her soaked pussy. Remembering what they had done had been hot, but visual aids just made it so much sexier. Tara couldn’t wait to show Rachael what she’d done. She was going to love it. She just knew it.

Tara’s moans filled the room as she continued to finger herself. The tape had come out even better than she had hoped. It was so vivid and so fucking sexy. Tara couldn’t help but think that someone else out there needed to see this tape, just so he could see how over him she was.

“Mmmm I don’t need you anymore Carson,” Tara groaned. “Mmmm Rachael can fuck me better than you ever could!”

Tara then began moaning again while she watched Rachael eat her out. They both looked so beautiful on the tape all naked and in total lust with each other. Tara continued to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy, pushing herself closer and closer to another creamy orgasm. While she did this, Tara kept telling herself that this was only going to get better.

* * * * *

Even though it was still just mid-morning, the business of making Hollywood deals was already in full swing. There were contracts to be negotiated, creative accounting to do and auditions to go on. Jessica Alba had thought she was done with auditions, but one big canceled series had changed all that.

Jessica wasn’t opposed to the idea of auditioning, as long as it was for a good role. She knew if she was trying to get a movie role in a big blockbuster then she would have to audition. She just wasn’t willing to audition to be the lead’s best friend on some stupid sitcom or something. Fortunately, the audition she was headed to this morning was far from a dumb role like that.

It had been almost a year since “Dark Angel” had been canceled and Jessica hadn’t exactly been sitting around and gathering dust. She had her first starring role in a movie coming out, but she wasn’t taking anything for granted. “Honey” could just as easily be another “Glitter” as it could be another “Save The Last Dance.” Jessica wasn’t assuming it would be a success and she wanted to make sure her face was still out there and that there was a buzz around her name. That was why when her agent called and told her that they were interested in her doing a two-part guest shot on “Alias” she had jumped at the chance, even if it meant auditioning.

The role was worth it that was for sure. Jessica knew she could really make the role of an undercover CIA operative who might or might not be one of the good guys work. There would be plenty of chances for her to look sexy and kick some ass. It was perfect for her and she wanted it badly. The episodes would air during May sweeps with plenty of promotion and it just seemed like the ideal situation. Jessica had already talked to the producers and gone in for a reading. She was feeling confident that they liked her and that the role was hers. Jessica didn’t want to be too optimistic, but she felt as if they were going to offer it to her after the meeting she had been summoned to this morning.

Of course Jessica had other, less career oriented, reasons for wanting this job. For the chance to do scenes with Jennifer Garner, Jessica probably would have done the role for free. Jennifer was the girl of the moment in Hollywood and Jessica would have loved to get a chance to know her on an intimate level. Jessica thought their situations were similar in many ways. They were both girls kicking ass on a weekly basis and they had been relative unknowns before getting their lead roles. The only difference was that Jennifer was getting Emmy nominations and post Super Bowl time slots and the network proud to associate itself with “Joe Millionaire” had abandoned Jessica’s show.

Jessica didn’t resent Jennifer’s success though. She was happy for her. It wasn’t Jennifer’s fault that she and her fiancé, Michael, were out of work. Sure Jessica wished she was the one on the big screen wearing leather and making out in the rain with Ben Affleck, but it hadn’t been meant to be. She and Jennifer had presented together at the 2001 Emmy’s and they had gotten along fine. There hadn’t been any diva tantrums or anything backstage and the meetings they had taken about the show had gone extremely well. Jessica had no problems with Jennifer and the only issue she had was wondering how open Jennifer would be to some girl on girl seduction.

Ever since her own seduction at the hands of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica had been cutting herself quite a swath through America’s population of hotties. Reese Witherspoon. Britney Spears. The lovely ladies of the WWE. Jessica had had them all and then some. Now she longed to add Jennifer to her collection as well.

Jessica had always heard rumors about Jennifer’s fondness for female flesh and now that the actress had announced her separation from her husband, they had been flying again. Of course Jessica had heard those same rumors about herself long before she had traveled to the mansion and discovered this side of her sexuality. She supposed this was what came with the territory when you were an ass-kicking female on television every week. People just assumed you liked to dyke it out on the side. It happened to be true in Jessica’s case, but that didn’t mean it was the same way for Jennifer. Jessica had no reason to believe the rumors were true. She just had her hopes and her fantasies.

As she arrived at the studio for the meeting, Jessica couldn’t help but wonder what they had in store for her. She hadn’t been expected to be summoned for the meeting and she had been just chilling out at home when she had gotten the call. Jessica had quickly thrown on some clothes and beaten a hot trail to the studio. She never knew what to wear to these things so she just put on some tan slacks and a black shirt. It wasn’t fancy by any means, but it had been more professional than the cut off jean shorts and t-shirt she had been lounging around in before the call came.

Jessica just hoped they weren’t about to tell her they were going in another direction with the character. She had heard that too many times in her life. But she had no reason to believe that was the case here. Things had been going so well. The guards allowed Jessica in and she parked on the lot, right by the production offices for the show.

The receptionist told her she was expected in the conference room and Jessica took a deep breath before heading up. She hated the nervousness that always came with these things, but she couldn’t help feeling it. She needed this. Jessica took another deep breath and opened the door to the conference room where she received a sudden surprise. Instead of a bunch of producers lying in wait for her, Jessica found Jennifer sitting behind the table dressed smartly in a sharp business suit.

Jennifer looked more like a network executive then a star as she sat there with her hair pinned back and her demeanor all business. It was not what Jessica expected and her confusion showed all over her face.

“Ahhh Jessica good, please sit down,” Jennifer said as she indicated toward the chair next to hers. The strong oak table that filled the room looked strange with only one person behind it, but Jennifer seemed entirely focused on this.

“Are we supposed to have the meeting here?” Jessica asked as she took her seat. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Yes we are having a meeting, but its only going to be you and me,” Jennifer said firmly. All the other conversations they had been in had been friendly and casual, but there was none of that tone here. Instead Jessica’s voice was clipped and direct. In her business suit, with the buttoned jacket, matching pants and cream-colored blouse underneath, Jessica was the model of a powerful female executive. She was focused on business and nothing but.

“What’s up?” Jessica asked. She was confused and more than a little taken aback by this side of Jennifer. She was behaving so oddly.

“Well Jessica we know you’re interested in appearing on the show and the producers are interested in you as well,” Jennifer explained. “But, as star, final approval would be mine.”

A sudden thought filled Jessica’s head. She’s worried about me stealing her thunder. Jessica bristled at the insinuation that she would act less than professionally. What was with these Hollywood types? They were always so paranoid. This was what Jessica hated about the industry. She had thought Jennifer was different, but she guessed she was wrong.

“What are you getting at?” Jessica asked warily. She didn’t know exactly where this was going, but she didn’t like it.

“Look Jessica, I know you need this role and I’d like to make sure you get it,” Jennifer stated evenly. “But I need to know how much you want it…”

“What does that mean?” Jessica demanded, her anger rising. What was Jennifer getting at? She wanted this role but she wasn’t about to agree to some crazy demands to get it. No role was worth being made to feel like garbage. Jessica didn’t need this. She was about to get up and leave when Jennifer gave her every reason to stay with her next words.

“It means I asked you here to see how far you were willing to go to be on my show,” Jennifer said as her hand reached up and began caressing Jessica’s cheek. Jessica froze. Holy fucking shit! Jennifer wanted a tumble on the casting couch! Jessica couldn’t have been more shocked. She had never been approached like this and by Jennifer Garner of all people! She had no idea how to react and Jennifer took this opportunity to move her lips tantalizingly close to hers.

Jessica couldn’t believe all this was happening. She would have been completely offended, if this hadn’t been exactly what she had wanted. Well if Jennifer wanted to throw some muscle around well she would have been very willing to show her how bad she wanted the role. Jessica didn’t mind giving up a little control during sex. She had let Maria totally work her over when she and Reese had visited Carnal Knowledge. As long as she came in the end, it was all good and Jessica had to keep herself from smiling over this turn of events. Jennifer’s lips moved closer and closer and Jessica eagerly awaited the feel of her kiss. Suddenly Jennifer froze and pulled back.

“Oh God…I can’t do this!” Jennifer declared as she backed away. “Jessica, I’m so sorry!”

Now Jessica was really confused. First Jennifer was about to kiss her and now she was apologizing. What the hell was going on here? Things had gotten way more complex than they ever should have been.

“You should just go,” Jennifer stammered. “I never should have tried this. God, how could I be so stupid!”

“Jennifer? What are you talking about?” Jessica asked.

“It’s not important,” Jennifer replied glumly. “Just please go and try and forget this ever happened. Please don’t tell anyone about this. I just made a terrible mistake.”

Jennifer just wanted to find herself a hole and bury herself in it right then. She had been psyching herself up for this all week, but at the moment of truth she had blinked. She never should have put herself in this situation, but she hadn’t been able to help herself. Now she had gone and ruined everything. She couldn’t believe what an idiot she could be sometimes. God, what if Jessica went and told the producers? She had worked so hard on building her career and now she had gone and thrown it all away on a whim.

“Jennifer…are you ok?” Jessica asked. Her head was spinning. First she had been expecting a meeting, then a kiss and now she was getting drama.

“No…no…nothing is ok…” Jessica declared. She was still in the business suit but the tough as nails attitude was long gone. “I just don’t know what I’m doing anymore.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jessica asked. “Maybe I can help.”

“Doubtful,” Jennifer sighed. At least Jessica wasn’t offended by what she had almost done. It didn’t look like she was going to run off and tattle. “You’ll think I’m a freak or something.”

“I so don’t think so,” Jessica replied, taking Jennifer’s hand and giving it a friendly squeeze. “I have a very open mind.”

“Not this open,” Jennifer assumed. “I’m so sorry Jessica. It’s just that I…I…damn it! I wanted you! Ok, Jessica? I wanted to have sex with you! There! Happy now?”

Jennifer then pulled her hand away from Jessica. She couldn’t believe she had messed this up so badly. She had told herself to try and ignore the lust she felt for Jessica. She was always so bad at this stuff. But she had ignored her better judgment and now things were totally fucked up. Jessica had been totally nice and friendly to her and how had she repaid her? By putting on this stupid outfit and clumsily hitting on her. Jennifer felt like she was an inch tall.

“Were you trying to seduce me?” Jessica asked. She was almost giddy, but she didn’t show it yet. She wanted to wait for just the right moment.

“Yes…” Jennifer admitted as she slumped back in the chair, a defeated woman. She owed Jessica at least an explanation. “Please don’t tell anyone Jessica. I didn’t mean to offend you or anything or come off like a bitch. But God…I had no idea how to tell you how I felt and I don’t know…this whole ‘sleep with me for the part’ thing seemed like a good idea at the time. I don’t know what I was thinking. I suck at this. I’m so sorry I did this to you Jessica. You don’t have to be here. You can have the part, I mean if you still want it. I totally understand if you never want to see me again. I mean what I did just now was totally inappropriate and unacceptable…I mean I…”

“Jennifer?” Jessica interrupted. “Shut up and kiss me.”

“What?” Jennifer replied, her voice a nervous squeak.

Jessica then smiled and made her point with her actions. She leaned in and kissed Jennifer’s soft, apologizing lips tenderly. Jennifer immediately returned the kiss, opening her mouth and letting Jessica’s tongue slide inside. They kissed back and forth for a few moments, all their secrets on the table now.

“You mean…you feel the same way?” Jennifer asked when they broke for oxygen. “You want me too?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Jessica smiled. “You didn’t have to go through all this, though. You should have just asked. I’m into girls too and you’re so beautiful Jennifer. I totally want you.”

For Jennifer, hearing that was like being handed the keys to heaven. If only she’d known! But then again her feelings for girls had always been such a confusing thing for her that it was no surprise this hadn’t gone smoothly.

Jennifer had been raised in a loving, open home, but still, West Virginia wasn’t the type of place where you went around openly professing you liked girls. Jennifer liked boys too and her bisexuality had been a constant source of confusion growing up. She felt like she had no one to talk to about it and when she had gotten to college, she at last found an outlet for her feelings. She had carried on a few short affairs with women, but they had always been secret. Jennifer had never been open about her feelings and, even after she’d gotten married, it had been like a huge burden for her to carry.

She had no idea how to express the feelings she had for girls and the end result was always messes like this. She remembered filming “Time of Your Life” with Jennifer Love Hewitt. The “Party of Five” spin-off had been short lived, but there had been plenty of time for Jennifer to develop a mad crush on Love. Of course she hadn’t been able to tell her that. She assumed Love would have had her fired or something. Instead Jennifer had pushed herself away from Love at every opportunity, fearful of her feelings. Love must have thought she was a total icy bitch.

Jennifer had tried to deny these feelings for so long, but there had been a need inside herself for the touch of another woman. When she and Scott had split up, she had felt that need more than ever. Despite their separation, she had loved him and he had satisfied her in bed, but there had always been something missing. Jennifer knew what it was and when Jessica began negotiations to make an appearance on the show, she knew she had to have her.

Even with that knowledge, Jennifer had no idea how to tell her. She didn’t want a repeat of the Love incident. She just wanted one chance to be with Jessica and she didn’t want to think about the possibility that Jessica might not want her back. When she had thought of this whole casting couch thing, it made sense in her head. She could hide her insecurity behind a wall of ball busting toughness, but when it came time for her to seal the deal, she hadn’t been able to do it. She didn’t want Jessica to think she was some sexual sleaze. But now it looked like everything had somehow fallen into place.

“Have you done this before?” Jessica asked after they shared another sexy kiss.

“Yeah…but not in a long time,” Jennifer answered. “What about you?”

“Oh yeah,” Jessica grinned. “I’ve done things that would blow your mind.”

“You’re not mad about all the stuff from before?” Jennifer asked. “I’m just a lousy seductress.”

“You just need some more practice,” Jessica replied with a grin. “Don’t worry. I’m an easy lay for hot girls like you.”

Jennifer giggled over Jessica’s sexual confidence. They were similar in many ways. Jessica had her fiancée and she had been married, but they both knew how good a woman could be. Jennifer told herself that there was a lot she could learn from someone like Jessica.

“So what should we do about this?” Jennifer asked. “I mean now that we know how we feel and all that.”

“Well what were you planning?” Jessica asked. “I mean if I’d gone for this whole thing…what would you have wanted to do with me?”

“I was thinking about taking you and fucking you right here on this table,” Jennifer answered. She blushed at her own words, but it felt so good to admit them. The weight on herself was being eased with each passing second and Jennifer felt a rush of arousal. This was going to happen. She was going to have Jessica and she wasn’t going to have to play any bullshit games to get her. It was just going to be two beautiful girls who wanted each other. There was nothing wrong with that.

“I like that idea a lot,” Jessica said. “You’re not expecting anyone else in here today, are you?”

“Nope…the room’s mine,” Jennifer answered. “No one’s supposed to come and bother us.”

“Well…” Jessica began as she traced her fingernails over Jennifer’s suit jacket. “Why don’t you go lock the door and then I can show you how much I want you.”

Jennifer couldn’t remember the last thing she had wanted as badly as she wanted this. She quickly got up from her seat and went to lock the door. When she did she ran back over to where Jessica was waiting for her and they immediately fell back into another kiss. Now there were no more secrets to be told…just expressions of lust to be shared.

Neither girl cared that they were doing this in a rather risky area. Just because the door was locked was no assurance that some curious person wasn’t going to have a key with them. But neither girl cared. Jessica had been having fun in a lot of risky areas lately and it was quickly becoming a big turn on for her. As for Jennifer she just wanted Jessica and she didn’t want to wait. If this happened later instead of now she might find a reason not to go through with it. She had to do this…right here and right now.

Jessica and Jennifer kissed each other passionately, letting the seconds tick away as they explored each other’s mouth with their tongues. Jessica’s hands were getting frisky and she was unbuttoning Jennifer’s jacket. She pushed it off her shoulders and fully exposed the cream colored blouse underneath. The happy smile on Jennifer’s face didn’t fit with the stern suit she was wearing so Jessica was eager to get it off her as soon as possible. But Jennifer didn’t want that yet.

“No…you first,” Jennifer declared. “I need you Jessica. I have to taste you.”

Jessica wasn’t about to argue, especially since Jennifer was such a fantastic kisser. She couldn’t wait to see how good she was at other things. Jessica offered no resistance as Jennifer kissed her and reached under her shirt. Jennifer’s hands were insistent as they moved upward, feeling Jessica up and starting her moaning. The aggressive hands quickly found their targets, massaging Jessica’s large breasts under the shirt.

The confines of the shirt didn’t offer much room for movement, but fortunately a solution was at hand. Jessica raised her arms and Jennifer quickly peeled the shirt over her head, revealing her black bra and the nipples that were swollen under the material. It was such an appealing view that Jennifer had to lean down and indulge herself with a few kisses of Jessica’s cleavage. Her hungry mouth moved over and sucked on Jessica’s nipples through the bra before kissing down her stomach and over her belly button. Jessica shivered and giggled at the tickling sensations Jennifer’s wet mouth created on her flesh.

“Take off your pants,” Jennifer requested. “I want to see you Jessica…all of you.”

Happy to comply, Jessica stood up, kicking off her shoes in the process. She undid her slacks and pushed them down her legs. They didn’t fall off as smoothly as Jessica was hoping and she had to wiggle out of them, but the end result was what the two girls wanted and Jennifer hungrily stared at the exposed flesh.

“Do you like what you see?” Jessica giggled as she stepped out of her pants and modeled her underwear-clad body. She was wearing a black thong under her slacks and when she turned around to show off her almost exposed ass, Jennifer moaned in delight.

“Oh yesss…” Jennifer answered. “I like so very much.”

“Show me,” Jessica ordered. “Show me how much you like my body. It’s your turn now. Take off your pants. I want to see how wet you got for me. If you want to fuck me, you’d better show me!”

Jennifer didn’t argue with Jessica’s order. She just did it. She stood up and took pulled her feet out of her pumps. She then undid the pants from her business suit and pushed them down, standing there in her blouse and panties. Jennifer’s panties were white and lacy and that allowed her wetness to be obvious. Jessica grinned when she saw how the white panties were almost clear with desire and how they clung to Jennifer’s pussy.

“Mmmm you do like,” Jessica said in appreciation. “Your panties are so fucking wet for me. You’ve been rubbing yourself all day thinking of fucking me, haven’t you? Your pussy looks so sexy Jennifer. So nice and wet. I’m wet too. Want to taste?”

“You know I do,” Jennifer replied, her need obvious in her voice. “I’ve been dreaming of this for so fucking long. God, you have know idea how long I’ve been dreaming of fucking you. I made myself come so many times thinking of you.”

Jessica then smiled again and reached down to rub herself through her thong as she pictured beautiful Jennifer Garner masturbating over her. She wasn’t as wet as Jennifer was, but she was quickly catching up. Jessica moaned as she rubbed her thong against her slit and then she took it further by sliding her hand into her panties so she could have flesh against flesh. Jessica’s fingers quickly got wet with the desire that was now collecting against her cuntlips.

Jennifer watched, transfixed, as Jessica played with herself in front of her. This had worked out better than she had ever hoped and they had barely touched each other. She could barely wrap her brain around the potential this pairing had. Jessica looked so beautiful and just overpoweringly sexy. Jennifer wanted her so bad. She needed this. She had been denying this part of herself had existed for so long and she was ready to explode with desire.

When Jessica pulled her fingers from her panties, Jennifer didn’t have to be told what to do. She immediately reached over and took Jessica’s fingers into her mouth. They were covered with Jessica’s essence and Jennifer greedily licked them clean. Her taste buds had missed the rich, sweet taste of another woman and Jennifer was planning on helping herself to that taste to her heart’s content. When Jennifer had cleaned those fingers thoroughly she only had one word for Jessica.

“More,” Jennifer said and she and Jessica began kissing again. Jennifer took control of the encounter and pushed Jessica against the oak table. Jessica didn’t even think of resisting, she just let Jennifer’s lust guide her. It was such a huge rush to know she had inspired these feelings and she loved the feel of having Jennifer’s tongue in her mouth and her hands on her tits. Jennifer squeezed Jessica’s breasts softly enough so that she wasn’t hurting her, but passionately enough so that Jessica could feel how much she lusted after her body. Having Jennifer’s strong, sexy hands on her breasts was a serious turn on for Jessica and she felt her wetness increasing.

The hard oak of the table was starting to really push into Jessica’s body. That was a bruise she didn’t want to have to explain to Michael later, but she didn’t want Jennifer to stop kissing her. The only sane thing to do was lay herself down and that was just what Jessica did. She pushed Jennifer away just long enough so she could set herself down on top of the table. Jessica lay flat on her back, with her legs hanging off the edge of the table, as Jennifer reached for her panties.

Jennifer breathed in deep the aroma of Jessica’s arousal. She hadn’t been with a girl since she’d been in college and the lust she felt right now had been building since then. She didn’t want to stop until her tongue was soaked in girl cum and Jennifer knew she wasn’t going to get that until she got these damn panties off Jessica. Part of Jennifer wanted to just rip her new friend’s thong off, but she restrained herself. Instead she pulled them off her slowly, her eyes widening with delight when she saw the droplets of cream that clung to Jessica’s slit and the neatly trimmed triangle of hair that lay above her sex.

“Oh Jessica your pussy is so beautiful,” Jennifer admired. “Mmmm there’s so many things I want to do to you. Tell me you want this Jessica. Tell me you want me to fuck you over and over again until you can barely walk.”

This was quite a change from the hard-edged person Jennifer had been pretending to be earlier. Jessica much preferred this persona, the true Jennifer. The one that was looking up at her with lustful need. It was obvious to anyone how badly Jennifer wanted this and seeing that just made Jessica wetter.

“Yes Jennifer…fuck me,” Jessica moaned. “My pussy is so fucking wet for you. I want you baby. Make me come. Make me come over and over again until I can’t take it anymore. Show me everything you can do with your tongue! Show me every little fucking thing you fantasized about doing to me! You wanted me so bad and now you’ve got me! So you’d better make me come hard Jennifer!”

At the sound of the sexy challenge, Jennifer could stand no more waiting. She wanted to show Jessica how bad she wanted her and pressed her lips right to her pussy, tasting her arousal and taking her first long taste of her juice. Jennifer’s tongue began with slow, but steady licking motions, as if she were getting used to the taste again and she quickly picked up speed with her tongue. Jennifer lapped up the juice that had collected on Jessica’s labia and slowly pushed her tongue inside Jessica’s pink pussy.

“Mmmm ohh yesss Jen yessssss…” Jessica hissed as Jennifer’s tongue pushed inside her. “Lick that wet fucking pussy! Show me what that tongue can do!”

Jessica had no idea how Jennifer had been able to go so long without a female tongue inside her. It had only been a few weeks for her and she had been going crazy. How had she been able to go years without it? It didn’t seem possible.

Right now all Jennifer wanted was for Jessica to somehow become part of the show’s regular cast so she could have this sweet pussy every day. She lapped away at Jessica’s kitty, the cunnilingus skills she had developed in college having not abandoned her. It was just like riding a bike, Jennifer grinned to herself, a soft, wet bike.

Jessica’s hands went down to Jennifer’s head, but it was unnecessary to hold her down. She did it anyway, though. Jessica felt such a huge rush of arousal knowing it was Jennifer who was eating her out like this and she wanted to remind her that Jennifer had acted all tough before, but now she was the one on her knees lapping away at her wetness.

Jennifer felt what Jessica was doing and she loved it. Now that Jennifer had her first taste of Jessica she wasn’t stopping until she had licked her dry. For years she had denied her starving taste buds the flavor of pussy and now that she had it again there was no way she was stopping. As Jessica played with her soft, brown hair, Jennifer pressed her lips to her pussy and kissed her over and over again, getting her nice and wet before sliding her tongue right back into her pink folds.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck! Eat that pussy Jennifer!” Jessica groaned. “You’re so fucking good! Mmmm this is just what you wanted, isn’t it? Ohhhhh I can see you now fucking yourself and dreaming of my wet pussy at your lips! Fuck me Jen! Make me come all over your face!”

As the hot sensations flowed through her body, Jessica could only imagine how they must have looked. What would happen if someone walked in and found Jennifer in her blouse and panties eating her out while she was dressed only in her black bra. The room was filled with the scent of their mutual arousal and the only sounds were Jessica’s moans combined with the wet smacking sounds of Jennifer feasting on her pussy. If anyone had seen them right then they either would have gone into shock or just dropped dead. Of course if they were cute enough, Jessica would have invited them to join in. The only thing that mattered was Jennifer not stopping…no matter what happened.

Jennifer’s tongue was so quick and eager. She wasn’t interested in lovingly nursing Jessica’s clit. She just wanted the Dark Angel to come all over her face and nothing else would do. The energetic lapping of her tongue through her pussy, combined with the hard sucks she was getting to her clit from Jennifer’s soft, pink lips were making magic in Jessica’s young body. A particularly arousing lick of her clit sent Jessica bucking on the tabletop, her ass smacking into the hard wood. It hurt a little but the pleasure she was getting from Jennifer more than made up for it. Jessica would worry about bruises tomorrow.

“C’mon Jen! More! Give it to me baby!” Jessica ordered. “Mmmmm show me everything you can do with a pussy! Lemme see how nasty you can get! You want my cream? You’re gonna get it soon! Keep fucking me!”

What Jennifer did next surprised Jessica, but that didn’t mean she liked it any less. Jennifer pulled her juice-covered face up and spit right into her pussy, her saliva dripping down right into her wet cunt. Jessica had never felt that before and it made pleasure zip through her veins.

“Ughhhh yesss…that’s so hot…so fucking hot,” Jessica groaned as Jennifer used the extra lube of her saliva to push two fingers inside Jessica’s pussy. Jessica looked down to see an expression of lustful ferocity had covered Jennifer’s face while she finger fucked her. Jennifer pushed her fingers in and out of the snug, pink confines while she licked Jessica’s pussylips and got her fill of the juices that were dripping out.

“God, you should have been on this show from the second you got cancelled,” Jennifer babbled, her face still covered in frenzied lust. “Mmmm I’d watch Dark Angel and I’d get so wet thinking about this…thinking about taking your wet fucking pussy and licking it and making you come!”

All of the lust Jennifer had kept hidden for years was flowing as freely as the juices that continued to soak her panties. She wasn’t lying to Jessica. She had harbored secret fantasies about her from the first second she saw an ad for “Dark Angel”. Scott had never known the truth about why she liked the show so much, but now Jessica knew and that was all that mattered. Jennifer wanted Jessica to know how bad she wanted her and how hot she was for this.

That message was coming through loud and clear to Jessica with every hard thrust of Jennifer’s fingers and every sexy lick of her tongue. Those fingers felt so good inside her pussy and Jessica shuddered at the thought of what Jennifer could do with a strap on attached to her waist. Jessica promised herself that she’d find out soon. Jennifer seemed to have deep reservoirs of untapped lust and all Jessica wanted was to drain her no matter how many weeks or months it took. Jennifer would be the perfect person to take to the mansion and she only imagined how her new friend would react to all those horny bodies pleasuring her.

Jessica thrust herself forward on the table to make sure she met each of the hard finger fucks she was getting. Her tits bounced in the bra and her right breast had even popped out of the black material that had covered it. The hard nipple was swollen with desire and glistening with the perspiration that was covering her entire body. Jessica wanted to play with her own heaving breasts, but she was too into this to move her hands. She was gripping onto the side of the table, afraid that if she let go she’d go off like a rocket and fall right onto the floor.

“Fuck me Jennifer!” Jessica grunted. “My whole fucking body is yours! Do every nasty thing you ever dreamed of doing to me! Mmmm you’re so hot baby! I would have totally let you fuck me before when you were being such a bitch! I wanted you too Jennifer! I wanted you so fucking bad I would have taken you any way I could have gotten you! Make me come Jen! Make me come you beautiful fucking slut!”

Hearing Jessica say that to Jennifer was a surprise. She had never been called a slut before like that, but it was a total turn on to hear it. Jennifer knew that’s exactly what she was. She had her fingers buried in her dream girl’s pussy and her lips were covered in her juices. She was a slut and she loved it. Knowing that Jessica would have let her fuck her in her bitchy boss mode was even more of a hot rush and Jennifer felt like she could come just from the sensations of working her fingers into Jessica’s tightness and licking her sexy slit.

“Come for me Jessica!” Jennifer urged. “Come from me fingering your hot pussy! Mmmm it feels so good on my fingers! You’re so wet and tight Jessica! You have such a perfect little pussy! Come for me baby! Give me what I want!”

“Just don’t stop!” Jessica commanded through gritted teeth. It was taking all her strength to not scream out but she didn’t know who else was listening on the floor and she couldn’t risk blowing their cover. “Don’t you stop Jennifer! Fuck me! Ohhhh your fingers feel soooooo good! Fuck me hard! Take that pussy!”

By now her fingers were getting super wet and sticky and Jennifer couldn’t resist pulling them up to her lips again for a long taste. She used her other hand on Jessica’s snatch while she licked her fingers with wet tongue strokes, cleaning off the cream but leaving them soaked with saliva. Jennifer spit into Jessica’s pussy again, loving how it made Jessica moan and quiver on the table. Jennifer didn’t usually get nasty about her sex. She loved sex, but she was typically more of a flowers and romance girl than a “slam me against the wall and rip my panties off” lover. But this was making her want to live out every fantasy she’d stored up in her head from college on and that made her feel so wonderfully nasty.

Jessica could feel her orgasm drawing close and she didn’t even want to think about restraining it. This was just so hot. She was lying bottomless on the conference room table while one of the most lusted after women in America was eating her out. Jessica knew life wasn’t going to get much better than this and she just wanted to feel the impact of the orgasm that was bubbling up inside her. She could feel it was going to be a big one. Jessica just felt so sexual and alive right there on the table, her pussy being pawed at by Jennifer’s probing fingers, and only her orgasm would make the feeling complete. She had one of the most beautiful women in the world on her knees in front of her, worshipping her cunt with sexual attention. How could she not come huge?

Jennifer could tell that Jessica was close from her labored breathing and flushed face. She just couldn’t decide which way she wanted to make her come. Her fingers felt so good inside her pussy. The pink walls hugged her probing digits and Jennifer got such a rush out of the tight grip on her fingers. On the other hand, the taste of Jessica’s juice was already on her tongue and she was starving for more. Jessica couldn’t decide which way was better to Jessica off. She wanted it all and she suddenly realized that she could have it all. She could get everything she wanted from Jessica and more.

Pulling her fingers from Jessica, Jennifer momentarily left the girl unstimulated. Jessica groaned, but Jennifer didn’t leave her aroused lover like that for long. She helped herself to a long, loving lick of her juicy fingers and then plunged her tongue right into Jessica’s dripping honeypot.

“Yesssssssssss eat that pussy slut!” Jessica growled, her voice rising with her passion. Now both of her tits had bounced out of her bra and she allowed a hand up to paw at her exposed flesh. “Fuck me with your hot tongue! Ohhhhhh I’m gonna soak that beautiful fucking face with cum! That’s what you’ve fucking wanted isn’t it? Your hot cover girl face all sticky with girl cum! Fuck me Jennifer!!!”

That was exactly what she wanted and Jennifer began to hungrily eat Jessica’s pussy. She had her whole faced pressed to her cunt as if she were afraid that she would die if she missed a single drop of her girl juice. Jessica looked down and felt a rush of ecstasy as she saw Jennifer’s soft, beautiful face sucking at her pussy, her lips kissing her slit and her tongue working over her clit. Jennifer’s sexy brown hair tickled her thighs and rubbed against her in exactly the right way. It was like a feather stroking her thighs and tummy and just when Jessica thought things couldn’t get any better…that was when Jennifer pushed her fingers back inside her.

“OHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSS!!!” Jessica screamed out. She tried to restrain her screams, but it was too late. Jennifer didn’t care though. She just kept licking and fucking Jessica as the girl finally let go of the table and clamped her hand over her mouth as her other hand worked her tits over. Jessica screamed into her hands over and over again as Jennifer’s whole body worked towards bringing her pleasure.

As she kept licking and sucking at her wet pussy, Jennifer had let her fingers reached around to the bottom of Jessica’s pussy where they pushed into her again. With her tongue already at work, there was only room for one finger this time, but one was plenty. Jennifer’s finger and tongue moved together as a team, pushing and licking and just stimulating the hell out of Jessica’s young body. It was more than anyone could take and, with her hands still clamped to her mouth, Jessica screamed out her orgasm.

“MMMMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSS!!!” Jessica screamed. It was muffled, but Jennifer certainly got the idea, especially when her face was happily soaked with Jessica’s girl cum. It was just what Jennifer wanted and she lapped it up like she drew her very life strength from it. She let Jessica cream her tongue and it dribbled down her chin and onto her blouse. This was going to ruin it and Jennifer welcomed it. She was gonna keep it special in her closet so every time she’d look at it she’d know how good Jessica had just fucked her face.

Even with her hands clamped to her mouth, Jessica was able to make her pleasure known as she came. Her body shook on the table as pleasure tremors racked her into ecstasy. Jessica kept pressing her pussy to Jennifer’s face, fucking her beautiful features with all the energy she could expel. Finally the thrusts grew softer and the screams faded. Jessica let herself fall back and rest on the hard table, sweat glistening on her forehead and her head completely spinning.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck yessss…” Jessica groaned in complete and utter satisfaction. “Baby, you were amazing.”

“Really?” Jennifer asked brightly, her sexy smile and girl cum covered skin proving to be an irresistible combination. “I was good?”

“Mmmm way more than good,” Jessica replied with a grin. “Now it’s your turn baby and I’m going to do things to you that none of those girls you’ve been with could ever do.”

Jennifer giggled at the promise. She just hoped Jessica was as good as her word, because her panties were totally soaked. Of all the girls Jennifer had been with, none of them really had had much experience. Now Jessica was promising to change all that and Jennifer couldn’t wait for her to get started.

She didn’t have to wait long as Jessica eagerly sat up on the table and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Jessica tasted her own orgasm all over Jennifer’s face and TV’s most popular spy was quickly moaning as Jessica’s tongue began licking all over her features. Jennifer loved how it felt to have Jessica’s tongue on her face. She was so aggressive and it was putting her whole body in a state of heat that could only be relieved by an orgasm.

“Mmmm yessss oh Jess I need you,” Jennifer groaned. “I need you to touch me. Touch me everywhere baby. Touch me and make me come.”

Jessica didn’t reply with her words. Instead she kept kissing Jennifer and pulling her closer. Jessica was sitting on the edge of the table and she couldn’t really get at Jennifer from this position. It was time for them to switch places.

“Get up here,” Jessica instructed as she hopped off the table. “Let me get a look at you.”

Jennifer was more than ready to have her body thoroughly examined and she complied. Since things had gotten bad with Scott she hadn’t felt the touch of a lover. It had been so long and she needed this. Jennifer climbed up on the strong oak, her ass facing Jessica. She was about to turn around when her lover stopped her.

“No, don’t turn around,” Jessica requested. “Let me touch you.”

There was no argument coming from Jennifer, especially when Jessica’s hands began caressing her ass. Her wet panties clung to her like a second skin and Jennifer longed to have Jessica pull them off her body. Jessica didn’t do that right away though. Instead, she began rubbing Jennifer’s cheeks through her panties and kissing her exposed flesh. Jessica kissed the curves of her butt and went up to the small of her back while Jennifer moaned. Jessica knew just where to kiss her and her desire increased with every soft peck to her flesh.

As Jessica kissed her, Jennifer fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. Her clothes seemed so oppressive now and Jennifer just wanted to be naked so Jessica’s tongue could get at her entire body. The excited perspiration that covered Jennifer’s body had made her white lacy bra almost as clear as her panties were. Jennifer peeled her bra from her body almost as soon as her blouse was off, leaving her naked except for the wet panties still sticking to her skin.

“Turn around,” Jessica smiled. “Lemme see those tits of yours.”

“Is that what you want?” Jennifer panted. “You want to see my tits?”

“Mmmm baby I want to see all of you,” Jessica purred as Jennifer turned around to reveal her breasts to her lover. They were small, but so firm with a sexy jiggle to them and her nickel sized nipples were almost swollen red with desire. Jessica didn’t waste a second before leaning down and sucking on those nipples. She captured them between her lips and kissed them before batting them around with her tongue.

“Ughhh yesss just like that Jessica,” Jennifer groaned. “Suck on those nipples baby. Mmmm you’re making me so wet! God, I’ve been waiting for this for so fucking long! Make it good! Make it soooooo good!”

Jennifer was putting a lot of pressure on her, but Jessica didn’t mind. Her own orgasm had been so good that she was committed to completely blowing Jennifer’s mind. Besides, her orgasm had left her with a craving for pussy and Jennifer’s aroused scent was making that craving grow and grow. Jessica looked down and saw that Jennifer’s brown bush was completely visible through her panties and they clung so tightly to her labia. Those things just had to go.

“Time to get you naked,” Jessica declared, saying the words that Jennifer had longed to hear. Jessica stripped off the soaked panties, leaving a trail of girl cum down Jennifer’s leg that she quickly licked up with wet tongue strokes that made Jennifer gasp and moan for more.

“Don’t tease,” Jennifer begged. “See how wet my pussy is! Mmm you know how bad I need this! Give it to me Jessica! Please make me come!”

Jennifer enhanced the invitation by spreading her legs open but it wasn’t necessary. Jessica was already in total lust with Jennifer’s wet pussy and she didn’t want to wait another second before getting her first taste. Jennifer’s pussy glistened with her juices and Jessica leaned onto the table with her elbows to run her tongue right over Jennifer’s wet slit.

“Oooooooooh…” Jennifer squealed as Jessica’s tongue swept right over her labia. All the juice that had collected there was gone in a flash and new arousal was already there to take its place. Jessica followed up her first lick with another and then another until she was beginning a steady tonguing rhythm at Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer’s flavor was so sexy and rich that Jessica was almost overwhelmed by it at first. She happily adjusted and was soon picking up speed and passion with her tonguing.

“Yessss Jessica…more…more…more!” Jennifer cried out. The other times she’d been with girls, she’d been so tentative and scared and her partners hadn’t been much better. That wasn’t a problem here. Jessica knew exactly what she was doing and, for the first time ever, Jennifer really felt comfortable with her desires. She was content to just lie back and let Jessica work her over and Jennifer could already feel her orgasm build inside her.

At first Jennifer told herself to slow things down and wait for her orgasm. But then she remembered she’d been waiting almost 10 fucking years for this! That was way too much waiting already. She wanted her orgasm now!

“Fuck me Jessica!” Jennifer moaned. “Fuck me baby! Gawwwwwwd your tongue feels so good! Lick my pussy Jess! You know just what a girl likes and you’re making me so damn wet! I need this sooooo bad!!!”

Jessica could taste Jennifer’s need. She was so close already. Jessica didn’t want her to come just yet, though. There was so much she wanted to do to her body. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to do it all today. She just hoped that Jennifer would want to do this again and again and again. Her taste was heavenly and Jessica buried her tongue in deeper. She licked around her soft folds and teased her aroused clit. She rubbed her tongue against Jennifer’s pleasure nub and felt her friend’s body quiver in response.

Peering up from between Jennifer’s legs, Jessica saw how flushed her lover’s face was. Jennifer had her hands latched to her own bare breasts, rubbing them hard as her face glistened with sweat and girl cum. A little bit of drool hung from Jennifer’s lips and Jessica loved watching it dangle there as Jennifer groaned and begged for more. It all was so sexy and it all just made Jessica lick Jennifer harder and faster.

“Yessssssss Jessicaaaaaaaaa yesssssss!!!” Jennifer sighed. “Oh baby I’m sooooo close! Just a little bit more! Make me come! Don’t stop! Taste my wet pussy! It’s so wet for you Jessica! Please give me more and I’ll come! I’ll come all over your face just like you did to me!”

Jessica couldn’t wait to feel that. She longed for the hot feel of Jennifer’s girl juices covering her lips and running down her cheeks onto her tits. Jessica still had her bra on and she loved how tight it felt on her body. It made her feel nastier to have it on while she leaned over and lapped at Jennifer Garner’s wet cunt. Jessica moaned her own desire as she sucked on Jennifer’s hard clit. She let her tongue rest and concentrated solely on Jennifer’s clit, letting it lie between her lips and sucking passionately on it. She wanted Jennifer to come just as hard as she’d come.

Jennifer lay on the hard table flat on her back. Her spread legs were bent at the knee and dangling over the side of the table as Jessica ate her out. She could feel the girl cum Jessica had left on the table rubbing against her skin and she knew soon enough she’d be adding her own to the mix. Jennifer couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt such an amazing high. Her whole body felt alive and aroused. Jennifer’s breathing was coming in hard gasps and her small tits bounced up and down even as she squeezed them tightly.

“Yesssss sooo close….” Jennifer grunted. “Almost there…Jess…please…ughhhh just give me more!”

If that was what Jennifer wanted, then Jessica was going to make sure she got it. There was something she’d been dying to do to Jennifer since they’d started and now that she had her opportunity, she wasn’t going to waste it. Jessica tugged at Jennifer’s legs, pulling her forward and moving her more off the table. She then placed Jennifer’s legs on her shoulders and let her dangle right at the edge of the table. This exposed more of her pussy and her tight, puckered asshole and before Jennifer had a chance to object, Jessica pushed her tongue right into her ass.

“GOD YESS!!!” Jennifer cried out. She loved having her ass licked and Jessica’s tongue was so wet and eager to give her what she wanted. Jessica’s tongue teased and lubed up her asshole as Jennifer moaned her pleasure.

“Yessss tongue my ass baby,” Jennifer sighed. “Ohhhh I love it! Mmmm Jessica you’re so fucking hot!”

Jennifer’s orgasm was drawing close and Jessica didn’t want to miss it. She pulled her tongue away and immediately pushed her face right back into Jennifer’s pussy. But she didn’t leave her ass unstimulated. Jessica took her finger, already wet from her own pussy and pushed it into Jennifer’s ass. This gave her double stimulation and it pushed Jennifer right over the edge.

“AHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH!!!” were the frenzied cries that came from Jennifer’s mouth as she climaxed. The feelings of the penetration in her tight asshole and the tongue in her snatch were too much and she responded by flailing on the table as Jessica’s hungry tongue licked her orgasmic cream up. Jessica kept her tongue buried deep in Jennifer’s pussy and she got all that she wanted from the source. Jennifer’s girl cream covered her lips and coated her tongue on its way down to her stomach.

Jennifer continued to express her delight with high cries and slams of her hands to the hard oak. Jessica giggled to herself as she wondered whether the table might break from all this use they were giving it. Fortunately the oak stood strong as Jennifer came with bursts of hot sexual energy. It was the greatest rush of her life and it left her both completely exhausted and desperate for more.

“Ohhhhhhhh my God,” was all Jennifer could gasp but the happy, serene smile that covered her face said everything she could not. She looked so sexy up there that Jessica felt like she had to join her. She was glad they were both light girls because otherwise the table might have shown some weakness. It continued to support them both well, though, as Jessica and Jennifer sat on the table kissing each other and tasting their orgasms.

“Hold me,” Jennifer requested and Jessica was more than happy to do so. Even though they had both just had intense orgasms there was still an enormous amount of arousal they felt for each other. They continued to kiss each other and the kisses soon turned into caresses and explorations from greedy hands. Now the two girls really had a chance to feel all over their bodies and they took full advantage. Jessica finally pulled herself free of her bra and then they were both completely naked.

The kissing increased and the only words they shared were moans and longing looks of lust. Their bare bodies pressed together and they were going on pure instinct, nothing more. Jessica felt her pussy rub against Jennifer’s and she saw how wet they both still were. Jessica responded by rubbing herself hard against Jennifer, their labias massaging each other and their juices mingling.

This was something Jennifer had done before and she was happy to have a chance to grind with Jessica. She kissed her new lover greedily again and began rubbing right back. Soon their pussies were in total synch as they rubbed and moaned. Jennifer wrapped her long legs around Jessica’s back and kept her there in a sexual vise she would have loved to stay in forever.

The grinding of their wet pussies was getting hotter and more intense by the second. They both knew it wouldn’t be long before they were coming again and Jennifer took the opportunity to tell Jessica something.

“By the way,” Jennifer giggled. “You have the part.”

The two girls then laughed together before continuing their moans. They didn’t know what it was they were starting here. They just knew it was going to be fun.

* * * * *

“Those girls seemed nice this morning,” Waldo said as he placed a dish of food down for Julius. The faithful canine companion immediately began scarfing his meal down, oblivious to the conversation around him.

“What was the name of that one girl again?” Delbert asked. “You know the one who was with the girl who was in ‘Crossroads’?”

“Christina,” Franklin replied as he flipped through a copy of Blender Magazine. “I’ve been doing some research on her. According to this magazine she might be an alien.”

“Oooooooh…did they specify which kind?” Delbert asked.

“She seemed friendly…like ET,” Waldo opined.

“But she could be bent on world domination like the brain sucking bugs in ‘Starship Troopers’,” Delbert responded. “We’d better keep an eye on her.”

“Agreed,” Waldo and Franklin replied.

“The place sure seems different these days,” Waldo said. “I mean with Sarah gone and all that…”

“God, just write her a love note or something and get on with it,” Franklin sighed in frustration.

“What are you talking about?” Waldo demanded. “Defend your statement!”

“Fine…fine…fine…play it cool,” Franklin replied. “Just keep doing the backstroke in da’Nile. You’re totally suffering from serious crush issues. You look at her like she’s holding a rough cut of Episode 3.”

“I find the very idea preposterous,” Waldo claimed.

“Yeah right…keep telling yourself that…” Franklin said. “But when you do realize it, it’s gonna be like a ton of bricks on your head.”

“This is crazy,” Waldo groaned. “Delbert, back me up here.”

“Love is nice,” Delbert declared. “I search the Earth for my love.”

“What? You mean Love the person or love the concept?” Franklin asked.

“Huh?” Delbert answered and before they could debate this any further, the door swung open and two figures entered.

“Hello boys,” Frank Blevens said as he and Colonel David Terrance of Army Intelligence walked into the house.

“Hey! Those doors were locked!” Waldo protested.

“Yeah sorry about that,” David said as he threw the broken locks onto the floor. “We would have thought you boys would have had better security.”

Julius was growling at the intruders by now, but Waldo held him back.

“What do you want?” Franklin demanded. “We’re out!”

“But you boys haven’t even heard the proposal yet,” Frank smirked.

“We don’t need to hear it,” Waldo said. “You have our answer already.”

“Now maybe you three better think about that,” Frank stated. “This is what you were born to do and your country needs you. We need you to go and do the things that don’t make the news but keep this country safe. We have the perfect project for you boys in mind. We’re not asking you to do anything you haven’t done before. You boys were some of Project Homework’s greatest accomplishments.”

“Just like Brandon?” Delbert shot back as he, Waldo and Franklin all stared dead ahead with their arms crossed.

“You know he’s gone rogue…we haven’t heard from him in months,” David explained. “He’s an unstable element.”

“Funny…he wasn’t unstable when he was doing your dirty work around the globe,” Waldo pointed out. “He’s always dangerous and we’re out!”

“I really think you should reconsider,” Frank advised. “It’s perfect for you and you boys aren’t exactly prospering in your line of work, now are you? Now David, tell me something. Is this a legal enterprise they’re running here?”

“Far from it,” David grinned smugly. “I’d say they’d be doing close to 50 years apiece of hard time if the right people heard about what was going on here.”

“Hey! This is for medicinal purposes only!” Waldo claimed.

“And I’m sure the jury will believe fine, upstanding citizens like you,” Frank chuckled. “So why don’t you boys just come back to work for us and leave all this other stuff behind.”

“No way!” Franklin shot back. “We’d be gone before you even finished dialing the police. We disappeared once before and we’ll just do it again.”

“You could certainly do that,” Frank replied. “That would probably be the smart thing for you to do. But then again, why would you want to leave property like this? I mean it’s right on the ocean and of course you have those beautiful neighbors of yours.”

“What are you getting at?” Delbert demanded.

Frank grinned again as David handed him the file folder he’d been carrying. Frank opened it and lay out the pictures that were inside.

“We placed your house under surveillance when we found out where you boys were,” Frank explained. “Imagine our surprise when we discovered what went on next door.”

The pictures required no explanation. They were in crystal clear colors. Sarah and Love on the tennis court with Anna Kournikova. Jewel and Jennifer sunbathing nude by the pool, rubbing oil on each other and falling into a 69. There were others, but the boys didn’t need to see them.

“And those are just the tame ones,” David reported. “You should see what we didn’t bring.”

“I can’t believe shocking behavior like that goes on in a fine place like Malibu,” Frank declared sadly as he shook his head. “Children look to girls like these as role models and look what they’re doing. This country’s morals have really slipped. I mean I wonder what people would say if these pictures hit the tabloids? Or if they were leaked to the news shows? Or if they were posted on the Internet? I don’t know if their careers would ever recover. It would just be an awful shame, wouldn’t it?”

“YOU BASTARDS!!!” Delbert screamed as he lunged forward. “LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!”

Frank and David immediately drew their guns and Delbert froze in place.

“Think about the offer boys,” Frank said as he put his gun down and headed for the door, leaving the pictures behind. “We’ll be in touch.”

* * * * *

At the law offices of Middlebrook, Cosgrove and Winters, Jason Thorne was buried in a sea of papers. While that was just an expression, it sometimes felt like reality and today was one of those days. He had books and papers open all around him, but no answers in sight.

As Rose’s attorney he found himself in the precarious position of having to defend someone who didn’t want to be defended. He was sure if they just sat down with the prosecutors they could work something out. She might have to do a little jail time, but Jason knew it was better than the 20 years she was facing if she was convicted on the assault charges.

But Rose had been clear. There would be no deals. She wasn’t pleading to any reduced charges. That left Jason in a bad spot. Rose was guilty. She had done this and she had offered him no explanation why. She didn’t want to plead guilty. She didn’t want to plead temporary insanity. She acted like if she could just ignore it, it would all go away. Jason knew that wasn’t going to happen, but he couldn’t get Rose to realize it. He could barely get her interested in her own case and the farther along they got, the worse it looked for her future.

This was going to be his first case of this magnatude and Jason didn’t want to lose it. He had already been told that if he won his future at the firm was assured and he didn’t want to blow it. But Jason had other, more noble reasons as well. He didn’t want to see Rose go to jail. He barely knew her. She was cold, if not downright mean, to him when they spoke, but he knew she was someone who didn’t deserve to go to jail. Whatever the reason was that she snapped, Jason could feel she wasn’t a bad person. She had been defending a friend. You shouldn’t have to go to jail for that.

Jason just wished Rose would open up to him. He was searching through assault cases from all over the country, looking for some kind of precedent or some kind of loophole he could find to keep Rose from having to go to jail. He couldn’t do this without her help.

“Mr. Thorne, there’s a call for you,” a voice said over the intercom.

“I said no calls, Lindsay,” Jason told his secretary.

“It’s Bianca though, sir,” Lindsay informed him, knowing Jason’s fiancée was the exception to the policy.

“Thank you Lindsay,” Jason said before clicking on the call and putting it on his speakerphone so he could talk while he worked.

“What is it honey?” Jason asked.

“Do you have me on that goddamn speakerphone?” Bianca demanded.

“Honey, please…it’s just so I can keep working while we talk,” Jason explained. “I have so much I need to do.”

“I don’t care,” Bianca said. “Jason Thorne! You take me off the speakerphone this very instant! If you don’t I’ll scream at the top of my lungs and everyone will hear!”

“Ok…ok…” Jason said, taking her off the speakerphone. “Now, what is it?”

“I wanted to go over the seating plans for the wedding reception,” Bianca answered. “Mummy and Daddy want to make sure the Chiltons have seats near the center table, but we can’t sit them too close to the Beckworths. Now we could bump the Kensingtons, but then they might be offended and not show up.”

“Bianca, I really don’t have time for this right now,” Jason insisted. The closer they got to the wedding, the more the details were getting minute and the less Jason wanted to be bothered with them.

“Jason you have to be involved,” Bianca snapped. “This is my wedding and I have dreamed about this since I was four years old! It is going to be the most beautiful, perfect wedding ever!”

“I thought it was supposed to be our wedding,” Jason pointed out.

“Oh you know what I meant,” Bianca sighed. “You have to get involved with this Jason! We’re getting married and you act like you don’t even care!”

Jason could hear her voice start to get a little high pitched and he knew if he didn’t do something soon, she was going to be crying. She did this more often then he liked, but he didn’t dare say anything about it because he knew that would only result in more crying and a phone call to her father, who just happened to be a partner at the law firm.

“Of course I care,” Jason said soothingly to his fiancé. “I love you Bianca and I want this day to be perfect for you. It’s going to be everything you dreamed about and more.”

“Yes…everything I dreamed about,” Bianca repeated as she pictured how beautiful and perfect everything was going to be that day.

Suddenly the intercom came to life again.

“Mr. Thorne, Mr. Atkins is here to see you,” Lindsay announced.

“Honey, I have to go,” Jason told Bianca. “But I’ll call you as soon as I can and we’ll go over the seating plan together.”

Bianca accepted those terms and, after they said their goodbyes, the call ended and Jason told Lindsay to let the visitor in. Steve Atkins was prosecuting Rose’s case and he was evidence of how bad the District Attorney’s Office wanted to get her. Steve was considered a rising star in the office with balls of steel and one of the sharpest legal minds in the state. Jason wasn’t sure, but he had heard Steve hadn’t lost a case.

“How are you Steve?” Jason said as he shook his opponent’s hand.

“A lot better than you are,” Steve chuckled as he looked over the mess that covered Jason’s desk. “They sure know how to keep you busy around here. And to think people say the private sector is easy.”

“Well you know how it is,” Jason replied. “It doesn’t get easy until your office is on the top floor.”

“Tell me about it,” Steve said before getting down to business. “So what are we going to do about this McGowan matter?”

“I don’t know, what are you offering?” Jason inquired.

“We can accept her pleading down to assault in the second degree and she does five years,” Steve stated. “You know you’re not going to get a better deal here. We’ve got her dead to rights on this one and you know it, once the jury hears what happened they’re going to send her away for 20 years.”

“Steve, Brent Pierce was attempting to rape her friend,” Jason protested. “The jury isn’t about to throw someone in jail for doing that. We’ve got a lot of sympathy we can build up for her.”

“Yeah that’s what juries love to do, sympathize with celebrities,” Steve laughed. “They will go in already thinking she’s guilty because she’s famous. By the time I’m done with that jury they will be asking the judge to throw her in for more than the maximum. I can have that jury believing she’s a spoiled bitch who thinks she can get away with hurting whoever she wants.”

“What about the rape?” Jason demanded.

“What about it?” Steve shot back. “She says it’s rape. Her friend says it’s rape. I’ve got witnesses who say it was totally consensual. Now you ask yourself who is the jury going to believe? The two celebrities? Or the guy missing an eye?”

Jason paused for a moment to reflect on what Steve was saying. He was right in one regard. Juries hated celebrities here. The days of famous people being able to charm a jury were long gone. Now, after the Winona Ryder case, juries seemed all too willing to punish people for their fame.

“You know this is a good deal,” Steve said. “My bosses didn’t even want me to offer it, you know. Officially, Brian Pierce has recused himself from the case because Brent’s his son. Unofficially you and I both know he’s involved in this and he wants to see this bitch do hard time. You have a way right in front of you to ease what she’s going to have to suffer.”

“She said no deals…I can’t accept it,” Jason replied.

“Get her to accept it Jason,” Steve advised. “You won’t see a deal this good again! My instructions are to go play hardball here and I love playing hardball. You think your client is some innocent little girl who snapped cause her friend was in trouble? Think again Jason. She’s got one hell of a past.”

“What are you talking about?” Jason demanded.

“So she hasn’t told you, huh,” Steve said as he opened his briefcase and pulled out a case file with “WASHINGTON STATE” stamped on it in bold red letters. “I’m not surprised. This isn’t something she probably would want advertised.”

Jason took the file and opened it. His jaw almost hit the floor when he saw what was inside. He didn’t need any background on it. The facts spoke for themselves. Jason’s head was spinning. This wasn’t dynamite to the case. This was an atomic bomb.

“What do you think of your little angel client now?” Steve asked with a barely restrained grin.

“Wait a minute,” Jason said as he saw a notation in the file. “How did you get this? This file was sealed by the trial judge!”

“Yeah, well things have a way of being unsealed if you know the right people here,” Steve said. “I told you Steve, we’re playing hardball here. They want her bad.”

“Still, you won’t be able to introduce it in court,” Jason replied. “There’s no way the judge will rule this as admissible.”

“Oh yeah? Don’t be too sure about that,” Steve declared. “That judge never should have sealed this file. She wasn’t a minor. He had no grounds. So I don’t care what pansy ass liberal judge she had back then that felt sorry for her and kept this sealed up. I can go to the court of appeals and get that order reversed as simple as I can go downstairs and order lunch. You get her to take that deal Jason and that file will stay sealed. My office will be in touch. You know what to do here. You’re no fool Jason.”

Steve then gathered his stuff and got up to go.

“You can keep the file,” he said confidently as he headed for the door. “We’ve got our own copy.”

Jason was left in stunned silence behind the desk. If this ever came out, Rose was finished. Even if she was still able to get less than the maximum sentence, her career would never recover from a bombshell like this. He’d tried to reach her for the past couple of days, but hadn’t been able to. Now he had to find her…wherever she was.

* * * * *

Alyson sighed as she ran her hands through what was left of her hair and stared at herself in the mirror. The doctors told her it would take some time for her hair to grow back after the surgery, but Alyson wasn’t feeling particularly patient in this regard. She wanted her hair back and she wanted it now!

Of course things were much better today than they were when Alyson had first woken up from the coma. You couldn’t even see the scar unless you got up close and examined her head. It was just that Alyson wasn’t too keen on going out and looking like she’d just joined the Marines. Unfortunately, there weren’t many alternatives for her. Alyson had considered some herbal hair growth pills, but she couldn’t get over the concern that there would be side effects and she’d end up looking like Cousin It. So it was wigs for her when she went outside, and bald and beautiful when she was inside.

The truth was, Alyson didn’t mind it that much. It was more annoying than anything else. Hair grew back and Alyson much preferred being bald to being dead. It felt so good to be alive, that things like baldness and headaches just didn’t matter. There were so many other, better things to focus on. Alyson had to admit she also got a kick out of being called a “hero” by her friends and family for what she’d done for Sarah. She hadn’t been thinking that when she’d done it. She just wanted to help her best friend. If that made her a hero, then Alyson was happy to take it as a bonus.

This hero stuff did have its advantages, after all. Alyson smiled and felt her body get flush with desire when she remembered all her fun with Nurse Charisma. What had happened in the hospital room had only been prelude and when they had gotten back to her house, Charisma had made sure every one of Alyson’s needs was taken care of, including a thorough physical examination. Alyson just wished Sarah was there with her too, but she was in New York and far away from Alyson’s horny wishes. Oh well, she’d just have to save all those naughty ideas she was coming up with in her head for when Sarah came back. Alyson would make sure she got a big welcome home present.

Thinking of Sarah and Charisma and all the sexy girl/girl fun she’d been having recently was starting to really get Alyson going. Even though it was turning into the afternoon, Alyson still hadn’t gotten dressed after her shower. She was supposed to be relaxing, wasn’t she? She didn’t think her doctors would mind her lounging around her house in her bathrobe all day. But now the horny feelings zipping around her brain were getting Alyson thinking there was some other way she could spend her time. She felt her pussy stir under her robe and Alyson began rubbing her breasts through the material.

She’d had so much pent up energy lately that Alyson had felt horny almost 24/7. Unfortunately there hadn’t been much willing girl flesh around for her to indulge in so she’d been seeking satisfaction through her fingers, her toys and basically whatever she could find. Alyson blushed when she remembered all the bananas she’d gone through one particularly horny morning a few days back. Unfortunately all she tried couldn’t compare to a hot girl tongue inside her pussy. She needed love and she needed it bad. She just didn’t know where to get it from. Charisma’s pregnancy had put her on the shelf and Sarah was too far away.

Just as Alyson was beginning to sigh in frustration the doorbell rang in an example of perfect timing. Hoping that it was a hot babe sent to fulfill her dirty little fantasies, Alyson raced downstairs to see who it was.

“Who is it?” Alyson asked and the answer came like a visitor from heaven.

“It’s Shannon,” Shannon Elizabeth said and Alyson squealed with happiness as she unlocked her door to let her friend in. She flung the door open and pulled Shannon inside, barely giving her a moment to breathe before she was smothering her lips in a kiss.

“Mmmmm…this is just the type of visit I needed,” Alyson said with a wide smile as she ended the kiss.

“I see someone’s happy to see me,” Shannon smiled right back, equally happy to see her friend up and walking and in such a good mood.

“Baby, you have no idea,” Alyson laughed, her sex-starved eyes wandering over Shannon’s form. Her dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail and clothes that appeared almost painted onto her body covered her body. Her t-shirt hugged tightly to her breasts and her shorts accented her sexy, legs. Alyson just hoped Shannon had come to play, because seeing her standing there was just making her hornier.

“Well judging from the way you almost sucked my tongue out, I’d say I’ve got a fairly good idea,” Shannon replied.

“That wasn’t a complaint, was it?” Alyson inquired as she ran her hands over Shannon’s stomach, tickling the taller girl lightly.

“Oh no,” Shannon assured her. “No complaints here. I’m just happy to see you again Aly. Ummm I didn’t know if we’d ever…well you know…I was scared that you…”

“Shhh, you don’t have to say anything,” Alyson said, silencing Shannon with a light, tender kiss. “I know. We don’t have to think about that though. I’m fine. The only thing I lost was my hair.”

“I think it’s kind of sexy,” Shannon giggled, running her hands through Alyson’s short mop of red hair.

“Oh shut up,” Alyson replied, playfully pushing Shannon away. “Get your ass upstairs before I make you get on your knees and kiss my feet.”

“Ooooh I think I’d like that,” Shannon shot back with a wicked wink. Ever since she had begun playing with her “American Pie” co-stars, Shannon had never had any trouble giving up control to Alyson. It certainly looked as if the time between their encounters had done nothing to change that.

“Just get upstairs,” Alyson laughed, giving Shannon a swat to her ass through her shorts that got the blonde-streaked brunette scampering up the stairs. When they got to Alyson’s bedroom, Shannon turned around and immediately fell into another kiss with her sexy redheaded friend. The two lovers kissed passionately and Alyson’s hands moved up to rub Shannon’s breasts through her shirt. Shannon did the same to Alyson, pushing open her robe so she could get at the firm globes of bare flesh that lay underneath.

“So what do I owe the honor of this visit?” Alyson inquired when the kiss ended. Alyson made no attempt to close her robe, she just left it half open to expose the curves of her tits and hint at the other delights of the flesh that lay underneath.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing Aly,” Shannon explained. “You know, make sure you had everything you needed and all that.”

“Oh? You mean you didn’t come here to fuck me?” Alyson pouted.

“Well…that too…” Shannon replied, cracking a smile. “I didn’t know if you were up for it or not.”

“Mmmm baby I’m going crazy without it,” Alyson giggled, kissing Shannon again. “I can’t remember when I’ve ever been so fucking horny. It’s like I want everything at once and all the time. You know?”

“Well we’ll just have to see what we can do about that,” Shannon said sexily as she reached for Alyson’s robe. Surprisingly, the red head slapped her hand away.

“Not yet,” Alyson declared. “First I want to hear about you, Mena and Tara and this time I want ALL the details.”

Shannon was glad to talk about that and, as she and Alyson sat down on the bed, she began spilling the dirty details. During a visit to see Alyson in the hospital, Shannon and Mena had told Alyson what had happened, but now she could get into the really graphic descriptions she had been dying to relate. Shannon related how Tara had caught her and Mena making out and how eager she’d been to join in the fun. Shannon remembered every detail as clearly as if it had just happened and she talked about how sexy Tara’s naked body had been, how enthusiastic she’d been to eat pussy and how she’d loved having her tight little ass spanked.

Alyson responded to hearing the sexy story by completely opening her robe and pushing it off to expose her naked body to Shannon. It was hard for Shannon to concentrate Alyson’s bare flesh in front of her, but she kept going with the story, telling it down to the last nipple suck and finger fuck. Shannon talked about all the things she and Mena had done to Tara and all the things the sexy blonde had eagerly done right back to them. Alyson was really getting into the story and she soon had her hand between her legs, rubbing at her wet pussy.

“Mmmmm sounds so fucking good,” Alyson moaned. “I always knew Tara was a fucking slut. Did her tongue feel good inside your pussy baby?”

“Yessssss it felt sooooo good,” Shannon replied, loving being able to relive these arousing memories. “She ate me out so nice. Her tongue felt awesome in my pussy and mmmm then she licked my ass too and she was so good at it. Mmmm she was such a fucking whore for Mena and me and we did it all back to her.”

“Did you leave a sexy little mess for the poor maid to clean up?” Alyson asked.

“Mmmm we ruined those fucking sheets,” Shannon replied. “We soaked them with our cum.”

“That’s my girl,” Alyson groaned, picturing the scene. “There’s just one problem, though.”

“What’s that, Aly?” Shannon asked dreamily.

“You didn’t fucking wait for me!” Alyson snapped, slapping Shannon’s face. Shannon gasped and blushed frantically.

“I’m sorry…” Shannon stammered.

“You’re sorry…WHAT?” Alyson demanded tugging on Shannon’s ponytail.

“Mistress!” Shannon gasped. “I’m sorry mistress!”

“That’s better,” Alyson said, standing up from the bed. “Eyes down whore. You’re not worthy of looking at my beautiful face, you cheap little slut.”

“Yes mistress,” Shannon said meekly, remaining in her sitting position and looking down at her shoes. Inside she was absolutely elated. She had missed this so much. She had been hoping Aly would want to play like this. Ever since she had been seduced by Alyson, Mena and Natasha Lyonne, Alyson had let Shannon know who was in charge. Shannon wasn’t a naturally submissive lover, but she had no problem giving up control to the red head. She longed for it and she hoped Alyson had all sorts of punishments planned for her.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Alyson demanded, pacing like a lioness around Shannon, proudly displaying her naked body. “You and Mena have some fucking balls. Seducing Tara without me. Who gave you permission to do that? Answer me!”

“No one mistress,” Shannon replied nervously. “We were just there and she was there and she wanted us and she looked so hot we just couldn’t help ourselves. We weren’t thinking.”

“You’re damn right you weren’t thinking, slut,” Alyson shot back heatedly. “That little blonde piece of ass belonged to me and you knew it. You knew I wanted to break that tight pussy of hers in and you just took it on yourself to fuck her without my permission! You’re in so much fucking trouble, slave!”

“Please…have mercy mistress,” Shannon begged. “I’m sooo sorry. Don’t hurt me…please!”

“It’s too late for apologies,” Alyson sneered. “You must pay the price now! Mena will have to wait for her punishment but your ass is mine now. Wait right here.”

As Shannon obeyed without a word, Alyson went into her closet, her pulse racing and her stomach filled with butterflies. She had wondered whether she was going to be able to get into this again, but here she was. Alyson wasn’t someone who had to be a domme all the time. She just liked doing it when the mood struck. It had to be at the right time and with the right person. She never could have done this with Sarah. Alyson loved being on an equal level with her best friend. But with girls like Shannon, Mena and now Tara, Alyson felt like she could really let her desires free. She loved commanding them and Shannon and Mena always got so into it.

It was such a turn on to command their slutty bodies and Natasha was always eager to help control them. They had done such nasty things amongst the four of them and Alyson always came so hard from playing this part. She wasn’t entirely comfortable with this side of herself and she definitely didn’t want Sarah to know about it out of fear she might think she was weird or something. Besides the mansion already had Rose and Alyson knew there was no way she could gain control over someone like that.

While lying in her hospital bed, Alyson had worried she had lost the will to do this. She didn’t know if she’d be able to summon the rage and evil lust necessary to pull it off, but she felt it all and then some in her veins again. Alyson quickly found what she was looking for in her closet and remembered how Sarah had accidentally discovered her little toy chest the last time she had been over to the house. If only she had known what she used them for, Alyson giggled to herself.

Alyson debated whether or not she should put on one of her special costumes for the occasion. She had a bunch of them and all of them equally kinky, but in the end she decided to stay nude. She was already soaked with desire and Alyson didn’t want any obstacles between her pussy and Shannon’s pretty face. Grabbing what she was after, Alyson exited the closet and stood before Shannon.

“Are you ready for your punishment slut?” Alyson demanded. Shannon looked up and her eyes bugged out when she saw what Alyson was holding. She was about to protest, but then she remembered her place.

“Yes mistress,” Shannon said. “I’ve been bad. Punish me please. I deserve it.”

“Fucking right you do,” Alyson stated, accenting her point by slashing the whip she was holding right through the air. She didn’t make contact with Shannon, but the girl’s skin tingled anyway. Shannon was scared and horny all at the same time and she loved the rush that gave her. She could only watch in desire as Alyson played with her whip.

The whip had eight rubber tails on it and it looked mighty intimidating, especially when held by Alyson with the steely look in her eyes. But the part that really stood out was the handle. It was no mere handle, but a black, plastic dildo as well. It gave Alyson a perfect grip for the whip and it also allowed her a chance to have a toy handy for sluts like Shannon.

“Strip for me slut,” Alyson demanded. “Get fucking naked already!”

Shannon immediately stood up to obey. She knew from Alyson’s tone which way to do it. Sometimes Alyson liked her to dance and put on a little strip show for her, but she could feel she didn’t want that this time. Instead Shannon quickly began taking off her clothes.

“Faster! FASTER!” Alyson commanded. Shannon pulled her shirt over her head and reached around back to unfasten her bra. As she did this Alyson continued eyeing her like a piece of meat. She even reached forward to grope Shannon as if she were examining her slave for flaws.

“Mmmm I forgot now nice your tits are,” Alyson grinned while fondling Shannon’s heaving breasts. “These are such nice fleshy jugs you’ve got here Shannon. Maybe I won’t be too rough on them…or maybe I will!”

Alyson then began slapping Shannon’s tits, getting the large mounds to slap into each other over and over again before moving onto her nipples. Alyson tugged and pinched Shannon’s nipples, getting them red with swollen desire as Shannon groaned in pleasure filled pain.

“Get the rest of these fucking clothes off slut…NOW!” Alyson ordered and Shannon obeyed. Alyson could only imagine what someone like Sarah would think if she saw her like this. She’d probably pass out from shock. Alyson felt like she lived a double life with this and she loved it. She could be sweet and loving and she could be cruel and nasty. She could be anything she wanted to be.

After reaching down to untie her sneakers and pull them off, Shannon didn’t waste any time before undoing her shorts and pushing them down her legs. She stood up and suddenly felt a hard smack on her ass.

“Get your panties off too,” Alyson commanded. “I want to see your whole slutty body, Shannon!”

Shannon complied, pushing her soaked panties down her legs and fully exposing herself to her beloved mistress. She wasn’t like this with any other girl and she certainly wasn’t like this with her husband. Only Alyson could make her want this. Shannon stood up straight, letting Alyson examine her with her hands and her eyes.

“Ooooh your pussy is looking nice and pretty,” Alyson said as she eyed Shannon’s dark, trimmed bush and the wet lips of her labia. “It’s just begging to be fucked, isn’t it? Is that what you want Shannon? You want to get fucked?”

“Yes mistress! Please!” Shannon begged. “Fuck me! Fuck your slut!”

“Oh you’re not getting off that easily,” Alyson cackled evilly. “You’ve been a naughty girl Shannon and naughty girls have to be punished. Now assume the position slut!”

“Yes mistress…I need to be punished,” Shannon agreed as she leaned up against the wall, bracing herself with her hands and spreading her legs open. “Punish me like the fucking slut I am!”

Even though Shannon knew what was coming she still gasped the first time the whip hit her bare back. She groaned lustfully at the contact with her skin and felt pleasure ripple through her body as her back tingled.

“Oooh you liked that, didn’t you?” Alyson demanded. “I guess I’m not doing it hard enough!”

Alyson then whipped Shannon with more force, getting a moan from the nude girl as her palms pressed against the wall.

“Ohhhhhhhhh mistress…please…no more,” Shannon urged, hoping her arousal wasn’t too evident from this. Alyson knew just how to work that whip. She knew how to make her feel it without making it hurt. Shannon knew Alyson didn’t want to hurt her and Shannon wasn’t looking for pain, just discipline. Alyson’s whippings made her body quiver with sensations and Shannon felt herself getting wetter as she imagined the pink marks that were now forming on her bare skin.

“I’m just getting started slut,” Alyson informed her. “Now tell me Shannon…how many times did you make Tara go down on you? How many times did she eat your pussy?”

“Ummmm…three…she went down on me three times…” Shannon answered as she thought back to that morning in the hotel room.

“Well then, this is going to be fair punishment,” Alyson declared before she proceeded to whip Shannon across her back three times.

“OHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Shannon cried out as her skin got more sensitive with each whipping. It was just how she wanted it to be though.

“So slut…how many times did you go down on her?” Alyson asked. “How many times did you stick your tongue into Tara’s sweet little pussy and make her come?”

“Twice…” Shannon replied, her voice quivering now.

“Are you lying to me Shannon?” Alyson demanded, hoping she wasn’t about to start grinning while she did this. Sometimes she felt so silly being a domme, but it was undeniably fun for her. “Lying will only make it worse!”

“No mistress! I’m not lying!” Shannon swore. “It was twice! I ate her pussy twice! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Shannon screamed as the whip hit her back two more times. It was so fucking good she could barely stand. Alyson knew just where to whip her and how to make her feel the maximum pleasure from it. Shannon could feel her pussy dripping and she was desperate to touch herself. She didn’t dare though. Shannon knew what would come from that. Alyson could do worse things to her than whipping her back.

“How many times did she fuck your slutty ass?” Alyson asked, while gently rubbing the whip against Shannon’s back, making sure she hit all the sensitive spots.

“Just once…” Shannon groaned. “She tongued my ass once. Ohhhhh mistress…please no more!”

“Shut up!” Alyson commanded as she sent the whip against Shannon’s back again. “I’ll tell you when you’ve had enough!”

“OWWWWWWWWWW!!! Yes…yes…mistress…” Shannon whimpered.

“Now Shannon…this is the most important question,” Alyson said. “How many times did you come that morning? I want to know how many times total those little whores Mena and Tara made you come.”

“No mistress please…” Shannon begged. “Don’t do this!”

“Tell me!” Alyson commanded.

“Five…it was five times…” Shannon said softly, unable to not obey her mistress.

“AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!” Shannon screamed as Alyson hit her with the whip once, then twice, then a third time. Shannon felt like she was close to coming when the fourth whipping hit her bare back and when Alyson smacked her for the fifth time, Shannon could finally take no more.

“Mistress please…” Shannon cried. “No more! Please mistress! Rainbow!”

At the sound of that, Alyson dropped her whip. “Rainbow” had been their agreed upon safety word and when Shannon said it, Alyson knew it was time to stop.

“Did you like that baby?” Alyson purred into Shannon’s ear.

“Yessss…” Shannon moaned. “I deserved every lash mistress! I was a bad girl…a nasty fucking slut! Tara’s pussy was so hot and tight I couldn’t resist it. I should have waited for you mistress but I was too weak to resist. I am not worthy of gazing upon your beauty.”

“Got that right,” Alyson smirked before pressing her face to Shannon’s back and kissing where she had just whipped. The marks on her back were already beginning to fade and in a few hours they would be completely gone. Alyson’s kisses were soft and tender, bringing love to where her lover hurt. Shannon groaned in longing and desire with every kiss, her pussy just getting wetter. This was what Shannon loved about Alyson, even when she was hardest, her natural sweetness was never far behind.

“Do you like it when your mistress kisses you and makes it better?” Alyson asked Shannon, the brunette still pressed to the wall.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Shannon smiled happily. The soft kisses were making the sore spots feel better than any ointment ever could. “Mistress, you make everything feel gooood!”

Alyson almost giggled when she heard Shannon say that, but she held firm and didn’t spoil the illusion. Shannon was always so willing to give it up to her. Mena was too, but Shannon just got so into it. Alyson had seen a lot of dommes recently do their thing and she had no idea how they kept it up for so long. She could only keep the character going for so long. This was hard. Fortunately, it was also fun.

“Oh yeah?” Alyson challenged. “”Well now it’s time for you to make me feel good. Get on your knees slut. On your knees so you can eat my pussy!”

“Yes mistress,” Shannon grinned as she licked her lips. “Thank you for giving me the privilege of licking your beautiful pussy.”

Shannon backed away from the wall, noticing her wet palms had left handprints on the paint that quickly faded in the open air. Her whole body was covered with the glow of perspiration as she sank to her knees and brought herself face to face with Alyson’s cunt. This was a position Shannon was very familiar with and, as always, the scent of Alyson’s arousal drove her wild. Alyson’s bush had been trimmed down to a neat triangle of red hair and Shannon saw that the whipping had gotten her mistresses’ pussy plenty wet and juicy for her. Shannon had longed for her friend’s taste and couldn’t deny herself a moment more.

“Mmmmmm yessss Shannon…lick that pussy,” Alyson urged. “Tongue it good slut. Ohhhhhh Shannon…you know what your mistress likes! I forgot how fucking good your tongue was!”

The examinations she had gotten from Nurse Charisma hadn’t nearly been enough and now Alyson was finally getting the dose of medicine she really needed. Shannon’s wet, probing tongue knew just where all her hot spots were and Alyson felt her pussy drip more hot juice while her experienced mouth worked her over. Charisma had been enthusiastic, but you could never make up for experience and Shannon’s talented tongue licked all she could as she burrowed deep in her pink, velvety folds.

“You’re such a good little pussy licker Shannon,” Alyson informed her friend. “Mmmm I’m going to be coming all over that pretty face. Is that what you did to Tara? Did you lick her until she creamed your skin with her nasty girl cum? Did you make that whore Mena lick your skin clean or did you save all that cum for your own tongue you greedy slut?”

Shannon knew her mistress didn’t want answers to those questions. Her duty was to stay where she was, right between Alyson’s legs putting her tongue to work. Shannon was almost giddy with joy over the prospect of making Alyson come. When she had heard about what had happened to Alyson, Shannon had worried that she had lost one of her most special friends.

Even when she knew Alyson was going to be physically all right, Shannon had thought she wouldn’t want to do things like this anymore. Now she knew all her fears were for nothing. Alyson was back and hotter than she’d ever been.

Sometimes it was hard for Shannon to reconcile how she felt about all this with how she lived the rest of her life. She loved her husband and he knew she was bisexual. She usually told him all about her girl/girl adventures and she loved how aroused it would make him. There had been many times when she had brought a cute girl home for both of them to share. But this was something she kept to herself. He had no idea what she did with her “American Pie” co-stars and he especially had no idea about the special relationship she had with Alyson.

Shannon loved sex and never made any secret of that, but this was something so different that she made sure it stayed between her and her select group of friends. Not even Tara knew about this yet. She and Mena had debated telling her about it after their fun, but they had decided not to. They weren’t sure she was ready for all this yet. Besides, it would be much more fun to show it to her than it would be to merely tell it.

With Alyson’s tasty juices covering her tongue, Shannon hungrily searched for more. She got her tongue zeroed in right on Alyson’s clit and began licking it hard, eliciting happy moans from her mistress. Alyson’s hands moved to Shannon’s head, gripping her hair and pushing her face in deeper.

“Don’t you fucking stop slut!” Alyson commanded. “Make me come! Get your fucking face in my pussy! Mmmm you are hungry, aren’t you slut? You must have been going crazy without my hot little pussy around to feed you.”

Once again Shannon didn’t dare to answer, but Alyson had her dead to rights. Not that Shannon minded having her weakness so exposed. Alyson’s words were harsh, but her personality wasn’t. Even when they were like this, there was an air of playfulness to their sex. When the four of them were together, Alyson and Natasha never got too lost in their roles as dommes and Shannon and Mena never got too lost in their roles as subs. It made everything mesh together perfectly.

Shannon let her eyes drift upward to see the waves of pleasure crossing across Alyson’s face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth opened slowly to release the moans Shannon’s tongue was creating. Shannon’s eyes drank in all of Alyson’s pale skin, capped off by the hard pink nipples that stuck out like sexy pebbles. Shannon wanted nothing more than to please this alabaster beauty and she got her tongue right back on her clit.

Alyson’s clit was swollen with pent up arousal and Shannon could feel it wasn’t going to be long before she came. Shannon didn’t start sucking Alyson’s pleasure center right away. Instead she lapped at the hard clit with her tongue, slapping it around and licking all over Alyson’s hot spots. Shannon got just the response she was looking for as Alyson gripped her hair tighter and pushed her head against her pussy again.

“Ohhhhhhh sooooooo close,” Alyson groaned. “Mmmm good slut…you haven’t forgotten what your mistress taught you. Ohhhhhh Shannon…work that clit over! Don’t tease me anymore! Make your mistress come! Suck on that clit slut!”

Shannon let her own hands get to work now and she reached behind Alyson to fondle and squeeze the cheeks of her ass. Alyson groaned again at the contact and Shannon felt a surge in the heat and wetness against her face. Shannon didn’t do anything more than rub and caress Alyson’s ass, but it was exactly what Alyson wanted her to do. Shannon’s eager hands played with the firm, smooth cheeks and Alyson’s hips began to move, grinding her pussy to her slut’s face and giving her skin a preview of what…literally…was to come.

“Mmmmm so fucking close!” Alyson cried, her voice getting feverish and ragged. “Taste those juices Shannon! Mmmm such a good slut…getting her mistress all hot and creamy! Mmmm feel those juices I’m rubbing allllllll over your face! Don’t stop licking! I’m almost there!”

It wasn’t a hard smashing Alyson was giving to Shannon’s face, more like the slow, sexy grind of a lap dance. Shannon had always loved having her face fucked hard, whether by men or women, but it was good when it was slow too. This was she could appreciate the feel of Alyson’s wet pussy pressing against her face and savor the juices that were coating her tongue and dripping down her throat. Shannon responded to the sensations that were building in her own body by sighing sexily into the muzzle of Alyson’s snatch and pushing her tongue inside harder.

Alyson’s clit was so swollen with desire by then that a cool breeze against it probably would have gotten her off. Shannon’s mouth was a much better alternative and when she finally pushed her lips onto Alyson’s clit and began sucking, the redhead found her orgasm hitting her like a bolt of electricity.


The two girls were almost fused together at that point, each holding the other tight with gripping hands. Alyson’s hands were tight to Shannon’s head, pushing her close as Shannon kept her own solid hold on Alyson’s ass cheeks, pulling her close. They were one as Shannon kept sucking on Alyson’s clit and indulging in the reward her efforts had brought to her.

“OHHHHHH SHANNONNNNNNN!!!” Alyson cried in thunderous ecstasy, the pleasure of her orgasm overwhelming the mask of dominance she had worn. “FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE!!! YESSSSS BABY YESSSSS!!! OOOOOOOH SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!”

Alyson’s orgasmic cream filled Shannon’s mouth and she greedily drank her down. Shannon’s practiced tongue knew just how to lick and she tried every trick she knew so she couldn’t miss a single drop of that sweet girl cum. That became impossible when Alyson’s movements became more ragged and she began rubbing her pussy all over Shannon’s face. But Shannon had no problem with that. It wasn’t as if she didn’t love every second of Alyson rubbing her sex cream all over her lips and chin. Shannon kept licking for more, letting it soak her tongue and her skin as Alyson cried out her pleasure.

Alyson had wanted something just like this and the force of her orgasm left her knees weak. It seemed as if Shannon’s hands on her ass were the only thing keeping her standing and, as her orgasm died down to flickering embers of pleasure, Alyson slowly lowered herself down to the soft carpeting of her bedroom floor.

“Mmmmm…” Alyson moaned, her pale skin flush with orgasmic afterglow. She and Shannon finally released each other and Alyson pulled her lover down on top of her for a deep kiss. Shannon’s large breasts pressed into Alyson’s own modest, but oh so sexy, chest and the two shared their mutual pleasure through their kiss. Shannon greedily treasured the kiss. She knew her mistress would be back in a second so she wanted to make sure she got plenty of Aly’s tenderness while she could.

“I suppose that was acceptable…” Alyson giggled after she and Shannon separated and lay next to one another on the floor. “Do you think you earned your orgasm from that slut? Do you think you earned the privilege of having my tongue inside your unworthy pussy?”

“Yes mistress please…” Shannon begged, the lower half of her face still shiny from Alyson’s orgasm. “I’m so wet. My pussy aches for you mistress. Please have mercy on your slut! Please make her come with your tongue!”

“Hmmmm…no…” Alyson said after thinking it over. “You don’t deserve my tongue. You’re still being punished. You’ve lost your privileges there.”

Shannon’s face drooped with disappointment. She would accept her mistress’ word, but she didn’t like it. She was so close. Being whipped by Alyson and then eating her out had gotten Shannon on the verge of orgasm already. She knew it would only take a few sexy tongue strokes from Alyson to get her off. Shannon needed this orgasm. That was why she came over here in the first place. She didn’t know if she would have been able to take being left hanging by her mistress. Fortunately, Alyson’s next words brightened her outlook considerably.

“On the other hand…you did do a good job at licking my pussy,” Alyson grinned. “I suppose you deserve an orgasm. Get yourself off slut. Make yourself come for me.”

Alyson then picked up the discarded whip and handed it to Shannon. The girl knew exactly what to do and immediately took the dildo handle and began sucking it, getting it wet and ready to be pushed into her own pussy.

“That’s it,” Alyson urged. “Suck on that cock. Get it all nice and wet for your tight little pussy Shannon. Suck it like it’s your husband’s cock and you want him to come and fill up your slutty mouth. He can’t do the things to you that I can, can he?”

“Oh no mistress…” Shannon assured her as she pulled the dildo from her mouth the black plastic now wet and a strand of saliva connected from the head of the toy to Shannon’s lips. “No one can do what you do to me.”

“Get that cock back in your mouth…suck my toy off,” Alyson commanded, loving the sight of Shannon, her eyes closed and her mouth filled, giving a blow job to the dildo. Shannon was an expert at cocksucking and she treated the toy as if it were flesh and blood. She fondled it with her hands and pushed it deep into her mouth. She was able to take the whole length inside her mouth, but the toy wasn’t big enough for that to be much of a challenge. Alyson’s thoughts drifted back to her closet where she had herself a strap on that could have been Mr. Snappy’s slightly smaller brother. Alyson wondered whether Shannon could deep throat that sucker. She’d have to find out for herself next time, right now there was something else Alyson wanted to see.

“Get that thing between your tits,” Alyson instructed. “I want to see you press those big tits around that toy. Mmmmmm it would look so sexy.”

Wordlessly, Shannon began to comply. She didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the orgasm that she already felt forming in her body so she followed her mistress’ orders. Besides, knowing she was pleasing Alyson by putting on a sexy show for her just served to get Shannon wetter.

Shannon took the toy and lay back. She was flat on her back as she placed the dildo in her cleavage, right between her soft breasts, pushing them together and titfucking the toy. Shannon was no stranger to the feel of a cock between her tits and she loved how the tails of the whip tickled her skin and her arousal only increased when Alyson leaned over to help out by taking the dildo in her hand and pushing it up and down between Shannon’s breasts.

“You look so hot and slutty right now Shannon,” Alyson admired. “I wish this was a real cock so I could see it come all over you. Mmmm I’d love to see your tits and face covered in white ropes of cum like the slut you are. You’d love it too, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yesss mistress…you know I would,” Shannon sighed in desire. “My whole body covered in cum. I’d do anything you wanted me to do. I’d be your obedient little bitch.”

More than a few times Shannon had fantasized about bringing Alyson home to share with her husband, but she had never actually done it. She didn’t want to share her mistress and, besides, Shannon wasn’t sure he would have been able to handle the two of them.

“You already are my obedient little bitch,” Alyson reminded Shannon as she leaned down to suck and tease her hard nipples a little. Shannon groaned at the contact with her body and Alyson could easily see how aroused she was. Shannon’s pussy glistened with juice and her skin was so flushed with desire. Alyson saw how Shannon quivered as she pushed the toy between her tits and played with her nipples. This girl needed to come and Alyson wasn’t nearly cruel enough to deny her.

“Sit up,” Alyson ordered, holding out her hands so Shannon could grab them and pull herself up off the floor. Shannon quickly put herself in an Indian-style position on the floor and Alyson kissed her, drawing a happy moan from Shannon and leaving stands of saliva dripping from their lips.

Alyson handed the dildo back to Shannon and the brunette knew just what was expected of her. She licked the head of the toy a few times, teasing it with her wet tongue just like she would to a real guy. Shannon then began to slowly move the toy down her body, leaving a saliva trail down her neck and through the valley of her cleavage before crossing past her stomach and over her thighs.

“Get that toy inside you,” Alyson ordered. “I want to see you fill your slutty pussy up with it. Show me that hard toy deep inside you. Put on a show for your mistress.”

Shannon just wanted to come and she didn’t care how it happened. Being able to please Alyson at the same time was a bonus she was happy to get. Shannon teased her thighs with the toy, opening her legs so that Alyson could get a good look at her spread pussy before she began rubbing it over her wet slit. Shannon was quickly moaning as she teased herself with the dildo, pressing it to her labia, but not penetrating herself with it yet.

“No don’t tease yourself,” Alyson chided. “I want to see you take that hard, plastic toy and fuck yourself with it Shannon. Fuck yourself like a slut Shannon!”

“Yesss…” Shannon hissed as she pushed the toy inside her steaming cunt, the walls of her pussy creating a tight, pink hold on the black plastic. “I am a slut. A naughty fucking slut! Watch me fuck myself for you mistress…only for you!”

Alyson had to stifle a giggle when she considered what men all over the country would give up to see Shannon put on the live sex show she was watching right now. Well they couldn’t see her this way and she could. That was such a turn on for Alyson and she watched with heated stares as Shannon fucked herself with the toy, pushing it in her pussy and pulling it out before repeating it, each time the toy getting slicker and slicker with girl juice.

“Mmmmm watch me mistress,” Shannon grunted. “Watch me fuck myself!”

Shannon had been filled with bigger toys and bigger cocks before, but that didn’t make this any less hot. It wasn’t what she was pushing into herself that was the turn on. It was that she was doing this in front of Alyson. She wanted her friend to see how wet she was. She wanted her to see how much she loved this.

Alyson certainly saw all that and more. Alyson leaned over and began playing with Shannon’s swinging tits as she continued to fuck herself with the dildo. Shannon moaned, her voice getting high pitched, as Alyson’s tongue and fingers played with her breasts. She sucked and pinched her nipples, never too hard, but just enough so Shannon could feel the pleasure spiced up with pain. Shannon loved it and Alyson only had to look down to see the dildo getting wetter to know it.

“Come for me Shannon,” Alyson instructed. “Come for your mistress. Push that thing up your pussy and cream it with your cum. Soak that thing with your girl juice like the good little slut you are. Show me what I want to see!”

Everything Shannon was doing to herself was designed to give Alyson what she wanted to see. Shannon could taste her own orgasm. It was so close. She wanted it so bad and she wanted her mistress to see her come. Since Alyson was doing such a good job playing with her breasts, Shannon could use both of her hands on working her pussy over. She held the dildo with two hands, pushing it into herself hard and then yanking it out roughly, without ever leaving the walls of her pussy. She didn’t want to stop being filled and feeling those tails on her legs and thighs and still feeling the sensitive welts on her back only added to Shannon’s arousal.

“Yesss…gonna come…” Shannon moaned. “It feels too good. Too fucking good!!! Ughhhh…I need this!!!”

“That’s it Shannon…come for me,” Alyson continued to urge. “Feel that fucking cock deep in your pussy. Mmmm you look so hot right now you little slut. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll lean down and lick all that cum out of your pussy when you’re done. Come for your mistress! Do it! NOW!!!”

At the sound of Alyson’s command, Shannon lost control. She began seriously pumping the dildo in and out of her open, filled pussy and she felt her release explode onto the toy.


“Mmmm yesss…that’s it…fucking come Shannon…” Alyson gleefully said as she kept playing with her tits, fondling them as they shook with the rapture that racked Shannon’s naked body. Shannon shook and lurched on the rug, soaking the dildo and dripping right down onto Alyson’s carpet. Shannon tossed her head back and forth, her long hair flying over her face as she came and screamed.


Alyson then smothered Shannon’s lips with her own, kissing her passionately and crushing their nude bodies together. They sucked on each other’s tongues as Shannon cycled down from her orgasmic highs. When Shannon finally fell back, exhausted, she and Alyson flicked their tongues together and fondled each other’s bare chest, not wanting to stop touching each other.

“Mmmmm I missed that,” Alyson smiled, snuggling up to Shannon and hugging her as they both lay on the soft carpeting. Mistress was gone. Now she was just Alyson again.

“Me too…hell, I just missed you Aly…” Shannon sighed, loving the feel of her friend clinging to her naked body.

“Well I’m back,” Alyson replied. “I missed you too Shannon. I missed all of you. Mmmm we’ll all have to get together soon. You…me….Mena…Natasha…ooooh and now we can get Tara to play too. Do you think you could get her over here?”

“I don’t think it would take much convincing,” Shannon giggled, remembering how enthusiastic Tara had been that morning in the hotel room.

“We can even take her to the club and see how naughty she likes to get,” Alyson suggested, imagining what they could do to Tara in their secret little nightspot. “Heyyyy…did you guys go without me while I was gone?”

“A few times,” Shannon sheepishly admitted, fearful of another punishment. “But not with Tara and never to participate. We just went to watch.”

“And what did you see?” Alyson inquired, wondering how the place had held up without her.

“You don’t want to know,” Shannon sighed sadly. “It’s really gotten bad down there. She’s running everything now and people are a little scared. Some people have stopped showing up.”

“That fucking blonde bitch,” Alyson muttered bitterly. “She didn’t miss a beat, did she? She was probably glad I was in that damn coma. Well, I think I’ll have to remind her who’s boss. You want to help?”

“Would I?” Shannon asked happily. “All you have to do is ask, Aly. You know I’ll do anything you ask…mistress.”

The two girls then laughed and kissed again, holding each other type and wondering how to take back control of what they had helped build.

* * * * *

Back at the mansion, Alyssa was feeling the effects of boredom. She needed to get out of here and do something fun, but she didn’t know what. Oh well, it was early in the day. She still had plenty of time to go out and find something fun.

As she wandered around the house, Alyssa quickly discovered Christina sitting at the table writing something down in a notebook. By now Christina had gotten some clothes on, but just barely. She was wearing a white tank top and the fact that she was not wearing a bra underneath was quite obvious from the way the tight top hugged her tits. Christina also had on a pair of shorts that had once been jeans but had been sliced up into something that was closer to a denim thong than something you could wear in public. There was more than a teasing glimpse of Christina’s ass on display and Alyssa certainly appreciated the view.

“So where’s your friend?” Alyssa asked.

“She has a name,” Christina chided. “You can call her Britney and it wouldn’t kill you to be nice to her once in a while either.”

“Me? Nice to her?” Alyssa scoffed. “She’s the one who turns into mega-bitch whenever I see her. She’s the one who needs to let this shit go. I’m not even seeing Justin anymore. She just needs to get over it.”

“Well you’re right there,” Christina agreed. “She just has a hard time with stuff like that. She’s much less bitchy than she seems, believe me I know. I mean I thought she was this stuck up snob, but then mmmmmmm. She’s quite the little demon in bed. She loooooves pussy.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Alyssa shot back.

“Oh come on! Are you saying you wouldn’t fuck Britney?” Christina said in disbelief. “There’s no way you’re gonna turn down all that!”

“No comment,” Alyssa said slyly, a little grin forming at the corner of her lips. She had heard what Rose had put Britney through and she had to admit she wouldn’t have minded having a little fun like that with the blonde. “So where is she anyway? I mean she’s usually hanging off you every second of the day.”

“She needed to crash,” Christina explained. “It’s her first time coming down. I’m letting her sleep through this one.”

“What about you?” Alyssa asked. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you sleep.”

“Sleep is for the weak,” Christina giggled. “I’ve got too much to do, too much to say and too much fun to have.”

With that Christina reached forward and grabbed Alyssa by her shirt. She brought the actress in for a deep, passionate kiss that Alyssa thoroughly enjoyed. Soon her hands were on Christina’s top, squeezing her enhanced pop star tits and getting the girl moaning.

“Mmmm I’ve sooo gotta hook you and Britney up,” Christina grinned. “You both are so fucking hot.”

“Whatever,” Alyssa said before grabbing another quick peck on Christina’s lips and feeling her piercings rub against her skin. “What are you working on?”

“The concept for our new label,” Christina said proudly. Alyssa glanced down and saw Christina had scribbled all kinds of notes and ideas for what looked like a professional record label, at least as professional as one could be when it was written down in a Hello Kitty notebook.

“You were serious about that?” Alyssa asked. “I thought you were just high.”

“Well I was,” Christina laughed. “But I really meant it. This is gonna be soooooo fucking great. No more record labels telling us what to do and who to be and taking money out of our pockets. Now we’re gonna call the shots. You know if you’re a good girl Alyssa, we might be able willing to give you a deal with us for an album.”

“No thanks, my recording days are loooooong over,” Alyssa declared, remembering her singing days. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately because no one here remembered it, her only success was in Japan.

“Your loss,” Christina replied. “Cause we’re gonna kick some ass and we’re starting tonight.”

“And how are you planning to do that?” Alyssa asked.

“Party time baby,” Christina grinned. “We’re gonna rock this place hard!”

“No way…Sarah will kill you if you have a party here,” Alyssa said. “You’re not supposed to be showing this place off to people!”

“What Sarah doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” Christina replied. “Besides, I’m not `showing this place off.’ I’m just inviting a few close friends.”

“How many?” Alyssa demanded.

“Not many…just like 20 or 30,” Christina replied as Alyssa’s jaw hit the floor.

“You’re out of your fucking mind,” Alyssa said, shaking her head. “You can’t do that!”

“Already done baby,” Christina announced. “They’ll be getting here like around nine tonight. Don’t sweat it Alyssa. No one’s gonna tattle. What goes on at these parties, stays there. I’ve been to enough of them to know that. You’ll love it, Alyssa. There’ll be so much cock and pussy here for you tonight you won’t have any time to worry. Don’t be a party pooping bitch.”

“Ok, but if Sarah finds out about this, I’m not going down with you Chrissy,” Alyssa vowed. “You and Britney are on your own here.”

“Just relax Alyssa,” Christina advised. “It’s gonna be great. You’ll have fun. I promise.”

Before Christina could say anything more, Alyssa’s cell phone began to ring.

“Hold on a sec,” Alyssa said as she picked up her phone. “Hello?”

“Hey…Alyssa,” a girl’s voice said on the other end. “It’s Michelle…Michelle Branch.”

“Hey Michelle,” Alyssa smiled, immediately flashing back to their encounter the other day. “What’s up? Did you bag that Canadian cutie yet?”

“No,” Michelle said, so sadly that Alyssa was taken aback by it.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Alyssa asked.

“I suck, that’s what’s wrong,” Michelle replied glumly. “I can’t do this.”

“What do you mean?” Alyssa asked. “What happened?”

“I totally froze,” Michelle explained. “I mean I was right there and I couldn’t even talk to her. I blew it. I’m sorry to bother you Alyssa. I know you’re busy. I just didn’t know who else to call. I just suck at this. I can’t be bold. I can’t be sexy. I feel like a total failure.”

“Don’t be sorry, I’m glad you called me sweetie,” Alyssa said. She could hear how much Michelle’s confidence had been shredded and suddenly Alyssa had a perfect idea. “Where are you?”

Michelle told Alyssa she was still at Avril’s hotel on her cellphone and then added, “Why?”

“Just stay right there baby,” Alyssa said. “I’m going to come over there. You’re not a failure. You just need a little help. Don’t move an inch. You and I are going to get this girl.”

“Ummmmm…ok…” Michelle said surprised and excited all at once. She hadn’t called Alyssa for advice. She had called her because she hadn’t been able to think of anyone else who would understand what she was going through. Now it looked like she might still have a shot here at Avril and Michelle was open to any help she could get.

“See you soon sweetie,” Alyssa promised as she ended the call. Just as she did that, the phone in the kitchen began to ring. Alyssa glanced over and saw that Christina had absolutely no intention of getting up and answering it.

“Oh don’t worry…I’ll get it,” Alyssa sighed as Christina looked up and smiled at her.

“Hello?” Alyssa said.

“Hi…is Love there?” a familiar voice asked. Alyssa didn’t immediately register who it was, but it came to her in a few seconds.

“Jaime?” Alyssa inquired, wondering how she got this number.

“Alyssa?” Jaime Pressley responded. “How are you girl? What the hell are you doing there?”

“I live here,” Alyssa replied, wondering how much Jaime knew about what went on here. She decided to play it coy, but the fact that Jaime had this number and had called looking for Love indicated she probably had a very good idea what happened behind these walls.

“Oh…do you now?” Jamie teased. “I hadn’t heard you moved. So you and Love are roommates?”

“Something like that…” Alyssa said, holding back the key information until she was sure Jamie was ok with this. She and Jaime had gotten close when she had guest starred on “Charmed” and Alyssa was already imagining what she could do to the tart tongued blonde if she got her over to the mansion.

“Hmmmm mysterious,” Jaime declared. “So is Love there? We were supposed to hook up and get lunch, but I hadn’t heard from her in a few days.”

“Oh she’s not here,” Alyssa reported. “She took off on a trip to New York. I’m not sure when she’s going to be back.”

“She left…” Jaime said, as if not believing the words she was being told. “Who did she leave with?”

Alyssa detected almost a growl in Jaime’s voice and it made her a little uncomfortable. Since Jaime obviously didn’t know everything that was happening here, Alyssa decided to leave Rose out of it.

“She went by herself…” Alyssa lied.

“Oh…” Jaime said evenly, like she was thinking carefully about what to say next. “Well then…how about you Alyssa? Are you free today?”

Alyssa couldn’t believe her sudden good luck. A few minutes ago she’d been looking for fun, now she had Michelle’s young body on one hand and Jaime’s sweet southern honey on the other. Any other day Alyssa would have jumped at the chance to see if Jaime was receptive to a little girl on girl fun, but she had already made her promise to Michelle.

“Not today…but let’s get together soon,” Alyssa replied, already dreaming how good Jaime would look naked. She had seen her Playboy pictures and her nude scenes, but she was sure that bare body looked even better in person. Alyssa would have loved a chance to play with her.

“Great,” Jaime said. “Looks like Love’s loss is going to be your gain.”

“I can’t wait,” Alyssa smiled. “I’ve got a couple things I want to tell you.”

“I’ll call you when I’m free, ok?” Jaime offered.

“Ok,” Alyssa agreed. “Talk to you soon.”

“Bye,” Jaime said, ending the call on her cell phone. The smile that had been on her face immediately faded as she looked down with anger at the woman buried between her legs.

“Lick harder you stupid cunt!” Jaime commanded. From between her legs, Tiffani Thiessen pulled her juice-covered face up.

“I’m sorry master…I…I…” Tiffani began. She could say nothing more before Jaime reached down and smashed her palm against her face. Tiffani was almost knocked down by the force of the slap, but she managed to steady herself.

“I DIDN’T TELL YOU TO SPEAK!!!” Jaime roared as she grabbed Tiffani by her long brown hair. “GET YOUR USELESS TONGUE BACK WHERE IT BELONGS!!!”

Jaime then shoved Tiffani’s gasping face back against her pussy, mashing her wetness against her mouth. Both girls were stark naked and there was no doubt who was in charge as Jaime leaned back in her chair and used her free hand to play with her tits while she held Tiffani down.

Tiffani had never expected things to be like this. She had known she had been bi for years and had played around with so many of her female co-stars throughout her career. So when Jamie had signed on to guest star on “Fastlane”, Tiffani had eyed her with great interest. When their characters ended up sharing a kiss in a hottub, it only made things easier for Tiffani and it hadn’t been long before she and Jaime had ended up getting to know each other very intimately.

When Jaime had first displayed a dominant side, Tiffani hadn’t thought much of it. She was an open-minded girl and could roll with the best of them. But now Tiffani knew she was completely under Jaime’s thumb and powerless to do anything about it. She desired Jaime even through her hate and desperately tried to please her. Tiffani tried to resist Jaime’s siren call, but was unable to. Jaime controlled her and Tiffani had neither the strength nor the will to resist her. Tiffani didn’t even know how things had sunk this far. It had been a little at a time until it was too late. Jaime was her master.

“You’re so fucking pathetic Tiffani!” Jaime sneered as she yanked Tiffani away from her pussy by her hair. “Don’t you know how to get a girl off? You’re lucky I let your ugly face anywhere near my pussy and how do you repay me? By not even doing this simple job right!”

Tiffani cried out in pain as Jaime tugged hard on her hair, stretching her neck back. The cries did nothing to soften Jaime’s hold and she responded with a flurry of hard slaps to Tiffani’s tear drenched face.

“Please master…” Tiffani begged. “Stop! It hurts! Don’t do this! I’m so sorry!”

“IT’S SUPPOSED TO FUCKING HURT YOU DUMB SHIT!” Jaime roared, moving her hand down to twist and tug at Tiffani’s swollen nipples. “I’M NOT STOPPING TIFFANI! YOU’RE MINE AND YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MINE!!!”

Tiffani sobbed upon hearing that. She had been at Jaime’s for the past five days and had not been allowed any contact with anyone else. Her fiancé had to be going crazy wondering where she was, but Tiffani was forbidden to call him. The tears rolled down Tiffani’s face again and seeing that just made Jaime wetter.

“That’s it…cry like the weak little bitch you are,” Jaime laughed before leaning down and licking Tiffani’s tears right off her cheeks, loving the salty taste. “I’m not one of those girly little sluts you used to fuck. I’m a real woman, Tiffani, and you belong to me. Now you see that life is pain and there’s nothing you can do about it! You’re mine bitch. Your tits are mine. Your cunt is mine. Your ass is mine. Your face is mine. Everything you have and everything you are belongs to me…isn’t that right?”

“Yes…” Tiffani sobbed, unable to resist. She had fought back at first a little when she had first arrived here, but Jaime had quickly put a stop to that. “All yours…”

“Who am I?” Jaime demanded, gripping Tiffani’s face with her hand and squeezing her cheeks.

“M…master…” Tiffani answered. “You’re my master…”

“You’re disgusting Tiffani,” Jaime declared with a sneer as she pushed Tiffani to the ground. The brunette fell backwards and remained sprawled on the floor as tears continued to drip from her eyes. “You’re nothing compared to Rose! At least she fought back. You’re just a bawling little baby. You make me sick!”

Jaime’s eyes burned with rage as she stood up from her chair and paced around the fallen Tiffani, juice dripping from her pussy down her leg. She felt arousal fill her body as she imagined Rose in the position Tiffani was in now. Jaime wanted to see that whore sobbing for mercy again.

Every night Jaime fingered herself to sleep dreaming of Rose being forced to watch her slut housemates submit. Jaime wanted to see Rose’s face as she made all her friends and lovers into her obedient little bitches. Every night Jaime would orgasm when she pictured turning those bitches on Rose and having them punish her, turning her into a black and blue bawling mess before she took her turn and finally broke Rose’s spirit, just as it had been broken before.

Tiffani was a poor substitute and Jaime was enraged at not being able to have her chance with Love. Even though Alyssa hadn’t said it, Jaime knew she was with Rose. She could feel it. Rose had probably taken her away to protect her. Well she wouldn’t be able to do that forever and Jaime knew Love would soon be hers. In the meantime, Jaime knew if she could turn Alyssa, she would have a valuable ally against Rose. The thought of breaking Alyssa’s will and converting her from Rose’s friend into her enemy was enough to get Jaime creaming.

“Get back to work!” Jaime ordered as she lowered her dripping pussy to Tiffani’s face. “Get that tongue inside my pussy and make me come you fucking whore!”

Tiffani did as she was told, pushing her tongue inside Jaime’s pussy and immediately going after her clit. She fucked the pinkness in her face and sucked on her master’s clit, making sure she felt nothing but pleasure. Tiffani’s face was quickly soaked again as she lay flat on her back for Jaime to ride.

“YESSSSS!!! EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY YOU WHORE!!!” Jaime screamed, fucking Tiffani’s face hard as she slapped and gripped her slave’s tits. “GONNA COME ALL OVER YOUR UGLY, USELESS FACE!!!”

In her mind though, it wasn’t Tiffani’s face she was fucking. It was Alyssa’s. Jaime couldn’t wait to have her chance at that slut. She didn’t mind anymore having to wait a little to get at Love. Alyssa would be a fun little snack first and it would make breaking Rose even sweeter. Rose might have thought she was free, but Jaime couldn’t wait to remind her that she still belonged to her.

* * * * *

By the time the phone began to ring in the mansion again, Alyssa had already left. Christina was so deep in her planning for her new venture that at first she didn’t realize the phone was ringing and when she did she immediately called out for assistance.

“ALYSSAAAAAAAAAA!!! GET THE PHONE!!!” Christina shouted before remembering that she had already left. She then tried option two.

“BRITNEYYYYYYYYY!!! GET THE PHONE!!!” Christina bellowed. Unfortunately it seemed as if Britney was still sleeping off her buzz, so Christina was left with no one to help her. Sighing, Christina got up out of her chair and grabbed the phone.

“Hello,” Christina said with more than a little annoyance in her voice.

“Ummm hello?” Jason replied, a little taken aback by the tone he was greeted with. Of course he should have been used to it. He never seemed to get much respect when he called this number. “Is Rose there?”

“No…she’s not,” Christina answered, her voice an indication that she considered whoever this was on the other end to be none too bright. “She left, like, days ago.”

“She left?” Jason gasped, standing up from his desk and nearly dropping his phone as he pictured Rose being declared a fugitive from justice. “How could she leave? Where is she going?”

“I don’t know how she could do it…she just went in a car and left,” Christina replied. “She’s headed to New York.”

“I need to speak with her immediately!” Jason stated.

“Who the hell are you anyway?” Christina shot back testily. “This better not be some kind of fucking sales call. This is a private number, asshole.”

“This is Jason Thorne…Rose’s lawyer,” Jason answered as he reflexively grabbed and began squeezing the stress ball on his desk. He couldn’t believe she’d leave the state at a time like this. What the hell could she be thinking?

“Oh…” Christina gasped, immediately changing her tone. “Ummm I’m not sure when she’s gonna be back. Let me give you her cell phone number.”

“Thank you,” Jason said while continuing to squeeze the stress ball. It was like the case was exploding in front of his eyes. How could he defend Rose when she was fleeing the state? The prosecutors and the media were going to have a field day with this.

Christina recited Rose’s cell phone number by heart and Jason wrote it down. After giving him the information, Christina had one more comment to make.

“Hey Jason,” Christina said. “You’ve gotta help Rose. She can’t go to jail for this. You’ve got to get her out of this. You’ve just gotta.”

“I’ll try…” Jason said, hoping he had it in him to do it. “I’ll try…”

* * * * *

As the sun beat down on her, Rose leaned against the car. The car had needed gas, so she and Love had stopped off at the first small town they found. They could have waited for a more rural area, but Rose felt the smaller the better. If they ended up in a bigger town there would be more people and more distractions. Rose didn’t feel like dawdling. In a small town they would be able to get what they needed and get back on the road.

They ended up stopping at a place so small that it had one of those handmade signs at the city limits telling people where they were. She and Love were now in Paradise, New Mexico and it sure didn’t look like any paradise Rose knew. It was dry and it was dusty. Rose supposed that was par for the course around here, but the town sure did look like it could use a bath.

Of course Rose’s eyes weren’t focused on the town at the moment. They were squarely on the girl standing next to her fueling the car up. The light breezes that would kick up every now and then would send the hem of her dress flapping just enough to give a sexy glimpse of leg.

“Ohhh yeahhhhhh…” Rose teased. “Pump that gas Love! Pump it good baby!”

“Stop,” Love giggled, not meaning it for a second.

“Mmmm ok…I don’t want you pumping gas anyway,” Rose said, coming up from behind Love and squeezing her in her arms. Rose pushed her body against Love’s and lightly brushed her lips against her neck. “I’d much rather you were letting me pump you.”

“Don’t…” Love feebly protested. “Mmmm anyone can see us.”

“So…you gonna stop me?” Rose asked wickedly.

“No…” Love grinned. She had no interest whatsoever in fighting Rose off. Rose could have thrown her down on the hood of the car, pulled up her dress and began eating her out right there in front of the whole town and Love wouldn’t have done anything but lie back and enjoy the ride. Love wondered if anyone here would even have recognized them. They wouldn’t have been celebrities here. They just would have been horny sluts looking for a good time.

“Good,” Rose replied, nuzzling her nose to Love’s neck and kissing her lightly while she pressed her body against her housemate’s. “Cause I wouldn’t have let you stop me.”

Much as she would have loved to have had her horny way with Love right there, even Rose had that much inhibition left. She could wait until she was in a much more secluded place to get at Love’s pussy again. Rose was still dealing with all the pent up horniness that had built over the past few weeks. She just wanted to be wild and free and forget about her troubles and she wanted Love. Rose was so horny for her naughty housemate and her lips craved the taste of her girl cream. That was part of the reason Rose was so anxious to get going. The quicker they got back on the road, the quicker they would be able to find a place to stay for the night and the quicker Rose would have Love all to herself.

Right now, Rose was content to hold onto Love and squeeze her tightly. Love squirmed sexily in her arms, rubbing herself against Rose and letting her know how much she loved being held like this. The gas station was right across the street from what looked like the main street of this small town and the sight of two girls in the position they were in was definitely drawing a few raised eyebrows and wagging tongues. Let them stare, Rose thought to herself. They were just jealous that she was going to be fucking this slut tonight and they weren’t.

But before Rose could fantasize any more about what she was going to do to Love that night, her cell phone began to ring. Rose frowned and looked down at it. She didn’t recognize the number.

“Hello?” Rose said.

“Rose…it’s Jason.”

“What do you want?” Rose sighed, reluctantly pulling herself away from Love and walking to where she could have this conversation in private.

“C’mon Rose…don’t treat me like that,” Jason said, bristling against her tone. She always acted like he was a telemarketer that pulled her out of the bathtub with his call. “I’m here to help you.”

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…everyone’s here to help,” Rose grumbled. “What do you want Jason? Did they drop the charges?”

“No they didn’t drop the charges,” Jason replied. “In fact they’re getting mad Rose. You can’t just leave the state like that. You’re facing charges. You have to get back here today. They want you to take a deal.”

“No deals and I’m not coming back yet,” Rose insisted. “I’m glad I did it. He was going to hurt my friend. I’d do it again and this time I’d cut off his fucking balls instead of his eye. I’m not taking any deals and I’m not going to pretend like I’m crazy. I’m not fucking crazy. You’re the lawyer Jason. You fix this. But I’m not taking any deals where they say I was wrong or I was crazy. I was right to do what I did! I’m not fucking apologizing to you, to him or to anyone!”

“Rose please…you have to listen to reason,” Jason begged. “You could be facing serious jail time here. Have you given any thoughts to the consequences if you go to trial? You’re facing a huge risk. We can negotiate a deal!”

“No fucking deals! Are you deaf Jason?” Rose hotly demanded. “I won’t do it!”

“Rose…I know about Portland…” Jason suddenly declared after gathering his courage.

“How?” Rose demanded, her voice steady but furious. She hadn’t expected this. She had never expected this.

“The prosecutor…they found out…” Jason explained. “They said they were going to try and get the record unsealed. I don’t know if they can do that, but if they do then we’re in trouble. If the jury find out about this-”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Rose said firmly, choking back her anger as she interrupted Jason. Without warning she ended the call and turned off her cell phone so Jason couldn’t reach her again.

“What’s going on?” Love asked as Rose slipped the phone back into her purse. “Is everything ok?”

“Nothing’s going on,” Rose smiled, masking her fear and fury. “Everything’s fine.”

“Are you sure?” Love pressed, her concern all over her face.

“I’m sure,” Rose insisted. “Go pay for the gas and then we can go.”

While Love walked inside the store, Rose looked for something, anything to get her mind off the phone call from Jason. She didn’t want to think about the past. It was gone and buried. While searching with her eyes, Rose quickly found what she was looking for. The car had gotten plenty dusty from the trip and Rose spied a hose to wash it off.

Rose began spraying the car with water and took notice of the fact that people were staring at her again. They must have seen her with Love and were wondering what they were up to.

“Gonna stare huh?” Rose challenged under her breath. “I’ll give you something to stare at!”

Rose then took the hose and turned down the force of the water so it was more of a slow stream than a hard spray. Leaning up against the car, Rose turned the hose on herself and let the water trickle over her dress and onto her body. She could hear the murmurs and gasps around her and a wide smile crossed Rose’s face. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her light sundress clung to her body. Rose could feel their stares and she drank it all in like the water that she now had dripping over her face.

“Rose! What are you doing?” Love gasped when she got back to the car.

“What’s the matter baby? I thought you liked me wet,” Rose said wickedly before turning the hose on Love, spraying her with water. Love shrieked happily as the water hit her body, soaking her dress. Since she wasn’t wearing anything underneath either, it wasn’t long before the light material was tight up against her breasts and her nipples were swelling with desire.

“Stop! Stop!! Stop!!!” Love laughed before Rose finally relented.

“Let’s go Love,” Rose said, putting the hose down and shutting off the water. “The open road awaits.”

Soaked the skin and loving it, both girls climbed into the car and got on their way. As they were pulling out of the gas station, people turned to watch them leave. One of the eyes that caught them leaving belonged to Deputy John “Big John” Penney of the Paradise Sheriff’s Department.

“I wonder what’s up with them?” John wondered aloud.

“What’cha looking at?” Deputy Ricky Sanchez asked as he came up behind his partner. Both deputies had been on walking patrol through the town when John’s eyes caught the water show across the street.

“Those two girls,” John said as the car drove down the road. “They were playing with the hose across the street. They were in clear violation of town ordinance 107C-J…improper use of water when the town has gone without rain for a period of three weeks. They are subject to a $150 fine and a period of imprisonment up to two days.”

“Lighten up John,” Ricky advised. John was a good cop, in his opinion, but more than a little overzealous. It was good to know the law, but John knew every town statute and ordinance by heart.

“This is not the time to lighten up,” John shot back. “This is the time for us to be vigilant against flagrant disregard for the law. While the sheriff is on vacation it’s up to us to keep the peace. We are this town’s line of defense against lawlessness. I don’t know who those girls are. They’re new to town and they smell like trouble.”

“Whatever mi amigo…whatever…just let it go…” Ricky said as he slipped his sunglasses on. The sun was going to be spending another day beating down on their fair town, no sense exposing his baby blues to too much of it. Besides, a sheriff deputy’s uniform really wasn’t complete without the mirrored sunglasses.

John was doing anything but letting it go. He watched the car drive down the road and wondered who those girls were and what they were up to. Whatever it was, it probably wasn’t good.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back in New York, Jennifer was busy seeing the sights and trying every trick she knew not to think of Brad. Of course it wasn’t working very well. It seemed the more she tried not to think about him, the more she did. Jennifer tried not to let her mind wander to whether he was thinking of her with the same longing, but it was no use. He was on her mind and she couldn’t force him out of it.

What Jennifer could do to distract herself, was think about all the good things in her life. She had Sarah with her and, even though she was a pill about the smoking, she was just happy to spend time with her. Jennifer saw that she and Sarah were a lot alike. They couldn’t just jump first into this new lifestyle like Love and Rose could. She and Sarah had ties to their old lives and commitments they had to hold. Plus, there were the obvious benefits of sharing a bed with someone like Sarah.

In that big mansion, they often times either ended up in their own rooms, or piled up in groups of multiple girls. There was little one on one action and here there was plenty of that. It was just her and Sarah under the covers at night exploring naked flesh and dreaming of new ways to make each other come. Jennifer smiled and ran her tongue over her lips, still tasting a little bit of Sarah from when they had played on the shower. Experiencing that lingering taste brought Jennifer right back to when she had been on her knees in the shower, water beating down her back as she tongued Sarah’s beautiful pussy to orgasm.

If Brad was going to leave her like this then Jennifer told herself she had better have as much fun as she could…damn the consequences. She couldn’t wait to see Sarah again and play with her some more. Maybe she should visit the set. Sarah had confessed to more than a few lustful thoughts for her co-star, Jamie Lynn-Sigler, and Jennifer wouldn’t have minded horning in on that action. She didn’t want to raise suspicious minds with a visit, though. No sense giving the gossip hounds a reason to start snooping.

Since “Friends” wasn’t scheduled to shoot any exterior scenes in the city for a few days, Jennifer’s days were free and spending her time wandering around was bringing back a lot of good memories. She had grown up here and it was so easy to think back to a time when she was just the daughter of the guy who played Victor on “Days of Our Lives.”

Jennifer’s travels today had taken her to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She had sat down on the steps and watched the city go by, just as she’d done when she was a kid. It was so easy to remember sitting on these steps with her friends after school and just hang out, watching the people. The street entertainers were still there. Sure the faces and the acts had changed, but it still felt the same to Jennifer. She remembered the singers, comedians and jugglers she used to see there on those steps. Hell, she even looked back fondly on the mimes.

Things were different now, obviously. Jennifer had once been able to sit on these steps completely anonymous, but now she was one of the most recognizable faces in the country, if not the world. Today she had tried to drift back to those anonymous days, but it hadn’t been long before a couple of kids on a field trip from one of the high schools breathlessly recognized her. A few dozen autographs later, Jennifer was on her way again. It was true. You couldn’t go back, but it was nice to imagine sometimes that you could.

Now she was in Central Park, walking through and looking for signs of spring on this unseasonably warm day. There was no sign of winter anyway and it was one of those March days that was more lamb than lion. The temperatures were pushing close to 60 degrees and that meant the park was full of joggers, bicyclists and rollerbladers trying to take advantage of the weather. Seeing them made Jennifer wish she hadn’t left her own rollerblades back in Malibu. Warm weather at this time of year was the norm there, not the rarity and it hadn’t even occurred to her to bring her gear. Oh well, she was getting herself a hell of a workout on her feet today. There was no need to strap wheels to them.

Content to move at a slower pace than the bicyclists and bladers, Jennifer strolled through the park, enjoying the day. Brad wasn’t so much in her thoughts now and Jennifer strove to keep it that way. It was too painful to keep on fixating on him. Jennifer heard the birds singing and enjoyed the sun warming her body. If there had been flowers, Jennifer would surely have taken the time to stop and smell them. She had no place to go, so why rush to get there?

It was so easy to fall into a walking daydream and Jennifer found herself floating in that direction. It was just her and her thoughts and she was able to shut the outside world off, except for the parts she wanted to see. Everything else was unimportant except for what was going on in the Jeniverse. Unfortunately, by walking around in a self-created daydream state, Jennifer wasn’t paying much attention to anything else. This wasn’t the wisest move while walking through Central Park and Jennifer paid the price when an out of control rollerblader zipped directly toward her.

“LOOK OUT!!!” was the last thing Jennifer heard before the collision and after that there was nothing but stars and darkness.

When Jennifer finally came too, her head was throbbing and all she could hear was a low moaning sound. She slowly realized it was her moaning and that she had absolutely no idea where she was. She wasn’t in the park anymore. She was lying down on a couch. Where the hell was she? Jennifer tried to get up, but she did it too quickly and her head ached again.

“You’re up!” a female voice said. “Thank God! I didn’t know what to do! I thought about taking you to the hospital but I didn’t think it was that bad! But then you didn’t get up and so I started to worry and I was about to call an ambulance but then you did get up so I don’t have to call anymore? Do I? Are you ok? Should I call the ambulance?”

“What happened?” Jennifer groaned. She had no idea how long she’d been out. Her vision was a little blurry so she couldn’t tell who she was talking to, but the voice sounded familiar.

“You were walking in the park and I lost control on my rollerblades,” the woman explained. “I yelled for you to get out of the way, but I guess it was too late and we crashed into each other. You got the worst of it Looks like you smacked your head there.”

“Where am I?” Jennifer asked.

“My apartment,” the woman answered. “It was close enough to the park and I wanted to see if you were ok before I took you to the hospital. Are you ok Jennifer? Should I call an ambulance?”

“No…I’m ok…” Jennifer insisted. Her head hurt, but that was it. She didn’t need the press attention that would undoubtedly come from a trip to the emergency room. How did this woman know her name? Jennifer started to get a little concerned that she was with some psycho stalker or something. The voice did sound familiar though and Jennifer’s vision was starting to clear up. She could make out a brunette woman hovering over her on the couch and Jennifer was starting to recognize her.

“Parker?” Jennifer guessed.

“Good…no amnesia…” Parker Posey smiled, happy that Jennifer still had her senses about her. “Are you sure you’re ok? We can get you to a doctor. I don’t want to be known as the woman that killed Jennifer Aniston. Last thing I need is the 18-35 demographic calling for my head.”

Despite her headache, Jennifer smiled. She and Parker weren’t close friends or anything, but they knew and liked each other. They had met at last year’s Sundance Film Festival. Jennifer had been there for “The Good Girl” and Parker had been there for “Personal Velocity.” They had spent a few hours together at one of the festival’s many, many parties and they had gotten along pretty well. Jennifer had admired Parker’s energy and passion and the fact that she was very easy on the eyes had made her wonder about whether Parker would have been willing to play around a little. Nothing had happened at the festival, but Jennifer had hoped they would meet again. She just didn’t think it was going to be like this.

“Aspirin…please…” Jennifer moaned and Parker was ready for that.

“Here…Tylenol…extra strength…” Parker said as she handed Jennifer two gel caplets. “Good for stress headaches and I guess the occasional near concussion.”

Jennifer gratefully took the pills and the glass of water she was offered. She trusted Parker enough to feel confident she wasn’t being slipped anything other than what was promised. Besides, Parker didn’t seem to be the type of woman who needed drugs to get laid. Jennifer smiled as that thought crept through her brain.

“Ah good a smile,” Parker observed. “I guess that’s an improvement. What’s so funny.”

“Oh nothing…” Jennifer lied. “I just didn’t expect for us to meet again like this.”

“Tell me about it,” Parker smiled. “Talk about of all the gin joints in all the world, why did she have to rollerblade into mine. I swear those things have a mind of their own. Sorry about what happened. I don’t want you to think it was intentional or anything.”

“Oh no…I totally don’t think that,” Jennifer said. The Tylenol was doing its job and Jennifer’s head was quickly feeling better. She was even able to sit up. Her vision has now completely cleared and Jennifer saw Parker was standing before her in the couch in black workout shorts and a t-shirt that said “New York Sports Club.”

“Good…I didn’t want you to think I was some psycho who randomly runs people over for kicks,” Parker said before noticing something. “Oh my God! You’re bleeding!”

“I am? Where?” Jennifer asked before she looked down and found the answer. During the impact of the collision she must have really scraped herself because her jeans were torn and blood trickled from her knee. “Oh shit…your couch!”

“Don’t worry,” Parker said, holding out her hand and helping Jennifer up. “A little blood won’t kill it. Besides that’s what scotch guarding is for. Let’s get you bandaged up.”

Parker then walked Jennifer toward the bathroom where her first aid kit was. Jennifer knew she shouldn’t be focusing on things like this, but she couldn’t help but steal a glance and admire Parker’s ass through her shorts. Parker didn’t have a body that grabbed you by the throat and forced you into drooling submission, but that didn’t make her any less attractive. She was just a different kind of attractive…less Hollywood and more real world. It was no wonder Parker had lived in New York City for so long.

Jennifer tried to focus her thoughts. She couldn’t be thinking of sex now. Or could she? There was no reason she couldn’t. She had a headache and a scraped knee. Nothing more. She was an attractive woman and so was Parker. There was no reason she couldn’t fantasize about the two of them turning this accident into an intimate encounter. Jennifer had heard a rumor or two over the years about Parker being into girls so there was definitely no harm in thinking about the two of them getting naked.

The two of them walked into the bathroom and Jennifer sat herself down on the edge of the bathtub. She gripped onto the sides to keep from falling in and as Parker walked over to the medicine cabinet and reached up for the first aid kit, Jennifer’s eyes once again focused on how those black shorts hugged her ass. The headache was quickly becoming a memory and Jennifer was feeling a wicked rush of horniness coming on. Just like earlier, the more she tried not to think about something, the more she wanted it and Jennifer was starting to really want Parker.

She didn’t know Parker. Not really. She had no idea if she was into girls. But that was what made it more fun. It was a risk. Just like what she and Cameron Diaz had done after their strip cardio class. Jennifer had told herself to have as much fun as she could and what would playing around with Parker be, if not fun? Jennifer’s desires only increased when Parker spoke again.

“Ummm ok…those jeans are gonna have to come off,” Parker declared as she stood before Jennifer with bandages, cotton balls and rubbing alcohol.

Jennifer certainly had no problem with that and she reached down to untie her sneakers. She just wanted to take the opportunity to tease a little.

“Hmmmm getting my pants off, huh?” Jennifer grinned as she pushed off her jeans and sat back down in her white panties. “This hasn’t been some grand plan of yours to take advantage of me, is it?”

“Why? Do you want me to?” Parker challenged with a wicked smile that nearly sent Jennifer sprawling backwards. Was she flirting back with her? Jennifer had said what she said to test the waters a little and Parker’s response indicated that the water was just fine. Parker didn’t follow it up with anything, so the statement just hung in the air as she set to work at fixing Jennifer’s wound.

Jennifer grimaced as Parker applied the alcohol to the abrasion, cleaning it off. She actually welcomed the sting. It got her mind off her own arousal. She wanted Parker, but she didn’t want her to think she was some kind of pervert.

“You’ve done this before,” Jennifer observed as Parker expertly tended to her, putting a bandage on her knee.

“Well let’s just say this wasn’t my first rollerblading accident,” Parker said coyly. Jennifer loved that smile. It was positively impish. She felt another rush of desire and was reminded what a vulnerable position she was in. She was sitting on the edge of the tub in her white panties and there was no way to hide her arousal. Did Parker sense it? What would she do about it?

Even though the wound was covered now, Parker stayed as she was, on her knees between Jennifer’s legs. If Rose was in this situation she would have just taken Parker’s face and pushed it to her pussy, but Jennifer knew she wasn’t Rose. She knew what she wanted. She just wasn’t sure how to get it. Her head still hurt a little, but Jennifer knew girl sex would do wonders for all her injuries.

By now Jennifer’s arousal was apparent. Her panties were getting wet and Parker would soon have a clear view of her slit through the white material. Jennifer looked down at Parker and saw fire in her eyes. The brunette knew Jennifer was getting wet and she certainly didn’t seem shocked or offended by it. They communicated at each other through their stare, their eyes saying everything and nothing. They just stared at each other in silence. Neither girl was sure what to say and what to do next.

Parker couldn’t believe she was in this position. The cold tile of her bathroom floor pressed into her knees, but she barely noticed. She was too busy fixating on what she saw before her and the growing evidence of Jennifer’s arousal. Parker had been too worried she’d hurt Jennifer to think about much else and sex had been the last thing on her mind…until now. Parker had no idea how this had happened, but here she was with Jennifer on the verge of doing something very naughty. She could tell Jennifer wanted this and she knew she did too. But how should they take that first, giant step. For once, words failed Parker.

It didn’t look to Parker that Jennifer was going to say anything to her. They just stared hotly at one another and felt the seconds tick away. If they were going to do something they had to do it now, before the moment passed. Finally, Parker’s impetuous side took over and she leaned in, placing her lips on Jennifer’s soaked panties and kissing her slit.

“Oooooooh…” Jennifer cooed at the sensation Parker’s lips brought her. The dam was broken now and both girls were letting their desires free. There wasn’t going to be anything loving about this. It was all going to be about lust.

Parker kept at Jennifer’s pussy, not even pausing to move her panties to the side. She just licked and kissed her through the soaked garment, loving the taste her tongue was sampling. Parker loved lingerie on her body and on another woman’s body. She was perfectly happy to keep Jennifer’s panties on and just let them get more and more soaked with desire

“Lick my pussy Parker!” Jennifer cried, grooving on what Parker was doing to her. “Lick it through my wet fucking panties! Ohhhh yessss sooooooo nasty!”

Jennifer’s hands were still firmly gripped to the ceramic of the tub. She didn’t want to fall. She didn’t want anything to stop this. Jennifer didn’t care how they had gotten to this point. She just cared how good it felt. Their coupling had literally happened by accident and what they were doing now was the most impetuous thing Jennifer had ever done. Even her encounter with Cameron had been the result of a long -standing crush. This was so sudden and that only made it hotter for Jennifer.

For her part, Parker was ecstatic to see Jennifer letting her indulge in her little fetish. Parker just couldn’t get enough when it came to lingerie and, though she didn’t seem the type, she had a closet full of the stuff. When it came down to it, the fanciest piece of underwear was no different then the silky, white panties Jennifer was wearing now. If there was a hot pussy underneath it then it was all good.

Parker had been bisexual since college and she had actually carried on a few relationships with women. She hadn’t done it publicly or anything, but it wasn’t like she had carried on her relationships with men publicly either. She was just someone who was happy to slip beneath the Hollywood radar screen. Because she wasn’t a household name or face, she had the freedom to do crazy things like this and not have to worry about who was following her from where. She felt sometimes she could fuck whoever she wanted…man or woman and no one would care. She was going to be putting that to the test here for sure.

She had never expected to be doing this to someone like Jennifer. Parker remembered the time they had spent together at Sundance very well and had thought she had detected an air of flirtiness in the conversation they had shared that night. But then Jennifer had gone back to her world and Parker had returned to hers and she had figured that was that. Now Parker had the taste of Jennifer’s pussy on her tongue and she wanted more.

“Mmmmm such a wet little pussy,” Parker admired as she rested her tongue for a moment and instead rubbed her hand over Jennifer’s labia. “You like this Jennifer? You like me on my knees doing nasty things to your pussy?”

“Yes! I love it!” Jennifer groaned. “Don’t stop! Make me feel good! You owe me you little slut! Nearly killing me on your stupid rollerblades. Now you gotta make it up to me! Eat my pussy Parker! Make me come!”

“I’ll make you come!” Parker promised. “I’ll make your pussy fucking cream! I had no idea you were such a nasty slut Jennifer!”

“You have no idea how nasty I can get,” Jennifer declared as Parker continued to rub her through her panties.

“Oh yeah? Let’s just see about that baby, because you’ve never met anyone as nasty as me,” Parker shot back with a wicked grin.

Don’t be so sure about that Parker, Jennifer thought to herself as she thought back to all the girls she’d been with. Parker looked like she could get nasty, but she was no Rose. It suddenly dawned on Jennifer that Parker and Rose had once done a movie together. She wondered if they’d ever hooked up? If they had they must have just melted everything in their path with their intensity. Thinking about that got Jennifer moaning even harder and Parker responded by taking Jennifer’s panties and really rubbing them into her pussy.

By now Jennifer’s panties had been soaked through and Parker had a clear view of the tight pussy that lay behind them. She hadn’t been with a woman for a few months now and Parker was really starting to feel pussy hungry. Parker had always been someone a little too energetic for her own good and sex was the best release possible for her. She always played characters who were high strung and high maintenance, but that wasn’t how she lived her life. She never allowed the stress to build because she let all her pent up energy expel itself during sex.

Parker pressed Jennifer’s panties into her pussy, getting her fingers wet in the process, and began twisting them. She then started rubbing Jennifer with them, using the twisted panties to push past her lips. Jennifer lurched forward, still not letting go of the tub so that the stimulation could hit her clit. Moving forward did the trick and soon Parker was rubbing Jennifer’s clit with her panties.

“Yessssss harder Parker…rub harder…” Jennifer urged. “You got my panties so wet and now you have to make me come!”

That deal sounded fair to Parker and she began using both of her hands on Jennifer, stimulating her while leaning up so they could share their first kiss. It wasn’t normal for Parker to go straight to sexual stimulation without a kiss, but then again there wasn’t much normal about this entire encounter. Jennifer greedily kissed Parker, sucking her tongue deep while riding the waves of pleasure she was getting. The fabric of their shirts rubbed together while they kissed, reminding both girls they hadn’t even bothered to even come close to undressing. Everything was happening out of order and they loved it.

Both Jennifer and Parker longed to see more flesh and Parker was the first to take action. While she and Jennifer continued to kiss, Parker reached away from her pussy. Jennifer moaned a little in disappointment, but the kisses they were sharing were so frenzied and hot that Jennifer still felt stimulation from this. Parker wiped her juice covered fingers all over Jennifer’s shirt, reaching up to hold her breasts through them. She then reached for the collar of Jennifer’s t-shirt and suddenly ripped it open.

“Heyyyyy!” Jennifer cried as she looked down at her ruined shirt.

“Sorry,” Parker blushed. Sometimes being impetuous wasn’t always a good thing. But if Jennifer was really mad, she didn’t show it. Instead she stopped holding onto the side of the tub and wrapped her arms around Parker’s neck. She brought the spry brunette in for another deep kiss and they were quickly happily and wetly making out. Their saliva filled each other’s mouth and the only sounds they made were aroused moans and breathless pants.

While they kissed, Parker’s hands went to Jennifer’s breasts and the white bra they hid behind. Parker played with the firm mounds through their silky prison, loving how the material felt against her palms. She could feel Jennifer’s nipples begging to be set free and, not wanting to ruin her bra like she ruined her shirt, Parker took the time to reach around back for the clasp.

Parker unsnapped Jennifer’s bra and her new lover did the rest. Jennifer shrugged the bra off her shoulders and let it fall down onto the tile of the bathroom. Parker took just a moment to admire Jennifer’s bare breasts, the lovely curved globes capped off by sexy, pink nipples, before getting her mouth on them. Parker wasn’t a big woman, but she had a powerful mouth and Jennifer gasped as she proceeded to suck her right breast into her mouth, teasing it with her wet tongue, before releasing it and concentrating on her nipple.

“Ohhhh you’re so hot Parker!” Jennifer sighed in her sexual haze. “Suck on my tits you nasty girl! Mmmm if I’d known how hot you were I would have tried harder to fuck you back at Sundance!”

I could say the same to you, Parker thought to herself with a smile as she delighted in playing with Jennifer’s hard nipples. If she had known how into this Jennifer would have been, there was no way Parker would have let her leave the festival without fucking her. She had never expected someone like Jennifer Aniston to have this side to her. She was married to Brad Pitt for God’s sake! Parker wondered if Brad knew about this. If he did, she wondered if she’d be able to get the both of them into her bed. Now that would have been a threesome for the ages.

Parker had never had a problem finding men or women willing to share her bed, but she had never had anyone like Jennifer before. Parker had always attracted the artistic types. Stage actors. Poets. Painters. There was no shortage of them here in New York City. The closest thing she had ever gotten to something like this was when she had fooled around a little with Christina Applegate while they had filmed “The Sweetest Thing.” And, all due respect to Christina, she wasn’t Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer kept her arms tight around Parker while she sucked and played with her bare breasts. Her nipples felt so good in Parker’s tight, wet mouth, but Jennifer hungered for more stimulation. Doing this was only making her wetter and Jennifer wanted to come. Parker had left her panties twisted up inside her pussy and Jennifer’s lips hugged them tightly. She loved how it felt to have her panties pressing inside her like that, but Jennifer wanted more and she wanted Parker to give it to her.

“Get back to my pussy…” Jennifer begged. “Please Parker…make me come! You’re making me so hot and wet and I need you now. Make me come. Do what you promised!”

Wiggling herself free of Jennifer’s arms, Parker was about to do just that when she suddenly stopped. She had a better idea.

“No,” Parker said with a grin. “You do it! Touch yourself! Play with your pussy for me! Let me see how bad you want it.”

“Ohhhhhhhh you bitch,” Jennifer moaned, but she meant that in the nicest possible way. If that was what Parker wanted to see, then Jennifer was going to make sure she put on a real show for her. Wetting her fingers in her mouth, Jennifer didn’t waste any time by playing with her breasts. Instead, she moved her hand right to between her legs. She was about to pull her panties off when Parker stopped her.

“No!” Parker requested. “Don’t! Don’t take them off! Leave your panties on! I want to see you cream them. I want you to totally fucking soak them!”

“Kinky little slut,” Jennifer shot back, but she did as was requested. She straightened out her panties and pushed her hand inside them. She was so wet that her skin was immediately covered as she lightly played with herself, starting out slow, but quickly picking up the pace.

“Yesss I am a kinky little slut,” Parker moaned, her eyes wide and her smile bright at the show she was seeing in front of her. Besides her love of lingerie, Parker had another little fetish she loved. She loved seeing people masturbate. She loved watching men and women pleasure themselves for her and watch their faces as they came. The chance to see Jennifer sit there and play with her pretty pussy was something Parker never would have been able to get over having passed up.

Jennifer could see how much Parker loved this, so she made sure to give her what she wanted. She rubbed herself under her panties, palming her pussy and getting herself even wetter before she slid two of her fingers inside her pussy. She quickly got at her clit and, though her panties restricted her movements, Jennifer had herself moaning in no time.

“Watch me Parker…” Jennifer sighed. “Watch me play with myself for you! Is this what you like? Is this what you want to see? Me so fucking wet for you that I’ll finger myself until I come and ruin my wet panties for you just because you want it!”

“Yessss…it’s just what I want,” Parker replied lustfully. “Talk to me Jennifer! Tell me how good it feels to play with your pussy!”

“Feels sooooooo good…” Jennifer cooed, letting all the dirty words she knew roll off her tongue. “Oooooooh Parker it’s so wet and tight in my pink pussy. I wish it was your fingers inside me! Mmmm or your tongue! I wish you were fucking me baby…just like you were before! Ohhhhhh I’m gonna come soon! Gonna come just like you want me to! Are you wet too Parker? Are you getting off watching me?”

Parker enthusiastically nodded her head and Jennifer then had a request of her own.

“Then show me,” Jennifer said. “Show me how wet you’re getting. If I have to play with my pussy then so do you Parker. Touch yourself for me.”

Before the words were even out of Jennifer’s mouth, Parker was pushing her hand into her shorts. It was hot to watch someone get themselves off, but it was even hotter if you joined them. Parker’s pussy was already dripping from all she’d done to Jennifer and she cried out sharply with pleasure as her fingers penetrated her cunt. Jennifer loved seeing the ecstasy that passed over Parker’s face when she touched herself, but she wanted to see more.

“No…take those shorts off…don’t hide what your doing,” Jennifer instructed. “Let me see you play with yourself.”

Parker didn’t have to be asked twice. She was already barefoot so it was no problem for her to push her shorts down. She wanted to leave her panties on, but Jennifer wasn’t having any of that.

“Uh uh…” Jennifer said. “Show me everything. If I’m keeping my panties on then you have to take yours off. Show me your pussy Parker.”

Reluctantly, Parker did as she was asked. She pushed her panties down her legs and left herself completely bottomless. She then leaned against the sink and spread her legs, exposing her spread pussy and glistening labia.

“Mmmm looks yummy…can’t wait to have my tongue in there…” Jennifer moaned. She then pushed her own fingers back into her pussy and resumed fucking herself while Parker did the same. Moans filled the bathroom as Parker and Jennifer stared at each other and masturbated into lust filled frenzies.

Since she had started so much earlier, Jennifer was getting close to coming. Parker had a great view to the show and the more Jennifer moaned and cried from her finger play, the more Parker did to herself. She had two fingers inside her pussy and was ready for a third. Parker was working herself over with two hands as the cold tiles pressed into her bare ass. While she used her fingers to fill her pussy and toy with her clit, Parker had her right hand on her labia, rubbing her sensitive lips at the same time.

“Parkerrrrrr…I’m gonna come…” Jennifer moaned, wanting to try and slow things down but unable to. Her hand was working of its own volition it seemed. She wanted to slow it down and her body wanted to speed it up. “Please Parker…I want your mouth on me! I want to feel you tasting me when I come!”

“Promise you won’t stop fingering yourself,” Parker demanded, while not slowing down her own finger play at all.

“I promise!” Jennifer cried out as her fingers hit a goooooooood spot on her clit. She kept her fingers there and she felt that sensation over and over again. The waistband to Jennifer’s panties was being stretched out by her hand and Parker slowly crawled back over to the tub, not taking her eyes off the bulge Jennifer’s hand was making inside her panties.

Making sure Jennifer’s hand wasn’t going anywhere, Parker picked up right where she’d started by kissing Jennifer’s pussy through her panties. Her lips were covered with juice quickly and she sucked on Jennifer’s labia while she fingered herself. It was just what Jennifer needed to feel and seeing Parker’s eyes shooting right up at her from between her legs was enough to get Jennifer off hard.

“YESSSSSSS!!!” Jennifer squealed, her legs kicking in the air as she came with a rush. Jennifer nearly toppled over again into the tub, but she staved off disaster by holding on with her free hand to the edge. The walls of her pussy hugged her two fingers and Parker kept on kissing and sucking as Jennifer came and bathed her panties in her girl cum.

“Cream those panties Jennifer…soak them in cum…” Parker greedily urged, licking her lips clean of the flavor she was happy to sample before pushing her face back in to taste more.

“OHHHHHHHH PARKERRRR!!! LICK IT YOU SLUT!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Jennifer screamed as the pulses of her orgasm went from her toes straight up to her brain. Her fingers were trapped in her pussy as she came and when she finally cycled down enough to pull them out, she didn’t get far with them.

“Mmmmm yessss…” Parker eagerly said, grasping Jennifer’s cream covered fingers and sucking them hard. Jennifer moaned while Parker’s tongue bathed her digits and when she was finally done, Jennifer was able to finally get off the edge of the tub and was finally able to push her panties off.

“Ohhh they’re fucking ruined,” Jennifer giggled as she examined her panties.

“No…they’re perfect,” Parker squealed as she picked them up and tongued the juice off them. She pushed Jennifer’s panties to her face and let the soaked material rub against her skin, leaving a girl cum trail over her features.

“Ohhhhhh you’re such a fucking slut!” Jennifer gasped with a grin. “But you’re a hot fucking slut.”

“Mmmm very hot,” Parker agreed. “Hot enough for you to fuck? I’m no Brad Pitt, but I’ve got better tits than him, that’s for sure.”

Jennifer took a step back and frowned at the mention of her husband, but she quickly pushed him out of her mind. The bottomless Parker was a much better thing to focus on and she knew her new friend hadn’t meant anything by what she’d just said. Jennifer just shrugged it off and got back to what she wanted to do.

“You’re very hot Parker…more than hot enough to fuck,” Jennifer said, helping Parker up to her feet. They embraced and kissed passionately, their wet pussies rubbing together as they made out. Jennifer found her roaming hands drifting down to Parker’s ass and she massaged her naked cheeks, drawing a purr from the brunette. Jennifer squeezed Parker’s butt and pushed her up so they could deepen the kiss. Parker stretched upward so she could kiss the taller girl and continued to moan from the sexy hands on her ass.

“Take your shirt off,” Jennifer requested. “Be naked with me Parker.”

Parker quickly complied, pulling her t-shirt over her head and exposing the blue bra that matched the panties she had liberated herself of earlier. Jennifer didn’t wait for Parker to undo her bra. She did it herself, leaving Parker completely naked.

“Mmmm very nice,” Jennifer said as she reached down to play with Parker’s tits. They were small, but they were very perky and Jennifer’s hands were all over them. She squeezed Parker’s breasts and pushed them together as she leaned down to tongue on her nipples.

“Ohhhh baby, you know all about how to touch a women,” Parker moaned, the juices from her pussy starting to run down her leg.

“I’ve had plenty of practice,” Jennifer replied.

“Mmmm I can see,” Parker said appreciatively. “Want to play on my bed a little?”

“Ooooh a bed…what a novel concept,” Jennifer joked. Parker then took her hand and led her to her bedroom. Parker paused only to fling off the bedspread before sitting Jennifer down on the bed. Jennifer took the opportunity to draw Parker close so she could kiss her again. Jennifer loved kissing and Parker was a very, very good kisser.

“Get your ass down here,” Jennifer smiled. “I want to taste that pussy for myself.”

“Wait…there’s one thing I want to do first…” Parker said.

“Hey, haven’t we done enough of your fetishes already?” Jennifer asked with mock impatience.

“Pleaaaaaaaase…” Parker begged. “It makes me so hot to do this. You don’t have to do anything. It’s all me.”

“Ok,” Jennifer agreed, wondering what Parker was up to. “But don’t take long.”

“I won’t,” Parker promised as she scurried off to her closet. She was true to her word and quickly reemerged with a few additions to her previously naked state. Now she had on a pair of black stockings and a garter belt.

“What’s with the costume change?” Jennifer asked, causing Parker to blush a little.

“I just like how they feel against my skin,” Parker said, running her hands over the stockings and her garter. “It makes me get off sooo hard.”

“Well I won’t fight that then,” Jennifer smiled. “Now get over here. I’m hungry. Come feed me!”

“Oooh…anything in particular you want,” Parker teased as she crawled onto her bed and splayed her almost naked body out for Jennifer.

“Mmmm this is a good place to start,” Jennifer said, positioning herself in between Parker’s legs and pressing her face to her pussy. “Mmmm very good indeed.”

“Ooooooooooooh mmmmm yessssss…” Parker hissed as Jennifer then began licking the lips of her labia. Jennifer’s tongue didn’t slip inside her pussy yet, instead she just licked up and down her slit, tasting her juices and getting Parker wet and panting for more.

Jennifer never minded indulging in other people’s fetishes as long as they weren’t gross. She had sucked Reese’s toes once and had lived out any number of fantasies the girls had had. But she couldn’t figure out why Parker would have wanted her to keep her panties on before. It was so much better to have your tongue against wet girl flesh. You could taste everything better and Jennifer could never have gone without being able to experience the sensation of being able to slide her tongue into a girl’s hot little pussy.

And experiencing that sensation right now was just what Jennifer wanted to do. Parker was already so wet and hot for her that she probably could have gotten her off by just licking at her slit, but Jennifer wanted more. She wanted to bury her tongue in this Indie Queen’s slutty pussy. Jennifer reached up and used her fingers to spread open Parker’s labia before sliding her tongue right inside her. She quickly began licking all around Parker’s pink passage, lapping up the juice and taking her time before going after her clit.

“Mmmmmm Jennifer…ohhhhhhh that tongue!” Parker marveled as her hands reached for her breasts and began massaging them, teasing her nipples as she felt Jennifer lick her. Jennifer’s tongue felt amazing in her pussy. It was like magic between her legs. Jennifer knew just where to lick her and how long to do it. Parker wished she could thank whoever it was Jennifer had practiced on because whatever tips they had given her had sunk in. Parker found herself the beneficiary of all of Jennifer’s experience and it was doing wonders to get her off.

Jennifer didn’t know why people always complimented her tongue, but she loved hearing it. She just licked the hot spots she knew she had in her own body and did all the things the girls in the mansion always did to get her coming. Parker’s pussy was delicious so Jennifer had no problem giving her as much of her tongue as she wanted.

“Yess Jennifer lick me!” Parker groaned. “Give me that tongue! Get it in my pussy and make me come!”

Parker’s juices were all over Jennifer’s tongue and quickly were coating her lips too. Finding Parker’s clit wasn’t hard for Jennifer and after a few licks it was throbbing nicely for her. Jennifer loved to feel it pulse between her tongue and she knew it wasn’t going to be long before Parker was coming and giving her taste buds what they craved.

“You’re so fucking good Jennifer!” Parker cried out. “So fucking good! Ohhhhhh if all of you out there were this good then I’d fucking move to Hollywood today!”

Hollywood and Parker had never quite gotten along. She was a little too quirky for a town that liked things nice and obvious. But Jennifer knew if that wasn’t the place for her, she would probably fit in better in Malibu. She was sure they could find a place for a kinky little slut like Parker if she ever picked it up and moved to the left coast.

Parker loved how it felt to have this amazing tongue on her, while her skin could feel the soft material of her lingerie. The black silk covered her feet and up her legs as she squirmed on the bed, grinding her bare ass into the sheets while Jennifer tongued her into ecstasy. Parker was in heaven from these sensations. The silk tickled her skin and made her feel so sexy and feminine. She didn’t know why she liked wearing stockings and her garter so much, but she just did. It made her feel good and she left the questions about why up to her shrink.

“Gimmie more Jennifer!” Parker whined sexily. “Mmmm I’m gonna come soon! Ohhhh you’re gonna make me come so hard Jennifer! I love having that beautiful face of yours in my pussy! Gawwwwwwwwwd it’s so good!!!”

Parker’s hips began to buck up and down on the bed. It wasn’t a hard thrusting movement, but rather a steady up and down vibration that allowed Jennifer to tongue her even harder. The more that pink tongue slid inside her and touched her clit, the closer Parker got to coming.

Jennifer could taste how close Parker was to coming. She had gotten so worked up watching Jennifer play with herself and doing to her what she did. Jennifer loved knowing how hot she got other people. She had never been entirely confident of her ability as a seductress, but enough people told her how good she was that it was really starting to sink in. Jennifer could remember how easily how shocked and scared she’d been that first time in the limo when Sarah, Love and Rose had taken her and seduced her. Now she was a coast away in what seemed like another lifetime entirely. So much had changed since then.

Parker’s cries pulled Jennifer out of her thoughts and back to her task. Running her tongue over Parker’s throbbing clit again, Jennifer was rewarded with more sampling of Parker’s sexual honey. The girl was so close and Jennifer wasn’t planning any tricks here. She was going to keep her tongue right in Parker’s pussy doing all the things her lover liked.

As her orgasm continued to draw closer, Parker wrapped her legs around Jennifer’s back. She knew she didn’t have to do anything to keep Jennifer in her position, bent over on her knees on the soft bed, but Parker wanted her new friend to feel what she was feeling too. She wanted her to feel how good it was to have the silk on her skin. Plus, lying naked on her back with her legs wrapped around Jennifer’s back allowed Parker an even better angle for her to push her pussy up against Jennifer’s face.

“Yessssssss soooooo close Jennifer!” Parker cried out. “Ughhhh it’s soooo goooooooood! Baby tongue me! Tongue my clit Jennifer! Make me come!”

Jennifer did exactly that. She didn’t have any weird kinks to offer. She was all about the straight sex, or as straight as lesbian sex could get. Jennifer kept her tongue deep inside Parker’s pussy as she licked her clit, sliding it over her pleasure center and hitting all the right spots just how Parker needed them to be hit.

While she did this, Parker’s legs were still tight around Jennifer’s back and Jennifer had to admit she liked how the stockings felt on her skin. She loved lingerie too. Not as much as Parker did apparently, but it was still a good feeling. The closer Parker got, the more she rubbed her legs against Jennifer’s bare back until she had a nice sensation going against Jennifer’s clit. This spurred Jennifer on to lick Parker’s clit just that much harder and, as Parker’s cries grew more frenzied, Jennifer hit her spot again and sent her flying.


Parker’s screams danced around the room in a chorus line of orgasmic exaltation. Jennifer held her tongue inside Parker as she came, licking up everything she could and thanking whatever forces of fate made all this possible. Parker pressed her pussy hard to her face as the sensations rocked through her body and made her lurch and bounce in her own bed. Jennifer held fast through each hump against her face and, only after Parker’s cries had faded and her screams grown hoarse, did Jennifer pull her face up from Parker’s pussy.

Upon taking a much needed oxygen break, Jennifer was greeted with frenzied, happy kisses from Parker all over her face. Parker’s kisses were a chance to show Jennifer how much she had loved what she had just did and also to taste herself all over her face. When they both could take no more, Parker pulled Jennifer down with her on the bed and held her, asking one question.

“So, how’s your head?” Parker asked.

“Mmmmm much better now,” Jennifer answered with a hug to Parker’s almost bare body. Jennifer would never have thought colliding with an out of control rollerblader would have been a lead in to pleasure like this but, as she saw so often, pleasure was usually where you least expected it to be.

“Good,” Parker said before tenderly kissing Jennifer’s forehead. “I wouldn’t want you to be mad about that.”

“Oh, I’m not,” Jennifer assured her playfully. “On the other hand…I’m totally pissed about my clothes.”

“Sorry,” Parker said, blushing again. “I didn’t mean to lose control.”

“Yeah yeah yeah…sorry doesn’t get me a shirt,” Jennifer teased. “How am I supposed to get back to my hotel? In just my bra? I don’t like showing my boobs off that much!”

“I can loan you a shirt,” Parker offered. “You might need some pants too. Yours are a little torn and bloody, don’t forget.”

“You got any panties for me?” Jennifer inquired. “I think it’s safe to say mine are ruined.”

“Really? Can I keep them?” Parker asked brightly, eliciting a playful groan from Jennifer.

“God…first you knock me out, ruin my clothes and then steal my panties,” Jennifer said. “Is there anything else you want?”

“Mmmm just this,” Parker laughed as her hand began rubbing Jennifer’s pussy, drawing a happy moan from her. If Parker kept doing that, Jennifer knew that soon she’d be giving her whatever she want and loving every second of it. Such was lust.

* * * * *

The problem with choices is that they were rarely easy. This was the dilemma Waldo, Franklin and Delbert faced.

“We promised we were out,” Franklin insisted. “We weren’t going to do this anymore. We were going to rededicate ourselves to science and invention while helping out the country through the soldier monkey project. We weren’t going to do the CIA’s dirty work anymore!”

“But we have to!” Delbert contended. “What kind of protectors would we be if we let them go to the newspapers? We’d be sucky protectors! We took a solemn oath! We must protect them at all costs?”

“Even at this cost?” Franklin challenged. “This is dangerous work and who knows what the hell they want us to do now. They didn’t even specify what the mission is. It could be illegal! Or worse!”

Through all of this Waldo had remained silent. The others looked to him for advice, but for once he had none to offer. Finally Franklin spoke up.

“Waldo, what should we do?”

After considering things for a moment, Waldo had an answer.

“Let’s call Dexter,” Waldo decided. “If anyone has answers…he will. Once we get his view on things, I think our path will be much clearer to us.”

Both Franklin and Delbert agreed that this was the right move. Dexter had been recruited along with them during Project Homework and he maintained closer ties to the agency then they did. He would have his ear closer to the ground.

After ducking inside the lab and going over to the secure line, they dialed up Dexter’s number. The last they’d heard he was a computer security consultant in Seattle.

“Hello,” Dexter said after Waldo dialed him up.

“Dexter! It’s Waldo.”

“Ahhhhhhh Waldo…greetings and salutations…” Dexter replied. “How goes everything?”

“Not good, Dexter,” Waldo said before explaining their situation. He left certain details out about the girls, like who they were and what they were doing, but he stressed that the situation was dire.

“Very interesting…” Dexter replied. “I haven’t been approached yet about joining back up and neither has Chester, to the best of my knowledge, but that can change in an instant. I have heard some rumblings though. Nothing specific. But rumblings nonetheless.”

“What? What’s going on?” Waldo asked.

“See, that’s just it, I don’t know,” Dexter answered. “If I had more information I would give it, but I just don’t know. But there’s something big going down. There’s been a lot of whispers but the thing is everything’s classified now. I haven’t gotten any cracks as to what it is…but there’s been talk about something called the project.”

“The project?” Waldo repeated.

“Yep…and that’s all I know…just the name…” Dexter sighed. “I don’t even know what kind of project it is. All my efforts to find out more have been stonewalled so far. It might just be a coincidence that they want to activate you guys again, but I don’t think so.”

“Neither do we,” Waldo said. “Tell us more when you find out.”

“You got it,” Dexter promised. “Good talking to you guys again. We need to get together so Chester and I can whip your asses at Playstation again.”

“In your dreams,” Waldo smiled. “Tell your brother we say hi.”

“Will do,” Dexter said as the call ended. Dexter then frowned as he sat back in his chair in his office. It couldn’t be coincidence. It just couldn’t be. There had to be something more to this. Dexter knew he had to find out more about what this project was and right away.

“Jean, I’m taking off early today,” Dexter said as he ran out of his office, grabbing his coat.

“Ok Dexter,” Jean sighed. These kids. Taking off whenever they wanted. She couldn’t believe she was working for someone who had just barely cracked his 20’s it seemed. Oh well, life was here to test us, wasn’t it?

As he raced down to his car, Dexter was already calculating in his head where he could look for answers. He had a few ideas of where information could be found by the time he was walking through the parking garage and he knew he’d have more by the time he got home. That was why they had recruited him after all. He was good with ideas.

Entering his car, Dexter was about to turn the keys when he thought he saw movement in the back seat. He turned to look but it was too late and a taser was held up to his neck. The electrical pulse racked his body.

“Hello Dexter,” Brandon Moore said as Dexter passed out in the front seat. “It’s been a long time.”

* * * * *

“Alyssa, I don’t think we should be doing this,” Michelle said nervously as her eyes darted around the hotel’s corridor.

“Don’t get a jelly belly on me now, Michelle,” Alyssa said. “We’re almost where you want to be.”

“But what if she doesn’t go for it?” Michelle asked. “What if she freaks out?”

“Then she freaks out and that means she’s gonna end up missing out,” Alyssa declared as she wrapped her arms around Michelle’s slim waist and brought herself tantalizingly close to her lips. “Cause sweetie, I know how hot you are and Avril would be an idiot if she doesn’t see it.”

Michelle blushed at the compliment and smiled. She so badly wanted to just kiss Alyssa right on the lips then and there, but since they were in a very public place she didn’t dare. Instead she let Alyssa release her from her embrace and consoled herself with the fact that if she didn’t end up with Avril at least she’d have another chance to be with Alyssa. Michelle remembered how hot she’d been that time they’d played with Jewel and Michelle was eager to see Alyssa’s naked flesh once again.

“So what do we do now?” Michelle asked. They were standing outside of Avril’s hotel room, or at least what they hoped was her room. They weren’t totally positive about that. “Do we sit out here and wait for her?”

“Fuck waiting,” Alyssa grinned. “We’re going in?”

“How?” Michelle asked.

“With this,” Alyssa answered brightly as she withdrew a shiny new key card from her pocket. She didn’t hesitate before sliding it into the computer lock. The light turned green and Alyssa opened the door with no resistance.

“How did you get that?” Michelle asked, once again marveling at Alyssa’s aggressiveness and confidence. From the moment she’d arrived at the hotel, Alyssa had been pumping Michelle up, telling her over and over again how this was going to work and how Avril was going to be theirs. Michelle’s sagging spirits had badly needed the lift and she had embraced every one of Alyssa’s sexy promises.

“Let’s just say I had a little chat with the guy behind the front desk,” Alyssa said wickedly as she licked her lips and left it at that. Michelle’s mind ran wild with possibilities and she liked all of them. She just wished that Alyssa had let her watch whatever she had done to get this keycard.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Michelle giggled, her nerves getting the best of her again.

“You gotta take risks if you’re ever going to get what you want,” Alyssa explained. “If you want to do something…just go for it sweetie. Don’t worry about all the things that could go wrong. Think of all the things that could go right. If you want Avril you have to go after her and that’s what we’re doing here.”

“So what’s the plan? Do we just jump out of the closet and scream ‘boo?'” Michelle asked, putting herself squarely in Alyssa’s experienced hands. If someone like Alyssa couldn’t help her get Avril then it Michelle knew it just wasn’t going to happen. Michelle couldn’t imagine anyone resisting Alyssa. She knew she sure couldn’t.

“I dunno, I haven’t thought that far ahead,” Alyssa admitted with a smile. “I just thought we’d take it as it comes. I mean at least we’re in her room now. That’s much better then just sitting in the lobby. We did step one and then we’ll figure out step two when we get around to it.”

Despite her still present nerves, Michelle was very agreeable to that type of philosophy. She couldn’t believe they were inside Avril’s room right now, waiting for her to get back from wherever the hell she was. It was so bold and, though technically illegal, it made Michelle’s heart race and her pussy get squishy and excited. Michelle could only imagine how much more excited she’d get if this thing actually worked.

The room had been made up, but it still had the tell tale signs of a teenage girl living there. Magazines were tossed around half read and the bathroom was a mess of makeup, conditioners and various little bottles of things. While they waited for Avril to return, Michelle and Alyssa explored around, peeking into her things and stealing kisses and caresses whenever they could.

Alyssa had made a lifetime out of being bold, but even she had to admit that this was pretty damn ballsy. If this blew up in their faces she and Michelle might be leaving the hotel in handcuffs, but the risk was part of the thrill. Alyssa loved taking risks and she wanted Avril just as badly as Michelle. One sexy teen was good enough. Two sexy teens was paradise for Alyssa.

The girls were in mid-exploration when they heard the tell tale signs of a returning star. They heard the fumbling with the key card outside the door and the futile turning of the door handle.

“Motherfucker!” they heard Avril mumble in frustration on the other side. “These stupid things never fucking work right!”

“What do we do?” Michelle gasped.

“Ummmm hide!” Alyssa quickly suggested. The two girls ducked inside the closet, closing the sliding door behind them and leaving it open a crack so they could see and so they could know when the time was right. Alyssa had suggested the closet on impulse. She hadn’t thought of a good way to approach Avril yet, so this made as much sense as anything.

Michelle and Alyssa squeezed themselves in against various dry cleaner sealed bags of whatever outfits Avril had brought with her and tried not to breathe too loudly as the door finally opened and Avril Lavigne walked into her hotel room. Immediately the girls caught their first surprise of the afternoon. Avril wasn’t alone.

“God, I thought that meeting would never end!” a blonde boy said with a groan. “I hate this corporate bullshit!”

“Yeah, I was falling asleep like 10 minutes into it,” Avril giggled. “I was surprised my head didn’t go like THWACK against the table!”

Alyssa and Michelle quickly recognized the boy Avril was with. It was Evan Taubenfeld, the guitarist for Avril’s band. He was only a year older than Avril and he looked like the typical teen with his shaggy blonde hair with dark roots showing and his thrown together clothing ensemble of jeans, ratty t-shirt and dark blue jacket.

“I’m just glad it’s over,” Evan said. “It’s so fucking boring.”

“Well let me give you something else to think about then,” Avril declared with a grin as she provided her unknown audience with another big surprise when she wrapped her arms around Evan’s neck and pulled herself up so they could passionately kiss. Their had been rumors that Avril and Evan had been dating, but they had been denied. Now it looked like if they weren’t dating, they were at least doing other things.

Avril was much shorter than Evan, but she had tons of strength and energy and she pulled herself up so she could wrap her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as they kissed. It was like she had attached her small frame onto her guitarist and their audience was amazed.

“Scoot over,” Alyssa whispered from inside the closet. “I want to get a better look.”

Even though Michelle didn’t want to give up her kick ass seat for this show, she relented. It was because of Alyssa that she was here, so she figured she owed her at least a good view of the action.

Avril and Evan continued to kiss, Avril’s long brown hair falling all over Evan’s face as his hands reached down and squeezed her ass through the worn, faded camouflage pants. Even though Avril had ditched the trademark tie she had worn when she had first burst on the scene, she still had a love for comfortable guy’s clothes, as could be seen by the white men’s briefs that peeked out from the top of her pants. She had a white wife beater on and it was tightly clinging to her firm, young body so it was easy to see the outlines of the black bra she had on underneath.

Avril moaned from Evan’s hands on her ass and she wiggled herself free from the grip he had on her legs so she could set herself back on the ground. They continued to kiss feverishly as she ground her body against his. Avril seemed really into it, but when Evan’s hand reached for her crotch, she slapped it away.

“Oh no you naughty boy,” Avril teased, knowing that Evan was fully in her sexual power and would do anything she wished. “You don’t get that.”

“Why not?” Evan pouted. “Please Avril. I’m so fucking hard for you.”

“No no no…remember the rules,” Avril chastised. “You all have to share. No pussy for you boys when you’re alone. Only when you’re all together.”

Alyssa couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Avril had pretty much just said that she banged her entire band. How many guys were in her band? Alyssa thought it was three. That was such a hot thought. Avril was giving Christina a run for her slut money and she wasn’t even 19 yet. Alyssa pictured Avril naked with three hard guys taking her body and fucking her until she was a quivering, happy mess. It sent a rush right to her pussy and Alyssa reached down to begin stroking herself through her jeans.

“C’mon Avril,” Evan begged. “You can make an exception! Please! You got me so horny! You gotta get me off!”

“Who said I wasn’t going to do that?” Avril giggled as she fell to her knees and reached for Evan’s pants, tugging at his jeans. “You just can’t have my pussy now. So, you want my mouth or is that not good enough for you?”

“Fuck yes it’s good enough,” Evan moaned, remembering fond memories of blow jobs past. “Suck my cock Avril!”

“Then get naked for me baby,” Avril instructed. “C’mon Evan….take off your preppy clothes…”

Avril then laughed again before training her soft, sexy eyes right up at Evan. She looked at him with a mixture of youthful innocence and slutty carnality and it was totally irresistible both to the guitarist and to the two girls in the closet.

“I wanna see too…” Michelle pouted as quietly as she could. “Lemme see more Alyssa.”

Reasoning that she could see well over Michelle’s head, Alyssa took a step backwards and let the brunette teen get in front of her. Besides, Alyssa told herself as her horniness increased, this gave her excellent access to Michelle’s hot little body.

“Ohhhh…” Michelle gasped when she got a clear view. By now Evan had peeled his shirt off and Avril had had jeans around his ankles. His hard cock pointed straight out and Avril nuzzled her face against it, letting it stroke her soft cheek. Michelle couldn’t exactly pull out a ruler and take a count, but it looked to her like Evan’s cock was a good seven inches.

Michelle didn’t go and broadcast it, but she had never been with a guy. She didn’t consider herself a virgin or anything. Beautiful women had fucked her and she had fucked them right back. She had experienced tongues, toys and everything she could possibly dream about taking inside her. She had just never been with a guy. Michelle liked girls too much to have time for men sexually, but even though she had never felt real lust for a guy before, she loved watching Avril play with Evan’s cock.

As Evan moaned above her for more, Avril teased her guitarist. She took a hold of his hard shaft and rubbed the head of his cock over her lips, panting her pink lips with a light glaze of precum. While she did this her free hand was busy stroking Evan’s balls before reaching around back to rub his ass.

“Do you want me to suck you Evan?” Avril asked as innocently as she could with a hard cock in her hand. “Do you want me to put your cock in my mouth?”

“Yesss…” Evan moaned. “Please Avril…suck my cock!”

Having heard the words she longed for, Avril did as she was asked. She lowered her face and let her hair drape down all over Evan’s cock and balls. Avril then placed her lips to the head of Evan’s cock and kissed it, tasting the precum before opening her mouth to slowly let the head slide in. Evan groaned happily, craning his neck back as he felt Avril’s warm, wet mouth envelop his meat. Soon enough she had enough of his cock in her mouth to begin a steady sucking motion and Avril was bobbing her head up and down, letting her saliva drip from her mouth and down Evan’s rock hard shaft.

While this was going on, Michelle was frozen to her spot, staring right ahead and loving what she was doing. She loved it even more when she felt a warm hand on her body. Alyssa’s hand reached up her shirt and rubbed her tummy sexily to get her going before she changed directions. Alyssa effortlessly popped open the button to Michelle’s jeans and she pushed her hand inside as the teen squirmed.

“Don’t turn around,” Alyssa whispered into Michelle’s ear. “Keep watching them. Watch her make him come.”

Michelle kept her eyes locked on Avril and Evan, even as she tried with all her might not to moan aloud from what Alyssa was doing to her. The actress’ hand easily passed under her panties to get at her rapidly dampening pussy. Alyssa’s touch got her even wetter and Michelle tried not to give away their location as Alyssa’s fingers stroked her slit and slowly pushed into her pussy, exploring her young, pink folds.

Avril had one of her hands still on Evan’s shaft stroking him off, the bracelets on her arms clacking against each other as she bobbed her sexy head up and down on his cock. Her other hand was on his ass pinching and groping his cheeks. Avril clearly knew what she was doing and, judging from Evan’s cries, the girls could tell it wouldn’t be long before he was coming in her hot mouth. Suddenly Avril pulled her face off Evan, saliva dripping down her chin.

“You like this?” Avril grinned. “Want me to do more?”

“Yess…please…” Evan groaned, almost beyond words. “God…just a little more…please!”

Avril responded by spitting right onto Evan’s cock, getting it even wetter as she rubbed the shaft up and down with her small hand. She then took the hard cock and slapped herself in the face, cooing as she did it to herself. She did it again and her sexy sighs combined with Evan’s needy groans to fill the room with the sounds of sex. Avril slapped her own face with her friend’s cock until she had saliva and precum against her pale skin. Avril then opened her mouth wide again and went right after Evan, taking him in deep and bobbing up and down as her hair obscured his crotch.

The wet sucking sounds of the hot blowjob reached the closet where Michelle gripped the door and tried to keep her eyes focused on what she was seeing. She wanted to concentrate on Avril, but couldn’t keep things straight with Alyssa doing such a good job on her pussy. Alyssa was slowly fingering her wetness and Michelle so badly wanted to moan and let Alyssa make her come. But she couldn’t risk discovery. She loved what Alyssa was doing to her and she wanted her to stop it all at once. Michelle’s legs felt like jelly, but her eyes remained right where she wanted them to be.

“Mmmm I love sucking this cock,” Avril purred as she played with it and proceeded to bend down further to lick Evan’s balls. With experience that went well beyond her teen years, Avril lifted Evan’s shaft out of the way and tickled his heavy balls with her pink tongue. She felt the precum dripping from his cock and she knew he was close. She just loved teasing him and she would never had forgiven herself if she’d made him come without first getting a few licks in of his balls.

“Please Avril…don’t stop…” Evan groaned. “So fucking close…”

“I’m not stopping,” Avril smirked with her youthful zeal. “Just playing…”

Avril was just about to get back to work on Evan’s cock when he piped up with a request of his own.

“Get naked…” Evan begged. “Please…let me see your body.”

“Ohhh no…if I let you see my pussy then you’re just going to want to fuck it,” Avril teased. “No deal Evan.”

“Please!” Evan cried out with full sexual need. He looked so desperate to see some girl flesh, that Avril took mercy on him and came up with a compromise.

“Fine…but this is all you get,” Avril said as she pulled her wife beater over her head and reached around back to undo her black bra. Her firm tits fell right out and she immediately began playing with them, teasing her nipples and leaving Evan’s hard cock throbbing in the air. “Mmmmm take a look at these hot tits Evan. Next time you and the boys are all here I’m going to let all of you slide your big, hard cocks right in between them and then you can come all over them. Mmm all that cum on my tits.”

Michelle and Alyssa couldn’t believe what they were hearing coming from the young Canadian’s mouth, but they sure loved it. By now Michelle was grinding herself against Alyssa and the actress felt her own arousal leap from having her sexy teen ass pressed up to her like that. Alyssa couldn’t wait until they were all naked together. She still had no idea how it was all going to happen, but things had worked out well so far, hadn’t they?

The ecstatic look on Evan’s face showed that he loved the sight of Avril’s tits very much. He loved them even more when she plunged her mouth right back onto his cock. Avril wrapped her lips around Evan’s throbbing shaft and sucked hard on him, like she wanted to draw the life out of him with her mouth. She sucked hard and fast, giving Evan the final push she knew he needed while her hands played with his balls and stroked what she wasn’t sucking. Evan’s moans got louder and longer until he could finally take no more.

“Avril!” he moaned. “I’m gonna…gonna come!”

“On my face!” Avril requested passionately as she pulled off his cock and placed it right to her lips. “Fucking shoot that cum all over my face!”

Evan didn’t need to be told twice. He groaned again and shot stream after stream of hot, white cum all over Avril’s waiting teen face. She moaned happily and smiled as Evan shot over her face, down her chin and onto her waiting tongue as she stuck it out in anticipation. Cum hit her cheeks and up to her forehead, a few blasts even hitting her soft hair. She let the hot cum soak her skin and cover her tongue before she sucked it back in her mouth, enjoying her boy’s taste.

With cum still dripping from her chin, Avril stood up and faced the panting Evan. The teen boy was gasping for breath from his intense orgasm as Avril got up on her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek.

“See you later Evan,” Avril said. “Bring the rest of the boys over after dinner and we can have some real fun, ok?”

“Ok,” Evan gasped, nodding his head as Avril grabbed her wife beater and bra and headed for the bathroom. With Michelle and Alyssa still watching, Evan was left with nothing to do but gather up his clothes and leave the room. Both girls were stunned at what they had witnessed. Of all the things they had expected to see, Avril sucking off her guitar player hadn’t been high on the list. Even after having seen it, they still couldn’t quite believe their own eyes.

After Evan left, Michelle and Alyssa took their chance to sneak out of the closet. Avril was still in the bathroom with the door closed behind her and the girls could hear water running from inside.

“I hope she’s washing her hair,” Alyssa laughed, keeping her voice hushed as she talked. “Believe me, you don’t want to let cum stay in their too long. It’s like bubble gum once it sets.”

“We should get out of here,” Michelle whispered, her eyes getting all nervous again.

“Relax baby, the fun’s just starting,” Alyssa replied with a smile as she licked off her fingers and showed a confidence she didn’t entirely feel. “We can’t leave yet. Didn’t you see all that? This girl is a total slut. Even if she’s not already fucking women, it won’t take much convincing from us to get her naked in that bed of hers. Don’t tell me that’s not what you want. I could feel how wet you were getting watching her.”

“I do want her…it’s just that…” Michelle smiled, still feeling the sexy shivers Alyssa’s probing fingers had created. She hadn’t bothered to rebutton her jeans and her wetness was only increasing, creating a dark spot on the corduroy.

“We’ve almost got her, so no chickening out now,” Alyssa declared before pressing her lips to Michelle’s. The teen quickly surrendered to the kiss and they were soon making out in the middle of the hotel room, oblivious to their surroundings. Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened.

“WHAT THE HELL?” Avril screamed in surprise when she walked out in mid-kiss. She dropped the towel she had been drying her face with and stared with her jaw on the floor with what greeted her.

“Hey Avril,” Alyssa smiled as Michelle looked like she wanted the Earth to swallow her up.

“What are you two doing in here? Michelle? What the fuck?” Avril gasped, catching her breath from the sudden surprise. She immediately recognized Michelle from all the times they had run into each other and she could have sworn she knew the other girl too. Was that Alyssa Milano? What the hell was happening here? Why were they in her hotel room? Why the fuck were they kissing?

“Just relax, Avril,” Alyssa said.

“Relax? I’m not going to relax!” Avril shot back angrily. “Who the hell do you two think you are that you can just walk into MY hotel room? How long have you…OH MY GOD!!! Were you two watching me? What kind of sick perverts are you? I don’t care how famous you are. I’m calling security.”

“You’re not calling anyone,” Alyssa replied confidently.

“Are you threatening me?” Avril demanded.

“No…no one’s doing that,” Michelle suddenly sprang to life. “Just don’t call security. Would it help if we said we really really liked what we saw?”

Avril’s eyes then grazed over Michelle and she saw her undone jeans and the unmistakable signs of her wetness.

“Holy shit…you two really are perverts,” Avril gasped. She couldn’t believe these two women had been hiding. She couldn’t believe they had watched her in Evan. This was too fucking freaky. She reached over for the phone.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Alyssa stated.

“How are you going to stop me?” Avril challenged.

“Like this…” Alyssa grinned as she moved in for the kill. She grabbed Avril and kissed her passionately. Michelle watched in total shock as Avril’s eyes flew open. Alyssa’s kiss was so insistent that Avril couldn’t help but respond. Alyssa’s tongue pushed into her mouth and Avril couldn’t believe that she liked it. She had never felt anything like this before in her life and it was good. Avril had left her wife beater off, but she had put her bra back on and she felt her nipples harden instantly under the material.

Avril loved sex and she got as much of it as she could. Her parents had raised her in a strict Christian house. She loved her parents but they had repressed her in just about every way possible. Raw music. Alcohol. It had all been off limits. Especially sex. She had barely ever seen a PG-13 movie until she had gone on the road. She called the guys in her band her “boys” but they were like her teachers. They opened her eyes to the world beyond Ontario and she loved showing them her gratitude. She knew they’d do anything to fuck one of her holes and she used that to keep control of them, but she got as much pleasure out of it as they did.

Her boys had showed her how good sex could be and she took every opportunity she had to indulge in it. But girls…now that was something she had never played around with. She’d thought about it, but just as an idle thought of one more piece of forbidden fruit. She’d been raised to believe gays and lesbians went to hell and the fact that she couldn’t do something just made Avril want it more. But even though she’d considered dyking it out it hadn’t meant she was going to do it. She had also thought about smoking crack but she hadn’t exactly been checking out street corners.

Now she had Alyssa Milano kissing her and Avril knew she liked it right away. It was softer and sexier than a guy’s kiss, but it was just as passionate. Avril’s head was spinning too fast for this but she didn’t want it to slow down. If it slowed down it might give her a chance to think and she might find a reason to question what was happening. Right now it didn’t matter that they had broken in or that they had spied on her. All that mattered was this felt good and Avril loved things that felt good. When Alyssa finally pulled away, Avril was left sputtering and gasping for breath. Her heart was pounding and she only got more excited when Alyssa spoke.

“Your turn Michelle,” Alyssa said. “Kiss her. Show Avril how much you want her.”

Avril was still in too much of a daze to do anything but stand there with a look of confused arousal on her face. Michelle still felt nervous but she also felt hornier than she ever had in her life. Alyssa’s confidence fueled her and she stepped forward, embracing Avril and kissing her. The fair haired teen didn’t respond right away, but Michelle could hear her moaning and feel her passion growing. Michelle wasn’t used to being the one with all the experience. Her encounters back home had been all about mutual exploration and her limited experience had been dwarfed by all the girls at the mansion. Now Avril was the one who had never done this and Michelle was the veteran pussy licker. It was quite a role reversal.

Avril was just as quick to surrender to Michelle’s kiss as she had been to Alyssa’s. Michelle’s soft pink lips kissed her so tenderly, but there was nothing tender about what Avril was feeling inside her. She had gotten wet from blowing Evan but this was creating close to a flood in her pussy. Michelle’s kiss wasn’t as forceful as Alyssa’s had been, but Avril didn’t mind. She liked how they both were different and how they both made her wet. Avril also liked how Michelle seemed to be holding back. She seemed a little shy. That reassured Avril. It made her feel like she wasn’t alone in not knowing what to make of all these new feelings in her body.

Michelle kept on kissing Avril’s lips, closing her eyes and letting the sensations flow through her body as the Canadian slowly began to respond. Avril began sucking on Michelle’s bottom lip and soon enough was opening her mouth for Michelle to slide her tongue inside. It was just as good as Michelle had imagined. She had dreamed that Avril would kiss like this…all soft and sexy. It was all coming true and Alyssa’s eager eyes drank in the show.

“That’s it Michelle…kiss her,” Alyssa instructed as she took the liberty of undoing her jeans and kicking off her sandals so she could easily step out of them. The girls were so into each other that they barely noticed that Alyssa was now standing before them in a skimpy red g-string. Her sexy ass was shown off by the barely there string in between her cheeks, but the Michelle and Avril were so lost in their kiss that they either didn’t see or took no notice of it.

“Touch her Michelle,” Alyssa continued, getting close to the two teens and pressing her hands gently to the backs of their heads to make sure they weren’t going anywhere. “Make her want you as bad as you want her.”

Not breaking the kiss, Michelle moved her hands to obey. She placed her hands on Avril’s breasts and began fondling them through the bra. Avril groaned and responded by sliding her own tongue into Michelle’s mouth. The two teen singers blissfully made out, dueling their tongues one on top of the other and sharing healthy doses of saliva. Avril still had no idea what she was doing here. But she knew it felt good and she didn’t want the good feelings to stop.

“Oh God…” Avril groaned when she finally broke free of the kiss. Clarity was starting to return to her, but she didn’t move away from Michelle. She wanted things to stay as they were, with Michelle’s hands on her firm tits. Avril was totally speechless but her flushed face was speaking volumes.

“Like that, don’t you?” Alyssa asked and Avril nodded her head in response.

“It gets better,” Alyssa promised as she took Avril’s hand and walked over to the bed with her.

“Heyyy…” Michelle pouted, immediately seeing the drawbacks to having to share.

“I’m just getting her ready for you,” Alyssa grinned. “Don’t worry Michelle. I’ll leave her in one piece.”

“You don’t have to be gentle,” Avril spoke up suddenly. “I can take it. I can take anything.”

“Oooh you sound sure of yourself,” Alyssa teased. “Ever been with a girl Avril?”

“No,” Avril replied. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this nervous off stage. Even her first time with a guy hadn’t made her feel like this. It just felt so naughty and forbidden to be doing this…not just with one girl, but two. That’s what made it even better.

“Then get ready baby,” Alyssa said, her eyes twinkling as she pushed Avril down on the bed. “Because you’ve never felt anything like this.”

Alyssa hammered her point home by reaching down and pulling her shirt over her head. Avril’s eyes widened as two gorgeous tits popped into view free of any cursed underwear. It made Avril wish she was topless too but she didn’t have the will to reach around back and undo her own bra. She didn’t want to take her eyes off of Alyssa for a second. This was so strange to her. Avril had never been the type of girl to just sit back and let something happen to her, but she had never felt lust like this before either. She was looking at a beautiful topless woman and only wanting to see more.

Michelle was once again in awe of Alyssa’s confidence. She would never have been able to just strip like that and stand there in front of a virtual stranger in just the flimsiest of g-strings. Michelle’s body was aching with lust and when Alyssa beckoned her closer she almost tore across the room to her.

“Come here Michelle,” Alyssa said, loving the fact she had these two young girls under her spell. “Show Avril what you can do.”

Michelle knew what that meant and, despite her shyness, the chance to put on a sexy show in front of Avril was a huge turn on for her. After pressing her body close to Alyssa’s, Michelle passionately kissed her lips. Soon Michelle was sucking on Alyssa’s tongue and hearing aroused moans from the actress. Michelle could feel Avril staring at her and she wondered if she liked what she saw. Did she like it enough to let her do the same to her?

“Mmmm get your mouth on my tits,” Alyssa requested as she played with Michelle’s long, dark hair. “Show her how hot you are. Make her want you Michelle.”

Michelle didn’t hesitate a second before obeying. She felt her own confidence growing as she buried her face in the paradise that was Alyssa’s cleavage. As Alyssa mewed her pleasure, Michelle kissed and licked her bare breasts, dragging her tongue over any patch of naked flesh she could get at. Michelle played with the firm mounds, rubbing them with her hands, occasionally stealing glances to see if Avril was staring at them and feeling her own arousal increase when she saw that she was.

The earlier anger Avril had felt over this intrusion was long forgotten. Now she just wished they had made themselves known earlier. She would have pushed Evan right out the door and gotten to work on this as soon as she got in the room. It was so erotic to see someone like Michelle sucking and licking someone like Alyssa’s breasts. They had obviously done this before. How had they hooked up? Avril felt a zillion questions in her head but she ignored all of them and focused on the insanely erotic show that was going on in front of her wide-open eyes.

“Mmmm Michelle…that’s it baby…suck on my tits…work those nipples over with your tongue…ooooooh it’s soooo good Avril,” Alyssa moaned. “I’ll bet you wish you were me right now, don’t you? I’ll bet you wish it was your tits that Michelle was sucking.”

Even though she was still confused enough to not have a clear idea of anything, much less what she wanted done to her body, Avril nodded her head in agreement. But a mere nod wasn’t enough for Alyssa. She wanted more.

“Say it Avril,” Alyssa demanded. “Say it loud so Michelle can hear you. She’s wanted you so bad. Tell her and make her feel good.”

“I wish it was me…” Avril said softly, her voice rising with each word though. “I wish Michelle was sucking my tits. Mmmmm gawwwwwd…I don’t…I’ve never done this…mmmm it looks so good though…so fucking good.”

“It feels even better than it looks,” Alyssa promised after she pulled herself away from Michelle and walked toward Avril on the bed, her tits wet with saliva and her nipples standing hard and proud. “Let me show you. Let me show you how good it can be Avril. Let me touch you.”

“Yessss touch me…” Avril hissed in desire. “Touch me everywhere Alyssa. You and Michelle. I want you both all over my body.”

Michelle liked the sound of that very much and she walked toward the bed too. She was about to crawl onto it and join Avril, but Alyssa stopped her.

“Not yet sweetie,” Alyssa instructed. “Let me get her ready for you first. I’m going to fuck you now Avril. I’m going to strip you and eat your little wet pussy and then you’re going to do the same to Michelle. You’re gonna feel it all baby.”

Avril eagerly nodded her head in agreement. She wasn’t someone who gave up control. She didn’t like holding back. Avril loved making her voice heard and showing people her spirit, but she had never been with anyone like Alyssa. She was so sexy and confident. She moved like a cat and Avril longed to make her purr. Alyssa made her want to do things she’d never dreamed of. Avril just wanted to lie back and let Alyssa work her over. She wanted Michelle to see all of it. She wanted Michelle to get wet and get naked so she could join in the fun. She wanted to be touched. She wanted to touch. Avril wanted it all.

Before Avril even had a chance to blink, Alyssa’s lips were back on her, kissing her hungrily. Avril didn’t hesitate to open her mouth for Alyssa’s tongue and soon their pink tongues were touching and massaging each other, flicking together at the tips as they shared their saliva and their desires. Avril felt like there was a fever burning up inside her and only these two women had the cure for it.

“Let’s get this off you,” Alyssa said as she reached around for Avril’s bra. No resistance was offered and Alyssa effortlessly removed it. It fell to the floor and Alyssa kissed Avril again, pushing their bare breasts together. Alyssa was happy to see that Avril’s tits were even bigger than she’d expected. She had beautiful, soft breasts underneath the clothes she always wrapped around herself and Alyssa wondered what Avril would be like if she ever underwent a Christina like transformation. Her pussy throbbed at the thought.

Michelle thought she might come right there from watching Alyssa and Avril topless and making out. Their bodies looked so good pressed together as Avril lay flat on the bed, her golden brown hair cast about the bedcovers, while Alyssa leaned over her body and kissed her. The only thing that held Michelle back was the knowledge that this was only going to get better and she didn’t want to waste a drop of the arousal she was feeling. Michelle had such a good seat to this, but she wanted more and she couldn’t help but come up from behind Alyssa and kiss the beck of her neck while she pushed her young body up against Alyssa’s drool inducing ass.

“Mmmmm fuck I love that!” Alyssa groaned as she felt Michelle kiss and gently bite the back of her neck all the way down to her shoulders. They had had an excellent chance to explore each other’s bodies that day on Jewel’s bed and Michelle was obviously remembering what she had learned about where Alyssa loved to be kissed. Feeling her eager and tender lips on those special spots made Alyssa almost lose focus on the sexy girl beneath her, but the singer’s soft cries quickly served as a reminder.

“Please Alyssa,” Avril begged. “Touch me. I’m so wet. I need you to do all those things you promised. Make me feel good.”

Not so full of attitude now, are you, Alyssa smirked as she looked down at the needy Canadian lying on the bed. Her nipples were rock hard and little beads of sweat were starting to form on her bare chest. Avril’s eyes begged for Alyssa’s total attention and, smiling the whole time, Alyssa sunk to her knees.

“Don’t worry honey, you’re going to get it all and be begging for more,” Alyssa promised. She pulled off Avril’s sneakers and socks. As soon Avril’s feet were bare, Alyssa reached up for her camouflage pants. After undoing the belt that held them up, they were stripped easily off Avril’s legs, leaving the teen in nothing but the white men’s briefs she was wearing underneath.

“Mmmmm you’re so ready for this,” Alyssa said in admiration as she smelled Avril’s arousal and saw the way the white cotton had been soaked with the juice dripping from Avril’s pussy. Alyssa could easily see the brown tuft of soft fur through the translucent briefs but she wanted an even better view. There was only one way to get that.

“Yessss make me naked…” Avril groaned as Alyssa pulled her briefs down her legs. Michelle gasped at what she saw. There she was. The star of her fantasies…completely naked in front of her.

Avril was even hotter than she’d dreamed her to be. Michelle couldn’t stop staring at the brown patch of hair soaked with pussy juice and the glistening lips of Avril’s slit. She just wanted to push her face in between those legs and lick Avril until she had nothing left. But she waited. Michelle knew Alyssa was going to give her a chance soon. Right now Michelle was content to watch the show and feel her own pussy soak her panties and jeans.

Michelle wasn’t the only one blown away by how good Avril looked naked. Alyssa’s eyes were all over her young body, appreciating every inch of her flesh. She looked so different from the wannabe punk, skater girl that MTV pimped. Avril’s face was covered in nervous expectation and an eager smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she lay flat on her back on the soft bed. When she’d been with Evan, there had been no doubt as to who had the control. Now Avril was happy to just lie back and let Alyssa touch her.

And touch her she did. Alyssa’s lips and hands were soon all over Avril’s breasts, licking and squeezing them as the young girl withered and moaned in desire on the bed. She had never been touched like this. Her boys were always so eager to shoot their loads, but Alyssa was taking the time to work her body over and it was putting Avril in a state of total heat. Alyssa’s tongue rolled over her swollen nipples and her hands massaged her tits as Avril closed her eyes and opened her mouth for moans that seemed to go on forever.

Seeing Avril’s face in ecstasy like this wasn’t something Michelle could just sit back idly and watch. She kneeled down on the bed and pressed her own lips to Avril’s and they were soon happily making out again, just two teenage girls in lust, as Alyssa began kissing down Avril’s stomach. Avril was getting more aggressive by the second and soon her hand was on the back of Michelle’s head, urging her to kiss her harder. Michelle responded and she and Avril took turns sucking on their tongues and kissing wetly while Alyssa moved closer and closer to the prize she sought.

Kissing Michelle was such a high for Avril that she almost forgot Alyssa wasn’t there. She got one big, hot reminder though when she suddenly felt Alyssa’s tongue dragging along her thighs. Avril groaned in expectation and Michelle pulled away so Avril could have an excellent view of the sex goddess between her legs and what she was about to do.

“Yesss…please…” Avril begged. “Eat me Alyssa. Lick my pussy!”

Alyssa didn’t have to say anything back. She just stared right up at Avril and grinned like the cat who got the canary. After shooting Avril her sexy smile, Alyssa didn’t wait another nanosecond before getting what she wanted. Alyssa pushed her face down into Avril Lavigne’s pussy and immediately began lashing at it with her tongue.

“OHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!!” Avril screamed as her body lurched on the bed. She felt like she was going to start clawing up the walls already and the sensations had just started. She had been gone down on before, but not like this. There had never been anything like this before. “YESSSS ALYSSAAAA!! MORE! GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!”

Hearing this ecstatic response just egged Alyssa on. Her tongue felt so good inside Avril’s snug pussy. She obviously got more action than Michelle did because she wasn’t as tight, but she was just as tasty and sexy. Alyssa spread open Avril’s cunt lips with her fingers, coating them with juice almost instantly, and plunged her tongue deep inside her pink. Alyssa loved knowing she was Avril’s first girl. She wanted to make this so hot and memorable for her. She wanted to make her love this so she’d want it again and again and again…like she did. Even though they weren’t speaking anymore, Alyssa knew she would always remember Shannen Doherty with lust because she was the first girl to go down on her and she was the one who got her totally hooked on pussy.

“Lick her Alyssa…” Michelle urged, watching the show as her body tingled under her clothes. “Lick her just like you licked me. Make her come all over your face! Do all those things you did to my pussy!”

Avril was having a hard time focusing on what was happening thanks to all the sensations filling her body, but she heard Michelle’s words with crystal clarity. It turned her on to no end to know that Alyssa had already done this to Michelle. It was like they were sharing a kinky secret with her. Like she was sexy enough to join whatever club they had. Avril had always regarded Michelle as one of those nice girls who sat around and did their things quietly and privately. Now she saw Michelle had a wild side and Avril wanted to see how wild she liked to get. Michelle looked so uncomfortable in her clothes and, if she’d been able to put together a sentence at this point, Avril would have told her to strip naked and bring her pussy to her face. Avril now knew how good it felt to have another girl’s tongue inside her pussy and she wanted to see if it was just as good to return the favor.

The look Avril had detected on Michelle’s face was accurate. She was squirming inside her clothes, longing to be just as bare as Alyssa and Avril were. She felt out of place standing there in her clothes and, since it looked like no one was going to help her out, Michelle took matters into her own hands. She stood up and peeled her own shirt over her head, popping it over her head and straightening out her hair as she began playing with her nipples through her pink bra. Michelle moaned from playing with the nipples swelling against her bra. She was so hot watching this that she probably could have made herself come by just teasing her nipples.

She didn’t do that though. Instead Michelle bent over to untie her sneakers. She stepped out of them and, as soon as she did, she got out of her jeans. She let them drop to the floor and stood there, face flushed with desire, in her bra and panties. Her toes wiggling inside her socks, Michelle crawled back onto the bed and began kissing Avril again. The Canadian eagerly reciprocated moaning her pleasure right into Michelle’s mouth while Alyssa continued to feast on her snatch.

Feeling very curious about another woman’s body, Avril began to touch Michelle’s body, barely clad through her underwear. The pink bra was a push up so it gave Michelle a nice heft to her firm tits. Going purely on instinct, Avril let her tongue drag into Michelle’s cleavage, licking between her tits and getting that valley glistening with saliva. Avril’s hands were also busy, reaching down to play with Michelle through her pink panties. The wetness from her pussy had made the pink material into a much darker shade, bordering on red, and Avril gasped when her palm grazed over Michelle’s wet panties. Avril had touched herself enough times to know what a pussy felt like, but this was the first time she had ever touched another woman.

“You’re so wet…” Avril said, almost in a whisper.

“For you…” Michelle admitted with shyness tinged with desire. “I’ve been fantasizing about this. I want you so bad Avril. You make me so fucking wet.”

Hearing Michelle curse was a turn on for Avril and knowing this sexy little kitten had been having fantasies about her was enough for Avril to wrap her hands around her neck and draw her in for another kiss. Avril’s kiss was even hungrier this time because of what Alyssa was doing between her legs. Her tongue felt like it was licking her everywhere at once and it was making Avril quiver and writhe on the bed.

Alyssa was able to push her tongue in further by moving her fingers away from Avril’s lips and instead spreading her legs wide with her hands. Avril got the hint and opened her legs as far as she could go. She didn’t have the flexibility of a dancer, Alyssa marveled sometimes at how far someone like Christina could spread herself open, but she gave Alyssa more than ample room to push her tongue deep inside. Alyssa gave Avril’s clit some sexy licks and sucks, but she didn’t focus too much on it right away. Instead she let her tongue explore Avril’s pussy, licking up as much of her juice as she could while she showed the teenager everything a woman’s tongue could do.

“Mmmmm your pussy is so hot Avril,” Alyssa smiled as she pulled her face up and made sure the two girls could see her licking her juice covered lips clean. “It’s just like you said you wanted it to be Michelle. You like this Avril? You like my tongue in your tight little cunt? Do you like it enough to come all over my face?”

“Yesssssssss I love it!” Avril cried out while Michelle moved her attention down to her shaking tits. “Make me come Alyssa! I’ll come so hard for you! Just don’t stop! Please! I love it! I fucking love feeling you inside my pussy!”

Avril then fell back into a long series of happy moans. Michelle’s hands and tongue were all over her breasts, kissing them and licking them just how she liked it. Avril’s tits were very sensitive and her boys were a little too rough with them sometimes. Avril liked it rough, but she also liked the tenderness and TLC Michelle was giving to her. Pleasure coursed through Avril’s body as Michelle sucked on her nipples, teasing them with her tongue before lavishing attention on them with her lips. Michelle knew just what she was doing and Avril was reaping all the benefits.

Now that she knew Avril was close, Alyssa pushed her tongue back inside and went after her clit. Her own panties were soaked with girl juice and she knew Michelle must have felt the same way. Alyssa wanted to bring Avril off hard so they could have their fun. She couldn’t wait to see how good Avril could be with her tongue and Alyssa could tell this girl was eager to go through with both halves of her initiation into the world of bisexuality.

Wanting to get a better position on Avril, Alyssa moved her hands under her and gripped the firm, smooth cheeks of her ass. Lifting Avril’s butt in the air, Alyssa elevated her and pushed her tongue inside her pussy even harder. Avril groaned in ecstasy and Alyssa was rewarded with a pulse of pussy juice right onto her greedy tongue. With her legs slung over her back and her hands lifting her ass, Alyssa almost had Avril floating in the air.

Only the upper half of Avril’s body was left flat on the bed and Michelle was busy taking care of her there with her tongue and hands. Avril had never felt anything like the intense pleasure she was experiencing now. It was like she’d been living her life up till then half assed. Only now, with this ecstasy filling her body, did Avril feel like she was truly alive.

“Fuck me!” Avril cried out, her voice like a hard moan, as her own shyness disappeared. “Make me fucking come Alyssa! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss soooooooo fucking good! Your tongue feels so gooooooooood! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy hard! Aghhhhhhh yessssssss!!!”

Avril’s body was going back and forth from quivering to flat out shaking as her orgasm neared. Alyssa was sucking hard on her clit. Avril had a very pronounced clitoris and when it was swollen with need, like it was now, Alyssa could reach it so easily with her tongue and lips. Committed to giving this young girl the best orgasm of her life, Alyssa sucked her clit with every bit of the passion she could muster. She did everything to Avril that she loved having done to herself and it was working wonders on the girl. Her hot, tangy juices were dripping from her pussy onto Alyssa’s tongue and when Alyssa gave Avril’s clit a hard flurry of long licks, the young Canadian felt a rush like nothing before.

“OHHHHHHHHH MY GAAAWWWWWWWWWWD!!!” Avril screamed as her orgasm hit her. She tried to vocalize how good this was, but the words wouldn’t come. All Avril could do was pant and gasp and make sounds that resembled bestial growls. She shook and lurched on the bed, but Alyssa and Michelle kept her locked down right where she was, not letting her move until she had dripped every last drop of girl cum into Alyssa’s mouth.

Michelle pulled away from Avril’s tits as she came. She wanted to see Avril’s face. She wanted to see her mouth open and her eyes closed as sweat trickled down from her forehead. Michelle studied Avril’s beautiful face contorting in orgasm from Alyssa’s amazing tonguing. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed over Avril’s face and she screamed and exalted her pleasure. Little droplets of tears formed at her eyes from the intensity of what she was feeling and Michelle wondered if that was what she looked like when she came. Avril looked so hot right now that Michelle wished she was the one between her legs, sucking the girl juice right out of her.

Alyssa’s tongue and lower face was covered in Avril’s cream and she wasn’t even finished yet. Her tongue dripped deep into Avril’s soft, spasming pussy licking up whatever she could and letting the rest cover her flesh. Her eyes strained upward to see Avril being transformed into the gasping, orgasmic mess she was and, only when she sensed Avril could take no more, did Alyssa pull away.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Avril panted. “That was so good! No! Fuck good! That was the best thing I ever felt!”

“Glad you liked it,” Alyssa smiled, her face shiny with girl cum. “Think you can return the favor?”

“Yes…oh God yes!” Avril replied immediately. “I want it all!”

“Good,” Alyssa said, before turning her attention to Michelle and beckoning the underwear clad girl to her. “Kiss me Michelle. Taste Avril’s slutty juices all over my lips.”

That was just what Michelle wanted. She crawled over on the bed and kissed Alyssa passionately, loving the hot flavor all over her lips and tongue. Alyssa and Michelle were both on their knees kissing each other as Avril watched with rapt fascination. It was so erotic to see them kissing and knowing they were sharing her juices. Even though she had just come, Avril spread her legs open and began to slowly play with her pussy, rubbing it up and down as Alyssa reached around back and unsnapped Michelle’s pink bra.

Michelle moaned as Alyssa stripped off her bra. Their kiss deepened and their bare tits rubbed together. Michelle loved how it felt to have Alyssa’s beautiful breasts against hers, the hard nipples scraping against her flesh, but what really had Michelle going was the chance to taste Avril all over Alyssa’s face. Michelle had never felt the animal lust she was feeling then as she licked Alyssa’s face clean with long, wet tongue strokes over Alyssa’s chin and cheeks.

The two girls were so into their deep kisses and caresses of their almost naked bodies that they almost forgot Avril was still there. The soft moans coming from her mouth as she lay back and played with her pussy was reminder enough and they quickly turned their attention back to Avril.

“You like watching us?” Alyssa asked and Avril nodded her head enthusiastically as she worked two fingers inside her tight pussy.

“You can’t just sit back and watch though…” Michelle smiled. “You have to join in.”

“That’s right Michelle,” Alyssa said before kissing the dark haired teen again. “Don’t lie back Avril. Time for you to show us what you can do with your tongue.”

“Umm…ok…” Avril said nervously but excitedly. “What do you want me to do?”

“Michelle,” Alyssa answered. “I want you to do Michelle.”

At that moment, if Alyssa had asked Michelle to become her slave for life, the singer would have agreed in a heartbeat. Having Avril go down on her was just what she’d dreamed about. It was what she wanted more than anything in the world and Michelle knew she had Alyssa to thank for it.

“I’d love to,” Avril said with a lusty smile. Michelle bit her lip in anticipation as she lay down on the bed, her head at the bottom edge and her long hair dangling over it. Avril crawled toward her on her hands and knees like a panther stalking prey. It made Michelle aroused and a little bit scared all at the same time. She had no idea what Avril was going to do to her. Michelle could see the wicked heat in Avril’s eyes and she knew whatever it was, she was going to like it.

“How long have you wanted me Michelle?” Avril asked as she hovered her nude body above her lover’s. Her golden brown hair dangled over her face and tickled Michelle’s soft features while their hard nipples lightly grazed together.

“Mmmm…since…since I first saw you…” Michelle moaned. Her body ached for more contact. She had so much arousal built up already and she needed Avril to release it. “I…I’ve always liked girls and you looked so hot. So fearless and confident and I wanted you. I wanted you so bad.”

“What did you want?” Avril asked, her old attitude returning. Now that she felt comfortable doing this, she wasn’t about to shrink away from the lust burning in her veins. “What did you want me to do to you?”

“I’d want everything…” Michelle admitted with a rapturous smile. Her fantasy was coming true and it was even better than she’d dreamed it. The only thing was that Avril wasn’t wearing her necktie. Michelle had dreamed of Avril being completely naked except for her tie. It had been such a hot image but lately Avril hadn’t been wearing them and had said to the press how sick she was of them, so Michelle didn’t press the issue.

“I’d want to kiss you like forever,” Michelle said as Avril started down at her and Alyssa began to lightly stroke her pussy through her panties. “Kiss you and touch you and then I’d want you to just lick me all over and make my pussy come and come and come until I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Did you touch yourself when you thought of that?” Avril asked, her hand trailing down to Michelle’s panties and teasing her slit through them. “Did you play with your pussy thinking of me?”

“Yesssss…” Michelle hissed from Avril’s hand touching her sopping sex. Avril smiled when she felt how warm and wet Michelle was. It was her first time touching another woman’s pussy and she loved it. She couldn’t wait to get her tongue inside there.

“Is that what you want me to do Michelle?” Avril asked. “Do you want me to make your naughty fantasies come true?”

“Please…” Michelle begged, her body tingling with lust. “Avril please…eat my pussy. I need you!”

Not even when she had teased her boys into the frenzies that she always put them into, had Avril ever seen someone who wanted her as much as Michelle did. There was no way she could deny someone like that, especially when Michelle’s soft, brown eyes looked at her with such sexy neediness. So Avril didn’t tease anymore. She just reached down and slowly pulled Michelle’s panties off. She peeled the soaked garment off of Michelle’s slit, leaving her trimmed bush and soaked labia exposed to the open air. Avril followed this up by pressing her lips to Michelle’s kissing her and pressing their naked bodies close together. Their girl flesh touched and created sparks of passion too many to count.

The kiss deepened and so did their touching. Soft hands played with hair and skin caressed skin as their pussies grinded together, increasing both of their arousal. Avril considered staying like this and rubbing Michelle to orgasm with her pussy, but she could do that later. She craved a taste of her fellow singer and, with her long hair tickling all the way down, Avril headed for Michelle’s pussy.

Meanwhile Alyssa had become the forgotten woman, but she didn’t mind. She could have watched these sexy teens go at it all day and night, breaking only for some Red Bull to keep the energy going. Her panties clung to her pussy and Alyssa pushed them off herself, never taking her eyes off Avril’s journey down Michelle’s body. When her pussy was free, Alyssa immediately pushed her hand to it, sliding two fingers past her slit and into her pink, the show arousing her to no end.

Michelle kept thinking the same thought she had when Gwen and Jewel had seduced her in their dressing room that night at the concert. Something this good can’t possibly happening. She kept expecting to wake up in her bed with her panties soaked. But it was all too real and the closer Avril got to her sex, the more Michelle quivered on the bed. By the time Avril’s hair began tickling her slit, Michelle was almost shaking.

“Do you really want this?” Avril asked wickedly, her lips just inches away from Michelle’s cunt. “Do you really want me to lick your hot, sweet pussy?”

“God yessss…” Michelle moaned. “I want it more than anything…”

Avril’s ego grew at the sound of that. Even though she didn’t go off and flaunt her body like Britney and Christina did, Avril still loved knowing she got people hot. She had been kept from sex all through her life before she got famous. Now she got off on getting people off and Michelle looked like she was ready to come before her lips even made contact with her pussy.

Looking straight at her first pussy, Avril licked her lips. She didn’t feel any hesitation toward doing this. She couldn’t put into words how much she had loved what had been done to her and now she wanted to do it all back. She wanted to lick Michelle’s pussy. She wanted to lick Alyssa’s pussy. She wanted to lick every hot girl she knew. Her body bubbled with the excitement from this new discovery about her sexuality and Avril responded by spreading Michelle’s pussy open and sliding her tongue right inside her.

“Awwwwww mmmmm…Avrillllllll…” Michelle mewed, her fantasy coming to life. Avril didn’t have any experience in this, but she still knew what felt good and her tongue was plenty hungry for all the girl juice Michelle had to offer. What Avril lacked in experience she more than made up for in enthusiasm as her tongue explored Michelle’s pink folds. There was nothing tentative about her tongue strokes. Avril saw what she wanted and went after it and right now she wanted Michelle to come.

Seeing the pleasure that crossed Michelle’s young face as she moaned and cried for more of Avril’s tongue was more than Alyssa could take. As much as she wanted to just sit back and watch these two go at it, Alyssa needed pleasure that her own fingers just couldn’t offer her. She needed the sensations that only a warm, wet girl tongue in her pussy provided. Since Avril’s tongue was otherwise occupied, Alyssa was happy to present herself to Michelle.

“Is she licking you good Michelle?” Alyssa asked, setting herself up so her pussy was right above Michelle’s lips. “Does her tongue feel good in your tight little pussy?”

“Ohhh yessss…” Michelle groaned. “She’s so good at licking pussy. Mmmmm better than I ever dreamed.”

“Mmmm good…then get your tongue to work,” Alyssa giggled. “Now it’s time for me to get my reward. I got her for you…now you make me come. Eat my pussy Michelle. I know you love doing it.”

This seemed like a bargain that was more than fair to Michelle. Alyssa’s pussy hovered above her lips and when a droplet of cream dripped down onto her face, Michelle quickly extended her tongue to lick it up off herself. The lips of Alyssa’s labia were as close to her tongue as they could be without actually touching and Michelle could make out every fine, trimmed dark hair of Alyssa’s bush. It was like a juicy piece of fruit was being held out to starving lips and Michelle quickly moved to devour what was being offered to her.

“Awwwwwww that’s it sweetie…work your tongue into my pussy!” Alyssa moaned, her hands moving up to massage her own tits as she began grinding her pussy against Michelle’s sexy, young face. “Make me come Michelle! Get that tongue into my wet fucking cunt!”

Hearing Alyssa talk nasty like that only made Avril and Michelle hotter. Avril was gaining even more confidence with every stroke of her tongue inside Michelle. She had quickly located her fellow teen’s hard clit and she had teased that a little, but right now Avril was committed to tasting as much pussy juice as she could get. She had always heard jokes about the taste but now she knew that was as big a lie as the one she had been told about swallowing cum making your tits bigger. Her boys had never minded going down on her and now she knew why. Pussy rocked! It was so fucking yummy. It was like ecstasy flavored sugar cookies. It was sweet and wild all at the same time. Avril wondered if all girls tasted as good as Michelle and vowed to find out as soon as possible.

Michelle was certainly already well aware of how hot licking pussy was and Alyssa was just as tasty as she remembered. She could hear Alyssa’s moans as she rubbed her wetness all over her lips and Michelle was happy to bury her tongue inside her and lick all her sexy juices out. It was hard for Michelle to fully concentrate because of what Avril was doing to her with her tongue, but there was no way Michelle could ignore this dripping wet pussy in her face. Michelle’s hands squeezed Alyssa’s delectable ass, gripping the tight, toned cheeks and pushing her pussy against her lips and tongue. God, if all her friends back home could see her now…naked and flat on her back while Avril Lavigne ate her out and Alyssa Milano fucked her face. They never would have believed she was capable of something so naughty and that was the best part of all of this.

“Yesssssss fuck me Michelle!” Alyssa cried fucking Michelle’s sweet face a little harder. Alyssa’s thoughts drifted to the door as she wondered if Avril had bothered to lock it. She imagined some room service waiter or one of Avril’s bandmates…or better…some sexy little maid walking in and seeing this naked tangle of hot girl flesh..

“Fuck me with your tongue sweetie!” Alyssa implored. “Fuck me just like it was Avril’s hot pussy on your lips! Do to me what you want to do to her!”

At the sound of that, Avril peered up from between Michelle’s legs. She was lying flat on her tummy on the bed, her tits mashed against the bedcovers, which were quickly being soaked beyond repair. From this position, Avril was looking right at Alyssa’s fuck all sexy back and, more importantly, her ass. Not stopping even one bit of her licking, Avril stared lustfully at that ass and at Michelle’s hands squeezing those cheeks. Avril had always appreciated a good butt on a guy, but now she saw they were nothing compared to what you could get on a naked girl.

Staring at that ass filled Avril’s head with all sorts of nasty ideas and, as her tongue continued to lap away at Michelle’s hot wetness, she wondered how open her new lover would be to a little backdoor play. Avril considered asking Michelle, but she decided to fuck it. She didn’t like to bother with niceties with like asking permission. If Michelle didn’t like it…that was just too bad. Besides, Avril had a funny feeling that not only would Michelle like it…she would love it.

First, Avril wet her middle finger in Michelle’s pussy, getting it plenty lubed up with her juices. Then she lifted Michelle up a little bit, just as she’d been lifted before so she could get at her butt. Michelle was too busy loving what Avril’s tongue was doing to her while feeling Alyssa’s slippery snatch against her lips and tongue to notice much, but she certainly felt it as Avril’s finger teased her puckered asshole and slowly pushed inside her.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!” Michelle suddenly exclaimed, pulling away from Alyssa’s pussy to scream out her pleasure. It was like she couldn’t see clearly all of a sudden. The intense rush of pleasure she felt brought the good kind of tears to her eyes and caused little flashes of colorful explosions to go off inside her brain. She had never been taken like this before. Alyssa had tongue fucked her ass once before, but it was nothing like the finger that was now pressing into her hole and fucking her so sweet.

“Yessssssss…that’s it Avril! Fuck that tight teen ass!” Alyssa growled with passion as she craned her neck and watched what Avril was doing. Avril was a girl right after her own heart. She would fit right in at the mansion. In fact, Avril would be a perfect welcome home present for everyone when they got back. They could all take their turns at her tight young body and Alyssa had a feeling that Avril would be willing and able to fuck right till dawn.

“Give it to her Avril!” Alyssa continued, her voice husky with the lust she felt from her toes to her hair. “Fuck her with your fingers and your tongue! Michelle’s wanted you so fucking bad! Give her everything she wants!”

Avril felt such a surge of life energy pulsing through her body as she watched Michelle’s very pleasurable reaction to her finger play. Michelle was so tight that Avril didn’t even bother thinking about adding a second finger. One finger was more than sufficient for Michelle and, as her tongue continued to lick her hot pussy juices up, Avril could tell how close she was to coming.

Michelle’s heart had been pounding since the first moment they had walked into the hotel room and she had been struggling ever since it had all started to not come too early. She wanted to hold on and enjoy it all…savoring every sexy moment of her fantasy cum true. But having a finger in her ass and a tongue in her pussy was too much for her to resist. She pulled away from Alyssa again to warn Avril about what the Canadian songbird knew was already coming.

“Avrillllll!!!” Michelle cried out. “I’m gonna…gonna come!!! Make me come babyyyyyyyy!!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeee!!!”

“Don’t stop licking Michelle!” Alyssa commanded, her own orgasm not too far off. Michelle quickly obeyed, pushing her tongue back inside Alyssa even as her body began to buck in orgasm.

Michelle was very close, but not quite there yet. That was nowhere near good enough for Avril and she got Michelle’s throbbing clit between her lips. She sucked on it hard, drawing it out and driving Michelle wild. It was just what Michelle needed to come and the tremors her body was feeling quickly became shakes of ecstasy.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSSSSS COMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!” Michelle screamed out in orgasmic delight before plunging her tongue right back into Alyssa’s pussy. Even though every cell in her young body was soaring with pleasure, Michelle didn’t let Alyssa down. She lapped away at her creamy cunt and brought her right to the brink.

Avril’s eyes strained up to see what was going on and loved seeing Michelle’s tongue still buried deep inside Alyssa, even as she was coming. These girls were total sluts and Avril wanted in badly. She didn’t know how they had hooked up, but she bet it was a hell of a backstory. Michelle’s sweet juices coated her tongue and dripped down her lips onto the bedspread. Avril lapped it all up and continued pushing her finger inside Michelle’s ass, even as the orgasmic contractions made it even a tighter fit. This was all too fucking good. Avril knew she was never going to be able to totally swear off boys, but she also knew there was never going to be a time from now on when she wasn’t lusting after pussy.

Alyssa had her own hard, pink nipples between her fingers, pinching and tugging on them as Michelle’s tongue gave her what she needed. Alyssa had been just as horny as Michelle had been and watching that hot show from the closet had prepped her up nicely for this. She had hoped for something just like this when she had pushed Michelle into coming up to the room with her and this was even better than her expectations. Avril was so hot and Alyssa already knew how good Michelle’s young tongue could be. It all added up to the huge orgasm Alyssa found crashing upon her nude body.


By now Avril had pulled her face and finger away from Michelle, taking her tongue to lick her lips clean as she watched Alyssa fuck Michelle’s pretty face. For once Avril felt envy for another singer. She wanted to be the one licking Alyssa’s girl cum up, but she consoled herself with the fact that she knew she’d have her chance soon and that she had just found herself totally cum drunk on Michelle’s yummy pussy. Avril had always liked Michelle. Now they were wayyyy beyond that and Avril could foresee many more bedroom duets between the two of them.

“Yessssssss…ohhhhhhhhhh Michelle…yessssssssss sooooooo fucking good sweetie…” Alyssa moaned, her voice hoarse by now. She kept riding Michelle’s face and, to her credit, Michelle didn’t let up one bit with her tongue. Finally, when she could take no more, Alyssa pulled off and fell back upon the bed. She lay on her back and soon enough she had a sexy, naked teen lesbian on each side of her. They shared many, many three way kisses as they caught their breath and indulged in the delicious afterglow of what they had just shared.

“Wow…you two can break in any time you want,” Avril giggled before pressing her lips to Alyssa’s again. They kissed tenderly before Avril turned her attention to Michelle. She reached her body over Alyssa’s and kissed Michelle, the actress delighting in seeing these two sexy creatures so clearly in lust with one another.

“So was I everything you wanted me to be?” Avril asked. “Was I as hot as your fantasies?”

“You were even hotter,” Michelle smiled. “I loved it. You’re unbelievable Avril.”

The two teens then began kissing again and Alyssa took the opportunity to slip out from in between them. They barely noticed she had moved and Avril and Michelle didn’t waste a second before getting closer on the bed, rubbing their nude bodies together. Alyssa glanced over at the digital clock by the bed and gasped when she saw it was close to 4:00 already.

“Shit…Christina is probably wrecking the house getting ready for her stupid party,” Alyssa muttered as she hopped out of bed and reached for her clothes. She hated to eat and run like this, but she was worried about Christina and Britney wrecking the place.

“Christina?” Avril asked dreamily, wondering if she meant Christina Aguilera. She couldn’t have meant her. Could she have? It was so hard to concentrate with Michelle’s sexy lips kissing her. Avril could feel how wet she was getting again and she could also feel Michelle getting the same way.

Alyssa was tempted to totally spill the beans about the mansion to Avril. Michelle already knew and she knew Avril would love it there. Alyssa pulled her panties back on and turned around to tell Avril everything when she saw that the girls had already slipped into a sweet little 69. Avril was on top, her hair all over Michelle’s thighs as they hungrily feasted on each other’s pussy. Alyssa froze at this incredibly erotic sight and dropped her clothes back onto the floor.

Michelle and Avril were so into each other and they looked so hot tongue fucking each other like the little teenage sluts they were. Alyssa felt her pussy get wet again and her panties and she slowly found herself pushing them back down her legs, leaving herself totally naked again. Her hand snaked down to her pussy and she slowly began playing with herself. Christina and her party could wait. There was no way Alyssa was leaving this room yet.

* * * * *

Carmen Electra wasn’t used to not having something to do. Usually there was a club or a party or something she could get herself to. But tonight she had nothing. Her fiancé, Dave Navarro, was on tour and Carmen was feeling lonely and more than a little horny. It looked like this was going to be a night where she’d be spending time with her trusty vibrator and then turning in early.

There wasn’t anything wrong with a night like that, but Carmen wanted to party. She longed to be around people, music and fun. It wasn’t like she wanted to go out and find some guy to screw. She was committed to making her relationship with Dave work. Carmen just wanted to have some fun. She could have quiet nights at home when she was married and over 40. Now was the time to be wild and uninhibited.

Maybe she could find a girlfriend who was in a similar state and hang out with her tonight, Carmen considered. Being stuck at home wasn’t so bad if you had someone to be stuck with. That was when it dawned on Carmen. Pammy! She could call Pamela Anderson. She knew her friend’s fiancé was out of town too. She was stuck in the same state she was. Reaching for the phone, Carmen dialed up her friend and former co-star.

“Hello?” Pamela said, answering the phone.

“Hey girl…it’s Carmen.”

“Hey,” Pamela replied warmly. “What’s up girlfriend?”

“Nothing…” Carmen sighed. “That’s why I’ve called. We’re drawing dangerously close to nighttime and I have nothing going on. I am soooo fucking bored.”

“Oh is that why you called?” Pamela teased. “You looking for that little jolt of excitement that only I can provide?”

“You know it,” Carmen giggled. “So get your ass over here and start exciting me!”

Both girls laughed at the request. Carmen and Pamela were more than good friends. From the first moment Carmen had arrived on the set of “Baywatch”, Pamela had made her a target for seduction and Carmen had been very willing to be seduced. Both of them loved the touch of another woman and they had been frequent lovers for years now.

Though Carmen was committed to remain faithful to Dave by not fucking other guys, that pledge didn’t extend to fucking women. It wasn’t really cheating if it was another woman and, besides, it felt sooooo good. Carmen had learned a long time ago that only another woman knew how to really get her off. She loved guys and she loved Dave, but only another woman could do all the things she loved. Plus, Dave certainly never had a problem sharing her with another woman or hearing a nasty story about her latest female conquest.

At times the “Baywatch” set had resembled a perpetual girl orgy. Playing with the hot women in the cast became almost a right of passage for the new girls joining up. The recent reunion movie had been a great opportunity for a lot of sparks to be relit and Carmen could still close her eyes and vividly picture what she and Pamela had done their last night on the set. They had snuck off to a beautiful spot and they had wandered naked under a waterfall where they kissed, caressed and touched each other in all the right places.

Carmen could still feel the shivers she had felt that night as Pamela kissed all over her neck and passionately finger fucked her pussy. Carmen had come all over Pamela’s hand and had then helped her clean it off. It had been romantic and nasty all at once and that was what Carmen loved most of all about being with other women.

“So is poor Carmen all alone tonight?” Pamela continued to tease. “Is she all horny and needy? Maybe I should make you beg for me to have mercy on you.”

“Gawd, you’re evil Pammy,” Carmen said affectionately. “You know I would beg though. I’d beg and whine and hold my breath until I turn blue for you to come over tonight. Don’t make me do it Pammy.”

“Oh I’d never make you beg, Carmen,” Pamela promised. “Besides, I can think of much better uses for your mouth than begging and crying.”

“So you coming over tonight or what?” Carmen demanded. “I’m getting antsy here.”

“Well I just might be able to get a sitter,” Pamela said. She was just as eager as Carmen was to hook up. She hadn’t been with a woman in weeks and with James going around the country these days promoting his duet with Sheryl Crow, she’d been masturbating too much and getting too little of the real thing. A night with Carmen was just what Pamela needed.

“Hold that thought,” Carmen said as she heard a bell. “Someone’s at the gate.”

Carmen held onto her cell phone as she wandered over to the voicebox.

“Who is it?” Carmen asked.

“FedEx, maam,” the voice on the other end said and Carmen opened the gate for him. Soon enough she had a slim envelope in her hand.

“What is it?” Pamela asked over the phone. “Fan mail from some flounder?”

“I don’t know,” Carmen said, opening up the envelope. There wasn’t much inside, just a small piece of paper that Carmen quickly read. “It’s a party invitation for tonight.”

“Oooh where?” Pamela inquired, wondering if she might be able to tag along.

“Somewhere in Malibu,” Carmen replied, examining the invitation. “All it says is `Hey there fellow pussycat. Join me for a little pussy party tonight. Love, Xtina.'”

“Who’s Xtina?” Pamela asked.

“It’s Christina Aguilera,” Carmen said, now grasping the “pussycat” reference. She and Christina had participated in the Pussycat Dolls burlesque revue show together and had gotten friendly in the process.

“I wonder why Christina is having a party?” Carmen wondered aloud to Pamela. “I mean it could be fun, but it’s kind of sudden.”

“What’s that address?” Pamela asked and when Carmen read it to her, her excitement hit a fever pitch.

“You have to go!” Pamela insisted. “Carmen, if you don’t go then I will never speak to you again!”

“You know this place?” Carmen asked.

“Intimately,” Pamela replied mysteriously. She had been back to the mansion a few times since her initial visit and she knew Carmen would love it there. Pamela didn’t want to spoil the surprise of what went on there, though. She wanted Carmen to find that put for herself.

“What do you mean?” Carmen asked suspiciously. “What’s going on here?”

“I’m not saying anything more,” Pamela said coyly. “Hold on a second. There’s someone at the door.”

As Pamela went off to see who it was, Carmen was left to contemplate this strange invitation she had just gotten. She had been looking to party and Pamela was totally enthusiastic about this, so it had to be fun. But despite the fact that they had gotten along fine while Christina had participated in the lingerie soaked revue, Carmen didn’t really know her all that well. She didn’t know who else was going to be there or what kind of party it was going to be. That at least gave Carmen pause.

Carmen was open to taking the chance and seeing what this was all about, though, so she supposed there was no harm in stopping by. What she heard next sealed the deal.

“Looks like you’ve got a date tonight, girlfriend,” Pamela said as she looked over the invitation in her hand. “Christina just invited me too.”

* * * * *

Back in New York, Sarah’s body was sore from a day’s shooting. She had a stunt double, but all the fighting, running and jumping she had to do for this movie made her long for those peaceful days back in L.A. where she was slaying vampires. Even at it’s worst, playing Buffy never left her this tired. At least Sarah knew she had Jennifer with her for nightly massages. It always ended with the two of them massaging their tongues and other body parts but that was the best part.

As tired as she was, Sarah knew she had plenty of energy for what she hoped was about to happen. All through the long day, Sarah had been fantasizing about seeing Jamie and seducing her. She had taken her share of knocks during the day’s filming, but thinking about a chance to have Jamie’s pussy was enough to keep Sarah energized. Of course Sarah had no indication that Jamie would be into this, but that didn’t stop her from fantasizing. Sarah was feeling very confident that her powers of seduction wouldn’t fail her and her invitation to Jamie’s trailer was the perfect opportunity.

Sarah walked toward Jamie’s trailer with an excited spring in her step. The sun was setting in the background and they had a few night scenes to shoot before they wrapped for the day, but Sarah wasn’t thinking about the movie. She was concentrating on the desire that was making her pussy damp. Sarah was out of costume for the moment and had thrown a pair of sweats and a t-shirt over her body. Wanting to be comfortable, Sarah hadn’t bothered with a bra or panties and she just hoped her pussy didn’t start soaking through her sweats.

She didn’t quite have a plan worked out yet, but Sarah preferred improvising these things anyway. You had no idea how a person was going to react to a sexual advance from another woman until you tried. She had a few ideas about how to approach her co-star, though, and Sarah was running through them in her mind as she got closer to Jamie’s trailer. She was just outside the door when she froze and immediately dropped all her plans. It wasn’t because of any hesitation on her part that she did this. It was because of the yelling she could hear from inside the trailer.

“You don’t care about me at all!” Sarah heard Jamie yell along with the unmistakable sounds of sobs. “You just care about yourself! What about what I want? What about my feelings?”

Sarah knew that statements like that could only be the result of a heated conversation with a boyfriend or a fiancée. She had heard those words out of her own mouth plenty of times. Sarah didn’t want to pry, but she also didn’t want to bother Jamie if she wasn’t alone. She strained to hear any sign of a male voice inside the trailer, but she heard none. All Sarah heard was Jamie’s cries and she assumed she was having a phone conversation.

“If you’re like this now maybe we shouldn’t get married at all!” Jaime yelled sadly. “All you care about is your stupid bottom line. Don’t you feel anything at all? I’m just another client to you! That’s all you see me as! Just a big bunch of dollar signs! I don’t even want to talk to you now! I HATE YOU!!!”

The talking then ceased, so Sarah assumed Jamie had hung up the phone. Sarah debated whether or not she should even bother with this. She didn’t want to take advantage of Jamie. But maybe she needed a friend right now. Even if nothing sexual happened, the least Sarah could do was offer Jamie a friendly shoulder to cry on. Sarah waited a second and then softly knocked on the door of the trailer.

“Jaime? It’s Sarah.”

Sarah then heard rustling around inside the trailer and a few moments later the door swung open. Jamie had tried to compose herself, but it was still obvious she had been crying. She was barefoot in a pink bathrobe tied tight around her body. Jamie’s eyes were red and her face was scrubbed clean of the makeup she had no doubt smudged with her tears.

“Hey Sarah,” Jamie said, trying to put on a happy face, but mostly failing. “I was hoping it was you.”

“Is now a good time?” Sarah asked not wanting to impose or let Jamie know she had overheard her conversation. “I can come back later if it’s not.”

“No…please come in,” Jamie said, grabbing Sarah’s arm and dragging her inside the trailer. Sarah certainly didn’t put up much of a fight. Argument or no argument, her goal was to be alone with Jamie. She was happy to see Jamie was still enthusiastic about their budding friendship.

The two talked for awhile, sharing Hollywood horror stories and the like. Jamie told Sarah how she really admired what she had been able to accomplish and how she hoped she wouldn’t be typecast as Meadow the way Sarah wasn’t as Buffy. They talked about bad auditions and their goals and dreams. The two of them had a lot in common, both being New Yorkers and both having come of age in the industry. But even as they talked about things big and small, Sarah couldn’t help but notice that Jamie was still showing the aftereffects of her argument with her fiancé. Sarah couldn’t help but inquire a little.

“Jamie, are you sure everything’s ok?” Sarah asked. “I mean I don’t mean to be a snoop or anything, but you seem like something’s got you down. Are you ok?”

Jamie began nodding her head “yes” but she couldn’t quite pull it off. Almost in mid-nod, Jamie stopped and began crying again. She buried her head in her hands and sobbed.

“No!” Jamie cried. “Nothing’s ok. My life is a fucking mess!”

“Shhhh it’s ok,” Sarah said, hugging Jamie and letting her cry her misery away. Jamie gratefully accepted the hug and tried to calm herself. She didn’t want to seem like some emotional dingbat drama queen in front of Sarah. “What happened? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“It’s ok,” Jamie replied with a hard sniffle while wiping the tears away with the back of her hand. “I guess I could use someone to talk to. It’s just…it’s just AJ…I mean I love him…but he’s such a jerk sometimes!”

Jaime’s lip then began quivering again and she resumed her crying. She grabbed a fistful of tissues from the box next to the couch and began dabbing at her eyes with them, soaking up her tears as she tried to regain control of her emotions. Jamie took a deep breath and calmed herself.

Sarah hugged Jaime again tightly. She had been in this situation before. She couldn’t remember how many times Alyson held her like this after a big fight with Freddie. Of course those were the times before they were lovers. Now Sarah had so much support around her and she couldn’t help but wonder if Jamie would have liked some of that special support.

More than a few eyebrows had been raised when Jamie had announced her engagement to A.J., who significantly older than her and her former manager to boot. Jamie hadn’t paid much attention to what everyone else felt. They didn’t know her mind. They didn’t know her heart. She knew what she felt. She knew she loved A.J. At least she thought she did. Sometimes she wasn’t sure she was ready for marriage at such a young age but other times, having her dream wedding was what she wanted most in the world.

“It’s ok Jamie…he’s just a guy…” Sarah said, speaking deep from experience on this subject. “Don’t let him get you like this.”

“It’s just that sometimes I feel so alone,” Jamie said sadly, a few idle tears trickling down her cheeks. “I work all the time. I don’t have time for friends and I feel like there’s no one I can talk to. I just have A.J. and sometimes it’s like he’s not even there for me. I love him…but…I don’t feel like he understands me at all. I mean, we’re supposed to film the last season of the show next month and afterwards I want to get married. He thinks I should do another movie instead! I don’t want to do another movie! I want to have my wedding! He doesn’t care about me at all!”

Jamie was getting more and more emotional. Sarah knew what she was going through and she responded by just holding her and letting her vent. It was good to get all of this stuff out and not hold it in and let it fester. Sarah knew Jamie had been through a lot during her career including a bout with anorexia.

“It’s ok Jamie,” Sarah assured her, stroking her co-star’s hair while she paused for a breath. “You’re not alone. You can talk to me.”

“Thank you Sarah,” Jamie sniffled. “I’m glad you’re here. I just feel so much and I don’t think I can handle it sometimes. I feel so much pressure about the show and what I’m going to do after it’s gone and whether I will ever be known for anything by myself. And A.J….sometimes I wonder if he even knows me at all. It’s like talking to stone with him and I get the feeling he wouldn’t be with me at all if I wasn’t famous. I feel like I’m just product to him. Like I’ve never stopped being his client for him to make 10 percent off of. He doesn’t see me as a person!”

Jaime then started crying again. It was obvious she was under a tremendous amount of strain and Sarah tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

“I’m just so lonely…” Jamie sobbed. “I don’t know who my real friends are anymore and who just wants to be with me because I’m Meadow. I feel like no one understands me and no one cares.”

“I care Jamie,” Sarah said reassuringly. “I’m your friend.”

Sarah continued to hold Jaime tenderly and the girl looked up at her with a smile on her tear stained face. Taking Sarah completely by surprise, Jamie then tilted her head and pressed their lips together in a kiss. Sarah’s eyes flew wide open. It was what she had been thinking about, but it was the last thing she had expected. The kiss was with closed mouths and it was very brief, but it still left Sarah’s head spinning. When Jamie pulled away her face was red with embarrassment and guilt.

“I’m soooooooo sorry…” Jamie stammered. “I…I…shouldn’t…shouldn’t have done that.”

Sarah was too stunned to speak and Jaime took her silence to be anger. She was so embarrassed. All Jamie wanted at that moment was the ability to turn back time so she could stop herself from making such a stupid mistake. All she had wanted was for Sarah to be her friend and she had gone and fucked it up. She had no idea why she had kissed Sarah. She wasn’t a lesbian. She had never done anything like this before, but it had felt so good to be held and comforted by Sarah that Jamie had felt the impulse to kiss her and, before she had realized what she was doing it, their lips were touching. Jamie just wanted to die from humiliation now. Sarah had been so nice to her and now she’d crossed the line.

“Jamie…I….” Sarah began, her senses coming back to her. She had no idea what had possessed Jamie to do that, but she sure was glad she had.

“No…please…don’t say anything!” Jamie said, tears beginning to form at her eyes again. “I’m sooooooo sorry Sarah! I don’t know what I was thinking! I’ll understand if you don’t want to see me any more. I just wasn’t thinking! Please don’t tell anyone!”

“Shhhh…” Sarah said before moving up against Jamie and kissing her back. Sarah didn’t push too hard with the kiss. She made it as loving and tender as possible and when she opened her mouth, it wasn’t to stick her tongue inside Jamie’s mouth. It was to suck softly on Jamie’s bottom lip. Sarah wrapped her arms around Jamie’s back and held her as they kissed, eliciting a low moan from the brunette.

When they finally broke the kiss, Jamie’s tears had dried. She saw the lust Sarah had in her eyes for her. Jamie couldn’t believe what had happened. She had never felt anything sexual for another woman and kissing Sarah hadn’t been part of any plan. Now Sarah had kissed her back and, before things went too far, Jamie felt like she owed Sarah an explanation.

“I’ve never done this before…” Jamie said almost in a whisper. “I’ve never even kissed a girl…I mean until just now I mean. I…I…didn’t know you were…I mean that you liked…Are you a lesbian Sarah?”

Sarah was a bit taken aback by the blunt question, but it wasn’t like she hadn’t been asked it time and time before by the girls she had seduced.

“No, I’m not a lesbian, Jamie,” Sarah said as she began caressing Jamie’s hair again. Jamie didn’t pull back or anything from the intimate contact and Sarah took that as a very good sign. “I just know how good it feels to be with a woman. Only women really know how to make another woman feel good. They know just where to touch and where to kiss and where to lick. It’s such an awesome rush of pleasure. Didn’t it feel good when you kissed me?”

Jamie mouthed a soft “yes” so Sarah pressed on.

“Why did you kiss me Jamie?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know,” Jamie answered honestly. “You were holding me and it felt so good and I felt so comfortable and you looked so beautiful and I just felt like I wanted to…like I wanted to kiss you more than anything. I didn’t know you were going to like it. I was afraid I was going to make you mad.”

“Believe me, Jamie,” Sarah said. “I’m not mad. I’m totally not mad at all. I was hoping you were going to kiss me. I’ve wanted to do that to you since the first day I saw you on the set.”

“Really?” Jamie said in amazement. She had no idea Sarah was into girls. She was engaged to Freddie Prinze Jr. after all! But, unless Sarah was pulling her leg, it looked like she really was into exploring with other women. Jamie felt waves of excited nervousness flow through her body. She didn’t know what to do. This was completely uncharted territory for her, but it was also very, very good to feel excited like this. It had been so long since anyone had made her heart flutter the way Sarah was doing right now.

“Really,” Sarah assured Jamie. “I was hoping I could seduce you Jamie. I came over here hoping we could make love. I didn’t expect you to kiss me, but I’m so glad you did.”

“I just can’t believe this,” Jamie said as an excited smile cracked across her lips. She had no idea what she was doing here. She couldn’t decide whether to stop this or just let Sarah do whatever she wanted to her body. She had never really entertained any lesbian fantasies or anything. She was totally cool with other people doing it, but it really had never entered into her thinking. Now, with Sarah looking at her with her sexy gaze, Jamie was wondering exactly what two girls would be able to do to each other.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Sarah said, hoping to make Jamie as comfortable as possible so she could get a chance to see what was under her robe. “We can stop right now and just be friends and it would be cool. Don’t feel any pressure.”

Of course Sarah didn’t want to stop this. She didn’t want to be just friends. She wanted to get Jamie’s robe off her, get her tongue inside her pussy and show her that no guy was worth that many tears. But Sarah didn’t want to force Jamie into this. She wanted her to want it as much as she did. She wanted Jamie to be moaning in rapture, not wrestling with any guilt.

“Gawd…I just don’t know…” Jamie giggled. She had never expected anything like this to happen. After her fight with A.J., Jamie was craving affection and Sarah was promising to give her that and then some. It sounded soooooo tempting. But she couldn’t do this? Could she? She wasn’t a lesbian. But did that really matter? Labels were so outdated. They didn’t mean anything anymore. Pleasure was pleasure and did it matter if it was a man or a woman? Jamie had always prided herself on being open to life’s possibilities and this was something very new and very forbidden.

“Maybe we could start a little and if you like it we can go on and if you don’t then we can stop and no hard feelings, ok?” Sarah offered.

Jamie considered Sarah’s offer. She was getting so excited that she was afraid she was rushing into something. She didn’t want to regret this. But what Sarah was offering sounded so good. It was naughty and fun and it was making Jamie’s flesh tingle and her pussy dampen as she nodded her head slowly. She could always stop it if it felt weird. Jamie barely knew Sarah, but she felt she could trust her. She sensed that whatever Sarah wanted to do to her, it was going to feel good.

Sarah kissed her again and Jamie immediately closed her eyes and surrendered to these new feelings in her body. Jamie didn’t kiss back, but she didn’t even try to stop Sarah. She just let the sexy slayer kiss her and suck on her lips. When Jamie opened her mouth to moan, Sarah took the opportunity to push her tongue inside. Even though Jamie hadn’t been expecting that she still welcomed it. It wasn’t like those times when she would make out with guys and they just jammed their tongues down her throat. That always resulted in Jamie shoving them off her, but this felt so much better. Sarah’s actions were aggressive but not forceful and her tongue wasn’t seen as a foreign invader, but rather as a new friend.

“Jamie?” Sarah inquired. “Can I take your robe off?”

“Yes…please…” Jamie answered. Jamie’s greatest fear right now was that Sarah was going to think she was some immature kid. She didn’t have the experience that Sarah obviously did, but it wasn’t like she was some kind of virgin. She’d been with a few guys before she and A.J. had hooked up, so Jamie was no stranger to sex. It was just that this was all so new to her and Jamie had no idea how she was supposed to react to what Sarah was doing to her except moan and lust for more.

Of course that was just the reaction Sarah was hoping for. Jamie looked so innocent and sexy like this that Sarah didn’t want to overwhelm her. She was perfectly willing to lead into this slowly. It would have been a mistake for her to just bury her face in Jamie’s pussy.

Instead Sarah reached up and undid the sash of Jamie’s robe, pushing it off her shoulders and exposing that she was wearing nothing but a pale blue pair of bra and panties underneath. Jamie’s nipples were rock hard and straining against the material and Sarah was giddy to see that there were visible signs of wetness on Jamie’s panties. That was all the confirmation Sarah needed to know that Jamie wanted this too.

“You’re so beautiful,” Sarah said, eying Jamie’s barely clad body. Jamie blushed at the compliment and decided it was time for her to make a request of her own.

“Now you,” Jamie said, not believing she was getting from asking another woman to strip. “I don’t want to be the only girl here in her underwear.”

Sarah looked up at Jamie, kissed her again and then said the words that nearly made her melt into the couch.

“I’m not wearing any underwear,” Sarah said wickedly. “See for yourself.”

Sarah peeled her t-shirt over her head and confirmed that her tits were braless underneath. Jamie’s eyes grew wide when she saw Sarah’s bare flesh. Her throat was dry and Jamie couldn’t find the ability to speak as Sarah stepped out of her shoes and pushed down her sweat pants, leaving her standing there totally naked.

“Well…what do you think?” Sarah asked with a giggle as she stood up and modeled her body for Jamie.

“Oh my God…” Jamie marveled. She had seen naked women before but never anything like this and never anyone as beautiful as Sarah. Jamie’s eyes gazed all over Sarah’s bare body, trying to drink her all in at once. She shot from head to toe and couldn’t help but focus on Sarah’s shaved pussy. Jamie could see how wet Sarah was and she knew her own pussy was getting to be the same way.

“Thank you,” Sarah replied with a laugh as she sat herself back down on the couch and faced Jamie. She could easily see the nervous, but excited look on the face of her newest conquest and Sarah found it irresistible. She wanted to make Jamie’s first time special for her. Sarah’s own first time with Love had been so frenzied and passionate that she hadn’t had time to appreciate the sensuality of it. Sarah was going to make sure that Jamie experienced that and more.

“Remember, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Sarah reminded. “If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me and I’ll stop.”

“I will…but I won’t be uncomfortable,” Jamie said, her arousal and confidence growing. “I want this Sarah. I want you.”

“Mmmm Jamie…that’s just what I wanted to hear,” Sarah smiled. “I’m going to make you feel so good, baby. I’m going to make you feel better than any silly boy could.”

Being reminded of A.J., Jamie felt a flicker of guilt, but she quickly brushed it aside. She needed this. Sarah had discovered a burning need inside her and Jamie knew she wouldn’t be able to stand not seeing if this whole thing was for her or not. She had to explore this and A.J. just wasn’t as important to her now as he’d been a half hour earlier.

“Just show me what to do…” Jamie requested. “Show me how to do it right.”

“It’s very simple,” Sarah said. “What feels good to you is probably going to feel good to me. But we have to do a few things first. For instance, these clothes are going to have to go.”

Sarah then pressed her lips to Jamie’s again and they resumed their kissing. Now Jamie was an active participant as well, parting her lips for Sarah and even extending her own tongue into her new lover’s mouth. Jamie let Sarah suck on her tongue and she moaned happily. Everything Sarah was doing was making her feel good and they hadn’t even gotten to her good parts yet.

While they kissed, Sarah reached around Jamie’s back and undid her bra. The pale blue Victoria’s Secret item came loose and Sarah leaned back so she could push it off Jamie’s body. Jamie felt a nervous surge when it hit home that she was topless with another woman, but she was easily able to overcome that thanks to another kiss from Sarah.

Looking over Jamie’s body, Sarah marveled at how similar they were. They were both slim with tiny frames and both were blessed with small, but very perky breasts. Sarah kissed Jamie again and made sure that their breasts rubbed together, both girls moaned at the sparks of arousal that resulted from their nipples touching. Jamie’s moans soon increased, but Sarah’s mouth became otherwise occupied as she laid Jamie down on the couch and began kissing all over her body. Sarah kissed Jamie’s neck and cheeks and down over her strong shoulders.

Jamie’s chest still showed the faint outline of the bikini top she had obviously worn the last time she had done some sunbathing and it made her look pale next to the all around tan Sarah had been developing. Of course it was easier for Sarah to find places to sunbathe nude since she lived in a mansion full of horny women and Jamie, to her knowledge, did not. Sarah told herself she was going to have to invite Jamie to the mansion if they were ever in California together. Sarah knew she could show Jamie the finer points of nude sun worshipping.

“Do you like this so far Jamie?” Sarah asked in between kisses down her chest. “Does this feel good?”

“Ohhh God yess….” Jamie groaned. “Can’t you tell? I love it! Do more Sarah! Make me feel good!”

Sarah immediately moved to meet that request by sucking on Jamie’s hard nipples. Jamie moaned happily and felt pleasure rush through her body. Sarah’s lips formed a tight suction to Jamie’s nipples, tugging on the pink points before teasing them with her tongue. Jamie’s sighs and moans of pleasure got louder every time Sarah’s tongue swiped back and forth over one of her nipples. When they made love, Jamie always implored A.J. to pay more attention to her nipples, but he rarely did and when he did it was never as good as what Sarah was doing now.

All of Jamie’s skin felt like it had goosebumps on her goosebumps as Sarah alternated from breast to breast. Saliva coated Jamie’s flesh and her cries bordered on sexy mews while her dark hair dangled over the side of the couch. She continued to lay back and allow Sarah’s expert mouth to bring her pleasure. Sarah left Jamie’s nipples wet and aroused while her hands massaged the small, firm mounds of flesh. Jamie had been advised a few times to consider some kind of augmentation, but she had been happy with what God had given her and she was happy to see Sarah had the same attitude about implants as she did. Jamie loved her small tits and now she lusted after Sarah’s.

When Sarah had licked all around her breasts and gotten her nipples as aroused as her body would allow, she began kissing downward, through her cleavage and over her bellybutton. Jamie knew just where Sarah was headed and she tensed up in anticipation.

“Do you want me to stop?” Sarah asked, noticing the way Jamie’s back arched.

“No!” Jamie happily gasped. “Don’t you dare!”

Everything felt so good and Jamie wouldn’t have been able to bear Sarah stopping like this. All Jamie wanted was for Sarah to kiss her and drag her tongue lower and lower until she got to her panties and the pleasure center underneath. The fight with A.J. and everything else in her life that had preceded this were distant memories now. All that mattered was what was going to happen next.

Sarah repositioned herself on the bed so that she was on her knees, her feet pressing against the side cushions of the couch while she let her tongue drag a wet trail down Jamie’s skin. Sarah kissed Jamie’s belly button and all over her stomach, getting her to laugh from the tickling sensations she created. The closer Sarah got to Jamie’s pussy the more she could smell the perfume of her arousal. Sarah’s own pussy was getting plenty wet and craved attention too, but Sarah ignored her own desires. She didn’t want to distract herself from the task of making Jamie feel good.

Ever since she had first seen Jamie on the set, Sarah had dreamed of doing this and her prize lay so tantalizingly close. Jamie’s blue panties were dark with desire and Sarah got her new lover shivering by blowing cool air over her pussy through the material.

“Ahhhhh…” Jamie groaned as she felt the sensations from Sarah’s breath against her wet panties. “Don’t stop Sarah! Get them off me! Make me feel good!”

Pulling her body back a little on the couch and making her feet now dangle over the edge, Sarah hooked her fingers into the waistband of Jamie’s panties. She tugged them down just a little and looked straight up at her co-star.

“Are you ready?” Sarah asked and Jamie knew the question meant more than that. Despite her arousal, Jamie was still a little nervous about doing this for the first time with another woman. Sarah’s question was like her saying “Last chance to back out with no hard feelings.” Jamie didn’t even want Sarah to think about stopping. She felt such anticipation for this, that words wouldn’t form at her lips. Instead, Jamie placed her hand on Sarah’s blonde head and pushed her down gently.

Sarah took this as a big, happy “yes” so she eagerly began tugging on Jamie’s panties. She didn’t just yank them off, even though she was tempted to do just that. Instead Sarah sought to increase Jamie’s anticipation to a fever pitch by slowly pulling them down inch by inch, revealing the neatly trimmed bush of dark hair underneath and the aroused lips of her slit. Jamie moaned from the cool air hitting her wet, sensitive pussy and she sucked on her own lower lip in anticipation of what she knew was coming next.

Sarah’s plan to have Jamie on the edge with her arousal was working perfectly. As Sarah eased her panties down her legs and off her body, Jamie gripped the sides of the couch and nearly clawed through the cushions with her nails She had never thought she’d be in this position…naked with a beautiful woman between her legs…but there she was and all Jamie wanted was more. She wanted to feel Sarah kiss her and lick her and do everything she knew to make her come.

“Mmmmm this is such a beautiful pussy…” Sarah said, admiring the nude actress she had before her. Jamie blushed at Sarah using that word. It sounded so sexy and naughty and it rolled off Sarah’s lips like it was her favorite word in the world. Sarah didn’t go after her right away with her tongue, instead she used her fingers to tease the lips of her labia and collect the juice that had already formed there. Sarah then brought her fingers up to her lips and sucked them passionately, licking them clean as Jamie watched with rapt, lustful attention.

“Yummy,” Sarah grinned, tasting the sweet flavor of the hot juice she had coated her two fingers with. “Get ready Jamie. I’m going to make this feel so fucking good.”

“Yessssssss make it feel good!” Jamie begged. “Make me feel everything you promised! I want you Sarah!”

Jamie’s pussy was already opening to her like pink petals, and Sarah slid her two fingers back over her slit to open her up just a little bit more. Then Sarah got her first real taste of Jamie. She let her tongue drag gently over Jamie’s slit, giving her a sense of what was to come. Jamie immediately reacted with a happy cry of passion so Sarah gave her more. She licked up with her tongue over and over again over Jamie’s slit, lapping at her wetness and slowly working her way inside Jamie’s sex.

As Sarah’s tongue began it’s exploration of her, Jamie felt like she was floating up over the couch. Sarah’s tongue had just started and already Jamie felt like she was about to come. She tried to get some control of herself so she could make this last. Jamie didn’t want Sarah to have spent all this time undressing and arousing her just to come in thirty seconds. But it all felt so good that Jamie was having a hard time restraining herself. She just wanted more and more pleasure.

Every inch of her skin tingled with arousal and Jamie was desperate to tell Sarah how good this felt. She had no confidence in her own ability to do dirty talk though. She did it sometimes with A.J., but that was usually along the lines of the standard “Fuck me hard you big stud!” and that just wasn’t going to do here. Jamie tried to think of the best way to express what she was feeling and her mind kept focusing on the word Sarah had said just a few moments earlier.

“Mmmmm Sarah…yesssss…you’re making my pussy feel goooooooood!” Jamie groaned, feeling liberated for letting the word pass her own lips. “Make it purr! Make my pussy purr!”

“Do you want me to pet it?” Sarah teased, looking up at Jamie with a big smile and glaze of girl juice over her lips.

“Mmmmm yessss…” Jamie giggled. “Pet my pussy…pet it and stroke it and play with it…oooooooooooh!!!”

Jamie began moaning again as Sarah touched her with her tongue and her fingers. Her fingers played with her slit while her tongue slid inside Jamie’s pussy and licked her wetness right from the source. It was a double stimulation to her pussy that had Jamie’s brain buzzing and her mouth frozen open in ecstasy.

“Yessssss…morrrrrrrre…” Jamie groaned. “Oh Sarahhhhh! You’re making it so fucking good!”

Sarah looked up from Jamie’s pussy and loved what she saw. Jamie had such an innocent face and to see it contorted in rapture was such a huge turn on for her. Seeing her like that Sarah just wanted to fill her whole body up with pleasure and stare at her beautiful face as she came. Jamie’s juices were all over her tongue and fingers and she could feel her clit pulsate. Sarah moved her tongue so she could focus on Jamie’s clit, licking it and teasing it. She didn’t want to make Jamie come yet. She just wanted Jamie to want this orgasm more than anything she ever wanted in her life.

That was exactly what Jamie was feeling right then. She could feel her orgasm really start to build and she craved the sensations from it. It had been way too long since Jamie had experienced a really good orgasm. Too often she had been left to her own devices and fingers or a toy just couldn’t do what another person could do to her. Now it seemed as if Sarah was going to make up for all of Jamie’s frustration in one fell swoop. Jamie had never felt anything like this before. Sarah’s tongue knew all the spots inside her pussy to lick. She tongue fucked her and teased her clit, going back and forth and driving Jamie wild in the process. Jamie had thought the head she had gotten from guys had been ok, but now Sarah was exposing them as rank amateurs.

“Ohhhhhhhh Sarah…soooooo goooooooood…” Jamie cried out. “How are you making it soooo gooooood? I love it! More Sarah more! Mmmmmmm I’m gonna come soon! Ohhhhhhh Sarah make me come! You want it, don’t you? You want my come!”

“Mmmmmhmmm…” Sarah answered from deep inside Jamie’s pussy. She wanted to tell Jamie to come all over her face and to cover her lips and tongue and her whole face with girl juice until it was dripping down her chin, but she couldn’t pull herself away from Jamie’s pussy to do so. Sarah couldn’t stop licking her co-star and she knew she was bringing her closer with every tongue swipe. Sarah’s had Jamie’s legs spread wide by now, making it so easy for her tongue to explore and lick around every pink fold in Jamie’s young, wet cunt.

As she licked, Sarah’s fingers were still hard at work teasing Jamie’s slit, playing with the lips of her pussy and giving her as much stimulation as she could. Jamie’s body was starting to respond on it’s own and she unconsciously began to move her hips, grinding her pussy right up against Sarah’s fingers and face, leaving girl juice all over her and making the slayer crave more.

“Yessss Sarahhhh…” Jamie wailed, her voice getting higher as her breaths became more ragged. She was close and she knew it. “Oh baby, it’s everything…oooooooooh…everything you said it was going to be! You know what makes me feel good! Lick me! Oh! Ohh! Ohhhhh! Sarahhhhhhhhh I love it! Make me come! Please oh please Sarah! I need it! I need it so fucking bad! Lick my pussy! Suck my clit! Just fuck me! Fuck me over and over again! Just make me fucking come!”

Sarah loved hearing Jamie’s sexy babbles. She enjoyed making Jamie cry out and moan in pleasure as naughty words spilled past her beautiful swollen lips. Jamie was such a sexy little thing and Sarah knew they were going to be spending a lot of time in each other’s trailers from now on.

She could taste how close Jamie was. The girl did need this orgasm and Sarah was going to make sure she got it. She used her already slick fingers to pinch Jamie’s clit gently, holding it in place so her tongue could get at it. Locating her pleasure center was no sweat for someone like Sarah and as soon as she did she gave Jamie’s hard nub a flurry of sexy tongue swipes, stimulating her clit and slapping her little bud up and down.

“OOOOOOOOH!!!” Jamie screamed out as her body lurched on the couch. “JUST A LITTLE MORE!!! PLEASE SARAH!!!”

Jamie’s firm tits were bouncing up and down with her body as she shook on the couch. Everything was on edge. Jamie could feel her orgasm. It was so close…getting there…just a little more and the whole time Sarah’s tongue kept attacking her sensitive bud. The pressure of her fingers pinching her clit and her skilled tongue work was what Jamie needed and with the force of a thunderclap, Jamie came.

“MMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHH!!!” Jamie roared in ecstasy. Her cries came out all garbled and mangled, but it didn’t make any of them less sexy. Her young body spasmed like it had never before. Before then Jamie had never known the full effects of an orgasm on her body, but now Sarah was opening her eyes to everything. Jamie’s juices dripped onto Sarah’s tongue as she came. It was so hot that Sarah expected to hear a sizzle as Jamie cried and screamed, wondering if anyone out there could hear her cries.

Sarah’s fingers massaged Jamie’s clit and her tongue lapped up everything she could from the orgasming girl. When she finally pulled away, Jamie’s face was covered in a happy smile as she panted for breath.

“Oh my God Sarah!” Jamie groaned in disbelief of the pleasure she had just experienced. “I think I love you!”

“No, you just want to fuck me!” Sarah grinned as she tenderly kissed Jamie’s lips, giving her a long taste of her own orgasm.

“Mmmm that too…” Jamie giggled, before turning serious. “Ummm…Sarah…I don’t know if I can do all that to you. You were sooooo good and I never have…”

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Sarah said, kissing Jamie again. “It took a lot of practice for me to get like that.”

“If it’s always that good then I want lots and lots of practice,” Jamie said eagerly. “Ummm do you want me to practice on you now?”

Sarah could tell that Jamie was very nervous about going down on her. She didn’t want to force her face down to her pussy, but Sarah was also dying to come. Licking Jamie and getting her off had Sarah’s pussy on fire. There had to be a way to ease Jamie’s nerves while still getting pleasure. Suddenly an idea came to Sarah.

“Jamie, do you have a toy?” Sarah inquired.

“A toy?” Jamie repeated. She thought she could see where Sarah was going with this, but she wasn’t quite sure.

“Yeah…I see you disappearing into your trailer a lot,” Sarah smiled. “You’re not ducking in here to read, are you? Do you have a vibrator?”

“Yes,” Jamie admitted with a slight blush. She had hoped it wasn’t obvious and she supposed it wasn’t to anyone but Sarah what she was doing when she disappeared into her trailer and came out a little while later much, much more at ease.

“Maybe you could use your toy on me,” Sarah suggested. “I’ll bet you could get me off so hard like that.”

Jaime loved the idea. She didn’t want to leave Sarah high and dry, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to go down on another woman yet. It was such a huge step. This was a perfect compromise and Jamie hopped off the couch to go get her toy.

While Jamie walked over to the bed in her trailer, Sarah took the opportunity to admire her naked ass. Her cheeks had such a sexy curve to them without being too much. Sarah could see herself very easily slipping into the role of being Jamie’s lesbian sex mentor and showing her every place she could fuck her. Sarah wasn’t planning on pushing things too far today, but she knew that soon enough she was going to show Jaime everything she could do to that ass of hers.

Jamie reached under the pillow and pulled out a pale white vibrator with a bit of a green tint to it. It was the perfect size. It wasn’t too small and it was far from the dizzying length of a Mr. Snappy. It was just the right size for some idle masturbatory fun and Sarah parted her legs in anticipation of having that thing inside her.

“Ooooh somebody likes what she sees,” Jamie laughed sexily as she watched Sarah work her hand over her bare pussy and begin to stroke her wet slit. Now it was Sarah’s turn to blush a little.

“You haven’t even seen the best part,” Jamie said, reaching for the lights. “Check this out.”

Jamie snapped the lights off and Sarah couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the vibrator glowing green. It was a fucking glow in the dark vibrator! It was tacky and sexy all at the same time.

“Someone got it for me as a gag gift when I got engaged,” Jamie smiled after she turned the lights back on. “They probably didn’t think I was ever going to use it, but…ummmm…we’re very good friends now.”

“Why don’t you introduce me to your friend then?” Sarah asked. “I’m already nice and wet for you Jamie.”

“Ooooooh I wanna see,” Jamie said eagerly as she scooted back to the couch and sat down beside Sarah. The two shared another deep kiss and Jamie slowly began reaching down Sarah’s body. Her hand got between Sarah’s legs and she pushed it forward, touching another woman’s pussy for the first time.

“Mmmm warm…wet…” Jamie giggled exploring her first girl. “Your pussy feels so good.”

“Yessss…get those fingers in there,” Sarah moaned. “Feel how wet I am Jamie. Play with that pussy like I played with yours.”

Jamie did as she was instructed. She mimicked the actions Sarah had performed on her before. She gently stroked the lips of Sarah’s labia, getting her fingers wet as she adjusted to the feel of another woman. It wasn’t different at all from what it was like when she touched herself so it didn’t take long for Jamie to get used to it. Of course it helped that while she was doing this she and Sarah were kissing again, massaging each other’s tongues while caressing each other with their free hands. Their breasts rubbed together again and Jamie smiled from the pleasure she felt from Sarah’s nipples rubbing against her flesh.

Remembering something she always loved to do to herself when she was masturbating, Jamie picked up her vibrator and set it to the low setting. It began its sexy hum and Jamie and Sarah shared a smile when they heard it. While kissing Sarah again, Jamie took the vibrator and began tracing it gently against Sarah’s tits. Sarah moaned and deepened the kiss, wrapping her arms around Jamie’s bare back and rubbing her sensitive skin.

“Yesss that’s it…” Sarah urged. “Get it all over my tits. Make my nipples hard Jamie. Rub it all over me!”

Jamie kept the toy on the lowest level while she continued playing with Sarah’s breasts. She teased Sarah’s pink nipples with it and made the blonde groan happily. Sarah’s nipples had been hard before. Now they could cut glass. They poked out like pebbles from Sarah’s breasts and Jamie was struck by the craving to get them in her mouth. She pulled the vibrator away and leaned down to suck on Sarah’s tits. Following both what Sarah had done to her and her own impulses, Jamie licked her lover’s nipples, tasting the flavor of Sarah’s flesh and loving it.

“Good girl,” Sarah moaned. “Mmmmm you learn fast Jamie. Suck on those nipples baby. You’re making me so wet. God, you’re going to make me come just by playing with my tits!”

That wasn’t what Jamie wanted at all. She wanted to make Sarah come as hard as she had just done to her and she didn’t think she could do that just from using her toy on her breasts and sucking on her nipples a little. As much as Jamie loved enveloping Sarah’s hard pink points with her mouth and sucking on them, she pulled away.

“What do you want me to do to you?” Jamie asked. “Tell me how to make you come. I’ll do anything.”

“Get that toy in my pussy,” Sarah instructed. “Take it slow. Don’t just push it in me. Tease me a little, just like you do to yourself.”

That was very easy for Jamie to follow. She had used her toy on herself enough times to know just how to make it work right. Jamie increased the speed to the medium level and rubbed the toy down Sarah’s tummy, making her squirm on the couch and moan. Hearing Sarah moan was the sweetest sound Jamie thought she had ever heard. She was doing it. She was giving Sarah pleasure! Jamie felt so sexy then. If she could give someone as beautiful as Sarah pleasure then she felt like there was nothing she wouldn’t be able to in the bedroom.

With Sarah’s moans guiding her, Jamie began rubbing the vibrator against Sarah’s slit. She finally removed her hand from Sarah’s pussy and she treated herself to her first taste of another woman’s pussy. Jamie was ecstatic when she saw that she loved it. She smiled as she sucked on her fingers, licking Sarah’s juices off and increasing her desire to get Sarah off in the process.

“Yessss rub that fucking toy against my slit,” Sarah moaned, her student hanging on every word. “Get it all wet and shiny so you can push it right into my pussy. Mmmm Jamie you’re really good at this. Ughhhh yesssss…that’s it baby…mmmm my friends would love you! You have to come see us in California! We’d show you everything women can do to each other and just fuck you alllll night long.”

Jamie had absolutely no idea what Sarah was talking about but it sure as hell sounded good. After all she had experienced since she had invited Sarah into her trailer, playing around with a bunch of horny girls all night long was just what Jamie craved. But that could wait for later. Right now Jamie had only one girl in front of her and she wanted to make her come. Jamie pushed her toy slowly inside Sarah’s pussy. Sarah’s soft, velvety folds wrapped around the toy and Jamie began to gently fuck Sarah with it, letting the vibrations do most of the work.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck that’s it!” Sarah groaned, leaning back against the couch and opening her legs even more to get some more of this marvelous piece of plastic inside her. She kept her arms around Jamie’s back and kissed her neck and shoulders while her body reacted to the pleasure pulsating from her pussy. Sarah began grinding herself a little against Jamie, rubbing their tits together and making their flesh pink from the friction.

“Fuck me Jamie!” Sarah cried. “Get that inside me! Fuck me with your toy! Push it inside my wet cunt and make me come!”

Jamie smiled with happy arousal over the language that came from Sarah’s pretty mouth. It was such a huge rush to know she was getting Sarah to act like that. Knowing that Sarah had lusted after her before their encounter made it even better. Who know what other hot girls out there wanted to fuck her?

As the vibrations sent her flying, Sarah felt her body move closer and closer to orgasm. Jamie might not have had any experience with girls, but she certainly knew how to work that toy. She wasn’t pushing it inside her too hard. Jamie knew to leave it inside her and let it vibrate and make her hot. Sarah’s body quivered from her pussy walls wrapping around the plastic, squeezing it tight and letting it get her off.

Successfully seducing Jamie out of her undies and making her come had gotten Sarah so hot that her orgasm had been bubbling for a long time. She could have easily made herself come with her fingers while she ate Jamie’s pussy, but Sarah had wanted to save all her girl cream for something like this. It wasn’t as good as Jamie’s tongue, but Sarah was more than happy to accept this toy as a substitute.

“Just a little more,” Sarah said, her voice thick with lust. Her whole body was keyed up and more than ready for orgasm. “You’ve almost got me coming, Jamie. Fuck me baby! I’m almost there!”

Hearing Sarah say that got Jamie’s desire flowing again. Now that she had Sarah so close to coming, Jamie felt an overpowering urge to taste her. She had been nervous that she wouldn’t be able to do a good job and Sarah would have been disappointed. Now Jamie could see that she could make another woman hot and wet and her confidence was soaring. She could do this and she wanted to do it.

Without a word of warning, Jamie pulled the vibrator out of Sarah and set it down. This left the blonde momentarily confused.

“Huh? Don’t stop!” Sarah sputtered. “What are you doing? I’m so fucking close!”

But what Jamie was doing became abundantly clear a moment later when she pulled her hair back, took a deep breath and plunged her face right into Sarah’s pussy.


The rush she felt from Jamie’s sudden decision to push her tongue inside had Sarah bouncing up and down on the couch. She cried and shook in pleasure as she felt Jamie’s virgin tongue lap up her juices. Jamie was inexperienced, but eager and her tongue felt so fucking good inside her cunt.

“My clit…” Sarah groaned hoarsely, her ability to speak coherently rapidly disappearing. “Lick my clit Jamie! Fuck it with your tongue!”

Jamie quickly obeyed. She searched for Sarah’s clit and was happy to discover that it wasn’t hard to find. Jamie was also happy to discover that she loved going down on women. She couldn’t believe guys ever whined about having to do this. It was amazing to have this warm, wet pussy against your tongue and lips. Jamie felt like she was hooked on this stuff for life.

After finding Sarah’s clit, Jamie began lapping at it with her tongue, trying to do what Sarah had done to her to make her come. Her tongue strokes weren’t as precise or skilled as Sarah’s, but they more than did the job. Jamie could feel Sarah’s body tense up and the next thing she knew she felt a hot explosion of girl cream against her face.


Sarah screamed and gasped, fucking Jamie’s face. Jamie hadn’t been sure what to expect from another woman’s orgasm, but now that she had her first taste of it all over her tongue and lips, the only thing she wanted to do was drain Sarah of every drop of girl cum she had. As Sarah came, Jamie kept her face locked to her pussy, licking her cum up and letting it drip onto her skin and down onto her tits. Jamie felt just like the nasty girl Sarah kept telling her she was and she loved it.

When Sarah couldn’t take anymore, she tugged on Jamie’s arm and the girl reluctantly pulled herself away. They passionately French kissed each other, indulging in the taste of each other all over their lips. Jamie’s enthusiasm for girl sex was growing with every glorious second she was involved in this and she couldn’t wait to experience everything Sarah could teach her.

“Thank you Sarah,” Jamie squealed happily. “This was just what I needed! I can’t believe it was this good!”

“A person as sexy and nice as you shouldn’t be lonely,” Sarah smiled. “I think of this as a public service.”

“Mmmm well you can perform this service anytime,” Jamie replied before kissing Sarah again. The blonde kissed right back. She loved kissing Jamie and she knew there would be plenty more to come.

“Yeah next time we might even get near the bed,” Sarah joked.

“Well we don’t have to be back on the set right away, do we?” Jamie said, tracing her finger around Sarah’s nipple. “Why don’t we just lie down for awhile and see what happens.”

Wondering if she’d created a girl sex monster, Sarah happily accepted Jamie’s suggestion. She knew making this movie was a good idea.

* * * * *

“Rose do you think you should be going so fast?” Love asked, a little concerned as their car zipped through the back roads of Paradise.

“Relax Love, I’ll still brake for armadillos,” Rose laughed. “Don’t worry, there’s no one around and we need to make up some lost time.”

Rose and Love had fallen behind schedule because of the little pit stop they’d made soon after leaving the gas station. They were both so wet from their hose play that they had decided to lie out under the sun for awhile and dry off. So they had pulled over and gotten themselves a look at some serious New Mexico scenery. Of course, Rose and Love were much more interested in looking at each other.

Scenic vistas couldn’t possibly compare to naked girl flesh and there was plenty of that on display when Love and Rose had dropped their clothes to dry off. They both had stretched out naked under the sun letting the bright rays cover and caress their flesh. It wasn’t long before Rose had her hands all over Love’s bare body and her tongue buried deep inside her pussy. With nothing but wide open space around them, Love had eagerly returned the favor and tongued her housemate to a creamy orgasm. It had been nasty and fun, but it had also put them behind schedule.

By the time they had collected their clothes and gotten back on the road, it was getting late in the day and neither of them wanted to be driving around strange roads at night. They wanted to get back onto the highway and get toward a good motel for the night. That was why Rose was zipping through the back roads at close to 85 miles per hour. Love didn’t mind fast driving, in fact it turned her on, but it was one thing to do it on Route 66. It was another on a road like that. She was a little nervous about Rose losing control on a sharp turn and the car flipping over. Love trusted Rose’s driving, but still she had concerns.

“Don’t worry Love,” Rose assured her nervous friend. “I’m in total control.”

However, no sooner were the words out of Rose’s mouth that a police cruiser came up behind them and turned on its sirens.

“Shit!” Rose cursed, angrily smacking the steering wheel. “What do these motherfuckers want?”

“It’s probably just a speeding ticket,” Love said. “Let’s just get the ticket and get out of here.”

Rose muttered under her breath, but she wasn’t in much of a mood for a high speed chase that day. So she pulled over the car and waited for the officer to appear and ticket them. While she was waiting, Rose adjusted herself in her dress so that she could display some more cleavage.

“C’mon Love,” Rose urged. “Show some tit and maybe he’ll let us off with a warning or something.”

Love had always had a thing for men in uniform so she certainly didn’t mind showing off her all natural assets to them. Plus, she loved it when Rose egged her on and if they could get out of the fine then so much the better. Love undid the top button of her dress and opened it slightly to expose a deep valley of cleavage.

“Is there a problem officer?” Rose asked sweetly as she leaned over the door to make sure the officer got a good look at her tits.

“Do you know how fast you were going Miss?” Deputy John Penney asked, his sunglasses glinting under the rays of the rapidly setting sun.

“Gosh officer, I’m just no good with cars,” Rose said, playing her role to the hilt. “I mean which one of these thingies says how fast you were going? I was just pressing that gas pedal thing and it just took off. I didn’t know we were going too fast. Do you think you could let us go officer? We’re really, really sorry. You don’t want to give tickets to two harmless little girls now do you?”

“Miss, speeding is a serious offense here in Paradise,” John said, his voice showing that Rose’s act wasn’t cutting any ice. “I need your license and registration.”

“Fine,” Rose grumbled as she reached for the paperwork and handed it to John. This guy had to be gay or have a serious stick up his ass for him not to let her and Love off. Who else could resist tits like theirs?

“You two are a long way from Malibu,” John remarked as he looked at Rose’s license. If he did recognize her name he didn’t show it. “What’s your business here?”

“Why the fuck do you care?” Rose snapped.

“I make it my business to know what everyone is doing here in my town,” John said. “And if I were you Miss., I’d lose the attitude and the swearing. It will only make things worse.”

Love could see that this cop was really pissing Rose off so she leapt in to try and ease the situation.

“We’re just passing through officer,” Love said. “We’re trying to get back on the highway. We didn’t mean to be going so fast. We’re really sorry. We’ll just take the ticket and get out of here.”

“So you think you can just come in here to my town, break the law and leave?” John said, shaking his head. “That attitude is unacceptable. I knew you two were troublemakers when I saw you at the gas station.”

“Look here robocop!” Rose snapped. “I don’t know what the fuck your problem is with us, but just give us the goddamn ticket and let us get the fuck out of your shitty backwater town!”

“Get out of the car miss!” John ordered. “Get out of the car now!”

“Oh shit!” Love gasped, seeing this turn into a nightmare before her eyes.

Rose got out of the car and slammed the door behind her. She was about to give this asshole a piece of her mind when he grabbed her arm and twisted her around so she was facing the car door.

“OW!!! WHAT THE FUCK?” Rose shouted as John pulled out his handcuffs and slapped them on Rose’s wrists.

“Miss you have the right to remain silent,” John said, reading Rose her rights. As he was doing this, Love scampered out of her side to come to Rose’s aid.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Love demanded. “She didn’t do anything wrong!”

“LET ME GO YOU PIGFUCKER!!!” Rose screamed.

“She’s under arrest for violating town ordinance 67B-5J, using excessive speed on a public street and for violating town ordinance 21A-99B-6, using profane language in a public area,” John informed Love. “You’re just lucky I’m not also arresting you for violation of town ordinance 107C-J, improper use of water when the town has gone without rain for a period of three weeks


“You’re just lawbreakers to me,” John said evenly as he began escorting Rose to his patrol car.

“Let her go…” Love begged. “Please don’t fucking do this!”

John then froze and before Love knew what hit her, he had slapped a second pair of cuffs on her wrists.

“Miss…you are under arrest for violating town ordinance 21A-99B-6, the use of profane language in a public area,” John said to Love’s disbelieving ears. John then pushed both girls into the back of his patrol car and began driving back toward town.

* * * * *

Reese fidgeted in the leather chair she sat in. She had a lot on her mind and she wasn’t even thinking about the results from her examination. She hadn’t even wanted to go to the doctor, but she was afraid if she had a virus or something she was going to get Ava sick. Reese just wanted a quick diagnosis, a prescription and to get back to her life.

But it was her life that was weighing on her mind heavily. After what she’d done with Julie that morning, Reese’s first thought was that she had to slow things down. She had totally lost control and risked everything just to get some sexual pleasure. However, the more she thought about it, the more she knew she really didn’t want to slow down. She wanted to do more.

There was no use pretending anymore. Reese knew she was attracted to women. Sarah had showed her the path and Reese wanted to follow it to the end. Since her first time with Sarah, sex with Ryan had gotten worse. She was feeling less and less pleasure from her husband and the only relief she could get was from a woman’s tongue or her fingers or her toys. This was who she was now. She didn’t know if that made her a lesbian, a bisexual or whatever and she didn’t care. Reese just knew it made her happy and she hadn’t been truly happy in so long. She had been successful, but unfulfilled.

It was like a moment of clarity to Reese and she had suddenly known what to do. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but she was going to tell Ryan she was leaving him. Reese couldn’t pretend that the love she had once felt for him was still there. She didn’t want to live a lie and she didn’t want to bring her daughter up in an unhappy home. She hated that she was going to end up raising Ava as a child of divorce, but this was how it had to be. Reese couldn’t pretend to be Ryan’s happy little obedient wife when she knew that wasn’t who she was anymore.

Reese knew she could crash in Malibu with Sarah and everyone for as long as she needed to. She’d bring Ava and camp out there while she set herself up. Money certainly wasn’t going to be a problem. Reese knew there would be a lot of questions about why she suddenly left Ryan and the gossips would speculate wildly, as they always did, but this was how it had to be. She didn’t love Ryan anymore and she saw marriage to him as stifling. She just couldn’t live like that, not after tasting so much uninhibited freedom.

By the time the doctor walked back into his office, Reese was feeling good about her decision. It would be hard and it would be painful to do it, but it had to be done. Things would only get worse in her marriage if she didn’t. Reese had seen Ryan’s temper before and never wanted to see it again.

“Sorry to make you wait,” Dr. Lynch said as he walked back in. “I tried to rush the tests as much as I could.”

“That’s ok,” Reese said. She’d been seeing Dr. Lynch for about three months now and she trusted him as a general practitioner. He was in his mid 40’s with a good sense of humor. Reese liked him and she could tell from the smile on his face that he didn’t have bad news for her. She was just happy he could see her this late in the day.

“So what’s the verdict doc?” Reese asked. “Is it the flu or something?”

“No it’s not the flu,” Dr. Lynch smiled. “Tell me Reese, when was the last time you saw your OB/GYN?”

“I guess it’s been like five months now,” Reese speculated. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, Reese,” Dr. Lynch said. “In fact, I’ve got great news for you. You’re pregnant!”

“Oh my God!” Reese gasped, her jaw dropping to the floor. “Pregnant? How did that happen?”

“Ummmm shouldn’t you know how that happens by now?” Dr. Lynch asked, but Reese didn’t hear him.

“No…it’s just that…we hadn’t…planned on another baby now and…I…oh my God…” Reese began, but it was all she got out before she fell silent and began rubbing her temple with her hand.

Reese felt like she was going to be sick again, but it was nothing like she had felt before. Just a few minutes earlier her direction had finally seemed clear. Now all her plans had just collapsed around her. Now nothing was clear. A wall had just closed on her path.

* * * * *

Brittany Murphy stared at her invitation long and hard, as if somehow doing that could give her more details about it. She had never heard of this place in Malibu and it had taken many moments of head scratching for her to figure out that “Xtina” was actually Christina Aguilera.

“Why would Christina invite me to a party?” Brittany asked herself aloud. Sure they had crossed paths a few times at awards shows and at MTV events and Christina had visited her backstage once when she’d done the Pussycat Dolls show, but it wasn’t like they were friends. Christina had seemed nice and all that, but Brittany and she had never socialized and now she was inviting her to a party in Malibu? It just didn’t make sense.

It wasn’t as though the unknown elements of this scared Brittany off. She loved being spontaneous and doing crazy things, but she just didn’t know about this. The invitation didn’t elaborate on what the party was about, just that it was casual dress and that she was the only one invited.

The fact that she wasn’t allowed to bring a guest might have been the part that Brittany was most curious about. If there hadn’t been that notation on her invitation, she would have brought along her fiancée, Ashton Kutcher, with her. They had been inseparable since they had hooked up last year and Brittany felt that finally, after years of bouncing around, she had finally found her soul mate. She didn’t care that he was a bit of a goofball. After all, so was she.

If she was able to bring Ashton along with her, Brittany would have loved to go and see what this was all about. Figuring out a mystery was always better if you had someone with you. Brittany had to admit she felt a little uncomfortable about seeing what this was all about by herself. What it was like one of those things where everyone knew each other but her. She supposed if that was the case she could just leave early.

The more she thought about it, the more Brittany was intrigued and tempted by the invitation. What was this all about? She wanted to find out. What was with the secrecy and hush-hush nature? Brittany was dying to know. Would Ashton mind if she left him alone for the night? Had he already made plans?

Brittany wouldn’t have minded spending the night with him, but this party idea was sounding more and more appealing. She hadn’t done anything crazy in awhile and it wasn’t going to be long before she was married and no longer able to do things like this. Brittany at least wanted the chance to see what this was all about, but if Ashton didn’t want her to go without him, she wouldn’t.

Of course she wasn’t going to find out the answer to any of her questions just standing here, so Brittany decided to go find Ashton. She had last seen him in the general vicinity of their bedroom so she walked up there and gasped when she found what he had done to himself. Ashton’s face was now painted half purple and half gold. It was such a shock to see that Brittany dropped the invitation on the floor and covered her mouth with her hands.

“Oh my God!” Brittany gasped. “Honey! What did you do to yourself?”

“IT’S THE LAKERS BABYYYYYYYYY!!!” Ashton excitedly yelled from behind his face paint. “Topher and Danny just called and they got courtside seats tonight. COURTSIDE BABYYYYYYYY!!!”

Brittany’s eardrums hurt a little, but she was used to Ashton’s excited exaltations. She liked them best when they were about her, but she guessed there were times when even a beautiful woman couldn’t compete with courtside seats for a Lakers/Mavericks game.

“What’s this?” Ashton asked, calming down as he noticed the dropped invitation.

“Just a party invitation for tonight,” Brittany replied. She immediately noticed Ashton’s face fall a little as the possibility began to exist that he wouldn’t be sitting courtside after all. “It’s at Christina Aguilera’s. I mean I didn’t even know she liked me, but she’s inviting me to a party…just me though. Ummm I mean if you’re going to the game…I guess I could go.”

“THAT’S GREAT!” Ashton declared, his night preserved. He kissed Brittany happily on the lips, leaving her with a new shade of purple and gold lipstick.

Well I guess the decision is made for me, Brittany thought to herself as she picked up the invitation. She just wondered what it was that Christina had in store for them.

* * * * *

While Brittany was wondering that, Christina was overseeing preparations for her party. She was disappointed that a few of the people she had invited weren’t going to be able to come. Pink was out of town and Tara Reid had called her already and told her she wasn’t going to be there because she had a party of her own she was throwing. She hadn’t gotten into specifics, but Christina knew instinctively what kind of party Tara was planning.

Tara had been such a hot little fuck and Christina was happy to see how well she’d taken to pussy. Christina just hoped that Tara would be willing to share whatever friends she was hooking up with tonight. Tara hadn’t even been to the mansion yet, but she and Love had had such fun with her that night at the concert. Christina knew Tara would love it here and she lusted for another chance to get at her tight party girl body again.

At least Christina could comfort herself with the fact that she had fucked Pink and Tara already. She had invited quite a few people to this little impromptu bash and they were neatly divided into two categories…people she’d fucked and people she wanted to fuck. She couldn’t wait for this thing to get started. Christina had been horny all day and she wasn’t letting this party end until her pussy had been satisfied to the point where she was sore all over.

Christina had made sure to even throw a select few guys in the mix. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been with a hot guy and she knew Britney could definitely use some cock. Christina could feel that what Britney really needed to get over her recent heartbreaks was a big, hard flesh and blood cock fucking her tight little cunt hard and Christina wanted to make sure she was there to make it happen. Christina loved fucking girls but she had no desire to ignore the side of her that still craved cock.

With the girls striving to keep their activities on the down low, the mansion was usually a quiet place, but Christina was making sure it was anything but tonight. She was going all out for this party. She wanted to make sure there was plenty of music, food, liquor and fun available. Christina would accept nothing less for the launch of her new label.

So, as she stood around and supervised, delivery men bustled about and work crews made the necessary adjustments to the mansion. Christina looked down from the balcony above the stairway with a watchful eye and smiled brightly as Alyssa walked through the front door with a look of horror on her face.

“Lyssa!” Christina squealed excitedly as she zipped down the stairs. “You’re just in time!”

“Christina…what the fuck have you done?” Alyssa asked, aghast at all the activity around the house. She hadn’t thought Christina was really serious about going through with something this big. “You can’t do this!”

“I can and I will,” Christina insisted with a happy smile. “Relax Alyssa, you’re going to have a great time tonight. You think we should try and make room for some cage dancers? I think we should have cage dancers.”

“No! No cage dancers! Christina, just look at what they’re doing,” Alyssa said as the work crews drilled holes in the wall for the extra row of lights Christina wanted. She couldn’t believe it. Sarah and everyone had just left a few days ago and they already had wrecked the house.

“It’ll all be fixed up by the time everyone gets back,” Christina replied. “Chill Alyssa. This is going to be great. Do you need me to loosen you up a little? Cause you know I will.”

Christina then wrapped her arms around Alyssa’s waist and brought their lips tantalizingly close together in a near kiss. It was hard for Alyssa to resist Christina and she couldn’t help but smile. Alyssa loved a good party as much as anyone. She just didn’t want their private paradise on the front page of the papers.

“What if they…you know…talk…to the tabloids?” Alyssa asked.

“Don’t worry about that baby,” Christina assured her. “These guys are paid to be discreet. Besides, they know not to fuck with me.”

“Why? What can you do back to them? Pierce them to death?” Alyssa teased.

“Funnnnnnny…” Christina replied, giving Alyssa a playful shove as she released her from her embrace. “It’s not me they have to worry about…it’s Fluffy.”

“Fluffy?” Alyssa asked. It wasn’t the first time she hadn’t understood what the hell Christina was talking about and she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

“That’s right…Fluffy,” Christina said, signaling someone forward. Alyssa turned around and gasped at what she saw. A black man who looked to be close to seven feet tall walked over. Alyssa had never seen anyone like him before. His eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses that perfectly complimented the sharply tailored black suit he wore. His head was shaved and a thin mustache and goatee accented his face. He looked like he was close to 300 pounds, but it was all muscle. He was intimidation personified.

“Is there a problem here Ms. Aguilera?” the man asked firmly.

“No, no problem,” Christina replied. “Alyssa, meet Fluffy…bodyguard extraordinaire.”

“Your name is Fluffy?” Alyssa asked in stunned disbelief.

“My mother has a strange sense of humor,” Fluffy stated.

“Why didn’t you change it then?” Alyssa asked, marveling at how he completely dwarfed her and Christina.

“I love my mother,” Fluffy replied in a clipped, professional tone that immediately had Alyssa dropping the subject. “Are you sure there isn’t a problem Ms. Aguilera.”

“Everything’s cool, Fluffy,” Christina smiled. “You may continue standing around.”

“You brought a bodyguard here?” Alyssa inquired.

“Oh yeah,” Christina said. “I need him all the time. There’s a lot of weirdoes out there and now that Britney and me are gonna start the label, wherever I go…he goes.”

“Even here?” Alyssa demanded. “No fucking way Christina! I don’t want him lurking around. He’ll see everything that goes on here!”

“Don’t worry about Fluffy, he’s totally cool,” Christina stated. “He’s seen me do tons of naughty things. He sees everything and he sees nothing, right Fluffy?”

“It’s the bodyguard’s code,” Fluffy declared. “To violate the sacred trust would be to bring dishonor to the entire profession.”

Alyssa had to step back to take all of this in. Her body was still on a high from all that she’d just done with Michelle and Avril and now she was coming home to work crews and big guys named Fluffy. This was getting to be too weird and Alyssa began wondering if soon she shouldn’t be the one sneaking next door to see their neighbors and sample some of their widely raved over product.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Britney had already snuck back next door, but this time there were no illegal substances being taken. Instead she lay in a hammock with Waldo, Franklin and Delbert in similar positions as they all watched Spongebob Squarepants together.

As Plankton’s latest college educated plan to steal the secret of crabby patties was foiled, a monkey carried a Diet Pepsi to Britney.

“Thank you,” Britney said, patting the monkey on the head. “Good monkey.”

“Yes, he was trained well,” Waldo stated.

“We trained him originally to be one of the soldier monkeys, but his heart just wasn’t in it,” Franklin explained. “So we figured the General soldier monkeys were going to need aides in their quarters, so why not let him work where his talents lay.”

“Soldier monkeys?” Britney asked, her eyes widening as she noticed another monkey walking by carrying an Uzi.

“Yes soldier monkeys…they’re the wave of the future and they’re patent pending,” Delbert said.

“Wild,” Britney marveled. She had come over to see the guys and apologize for acting so weird before and they had happily toured their lab facilities. Soldier monkeys had been one of the less weird things she had seen.

Britney could tell the guys and her weren’t exactly residents of the same planet, but she still liked them. She liked that they didn’t seem to care she was famous. It was so stifling to be in the public eye all the time and Britney treasured the time she could just lay back and be herself. This was one of those times. Plus these guys made her laugh.

“Hey, you guys want to come to a party we’re having later tonight?” Britney asked. She knew Christina was inviting boys over so it wasn’t like they would be walking into the middle of a girl orgy or anything.

“Ummmm I dunno…” Waldo said. “The last time we were next door, it didn’t go so well.”

“Yeah, we still have nightmares,” Delbert added as the other two boys nodded in agreement.

“What on earth could have caused nightmares?” Britney asked. She couldn’t believe anyone couldn’t love it there, but then again she was coming from quite a different perspective as them since she was a woman and a total lust bunny for lesbian sex and they were neither.

“We’d prefer not to talk about it,” Franklin said.

“Ummmm ok…” Britney replied. “But this time will be better. No nightmares. I promise you’ll have a good time.”

The three boys then disappeared into a huddle, where they discussed the offer, the lack of word from Dexter and any number of things that could go wrong. Finally they reached a consensus.

“Sure we’ll go,” Waldo announced.

“Cool,” Britney smiled as she took another sip of her soda and settled back to watch more of Spongebob. As she did this, the boys all looked at each other and shrugged. A party could be a nice distraction and it wasn’t they socialized much, but it couldn’t make them forget about the bigger issue…why hadn’t they heard from Dexter?

* * * * *

“Please…Brandon…please…” Dexter begged as the chains around his wrists kept him suspended from the ceiling, hovering above the ground. “Just kill me! Don’t make me suffer like this!”

“All in good time Dexter, all in good time,” Brandon chuckled. “First you’re going to have to tell me a little more. You’re still not telling me what I want to know.”

“I don’t know what you want to know!” Dexter claimed, gasping for breath. His face was swollen and bloodied and there were already cuts to his naked chest. Brandon responded to this claim by punching Dexter hard three times in the stomach. Dexter cried out in pain and blood dripped from his mouth.


“I DON’T KNOW!” Dexter screamed back. He was under no illusions now that he was going to survive this and he was telling Brandon the truth. He didn’t know.

“Do you know what they put me through in that shithole of a country?” Brandon demanded, gripping Dexter by the face and squeezing. “Do you think this is torture Dexter? This is nothing! What I went through…now that was torture and I am going to make all of them pay! I am going to make everyone responsible for leaving me behind pay! Tell me Dexter…TELL ME WHAT I FUCKING WANT TO KNOW!!!”

Dexter then reared back and spit in Brandon’s face. Brandon sneered and smashed his fist into Dexter’s mouth. He was about to do it again when his cell phone began ringing. Leaving Dexter to writhe in the pain of his own making, Brandon went to answer it.

“What?” Brandon snapped as he picked up the phone.

“I’ve got a job for you,” Derrick Larson said on the other end. Ever since the abrupt end of his government service, Brandon had been using Derrick as a middle man to get him jobs in the private sector.

“Not interested,” Brandon replied. “I’ve got personal business to attend to.”

“Not interested in a six figure payday for just following someone around?” Derrick replied. “That’s not like you Brandon.”

“Keep talking,” Brandon stated.

“Some Hollywood guy wants you to follow his girl,” Derrick explained. “He wants you to see if she’s fucking around.”

“Tell him to call a private detective,” Brandon sneered. “That’s just a little beneath me, don’t you think?”

“Look you want to turn down a payday like this?” Derrick demanded. “You came highly recommended and he specifically asked for you. Don’t be an ass.”

“Who is it?” Brandon asked as he pulled a knife off of the little tray he’d set up by Dexter. “Anyone I’ve heard of?”

“No names over the phone, you know that,” Derrick replied. “Come into my office tomorrow and find out for yourself.”

“Fine, see you then,” Brandon said, ending the call and plunging the knife deep into Dexter’s chest. He’d killed so many with this knife and he felt the rush that always came with the claiming of another. It was obvious that Dexter really didn’t know anything and Brandon didn’t feel much like wasting more time with him.

“Don’t worry Dexter,” Brandon whispered. “I didn’t hit any organs or arteries, so you’re not quite dead yet. In fact, I think it’ll probably take a good hour or two for you to bleed to death from this. I just want you to think about something while you’re dying. What I’m doing to you now is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to Waldo, Franklin, Delbert and anyone else who stands in my way.”

* * * * *

By the time she got to Tara’s, Rachael’s head was full of delicious fantasies about what her friend had planned. Discovering this new side to herself was scary but exhilarating for Rachael. It was so weird for her to realize she was experiencing lust for other women, but she couldn’t deny how good it had felt for Tara to touch her and how good it had been to touch her back. As confusing as all these feelings were, Rachael knew she wanted to experience them again soon.

Ever since she’d talked to Tara that morning, Rachael had been in a perpetual state of arousal. She had already made herself come twice that day with just thinking about what could happen, wondering whether it would be as good as the last time and hoping it would be even better. Rachael had no idea how she’d made it through the day without pulling some random stranger into a corner and screwing their brains out. She couldn’t remember the last time she had ever felt this horny.

Now she was at Tara’s and her waiting was about to end. Whatever her free spirited co-star had devised would soon be revealed. Rachael rang the bell at Tara’s front door and waited impatiently for her to let her in. Her whole body was a jumble of nervous energy and, as she waited, Rachael began tapping her foot on the steps. Finally the communication box by the door came to life.

“Hello?” Tara asked.

“Tara it’s me,” Rachael replied. She could hear loud music in the background.

“Rach!” Tara squealed. “C’mon in! I’m upstairs!”

The door automatically opened and, after she walked inside, Rachael’s was greeted by the full blast of the music she had heard through the box. It felt like the house was shaking, but Rachael figured an experienced club hopper like Tara was used to that. Tara’s house must have had great soundproofing because Rachael hadn’t been able to hear it outside, while inside it was almost making the windows rattle.

Rachael made her way upstairs towards Tara’s bedroom. That was where the music was coming from and Rachael quickly identified it as Missy Elliott. Rachael peeked inside Tara’s bedroom and saw the blonde girl bumping and grinding to the music in a way that would make strippers blush. Tara was dressed in a light blue spaghetti strap top and low rise jeans that were low enough to make it crystal clear that she didn’t have any panties on underneath. When she saw Rachael was there, Tara smiled, continued dancing and began singing along with the lyrics.

“Is it worth it…let me work it…I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it…” Tara sang totally unconcerned that her voice was way out of synch with Missy’s. “If ya got a big…let me search ya to find out how hard I gotta work ya…”

Rachael just stared at her friend and how happy she was to just be dancing, singing and having fun. Tara looked like she didn’t have a care in the world. Rachael thought she was so sexy like that…just moving free and easy to the music and grinding her tight body. It made Rachael wish she was dancing with Tara and letting her hands touch her everywhere.

“Boys…boys…all type of boys…” Tara continued, moving closer and closer to Rachael with every word. “Black…white…Puerto Rican…Chinese boys…”

Soon Tara was right in front of Rachael, their bodies just inches from touching. Watching the blonde move was just hypnotic to Rachael. Seeing her dance like that made Rachael want to trash every inhibition she had and just fuck Tara right there and then with no kissing…no romance…just fucking.

“Girls…girls…get that cash…if it’s nine to five or shaking that ass,” Tara sang, her lips brushing against Rachael’s. “Aint no shame ladies, do your thang…Just make sure you ahead of tha game.”

That was all Tara got out before Rachael couldn’t stand it anymore. Rachael wrapped her arms around her friend and kissed her passionately, letting loose all the desire she had pent up through the day for Tara. The song continued to blast out of the speakers, but neither girl was paying it any mind. They were too wrapped up in kissing and touching each other. Lust flowed from their bodies and it threatened to melt their clothes right off. Rachael was never usually this sexually aggressive, but Tara just made her want to do everything she was ever too shy to do.

“I was wondering how long I was going to have to wait that,” Tara giggled after the kiss ended. Both girls were panting from lack of breath but they barely pulled away from each other. Even as their lips parted, their noses touched and Tara gently nuzzled Rachael.

“You’re so sexy Tara,” Rachael smiled, her face flushed as she returned the nuzzle. “I’ve been thinking about this all day. All I want to do is tear off your clothes and make you mine.”

“Mmmmm that’s just what I want too,” Tara replied. “But you have to wait. Our friend isn’t here yet.”

“Who? Who is it?” Rachael demanded to know. “Don’t keep me in suspense. I hate surprises! Just tell me. I’m dying to know what you’ve got planned!”

“It’s someone sexy and it’s someone we both know…” Tara said coyly. “And don’t bother guessing because my lips are sealed until she gets here.”

“Oh yeah?” Rachael playfully challenged. “Maybe I can unseal those lips?”

Rachael then kissed Tara again, opening her mouth to allow the blonde’s tongue to snake inside. Rachael felt like she was totally out of her head with this, but that was what she liked best about it. She was daring herself to be this sexy and open.

“You can try…in fact I want you to try…” Tara laughed, her throaty voice full of life. “But you’re still gonna have to wait to find out.”

Rachael already had her suspicions, but she didn’t want to speculate too much. Besides, Tara was quick to provide a distraction.

“C’mere…I want to show you something,” Tara said excitedly, taking Rachael’s hand and pulling her toward the bed. “Wait’ll you see this. It’s so hot. You’re not going to believe it.”

Tara sat alongside Rachael on the bed and picked up her universal remote. She turned on the TV accross from the bed and started up the VCR. Rachael wasn’t sure what she was about to see, but Tara seemed so giddy about it that she figured she was going to like it. Rachael watched the screen and heard the moans coming. It was quickly obvious that it was two women making love and having one hell of a time in the process. Seeing their naked bodies and hearing the sounds of their passion was getting Rachael wet, but then, to her horror, she realized who was on the tape.

It was them! The tape was of her and Tara! It was from when they had made love right in this bed! Rachael watched in shock as the tape showed her kissing down Tara’s body and going down on her. Rachael suddenly felt sick to her stomach. The room was spinning and Rachael shot up of off the bed to try and get control of herself.

“Rach, what’s wrong?” Tara asked, stopping the tape. “Don’t you like it?”

“Tara! How could you?” Rachael cried, her face crimson with humiliation. “How could you do this to me?”

“Do what?” Tara asked. “What’d I do wrong?”

“That tape!” Rachael shouted. “How could you make that tape of us…of me? You have to destroy it! Get rid of it right now!”

“But why?” Tara asked, her face showing the obvious hurt she felt watching Rachael’s reaction. “We look so hot on it. You look so beautiful Rach. I thought you’d like it.”

“Well I don’t!” Rachael snapped. “I hate it! I can’t believe you were taping me! Is that all it was to you? Just something for you to tape? Was I just some little slut you wanted to fuck Tara?”

“Rachael please, it’s not like that,” Tara said. She reached for her friend, but Rachael angrily pulled herself away.

“I seduced you because I wanted to make love to you and I wanted to show you how good it felt to be with another woman,” Tara cried. “I didn’t want to make you mad.”

“Why? Why did you tape us?” Rachael demanded. “You totally invaded my privacy! Oh my God…what if someone sees the tape? I’ll never be able to show my face again!”

“I thought you liked what we did,” Tara said sadly. “I didn’t think you were embarrassed by it.”

“You didn’t think Tara!” Rachael shot back. “You never think! What are you? Stupid? How could you do something like this? I’m out of here! You get rid of that fucking tape Tara!”

Rachael then stormed out of Tara’s room and tore toward the door. She reached for the knob and was about to exit, when she suddenly froze and felt a huge wave of guilt cover her. What the hell was she doing? Why did she just say that to Tara? She wasn’t a mean person. How could she have called Tara stupid? That wasn’t her. Rachael took a deep breath and tried to get a hold of her thoughts. The tape had totally unnerved her, but that wasn’t an excuse. She had liked what she had done with Tara and now she just felt like a hypocrite.

Instead of leaving the house, Rachael released the door knob and turned around. She walked back upstairs and found Tara lying on the bed, quietly sobbing.

“Tara…I…” Rachael began, feeling terrible about her overreaction.

“Get out!” Tara shot back, her voice full of hurt. “Get out right now!”

“Please Tara, I’m sorry,” Rachael said, sitting back down on the bed. “I didn’t mean what I said. I just got scared about the tape. I hadn’t expected to see it and then I got all panicky about someone else seeing it. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not stupid!” Tara bitterly said. “You’re just like everyone else Rachael! You don’t care about my feelings! You just call me names and pretend like I don’t matter! Well I do matter!”

“I know Tara,” Rachael replied. “Please don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean it! I don’t know what came over me. You’re my friend and I love you. I know you’re not stupid. I just wasn’t expecting to see us on the tape like that.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Tara sniffed, her tears drying up. “I wanted to see what I looked like with another woman and I set it up with you because I wanted it to be special. I wanted you to see how good we looked. I thought you had liked what we had done.”

“I did!” Rachael insisted. “I loved it. I want to do it again. I just didn’t want the whole world to know that I did. I’m really new at this…and I just got worried that somehow the tape would leak out.”

“It won’t,” Tara said, her sadness disappearing. “I wouldn’t let it. I just wanted to show it to you…and maybe our guest too.”

“I’m sorry I was mean to you Tara,” Rachael said, hugging her friend and wishing that all the fights she had had in her life could be settled this easily. “Just promise you won’t let anyone else see that tape, please!”

“I promise,” Tara said, returning the hug. “I don’t want to fight. I want to be with you Rach. I won’t show the tape to anyone else. Are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad,” Rachael said. “And I guess we can show it to our friend…as long as she’s hot.”

“She’s very, very hot,” Tara assured her. “I’m sorry I made the tape without telling you Rach.”

“I’m sorry I yelled,” Rachael replied. “You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“Definitely not,” Tara answered before kissing Rachael hotly on the lips, sliding her tongue inside while her hands reached down to begin massaging Rachael’s breasts through her shirt.

“I guess not,” Rachael laughed, again feeling the amazing pleasure she now knew another woman could make her feel. She felt bad for losing her temper like that because of her own insecurity about all these new feelings she had and she wanted to make it up to Tara big time.

The two continued to kiss and touch each other through their clothes. They both wanted to prove to the other that they weren’t mad so things were quickly getting very sexy. However, before they could progress things any further, the doorbell rang.

“She’s here!” Tara excitedly declared, leaping off the bed and straightening out her clothes. “C’mon Rach!”

Their fight of a few moments ago all but forgotten, Tara grabbed Rachael’s hand and pulled her downstairs. By now Rachael had a good idea who the mystery guest was and she just hoped she was right. When Tara threw open her front door, Rachael smiled happily. She had been right and her mind was already thinking about all the naughty things they could do to their sexy co-star.

“Hey girls!” Rosario Dawson said, hugging both Rachael and Tara, like they were long lost sisters. “You didn’t start the party without me, did you?”

“Of course not,” Tara smiled. “In fact, it’s just about to get going.”

* * * * *

As a blast of cold air tickled her face, Charlize Theron considered her options. These were always the most difficult decisions to make. One wrong choice could lead to woe and regret, but the right choice offered nothing but a night full of creamy pleasure. She frowned and chewed on her bottom lip thoughtfully as she considered which path to take. Charlize only wished she had guidance on this, but she knew she was on her own. It was entirely up to her.

She could go with something classic…like Cherry Garcia, a flavor that had offered her comfort many nights in the past. Or something more modern like Phish Food, full of chocolate, marshmallow and caramel goodness. Should she get frozen yogurt instead? No…fuck that. This night called for ice cream in all it’s fattening glory. There was cookie dough…sweet delicious cookie dough. Ooooh…Karamel Sutra. Charlize had never heard of that one before, but it sure sounded promising. Or there were new flavors. Like Oatmeal Cookie Crunch or Brownie Batter, each of them getting Charlize’s mouth watering. Part of her wanted to buy them all, but she ignored that part for now. She didn’t want to go overboard or anything.

Charlize wasn’t the type who ordinarily ran running for therapy through ice cream, but drastic times called for drastic measures. She’d been avoiding just about all human contact for the last day to try not to remind herself that she’d broken off her second engagement just 48 hours earlier. It was for the best. Charlize knew that and she didn’t regret her decision.

How could she trust a man who couldn’t stay faithful to her? She had already broken off one engagement because of fidelity issues so this made her two for two. Even though that would probably make her an object of sport on the gossip pages, Charlize didn’t care. She deserved a man who wasn’t going to cheat on her and leave her nursing a broken heart.

God, men sucked, Charlize muttered to herself as she continued perusing the best of what Ben and Jerry’s had to offer. She had been miserable for the past two days and nothing had helped. Her girlfriends had consoled her. Her mother had comforted her. She had tried to work off her anger at the gym. Nothing had worked. Now she was bringing out the big guns and Charlize was determined to junk food herself into a happy state. She was going to find a way to forget there was a race on the planet known as men.

Sometimes Charlize wondered why she didn’t just take the plunge and become a lesbian or something. Then of course she’d always remembered that while men did suck, women were crazy. It felt like a no win situation and Charlize often felt like the best long term relationship she was ever going to have was with her vibrator. At least it never cheated on her or gave her attitude.

Charlize felt like she was about to sneeze soon from the cold air of the freezer at the local Quick Stop she was at so she decided she had better make a decision soon. There really was only one way to settle this and Charlize closed her eyes and stuck her hand inside, grabbing the first pint she could grab. She pulled it out and saw it was Mint Oreo Cookie. That would do, Charlize said to herself as a smile crossed her lips. She closed the freezer and was about to head to the counter to pay, when her cell phone rang. Charlize considered not answering it. It was probably someone she didn’t want to talk to, but in the end she couldn’t ignore it.

“Hello?” Charlize said.

“Charlize? Hey it’s Christina…Christina Aguilera?”

“Christina?” Charlize repeated in disbelief. She barely knew Christina. Sure their paths had crossed a few times and they had shared a few friendly chats, but nothing that would lead to them calling each other on their cell phones. “How did you get this number?”

“That’s not important,” Christina said. “What’s important is whether or not you’re coming to my party. You’re the only one I haven’t gotten an RSVP from. Didn’t you get my invitation?”

“Party?” Charlize replied, still wondering how Christina got her number. “No, I didn’t get the invitation. I haven’t been home much today. What party? Where?”

“It’s in Malibu and it’s just about to get started, so you’d better get your ass over here,” Christina giggled on the other end of the phone. “I am not accepting no for an answer. You either get over here or I will hunt you down and drag you over here by your hair.”

Charlize could sense that Christina wasn’t totally kidding around about that promise. A party? She couldn’t go to a party tonight. She totally wasn’t up for it. But then again, it did kind of sound like fun. Charlize loved to party and she had always heard Christina threw some interesting little get togethers.

“I don’t know,” Charlize said. “I don’t think I’d be very good company today.”

“I swear you’re going to have the best fucking time of your life here, Charlize,” Christina profanely promised. “I am totally not letting you get out of this. Everyone else is going to be here. You’re going to hate yourself if you miss out on this.”

“Who’s everyone else?” Charlize asked. Did she and Christina have mutual friends? They had both done the Pussycat Dolls show but that was all Charlize could think of.

“You’ll have to come over and see,” Christina teased. “Now get in your car and get over here. I’ve got this kick ass house on the beach for us. Don’t make me beg because you know I totally will.”

“I’m not really dressed for a party,” Charlize said as she glanced down at her gray sweatpants and worn out Clash t-shirt.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s totally casual…hell we can make it clothing optional if you want baby,” Christina laughed. “Clothes are the least important thing you’ll need. Now just say yes and get over here. Are you gonna tell me you’re gonna pass this party up so you can sit like a lump all night?”

For some reason that sounded awfully good traveling from Christina’s mouth to Charlize’s ears. She could just waste her night away feeling sorry for herself or she could open herself up to having some fun. She had no idea what this party was all about and Christina wasn’t a close friend, but Charlize trusted that whatever she was setting up was going to be fun. And hey if the party was a bust, then she could always get more ice cream on the way back home.

“Ok,” Charlize said and Christina squealed happily on the other end of the phone.

“You’re not going to regret this baby,” Christina said as she proceeded to give Charlize the address and directions of how to get to the mansion.

Charlize just shook her head as she ended the call, placed the ice cream back in the freezer and headed for the door. Before she could get to the door, someone stopped her.

“Excuse me…miss?” a male voice said and Charlize turned around to see it was the store’s clerk standing behind her. He looked like he was in his mid to late 20’s and he was dressed in his turquoise and orange Quick Stop uniform right down to the striped hat on his head. He had a stitched on name tag that indicated his name was Kirk.

“Are you Charlize Theron?” Kirk asked.

“Yes, I am,” Charlize smiled. It was always an ego boost to be recognized, especially when she was glammed down and in dumpy clothes.

“Can I ask you a favor?” Kirk asked.

“Depends what it is,” Charlize replied. She would take a picture with him if that’s what he wanted but if he asked for a blowjob he was going to get a hard slap to the face.

“Would you sign my chest?” Kirk asked before ripping open the top of his uniform to reveal a pale, hairy chest to Charlize’s surprised eyes.

“Sure…” Charlize answered trying to keep from laughing as she reached for the felt tip pen Kirk held out for her. If this was any indication, this was going to be one weird night.

* * * * *

As Charlize was signing her name, Christina was happily adding her name to her guest list for the evening.

“Alyssa this party is going to be the best party ever,” Christina confidently declared. “It’s going to be so fucking awesome and you’re going to feel bad that you ever tried to talk me out of it.”

“Well I was hoping you were going to prove me wrong,” Alyssa said. It did look like this party was at least going to be interesting. Alyssa was keeping one suspicious eye on everything though and hoping that Sarah didn’t somehow find out about this. Alyssa had no desire to be cast out from paradise.

“I’d better go check on Britney,” Christina said. “Gotta make sure she looks nice and sexy tonight.”

Christina then scurried away, leaving Alyssa alone to look over what had become of the mansion. Music was already blaring and a few guests were arriving. Michelle had volunteered her services as a maid for the party, saying seductively that she knew a few ways to spice up any party. Alyssa just had to wonder if she was going to know anyone at this party. She was pretty wild girl if she didn’t say so herself, but Christina’s friends were something else. The blonde wasn’t saying who she had invited and that made Alyssa a little nervous. Fortunately, she did spot a very familiar face in the early arriving guests.

“Gwen!” Alyssa called out and Gwen Stefani eagerly rushed over.

“What the heck happened here?” Gwen asked as she looked over the people already milling around. A bar had been set up and the normally quite, girls only, mansion was filled with testosterone.

“Britney and Christina happened,” Alyssa sighed. “I’m glad to see you though.”

Gwen smiled and Alyssa found it hard to not kiss her right then and there. She didn’t want to do that in front of strangers though, at least until she was more confident they would see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil about what went on here. Gwen had been a frequent visitor to the mansion starting around the time Alyssa had moved in and her tongue was welcome any time.

“I never expected to see anything like this here,” Gwen said. “I thought the whole purpose was to keep this place off the radar.”

“So did I,” Alyssa said. “I guess things change, though. But hell as long as I get laid, I don’t care.”

“Me neither,” Gwen giggled. If the invitation had been to any other place, she probably would have turned it down, but she knew the pleasure the mansion offered and, husband or not, she wasn’t going to be denying herself a chance to get at the sweet pleasure she knew she’d get here.

“Well if this party blows, at least we have each other and a nice lock on the door of my room,” Alyssa laughed. She and Gwen hugged and both wondered what it was that Christina had in store for them tonight.

* * * * *

As her limo cruised toward the hotel, Sarah had to struggle to keep from falling asleep. It was hard to stay alert and Sarah nodded off a few times on the way, her head falling forward only to snap back suddenly, sending her blonde hair flying about her face.

“Ow!” Sarah muttered as she rubbed her neck. She was exhausted and Sarah didn’t care that it was only 10:00 New York time. She just wanted to slip between her sheets and sleep the night away so she could be refreshed to do it all over again in the morning.

Of course it wasn’t just the physicality of the day’s shoot that had left Sarah wiped out. As she had suspected, Jamie had ended up being quite the little insatiable sex monster. Sarah had lost track of how many times she had eaten out her wet little pussy and, after she had gotten her first taste, Jamie had been very eager to return the favor each and every time. Sarah was going to need her sleep tonight to get charged up for what she expected to be more of the same between them tomorrow. Not that Sarah was complaining of course, she could still taste Jamie’s juices and was already dreaming about swimming her tongue in that pink again.

Just thinking about it was getting Sarah wet and, as tired as she was, it was hard to ignore the arousal making her pussy quiver under her jeans. As a grin began crossing her lips, Sarah noticed that the divider between her and the driver was closed and began thinking how easy it would be for her to just pop the button on her jeans and slide her hand inside. She felt an immense naughty rush at the mere thought of playing with herself while her driver had no idea what the famous little slut in the back was doing.

Sarah felt her nipples swell under the sweater she had thrown on. She was braless underneath and, as her arousal increased, Sarah started pinching the hard points, teasing them with her fingers as she imagined making herself come and licking off her fingers, one by one. It would have been so hot to do that, knowing that she’d be traveling through a busy city at the same time with no one knowing what was really going on inside her limo.

She had had so many naughty thoughts lately it was hard to keep track of them, but what was turning Sarah on the most was that her fame was increasing and no one had any idea about her sexy little secret. She was fucking the hottest women in the world and no one knew. They didn’t have a fucking clue and it made Sarah so giddy to know she was fooling them all.

Her exhaustion was rapidly disappearing and being replaced with a wicked case of horniness. It was too good an opportunity to pass up so Sarah undid the button as a giggle escaped her lip. But, just as Sarah was about to reach down for her pussy, the limo stopped.

“Ms. Gellar, we’re here,” the driver said and Sarah immediately scrambled to button up her jeans and compose herself.

“Thank you,” Sarah gasped as she felt a huge blush pass over her face. It was a happy flush of excitement though. She wondered how much more fun it would have been if the driver had stopped just a few minutes later, when her fingers would have been buried deep in her snatch. That would have been so hot.

Sarah hopped out of the limo, still feeling the arousal that had been filling her body just a few moments before. She wondered if Jen was around. That would have been a good way to scratch the itch she felt. Then suddenly, as if destiny stepped in, Sarah saw Jennifer walking toward the hotel entrance.

“Jen!” Sarah shouted, getting her roomie’s attention. Jennifer perked up at hearing her name and smiled happily.

“Hey you,” Jennifer said, resisting the temptation to kiss Sarah right outside the hotel next to a busy street.

“Whoa…what the heck happened?” Sarah asked, noticing Jennifer’s clothes. She was in bicycle shorts and a t-shirt that said “PURCHASE COLLEGE: THEATER MAJORS DO IT IN THE BALCONY.”

“What happened to your clothes?” Sarah asked, also noticing Jennifer’s bandaged knee. “Did you get mugged or something?”

“Don’t ask,” Jennifer sighed. “It’s a loooooong story. I’ll tell you when we get inside.”

Sarah followed Jennifer into the hotel. Celebrity clientele was nothing new here so no one really took notice of them as they strode through the lobby. The elevator arrived almost as soon as they pushed the button for it and, with no one else around to share it with them, they entered and pushed the button for their floor.

While the elevator cruised up, Sarah fidgeted inside the clothes that felt like thick blankets on her body all of a sudden. She burned with the arousal she hadn’t been able to release. As tired as she was, Sarah knew she needed to feel pleasure. She needed to something naughty and as she stared at Jen, in her tight shorts and one size too small t-shirt, Sarah felt like she had to do something or else she was going to explode. It was an impulse when she first thought of it, but the more she considered what she was doing, the more she wanted it.

Before she could find a reason not to, Sarah reached over and pressed the elevator’s emergency stop button. The elevator lurched to a stop and Jennifer snapped out of the daydream she had put herself in.

“What the?” Jennifer asked but it was all she could get out before Sarah’s lips covered her own in a passionate kiss. Jennifer loved the feel of those soft lips and she quickly surrendered to Sarah’s sexy kiss. They began making out like they had so many times before, but Jen quickly came to her senses and pushed her lover away.

“Sarah, what the hell are you doing?” Jennifer demanded.

“I want you Jen,” Sarah declared, her voice thick with lust. “I don’t want to wait until we get to our room. I want to fuck you…right here…right now…in this elevator.”

“Have you gone crazy?” Jennifer gasped, the suggestion making her nervous and wet all at once. “We cant do that!”

“Yes we can,” Sarah insisted. “I need you now Jennifer. Please…let me fuck you. Let me get those goddamn shorts off you so I can have your pussy. I know you’re wet for me Jennifer. Don’t pretend this isn’t a turn on.”

“We can’t,” Jennifer said, backing away just a little. She had seen that fire in Sarah’s eyes before and it always turned her on. But they couldn’t possibly do this. It was too risky. They were in a hotel elevator for God’s sake.

“You know you want this,” Sarah said. “You know how good I can make you feel. Besides, I know your little weakness.”

“Don’t you dare, Sarah,” Jennifer replied strongly. “I mean it.”

Sarah, a wide grin covering her face, completely ignored Jennifer’s orders and softly began to sing to her. She was getting what she wanted, even if it meant breaking out the big gun.

“Love in an elevator…living it up when I’m going down,” Sarah sang, her face full of sexy mischief. “Love in an elevator…loving it up till I hit the ground.”

“You…are…evil…” Jennifer stated, her face suddenly flush. Jennifer had always been a huge Aerosmith fan, ever since she was a kid. She and Brad had always agreed if there was one man she could get a guilt free fuck with, it would be Steven Tyler. Their music always got her passion rising and her sex drive driving and this time was no exception. The situation in, combined with the music and Sarah’s desire filled face gave Jennifer no choice but to submit.

Sarah just continued singing and by the time she got to the chorus again, Jennifer was putty in her hands. She backed Jennifer into the corner of the elevator and reached for her clothes.

“Living it up when I’m going down…” Sarah giggled as she sank to her knees in the elevator and yanked down Jennifer’s shorts. Jennifer had nothing on underneath and Sarah dropped the song when she saw the sexy sight.

“Ooooh no panties Jennifer…what am I going to do with a naughty girl like you?” Sarah teased.

“I dunno,” Jennifer smiled with desire as she let the arousal that was building run free. “Why don’t you spank me?”

“I think you’d like that a little too much,” Sarah shot back with a grin as her fingers began playing with Jennifer’s slit. “Besides…all I want is this wet pussy of yours, Jen.”

Sarah proved that point by immediately pressing her face to Jennifer’s cunt and sliding her tongue right inside her wetness. Jennifer’s reared her head back and groaned in ecstasy. By now she knew every trick that Sarah could play in her body, but that just made Jennifer crave her tongue more. Sarah knew all her hot spots and just where to lick her. Jennifer felt such a surge of pleasure from Sarah’s tongue invading her sex that she had to grip the sides of the elevator to keep herself steady.

“Oh Sarah,” Jennifer moaned. “I love how you lick me! Yessssss baby…just like that! Just like that! Give me your tongue! Give it to me hard Sarah!”

Not even Sarah could rationalize what was coming over her, but with the taste of Jennifer’s essence quickly covering her tongue, Sarah knew she had made the right call. It felt so liberating to throw caution to the wind and go for what she wanted. There were so many times when she hated knowing she had to hide everything she was doing in Malibu. Now she felt like she didn’t have to be afraid. She let her tongue loose in Jennifer’s pussy, licking up all her sweet juices and lapping up and down her splayed slit.

It was so hot to be doing this where anyone could catch them. All the elevator had to do was move a floor up or a floor down and whoever was waiting for them was going to find her there, her face buried in Jennifer’s pussy. But Sarah wouldn’t have stopped. Freddie could have been standing out there and she wouldn’t have stopped. Sarah wasn’t stopping until she had what she wanted…a creamy orgasm from her housemate.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God yes Sarah!” Jennifer sharply cried out. “Fuck me Sarah! Get that tongue in my pussy!”

Jennifer continued to hold onto the walls with her palms flat out to try and maintain her balance. Her palms were leaving sweat handprints all over the walls, but Jennifer didn’t care. She hadn’t expected this but it was hot and nasty and she loved it. Jennifer couldn’t believe that she was standing there completely bottomless while Sarah ate her out on her knees in a stopped elevator.

Jennifer’s nipples strained against the t-shirt Parker had lent her and any more arousal and she felt like her nipples would rip right through. She didn’t think Parker would mind, though. She owed her some clothes, after all, and besides, Jennifer thought that Parker would probably love it if she ripped through her shirt because her nipples were too hard to be held back.

Sarah knew she didn’t have too much time here. It wouldn’t be long before the hotel staff noticed the elevator had stopped and Sarah wanted to make sure her tummy was full of Jennifer’s girl cum by then. Allowing for time, Sarah didn’t pause for niceties. She went after Jennifer’s clit like a famished animal after a piece of meat. Saliva dripped down from Sarah’s mouth while she licked and sucked Jennifer’s pussy with ferocious passion. Her gurgled moans and the wet smacking noises of her tongue were the only sounds Sarah could make.

While she feasted upon Jennifer’s cunt, one of Sarah’s hands reached around her and squeezed her asscheeks. She gripped the tight flesh hard, leaving it pink and making Jennifer moan louder. Sarah fondled Jennifer’s flesh over and over again, reminding her in the best way she knew how that for this moment her body and soul belonged to her and only to her.

Jennifer was getting that message loud and clear and she had absolutely no problem with it. Every one of Sarah’s grunts and growls and nasty licking noises turned Jennifer on more. Sarah had such a nasty side. The only other time Sarah had taken her this hard was when they had all strapped her down in the dungeon and taken their turns using her body for their pleasure. But that was a punishment and this time there was only the sweet pleasure that came from Sarah tongue fucking her brains out. Jennifer spread her legs as wide as she could. She needed to feel that tongue inside her. Hell, she needed to feel Sarah’s whole fucking face inside her. Jennifer had thought Parker had drained her for the night, but she sure was wrong on that note.

Hearing the rough gasps and longing moans coming from Jennifer’s mouth had Sarah losing what little control she had left. Her hand on Jennifer’s ass began scratching her, her manicured nails raking against Jennifer’s flesh and only making those moans louder and more intense. Sarah could hear Jennifer gasping and struggling for breath as the pleasure came close to overwhelming her completely.

While this was happening, Sarah had her other hand right where it belonged, inside her jeans. Sarah popped open her button and slid her hand right inside to her smooth, shaved pussy. As the taste and scene of Jennifer continued to intoxicate her, Sarah began touching herself hard. Just as she was doing to Jennifer, Sarah didn’t pause to treat herself to a soft, sweet touch. Instead she already had her two fingers pushing into her pussy and she was ready for number three. As soon as Sarah loosened her tightness up a little, she got that third finger inside herself and began pistoning them hard in and out of her drenched pussy.

“Eat me Sarah!” Jennifer urged. “I know you love my pussy! Show me how much you love it! Make me come! Make me come you nasty little slut!”

Sarah grinned when she heard that and she responded by giving Jennifer’s hard clit a long suck. It was usually Love who was the slut, but not tonight. Sarah was being nasty and slutty and loving every second of it. She didn’t have much energy left and she just wanted to burn it all off through fucking. If the elevator came to life and someone jumped in with them, Sarah would have taken them on too. Her common sense had retired for the night and taken that little voice of reservation in her head with it. Now was all about sex.

Jennifer was quickly falling into a moaning frenzy from what Sarah was doing to her. She was taking her so fast and in such a relenting manner that it was like she was tongue fucking her and sucking her clit all at the same time. Jennifer couldn’t get enough of it and, since she no longer had a bra on, Parker’s t-shirt clung to her curves. Jennifer could feel the sweat matting her hair to her forehead and she could also feel the sensations of sweat dripping from her cleavage. Everything Sarah was doing to her was a turn on and Jennifer knew her orgasm was close. Jennifer didn’t usually like coming so quickly, but in this situation it was what she wanted and, besides, it wasn’t like Sarah was leaving her much of a choice in the matter.

“Ughhhhhhh sooooo fucking close Sarah…” Jennifer spit out from her lips. It was so hard to form words. She just wanted to fuck Sarah’s face and come and come and come until she couldn’t stand anymore. “Make me come! This is what you fucking wanted isn’t it? My pussy all wet and ready to come for you! Do it Sarah! Do me!”

The words rained down around Sarah’s ears, but she barely noticed them. She was too focused on Jennifer’s pussy to hear much of anything. She could feel Jennifer’s clit pulsate between her lips as she sucked on it, as if it were mirroring her heartbeat. Jennifer’s hips were moving and rubbing her wetness all over her cum hungry tongue and lips now, but Sarah kept her position locked in on Jennifer’s clit. The only other thing that even remotely caught Sarah’s attention was the pleasure her fingers were giving to herself.

Sarah had her fingers pushing and pulling out of her cunt like Rose was fucking her with Mr. Snappy. Even when she felt her body tense up and then release a flood of girl cum onto her hand, Sarah didn’t stop. She moaned her orgasm right into Jen’s pussy and then looked for more. Sarah fucked herself again and again, not caring how many times she made herself come. She wasn’t going to stop slamming herself until Jennifer had come all over her face.

All Jennifer could manage to do was grunt and scream out incomprehensible cries of pleasure. Sarah’s lips and tongue kept pushing her higher and higher and Jennifer just cried out, her whole body shaking in pleasure as Sarah kept fucking her and her girl cum threatening to explode all over Sarah’s cover girl face. Sarah could already feel the first drops of Jennifer’s orgasmic cream dripping onto her tongue and she gave one last hard push to Jennifer’s clit, sucking it like she was draining Jennifer of her very life’s essence. Sarah wanted that orgasm and when she finally felt Jennifer’s pussy walls tense up around her tongue she knew she had it.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jennifer screamed, not even bothering to try and mask her rapture. She screamed and bucked against Sarah’s face, giving her lover all the girl cum she wanted and more. It dripped down from Sarah’s lips, past her chin and right onto her sweater, staining it in the best way possible. Jennifer fed Sarah’s famished tongue all her cream and Sarah lapped up every bit she could, playing the slut to the hilt.

Having lost track of how many times she had gotten herself off through this, Sarah’s legs were wobbly when she finally pulled away from Jennifer’s sticky cunt. She managed to steady herself though and pull up to her feet. Sarah rebuttoned her jeans and kissed Jennifer passionately on the lips.

“Don’t forget to pull up your shorts Jen,” Sarah teased, giving her one last kiss on the cheek and leaving a lip mark of girl cum behind on her soft skin. Sarah then pushed the button again and the elevator resumed its journey upward.

“Oh Sarah…” Jennifer sighed, still not sure what had come over her friend, but hoping to see it again…and soon. “That was unbelievable.”

“Thank you,” Sarah smiled. “I just had to do that. Now you’ve got to do something for me.”

“Name it,” Jennifer said. “I’ll do anything.”

“Bring me to our room and tuck me in,” Sarah said sleepily. Her exhaustion was back and it brought friends with it. Now she was officially ready to call it a night, just as long as Jennifer was doing it with her.

* * * * *

Back across the country, Tara’s little soiree was going just as planned. She had managed to cook dinner for Rosario and Rachael without giving anyone food poisoning, which was a success in itself. Now Tara was hoping that the evening would continue to progress until she had successfully seduced Rosario, just like she’d done to Rachael.

Over the dinner the girls had spent plenty of time catching up. They really hadn’t spent much time together since “Josie and the Pussycats” had come out and during the filming they had become good friends. They had avoided any potential personality clashes and become close enough for Tara to have invited Rachael and Rosario to be part of her wedding. Of course the wedding to Carson hadn’t happened, but the friendship had survived. Unfortunately, except for a few times, when one would go hang out with the other, they really hadn’t spent any quality time together. Tonight was changing all that.

Tara and Rosario had done most of the gabbing that night and Rachael sat there, sipping some wine and wondering how she and Tara were going to do this. Seeing Rosario in the flesh again was making Rachael want her more with each passing second. Since Tara had seduced her and opened her eyes to the possibilities of the female sex, Rachael had entertained a few fantasies about their other gorgeous co-star and now that she was really here and the possibility existed that they’d be making love, Rachael felt excitement in every inch of her body. Rosario looked so hot sitting there in a red top and leather pants that hugged her body that Rachael was having trouble concentrating on anything besides how much she wanted her.

“You’re awfully quiet tonight Rach,” Rosario observed. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh it’s nothing, Rosie,” Rachael said, snapping to attention. “Just got a lot on my mind.”

“Anything good?” Rosario inquired. “I could use a good group therapy session tonight. After all when three hot, single girls get together they should spend their time bitching about men and trashing their shortcomings.”

“How ‘Sex and the City’ of you,” Tara laughed.

“Hey, all I need to know in life I learned from HBO,” Rosario declared, taking another sip of white wine in the process.

“Sounds like a good t-shirt,” Rachael observed. “You should market it or something.”

“Nah, let them cast me in a guest role on ‘The Sopranos’ first,” Rosario replied with a wide smile. “Until then, I’m not doing them any promotional favors.”

The three girls laughed and spent the next few moments catching up even more and talking about future plans, while they lounged around Tara’s kitchen table. Of all of them, Rosario certainly had the most buzz to her name these days and had the choice of the better scripts out there, but it wasn’t like any of them were starving.

“Ok, it’s tour time,” Tara declared, pushing her chair back and standing up. “You two are gonna see every inch of my little dream house and you’re gonna see it right now. I already know where everything is, so you two have to come.”

“Can we take the wine with us?” Rosario asked.

“Hell yeah,” Tara said, grabbing the bottle. “I wouldn’t even think of leaving it behind. C’mon, let’s go!”

Rachael and Rosario knew they had no choice but to comply with their bubbly friend. When she wanted something she usually found a way to get it. Rosario would have been perfectly happy just sitting back and talking, but she could handle a walking tour of Tara’s house. It wasn’t like it was a mansion or anything.

As for Rachael, she had to admit she was curious about what the rest of Tara’s place looked like. After all, the only room she’d really been in here was Tara’s bedroom and Rachael hoped they’d be there again soon. Rachael had never felt this giddily sexual before. She couldn’t believe she’d zoned out like that in the conversation earlier. If only Rosario had known what she had been thinking about. Rachael knew that her friends saw her as a bit of a wallflower sometimes and she wanted to surprise them with how naughty she could get.

Tara eagerly led her friends through her house. There were still a few unpacked boxes, but what the hell, she’d only been here a few months. There was too much other stuff to be bothered with silly stuff like that. She could always unpack later. Right now there was fun to be had.

Neither Rachael nor Rosario were much in the way of being techno geeks so they didn’t know heads or tails about most of the doodads and gizmos Tara had around the house. It seemed as though she was wired into just about everything and she seemed so happy about it. Of course it wasn’t like Tara knew much about it either. She had boys to help her set it everything up. She just wanted to know which button on which remote to press to make it all work.

By the time, Tara had pulled her friends outside, Rachael and Rosario were almost out of breath. Tara was just a bundle of energy though as she pulled them toward her ultimate destination.

“What do you think?” Tara asked as she lead them to the outdoor hot tub. The edge of the tub and the surrounding walls were made up of stacked rocks and from where it was set up, you had the perfect view of sunsets. Since it was already dark, the effect wasn’t there, but Rachael and Rosario got the general idea. There was a flowing stream of water flowing through the rocks and dripping down and it seemed very, very relaxing.

“It’s very nice,” Rosario said. “Seems like a great place to chill out.”

“It is…and there’s a lot of other things you can do there too,” Tara replied with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Ohhh been humping many water jets lately?” Rosario teased, making Tara blush just a tad and giving her all the answers she needed. “I knew it. You’re still all kinds of freaky, girl.”

“You have noooo idea,” Tara giggled in response. “So you two wanna take a dip?”

“I’d love to,” Rosario said, knowing that water would feel so good against her skin right then. “But I didn’t bring a suit or anything.”

“So, just go naked,” Tara suggested before taking the initiative by reaching down to turn on the jets. “It’s just us girls here and besides, it’s not like Rach and I haven’t seen all of you already.”

Suddenly it became crystal clear to Rachael what Tara had been planning. Getting naked in the hot tub with Rosario was such a hot idea that Rachael suddenly felt the impulse to just tear her clothes off and get in. She didn’t though, she still had that much inhibition left.

“Are you serious Tara?” Rosario asked as the bubbles quickly started up. “You want to get naked right here in the open.”

Tara then proceeded to show just how serious she was by setting down the bottle of wine and her glass and peeling her top over her head. She wore no bra and her firm tits were immediately exposed and Tara fought off a moan when she felt her nipples tighten under the night air.

“I guess you are serious,” Rosario replied as Rachael just stared on and watched her secret lover work her seduction mojo on their friend.

“No one can see,” Tara promised. “Besides, it’ll feel so good to be naked in there. What’s the matter Rosie? You go and get shy on us all of a sudden?”

Rosario could feel this little blonde minx was challenging her and she liked it. Tara was right about two things. She knew it would feel good to have that water against nothing but naked skin and it wasn’t like they hadn’t already seen each other in the buff. During the filming they had spent a lot of time together and had changed in front of each other on more than one occasion. They were well versed in each other’s naked bodies.

“Me? I’m not shy,” Rachael shot back. “Besides, Rachael’s the one here who looks like she’s about to swallow her tongue.”

“Who me?” Rachael demanded, coming to life suddenly and feeling a surge of energy through her body. “You think I’m shy? I’ll show you shy.”

Throwing inhibition to the wind, Rachael then reached down for her white shirt and pulled it over her head. Her hear was left a little mussed, but Rachael reached up quickly to straighten it out while she stood there in her bra. Feeling her heart pound in her chest, Rachael then pushed the envelope some more by reaching around back to undo the clasp of her bra. It slipped off her chest and exposed her firm, sexy breasts to her friends.

“You two are ganging up on me,” Rosario protested, unable to take her eyes off the half dressed girls in front of her.

“No we’re not…at least not yet anyway,” Tara said with a mysterious giggle. Rosario shot the blonde back a look that asked “What do you mean by that?” before she realized she truly was outnumbered.

“When in Rome…” Rosario smiled before reaching down to pull her own red top off. Like Tara she hadn’t bothered with a bra and her breasts quickly spilled out into the open. Rosario had the largest breasts of the trio and Tara and Rachael didn’t even pretend that they didn’t like what they saw. Rosario couldn’t help but notice that look, but she quickly shrugged it off. It was like they were looking at her sexually, but they couldn’t be. Could they? Nahhhhh.

The three girls then undressed in relative silence. Rachael and Tara already knew every inch of the other’s naked body, so they kept stealing glimpses of Rosario. Her creamy cocoa skin looked so beautiful under the night sky and the bright lights around the hot tub. Both Rachael and Tara felt their hearts flutter with excitement when Rosario lowered the red thong she had been wearing underneath her leather to expose a neatly trimmed triangle of dark curls that pointed straight down at the sexy site below it.

“Everybody in the pool,” Tara suggested with a smile and the three girls slipped their naked bodies inside the hot, bubbling water. They made sure their wine glasses weren’t too far out of reach and Tara helpfully gave everyone, especially herself, a refill. Rachael found herself in the middle, with Tara on her left and Rosario on her right. It was just where she wanted to be.

“Ohhhh this does feel good,” Rosario moaned happily as she felt the bubbles against her body. She needed to relax like this more often. That was part of the reason she so eagerly agreed to get together with Tara and Rachael. She just needed to kick back and chill with her friends for a while.

“Told ya it would,” Tara pointed out.

“Mmmm you were right, now shaddup,” Rosario teased with a big smile on her face as she closed her eyes. She loved how it felt and was happy she had let Tara talk her into it. Rosario certainly hoped that her reluctance from before didn’t make Tara and Rachael feel like she didn’t want to get naked with them. That was far from the case. In fact, they had no idea how much she wanted it.

“Hey…three hot, naked chicks in a hot tub, talk about every guy’s fantasy,” Rosario observed. “Too bad Taye Diggs isn’t here with a couple of his fine ass friends. Then we’d really be having fun.”

“Awwww screw guys, who needs them?” Tara said, shooting Rachael a wink that made her blush and giggle nervously.

“I’ll drink to that,” Rosario replied. The three girls then clinked their glasses together and did just that, drinking down their wine and letting the alcohol work it’s magic on them.

“So Rosie, are you striking out on the boyfriend front as much as we are?” Rachael asked.

“Probably even worse than you are,” Rosario answered. “If there’s a good man out there for me, he must be hiding or gay or both, because I sure as hell haven’t found him yet. I mean look at us…there’s no way girls who look like us shouldn’t have any trouble finding guys, but here we are, stuck with each other.”

“I don’t think it’s so bad to be stuck with you,” Rachael said affectionately, being bold as she dared by sliding her arm around Rosario’s shoulder and pulling them close together. It seemed just like a friendly gesture between girlfriends, but of course it meant much, much more.

“Ok, that came out wrong,” Rosario granted. “If I had to pick two girls to be stuck with for the rest of my life, it would be you two easy.”

“Thanks, I think,” Tara laughed. The other two joined her in that laughter and Tara proceeded to offer up a suggestion. “Anyone up for a movie? We’ve don’t even have to move an inch.”

Tara then indicated the flat screen TV right across from the hot tub. It was close enough to be seen perfectly from the water and far enough away to avoid any potential hazards. Tara thought it was perfect for relaxing and catching up on all the soap operas she’d Tivo’d during the day. Rachael knew what was coming and she shifted a bit nervously in the water, pulling her arm away from around Rosario’s shoulder. She wanted to do this, though. Her initial reservations had been alleviated and Rachael was filled with excitement.

“Great idea,” Rosario replied. “Just promise that it’s not ‘Pluto Nash’ ok?”

“I promise,” Tara said, picking up her remote and starting the tape she’d slid in just a short while ago.

Rosario picked up her wine glass and took another long sip. She wasn’t really paying attention to what was on the tape until she heard what could only be the sound of a woman in sexual heat. Rosario immediately perked up and felt a huge blow of shock hit her body when she saw what was onscreen. She had seen a lot of surprising things in her life, but none of that could compare to the utter stunned feeling Rosario had as she watched the tape of Rachael writhing naked on the bed as Tara tongue fucked her pussy. There was nothing staged about it. It was all real and Rachael was clearly loving it.

“No way…” Rosario murmured in disbelief. “No fucking way…”

Though she found it extremely difficult to tear her eyes away from the action on screen, Rosario managed to glance over and what she saw was more shocking than even what was on the tape. Mimicking the passion that was on display, Rachael and Tara were kissing each other deeply, while they caressed each other’s naked body and gave a live demonstration of the lust they felt.

“This is a joke, right?” Rosario demanded, having trouble finding her voice as she felt a huge wave of arousal overtake her body. “Some crazy joke.”

“It’s no joke Rosario,” Tara assured her friend. “Rachael and I are sleeping together. And we want you to join the fun too.”

Rosario shifted her gaze right to Rachael. Surely she’d let her know what was really going on here. They couldn’t be lovers. But all Rachael’s flushed, happy face did was confirm Tara’s statement.

“That’s right, Rosie,” Rachael said. “We want you too. It’s fun with two girls, but it’s not really a true pussycat reunion without you baby.”

“This is unbelievable,” Rosario declared. Tara and Rachael began kissing again and Rosario couldn’t take her eyes off them. Even though Rosario was visibly dumbstruck, Tara was very pleased with her reaction. She had been prepared for Rosario to leap right out of the tub and get out of the house as fast as she could. Rosario was showing no signs of wanting to leave and that meant she was at least intrigued by what she saw.

“Are you two playing me?” Rosario asked, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. “Swear you’re not playing me.”

“It’s no joke,” Rachael said. “We want you Rosario.”

“Have you ever been with a girl?” Tara asked and she and Rachael felt their own waves of surprise when Rosario began nodding her head.

“Yeah…a bunch of times,” Rosario answered. Her voice was a bit shier and softer than usual, but it was obvious her excitement was growing by the wide smile crossing her face.

“A bunch of times?” Rachael and Tara repeated in disbelief.

“Yeah…but not for a while,” Rosario elaborated. “Mostly when I was starting out and stuff…”

Rosario had always been around artistic people all throughout her life. She grew up in New York City and gravitated toward that city’s art and theater scene when she was very young. The people she was around didn’t slap labels on themselves. There weren’t “gay” or “straight” people. It was about the person you were with, not their sex. Many of Rosario’s earliest sexual experiences had been with women and she was more than open to all of life’s sexual possibilities. But the more famous she got, the more Rosario had found herself drifting toward men.

However, her lack of female love over the past few years, hadn’t stunted her imagination any. There were so many beautiful women in Hollywood and, even if Rosario was afraid of scandal by going after them, it didn’t mean she couldn’t fantasize about what she wanted to do to them. And two of the women she had fantasized about were sitting right next to her in the hot tub, naked and offering themselves to her.

During filming, Rosario had felt very close to Tara and Rachael and had entertained many a sexy thought about what she wanted to do to them. She hadn’t wanted to make a move though because their friendship had been very important to her during filming and she didn’t want to blow it by making a clumsy pass at them when she didn’t even know if they had the slightest leanings toward lesbianism. Of course now she knew differently.

“How long has this been going on?” Rosario asked. “If you two were getting it on while we were filming and didn’t tell me, I’m going to kick both of your asses right now.”

“Don’t do that,” Tara giggled as she pulled herself up and turned around to show off her bare backside to the increasingly aroused Rosario. “I’d much rather you were kissing it.”

“We didn’t start till just a few days ago,” Rachael explained. “I had never done anything like this before and then Tara just seduced me and I loved it and I knew I wanted more.”

“I’m new to this too,” Tara added as she slid back into the water. “But it’s like the best thing that ever happened to me. I started thinking about all the hot girls I knew that I missed having the chance with and I kept thinking of you Rosie. I want you baby. We both want you. Please let us play with you.”

“God yes, please…play with me,” Rosario moaned happily. “Just don’t be teasing me on this. You had better be straight with this and not just jerking me around. Are you two for real about this?”

“What does this tell you?” Rachael said, taking the initiative again and leaning over to share her first kiss with Rosario. Rachael’s wet hand tenderly caressed her friend’s face as they pressed their lips together in a sexy kiss. Rosario immediately saw there was nothing fake about this kiss and surrendered to it. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, allowing Rachael to slowly push her pink tongue inside. The two girls passionately kissed in the water as Tara moved herself over in the tub so she was at Rosario’s side too. The blonde then leaned in and added her own lips and tongue to the mix.

The video was still playing, but none of the girls paid any attention to it. They were having too much fun with each other to bother focusing on anything else. The sounds of the moaning on the tape were soon overshadowed by the moans they were making right there and then. Tara, Rachael and Rosario pressed their nude bodies together and kissed and caressed every bit of naked skin they could get. Their bodies rubbed together as they let loose all the mutual lust that they had built up for one another.

“This is too fucking wild…” Rosario laughed when they paused to breathe. “I fantasized about this. I can’t believe it’s actually happening.”

“It is,” Tara said. “We’re going to make you feel so good Rosie.”

As soon as she said that, Tara leaned down and took Rosario’s right breast in her hand. She gently caressed the large mound and lowered her mouth to her nipple. The dark nipple quickly swelled under Tara’s lips and Tara then began teasing it with her tongue, licking the tip and making Rosario so wet.

“Mmmmm ohhhh Tara…” Rosario moaned. “That’s it baby. Suck on my tittie. Get your tongue all over that nipple.”

Rachael could see the look of ecstasy passing over Rosario’s face and since there was a very beautiful and unoccupied breast right in front of her, she decided to join in the fun. Mimicking Tara, Rachael pushed her mouth to Rosario’s left breast and began kissing and licking all over her sexy flesh.

“Ohhh yessss more,” Rosario urged. “I love it! Get those tongues all over my tits! You’re making me so wet!”

Rosario still couldn’t believe this was happening. The last thing in the world she had expected when Tara had invited her over was that she’d be in a threesome with her friends. But here she was and it was feeling so fucking good. It had been a long time since Rosario had made love to another woman, but she knew she hadn’t forgotten how and she didn’t want to question how and why this had happened. She just wanted to do everything to her and make her come so she could do everything right back to them.

Nothing on the tape could compare to the sound of Rosario moaning as Rachael and Tara sucked on her breasts. They nursed on her hard nipples while their own pussies grew wetter and wetter. Rachael was feeling such a rush from doing this. She didn’t feel like a shy wallflower. She was sucking the tits of a beautiful naked woman alongside the girl who had shown her how hot women could be. It made her feel so sexual and filled her with raw carnality that had her pussy dripping inside the tub. This so wasn’t her and Rachael loved it.

Tara had none of the internal debate that Rachael had. She was all about lust for the hot girls she was sharing the hot tub with. She was ecstatic about how well it had worked out with Rosario. She had assumed she would need coaxing like Rachael had, but this just meant they’d get to the good part faster. Tara couldn’t wait to fuck Rosario with Rachael by her side. She was looking forward to a long night of fucking and licking until they’d come every last drop of girl cum they had.

Tilting her head back and moaning, Rosario felt the sensations fill her body. The bubbling water against her skin was good enough, but nothing could make her feel as good as her two friends kissing and licking her tits. She had never been with two girls before and her mind was wrapping around the sexy configurations they could put together. Her body was glowing both from the water on her flesh and from the perspiration of arousal that was starting up. Rachael and Tara were both so hot and so eager to make her feel good and Rosario held their heads down against her chest.

“Rosie, your breasts are so beautiful,” Rachael said in admiration.

“So are yours,” Rosario replied, reaching over to touch Rachael’s firm, pale breasts. “I love your body Rach.”

Rosario began playing with Rachael’s nipples, pinching them and teasing them while their lips pressed together. They kissed passionately while Tara continued sucking on her cocoa colored breasts. Tara had never been with someone with Rosario’s mixed heritage and she loved how her pale white skin looked against her friend’s naked body. It just turned her on more and she channeled that desire into her breast play on Rosario. Tara sucked on her friend’s hard nipples, tugging on them with her lips and making them swell with arousal as her hand began sneaking down toward between Rosario’s legs.

“Oooooh,” Rosario cried out, breaking her kiss with Rachael when Tara began rubbing her fingers against her slit. “Yes Tara…ohhhh God yess…feel how wet I am.”

“Get up on the edge,” Tara suggested. “I want to see your pussy Rosie.”

Rosario eagerly pulled herself out of the water and perched herself on the edge of the hot tub. She was just as excited to show her pussy to her friends as they were to see it. Rosario wanted them to know how wet she was and how bad she wanted them and she didn’t want any water getting in her way. As she dangled over the edge of the tub, her feet still in the water, Rosario spread her legs lewdly and smiled.

“Is this what you want to see Tara?” Rosario teased. “My hot, dripping pussy? Mmmmm see how wet it is, you and Rachael got it that way. Look at how nice and pink I am for you. Fuck me! Make me come you little sluts!”

She wasn’t always this nasty when it came to sex, but this was no mere sexual encounter for Rosario. This was the culmination of two years of pent up lust for Rachael and Tara. She’d dreamed of having them so many times when they’d done the movie and now she was going to make sure she got everything she wanted from them.

Fortunately, Rosario’s language did nothing to frighten off her two new lovers. In fact, it just made them more eager to have her. Tara’s hand grazed over Rosario’s spread lips and the girl quivered in response. Tara did it again and again and soon she was caressing Rosario’s wet slit with a gentle, but steady touch. Tara’s fingertips quickly became soaked as she played with Rosario’s pink folds.

While Tara’s hands were getting to work, Rachael got back to things with her mouth. She pulled herself up to and began kissing around Rosario’s thighs, nipping at her flesh just a little and getting her lips and tongue all over her friend’s sexy legs. Rachael was still seeking to overcome her relative inexperience at this, so she just let Rosario’s moans guide her. The more she cried out, the more Rachael did.

“God, you two are so hot,” Rosario sighed. “I wish I’d known you two were doing it. I wouldn’t have waited a second to get in on it. Show me what you do to each other. Kiss for me. I want to see you two make out.”

That was a request Tara and Rachael had no problem complying with. They pulled away from their spots on Rosario’s body and feel into each other’s arms. Tara wrapped her arms around Rachael’s bare back and rubbed her sexy skin ad they kissed. Rachael sucked on Tara’s tongue and made sure they were close enough for their tits to rub together. The two girls held each other tight in the water and closed their eyes, kissing with all the energy they could muster.

“Yessss…so hot…” Rosario moaned as she watched the show. They looked so beautiful making out with each other, Tara’s blonde hair rubbing against Rachael’s sexy face while their lips and tongues met with passion. They both were obviously familiar with the other’s kiss and Rosario couldn’t get enough of watching them. Her hands moved all over her body while she watched the show and soon she had one hand rubbing her pussy while the other grabbed at her own breasts. The moans Rosario created from touching herself didn’t escape the attention of her friends and they broke off the kiss to face her.

“Oh no…no touching yourself,” Tara chided.

“Yeah, that’s what we’re here for,” Rachael giggled. She couldn’t believe she was doing this to a friend of hers, but it felt so absolutely right.

If Rachael and Tara wanted to touch her, then Rosario certainly wasn’t going to fight them off. She welcomed them back to her body and they both pulled themselves up from the water so they could get better access to her. Tara went right back to Rosario’s breasts, getting her tongue back to work while Rachael tenderly kissed Rosario’s lips and then moved to her neck, kissing her up and down and making her gasp with desire as her lips and tongue teased her sensitive spot.

Rosario didn’t know of a single man or woman alive who didn’t love having attention paid to her neck and she was no exception. Her friends used to tease her that she must have been part vampire for all the hickeys she would give out and all the ones she would get right back.

“Ohhhhhh that’s the spot Rach,” Rosario purred. “Give it to me baby. Suck it right there. Mmmm bite it a little. Ohhhhhhh that’s it.”

Hearing Rosario’s sexy voice urging her on to do naughty things had Rachael almost giddy. Her own pussy was close to dripping and she tried to focus solely on Rosario and not her own needs. That became very hard though when one finger, and then two, slipped into her tight pussy. Rachael gasped at the sudden invasion and looked down to see Tara grinning and winking at her while she filled her mouth with Rosario’s tits. While she licked all over Rosario’s dark flesh, Tara began finger fucking Rachael and the girl loved it, immediately joining Rosario in the moaning department.

“Don’t stop Rach,” Rosario begged. “Please don’t stop.”

Rachael definitely didn’t want to stop and she worked to maintain a balance between the pleasure she was feeling and the pleasure she wanted to give. It was her first threesome too and she hoped it wasn’t going to be her last. She was eager to get lots and lots of practice.

“Mmmm you’re so wet,” Tara said, pulling away from Rosario’s breasts and looking right down at her pussy. The dark hairs of her bush were dripping wet from the water and from her girl juice. Tara loved looking at it, but wanted to do a hell of a lot more than look. “I have to have a taste.”

“No one’s stopping you,” Rosario replied. “Do it Tara! Get your taste! Lick my pussy!”

With full permission now granted, Tara moved herself away from a disappointed Rachael so she was hovering right above Rosario’s wetness. She breathed in deep the scent of her arousal and plunged her tongue right inside. Since Rosario had been helpful enough to leave her pussy spread, Tara was easily able to dive in and begin feasting on the wetness that lay before her.

“OHHHHHHHHH!!!” Rosario cried out. Feeling Tara’s tongue plunging inside her cunt was like a shock wave of pleasure hitting her body. Rosario grabbed Rachael and brought her lips to hers. They frantically French kissed each other while Tara lapped away at Rosario’s wetness.

Rachael added to Rosario’s pleasure by kissing and groping her body in a passionate frenzy. Rosario kicked herself for never having done a threesome earlier. She had missed out on so much pleasure. The double stimulation she was getting here was like nothing she had ever felt. Meanwhile, while she was only too happy to kiss Rosario, Rachael’s wandering eye couldn’t help but see Tara’s ass rise up, water dripping off her firm, sexy cheeks while she tongued their friend into rapture.

It was such a sexy sight to see Tara’s ass wiggling in the air while her tongue was playing. Rachael didn’t want to leave Rosario, but she needed to be with Tara at that moment. Rachael left Rosario with a sexy kiss on the lips and a silent promise that she’d be back later and slipped back into the tub to have a go at Tara.

Unaware of where Rachael was headed, Tara continued to lick Rosario’s amazing pussy. She was as spicy as her personality and Tara loved how hot her juices were against her tongue. Tara had been craving pussy all morning and tasting her own juices after she’d masturbated just wasn’t enough. Now she had what she really wanted and Tara was immediately gaga over her friend’s taste.

“Ohhhh yesss mmmmmm gimmie more,” Rosario continued to moan. “I love it Tara. Yesssss your tongue is so good.”

Tara was so focused on getting Rosario off she didn’t even notice that Rachael was coming up behind her with a hungry look in her eyes. She didn’t hear the splashing in the water as Rachael sunk to her knees and crawled to her and Tara remained blissfully unaware until she suddenly felt a pair of hands gripping her ass.

“Rach?” Tara inquired, a little bit surprised she was back there, but very happy to see it. She had assumed Rachael was still up front, working over Rosario’s tits.

“Let’s see if your pussy tastes as good as I remember it,” Rachael said with a sexy, feline growl to her voice. Rachael kept her hands latched to Tara’s butt cheeks and used her grip to spread her friend open. As soon as she did, she slid her tongue over Tara’s cuntlips from behind, sampling Tara’s sexual flavor.

“Mmmmm it’s even better than I remember,” Rachael grinned before pushing her tongue deep inside Tara’s wet snatch. She had wondered to herself if she would be as into this as she was her first time when it was so new and exciting, but Rachael no longer had that fear. She was totally into this and she wanted to get Tara off so bad. Tara’s pussy still had that sweet, bubbly taste to it that Rachael loved. She could probably bottle Tara’s juices up and sell them as champagne.

“Awwwwwww fuck yes Rach!” Tara groaned, pulling away from Rosario. “That’s it baby! Just like last time! Eat my wet little pussy! Get your fucking tongue inside me!”

“NO!!! DON’T STOP!!!” Rosario frantically begged, grabbing Tara by her blonde hair and making sure she couldn’t get away. “Please don’t stop Tara! I’ve wanted this for so long! Please make me come!”

“What did you used to do to yourself?” Tara inquired. She didn’t even try to wiggle away from Rosario’s grip. “Did you used to dream naughty dreams about us and finger yourself? Tell me what you did Rosie? Did you play with your wet pussy thinking of me and Rachael?”

“Yessssss…ohhhhh yesss I did,” Rosario admitted. “I did…I fingered myself thinking of you. It was so hot. I played with my pussy wishing it was you and Rachael. I’d use my vibe on myself and slam myself in the shower…ohhhhhhhh it was so fucking hot! I need this Tara! I’m so close to coming! Please don’t make me wait!”

Tara could easily see that Rosario wasn’t exaggerating. She was close. Tara used her fingers to slide open her friend’s lips even further and her swollen clit was easily visible. It ached with need and Tara immediately went to tend to it. Tara dragged her tongue over Rosario’s clit, making it pulse for her before pushing her face down to it and sucking it hard.

“AHHHHHH YESSSS!!!” Rosario screamed. “Suck it Tara! Work that clit baby! Work it just like that! Ohhhhhhhh it’s sooooooo good…just like I knew it would be!!!”

Rosario’s rich juices were all over Tara’s tongue and she lusted for more. She wanted that girl cum all over her face and Tara was giving Rosario everything she had. She wanted her friend to come and Tara’s head was buzzing not just from the juices delighting her taste buds, but from the sensations Rachael was giving to her. Rachael’s technique was still uneven, but it was so energetic. Tara wanted to cry out to her friend and tell her how much she loved what Rachael was doing to her, but she didn’t want to even think about pulling away from Rosario now.

The closer Rosario got to orgasm, the harder Tara gave it to her, until she was almost shaking on the edge of the tub. Rosario hadn’t felt this much pleasure in what seemed like forever. There was so much lust around her that it was intoxicating. Rosario looked down to see Tara’s face buried in her pussy and then glanced up to see Rachael in between Tara’s ass cheeks, gripping her tightly while her happy tongue slid in and out. It was so hot to see and Rosario could sense that this would not be the last time they would be doing this. There would be many more hot nights like this.

“Fuck me Tara!” Rosario begged, as her legs thrashed in the water, kicking up a storm. “Fuck me with that hot little tongue of yours! Make me come you nasty fucking slut!”

Tara loved hearing that. It’s what she was…a nasty fucking slut. She’d done Shannon and Mena and Rachael and now she was doing Rosario. She’d fucked her friends and she wanted more. She wanted to do them all again and again. She wanted Rosario to fuck her face until she creamed all over her tongue and then force her down to do it all again. Tara wanted it all. She wanted to be a slut and she didn’t care who judged her anymore.

As Rosario’s cries got more frenzied, Tara alternated between hard tongue lashes at her cunt and long, passionate sucks of her clit. Rosario humped her face and Tara got more girl cum on her skin with every buck of her new lover’s hips. Tara could taste how close she was and she increased her efforts. Her tongue was tireless and Tara didn’t want to even break for oxygen. All she wanted was Rosario’s orgasm.

“Come for me baby,” Tara gurgled through a mouthful of pussy. “Come for me you hot fucking bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh keep licking me and I’ll…I’ll show you who the…fuck…fucking bitch is,” Rosario groaned, her need dripping from every syllable that escaped her mouth. Rosario screamed out again when Tara’s tongue hit a sensitive spot on her clit, so the blonde immediately seized upon it. Tara hit the spot again and kept at it with her tongue, hitting her target until Rosario couldn’t take any more.

Rosario’s cries of passion were so much that Rachael pulled her wet face up from Tara’s pussy just to watch her come. Rachael’s face became covered in a giddy smile when she saw Rosario thrash about on the edge of the tub. Her heavy breasts jiggled with every buck and lurch and Rachael felt a slight twinge of jealousy when she saw Rosario hump Tara’s face. Rachael wanted to be the one tasting her, but she consoled herself with the fact that she knew she’d have her own chance soon.


Tara happily drank down as much of Rosario’s cream as she could get down her throat. Tara was amazed at the strength of her friend’s orgasm. Did she always come this much? Tara was dying to know. She lapped away at Rosario’s pussy, the walls clamping tightly around her tongue while she relished the taste of her creamy release.

Rosario screamed until her voice was hoarse, no doubt alerting the neighbors as to what was going on, but she didn’t care and neither did the others. All that mattered was them. Rosario moaned in satisfaction before lying her head gently down on the ground, a content smile crossing her face.

“Mmmmm Tara, you looked so hot making Rosie come,” Rachael said, offering her feedback on the hot performance. “Now you get your reward. Now you get to come.”

“Oooooh yes that’s what I want,” Tara squealed, wiggling her little butt in Rachael’s face and imploring her for more. “Fuck me Rach! Eat my pussy! Please baby!”

Saying please wasn’t even necessary, Rachael was happy to get back to work. But she was feeling bolder than she’d ever felt before and she decided to tease Tara a little first. Rachael had a naughty side that popped up when she was really turned on, and that side was coming out to play.

“You’re so hot Tara,” Rachael said, placing a wet kiss on each of Tara’s cheeks as she slid her fingers over her pussy. “Did you like fucking Rosie? Did her cum taste good? Is she a nasty girl like you?”

“Ughhhhh oh yesssss…” Tara grunted and groaned. “Mmmmm she’s nasty just like me! God, we’re all fucking sluts! All of us! Bad nasty girls!”

“I am NOT a nasty girl or a slut,” Rachael claimed with mock outrage. “I’m a good girl! You’re the nasty slut Tara! You’re the bad girl who set this up! Maybe I should spank you…but you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Mmmmhmmmm,” Tara replied enthusiastically. “I’d love it!”

“I knew you would, nasty girl,” Rachael teased, her fingers grazing Tara’s slit, but not penetrating her. “Maybe I should just let you suffer and not come?”

“Noooo…don’t tease!” Tara begged. “Make me come! Please!”

“Do you want me to finger you Tara?” Rachael asked, remembering how Tara had teased her during their first encounter as she rubbed one finger right up against Tara’s pussy lips. “Or would you rather I jammed my tongue up your pussy and licked you?”

“Mmmm just make me come,” Tara replied. “I need it!”

“Give it to her Rach…give that slut what she needs,” Rosario grinned, she had propped herself up on her elbows and was eagerly watching the show. She was quickly recovering from her orgasm and already had her hands all over her naked body, caressing her tits and teasing her pussy with her fingers. “Make her come!”

“Please…don’t tease me…don’t make me wait,” Tara whined, her eyes in full puppy dog mode. Rachael couldn’t resist a look like that and smiled wickedly as she brought her face back down to Tara’s pussy. Her tongue easily slid inside again and Tara’s body immediately began rocking in the water.

“Oooooooh tongue me Rach!” Tara urged. “Lick all that slutty cum out of my pussy! Make me come all over your face just like Rosie came all over me!”

Upon hearing that, Rosario perked up and took a good look at Tara’s pretty face. Her skin was shiny and her hair matted to her forehead in places. Rosario thought Tara never looked hotter than she did then, covered in her girl cum and she just had to show her friend how much she appreciated it. Pulling herself up, Rosario got back inside the hot tub and got herself face to face with Tara.

“Your tongue felt so good inside me,” Rosario said before taking Tara’s face in her hands and kissing her deeply. Tara was now on her hands and knees and she moaned loudly into Rosario’s mouth as Rachael hit her spot with her eager tongue. Rosario hungrily sucked on her tongue, leaving Tara happily gasping for breath when she finally pulled away. Deciding that Tara’s pussy was being well taken care of by Rachael, Rosario quickly found another spot on the blonde’s body that needed some loving attention.

“Mmmmm I love these hot little tits of yours,” Rosario admired, her hands grasping Tara’s firm breasts and squeezing them gently. “Would you like it if I got them in my mouth?”

“Please…do it…” Tara groaned. “Play with them! Suck on my little titties!”

Sinking to her knees, that was just what Rosario did. She craned her neck to bring her mouth to Tara’s breasts. Her nipples were already hard and Rosario began flicking them with her tongue, making Tara coo for more. Rosario’s tongue was lightning fast as she battered Tara’s nipples back and forth. By the time she opened her mouth to suck on the firm mounds, Tara was going crazy with lust.

“Gawwwwd…I’m gonna come!” Tara announced. “Make me come Rach! Eat my pussy! Ohhhhhhhh do it just like you did the other day!”

After getting her fill of pussy juice, for now, Rachael moved her tongue over to Tara’s clit. She went right for it and gave it a good, long suck that made Tara groan and shake a little inside the water. Rachael loved how her friend’s clit would swell between her lips and she knew it wasn’t going to be long before she came, but Rachael did notice a slight problem.

“God…we’re getting so pruny,” Rachael joked as she noticed her hands were wrinkling up from the hot water. “Anyone else want to change positions?”

“Ohhhh I don’t care as long as I come,” Tara answered.

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll get yours,” Rachael promised before giving Tara a playful slap on the ass. Tara giggled and jumped out of the hot tub. She ran inside her house, dripping water the whole way and quickly ran back out with a big fluffy blanket.

“This will be more comfy than some rocks,” Tara laughed before setting down the blanket and lying flat down on her back, while she began sucking her own fingers. “Now get back to it Rach.”

“Impatient slut,” Rachael teased, but she didn’t mind Tara’s attitude one bit. It was a compliment to her tonguing ability. She and Rosario joined their naked friend on the blanket and she was about to dive back in when suddenly she was stopped.

“Wait,” Rosario said. “I want a taste. Please Rach. Let me lick her.”

“Be my guest,” Rachael replied. She was disappointed that she wasn’t going to get the chance to eat Tara out, but she was also excited about the opportunity she saw for her own pleasure.

For the moment, though, Rachael was content to watch as Rosario got down on her knees on the blanket and kissed Tara’s wet cunt. Rosario smiled as she tasted sweet girl cum against her lips for the first time in ages. Absence really did make the heart grow fonder.

Rosario kissed Tara’s pussy again and then dragged her tongue up her slit in a sexy, tantalizing maneuver. Tara shivered with desire and moaned for more, her hands all over her own tits, tugging on her nipples and spreading her own saliva all over her chest. Rosario’s hot breath felt so good against her wetness, but Tara couldn’t help indulging herself.

“Rosie, spit in my pussy!” Tara requested. “Do it please! Make me even wetter! Fill my pussy with your spit!”

“Mmmm you are a nasty girl,” Rosario grinned. “Good thing I love nasty girls.”

Rosario spread open Tara’s pussy lips, gathered up her saliva and spit right into her pinkness. Tara groaned in lust and Rosario did it again, letting her saliva drip down from her lips and into Tara’s hot box. Tara’s face showed this was well appreciated and the moans increased when Rosario got her tongue back to work inside her.

Meanwhile, Rachael only had eyes for Rosie. Ever since Tara had first taken her, Rachael had discovered a whole new appreciation for the human body and she found herself captivated by Rosario’s gorgeous ass. It was curvy in all the right places, and Rachael couldn’t help but kiss it and press her pale hands to her dark skin. Rosario moaned in appreciation, but didn’t stop licking Tara’s tight snatch.

The more Rachael worshipped Rosario’s hot ass, the hornier she got. By the time she had covered her cheeks in wet kiss marks, Rachael was fingering herself and was ready for more. She’d been waiting for this orgasm since Tara had called her that morning and she didn’t want to wait another second. Rachael got up off her knees and walked over to where Tara lay flat on her back, writhing from Rosario’s tongue.

“I’m so wet Tara,” Rachael moaned as she brought her fingers up from her pussy and licked them clean. “Think you might want to help me out?”

“Get that pussy on my face Rach,” Tara ordered. “Let me make you come!”

That was just what Rachael wanted to hear and she immediately complied. She placed her pussy right up against Tara’s lips, the soft fur of her bush tickling Tara’s nose in a most delightful way. Tara didn’t waste a second before getting her tongue back to work. She could still taste Rosario all over her lips and tongue and now she wanted to add Rachael’s flavor to the mix.

“Mmmmm Taraaaa!” Rachael moaned happily. “Lick meeeee! Make it sooooooo good…just like last time!”

Rosario immediately saw that Rachael riding her face was making Tara hornier. A rush of hot girl juice greeted her tongue and Rosario felt Tara’s clit throb as soon as Rachael’s snatch was rubbing her lips. Doing this reminded Rosario of why she had loved being with women so much. She couldn’t even remember why she had stopped in the first place, but whatever the reason, she was ignoring it now.

“That’s it Tara…eat Rach’s pussy,” Rosario ordered. “Get your tongue in her wet cunt. Make her come while I make you come.”

Tara moaned and cried out from the intense pleasure Rosario’s tongue was bringing her, but Rachael’s yummy, wet pussy against her face muffled it all. Tara relished her friend’s flavor. It was just like she had been before, except better because Rachael wasn’t holding back or feeling any nerves. She was totally into this and it made her pussy even hotter.

“Ohhhhh Tara…yes baby…ooooooh…” Rachael cried, dropping the words “bitch” and “slut” from her vocabulary now that she was the one who wanted to come. She only had sweet words of desire for her blonde friend and Tara responded with a flurry of hard, sexy licks of her clit. It was a little hard for Rachael to get used to this position, but it was the same principle as riding a guy. It was just that instead of a hard, pulsing cock inside her, it was a soft, sexy tongue. It was all about riding, though, and Rachael loved to ride. She ground her pussy against Tara’s face and felt her orgasm approach. Rachael wanted to hold on, but she couldn’t help it. Tara’s tongue inside her felt too good for her to stop her orgasm from getting closer.

Just as Rachael had, Rosario was quick to fall under the spell of Tara’s flavor. It was like champagne…or maybe more like a fruity wine cooler. Whatever it was, Rosario loved it and she let Tara know by fucking her pussy hard with her tongue. Rosario knew a lot about how to get a woman off and, in her experience, a good tongue fuck always did wonders for making a girl come, especially when it was her tongue doing the fucking.

Rosario pushed her tongue in and lapped away at Tara’s clit. She didn’t suck on it, instead she wrapped her tongue around it and gave it a full lick, covering all of Tara’s pleasure center and making her quiver on the blanket. She was so close to coming and Rosario gave it to her with steady passion, pushing Tara higher and higher.

Tara could feel her body tensing up and she knew it was time. She couldn’t hold back anymore. Rosario’s tongue felt so good in her pussy. It rivaled Love and Christina for pure skill and she hoped that she’d be feeling it again and again. Tara tried to keep her focus on Rachael, but she couldn’t help it. The pleasure was too much.

“OHHHHHHHHH!!!” Tara cried out in orgasmic delight before Rachael clamped her mouth shut by pressing her pussy back against it. Tara came with a sweet rush against Rosario’s tongue. Rosario let the sugary sweetness of Tara’s come coat her pink tongue, before letting it drip down her throat and into her eager belly. She’d been so hungry for girl cream and she hadn’t even known it, so Rosario made sure she got every drop possible in her mouth. Tara’s body shook on the blanket and Rosario steadied her legs with her hands.

When Tara finished her orgasm, she lay back and sighed happily, but an impatient Rachael reminded her that she couldn’t drift off into dreamland yet. She still had a job to do.

“Don’t stop Tara!” Rachael groaned. “Make me come! God, I’m close! Please!”

Summoning up her energy, Tara got back to the beautiful pussy right up against her face. Remembering how good it had felt before to have Rachael’s hands gripping her cheeks, Tara returned the favor and got her own hands on Rachael’s cheeks. As Rosario watched closely, Tara squeezed Rachael’s ass and let her fuck her face. Rachael rubbed her wet pussy all over Tara’s skin while the blonde’s tongue licked her clit so well.

“Ughhhhh yessss…sooooo close…more…please!” Rachael begged. “God it feels so fucking good! Lick my pussy baby! Oh Tara! Tongue me!”

Rosario never thought she’d ever see anything as sexy as her two friends going at it and it made the show that much better. She could see the sweat dripping off of Rachael’s face and the way her tits bounced up and down. Rachael was close and Rosario was dying to see her come.

“Cream her face Rach!” Rosario said. “Drip those sexy juices onto Tara’s tongue. Come for her! Come for me! Do it now Rach!”

Hearing Rosario cheering her on combined with Tara’s tongue against her clit to have an amazingly sexy effect on Rachael. She felt a wave of arousal hit her and she was about to warn Tara that she was coming. It was too late though and before Rachael could even open her mouth she was screaming in ecstasy.

“MMMMMMM COMMMMMINGGGGG!!!” was all the warning Tara got as Rachael’s spasming cunt creamed her face. Tara continued licking Rachael’s clit, the taste of her juices giving her more and more energy. Tara went after Rachael with increased passion as she came, making sure her cream found a happy home in her mouth.

Rachael grabbed her own tits and squeezed them as she came, rocking her pussy against Tara’s beautiful face. Rachael gasped and grunted incomprehensibly, but the language wasn’t necessary. Her body spoke all the words that needed to be said.

When Rachael finally came down from her orgasmic high, she found Tara and Rosario waiting for her. They snuggled together on the blanket, sharing several sexy, three way kisses. They could all taste each other on their lips and they treasured their mutual afterglows.

“Mmmm anyone object if I turned this into a slumber party?” Tara suggested with a smile. Immediately Rachael and Rosario agreed, with one condition.

“Just as long as it’s clothing optional,” Rosario grinned.

* * * * *

As Tara’s party was reaching its sexy conclusion. Christina’s was just getting started. By the time Carmen and Pamela walked in, the music was already pumping and the booze already flowing. Most of Christina’s guests had arrived by then, so there was close to 30 people there.

Though she had never been to the mansion before, Carmen immediately felt at home from the first second she walked in. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and just kicking it and that was a language Carmen spoke fluently. She hadn’t been sure what kind of place this was going to be. Pamela had been so mysterious about all of it, but it sure looked like fun to her.

“Is it always like this?” Carmen asked, having to raise her voice to be heard above the music.

“It’s not usually this loud,” Pamela laughed as she saw what Christina had done to the place. She had seen Sarah’s temper before and Pamela wondered what the sexy slayer would say if she saw the jumble of guests in her home. “It’s a little different from the last time I was here.”

Carmen’s instant comfort was helped by the fact that she already knew a lot of the people there. She didn’t recognize a lot of the guys there, but it sure seemed like Christina had invited a lot of black guys. Carmen recognized most of the girls though. Most of them were dancers at the Pussycat Dolls show and Carmen not only did the Los Angeles show with them, but she’d been touring a lot with them lately too. She and Pamela shared warm hugs and kisses hello with the dancers as they grabbed wine glasses from a blonde girl in a French maid’s outfit and helped themselves to a drink.

It seemed to Carmen and Pam that anyone who had ever been associated with the show was at the party tonight, a fact that was hammered home when Christina Applegate emerged from the crowd to greet them.

“Hey girls, some party, huh?” Christina said, giving Pam and Carmen kisses on the cheek

“You ever been here before?” Pamela asked, inquiring delicately as she could how much Christina knew about the place.

“No, I didn’t even know Christina had a place in Malibu and then boom…out of the blue I get this invitation,” Christina said.

“It’ll be confusing having the two of you together in a room, you know,” Carmen pointed out.

“Yeah I guess so,” Christina said. “I’ve never really thought of that before. I guess she can call herself Chrissy or whatever the hell she calls herself now.”

“Xtina,” Pamela stated.

“Whatever,” Christina replied. “She can call herself Queen of the World, as long as I’m having a good time, I don’t give a fuck.”

At that very moment, the Queen of the World herself stood up on a chair and began knocking a spoon on a champagne glass. Over the music and chatter, no one heard her and no one noticed either when she called for everyone’s attention. Finally she amped up the volume.

“EVERYBODY SHUT UP!!!” Christina screamed and a hush fell over the party.

“Thank you,” Christina said in a much calmer voice. “I’ll bet you’re wondering why I invited you all here and it’s not just so you could all stare at my tits all night.”

“Yeah just most of the night,” Alyssa whispered to Gwen as they stood off to the side. Gwen giggled in response and quickly brought her hand up to her mouth to stifle any more laughter. As it was Christina was in a tight black dress that was cut open in the middle part of the way to expose her midriff. It hugged her young body and was cut low to expose the maximum amount of cleavage allowed under law.

“I’m here because Britney and I have an announcement to make,” Christina declared. “C’mere Britney.”

Britney emerged from the crowd carrying a bunch of papers in her hand. She was still dressed sexy, but covered up much more than Christina did. Britney was in a loose red dress and a push up bra and that hefted her already large tits to porno star proportions. Next to Christina’s dress, she looked like a nun however.

“We’re going into business together,” Britney announced. “Me and Chrissy. We’re gonna shake up the music industry.”

A few laughs of disbelief and snickers filled the room, but since it was full of Christina’s friends and fuck buddies they were mostly respectful.

“See this?” Christina said, grabbing the papers from Britney’s hand. “These are our contracts with our labels. See what I’m doing to them?”

Christina reached for a bottle of vodka and splashed it all over the papers. She then took a match, struck it against her leg and dropped it on the papers. They ignited quicker than she expected and she screamed in surprise as she dropped them to the floor. Luckily Fluffy was on hand with a fire extinguisher and deftly avoided an emergency by snuffing out the blaze.

“Oooopsie,” Christina giggled nervously as Britney’s eyes showed a touch of massive relief that the house wasn’t about to burn down. “As I was saying…Britney and I are making our own label. So this is no mere party…this is the kickoff party for Desire Records. It’s for our desire to succeed on our own terms and also for the desire I know each and every one of you have to fuck us.”

The people laughed, but Christina did have a point. The air was filled with sexual tension and everyone knew it. The Pussycat dancers were flirting with everyone, male or female and no one would have been shocked to see people start fucking each other right out in the open. It hadn’t happened yet, but the tantalizing possibility hung over everyone and everything. It was the natural result of sticking a large group of sexually charged people together in a house.

Alyssa couldn’t help but notice it and it was even getting her excited. She hadn’t liked the idea for the party, but if an orgy had broken out, she wouldn’t have done a thing to stop it and she didn’t think Gwen would do anything either, except join in with her.

Even if they weren’t into guys that night, there were plenty of girls for them to choose from. Alyssa had seen girls like Charlize Theron and Brittany Murphy wandering around and she thought she recognized a few porn stars there too. Alyssa ordinarily wouldn’t have recognized a porn star, but Love had been too eager to welcome her to the house a few weeks back by showing her a lot of the tapes in her collection and Alyssa had picked up quite an appreciation for the stuff. Alyssa also recognized many of the dancers from Pussycat Dolls. When Maxim had done a profile on the show, they had featured the dancers and Alyssa had looked at the pictures with predatory interest.

Before Alyssa could get too much into thinking about the hot female bodies all around her, she heard the distant sound of the phone ringing. Feeling like a teenager whose parents were calling to check up on things, Alyssa ran into the kitchen to catch the call.

“Hello?” Alyssa asked, breathlessly.

“Ooooh what’s going on over there to have you so out of breath,” a familiar female voice said on the other end.

“Hey Jewel,” Alyssa smiled. “How’s it going?”

“Well we did a concert in Ithaca tonight,” Jewel replied. “Good crowd too. I met the president of my fan club there. Her name’s Amy.”

“Was she nice?” Alyssa asked, keeping an eye on the party while hoping Jewel wouldn’t find out what was going on. She didn’t want word getting back to Sarah.

“Mmmm very nice,” Jewel moaned. “In fact she’s been showing me how nice she is all night long…”

Jewel let out another moan as Amy hit a sensitive spot in her pussy with her eager tongue. When Amy had come backstage to introduce herself, Jewel had thought she was cute, but hadn’t been sure she’d be interested in something like this. Of course soon Jewel found out how interested Amy was and the cute little brunette with the pierced nose and adorable smile was all too eager to show Jewel what a good fan she was.

Amy had told Jewel that all she wanted that night was to eat her out until dawn, making her come and come and come, with no reciprocation necessary. Jewel had enthusiastically accepter her offer and now they were naked in her hotel room having some serious girl on girl fun.

“You slut,” Alyssa laughed. “Did you call me up all the way from New York just to tell me you’re getting your box munched by some slut fan of yours?”

“That’s about the size of it,” Jewel grinned. “You jealous?”

“Always,” Alyssa said, licking her lips. “But I’m pretty sure I can drum up my own action for the night if I look hard enough.”

Alyssa looked up as the doors to the kitchen opened and one of the dancers wandered in, leading some guy Alyssa recognized as a semi-famous rapper. She couldn’t place his name, but who could tell any of these guys apart anymore? Alyssa recognized the dancer as Nadine and she immediately eyed over her beautiful black skin and the large tits that threatened to pop out of the red top she was wearing. It was an outfit that would have made Lil Kim jealous and Alyssa liked what she saw, especially when Nadine pushed her guy against the table, pulled out his cock and sunk to her knees in front of it.

“So what’s going on there?” Jewel asked through her moans.

“Oh…same old, same old” Alyssa replied, her eyes still locked on the show.

* * * * *

Far away from party land, Love and Rose were in their cell stewing.

“This is unfucking believable,” Rose growled as she sat on the bed in the cell. Love sat beside her looking worried.

“Rose what about your…you know?” Love asked. She didn’t want to mention Rose’s case, but she was worried this would make things worse.

“Don’t worry Love,” Rose sighed. “This is just bullshit. What are they going to do, throw us in jail forever for speeding? They’re just being assholes…little pig assholes.”

Love felt a little better when she saw Rose wasn’t concerned. She wasn’t worried about these charges. Love knew they were stupid and that they could just pay their fine in the morning and go, but she just didn’t want Rose’s legal troubles to mount. She still felt like Rose was in trouble because of her and she would do anything to get her out of it, even if it was just a stupid speeding ticket.

Meanwhile a few rooms over, the six active members of the Paradise Sheriff’s Department had gathered together, not believing their luck.

“I still can’t believe you didn’t recognize them Big John,” Deputy Jimmy Savage said.

“Yeah, what are you, fucking blind?” Deputy Tony Cortez added.

“Look when you break the law, it doesn’t matter who you are,” John said as he typed up the report of the incident at his desk. “It could have been the President in the car and I still would have pulled them over. Lawbreakers are lawbreakers and nothing more.”

“Yeah whatever there robocop,” Deputy Ricky Sanchez said. “But how could you not have taken them and let them beg their way out of the ticket. I heard these Hollywood types are all sluts. I mean, did you see those tits of theirs?”

“You don’t get to beg your way out of a ticket,” John stated firmly. “When you break the law, you go to jail.”

“Maybe someone should go check on them?” Deputy Kirk Codlin said. “We should make sure they’re ok.”

“You go do that then, rookie,” Deputy David Garland replied. “And if they need any special attention, you just call on me.”

Kirk walked out of the office and toward the jail cells. They were all empty except for the one Love and Rose were in. Usually they had a drunk or two in there too, but tonight had been very quiet. The girls were the only arrests so far and Kirk was a little concerned about them. He didn’t want them thinking they were being railroaded or anything. Kirk had only been with the department for 10 months now and they sure as hell were the hottest things he had ever seen here. He didn’t want them thinking they were all assholes here.

They weren’t supposed to even be in the same cell together, but with the sheriff out of town., they had supposed a few roles could be bent. So, since Love and Rose were adamant about not being separated, they had let them stay together. Kirk walked toward the cell and found them next to each other, Love’s head slumped on Rose’s shoulder.

“Are you ok in there?” Kirk asked. “Not too cold or anything?”

“Yeah, like you really care,” Love snapped. “Just leave us alone.”

“I just wanted to see if you needed anything,” Kirk claimed.

“We need to get out of here,” Rose shot back. “So be a good boy, open the fucking door and let us go.”

“I can’t do that,” Kirk said. “The Justice of the Peace will be here tomorrow morning to issue your fine and then you can go. It’s just one night. We won’t treat you bad. I promise. If there’s anything you need, just call, ok? I’ll be here all night watching you.”

“Just leave us alone,” Love repeated, much less angrily this time. Kirk didn’t seem as bad as the other cop who’d arrested them.

“Yeah I’ll bet he’ll be here all night watching us,” Rose muttered as Kirk walked away. “Perv.”

“He is kind of cute though…we could do worse,” Love said. She was taken by Kirk’s charm. All the guys she had seen here before were young, but he didn’t look much older than she was.

“Oh my God Love…we’re in jail and you’re checking the fucking cops out,” Rose laughed. “God, you are a fucking slut. No joke.”

“Shut up,” Love said, shoving Rose playfully. “I’m not a slut…not like that anyway.”

The laughter helped break the tension in the cell. If Rose wasn’t going to be worried about this, then neither was Love. This whole thing was more silly and annoying than anything else and Kirk really was cute. Love had always had a thing for guys in uniform and, to her eyes, Kirk filled out his uniform very nicely.

“You are totally a slut,” Rose teased. “Why don’t you just call him back in here and ask if you can suck him off? Maybe he’ll let us out of jail if you do.”

Rose had been joking when she said it, but the idea suddenly struck both of them. Neither girl said anything, but their imaginations were working overtime.

“Would you like to see that Rose?” Love asked, her voice totally serious. “Would you like to see me suck his cock so he’ll let us out of jail. I’d do it you know. I’d do it for you.”

Rose looked down and saw how Love’s nipples were straining against her dress. Wanting to investigate further, Rose slid her hand up Love’s dress and found her pussy already getting wet.

“You little slut,” Rose marveled, a grin crossing her face. “You would do it, wouldn’t you? You’d suck him off just to get us out of here. Your pussy is getting so fucking wet just from thinking of it. I can’t believe you still want to fuck a guy after all I’ve done to you.”

“I won’t do it if you don’t want me to,” Love replied. “Ummmm…I just think it would be hot.”

“Have you ever done it before Love?” Rose asked, her fingers rubbing against Love’s slit. “Have you sucked cock to get yourself out of trouble?”

“Mmmmm noooo…” Love moaned, feeling the pleasure Rose’s fingers were giving her. “Ummm I’ve thought of it though. I’ve fantasized about acting all slutty and making them so hard for me they’d let me get away with anything.”

“Do it Love,” Rose said. Guys hadn’t been attractive to her since the day Sarah and Love broke into her trailer, but it was so hot to imagine Love servicing that cop to get them out of their trouble.

“Really?” Love asked and Rose answered her question with a kiss to the lips. Love eagerly kissed back and felt her desire increase. She hadn’t thought about this fantasy in so long, but that didn’t mean she had wanted it any less. Love didn’t even know if it would work, but she wanted to try. Men had been so far out of her thoughts lately, but every now and then they had crept in and when Rose gave her permission to try this, Love felt a lot of pent up desire begin to flow.

Thinking about doing this was kind of scary and that was the best part. All the best fantasies were a little scary because they were forbidden in some way and this felt very forbidden. Love hadn’t been with a single man since she and Sarah had lit their spark, and Love had to wonder could she do this? Could she be as seductive to men as she was to women now? It was like a challenge and Love knew there was only one way to find out.

“Officer,” Love cried out. “Please…get in here.”

“What is it?” Kirk asked, coming in from outside and standing in front of their cell. Love got up off the bed and sauntered toward him. Kirk wasn’t expecting anything, and he certainly wasn’t expecting Love to squeeze her arms through the bars and kiss him passionately. It was a total shock and after a few seconds he pushed himself back, his hand instinctively reaching for his gun. He didn’t draw it though. These girls couldn’t be threats, could they?

“What’s your name baby?” Love asked, feeling sexual confidence ooze out of her body like pheromones.

“Ummm…it’s Kirk…” Kirk replied, having trouble for a moment there remembering his own name. What the hell was going on? He released his grip on his gun and tried to get a hold of this. Love had just given him a kiss hot enough to get his cock hard and the look on her face showed that she wanted more. Kirk ran his hand through his red hair and looked at Love in amazement.

“Are you sure there’s no way you can let us out of this nasty cell Kirk?” Love asked, her voice on full flirt.

“I…I…I can’t,” Kirk stammered.

“Sure you can cutie,” Love replied. “You can do anything you want. After all…you’re the one with the gun.”

Love’s hand then reached down and began slowly rubbing Kirk’s cock through his tan uniform pants.

“Oh my God,” Kirk groaned. He had heard stories about stuff like this before, but he had always assumed it was bullshit. Stuff like this never really happened.

“Open the cell Kirk,” Love offered. “It will make me feel good…and then I can make you feel so so good. I know you want to do this, at least part of you does.”

“No…ohhhhhh God yessssss…I just can’t…I…please Miss…I…” Kirk said, weighing his sworn duty with the fact that he had never felt anything as good as Jennifer Love Hewitt fondling his cock.

“I think you just need a little more convincing,” Love winked as she sunk to her knees. She continued rubbing Kirk’s hard on, but now she used her other hand to reach for his belt buckle. Kirk protested for her to stop, but his body didn’t move an inch and he did nothing else to keep Love from undoing his belt and tugging his pants down his legs. The dark boxer shorts he wore underneath were tented with his hard on and Love immediately began stroking it through the shorts, eliciting a moan and creating a dark spot of precum on the material.

“You know you don’t want me to stop,” Love grinned before yanking down Kirk’s boxers with a hungry tug. Kirk’s hard cock slapped her nose as it popped out and Love giggled as she wrapped her hand around the shaft and began jerking Kirk off. “Tell me you want this Kirk baby. Tell me you want me to make you feel good. Tell me you’ll do whatever I want if I make you feel good.”

“Ughhhhhh yesss…suck my cock,” Kirk groaned, his sense of duty losing out to the aching need in his balls. “Please don’t stop…I’ll do anything…”

“Good boy,” Love said before opening her mouth and taking Kirk’s cock deep inside. She couldn’t believe how excited she was to do this. She was almost giddy as she began sucking Kirk off. Love hadn’t been with a man in so long and she hadn’t even realized how much she’d missed it until she felt Kirk’s cock in her mouth.

Rose could barely believe what she was seeing, but she loved it. Watching Love’s brunette head bobbing up and down on Kirk’s hard cock had Rose’s pussy dripping and she pulled up her dress to finger herself. She rubbed her slit with her fingers and then pushed them inside her cunt as Love hungrily began to working Kirk’s cock over. She had never seen Love act like this before and it was totally turning her on.

“Mmmmmm ohhhhhh God!” Kirk groaned. Things like this never happened to him, but now one of the most basic sexual fantasies of any police officer’s life had come to life. “Suck it Jennifer! Suck my cock!”

“Call me Love,” Love ordered, pulling Kirk’s cock from her mouth with a loud pop. After making sure he got the message, Love got her mouth back to work. She teased the head of Kirk’s seven inch cock while rubbing her hand up and down the hard shaft. She could see him shake a little as she teased him and it turned her on even more. When she was with her female lovers, usually she was the one lying back waiting to be pleasured. Now that she was with a man again, she was the one with all the power and she loved it. She wanted Kirk begging for her.

Suddenly the door opened and another deputy walked in.

“Hey Kirk…where the hell have you been…HOLY SHIT!!!” Tony shouted when he got an eyeful of what was going on. His fellow officer was standing in front of the cell with his pants and boxers around his feet as Jennifer Love Hewitt held a firm grasp on his cock.

“Kirk…what the hell are you doing?” Tony demanded. He had never seen anything like this before in his life.

“What the fuck does it look like he’s doing?” Rose shot back from inside the cell. “He’s getting his cock sucked by my friend.”

“Damn man…you can’t do this,” Tony said. Kirk’s face was covered in humiliation over being caught and fear of potential disciplinary action. Love didn’t let his cock go and, since she was still stroking it, he remained rock hard in her hand. From her knees, Love studied Tony. He was young too…under 30 with a very attractive face. His skin was sun worn, but not leathery and he looked like he was pretty muscular under his uniform. His head was topped off with black hair and Love found herself completely unwilling to stop what she was doing.

Every rational part of her body told her that they were busted and that she should stop, but stopping wasn’t an option she was willing to taste. This was a fantasy come to life and she wasn’t about to let this interruption deter her. Love’s heart pounded in her chest and she let her id run wild. Her lips moved straight on command from her pussy.

“You want some of this too baby?” Love offered. “Why stop your friend’s fun when you can have some too?”

That had not been what Tony had been expecting to hear. This was Jennifer Love Hewitt for Christ’s sake. He had heard she was like this goody two shoes girl and there she was sucking Kirk’s cock and offering to do him too. Tony’s cock hardened in his pants at the mere idea of having those sexy lips on his meat.

“Are you for real?” Tony asked. Love merely smiled in response and lowered her head again, engulfing Kirk’s hardness with her lips and sucking him hard. Kirk reared his head back and groaned and Tony found himself walking toward them.

“Drop your pants,” Rose ordered from her front row seat. “Let’s see what you’re packing, officer.”

Knowing full well what he had underneath, Tony was only too happy to do that. He stopped just short of Love’s face and undid his belt. He pushed down his pants and his underwear at the same time, exposing his eight and a half inches. Even Rose seemed to be visibly impressed as a grin crossed her face, but Tony was more interested in Love’s reaction and a moment later he got it.

“Mmmm looks yummy,” Love giggled as her hand reached up and grabbed Tony’s cock with her left hand. Her right hand grasped Kirk and she rubbed his shaft, spreading the saliva her mouth had left all over him. “If I’d known you boys were so cute, I would have gotten myself arrested here hours ago.”

As Rose continued to jam her fingers into her wet pussy, Love went back and forth between Tony and Kirk. She kept her hands on their shafts, stroking them slowly, but firmly as her tongue teased their heads. She moved from one to the other, licking the swollen heads of their cocks and relishing the taste of their precum. Her face was filled with a hunger for them and she opened her mouth wide to let Tony’s meat fill her.

Love moaned as she felt his large cock enter her mouth. She hadn’t done this in so long, but she had loved sucking cock before, when her sex life had been all about men. She held back her gag reflex and took as much of Tony into her mouth as she could. Love knew she was a little out of practice at this, but she was getting used to it again very quickly. Love hummed happily as she sucked Tony, her saliva dripping down onto his cock as her free hand reached down to fondle Kirk’s balls.

Neither Kirk nor Tony looked at each other. All their concentration was on Love and the cock hungry manner by which she was pleasing them. After pulling off Tony and leaving strands of saliva from her lips to the tip of his cock, Love went back to Kirk. Her tongue licked his throbbing shaft up and down before her hand lifted it up so she could get at his balls. Love tongued Kirk’s cum heavy balls and kept her hand on Tony, rubbing him as she sucked his friend. Both men groaned in lust as she touched them. She made sure that they either had a sexy hand or a wet mouth on them at all times and they loved her for it.

“Mmmmmm suck those cocks you little whore,” Rose cheered from the bed. Her dress was bunched up around her waist and she had one hand rubbing her clit, while the other was pushing three fingers inside her pussy. Both Tony and Kirk had an excellent view of her spread cunt while she slammed herself and they alternated their stares from her to Love’s head bobbing up and down on their dicks.

“Ohhhhh that’s so fucking hot Love,” Rose groaned, knowing her housemate wanted to hear from her. “Give it to them good you nasty cocksucking slut. Make them come like the good little whore you are.”

Love did want to hear from Rose and her words aroused her even more than the throbbing cocks she was pleasuring. She made sure neither Kirk nor Tony came too quickly. She left them wet and moaning for more, but never giving them enough to make them come. Whenever she felt like one of them was getting too close inside her mouth, she’d pull off them and let them cool down for a second while she attended to the other. It was the perfect threesome and all of them were getting hotter by the second.

“Ughhh you love this don’t you?” Tony demanded through his gritted teeth. “You’re just another one of those little Hollywood whores. Tell me how much you love this! Tell me how much you love getting yourself some big, hard cop cock!”

“Yesssss I love it!” Love moaned as Tony rubbed her cheek with his cock. “Gimmie your big hot cock baby! I wanna suck myself some cops!”

That was exactly what Tony wanted to hear and he responded by slapping Love’s face with his hardness. Love cooed when he smacked her cheek and her cries increased when Kirk began doing the same. Love moaned in ecstasy as both hard cocks smacked her pretty face, leaving dashes of precum and saliva all over her.

“Give it to me!” Love begged, her lust demanding control. “Slap my slutty little face with them! Give me those cocks! Make me your nasty cock loving whore!”

Even Rose was surprised by the nasty ferocity of Love’s words. She had seen her get slutty and talk dirty before, but nothing like this. The sight of Love kneeling on the ground in her dress and loving it while the two cops slapped her face with their hard cocks was too much for Rose. Without warning, she cried out and came all over her three fingers, sending girl juice dripping down her legs. But that didn’t slow down Rose for an instant. She just kept fingering herself and never taking her eyes off her cock hungry housemate.

Love grabbed Kirk’s cock in her hand and began devouring it. She sucked hard on the head, licking it clean of the precum that was dripping from it. Love’s drool dripped down Kirk’s shaft and over to his balls as Love squeezed Tony’s shaft and jacked him off as if her very survival depended on getting his cum all over her face. Groans and moans filled the room and all attention was focused on Love so no one heard it when the door opened again.

“OH MY GOD!!!” David gasped. He had walked in to make sure Tony and Kirk were alright and now he saw they were just fine indeed. Besides the sheriff, David had the most experience on the force, but he was still a young 32. He had seen stuff like this before and he had been offered many blow jobs in exchange for looking the other way, but those girls were usually skanky drunk whores or had faces you wouldn’t want to fuck with your worst enemy’s dick. This was Jennifer Love Hewitt doing the sucking and David didn’t think he had ever seen anything hotter. His thoughts didn’t even remotely center around stopping this.

“Hey! Jimmy! Ricky! John! Get in here!” David shouted out to the other room. “You gotta fucking see this!”

The other three deputies quickly assembled to see what the fuss was about and the next sound everyone heard could only have been three jaws dropping onto the ground. Love had been so focused on her two new friends that she had barely noticed the arrival of their fellow officers. Now she saw them and she had only one thing to say.

“This isn’t a private party,” Love stated, her voice husky and oozing with lust. “Anyone can join in.”

Love was beyond thinking now. She was going entirely on impulse and arousal and she didn’t care how many cops there were. She was so fucking horny right now that she would have gladly taken on an infantry division. She wanted this and was going to do anything…or anyone…to make it happen.

Rose was shocked once again to see this side of Love. She had started all this off with a joke and now Love looked like she was ready to take on six men. Two was one thing…but six? Even in her wildest days, Rose hadn’t wanted that many men at once, but Love had a look on her face that showed she was not about to be denied, so Rose decided to indulge her.

“What do you say boys?” Rose said, getting off the bed and pushing her body against the bars. “You gonna let your friends have all the fun or are you gonna whip out your cocks and play too?”

“Awwww fuck yeah!” Ricky said. He had been Tony’s best friend since they were kids and there was no way he was going to let him have a shot at this little slut and not take his chance.

“You in?” David asked Jimmy.

“What? Are you fucking kidding me?” Jimmy laughed. “Of course I’m in. Aren’t you?”

“Absolutely,” David grinned, slapping his friend a high five as they moved toward the girls.

“No! Stop! You can’t do this!” John shouted, stopping everyone in their tracks. “This is not proper procedure! We can’t do this to prisoners! You can’t let them get out of trouble like this!”

“Shut up and get your dick over here,” Love growled. “You got me into this and now you’re going to help get me out of this!”

“I’m telling the sheriff when he gets back!” John protested. “This is a violation of our sacred duty as officers of the law! You can’t do this!”

“You’re not telling the sheriff anything,” David stated firmly. “I’m in charge when he’s gone and I say if this little whore wants to get herself some cock then that’s exactly what she’s going to get!”

“Fuck him! If he doesn’t want it, I’m sure there’s a chicken outside he can stick his dick into,” Rose sneered at John. “The rest of you get some fine ass slut meat. So let’s get to it. My little slut here isn’t going to hold this offer open all night!”

Love added emphasis to the point by taking Kirk and Tony’s cocks and rubbing them against her face, purring as she did so.

“This could be you guys,” Love teased. “If you want it to be.”

“Oh we want! We want!” Jimmy declared. He had lusted after Jennifer Love Hewitt since he had caught his first episode of “Byrds of Paradise” and this was beyond any fantasy he had ever jerked off to involving her.

“But I can’t fit all of you guys through the bars,” Love pouted. “You need to let me out! I need to stretch out for you boys.”

“NO!” John yelled. “You can’t let a prisoner out of her cell!”

“John…amigo…if you don’t shut the fuck up right now I’m going to shoot you in the head,” Ricky said. “Don’t blow this deal for us!”

“Jimmy get the keys,” David declared. “We need to give this whore room to work.”

Jimmy eagerly got the keys to the cell and unlocked the door. Love gave Kirk and Tony one last lick to their cockheads before letting them go.

“I’ll be back for you boys,” Love promised with a wink as she exited the cell and immediately fell into the arms of the three deputies waiting her. She eyed all of them hungrily. They were all in great shape and easy on the eyes. Love was just happy she hadn’t stumbled into some ugly sheriff’s department’s jurisdiction.

David had the most maturity and his handsome face fit perfectly with his sandy brown hair. His strong arms wrapped around Love and held her tight. Jimmy looked just a little older than her little cutie Kirk did and he was just as yummy to Love’s eyes. He had a youthful enthusiasm and Love could already see how hard he was for her in his uniform pants. Ricky’s skin was dark from the sun and from his Mexican heritage and Love wanted to just rip his clothes off to see how he looked stark naked. He looked like he was in his late 20’s and the wicked gleam in his eyes promised Love nothing but pleasure.

“So now that you boys have me,” Love grinned, squirming happily in David’s firm embrace. “What do you want to do with me?”

David answered by passionately kissing Love. The actress immediately responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself up to reach more of his six-foot frame. She sucked on his tongue and then broke away to give the same treatment to Ricky. She kissed him and let his tongue plunge into her mouth forcefully. She loved being taken by him as his hands groped her tits through her dress. Love finally forced herself onto Jimmy and he kissed her, more tenderly than his friends, but with just enough heat to leave Love panting when he pulled away.

“Ooooh I’ll bet boys like you can think of a whole bunch of nasty uses for a girl like me,” Love giggled as she rubbed herself up against each and every one of her new friends, feeling their hard cocks and imagining what they could do to her with them.

Meanwhile Rose had turned her attention to the neglected Tony and Kirk. Their cocks were still hard and Rose made sure they didn’t feel too forgotten about. Rose told herself that what Love was doing to these guys must have been hot if even she was getting into it like she was.

“Get these shirts off,” Rose ordered. “Get naked for Love and maybe she’ll let you fuck her.”

Rose helped Kirk and Tony undo the buttons for their uniform shirts and peel off the layers they had underneath. Rose gave each of them a sexy kiss and played with their chests, pinching their nipples and running her long nails over their flesh. Unfortunately for them, that was all she touched, but it was good to feel the stimulation of her touch anywhere.

John was the only one not having any fun as he stood in the doorway in a rage. He couldn’t believe his fellow deputies were doing this. This a violation of everything he stood for.

“Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwd yesssss…” Love groaned as she stood surrounded by Ricky, Jimmy and David. They touched her everywhere, grabbing at her tits through her dress and stroking her face and hair. She loved feeling their rough hands on her firm body and she finally gave them what they wanted. She undid the buttons on the back of her dress and pushed it off her body. The dress puddled around her feet and she stepped away from it. She was left standing naked in just her socks and sneakers and the heat from the gazes she got told Love that her new friends loved what they saw.

“That’s so fucking hot,” David admired. “You’ve got great tits!”

“Mmm thanks,” Love grinned as she played with her nipples, tweaking them and making them swell even more.

“Look at that pussy,” Ricky said. “So nice and wet already. Mmmm and it’s shaved too. A hot, bare cunt for us. You really are a slut, aren’t you?”

“You know it baby,” Love purred, pushing her naked body against Ricky’s and grinding herself into his hardness.

“Don’t call her a slut,” Jimmy said. “She just knows what she wants.”

“You’re so right,” Love replied. “And I want you boys…all of you. Now show me what you’ve got. You see what you’re getting. Show me what I want to see. Gimmie those cocks!”

The three deputies were almost too stunned to even undress, but they quickly snapped out of their trance and began peeling off their uniforms. As Ricky, David and Jimmy got naked for her, Love saw that Kirk and Tony were already bare. They came up from behind her and Tony pressed his naked body to Love’s, his hard cock pressing against the bare cheeks of her ass.

Love turned around and kissed Tony hotly, exchanging large amounts of saliva with him. His cock now pressed against her pussy and Kirk came up behind her now and rubbed against her ass, creating a Love sandwich.

“Ohhhh yesss…that’s it boys…you know what I need,” Love groaned, wrapping her hands back around their bare cocks and stroking them as she craned her neck to watch the rest of her cop buddies get naked. This was so fucking hot and Love couldn’t remember when she had felt this much lust pumping through her veins. This didn’t mean she was going to stop playing with girls, far from it. In fact the only thing Love wanted more was for Rose to be with her too. This was just a little side trip for her.

“Mmmm looks like you’ve got your pick of the buffet,” Rose laughed as she examined the three hard cocks now on display. Ricky, Jimmy and David had stripped off all their clothes and now stood proudly naked for Love. Love giggled when she wrapped her brain around the fact that all these cocks were for her. They were so big and firm and Love’s mouth hungered for them.

“Wanna help me Rose?” Love offered. “I want to see you get fucked too.”

“Oh no…I just wanna see watch you work,” Rose said, sidling up to Love. “Maybe we can give them a little something to get them going though.”

“I was hoping you were going to say that,” Love smiled as Rose began kissing her. Rose took Love’s face in her hands and tilted her head to the right so their lips would meet in a sizzling girl on girl kiss that had the five participating deputies hooting up a storm.

“Holy shit! They’re fucking dykes!” Ricky laughed.

“That is so fucking hot,” Tony added. “I’m gonna come just from watching them kiss.”

“Mmmmm I’ve gotta fuck her,” Kirk groaned as he beat his meat, watching Rose and Love kiss. “I’m so fucking hard.”

“Me too man,” Jimmy said as he began stroking himself as well. Soon all five guys were playing with themselves as they watched Love and Rose go at it. The kiss deepened and their tongues flicked together over and over again as Love helped Rose off with her dress. The dress fell to the ground, leaving Rose just as naked as Love was. Love could feel Rose’s wet pussy rubbing against her and it made her even hornier. Kissing Rose always made her wet, but knowing five horny guys were watching them and enjoying every second of what they saw only made it better.

Out of the corner of her eye, Rose saw a hard oak desk set up across from their former cell. It looked plenty stable and totally perfect for this. It was covered with stacks of carefully organized papers and she broke the kiss to walk over there and push them all off. John cried out in horror when the papers hit the floor and scattered, but everyone ignored him. It was much easier for them to concentrate on the two naked girls, especially when Love sat herself down on the desk and spread her legs wide, giving her audience a hot close up of her glistening cunt.

“So…who goes first?” Love asked and the five men immediately rushed toward her at once. Rose stepped out of the way as Love found herself the sole object of their attention. The deputies quickly organized themselves, surrounding the desk and giving Love plenty to play with.

Love reached down to grab whatever random cocks she could and she ended up with Jimmy’s and David’s in her hands. She stroked them gingerly as she felt the attention from the rest of the men all over her body. Ricky was kissing her neck and over her shoulders as Kirk buried his face in her tits. Kirk fondled and licked her breasts, playing with her nipples and making Love crazy as Tony sunk to his knees and pushed his tongue into her wet pussy. Love groaned at the contact of his tongue against her wet slit. It was nowhere near as good as she knew a female tongue could be, but she certainly gave Tony credit for trying.

“Ooooooh eat that pussy!” Love moaned. “Lick up my juice! Taste how fucking wet I am for all of you! Get me all wet with your tongue so you can all fuck me with your big, hard cocks!”

That was exactly what the men wanted to hear. They weren’t sure whether or not Love was going to let them fuck her. They would have been happy with just blow jobs, but this was what they wanted most of all and now it looked like Love was only too willing to offer them access to her slutty holes.

Rose leaned up against the bars of the cell and began fingering herself again. She groped her own tits as her fingers pressed into her snatch. She had been close to coming again when she had stopped before and she knew it wasn’t going to take much of watching this for her to get right back to that state again.

Love continued to moan and thrash on the desk as Tony ate her wet cunt. His tongue lashed against her clit and she responded by stroking David and Jimmy even harder. She had their cocks throbbing in her hands, but that wasn’t enough for her. Love wanted more.

“Hold on…lemme lie down,” Love said, stretching herself down flat on her back on the desk and getting back to work. Her legs dangled over the edge of the side of the desk as she lay down and pulled Jimmy and David right toward her mouth. She took them one at a time, letting them fuck her face with their big, swelling cocks as Tony continued to tongue her clit and Kirk and Ricky sucked and played with her bouncing tits.

“Ooooh you like that pussy?” Rose asked, walking over to the desk and turning her attention to Tony. “Mmmm it’s so hot and wet, isn’t it? You’re so fucking lucky and you don’t even know it stud. I lick that pussy every night. It’s mine. She’s mine and I’m letting you borrow her. Does that make you hot baby? Does it make that monster dick of yours nice and hard.”

Tony didn’t want to pull away for even one second from Love’s cunt so he just moaned and stroked himself. Rose saw what he was doing and grinned. She had forgotten how useful boys could be. None of these cum for brains boys even had a shot at her, but she could still manipulate them so easily. It was good to know she still had the touch. She saw Tony’s cock throb in his hand and she didn’t want him wasting all the cum he was generating.

“I want you to fuck her now,” Rose whispered into his ear, as her tongue teased him and licked a little of his cheek, tasting the stubble and his sweat. “Push that huge cock into her tight little cunt! Give my slut what she wants!”

“Fuck yesssss!” Tony growled as he shot up to his feet and grabbed Love’s dangling legs. He pulled her forward, so her pussy was right up on the edge of the desk. He didn’t hesitate a second before pushing himself inside her. Tony didn’t slam Love right away. Instead he let her pussy adjust to the size of his cock and let her lips envelop him. Once Love adjusted, Tony began fucking her hard.

“YESSSSSS FUCK ME!!!” Love screamed, releasing Jimmy’s cock from her mouth. “FUCK MY HOT PUSSY!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!”

Hearing Love scream out like that only egged the men on to give her more of what she wanted. Love was becoming totally cock crazy and they had plenty to offer her. Kirk was already throbbing from before so he took the first crack at Love’s tits, by slapping his cock against them.

“Ooooh yesss…more…” Love groaned. “Tit fuck me Kirk! Get that cock between my hot tits cutie!”

Seeing that Love’s hands were otherwise occupied, Rose helped out by grabbing her breasts for her. Rose let Kirk slide his cock between Love’s tits as she moved and twisted her body to accommodate him and Tony at the same time. Rose pressed Love’s tits against Kirk’s shaft, rubbing them against him as he fucked her large, soft mounds. Kirk groaned from feeling the soft, sexy flesh against his cock and he knew that load he’d been saving up couldn’t be held back much longer.

Love groaned and moaned from feeling all this against her body. She would have screamed out words of encouragement, but her mouth was full of Jimmy’s cock. Love’s cocksucking skills were all coming back to her and she was soon able to deep throat Jimmy’s seven inches with ease. He cried out in passion as his balls slapped Love’s chin and her warm mouth enveloped his cock. He had fantasized about Love for so long and her mouth was everything he had dreamed it would be.

As her body was fucked, Love’s hand was still wrapped around David’s shaft. She played with his balls and rubbed his cock while she sucked his friend. Love could see out of the corner of her eye that Ricky no longer had a place on her body to play with so she beckoned him with a wave of her free hand. As soon as he got close enough that she could reach him, Love grasped his cock with her hand and stroked him and David off simultaneously as she sucked Jimmy off.

“Ooooh Love work those cocks…work them you little whore,” Rose urged while squeezing her housemate’s tits around Kirk’s shaft and rubbing them up and down against it. “You have no fucking idea how wet you’re making me now. You look like a total whore and I love it. You’re my hot fucking whore! Mmmm swallow those hard dicks! Take them all you nasty slut!”

The tightness of Love’s cunt was plenty stimulation for Tony, but it was even better to see her act like a craven slut for his friends while Rose encouraged her with nasty words. He could feel his balls slapping Love’s ass when he fucked her and they throbbed with a need to come. The walls of her pussy hugged his cock and she was so warm and wet inside. Her snatch truly was a little slice of heaven and Tony didn’t want to stop. He gritted his teeth and tried to hold off on his orgasm as long as he could.

However, Kirk was placing no such restriction on himself. He had been waiting the longest and he needed to come the most. Rose could see how his cock twitched in between Love’s tits, sending a shot of pre cum onto her neck.

“Yessss come on stud,” Rose urged. “Come all over these beautiful tits! So soft and natural! Shoot that cum all over them! Cover her tits!”

“AGHHHHHHH!!!” Kirk grunted loudly as he pulled his cock from in between Love’s breasts and held it over her. He stroked himself and exploded with passion all over her tits. He coated the mounds of flesh with hot, white streams of cum that coated her nipples and flew up to her neck. Kirk groaned as he shot his load making Love groan and coo onto Jimmy’s cock.

Seeing Kirk come pushed Tony all over the edge. He wanted to add his own seed to the mix so he pulled out of Love’s pussy and began jacking off. He rubbed his rock hard cock twice before grunting and groaning as he came. Thick ropes of Tony’s cum shot out of his cock and covered Love’s bare pussy. His ropes had real distance to them and his load shot up to her bellybutton and onto her flat stomach.

“Yesssss cover this slut,” Rose groaned, her own fingers back to work inside her pussy. “Coat her with cum! Make her skin all hot and sticky!”

Kirk and Tony fell off to the side to recharge themselves and that left some open spots. Ricky wasn’t going to deny himself this chance and he pulled his cock away from Love’s grasp so he could walk over to the side of the table and line himself up against her pussy.

“Now you’re really going to feel some fucking baby!” Ricky promised before pushing his hardness into Love’s dripping cunt.

“Give it to me!” Love cried out. “Fuck my slutty pussy with that big cock! Fuck me like the whore I am!”

Love pulled her hand off of David’s cock and reached down so she could smear the cum on her tits and stomach all over herself. She giggled and moaned as she pushed the sticky goo all over her body while Rose continued to encourage her.

“Rub it all over your body Love,” Rose said. “Everyone knows you’re a little whore and now you totally fucking look the part!”

The only response Love could manage was a deep, guttural moan as Ricky lifted her legs up and began fucking her pussy. Tony had loosened up her tightness and Ricky found her snatch to be a welcoming, wet port for his cock. He used her legs to lift her pussy up in the air a little and give him better leverage as he drove his cock in and out of her, picking up speed with each thrust.

Jimmy’s cock was filled her mouth again so Love had lost the ability to scream out her pleasure. She didn’t mind though, not with this hot piece of meat in her mouth. Love opened wide and took Jimmy all the way back inside her mouth, sucking his cock for all she was worth. She looked and smiled around his shaft as she saw Jimmy’s eyes roll back in his head and a look of total rapture come over his face.

“That’s it Jimmy, fuck that slut’s face,” David urged the junior officer. “Slam her good! You can see how bad she fucking wants it!”

Love certainly did want it and her saliva was coating Jimmy’s shaft as she pulled off and concentrated on the head of his cock. She pushed her hand around Jimmy’s cock and stroked him off while she sucked on the engorged head, purple with desire. She gave the same handjob treatment to David, stroking his cock and making sure he was rubbing against her face, leaving more precum on her cheeks. Looking up again, Love heard Jimmy groaning and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going to happen next.

“Come for me Jimmy,” Love begged, knowing he would love her saying his name. “Shoot your cum all over my face! Give me that hot fucking load!”

“Ohhhhh yesss…” Jimmy groaned, feeling his cock throb under her sexy touch. He did love her moaning his name like that. It was like a wet dream come to life and he felt his balls tighten and his cock tense up as Love’s slippery tongue slid over his cockhead and slurp up the little droplets of precum. He couldn’t take it anymore!

“OHHH FUCK!!!! HERE IT COMES!!!” Jimmy roared, pulling his cock from Love’s hand and slapping it against her face again. His cock throbbed and shot a hot stream right across her forehead and into her dark hair. The next covered her nose and the next rope covered her cheek. Jimmy frantically jerked himself off, looking to give Love every drop of cum he had. He shot across her chin and her lips and Love couldn’t help but give him a very inviting target. She stuck her pink tongue out and Jimmy groaned again as he shot a stream of cum right down her throat. He covered her tongue with his last drops, filling the pink with his white.

Love quickly slurped her tongue inside and swallowed Jimmy’s cum. It wasn’t too bitter or anything. It was just what Love wanted and a happy smile crossed her face as she let every drop on her tongue slide down to her tummy.

“Ohhhhh swallow that cum you whore,” Rose said, her own desire raging. Even though Love had the taste of men all over her lips and tongue, Rose had to kiss her again. She had come again from watching Love take that shot to her face and she treated her lover to a hot kiss as the boys got ready for more.

“Do you feel me?” Ricky grunted as he fucked Love. “You feel this cock inside you slut?”

“Yessssssss I feel it! I love it! I fucking love it!” Love cried. She could feel her own orgasm coming and Ricky was doing a great job inside her. His cock filled her up so well and he knew how to fuck. He was hitting her spot with his penetrating thrusts and she wanted him to know it. Her body was feeling a rush of pleasure and her cries were getting louder.

“FUCK ME!” Love suddenly screamed, her tits bouncing as she jerked David off. “FUCK THAT CUNT! MAKE ME COME!!! OHHHHHHH DON’T STOP TILL I COME!!!”

Seeing Love thrashing like that on the desk, her body covered with their cum was doing wonders for getting the spent officers back into action. Kirk and Tony were already rubbing their cocks again and Tony was quickly getting hard again. Love’s bouncing tits were too sexy a target and he couldn’t ignore them. He moved his body close to the desk and positioned himself so he could slide his prick right between Love’s glorious tits.


Love cut off her own screams at that point by finally giving David what he needed. She grabbed his cock and guided him into her mouth. Love clamped her lips around his head and sucked on it hard, slowly easing more and more of his cock into her mouth. She looked over and saw Rose plunging her sticky, wet fingers into her own pussy and Love got such a rush from knowing she was turning her friend on by acting like a total whore. The triple stimulation she was feeling from the cock in her pussy, the cock between her tits and the hard one she was sucking was too much for Love and she moaned loudly into David’s cock as she came, her screams muffled.

“Awwwwwww yessssss come for me you fucking hot slut!” Ricky moaned. “Come all over my big cock! Coat it in that slut cream so I can fuck you harder!”

Her body shook on the desk as she came and it made titfucking her even easier for Tony. He slid his cock in between her large, bouncing tits and felt himself throb with desire from the stimulation it was giving him.

Tears of pleasure dropped from Love’s eyes and Rose was only too happy to lean over and lick them up, running her tongue over Love’s cheeks and tasting the cum that Jimmy had left there. Feeling Rose’s sexy, wet tongue on her face only made Love’s orgasm more intense and she creamed all over Ricky’s cock.

Of course the end of her orgasm wasn’t the end of the pleasure, by far. Love would have screamed out if she hadn’t had David’s cock in her mouth, but she showed her ecstasy by bathing his hot cock with her tongue. She licked all over him and sucked him deep. He was bigger than Jimmy had been, so she couldn’t quite get him all the way in her mouth, but that didn’t stop her from trying. She got much of him in her mouth as she could and she bobbed up and down on his shaft while her hands traveled down to her tits so she could give Tony a hand.

Love squeezed her tits around Tony’s hardness and covered him with her breast flesh. Tony loved the sensation of his cock being enveloped by the soft feel of her beautiful tits and he groaned in pleasure, sweat dripping off his bare chest and onto Love’s. He knew it wasn’t going to be long before he was coming again.

But Tony was nowhere near as close as his childhood friend. Ricky had been pumping Love’s pussy hard and trying every trick her knew to keep from busting his nut inside her before she came. Now that she had dripped her girl cream all over his cock, he was ready to make his own satisfaction.

“Mmmmm yeah…this cunt feels so good!” Ricky grunted in between his thrusts. “Gonna fucking load it up with my juice!”

“Don’t even think about it,” Rose shot back, coming up from behind Ricky and digging her nails into his ass. “That pussy is mine and you don’t get to come in it! You can slam it but you can’t come in it! Got it?”

“Ughhhhh yesss…” Ricky groaned, loving the contrast of the sweet pleasure of Love’s pussy with the hard pain of Rose’s nails in his flesh. “I got it!”

“Good boy,” Rose grinned, removing her nails and backing away. “Now cover my slut in your come!”

Ricky felt his balls boiling as they slapped against Love’s body and he kept fucking her, giving her every hard thrust he had. When he finally couldn’t take anymore, he pulled out and roared his ecstasy.

“UGHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!” Ricky shouted as his cock exploded all over Love’s pussy. He coated her clean shaven lips with his spunk and grabbed his cock like a hose to direct the blasts. He shot over Love’s thighs and added his cum to her bellybutton, coating her lower body in his essence.

While Ricky was coming all over Love, the actress groaned and moaned into David’s hardness. She was squealing with pleasure as she felt the hot cum splash over her body. It was such a nasty rush to feel that against her smooth, soft skin and she wanted more. She wanted so much more. Cum was dripping from her lips and all she wanted was more.

Rose couldn’t take her eyes off Love, but she heard a groan in the background. She looked over and saw that John was watching the action and rubbing himself through his uniform. Their was a dark spot of precum against his uniform pants and he looked like he was really enjoying the show.

“What’s the matter boy, don’t you want to play with your friends?” Rose teased. “Don’t you want to whip that cock out and fuck her slutty body or are you just getting off from that stick up your ass? Maybe you don’t even like girls. Maybe you just love shoving that nightstick of yours up your ass and pretending it’s your daddy.”

John gritted his teeth and looked like he was going to say something to Rose, but all he could do was moan as he watched Love’s naked body spread out on the desk while she took on each and every one of his fellow officers. It was the most basic violation of duty he had ever seen, but it was too hot for him to turn away. He kept watching, rubbing his cock through his pants and trying to ignore Rose’s taunts.

Meanwhile, Love still had David’s cock in her mouth. She wanted to use her hands to stroke him and play with his balls, but she also didn’t want to take her hands off her tits. She wanted it all and she didn’t want it to stop. Love felt like she was out of her mind with this, but it all felt so good. She just wanted all these cops to fuck her over and over again while Rose watched her and fingered herself. It was all a turn on to her and Love felt her second orgasm building in her body.

“Make me come you slut!” David grunted above her face. “Do it like the good little cocksucker you are!”

“Mmmm yessssss I’m a good cocksucker,” Love moaned, pulling off David’s cock. “I’m the nastiest little cocksucker you’ve ever seen.”

David moaned in response to Love’s nasty words, especially when she slid her tongue out for him. He took his cock in his hand and began spanking Love’s tongue with it as she withered and moaned on the desk. Her sweaty, come covered body aching for more. Little droplets of his precum flung over her face and he rubbed his cock over Love’s pink lips, leaving traces of himself all over her. David couldn’t remember the last time he had ever been this hard and when Love suddenly swallowed his cock back into her mouth like a vacuum he felt his balls tense up.

“Ughhh…gonna…gonna come…” David warned but Love just kept on sucking. David felt the familiar churning in his balls and his cock throbbed in her mouth as he let loose a flood of cum down her throat. Like the good cocksucker she knew she was, Love swallowed the hot drops of cum right down her throat, catching the first three jets and letting them shoot into her mouth where she happily swallowed. She then pulled away and let the remaining ropes cover her face.

Seeing Love’s angelic face all flushed with desire and her eyes begging for his cum, had David shooting harder and faster than he ever had. He shot his cum over her cheeks and lips and nose as Love closed her eyes and let it soak into her beautiful face. A seemingly endless orgasm flowed over Love’s face and she didn’t know what she loved more, having him come over her face or come down her throat.

“Ohhhh fuck! You’re so fucking beautiful Love!” Rose gasped as she came again all over her fingers. She coated her own fingers with her girl juice and immediately pressed them to Love’s lips. Love greedily sucked on Rose’s fingers just as she’d been sucking on David a moment before. The familiar taste of Rose’s girl cream was like the sweetest honey to her right now and Love sucked them clean, sending Tony over the edge again in the process.

Watching David blow his load down her throat and over her face had been hot, but watching Love suck Rose’s cum covered fingers was off the chart. If all Hollywood girls were this hit then Tony was putting in for a transfer that night. As it was, seeing Love do that had his cock aching with need and he couldn’t hold back anymore. Tony pulled away from Love’s tits and aimed his cock right at her quivering mounds.

“UHHHHHH!!!” Tony grunted as he came again. It was a less intense load than his first, but it was still hot. He shot all over Love’s tits, hitting her nipples and getting right between her cleavage. Love cooed and rubbed her tits together to make a big sticky mess, but it wasn’t enough for her. She loved the nasty feeling of Tony’s cum dripping off her jugs, but she wanted more.


Having watched every moment of the show, Kirk was hard and ready to go. He wanted this slut’s pussy. Every reservation he had when Love had first approached him was long gone and all he wanted to do was sink his dick into her soaked, fucked little cunt. He didn’t hesitate a second before spreading her legs open and pushing inside her.

“YESSS YESSSS YESSSSS!!!” Love screamed as she panted and bounced on the table. “FUCK ME CUTIE!!! FUCK ME HARD LIKE A WHORE!!! MAKE ME COME ALL OVER THAT HOT COCK!!!”

Rose wished at that moment she had Mr. Snappy with her so she could show these guys how to really fuck Love, but her favorite toy was in her bag in the car and she didn’t want to waste a second running out to their little impound lot next door to get it. She didn’t want to leave Love alone for a second. She wanted to see every shot she took and experience every moan she made.

Looking back over her shoulder, Rose saw that John had now dropped his pants and was stroking his cock out in the open. Rose nearly choked on her tongue when she saw him, but then Love cried out again and she turned her attention back to her housemate.


Despite the fact that she was quickly losing track of how many times she’d fingered herself, Rose plunged her fingers back into her own pussy. She couldn’t stop getting wet from watching Love. Her cream covered her thighs and down her legs and her pussy was getting sore from all the times she’d slammed herself, but Rose didn’t hesitate for a second before getting her fingers back inside.


“OOOOOOHHHH!!!” Love squealed as she came. All eyes in the room were on her as she writhed and withered on the desk in orgasm. Her eyes were glazed over and drool and cum hung from her lips. Love was a sight to behold and none of them could stop looking at her and her soft bouncing tits. Love lurched on the desk, banging her ass hard on the oak as she came, covering Kirk’s cock with her hot girl cum.

Love felt like her body was soaring through the air. Every cell inside screamed out in pleasure and even as she finished coming, she still felt that pleasure from Kirk driving into her pussy. She loved feeling that hard cock inside her and she pushed her body forward on the desk, grinding her hips to his and forcing more of her cop cutie inside her.

“HARDER!!!” Love groaned. “FUCK ME HARDER!!!”

Except for John, all the other cops were gathered around the desk stroking themselves and watching the two sweaty bodies going at it. The only sounds in the room were the slapping of flesh together, the hot guy and girl moans and the sounds of five hard cocks being jacked. Kirk’s moans were getting louder and Rose looked over to see the way his ass clenched as he fucked her friend. He was so close and Rose just hoped he had heard her warning to Ricky. No one was coming inside Love.

Kirk had definitely heard that warning and wasn’t about to ignore it. He had heard stories about Rose and he could only imagine what she would do to him if he came inside her girl. He didn’t know what kind of a relationship he had and he didn’t care. He just knew it was hot and thinking about the two of them naked and getting it on had his balls boiling with cum.

His friends had loosened Love’s pussy up real nice. She was still tight and all that, but he didn’t have to force his cock inside her. Her pussy was real warm and inviting for his cock and he loved the sound of his balls slapping her while they fucked. It was too good a feeling for him to hold on and with a loud grunt he pulled out just in time.

Kirk didn’t even have to stroke himself to come. As soon as he pulled out of Love’s pussy he exploded, sending his come flying all over her. He coated her pussy and then grabbed a hold of it to shoot himself all over her tummy. Her flat stomach was such a hot target and he covered it in white cum, adding his own to what his buddies had left.

“MORE!!!” Love cried, not wanting this to end. She was going to be so fucking sore in the morning, but she didn’t care. She just didn’t want it to end.

“Mmmm such an insatiable little whore,” Rose laughed. “I think your pussy has had all it can take. But you know what I want to see, don’t you?”

“Yesssssssssssssss!” Love hissed. “FUCK ME BOYS!!! FUCK MY ASS!!! FUCK MY TIGHT SLUTTY ASS!!!”

Even after their multiple orgasms, none of the boys had any trouble getting hard after hearing that. Any woman begging someone to fuck their ass was good. Jennifer Love Hewitt doing it was the greatest thing their ears had ever heard.

Rose helped her housemate up off her back, kissing her hotly as she did so. Love was eager to get on all fours and she bent down on the desk on her knees before flattening her palms down and assuming the position. All six men groaned at the sight of her bare ass wiggling in the air for them and Rose was the first to take advantage of her.

Placing her hands on Love’s firm butt cheeks, Rose spread her open and didn’t wait a second before sliding her tongue into Love’s puckered hole. Love moaned happily as she felt Rose’s soft, wet tongue teasing her ass and getting her ready to be fucked. Her housemate knew just where to lick and soon Love felt her third orgasm approaching, just from Rose’s tongue on her ass.

It felt so good to have her tongue in Love’s ass that Rose almost forgot about the hard cocks aching for their own shot inside her. She heard Love moan and squeal from the soft licks she was giving her to get her nice and wet and her hand reached up to tease Love’s slit and feel her wet, cummy pussy. Rose had never wanted Love more than she did at this moment, but she knew she could wait. These cops could have her for the night, but Rose knew she got to keep her.

Watching Love moan and writhe on her hands and knees from Rose’s hot tongue, all of the cops had to stop themselves from coming all over their own hands. It was such a hot show and clearly they had done this before. Anyone could see Rose and Love weren’t strangers to each other’s bodies and they all wondered what else they had done and to who.

“Someone fuck me…” Love panted. “I need a cock in my ass!”

Jimmy was the first one to move forward and he got to the edge of the desk just as Rose was pulling away.

“Any chance you want to get me ready too?” Jimmy asked hopefully as he presented his hard-on to Rose. Rose grasped it in her hand and acted like she was going to stroke it a little, but instead she tugged it hard.

“In your dreams buddy,” Rose grinned wickedly as she let Jimmy’s cock go and stepped back. “Now fuck her! Fuck Love’s tight ass!”

That was just what Jimmy wanted to do and he slowly pushed his cock to her hole. He pushed inside her, not taking her too fast. He let her ass adjust to the size of his dick and she soon was able to accept him in her ass. He grunted as he began ass fucking Love, filling her tight hole up with cock.


Once again her saying his name had an almost hypnotic effect on Jimmy. His cock throbbed inside her ass and he had to really summon up his strength to keep from coming at that moment. He held onto his load and gripped Love’s cheeks with his hands as she ground her ass against him, letting him push more of his cock inside her.

Love had never had a problem with anal sex. She had taken Mr. Snappy up her ass, so nothing could ever be as fierce as that. She loved that Jimmy didn’t take her too hard. He was considerate enough of her own pleasure to not just hammer away at her butt. He let her ass get used to his cock and began to fuck her slowly and steadily. It felt so fucking good and Love felt juice dripping from her pussy while her heavy tits swayed in the air.


All the other cocks in the room were rock hard by now and ready for action. Ricky saw the way Love was gasping and panting and he decided to do something to fill her mouth up. He wordlessly presented his cock to her and Love shot him a killer smile before craning her neck and sucking him inside her. She could taste her own pussy all over his cock and that made her suck him harder, slobbering all over his meat as she sucked him up and down.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh shit this slut knows how to suck cock!” Ricky moaned. “That’s it baby! Suck my big cock!”

Having already experienced one of Love’s blow jobs, David already knew how good she was and it just made him want her more. He stood beside Ricky and slapped her face with his hardness. Love smiled around Ricky’s cock and pulled off to take David in her mouth, guiding her wet tongue over his shaft. Once again Love found herself alternating between two hot cocks and she coated them both with her saliva as she went back and forth.

“Does it feel good baby?” Rose purred into Jimmy’s ear. She nibbled on his earlobe and rubbed her wet pussy against his ass cheeks while feeling him fuck Love. “Isn’t that ass nice and tight? It’s so fucking hot and I know because I fuck that ass all the time. I put on my big strap on cock and fuck her like the whore she is. Do you like hearing that? Do you like knowing how good I fuck her?”

“Yess…agghhhhh I love it!” Jimmy groaned. “It fucking makes me want to come!”

“Then do it,” Rose moaned, reaching up to pinch his nipples and play with the hairs on his chest. “Cover those hot cheeks in cum!”

“YESSSSSSSS!!!” Jimmy roared as he suddenly pulled out of Love’s ass and shot his load all over her soft, round butt. He coated her wiggling cheeks with his cum, even shooting to the small of her back.

Her mouth was filled with cock, but Rose could still feel Love’s moans as Jimmy’s come covered her ass. She sucked on Ricky harder before leaning over and spitting on David’s cock, letting her drool drip down over his hardness. She knew the others were stroking themselves and making themselves hard for her and she loved it. Love got such a rush from knowing they were hard for her and wanted to fuck her over and over again. It was then Love heard from the last person she expected.

“I’m next,” John growled. “I want this lawbreaking slut’s ass!”

Love gasped when she saw that John had stripped naked and his hard cock made her eyes grow wide. He had to be close to ten inches and throbbing for her. She felt a little pang of nerves, but that was quickly gone and replaced with arousal. She wanted to feel that monster cock in her ass. She needed to feel it!

“Fuck me!” Love ordered, letting David pop free from her mouth. “Fuck my ass with that slab!”

“Way to go Big John!” Tony cheered his fellow officer on. “We were wondering when you were going to get in on this!”

John was in no mood for talking though. He just wanted to fuck. He had been stroking himself for what felt like hours and he wanted to come. He wanted to fuck this lawbreaking whore and then come all over her.

“Fuck her good Big John!” David urged. “We got her nice and loose for you!”

David then moaned again as Love took his cock back into her mouth. She sucked on him hard, while making sure Ricky never felt too neglected, but it was hard for her to concentrate when she felt John’s monster meat pushing against her ass. Love closed her eyes and relaxed as best she could as John pushed his cock inside her, filling her ass up and making her feel so fucking filled.


Rose was spellbound from the sight of Love taking that hard cock inside her ass. She knew John couldn’t fuck Love as good as he could, but she wanted to see him try. John’s cock had already been engorged with desire before he even got behind Love and Rose knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. She was dying to see what kind of load he could drop.

Feeling John inside her was such an intense feeling that Love could no longer focus on Ricky and David. She dropped their cocks and reared her head back to scream in pleasure from the cock pushing inside her. John began fucking her, smacking her ass cheeks hard as he did, and making her feel so fucking good. Love felt like she was gonna explode and her orgasm arrived with a rush.


Love’s body shook so much on the desk from being ass fucked by John that Rose was afraid she was going to fall right off. But Love stayed steady as she came and she opened her eyes to see the other officers were still stroking themselves, even the ones who had already come twice.

John grunted and groaned as he pushed inside Love. He wanted her to feel him deep inside her and he wanted her to know if she ever broke the law again she was going to get more of the same. His cheeks clenched as he pushed inside her, her pussy taking as much of his cock as she could. He slid hard into her, but not too hard. Just hard enough for her to feel his cum filled balls slap her ass and for her to love it.


Hearing that was driving John wild. He felt his balls churn and he knew he couldn’t hold back anymore. He had been holding back since he had first seen her sucking off Kirk and Tony and he couldn’t hold back another second. He slowly pulled out of her ass and then began jacking himself off with a hard fist around his cock.

“AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” John roared as he shot his load all over Love’s ass. His cum shot up over her back and reaching as far as up to her neck. Love growled bestially as she felt it all over her skin. It felt so good and she just wanted to have it all over her. She flipped herself back over so she was lying down on the desk, her legs dangling over the sides of the desk as she struggled to catch her breath.

She closed her eyes for a moment to let it all sink in. Love could feel the cum against her back and ass soaking in as she lay down upon it and the cum that covered her face, tits and stomach was already drying up on her.

“Finally had enough, Love?” Rose inquired, as she leaned down to play with Love’s hair. To her surprise Love shook her head.

“No…more…I want it all over my body…” Love grinned. “I want my skin soaked in cum.”

Rose looked around and saw that the desk was still surrounded by the six cops and they were all stroking themselves. Their cocks were all still hard and even John had gotten himself hard again just after the orgasm that had soaked Love’s back.

“Is that what you want?” Rose asked, kissing Love’s forehead. “A hot cum bath for your slutty naked body?”

“Mmmmhmmmm,” Love sighed happily. She didn’t have much energy left to do much but lie there, but this was something she had always dreamed about. She had seen it on her porno tapes and had always wondered what it would have been liked to be one of those soaked sluts. Love felt like she was ready to star in the “Young, Dumb and Full of Cum” series and now she wanted the piece de resistance.

“You heard her boys…soak her,” Rose ordered. “Jack those big cop cocks and cover her body with your cum. If you won’t do it, I’ll find some real men who will.”

That threat was enough to really get all of them going. All six men brought themselves closer to the desk and jacked their cocks as Love writhed and cooed on the desk, anticipating her bath. She helped out wherever she could, using her hands, tongue and mouth to make them come for her. The closer they got the harder Love began to breathe. Her chest was heaving in anticipation. She wanted their cum and they were doing everything they knew how to give it to her.

His cock still raw from ass fucking Love, Jimmy was the first to let loose. He was positioned right above Love’s face and with a hard grunt he came again. His cum flew all over Love’s lips and down her chin, striking her forehead and nose. Love greedily stuck out her tongue to lick it up as it flew through the air onto her face. She licked up whatever she could and wrapped her hand around the nearest cock.

That cock happened to be David’s. He was already hard from Love’s earlier cocksucking and her sexy hand on his shaft and down over his balls was enough to push him over as well.

“FUCK YEAHHHHH!!!” David shouted as his cock shot his seed over Love’s neck and down over her tits. She rubbed her tits together to make sure they got as much of David’s cum as he was able to give them. He shot his load all over her chest, aiming his cock down so he could get her nipples and into her cleavage.

“MORE!!! GIVE ME MORE YOU FUCKING STUDS!!! SOAK MY WHORE BODY!!!” Love screamed, her loud words snapping the four remaining cops into increased action. Kirk was really fisting himself hard, wanting to give Love every drop he had. This would be his third orgasm and he couldn’t ever remembering coming this many times in such a short timeframe, but Love was bringing out all his desire. His cock was pointed right against her tits and when the first droplets of cum began to spatter out against her skin, she ordered him to change direction.

“Noooo!!! On my face!!!” Love begged. “Shoot that cum all over my face cutie!!!”

Grasping his cock, Kirk aimed it right at Love’s face and, to her delight, the blasts of cum splashing against her face, inspired Tony to come too. He was right on the other side of her face and she suddenly felt the hot blasts of his cum against her cheek.

“Yesssss…” Love hissed in ecstasy as both men shot over her face until it was running off her cheeks and chin. She was dripping with cum and there was still John to contend with.

“Give it to me,” Love begged, her voice getting hoarse before she summoned her energy for one last scream. “FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME YOU BIG DICKED MOTHERFUCKER!!!”

John responded very well to the order and with a loud grunt he unloaded his cum onto Love’s stomach. He soaked her bellybutton and up her tummy. His load was less impressive than the one he had just shot over her back, but that was to be expected. He grunted and groaned as he shot, covering Love in his sticky white goo.

As she continued to gasp and moan, Love was rubbing the cum all over her tits and stomach. She didn’t want an inch of her body uncovered. Her head was spinning and her body was sore, but she didn’t care. Love had a silly, cum drunk grin on her face and she felt immensely satisfied with herself at that moment.

All around her, the cops gasped for their own lost breaths, their cocks soft and spent. The room reeked of sex and sweat and Rose found the smell completely intoxicating. She knew Love had given them the thrill of their lives. They would have this story for the rest of their lives. Rose wasn’t worried about bad publicity though because she knew no one would ever believe them. Sure they’d swear to their buddies all night long, but in the end who was going to believe they’d gangbanged Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Now that they were finally done having their fun, their brains were probably mush so Rose knew it was critical to make a quick getaway. She ran naked to where they’d put the keys to their car and grabbed them. She picked up hers and Love’s dresses and threw hers own on while grabbing Love. She helped her housemate up from the table and let her exhausted friend sling her arm over her neck.

“We’ll be going now,” Rose winked at the cops as she helped Love out of the room. “Great town you got here boys. I’ll recommend it to all my friends.”

Even though their two prisoners were now walking right out of jail, no one made a move to stop them. Rose and Love’s debt to the town of Paradise, New Mexico had been paid and then some.

* * * * *

Back in Malibu, Christina was extremely happy with the way the party was going. She wanted the opportunity to announce her and Britney’s project, but if the party ended up turning into a churning, sex filled romp then so much the better. Christina could feel the sex in the air and it made her tingle all over. She had put together her guest list to create this exact result and so far everything was going according to plan.

Christina knew from personal experience how freaky the Pussycat Dolls dancers loved to get. They craved cock and pussy as much as she did and she had the fact that she had fucked each and every one of them when she did the show as proof. They were the perfect little sluts to have here tonight and inviting the rapper friends she had made while recording “Stripped” brought just the flava she was looking for. She knew they’d love her slutty friends and they would hit it off perfectly. As for the porn stars, Christina just had to invite them. She couldn’t fathom the idea of having a party without a few sex professionals on hand. She loved the Vivid Girls and the Vivid Girls loved her. It was a perfect combination.

Of course Christina had pretty much fucked most of her guests already. The ones she had her eye on were the ones she hadn’t fucked yet. She wanted to make a few new notches in her bedpost and she knew the best way to do it was directly. Christina didn’t want to fuck around. She wanted to get fucked.

Searching through the crowd, Christina searched for Britney. All around her people were starting to get freaky, and she didn’t want to wait. The dancers and the rappers had connected very well and everywhere she looked the pussycats were sucking cock, eating each other’s pussies and being fucked by some beautiful cocks. It was just as Christina had planned and there was still more to come. Christina finally spotted Britney talking to those three stoners from next door. Britney was happily chatting away, but the three boys looked very uncomfortable.

“Having fun baby?” Christina asked as she came up behind Britney and wrapped her arms around her waist. She kissed Britney’s neck and held her tightly.

“Chrissy!” Britney exclaimed happily. “I was wondering where you’d gone.”

“Come with me Britney, I have something to show you,” Christina said. She had to raise her voice to be heard over the loud music, but she knew Britney could hear her.

“I’ll see you guys later,” Britney said, waving goodbye to her new friends.

“Hey, relax boys,” Christina informed the visibly tense Waldo, Franklin and Delbert. “Look around you. I’m sure you can find some slut to suck your cocks or whatever you’re into. Have fun.”

As Christina pulled Britney away, Delbert turned toward his friends.

“Waldo…I’m scared,” Delbert said nervously, his eyes darting around the room at the craziness around them. “I want to go home!”

“I know…I do too,” Waldo admitted before turning his attention to Franklin. “Any word from Dexter yet?”

“None,” Franklin said, shaking his head after checking their messages. “No word at all.”

“This isn’t good,” Waldo said. “I don’t like this at all.”

The other two sadly agreed.

* * * * *

“Chrissy, what do you want to show me?” Britney asked, hoping it was what was under Christina’s dress. “What’s your surprise?”

“You’ll see,” Christina promised. “You’re gonna love it. It’s just what you need. Hey, hold on a second.”

Christina then let go of Britney’s hand and scurried over to Michelle. The maid had eagerly gotten into the spirit of the party by stripping off her uniform and now she was serving people in the nude. She had received several compliments, propositions and ass grabs from people both male and female and she loved it. Michelle had a lot of experience at parties like this and they were always fun.

“Michelle, I need you to do something for me,” Christina said. She then whispered in the French girl’s ear. Michelle smiled and nodded her head in response.

“What was that about?” Britney asked when Christina returned.

“Oh I just needed Michelle to tell a few people something,” Christina answered mysteriously.

“So, what’s my surprise?” Britney asked. “I’m dying to know.”

“Ok Britney, I want you to go to the game room in ten minutes,” Christina stated. “Your surprise is going to be there.”

“Are you coming too?” Britney asked.

“No, I’ve got my own plans,” Christina replied. “Besides, this is a gift from me to you. You won’t want to share it, that’s for sure.”

Christina then left Britney wondering what it was she could have gotten for her. Christina zipped up the stairs toward her room to get ready for what she hoped was to come.

* * * * *

Back down in the crowd, Brittany Murphy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. This place was too much and she was looking for the door. She didn’t want to sound like a song lyric, but she was definitely trying to make her way back to the place she was before. This party was off the charts in terms of wild. Brittany loved to party and she loved sex, but this was a scene right out of Caligula’s empire.

All around her, there were girls with guys, girls with girls and even three guys taking on one girl. This was insane. It was fascinating but insane. If Brittany had been single she might have stayed to check it out, but she wasn’t and she didn’t care how many guys approached her that night. She was not cheating on Ashton. Brittany was trying to work her way to the door when she saw someone she recognized and she looked just as flustered as she felt.

“Hey! Charlize!” Brittany called out and the statuesque blonde turned around.

“Hey Brittany,” Charlize said. She looked a little out place in her t-shirt and sweats and she looked like she longed to go home. “What the hell is up with this place?”

“I don’t know,” Brittany answered. “I had never been here before so I didn’t know what to expect but I sure as hell wasn’t expecting anything like this.’

“Me neither,” Charlize replied. “Christina said this was going to be casual, but I didn’t think it was going to be THIS casual. This is a freaking orgy here.”

“Yes…isn’t it wonderful,” Michelle said as she inserted herself into the conversation. The nude maid standing before them struck both Brittany and Charlize speechless. They weren’t lesbians, but their eyes still couldn’t help but roam over Michelle’s heavy breasts, her flat, toned stomach and down to her completely hairless pussy.

“Who are you?” Brittany asked, still dumbstruck by the French girl. If she was a guy she would have been sporting some major wood over this girl right now.

“I am Michelle,” she cheerfully introduced herself. “I am the mansion’s maid. My Madame would appreciate your presence in her room in ten minutes.”

“I was actually just about to leave,” Brittany stated and Charlize immediately latched onto her.

“Me too,” Charlize said. “We were leaving together, right Brittany?”

“Oh so you are together then?” Michelle inquired. “You two are lovers?”

“No!” Charlize immediately stated. “We’re not lovers. We just know each other…you know?”

“Oh,” Michelle said, her disappointment evident as she frowned. “That is too bad. Two beautiful girls like you should not be afraid to give each other pleasure. Women are so soft and sexy. Perhaps soon you shall become lovers, no?”

“Ummm I really don’t think so,” Brittany said, a little nervously. This girl was something else. No wonder she seemed to fit in so well around here. Brittany saw that Charlize had the same look on her face that she did. I mean, they were friendly and all that, but she and Charlize barely knew each other and there was no way they would be having sex. Not that Charlize wasn’t beautiful, but Brittany wasn’t into girls.

“You might surprise yourself,” Michelle smiled. “I think you could give each other much pleasure. Now please, you must come to my Madame’s room in ten minutes. She is upstairs, six doors down on the left.”

“We really were going,” Charlize said. “Tell Christina thanks, but we had to leave.”

“Oh I am afraid that I cannot take a no for an answer,” Michelle stated. “My Madame has requested your presence and she said it was required. You should at least show your hostess that you are grateful to her for inviting you. It shall only take a moment.”

Charlize and Brittany looked at each other skeptically. They had a great chance to make an exit here, but they didn’t want to be rude. After all Christina had taken the trouble to invite them here, the least they could do was not be rude to her. If it was only going to take a minute then they supposed they could mange it.

“Ok, we’ll be there, ok Charlize?” Brittany said.

“Yeah, we’ll be there,” Charlize said.

“Wonderful,” Michelle said happily. “Now, you must excuse me, please.”

Michelle then disappeared nakedly into the party, making sure Charlize and Brittany both got a great look at her bare ass as she did so.

* * * * *

Through the crowd of people, both fucking and non-fucking, lay another group of celebrities.

“This is just fucking freaky,” Christina Applegate said as she watched the action in front of her and tried to control her own arousal. Two of the dancers had paired off on one of Christina’s boy toys and their ruby lips were all over his hard cock. They licked and sucked it, pausing only to kiss each other passionately. Christina knew Robin and Stacy very well and she was shocked to see them doing this.

The only one more shocked than Christina was Carmen. Out of all the names involved with Pussycat Dolls she had spent the most time with them. She had danced with them all over the country and her jaw was on the floor as she watched Robin and Stacy act like the wanton sluts they clearly really were. They had all been like sisters to Carmen and she was shocked and angry at the same time. She was shocked because she had never seen this side of them before and angry because she wanted to know why they had never asked her to join in.

“Carmen, if you’d told me the girls were this nasty, I would have done the show months ago,” Pamela teased, rubbing Carmen’s round, sexy ass and kissing her neck.

“I didn’t know,” Carmen said softly before moaning from her friend’s touch. Christina heard the moan and turned around to see Pamela touching Carmen’s ass in a way that showed they were far more than friends.

“You too?” Christina demanded. “What kind of a place is this?”

“Mmmm you mean you don’t know?” Pamela inquired. “I thought everyone here knew the score.”

“I don’t,” Carmen pointed out. “You never told me what goes on here.”

“I wanted you to see it for yourself,” Pamela said.

“I can’t believe you two are fucking,” Christina said, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Oh don’t act all good girl on us now,” Pamela teased. “I’ve heard things about you Christina. I’ve heard you’ll nail anything with a hot set of tits.”

Christina began blushing, but she didn’t deny Pamela’s assertion. In fact the smile that began crossing her face served as complete validation. Fortunately, Christina quickly found a distraction.

“Gwen! Over here!” Christina shouted and Gwen eagerly ducked over.

“Hey girls,” Gwen smiled. She knew Carmen and Christina from when she’d taken her turn with Pussycat Dolls and she certainly knew of Pamela.

“Did you know this place was gonna be like this?” Christina asked.

“I had a little bit of a clue,” Gwen grinned wickedly. “I didn’t expect to see this many guys though. Unfortunately, that’s what I can’t have.”

All three girls nodded knowingly. Christina, Carmen and Pamela were all very familiar with female flesh, but, like Gwen, Christina was married and Pamela and Carmen were engaged. They could justify playing around with other girls, but not with guys.

“So you’ve been here before?” Carmen asked.

“You could say that,” Gwen winked sexily at the three girls. She eyed them up and down and smiled. If she couldn’t get involved with any of the boys here, she knew she could certainly see her way to keeping these lovely ladies company all night. Gwen had been feeling horny all day and was really looking to cut loose tonight.

“Why are all of you so mysterious about this place?” Carmen asked. “I sure as hell can’t get any details out of you Pammy and I’ll bet you’re not going to do any talking either, are you Gwen?”

Gwen just smiled and shook her head. She loved being in on the secret and holding it over their heads. Pamela was smiling too and she and Gwen shared a wink. Gwen had heard Pamela had been a visitor here before and now she had her confirmation that it was true.

“See, I think you’re just pulling our legs,” Christina contended. “I know you Gwen. You’re not into all this kinky stuff. You just want us to believe that you are. You’ve probably never even been here before.”

Suddenly a very naked interruption walked into the conversation.

“My Madame would appreciate your presence in her room in ten minutes,” Michelle declared.

“Hey there Michelle,” Gwen said, shooting Christina an “I’ll show you” look.

“Hello Gwen, it is so good to see you again,” Michelle smiled as the singer took her in her arms and kissed her passionately. Michelle happily returned the kiss and moaned as Gwen’s hands strayed down to her ass and squeezed her cheeks. There could be no doubt that the two women were very familiar with each other’s body and Christina looked on in total shock.

“No…fucking…way…” Christina gasped, her voice full of disbelief at what her eyes were seeing.

“My Madame will be waiting for you all,” Michelle said, licking her lips and sampling the flavor of Gwen’s lipstick. “She is upstairs, six doors down to the left.”

“How could you keep this place secret from me?” Carmen demanded from Pamela. Carmen felt like her pussy was going to explode with pure heat. She wanted to fuck everyone she saw. She wanted Christina. She wanted Gwen. She wanted that hot little naked maid. She wanted it all.

“I was feeling greedy,” Pamela admitted wickedly.

“Is it ten minutes yet?” Christina asked. Seeing Gwen kiss Michelle had her heart pounding and her brain flying on pure natural ecstasy. She wasn’t going to get herself any cock tonight, but there was way too much hot pussy walking around here for her to even think about leaving.

The ten minutes couldn’t tick by fast enough and it wasn’t long before Carmen, Pamela and Christina were racing up the stairs. They followed Michelle’s directions toward Christina’s room and, even though they lost Gwen along the way, they quickly picked up two new companions.

“Where are you guys headed?” Charlize asked, Brittany by her side.

“The same place you’re going, I’ll bet,” Pamela said, immediately getting Charlize and Brittany blushing.

“I didn’t know you two were…” Carmen began.

“We’re not!!” Brittany interrupted.

“Riiiiight,” Carmen teased. Their group of five quickly reached Christina’s door and Carmen opened it, not quite sure what they were going to find. The lights were all on and they served to illuminate the bed, where a very naked Christina Aguilera lay spread out. She smiled when she saw her guests and began teasing her nipple ring with her finger. Christina shifted on the bed so they could all see that her smooth, shaved pussy was wet. Her clit ring glistened under the light and Christina let all of them drink in the sight of her before she spoke.

“What took you all so long?” Christina giggled, before moving onto the more important question.

“So,” Christina asked her enraptured audience as they all filed inside her room. “Which one of you wants to fuck me first?”

All five girls were stuck in stunned silence, not knowing how to react. Charlize and Brittany were too shocked to say anything and Christina, Carmen and Pamela were too horny to do anything but stare at the singer’s nudity. Part of them expected her to burst out laughing and say she was just kidding, but Christina did nothing of the sort. She just continued to lie there, run her hands over her body and lick her lips. Finally, the sexual tension in the room reached a breaking point.

“Fuck this!” Christina Applegate declared before leaping right into the bed, fully dressed. She had on a loose dress with vertical stripes crossing over it. It was perfect casual party wear, but all Christina wanted was to get it off her body. The two Christinas began making out in a frenzy of wet tongues and smacking lips. They didn’t bother with the niceties. They weren’t looking to be romanced. They wanted to be fucked.

“Are you just going to stand around and watch?” Pamela asked Carmen.

“No way,” Carmen grinned. She grabbed Pamela’s hand and pulled her toward the bed. They fell upon the mattress and immediately joined the Christinas in their kiss. Carmen and Pamela kissed the both of them, their four tongues flicking together and their bodies rubbing in all the right places. They paired off and repaired only to pair off again as they kissed each other over and over again, all four bodies burning for more.

Christina, Carmen and Pamela all felt like their clothes were prisons and when Pamela pulled her top over her head and freed her heavy tits, the two Christinas immediately fell upon her, sucking on her nipples as Carmen began raking her fingers down Christina Applegate’s back and over her tight ass.

Brittany and Charlize couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Four beautiful women were going at each other with uninhibited lesbian lust. It was the most shocking thing they had ever seen and they had both seen a lot. They both thought they should just walk out of here, but their feet seemed unwilling to move. All they could do was watch and feel their own arousal increase.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Britney eagerly made her way to the game room to find out what Christina’s surprise was. She had no clues about it, but she knew if Christina had set it up for her, she was going to like it. Britney walked into the room and saw that it was dark except for some candles that had been lit. They gave the whole room a romantic, intimate glow that Britney immediately grooved on.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” Britney asked.

“Hello there,” a male voice said behind her. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Britney quickly whirled around and found herself staring at the chiseled, naked body of a black man. He walked toward her and smiled. Britney couldn’t see perfectly in the dimly lit room, but what she did see made her eyes bug out. He was over six feet tall and it didn’t look like there was a bit of flab on his body. He was all muscle, especially where it counted. Britney could see his cock dangling between his legs. He looked like he was close to nine inches, soft. Britney could only wonder what he would be like when he was hard.

“Christina sent me here for you,” the man said with the hint of a Caribbean accent in his voice. “My name is Anton.”

“Hey Anton,” Britney replied. She was a little nervous. This was the last thing she had expected. She had only been with one man in her life and that was Justin and what he had was nothing compared to what Anton as packing.

“Christina said I had what you needed,” Anton said, pressing his naked body to Britney’s and stroking her chin with his strong hand.

“She’s just full of surprises, isn’t she?” Britney replied with a small giggle. She didn’t know what to do here. Christina had picked her out a guy that was a total stud, but Britney felt confused. She had been all about girls for months now. Britney had thought Christina had been joking about getting her some black cock, but now she could see just how serious she was.

“Christina also told me to make sure you got the most pleasure you’d ever gotten in your life,” Anton said before kissing Britney. His kiss was warm and tender and Britney immediately responded to it. She opened her mouth to Anton and let him suck on her tongue as she felt her pussy begin to stir. He had obviously gotten a lot of practice at kissing because he knew just how to do it. Anton didn’t take her too quickly or jam his tongue inside her. He kissed her slowly and let her pleasure build.

Britney began to moan as they kissed and her hands quickly got curious. She wrapped her hand around Anton’s cock and began stroking it. Anton immediately responded and Britney smiled as she felt him harden in her hand. He just kept getting bigger and bigger and Britney felt like he had to be almost a foot long now. God, what was she doing here? It felt nice to touch Anton, but Britney also felt like she shouldn’t be doing this at all.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes,” Anton said as he reached for the back of Britney’s dress. She felt his hands all over her body and she liked it, but it still was so confusing. It wasn’t like when Jessica had seduced her. She’d been nervous then too, but she’d been so willing to let her talk her into it. Britney felt so uncertain about this. She felt afraid and she felt her stomach welling up with an intense sadness.

“I can’t,” Britney said as she pushed Anton off her. “I just can’t do this.”

“What’s wrong?” Anton asked.

“It’s not you,” Britney stammered as she felt a tear well up in her eye. “It’s…it’s me…I can’t do this. I’m sorry. I just can’t!”

Before Anton even had a chance to talk her out of it, Britney fled out of the room in tears.

* * * * *

Back in Christina’s room things were going much, much better. As Brittany and Charlize watched in shock and awe, the girls were all attempting to get as naked as Christina as soon as possible. Pamela helpfully eased the shoulder strap of Carmen’s aqua dress off and began pulling it down her body. Since Carmen wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, her bare breasts quickly popped into view where the horny Christinas immediately devoured them.

Carmen groaned as the singer and actress sucked on her tits, just like they’d done to Pamela. Both of them knew just how to tease her nipples and get them hard. Christina Aguilera was the more enthusiastic of the two, sucking on her hard pink point like she was looking for mother’s milk. Carmen writhed on the bed and begged for more. She wanted these hot mouths all over her body.

“Pammy…get my dress off,” Carmen begged her friend. “Make me naked!”

As many times as Pamela had heard Carmen beg her to get her naked over the years since they had started fucking, it never stopped being sexy. Luckily Carmen’s dress wasn’t too tight, so Pamela was easily able to tug it off her with one hand. Pamela’s other hand was busy playing with her own tits, rubbing her hard nipples and making herself so wet under her pants and panties.

Pamela was very happy to see that Carmen wasn’t wearing any panties under her dress either and that her pussy was already glistening with juice for her. Carman had shaved her bush down to a faint patch of brown hair and Pamela’s tongue already hungered for her. But Pamela had already been with her friend and she had never tasted either of the Christinas.

“Come here,” Pamela said to Christina Applegate, pulling the actress off of Carmen’s tits and kissing her passionately. Christina didn’t waste a second before kissing her right back and running her hands over Pamela’s white jeans. Pamela moaned when she felt Christina’s hands squeeze her ass through her jeans and she responded by hiking up Christina’s colorful dress and exposing the red panties she had on underneath.

“Mmmmm you’re already soaked you naughty girl,” Pamela teased as she rubbed her fingers over Christina’s wet panties.

“If I’d known it was going to be this kind of party, I wouldn’t have even bothered wearing panties,” Christina grinned. “Now are you going to touch them or rip them off my fucking body?”

“If that’s what you want,” Pamela replied wickedly as she reached down and yanked Christina’s panties off, ripping the red fabric with a delightful sound that echoed throughout the room. Christina had a sexy tuft of brown hair that was already wet with her juice and Pamela’s eyes dropped right down to her shiny cunt lips. Christina looked good enough to eat, so Pamela decided to get right to it.

“Awwwwwww fuck yes!” Christina gasped as Pamela buried her face between her legs and began lapping away at her pussy. This was what Christina loved the most about fucking girls. You didn’t have to worry about friendship or relationship bullshit. You could get right down to the sex.

Across from her on the bed, Carmen was now naked except for her heels with a very sexy singer lying on top of her. Christina Aguilera kissed all over Carmen’s face, starting with her lips and moving over to her cheeks and chin. It was like there wasn’t an inch of her face that Christina didn’t want to shower with affection and Carmen was loving this royal treatment. Christina felt so light on top of her, like a nasty pixie floating above her body and Carmen felt such an aroused rush from how their tits rubbed together. They both had implants, but it didn’t lessen the sensations one bit and Carmen knew it wouldn’t be long before she was soaking Christina’s bed sheets.

“Mmmmmm you’re so fucking hot Chrissy,” Carmen moaned while Christina lavished her with kisses. “Why didn’t you show me how hot you could be when you were doing the show. Ohhhhh we could have been fucking for months now.”

Christina answered with a smile and sexy squeeze of Carmen’s jiggling jugs. She didn’t really have a good answer to that question except that she’d been so busy fucking the dancers that she hadn’t even had time to get to Carmen. That was one of the reasons she was having this party, to make up for missed time.

From where they stood, Charlize and Brittany had perfect views of every hot kiss and every wet lick. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Four beautiful women were getting it on in front of them with no shame or inhibition. Neither Charlize nor Brittany considered herself a prude, but they had never seen anything like this before. But what was most shocking about this wasn’t what they were seeing, it was that it was turning them on.

Both girls shared nervous looks with one another, but didn’t make any steps toward the open door behind them. They could have easily escaped and gotten out of there, but it was like their legs were unwilling to move. They each could sense what the other was thinking and they knew they both felt the same way. They were both fighting the urge to tear off their clothes and join the pile of girl flesh on the bed.

“Have you ever…you know…been with a girl?” Brittany asked, not averting her eyes a bit from the action on the bed.

“No…I…God…I’ve always fantasized about it though,” Charlize admitted with a blush. “I just was too scared…you know?”

“Me too,” Brittany replied, her voice almost a whisper. “I’ve always been so curious, but I never had the guts.”

Brittany was well aware that her name had been circulated through the Hollywood gossip mills as a closeted lesbian. There had been rumors of her getting it on with co-stars like Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore, both of whom were open about their bisexuality. Brittany hadn’t minded the rumors. She wasn’t a homophobe and had felt comfortable enough with her sexuality to not even dignify the rumors with a denial. In fact she had jokingly played it up for photographers once by kissing Winona Ryder when the paparazzi had been watching.

It had only been a joke and nothing had happened beyond the playful pecks that went on in front of the camera, but Brittany for years had felt so curious about other women. Sex with men more than satisfied her and she loved Ashton, but she had always wondered what it would be like to really kiss and touch another woman. She wondered about getting naked with a sexy girl and letting her do whatever she wanted to her body.

She didn’t know why she’d never done it. Maybe it had been out of fear that it wouldn’t be as good as she’d dreamed. Or maybe it was that she was afraid that she’d like it too much. Whatever the reason was, Brittany had never taken the big step, even though she’d had opportunities. Now she had the hottest chance of her life and she had no idea how to react.

Charlize found herself in the same position. She’d been a model before segueing into acting. She’d been around alternative lifestyles all her life and she had been brought up by her mother to be tolerant and never judgmental of others. She had never cared that a lot of the women she had known during her modeling days had fucked other women. In fact she’d always been fascinated by it. She’d heard their sexy tales around the makeup table and wondered what it would be like to be with another girl. Recently she’d been playing a lesbian in a film and had done love scenes with Christina Ricci that had only increased her curiosity.

She’d had her share of opportunities too, but had never acted on her fantasies. A number of women had approached her over the years, but Charlize had been too scared to accept. She wasn’t shy in the bedroom and the men she’d been with knew her as an adventurous and passionate lover, but she’d just never had the guts to take the plunge. Now she found herself watching these beautiful women undress and make love to each other with such freedom that she began to feel her old resistance weakening more than ever before. But she couldn’t just go up there and join in. Could she?

“So are you two enjoying the sexy little show?” a voice asked from behind Brittany and Charlize. They both gasped and blushed. They didn’t have to turn around to see who it was. The accent was a dead giveaway. It was Michelle the maid.

Charlize turned around to try and speak, but Michelle wouldn’t let her. She placed her finger on Charlize’s lips and turned her head around.

“Shhhh…just watch them,” Michelle instructed, her accent driving the girls wild with lust they didn’t even know they had. “I know you are liking what you are seeing. You want to be on the bed with them, do you not? You can be. Let Michelle get you ready.”

“Get us ready?” Charlize asked, wondering what Michelle meant. She suddenly found out when the maid’s hand slid right inside her sweat pants. Charlize tensed up, but couldn’t stop herself from moaning as Michelle pushed under her panties and went right for her honey pot. Charlize had felt so self-conscious about not having changed and having been in her sweats when everyone else was in their sexy dresses, but now she saw the advantage. Michelle could get at her pussy so easily now.

“Oh yes, you do like this,” Michelle grinned as she felt Charlize’s wetness. “I want to be your very good friend, Charlize. I am very good friends with the girls here and I want to be like that with you and your sexy little friend here.”

“Ohhhhh…God,” Charlize moaned. Michelle’s sexy fingers teased her wet slit and made her want this even more. She knew she wasn’t going to have a way of chickening out now. She knew this was going to happen and the idea of surrendering to her desires and tearing down all her inhibitions was getting her so wet. She wanted this. She wanted to surrender.

Charlize’s desire only increased when Michelle began to caress her face and then turned her around so she could kiss her. It was the first time Charlize had ever really kissed another woman and she loved it. Michelle’s lips were so soft and sexy. It was like kissing herself. Charlize knew she needed this now. The pain from her breakup was quickly fading and all she wanted to do was unlock her hidden lust and experience everything this place had to offer. She’d ask questions in the morning.

Brittany’s heart was thumping in her chest as she watched Michelle kiss Charlize. Everything was spinning out of control around her, but she had no desire to stop it. All she could see was how happy Charlize looked to be kissing the sexy maid and all she could hear were the moans and cries of arousal from the bed. She felt her nipples ache under her top and she began to unconsciously stroke her breasts through the denim that covered them. Brittany could feel her wetness building and when Michelle turned her attention to her, she didn’t put up even the hint of a fight.

She’d kissed women before, but Brittany had never felt anything quite like the sensation of having Michelle’s tongue snake into her mouth. She gave Brittany no option but to accept her tongue and that was exactly what the actress did. Brittany sucked on Michelle’s tongue and kissed her hungrily. It didn’t matter to her right now that she was with Ashton and definitely not supposed to be doing this. What mattered was her living out a fantasy and feeling sexier than she ever had before.

As Michelle took her turn with Brittany, Charlize was left gasping. Michelle’s kiss had literally taken her breath away and Charlize just wanted to grab her off Brittany and keep those sexy French lips all to herself. If that was what she could do to her with a kiss, Charlize shuddered to think of the pleasure Michelle could bring to her pussy.

“Now you two,” Michelle instructed as she placed her hands gently on the back of Charlize and Brittany’s heads. “I want to see you two kiss each other so nice and sexy.”

Even if Michelle’s hands hadn’t been guiding their lips toward one another, the two actresses were so horny they probably would have ended up sucking face no matter what. Charlize was the taller of the two so she bent down slightly so that her lips could touch Brittany. The casual friendship the two of them had was being sent to dizzying new heights, but neither girl gave it a second thought. They craved the sexual touch of another woman. They craved each other.

The passion that Brittany and Charlize had felt building since they had entered the room was now unleashed with full force. They held nothing back as they kissed. The actresses kissed like they had been lovers for years and not the inexperienced girls they were. They kissed each other like they kissed their boyfriends, passionately and eagerly.

Their lips mashed together and their tongues touched in all the right places while Michelle continued to hold their heads together with her gentle touch. When she was finally satisfied that the kiss would hold, Michelle pulled her hands away and smiled when she saw the frenzied liplock continue. She stood back and watched for a moment as they smacked their lips together hungrily and moaned as their hands began tentative explorations of each other.

“I was right,” Michelle smiled. “I knew you two would be so beautiful together. I can see how much you both want this. I can always tell when people are holding back and you two do not want to hold back anymore, do you?”

“No,” Brittany said with a shy smile when the kiss ended. “I don’t want to hold anything back.”

“Me neither,” Charlize added with a smile of her own. “I want this. I don’t want to stop.”

“Mmmm good,” Michelle said before joining them in a three way kiss. Tongues licked and flicked together as both girls deferred to Michelle’s experience. They let her guide them in the kiss and they moaned when her soft hands played all over their bodies. It made them squirm under their clothes and made them wish they were as naked as Michelle was. That was why the French girl’s next words came as such a relief to them.

“Now it is time to make you all naked,” Michelle said. “I will get you ready so you can join my Madame on the bed. Let me get you out of these silly clothes.”

Michelle’s slow seduction of Brittany and Charlize was going unnoticed by the girls on the bed, but that was only because they were so into each other that seeing anything else was impossible. All that mattered to them was the fact that the bed was filled with four, almost bare bodies, and that they were all soaked for each other.

As Christina Applegate sucked on Pamela’s tongue she delighted in the taste of her juices. Pamela had been licking her so good, but Christina had felt the undeniable urge to kiss her and taste her. She didn’t want to come yet. Not when she and Pamela were both still wearing so many clothes. Their shoes were easily disposed of and Pamela’s flats and Christina’s heels hit the carpet with four soft thuds and then they went about stripping the rest of their bodies.

They were both face to face on the bed, sitting up and running their hands all over their bodies while they kissed. Pamela played with Christina’s hair, which was a honey brown these days and Christina’s hands were busy squeezing Pamela’s bare breasts. She loved how these tits felt in her hand. Pamela looked enormous and she couldn’t remember if she’d had her implants taken out or whether she’d put them back in. But that didn’t matter now. What mattered to Christina was how good these tits looked and how bad she wanted to get her tongue over them.

“Mmmmm yeaaahhhhh Christina…suck on those tits,” Pamela urged as Christina pushed her face into the busty “Baywatch” star’s cleavage and began licking and sucking her flesh. “God, you’re making me so wet.”

“Oh yeah, want to show me how wet?” Christina challenged. “Let me see how wet your pussy is getting.”

Pamela didn’t say anything in response. She just reached down and popped open the button for her jeans. Pamela then took Christina’s hand in hers and pushed it under her jeans so she could feel her through her panties.

“Mmmmm your pussy feels sooo good,” Christina moaned. “So nice and warm and wet for me.”

While Christina was rubbing her slit through her panties, Pamela was working on getting the actress’ dress all the way off her. She pushed the shoulder straps of Christina’s colorful dress off her and exposed her bare tits. Pamela then kissed Christina again, making sure their hard nipples rubbed together. They could hear the grunts and moans from the couple right next to them on the bed, but Pamela and Christina only had eyes for each other as they kissed and rubbed their tits. Christina had a healthy set of natural breasts and while Pamela’s dwarfed them, they were more than enough for the blonde to get her hands over.

“Squeeze them,” Christina groaned, in between kisses. “I like it a little rough. Play with my tits. Make me fucking feel it!”

Pamela made sure Christina got what she wanted as she began gripping her bare breasts. She had a lot of practice with this. Pamela had been with girls who only loved a soft touch and others who wouldn’t take it any way but hard, right down to the nipple clamps. Christina seemed to fall right in the middle and she knew just how to take her. Pamela squeezed Christina’s tits and tugged on her nipples, hard enough so that she could feel it, but gently enough so she wasn’t tit torturing her. She pushed Christina’s breasts up and down, molding them like clay as she continued to kiss and tongue her pretty mouth. Christina’s flesh was very sensitive and Pamela was quickly making her pale skin flushed.

“Yeahhh that’s it,” Christina said. “Grip those tits! Make them all nice and pink! Ughhh I love it!”

“Mmmm just don’t take that hand away from my pussy,” Pamela begged. “It feels soooo fucking good.”

“I won’t,” Christina promised. “I want your pussy to be dripping hot girl cum for me.”

It had been a few months since Christina had last messed around with another woman, but she hadn’t lost her skills. She could feel Pamela get wetter and wetter the more she rubbed her slit. She couldn’t wait to get Pamela naked so they could both get their tongues to work on each other. Christina wanted this pussy and she knew she wasn’t going to get it while Pamela was still wearing these damn jeans.

Since the button was open already, the tight jeans had been significantly loosened around Pamela’s waist. It was very easy for Christina to just push them down her body, so that was just what she did. Because she and Pamela were sitting on the bed, Christina couldn’t get them all the way off her, but she could get them low enough to reveal the barely-there black g-string that covered Pamela’s ass. Christina peered over Pamela’s shoulder to see those beautiful cheeks in only the faintest of black strings and she used her free hand to begin rubbing the blonde’s exposed butt.

“Mmmm,” Pamela moaned before helping herself out by taking one hand off of Christina’s chest and using it to tug off her own jeans. It was a bit of a struggle to pull her jeans off while her eyes and other hand were still focused entirely on Christina’s tits, but Pamela managed to get it done with only limited muss and fuss. Pamela threw her jeans onto the floor beside her discarded top and let herself sit there on the bed in only her tiny g-string.

“You’re so fucking sexy Pammy,” Christina smiled.

“So are you, let’s get this fucking dress off,” Pamela replied and Christina immediately agreed. Christina held her arms straight up and allowed Pamela to pull the dress, which had bunched up around her waist, right over her head. Christina groaned as she felt Pamela’s hands on her body, pulling the dress over her hair and making her completely naked. If Christina had known she was going to be a in a girl orgy tonight she would have come to the party buck naked. Wearing clothes only wasted valuable time when there was hot girl flesh to fuck.

Pamela pushed Christina onto her back again and drank in the sight of her nudity before getting back to work. Pamela kissed up and down Christina’s neck while she delivered a hard slap to Christina’s right breast, getting a happy coo from the actress.

“Slap them!” Christina begged. “Slap my hot tits Pamela!”

Pamela slapped Christina’s tits over and over again, using her hands on each side and sending her firm breasts knocking into each other. Christina writhed on the bed in and cried out in response and Pamela saw how wet it was getting her pussy. She didn’t know how much longer she could wait before she got her tongue back in that pussy, but she continued to give Christina just what she wanted.

The blonde slapped and gripped Christina’s tits, making sure the mounds of flesh were just as pink as the hard nipples that were swollen and begging for attention. Pamela responded to that begging by leaning down and biting Christina’s nipples. Pamela was well practiced at this. She knew how to bite hard enough to cause pleasure without bringing any serious pain or breaking the skin. She teased Christina’s nipples with her tongue and teeth, making them ache with desire and making her pussy drip onto the sheets.

“Mmmm I can’t wait anymore,” Pamela sighed. “I need to lick you again Christina. I need your pussy against my tongue.”

“Yesssss do it Pammy,” Christina groaned. “Eat my pussy! You’ve got me so hot, I’ll fucking come for you in no time! Give it to me Pam! Get your tongue inside me!”

Pamela didn’t waste a second before scooting down Christina’s body and lining up her face with her drenched cunt. The heat from Christina’s pussy drew Pamela in and her aroused scent promised nothing but sweet girl cum for her tongue. Pamela had gotten herself a hot taste of Christina’s cunt from before, but now she wanted more and she didn’t want to stop until she had Christina’s cum all over her face.

“Ahhhhh Pammy yesssssss!!!” Christina cried out as Pamela’s tongue slid over her slit and began licking her in a frenzied motion. Pamela’s tongue was fast, but not careless. She knew just which spots to lick and she showed off her experience as she licked Christina Applegate’s swollen pink pussy lips. Pamela lapped away at her slit, licking up all the juice that had collected there and delighting when more began to drip from her pussy. Christina was already spread open for her, so it was so easy for Pamela to just slid her tongue inside and begin tongue fucking her.

“Ohhhhhh yessss Pammy that’s the fucking spot!” Christina groaned in response to Pamela’s tongue. Every time she was with a woman, Christina wondered why she didn’t do this every night. Marriage be damned. No one could ever make her come as hard as another woman could and Pamela had one hell of a tongue. She was filling Christina’s head up with intoxicating pleasure and Christina wanted more. She wanted Pamela too and she didn’t want to wait to have her.

“Pammy! I need you!” Christina whined. “Don’t stop licking! Bring your pussy to me! Bring it right to my lips!”

Pamela grinned as she pulled herself off of Christina just long enough to reposition herself on the bed. She loved doing 69s. There was all that pleasure and none of the hassle of having to wait for your orgasm.

Making sure she didn’t stray too far from Christina’s wet, needy pussy, Pamela pulled herself on top of her and pressed her pussy right to her face. As soon as they were set in the proper position, Pamela got right back to work and Christina’s cries of pleasure were muffled by Pamela’s crotch against her face.

Feeling that tongue inside her was almost enough of a distraction to make Christina forget what she had in front of her, but Pamela’s soaked panties rubbing against her lips was an excellent reminder. Christina’s hands traveled up to grip Pamela’s butt cheeks while she licked her g-string and got her first taste of her juices. Christina loved what her tongue was experiencing and she didn’t want to wait even the 30 seconds it would have taken to pull Pamela’s panties off. Instead she jerked her g-string off to the side and plunged her tongue right inside her pink.

Next to them on the bed, Carmen was having herself quite a time as Christina Aguilera rode her face. Christina was happily grinding her pussy against Carmen’s tongue while she gripped the headboard. Christina’s juices were dripping onto Carmen’s tongue and her chin and the actress couldn’t get enough of the singer’s spicy flavor. She loved how tight Christina’s pussy felt around her tongue. Carmen had expected Christina to be much looser, considering all the rumors, but it was such a sexy fit around her tongue.

Carmen couldn’t get enough of Christina’s piercings. The blonde pop tart had a ring through one of her pussy lips and a stud in her clit. Carmen had never been with a pierced girl before and it was so hot to feel her tongue rub up against that metal. She played with the piercings with her tongue, pushing them around and swirling over them like a kid trying to push out a loose tooth. Carmen loved playing with them and it made her giddy with arousal. Her own pussy was soaked and she began fingering herself while Christina rubbed her sticky juices all over her face. Carmen spread her own legs wide open and rubbed her spread lips hard, getting her fingers wet with her own girl juice as she made Christina scream out in pleasure.

“Fuck yesssssss!!!” Christina cried out. “Ohhhhhh I love fucking your hot face Carmen! Tongue fuck me bitch! Jam that tongue up my slutty twat!”

Hearing those nasty words spew out of Christina’s mouth really got Carmen off. She loved hearing them as Christina ground her wet pussy against her face. If Christina really wanted to get dirty, then Carmen wanted to make sure she gave it to her. Carmen began spanking Christina’s tight ass and urging her to fuck her face harder. Christina squealed in pleasure from the hard slaps to her young ass and immediately got the message. She gripped onto the headboard harder and began to really rub her pussy against Carmen in a slow, nasty grind.

Carmen groaned happily and gurgled her pleasure. If she died right now, she would have left a happy woman with this hot, yummy pussy against her face. She wouldn’t have minded drowning in Christina’s pink and she plunged her horny tongue in and out of the singer’s dripping cunt. The more she tongue fucked her, the more girl juice she got and Carmen found herself falling gaga with lust over Christina’s tight, young body. She was so hot and wet and Carmen just wanted to fuck her all night long.

“More!” Christina begged. “Spank my ass! Fuck me and spank me you nasty fucking slut! Just make me come so I can lick my cream off your sexy fucking face!”

Christina kept cursing and babbling her pleasure in between moans and sighs. Carmen could taste that Christina was getting close already and part of her just wanted to stay right as she was, with Christina rubbing her wet pussy all over her face and dripping cum down her chin while she squeezed and spanked her ass. But Carmen also had something she was dying to do to this sexy little minx. She couldn’t let this barely legal bitch think she was the hottest slut in the room. Carmen had been fucking girls when Christina was doing the Mickey Mouse Club and she knew she had a few tricks to show this young slut.

Carmen wrapped her hands around Christina’s sexy butt cheeks and lifted her up so she could properly impale her cunt with her tongue. Christina screamed in ecstasy as she felt Carmen stiffen her tongue and use it like a cock on her wetness. The singer kept gripping the headboard, while Carmen’s hands elevated her and tongue fucked her into sexual oblivion. Carmen squeezed her cheeks and didn’t let go even a bit as her tongue flew and danced inside her tight folds.

“YESSSSSSS!!!” Christina growled loudly, her voice taking on an animalistic drawl. “GIVE IT TO ME BITCH!!! TONGUE FUCK MY TIGHT, SLUTTY PUSSY!!! OHHHH YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME FUCKING COME YOU BITCH!!!”

But Carmen wasn’t ready to let Christina come quite yet. She just wanted to make sure she was as wet and hot as possible before she really gave it to her. Carmen had her own way she wanted to make Christina come and she suddenly pushed the singer off of her face.

“Don’t fucking stop!” Christina wailed. “What the fuck are you doing? I was so close! Get your tongue back inside me! Make me come you nasty dyke slut!”

“Uh uh,” Carmen grinned wickedly as she shook her head. “You’re not ready to come all over my tongue yet. You have to earn that privilege. But don’t you worry, you bratty little whore. You still get to come!”

Before Christina even had a chance to ask what Carmen was going to do to her, the actress pulled her back down onto the bed and lay her flat on her back. Christina’s eyes brightened and a happy smile crossed her face as she lay back and watched Carmen begin to fondle her own tits.

Carmen played with her swaying breasts, pinching her own nipples and rubbing herself into a frenzy before hefting up her right breast to her mouth so she could tease and lick the tip. This was the moment when her store bought jugs were worth every penny she had made Prince plunk down for them. Carmen licked one breast, then the other, teasing her own nipples and making them swell up nicely.

“Make me come Carmen!” Christina begged, reaching down to lewdly rub her pussy lips. “Please just make me come! I love being a bratty whore for you and I’m so fucking wet! Just give it to me!”

Christina knew what was coming and she couldn’t wait. Rose did this to her sometimes and it always got her off. She was going to have to get Britney to give it to her like this soon too.

Now that her nipples were all wet and hard, Carmen did what her body had been promising Christina. She leaned down and rubbed her swaying tits against the singer’s pussy, teasing her slit and almost getting Christina creaming on first contact.

“Yessssss!” Christina hissed. “Tit fuck me Carmen! Make me come all over those huge fake tits!”

She and Christina wanted the same exact thing and Carmen immediately set to work making it happen. She took her right breast and rubbed it hard against Christina’s splayed pussy. Her nipple was immediately soaked with girl juice and Carmen rubbed her even harder in response. Christina was so wet for her and Carmen love how slippery her tit was getting with the singer’s essence. Carmen loved tit fucking people. It didn’t matter if it was a hard cock between her breasts or a wet pussy against her mounds, it was all good to her.

“Scream out how much you love this!” Carmen ordered. “Scream out how much you love my big fucking tits rubbing your wet pussy!”

“Ooooooooh I love it! I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!” Christina screamed out, her voice rising in passion with every hard rub of Carmen’s nipple against her. “Give it to me with those big sexy tits Carmen! Make me come baby! I want my girl cream dripping in your hot cleavage!”

Picturing that mental image almost made Carmen pause, but she summoned up enough strength to turn that thought into reality. She pulled her right breast away and began taking Christina with her left. She went back and forth against Christina until her tits were both covered in girl juice. Christina’s clit was so hot and swollen right in front of her eyes and the singer bucked on the bed when Carmen began rubbing her nipple against it. Christina’s piercings felt so nice against her flesh that Carmen began rubbing harder, just to build up more sensations in her own body.

“Feel it Chrissy! Feel my hard nipples against your clit!” Carmen ordered. “I want you to come all over my hot titties baby! Drip that nasty fuck cream all over my big tits! Coat my melons in your girl spunk!”

“UGHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!” Christina groaned loudly, loving the lewd commands. She managed to focus enough to look around the room to see Christina and Pamela in their nasty little 69 while Michelle peeled Brittany and Charlize’s clothes off. It was just how she had wanted it to be and sensing all those hot, dripping pussies around her was making Christina even more desperate to come. Carmen’s nipples felt so good against her hyper sensitive clit. Christina had been rubbing herself raw all day imagining this and knowing it was even hotter than she had dreamed was such a fucking turn on.

“Come for me Christina!” Carmen said. “Come from my hot tit fuck! I can feel how fucking wet you are for me! You know you want to come all over my soft, sexy tits! Do it you sexy little brat! Come all over my tits!”

Christina continued to cry out and tease her own tits as she felt her body fill with pleasure. She tugged and played with her nipple ring, twisting it slightly to make her body tingle. She was so close and she loved how Carmen’s nipples felt against her pierced clit. Since she’d gotten her diamond stud in there, Christina’s clit had been so sensitive. Carmen was giving it right to her clit and finally Christina couldn’t take anymore.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Christina screamed as she came. “YESSSSSSS OHHHHHHH FUCKING YESSSSSSS!!!”

Carmen held fast with her tits, rubbing Christina hard with them as the singer held true to her promise and creamed her flesh. Christina’s hot girl juices dripped onto her nipples and Carmen made sure the cum was smeared all over her jiggling jugs. Carmen’s tits were a girl cum coated mess and, as soon as Christina had creamed her last drop, the actress set about cleaning them off with sexy licks to her own breasts. Christina could only lie back and watch Carmen clean herself off while she felt her own pussy get wet and ready for more.

The sounds of Christina’s orgasm had gotten everyone a little more juiced up and Charlize and Brittany were no exceptions. They were thoroughly enjoying their first girl/girl experience and their only regret was that they hadn’t taken advantage of their earlier opportunities. How much pleasure had they missed by holding onto their inhibitions like scared little girls? Now they were seeing all their own sex had to offer and loving every second of it.

The kissing between the two actresses had barely paused even for a breath and now Charlize was hungrily sucking on Brittany’s tongue while wrapping her arms around her friend’s slim waist. Charlize hugged Brittany tightly while Michelle went about stripping them bare. The maid had encountered no resistance when she undid Brittany’s denim top and she pushed it off her body, exposing a black lace bra underneath. The bra pushed Brittany’s firm little breasts up and Charlize felt her horniness increase when she saw how Brittany’s nipples were straining against the fabric.

Brittany’s hands were getting grabby too by now. She didn’t want to wait for Michelle to get Charlize naked. She wanted to see her now! Brittany had never been the most patient of people when she wanted something and right now she wanted Charlize. As she felt Michelle’s hands caress her back gently while reaching for the clasp of her bra, Brittany boldly reached over for Charlize’s sweat pants. With a quick yank, Brittany pantsed her friend, leaving her standing in her white panties, a sizable wet spot visible on her crotch.

“Mmmm you see how wet she is for this,” Michelle cooed in Brittany’s ear while unsnapping her bra and uncovering her bare breasts. “She is wet for your kiss and for your touch. We are no different then horny men…we will do anything for a wet pussy and she is so wet for you.”

Brittany could only respond by nodding her head and moaning. Charlize had repaid Brittany for stripping her sweats off by leaning down for her first taste of another woman’s breasts. The most beautiful, hard nipples Charlize had ever seen capped off Brittany’s nipples and the South African beauty began to lick them. She was tentative at first with her tongue strokes, but Charlize quickly gained confidence and was soon hungrily sucking on Brittany’s nipples.

“Oh Charlize…” Brittany moaned as she felt a huge naughty rush from moaning another woman’s name with such desire. “Yesss…that’s it…mmmm you’re making me feel so good. I love what you’re doing. Don’t stop. You’re making me so wet.”

Michelle’s hands eagerly went to investigate how wet the actress was and she eased open Brittany’s jeans. Brittany wanted this so bad and it felt like every little bit of the zipper took forever for Michelle to open. When the crotch of her jeans was opened, Brittany was about to push them down her own body, but Michelle slapped her hand away.

“Non!” Michelle snapped playfully. “This is my job.”

Brittany was too aroused to argue and Michelle didn’t make her wait long. The French girl pulled down Brittany’s jeans and they bunched up around her legs, trapped by her shoes. Brittany moaned when she caught side of herself in the mirror along the walls. She was standing there with her jeans around her ankles in wet panties and nothing else. Charlize’s face was buried in between her breasts, kissing the small, sexy mounds and making sure her tits were soaked with saliva and desire. Brittany loved feeling Michelle’s naked body pressing against her and she loved seeing it even more. The actress moved her hands back to cup Michelle’s ass and pull her closer.

Michelle responded by kissing Brittany’s neck and making the little hairs on the back of her head stand up and cheer in arousal. Brittany had never felt this turned on in her life and her horniness was like a cloud enveloping her entire being. As Michelle whispered in her ear to lift her legs up so she could get the jeans off her, Brittany complied and wordlessly allowed Michelle to peel her pants over her shoes and off her body.

“Is your friend wet?” Michelle asked Charlize and the actress nodded her head. Charlize could feel and smell Brittany’s wetness through her panties and it only served to make her wetter in her own panties. Charlize’s white panties were almost soaked through by now.

“Do you want to lick her pussy?” Michelle asked. Both girls were dying over how she said the word “pussy.” A lot of words were sexier with a French accent and that one was right up at the top. Charlize nodded her head, but Michelle could detect the nerves on her face.

“Do not worry, I will show you how to do it,” Michelle promised, laying a kiss on Charlize’s lips before moving her hands to Brittany’s panties. “I will show you how to eat her beautiful pussy. You will go show your friend how much you want to kiss her. Look at her. She needs to be kissed.”

Brittany certainly needed a kiss and Charlize was only too happy to give it to her. Like most girls they loved a lot of kissing and touching and they were getting plenty of it from this new experience. The two actresses began kissing again and Brittany helped her friend out again by peeling her shirt over her head and leaving Charlize standing there only in her underwear. Trading soft, wet kisses that went on and on, Brittany and Charlize happily moaned into each other’s mouth as Michelle sank to her knees and went right for Brittany’s panties.

Michelle felt Brittany tense up when she reached for her panties, but she quickly relaxed and her moans naturally increased when those panties were removed from her body. Michelle let Brittany’s panties fall around her ankles and stay there. She would worry about getting them off her later. Right now Michelle was much more eager to concentrate on Brittany’s wet pussy.

When she caught her first glimpse of Brittany’s wet, glistening pussy, Michelle immediately saw that this was one girl who would not need her grooming services. So many of the girls at the mansion had allowed her to shave them, but Brittany’s pussy was already bare. Michelle licked her lips at the treat offered up before her and immediately got to work.

“Mmmmm I love this pretty pussy,” Michelle declared as she reached up and teased Brittany’s slit with her fingers. Little droplets of cream had clung to her lips and Michelle collected all of them with her fingers before sliding them into her mouth. Brittany had the fresh taste of a girl on girl virgin and Michelle smiled giddily. She couldn’t wait to taste more and she quickly got her tongue on Brittany’s slit, licking her pouting pink cunt lips like they were candy.

“Ooooooh,” Brittany moaned. “Oh gawwwd it’s so goooooooooood!”

“What’s she doing to you?” Charlize eagerly demanded. “Tell me everything!”

“Mmmmm she’s got her tongue on…on my pussy,” Brittany moaned, her body shivering in arousal as the naughty word passed her lips. Her small body was already quivering from the sexy licks she was getting from Michelle and telling Charlize about it was making it even better.

“She’s licking up all my wetness,” Brittany continued. “God, it feels…it just feels so fucking good. Soooooo much better than a man. Soooooo soft and sexy. Mmmmm I love how she’s licking me. She’s got her tongue all over my pussy! Oh Charlize it feels so good! You won’t believe how good she is! Her tongue is fucking unbelievable!”

Charlize was a little jealous as she heard Brittany sigh as a look of pure rapture covered her face. She longed to feel Michelle between her legs licking her pussy like she was doing to Brittany. She needed to feel the pleasure that Brittany was experiencing. Her breakup wounded heart craved it like a bandage for a wound. Charlize considered falling into greedy bitch mode and pushing Brittany away so Michelle could give it to her, but she maintained control. She knew if she waited her turn she would have plenty of fun. Besides it was a turn on to see Brittany’s face react to her arousal. Brittany’s sweet, energetic face contorted in open mouthed pleasure that was turning Charlize’s panties into a soaked mess.

She had to get naked, so Charlize took matters into her own hands. She untied her sneakers and threw off her socks. She wiggled her toes happily and proceeded to push down her own panties. Charlize moaned when she felt the cool air of the room rub up against the heat of her pussy. It was like the air was fucking her and a satisfied smile came over Charlize’s face as she closed her eyes and felt the rush of the naughty new lust continue to spread over every inch of her body. Hearing Brittany moan and sigh had Charlize’s fingers moving and it wasn’t long before she was rubbing her pussy and adding her own moans to the mix.

“Mmmm Michelle,” Brittany sighed. “Please lick me! I love it! Your tongue feels so good! I never knew it could be this good! Lick my pussy! I wanna feel it all!”

Michelle had been the first time for many girls curious about lesbianism and she knew this song by heart. What girls experiencing this pleasure for the first time always loved most of all were all the sensations they hadn’t been expecting. They never expected the huge rush of emotion that came with the pleasure. It was very intense and Michelle looked up from Brittany’s pussy to see that intensity crossing her face and making her chest heave with shortness of breath.

Brittany had such a beautiful, tight body that Michelle couldn’t help but hope she would visit the mansion again. She could sense that this girl had a lot of sprit and energy and, once she got used to all the new feelings girls could inspire in each other, Michelle thought Brittany would become another eager convert to the mix. Of course what mattered most to Michelle was how Brittany tasted and her wet pussy was quite a treat for her taste buds. Michelle loved licking her and Brittany’s juices dripped onto her tongue as a reward when she slid past her slit and began licking her clit.

“Ohhhh gawwwwwd she’s lick…licking my cli…my clit now,” Brittany informed Charlize. “Mmmm she’s going to make me come. I love this! Don’t stop Michelle! Don’t stop licking my wet pussy!”

Hearing Brittany’s moans get more frantic and aroused, had Charlize’s hands working herself over even harder. She was using both hands on herself now as she stood there naked except for her bra. Charlize had one hand rubbing her lips and the other inside her, teasing her clit with three fingers. She didn’t often masturbate with her hands. She usually used a vibrator or a shower massager, but this felt so good. Charlize’s pussy was soaking her hands, making them all slick with girl juice as she pleasured herself.

Charlize let out a happy moan as she hit a sensitive spot on her clit and Brittany looked over to see her. Brittany was amazed at how beautiful Charlize looked standing there. She had always thought Charlize was one of the most beautiful women in the world and that had been before she had seen this sexy side of girls. Brittany was blown away by the sight of Charlize standing up, her nipples poking against her white bra and her shoulder length blonde hair tossing over her face and all around as she played with herself. Brittany felt a rush of pleasure from staring at Charlize’s hands rubbing her pussy and plunging inside. She knew what she needed right now.

“Charlize…let me taste you,” Brittany begged. “Let me taste your pussy! Let me taste those fingers! Please get them inside my mouth!”

At the sound of that Charlize opened her eyes and smiled. She hadn’t been expecting to hear that, but she was more than happy to give Brittany what she wanted. She paused her masturbation to pull her hands out and hold them out for her friend. Brittany eagerly clasped the one that had been rubbing her slit and hungrily sucked all the wetness off.

Brittany wasn’t sure how she’d react to her first taste of pussy. Sure she’d tasted herself after masturbating and during sex, but this couldn’t have been more different. She was ecstatic to see that she loved it. It tasted to natural against her tongue and so sexy. Brittany felt a tremendous rush when it dawned on her she was sucking the juice covered fingers of Charlize Theron. So many other people would have killed to be in her spot. It wasn’t like anything she had ever done before and it made Brittany even wetter against Michelle’s horny tongue.

“You are close, no?” Michelle inquired, pulling away from Brittany just long enough to ask her question and for the actress to see her juice all over her face.

“Yes…ohhhh so close…” Brittany moaned. She loved seeing Michelle’s face covered in her juice and she knew it was only going to be hotter when she came all over her soft skin. As her orgasm approached, Brittany’s thoughts turned to Ashton. He’d be back from his basketball game by now and he’d probably be wondering where she was. If only he knew what she was doing and who she was doing it with. She didn’t feel guilty about doing this though. Brittany knew Ashton would benefit from this new side of herself. He wouldn’t be doing much complaining when she started bringing home sexy girls for them to share.

Satisfied with the answer, Michelle went right back to Brittany’s pussy and redoubled her efforts. She began sucking gingerly on the actress’ clit. Michelle eagerly parted her lips to suck on the throbbing bud and Brittany responded with sharp, ragged gasps and heavy moans. Michelle’s own pussy was aching with need, but she ignored her own pleasure. As a maid, she knew it was her duty to make sure her Madame’s guests were satisfied before she attended to her own needs.

“Ooooooh ooooh oooooooh…” Brittany mewed from Michelle’s long, sexy clit sucks. Charlize could see how close she was and she ceased her own masturbation in order to help her friend get off. She ran her wet fingers over Brittany’s face and down to her jiggling tits. She kissed and touched Brittany everywhere she could, all the while urging her orgasm on.

“That’s it Brittany, come all over her face,” Charlize whispered in her ear. “See them on the bed? Look at how hot they look. We can be like that too. We can be hot and slutty like them. Come all over her pretty face so I can help you lick it off her and we can go play on the bed and make each other come all night long.”

It was that thought that finally set Brittany off. She could see and hear what was happening on the bed and the thought of joining them and entering into a sexy tangle of naked bodies set Brittany off like a firecracker.

“OHHHHHH!!!” Brittany hollered as her body tensed up and tingled in anticipation of what arrived a moment later. She began to come with a rush, bucking her hips and rubbing her pussy all over Michelle’s tongue and face. Brittany’s small breasts shook with desire and Charlize got her hands and mouth all over them, prolonging her pleasure. Brittany felt such an intense pulse of pleasure rock her body as she came that she suddenly struggled to stand. But Charlize and Michelle wouldn’t let her fall and they kept her propped up safely as her orgasm raged and left her a gasping, sweating mess.

“Ohhhhh my God,” Brittany giggled giddily when she finished her orgasm. She was already up for more and she showed off her new passion by kissing Charlize deeply right on the lips. Brittany strained on her toes to reach the leggy Charlize and their lips met with hot, lesbian passion. Their kiss lasted until they were both short of breath and they finally pulled away, leaving wet strands of saliva coming from their mouths.

When they finally broke the kiss it was only to help Michelle up and lavish her cum covered face with hot kisses. It was Charlize’s first taste of another woman and she longed to get it right from the source. Michelle sighed happily as the two blonde actresses kissed and licked her face clean. She knew it was her reward for another job well done and now she had more for them.

“Come,” Michelle said. “Now you two may come to the bed and join in the fun.”

Michelle took them both by the hands and lead the eager girls to the bed, where the temperature seemed hot enough to set the sheets on fire. Christina Applegate and Pamela were still in their hot 69 and now it was Christina Aguilera’s turn to return the orgasmic favor to Carmen. Carmen was lying flat on her back as Christina hungrily feasted on her wet snatch. Christina’s tongue happily fucked Carmen’s wetness and when she saw the two girls approaching she looked up and smiled.

“Hey there,” Christina giggled. “I was wondering when you were going to get your asses over here. Jump on in and grab a tongue.”

Christina then plunged her face back into Carmen’s pussy as Charlize and Brittany took her advice and crawled onto the bed. Michelle stayed behind and watched as Brittany shyly crawled over to Carmen and began playing with her tits. She fondled the bouncing puppies and began kissing all over her flesh. It was now time for her to get used to the body of another woman and there was no better body for her to experiment on than Carmen’s.

While Brittany was a little tentative in her approach to Carmen, Charlize was downright bold. She was too horny to be shy and she needed to come more than she felt she had ever needed anything before. Carmen’s tongue looked mighty good to her, so she didn’t even pause to consider asking for permission before she set her wet pussy right against Carmen’s face.

Luckily Carmen was more than willing to get her tongue to work again. In fact she was hoping either Brittany or Charlize would make use of her services when she saw them crawling on the bed. Charlize settled on Carmen’s face in a reverse cowgirl position that allowed Carmen to grip onto Charlize’s beautifully sculpted ass while the blonde could lean down to play with her big tits. Carmen groaned happily as her tongue tasted Charlize for the first time. She had this delicious pussy in her face, Charlize’s hands and Brittany’s mouth on her tits and Christina’s expert tongue in her cunt. Her body was filled with wonderful, intoxicating pleasure and she felt her own orgasm grow close.

Carmen’s orgasm wasn’t nearly as close as Christina and Pamela’s were though. They had been rocking and grinding each other’s faces and happily eating each other out. Both girls were well practiced at the art of 69ing and knew just how to make a woman feel good.

“Fuck me Pammy!” Christina screamed, her lips glistening with Pamela’s juices. “Eat my wet fucking pussy and make me come! God I’m close!”

Christina certainly was close and she ached for her orgasm. Until she had felt Pamela’s tongue slide into her pussy, Christina hadn’t known how badly she needed this. Her husband was a good lover, but his tongue just couldn’t compare. Pamela knew just how to eat pussy and Christina felt her body quivering in anticipation of her orgasm. Pamela’s tongue felt so good inside her and Christina bucked her hips up to make sure she fucked Pamela’s face properly. She loved the feel of this sex goddess lying on top of her and the taste of her pussy was delicious.

For awhile, Christina had just licked Pamela while holding her g-string to the side, but that had become tiring after awhile. So she just returned the favor of what Pamela had done to her earlier and ripped her panties off. Now she had Pamela’s pussy bare against her lips and she hungrily feasted upon it, giving Pamela back everything she got from the horny Canadian’s tongue.

“Come for me Christina!” Pamela gasped as she pulled away to take a breath. “I need your girl cum! I’m so fucking hungry for your pussy. Give me all your hot, nasty cream!”

“Ughhhhh yessssssss…keep licking and you’ll fucking get it!” Christina groaned. Her hand squeezed Pamela’s butt cheeks, but it was hard for her to keep licking her pussy. Christina felt her head buzz with pleasure and little tears of rapture formed at her eyes. She wanted this. She needed this and it was so fucking close. Pamela’s tongue was making her feel so good and she could only lie flat on her back and moan.

Pamela didn’t mind that Christina had stopped licking her. She could feel how close she was to coming and that was a perfectly good excuse as far as Pamela was concerned. She sucked hard on Christina’s clit, licking the bud before getting it between her lips and tugging on it sexily. The taste of Christina’s girl juices were already coating her tongue and Pamela wanted more. She wanted to feel Christina come so she could get her tongue back inside her and bring her off in return.

“Just a little more Pammy!” Christina wailed. “Suck on my clit! Suck on it good you little slut and make me come! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Christina’s cries were getting more passionate and ragged and her juices were getting richer. Pamela decided that what this girl needed was some penetration and she licked two of her fingers to slide them inside Christina’s cunt. Christina cried out when she felt the two fingers sliding into her to go along with Pamela’s tongue and lips. Her body tensed up and she began squeezing Pamela’s ass extra hard in anticipation. She felt her body fill up with pleasure and when she finally let go it was a deliverance straight into ecstasy.


Pamela’s tongue feasted on hot girl cum as Christina came. She licked up every drop, not missing a one as she let Christina’s cream fill her mouth and drip down her throat and down to her waiting tummy. Christina spanked Pamela’s ass in passion as she roared out her orgasm. She shook on the bed and Pamela matched her shake for shake as she lapped away at her creaming cunt.

The pleasure was so much and at times it felt like it would never end for Christina. Her whole body soared from the ecstasy and Pamela’s tongue just kept lapping away. But Christina knew the pleasure had to stop eventually and she was ready to give it right back to Pamela. They were very good friends now and Christina wasn’t about to let her down.

As soon as her head cleared up enough, Christina got her tongue to work at Pamela’s pussy. She licked her as hard as she could, lashing at her hard clitoris and working over her pussy as best she knew how. Christina was quickly rewarded with tasty juices flowing onto her tongue. She knew Pamela’s own orgasm was close and since Pamela had been good enough to use her fingers on her, Christina was eager to do it all right back to her.

Christina slid her fingers over Pamela’s wet pussy, coating them with juices. It was so tempting to lick those fingers clean, but she didn’t. Instead she took her middle finger and began teasing Pamela’s puckered asshole with it.

“Yessssss…” Pamela groaned. “You know I fucking want it Christina! Finger my hot ass! Get that finger deep inside me while you eat my pussy!”

Happy to see that Pamela was no stranger to anal sex, Christina slowly pushed her finger inside Pamela’s asshole. She was tight, but there wasn’t too much resistance and Christina was soon building a steady fingering motion while her tongue licked Pamela’s pussy. She let her tongue do the most work at stimulating her lover and Christina made sure she gave equal attention to Pamela’s clit and to all her other sexy pink parts. Christina loved eating this pussy and she knew this wasn’t going to be the last time she was tongue deep inside Pamela Anderson.

Pamela groaned and shuddered when she felt that finger invade her butt. The only thing that would have been better would have been for one of these sluts to slide on a big strap-on and fuck her ass hard. Of course they had all night to do that and Pamela wasn’t planning on going anywhere for a good long while. The double stimulation of a tongue and a finger inside her holes had Pamela juicing up all over Christina’s tongue and she could feel like she was about to come.

“Mmmmm so close,” Pamela groaned. “Slam my ass Christina! Work my cunt with your tongue while you fuck my ass with your hot fucking finger! Get another one in there! I can fucking take it!”

Christina happily complied, using a second juice lubed finger inside Pamela’s sexy hole. She could hear the happy cries of horny women all around her. Christina had never expected anything like this to happen tonight and she wondered if maybe she’d died and gone to heaven. Pamela’s juices were a complete delight to her taste buds and the more she licked the more she wanted. She wanted to feel Pamela come all over her face and she wanted to feel it now.

“Yesssssssss just a little morrrrrrrre…” Pamela cried. “Please make me come Christina! Eat that fucking pussy and fuck my ass! You know just what you’re doing you nasty little slut! Make me come like I made you come!”

She could sense that Pamela was only seconds away from her orgasm from the hot cries she heard so Christina made sure it was a memorable one. She latched her lips to Pamela’s clit and sucked her hard as she got her little pinky finger and slid it right inside Pamela’s ass to join it’s friends inside her tight hole. She fucked Pamela’s ass while she sucked her and that was all Pamela needed.

“AAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKK YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Pamela screamed at the top of her lungs. She felt like she might burst from pleasure and it all felt so good. Her body lurched on top of Christina’s, her thighs trapping her lover’s head between her legs as she screamed and creamed in orgasm. Pamela panted and growled as her tits bounced up and down on her chest. She arched her back like a cat while riding Christina’s face and making sure she got every drop of pleasure her orgasm had to offer her.

Christina’s tongue wasn’t quite on par with Pamela’s so she couldn’t quite lick up all her girl cum. She cut it pretty damn close though and what she didn’t get she was happy to have drip down her chin. Some of Pamela’s cream even hit her tits with a sexy little sizzle making Christina groan. This was all so fucking nasty and with all these hot bodies around her, she knew the real party was just getting started. Christina could hear their frenzied voices and she could practically taste all their wet pussies. This place was amazing.

“DON’T YOU STOP CHRISSY!!!” Carmen screamed, her own orgasm so close. “DON’T YOU FUCKING STOP UNTIL I’VE COME!!!”

Carmen felt like her whole body was on fire with wicked lust. She had so much stimulation that she even had to pause from licking Charlize’s hot pussy to scream out her pleasure. Christina had been teasing her pussy with her lips and tongue and fingers and making her wetter and wetter. When Christina finally began to eat her out, Carmen had thought she would be coming within seconds, but the nasty little singer knew just when to pull back to allow Carmen’s pleasure to build. She was enjoying being a brat and making Carmen beg for it.

“You want me Carmen?” Christina Aguilera teased, rubbing her fingers over Carmen’s weeping slit while her juice covered lips hovered tantalizingly over her pussy. “You want me to make you come? You want me to eat your pussy and suck your clit? Is that what you want? You have to ask for it here?”

“Mmmmmmmm you fucking nasty little brat,” Carmen groaned, swearing she was going to get this little slut back for this. Her long brown hair was tossed asunder all over the pillow she rested her head upon and her face was glowing with perspiration and need. Carmen needed this orgasm. Charlize’s hot little cunt was so good and Carmen wanted so badly to get her tongue back inside it. First she needed Christina to make her come.

“Ask for it…beg for it,” Christina replied, her face covered in a naughty smile. “Beg for it like the slut you are Carmen!”

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssss I am a slut…a naughty fucking slut…just like you,” Carmen cried out, feeling the pleasure of having Brittany suck on her tits while she soaked her fingers by rubbing Charlize’s pussy as it lay above her lips. “Fuck me Chrissy! I want it! Please eat my pussy and make me come! Please get me off like the slut I am!”

“That’s better,” Christina smirked before plunging her face back into Carmen’s wetness. Her tongue could taste her cream already and she hungrily licked her, using all her tongue skills to get Carmen off. Christina had lusted after Carmen from the first second she had met her and now she had her naked and writhing under her tongue. Another notch for her growing bedpost. It was too bad Britney wasn’t hear to see her lick Carmen’s sweet snatch, but Christina supposed she was having lots of fun with her surprise.

“Ahhhhhh sooooo fucking goood!!!” Carmen exclaimed as Christina’s bratty, but sexy tongue, got back inside her and did all the nasty things to her pussy that had her this close to orgasm. While Christina was eating her out, Brittany was getting more and more used to the touch of her body and the feel of her hot, flushed skin. Brittany was all over Carmen’s breasts, tasting her sweat and the remains of Christina’s girl cum. The hot blonde actress worshipped Carmen’s heavy tits and gave them all of her sexy attention.

The exploration of young Brittany Murphy’s hands and tongue all over her tits and face was driving Carmen wild and making Christina push her even closer to orgasm. Brittany looked so hot playing with her tits and sucking on her nipples that Carmen couldn’t wait to grab her by her blonde hair and show her just how much she loved her as an actress by pushing her down and fucking her sweet face.

Her tongue unable to do anything but moan and utter sexy profanities, Carmen continued to work Charlize over with her fingers. Charlize continued hovering right above her face, just as she’d been before, but this time it was Carmen’s hand touching her and not her mouth. Carmen rubbed Charlize’s wet slit and finger fucked her, but too hard. Carmen didn’t want her new friend to come from her fingers. She wanted that girl cum in her mouth.

By now Charlize had shed her bra and was playing with her own tits as she waited for Carmen’s tongue to get back inside her. She didn’t know Carmen well at all. They had only met while doing the show, but she wanted to fuck her and come from her more than she’d ever wanted that from any man. Charlize wanted Carmen’s tongue inside her and she was growing more antsy by the second. Fortunately she didn’t have to wait much longer.


That was just what Christina did. She licked away at Carmen’s pulsing clit, knocking her pleasure bud around with hard strokes that had Carmen grabbing and clawing at the sheets. When Carmen couldn’t take any more of the hot tongue inside her pussy, she responded by giving Christina the hot, creamy reward she’d been after the whole time.

“OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH CHRISSSSYYYYY!!!” Carmen wailed as she came suddenly onto Christina’s face and tongue. Christina gurgled happily at the rush of girl cum that coated her tongue and ravished her face. Carmen’s cum was so hot and sweet that Christina knew she wasn’t going to need any more of that bud she had purchased from next door. She could get high on Carmen’s pussy cream any time she wanted.

“YESSSSS FUCKING YESSSSS!!!” Carmen gasped as she thrashed around on the bed. Her orgasm was like pleasure flowing through her veins instead of life’s blood. She felt nothing but ecstasy through her whole shaking body, but she didn’t let that stop her from remembering she still had work to do. Like the committed bisexual slut she was, Carmen didn’t rest a second before getting her tongue back inside Charlize.

“Bring your pussy to me again baby,” Carmen urged. “Fuck my face Charlize!”

That was what Charlize had longed to hear and she immediately plunged her soaked pussy right back against Carmen’s mouth. This time she turned herself around so her ass was facing Christina and Brittany so she could use the headboard for support when she had the orgasm she was praying was going to be a big one. Now that the girls in this room had created this intense need in her to fuck other women, Charlize was going to make sure they gave her the orgasm that she needed.

Even as the last embers of her orgasm died out, Carmen didn’t show any slippage of energy. In fact she seemed even more dedicated to making sure Charlize had a hot orgasm. Carmen slid her tongue back inside Charlize’s juicy snatch and began licking her sugary sweet walls. The girl cum was already dripping out of her slit and onto Carmen’s tongue and the experienced bisexual pushed the process along by licking up all her juices and tongue fucking her tightness.

“Ohhhhhhhh God yessssssss…” Charlize cried out. “Give it to me Carmen! I need this! I fucking need it so bad!”

Charlize’s need was obvious to everyone in the room and they all stopped to watch and admire her beautiful naked body as she rode Carmen’s sexy face. All other action ceased and attention was focused entirely on Charlize as she remained the last celebrity in the room to come. Even Christina Aguilera paused in giving Brittany kissing lessons to look up and watch Charlize’s gorgeous bare ass while she bounced up and down on Carmen’s tongue.

The naughty singer was making sure Brittany was getting a long, lingering taste of Carmen’s orgasm, but Charlize was too sexy a distraction to ignore.

“Watch this Brittany,” Christina winked naughtily. “Let me show you a sure fire way to make a girl come.”

Brittany watched with rapt attention as Christina crawled toward Carmen and Charlize. Carmen’s hands gripped Charlize’s butt cheeks and she was already spread wide open for Christina’s lascivious intent. As Charlize fucked Carmen’s tongue like it was a cock, Christina leaned down and slid her tongue right into Charlize’s tight little asshole.

“OHHHHHH HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!” Charlize suddenly screamed as she felt that tongue enter her hole. She had no idea who was licking her ass, but she didn’t care. She just cared that it felt so fucking good and that it was something she had wanted for so long. Charlize would tease her own ass during masturbation, but she had never been able to get a man to lick her there. Now she had a hot female tongue rimming her and it was fucking awesome.

“OHHHHH GAWWWWWWD!!!” Charlize screamed. With two tongues inside her, resistance was truly futile. She could feel her whole body tingle and quiver in anticipation of her orgasm. Carmen’s tongue fucked her pussy like an expert and whoever was back there tonguing her ass knew just how to do it. Charlize was floating with pleasurable sensations and she never wanted to come down. She could feel that all the eyes in the room were on her and she loved it. She loved being the center of attention and she wanted to give them all something to stare at.


Having those nasty words spill out of her mouth was even more of a turn on for Charlize than it was for the lucky ladies who got to hear them. She was so close. Charlize could feel sweat dripping off her body and running down between her tits and down her stomach. She had never felt this fucking sexy before. It was like she was some kind of wild woman slut. Her ex had no idea what the fuck he was missing, Charlize grinned as the two tongues inside her worked their magic. The sensations were too much and Charlize responded with a hot, screaming orgasm.


Everyone in the room, especially Carmen and Christina, welcomed Charlize’s loud screams. They kept on licking her, drawing her pleasure out and making sure she felt every sexy sensation. Christina finally pulled out when Charlize’s asshole began to constrict, but Carmen didn’t let up. She loved the taste of women and Charlize tasted so good. The South African beauty humped her face and creamed her skin in ecstasy and Carmen didn’t miss a lick. She kept giving it to Charlize with her horny and tireless tongue before Charlize finally pulled off her and rolled over onto her back on the bed.

“Ohhhhh my God…” Charlize gasped, echoing Brittany’s sentiments of a short while ago. “I had no idea it was that good.”

“It only gets better with practice,” Pamela informed her.

“Yeah and we have all night to practice,” Christina Applegate added with a smile.

“Mmmm got that right,” Christina Aguilera said. “And I see someone we can practice on.”

Christina’s eyes went right to the naked maid that stood before the bed. As the girls had fucked each other silly, Michelle had stood by, playing with her own wet pussy and making her juices run down her legs. She had a horny, happy smile on her lips and her Madame returned one in kind before asking the next question.

“So, who wants to be the first to show Michelle what a good little maid she is?” Christina grinned.

* * * * *

Though she tried to concentrate on the script she was reading, Eliza Dushku’s thoughts never wandered too far from the girl she knew was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Even though she was studying the script for what would be her first starring role in a series, they couldn’t possibly compare to her thoughts of Kirsten Dunst. She could hear Kirsten’s soft humming from the bathroom and it made Eliza smile.

Eliza never thought she would feel that way about anyone. She had never thought just the thought of someone could make her smile, but no one had ever impacted her the way Kirsten had. Eliza had known for a long time that she was bisexual, but she had never expected to find herself in a relationship with a girl. Hell she had never expected to find herself in a relationship with anyone. Eliza had never been good at that stuff. She had spent her life looking for sex, not love. But now Kirsten was changing all that.

She was crazy about Kirsten. Usually Eliza had a roving eye when it came to girls, but now she wanted to be faithful. She never wanted to make Kirsten feel the way she had that night when she had admitted to her that she had gone to the mansion and been a part of that poolside orgy. She had crushed Kirsten that night and Eliza swore to herself that she’d never do it again.

Since that night, Eliza had known that what she and Kirsten had was more than just fucking. She and Kirsten were girlfriends and Eliza loved it. She wanted to scream it from the tallest building and shake people on the streets with the news, but of course she couldn’t. Kirsten was becoming a big star and Eliza was building a solid foundation for herself in the industry. Coming out as lesbian lovers probably wasn’t the best career move, so their relationship would have to remain a secret. Eliza didn’t mind though. As long as she had Kirsten she was happy and she didn’t care how many and how few knew.

Everything about Kirsten made Eliza happy. She loved how she looked when she first woke up. She loved how she had the cutest little giggle when she saw something funny and tried not to laugh. She loved how Kirsten could be so sexy one second and so silly the next. She loved how Kirsten would bring her cats over the house and play with them for hours and how she would teach the silliest tricks to her dog. She loved how Kirsten could be innocent and nasty seemingly in the same breath and most of all she loved how Kirsten looked at her with lust and adoration. Eliza wasn’t used to all these feelings, but she loved having them.

“What are you thinking about?” Kirsten inquired as she stepped out of the bathroom, rubbing her face with a towel. She and Eliza were both ready for bed and Kirsten was in some baby blue silk pajamas she’d gotten from Victoria’s Secret.

“You,” Eliza smiled.

“Yeah right,” Kirsten laughed as she crawled under the sheets with Eliza. “Your smooth talk won’t work on me tonight Ms. Dushku. You’re not gonna talk me into giving it up to you.”

“I don’t have to talk you into anything Kiki,” Eliza reminded Kirsten, her hair freshly dyed red again in anticipation of the filming for the “Spiderman” sequel next month. “You beg me for it.”

Kirsten giggled and snuggled up to Eliza under the covers. She wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and kissed her happily. Kirsten loved this. The sex with Eliza was great. Hell, it was the best she had ever had, but it was this that was the best part. It was sleeping with her and waking up next to her. She hadn’t expected to find that with someone like Eliza, but it was just what she wanted.

Her relationship with Eliza had lead to some awkward moments between her and her family and friends. Her parents and friends had gently pestered her about when she was going to find her next boyfriend and her agent had been asking her why she hadn’t been seen with any men lately. Kirsten wanted to tell them the truth and admit she and Eliza were lovers, but she couldn’t. She wasn’t ashamed of anything she had done with Eliza, but she just wasn’t ready to take that step yet.

Eliza made her feel things no one else ever had. She made Kirsten want to do wild, naughty things. Eliza made her skin tingle and butterflies fly in her stomach, putting her in a happy state of perpetual excitement.

As they snuggled in bed together, Eliza was trying to decide what to do. She had to start learning her lines for the show before they shot the pilot, but she also wanted to play with Kirsten. Fortunately, Kirsten made the decision for her.

“Enough of this stupid script,” Kirsten said as she playfully yanked it from Eliza’s hands and tossed it on the floor. “Pay attention to me!”

Kirsten then pulled herself and up into Eliza’s lap. She kissed Eliza sexily on the lips and moved her hands up to her girlfriend’s breasts. She lightly played with Eliza’s tits through the long t-shirt she was wearing and her nipples quickly began to swell.

“Oooh someone’s antsy tonight,” Eliza grinned after Kirsten pulled away.

“I can’t help it,” Kirsten laughed. “Mmmm I can’t stop thinking about what we did with Natalie.”

Once again Eliza found herself getting wet over the memories. Kirsten and Natalie Portman had shared a limo and then she and Kirsten had ended up sharing Natalie. Natalie had never been with a girl before that night and by the time she finally left the next morning, she was well experienced in the art of sapphic love.

“You were so hot that night, Kiki,” Eliza moaned from the hot remembrances.

“Mmmm I love acting hot for you Eliza,” Kirsten replied. “Did it turn you on to see me with her? Did it turn you on to see your little Kiki fuck another woman?”

“You know it did,” Eliza smiled. She wrapped her arms around Kirsten and felt the redhead squirm in her lap. When Kirsten felt frisky she could be so sexy and she seemed plenty frisky tonight. “I loved watching you with her.”

“I loved doing it,” Kirsten admitted. “I loved fucking her and knowing you were watching us. It made me so wet. Mmmmm it made me feel slutty to do that. I liked that.”

“I liked it too,” Eliza replied. “You were so naughty Kiki.”

“What if I wanted to do it again?” Kirsten asked as she began grinding her body against Eliza’s. “Would that be naughty too?”

“Very naughty,” Eliza answered with a kiss to Kirsten’s lips. “I might have to spank you for that.”

“Yessss…” Kirsten groaned, her face taking on a nervous look of arousal. “Is that what you want to do to me Eliza? Spank me for being a naughty girl that wants to fuck other girls while you watch?”

By now Eliza’s hands had dropped down and were rubbing Kirsten’s ass through her pajamas. Kirsten moaned at the contact to her butt. Eliza’s fingers were like magic on her body.

“Bend over Kiki,” Eliza commanded. “I’ll show you what I want to do to you.”

Trying hard not to giggle in anticipation, Kirsten wiggled out of Eliza’s embrace and lay herself down on her lap. Her face was right near her side of the bed and her legs dangled in the air, over the edge. She didn’t say anything. She just moaned as Eliza slowly pulled down her pajama bottoms and exposed the lacy, pink panties she wore underneath. She’d gotten so wet so fast and Kirsten knew Eliza could feel her arousal against her leg.

“Such a naughty girl,” Eliza said while she rubbed Kirsten’s panty clad ass. “Couldn’t get enough of Natalie and now you want more, huh? You want another hot girl to fuck.”

“Yessss…that’s what I want,” Kirsten groaned. “I want you to watch me do nasty, slutty things to another girl.”

“Bad Kiki,” Eliza said, leaning down to kiss the soft, pale flesh that was exposed. She kissed around the edge of Kirsten’s panties, making her girlfriend wetter with every press of her lips to her skin. “But I love it when you’re bad. You know what a bad girl I can be and I love it when you’re just like me, Kiki. So, should I be naughty or nice to you now?”

“Mmmmm they’re both good,” Kirsten answered. She peeked over her shoulder and saw Eliza pull her big t-shirt over her head. Eliza was naked underneath and Kirsten felt another rush of arousal when she saw Eliza’s bare breasts. She loved Eliza’s tits. They were so soft and sexy, while losing none of the firmness of her youth. To Kirsten’s eyes, they were perfect.

“Nice feels soooo good, doesn’t it, Kiki?” Eliza teased as she slowly pulled down Kirsten’s panties and began rubbing her tits against her naked ass. Kirsten moaned as the hard nipples scraped against her skin. “Seeing this beautiful bare ass of yours makes me want to be so nice to you baby. It makes me want to rub my tits against you and make you so wet.”

“Ooooh Eliza…be nice,” Kirsten urged. “You’re getting my pussy so wet. Can you feel me? Can you feel how wet I’m getting for you?”

“I can feel it,” Eliza smiled, brushing away Kirsten’s red hair and kissing the back of her neck. “Rub that pussy against me. Let me know how much you want it.”

Kirsten immediately complied, rubbing her wetness across Eliza’s thigh as she continued to press her breasts against her ass. She was sure she could come just from rubbing Eliza like this. Kirsten was so wet and Eliza always made her feel so good. Kirsten craved Eliza’s touch. It made her crazy and it made her come. Eliza always knew just where to touch her.

“Mmmm you are wet for me, aren’t you Kiki?” Eliza asked, enjoying the feel of the wetness on her skin. “You love it when I’m nice. But maybe I should be naughty…”

Kirsten tensed up at the sound of that. What did Eliza have planned for her?

“You were the naughty one…fucking Natalie right in front of me…” Eliza grinned. “Doing all those nasty things I told you to do in the limo. Now you need a little punishment.”

Before Kirsten had a moment to react, Eliza smacked her ass with her hand. It wasn’t too hard, but it got the point across and then some. Kirsten groaned from the hard slap to her naked ass, but didn’t even consider asking Eliza to stop. Eliza spanked Kirsten again, making a red welt that quickly disappeared. Having done this before, Eliza knew just how long to spank Kirsten and where to do it.

“Ughhhhh yessss…” Kirsten groaned. “Spank me Eliza! Spank your naughty little Kiki! I was soooooo bad and I want to do it again! Spank me please for being such a bad, bad girl!”

Hearing that nearly sent Eliza into orgasm. She loved hearing those words coming out of Kirsten’s innocent mouth. No one else got to see this side of her. Only she did and that made this even hotter.

Eliza’s hand continued a steady contact with Kirsten’s ass. She didn’t go after her too hard. Eliza’s smacks were just strong enough to turn Kirsten’s ass nice and pink. Her flesh became so tender and Eliza loved how it made Kirsten squirm and moan as she lay across her. She could feel Kirsten get wetter with every firm slap that echoed through their bedroom.

“Oooooh Eliza…mmmm you make it soooo good,” Kirsten sighed, gripping the sheets with her hands. “Punish your Kiki! Show me what happens when I’m a naughty little girl!”

By now Kirsten’s ass was turning red and Eliza began slowing down. A spanking was all good and fun until someone got hurt and Eliza certainly didn’t want to hurt Kirsten. She ceased her spanking and began to tenderly kiss the firm cheeks of Kirsten’s butt. She pressed her lips gently against Kirsten’s skin, bringing much needed TLC to her sensitive ass.

“Mmmmmmm…” Kirsten purred. “Ooooooh Eliza. Yesssss baby. That’s it. Kiss my naughty ass. Make it all better. Gawwwwwwd you’re making me soooo hot!”

“I know how to make you even hotter,” Eliza promised and before Kirsten even had a chance to ask how, she took two of her fingers and slid them past Kirsten’s soft pussy lips.

“AHHHH!!!” Kirsten screamed in happy surprise. “Fuck me Eliza! Fuck me with your fingers! Push them in me baby and make me come!”

That was Eliza’s plan and she put it into action by slowly pushing her fingers in and out of Kirsten’s wet pussy. Kirsten was tight for her, but she had no problem taking her two fingers inside. Kirsten began rocking back and forth on the bed as Eliza fingered her and pushed her closer and closer to orgasm.

“Come for me Kiki,” Eliza urged. “Come all over my fingers. I can feel how wet your pussy is for me. Don’t hold back. I want you to come so I can feel all those hot, sexy juices of yours all over my fingers.”

“Harder,” Kirsten replied. “Fuck me harder please! Just a little bit more and I’ll come for you Eliza! You always make me come so fucking hard and I’ll do it again for you! I’ll come just like you want me to!”

“That’s what I want to hear,” Eliza smiled. “I want my Kiki coming for me.”

Eliza took Kirsten’s instruction and began fingering her harder. She pushed her probing fingers into her deeper and heard Kirsten’s moans get louder. Eliza just wished she had the strap on that she and Kirsten loved using on each other, but that was in the closet and Eliza wasn’t moving one inch. She had Kirsten right where she wanted her.

As she continued to grip and claw at their bedsheets, Kirsten felt her orgasm draw closer. Eliza never failed at getting her off and more and more she found herself starting to come in anticipation of her orgasm and that was the case here. Kirsten made sure Eliza could feel plenty of her wetness against her leg by rubbing her harder. She wanted to soak Eliza’s skin and then lick it off.

Kirsten groaned and felt her skin start to get all sweaty in the best possible way. She was going to have to take another shower before bed, but she didn’t care. Kirsten just wished she could see herself right then, bottomless and rocking against her girlfriend’s body as she was finger fucked. Kirsten reached up to feel her own firm tits as they bounced under her top. She fumbled with the buttons and managed to open it enough to get at her flesh.

“Mmmm Eliza…I’m so close,” Kirsten sighed as she slid her hands into her top and played with her own tits. “Don’t stop! Keep fingering my pussy!”

“I won’t stop Kiki,” Eliza promised. “I won’t stop until you come all over my fingers!”

Eliza then wiggled a third finger into Kirsten’s pussy and rubbed them against her clit. Kirsten screamed in passion as the third finger entered her and those screams were followed up with cries for more as Eliza rubbed her clit. Eliza focused all her attention on Kirsten’s clit and rubbed the swollen bud with everything she had. Kirsten’s pussy clamped around her fingers and Eliza could feel how close she was.

“Come for me Kiki,” Eliza urged. “Don’t hold back! Let me make you feel good!”

“Yessssssss you doooooooooo!” Kirsten cried. “You make me feel soooooooo goooooood!!! Ooooooh Eliza!!! I need it!!! I’m so close!!!”

Eliza responded by rubbing Kirsten’s clit harder, putting pressure on it as she began kissing her cheeks again. The closer Kirsten got, the tighter a fit it became in her pussy and the easier it became for Eliza to stimulate her clitoris and get her off. Eliza’s lips and tongue teased Kirsten’s ass, leaving her flesh wet and pushing her over the edge.


Kirsten’s juices quickly coated Eliza’s fingers. Eliza’s fingers slowed down in her pussy, letting Kirsten cream them give her nails a sexy new coat of polish. Kirsten cried and lurched on the bed, spasming around Eliza’s digits and expelling the last of her energy for the day.

Her orgasm felt so good that Kirsten had to close her eyes to take it all in. Her body was in full blow tingle mode and every sensation pushed her higher. Kirsten’s eyes remained shut and she might even have drifted off for a second from the pleasure. She wasn’t sure, but what she was sure of was that by the time she opened her eyes Eliza was licking her fingers clean.

“No…you have to share,” Kirsten playfully pouted. Eliza was only too happy to do that and she held out her sticky fingers for Kirsten to lick. Kirsten’s pink tongue began lapping away at Eliza’s fingers as her dark haired lover moved them up to the point where they were right against her lips. Kirsten and Eliza both licked off their soaked fingers and when they were done they fell into a tender, happy kiss.

They kissed for as long as they could, not wanting to separate their lips. When they finally did break the kiss, Kirsten fell back into Eliza’s arms and rested her head against her bare breasts.

“I love you Eliza,” Kirsten murmured sleepily.

“I love you too Kiki,” Eliza replied as she played with Kirsten’s hair. It felt so right to say that and she wanted to say it over and over again. Kirsten wouldn’t have heard her though. Eliza could hear her soft breathing and held the sleeping Kirsten in her arms. Eliza knew this was crazy, but she loved Kirsten and she never wanted this to stop.

* * * * *

As Eliza was tucking Kirsten in for the night, the party was still pulsing back at the mansion. But since the hottest pussy was already upstairs, Alyssa found herself at the dance without a partner. She was in a little bit of a snit with Christina over her not inviting her up with the rest of the girls. Just because she hadn’t done that stupid Pussycat Dolls show, didn’t mean she should be excluded from the fun. She could have shown those sluts a thing or two about being sexy.

Alyssa supposed she could have just gone upstairs and crashed their party. She doubted they would have thrown her out, but she wasn’t going to beg for Christina’s attention. She was better than that. If Christina didn’t want to invite her that was fine. They were going to miss out on having her hot pussy in their little clusterfuck.

As Alyssa wandered around the party she sadly began to admit to herself that she might not get laid tonight. Even after all the fun she had had with Avril and Michelle, Alyssa was still horny and she was looking for some fun. She didn’t want any of the guys there and while the dancers that Christina had invited were hot, Alyssa was looking for more than that.

She had hoped she would be able to hook herself up with Gwen, but when she finally found the singer in the crowd of guests, she had already been occupied. Gwen had gotten herself into a little tangle with some of the Pussycat Dolls dancers and now she was lying down naked in the middle of the room where everyone could see her while two of the dancers dueled their tongues in her pussy and another pressed her wetness to her lips. Gwen looked mighty happy and Alyssa felt more than a twinge of jealousy. Deciding to get herself some air to collect herself, Alyssa headed outside.

Alyssa angrily kicked some sand as she walked down to the beach. She hadn’t thought this party was a good idea from the start, but now that it was really hopping she was the only one not getting laid. Was that supposed to be poetic justice? Whatever it was, it sucked. At least it was a beautiful, clear California night. Alyssa could see the stars and the night air was invigorating.

She had been having so much fun fucking every hot girl that walked through the mansion’s doors that Alyssa had never really taken advantage of her setting. They lived at beachfront property that people would revert to cannibalism to possess. It was beautiful out tonight and Alyssa could hear the ocean crashing as she walked down the beach toward the water. If she wasn’t going to get fucked tonight, Alyssa told herself she could at least do some after midnight skinny-dipping. Who knew who would find her and what fun it could create?

But before Alyssa could begin thinking more about what could happen if she was discovered frolicking in the buff in the beautiful Pacific, she realized she wasn’t alone out here. She saw a girl sitting with her arms wrapped around her legs staring out at the long and unstoppable ocean. Alyssa was mighty curious about who this little cupcake could be so she started walking toward her. A few feet closer, Alyssa realized who it was.

“Shit…Britney,” Alyssa muttered. Britney was one of the last person in the world that she wanted to see. This was the perfect way to end what had been a pretty disappointing night so far. She was about to walk away, when Alyssa heard something over the sound of the ocean smacking the shore. It was crying. Britney was crying. Her conscience tugging at her, Alyssa decided to investigate.

“Britney, are you ok?” Alyssa asked after approaching the blonde singer.

“What do you want?” Britney shot back bitterly when she looked up to regard Alyssa with tear stained eyes.

“Fine…just trying to see if you were alright,” Alyssa snapped. “You don’t have to be a total bitch about it Britney. Forget I even cared.”

Alyssa then started walking away, but then she heard Britney crying again and she couldn’t just leave her out there. Stupid fucking conscience, Alyssa muttered to herself. Why did she have to develop one now, of all times? She felt bad that Britney was all alone out here crying. No one should be alone when tears came. Alyssa had felt that way a bunch of her times and it was always good to have a shoulder around. Alyssa didn’t consider herself Britney’s friend or anything, but hell Alyssa knew she wasn’t the type to ignore someone’s cries. Even though Britney had been a bitch in heels since her arrival, Alyssa still felt bad for her.

“Britney, what is it?” Alyssa asked, approaching the girl once again. “You can tell me you know.”

“Why, so you can make fun of me like the rest of them,” Britney replied with a mixture of sadness and anger.

“I’m not going to make fun of you Britney,” Alyssa said as she sat down on the sand next to Britney. “Why are you so paranoid? I just want to see if you’re ok. You don’t sound ok.”

“I’m not,” Britney admitted. “I’m so not ok.”

“What is it then?” Alyssa asked. “You’re living in paradise and you’re miserable. That’s not right. What’s the problem?”

Britney didn’t respond at first. She just started out at the water as it hit the beach over and over again. The ocean was so vast and that was why Britney liked it so much. It dwarfed everything else out there, including her sorrows. She just stared out at it, saying nothing until she finally spoke in a soft, almost whisper.

“I’d never had my heart broken before,” Britney said. “I didn’t know how to take it.”

“Who broke your heart? Justin?” Alyssa asked and Britney nodded her head.

“He was my first love and sometimes I feel so fucking alone without him,” Britney said. “Now his album’s a hit and everyone loves him and I’m just the loser. I can’t do anything without everyone mocking me. I feel like I have a target on my back 24 hours a day. It’s no fun to be everyone’s target, Alyssa.”

Alyssa reflexively put her arm around Britney’s shoulder. The blonde didn’t react, but she didn’t push her away at least. Alyssa had to admit she had no idea what it was like to be Britney. Sure she was an extremely recognizable face, but not on Britney’s level. While it meant the population of Malaysia didn’t know her name, it also meant she had much more privacy. Alyssa didn’t have to worry about what Britney went through. If she gave the finger to photographers, it wasn’t going to end up as a cover story in US.

Through her fame, Alyssa knew how the press could dehumanize you and make you feel less than worthy. They could turn you into this stick figure and when they built you up, they ultimately decided they needed to tear you down. Alyssa had experienced that, but she had never experienced the type of backlash that had hit Britney lately.

“I feel like I can’t trust anybody,” Britney said, a tear rolling down her cheek. “Which friend is it going to be next week who’s selling me out to the tabloids. I saw Colin Farrell once and all of a sudden we’re like all boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t even fucking know Fred Durst and then he’s out there telling lies about me! Why me? What did I do to deserve everyone hating me? I just wanted to sing and have fun and now everyone hates me for being the same person I was when everyone loved me. It isn’t fucking fair.”

Britney didn’t know why she was telling this to Alyssa. It wasn’t like she could trust her either, but it felt good to tell someone. She had to get this off her chest and, though she loved Chrissy, she sometimes felt like she wasn’t listening to her at all and that she was too wrapped up in herself. Britney told Alyssa everything that had happened that night, especially what had happened with Anton.

“And I was looking at him and he seemed so nice and he was pretty sexy and I guess I wanted him too, but then all I could see was him running to the tabloids and telling everyone about me and then they’d all just start picking on me again,” Britney sighed. “I hate being picked on. What gives people the right to make fun of you if they don’t even know you? Who made these people so fucking special that they can diss me all the time? I can hear what everyone says. They think I’m dumb and that I can’t sing. That’s why I wanted to do Christina’s record label thingy. I’m smart and I can sing. I want people to see that. I have feelings. It hurts when people say all these things about me, but they don’t even fucking care.”

“They will Britney, I know you can show them,” Alyssa said, reassuring her despite their many fights over the last few days. Alyssa couldn’t help but feel bad for her. She’d never really looked at things from Britney’s point of view. It had seemed that the world had made Britney their whipping girl lately.

“I just want people to let me be happy,” Britney said. “I just want to be able to do what feels good without worrying about what the whole world is going to think. I hate this pressure. I’m trapped inside a box and they aren’t going to let me out till I go crazy or die.”

Britney was exaggerating, but Alyssa didn’t call her on it. She let Britney vent and their bodies slowly moved closer to one another on the sand. Britney suddenly felt closer to Alyssa than to anyone in the world. She knew that feeling was only temporary, but it made Britney regret all the things she’d said to Alyssa over the past few days. Thinking back she saw that Alyssa had tried reaching out to her, but she’d just slapped her away every time.

“I feel like everyone’s against me and it all started with Justin,” Britney sighed feeling so relieved to be letting her insecurities off her chest. “That’s why I was too scared to be with Anton. I thought he’d turn on me too. That’s why I’ve been so mean to you Alyssa. I felt like you were against me too.”

“I’m not,” Alyssa insisted honestly. “Britney, I am not against you. I don’t see Justin anymore. It was just a quick fling. He made me laugh. He was fun, but I got bored with him. I’m not against you at all. I live with you now. I’m not going to run off with Justin and I’m not going to sell you out to the tabloids.”

“I’m sorry I was such a bitch to you,” Britney said. “I just would see you all the time and I would think of Justin and that would just get me so mad. Why did he dump me Alyssa? I loved him. I loved him so much and he didn’t care about me in the end. He dumped me for that whore dancer of his.”

“I don’t know if you ever noticed it, but Justin doesn’t have too much upstairs,” Alyssa pointed out. “Why do guys do anything? It’s because they’re dumb guys. Believe me Britney, Justin will be begging for you to come back to him soon and then you can be the one to tell him to fuck off.”

Britney then surprised Alyssa by reaching over and hugging her. She returned the hug though. Britney felt so guilty for being a total bitch to Alyssa. She’d been lashing out at her for things that weren’t her fault and she’d been totally rude to her.

“I’m sorry I called you those names and said those things about you,” Britney said. “Thanks for talking to me.”

“It’s ok Britney,” Alyssa replied, finally being able to say everything she’d wanted to say since Britney moved in. “I’ve been a bitch too. It’s like my defense mechanism. When someone comes at me with attitude I shoot it right back at them. I don’t want to fight with you Britney. I don’t want to be your enemy. This is stupid. We shouldn’t be ripping on each other because of some stupid boy.”

“I don’t want to fight either,” Britney said. “I don’t like fighting. I want to be friends.”

“So let’s be friends, Britney,” Alyssa proposed. “We are housemates and all that. We should at least be nice to each other.”

Alyssa could see that Britney had stopped crying and that she was smiling now.

“Ummmm I don’t want to just be friends, you know,” Britney said with a blush and a smile.

“Oh really?” Alyssa asked with an arched eyebrow. “What do you want?”

“This,” Britney said before leaning in and kissing Alyssa softly on the lips. Alyssa smiled and returned the kiss, their lips pressing together tenderly. This was not what Alyssa had expected to happen, but it was definitely a good thing.

“Is that all?” Alyssa teased. “You just want to kiss?”

“Uh uh,” Britney replied. She hadn’t expected this either, but it was just like when she and Chrissy had ended up fucking in the dressing room. The unexpected things sometimes ended up being the best sometimes. “I want it all.”

“You want to go back inside?” Alyssa asked. “We can fuck anywhere and no one would care.”

“No…right here,” Britney said. “I always wanted to do it on the beach.”

“I’ve done it on the beach before, it’s very sexy,” Alyssa informed her. “You have a blanket or something?”

Britney shook her head.

“Why? Do we need one?” Britney asked.

“Well if you don’t mind, then I don’t either,” Alyssa said as she began to brush Britney’s hair off her forehead. “You’ve just gotta be careful of getting sand in your coochie.”

Britney giggled and began kissing Alyssa again. This felt so right. She didn’t have the nerves and reservations she had when she was with Anton. She felt like she could trust Alyssa. Now she knew Alyssa wasn’t one of those haters out there that wanted to see her miserable and alone. Now Britney didn’t have to pretend that she didn’t want her.

Alyssa kissed her right back, their passion growing with every second. The cool night air and the sound of the water fueled them on and as the party continued to rage on the inside, they began undressing each other. Britney’s dress was oh so easily removable and when Alyssa reached around to unsnap a few buttons, it fell away from her body. Britney shivered a little in the night air but felt confident that Alyssa would know a few ways to warm her up. Alyssa finished pushing the dress off Britney’s body and the singer stood up so it would fall right off her. The dress puddled on the sand and Britney stepped out of it, exposing her naked body. She’d already ditched her shoes so there was nothing but bare skin on display.

“You like?” Britney laughed as she playfully struck a pose in the moonlight.

“Oh yeah,” Alyssa said, licking her chops over the fresh meat dangling before her. Christ, Britney was hot. The moonlight only accented the beauty of her body. Alyssa drank the vision of her bare breasts jiggling as she danced around a little in the sand. Britney’s belly ring glistened under the moon and her pussy looked so smooth and sexy. Alyssa had been fooling herself too. Of course she had wanted Britney. Who could resist a body like that? At least she didn’t have to pretend anymore either.

“Now you,” Britney said. “Get naked for me Lyssa. Let me see what you got.”

“I think everyone’s already seen what I’ve got and then some,” Alyssa joked, but that fact didn’t stop her from getting undressed. She was getting wet in an awful hurry and the look of happy lust she was getting from Britney was one hell of a turn on. Now Alyssa could see why Christina loved fucking her so much. Britney was innocent and slutty all at the same time and not many people could pull that off.

Alyssa hadn’t bothered to change her clothes so she was still in the same shorts and t-shirt she had been wearing when she had fucked Avril and Michelle. She was really running the pop princess gamut today, Alyssa laughed to herself as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and exposed her naked tits to Britney’s appreciative eyes. Those eyes widened when Alyssa yanked down her shorts and showed she’d ditched her panties earlier. Finally Alyssa got rid of her sandals and both girls were bare as the day they were born.

Britney embraced Alyssa and they began kissing again. Alyssa loved the way Britney kissed. It was eager and passionate, but she hadn’t forgotten to be soft. Alyssa kissed Britney passionately and wrapped her arms around her sexy back, pushing the two of them close together and making their tits rub. Britney’s saline enhanced pair pushed into Alyssa’s natural tits, but it was all good to Alyssa. She didn’t care what was real and what was fake when it came to breasts. Sexy was sexy.

The two girls continued kissing until Britney’s playful side popped up again.

“Tag…you’re it,” Britney giggled before running off into the water and shrieking happily as the cold water touched her body. Alyssa shook her head and ran right after her, adding a scream of her own as the water made contact with her skin. She quickly got used to it and waded after Britney who was swimming around, taking to the ocean like a fish.

Britney dove under the water for a moment and popped out with a happy smile and her hair dripping wet. She moaned when she felt Alyssa come up from behind her and kiss her neck while reaching around front to massage her breasts. Alyssa’s hands rubbed her tits and made Britney feel wetness that wasn’t from any ocean. Britney sighed happily and pushed herself back further so she and Alyssa were rubbing their bodies together in the ocean. Britney couldn’t believe she felt this good again, so soon after running out on Anton, but making up with Alyssa was putting her on such a high.

Turning around so that they were now face to face, Britney resumed kissing Alyssa. Their lips parted and mashed together in a sexy kiss that quickly evolved into a mutual bout of tongue sucking. The girls let the ocean soak their bodies as they kissed. They were shallow enough so that they could still hit the bottom with their feet. The water came up just to the middle of their breasts and, to her slight embarrassment, Britney’s tits floated in the water, while Alyssa’s bobbed about naturally. Alyssa didn’t call her on it and instead kissed her again while roaming her hands all over Britney’s body.

She and Christina had made love in the pool once, but Britney knew this was like a zillion times better. The ocean felt so good against their skin and she loved how Alyssa touched her under it. Alyssa’s hands grabbed at her breasts and even reached down to stroke her pussy underwater. Britney giggled and moaned at how the water and Alyssa’s fingers tickled her. It all felt so good that she began doing the same to Alyssa. As waves covered their body and tossed them around a little, Britney and Alyssa touched each other under the water, increasing their arousal and making them hungry for more.

“Come on,” Alyssa said, grabbing Britney’s hand and leading her back to shore. “Let’s get you out of here and onto dry land so we can fuck each other right.”

As much as Britney loved the feel of the ocean, she knew Alyssa was right. It wouldn’t have been as much fun to get each other off under water. At least on land they could stretch out and not worry about any potentially dangerous undertows.

When they both reached the shore again, the kissing resumed immediately, but this time it happened as they lowered their bodies to the sand. Their wet skin quickly became covered with wet sand, but neither girl minded. They could just brush it off where they needed to.

“I want you Lyssa,” Britney said. “I’ve wanted you since I first saw you. I even wanted you when you were going out with Justin.”

“Well now you have me,” Alyssa replied. “And I want you too Britney. I would have totally fucked you that first day when Rose took you with Mr. Snappy. I would have let you lick me and fuck me and do whatever your dirty little mind wanted while she nailed you with that big fucking toy.”

The two girls then kissed again and Alyssa began a journey down Britney’s body. She kissed down her neck and brushed the sand off Britney’s nipples before taking them in her mouth.

“Ooooooh yessss Lyssa…suck on my nips,” Britney cried. “Mmmm they’re soooo sensitive. I love it when people suck on them and you’re so good at it.”

Damn right I’m good at it, Alyssa grinned as she continued to suck and tease Britney’s nipples. Alyssa had heard all about what Rose had done to Britney, but she didn’t feel the need to mimic her. Britney didn’t need an attitude adjustment tonight. She just needed to come and Alyssa knew she could make that happen with no problem.

While she continued to suck on Britney’s nipples, tugging at them with her lips at times, Alyssa reached down to play with some hot pop star pussy. She’d felt Britney’s sex under water, but that feeling was seriously diluted. Now she could get at her with no interference and Alyssa loved hearing Britney groan as her fingers teased her wet slit. Britney was so hot for her already and Alyssa was happy to see that she’d been able to inspire this kind of reaction from Britney.

“Mmmm Lyssa can you feel how wet I am for you,” Britney cooed. “Play with my pretty bare kitty. Make my pussy all nice and creamy for your tongue.”

Each one of Britney’s sexy words had Alyssa’s fingers flying just a little bit faster. Britney’s nipples felt so good in her mouth. Alyssa guessed it was the surgery that had made them so sensitive, but whatever the reason, it made for a hot fit in her mouth. She felt Britney’s nipples swell under her tongue as she licked them and tasted the salt water on her skin. Meanwhile, Alyssa continued to play with Britney’s pussy, rubbing her slit and slowly fingering her.

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssss I love it,” Britney groaned. “Mmmm your fingers feel so good in my pussy Alyssa. God, you’re making me so fucking wet for you. Ohhhh I feel so stupid. All that fighting and we could have been doing this the whole time.”

Alyssa took that as a victory in the now ended war between her and Britney. Nothing created peace quite like hot sex and Alyssa was fully aware that she was one great piece of ass that could turn anyone on. Maybe she had a future as a diplomat if this whole acting thing ever fell apart.

While she continued fingering Britney, Alyssa finally pulled her mouth off of Britney’s tits and began kissing down her body. She gave Britney’s skin light pecks instead of harder kisses because of all the sand clinging to her tummy. That wasn’t what Alyssa was looking to get in her mouth, but she did pause a second to tease Britney’s belly piercing with her tongue, sucking on it making the singer moan.

“Mmmm are you gonna eat me out now Lyssa?” Britney asked. “I need to feel your tongue inside me. I need you to make me come right here on the beach where anyone can see us.”

“Oh yesss, this pussy is mine,” Alyssa grinned as she moved in for the kill. “I’m going to eat you out right here on the beach and I hope everyone sees it. I want them all to see how good my tongue is making you feel and how hard I’m making you come.”

“Ohhh that’s just what I fucking want,” Britney groaned. “Give it to me Lyssa. Eat me out and make me come!”

Alyssa responded to the request by positioning her face right up against Britney’s pussy and sliding her tongue right up her slit. Britney groaned in response and quickly had her hands on Alyssa’s head as the actress began tonguing her pussy. Alyssa’s tongue lapped away at Britney’s slit, opening her lips up with her tongue before she slid inside and began tongue fucking her.

She was greeted with the lingering taste of the saltwater from the ocean that had coated Britney’s slit. It was proof that they’d both be needing showers soon, but Alyssa really didn’t mind it that much. It was just salt water and it just made it more of a reward to get through the bitter parts and get at the sweetness of Britney’s juices.

“Mmmm God…your tongue is amazing Lyssa,” Britney sighed happily as she looked up at the night stars and experienced all the pleasure Alyssa was bringing her. “It feels so good in my pussy. You’re so hot. Mmmm I wanna do you too.”

“Oooh is that what you want?” Alyssa asked, pulling her face up from Britney’s pussy and licking the juice off her lips. “You want my pussy on your face so you can eat me out and show me what a hot little tongue you have?”

“Uh huh,” Britney smiled. “I want to show you how hot I can be too. I want to make you come when you make me come.”

This all gave Alyssa an idea. Even though the taste of the salt water on Britney’s body wasn’t too strong. Lying with their wet bodies on a sandy beach probably wasn’t the optimal place for a good 69. Fortunately there were always options when it came to sex.

“Sit up,” Alyssa instructed and Britney did just that. Alyssa kissed her sexy lips again and pressed her body to Britney’s. “Ever grinded a girl before?”

“Oh yeah,” Britney smiled before returning the kiss to Alyssa.

The two girls set themselves up on the sand so they were facing each other. This lead to more kisses and a few breasts caresses as Alyssa slid her leg underneath Britney’s. Alyssa then slid her other leg on top of Britney’s and pulled herself closer until their pussies were touching and a wide smile was covering the blonde’s face.

“I want to fuck you Alyssa,” Britney moaned. “I want to rub your pussy until you come and cover me with your juices.”

“So fuck me then,” Alyssa grinned. “Show me what you can do Britney.”

Britney was only too happy to do that. She pushed herself forward and began rubbing her pussy against Alyssa’s. Britney was the wetter of the two, but that quickly began to chance as she sexily ground their cunts and started getting the actress moaning. Britney rubbed her wetness all over Alyssa’s slit and felt the tickling sensation of her smooth, hairless pussy up against the neatly trimmed curls of Alyssa’s dark bush.

“Ohhhhh you do know what you’re doing,” Alyssa groaned as her pussy got wetter. “Fuck me Britney! Rub your wet pussy all over me! Mmmm you’re getting me wet too. Rub my pussy Britney! Rub it good!”

Both girls felt pleasure rush up their spine from the scissoring they were performing on each other. It sent sexual shivers from their toes to their hair and it only got better the harder they rubbed each other. Needing to get a good grip, both girls latched onto the other’s ass, gripping the firm flesh with their nails and creating a little bit of edge to their encounter.

“Ughhhh fuck me Lyssa!” Britney groaned. “It feels so fucking good to do this to you. Mmmmm I love feeling our wet pussies together! Rub me good Lyssa! I’m gonna come soon!”

“Oh no you’re not,” Alyssa shot back. “You said you wanted us to come together? Well that’s just what we’re going to do. You and I are going to come at the same time, Britney, so you just hold on and wait for me to catch up.”

Britney had absolutely no problem with waiting for Alyssa to catch up. She loved how this felt and she didn’t want to end it too early. Grinding was so hot. You could feel another woman get wet against you and that always turned Britney on even more. Alyssa’s pussy was getting plenty wet and Britney decided to add to her arousal by leaning down to swipe at her nipples with her tongue.

“Mmmm salty,” Britney giggled as she noticed what Alyssa had quickly found out. The taste didn’t deter Britney, though, and she continued to lick and tease Alyssa’s hard nipples, making the actress moan and pushing her closer to coming.

Things were starting to get very slick and wet between Britney and Alyssa. Their slits were coated, not just with their own juices but with the other’s. It was quickly becoming a cummy mess between the two of them and it just made them rub each other harder.

“Ooooh,” Britney moaned as she began to feel their combined juices run down her leg and toward her asshole. It tickled her flesh and made her smile. She could tell from the aroused look on Alyssa’s face that she was feeling the same thing. She just wanted to make sure.

“Does it feel good Lyssa?” Britney asked. “Does it feel good to grind me and make me so fucking wet I’ll come all over your pussy?”

“Yesss it feels so fucking nasty and I love it!” Alyssa cried out. “I’m gonna come soon Britney. Come with me, you promise?”

“Yes I promise,” Britney swore as she really began to feel their clits rub together. “I promise I won’t come too early.”

Their juices were clumping up the sand beneath them as they rubbed and fucked each other. Britney squealed in pleasure as their clits touched again and again, the stimulation growing with each rub. Neither of them noticed the cool air against their naked bodies. They were doing too good a job heating each other up to pay it much attention. All they knew was how good this felt and how hot it was making them. Their pussies were leaking juice and it was such a nasty, sexy rush for their cunts to rub together, making wet smacking sounds that filled the night.

“Ohhh I’m so close!” Alyssa yelped as she felt the same rush of pleasure Britney was getting from their clits touching. Britney was so passionate about this and rubbing her so hard that Alyssa had caught up to her in no time. “Fuck me Britney! Fuck my pussy with yours! Make me fucking come you slut!”

“Mmmmmm yessssssss I’m a slut!” Britney exclaimed. “You know it Alyssa! You know what I am! I’m gonna come like a slut all over your hot pussy!”

“Yessss come for me!” Alyssa urged, grunting as their pussies kept humping and rubbing together. They were picking up speed the closer they got to orgasm and soon they were more mashing their pussies together than rubbing them. “I’m gonna come with you Britney! Ohhhh we’re both such fucking sluts!”

Those words were what set Britney off. She’d been holding onto her orgasm for minutes now, gritting her teeth and using all her strength to keep from coming. She didn’t want to disappoint Alyssa and come too early, spoiling her fun. Britney wanted Alyssa to see how hot she was so they would fuck again and again and again.

“YESSSSS I’M FUCKING COMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNNGG!!!” Britney screamed into the night. Alyssa could feel the hot rush of Britney’s girl cream rubbing out against her own cunt and that was just what she needed to join her in orgasmic bliss.


The two girls screamed and cried out over and over again, not stopping their grind until they both had come every last drop they had to offer. They rubbed and humped ad grunted until their bodies collapsed on the sand, gasping for breath.

Both of them had wide, sexy smiled on their faces and Britney playfully reached down to rub her fingers over Alyssa’s slit, collecting their combined juices and bring them up to her lips.

“Mmmmm yummy,” Britney grinned.

“Hey, good idea,” Alyssa replied before she did the same. They both sucked on their fingers and cleaned each other off before they ended their encounter the way they started it, with soft, sexy kisses.

“Mmmm you are a hot one, Britney,” Alyssa smiled as she held Britney’s head against her shoulder and hugged her, the breeze off the ocean cooling their overheated, naked bodies.

“So are you,” Britney replied. “I’m so glad we made up. I don’t want to fight.”

“No more fighting Britney,” Alyssa promised. “Just more fun. This place is a fucking dream and nothing is going to spoil our fun. Nothing.”

* * * * *

As they trudged up back to their house, Waldo, Franklin and Delbert tried to make sense of the strange little party they had just attended. Of course their minds couldn’t make one lick of sense of what was going on next door, but it wasn’t like they were the judgmental types. Besides, it had been a very profitable evening. With all the rappers and porn stars there, there had been a great market for their product and they had the back orders to show for it. So with that in mind it had ended up being a pretty good escape from their troubles.

Unfortunately, as the boys had learned so many times before, trouble couldn’t be escaped for long.

“Hello boys,” Frank Blevens said as he stood inside their house when they opened the door. The three new broken locks sitting on the ground beside him. David Terrance stood behind him like a stone wall.

“We’ve really gotta get better security,” Franklin said as he shook his head.

“I’ve come for an answer,” Frank said. “The time is now. We can’t wait any longer. What’s it going to be boys? Feel like doing your bit for national security again. You get to keep your friends out of the spotlight in the process. I think you know what you have to do here.”

The three boys sighed. Frank was right. It was a risky. These men were not trustworthy and they still hadn’t heard back from Dexter. But there was only one decision they could live with. They couldn’t leave the girls vulnerable like this. It wouldn’t have been right.

“Ok,” Waldo said. “We’ll do it. Now where the hell are you sending us?”

This story is copyright 2003 from Sharkboy Productions. Reposting this story without my permission is not allowed and will result in me taking action against your web site.

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