Jennifer Lopez – Incest Story

story by BIG E

Jennifer Lopez – Incest story

story is fantasy but good

Jennifer Lopez had a son that was 18 his name was Ron..Ron always had to hear his friends talk about wanting to fuck his mom..and fuck her in her big hot ass!!..Jennifer Use to prance around her son with short shorts creeping up her hot tight ass and her tits hanging half out of her tops..She would always tease Her son Ron about not having any girlfriend..One day Ron had enough of his mom.. She came home one evening make up caked on with her shorts on high heels and looking like a whore…Hi Son you just hanging with the guys again.hehe.she laughed.

You queer son?? hahah..MOm Jennifer was a little typsy but she was about to set off her son Ron to no end.

she went to her room and then Ron snapped and kicked open the door..what Are u doing in HERE RON?? you cant just barge in my room like this you little perverted queer son..haha..Jennifer the slutty mom was so cruel..but that was about to get the best of her..MOM YOUR A FUCKIN BITCH YOU KNOW THAT?? what did you call me you little bastard?? you heard me bitch!! right then Ron grabbed his mom >.WHAT ARE you doing RON?? stop it right now >IM your mother?? shut up bitch..RIGHT BEFORE Jennifer knew it she had her feet tied to the table and her arms were tied too..WHATS HAPPENING ?? NO!! this cant be..SON what are you doing? your going to be in big trouble?? shut up BITCH your going to get taught a lesson right now..RON took down his pants. ripped down JENNIFERS Shorts and Panties..NO SON!! STOP IT NOW!! YOU CANT DO THIS !! its ILLEGAL!! STOP IT NOW YOU FUCKER!! shut up CUNT or ill kill you!! RON was off the deep end and his mom knew it.. Ron had His Mom Jennifer Lopez righ their shorts and panties down and her hot legs spread apart , bent over with that huge big hot ass up in the air..OH MOM you have the biggest hottest ass..WHAT SON !! you cant MEAN?? what??? shut up..Her son ROn then got his face down their by his Mom ass and started to lick her BUTTHOLE!! SON NO what are you doing..It was causing Jennifer to Fart in her sons face..OH SON NO!! dont!!! shut up slut and enjoy it..Ron was trying to get his tongue inside his MOMS ass!! oh MOM i love your asshole so tasty and hot..Ron then licked Jennifers PUSSY SO HARD!! ahh YES MOM your pussy is wet .and i love your asshole! so tasty and smells great>>SON YOUR IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!! YOUR IN DEEP SHIT SON! on yes mom im deep in your shit now i can smell it..OH YES MOM your CROTCH TASTES GREAT!! AHH YES MOM..right then Ron took out his cock and rubbed it up and down J-Lo’s HOT ASSHOLE!! what is that SON!! NO!! IT CANT BE??? NO!! ..AHH MOM im gonna fuck you in the asss NOW!! RON REARED BACK AND RAMMED HIS COCK RIGHT in his moms hot ass!! AHH YES MOM!! YOUR SHITHOLE IS SO TIGHT!! AHH YES>!!! SON NO!! YOUR FUCKIN YOUR MOMS ASS!! this is rape and incest so wrong.SHUT UP SLUT TAKE MY HARD BIG COCK IN YOUR ASSHOLE! AHH YES! MOMMM!! MOM!! AHH FUCK YEAH!! ..AH SON YOUR COCK IS HARD AND HURTING MY ASS! AHH !! oh yes mom i think im gonna cum in your shitter MOM! AHH YES MOM!! AHH FUCK YEAH SLUT MOM!! AHH FUCK YEAH!!>mom im gonna have all my friends come over and fuck you in the ass..RON HAD HIS HAND IN HIS MOMS PUSSY while his cock was raping her asS!! AHH FUCK MOM!! IM GONNA CUMM!! right noW!! AHH FUCK yes yes!! HERE I CUMMMMMMMMMM!@!!! AHH FUCK YEAH!! right then RON SHOT the biggest load of incest rape cum inside his own MOMS JENNIFER LOPEZ’s BIG HOT ASS!

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